[RPG] Volume 1

Volume 1: So What if it’s an RPG World!?

Chapter 1: This Violent Girl is Scary!
Chapter 2: Of Course, You Still Need to Complete Quests in an RPG
Chapter 3: There’s No Explanation on How to Leave the Village at All
Chapter 4: Why did I Encounter a Robbery the Moment I Went Outside?
Chapter 5: Why Not Just Eat Whatever that is Already Served?
Chapter 6: Even After Entering the City, Difficulties Still Lie Ahead
Chapter 7: A World Which Only a Neet Will Understand
Chapter 8: Sometimes, Things Don’t Go as Planned
Chapter 9: A Magician Sure is Convenient
Chapter 10: Pioneering is a Painful Process
Chapter 11: As I Thought, Hierarchy and Stuffs are not Fun at All!
Chapter 12: King? Demon King?
Chapter 13: Completing a Main Quest Sure is Rewarding
Chapter 14: This Guy is a Chuuni Magician
Chapter 15: It Seems I can Learn any Magic
Chapter 16: Was this Dungeon Meant to be an Amusement Park?
Chapter 17: I Hate Entering Unexplored Dungeons
Chapter 18: Why Did This Change from a Comedy to an Action Series?
Chapter 19: It’s Obligatory for the Elder to Lead the Younger
Chapter 20: Even if it’s Sil**t Hill, I Still Need My Weapons, Right?
Chapter 21: There Should be an Exit in this Mysterious Hospital
Chapter 22: A Human Head was Stolen?
Chapter 23: Change in the World
Chapter 24: First Meeting with the School’s Strongest Trio
Chapter 25: With Money, People Will Even Sell You Love Potions
Chapter 26: Automatic Tracking is Still the Best
Chapter 27: If I Have Nothing to Offer, I Need to Work
Chapter 28: Even Though It’s Just an RPG World


“Hello, this HP potion costs 5 gold, thank you for your patronage.”

“Can’t it be a little bit cheaper? After all, I already bought 30 of these HP potions here already…”

“Hello, this HP potion costs 5 gold, thank you for your patronage.”

“Hey, the moment I buy items from you, you become an NPC. Weren’t we chatting merrily just a while ago?”

“Hello, this -”

“Ok, enough!”

I moved back a step, Uncle Kane’s forced smile disappears, and returned to normal.

Of course, by ‘returning to normal’, I meant returning to how a person normally behaves.

“Hi Fir! Are you happy with the goods?”

“… It’s ok, see you later.”

“Remember to visit again!”


I nodded and left the shopping district.

What a joke! I’m never going back there again!

I must find a way to leave this starting village, and reach the next town, or else these people will really drive me crazy!

My name’s Lin Fir, and of course, it’s not my real name. However, the moment I came into this world, I have already forgotten my actual name. Lin Fir, this weird name had become my new name.

However, other than my name, the rest of my memories are intact, and thus I’m a little confused.

Ah, this place is called Raya Continent. However, what’s laughable is that I could not find anything similar to that of a map that would allow me to view this entire world.

Actually, to my surprise, this place is called Beginners’ Village.

At the same time, the residents here are all weird. Usually, I can speak to them normally, but whenever we engage in specific conversations, they would turn into NPCs that could only repeat the same sentences.

This is horrible, absolutely horrible! Just where in the world have I landed onto!

“Hey, want to earn some small cash? Do you know how to leave this village?”

Just when I was lamenting, a voice called out to me.

I turned around, what I saw before me was a girl who was not even my chest-height. She wore a black light armor, and had two short swords on her back. The girl with the shining white twin-tails furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at me.

“You’re not the same as the rest of the NPCs that can only stay in the same place, are you?”

Chapter 1: This Violent Girl is Scary!

“Oh my god! So you have been using that wooden club outside the village to grind levels when you haven’t even picked your class? Unbelievable! It’s difficult even for a swordsman without any skills! To think you managed to get to level 3 with only that wooden club, unbelievable…”

I can’t take this anymore… She hasn’t stopped talking the moment we met, I wonder if she was a parrot in her previous life.

“I already told you, I never saw anything similar to that. The moment I came to this world, other than my own inventory, my status bar and level, and also others’ HP bars and levels, I saw nothing else.”

In fact, the moment I opened my eyes and saw HP bars and names above people’s heads, I thought I was dreaming.

Until I pinched myself, and confirmed I felt pain, I finally understood it was all real.

Also, the HP bar on top of my head was small, after all I was only level 1.

“And? You didn’t even accept any quests and went over to grind on wild chickens? You, just…”

“It was about… 50, was it? I sold the chicken meat I obtained by killing them, and bought about 40 HP potions. My inventory could carry 99 of the same item in a single slot, so it’s not much of a problem.”

“You sure have some perseverance…”

Like I need you to care!

In any case, the wild chickens disappeared the moment I killed them, so I did not receive any psychological trauma.

This girl with a load of rubbish to talk about was Aliyah. Like me, she suddenly appeared in this world, and she was a LV 6 Fire Dual-Swordsman.

She had been here for more than a week. After completing the Beginners’ Village’s quests, she had been wandering around the village to find a path to the next village. However, the entire area was surrounded by mountains. There were no exits at all.

While on the other hand, this is only my second day here. I took an entire half a day to understand this world, and another half a day to kill those wild chickens that endlessly spawn.

When Aliyah could not find anything, she ran back to the village and found me in a pained expression, so she came to grab some extra help.

“Over here, I’m the senior, if you don’t know anything, just speak up~”

Aliyah confidently said.

“Yes yes, senpai~”

As I said that, I rubbed her head.

Of course, she immediately slapped my hand away, and my HP actually decreased!

“Hey hey hey, don’t be so rough, my HP…”

Out of the 300 HP that I had, with a single slap, it dropped by 50! Too violent! This girl was too excessively violent!

“Hmph! It’s your own fault for wearing cloth armor. Change into light armor already.”

“I don’t have the money to buy that set. That kind of thing isn’t cheap.”

“Again, it’s your fault for only killing wild chickens~ They don’t drop any equipment~”


I stared at Aliyah in disbelief.

“So you’re telling me, by killing some monsters, they will drop equipment… like shoes?”

“Yes, just like that~”

Aliyah shrugged her arms.

“What kind of weird system is this? Or are you telling me that these monsters have such a good appetite that they even store equipment in their stomach?”

“Please, just stop.”

Aliyah’s face began to dull.

“Most of my equipment are monster drops… gross…”

“The equipment might even be their gallstones… AH!”

A heavy punch landed on my chest, and I ended up flying.

Ah, my HP bar became empty!

Seeing the value on my right corner turned to 0, I was scared to the point that my face turned green.

“Are you trying to kill me!? You murderer!”

“Don’t worry, even if your HP bar is empty, as long as you don’t receive a killing blow within 5 seconds, you won’t die. Even if you die, as long as you’re within this village, you will revive in the cathedral. So, there’s absolutely no need to worry~”

Seeing how she was so relaxed, I wondered if she did a lot of experiments to find out these rules…

However, just as she had said, after 5 seconds, my HP began to slowly recover.

“Don’t look at me like that, you know that some NPCs will enter a certain state after engaging them in certain conversations right? If you’re playing a game, where would you usually go to receive a quest?”

I pondered for a bit, and then looked at her.

“The village elder.”


Damn it, even though her attitude is like this, when she smiles, she actually looks quite cute.

Chapter 2: Of Course, You Still Need to Complete Quests in an RPG


The village elder’s house looked stylish from the outside, but since there were no special signs placed outside, I didn’t take much notice of it.

However, when I opened the door, the furniture inside gave me a surprise.

To think there would be someone that place their house furniture in this manner… Was this really the village elder’s house or was it a guild hall?

“Don’t just daze at the door, idiot! This is only an NPC’s house, there’s no need to wait for people to get the door before you enter, is there?”

“Hey hey, that’s completely not the problem here! How is this the village elder’s house!? This looks totally like a guild hall!”

Aliyah was not bothered by it at all, rather, she gave me a ‘you sure are bothersome’ look.

What, because she stayed here for so long, she had already adapted to this weird world?

“What is it that you two need from an old man like me?”

Just then, a white bearded old man, who looked exactly like how a typical village elder should, walked out with a walking stick from a room behind us.

Other than the name ‘Western’ and the LV 1 label above his head, there were no sense of discomfort.

“Receive quest!”

Aliyah, impolitely, said out loud.

“Aliyah, shouldn’t you be more polite when speaking to an old man?”

“That’s why I say you’re stupid! How does this look like a real human being to you!”

She was right, the moment Aliyah said ‘Receive quest’, the old man’s body stiffened up and stood still. A white speech bubble then appeared above his head, just like with the grocery store owner earlier.

A series of quests were showed, where the top few were marked with crosses. Looks like these were already completed.

This… Even though I did not want to admit it, my desire to retort is overflowing.

I must resist, this is not a place to randomly blurt out a straight comment…

Aliyah picked out some quests from the list, and then walked over to me and flung me over.

Yes, she did not pull me over, but instead, she grabbed onto my hand and threw me over to the village elder.

The numbers ‘-78’ appeared before my eyes, and I angrily stared at Aliyah. However, she only gestured me to hurry up, ignoring the expression on my eyes.

This girl… her personality is so screwed up.

When I looked over to the quest list again, the previous completed quests underwent a change. Earlier they were crossed out, but I could select them again. However, they were only quests for levels 1 to 3.

When I chose all they of them, the rest of the quests greyed out.

“Did you see that? This is this world’s weird quest system. You can only accept quests that are below your level, and the amount of quests you can accept is limited by the value of your level. Since you’re level 3, you can only accept 3 quests at most.”

Aliyah haughtily said as she raised her chest up, and then grabbed onto me as she headed to the door.

“Hey hey, what are you doing!?”

“I’m bringing you to where you can complete the quests! These quests are renewed in only 7 days, the faster you complete them, the better right?”

“Are we just going to leave without saying anything?”

“Do you think NPCs will care!?”

The moment I moved 3 meters away from the village elder, the speech bubble above the elder disappeared.

“See you later!~”

When I left the house, I said this to the elder.

The elder smiled as he nodded. I guess he heard it.

“Wait, even if we grind levels like this, there’s no point. Weren’t we supposed to find a way to leave this place?”

“Ah, even without you reminding me, I know that. However, I don’t have any hints for leaving this place at all~”

Aliyah released me, and turned to look at me.

“I checked all the houses here, and I found nothing useful. This place is surrounded by steep mountains, and there’s no way to dig into them and climb all the way up. What else can I do?”

“Have you tried completing all the quests?”

“Yeah, I’m only left with 2 incomplete quests. That’s why I’m telling you to hurry up, so we can leave this place together!”

“Is that so…”

Seeing how she was so desperate, and how she was tired of explaining, I could only nod my head and followed her outside the village.

Chapter 3: There’s No Explanation on How to Leave the Village at All

“I say, how did you come into this world?”

After killing the third batch of wolves, I looked at my inventory which automatically fills up. Then I raised my head and asked.

“Hmm~ I wonder…”

Aliyah used her short sword and stabbed into the corpse of the wolf, the corpse disappeared and changed into a piece of wolf leather.

“I only remember I was playing a game until I fell asleep that night, and in the next morning, I found myself waking up on the grassland outside this village. What about you?”


I racked my brains to recall, and then said.

“I only remember playing with some of my online friends. We were clearing a dungeon… and then I can’t recall anymore.”

“Is that so… In any case, simply put, we’re transported into a different world, didn’t we?”

“Transporting into another world… Although I read such light novels before, but to actually experience it myself is not something I can simply laugh about…”

Likewise, Aliyah gave a similar expression.

“You’re right. Also, I don’t even know what I had to do. I just subconsciously started to grind levels and complete quests… Games had really stuck into me, huh… in a bad way too.”

Wait a minute…

You’re telling me this girl is also a gaming addict? She doesn’t look like that sort at all!

Looking at her cute appearance, it’s almost impossible to believe she’s the indoor type!

“What? I have a feeling you’re looking at me with an unbelievable expression.”

Seemed like Aliyah felt what I was thinking, as she said unhappily.

“No, it’s just that… I’m the same. I don’t even know why we’re sent here. In usual scenarios, when the world is in danger, people are summoned from a different world in hopes they could save the world. Or, we may have been accidentally sent to this world. Currently, we have no idea why this happened to us at all.”

“Yeah, and what’s most important, is that we don’t know why the world is like this. No matter how I look at it, this world is just a normal RPG world. If my memory does not fail me, I have never played a game like this before. How about you?”

“Me neither.”

From the looks of it, the reason why we’re here was not related to the games we played before. Then, why were we here?

Oh well, there’s no point thinking about this if we could not find this answer.

“In this kind of situations, we can only do what we can do, right? Although I don’t know whether we will age in this world or not, but given the nature of regular games, our speed of levelling, should be much faster than the people in this world. And then, maybe, it will trigger some weird event.”

“Then, why are we not able to leave this place?”

I pondered for a while, and then said.

“After playing so many games, I conclude there’s only two possibilities. First, we have not triggered the necessary event, and second, we have not reached the level requirement to leave this village.”

“Level requirement? The hell? Unless we have to gather all seven dragon balls to open a portal?”

“No, no, no. Although the scenario is wrong, we don’t use those seven balls to open a portal, do we?”

“We don’t really need to mind such things, do we?”

“You’re the one who started it!”

I helplessly shook my head.

“In any case, it’s becoming too hard for us to level with just the monsters outside the village. Though these monsters are no longer a threat, we should think of a way to leave this place for now.”

That’s right, before we even realize it, we have already cleared this entire area several times. I was already level 7, and I needed 6400 EXP to level up. Aliyah was already level 8, and she needed 12800 EXP to level up. The strongest wolf here only gave 20 EXP. If we want to level up here, it would be too long.

Of course, another reason was we were too lazy, after all, it was getting boring.

“Hey, why don’t we try burning the village?”


“Well, you see, after all this is a fake world, even if we burn it down, there’s no problem, is there?”

This girl… what was she doing in the real world? Was she involved with the underworld?

“Hey hey, this is an RPG world right? Hence, even if we try burning the buildings, they won’t actually… burn… right?”


Before I managed to finish, the house beside me began to crack open. Numerous sword slashes were seen on the walls. The entire house became several pieces and crashed down in a blink of an eye.

This was Aliyah’s Secret Skill, Shredding Blade Slash.

“Look, isn’t this…”


When the entire place was still covered in smoke, I grabbed onto her and fled the scene.

“You idiot! Even if the villagers’ AIs are like those in a RPG, but if you were to talk to them regularly, they are just like regular people. In other words, they have their own consciousness! Once they realise we destroyed their place, who knows what will happen!”

“Then what else can we do…”

Suddenly, Aliyah’s name turned from white to black. There were also new added words beside her name.

[Evil] [Low Profile] [Village Destroyer]

Hey hey hey! What is this? She actually unlocked titles!

“Did you unlock anything?”

“Yep. There’s also a pop-up saying I completed a route, and I could choose to leave the village.”

Aliyah clicked some stuffs in the air, and said.

“I see, not only does this village allows you to choose your class, but also sets us up on our future routes. But the problem is, we don’t know what the requirements to unlock them are. If I were to peek into a girl’s bath, I wonder if I would receive the pervert title.”

“If you were to actually unlock those titles, don’t tell anyone that I know you.”

“Hahaha, we can talk about that later.”

After running to a safe spot, I released her hand and asked,

“So, what are you going to do now?”

“Mmhmm. This is actually interesting. After receiving these titles, I also unlocked various attributes. My Evil attribute raised by 3 points.I think it will affect my position in the evil forces… My Sneak Ability also raised by 2 points. The higher it is, the harder it is for people to notice me. Finally, the Destroyer attribute says… I would receive EXP from destroying structures…”

“Hey hey! That’s incredible! I see, I don’t care who designed this world, but this is actually pretty interesting! Aliyah… Eh? Aliyah?”

When I was talking, Aliyah transformed into streaks of light and disappeared before me.

“That girl… left the Beginners’ Village? Sheesh, to think she would leave before saying anything.”

Reluctantly, I walked over to the village elder’s place.

Just when I reached there, I saw several people standing at the doorstep, and the elder was among them.

“Oh, if it isn’t Fir? You’re just in time! We seem to have some trouble.”

“What’s wrong?”

When I was about to walk over to the village elder, an arrow flew across my face and landed behind me.

“This is…”

When I look over to the source of the arrow, I saw a villager aiming his bow at me.

“What are you guys trying to do…”

“Tch, you guys were the only two that came to this village recently. That house earlier was destroyed by you guys, right!? What are your motives? Spit it out!”

At that moment, the names above all the villagers turned red. Without a doubt, they had all turned into my enemies!

What the hell! I wasn’t the one that did it in the first place! So why are they pushing all the blame onto me!?

In that instant, a screen appeared before my eyes.

Titles Unlocked: [Kind] [Whatever Goes] [Scapegoat]

Kind attribute increased by 5 points.
Resistance increased by 5 points.

The accumulation of Crime points, with effect immediately, will be converted to EXP.

Do you want to leave the Beginners’ Village?

Seeing the entire crowd of villagers approaching, I immediately chose to leave.

After that, I was enveloped in a white light.

Chapter 4: Why did I Encounter a Robbery the Moment I Went Outside?

After a flash of light, I arrived at a rather spacious space.

Surrounding me was a dimly lit city, and the moonlight shone directly at me.

“Just what is this place?”

A floating screen appeared before my eyes, and on it was some weird information.

Identification complete.

Name: Lin Fir
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Mitchell Kingdom Citizen
No Residence
No Class

Item(s) Received: Proof of Citizenship

As you have not selected a class, issue of weapon failed. System will automatically reimburse you with a Dimensional Storage Ring.

