[Disciple] Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Meeting Cannot be Compared to Yearning

Zhu Yao retorted as she opened her eyes. Just what kind of retarded supporting female lead’s revenge scenario was this? This was clearly a re-enactment of Martial Evil Spirits¹. ‘In my past life, you had more men than me, so I must snatch all of your men in this life.’ The level of this idea was a little too high.

Will you die if you don’t have any men?

Can your taste in men be a little better? Can you be a little more broad-minded? Watch your temperament, dammit! I’d rather you take over the world instead, at least, I will still feel better that way. And, the supporting female lead’s first words when she was reincarnated was actually, ‘This time, I will definitely make all men grovel beneath my body.’

Allow me to say something impure. Just how big is that thing of yours…

Ahem, I turned evil for a moment there.

I’m a pure child, calm down, calm down!

Zhu Yao finally understood why the ‘BUG’ letters on little radish’s face was so faint. The real bug was not her, she was simply a vessel for the bug. On the day she turns twenty, the body takeover will happen, and that will be the real beginning to the show.

No, I must definitely stop this incident.

Little radish was currently her disciple, if she was unable to protect even her own disciple’s body, then there was no point in being her disciple’s master.

After deciding as such, Zhu Yao called Yu Luo to her own room in the middle of the night. The little radish had already grown into a huge radish now. In this world, a fourteen-year-old was already considered a grown lady. The current her had lost a bit of the extroverted liveliness she had in the past, and had instead became a little more introverted. Probably, when every child grows up, his or her personality will all have some slight changes.

“Yu Luo.” Zhu Yao said with a heavy heart. “Master has done a divination for you, and I found out that you will be facing a huge crisis on the year you’re twenty years old.”

On Yu Luo’s calm face, the corner of her lips suddenly twitched. Sighing deeply, she said. “Master, stop making fun of me. Tell me, what do you want to eat for supper? I will prepare it.”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was speechless for a moment. Frowning, she tried her best to maintain her cold and prideful look. “Stop this nonsense. Your master is being serious. Am I someone who will wake people in the middle of the night just to eat supper?”

Yu Luo slightly glanced at her.

Alright, she was!

Haah, as she thought, disciples become less obedient the older they grew. As the saying went, a grown disciple could not be kept at home! This little radish was still rather obedient in the past, how did she become more rebellious the older she grew? Whenever Zhu Yao had anything on her mind, she was always able to see through her with a single glance.

She was not happy at all! ╮(╯﹏╰)╭

“This time, I’m really serious.” Zhu Yao coughed twice, as she did her best to regain her face as little radish’s master. “Your grandmaster has once taught me some divination arts.”

Yu Luo’s expression instantly turned quite stern.

Alright then, as expected, her master’s name was more useful than her own. “This art can only be used once in a person’s lifetime. Earlier, I looked into your fate. I found out that on the year you turn twenty, there will be a huge crisis, and your life will be in danger as well.”

Yu Luo turned solemn.

“Little rad… Uh. Yu Luo, do you wish to become strong?”

Her expression turned severe. “This disciple has always been thinking about it at every single moment. However, my spirit vein…”

“In that case!” Zhu Yao interrupted. “Then allow me to have a look at your determination.”

There were a couple of things she had experimented with for almost nine years. And it was about time for her to teach little radish.

“Tomorrow, you shall build your Foundation!”

Today, the weather was clear, and the sun was shining bright in the sky. It was a good day for Yu Luo to build her Foundation.

Although little radish was a little suspicious as to why Zhu Yao suddenly allowed her to break through into Foundation, she had always believed in her own master. In the early morning, she obediently followed her master to the cold lakeside at the mountain peak.

Waving her hand, Zhu Yao set up a few spiritual energy gathering formations, and had little radish sit at the center of the formations. The spiritual energy gathering formations were a little special. She had tweaked a few small details in the formations, making them gather only the most concentrated type of spiritual energy in the vicinity, and the most concentrated type of spiritual energy near a lake was naturally water spiritual energy.

