[RPG] Vol. 9 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Changing Equipment

“Hah? What do you mean you ran out of MP?”

That Mercenary did not seem to understand our words, hence, I could only explain with a helpless expression.

“It means I ran out of mana. Unless you give me five minutes, otherwise, it’s impossible for me to continue casting spells.”

【Punishment】type skills simply consumed too much mana. Let’s put aside the【Tearing Cross】for now. The other【Punishment】type skill which involves a bow and an arrow, requires 100 MP per cast. It’s basically daylight robbery.

“What!? Five minutes!?”

This Mercenary looked at his companion who had already fallen onto the ground, and said with great difficulty.

“Let’s flee then! As expected, it’s no longer an enemy that we can exterminate!”

As for the other three Mercenaries who wore epic-looking equipment, they began to walk over as well.

“Are you guys planning to flee together or separately? If you guys are fleeing together, then count us in.”

“Hah? Why?”

I looked at them unhappily.

“You guys are wearing pretty incredible-looking equipment. So why do you guys still want to follow us?”

“Aren’t you an A-Rank Mercenary? It’s safer to stick to you, right?”

“You guys sure are thick-skinned, huh? You actually said something like that so explicitly.”

“Hmph! Aren’t you envious of our equipment? If we manage to leave safely, we will bring you over to sign up in our Guild. You’re an A-Rank Mercenary, yet you have yet to join a Mercenary Squad. That’s definitely a waste!”

“I no longer understand your logic. I’m an A-Rank Mercenary, you know? Although I have yet to join a Mercenary Squad or whatever, I have never said that I’m planning on joining any Mercenary Squad, so please do not make a mistake on that logic there. Alright, enough chit-chat. Bye, everyone.”

The Hellspider Flower over there had already finished up the corpse on the ground, and its line of sight had landed at where we were.

And at the moment when they turned around and looked towards the Hellspider Flower, with a【Flash Movement】, I transferred myself to the gathering point Bai Yueguang and I had discussed about.

Earlier, when the Hellspider Flower killed that Mercenary, I had already have Bai Yueguang bring everyone else to the road that we came from. That way, I could instantly teleport myself there.

In regards to those Mercenaries, I do not wish to care. Their lives and deaths do not concern me. Initially, I had wanted to stay a little longer with them. However, I feel that the personalities of those people really did not fit mine, hence, I had them decide on their own fate themselves.

Earlier, when I said that I needed five minutes to recover, it was all a lie, because I had already drunk down a Magic Recovery Potion. However, in order to save costs, I did not use an Instant Recovery Potion, and had used a regular potion instead. However, it had still shrunk my recovery time down from five minutes to one.

“Yo, everyone.”

Looking at the people that were waiting by the side, I greeted them with a smile.

“You’re finally here, huh. Looking at your expression, those Mercenaries seemed to have pissed you off.”

“That’s right. Those bastards simply do not understand their own worth. If my mood wasn’t that good, I might have killed them myself.”

“Is that so? Seems like they did indeed sound like people who might piss others off.”

Bai Yueguang nodded, and then looked towards Hei Luoli.

“So, how is it? Are your injuries healed?”

“Un, I never expected it to be this effective. But, as I thought, scaled armor doesn’t suit me at all. Although it’s able to increase my attack power, its weight is simply too heavy. It severely affects my movement ability.”

Hei Luoli said as she removed the scale armor. After removing it, I realized that under her scaled armor, she was still wearing her underwear and vest.


She seemed to have noticed my gaze, and I hurriedly looked towards Bai Yueguang’s direction, only to realize that he was currently looking at me awkwardly as well.

Alright, let me look at the sky then?

“Big brother, the Merchant’s convoy is leaving further and further away from us. In just a little bit more, we won’t be able to hear them any longer.”

At this moment, I realized that Oyado had actually been hiding in the trees the entire time, looking to the distance.

“Alright, then let us hurry and set off. We’re running out of time.”

Turning around and looking towards Hei Luoli, she had already changed into a black-laced leather armor. Just who the hell designed her clothes? It’s basically a set of leather armor with a laced one piece dress on top of it. If this was something she altered herself, then should I recommend her to learn tailoring? That way, she will definitely have a bright future in making set equipment.

However, she seemed to still be wrapped with bandages on her right arm. Most probably, she was too lazy to remove it after being injured earlier.

“But, I must say. Fir, you might as well use that so-called 【Sub-Magic Swordsman】as your own class. That way, you can use your spells while concealing your identity.”

“Un, you’re right. Then I can use this opportunity to change my attire.”

If it’s magic equipment, then I indeed have quite a sum of them.

Opening my inventory, I looked into it for quite a while, before choosing a set of black magic ceremonial robe. Although I don’t know what kind of material it’s made of, I kind of feel that it’s softer than a regular cloth armor, and it feels more convenient wearing it. The most frightening thing was the unknown material that’s added into the robe, as it increased my Maximum MP by 100, and my Magic Defense by 300.

As I thought, equipment that’s worn by rich people are totally different.

This time, I equipped the 【Bloodmoon】 Bai Yueguang gave me. Of course, I included the magic test weapon that I received from Lanya, the Magic Guide Book.

By writing a fixed magic spell onto the book, and installing a Magic Crystal corresponding to the spell’s attribute onto the spine of the book, it’s a magic tool that allows Non-Magicians to use spells. However, to most users, it should be considered a weapon.

“Looks pretty good. Next time, I will buy some overbearing-looking equipment as well.”

“It’s a pity that the Bosses of this world don’t really like to drop equipment.”

“It’s weird for them to drop any at all, right…”


“Big brother, that monster is chasing after the convoy now.”

“Alright, let’s hurry!”

Hearing Oyado’s words, I instantly tapped on 【Accelerate】.

“We won’t receive EXP if our quest fails, you know!”

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