[Disciple] Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Invincible Water Spirit Vein

As Zhu Yao watched on, the more anxious she became. Little radish’s body had already stopped taking in spiritual energy, and Zhu Yao could not help but remind her. “Yu Luo, don’t you remember what you told me? Don’t you want to become strong? Master shall tell you right now, in this world, there’s no other spirit vein that’s stronger than the water spirit vein. If you believe master, then you best endure and keep going.”

Little radish, who felt powerless earlier, suddenly jolted for a moment, as though she heard her master’s words. Taking a deep breath, she gritted her teeth, and began to continue taking in spiritual energy. Just like that, another day passed, the expression on her face slowly relaxed, and her aura began to stabilize as well.

When the sun rose from the surface of the sea on the sixth day, she finally opened her eyes. She still looked a little weak, however, she was carrying that cute and tender expression which she once had when she was young, as she smiled at her master.

“Master, I succeeded.”

Zhu Yao reached out her hand to stroke her head, and with her other hand, she gave her a thumbs-up and praised her. “Good job, as expected of my disciple.”

When a disciple learnt well, it was definitely because of the great teachings of the master.

Mn, that was the truth.

Yu Luo laughed, and then, with a tilt of her head, she fell into her master’s embrace. She had fallen asleep from her fatigue.

Zhu Yao then checked on her pulse. Sending a strand of her spiritual energy into her body, she found out that although the meridians in her body had expanded by quite a bit, there wasn’t any trace of damage. Only then did Zhu Yao finally feel at ease and bring her disciple back home.

Little radish had built her Foundation, which meant she could slightly heave a sigh of relief. It must be known that the higher one’s cultivation was, the harder it was to take over one’s body. In her dream, the reason why Mu Meiyan’s takeover was so successful, was entirely because little radish back then was just a mortal. Not only did she not possess the slightest bit of cultivation, she did not have the slightest wish to continue living.

The current little radish already possessed Foundation stage cultivation, and if Mu Meiyan wanted to take over her body, she still had to seek her permission.

Yu Luo rested for an entire day, before she finally managed to restore her spiritual energy.

On the early morning of the second day, Zhu Yao was already mightily standing at the largest grass plain on the mountain peak, waiting for her.

“Master.” Yu Luo respectfully greeted her. Evidently, she was a little excited, as she could faintly sense what’s coming up next would be a fate-changing moment for her.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. Right now, it was the moment of miracles. “Little radish, unleash your strongest move, let me have a look at it.”

“Master, I’m called Yu Luo!” Yu Luo’s expression darkened. Although she knew that her master looked serious on the surface, actually, she would occasionally have some bad taste in jokes that could hardly be understood by anyone else. But, at the very least, she should hide it, right?

Yu Luo sighed, accepting her fate, she took a step forward. Calming down, she focused her mind. She circulated spiritual energy that was much richer and denser than before, and then, she released dozens of icicles with all her might, which struck onto a stone wall not too far away. Then, they shattered and crumbled onto the ground.

As she thought! Zhu Yao shook her head. She knew that little radish would use an ice-type mystic art. Little radish believed that with her water spirit vein, only ice-type offensive arts were the most suitable for her.

A thought process like this, could be said to be correct, but it could be said to be incorrect as well. She simply required a little alteration.

“Little radish, how did you release this ice-type mystic art?” Zhu Yao asked.

I’m not little radish, hey. Yu Luo’s expression darkened, however, she still honestly replied. “Naturally, I released them after converting the water spiritual energy in my body into ice spiritual energy?”

“Then do you know how ice is formed?” Zhu Yao continued.

Yu Luo blurted out seemingly without any hesitation. “Obviously, it’s from ice spiritual energy.”

“Uh…” She was wrong. Why did Zhu Yao have to explain such a simple physical phenomenon to someone who had no Physics knowledge? Ah whatever, let’s just have her see the truth. With a wave of her hand, Zhu Yao instantly shot out a few icicles towards the stone wall.

“So fast. Master, are you an ice spirit vein holder?” Usually, only ice spirit vein holders could cast this art with such speed. However, she immediately denied her own suspicions. “No, wait. Master is Sovereign Yu Yan’s disciple, so master can only be a lightning spirit vein holder.”

To a certain degree, she was right. Zhu Yao was currently no longer a pure lightning spirit vein holder, rather, she now possessed the harmony spirit vein, and had an entire network of spiritual energy in her hands.


“This is what I wish to tell you.” Zhu Yao explained. “Regarding the differences in spirit veins, other than cultivation speed, there’s naturally art casting speed as well. With the corresponding spirit vein, one can immediately retrieve and use the spiritual energy in one’s body, and if there isn’t, one can only do so after converting the spiritual energy in one’s body. I absolutely approve you in using ice-type mystic arts.”

“Because the ice spirit vein is a mutated form of the water spirit vein.” Yu Luo said. “Hence, compared to other mystic arts, it would be much easier to convert water spiritual energy into ice spiritual energy.”

“Your way of thinking isn’t wrong, however, there’s still a much faster method.” Zhu Yao said. “If you have to convert spiritual energy to use this ice-type art, you will first have to gather spiritual energy, then transform the spiritual energy, then guide the spiritual energy out of your body, before giving the shape of the icicles. This require three steps! No matter how experienced and practiced you are, there will always be a fixed CD.”

“fixed see dee?”

Uh… I’m sorry, I accidentally used a term I’m familiar with.

“What I mean is, if you can reduce these steps, and instantly circulate your water spiritual energy to form icicles, isn’t it much faster?”

Yu Luo widened her eyes, as she looked at Zhu Yao with a face of disbelief. How could that be possible?