In these few years, Zhu Yao had read through the formation-centered jade tablet her master had left her. Though not to the point of mastery, she still knew how to place down a few simple formations. Adding that she was a programmer in the past, fixing or tweaking a couple of small details was basically second nature to her. And these alterations, were usually able to stabilize and mature the formations.

However, she was still unable to thoroughly understand the intricacies of large-scale formations, such as the Great Mountain Barrier Formation. She could only faintly sense that there were countless of small-scale formations in the large-scale formation itself, and these small-scale formations work hand-in-hand, allowing them to circulate by themselves without human support.

It must be known that for regular formations, they must either be supported by the spiritual energy of the formation caster himself, or be maintained by spiritual stones. For a large-scale formation such as the Great Mountain Barrier Formation especially, the consumption rate of spiritual stones was simply at an astronomical figure. However, when it came to the great formation used by the Ancient Hill Sect, it did not need either of these two types of support. As though it was capable of circulating on its own even without anyone managing it.

Zhu Yao speculated that within the formation, there must be countless of self-absorbing spiritual energy restoration formations, which thus allowed the formation itself to be so cost-effective.  ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After all, in her master’s storage pouch, there was not even a single spiritual stone.

“While you’re building Foundation, you will most probably experience a little pain. Don’t be anxious, follow the methods you have been using to absorb spiritual energy, it’s fine to simply take them into your body.” Zhu Yao instructed her based on her own experience. Then, she once again pondered carefully about the explanations her master had told her before, wondering if she had missed out anything else.

She had no choice, after all, she built her Foundation haphazardly herself, and basically had no prior experience she could pass onto little radish with. Little radish had no choice but to rely on her own comprehension.

After giving little radish a ‘I have high expectations of you, my disciple!’ expression, she sat at the side, and began to cast protection arts.

Yu Luo closed her eyes, and began to take in spiritual energy into her body.

Zhu Yao looked on as those blue spots of light in the vicinity, slowly approached her, and then, they systematically entered the body, as though they had discussed this beforehand, there were no congesting situations at all.

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled those spiritual energy particles that would rush in and congest her body, as though they were hoping to strangle her to death, every single time she took in spiritual energy. She silently sighed. As expected, comparisons were odious.

Zhu Yao had thought that building her Foundation would only require a little bit of time, after all, it took only a single night for herself.

However, her disciple had sat there for three entire days, and Zhu Yao felt as though grass was about to grow on her body. Yet, there were still no signs of little radish building her Foundation. What happened to the promised ‘completing within a blink of an eye’?

If she had known, she wouldn’t have stayed here casting protection arts.

Just when Zhu Yao planned on silently slipping away and only returning when her disciple had really begun to build her Foundation, suddenly, she sensed that the formation in Jade Forest Peak had a trace of slackening. Willing herself, she instantly arrived at the foot of the mountain.

However, she did not see a single human figure around. Was it just her imagination?

Zhu Yao walked to the part of the formation which acted up. However, she did indeed find a few traces of alteration on the formation. Zhu Yao frowned, squatted down, and then, re-altered the formation. As she pondered who would have such guts to enter Jade Forest Peak, she suddenly heard a few heartfelt words coming from behind her.

“Soi Sauz…”

Zhu Yao turned around, only to make contact with a pair of eyes filled with boundless tenderness. She suddenly felt her legs going a little limp, and had almost slipped and fell.

It was actually Feng Yi.

“Senior-martial sister… Feng Yi.”

Calm down, she had to calm down. She was no longer Soi Sauz now, Feng Yi shouldn’t be able to recognize her. Mn, where’s her cold and prideful look? Hang it up, got to hang it up.

The moment Zhu Yao turned around, the surprise and tenderness on Feng Yi’s face instantly extinguished. And then, she returned to her cold demeanour, which even carried a hint of deathly silence.

“Junior-martial sister Zhu.” She lightly sighed, she seemed to be extremely depressed.

“Senior-martial sister, why are you here on my Jade Forest Peak?”

Feng Yi’s expression sank, as though she was suppressing something. Raising her head to look at the moonlit sky, she muttered. “I don’t know either. Most probably, if he was still here, this place should be the place where he would have liked to come the most, right?”

