[Disciple] Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Jade Forest’s Naming Tradition

On the early morning of the second day, Zhu Yao went straight to look for Zi Mo, and understood the matter about the Pure Yin Physique in detail.

The so-called Pure Yin Physique referred to disciples with only a single water spirit vein. Because the main property of the water spirit vein was gentleness, all disciples with the water spirit vein had great natural comprehensive ability towards the healing arts.

If we were to use online gaming terms, she possessed an innate cleric physique. But the clerics of the cultivation world, were not necessary in parties and dungeon raids. Because the method of healing with the water spirit vein mainly revolved around inserting their own spiritual energy into their targets’ bodies to heal their injuries. This method was very quick, but, it was extremely dangerous. Because of the mutual clash between the five different attributes of spirit veins, if a non-identical spiritual energy were to be inserted to the target’s body, it would bring about the rejection by the target’s innate spiritual energy, and the target might die at a faster pace instead of actually being healed.

This was also why, during the Feng Yi Rescue Operation, Zi Mo sent her, whom he thought had the same wood spirit vein as Feng Yi, and there was not a single person who objected to it. It’s because of the fact that their spiritual energy would not clash.

But this rule did this not apply towards the water spirit vein. Water had a gentle property, and was the most stable out of all of the different types of spiritual energy. If the water spirit vein was used to heal, when water spiritual energy was inserted into the target’s body, not only would it not cause rejection, instead, it would be absorbed and fused into the target’s spiritual energy, turning into the target’s spiritual energy.

This was the reason why the water spirit vein was so welcomed, but, this also brought about a malpractice. Because the spiritual energy could be absorbed by the person himself, after inserting the spiritual energy into the target’s body, wouldn’t that mean the healer’s own spiritual energy was taken away? Hence, someone harboured evil thoughts for those who possessed the water spirit vein. By forcefully mating with disciples who possessed the water spirit vein, other disciples could absorb the spiritual energy from their bodies, and raise their own cultivation.

And the people who had their spiritual energy harvested, were termed as furnaces. Most practitioners who possessed a water spirit vein had many other spirit veins as well, if one was not willing, during the harvesting process, other types of spiritual energy might be carried along as well. Hence, the more affinity one had towards the water spirit vein, the purer the spiritual energy harvested would be.

As for someone who only possessed a single water spirit vein. Naturally, without saying, there wasn’t a need to worry about harvesting process at all.

However, heavenly spirit veins were exceptionally rare, and it was especially so for the water heavenly spirit vein. Ever since the start of the Ancient Era, practitioners who possessed the water heavenly spirit vein numbered less than a hundred. And, they had either died under the hands of the harvesters, or died while being harvested.

That was also the reason why Zi Mo was in such a panic when he saw that his daughter had the heavenly water spirit vein.

Naturally, things like furnaces did not have a good reputation. Though, the act would not be disgraced if they were husband and wife, and only heretic practitioners would illegally raise a few furnaces. However, who could resist the temptation of raising one’s cultivation? Although one in the just faction would not daringly and openly raise a furnace, he could openly, and justifiably marry her.

But, even though it was easy to hide from a visible gun, it was hard to guard against a hidden arrow. Who would be sure that there wouldn’t be any heretic practitioners making their moves in the dark?

Zi Mo was actually a good person with a weak heart, and this fact could be seen from how he still thought about his disciple, who died five years ago, even up to this day.

Hence, currently, Zi Mo did not have any dreams of having her daughter’s cultivation exponentially increase, or seeing her ascend. He simply wished to see her live a stable life, even not departing on the road of cultivation was better than being harvested by someone else. Hence, he requested his little martial aunt, not to teach her any mystic arts.

“Are there no offensive water mystic arts?” Zhu Yao asked.

Zi Mo sighed. “It’s not that there aren’t any. It’s just that due to water’s gentle property, the mystic arts of this attribute are usually not formidable. Even if it allows one to control water, it’s still not comparable to other mystic arts in strength.”

Zhu Yao’s expression sank, as she stared at Zi Mo in the eyes. It allows one to control water, and you call it weak? You’re kidding me, right?

Who gave you this sort of idea? Call him out here, I guarantee that I won’t beat him to death!

