[RPG] Vol. 9 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: It Hurts Not Having EXP

Although it was an escort, in actuality, we’re rushing on the commissioned road.

This guaranteed a single point, and that usually, on this road, there won’t be any monsters nearby. Because of armies from various countries will undergo clean-ups of the monsters around the commissioned road.

But… The situation this time was a little unique. Because in the middle of the route we’re taking, there’s an empty district, and that’s the former location of Doge Military School.

Although I have yet to see it with my own eyes, according to reports, Doge Military School and Gray Magic Academy had been blown into smithereens. There’s several investigation teams currently checking the place, but other than the center area, the other parts of the school had already been taken over by the surrounding monsters.

Speaking of which, it’s really a sweet taste of vengeance, huh. Those monsters had been used to train by the students of Doge Military School, but now, they’re the obstacles for merchants.

But, ultimately, it’s because the price of airships was simply too expensive. Otherwise, every merchant would have an airship of his own, and there’s no longer a need for escorts.

Although it’s hard to achieve now, it can be imagined that with the production ability of【Blue Moon】and【Sion’s Door】, the price of airships will definitely fall as time passes. When that time comes, it’s possible for all merchants to have one of their own…

No, it’s impossible! In regards to Lanya’s extent of shrewdness, she will definitely not allow the price to fall!

But the current scene sure is very weird. A part of the very low-leveled Mercenaries are walking together on foot, while a few of the higher-leveled ones, including the three epic-looking Mercenaries we spoke of earlier, are riding on horses.

However… Moving at a speed like this, to us, it doesn’t pose as a problem at all. The speed of our footsteps are even faster than their horses. After all, our levels were much higher than theirs.

Of course, the scaled armor Hei Luoli was wearing was a little heavy, hence, I had secretly cast weight decreasing and speed-increasing wind-type spells on her.

Tusk, however, seemed to have turned around to look at us a couple of times. He seemed to want to say something, however, every time, he would keep his words to himself after pondering.

Although I don’t really know what’s he thinking, most probably, he wanted to invite us on the carriage. Although I’m not exactly sure of the situation surrounding Mercenaries, I heard that there’s only a small number of A-rank Mercenaries. It’s very beneficial for Merchants to be able to form relationships with A-rank Mercenaries.

But he most probably recalled my words, and after considering the benefits and demerits, he decided that it’s best for us to silently follow behind.

Well, this situation is good as well. After all, people are as afraid of becoming famous as pigs are of becoming fat.

There’s a total of twenty-five people in the convoy. The Mercenaries make up a total of twenty-four people, and most of them were around level 10. Other than the four of us, there’s still seven other people who were above level 10. This number included Tusk himself, hence, in other words, there’s only six other Mercenaries who were of a rather high level.

Well… As long as a big problem doesn’t occur, there shouldn’t be any issues. After all, there’s four of us, who can be considered as bugs… Although Hei Luoli can be considered as a regular DPS, I believe that Bai Yueguang will definitely not let stay behind the frontlines.

Just like that, the first day of our journey had been safely cleared. Of course, the first day I referred to naturally only ended at exactly midnight.

Although it was late in the night, we were still passing through the forest. Because we have already left the commissioned road of the Ice Empire, and have entered the middle areas of Doge Military School.

This Tusk person evidently did not listen to my advice at all. Although I don’t know if it’s actually a specialized route taken by Merchants, this was evidently a very dangerous route.

“Big brother, someone’s approaching.”

Suddenly, Oyado whispered.

I pushed up my 【Eyepiece of Truth】, and carefully stared at my surroundings.

Suddenly, a notification popped up.

【Insight】 + 【Famous Detective】 Activated!

Immediately after, red names lighted up in the surrounding forest! I hurriedly swept my eyes around, and saw a person with the Druid Magician class at the corner.

These people were all within the level 10 to 20 range, but for them to be capable of concealing themselves from my eyes, was probably due to their terrain advantage, and that Druid of theirs.

But… I must really thank these people who’s about to attack us. Their titles were all【Evil】, otherwise, it would have really been troublesome~

【Judgment Marker】!

