[Disciple] Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Optic Fiber-like Cultivation

To tell the truth, when Zhu Yao saw this mountain-top flower leaning against the wall in a crab posture, this scene… was unexpectedly refreshing.

“Ahem… The fatty is right in front.” Zhu Yao faked a few coughs, struggling to hold in the wild laughter that was about to be exposed. Acting as though she was anxiously sprinting towards the fatty, when she saw that Zi Dan who was still stuck between the walls, she finally could not restrain her wild laughter any longer.

“Hahahahaha…” It seemed like, for the rest of her life, as long as she were to encounter Feng Yi, she would think of her as the crab goddess.

Feng Yi, who was behind, was startled. Looking at Zi Dan in front who could not even budge, as though she had found the reason why he had lost his composure, on her cool-looking face, the corner of her lips could not help but curve up as well.

“Little brother, stop laughing at me already.” Zi Dan who was still stuck between the walls, had similarly thought that he was the main cast as well, a few hints of embarrassment surfaced on his face. “I have already been stuck here for nearly two hours, hurry and push your big brother out of here.”

This was really a beautiful misunderstanding.

“Wait… Wait a moment! Hahahahaha…” What to do? She simply could not stop laughing.

Feng Yi shook her head, directly raising her hand which was filled with spiritual energy, she pushed her palm out, instantly pushing the unbudging Zi Dan, who was stuck between the walls, out. He did two consecutive rolls, before he finally stopped.

Fatty Zi Dan crawled up unharmed, patted off the dirt on his body, and then, clasped his hands and bowed. “Thank you, senior-martial aunt.”

“Mn.” Feng Yi nodded as a response.

Zhu Yao finally had laughed enough as well. “Let us go then.” She wondered how Xiao Yi was doing on his side. Zhu Yao’s team did not encounter Chen Yi, however, it did not mean that they had the same luck as well.

“Wait a minute!” Feng Yi, however, suddenly frowned, a hateful intention flashed past her face. “Someone’s currently coming over, it’s Chen Yi.”

“It’s good that he’s coming!” Zi Dan snorted coldly, and he was afraid he was unable to find Chen Yi. He sure picked the right time to come.

“Senior-martial brother!” Zhu Yao pulled him. “This is still his territory, it’s best that we don’t have a direct confrontation with him. Quite a huge amount of your spiritual energy had been absorbed by that stone wall earlier, currently, it’s not definite that you’re his match either. Also, the Sovereign is injured as well.”

Zi Dan turned to look at Feng Yi, and nodded. Their mission was to save Sovereign Feng Yi, and this place was not suitable to heal Feng Yi either.

“There’s another passage nearby.” Feng Yi spoke out, a little hesitantly. “However, the ancient formations over there, are even more complicated and difficult to solve…”

“Sovereign, be at ease. Little brother Soi is proficient in these sorts of mechanism formations, there’s absolutely no problems at all.” Before Zhu Yao could even speak up, Zi Dan had already patted on his own chest, causing his fats to tremble.

Hey, hey, hey. Don’t promise people so easily. If the ancient formations aren’t magic squares, I’m going to fight it out with you, I tell you.

Feng Yi nodded. She turned to look at the wall which fatty was stuck in earlier. Pressing onto the tile which had a different colour from the rest, a teleportation formation instantly appeared on the wall. So the teleportation formation was actually hiding there, it was no wonder she did not see it. As expected of a Demigod, Feng Yi’s divine sense was formidable, she could even sense a passage hiding behind a formation.

Not long after the three people enter the teleportation formation, they could hear an abnormal rumble, then, they were the sounds of large amount of demonic beasts running, the movements were very large.

It seemed like Chen Yi had discovered that Feng Yi had escaped, hence, he released demonic beast puppets to chase and search for her.

After the three people had discussed, they decided to first meet up with Xiao Yi, and leave the underground city before making any other decisions.

Feng Yi was right. This passage did indeed have more mechanisms than the earlier passages, basically, after every half the time it takes to burn a joss-stick, they would encounter one, and, they were no longer the low-grade picture-puzzles and Gomoku. Rather, they were picture-matching and puzzle bobble, ah pui! No, there were even more three by three grids, and even five by five, and seven by seven grids had appeared. The difficulty level had increased by a little, and they were no longer the simplest magic squares.

However, to Zhu Yao who was a Science graduate, it was only the difference of spending two to three minutes more, she did not have to waste too much effort at all. If the magic squares were not a type of Mathematics game that originated from the Ancient Era, she would have really suspected that someone from her hometown had transmigrated as well.

However, Zi Dan and Feng Yi was actually even more shocked, when they stared tightly at her face, it seemed as though all they could see was a blur. Forget about Feng Yi, even she did not know when Zi Dan had ever learnt how to talk so much, as various exaggerated praises smashed freely onto her body.

Zhu Yao suppressed the corner of her lips which had constantly wanted to rise up. Mn… Praise her once more, and she would definitely feel embarrassed, just one more…

Wait a minute, what’s there to be happy about solving primary school mathematical questions!

Zhu Yao instantly felt conflicted.

“In front of us should be where the center of the underground city lies.” Feng Yi pointed to the last five by five grid, her tone, compared to before, was much warmer, and the eyes she looked at Zhu Yao with contained an additional hint of admiration, however, her pride still remained.

Zhu Yao spent three minutes to solve the last five by five magic square, the sealed wall opened to the two sides, and as expected, it was the buried city they saw when they first entered the place. As long as they were able to find that picture puzzle formation, they would be able to return to Primeval Grey City.

Just when the three of them planned on leaving the passage, they suddenly heard a familiar voice. “After I find my master, and settle everything here, I will bring you out of this Primeval Grey City, to an otherworldly realm.”