Item(s) Received: Dimensional Storage Ring

Current Data:
LV 7 No Class
No Magic Learnt
No Skills Learnt

Current EXP: 123/6400

Titles: [Kind] [Whatever Goes] [Scapegoat]

Scapegoat EXP Limit: 0/1000

Other than the last line, everything else was still fine.

What’s this Scapegoat EXP Limit about?

I clicked on the button above, and another screen opened.

The amount of points received from evil deeds to turn Evil will be intercepted, and converted into EXP immediately, with a maximum of 1000 points being intercepted. For example, destroying a building will increase Crime points by 300, the points will be converted and you will receive 300 EXP. However, if killing a person gives you 3000 Crime points, you will immediately gain points that will bring you closer to the Evil alignment.

I see, so it’s like a shield from doing evil deeds…

But killing a person gives so many Evil Deed points… Just how did the world come up with this set of values…? Also, the system seems to know exactly what happens in this world. It’s impossible to lie or fabricate the results at all…

And I feel that I’m always being watched. It sure gives people a feeling of mild discomfort.

However, because of this, it’s a rather fair system.

After surveying the area, I equipped the ring.

The ring instantly became a tattoo that enveloped my hand. Interesting, like this, it’s impossible for people to steal it.

I placed my proof of citizenship inside, and I tried withdrawing 1 gold by tapping on it, and it immediately appeared on my hand.

How convenient!

You are now free to move about in this world. Your actions will affect the development of the world. Take note, the Tutorial System will be removed. The Explanatory System will continue to work as before.

After that, the screen disappeared.

Was it telling me it will stop watching me? I wonder if the world system actually heard me…

Oh well, we could think about this later, I had to think of what to do next.

No matter how I see it, it was night. In most RPG worlds, there were no day and night settings. It seemed this world was definitely different.

After walking around the city, I saw a board at a corner of the city square.

After taking a look, there were many different notes and maps stuck onto it.

After picking out a map, the map details suddenly enlarged, and then minimized at the corner of my right eye.

How convenient…

Then, I inspected the notes on the board.

“Deal with the monsters outside the city, find the missing item, escort a merchant, hmm… and these have time limits as well. So to say, I can’t pick up all the quests at once, finish them altogether and hand them over for rewards together? Only the monetary rewards were stated, and nothing else. The biggest reward for quests in most RPGs is clearly EXP though… Sigh…”

However, other than using the dagger that I got from a monster, I have no other methods of fighting. If I were to meet an opponent stronger than me, it will definitely become a problem.

First is the matter of my class. Where the hell do I pick my class? Also, skills. Whenever I saw Aliyah use hers, I was a little envious.

Though, since it’s currently night time, usually there will be no people around, right?

I slowly walked over to a direction where there were lights. As I walked along the road, I inspected my surroundings.

Given the style and design of the buildings, they are modelled after the 17th century western buildings of the real world.

Is the world set in a western culture? My name’s not a problem, and the clothes were given to me in the first place, so there’s no problem there either. No, if the texture was a little more comfortable, it would have been better.

After walking for a bit, I realised my destination was an inn, and I could hear some slight noises coming from inside.

I opened the door, and was surprised by what was happening inside.

A man dressed in black was strangling an old man, and the two other men in black were tying up the rest.

No matter how I see it, this was a robbery. NPC stealing from an NPC, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


“Sorry, I entered the wrong building.”

Without a second thought, I turned and walked out.


The guy threw the old man aside and rushed towards me with his huge body. The guy’s name turned deep red instantly.

I immediately turned my body around, and his sword flew across my face. That attack scared the hell out of me.

“Who are you guys!? Why are you randomly killing people or whatever!?”

“There’s no point in talking!”

My opponent’s sword flashed, and multiple strikes came flying at me.

After continuously moving back, I managed to avoid some hits. However, the amount of attacks were simply too many, and the rest of the hits landed on my chest.

A sharp pain ran across my body, and although I don’t know how a sword piercing through me would feel like, this is still painful!


The guy leaked out a gasp, and looked at me with an expression of disbelief.

As I was wondering why he was doing that, I saw my chest and I understood.

There were no blood stains!

I looked over to my HP bar, and what stated there was 689/700.

Eh? I only received 11 damage?

Even though it hurt like hell? Why did I receive such small amount of damage?

Unless my opponent… is fodder?

I raised my head and looked at the man in black, there’s a 4 on the left of his name.

LV 4? If he was the same as I was at LV 4, his strength should only be 80. If we add the sword, it will only be slightly more than 100.

Dexterity should also be 80, but to demonstrate speed that was similar to mine, his equipment should probably give about 500 points of Dexterity?

Then, why was his weapon’s damage so low?

“Hehe, thank you for enlightening me.”

I punched straight into his face, and his entire body actually flew.

At level 7, without any equipment, my strength is actually 640, for this kind of guy…
When I looked at him again, his HP bar became empty instantly, and he fell to the ground.

1-Hit KO
EXP Received: 600
Money Received: 40 Gold
Item(s) Received: Sword (Poor Quality), Gale Ring, Poison Dagger.

As your opponent was hostile, your attack did not accumulate any Evil Deed points.

Received: 20 Bodyguard Points

Title Received: [1-Hit Sure Kill]
Current LV: 1
EXP: 1/10
After executing a 1-Hit Kill, your Strength will increase by 10% for your next attack.

This is actually… quite interesting.

The remaining two looked at each other, and then looked over to me, and after that, ran out of the scene.

I walked into the inn, released the people in ropes, and carried the inn owner up.

“Sorry for intruding so late, do you have a room that I can rent?”

Title Received: [Bodyguard]
Current LV: 1
EXP: 4/10
Title will increase in level by saving people. When guarding people, Defense will increase by 10%.

Why did I have a feeling this title is like a game’s achievement system… oh whatever, I don’t really need to mind it.

“Umm… Of course there is, that, our best room is on the 2nd floor, ah, wait, this…”

The inn owner looked over to the few others that I saved earlier.

“It’s fine, don’t mind us. After all, this person is our savior, so, we could give our room…”

“There’s no need, I can make do with any room.”

I smiled and said.


The people that I saved were happy with my reply. Looking at their clothes and titles, I understood they were a kind of nobility, so things like status and hierarchy should be taken to mind.

Klaus Wood – [Earl]
Ice Wood – [Viscount]
Irlin Wood – [Knight]

Among them was a girl named Irlin, LV 3. Just why did she become a knight… weird… Why are all the levels of these people so low…

However, one of their levels gave me a shock.

The guy named Klaus, although he looked like a regular noble, he was actually LV 12.

A person like this… why was he…

And his HP looked normal, so if he was to intervene earlier, those 3 men in black would have… Oh whatever, I should stop minding such things. If there’s any problems, we could always talk tomorrow.

“Then I will be going.”

After saying that, I took the key from the inn owner, and went upstairs.

“Umm… Your room is on the first floor, sir.”

The inn owner then said that.

“Ah, is that so, sorry.”

As I gave a small laugh, I speedily retreated to my room. Of course, I immediately locked the door.

Sigh, to think I actually embarrassed myself at the last moment…

Chapter 5: Why Not Just Eat Whatever that is Already Served?

“And so, since all our bodyguards died, can you… no, will you protect us while we travel to the kingdom?”

When I was eating my breakfast, this guy called Klaus came over to discuss this issue with me.

Just to add on, after I saved them last night, the inn owner decided to waive the fees for lodging and food. So, I am currently trying out the food of this world, and I must say the food is quite good.

“But, even if I were to accept, in truth… there’s no real need for me to do it, is there?”

After finishing up my meal, I looked at Klaus in the eye.

He flinched for a moment, and then cast a glance at the inn owner. Taking the hint, the inn owner left immediately.

“You… can actually see through my actual strength? Even though compared to you…”

“But you’re much stronger than your other 2 companions, aren’t you?”

“You’re right. Come to think of it, I have never seen you in the Mitchell Kingdom before. Just who are you…”

“That’s because I had always been staying in my village.”

That’s right, I came from the Beginner’s Village.

“Is that so… Then I assume you should be participating in the kingdom’s test to prove your abilities?”

Is this guy suspecting me? is this country so small that you could remember the names and faces of everyone? Seriously?

“I prefer the free life I currently have… Speaking of which, may I ask what’s your current situation like? To think there are people who wish to kidnap you… Well, since you’re hiring me to protect you, I should at least be aware of the danger involved, right?”

He hesitated for a moment before speaking up.

“We’re currently transporting a very important item to the capital, though I can’t reveal what it is. Even though we decreased the number of guards to prevent being easily identified, we…”

“I understand, then we should head out immediately. If we are to flee at full speed, our pursuers will have a hard time finding us.”

“I have been waiting for you to say that.”

They are using a sort of a land dragon to pull a carriage, and there are two others beside it… Am I supposed to ride it?

I had never ridden a horse before, let alone a dragon… Spare me from this, please…

But seeing how serious they were, I could only force a smile as I sat on it.

Unlocked Skill: Riding
Current LV: 1
Proficiency: 0/10
Proficiency will increase by traveling on a mount. Proficiency will increase by 1 every 1km traveled.

So you could learn skills like this as well… Oh whatever.

After forcing my way up, it feels like my entire body is floating. The feeling is actually quite terrible… However, I could only keep my calm. If not, I could just hold the leash tightly and wait for my Riding skill to level up.

“Let’s go, if we go at full speed, we can reach the capital in 3 days.”

After saying that, the dragon carriage begins to move. Riding on the other dragon is the girl named Irlin. She glances over to me, before catching up with the carriage.

F… Fine, I just have to endure until the trip ends.

In any case, she looked weird. She had red hair, and wore a golden mask that covered her mouth.

However, the person that designed the armor for these female knights must have been a gentleman. There’s inner lining in the armor, but the armor felt like it was meant to display the body features of the girl wearing it. Especially around the chest area… Hey, is the breastplate meant to show the size of the girl’s chest or is it used to actually protect her? To think this kind of legendary equipment that only appeared in fantasy and myths is actually the standard for female knight armor in this world… such bliss!

Luckily, when I was riding the dragon, I have an ashen face, or else it would have exposed my inner thoughts.

After we left the city gates, we had been speeding through the road, as if I was riding on a roller coaster.

Please, I had never even rode a motorcycle before, this is really just too insane for me!

“Hey, are you a swordsman or a warrior? I saw your punch yesterday, it was amazing!”

The girl with the busty armor actually started talking me, she must be quite bored.

“Umm, Miss Irlin, I have a name, and it’s called Lin Fir.”

“Oh? How did you know my name? Have we met before?”

Crap… I could directly see her name above her head, so I accidentally said it out.

“Who knows… and to answer your question, I don’t even know what class I am. I had only been doing random training.”

“No Class… and you’re actually this strong?”

She was actually quite surprised, as she unsheathed her sword and slashed it at me. However… the slashing speed is so slow! Is this because of the difference in levels? To think the path of the strike is so obvious!

Even though getting damaged would not amount to anything much, in the end, I pulled out my dagger and blocked her attack. She took a slight rebound, and she almost fell off her dragon, but she managed to steadied herself. She seemed to be a skilled rider.

“So fast! You’re indeed strong! You… umm… Fir!”

“Thank you for remembering my name… speaking of which, it seems that you’re a knight.”

“Yes, I’m a Sword Knight.”

Irlin haughtily said. Yes, if she keep it that way, the effect from the breastplate would be better! If I am able to meet the designer behind this armor, I would like to have a nice, long chat with him about life.

It seems like Ice and Irlin are only figureheads, and hence they’re not strong. If some trouble were to actually happen, Klaus will step in… such convenience.


To think they would actually invite me to protect them just like that… are they actually putting their trust in me, or do they have some other purpose?

Oh whatever, there’s no point thinking about it. Rather, I should be thinking of how to control this weird creature, else I would really fall off…

“Once we reach the capital, you should join the Knight Corps. You will definitely become a wonderful knight! A talent like yours should not be wasted!”

I don’t know why, but she suddenly gave such an invite. Unless this girl is one of those hot-blooded and athletic types? In that case, does she think it through before she speaks?

“Ah, is that so? If I have the chance…”

“Oh right, here, this is for you. I simply can’t understand it, so there’s no point in me holding onto it. Maybe, you’re able to understand it. If you actually can, then our battle strength would rise.”

After that, she throws over a book to me, and I have to risk falling over to catch that book. My heart almost jumped out. Don’t do something so dangerous!

Luckily, my Riding skill levelled up quite a bit, and adding my 640+500 Dexterity, else I would have definitely fallen off!

With one hand tightly gripping the leash, I opened the book with the other.

“High-Class Ice Elemental Sword Skill Book?”

A blue flash happened, and next to my name was an additional blue circle.

Skill Unlocked: Ice Sword Summon
Current LV: 1
Proficiency: 0/10
Next Level: Unlocks the Ice Shield Summon Skill.

What is this? Is this a Knight skill or a Magic skill?

I read ‘Ice Sword Summon’ in my mind, and I could feel a chill in my hand. A shining blue sword of about 2 meters appeared in my hand.

Looking at the skill description…

Ice Sword Summon
+300 Damage
10% chance of freezing the target.
Duration: 5 minutes.

Awesome! When I saw Aliyah use a skill before, I thought it was not realistic. However, after actually using a skill myself, this is actually pretty cool!


It seemed Klaus saw the situation behind him, and immediately jumped off the carriage. The dragon I was riding, after hearing the command, stopped as well.

Klaus looked at the sword in my hand, and had a surprised expression.

“You… How do you know this magic? Unless you’re a Magic Knight?”

“Magic Knight? What is that? I only just learnt this skill from this book…”

After saying that, I handed over the book to him.

“The Ice Enchantment Book? Irlin… why did you…”

“Grandfather, I seriously can’t understand it! I thought since he was stronger than me, he should be able to read it, so I lent it to him. But, look! He’s actually really incredible! He learnt it in one go!”

“Learnt it in one go…?”

He looked at me sternly, and then looked over to my sword again.

“Fir, do you mind if I do a test?”

“A test?”

“Yes. Don’t worry, you just have to hold that sword.”

Crap, I should not have revealed that I could use after learning it just like that! I’m basically asking for trouble!

Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!
Current LV: 2
Resistance increased by 10 points.

Hey hey, don’t just drop a retort on me like that, system! You’re definitely doing this on purpose! I did not even offend you!

Klaus muttered a few words, and a light blue long sword also appeared in his hand. However, his sword… looks a little more aggressive?

He immediately rushed towards me, and I used my fastest speed to raise my sword to block it. A blue flash exploded between us!

I was instantly sent flying off the dragon. I then forcefully rotated my body, else I would have landed on my back.

“It hurts…”

I slowly got up, however I saw that my ice sword disappeared.

And the dragon that I rode earlier transformed into an ice sculpture!

What is this? Is that old guy trying to kill me?

“It seems that it was indeed my household’s ice sword.”

Klaus muttered to himself.

“Oi! Were you trying to kill me? You bastard!”

“Kill you…? It’s not that I can’t, you know?”

Bastard, this guy is actually threatening me. However, this was the truth. Every level, basic damage and dexterity both increases exponentially. If he wants to kill me, with the 10000+ damage and dexterity he has, unless I have a legendary equipment, he could kill me immediately, right?

“Alright, fine… So what if I learnt this magic?”

“So what…? Do you know how many people wish to learn the skills of a Magic Knight? Including this book, my household has 3 books of different elemental Magic Knight skills. A guy like you actually learnt one of it just like that! What do you think?”

Hey, are you kidding me? A weird magic like this is actually rare? Although it looks cool, it’s not actually strong in any way right?

“So you’re saying… I’m actually very lucky?”

“Being lucky is an understatement! Usually, if such a thing happened, you would have been immediately exterminated. It’s not a good thing for such a skill to be imparted to outsiders!”

“What are you implying? If you could only learn the skill from that book, then…”

“Hmph! If you could learn it so easily, it means it will be easy for you to replicate the book, right? Wouldn’t it spread easily then?”

I’m definitely not in the wrong here. I did not even see the contents of the book… The skill was automatically learnt…

“Fine, then what are you planning? It seems like you don’t intend to kill me…”

“Tch, if there were more people in my household that could learn this skill, I would have immediately killed you!”

Oh, so you’re saying this skill is actually hard to learn? Hahaha, then I seriously am lucky. Ahahahaha!

I controlled the laughter inside me, and asked.

“Then, if I may ask…”

“Hmph! Other than this girl’s cousin, there’s no one else that learnt this skill!”

Klaus said as he pointed at Irlin.

“That is… actually quite a terrible situation…”

Alright, I feel that keeping silent will be safer.

“So, you currently have two choices. Either you marry Irlin, or you will be taken in as my god-son! Choose!”

“Hey, wait, these two choices look like it’s actually quite unreasonable for me, aren’t they?”

Saying that, I looked at Irlin beside me. Other than her mask, she was actually bushing red to the point of emitting steam, as she tried to hide behind the land dragon.

“Tch! The fault lies with that girl over there! That book was actually meant to be that girl’s dowry! I gave her the permission to read it, to find out whether she had the aptitude to learn it, but I never imagined that it would have been passed to you.”


So you’re saying her dowry actually landed in my hands…

Should I accept it…?

Why not?

Chapter 6: Even After Entering the City, Difficulties Still Lie Ahead

“I will accept the dowry then!”

“Is that so? Since you promised, I think Irlin wouldn’t mind as well, right? Hahahaha…”

When Klaus heard my answer, he seemed to be very happy, as he kept his smile till he return to his dragon.

