My Disciple Died Yet Again – Glossary


This glossary is sorted by appearance order.

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Character Name First Appearance (Chapter) Description
Arc 1
Zhu Yao 1 Protagonist of the series. She was dragged into a Xianxia world by her online friend – Realmspirit
Wang Xuzhi 1 Referred to as little wimp by Zhu Yao, went to Ancient Hill Sect with her.
Xiao Yi 2 Protagonist of the first arc.
Zi Lin 3 The disciple who headed the deity selection ceremony in the city, and brought Zhu Yao to the sect.
Chen Ying 4 Disciple of the Glory Hall of Sword Mountain in Ancient Hill Sect, the woman who consoled Zhu Yao when she first arrived at Ancient Hill Sect.
Zi Mo 5 Sect Master of Ancient Hill Sect.
Hong Chou 5 Lord of Medicine Peak in Ancient Hill Sect. Dislikes Zhu Yao.
Yu Yan 6 Lord of Ancient Hill Sect’s Jade Forest Peak, Zhu Yao’s master. He has no common sense.
Ling Long 10 The girl who was bullied by little fatty Zhao. Xiao Yi’s first harem member.
Little Fatty Zhao 10 Mischevious little boy who got beaten into a pulp by Xiao Yi later on. Son of Yuanxiu.
Du Yuanchen 16 Wang Xuzhi’s senior-martial brother. Zi Mo’s fourth chamber disciple.
Zi Yuan 17 Lord of Artifact-Refining Peak in Ancient Hill Sect.
Zhao Yuanxiu 17 Zi Yuan’s first disciple. Little fatty Zhao’s father.
Feng Yi 26 The only female Demigod stage practitioner in Ancient Hill Sect, became one of Xiao Yi’s harem members.
Yi Ran 26 One of Ancient Hill Sect’s three Demigod stage practitioners, excluding Yu Yan. Very friendly.
Dan Wu 26 The last Demigod out of the three. Has no sense of presence at all whatsoever.
Yan Yuehong 26 Wang Xuzhi’s senior-martial brother. Zi Mo’s third chamber disciple.
Su Zi 30 The girl who tagged along on Zhu Yao’s first mission, was Wang Xuzhi’s fan, but then turned into Xiao Yi’s harem member.
Arc 2
Realmspirit 44 The person(?) who brought Zhu Yao into the Xianxia world.
Lu Cha 50 Green tea bitch.
Chen Yi 51 Lead Zhu Yao’s group in Tasyoluk.
Fishhere 56 A sharkman, who lead to Zhu Yao to the Tasyoluk ruin. Proposed to Zhu Yao.
Sesame 58 Zhu Yao’s contracted beast. First met in Tasyoluk, asking for the password to the ruin’s door.
Arc 3
Soi Sauz 66 A name Zhu Yao came up with, with ‘Soy sauce’ as base. The saying ‘deliver soy sauce’ in Chinese meme language means ‘just passing by’.
Zi Dan 67 Lord of Beast-Taming Peak in Ancient Hill Sect. He’s horizontally challenged.
Chen Ze 69 Feng Yi’s fanboy.
Rui Yu 70 City lord of Primeval Grey City, Xiao Yi’s harem member.
Arc 4
Xia Lewei / Yu Luo 88 Zhu Yao’s first disciple. Also Sect Master Zi Mo’s only daughter. She possesses the legendary Pure Yin Physique.
Xiu Yuan 94 Nephew of Artifact-Refining Peak Lord Zi Yuan, a cannon fodder who got beaten into a pulp by Yu Luo off-screen.
Mu Meiyan 94 The female lead of the fourth arc, also the supposedly supporting female lead in her story.
Qi Han 94 Demigod practitioner residing in Celestial Indus Sect. Mu Meiyan’s master.
Yue Hanxin 94 Mu Meiyan’s junior-martial sister under her master Qi Han. Qi Han’s eyecandy. The supposedly female lead in the story.
Wu Song 97 The man who possesses a Heavenly Devil Physique. His fate was changed with Zhu Yao’s intervention.
Zang Jian 98 Tyrant that wanted Wu Song’s body.
Ru Lu 105 After failing to take over Yu Luo’s body, Mu Meiyan took this child’s body instead.
Phantom 106 The shadow that follows Mu Meiyan around. Very sinister.
Yue Ying 108 The boy who was born with Yue Hanxin in the same iceberg. Was cast away because of his spirit veins.
Chen Ning 110 A tenth rank demonic beast Zhu Yao met at the Realm River.
Arc 5
Tao Manfeng 135 The woman who impersonated Zhu Yao and tricked Yu Yan into bringing her into Lightning Divine Palace.
Mushmush 138 The mushroom which Zhu Yao met after she escaped from Manfeng’s waist. After gaining a human form, it has the appearance of someone familiar…
Yu Jin 140 He manages Lightning Divine Palace, and is referred to as the ‘Floor Master’. Yu Yan’s Great Grandmaster.
Miao Lin 143 Emissary of Advent Cloud Palace who visited Lightning Divine Palace. Got caught up in a fight between two idiots and was struck by heavenly lightning bolts.
Li Goudan / Dog-Egg 148 An arrow spirit, first encountered by Zhu Yao when he was sexually harrassing a female deity.
Mo Xianxian 148 The female deity who got harrassed by Dog-Egg. Has only just recently ascended, and is looking for her husband.
Arc 6
Xu Nuoyan 163 Mo Xianxian’s husband. ‘Nuoyan’ in Chinese actually means ‘promise’. Kinda ironic.
Yin Shi 163 Current Clan Master of Fluorescent Wind Clan
Yin Xin 163 Daughter of Yin Shi, the supposed female lead in her story.
Yun Hai 165 Mo Xianxian’s master in Divine Realm.
Shao Bai 168 Second son of the Phoenix Clan Patriarch, was discarded in the Nether Abyss as a necessary sacrifice.
Ao Jiang 169 The dragon which chased after Zhu Yao and when they just escaped from the place filled with devilish energy.
Xian Yu 169 Patriach of the Phoenix Clan, Shao Bai’s mother.
Little Sixth 180 Sixth son of the Patriarch of the Phoenix Clan. Was the one who pushed Zhu Yao off the tree, causing her to be born pre-maturely.
Little Third 182 Third son of the Patriarch of the Phoenix Clan.
Little Eighth 182 Eighth son, and the youngest of the Patriarch of the Phoenix Clan. Despises Zhu Yao for her naked buttocks.
Yue Gu 184 The Far Ancient Highgod, the only Highgod remaining from ancient times.
Black Tortoise 187 The cornerstone of the Banished Land.
Arc 7
Fu Lukang 197 The guy who wanted to hang himself on Zhu Yao when she was still a tree.
Bai Yi 198 A fox spirit which Zhu Yao met while she was walking through the forest. Has a fetish for women’s clothes.
Yi Ling 199 The female lead in her story. The ultimate Mary Sue.
Guan Cheng 199 The disciple who came to invite Zhu Yao to Blue Parasol Sect.
Qi Ping 199 The first member of Yi Ling’s harem that we got to see.
Xuan Xu 200 Sovereign of Blue Parasol Sect, Yi Ling’s master, and also part of her harem.
Lin Yu 200 Sect Master of Blue Parasol Sect.
Lan Qi 201 A random Sect Master that fell in love with Yi Ling on first sight.
Xuan Yin 202 One of the three Sovereigns in Blue Parasol Sect. Yue Ying’s master.
Lin Xiang 203 The daughter of the Sect Master of Blue Parasol Sect.
Mu Liu 209 A nine-tailed fox demon. Another one of Yi Ling’s harem members. Dislikes Bai Yi because of the number of tails he has.
Yan Chi 215 The Devil that controlled the beast wave.
Lin Qi 216 The Beast King, the cause of the end of the world in the seventh arc.