“You’re really willing to bring me out of here?” A bewitching voice asked.

At the exit of the passage, two figures, one white, and one red, appeared.

In Zhu Yao’s mind, the background music ‘dun, dun, dun’ sounded, and she suddenly felt as though a huge drama was about to be broadcasted again.

Zhu Yao silently glanced towards Feng Yi beside her, and as expected, currently, her face had paled a little.

“Ahem… junior-martial brother Xiao!” Zhu Yao took the initiative to greet him. In an enemy camp, it’s best to prevent internal conflicts, she, after all, had a life of a cannon fodder.

Unfortunately, the target did not even give her any face, and completely ignored her, rather, he took the initiative to hug the red-clothed woman in front of him, and continued to express his affectionate thoughts. “Of course I’m willing. In this life, how can I ever let you go?”

When she heard this, Rui Yu’s face reddened, and she shyly lowered her head.

“Hey, hey, hey, Xiao Yi! Xiao Yi.” Zhu Yao waved her hands. Please, even if he wished to act out the drama, he had to look at the situation first as well. Feng Yi was present, you know!

However, Xiao Yi still did not have any reaction, as he hugged Rui Yu even more tightly, and the scene… began to move in that direction.


“He can’t hear you!” Zi Dan angrily shook his fat cheeks, and pointed to the passage’s exit at the very front. “There’s still another formation here that has yet to be dispelled. It probably has a presence concealment function, hence, although we’re able to see them, they’re unable to see us.”

Zhu Yao took a closer look. As he had said, a few nearly transparent numbers were floating in the air, it was another magic square. Just when she was about to solve it, she took another closer look…

Momma’s egg, this magic square is a little too big, don’t you think? The grids even go up to the walls up above. Zhu Yao rubbed off her cold sweat. She would have to take at least half an hour to solve this.

Zhu Yao silently lighted up a candle for Xiao Yi.

And the huge show outside was still in progress, and it was even a porno.

In the beginning, Xiao Yi simply hugged Rui Yu. The more he hugged, the lower they went. And slowly, he headed to the part of the body which could no longer be described.

The entire scene instantly became extremely hot and erotic.

Panting sounds, one after another, freely spread over to them as well.

The faces of the two other people in the cave, instantly turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.

“Hmph! Shameless!” Zi Dan could no longer bear it, and scolded out.

Feng Yi did not retort, she simply shifted her line of sight away as well, her expression was unclear.

“Umm…” Seeing that Feng Yi’s face was a little ugly, Zhu Yao could not help but try to persuade her. “Actually, Xiao Yi is rather worried about you as well. Initially, Sect Master arranged for senior-martial brother Zi Dan and I to save you, he was the one who strongly requested to participate, and thus, he came together with us as well.” Since they were both women, the only thing she could do was do her best to comfort her.

As expected of a mountain-top flower, Feng Yi was actually able to control her explosive emotions, and simply frowned even deeper.

“Xiao honey, aren’t we going to find your master?” Rui Yu used her legs to wrap about Xiao Yi’s waist, and moaned as she asked.

Xiao Yi was currently excited, and casually replied. “No rush.”

Feng Yi’s face once again darkened.

“Uh…” He should not tear apart her words like this. Zhu Yao gave a face. “Hoho, actually, he’s very concerned for your safety.”

“Xiao honey, your master and I, who is more important to you?” Rui Yu once again asked.

“Naturally, it’s you!”

“……” Alright, she tried her best. “Ahem, it doesn’t matter. In any case, your life is yours. No matter if someone else cares or not, in actual fact, it doesn’t really matter too much to you, right?”

Zhu Yao gave a few more words of persuasion, and no longer stepped in, as she began to seriously solve the magic square.

As she tried to solve it, she could hear the constant sounds of ecstasy, and was drunk in them as well.

In the entire process, Feng Yi did not say single word. She tried her best to maintain her image as a mountain-top flower, however, the hands next to her body which became even tighter, had exposed her inner thoughts. Zhu Yao had long known that the relationship between these two master and disciple was not normal. Although it had yet to reach the surface, there was definitely quite a bit of love. In this sort of scene whereby she was currently personally witnessing a man’s betrayal, not being able to stay relaxed about it was normal.

Feng Yi calmed down the fury in her chest. Although she had known that her own disciple always liked to play around with girls, most men were like this. However, that woman’s body was filled demonic aura, she was actually a heretic practitioner. Why would her disciple entangle himself with her?

In the past, she had never minded about his private affairs, however, she did not expect that he would be this unabashed to this extent. In an instant, layers of surging fury filled her heart. In the beginning, her heart which was usually calm began to stir. Only when that person beside her who was proficient in mechanism formations, called out to persuade her, she finally managed to calm down.

Lowering her head, she looked at the person who was currently squatting down, writing and drawing to dispel the formation. What he said was correct. Her life was her own, why did she have to be concerned if others cared or worried about her? Closing her eyes, the waves that rose in her heart earlier finally subsided, and her heart had even become calmer than before.

Zhu Yao who was focused on attacking the magic square, with just her casual words, she was actually able to extinguish the wishful thoughts towards Xiao Yi that Feng Yi had hardly managed to give birth to, and had even given rise to a barrier. Such wishful thoughts would no longer appear once again.

The magic square was about to be solved, and the free show outside had already finished as well. The two people had already worn their matching robes neatly, and was currently sitting on the ground.

Zhu Yao wondered if it was just her imagination. She kept feeling that the spiritual energy between them was a little rich, especially Xiao Yi’s face, which had become even more radiant.

No, wait! When did Xiao Yi’s cultivation reach the second level of Nascent Soul?

Two days ago, he was at the first level like her. In just two short days, he actually rose a level. His cultivation must had been transferred using optic fibers, right?

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