[Disciple] Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Umm, a Forceful Tyrant

After finally managing to crawl out of the water surface, she saw blue spots of light flying about at the cold riverside. Irritated, she whipped her tail towards them.

However, not only did the blue spots of light not disperse from the whip, instead, they entered her body, and even the rest of the different coloured spots of light in the vicinity rushed into her Dantian as well, and then, they no longer moved.

Zhu Yao suddenly opened her eyes widely. “Master!”

Master, hurry, there’s butterflies here!

“You…” Yu Yan was following her closely at the back, so naturally, he saw this scene. He looked a little shockingly at his stupid disciple who was raising her own tail. “You grew fatter!”

“Impossible!” Zhu Yao was shocked. Habitually, she wanted to look at her own waist, but what she saw when she lowered her head was her round dragon body. She began to ponder over a very serious question. Which part of my body is my waist?

Yu Yan sighed. He instantly picked her up, and brought her to the waterside.

Zhu Yao did not understand, hence, she glanced at the reflection in the water. There wasn’t a change, though? A little round gold-coloured dragon, which was the same as the one she saw back then. Wait a minute! Why did she feel as though it was a little bigger?

“Master, master, master…” Zhu Yao was so excited, she was speechless for a moment. “There’s spiritual energy in my Dantian.”

Only then did Yu Yan place her back onto the ground, and his brows furrowed. “Look into your inner body, find out which type of spiritual energy your body has absorbed.”

Zhu Yao obediently closed her eyes, and looked inside her Dantian. The moment she saw her Dantian, there were countless of spots of light currently congregated together, and they were revolving around a single direction. In those spots of light, not only were there her familiar lightning spiritual energy particles, there were red, blue, green, yellow and various other coloured spots of light as well.

“Master, inside my Dantian… There’s all types of spiritual energy.” Just what the hell was this? Wasn’t she a lightning spirit vein holder?

“As expected.” Yu Yan sighed, and said with confirmation. “Your spirit vein has changed.”

“Then what am I now?”

“Harmony spirit vein!”

“What?” What did that mean?

“It’s a spirit vein which comprises of all elements.” Yu Yan explained. “Every type of spiritual energy in this world, can be absorbed by you. Mystic arts of every single element can be used by you as well. However, to ensure that the different types of spiritual energy are balanced, correspondingly, your cultivation speed will slow down as well.”

“Then, is that a good or bad?”

“Regarding this matter, I cannot say for certain.” Yu Yan frowned, looking at how she was able to take in spiritual energy into her body with just a casual swing of her tail, it seemed like her heaven-bending affinity for spiritual energy did not disappear, it simply turned from just a single lightning spiritual energy, to every type of spiritual energy. “Do not worry too much, although your spirit vein has changed, being able to take in all types of spiritual energy is easier than taking a single type of spiritual energy. As long as you do not intentionally prevent it, given a few days, you will naturally be able to restore your cultivation, and take up a human form.”

“Eh!?” Did this meant that, even without intentionally taking in spiritual energy, her spiritual energy could still be restored? Did such a good thing exist?

Don’t lie to me just because I haven’t studied a lot.

Yu Yan once again looked at his excited disciple, his brows furrowed even deeper. This change his disciple had, kept giving him the feeling as though a huge trouble was going to occur. Although he was not afraid of trouble, he no longer had much time left.

Raising his head, he looked towards the sky, and his expression sank slightly. There were too many mysteries regarding his disciple, the more he investigated, the less he understood. He felt as though there were a pair of hands behind her, controlling her, yet, he simply could not find out anything about it. It seemed as though he could only get the answer he needed in that world.

Just as her master had said, when Zhu Yao did not intentionally seal her meridians and reject the entrance of spiritual energy, her cultivation and body size rose very quickly. On the first day, she was still as small as a loach. On the second day, she turned into an eel, and then, on the third day, she turned into a little snake. On the fourth day, she was developing towards the size of a python.

On the fifth day… She crushed her master’s home.

The aura of a dragon began to faintly emit from her body as well, scaring a bunch of little animals of Jade Forest Peak away from their homes, and they did not dare to return. After that, it was Sesame who told her the method to hide her presence, only then was she able to suppress the dragon aura that she was constantly emitting out.

However, she was such a big stone roller, and was even sparkling gold. Coiling around the mountain peak, if her master had not placed down a formation for her, she would have already been discovered by people. However, if she were to grow any longer than this, she would still be discovered sooner or later. She then recalled the descriptions of dragons, which she got from the ancient scrolls her master had given her to read back then.

Their skin could be used to create clothes. Their blood could be used to create talismans. Their meat could be inserted into pellets. Their bones could be used to create weapons. In summary, from top to bottom, their bodies were all materials. They were basically moving treasuries.

She could already imagine the countless people sharpening their blades as they walk towards her.

Yet, she did not know what her master was busy with these days, after placing down the formation for her, he released her to grow on her own. It had been two to three days since she last saw him, and she did not have the opportunity to seek comfort from him at all.

He could not have gone to see that new disciple of his, right? When she thought of this, Zhu Yao felt uncomfortable throughout her entire body.

This could not do. She had to hurry and restore her human form. Wasn’t there this saying? ‘Strike the metal while it’s hot.’ She had to take the opportunity while her master, this piece of meat, was still warm and hot, and gobble him back into her mouth while she still can.

On the sixth day, Zhu Yao realized her body had once again grown by a single fold. This time, not just her master’s small house, even the courtyard could no longer hold her body. In the early morning, she felt her neck itching, and she really wished to roar out a few times to clear her throat.

