[Disciple] Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: I Actually Like Men

As Zhu Yao’s tea had yet to flow down her throat, she spat them all out. With her mouth opened up wide, she looked at the shy Feng Yi, and in an instant, she felt entirely uncomfortable.

Big sis, don’t scare me!

“You’re not willing?” Feng Yi’s expression instantly turned pale, and the luster of tears seemed to have surfaced at the corner of her eyes, as she took a step forward. “Why? Is there anything bad about me?”

Zhu Yao was frightened to the point she suddenly leapt up, and she immediately fell off the stone chair. Only after a long while, did she finally crawl back up. “No, no, no. I… Haah! I think you must have misunderstood. I… What’s there that’s good about me? Why did you fall in love with me?”

Please, although he had the shell of a male, she was still a genuine woman, and a straight one at that.

Feng Yi circled around, looking as though she wanted to step forward to hold her up, yet she firmly replied. “Everything.”

“I will change, alright?” Zhu Yao took a big step back, and she felt like crying. Big sis, don’t make such a world-class joke, hey.

“You really hate me that much?” Feng Yi instantly showed a face of despair, the tears at the corner of her eyes began to fall down in streams.

“Don’t cry!” Zhu Yao was suddenly filled with a heavy amount of guilt, and at that instant, she felt as though she was no longer human. “I don’t mean it that way. Haah. We… We won’t be blissful if we’re together.”

“Why?” Feng Yi’s face was filled with accusations for Zhu Yao, and she completely looked like a little girl who had submerged herself in her own feelings. Not even the slightest bit of her noble and icy demeanour was left. “Since you hate me so much, then why did you risk your life so many times to save me, and even think of me always?”

“When did I ever think of you?” She admitted to saving her, but thinking of her always? Where did that come from?

“You helped me save my disciple, and whenever I look for you, you had never rejected or evaded me as well.”

That’s because, she wanted to loaf on the job.

“And… Sometimes, I look for you deep in the night, yet, you would still listen to me patiently.”

Please. That’s the basic code of conduct of a good girl friend. In the modern era, whenever her girl friend broke up, she would always like to call her late in the night as well, and she had never felt like strangling her either.

“If I’m not in your heart, then why did you treat me so well till now?”

“Stop!” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and stopped her brain from functioning. “Sovereign. I really do not have any unnatural thoughts towards you. Really!”

You must believe me!

“I don’t believe it!” Feng Yi instantly shattered her expectations, as she looked at her with a hurt expression. “If you don’t, then, since we’re in the same sect, why have you never called me senior-martial aunt.”

“Uhh…” Because she was her junior-martial sister, could she tell her this?

“Why do you have to deny it? If you think that it’s not the right time yet, I can wait.” Feng Yi looked at her with an unregretful expression. “However… please do not push me away. If you don’t give me a reason today, I will never believe it.”

Reason. Reason. The hell, where was she going to find a reason? She’s currently a man. Even if she were to take off her shirt for Feng Yi to look at it, she wouldn’t believe it either, would she?

“Actually…” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and with great effort, she squeezed out a very serious expression. “I already have someone I like.”

Feng Yi trembled, and took two consecutive steps back, as she looked at him with an ashen face.

When his disciple came rushing in, Yu Yan was meditating. After sensing his stupid disciple’s presence from afar, in the next moment, she had already came charging in like a bull. “Wuwuwuwu.” Lying in his embrace, she began to cry out crocodile tears.

Yu Yan stiffened for a moment, hesitating how he should throw his disciple out, so that she would become less stupid when she falls.

“Master… I don’t want to live anymore.” Zhu Yao rubbed her head messily, attempting to rub off her tears and snot on her master’s white clothes. She could not be the only one frustrated about this, right? “Wuwuwu… I hurt a girl’s pure and innocent heart earlier. But I was really shocked. She actually wanted me to marry her, no, she wanted to wed to me!”

Just when Yu Yan wanted to push her hand away, anger began to well up inside his heart.

“Who was it?” Which daredevil was trying to steal his disciple away again?

“That’s not important.” Zhu Yao was getting over her head. “See here, I only saved her once, and treated her a little better, how did that cause her to fancy me? I don’t want to steal someone else’s harem, you know.” Even if Xiao Yi’s harem was huge, and would not mind losing one or two.

Yu Yan frowned, as he made guesses on who the person his disciple was referring to. He was considering if he should remind that person, not to have any ideas of getting his disciple.

“Master, I really want to turn back, my current identity is too ridiculous! I only realized this now, and my future looks bleak.” Zhu Yao said with teary eyes and snot coming out of her nose. “See here, if I’m together with her, then it will be yuri. If I were to go with a man, then it will be yaoi. It seems like, no matter which route I take, I can’t get out from being gay!”

Yu Yan frowned. What yuri yaoi?

“Master, tell me honestly!” Zhu Yao wiped her face bitterly. “Do you also think that my current form is exceptionally abnormal, and exceptionally perverse?”

Yu Yan looked at her from top to bottom. Her chicken’s nest-like hair, eyes that were swollen like blisters, and that red nose which was constantly sniffling. No matter how he looked at it, she looked really terrible, however, he still calmly said. “You’re decent.”

“Master…” As expected, he was a great master. She was touched.

Yu Yan however, suddenly raised his head, looked outside, and said with a frown. “The person you were referring to, is it her?”