Zhu Yao’s heart trembled. The ‘he’ she was talking about, couldn’t be her, right? Oh no. Do not be infatuated with elder sister. Even elder sister’s name was telling you, she was nothing but a passer-by.

Feng Yi smiled lightly, and seemed to be mocking herself a little. “He definitely isn’t willing to see me. After all, it’s because of the disciple I took in, which caused him to…”

Her face was filled with loneliness and guilt. And even Zhu Yao was feeling a little embarrassed looking at her. She couldn’t have been thinking that Zhu Yao’s earlier death, was caused by her, right?

“When one dies, there will be new life. Senior-martial sister, there’s no need for you to think about it too much.” Hurry and look for your second spring, there’s no bliss in being homosexual.

Feng Yi glanced at her, and smiled bitterly again. “I simply… wish to see him again. If… If I had known that it would end that way, back then, I wouldn’t have… Haah. If only the moment we first met could last forever.”

If that moment were to last forever, then my life would be dreary, big sis! I beg you, stop acting like this.

“Senior-martial sister, everyone has their own destiny, I believe that… old friend of yours, will not be willing to see you this sad either.” Zhu Yao persuaded. “Life is short. It’s best that you put down such things and move on. You two might even be able to meet again in your next life?”

In Zhu Yao’s next life, she definitely wouldn’t transmigrate to another world again. Just stay as the mountain-top flower as you are now.

Feng Yi was startled for a moment, and only then did she look at her seriously. As though she had come into realization, she sighed. “You’re right. After how he protected me back then, he definitely wouldn’t be willing to see me depressed like this.”

You got it wrong, dear sister. The first half of my speech was just me being courteous, the latter half was the main point, hey.

“Thank you.” Feng Yi nodded at her, and then smiled lightly. “Your personality is rather similar to his.”

An alarm suddenly rang loudly in Zhu Yao’s heart. Don’t scare me, big sis. Back then when she was Version 2.0, that person said she was similar as well, and then she was exposed soon after. Oh right, who was that person?

Haah, that’s not important. In any case, this time, even if she were to be beaten to death, she wouldn’t dare to expose herself again.

Mn, cold and prideful, cold and prideful, she had to hurry up and wear her mask.

“Junior-martial sister seems to have only entered the Demigod stage not too long ago. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always find me at Beast-Taming Peak.”

“Ahem, thank you, senior-martial sister.” Zhu Yao politely bowed. Senior-martial sister, your taste is too heavy for me, even if you beat me up, I wouldn’t dare to look for you and have a chat.

Zhu Yao who finally wore back her cold and prideful mask, had even avoided further courtesies, by using the excuse of looking out for her own disciple, she fled.

While Feng Yi still stood at where she was. After gazing at the moon and sighing for a long time, she finally reluctantly returned.

Zhu Yao returned with a head filled with cold sweat, only to realize her disciple’s aura seemed to be a little unstable. She had already begun to perspire, and her expression showed hints of pain.

She was about to build her Foundation! Zhu Yao immediately increased the number of spiritual energy gathering formations, to ensure that she had sufficient amount of spiritual energy.

While little radish’s spiritual absorption rate was still very slow, seemingly, for every strand of spiritual energy she absorbed, the amount of pain her body was feeling increased by a single fold. Her small face began to distort, and it could be imagined just how much pain she was suffering.

Zhu Yao had experienced this sort of pain before as well. But, because her spiritual energy absorption rate was too fast, even if it was painful, it was only at that mere instant. While, for little radish’s case, she was sharpening her Foundation little by little, and she could not stop just yet.

Zhu Yao anxiously looked at her from the side. Little radish’s painful look, continued for an entire day, and her spiritual energy absorption rate evidently slowed down only when the sun began to set on the second day. However, her expression looked as though she was enduring even more pain as time went on, and currently it was the key moment. If she was able to get through it, her Foundation building would be successful, and if she wasn’t successful, then her meridians would be broken, and her spirit vein would be destroyed.

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