Name Description
Lightning Spiritual Realm The Lower Realm which Ancient Hill Sect and Jade Forest Peak is in. Also known as the cultivation world to the people of that Realm.
Divine Realm / Higher Realm The place many cultivators strive to reach, and is only achievable through ascension.
Divine Realm has 5 continents in total. East, West, North and South Continents are occupied by human practitioners.
Spiritual Void Continent The 5th continent in Divine Realm, has a land mass of the four continents combined, and is occupied by demonic immortals. Also commonly known as the demonic continent.
Banished Land A world created by the sacrifice of the Black Tortoise. Houses the God Races, and also the Devils.
Towns and Cities
Zhu Village The village which Zhu Yao first arrived at when she transmigrated. The villagers mostly have the surname Zhu.
Silent Melancholy City The name of the city came from the forest called ‘Silent Melancholy Forest’.
Silent Town Southwest of Silent Melancholy City, the town which Zhu Yao’s first mission was at.
Melancholy Town North of Silent Melancholy City.
Primeval Grey City The city where heretic practitioners seek shelter in.
Treasureview Island Island owned by Chen Ning. Has many collections of artifacts and records.
Divine City The first city Zhu Yao visited after entering Divine Realm.
Cloudhold City A city near Fluorescent Wind Clan.
Sects and Clans
Ancient Hill Sect The sect which Zhu Yao joined at the start of the story.
Hundred Harmony Clan The clan which Chen Zi and Rui Yu was in. It specialized in practitioner-pair arts.
Nightrise Sect Fodder sect that wanted to wed Zi Mo’s daughter to the Sect Master’s son.
Moonleague Sect Casually mentioned.
Azure Melancholy Clan The clan which Mu Meiyan was in. Was destroyed.
Celestial Indus Sect The sect which Mu Meiyan sought refuge in after Azure Melancholy Clan was destroyed.
Equality Pavilion The cultivation world’s largest trade organization.
Lightning Divine Palace An organization that governs the rules and punishments of the Divine Realm, and it’s also the place which all Jade Forest Peak disciples settle in after their ascension.
Advent Cloud Palace Largest sect in the east continent of Divine Realm.
Vermillion Extent Peak Largest sect in the south continent of Divine Realm.
Fluorescent Wind Clan Largest sect in the north continent of Divine Realm.
Soaring Enlightenment Palace Largest sect in the west continent of Divine Realm.
Scattered Fif Hall One of the sects that came with the other four great sects to gain entry to Lightning Divine Tower.
Dee Kline Clan The sect which Fu Lukang is in. It’s declining.
Blue Parasol Sect The sect which Yi Ling is in, and where Zhu Yao resided in the seventh arc.
Risepoint Sect A random sect that participated in the ruin investigation.
Ancient Hill Sect
Jade Forest Peak The place which holds records of lightning spirit vein mystic arts. The section of Ancient Hill Sect which Zhu Yao belongs in.
Sword Peak Headed by Zi Mo. The Peak with the highest overall strength compared to the other Peaks.
Medicine Peak Headed by Hong Chou.
Talisman Peak
Artifact-Refining Peak Headed by Zi Yuan.
Beast-Taming Peak Headed by Zi Dan.
Main Peak The mountain where the main hall is located.
Tasyoluk A mustard seed dimensional space that opens once every five hundred years. Contains rare materials and a hidden dungeon.
Desolate Ground Was once the battlefield of Gods and Devils. Is devoid of spiritual energy.
Realm River A magical forbidden zone that restricts everything and everyone from circulating spiritual energy.
Nether Abyss It’s the place where the Devils are sealed, at the expense of the lives of many ancient Gods.
Pavilion of Revelations The place where the God-beasts visit after they are born, to unlock their latent potential.