She endured, controlling the voice that was trying to escape her throat. However, the longer she endured, the more unbearable her body felt.

Sweeping her divine sense across, she was still unable to find her master’s figure. Zhu Yao instantly felt depressed. Could he have gone to where that little disciple was again?

She suddenly felt unbearable in the depths of her heart, as though her heart was being squeezed. When she relaxed her state of mind, at that moment, the roar of a dragon escaped from her throat.

The loudness of this voice of hers even frightened her herself. As though it carried a might capable of tearing through space, it charged through the clouds, and then, it was as though the sky and earth was echoing that resounding roar of hers, as it spread in waves.

Following after she released this voice of hers, the unbearable feeling in her throat instantly disappeared without a trace. However, her body felt even more unbearable, as every single dragon scale began to glow with a gold radiance, enveloping her entire body within a gold light. A moment later, an illusory image was formed. It flew towards the sky, swam in the air for a couple of moments before it slowly disappeared.

While the light that enveloped her body, began to slowly fade as well. Zhu Yao felt her body was undergoing a change, as she slowly began to form a pair of hands and legs. Could this be transformation? Zhu Yao instantly felt excited, as she was finally able to turn back into a human.

Finally, the gold light faded, and she had turned completely into a human as well.

When the last strand of gold light faded away, Yu Yan who had sensed the disturbance, had finally returned.

“Master.” Zhu Yao gave him a very big smile. “Quick, look, I finally turned back into a human.”

“Mn.” Yu Yan, however, was not as excited as she was. Instead, his expression sank a little, as he nodded.

“How is it? Am I a woman this time?”

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. Sweeping his gaze at her, he continued to nod after a few moments. “Mn.”

“Am I beautiful now?”


“Do I look nicer than before?”


“Great!” Zhu Yao instantly felt limitlessly satisfied.

Yu Yan silently walked over, reached his hand out to his storage pouch and took out something. Then, he passed it over. “It will be even better if you wear clothes.”



Zhu Yao felt as though her entire lifetime worth of morals had already fallen off, and completely as well. Just earlier! Just fifteen minutes earlier, she was actually stark-naked in front of her master.

Zhu Yao buried her head under the blanket. I’m so tired, I feel like I will never be able to love anymore.

“Give me your hand.” The eyewitness grabbed onto his stupid disciple’s hand with a calm expression, and began to diligently inspect her.

Did he have to be this calm? He did see the naked figure of his crush, was her charm really that low? This would make her very sad, you know?

Zhu Yao was irritated now. At that moment, she no longer cared anymore, and instantly retracted her own hand.

“Master, there’s a question which I’ve liked to ask for a very long time. Do you actually have a crush on me?” If she were to hold it in any longer, she would go crazy.

Yu Yan was startled. Looking at his stupid disciple who suddenly adopted a stern expression, he was completely clueless. Crush? What’s that?

A certain master, who was already used to his disciple’s occasional irregular behaviour, replied with a stern expression as well. “Stop fooling around, I have yet to finish inspecting your meridians.” As he said that, he once again wanted to grab her hand.

“The hell.” Zhu Yao’s patience had finally disappeared. Using his momentum, she pulled her master onto the bed as well. And then, with another attack, she pressed strongly onto his body.

“Yu Wang!” Yu Yan frowned, and was instantly boiling with rage. However, Zhu Yao immediately sealed his lips.

With her own lips!

Yu Yan suddenly widened his eyes, and his entire body stiffened. That feeling, which he had always thought was strange, had returned. As though he was struck lightning, that numbing feeling spread across his entire body, and even brought about a ball of blazing flames in his heart.

Zhu Yao strongly pressed on his lips, and in the end, she even strongly bit him as well.

And only then did she speak up with a ruthless tone. “I shall say this once again, my name is Zhu Yao! You best remember it! This isn’t your disciple’s name, but your woman’s name! You best remember this in your heart.”

Zhu Yao breathed heavily as she waited for his reaction. Yet, Yu Yan simply looked at her with a dumbfounded expression, and was speechless for a long while.

Only then did she feel a little embarrassed after thinking it through. This was also her first time being a forceful tyrant, she did not have any experience at all.

Umm, why don’t we study the postures to adopt, before we try this again?

Zhu Yao gained the intention to retreat, and just when she was about to crawl out of the bed, Yu Yan suddenly regained his senses at this moment. Pulling onto his disciple in front of him, he reached out his hand to the back of her head, and pressed her towards him. Straight until their lips tightly pressed together once more, and between their teeth, it was filled with his disciple’s fresh and sweet taste. That numbing feeling which he never had before once again returned. It was very strange, however, he liked it very much, and he wished to have it stay with him as long as he could.

A moment later.

It was unclear who was the first one to end the kiss first. The moment their lips departed from each other’s, their heavy breathing could be clearly heard.

Zhu Yao’s body felt entirely weak, as she laid on top of her master. She heard his heart, which was beating in the same rhythm as hers. Her mind was momentarily blank. If her master acted this way, did that mean…

“Master.” She felt that she needed a clarification. “Do you… like me?”

Yu Yan looked even more dumbfoundedly at his disciple, who looked different than before, and his face was filled with confusion. Like? Naturally, he liked her, otherwise, why would he have taken her as his disciple? However, he could faintly feel that the ‘like’ his disciple was referring to, had a different meaning compared to the one he had in mind.

“I don’t know.” He honestly replied.

Zhu Yao simply felt a jolt in her chest, as her glass heart shattered into pieces. Momma’s egg, so you still do not wish to admit it after you’re done eating me up, is that it!?

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