Zhu Yao realized that Xia Lewei was little radish whom she did not have to worry about. She faintly knew that her spirit vein was not really good, after being upset about it for several days, she recovered and reverted back to that carefree little radish. Zhu Yao was a living trash. Back then, when she had not abstained from food, she did not need to worry since there was her master to take care of her. However, she currently had a disciple, so she had to depend on herself now.

But, she did not know how to prepare food, so she simply brought his disciple to Zi Mo’s home every day, and then, brought her back after feeding her. She was his daughter anyway, so it’s his responsibility to feed her, right?

Regarding the matter of not teaching her mystic arts, Zhu Yao did not agree to it, and would not agree to it. Although it’s said that little radish would not have to be afraid of being harvested if she did not possess cultivation, it also meant that she would not have strength to fend for herself. It’s always better to take the initiative to attack, then to be forced to attack.

Today was yet another day of her freeloading routine.

“Master.” Little radish came running over from afar, and she seemed to be holding onto something in her hands. With a face filled with expectations, she passed it over to her. “This is a Spirit Fruit which father gave me. Here!”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, and she felt a gentle squeeze in her heart. How could she not protect such a cute disciple? She really wanted to pinch her little cheeks… No! She must stay calm, she was a cold and prideful Demigod Sovereign.

“Ahem, master does not need to eat.”

The little radish stiffened, her face was a little pale. A little disappointed, she retracted her small hands, and then, a moment later, she regained her spirits. “Then Bao Bao shall give master something more delicious next time.”

Zhu Yao stroked her head, she was such a considerate little girl. Spreading out her arms, Zhu Yao said. “Let’s head back then.”

“Alright.” Bao Bao responded sweetly, however, she took a step back, and obediently followed behind her.

Zhu Yao whose arms were spread open: “…”

What happened to the promised ‘flying into her embrace’?

Zhu Yao awkwardly kept her hands. Alright then, she was a cold and prideful Sovereign, it would indeed break her image a little if she was seen hugging a child.

Turning around, she began to walk towards Jade Forest Peak’s teleportation formation. So as to prevent her little disciple from not being able to catch up, she even intentionally slowed her steps, and leisurely walked.

The little radish was a good seedling. She had only taught her how to take in spiritual energy two days ago, yet currently, she was already at the second level of Essence. She planned on teaching her a few simple mystic arts a few days later.

“I heard that the Sect Master’s daughter has the water heavenly spirit vein?”

“Then doesn’t she have a potential to be a furnace?”

“That’s right. I never expected that even though the Sect Master had waited for this moment for so many years, in the end, it was all for naught. He actually bore such a daughter.”

“I heard that, any female practitioner who possesses the water spirit vein, looks especially… I wonder how Sect Master’s daughter looks like?”

“Naturally, it goes without saying, since she possesses the water heavenly spirit vein after all. I wonder who she will form a practitioner-pair with in the future?”

“That’s right. Her future husband will sure be blissful, though, I wonder if he’s able to protect her well…”

“Hahaha, that’s right. Even I…”

Filthy conversations could be heard faintly from afar. Zhu Yao frowned, she was a little enraged in her heart. She never expected that people within the Ancient Hill Sect would have such thoughts as well. Just when she was about to teach them a lesson, she lowered her head and saw the little radish biting her lower lips, and instantly changed her mind.

A child at her age, was already faintly aware of their surroundings. Although she could not understand the hidden meaning behind their conversation, she could still feel the evil intentions behind them. Furthermore, from the beginning, she had already known that her spirit vein was not really good.

“Are you angry?” Zhu Yao did not speak up, instead, she directly transmitted her voice to little radish.

The little radish startled for a moment. Raising her head to look at her, as expected, faintly, there were already mists forming in her large eyes. She tightly clenched her small fists, before nodding her little head.

“Have you memorized the Water Controlling Technique master taught you?” Zhu Yao continued.

The little radish nodded again.

“We can try it now.”

The little radish’s eyes shone. Turning her head to look at that two disciples who were still engaged in their conversations, she then looked at the pond at the side, and began to chant out the mystic art. She tried two times, yet, she was unable to succeed. Clenching her teeth, she chanted it for the third time.

