[RPG] Vol. 9 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Darkening! Bai Yueguang Going Berserk!

“I say…”

The convoy was crazily running through the small road of the forest at flying speed. Behind them, the Hellspider Flower, a gigantic monster of ten meters in height was closing in.

At the two sides of the carriage, four people were currently sprinting at high speed, and their speeds were comparable to the carriage.

Of course, these four people are us, the NEET Mercenary team. After continuously casting several speed buffs onto ourselves, our speed was actually even faster than the carriage. Before leaving your house, you must be sure to remember to prepare some skills, you know?

However, seeing the approaching monster from the back, I did not attack it rashly. Instead, I began to chat with Tusk.

“Although it’s your own problem when it comes to the goods you’re transporting, this monster is clearly charging here for the goods in your carriage. Are you not planning to tell us what’s inside?”


Tusk’s expression was a little hesitant. It seems like the reason that I simply made a guess out of was correct.

“Are you able to guarantee that you will not report me to the higher authorities?”

“Eh~ This question of yours sure is strange. Is there any benefits for us in doing so?”

“Alright, alright, I will tell you people. Other than the conventional goods, there’s also ten Ice Magic Doll Cores which I’m transporting from the Ice Empire to the Witts Empire in secret. These types of Dolls are already equipped with military settings, so it’s forbidden to trade them on the market. However, there’s people in the Witts Empire who are currently buying them at a high price, so…”

“Oh, purchasing Dolls with military settings at high price, huh. It seems like the Western Continent itself isn’t actually unified, huh. Ah whatever, it doesn’t matter. Then I shall set a price. If we defeat this monster, give us one of the Doll Cores, how about it?”

“Hah? This…”

“Or are you saying that you’re planning to have these ten Cores be stolen by this monster? There are some things that cannot be enjoyed if you’re dead, you know. With the price set by your buyer, even if it’s only nine of them, it should still be large sum, right? Compared to money used to hire Mercenaries, it’s basically a drop in an ocean, right?”

“Alright, fine! Then you must definitely promise that other you people, no one else should know about this. And, you must definitely defeat that monster.”

“That’s of course! Hei Luoli, you and Oyado shall get onto the carriage. If there’s anyone else chasing after it, kill him. There’s actually problems will those Mercenaries as well. Even if they appear, you two must be exceptionally careful!”

“Un, understood!”

“I understand, big brother!”

After saying that, with gentle leaps, the two of them leapt onto the carriage. Bai Yueguang and I on the other hand, nodded to each other, and suddenly turned to a halt, as we looked towards the monster that was approaching us at high speed!

“【Arcane – Frozen Light】!”

Incidentally, it was a good time to try out my new weapon. Even if I’m acting, I should still try out its effects.

The Magic Guide Book in my hands instantly flew towards the front of my chest under my command. After flipping itself open, a blue magic formation flashed, and blue-colored threads of light instantly struck the beast!

It’s actually comparable to the speed of the magic spells that I personally cast. The weapon developed by both Lanya and Ms. Mari is rather incredible, huh!

The only problem was…

With merely a single cast, the glow surrounding the Magic Guide book instantly vanished. With a ‘ka’ sound, a depleted Magic Crystal fell off.

Oh my god, it’s actually designed to eject the crystal automatically. The dark technology used by these people is really incredible!

While on the other side, when the Frozen Light flashed past, the Hellspider Flower’s huge head actually turned to the side, and the threads of light simply grazed past it.

Tch! They were actually dodged?

I did not expect to see this monster being so nimble for its size.

No, wait. Most probably, it’s because it had often used its lower body, which allowed it to have high movement ability. If I had known of this, I would have struck its lower body earlier… Wait, that’s not right either. This thing’s lower half is being reinforced and covered by a shell. Even if the threads of light were to struck one of the legs, there’s still seven more!

In any case, let’s first stop it from moving!

“【Arcane – Unlimited – Millennium Frozen River】!”

My MP which had recovered a little earlier, depleted in an instant. However, it was very effective. The Hellspider Flower was directly frozen alive in the iceberg. Its entire body was like a worm trapped in a blue amber.

“【Secret Arcane – Dragonform – Ascending Dragon Skybreak】!”

At the same time, Bai Yueguang’s katana released out a rainbow-colored glow.

He tightly gripped onto his katana, and his entire being turned into a streak of rainbow light as it charged right in front of the monster. The streak of light shrank, and then, it turned into a dragon, charging right up into the sky!

With a dragon roar, the rainbow-colored dragon whizzed into the sky, bringing up a mountain of ice shards as it disappeared into the darkness of the night.


These red numbers appeared out of the monster’s body. As expected, the damage received by the monster increased after being frozen.

However, even with the two attacks added together, only about 600,000 damage was done to it. The remaining 300,000 HP was still a huge number.

Although I don’t know how much MP Bai Yueguang was left with, other than gulping down a Quick MP Recovery Potion on my end, I have no other choice.

The monster had evidently taken a heavy blow, as countless red-colored tentacles haphazardly struck the surrounding ground, and its body was fumbling about the forest as well!

An instant later, Bai Yueguang landed by my side, and looked at that monster which had gone berserk, with a bitter smile.

“My strongest attack is only able to damage it that much? What a pity.”

“You should be happy. At the very least, you’re still able to use your final attack. I can’t even dish out my own, since I don’t have enough MP to do so.”

“Don’t you have a potion that increases your maximum MP?”

“That? It won’t be enough either. I require twice the maximum MP I have now, you know. Other than finding a Magic Crystal that’s able to hold the same amount of MP I can, there’s no other way.”