Crap! Why do I feel like I was duped!

My crisis alarm suddenly activated, and I quickly looked over to Irlin… Uh? Where did she go? She actually hid her entire body at the back of her land dragon, was she actually a very shy girl?

“Irlin, umm…”

“Th- Th- Th- That! Even if we’re engaged, we can only do that sort of thing after marriage, okay?”

“Hey hey, you’re jumping over several steps here! At least look at me when you’re talking to me!”

Hearing that, Irlin raised her head out a little.

Even though her actions are so cute… Wait, although her body figure is good, she’s actually wearing a mask. Unless…

She actually looks weird?

Even though her eyes give the feeling that she is definitely a beauty! No way, absolutely no way!

However, since she’s wearing a mask, it means that she does not want to show her face to anybody. It will be a little bold if I were to ask her directly…

Alright, I will trust my many years of experience of judging girls, and this girl’s eyes tell me that she’s definitely a beauty!

“Okay, let’s leave the complicated questions for later. For matters regarding our marriage, even if we leave them for after we complete this quest, it will not be too late right?”

“Ah, yes… sorry.”

This girl is actually as meek as a kitten… Is she really a knight?

Relationship established with Irlin Wood.

Relationship: Fiancee

Information Updated. The House of Wood is one of Mitchell Kingdom’s five most influential families. They wield the country’s Knight Squadron and Wood Magician Squadron.
Relationship Effects: Affinity with Wood Magic +10%

This is actually a very particular relationship system… Interesting.

I wonder how many ‘Fiancee’ slots are there… Wait, what am I thinking?

Also, I can actually scroll this information window down…

Aliyah – Friend

To think there’s something like this as well… so the Friend System also helps to record this information down? Really… The system sure is gracious.

“Right… We have to hurry and catch up to them, let’s go.”

“You’re right… But… The land dragon you were riding died…”


She’s right, my land dragon was frozen to death earlier… This is actually troublesome…

“Um… You can share mine.”

After saying that, she moved herself forward, hinting me that I could sit behind her.

I swallowed my saliva, and slowly walked over.

Oh my god, this scenario is progressing too fast! God! To think you would bestow me such a wonderful moment! This is actually my first time approaching a girl so close!

After climbing up to the back of the land dragon, I could feel the air around me change!

Although I could not feel her body due to her armor, however, a girl’s scent alone could cause my heart to beat wildly.

I could almost faint from this bliss!

“Umm… Your position isn’t uncomfortable, right?”

Irlin softly asked, as she seemed to be very careful with the way she acts.

What kind of cute little creature is this? Is she really a knight? She’s almost like a little kitten.

“You don’t have to worry. The land dragon’s back is actually quite spacious and comfortable.”

“Then, let’s go!”

All of a sudden, the huge burst of speed caused the wind to push me backwards. Subconsciously, I immediately hugged her waist.


She trembled for a bit, and turned to look at me. However she held back and did not say anything.

I have no choice… If I don’t grab onto something, with this speed, I will definitely fall off!

However, I did not know why, Irlin actually made the land dragon run faster.

This is bad…

Are you trying to let this dragon fly!?

We managed to reach the next city in the evening. It was called Randall City.

Don’t ask why I knew the name of the place, as it’s name was floating above the city gate, okay?

Compared to the previous city, this place feels more like a stronghold. Not only is it surrounded by walls of about 20 meters tall, the murderous aura emitted by the city guards at the gate was also very scary.

However, why is there a need for such high walls? Unless there are monsters that big? Isn’t that very frightening? Even if that monster’s level is low, it will be able to kill many people with a single stomp, won’t it?

Hopefully there are no monsters like that…

Oh right, how was I able to detect the guards’ murderous aura? Weird… Oh whatever, let’s not be bothered by it.

After the guards looked at the people in the carriage, they let us pass immediately. Although they were looking over to my direction with a strange expression, they did not say anything.

Of course, no matter how, sharing a horse with a female knight definitely looked weird, and I was hugging her waist as well.

The street onlookers’ eyes were also very unsettling. Luckily I already released my hands from Irlin’s waist, else I will be even more embarrassed.

“Alright, we will be staying here tonight. You two seem to be getting along quite well.”

Klaus looked at us as he laughed. This bastard definitely have some strange motives. How could he just give his granddaughter away just like that… Unless it really is just to keep the secret of a single book…


The guards I saw earlier were mostly LV 3, and most of the citizens were LV 1. Unless my level is already considered quite high?

No, based on the standards of various games, the players will only meet low-leveled enemies at the start, and their levels will increase later on. I guess that is the current situation.

“What are you looking at?”

Irlin’s voice brought me out of my thoughts, and then I realised I’m the only one left on the land dragon.

I immediately got off and replied.

“This is my first time seeing a city like this, that’s why I’m a little surprised.”

“First time? Looks like the place you lived in is definitely very far away. Randall is a very famous trade center. There’s almost no one in the Mitchell Kingdom who had never visited this place before… But, don’t worry. Since we still have some time, I will bring you around later!”

Irlin excitedly said, as she looked very happy. This girl… She gives the feeling that she never had any friends before… Is she…

Ah ah, I have a very bad premonition, but…

A girl with such a cute personality like hers… how could she be…

Argh, this is such a frustrating matter! However, a girl with a good personality like hers, even if there’s anything weird on her face, there’s no problem right?

“Um? Fir… What are you thinking about?”

“Ah, that… nothing. Right, I will count on you then.”

“Leave it to me! Let’s go now then! Grandfather will deal with the matter here, so let’s go shopping for a bit!”


The security in this city should be better than the earlier city, right? If that’s so, I don’t have to worry about any kidnappings or attacks.


The levels of the guards here are all so low… Is there really no problem?

Also, I still have not seen the item that they’re transporting, unless it’s that book?

No way, that’s not impossible. If that’s the case, they aren’t really being cautious at all.
Unless it’s another skill book?

However, being able to learn a skill like that so easily was already not bad.

I opened the skill window. Ice Sword Summon was already 1/10. It uses 50 MP for each use. It feels like the skill will level up after I use the skill a few more times. However, even if I want to, I should not do it in the wide open, and do it when I’m alone.

However I realised I was still a “No Class”. Just why is this so?

“Even though Aliyah said I could only learn skills when I pick my class… How did I learn this skill…”

“Um, what did you say?”

Irlin was still in a good mood. No matter the reason, to girls, shopping must be a very happy thing for them.

I can’t just talk to her about my frustration. I can’t just ask her “If I don’t have a class, can I still learn skills?” What a joke. I mean, after all, their learning methods totally differ from people like me.

“Nothing. Ah, right, is there anything special you’re looking for?”

Speaking of which, even if it was possible to see cities like this in games, being able to experience one myself is a different feeling altogether.

The noise of the crowd, the sound of metals clashing at the blacksmiths, and the scent coming from the food stalls, are all very new to me.

“I don’t really have anything I want to buy, as there are better stores in the kingdom. However, since this is your first time here, so if you want to look for anything, feel free to ask me and I will bring you to the store. There should not be any big changes since the last time I’m here.”

Since Irlin already stated as such, I won’t decline.

“Speaking of which, is there a place where I can learn skills?”

“Learn skills?”

Hearing that, she gave a confused look.

Crap, I said something I shouldn’t at the spur of the moment. How could she understand things like ‘learning skills’.

“Sorry, I’m referring to places where I could buy books like the one you had.”

“Oh, so you wanted some skill books. That… Ordinarily, there’s no such places.”

“Haha… Is that so…”

Well… This is also within predictions. Or else that old guy would not talk about that book so seriously.

“However, the library might have some.”



Irlin pointed at the tower beside the castle. It looked similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“I think that place should have the books you’re looking for.”


Why was it that out of all the libraries I’ve seen, none of them looked normal at all…

Chapter 7: A World Which Only a Neet Will Understand

“There’s really nothing good around here. That’s about it then. You guys, send them over to this address at the capital, is that clear?”

Yes, Miss Wood! Definitely!”

This girl seemed to be rather famous around this area, as the storekeeper did not dare to even look at her in the eye. Also, didn’t she say she wouldn’t buy anything earlier!? What’s with the mountain of items outside!

However, this was because she bought 3 of the same of whatever she wanted. I don’t understand why though.

“Ah, right, take this.”

After saying that, she picked out a Knight Sword from the shelf.

“The dagger you have is too weak, you should use something that is more seemly.”

“This… The price…”

1500 gold… Oh god! I only have about 900 gold on me, how can I afford this?

“What are you talking about! Of course I’m giving this to you! If not, how are you going to protect me!?”

“Ah… Ahahaha, you’re right…”

Holding onto the weapon, it was not as heavy as I imagined. It was probably because my level was high enough to wield it.

The sword was about a meter length, and although I don’t know the material used, it looked fairly sharp.
Opening the inventory window, the sword’s stats appeared.

Knight Sword (Fine Quality)

Required LV: 6
Strength: +550
When under a speed boost, +10% Chance of Penetrating Defense.
Durability: 0/300

A standard Knight’s equipment. Can be used during horseback and on-field fights.
Can be remade into a sword of a higher level.
Can be enchanted

Oh, weapon with high grades have descriptions as well, this is rather convenient.

In any case, getting an equipment for free isn’tbad.

“Let’s go to the library then!”

Irlin looked very happy as she hopped merrily in the library’s direction.

“Sigh~ Being a rich person’s bodyguard sure have its benefits. Getting an expensive equipment for free just like that~ Boy, that sword is worth half a year of my salary, you know.”

The shopkeeper said as he wrapped the load of items she bought.

“Haha… Is that so…”

No doubt he thought I was her bodyguard… But actually, he’s right that I’m benefitting a lot. After all, I did accidentally become her fiancé.

Though this can be considered to be a good thing, as I don’t have to be worry about my status around her.

Speaking of which, I can’t believe there’s express delivery in this era. So convenient. How much does the shipping cost?

“Fir, stop looking around! There will be plenty of better stuffs at the capital! Then I will allow you to look as long as you want!”

“Alright, I’m coming.”

“After catching up to Irlin, we both walked on the orderly stone slabs in the direction of the weird building.

The surroundings slowly became quieter, as the only people left on the streets are the ones living nearby. The tower was built entirely on stone slabs, I wonder how they managed to keep the tower steady.

As we approach the tower, it’s style seemed to change. The exterior of the stone slabbed tower began to smoothen out. However, they were not purposefully polished, rather, it was corroded by something.

That tower…

“Just what are you looking at? If you’re surprised by something like this, I don’t think you will even be able to stand when you reach the capital.”

“Alright, let’s hurry. I’m very interested in learning.”

“Is that so? If you were to learn everything the library has to offer, you will probably become a monster, won’t you?”

“I guess so…”

Even if I managed to learn some new skills this time, I won’t use them openly. Or else I will definitely be treated as a monster.
Without warning, A red warning signal appeared at the corner of my eye, its direction was from the right of my back.

After seeing such a signal several times while playing games for many years, I immediately pulled out my dagger and turned to block. The sound of metals clashing rang as the attack came from the predicted direction. Although my block was a success, I could feel my arm almost breaking from the impact.

“Interesting. To think you were able to withstand my surprise attack… It seems you’re different than the previous bodyguards.”

After he saw that his attack was blocked, he speedily retreated a few steps, before going back to a stance.

Yalisaer LV 6 Berserker [Evil] [Oppressive] [Suppressor]

Ah, the system sure is gracious. Even though it only provided the enemy’s name and class, the information provided is better than nothing.

Also, the enemy has a build similar to that of a muscle building champion. Including the spiked mace that was larger than my thigh in his hands, he definitely looked like a dangerous individual.

Please, I’m not gay!

“Who are you?”

“Hah? I am the great Yalisaer! Randall City’s strongest man!”

As he introduced himself, he spun the metal mace above his head a few times. He sure looked rather energetic.

“I heard you defeated my 3 subordinates, and one of them was forced to stay in bed for several months. Looks like you have some ability.”

“Ah, those three…”

It seems this guy is the boss of the three guys from earlier. No wonder his level is higher than the average fodder.

Also, this guy also has a class and a title, he seems to be a little decent in battle.

No no, even though he was an exhibitionist, he only has robes as his armor. However, his defense seems to be high from looking at the thick muscles he possesses.

Speaking of which, isn’t he a Berserker?

Aliyah told me before. Her Dual-Swordsman class provides a bonus to Strength and HP. For a Berserker… He must have a bonus to Strength, Defense, HP or Resistance. Leaving the hidden Resistance attribute aside, since he was not wearing any notable equipment, he must be confident in his Strength and Defense.

Tch! After being single for so long in exchange for the experience I gained from playing games, a homosexual like you will not shock me at all. As long as I do a careful analysis, I can even clear the most difficult of RPGs easily!

However, I should not jump to conclusions. After all I don’t have any guides or reference materials. I can only rely on my previous experiences to judge.

But, if I were to let him attack me once and see the amount of damage dealt… No, it’s too dangerous. If he is actually quite strong, I might even be killed in an instant. His painful attack earlier did almost broke my arms.

“Hey, what are you actually transporting? To think a weird person like this would appear as well…”

I asked Irlin who was behind me.

“I’m not too sure myself… Grandpa said it was something important, and told us to accompany him…”

“Damn, and you didn’t bring a single bodyguard along!”

“Actually, we started off with a total of 10 people, however…”

“Ten people!?”

God, so they already had several losses before?

“Boy, take my advice and leave. There will definitely be no one that knows what’s going to happen tonight, hahahaha!”


Hearing his declaration, I immediately pulled the Knight Sword out.

“Leave this place? Are you kidding me?”

“Oh? What are you…?”

He was surprised by my reaction.

“You’re telling me to abandon a girl and run? What a joke! I have lived for so long, and this is my first time sharing a horse- no, a dragon-ride with a girl. This is also the first time I met a girl that doesn’t mind talking to me with her sweet voice… And you’re telling me to flee?”

“Hey hey, just what are you talking about, boy…”

“Hehehe… Of course you wouldn’t understand the amount of resentment I had been storing in my soul…”

“Soul? Resentment? Just what are you?”

“What am I? Hahahahaha! Do you know? In several Galge, the resentment you feel is caused by your rivals stealing away your female leads! And all of them end up as bad ends! Even though one is enough, there were actually many games with these bad end routes! I can let it slide if I was playing these games alone, however, there were also many of my companions experiencing this resentment! Do you think you can understand our feelings!? However, we could only silently accept the designated scenario, and helplessly welcome the bad end… But!!”

Ice Sword Summon!

The Knight Sword in my hand, after activating my skill, began to shine with a blinding blue light. A layer of blue ice crystals covered my sword, and a chill began to surround my body. However, not only did the chill not harm my body, rather, my body felt sturdier!

Ice Blue Knight Sword
A Magical Sword made by the combination of the skill ‘Ice Sword Summon’ and the equipment Knight Sword.
Strength +900
30% chance of inflicting frozen status.
Provides an additional ice resistance.
10% chance of blocking either physical or magical attacks. Duration of spell depends on the amount of MP.
Consumption of 20 MP every second.

Oh! At LV 7, my basic Strength has a value of 640, adding the 900 Strength from the sword, that will be a total of 1540. The enemy, at LV 6, only has 320 base defense. Even if it doubles, it will only be 640. It will be impossible to stop me.

Also, there is the bonus from my 1 Hit Sure-Kill title, 110% of my current Strength will be a value of 1,694!

“No matter the result, since I’m able to do it, I will cut away the resentment we’re shouldering! Come! Feel our combined strength!”

Adding 500 to my base value of 640, I currently have 1140 Dexterity. Facing the Berserker who does not have a single Dexterity-bonus equipment, my speed is more than double of his!

Secret Skill – Slash of Resentment】!

The scenery I saw in front of me suddenly changed in a blink of an eye, as I immediately rushed to the back of the enemy.

After looking back, I saw that he already turned into an ice sculpture, and he still had that face of disbelief.

I… I won?

“Hahaha… I won? Hahaha…”

1-Hit KO
Yalisaer defeated.
Titles Unlocked: [Evil] [Oppressive] [Suppressor]
As your action was just, EXP gained from the title [Evil] will be transferred to the title [Kind].
Title [Kind] leveled up!

Current LV: 2

Strength increased by 100 points. Strength will increase by 10% when wielding a heavy weapon.

EXP Received: 5,000
Gold Received: 3,000
Item(s) Received: Heavy Weapon – Suppressor’s Spiked Mace

Suppressor’s Spiked Mace
Strength: +500
Dexterity: -300

Only after I looked at the screen did I realise that the guy in the ice sculpture had already lost his weapon.

Special Title Unlocked: Resentment Maker

When the user is full of resentment, he will receive a ???% increase in Strength.

Hey hey, what is this? What is this!? World System! Your retort is a little too much!!! Do you think I can be a Super S**yan with this set-up or something!?

A glaring red light suddenly lit the dark sky. According to the map I recorded from a noticeboard I passed by, the position of the source… was coincidentally the inn we’re staying in.

Fine, although I somehow figured this could happen, but, couldn’t it at least happen after I learn a few skills at the library? Oh well, as the situation is dire, I don’t have the time to do so.

“Irlin, let’s hurry back! The place where your grandfather is…”


Chapter 8: Sometimes, Things Don’t Go as Planned

Ah, the inn sure is burning splendidly. Why can’t they let me experience this luxurious inn before burning it?

As I lament so, I pulled Irlin to the alley at the side and observed the situation in the shadows.

“Quickly! The two that entered the inn have already fled! Quickly search for them! Also, Yalisaer is taking too long with the two at the streets.”

The one shouting in front of the inn must be the mastermind behind this incident. Is it really okay talking about this so loudly in the open public?

