[RPG] Vol. 9 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Purewhite Returns

Searching my surroundings, after confirming that there wasn’t anyone nearby, I took out my dagger and walked to the back of the carriage.

It’s really too troublesome to pick locks, so I directly stabbed my dagger into the lock, and with a twist, the lock was forcefully broken open.

In the very first section of the carriage, it was filled with food products, raw meat, fruits, and various materials, all separated and placed neatly.

The second section was filled with various clothing products, such as ceremonial robes and one-piece dresses. Whatever type of clothing you can think of, it’s all there.

Even they’re for concealment purposes, these are too elaborate, isn’t it?

I directed my line of sight to the very last section, and slowly opened the doors.

With a ‘huaa’ sound, several metallic parts fell off from the carriage. I hurriedly flashed to the back, in order to prevent myself from being squashed beneath the pile of metals.

Once the metallic parts stopped rolling out, I took a step forward and dug through the parts, and found a gigantic box at the very bottom.


“What is this…”

I continued to shove away the parts to the side, and then, pulled out the box from below.

“Let me see, let me see. Just what kind of goodies will I find inside? Since they used such things to cover it up, it’s definitely not that simple, right?”

With a smile on my face, I turned the box to its front.

However, what made me disappointed was that there was actually another lock on it, and it wasn’t even your usual lock. It’s actually a lock imbued with magic.

Something like this is even locked with magic? It’s definitely not that simple alright.

A Magic Lock is basically a very risky type of lock, because it relies on magical energy to bring about its effects. Hence, usually, the lock will only last for three to five days. Compared to regular locks, if such Magic Locks are used to store regular products, it will be really easy for users to accidentally forget about them.


Those who are willing to use them, will definitely not forget about them. Because usually, items locked with Magic Locks are really important.

Though this lock may be really precious… To me, it’s not really a big deal anyway.


I have after all, learnt the legitimate technique to pick locks, and have even picked up the Rogue’s Main Quest!

Habitually, I took out the Magic Lock Dispel Device and pressed on it. After that, with a ‘pa’ sound, the crystal placed on the Dispel Device lighted up, and the magic lock opened up as well.

A Magic Lock with its magical energy removed is basically trash, huh. This is also one of the reasons why Magic Locks are not used as often. As long as there’s a device with the corresponding element, then they can be easily removed. And, I have all of the various Magic Crystals on me, and even if it’s a Magic Lock made by Necromancy, I can still dispel it as well.

After opening the lock, the box actually opened slowly by itself. If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t be as shocked as I am right now. Inside the box, other than ten silver-colored pearls, there was a doll dressed in white armor!

That’s right, it’s a doll. Because other than its rotatable joints, although it isn’t really obvious, I have after all been with Purewhite for a long time, so I can notice some of these details as well.

Although Purewhite is a Shikigami, she is still constructed based on dolls as her foundation.

However, compared to that, I’m more mindful of that white armor she was wearing. This armor did not seem to be an average armor, but rather, an equipment that was made with advanced technology.

And this armor seemed to be sticking onto the doll’s skin. I don’t know what this means either.

Could it be that this is a doll used completely for battle? Hence, its skin had been directly forged into armor?

But, what’s with that delicate face then?

Could it be used to bewitch enemies? The creator of this doll seems to have too many schemes in her mind, huh? It’s definitely designed by a woman, right?


It looks really incredible. Since I have seen it, then there’s no reason for me not to take it for my own!

And this was even hinted by World-chan with the notification system, so this meant that it’s definitely of use!

With a smile, I was just about to place it into my ring.

And just when I activated the ring and opened my inventory list, a stream of white light suddenly charged directly out of my ring, and after flying an arc in the air, it landed onto that doll’s body!

Right after, the doll’s armor slowly changed its shape. From its former coarse state, it slowly turned tender, and the white light actually turned into a white one-piece dress under the light’s radiance!

And the doll’s face even slowly began to change, and its shape began to change into another state as well!


Could it be…

I silently looked at my own ring, at the former slot right at the very back, it had been completely pulverized!

That’s right, that slot was supposedly Purewhite’s slot!

Hey, hey, hey. Are you kidding me? Could it be that that light just now was…

Just as I was looking sceptically towards the shining battle doll, she suddenly leapt up from the ground, and stood straight up in front of me!

Oh my god, don’t scare me like that, alright! Are you trying to be a zombie?

“Master, good morning~”

I didn’t expect that she would actually say such words the moment she spoke.

“Good morning…”

“Master, why are you so dispirited? If it’s morning, your reply should be… Eh? Were we attacked here? Why are there so many corpses on the ground?”

“Nothing, nothing. Some irritating enemies popped out, that’s it. Speaking of which, don’t you remember what happened before you slept?”


She tilted her head and pondered for a moment, before shaking her head.

“I don’t have the related memories.”

“Is that so…”

Could it be that turning into stone will affect one’s memories as well?

Ah whatever. Right now, it’s best to not frustrate myself over such questions. It’s a good thing that Purewhite has woken up, but the problem is what we are going to do next…

I got it!

Let’s just push all the blame to those Mercenaries!

With this thought in mind, I immediately placed the lid over the box, and threw it into the carriage. Then, I threw all of the metallic parts back in as well!

In any case, looking at that Tusk earlier, he seemed to have been frightened silly as well. Most probably, he wouldn’t have paid attention to what was happening, right?

“Alright, Purewhite. Later, you just have to say that you rushed out of the city to meet up with us, alright?”

“Of course, Master.”

Purewhite replied with a smile.

“But Master, what are we going to do with Little Bai?”

“Oh right.”

Only then did I recall that Little Bai was still lying over there, so I hurriedly ran over.

In the end, before I even reached him, I saw him roll over.

“Don’t mind me. Let me rest a little.”

Bai Yueguang said tiredly.

“… Well. Purewhite, carry him onto the carriage. Let’s go.”

“Hey, hey, hey! I will get up, alright!? Hey!”

With a smile, I leapt onto the carriage, and said.

“Let’s go. We still have many quests to clear.”

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