“Well, you have that ring.”

“Are you kidding me? If I don’t equip it, there’s no use either!”

“Oh, you’re right.”

“Alright, the cooldown on my potion is about to end, so this monster is doomed as well… Fortunately, the space we have is huge, and there are no loiterers around.”

“Hey, hey. What are you planning to do?”

“Nothing much. Since you released a dragon, then I should to~ 【Super Arcane – Legend – Ice Dragon Summon】!!!”

This time, the formation appeared right above the Hellspider Flower, and before it could even realize anything, a gigantic ice dragon roared as it flew out of the formation. Using its own body, it wrapped the Hellspider Flower entirely.

“You’re finally able to control it now?”

Bai Yueguang asked.

“Nope, What I’m capable of wielding is but its most basic form. In terms of its physical ability, if I were to exert more than twenty percent of its strength, then I won’t be able to control it anymore.”

“Twenty percent… Oh my god, then if it were to release a hundred percent of its strength…”

“Hmph, this is spell can be used against a city. If its full strength is released, then a city will be destroyed, obviously.”

“To put it simply, it’s similar to a C4 then?”

“No, it’s more comparable to a nuclear warhead. Alright, shatter then!”

Tightening the grip of my hand, the body of the ice dragon tightened, and green-colored liquid began to splurge out from the Hellspider Flower’s body. However, the liquid had only flown for a moment before being frozen by the cold air emitted by the ice dragon’s body, turning into huge pieces of green-colored ice shards as they fell onto the ground.

“Fortunately, it’s a huge enemy. I specialize in these AoE spells, after all. Otherwise, it would have been a waste on small single targets.”

I looked at the Hellspider Flower which had turned into an ice statue, and said with a smile.

Quest Completed

EXP Gained: 10,000 + 7,000
Reward: 【Purgatory Lord’s Staff】
Congratulations! You leveled up!
Current Level: 49

Your party members leveled up!
Bai Yueguang: Level 46
Oyado: Level 34

Emergency Quest: Hei Luoli in a State of Apparent Death
Quest Reward: Unknown
Seeing the quest completion notification, before we could even sigh in relief, the new quest notification that popped out right after completely shocked us!



Bai Yueguang’s expression instantly darkened, and before I could say anything, a black glow suddenly emitted from his body. And then, he turned into a black streak, flashing to the distance!

In a place very far away, I could see a green-colored name which marked a party member of mine.

“Crap, someone actually took a detour and assaulted the convoy? They sure are daring! It’s currently night, you know!”

【Shadow Sneak】!

In a flash, I instantly crossed the entire forest, and charged to somewhere nearby the convoy.

What came into my sight was first a carriage which had roped into the ground, and then, Oyado, who was currently at the side blocking the incoming attacks and protecting Hei Luoli who was behind her.

And right at this moment, someone suddenly popped out from the trees at the side, and in a flash, appeared right behind Oyado!

However, I, who was in the Shadow Sneak state, was faster. Before they could even notice my appearance, I had already appeared right behind the back of the person who attempted a sneak attack. And then…

My Hidden Blade had continuously stabbed four times, causing the muscles of his four limbs to instantly be torn apart. Then, three hidden weapons which carried micromotors in them were placed right into his mouth. Lastly, I pressed on the activation device.


That person fell onto the ground and went into a continuous spasm. A huge amount of blood splurged out from his mouth, which scattered all over the ground.

“Big brother!”

Oyado excitedly called out when she saw me.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

I walked over and stroked Oyado’s head.

“You bastard, don’t…”

That person, who was fighting Oyado earlier, was about to attack me, only to realize that his own body was slowly turning into a black mist, before disappearing into thin air.

Effect of the Doomsday Harbinger’s Hidden Blade has been activated.
Instantly kills target when target’s HP is below 10%, and conceals the target’s corpse.

Right after I stabbed the person behind Oyado, I had immediately stabbed this guy as well. With my first strike, I stabbed into his kidney, dropping his HP down to below 10%, before stabbing him again.

The belt worn by Swordsmen are usually really tight, so when a thin and long weapon stabs the position where the belt is, usually, the wearer wouldn’t feel a thing.

And this Swordsman… was exactly that Swordsman who was wearing that epic-looking black armor earlier. With my Hidden Blade which can even cut through steel, that little armor of yours isn’t even enough to grind my blade, alright?

Though, he did leave behind his armor. Let’s take it and reinforce it later. After all, it does look pretty cool.

“You… Don’t think we’re afraid of you! We have more than hundred people with us! Although we only have about thirty people here, the remaining people are already on their way here!”

That Archer wearing the green-colored leather armor roared at me.

I helplessly shook my head. Walking towards Hei Luoli, I began to heal her.

“The person you should watch out for isn’t me… But him.”

I pointed to the trees at the other side. A black figure was currently walking out of the forest, step by step. Just as he walked out, the surrounding trees had even unnaturally begun to blaze up into blue flames!

With his red eyes, he swept a glance at the surrounding people, before disappearing from his position in a flash.

I hurriedly hugged Oyado and Hei Luoli, charged towards Tusk who had already soiled his pants from fear, grabbed him, and escaped into the forest with 【Shadow Sneak】.
“Big brother, that person earlier is Bai Yueguang, right? Why do we have to run?”

“Because… I think that, when someone’s black hair turns white, his black pupils turn red, and when his body is even emitting out a black aura, that person is definitely in a state where he’s unable to distinguish friend or foe! In times like this, it’s best to wait till he finishes venting off his steam.”

“Oh, I understand!”

Understand, my ass! That guy has went berserk, you know!?

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