But, what is with that attire? It looks similar to what the city guards are wearing… Unless, he is one of those so-called traitors?

Interesting, looks like this incident is more as less progressing to how I predicted it to be…

“Oh? That is…”

Irlin pointed at the guy who was beside the mastermind. He was wearing a formal noble attire, and the name floating above his head was Sylvain Wood.

“That bastard… is he actually… the legendary traitor among traitors?”

“Oh? That guy is my cousin though.”

“As I suspected. Irlin, listen closely.”

I turned to look at Irlin.

“In situations like this, there’s only a single possibility. That cousin of yours was the one that leaked the information to people that wants to steal the item you’re holding onto. And look, the robbers are all wearing the city guards’ armor. This is evidently a ploy to steal whatever you’re holding, and then eliminate every single one of you.”

“Oh~ Is my cousin actually that type of person? Somehow it feels kind of off…”

As I suspected, in situations like this, it could only develop this way. Usually, traitors will give a different impression in front of everyone, and mislead most people… And now, if I don’t stop them, I will have endless trouble. This is also one of many players’ reason for resentment, however, most players are too naive! They will only find out the truth at the very end.

Of course, there are cases when the truth is revealed early, but the victims are usually beaten ruthlessly, and meet a bad end. It would even be better for them to act oblivious. So, for now, I have to act cautiously.

“Right, even though it looks that way, we should make clear of things before deciding on our future actions. Even if we directly ask him now, he might not tell us the truth. If we want the truth, we need a clear idea of our current situation.”


Okay, right now, the thing I must do is to expose his evil acts in front of Irlin, so that she will believe me.

This is quite difficult… The degree of freedom in choosing a particular path of action is too high…

However, if it’s for a girl, no matter the difficulty, I will do it! If not, the long years of gaming I went through will be wasted!

“Speaking of which, where do you think your grandfather and Ice ran off to? Although I heard the mastermind saying they fled, if we are able to contact them, we could just ask them about the current situation before making our decision.”

Also, the highest level in the enemy’s team was only LV 9. Even her so-called cousin was only LV 7. If Klaus closed his eyes, he should still be able to defeat them. Unless he still wish to act weak in this situation, then there’s no helping it.

“I don’t know. However grandfather did say before that if there’s any chance that we are to separate, I am supposed to find a way to immediately head over to the capital.”

“Immediately? Alright, that’s a plausible course of action.”

If that’s the case, then Irlin should be the one holding onto the goods. In other words, I could complete this quest by simply sending her alone to the capital.

“Sorry for troubling you two, but I think that you two are the ones I am tasked to catch. Would you mind following me?”

All of a sudden, a sharp sound rang behind our backs. Before I could react, I was already suspended in the air, as if my body was being controlled by something.

“You are…”

Irlin was in the same predicament. As for the man controlling us, he was wearing a black robe, and his two hands were raised in the air.

Is this… Magic? My opponent is a Magician?

Chapter 9: A Magician Sure is Convenient

Dale Lester LV 15 Lightning Magician [Neutral] [Blinding Lightning User] [Magic Researcher] [???] [???] 

What’s with this scary guy’s level? He’s actually level 15! Just how long have you stayed a virgin! And those [???] titles… Unless I can’t see them because of our difference in levels?

“Oh~ Isn’t it Magician Dale? It seems you caught the two little mice.”

When the mastermind heard the commotion, he came walking over. Kjell Farr LV 9, an interesting name.

As I thought, I can’t adapt to the current situation fast enough. Even though I thought of several plans earlier, but since there’s actually someone so powerful in the enemy ranks, we’re currently in a crisis!

And what is this magic? Telekinesis? Isn’t this guy supposed to be a lightning magician? This feel similar to those tentacles, where he can do anything he wants to the target, and  renders his target immobile by suspending them in the air.

This is a skill that many virgins have fantasized about! However, I’m having mixed feelings as I’m currently the person being used on.

Swirling Slash】!”

In the air, Irlin pulled out her sword, and after rotating from her skill, she managed to break out of his control.

Looks like this magic isn’t as strong as I thought.

【Ice Sword Summon】!

After grabbing my formless magical sword, my entire body felt more sturdy. When I moved a little, I was able to escape from the control as well.

“Oh~ A sword made from magic, interesting. Even if you’re the Wood household’s bodyguard, you should not have the right to learn this skill, right? Who are you?”

The magician called Dale wasn’t the least surprised when we managed to break out from his magic, rather, he became very interested as he looked towards me.

“I heard that it’s been a long time since anyone was able to learn these Knight Magic spells. After all, you have to possess both the vitality of a knight and the ability to manipulate mana. Thus, many people either gave up or slowly tried to learn the skill…”

“Yes yes, since you can’t have both a fish’s fin and a bear’s paw right?”

“Can’t have both a fish’s fin and a bear’s paw? That sounds rather profound! It seems that not only do you have strength and magic, you’re rather knowledgeable as well!”

As he stared at me in interest, he walked over to me.

Hey hey, you’re not actually a member of the FFF Inq**sition are you? You’re trying to burn me when I finally managed to meet a girl?

“Interesting. Looks like your goal is to protect Irlin, isn’t it? As long as you promise to be my assistant, and join my research, I won’t mind letting this cute little girl go.”

“Dale! Isn’t that…”

Kjell wanted to say something, but he flew to the air for a bit before smacking onto the ground.

“We had an agreement. If you could find something that peaks my interest, the Wood’s household skill books for example, I will be able to find a way to make those skills more convenient and efficient. However, in front of me is a person that can use the skill itself. Thus I can just skip the analysis phase.”

This is a good chance. This guy’s actions are decisive and firm, and he does not look like he’s lying to us. However, if he is actually acting, then he could definitely win an Oscar.

Even though Irlin was wielding her sword, she was trembling in fear.

Although I don’t know whether she had experienced this kind of situation before… However, since she’s a girl, in times like this, a guy should be the one stepping in to protect her.

“Fine, I will go with you. However, you must first send Irlin to the capital, then you can do whatever you want!”

With this distance and range, it’s impossible for me to beat a magician that is twice my level.

However, if I can bring him to our side, then there will be a way out.

After all, I can’t judge who is righteous among them. However, protecting a girl is a something of the highest priority to all men, right?

“Fir… No… A magician’s experiment is said to be very scary…”

Irlin grabbed onto my hand, and repeatedly shook her head.

“Don’t say it like that~ I’m only researching magic, not performing human experimentation. Even if I do it occasionally, usually, it doesn’t result to death~”

Dale said with a smile.


“It’s alright, don’t worry. As long as you’re safe.”

I turned to look at Dale.

“I promised, what are you waiting for?”

“Hahaha, I’m liking you more and more, boy. You’re more interesting than those cowardly nobles. The capital is a place that I must go as well, after all, it’s where my laboratory is… Hahaha.”

“Dale, the goods could be on one of them… You…”

“You should know by now, I’m a very busy person.”

With a flick of his hands, the three of us immediately flew to the sky.

We left the city at a very fast speed, as the large fire at the inn looked like a speck of fire in a few seconds.

“Alright, this is the first time I’m bringing someone else on my flight.”

Following that, the scenery below us became a blur, as we quickly flew to our destination.

Chapter 10: Pioneering is a Painful Process

During the flight, I have been constantly thinking.

Everything I did was to ensure Irlin’s safety. Now that her safety was secured, I currently have to think of my own safety.

Still, I’m not totally used to the system of this world. I’m not sure of how magicians conduct their research. But if it really comes down to human experimentation, then I will have to think of a way to escape.

Although Aliyah did say that we would resurrect in the church when we die in the village, however, that was the situation in the Beginners’ Village. It’s not a definite outside the village. Also, there’s also a problem that I might revive in the laboratory instead.

This world is so realistic, if I am to die and not be able to resurrect, then isn’t that a big loss?

However, it’s not that easy to escape from this guy. This guy’s level is twice mine, and I have yet to see his lightning magic. If the increment in stats per level stays the same, then this guy can kill me with a simple knock on my head.

So scary, so very scary…

Speaking of which, why bother flying? Isn’t there a portal or something in this world? This isn’t convenient at all.

“Alright, we’re almost there, we’re about to land!”

Dale’s voice came across with the wind, and looking afar, we could already see the outline of the capital.


However, after a good while, our speed still did not decrease.

“Umm… Shouldn’t we decelerate? With this distance, it’s a bit dangerous.”

That’s right, even the people in the capital that saw us have the same thoughts, this guy did not have the intention to decelerate at all!

Is this guy thinking of slamming the breaks!?

“Ah, That, umm… Actually the magic I’m currently using is still in its experimental phase. So… I can’t decelerate with my magic at all!”

Dale laughed.

“Hah? No waaaaay!!”

Irlin’s and my scream resounded throughout the capital.

Irlin suddenly looked extremely scared, however, I’m pretty sure I had the same expression as hers.

“Position confirmed. Analysis of wind direction completed. Analysis of the amount of force needed to stop completed. Adjusting flight orbit.”

From Dale’s words, I could somehow guess the place we were going to land.

It was a spacious field near the city walls. A circular section of the field was bounded by metal wires, and within the circle was a grey-coloured object.

What is that? Some sort of speed hump? 

“【Electromagnetic Ward!”

A sphere of electricity appeared around us, and it connected to the circular field.

A backward force was felt by our bodies, and then, slowly, the three of us safely descended onto the landing platform.

“Look at this! This is a transfer mechanism made by combining the power of magic and science! This is simply a masterpiece! The realization of a low-cost transportation tool is not far away, hahahaha! Oh right, even I tell you guys about science, you won’t be able to understand, right? Oh well, since we have arrived at the capital, my promise has been kept.”

Dale looked really excited as he pulled both of us down the platform and into the streets of buildings.

“We’re… currently within the compounds of the Royal Magical Institute, aren’t we? Unless…”

Hearing Irlin’s words, Dale laughed.

“I’m actually the Vice President of the 3rd Research Facility of the Royal Magical Institute. Hahahaha!”

“And you’re still going around in a black robe? You look like a terrorist.”

“Hah? It’s a basic and exclusive right for all magicians to wear a robe, you know!”

“… Is that so? I see, you’re one as well.”

This guy had been acting weird since the start. He had been spouting stuffs like science and weird reasonings, he was obviously… a damn chuunibyou!

And the descending method earlier… If I were to look carefully, those were coiled wires right? By using the metal in our armor as a medium, he allowed us to decelerate.

Speaking of which, this guy was a lightning magic user.

“Alright, let’s chat after we hand over this quest, you freaking chuunibyou.”

“Eh? Eh? What did you just say?”

“I’m saying you’re a freaking chuunibyou that hasn’t graduated yet. Let’s hand over the quest together. I could probably share some of the EXP with you.”


His body suddenly turned stiff and was stunned for a while. After that, he quickly walked over to my side, and whispered to my ear.

“You… You’re actually an otherworlder as well?”

“Ah, that’s right. Let’s go, gotta get that EXP.”

“I see… Tch. And here I was wondering when did NPCs become so dedicated. I even thought it was a rare quest. But to think it was your quest…”

“Stop complaining. She had been attacked by several enemies on the way. I bet the amount of EXP I get as reward would be large, right?”

“That I know, after all, they even send such a high-level guy like me. Of course I knew it wasn’t easy for her…”

Dale looked at Irlin, before continuing.

“Alright, since you’re the 2nd person I met that came from the same world as me, let’s help each other out.”

“That would be great. I’ve only been here for about a week, and I don’t know much about this world. Since I managed to meet someone that I can ask, I hope you can help me out, senpai.”

“Hey hey, don’t call me that, you’re making me sound old.”

Chapter 11: As I Thought, Hierarchy and Stuffs are not Fun at All!


“Please hand over your weapons.”

When we reached the castle’s entrance, the soldiers that were guarding the gates stopped us.

I looked at the sword at Irlin’s waist, the magic staff on Dale’s hands, and also the the Knight Sword that I did not store into my ring. I could only helplessly let out a sigh.

Damn it, when I finished using it, I thought it would be cool to carry it. Also, I bought a sheath for it, so…

Damn hierarchy… These two guards are also carrying their weapons! So why don’t they need to hand theirs over!

Forget it. I still have an extra weapon in my ring, though it isn’t as strong as the Knight Sword.

Sighing, I handed over the Knight Sword over to the guard, and continued into the castle.

However, it’s not like I am not willing to hand over my weapon. I just feel that if something is to happen when we’re inside the castle, then it wouldn’t do to not have a weapon by my side. Oh well, my luck shouldn’t be that bad…

Speaking of which, the design of the place was totally unlike an imperial palace, rather, it looked more like those castles in the middle ages.

The metal bars of the gates looked old, though it looked like there were no attacks for a long time, as the bars did not have any scars from battle.

Although I’m not sure if it’s because an RPG world… No no, after leaving the Beginners’ Village, the realism of the world became stronger. If not for the non-scientific battle system and the HP bars on top of everyone’s heads that kept reminding me that this is not my original world, I would have been seriously confused.

However, it is definitely wide in the castle. There are many rows of golden armor and swords, and they are probably all made of pure gold. Also, the silver cutlery and plates at the side, along with those decorative paintings, are probably pretty valuable.

If I can touch them, I might be able to transfer them into my ring. However, the security here is too strict. If I am caught in my act, it might not end well.

The guards outside are LV 8. Inside the castle, all the guards are at least LV 10. If I am attacked by all the guards at once, I might not even die with my entire body intact!

However, my other two companions seem to be rather relaxed. One of them was a noble, and the other was a strong Magician. In this country, they were probably being treated with respect, huh?

“Speaking of which, even if we meet the king directly, I still don’t even know what we’re transporting.”

“Even if that is so, I still have to report to the king. Because my grandfather and the rest…”

Irlin furrowed her brows as she said.

“… You’re right.”

I nodded.

The amount of deaths caused by their acts were probably not small. Even if the nobles are known to belittle the rest of the citizens, to think they would burn down an entire inn…

Ah, if I have the chance to visit that city again, doesn’t that mean I won’t be able to stay at an inn to recover my vitality anymore?

But reconstruction should be quick right?

After pushing open the last door in the hallway, I could see a large hall in front of me.

Woah! I suddenly felt a domineering aura being directed at me. Also, in my line of sight, I could see several pink markers, what are these? Warning markers? Or are they only probing me? Since hostile enemies are usually marked red…

When I looked at the side with the corner of my eye, I was stunned. A LV 13 bodyguard… That’s too scary!

And after looking at the king in front of me, I found out he was actually LV 15!

Are you sure this guy is really a king, and not a demon king?

Silesveir Mitchell, this is definitely the longest name I have seen since I came to this world.

Silesveir Mitchell ??? LV 15 [???] [???] [???]

And what’s wrong with this weird situation! Everything about him is hidden!

A blue armor, a red cloak, and golden hair. Right, I must also add his sword scar on his face. Are you guys really sure he’s not a demon king? Really?

“I have been expecting you for quite a while…”

The moment we went in, Silesveir started talking to us.

After that, he raised his hand, and a blue item flew out from Irlin’s hair. It looked just like a hairpin.

The item flipped twice in the air, and it’s form changed into a key.

So it was hidden like that, no wonder I could not find it…

“Very good! With this, I can finally embark on my journey for world domination! Hahahahaha!”

After receiving the key, the king started laughing maniacally.


Dale and I looked at each other.

“Did we perhaps choose the wrong questline?”

“No no no, no matter how I see it, this is the main questline…”

Title Unlocked: [Envoy of War]
When in war, there will be no accumulation of crime points. EXP obtained will also double.

The same title appeared beside Dale’s name, which also once again confirmed that this guy was the same as me – an otherworlder.

Chapter 12: King? Demon King?

The man sitting on the royal seat quickly dispelled his exhilaration, and looked to our direction.

“Oh right, where’s Klaus? Why is he not here?”

“My king, when we were on our way back, we were attacked several times by a group that tried to steal that key. When we were in the previous city, we were almost caught. If not for Fir and Mr. Dale, I would have already been in enemy’s hands. However, Grandfather and the rest went missing in the previous attack. So…”

“I see, they are most likely my brothers’ forces. After all, they would definitely want to obtain this key as well.”

“That’s why, if it’s possible, please…”

“Of course, I will send my men to rescue Klaus and company, so please be at ease. Also, you people have worked hard, so you definitely have to be rewarded. That’s right, Knight Irlin, recently, the position for the Captain of the 7th Knight Squadron has been opened. I hereby order you to take that post!”

“Eh!!? That… I…”

“What is it? Unless you’re unwilling?”

The king made a teasing expression. Although Irlin looked nervous, she was actually really happy inside.

“Of course not! I will gladly take up the post!”

After saying that, Irlin bowed.

“Very good. Then, go take up your post right away. Because things will get pretty busy really soon.”

“Eh? That…”

Irlin looked at me, and revealed a very complicated expression.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let him die.”

Dale said as he waved to Irlin.

“Alright, I understand.”

After that, Irlin once again bowed to the king, and left the hall.

A few moments later, the king spoke up again.

“Pray tell, Dale, if I’m not wrong, you belong to the faction of one of my brothers. Why did you help me out this time?”

“This might sound silly, but I was only helping out a friend of mine.”

Saying that, he looked at me.

“However, if there’s a reward or anything, then I will gratefully accept it.”

“Hahaha, interesting! It’s been such a long time since I heard something so amusing. Very good, very good! You must be bored being a Vice President. From now on, you shall be the President of that facility. Also, I will provide you the 100,000 gold research expenses that you asked for.”

“I’m very grateful!”

Dale bowed with a smile.

“As for you…”

This time, the demon king… no, the king stood up from his royal seat, and in an instant, appeared before me.

