[RPG] Vol. 9 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Slaughter

Casting two【Recovery】spells on Hei Luoli, her HP began to recover at a slow rate.

I wonder if Hei Luoli had learnt some sort of 【Life Force】related skills, as the amount of blood she had lost earlier was really astonishing. Her maximum HP made up a total of more than 1,000 points, yet, she only had a little of it remaining. With just a slight touch, she might have instantly died right there.

And in this world, there isn’t a perfect Resurrection spell. If Hei Luoli were to really die, then I can only revive her as an Undead, or find a way to fixate her soul into a Doll. And I don’t have the skills for the latter option. If I really had to do that, then I would require【Soul Movement】to fixate her soul or something…

In any case, it’s great that she didn’t die.

Hei Luoli’s HP had recovered more than a half. I took out a HP potion from my ring, and handed it to Oyado.

“I don’t know where she’s injured. Please check on her. If there are still any existing bleeding wounds, have her drink this. It’s able to stop her bleeding and recover her health.”

Although my【Recovery】spell is able to heal wounds as well, I don’t have any way to confirm it.

I mean, I can’t strip off Hei Luoli’s clothes and check on her myself, right? If I do that, I feel that Bai Yueguang will come slaughtering his way here to slice me up.

“Then what about you, big brother?”

“I will take a look at Bai Yueguang…”

As I said that, I took out a large stack of talismans from my ring.

“I might have to use these items, which he gave me, on his body.”

“Then… Big brother, be careful. I will take good care of big sister Hei Luoli.”


Then, I looked towards Tusk who was still spacing out, and helplessly sighed.

“It seems like the value of your goods is extraordinary. I believe you have the opportunity later to explain it to us, right?”

However, he did not reply. I shook my head, and then, with 【Shadow Sneak】, I hurriedly charged towards the direction we came from.

Making use of the moonlight, I crossed through the dark forest really quickly. However, the closer I approached the place earlier, the more frightened I became.

Even if it’s someone like me who completely relies on the system to battle, I’m still able to sense the killing intent coming from the front. At the center of the place, fresh scent of blood suffused into the air of the entire forest.

And, the closer I approached the place, I realized that the surrounding plants and trees seemed to have been twisted. All of the trees had already turned black-colored, and twisted trunks. And, not a single leaf could be seen at the top of the trees.

It looked similar to the forests depicted in dark fantasy stories.

Even the forest had been tainted by Bai Yueguang’s evil aura? Just what is that guy…

“That’s because he’s an idiot, alright?”

Suddenly,【Bloodmoon】which was strung to my waist, voiced out. This was the first time it had ever voiced out anything since I took control of it. And here I thought it’s consciousness had completely disappeared.

“Oh, it seems like you know something.”

“Don’t be fooled by how casual he always looks. In actuality, in his blood, he carries the bloodline of an actual Ghost. When that little Miko girly handed me and Whitemoon over to him, it’s to suppress the Ghost in his body on two sides. 【Whitemoon】 suppresses it from going berserk, while I, suppresses it from awakening. Now, isn’t that great? He handed me over to you, and back then, 【Whitemoon】was broken. Although it had been re-forged with its fragments, it had already lost its sealing powers. Hence, that guy only has to be stimulated to awaken the Ghost within him.”

“Ghost… Well, is there a way to control it?”

“That will depend on him.”

“In any case, thanks for the explanation. We will know from watching~”

After saying that, I have already arrived at the side of the road where the carriage was at.

Lightly landing on the tree-top at the side, I looked over through the gaps. The scene over there… I basically do not want to describe it.

Ripped limbs in a pool of fresh blood were a given. However, the scene whereby people were being sliced apart like ducks, was simply an irregular sight.

“Aaaaaah! Don’t come over! Don’t come over!”

From afar, Bai Yueguang, who was emitting out a black aura from his body, was currently facing a Mercenary. Then, he slowly walked towards him.

The Mercenary had already peed in his pants from fright, as he constantly retreated. However, he had almost slipped and fall countless times from doing so.

Bai Yueguang silently walked towards him, as he sliced around the katana in the air. Then, he sheathed the re-forged 【Whitemoon】.

Seeing Bai Yueguang turning around and walking to the other side, that Mercenary placed his weapon down, as though a heavy burden had been lifted from his chest.


When what he heard was actually a ‘pa’ sound of something dropping onto the ground, he turned down to look, only to see that what had fallen onto the ground was his arm!

And this was the last thing he saw. Because his body had already turned into bits and pieces, before scattering onto the ground!

Oh my god, isn’t that too scary? Just what was going on with his skills? This method of slaughtering people without any given warnings… As expected of a Ghost, I guess?

And at this moment, I heard a dull thud. When I turned to look, Bai Yueguang had actually collapsed onto the ground!

“Eh? That guy… It seems like his luck is really good, huh. Then I can sleep as well.”

【Bloodmoon】in my hands said as such, before turning silent.

And at the same time, a notification popped out.

Quest: Save Hei Luoli (Completed)
Secret Skill Unlocked: Arcane – Melodic Shot – Frozen Canopy
Obtained Quest Hint: Look inside the Carriage
… Oh my god. World-chan, you must be really bored lately.

However, the skill that was given to me, seemed to be an Archer’s skill infused with Ice Magic? From the details of the records I have read, there isn’t actually a skill that combines Magic and an Archer’s skill though?

Ah whatever, we can talk about that later.

For now, it’s best to first check on Bai Yueguang’s situation, and there’s that…

I silently looked towards the carriage.

Just what is placed inside the carriage?

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