[RPG] Vol. 9 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Witts Empire

“Big sister Purewhite, where did you go earlier?”

“Well… Some things happened…”

On the moving carriage, Oyado began to chat happily with Purewhite. Although Oyado knew that Purewhite was turned into stone previously, when she heard me saying that Purewhite had rushed here from the nearby city, she immediately understood the meaning behind the words.

As expected of my good and smart little sister!

“Let me tell you then. Back then we…”

Seeing that they were chatting happily, I turned around and looked towards the few people at the side.

Bai Yueguang was currently sitting next to Hei Luoli while looking at her. Although Hei Luoli had already recovered her HP, and did not have any unique abnormal statuses on her, she still had yet to wake up.

Even after using a potion that dispels unconsciousness, or a spell that dispels anomalies, they were of no use either.

I don’t know if it’s because Hei Luoli was a resident of this world, which thus made her immune to our items, or due to some other reasons, Hei Luoli still had yet to wake up.

Bai Yueguang who was by her side had this stern expression on his face as well. The current he had yet to completely recover to his usual state. He still had that white long hair, and that pair of red eyes which looked as though they were blazing up.

What’s more frightening was that there was an additional tiny horn on his forehead… Well, that must be a Ghost then. Those Ghosts or whatever usually have horns on their forehead as well.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen anyone else growing out a horn?”

Bai Yueguang raised his head and looked towards me.

“Un. It’s my first time.”


Bai Yueguang bitterly smiled, and continued.

“I never expected that I was pulled back to my senses from the quest to save Hei Luoli. That quest reward or whatever… instantly brought me back from the brink of my insanity.”

“I see. No wonder you were so quick. Back then, I had to go through a harsh battle, you know.”

Recalling back to the moment I used【Bloodmoon】, I had to settle with the problem on my own. I never expected that Bai Yueguang’s luck would be so lucky this time around.


Hei Luoli staying unconscious can’t be said to be good luck.

“Geez, I was actually saved by such a quest. This is really irritating.”

Bai Yueguang helplessly shook his head. Then, he pressed on something in front of him, and his hair and eye color slowly reverted back to normal.

“I see. The transformation has already turned into a skill?”

“Un. Speaking of which, your【Ghost Transformation】and my 【Ghost-God Cloak】are pretty similar. Is it actually the same thing?”

“Of course not.【Ghost Transformation】can only be used when I equip【Ghostbreak】, while【Berserk】can only be used when I equip【Bloodmoon】. These two abilities are not actually considered mine. From the beginning till now, other than【Divinesaint Lighthouse】, a skill which I obtained from destroying the lighthouse, the rest… Wait a minute, could it be that I will be able to learn the abilities if I destroy them?”

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t destroy equipment so casually.”

“I know, I’m kidding.”

I bitterly smiled. Then, I looked towards Tusk, who was still in a daze at the front of the carriage. It seems like he has yet to regain his senses from the things that happened earlier.

It seems like that was the first time he had encountered such a situation as a merchant.

Speaking of which…

Would such a high-level monster usually appear on the road?

Regular Mercenaries aren’t able to go against such a high-level monster either, right? Right now, even with A-Rank Mercenaries, five or six of them might be able to fight it to a draw. Un, in other words, they will only be able to escape.

Do you really think that everyone is able to fight like us, where we fight Bosses with such crazed tactics which disregard our lives? Everyone else only has a single life, you know.

This is really terrible. I sense that the world is beginning to undergo a great change.


Just where did such a strong monster come from?

Could it be 【Snake’s Eye】?

If that’s really the case, then that’s really terrible. Is the rule of the survival of the fittest going to be applied in a large scale?

Or are they thinking that inhabitants of this world are simply too weak, and they wish to have them become stronger in the midst of crisis?

Oh my god. Can you guys talk about this after I reach the maximum level?

Suddenly encountering a Boss in the middle of the road was very tiring, you know! And there wasn’t even a single hint given. Was the sudden appearance the sake of scaring me to death, huh?

“In any case, the only good thing right now is that our numbers have reduced. There’s no problem for all of us to get on the carriage now.”

“Actually, I can ride a horse as well…”


The moment Bai Yueguang suggested that, I immediately rejected it.

“I don’t want to ride a horse! It’s hot and uncomfortable! It’s out of the question!”

“Is that so…”

“That’s right! That’s totally it!”

Seeing my firm expression, Bai Yueguang could let out a bitter smile.

“Alright, alright…”

“It seems like master do not like to ride horses. But haven’t you ridden a wolf in the past?”

Purewhite suddenly said.

I say, can’t you sit down? What are you trying to do standing around in a carriage?

Oh whatever, as long as you like it.

“That sensation is completely different, alright?”

“… Is that so? As I thought, master is really strange.”

“I’m not strange. The strange ones are the people who found out that horses can be ridden. Speaking of which, going at our current pace, when are we going to arrive at our next destination? Although I found the route we’re taking through the map I obtained from Tusk’s belongings, we don’t have GPS on us, so I can’t judge the duration either.”

Actually, I have only referenced the route found on the map to my mini-map. Then, I used a compass to determine the direction in order to find the route. In regards to whether it’s actually where we’re supposed to go, I have no idea either.

However, in other to reduce the time taken, I have been constantly casting the【Acceleration】spell on the carriage. The entire carriage completely turned into a high-speed railway train, as it made “gudong gudong” sounds while rushing towards our destination.

And exactly because of the【Acceleration】spell, we have already passed through the ruins of Doge Military School in the afternoon, and have entered a land of plains where the road we’re taking was marked out by two rows of bushes at the side.

Speaking of which, back then, I have read books regarding information about the Witts Empire. This was indeed a country surrounded by plains and lakes. The entire country has a total of seven cities, but five of them are established on islands at the center of the lakes, while the other two were next to the lakeside.

In any case, it’s a really strange place.


Our destination was now right in front of our eyes, and it was a castle established at the center of the lake.

Blue Lake City.

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