So fast! As expected of someone that’s twice my level! This speed is really frightening!

“Who are you?”

Hey hey! Don’t ask things like that with a stern look! If you want to know, just ask! Your stunt almost made my heart skip a beat!

“This is an old friend of mine, Lin Fir. I met him a long time ago. When I saw him with Irlin the other day, I was shocked for quite a while. In the end, I decided to help him.”

“Oh, Fir, is it?”

The king inspected me for a while, before speedily returning to his seat.

Are you trying to show off your speed to me? Go participate in a 100m relay or something!

“I’m really grateful to you for protecting Irlin, otherwise, this key might not be able to return to my side. After all, if not for you, Dale would probably not give Irlin his aid. Hohoho, very good. In the end, you still did contributed quite a bit. So, what is it that you wish for? An official position? Money? Or is it treasure?”


I replied unhesitatingly.


Even the king was surprised by my speedy answer. He looked at me blankly for a while, before laughing out loud.

“Hahahaha! Interesting, interesting! If that’s the case, then I will grant you your wish! Henry!”

“Yes, my king.”

A man from the sides walked out. The black robe he wore was similar to Dale’s.

Is it really an exclusive attire to magicians?

Henry Falter ??? LV 13 [???]

It was a shame I could not judge from his class, since it’s hidden.

“Bring Fir to the treasury and present him a 500,000 gold card.”



Dale’s eyes suddenly grew wide, and was looking at me with a moody expression.

“Why are you getting more money than me…”

“You ranked up to President as well, so stop complaining.”

After that, I followed the man called Henry to the corridor.

Chapter 13: Completing a Main Quest Sure is Rewarding


EXP Received: 50,000
Money Received: 10,000 Gold
If there’s additional amount of money to be received, please receive the money personally.

As you have triggered the questline “World Conquest Campaign”, your future actions will determine your intimacy with other countries. Currently, your intimacy with Mitchell Kingdom has already reached the maximum limit.

Received Title: Majestic Mitchell Citizen.
Friendliness with all Mitchell citizens increased by 50%.

You leveled up!
Current LV: 8

You leveled up!
Current LV: 9

You leveled up!
Current LV: 10

As expected, EXP obtained from completing a quest like this is large. However, compared to the high levelled Dale, 50,000 EXP must be a small sum to him.

“Alright, we’re here.”

The man named Henry brought me to the front of a large metal door. He then knocked on the hole at the top three times.

After that, from the hole came a blue light, the plate covering the hole was shifted to the top.

“500,000 Gold.”


A short reply was given from inside, and within 5 seconds, a card was handed out.

Although I was a little surprised, but, since there were things like an identification certificate, then a credit card should not be that much of a surprise at all.

“Alright, here is your reward…”

Saying that, he passed the card over to me.

I brought my two hands out to grab the card, but I could not pull it out of his hands.

He did not let the card go at all.

I looked at Henry with uncertainty, but he actually let out a sigh.

“Why did you have to bring that thing back?”

“Hah? Why?”

“This country has not seen wars for a very long time. Why did you have to incite a war again? Why?”

The guy was trembling as he spoke.

“Even if you ask me, I didn’t even know what that thing was…”


He finally let go of the card.

“Go. Even though you were one of the people that started the war, you did not do it deliberately. Go, leave Mitchell Kingdom. Otherwise, you will be trapped in the torrents of war. Human lives are very fragile, you see.”

After saying that, he turned and went back the way he came from.

I wanted to follow after him, but I was stopped by a grasp on my shoulder.

“Let’s go. We need to have a nice long chat, right?”

After turning my head to look, I realized it was Dale.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Chapter 14: This Guy is a Chuuni Magician


At the edge of the capital was where Dale’s underground laboratory was located. Dale and I were chatting inside.

Although I’m not one to judge others’ preferences, but, this little room that is filled with gold coins is a little too weird.

There were stools and tables made out of gold coins, and there was also a weird lighting device… Doesn’t this guy feel that it’s a little blinding?

“So you’re saying, you don’t know the reason for why we’re in this world either?”

Risking the danger of blinding my own two eyes, I squinted my eyes as I asked.

“Yes. I only know that I was a physicist in the past. Other than that, I can’t remember anything else, even my name.”

“Is that so… Though, you’re better off than me. I’m only a student previously, so I don’t have that… creativity. I can’t believe you made that electromagnetic device that reduces speed.”

“Hahahaha, that thing…”

Dale looked at the papers filled with his rough sketches on the floor, and then continued.

“I call that the Chant Number of Super Physics!”

“Hey hey hey! You bastard, you’re actually copying that weird title system with that weird naming style of yours, right!?”


Dale shrugged.

“In any case, other people can’t see it, right?”

Did this guy work in a fraud company previously? His proficiency of copying is just…

Speaking of which, just where did this guy come from… From top to bottom, this guy has a blonde European look.

And it was that super handsome type… Oh, why! Although I can’t remember how I looked previously, so I’m not sure if I currently have the same look as before. But…

Since it’s an RPG, at least give me a handsome face! Although I do look suave, but it wouldn’t kill to be more handsome, right?

Oh well, I should get some useful information first.

“… Alright. Speaking of which, what’s with your title? That [Neutral].”

“Oh, I don’t know. I only invented some weird equipment, and sold them to countries who bid the highest prices for them, and then it became like this.”

“No wonder. This system is very fair, you know? Even if you hide your actions, it will still automatically judge your actions and motives. Since you serve anyone, you will obviously turn neutral.”

“I see…”

“But, were you neutral since your days in the Beginners’ Village?”

“Yep, you’re right. I invented a camera and took a picture of the scandal involving a woman and her neighbour.”

This guy made a camera? Physics… I see, using a homemade photographic film?

“Hah? Even with that, you shouldn’t be…”

“Because their scandal is also something I planned.”


This guy is too dangerous, too scary. To think he would play with the feelings of NPCs.

“Well, since they were NPCs, I wanted to test their level of AI. I didn’t expect them to be that high though.”

“You’re right. There was still a certain discomfort in the Beginners’ Village, but ever since I came over here, the people here no longer have the feeling of NPCs in an RPG. But, your camera…”

“Ah, that thing…”

Dale went out of the room. After a while, he came back with a thing resembling a square box.

He threw the thing over and said.

“Inside is a magic crystal that can store energy. After absorbing enough light, I installed it into a structure of an image recorder I made, and it was then able to record images… However, you can only use it once. I will give this to you. If you see something interesting, make sure to take a picture of it.”

“Thank you…”

This thing… If I were to use it in the women’s bath, it will be of good use, wouldn’t it? Hohoho…

“So, what are you plans?”

“Plans? Obviously to wait for war to happen, so that I can grind some levels.”

“Is that so… But I feel that this questline is a little vague… What if the quests do not appear even after a few years? Should we level up a few more times and kill the king?”

Dale stunned for a moment after hearing my words, and then he let out a smile.

“Hahaha! That isn’t impossible! But when you’re at my level, you need 1,600,000 EXP to level up. If we were to grind on monsters, how long do you think it will take?”

“1.6 million…”

I began to feel light-hearted when I heard it.

The most scary part about RPGs was the grinding… Sometimes I really feel like puking from grinding the same few monsters over and over again…

“Alright, since both of us obtained the title [Envoy of War], then we will obtain double the EXP during war. Then we should be able to form a party during war, right? It will be more efficient that way.”

“You’re right! Speaking of which, what’s your class? Join my magic institute! Then we will be able to form a party at any time!”


Speaking of which, my class is “No Class”. Although I don’t know why I can still learn skills without a class of my own, but whatever.

“I’m a Magic Knight. So, I should be able to learn magic.”

“Magic Knight… Interesting! No wonder I can’t identify your class…. To think it’s something weird… By the way, what’s your elemental type? I will find some magic skill books for you. Then, you should be able to get stronger!”

“Magic skill books!”

This is wonderful! I almost forgot about it, but being able to obtain skill books is the first step! If had I remembered, I would have asked the King for some skill books! There might have been hidden skills being kept in the treasury!

Such a pity.

Chapter 15: It Seems I can Learn any Magic


Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!
Current LV: 3
Resistance increased by 30 points.

What the hell, once again, the system did not forget to drop a retort on me! That bastard!

“Are you performing an act or something? Why were you suddenly happy, then a little angry, and then frustrated…?”

Dale asked weirdly.

“Ah? Hahaha, it’s nothing. That… I should be an ice-type.”

After saying that, I took out my Knight Sword, and used my Ice Sword Summon.

A blue sword once again appeared in my hands. The sword was enveloped in a faint light, and a cold air slowly spreaded to my arm.

“Oh, Enchantment-type Magic? If you’re able to enchant it on a sword, what about other weapons?”

“I haven’t tried it out yet.”

“I see…”

Dale pondered for a moment, and then ran to the next room. After a good long while, he took out a small box.

“This is… something I found that is closest to a gun.”

He took the box and pointed it at a candle a good distance away. With a puff, the candle split into two pieces instantly. A miniature sword was stabbed into the wall.

“That’s a hidden weapon, right?”

“You try.”

After dispelling the magic sword in my hand, I took the box.

I tried using the method of activating the Ice Sword Summon in my mind.


“No effect?”

I said as I threw the box onto the table.

“Oh… So it can only be a sword?”

Dale said with a pity.

“That’s not certain yet… From the looks of it, that item did say that it was not enchantable. That’s probably why.”

“Not enchantable, is it… Alright, then I will pass you some magic skill books first.”

In this case, he managed to find them instantly from inside a cupboard.

“This is Basic Grade, Intermediate Grade and Advanced Grade Ice Magic respectively. You can learn them from just opening them, right?”


I picked up the 3 books, and flipped them open. After a while, the system window opened.

Elementary-Grade Ice Magic Spell: Ice Arrow
Current LV: 1
Proficiency: 0/10
30MP per use
Next Spell unlocks at LV 3.

Intermediate-Grade Ice Magic Spell: Ice Castle
Current LV: 1
Proficiency: 0/10
100MP per use
Next Spell unlocks at LV 5.

Advanced-Grade Ice Magic Spell: Ice Meteor
Current LV: 1
Proficiency: 0/10
300MP per use
Next Spell unlocks at LV 10.

“This is so convenient…”

“You’re right, since it’s an RPG.”

Dale shrugged.

“Then if you have the chance, remember to level up your skills. This will increase your ability and the strength of your spells.”

“You’re right… But, before war starts, we should find something else to do. Or else, it will be boring.”

“I have a proposal.”

Dale said with a smile.

“I was afraid to go alone before, but with 2 people, then that resurrection scroll can be of use.”

“Resurrection scroll!”

I immediately rushed in front of him.

“There’s actually something like that!?”

“Of course…”

Dale was a little shocked as he looked at me.

“Isn’t it normal to resurrect in an RPG?”

“… You’re right.”

He was right. It’s normal to resurrect in an RPG. But, since I came into this world, I felt that dying was still dangerous.

“But, you said earlier… that it can only be used with 2 people. What’s the problem?”

“That… Because the resurrection scroll can only be used on someone else. Also, this thing is expensive. The NPCs here… How do I put it… Even though they are AI, I can’t trust them. What if they take my resurrection scroll and run off?”

“I see… Oh right, what happens if we die without a resurrection scroll?”

“Who knows…”

Dale helplessly shrugged.

“Something that dangerous is something I won’t risk my life for.”

“Is that so…”

Looks like all of us don’t have that experience…

“But, where are you planning to go?”

“Ah, that…”

Dale mysteriously laughed, and took out a map.

“This is something I got off the black market. Those people can’t even understand these words, but for some weird reasons that I can’t comprehend, I’m able to understand them… This is a map of a three-floored underground dungeon below the capital!”

“An underground dungeon…”

As expected, if there isn’t a dungeon to grind in, it won’t be like an RPG at all.

Chapter 16: Was this Dungeon Meant to be an Amusement Park?


During the night, Dale and I hopped out of the window and onto the rooftop.

Dale designed a Stealth Magic called “Shade”, and we used it to speedily climb up the rooftop, and headed for the entrance that’s labeled on the map.

The capital was very quiet in the night, which was different compared to RPGs where there were almost no difference in the level of activity between day and night. The people here still have to sleep at night. As expected, the level of AI here is higher compared to regular games.

“Whenever I come out at night, it feels like I’m playing those sneaking type of games.”

Dale softly whispered, as he surveyed the nearby area carefully.

Two guards, who were level 12, were patrolling the streets. When they made a turn at the next junction, Dale pulled me as we jumped onto the rooftop of the next building.

“Hey hey, my hand hurts! Don’t grip it too tightly!”

“It’s not like your hand will tear off! We’re almost there!”

Saying that, Dale immediately hopped off the rooftop, and landed on the courtyard.

The courtyard looked like it was untouched for a long time. I can’t believe that such a place exists in the capital. Was it abandoned, or was it left like this on purpose?

“Let’s go.”

I followed after Dale as we carefully cross the courtyard, and reached an area beside the artificial green mound at the center. The mound was actually displaced, and a small entrance was there.

“Hurry up!”

I nodded, and quickly followed after him.

After entering the passage, Dale lighted up a torch, and closed the door we came from. He then lead me to the passage that headed underground.

It was a straight staircase that stretched endlessly downwards. The staircase was made out of stone slabs, and there were small line of cracks on their surfaces. This place was probably quite old.

Every few steps, there were torch candle stands on the wall. However, since the wax of the candles were all used up, they were impossible to light up.

“How many times have you came here?”

“This place? Well…”

Dale thought for a moment.

“This is my third time. However, I only explored the first floor. I never dared to venture further than that.”


While we were still conversing, we almost reached the bottom of the stairs.

As we approached the bottom, a large hall that stretched far and wide appeared before their vision. The light on Dale’s hand was not strong enough to allow them to view the walls of the hall.

However, the reason why I was lead to the conclusion that the place was a hall, was because of the different floorings of the place. Rather than the rough stone slabs, the floor was made with a rather exquisite and smooth material, and there were no visible cracks. The exquisite flooring stretched to the darkness, and it looked very high-class.

“Because the level of the monsters at the further floors are just too high.”

Before he could finish, the hall began to tremble, and it felt like something was approaching from afar!

Before we could see the figure of the enemy, its HP and Name slow revealed itself in the darkness.

Soft Soil Worm LV 10 30,000/30,000
A monster that evolved from a worm. It likes to be in the dark, and is enraged when there’s presence of light.

“Hey hey hey! What is this! I can actually see its HP Value?”

“Oh? You don’t know? Other than the HP bar, a monster’s HP can be seen numerically.”

After saying that, a blue lightning appeared from Dale’s hands, and it struck fiercely onto the Soft Soil Worm.

The number -2354 appeared above the monster, and it’s body which was charging towards us stopped.

It was not an insult to call it a worm. It has a length of about 5 meters, and it was like a largely magnified centipede. Various sharp thorns formed its mouth, and its eyes and organs were not visible.

Even though it stopped, Dale did not stop his hands. Even though I do not know what magic he used, but a blue electric current enveloped his entire body.

He put down the torch onto the ground, and a second later, his figure disappeared from that spot. He transformed into a real lightning and rushed head-on towards the Soft Soil Worm. I could not see his movements, I only knew that he disappeared from beside the torch, and he reappeared in front of the Soft Soil Worm.

The Soft Soil Worm did not stop struggling, and attempted to trap Dale by binding him with its body. However, before he could finish its action, a blinding lightning was released from Dale. He wielded a blue staff and there were balls of lightning being formed around Dale’s body.

The lightning spheres surrounded and fell onto the Soft Soil Worm as it wriggled. A string of numbers appeared above the monster’s head, and its HP went down to 0.

A burnt smell entered my nose, and I could not help but sneeze.

When I once again raised my head up, the Soft Soil Worm was already burnt into black ashes, and its original figure could no longer be distinguished. It then slowly disappeared into the darkness.

Soft Soil Worm LV 10 defeated.

Party EXP Received: 4,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Shattering Teeth

As expected of a level 10 monster. Even though I was in a party, I still received 4000 EXP. If I was the one who dealt the last blow, I wonder how much EXP I would have gotten? However, I still earned from this.

“Let’s go, this is still only the entrance. There are more troublesome things later.” Dale picked up the torch, and proceeded forward.

Ten minutes later, I realized he was telling the truth. And it was not a laughing matter.

Chapter 17: I Hate Entering Unexplored Dungeons


After moving forward for about half a minute, a row of weirdly designed doors appeared before us, and according to my RPG knowledge, if I’m not wrong, one of them should be the instance dungeon’s entrance.

Geez, why did it have to be the type that’s hard to immediately distinguish!? It would have been better if it was a riddle or something. The only way in is to bet our luck, and it’s so troublesome!

“Let’s go.”

Dale led me to one of the doors in the middle.

“How do you know the correct door?”

“Obviously, I tried them one by one. This is already quite an easy dungeon design. Every wrong door will spawn a similar monster as the one earlier. I should let you know that the first time I was here, I was only level 11. Even if it was that monster from earlier, it took me half an hour to kill it then, and I had to use several recovery potions.”

So this guy has been grinding this dungeon with potions? That is some god-like perseverance…

“So you’re implying the monsters further in are much stronger?”

Just to prepare myself, I asked him.

“On the second floor, the monsters there are even stronger than me.”

They are actually stronger than Dale? What the hell is that? Dale is a level 15 existence. If it’s a monster that exceeds level 15, then wouldn’t I simply turn into food for the monsters there?

“Fortunately, this dungeon is still within the compounds of the capital. When you die, theoretically, you should resurrect at the cathedral. I guess this is a benefit of a low level dungeon.”