Zhu Yao was startled. She turned to look, only to see Feng Yi, who had followed her without her noticing. Currently, she was standing outside, looking disbelievingly at the two people who were hugging each other.

“The person you like, could it really be…”

A light bulb flashed in Zhu Yao’s mind. She suddenly had an idea that could eliminate all troubles, as she strongly nodded. “That’s right!”

So as to give a stronger effect, she even hugged onto her master’s head, and with a “pachi”, she kissed on it.

The person below her instantly stiffened into a stone statue.

Feng Yi looked as though she had been dealt by a serious blow, as her body wobbled. She then once again took another glance at the two people. As glistening tears flowed down her cheeks, she flew away.

Done. Zhu Yao silently gave herself a ‘Yes!’ in her heart. Although she felt a little sorry for Feng Yi, rather than suffering for a long time, it’s best to settle the issue as fast as possible. Instead of allowing her to cling onto hope, it’s best that Zhu Yao could wake her up sooner than later.

As Feng Yi was such a prideful person, if Zhu Yao were to look for a regular person, a girl especially, she would definitely not believe it. As the only Demigod stage female practitioner in the cultivation world, naturally, there’s no other female practitioner that could compete with her. However, it would be different if it was a man, especially a man like her master who was much stronger than her.

Of course, she had to thank her master for his good performance. Turning around, she gave Yu Yan a huge hug. “Thank you, master! The matter has been dealt with. I’m taking my leave first. I love you!”

Only then did Zhu Yao return to Beast-Taming Peak.

While a certain person, was still maintaining that stiff posture, not a single muscle was moved for a short while. Subconsciously touching his lips, that numb feeling, momentarily caused him to be at a loss. Even his heart was in a state of confusion as well. Just what was going on? Could it be that his disciple had cast a strange mystic art on him? However, his disciple was stupid to such an extent, how was that possible?

If that really was the case, then what sort of mystic art, could allow someone to feel something this strange? And that earlier scene even continued to flash repeatedly in his mind, like a demon’s illusion.

However… He did not hate it.

Once again, he touched his own lips. Faintly, in his heart, a strange heat was surging up as well. Yu Yan recalled everything he had seen and heard in the past ten thousand years, yet, he still was unable to find a reasonable answer.

As expected, he had no choice but to ask his disciple.

Ever since Feng Yi ran out of Jade Forest Peak in tears that day, Zhu Yao no longer saw her. Zhu Yao reflected on herself, yet, she was still unable to think of how she gave Feng Yi the hint that she had some interests towards her.

Although her current form was a male, she had always thought that, other than not having scruples during the times she interacted with Wang Xuzhi and her master, she didn’t treat the rest of the people any different than she usually did.

After pondering for a moment, Zhu Yao determined that it must be the time in the Desolate Ground. So as to heal her injuries, Zhu Yao seemed to have pulled her clothes off. In her precognitive dream, Feng Yi seemed to have half-heartedly submitted to Xiao Yi after their naked bodies were facing each other when she was healing Xiao Yi. It’s just that this time, Zhu Yao was swapped in to fill the role.

The more Zhu Yao thought about it, the more she felt this was plausible. It was no wonder she gave her the Water Spirit that easily, without the slightest bit of hesitation back then. So it was actually because of this.

“Big sis Zhu Yao, big sis Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi stretched out his hand and waved it in front of Zhu Yao.


“What’s wrong with you? Did you hear what I said?” This was already the third time she had lost focus, did something happen to her?

“What did you say?”

Wang Xuzhi sighed, and then, repeated his words. “I said, Sect Master’s wife is pregnant.”

“What? Who did it?”


Wang Xuzhi’s face was completely dark.

“Uh… I’m sorry, it was conditioned reflex.” Zhu Yao scratched her head embarrassingly. “Is it true? I never expected that your master, at his age, would still be so… gallant.”

Can the word ‘gallant’ be used this way? Wang Xuzhi shook his head, showing a helpless face. “Master told me personally. Most probably, not long later, I will have a little junior-martial brother, or little junior-martial sister.”

Wang Xuzhi was really happy. Among the inner chamber disciples under the Sect Master, he was the youngest. This time round, he could finally be a senior-martial brother. And, the higher the cultivation a practitioner was, the harder it was for that practitioner to bear children. The chance for a Nascent Soul practitioner like this old man Zi Mo to have descendants, was basically smaller than striking a lottery.

“When is it due? I want to join the crowd as well.”

“It’s still early!” Wang Xuzhi said. “It hasn’t even been three months for master-aunt, so we have to wait till next year.”

“Ah? The pregnancy period is only a year?” Zhu Yao asked.

Wang Xuzhi looked at her strangely. “A pregnancy period is usually ten months. It’s common sense.”

“Uh…” Sorry, she was taking Nezha as reference. Since a practitioner’s lifespan was long, she was thinking that the pregnancy periods would be as long as well.

“Xuzhi, you can’t have run over here to find me today, just to tell me this piece of news, right?”

A few days ago, he even threw a fit. Why did he look as though nothing had happened today?

Wang Xuzhi’s expression changed, a moment later, he silently pulled out a stack of files and passed it to her. “The documents you wanted me to arrange, I have already settled them. So… I came here to pass them to you.”

Zhu Yao glanced at him. So the reason why he did not visit her in the recent few days was because he was busy with these? And here she thought he had lost his temper!

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