Name Description
Entry Level
Dirt Removal Art Cleans off all stains on target area.
Body Purification Technique The Great Diarrhoea Art.
Flying Sword Art Circulate spiritual energy unto a sword to elevate it, allowing users to fly on the sword.
Non-Elemental Type
Falling Sword Art Converts spiritual energy into spiritual swords to strike targets.
Falling Starflash An upgraded version of Falling Sword Art, with more spiritual swords summoned.
Linear Spatial Slash An Azoth Core stage sword technique, a strike that slashes space itself.
Water Repelling Incantation Produces a bubble that repels water, allowing the caster to traverse the ocean.
Instant Movement Art Allows the caster to instantly move to a certain spot in his or her line of sight.
Transformation Art Allows the caster to transform into the image he or she forms in her mind.
Deep Sleep Incantation Puts the target to sleep.
Cloaking Art Turns the caster invisible to the naked eyes.
Cloud Riding Art Enables the caster to ride on clouds.
Return Formation A formation that sends back all of the mystic arts within it in the direction they came from.
Spirit Increasing Formation A formation that restores the caster’s spiritual energy.
Million Swords Formation A large spiritual sword is summoned, which then splits into million swords to strike targets.
Void Teleportation Formation With a teleportation formation as a support, it allows the caster to cross thousand of miles by slicing through void space.
Nine Revolving Five Elemental Lightning Formation A super-duper powerful barrier formation surrounding Lightning Divine Palace.
Spirit Rhinoceros Formation A formation that allows the caster or the target to teleport to each other at the moment of crisis.
Lightning Type
Lightning Guiding Art Converts lightning spiritual energy into a lightning bolt to strike targets.
Heavenfall Brings down an actual heavenly lightning bolt to strike targets.
Five Lightning Art
Fire Type
Fire Ball Art Converts fire spiritual energy into a fire ball to strike targets.
Priarie of Flames Turns the target area into a sea of flames.
Earth Type
Earthsand Art A wide-range skill that causes the sand and mud to stir.
Ice Type
Ice Gathering Art Gathers and condenses water vapour in the air into ice.
Freezing Ice Art Freezes target area.
Wind Type
Clearwind Art Summons a gust of wind.
Wind Soaring Art Allows one to control and ride the wind.
Water Type
Water Controlling Technique Allows the caster to control water.
Divine Arts
Imperial Lightning Art A divine art unique to disciples of Lightning Divine Palace.
Divine Nascent True Flames The strongest flames in Divine Realm, capable of burning away one’s divine nascent core.
God Arts
Devil Supression Arts Arts that are specialized in restricting and sealing Devils.
Devil Smiting Inscription The only art in the world that’s capable of exterminating Devils.
Offering Seal Art A technique that seals Devils with godly energy.

Power Levels

Humans and Demons
Azoth Core
Nascent Soul
Demonic Beasts
1st – 2nd Rank (Essence level)
3rd – 4th Rank (Foundation level)
5th – 6th Rank (Azoth Core level)
7th – 8th Rank (Nascent Soul level)
9th – 10th Rank (Demigod level)
11th Rank (Ascension level)
Earth Deity
Profound Deity
Gold Deity
Ink Deity
High Deity