“Hey hey hey, that’s still wrong right? Even if we resurrect, what happens to our previous body? Will it be transferred instantly? Or will only the soul leave the body? If the body remains, wouldn’t it be susceptible to different kind of hardcore and shameful plays?

If it’s just a single person, it will still be fine. However, if a party is formed, and you see your party members get OOXX by monsters, you will definite puke, right?


I’m not implying anything with the OOXX, however, it could still happen.

“This is definitely not for low level players right… This is just too much!”

I objected.

“Hahaha, if you don’t work, you won’t get anything in return. According to the map, this dungeon has three floors. If we are able to reach the last room, we should be able to get some strong equipment.”

“Eh, what’s with this situation where we don’t have any prior information on this dungeon! You should know that after playing so many games, I absolutely hate going into boss-runs without any prior knowledge on them! This is just too saddening and terrible!”

Previously, when me and my friends ventured into a newly released dungeon in a game, we did not sleep for three days and three nights, and the Gaming Cafe’s boss almost had to send us to the hospital…


However, in this case, no matter what, I will be sent to the hospital, right? At least, that’s how I currently feel.

However, since we’re able to resurrect in the cathedral, then is there still a hospital in this world? Or are we the only ones that can be resurrected?

No, if that’s the case, where did Dale get his Resurrection Scroll from? Unless he did not buy it from a shop?

“Dale, where did you get your resurrection scroll?”

“Resurrection scroll?”

While Dale was leading the way, he turned over to face me.

“It can only be made by synthesis. Also, in this world, there’s no such item. Only people like us can use it. You should have bought some items before right? If we were to converse with them normally, we can only get daily necessities. However, if we use our “Conversation” function, and choose to buy items, then the selection of items available changes. Speaking of which, I did not buy the scroll itself. I “conversed” with a certain weird man in an alley, and bought its recipe from him.”

Hey hey hey, I thought that we can only use “Conversation” to buy our stuffs. So we can actually just directly ask them for their wares? So previously, when the storekeeper promised to cut down his prices, but the item window did not show it, it was because of this?

“Hey, have you tried “conversing” with someone when you’re engaging him in battle?”


Dale was in a deep thought for a moment, and then suddenly replied.

“Oh right! If we were to enter a “conversation”, then the opposing party would have stopped attacking! Why did I not think of that!”

“So you’re saying you haven’t tried it yet?”

“Ah… you’re right. Or maybe you can’t actually do it. However, this isn’t a bad tip, let’s try it out next time!”

However, if it’s really happens, then it’s a little illogical… Also, if we were to enter a “conversation”, how would the people at the sides see it?

I can’t imagine it at all. However, I could probably find out the answer later on.

Suddenly, Dale stopped his footsteps. I instantly bumped into his back, and asked.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”


Dale furrowed his brows as he looked at me.

“The dungeon’s pathways seemed to have changed…”



Dale did not say anything else, and pointed at the pathway in front.

When I looked over, all I could see was a dead end. Other than a wall blocking our way, there was nothing else.

“What is going on!?”

However, Dale had a saddened expression. It seems that he did not know either.

And in that instant, cracks appeared in the right wall. Dale grabbed onto me, and without looking back, he ran the way we came from.

In the next second, a similar Soft Soil Worm appeared from the wall. It opened its smelly mouth as it rushed towards us.

“Hurry and run! In the dungeon, it’s impossible to judge its attack pattern! If we don’t run, we will definitely be in a pinch!”

From the way Dale was putting it, it was definitely not a joke. Of course, that Soft Soil Worm would not joke with us either.

In other words…

We’re running for our lives!

Chapter 18: Why Did This Change from a Comedy to an Action Series?


Although I have played several games, and have been chased by monsters several times in games, however, most of these scenarios only happen in horror games. Also, as long as I grasp the technique and rules, even if the opponent is scarily strong, it will still not be able to beat me.

At least, in my case.

However, dodging in an RPG… this is a first for me. And it is in a situation where I do not even know which direction the enemy will pop out from!

Although I do not dare to turn and look back, however, the sound of walls crashing down that is getting louder feels very realistic, and it feels like if I were to stop running for a moment, I will definitely be eaten by that thing!

If it was a regular RPG, then being attacked by a monster won’t pose much of a problem, but this RPG is totally different! When I was fighting the wolves in the Beginners’ Village, I had already understood this fact. If we were to be attacked in this world, we will still get injured, and feel pain! The wolves then created a huge freaking bite wound on my body!

Even though our wounds and injuries will immediately heal when we drink our potions, but if this monster was to bite us with its giant mouth, our bodies will definitely tear into two! We will definitely die instantly! Even if your level is high, it probably won’t make a difference, right!?

“Dale! Can’t you cast any magic to slow this bastard down!? If we continue like this, it will definitely catch up!”

“Even if you ask, there’s nothing I can do! This guy keeps tunneling in between walls, it’s impossible to aim! Without being able to aim properly, my magic won’t be able to hit at all!”

“Can’t you try predicting its movements!?”

“Predict? How am I supposed to do that?”

I helplessly shook my head. I started counting the time it takes for the Soft Soil Worm to tunnel through a wall and reveal itself in the open in my heart.

One… Two… Three…

Every three seconds? Alright!

When I counted to two, without even turning my head, I extended my hand to the back.

【Ice Castle】!

A circular wall of ice was erected on the passage behind us, and at the same time, the Soft Soil Worm came out from the wall at the side and crashed right into the ice wall.


I strongly pulled Dale over, and he turned his head to see the situation behind us.

After pausing momentarily, a large ball of lightning formed on his hand, and he threw it as if it was a baseball.

A blinding light appeared once again, and I was forced to close my eyes. The next time I opened them, other than the screen showing my EXP and rewards, there was nothing left in the passage behind us.

LV 10 Soft Soil Worm defeated.
Party EXP Received: 4,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received : 2x Shattering Teeth

This is such a gracious system. It directly tells me my opponent has already been defeated.

Well, I don’t really have a choice. Unless I have to go forward and stab any corpse I see so as to confirm it’s death? This isn’t Dead Sp*ce, you know? Wouldn’t it be scary if they were just faking their deaths?

When we confirmed our immediate danger was gone, we both took a deep breath.

“So… how did you exterminate them when you alone?”

“Obviously, I ran, and stopped to attack. After attacking, I ran again.”

“You think this is guerrilla warfare?”

“No, I believe this is tunnel warfare.”

Looking at Dale’s serious gaze, I couldn’t think of a tsukkomi. I could only stare silently at him.

“Don’t look at me with those worshipping eyes, I’m not that incredible~”

Dale calmly stated.

“Lend me your hood for a second.”


“I feel like puking.”

Dale’s eyes became white from shock.

“Is there a need to use my hood? It’s so spacious here, unless you’re afraid that you will actually get fined?”

“No, it’s because I’m hygienic.”

“Alright, let’s stop with the useless chat. We should think of a way to find the correct route. If this route is wrong, then this means we have to retrace our steps and find the correct route to the next floor. Geez, why did the passages have to change…”

“Are you sure it’s not because you’re bad with directions?”

“There isn’t even any branches or forks, it does not have to do with my sense of direction, right?”

“Fine. It’s probably because we formed a party, and the dungeon’s difficulty increased, right? That’s why we’re in this situation… but…”

I looked back at the passage.

“It might not be the case either.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Can’t you feel it?”

I closed my eyes and pointed to the back.

Dale was silent for a while, and then he asked again.

“Feel what? A presence of a weakling?”

“Wind! There’s wind blowing over from that side!”

I angrily shouted, and pointed to the direction the wind was coming from.

“When there’s wind, it means there’s an exit! At the very least, there will be a place that connects to the exit! Let’s go!”

After saying all that, I proceeded in that direction.

Dale pinched his nose, and helplessly said.

“Alright… But how did you get that [Whatever Goes] title…? You’re obviously as cautious as a fox… Unless you were actually a fox in your previous life?”

Chapter 19: It’s Obligatory for the Elder to Lead the Younger


“So, you were a meek little animal in your previous life?”

I retorted without even looking back, and continued towards the source of the wind.

However, there was a slight difference to my prediction. The wind did not actually come from the passage we went through, but from a hole the Soft Soil Worm dug. In other words, the monster earlier, to a certain extent, actually helped us.

“Speaking of which, are these walls really okay? They were broken through just like that, and you call this a dungeon?”

“What did you expect?”

“I think this is better compared to a wall made of tofu… Oh, right. The next floor you were talking about, is it right below us?”

Dale thought for a moment, and then he used his fingers to draw in the air, and estimated a distance of three meters.

“From my memory, I walked down a depth of this length when i went down the stairs. In other words, the next floor is about three meters directly below us.”

“Then we should dig our way down. It will be faster this way.”

“Hey hey! This is a dungeon!”

“So what if it’s a dungeon?”

I shrugged.

“In regular games, we have no choice but to follow the dungeons’ designated paths. However, in this case, there’s no need to follow the rules. Unless there’s something wrong with your brain?”

“If you have the capabilities, then dig down yourself!”

“I don’t have such capabilities, so I’m counting on you.”

I said as I patted on his shoulder.

“Why me!?”

“Your level is higher than mine. Leading someone with a lower level than yours is your obligatory mission.”

Dale’s eyes were saying “You bastard!” as he stared at me. I, on the other hand, was smiling wryly as I looked into the distance.

However, it was too dark and I couldn’t see anything clearly. What a pity.

“The hell! I’m not even an Earth-type, so let’s forget about digging. I’m rather convinced by your analysis with the wind direction, so why not we just keep moving forward?”

Don’t you understand that I’m tired from all the running just now, and I don’t feel like walking any further?

Ah, oh well. Let’s walk slowly then. After all, it’s still kinda fun to explore a dungeon.

“Alright, alright. Let’s go. Or else we won’t even finish by morning.”

“Isn’t it because you were thinking of unnecessary things?”

“Isn’t it because you were useless?”

We argued back and forth, and then helplessly sighed.

After moving in the correct route, we never encountered another monster. Following the source of the wind, we quickly reached somewhere close to the stairs leading to the next floor.


Dale suddenly stopped moving.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“These stairs are different from the stairs I saw when I came alone. The stairs we took earlier to the dungeon was the same, they were normal. But this… no matter how I see it, it’s a spiral staircase.”

He was right. Before my eyes are a spiral staircase, unless what I’m seeing is an illusion.

And even if it’s an illusion, if both of us are seeing the same illusion, then this set-up is a little outrageous.

“Are you certain that the stairs you saw before was not an illusion?”


“Or did you w*nk so much that you’re seeing double images?”

“Where are your morals?”

I pointed to the ground, and then to the sky.

“Did it fall to the ground and break, or did it fly to the heavens?”

“No, I’m only checking whether you’re seeing double images of my finger.”

“Stop it.”

“I also feel that my habit of ridiculing others isn’t a good thing. I’m a man after all…” I seriously stated.

“That’s not the problem…”

“Unless you have a problem with the thing in your pants?”

“Seriously, stop it.”


After all that, the atmosphere around us became less tense and I felt a lot better. As i thought, a tsukkomi a day keeps my mind healthy.

“Then what are we going to do now? Head down? Or do we go back?”

“Why do I feel that the first option isn’t that better off than the second one…”

“So you’re saying we should dig our way down?”

“Let’s head down the stairs! Let’s push forward, okay!?”

Dale did not have the strength to counter with a tsukkomi anymore, and proceeded forward. As I admired the beauty of tsukkomis, I followed after him and headed to the next floor.


When I saw the view of the next floor, I started to suspect whether this was actually a dungeon. Dale’s face also told me that this view was different than what he had seen before.

“Are you sure this is an underground dungeon?”

I asked as I pointed at the familiar view in front of me.

“I don’t know… At the very least, this place is different from what I saw before… Unless I really did w*nk too much?”

“Young man, w*nking too much will harm your body.”

“Young man, w*nking too little will deteriorate your mood.”

“Alright, let’s stop discussing about the problems with the things in our pants. Unless we make clear of what’s actually happening, we will probably have problems with our lives in the future.”

That’s right, the structure of the second floor of this dungeon is not the same as any other regular dungeon.

Rather, it actually looks like…

A hospital!

Chapter 20: Even if it’s Sil**t Hill, I Still Need My Weapons, Right?


“What kind of universe-hopping bullsh*t is this? Why is there a hospital here!”

I asked as I pointed at the place.

“Unless we’re actually the main leads for a gag reality show?”

Dale expressed his opinion after thinking for a moment.

“What kind of gag reality show allows you to resurrect when you get slashed to death?”

“Ah, right.”

However, no matter how I look at it, this place is designed like a regular hospital. If a nurse were to pop out at any moment, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Speaking of nurses, I just remembered the scenario from Sil*nt Hill. Unless… we actually transferred to another universe again?

That can’t be right! At least give me a radio and a flashlight! Or else, what am I going to do if a nurse really appears?

Even if there isn’t a nurse, if I were to see an empty wheelchair moving, it would definitely frighten me as well!

After having all these thoughts, I retreated a few steps, and stood behind Dale.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“Why should I take the lead when I’m several levels lower than you?”

“Even if I have a higher level, it doesn’t mean I’m unbeatable! I already told you that the monsters here are scarily strong right? Also, you’re a Magic Knight! In regular party tactics, aren’t you supposed to be in front of the magicians?”

“Bullsh*t. You’re still 5 levels high than me. Your HP is totally larger than mine, and you still have the nerve to have me take the lead?”

“Obviously… I do.”

Dale said with a righteous look.

This bastard is actually so incorrigible. I thought too highly of you!

“Aren’t you a knight? Your defense must be higher than mine!”

“What do you mean by “must”!? In this day and age, other than Paladins, there’s no other knights that can actually fight in melee combat! Also, I’m a Magic Knight! Since I use magic, my defense is as useless as that of a magician! Do you understand!?”


Dale said as he proceeded forward with numerous shields equipped on his body.

I on the other hand silently prepared my Ice Castle magic so that I can unleash it any time.

However, the place looked exactly like a hospital. Be it the decorations and the smell, they reminded me of the hospital I used to go to when I was young.

Other than this place which only had hallways with no doors or rooms, the rest looked normal.

Also, when we made our first bend, Dale suddenly stopped.

“Hey, what happened?”

I asked.

“Umm… No matter how I look at it, I have a very uncomfortable feeling…”

Dale said as he pointed to the front.

I looked over to what Dale was pointing, to the front of the hallway… There was a wheelchair that was totally rusted sitting quietly at the center of the hallway.

“You… Just what are you thinking about~ This is an RPG world, there being a ghost should be a regular occurrence right? Just use your magic and you can exterminate it easily~ Am I right~”

I bitterly smiled at Dale, however… the guy’s face was dead pale!

“Hey hey! This can’t be, right!? You shouldn’t be that much of a coward, right!? You unhesitantly dashed right into that big and disgusting worm earlier, and you’re seriously frightened by a wheelchair!?

Is this guy for real or not!?

“Are you… actually afraid?”

I asked.

“I’m not… It’s just…”

Even if you say it like that, your body has already started to tremble, you know?

This guy is seriously starting to get frightened…

However, I suddenly thought that something was weird, and I looked into the direction of the wheelchair.

“I must say, even if it’s a ghost, it’s still only a monster right? If that’s actually the case, then we should be able to see its name and HP bar, right?”

“About that… it’s not always a certainty.”

Dale said as he continue to tremble.

“If the target has a stealth ability, or is using a hiding skill, then we will not be able to see its HP…”

“Tch, so there’s such a set-up…”

I clicked my tongue, and then looked at the wheelchair again.

【Ice Arrow】!

The air speedily condensed into a single point, and a blue arrow that brought about a chill appeared beside me, and then it drew a glowing blue line as it flew to the wheelchair.

However, the moment I shot the arrow out, the wheelchair actually moved a little forward, and left my predicted attack range!

It dodged? So as I expected, it’s an enemy!

I glanced over to Dale, and this guy looked as if he was already about to faint.


I flicked my finger, and the ice arrow made a turn in the air and flew to the wheelchair once again. However, the wheelchair did not dodge this time, rather, it was rushing towards us!

“【Ice Castle】!”

Immediately activating my magic spell, I pulled the shocked Dale and quickly ran in the opposite direction.

After we ran to a bend, Dale finally recovered.

“Just now… What happened to me?”

“You still dare to ask!?”

The sound of the Ice Castle crashing down was heard, and I immediately used the spell again before shouting at Dale.

“You bastard! Are you actually afraid of ghosts!?”

“About that…”

Dale scratched his head apologetically.

“I indeed have some problems with them…”

“Are you serious? You? As a level 15 Magician, you actually have such an unusual weakness?”

“Shut up! You think I want to be like this? It’s all because of someone that left me a huge trauma when I was young… Now, the moment I think of any ghost-related stuffs, I will lose my consciousness!”

“Luckily, you didn’t venture here when you were alone. If not, you would have definitely died instantly.”

“You’re right.”

Dale bitterly smiled.

The sound of my Ice Castle crashing down was heard once again, I turned and looked, and realise the wheelchair already revealed its name.

Gloomy Prowler LV13 45,000/45,000

It’s hidden status was removed the moment it was attacked, which was a very logical set-up.

“Stop running! That bastard has already revealed itself! It’s only level 13, exterminate it!”

“But… I can’t see it…”

“Are you kidding me…”

We’re currently in a party, and my party member can’t see what I can see? What the hell is this!

“I will help with your aim! You just have to unleash your spell.”


Hearing Dale’s confirmation, I immediately grabbed his index finger and pointed it at the wheelchair.

However, looking at the position of the monster’s name, I could deduce that the monster was not actually on the wheelchair and behind it, but on its left.

