[RPG] Vol. 9 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Escort Begins

Back then, I had already replenished my various stocks of potions from Lanya’s 【 Bluemoon】, hence, my current inventory is still rather filled. We will basically be all set after stocking up a little bit more on food.

And, I had even bought a few amount of basic gunpowder. Although the firepower of an average bomb isn’t that great, but by adding a certain percentage of magic crystal dust into the composition, the firepower of the constructed bomb will be extremely huge, and different types of additional effects will be added as well. For example, Burn, Freeze, Corrosion, Bleed, and more. In any case, by constructing the bombs this way, they will be very useful.

As for Bai Yueguang… Mainly, he bought a huge number of grindstones. Speaking of which, it’s absolutely strange. As long as his katana is grinded against a grindstone, its durability can be restored. As long as it’s not destroyed, it can be continuously grinded to complete restoration. I really wonder if it’s Black Arts or something.

And his katana looks different from before. I wonder where did he head off to upgrade his weapon.

As for Hei Luoli, she had bought countless of arrows. Although she said that she was capable of using her own spirit to construct arrows, using physical arrows won’t consume that much magical power.

Lastly, there’s Oyado. She had bought approximately three hundred daggers, yet, I’m unable to figure out where she hid them. Although she had a storage ring, it shouldn’t be able to fit that many.

And after we finished packing and replenishing our supplies, it was time to head off. As the people who were hired for this request, it would be unspeakable of us to be late. Hence, we arrived at the scene half an hour earlier.

The gathering spot was an empty piece of land outside the city, and when we reached, the group of carriages and dozen other Mercenaries had already reached the site.

Looking at the familiar structure of the carriages, I suddenly recalled the transport request we completed a long time ago. In the end, it was a chain quest which linked to an attack on the Ice Empire. Hopefully, we will not encounter such matters, and even if the EXP is good, I rather not have it.

I simply wish to complete this quest properly and calmly. Please don’t give me additional challenges, alright?

Even if there are additional challenges, several waves of monsters will be enough. Why the hell would a massive-scale war with dolls appear?

Alright, let’s first take our attendance. After all, no matter what happens, we’re still the ones standing at the front taking the hits. We will decide on what to do when the time comes.

“Hello, we’re the 【NEET Group】who registered for this request.”

“The hell! You really used such a term to name ourselves!?”

Bai Yueguang at the back instantly retorted.

“Am I not allowed to?”

“It’s… It’s not that you can’t.”

Although he put it that way, his expression was still very strange. After frustrating for a while, he said.

“It kind of feels really…”

“Alright, alright. In any case, regular people wouldn’t mind at all.”

After throwing Bai Yueguang aside, I turned around and looked towards the merchant who was in-charge of registration.

He was currently checking the list in his hands. He was wearing a set of brown clothed clothes, which looked rather plain. However, I could see that he was hiding a long sword under his cloak.

And his title told me that he had the ability of a level 15 Swordsman as well. Though, it’s more amazing to know that he’s a level 40 Merchant.

After this merchant named Syr Tusk looked at the list for a long while, his eyes suddenly widened.

“You’re… Mr. Sol Feil?”

“Un, that’s right.”

“That’s great to hear. I never expected that an A-rank Mercenary would register. After all, it’s a C-rank request, and it’s an escort mission as well.”

“Because we’re heading to Witts Empire as well, so we might as well complete a request while we’re at it.”

“I see. In any case, with you here, there’s no longer a need for me to worry that much. The escort this time should be much easier as well.”

“I hope that’s the case, and I hope that nothing troublesome will occur. Hence, I plead that you use the most regular route as possible. Otherwise, if something really occurs, then I can only tell you that we will protect you to the best of our abilities, and we’re not able to provide you with a hundred percent protection. I wish to state this beforehand.”

“That’s of course, that’s of course.”

“Also, it’s best that you don’t tell the other Mercenaries that there’s an A-rank Mercenary in the team. Otherwise, if they were to skimp on the job, you will be wasting your money.”

“That’s true. Don’t worry.”

I nodded, and then returned to Oyado and the rest.

“That’s about it. We will probably be leaving very soon.”

“But speaking of which, our looks aren’t any different from those lowest-ranked Mercenaries, huh. Look over there, they’re equipment seem to look more awesome than ours.”

Bai Yueguang pointed to a small group of three the other side. One of them was a Swordsman in black plate armor. The armor was filled with various scars, and that rough caltrop emitted an overbearing feeling.

The other Magician wearing a blue cloak should be a Water Magician. Of course, I came to this conclusion from his title 【Bluewater Voice】. His magician robe seemed to be made of cloth embedded with mithril, and there were magic stones embedded on the sleeves. It looked completely like formal attire.

The last person was an Archer wearing green light armor. His ears seemed to be a little sharp, most probably, he possessed the Elf’s bloodline.

The eyes of the three people were very scary-looking, as though they were warriors who had went through many battlefields. And, their levels were not low either, with the levels of 26, 28, and 24 respectively. However, levels are unable to show one’s experience in battles. Hence, most probably, their abilities are higher than what their levels indicate.

Regarding levels, there’s still Oyado here who’s an extreme counterexample, so I won’t say anything further.

But Bai Yueguang was right. Compared to their attires which were filled with an imposing atmosphere, ours were basically attires worn by beginners. But that’s true, after all, our equipment are used to disguise our identities, so naturally, we can’t wear anything good.

But… I kind of feel that for future actions, it’s best to change into more imposing equipment… But speaking of which, in my inventory, other than equipment taken from royal treasuries or in auctions, I have nothing else… How can I possibly wear those? Someday, I might be found out for doing that, and I will definitely be listed at the very top of the wanted list.

It’s best to think of ways to find a dungeon in order to grind for some equipment.

However, earlier, when that Merchant saw our equipment, he didn’t give any comments about them. Most probably, he believed that it was in order to hide our identities, huh.

“Let’s not bother about this anymore. This can only be blamed on ourselves for not grinding for equipment. There’s no point retorting right now.”

“Who decides that? I did grind for some equipment, however, they’re all kimono-like equipment worn by those Ronins, there’s no armor among them at all.”

“I guess you’re right… Most of the equipment I have are all magician robes as well…”

Looking towards Oyado, the light assassin armor she’s wearing is a high-quality product bought from 【Bluemoon】. Although it looks really plain, her equipment will not make any noise when she’s moving, and it even adds additional speed to the user, as a Wind Magic spell had been enchanted onto it.

Hei Luoli’s equipment was the same. Although I don’t know what magical attribute has been enchanted onto it, those faint red-coloured scales seem to sacrifice mobility for defense.

“Everyone, it’s been a long wait. We will now head off. I have already explained it in the request details. We will be rushing throughout the night of the first day, in order to arrive at the small town three kilometres away from the Doge Military School ruins before the night of the second day. Otherwise, there’s no other places to rest nearby. Hence, without further delays, let us head off.”

After finishing his announcement using the broadcasting magic spell from the top of the carriage, Tusk leapt down and walked to the very front of the group.

“Let’s set off!”


I really wish to retort, but I still kept my mouth shut.

Are you thinking we’re heading on a crusade? Why are you being so hot-blooded for!?

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