[RPG] Vol. 9 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Mana Shortage

A forest shone upon by moonlight was supposed to be a place of tranquility. However, ever since the sudden appearance of this underground enemy, it turned this place into a sea of blood.

Even the dozen of corpses which had already fallen onto the ground were tossed about by the monster. Severed arms and legs were scattered everywhere, and the monster was even displaying the uses of its tentacles to their fullest. In but a few moments, it rolled up the corpses on the ground, pulled them closer to its mouth located at its bud, and swallowed them whole.

The person who was skewered by it earlier as well, had most probably already been turned into digested wastes in the monster’s stomach.

However, what I’m more concerned about was, according to the records written down in the reference books, this monster should be a high-grade monster that should only been found in the outer boundaries of the Elf Forest in the north. Although they could be found in the Western Continent as well, according to the records, they should have already been exterminated, so they shouldn’t be here, let alone appear at the center of the continent.

Otherwise, why would there be merchant convoys passing through these places…

Wait a minute, I seemed to have figured out the reason why this monster has appeared. However, without doing a certain amount of investigation, I do not dare to make an exact deduction.

In any case… Let’s first get rid of this thing!

Hellspider Flower (Matured) LV 50 HP 900,000

Although I do know of some records of its traits… However, in view of the possibility that it might divert away from its supposed traits… it’s best to not mind about them.


With a slash of his katana, Bai Yueguang struck towards the legs of the Hellspider Flower. However, what produced was sound similar to a collision between metals!

Hey, hey, hey. Even though he’s able to cut metals and spells, he can’t even slice apart this monster’s legs? Just how hard is it? Is this even still a monster?

However, this is still within expectations. Though, given the value of this monster’s level, by instinct, we recognized the level of strength this monster possessed. At the same time, we’re able to more clearly judge our abilities. However, to a certain degree, it had directly restricted our strength as well.

Though we’re able to kill a monster whose level is higher than ours, if the level difference is too big, even if we’re able to fight against it, we will be unable to exterminate it as well.

Bai Yueguang’s level is merely at 45. Defeating an enemy whose level is about 47 will definitely not pose a problem, but… Currently, we’re facing a strong foe whose level is at 50. Even if there’s a huge hole in a person’s brain, usually, under no circumstances, he wouldn’t go against a monster with such a low probability of defeating it.

Several tentacles stretched out into the air, and attacked downwards onto Bai Yueguang. In regards on the tentacles’ speed, it’s similar to an accelerating sharp needle! Bai Yueguang did a continuous leap to the back twice, and then, with a slash, he struck towards its tentacles!

“【Arcane – Crazed Fang】!”

Bai Yueguang’s blade landed on its tentacles, causing the enemy to spit out some green-colored liquid. Bai Yueguang used his arm to block it, and white smoke was produced when the green liquid landed on his arm!

Bai Yueguang hurriedly stripped off his outer armor, and after making use of 【Quick Steps】to widen the distance, he changed into another set of leather armor.

From the other side, Hei Luoli’s arrows landed on its body, and only a small number of them had pierced into its body, while the rest were directly deflected. This frustrated Hei Luoli to no end, but I understood her frustration really well.

Big sis! You’re only level 37! You should already be smiling at the fact that a few of your arrows have actually pierced into it! In usual cases, they’re supposed to be misses, you know!

“Eat this! 【Arcane – Heaven Penetration】!”

A red arrow flashed past the air of the forest, directly penetrating through one of the Hellspider Flower’s tentacles. The severed tentacle instantly flew away, and landed on the ground. The Hellspider Flower cried out in pain, and following its rumbling movements, green-colored liquid scattered in all directions.

“Scatter! Everyone, hurry up and leave! Tusk, hurry and lead the convoy away! You guys stand no chance against it!!”

Hearing my roar, Tusk nodded. Pulling the reins of the horses at the very front, he escaped to the outside. While the rest of the Mercenaries hurriedly escaped to all four directions as well.

In regards to Mercenaries, they only needed a single glance to know the wide disparity in strength between them and their enemies. Going against a monster like that was basically suicidal. The low-leveled Mercenaries completely escaped in a blink of an eye.

As for the remaining ones, other than us, there were only those six Mercenaries. Most probably, after looking at our attacks, they judged that it was still possible to exterminate this monster.

Geez, in regards to us, this monster is merely an opportunity for us to grind some EXP. Are you guys here to send your lives away?

Just as this thought flashed past my mind, suddenly, a message popped out.

Encounter Quest: Monster Crusade – New Lord of the Forest

Quest Description: Exterminate the monster which appeared in the forest – Hellspider Flower
Quest Reward: 7,000 EXP, Purgatory Lord’s Staff

World-chan, you’re sure hardworking…

“【Arcane – Ice Olympian Totem】!”

A chain of square-based ice pillars grew from the ground, and in a tilted angle, they smashed the Hellspider Flower into the depth of the forest. At the moment when it was stuck between the pillars, using 【Accelerate】, I charged onto an ice pillar, leapt up into the air, and stretched out my hand towards the sky!”

“【Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross】!”

A red light emitted from my hand. Clasping onto it, I waved it, and then, pointed the tip towards the bottom.


Right after, with another 【Accelerate】, I pierced downwards!

Although the power of 【Tearing Cross】was huge, the moment I entered the monster’s body, that strange liquid still made me feel abnormally uncomfortable.

Of course, that corrosive liquid was the most frightening part, while that fishing smell was the next.

Of course, I’m not inside here to suffer. At the moment I was about to lose all momentum from the penetration, I threw down a few bombs. Then, aiming an 【Ice Totem】on my feet, and with my sword facing upwards, I charged out!

“The hell! It was stuffy as hell!”

After I flew out, with a backflip, I landed next to Bai Yueguang not far away. At the same time, I threw away the clothes I was wearing, and changed to a new set.

The regular Magician Robe is still the best. It’s the set without any cloaks.


After saying that, I pressed onto the button in my hands. After a loud bang, the Hellspider Flower’s body suddenly bloated, and -280,212 popped out above its head.

It’s not dead even with that? That’s too illogical…

“Watch this! 【Arcane – Double Cleave】!”

Suddenly, a Dual-Swordsman Mercenary from the side pulled out his sword. Turning into a red blur, he charged towards the Hellspider Flower!

“Hey! Hurry and get back!”

“Haha, don’t worry. He’s a C-Rank Mercenary, you know. He’s definitely not weak.”

His companion standing beside me, told me.

“… Could it be that because you’re seeing me as a child, you figured that I’m weaker than you guys?”

“Isn’t that so? You should be a【Sub-Magic Swordsman】right? Basically, you’re able to use both Magic spells and sword techniques. I have encountered a good few of them before.”

“Is that so, so there’s actually such a class as well…”

“So you don’t have to worry.”

“But the problem doesn’t lie in my class… Alright then. I shall state this first. I’m an A-Rank Mercenary, alright?”


That person’s face instantly stiffened. After pausing for a moment, he shouted out loud.

“Moose, hurry and get back!”

And at the moment he shouted, with a single tentacle, the Hellspider Flower pierced into the Dual-Swordsman’s forehead, and naturally, it came out from the other end. Scattering blood splurged ruthlessly from the back, as though he had grown a pair of red wings!

“Oh, oh my god! Hurry… Hurry and exterminate it!”

“I think… we should flee for now!”


“I ran out of MP.”

I said very honestly.

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