Are you serious? This monster isn’t actually pushing the wheelchair or sitting on it, but it’s actually pulling it? You must be sick!

As if it was an arrow, a flash of lightning pierced right below the floating name, and a red number ‘-7,000’ appeared above the name.

Immediately, I summoned a valley of ice, and the monster’s figure was finally revealed.

“You should be able to see it clearly now, right?”

“Of course…”

With a single reply, a ball of lightning of 1 meter in size was released from behind me, and it pierced right through the passage with the wheelchair.


Beside the wheelchair, something that resembled a figure of a human appeared, and then it slowly dissipated into the air.

LV 13 Gloomy Prowler defeated.
Party EXP Received: 5,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Gloomy Soul

To think it could have been killed with a single hit…

Chapter 21: There Should be an Exit in this Mysterious Hospital


“For now, I think you should tell me everything that you’re afraid of.”

After dismantling the wheelchair completely, I helplessly looked at Dale.

“Don’t you dare tell me you will faint immediately when you see a floating spirit next!”

“Are you joking!? Like that will happen!”

Dale loudly protested.

I’m only afraid of things I can’t see! And all this is because… because of my damn sister! She kept scaring me since young, and I’m already near my breaking point!”

“Is your magic only there for decorations?”


Dale hugged his head and struggled for a bit, before continuing.

“Alright, as long as I can see the target, there won’t be any problems. I won’t be bothered by anything else.”


After staring at him for a while, I helplessly shook my head.

“Okay, let’s push this problem aside for now. What we need to know now is… what the hell is this place?”

“This place…”

Dale inspected the surroundings.

“I don’t know.”

“… Please, don’t say that in such a calm manner.”

“Then what should I say?”

“You should have said ‘I’m sorry, I’m retarded.'”

“Why is it only me!? I wasn’t the only one who ran earlier!”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“Are you stupid!? The target’s level was higher than mine! How could I possibly fight it!?”

“… Oh right, I didn’t mention it to you? The stats of the monsters in this world are different compared to humans.”


“Just like the monster earlier, as long your level is not lower than half of its own, you can still slowly kill it.”

Really? I can really take down that monster earlier?

“You couldn’t even kill it with your first shot, how can I take it down myself!”

“You’re telling me in the RPGs you played, you can always kill monsters with a single attack?”

He does make a point…

“Also, the AI of these monsters are definitely near zero. Do you know about crowd control? Do you know how to kite? Do you know how wall glitching works? As long as you have these knowledge, you should know what to do.”

“There’s also aggro management. However, it would be best for you to hold onto the aggro in the future.”

“Don’t even think about it.”

I knew he would say that. However, since I can use all these methods to attack, then the problem isn’t big. The key problem is what kind of enemy will surface. Without sufficient information of the enemy, we won’t be able to think of any plans to fight it.

“In any case, what we currently need to do is to quickly find the next staircase down to the next floor. Speaking of which, did you obtain anything good the previous time you came here? I feel that the items we have been receiving aren’t that good at all.”

When I opened my inventory, the number of items I currently have is so pathetic.

Wolf Fangs, Shattering Teeth, and Gloomy Soul. No matter how I see it, they are materials needed to make tools or equipment. Also, the item information did not state their monetary value, so I can’t judge their usefulness.

“These items are actually useful. Firstly, these teeth are used to make high quality materials, which can in turn used to make equipment with Pierce Defense effects. As for the Gloomy Soul, it should be used for alchemy, I’m not too sure about this though.”

“Are Magic and Alchemy different?”

“That’s right. In this world, magic and alchemy are separated into two classes. Though I don’t know why, but there are no direct connection between Magicians and Alchemists.

“I guess it’s something that was determined long ago.”

“Probably so.”

After re-lighting our torch, we continued to investigate the area.

However, as we did not know how to proceed forward, we could only analyse the dungeon, before making our decision.

Roaming around the large hospital with only a dim light does not give me a good feeling. If it’s a scenario similar to Sil*nt Hill, then I could still accept it. However, this level of realism and pressure is something that a regular game cannot provide. This darkness and feeling of uneasiness, really gives people the creeps.

Also, the structure of this hospital is really weird. There wasn’t even a single room. Who came up with this idea?

Unless, this place does not really have any relation to a hospital at all? Is it because of our otherworldly knowledge that makes us think that this is a hospital, but it’s actually not?

“Fir, look at this.”

After hearing Dale’s call, I ran over to him. When I saw the thing he was pointing at, I realized I was over-thinking this too much.

It was a sign written in Mandarin that said “Emergency Exit”, and it was pointing to the right.

“How do we read this?”

“How? It’s obviously states where the emergency exit is!”

“Emergency exit? But I don’t understand it at all…”

“It’s because I understand Chinese. However, I don’t know what language this world is using… It’s as if I understood the words the moment I came into this world.

“Chinese… Alright, it seems we come from different countries in our previous world. But, since you understand these words, all is good. So? We’re going towards that way?”

“That’s right.”

Most likely, we did not see these signs because it was too dark, however, since we finally saw it, the problem’s solved.

Just which universe did this hospital come from? Geez, and it somehow became a dungeon…

Just when I was immersed in my thoughts, a metal screeching sound was heard. When I raised my head, 2 wheelchairs were crawling towards us. Yep, I couldn’t find a better word than ‘crawling’ to describe their movements.


As I thought, Dale already collapsed on the floor. Fine, it’s my turn.

Hence I entered my first solo battle with a higher level monster!

Chapter 22: A Human Head was Stolen?


The 2 wheelchairs slowly moved to a distance of less than 5 meters from us, and stopped. Even though I can’t see the enemies’ name and figure, I knew that the monsters were prowling beside the wheelchairs.

【Ice Meteor】!

After confirming the distance, I aimed at the enemies and threw my strongest magic at them.

In Dale’s laboratory earlier, I had already grinded the magic skill up to level 2. It’s strength had raised quite a bit, but the burden from using it was still obvious. After only unleashing the magic skill once, my MP bar was already down by a third.

A blue magic circle speedily appeared on the ceiling of the hallway, and blue crystals could be seen falling at an incredible speed from the circle, and they were directed at the wheelchairs!

The blue crystals were like bullets piercing the enemies’ bodies, and even the wheelchairs were demolished from the attack.

Oh my god, is this a magical machine gun? This much power is definitely enough to turn anyone into mashed potatoes.

The enemies’ names appeared in front of me.

Gloomy Prowler LV 14 47,000/47,000
Gloomy Prowler LV 13 45,000/45,000

The blue crystals were still embedded in their bodies, and their figure could be distinguished. From their looks, they could be compared to people that have starved for a long time, to the extent that their bones are showing.


The actual strength of the magic was not how it felt like it should be. Even if the magic was of a high grade, there were barely any effects on their bodies. A chain of -233, -433, -213 were seen above their heads, but they had more than 40,000 HP to begin with! It was useless!

And in this moment, the enemies already made their moves. After shaking off their frozen bodies, the surrounding ice blocks dropped onto the ground, and the figures disappeared in the hallway.

【Ice Castle】!

My next magic was already prepared, and the ice walls sealed the path before us.

“Let’s go! Wake up already!”

After knocking Dale in the head with my summoned Ice Sword, I pulled him as we started running to the back of the hallway.

“Oh? What’s going on?”

“What’s going on!? Enemies are behind us!”

“Is that so…”

Dale turned and look, and the ice wall collapsed at the same time, and I immediately twisted his head back.

“Aaaaaah! Are you trying to break my neck?”

Dale held onto his neck as he protested loudly.

“It’s better than seeing you faint! You instantly blacked out earlier, you know!?”

“Alright, alright, it’s my fault, okay!? Eat my 【Lightning Mines】!”

A purple light gathered in his hands, and he pressed it onto the wall beside us.

A chain of purple magic circles appeared on the walls, ground and the ceiling. The complicated symbols transformed into chirping lightning sparks, and in an instant, they covered the entire hallway!

Numbers such as -2134, -2324, -2345 appeared on top of the monsters’ heads, and their HP immediately plummeted into the red.

“【Ice Meteor】!”

The ice magical machine gun aided in the attack, and under the all-rounded attack, the two monsters groaned as they dissipated in the air.

Gloomy Prowler LV 13 defeated.
Party EXP Received: 5,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Gloomy Soul

Gloomy Prowler LV 14 defeated.
EXP Received: 30,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: 3x Gloomy Soul

You leveled up. Current LV: 11

Unlocked 1 Skill Point. Please choose a skill.

“Skill Point? What is that?”

“Ah, so you’re already above level 10… After level 10, you will gain 1 Skill Point for every level up. You can now choose and upgrade special skills that do not exist in this world.”

“Is that so?”

The moment he finished his explanation, a new screen popped out in front of me. A list of skills with weird names was on it.

The Forgotten Wednesday
Every Wednesday, your body will turn invisible, from 12 AM in the midnight to the next 12 AM the following day, a period of 24 hours. After using the skill 3 times, your sense of presence will decrease by 50%. There will be a possibility of disappearing.

What is this? A legendary peeping skill? So what if it’s for entire day! It feels horrible by simply imagining it! And what’s with this ‘possibility of disappearing’? Will I actually disappear from this world completely?

Ruined Moon
During a full moon, your strength will be 0. As the moon phases progress, your strength will exponentially increase, and your damage will cap during the new moon.

I feel that this skill is a little unsettling… How does the moon actually rotate in this world?

Absolute Area
Within a circular space of 3 meter radius, you will become a God. Once activated, you can no longer leave the space. You will be unable to interact with other people. You will be secluded from the world for all eternity.

This is a last resort type of skill right? If I were to choose this skill, I feel that it will be terrible…

“How are they? They are overpowered skills right?”

“No, I feel that these skills make us lose a lot to obtain power…”

“Yes, I call them ‘sacrifice’.”


Dale wrote this word out in the air.

“Just like how we need to use mana to unleash our magic, these skills sacrifice something else to activate.”

“Why don’t you find a skill that can remove your phobia?”

“Because the price is too big. Find a skill called ‘Lost Fear’, and take a look at the description.”

I scrolled through the skill list, and took a look at the skill’s description.

Lost Fear
Remove the phobia that you have of something, however, you will also lose the feeling of ‘fear’ itself.

“This is a pretty terrible sacrifice… so? What did you choose?”

“Well… I have been keeping the 5 skills points I obtained from level 11 to level 15, because the sacrifices are something that need to be taken seriously. If I were to carelessly choose a wrong skill, then it will be big trouble.”

” I guess you’re right… Oh?”

Suddenly, I could hear something breaking.

“Can you hear that?”

“Yeah, it sounds like the floor is splitting apart.”


When I looked at the floor, evidently, there was a crack that stretched the entire hallway… And it seems like…

It is slowly getting bigger?


The entire floor began to collapse, and before I could react, the ground below me disappeared.

After that, my entire body was already in the air.

“This shouldn’t be happening…”

Obviously, the only conclusion was to fall into the darkness.

Chapter 23: Change in the World


World Warning Notification: As you are under suspicion, please report to the Capital of Mitchell Kingdom within 12 hours. Or else, you will be forced to proceed to a different scenario.

World Warning Notification: As you are under suspicion, please report to the Capital of Mitchell Kingdom within 6 hours. Or else, you will be forced to proceed to a different scenario.

World Warning Notification: As you are under suspicion, please report to the Capital of Mitchell Kingdom within 1 hour. Or else, you will be forced to proceed to a different scenario.

Warning Notification expired. As the Key of War was not found in the capital, Mitchell Kingdom’s main questline “World Conquest Campaign” has been suspended. Battlefield buff removed, the world will now enter a period of peace.

A bounty of 1,000,000 Gold has been placed on you by the Royal Court of Mitchell Kingdom.
Offence: Stealing the Key of War.

Unlocked Title: Fugitive
Reduce the possibility of being spotted by security by 5%.

The citizens of Mitchell Kingdom thank you for stopping the war.
Title [Majestic Mitchell Citizen] leveled up. Current LV: 2

Title [Scapegoat] leveled up. Current LV: 2
Scapegoat Limit: 0/3,000
Title [Scapegoat] leveled up. Current LV: 3
Scapegoat Limit: 0/7,000
Title [Scapegoat] leveled up. Current LV: 4
Scapegoat Limit: 0/15,000
Title [Scapegoat] leveled up. Current LV: 5
Scapegoat Limit: 0/25,000

Unique Quest: “Stop the War” completed.
EXP Received: 0
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: War Scale of Justice

Unlocked Title: Terminator of War
You have a 3% chance of parrying your target’s attack.

War Scale of Justice
Limited Item
Both parties of war can only deploy the same amount of military strength. If one of the parties do not have any military might left, and the user of the scale is in that party, that party will enter an unconquerable state, and prevent any attacks by the enemy. The war will then end in that situation.
Conditions for use: Can only be used when user is with the defending party. Once activated, the effects will only be dispelled when the war ends.

After painfully opening my eyes, what I first saw was not the ceiling, but the floating system notifications that flooded my line of sight.

My body was already hurting quite bad. Adding the news obtained from the screens, I could feel that both my mind and heart taking another blow.

I already had a feeling that I would land myself in such situations ever since I obtained the Scapegoat title. However… suddenly being treated as a fugitive is seriously troubling.

Do you think I’m someone who wants to be a Pir*te King?

“Dale, are you okay? Oh… Where is he?”

After crawling up, I inspected my surroundings, and it looked like a rubbish dump. Excluding the pieces that came from the hospital, there were things like tables, chairs, machinery and glass pieces lying around.

“This is terrible, have I entered another weird scenario? Suddenly separating from my party member and such… Wow, the hell is this?”

After speaking to myself, I finally saw Dale.

No, it is not completely right to say it that way. I should have said ‘I saw a part of him.’

Dale’s lower body was crushed under a wall that fell from above, his face was equally hideous, and his eyes were similar to that of a dead goldfish.


Even if that was so, Dale’s body slowly transformed into pieces of crystals and dispersed into the air. Thus, his body slowly disappeared.

Hey hey, you bastard… Leaving the dungeon like this is against the rules! To think I became a fugitive after he pulled me into this dungeon, and I don’t have any idea on how to leave this place… Dying cannot be considered as an idea, right…


After inspecting my surroundings, there were nowhere that felt like an exit. Also… I could feel that the monsters here were very high-leveled.

Not only that, the person in-charge of AoEs died instantly, and it was in such an ugly fashion… It was truly a tragedy.

Dale’s body already disappeared completely, and at this time, I spotted something lying at the place his body was at before.

I went over to pick it up.

At that moment, I scolded and cursed his entire line of family and ancestors.

It was blue, and something similar to a key. It was some kind of tool… For confirmation, I tapped on it to look at the item’s description.

Key of War
A key that activates the mysterious machine that lie in the underground dungeon below the capital.
One-of-a-kind Item
Cannot be destroyed.

No matter how I see it, this was a very dangerous item… Mysterious machine? What is that? A gundam? No, that kind of thing shouldn’t appear, unless it’s a nuclear warhead? That kind of thing shouldn’t be possible here as well…


In conclusion, it was because of this item I became a fugitive! And just when did this happen!? According to the announcements on the screen, this was already an event that happened more than twelve hours ago. Just what in the world happened outside!?

But from the situation earlier, if both of us were to die here, wouldn’t the key be left here? I have a feeling this is a very important item, it would have been a waste to lose it.

After dropping the key into my ring, I picked a stone from the ground.

I threw it upwards, the stone dropped onto the floor again, and it bounced into a random direction.

Alright, I will go this way then.

Ten minutes later.

I was fleeing at the fastest speed I had ever ran in my life.

That’s right, it was definitely the fastest in my life. Because I felt that I was already beginning to fly.

Of course, there were almost nothing that could make me run like that. In other words, the thing that was chasing me was several times more scary than anything that had ever chased after me before.

When I turned to look at it… As I thought, it was seriously scary!

Although I could not call it a monster, but… It was a weird machine with 8 chainsaws attached to it, and no matter which angle I look from, I had a feeling that it was impossible for me to beat this monster.

Kite it? Freeze it? Did you think I haven’t tried them out yet? My ice arrows only managed to reduce its HP by a dot before getting reflected! It also simply charged through my Ice Castle!

There’s no need for any further tests, right? Even if I were to only get slightly sliced by this thing, I would definitely be sent to the cathedral!

Oh right, one of the basic reasons that I chose to run from this thing was its level.

Cleaning Robot – Prototype by the Cleaning Department (Third Model) LV 25 7,999,427/8,000,000

No matter how I see it, there’s no way for me to win! The level raised a little too much! Just which dungeon floor did I fall into!

Wasn’t there supposed to be only three floors!?

Also, why do I not see the end even after I running for so long…? Just what is this place!?

Argh, whatever. I just have to keep on running…

I don’t want to die, after all!

Chapter 24: First Meeting with the School’s Strongest Trio


“【Double Ice Valley】! 【Ice Meteor】!”

Two rows of magic circles appeared beneath the robot, and after that, as if a blooming flower, a block of ice expanded out.

At the same time, numerous magic circles surrounded it from all sides, and then, a blue rain of bullets fell on its body.

It feels good to have my strongest skill aimed perfectly on my target… Unfortunately, it would have been better if the damage was much higher.

-324, -343 and -344…

Although the numbers looked big when added together, when compared to that thing’s HP of 8 million, it could be said to be negligible!

Why does such a monster exist! This is too despicable! The HP is too freaking high!

Also, I can only use ice magic, which is ineffective against this guy!

Just to add on, I tried to use my combination skill – Ice Knight Sword. However, it simply broke with a single slice by its chainsaw!

It broke! My strongest melee weapon, was sliced through as if it was paper!

