[RPG] Vol. 9 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Bored People without an Aim

“What? We’re unable to choose this request with our Mercenary Rank?”

“Kuh… Yes. Because when you first start off, your Rank is E. This is a request which can only be accepted by Mercenaries with at least a C rank.”

The miss who was in-charge of managing the counter told Bai Yueguang with a smile. And currently, Bai Yueguang was staring depressingly at the Mercenary Certificate which had just been made with a bitter smile.

“I finally managed to find a request that was pretty good, but I never expected that my Rank would be insufficient. Could it be that I have to start from the lowest Rank? Just how long will that take…”

Hei Luoli was complaining at the side as well. However, Oyado was simply staring blankly in the air at the side with a bitter expression, as though she had yet to regain her senses from the matters earlier.

Alright, it’s about time that I make my greeting. Even if it’s not for anyone else, it won’t do to keep Oyado this sad. Otherwise, what am I going to do if this child’s heart turns corrupted?

Taking the opportunity when the surrounding people wasn’t paying attention, I hurriedly approached next to Bai Yueguang. Taking the instant when no one was able to see my face, I switched back to my former look. However, in order to keep a certain degree of disguise, I wore the【Eyepiece of Truth】.

“Hello, by having these people join my team, they will be able to take on this request, right?”

“Eh… Oh, yes. Do you mind if I first take a look at your Mercenary Certificate?”

Ignoring the ‘why are you here’ expression from Bai Yueguang, and the expressions which were mixed with shock and surprise from Hei Luoli and Oyado, I passed my badge over to the receptionist.

“Un, let me see…”

Her pupils instantly turned large!

And then, she looked towards me, before she once again looked at the terminal in front of her.

“Mister… Sol Feil, right?”

“Un, that’s right.”

“Mercenary Rank A, you’re able to take on requests that are of the A rank and below, and you’re allowed to take up to fifty people in your team. The details have been confirmed. This is your Mercenary Certificate, please keep it well… May I ask if you have anything else you need help with?”

Even her tone had become respectful. Although receptionists had to use respectful tones in the first place, her voice had even begun to become a little unnatural.

“Help me accept the request that I just picked out earlier as well then~”

I replied with a smile.

“Big brother!”

Oyado suddenly leapt up and sat on my shoulders. Then, she immediately hugged onto my head.

“This is wonderful! Big brother isn’t actually dead!”

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t casually believe others are dead just like that…”

I bitterly smiled.

“I already told you. This person is so hard-headed, he can’t die at all.”

Bai Yueguang calmly nodded his head and said.


You know the fact that I’m able to resurrect, so naturally you will say words like that. And I didn’t actually die in the first place, I was simply in a state of apparent death.

“Alright, alright. Oyado, get down from my head. Although you’re not heavy, sitting on my shoulders is a little…”

“No! Big brother made me worry for an entire night. Just take sitting on big brother’s shoulders as your punishment!”

“This… Alright then.”

After pondering for a moment, I still accepted it.

After all, it’s a good thing that Oyado’s able to convey such girl-like words. After all, if she were to become corrupted, none of us here is capable of stopping her.

“But before that, let’s talk in a different location.”

As I said that, I pressed on my face. A huge tattoo then appeared on my face.

“Like this, regular people shouldn’t be able to see through my looks. Let’s go.”

The lot of us then left the Mercenary Guild Hall, and then turned to the old city district.

This was actually a city at the borders of the Ice Empire, and was the closest city to Gray Magical Academy. Back then, after I came out of the academy, I used all of my speed buffs to arrive at this city in half an hour. Then, I disguised myself as a Mercenary and lived here.

This city was named【Eastscatter City】, and it was one of the few cities that was located in the east of the Ice Empire. Although it’s located at the corner of the country, because it had always been facing the direction of the Gray Magical Academy back then, this city was still a considerably large trading center. But as for its fate in the future… It will be hard to tell.

After all, without the Gray Magical Academy and Doge Military School, these center districts of the various Empires will become the homes of many monsters. After all, in the first place, those places were the gathering spots of monsters, and the students had always been using these monsters to train.

Although a place like this is desired by every country, with so many of them, it’s hard to decide who should take over this land. Most probably, this situation will still hold for quite a bit of time.

This period of time was the best opportunity for Mercenaries to search for the relics of the two academies, and to also hunt down monsters as well. Ever since a few days ago, the number of Mercenaries in the city had been constantly increasing, and it could also be seen from the increasing search requests from the request board.

As we walked, I spoke up.

“The number of Mercenaries here will constantly increase, it’s best that we find a secluded place to hang around. After all, the request that you people picked only starts in the afternoon. Speaking of which, just what the hell happened to the lot of you after that? Back then, when I walked out of the ruins, I was sent flying by an explosion. So, what happened back then?”

“At the very least you know that an explosion occurred… We only knew of it after we woke up.”

The one who replied was Bai Yueguang.

“Back then, the moment we saw you walk out of the door, we lost our consciousness.”

“And when we woke up, we found ourselves lying in a room in this city’s hotel~ I’m really a failure huh. To actually be struck down by someone without realizing it… This is really too incorrigible!”

Oyado said furiously.

“I see… Well, Oyado, you don’t have to mind it either. After all, our opponent was the natural enemy of all classes… An illusionist. Without precautions, how can we defend against her? And her only strong point is to cast illusions on us, other than that, she have to depend on other forces. In any case, we know that our opponents do not wish to harm our lives…”

Most probably, they’re worried that our embarrassment will turn into rage, and cause a ruckus for them, right?

Honestly speaking, the things they did don’t really affect me that much. After all, the things we, otherworlders, are concern about doesn’t really amount to much.


I did make a lot of friends in this world, and it’s unjustifiable if I don’t help them in some way.

And if they were to harm these people… Ah, when that time comes, then there’s really nothing to be concerned about any longer. What remains will be the daily PVP with the people of 【Snake’s Eye】right?

No matter how I see it, neither one of these options are good. Right now, it’s still best to stay low for a little while, and clearly investigate the plans of【Snake’s Eye】before heading back to find Princess Michelle and the rest.

But, if we wish to investigate, we still require an organization of a comparable level to help us. For example, the【Momiji Society】.

So, while we’re completing this Mercenary request, let’s think of ways to contact Falan. Because there doesn’t seem to be a rentable terminal in this place, most probably, there’s a need to look for an even bigger city. For example, the【Vibrantmuse City】, the trading center for artistic works that’s located in the Witts Empire.

Speaking of which, that’s also Princess Anne’s territory.

In the list of deceased people, Princess Anne’s name wasn’t in it, so nothing should have happened to her.

“By not killing us… It seems like they’re completely underestimating us.”

Hearing Hei Luoli say these words, I glared unhappily at Bai Yueguang.

You bastard, just what kind of bad things are you teaching her? Why did you teach her words like these which only the antagonists would use!?

“They only wish for us to not meddle in their affairs.”

I replied with a bitter smile.

“They placed you guys in a hotel in another city, and even wrote down everyone’s names on the deceased list. All these were to distance ourselves from this matter, and have us re-establish our own identities. To put it simply, they do not want us to interfere with their matters.”

“I see…”

“In other words, most probably, Ms. Mari and the rest should be nearby as well. We simply have yet to see them.”

‘I have already sent a message to them.’

Bai Yueguang suddenly sent me a private message.

‘But they did not respond.’

‘Is that so…’

I pondered for a moment.

“In any case, they should have their own plans. Let’s first investigate on our own for now, after all… whatever the case, we’re very bored, right?”


All of us looked at each other.

“It seems… so.”

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