“Little radish, under what conditions will water turn into ice?”

“Naturally, when the weather is cold…” Yu Luo had a sudden realization, as she looked at Zhu Yao excitedly. She hurriedly walked over to the lake, and reached out her hand. Circulating her water spiritual energy, the lake water shook for a moment, and then, slowly, a stream of water rose in the palm of her hand, and at the part where the water stream was closest to her palm, it slowly formed into an ice pole, inch by inch. “I succeeded, master!”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. It seemed like she had already understood the concept. In truth, the water spirit sein and ice spirit vein had no difference at all, it’s just that there was an additional change in temperature. “You simply have to practice, and you will then be able to use it as you will.”

“Yes, master.” Yu Luo’s eyes were simply filled with excitement. After a moment, she seemed to have thought of a problem. “However, master, if I have to freeze water, I need to first summon water, before freezing it. But earlier, master evidently…” The icicles she saw earlier, completely did not went through the freezing process.

This was a problem that overflowed to the subject of Chemistry. Zhu Yao took a step forward. “Little radish, where do you think water can be found?”

Yu Luo was startled for a moment, before answering. “Rivers, lakes, and naturally, the seas. Oh, sometimes, there’s water underground as well.”

“Wrong!” Zhu Yao knocked on her head. “Actually, water, is the same as spiritual energy. They’re everywhere.”

Zhu Yao snapped her fingers, and instantly, a gigantic cubic block of ice fell from the sky. ‘Kadang.’ It then shattered onto the ground.

Yu Luo was dumbfounded. This… Even if she mustered out spiritual energy from her entire body, forget about freezing such a big block of ice, it would be impossible for her to gather such a huge amount of water in an instant.

“Master… Where… Where did this come from?”

“From the air.” The air comprised of a huge amount of water vapour, and when water vapour experienced cold, it would turn into water. This was basic knowledge. Of course, hydrogen and oxygen were everywhere in the air, and the composition of water was very simple. H2O. This was the simplest of Chemistry knowledge. She had simply casually put the equation into practice in the air. But it would be rather troublesome to explain this. And she had experimented with this for many times, with the support of her Demigod cultivation, from within the so-called spiritual energy, she had to discern which was hydrogen, and which was oxygen. So she simply decided to use ‘water vapour’, which was a more understandable concept.

“So, as long as you’re able to set down a layer of cold air in the sky, you will be able to receive a large bunch of icicles!” Little radish learnt of this point.

Yu Luo then tried it out according to Zhu Yao’s instructions. Indeed, above them, several… hailstones fell down!

“Master, really… it’s really possible!” Yu Luo felt like crying from her agitation. She excitedly caught one of the hailstone from the sky. “This means that… the water spirit vein, is not a trash spirit vein. Master, what you said was right. You did have your methods.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded while maintaining her cold and prideful look, as she silently waved away the hailstones that were smashing onto her head. Stop raining hailstones, thank you.

“Master, how did you know of these?”

“I thought of it accidentally.” Zhu Yao patted her shoulders, and said with a heavy tone. “Remember, knowledge changes one’s fate!”

“Ah?” What does that mean? Yu Luo looked at her strangely.

Zhu Yao maintained her serious expression. If little radish was so agitated just by knowing these, then she would most likely go insane in a moment.

“From this moment onwards, whenever you practice ice-type mystic arts, you will be able to do more with less effort. However, this simply allows you to fend for yourself. If you encounter a practitioner who has a much higher cultivation level than yours, most likely, it will still be very dangerous for you.”

Yu Luo lowered her head. Oh, that’s true! She possessed a furnace physique. Even if she did not incur anyone’s hatred, there would still be people looking for trouble with her. Master had only pointed her a clear direction, and gave her a direction to progress in. However, if she were to encounter an expert, she would have completely no way to retaliate.

“Master, I will become strong.” As long as she become invincible, then there wouldn’t be any other problems, right?

“I do have a sure-win method.”


With her index finger, Zhu Yao gestured little radish to come forward. She had to pass down a knowledge that must not be made known to anyone else. “Do you know what flows in a human body?”

Flows? Yu Luo pondered for a moment, before replying. “Blood?”

“Stupid!” Zhu Yao could suddenly understand a little how her master felt when she was unable to live up to his expectations. She had already given little radish such a big hint, just why wasn’t she enlightened yet?

“Sesame.” Zhu Yao decided to do another experiment.

Roar~~ ┗|`o′|┛

Sesame resoundingly made its appearance. With a wave of her hand, Zhu Yao sent a ray of light towards it. A wound instantly appeared on Sesame’s tail, and blood began to flow the next moment.

Meooow~~~~~ Orz

Sesame’s tyrannical aura completely dispersed. It looked at Zhu Yao with teary eyes, which were completely filled with disbelief. Master, how can you be so heartless, so immoral, so nonsensical?

Zhu Yao simply ignored its small eyes.

Walking over to that small pool of blood, she reached out a hand, only to see the blood on the ground rising slowly, and in an instant, it froze into a blood-coloured pole of ice.

Yu Luo: (⊙o⊙)

“Master, you mean…” Blood comprised of water as well. By directly freezing one’s blood, even if she was unable to kill with a single hit, she would still be able to cause heavy injuries. Yu Luo was dumbfounded for a while. Suddenly, she had understood what this meant. This was clearly an invincible mystic art. “Master, back then when you only allowed me to learn the Water Controlling Technique, could it be…”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao continued to nod. She really wondered which bastard came up with the idea that the water spirit vein was a trash spirit vein. Come out, I guarantee I won’t beat you to death.

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