[RPG] Vol. 9 Prologue

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I have already turned into a dead man.

Of course, this ‘dead man’ designation was not on a psychological level, but literally what it meant.


I have already been labelled as a deceased person.

When I came out of the inn this morning, the first thing I did was to investigate about the matters that happened yesterday.

The Mercenary Guild was indeed a good place. Although its intel did not come as fast as those specialized intelligence agencies, its range and efficiency were not low either. Hence, on the announcement board in the Mercenary Guild, information regarding the events yesterday was pinned there.

I carefully looked at every detail on the pinned notices. In summary, the Eastern Continent had launched a sneak attack on the academy, which caused the deaths of thirty six students, and most of the students who had hid themselves in the underground facility were in comas.

What’s fortunate was, among the people listed dead, none of them were the inhabitants of this world whom I knew of. Instead, Bai Yueguang, Ms. Mari, Dale, Tai Shixi and I were on the list.

Wait a minute… I seem to see Hei Luoli’s and Oyado’s name!

I hurriedly took a closer look. There was indeed Hei Luoli’s and Oyado’s name on it! Oh my freaking god! Weren’t they in the ruins as well!? So how could they…

“Aah! Big brother! How can you die!? What am I going to do now that you’re dead!?”

And just when I was beyond anxious, and was planning to search the academy’s ruins, I heard a familiar voice beside me.

When I turned to look, I found Oyado currently crying in Hei Luoli’s embrace. And at the side, Bai Yueguang, was currently rolling his eyes while nibbling on a bun.

Since that you people know that you’re already labelled as deceased, then why didn’t you guys disguise yourselves before showing yourselves in public!?

Alright, I know that this isn’t the time to retort, but still, it’s a key question!

We’re labelled as deceased here, hey! If others were to find out that we’re still alive, they will definitely suspect us as spies, right?

Even if we’re guaranteed by Princess Michelle and the others, we will still definitely be watched strictly. When that happens, our movements will be limited!

Could it be that none of you know how to conceal yourself, investigate the truth of the matter, before exposing your true identity!?

Alright, I know that it’s impossible for any of you to know about that. All of you are people who are not afraid of anything in the world.

Actually, it’s not really a big matter. After all, we can’t die anyway. At the very most, we can always act dead again…

But that’s really troublesome, do you think you’re Man of Many Faces or The Mask?

In any case, since the Western Continent and Eastern Continent has begun their war, and our base, the academy, is gone, it’s best to find some other things to do in times like this. After all, this world should be pretty big, while we have only been going around the same few cities.

For example, the Ice Empire. It’s size is roughly the same as Australia, however, we have only been to its capital and a few other small cities.

So uninteresting. I don’t feel as though I’m killing monsters while venturing the unexplored terrains of the map at all.

However, right now, this shouldn’t be things I should be thinking about right now. Instead, I should be thinking of a plan to make contact with them.

Naturally, I’m talking about Oyado and the rest.

“Damn brat, stop crying already! You’re noisy! This isn’t a place for a child to loiter around, hurry and leave!”

A huge man at the side seemed to have grown irritated from Oyado’s cries, as he turned around and shouted.

In this bustling and noisy Mercenary Guild, Oyado’s voice shouldn’t be considered that loud in the first place. Is this guy simply too bored or something?

“Or you guys can choose to pay me fees for this disturbance you’re making! Otherwise, don’t blame me for throwing you guys out with my hammer!”
After saying that, he provokingly pulled out the huge hammer from behind his back. With a sinister smile, he looked towards Oyado and Hei Luoli.

I placed my hand on the sword behind me. As long as this bastard dared to make a move, I will turn him into a statue of ice.


Why am I using a sword to cast a magic spell?

Because, to tell you the truth, I don’t know any martial arts. Other than the【Punishment】type skill -【Tearing Cross】,which can be used as both long-ranged or close-ranged skills, I feel that it’s hard to adapt the rest of the skills with my body’s mobility.

In any case, basically, other than long-ranged skills, I don’t know anything else…

Wait a minute, this reminded me. I can play with a bow too!

Other than clashing with Hei Luoli’s character, there’s no other weaknesses. Also, right now, I’m basically clashing with Bai Yueguang’s character as well…

Just as I was still contemplating about my skills, I heard the sound of a heavy object collapsing onto the ground.

The surrounding noise quietened down. Everyone was looking at the heavy hammer which that huge man was carrying in his hands earlier… No, right now, they’re looking at the handle of the hammer, because a the hammer portion of the weapon had already been cleanly sliced away.

Other than the smooth cut on it, there was nothing else. The huge man’s weapon had been completely rendered useless.

And then, I once again looked to the side. As expected of Bai Yueguang, who was in the ‘Acting Silently’ faction. The position of the bun in his hand did not change, however, his right hand had already been placed onto the hilt of his katana.

Although it looked as though he had not attacked, that was actually the attack style of the 【Iai Slash】.

The heavy hammer that was sliced apart was currently lying on the floor of the hall. The surrounding people had already begun to retreat, with that place as the center, as they left a huge space for them.

Cold sweat began to drip from the huge man’s head, and his hands were starting to tremble.

“About this…”


Bai Yueguang simply said this single word. That huge man hurriedly grabbed onto the sliced heavy hammer from the ground, and ran out of the Mercenary Guild in a hurry.

The surrounding people had also returned to their own matters as well, as though nothing had ever happened.

“Little Bai, you casually attacked again. What are we going to do if they find out that the style we use doesn’t come from here?”

The one who spoke was Hei Luoli. She was most likely referring to the fact that their skills came from the Eastern Continent.

Although they had already changed into a regular Swordsman outfit and Archer outfit respectively, if their opponents were of a high standard, or had already seen similar skills before, their attacks might be exposed.

“A trash like that won’t be able to see through it anyway.”

Bai Yueguang gave a simple bland reply, and then returned to eating his bun.

That person’s really casual about things huh…

“Haah, whatever. Anyway, there isn’t a problem. But it’s best that we hurry and take some transport related requests. We have to hurry and leave this place. After all, this isn’t a good place to stay for long.”

“Un, un…”

He was still eating his bun.

Hei Luoli looked completely helpless, and her expression looked as though she was tired of it.

However, she still quietly pulled Oyado along to the request board at the other side. Most probably, she was planning to take on a request.

“I never expected that in times like this, this thing will still prove useful…”

I took out a Mercenary Proof from my ring.

“Welcome back, Sol Feil.”

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