In an instant, the surrounding people were all revealed, but naturally, it was only limited to Bai Yueguang and I. What Hei Luoli and Oyado could see was the green glow that was being emitted from their bodies.


Hei Luoli was just about to say something, but I reached out my hand to stop her. Then, I stretched out my hand to point at that Druid.

“Shoot him down! With a single shot!”

“Heheh… Understood~”

Just as I said that, with lightning speed, she had already pulled an arrow with her bow.

“【Arcane – Bereaved Dragon】!”

With a swoosh, the black feathered arrow struck straight onto the Druid’s head. His name instantly greyed out, and then, he collapsed.

In the instant the Druid died, the surrounding Mercenaries immediately sensed they were being surrounded by a group of people, and they hurriedly pulled out their weapons!

“Damn it! They actually killed our only Magician! Go! Do not forgive them!”

A person who seemed to be the head of the pack instantly leapt out. With a greatsword wielded in his hands, he charged towards the carriage!

Under his lead, the enemies that were hiding behind the trees charged out as well. Earlier, I had already counted the, and there was about fifty of them.

The Mercenaries from our side charged out as well, and the two sides instantly clashed!

“Oyado, assassinate them in the order of their strength, from the strongest to the weakest. Hei Luoli, kill all of the ones who approaches us. Bai Yueguang, just charge head-on. I believe you seemed to have learnt an aggro skill, right?”

“You’re planning to make me a tank? We don’t have a healer, you know… Wait a minute, you’re…”

“I can heal~”

I gave a light smile.

“Currently, I can’t expose my magical capabilities, but healing you secretly isn’t much of a problem either~”

“Alright, alright!”

Bai Yueguang nodded, and after activating【Quick Steps】, he charged out.

But, I sent him a private message.

‘Try to kill the enemies around that Tusk person, that way, he won’t underestimate us as well.’

With【Quick Steps】, Bai Yueguang simply charged towards the enemies who were approaching Tusk. A red glow suddenly flashed from his body. The surrounding people suddenly stopped for a moment, and looked towards him.

I really wonder how【Ridicule】is capable of pulling aggro. Could it be that after using it, the targets will see the user as an eyesore?

I don’t understand at all~

But, I can’t simply idle as well. Although I said I would heal Bai Yueguang, I have never felt that he will need heals with that dodging capabilities of his. Hence, I silently enchanted an【Ice Flower】spell on Hei Luoli’s arrows.

This way, the moment Hei Luoli’s arrows hit the enemies, chains of ice thorns will burst out, causing damage to the surrounding enemies as well. Even if they don’t die, their speed will be reduced.

It’s great there’s the【Judgment Marker】effect, otherwise, it might have been possible that our own allies would be harmed by them as well.

But I seemed to have underestimated Bai Yueguang… Because…

This guy charged into the crowd, and instantly killed three of four people with but one or two blows, and had even caused bleeding effects on the rest. You must be playing Dynasty Warriors, right? And even in Easy Mode?

Adding that Hei Luoli was slowing down the enemies, in less than five minutes, other than their boss, the rest were already lying on the ground.

But I was absolutely saddened. Because the difference in our levels was too large, I actually did not receive any EXP at all…

“Damn it!”

Their boss suddenly smashed his sword against a Mercenary, before he turned around and ran.

“Shoot his leg.”

The moment I said that, Hei Luoli acted at the same time.

After screaming, he immediately fell onto the ground and grasped onto his injured leg.

Everyone looked towards us, and then, looked towards the person who fell onto the ground.

“Tusk, aren’t you going to ask them just how many more men are there who might ambush us?”

Looking at their expressions, I asked Tusk.

“Oh, oh right.”

While wiping his sweat, he looked at Hei Luoli and Bai Yueguang, before walking to that person.

If he were to find out that Oyado had punctured the kidneys of fifteen people earlier, I wonder what kind of expression he would make.

“You… Our boss will definitely avenge us!”

The person lying on the ground roared.

Oh, I looked at him interestingly.

I sense the incoming EXP.

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