Finally, ripples began to form on the calm water surface. Slowly, the water rose, forming into a big lump of water. The little radish held her breath as she controlled the water, after moving it above the heads of the two people who were still chatting lively with each other, her spiritual energy finally depleted.

‘Shuaa~” Instantly, the two people became two drenched chickens.

Just when the little radish was about to celebrate.

The two drenched people suddenly stood up. “Who was it? Whose prank was this?”

The little radish’s face instantly paled. With a light wave of her sleeves, Zhu Yao hid their figures.

The two of them searched for a long time, yet, they were still unable to find the trace of any human figure. Only then did they blame themselves for the bad luck, complaining as they walked far away.

Zhu Yao brought little radish, and flew straight back to Jade Forest Peak.

“Master.” The eyes little radish was looking at her with, finally regained that sparkling luster, and beneath them were filled with the radiance of worship towards her.

Zhu Yao stroked her head, and took the opportunity to teach her. “It’s good to endure in secret. However, if you bottle up too much of your feelings, it’s very easy to result in internal injuries. So, if there are matters you can’t tolerate, there’s no need to tolerate them. Whoever slaps your face, give that person a ruthless slap back, understand?”

“Mn!” The little radish nodded strongly.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt mighty and domineering.

“But… Master, why did we have to hide?” The little radish asked.

“Uh…” If we don’t hide, won’t we be simply waiting for them to catch us? “It’s to… keep a low profile. They’re unable to beat us already, at the very least, we have to leave them some face. Understand?”

“I understand!” The little radish nodded as though she had just received a royal decree. (⊙o⊙)

The corner of Zhu Yao lips twitched. She wouldn’t be raising a little tyrant, right? Mn, that wouldn’t happen. She’s such a kind child. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Five years later.

Little radish had already become a huge radish. Her cultivation had already raised from the second level of Essence to the eighth level of Essence as well. Among her peers at the same age, she could be considered to be extremely fast. Zhu Yao was very pleased, but Zi Mo was very worried.

Whenever he had the opportunity, he would climb up Jade Forest Peak, and sob and sigh to her.

“Martial aunt, my Bao Bao… Lewei, oh, that’s not right, it’s Yu Luo. I think it’s best that she doesn’t raise her cultivation so quickly.”

That’s right, the Daoist title Zhu Yao gave the little radish was Yu Luo (Rad)… Bo (ish). She was after all, a disciple of Jade Forest Peak, so naturally, she had to have the surname ‘Yu’.

Speaking of this, there’s something she had to bring up. Back then when she was giving her disciple a Daoist title, she was initially really casual about it. She had wanted to give her the name ‘Di’ (stem). There were only two of them on the Jade Forest Peak, two flowers which had stemmed themselves and blossomed on this mountain peak. It was a name that was at the level of fresh and modern literature.

However, it was ruthlessly rejected by Zi Mo. He stayed in Jade Forest Peak and protested, roaring out loud. “Martial aunt, if you dare to give my daughter the name ‘Yu Di’ (Jade Emperor), then I will dare to jump down from the peak of this Jade Forest Peak as well.”

So, in order to settle down the internal strife within the sect, Zhu Yao could only reluctantly give up on this name. And in the end, her name was fixed as ‘Luo’.

Zhu Yao had to admit, the name she gave was at a much higher level than her master’s, though she had to blame her disciple for having a father with such poor tastes.


“Martial aunt, your teachings are great, however, isn’t it a little too tiring for you? Why don’t you take a break for a short while?”

“Martial aunt, I heard that there’s some problems with the formation at Moonleague Sect, since you have studied formations for so many years, why don’t you head over to give them some pointers?”

“Martial aunt…”

In any case, recently, Zi Mo had been finding excuses to prevent his own daughter from being so eye-catching. Of course, he was ignored by Zhu Yao. After all, her master had often ignored people this way as well, so Zi Mo should be already used to it.

玉蒂 (Yu Di): The name she wanted to give Yu Luo.

玉帝 (Yu Di): With the same pronunciation, it’s Chinese for Jade Emperor, which is usually the title given to the emperor governing the celestial world in many Chinese mythologies.

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