The most shocking thing was, my earlier attack had already used up all my MP. Although my MP recovers by 1 every second, if I don’t find a place to rest for faster recovery, I could turn crazy!

Also, I could feel that my body is getting weaker by the second. If things continue like this, the first to fall would definitely be me, undoubtedly!

Ah ah, this is bad. Just what the hell is this thing? Why is it following me?

I only wanted to look for useful items in that pile of trash, and I somehow dug this thing out from the trash!

Oh robot, although I know you would like to repay the debt, but you don’t have to be that hot-blooded, right?

I don’t need a hug, so go back home already!

It is however a pity that this thing does not seem to understand me, and has been chasing me for about twenty minutes!

Just what does this thing run on? Even if it’s not running on an empty fuel, why is it not showing any sign of fatigue at all!

Oh right, is the distance between us getting shorter? Somehow, it feels like it… Unless I’m the one slowing down? Oh god! This is too scary! Heeeelp!

I don’t mind not holding onto the key, but I don’t want to be torn and scattered into a billion pieces! Being separated into multiple pieces… even if my body will crystallize and disappear, it will definitely feel terrible to look at.

No, what’s terrible is to see myself getting slashed into several parts before I die! I can already feel the pain just by imagining it!

To see my internal organs splattering onto the ground, and my fresh blood exploding out… Although I have seen and did such things in multiple games, but to have it actually happen on myself…

Can I quit this game? I don’t want to play it anymore…

However, while I was having such thoughts, the speeding robot suddenly jammed its breaks. Although I was still sprinting away, I still glanced to the back to see what was going on.

If I did not see it, it would have better. When I turned to look, that bastard actually raised all of its 8 arms, and pointed them at me.

A chain of mechanical sounds rang out, and the eight chainsaws were flying towards me at high speed.

“【Ice Castle】!”

Ka… Like I thought, nothing happened? Only 70 points of my MP was restored… It’s impossible…

“【Ice Sword Summon】!”

Taking out the sword I got from one of the men in black at the inn, I enchanted it with my Ice Sword Summon magic, and a blue magic sword appeared in my hands. I stabbed it into the ground and kneeled down, so as to hide behind the long sword.

The chainsaws grazed my skin, and even that light attack caused my HP to drop quite a bit, and after that, I lost my grip on the sword, as it was already broken by another chainsaw that flew over, and that chainsaw pierced into my body.

Undoubtedly, my HP instantly went into the red. My vision became a blur, and my body fell to the ground.

If I die like this… At the very least… my body would not be scattered about… hahaha…

From where the pain was at, the chainsaw must have made a hole in the center of my body, and was not slashed off.


That bastard seemed to be approaching me slowly, and from one of its arm joints, it pushed out a new chainsaw.

Hey hey… isn’t this a little too much? You’re not even letting my corpse go?

I immediately closed my eyes. Even if I die, I do not want to see my body getting slashed apart, as I will definitely receive a trauma from that.

However, even after closing my eyes for quite a while, I never felt the target’s attack. Suspiciously, I opened my eyes, and a green aura appeared from the heavens. After that, colors returned to my darkened vision, and I saw that my HP recovered by a third!

After the green aura, a chain of red arrows flew from above me, and all of them pierced into the robot’s body. After the bombardment of attacks, the body of the robot became red hot, and its movements became sluggish.

The earlier attack was very effective, as the HP of the robot dropped from more than 7 million to about a million. Although its remaining HP was still quite big, it definitely received a huge blow.

“Disappear! 【Slash of the Sinful White Lotus】!”

A white sword slash blitzed past me, and a second later, that robot was already split into 2, and collapsed onto the ground.

Cleaning Robot – Prototype by the Cleaning Department (Third Model) defeated.
Defeated by a non-party member.
EXP Received: 1,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Robot’s Soul Core

The amount of items I got were not much, however…

“So cool…”

This skill which slashes apart an enemy with a single strike is my favourite type of skill. To be able to see such a skill being used at such a close distance is seriously too cool! If I can use it myself, it will definitely feel so much better!

The person who unleashed this skill seemed to have heard me, and turned to look at me. After clicking her tongue, she leaned against the nearby wall.

She had short white hair, and wore a fully-suited armor that shone with a brilliant white light, and it revealed a hint of dignity. Her expressionless face was like a shining crystal, and she gave an icy beauty vibe.

“Hey~ Kid, if you were to fall for Big Sis Yybril you will definitely meet a bad end~”

After hearing a voice, I finally realised there were 2 other people standing beside me.

One of them was short, and had long yellow twintails. She was even carrying a bag that was several times bigger than herself. I had never seen the green apparel she was wearing before, although it did look like a combination of a gown and body tights. I seriously wonder how did the designer came up with such a design.

Just like the icy beauty, this girl had a face full of smiles, and I had the feeling of pinching her cheeks. However, I was not a lolicon, if not I would have definitely done it.

The other girl was a teen with pink hair, and was holding onto a staff. Even though she was smiling, she did not say anything. Her robe was red, and the style was similar to Dale’s.

Yybril Saint
Light Holy Knight LV 26[Holy] [Sincere] [Saint Church Disciple] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

Lanya Fournight
Wind Alchemist LV 23 [Kind] [Swindler] [Item Merchant] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

Kelany Momiji
Fire Magician/Necromancer LV 30 [Evil] [Concealed] [Dead Hand] [Killer of 10 Thousand] [Fugitive] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

When I inspected the names above their head, I was shocked. To think they are the strongest in their magical academy!

That Holy Knight must be the tank, right? There’s also a magician that deals the damage, and an alchemist that supports. This is a proper party to grind dungeons!

However… that was not the biggest problem. Disciple of the Saint Church… Item Merchant… and her swindling behaviour, everything about them was revealed. And what’s with that last girl! Necromancy? Evil? Concealed? Dead Hand? Fugitive? Killer of 10 thousand? Just what are all these!? Are you sure you’re a student!?

Do all girls with pink hair have dark personalities? This girl is also smiling at me, and I’m getting a very dangerous vibe here!

“Thank you Ms. Yybril, Ms. Lanya, and Ms. Kelany for saving me…”

In any case, I should express my thanks first.

“Oh? To think you that know our names~ However, this girl over here isn’t Kelany. She’s Falan~”

Lanya said as she pointed at Kelany.

“Ah… I’m sorry, I got her name mixed up with someone else. Hahahaha…”

However, things did not seem to end by simply saying I got her name wrong, as Kelany quickly approached beside me, and pulled me over to the sides.

“Excuse me~”

Her face was still brimming with smiles.

“Why don’t we chat for a bit?”

However, why do I feel that I’m in danger?

No, I should say I’m definitely in danger…

Chapter 25: With Money, People Will Even Sell You Love Potions


“You! Which Bounty Hunter’s Guild are you from!?”

After moving over to a place where the other 2 could not see us, Kelany’s expression changes, and her once brown eyes suddenly turned red. It was a devilish change.

However, she still managed to suppress her volume to the point which only I could hear her.

“What do you mean by bounty hunter…”

“Do you think lying will do you any good?”

A black sphere suddenly formed on top of her palm, and she waved it in front of me.


However, there was no change in the black sphere, which was something she did not predicted. She re-casted her black sphere once more, but, the black sphere once again remained the same.

Hence, she looked at me with an expression of disbelief.

“How could this be…”

However, this girl is definitely dangerous… Is that an item that has the ability to detect lies? So, I can only answer her questions ‘truthfully’? Then, I should just answer her without mentioning the key points.

And her level was the highest among us here. There’s a high chance that she’s hiding her true abilities in campus.

However, I’m not her enemy, and since we’re not enemies, it does not matter if she’s with the forces of evil, right?

“Umm… Please be at ease. I’m totally not your enemy… If I have to tell you the truth, I’m actually the same as you…”

“Hah? You?”

Since she suspected my words, the moment she looked over to her black sphere, I already thought of my lines.

“I’m also a fugitive!”

Falan’s red eyes revealed an even more shocked expression than before. However, after she took a look at her black sphere, she heaved a sigh and kept her black sphere.

“Alright, I will trust you for now. Whatever your motives are, let’s leave it aside, and we will talk later when we get back to campus. From now on, do not call me Kelany, call me Falan! Falan Kosh! Once we get back to campus, just stick with me. Later on, you just have to nod at my every word, don’t say anything unnecessary!”

“Yes… Yes, as you command.”

After stating her ground rules aggressively, she blinked a couple of times, and her eyes reverted back to her original brown. She then brought me back to her party.

Just then, her face was still having an angry expression, but she was able to change it back to a gentle look so quickly! Was this person an actor before?

“Hehe, this guy is actually a close friend of my relative, so he mixed me up with her.”

“Oh~ Is that so~”

Lanya smiled with her eyes closed. After she inspected me for a bit, she suddenly took out several bottles of weird content from her large bag.

“Although the heal earlier was free, from now on, you have to pay for it. Since you have some sort of relationship with Falan, then I will give you a 5% discount~”

Such a small discount… As expected of a swindler…

However, when I took the bottles to inspect them, I was slightly shocked.

Lanya’s HP Recovery Potion
HP recovers by 500 points when used.
Special Effects: Increase Defense by 10 points.

Lanya’s MP Recovery Potion
MP recovers by 300 points when used.
Special Effects: Movement Speed increases by 10 points.

So you’re saying all these potions are crafted by this girl? Hence, they have special effects that strengthen our attributes? And all of them are positive effects, so they are pretty good.

“The price…”

“All of them are 10 gold each. If you want potions of higher tiers, then we will have to return to the academy~”

Ah, so cheap… When compared to the Beginners’ Village, these prices are really too freaking cheap!

“20 bottles of each kind then.”

I took out 400 gold and place them in her hands. However, I’m not sure why, but she was stunned.


She swallowed down her saliva, as she looked back and forth between my face and the gold in her hands.

This continued for several times, before she speedily kept the money in her bag, and grabbed 40 bottles of potion and placed them in my hands.

“Thank you for your patronage!”

Her reaction was already making me feel weird. I looked at the 2 others beside me, and they were also looking at me with strange eyes.

“You little… You sure are rich. Leaving the dimensional storage aside, to think you have so much gold on hand as well. This isn’t good, you know~ It’s rather dangerous~”

Falan said as she approached me. She then leaned against me and whispered.

You better stay low when we’re back in the academy. I don’t care where you stole those money from, however, the people in the academy are pretty serious. Seeing that you’re so weak, be careful not to get eaten!”

“Keh… Sorry…”

Should I say that different places have different perspectives on money? Wait a minute… The people I had met were all nobles, royalties and a king, so they are all pretty rich… But since we’re talking about school… then…

“If you need anything in the future, just look for me. I will craft whatever potion that you wish for. Oh right, this is a list of my merchandise. Please feel free to browse through them. Look, there’s love potions, poisonous drugs, and even memory-erasing drugs! If you want… Ouch!”

Before she managed to complete her sentence, she was knocked in the head by someone. When Lanya turned to take a look, it was actually Yybril who had been keeping silent the entire time.

“Do remember that all these are illegal in the academy.”

“Sorry, big sis Yybril~”

Lanya cutely stuck out her tongue and said.

“Let’s go. Our mission isn’t to save this rich fool.”

After saying that, Yybril turned away.

A rich fool?

Was she referring to me?

“Let’s go. Since you’re so rich, we should help each other in the future~”

Falan mysteriously smiled, and then caught up with Yybril who was proceeding forward.

With a bitter smile, I followed after them.

Chapter 26: Automatic Tracking is Still the Best


“Oh? You got lost and found yourself here?”

I was able to open up with Lanya faster than the other 2, and not long after, we began to chat.

Of course, we were able to be this close that quickly was because this girl was eyeing my fortune. However, this didn’t bother me, after all, it would be wise to have a better knowledge of them.

“Yes. I entered from Mitchell Kingdom’s capital, and I lost my way for quite a long time, before reaching here.”

“Mitchell? Isn’t that a small country in the south? A few hours ago, there were even news that their king wanted to start a world war. That country’s king is really stupid. How could he randomly start a war? And based on their military strength, there’s a 80% chance that they will be destroyed by another country in only a few hours. What do you think, Fir?”

“You… You’re right.”

Right, when I introduced myself to them, I changed my name to Carter Fir. As the name ‘Fir’ seems to be a rather common name, there wouldn’t be any problems if I keep using it.

After all, I am currently still a fugitive, it wouldn’t be wise to reveal my real name just like that.

“Then, for what purpose did you three come here for? And… Just what is this place?”

“We’re currently in some prehistoric ruins.”

Lanya took out a round compass, and after she opened it, the needle seemed to be pointing into a particular direction. Is this an actual compass? Somehow, there’s something wrong with it…

“This is a needle that points toward a particular item. By recording the signature of an item, we will be able to search for items that have similar signatures. The reason we’re here today was… to create our own Society. However, because we do not have the required number of people, we could only apply with the help of our principal. However, for the principal to approve of this, he tasked us to complete this weird mission.”

“So, simply speaking, this is a guiding device, right?”

“To a certain extent, yes. As this thing only points to a single direction, if we were to walk to a dead end, then there’s nothing else we can do~”

“Is that so…”

As I thought, it was this kind of set-up… After all, it’s not possible to have automatic tracking like in some games…

“However, we’re lucky that this floor is only made of rubble, so there’s no problem.”

“This floor…? Unless you girls are not sure which floor the item is being kept at…?”

“Well, about that…”

Lanya looked at the two beside her, and helplessly shook her head.

“Because we are not sure which floor the item is being kept at, we can only search floor by floor.”

Are you kidding me? These girls sure are energetic… However, it’s if like that… the usage of potions… No, this party don’t really need to use potions at all.

After all, they have a level 30 monster in their ranks…

Just when I was about to turn to look at Falan, our eyes actually locked onto each other.

However, she immediately turned the other way. I had no idea what’s she thinking about. But, as she was faking her smile while keeping her eyes closed, no matter how I saw it, she was looking down on me.

After all, I was only level 11, and I was not even half as strong as their weakest link. How could I compare myself with them?

“However, I think I have a way to confirm which floor it’s being held at.”


After hearing my words, all of them stopped walking. Since, to them, at this instance, this conversion topic was very important to them.

“You sure?”

Although I’m not sure why, the one who asked this was surprisingly Yybril.

“Yes. If this needle points towards the target… then, why don’t we do this?”

After saying that, I took the compass off Lanya’s hands, and held it up vertically.

The needle shook for a moment, before slowly pointing upwards.

“It seems like it’s in the floor above us.”

I said with a shrug.

“And I already told you girls that it was behind that wall! But neither of you believed me! Geez!”

Yybril turned and shouted at the other two.

The girl who had been keeping silent suddenly freaked out, and truthfully, it felt a little scary. And an instant after that, she realized she lost her composure. After coughing a few times, she continued.

“In… In any case, we should return to the floor above us. This floor is too horrible, it’s impossible to see anything clearly!”

With that said, she began walking forward alone.

After glancing at each other, we followed after her.

“Speaking of which… Which floor are we currently in?”

“This floor?”

Lanya tilted her head as she began to think.

“It’s most likely the fifth floor~”

“Fifth floor, is it…?”

So I dropped directly from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor, no wonder the monsters here are so scary. However, another reason may be that there’s a huge confusion in the underground dungeon, and I was shifted into another place. After all, this dungeon is a little too weird.

“When we return to the campus, I will let you take a look at my laboratory. There are several items there that you can’t normally buy outside~”

“You mean the section of our Society’s Activity Room that you forcefully remodeled for your own personal use, right?”

Falan calmly dropped a tsukkomi.

“Hahaha, please don’t mind it~”

“How can I not mind about it!”

Wrinkles began to show on Falan’s forehead.

“If my magic potions were to suddenly disappear, I will be seriously troubled!”

“Ah… those… I accidentally took them by accident, please don’t mind about it…”

“It’s impossible… to not mind about it…”

The relationship between these two seems to be quite good. From how they react, they seem to argue often like this.

An academy, huh…

Somehow, I feel that this word seems to be a little far away for me.

Memories of my school are a little hazy. Although I could somehow remember that I was a student, but for some reasons, I have a feeling that I don’t really have any impressions of my life as a student.

And this feeling is slowly growing larger. The memories of my former world are slowly drifting away. Other than knowledge, the things I remember are becoming less and less.

I have a feeling that I might lose all the memories of my former world one day. And if such a thing were to actually happen, I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad.

Just when I was thinking about this, we already reached the staircase leading to the upper floor.

“It’s here. My memory isn’t wrong.”

Yybril said that as she quickly climbed up the stairs.

“Oh, why are you girls not going up?”

Seeing the two that were not moving, I curiously asked.

“About that…”

Falan tilted her head.

“Our undergarments will be seen, so you should head up first…”

Before she finished, with a loud boom, Yybril fell beside me.

Seeing her stiff expression, I felt that it was best not to say anything.

And she immediately walked towards me, took a deep breath, and tried to calmly converse with me.

“So, will you go up on your own, or do I have to throw you up?”

“I… I think it’s best that I climb the stairs on my own.”

After that, I started running up the stairs. I had never climbed stairs that fast in my entire life.

Chapter 27: If I Have Nothing to Offer, I Need to Work


Geez, I didn’t even think of it, yet those two actually realized it, and thus I lost a very beautiful view as a result.

Oh well, those two girls have great reaction speeds, and I’m not entirely sure whether it’s good or troublesome.

“This floor seems to be rather normal.”

After surveying the supposed fourth floor, there were brick walls, rusted candle holders, and a cracked floor. Very good, at the very least, this seems to give vibes of a regular dungeon. If some random and weird stuff were to appear again, then I will seriously have no idea how I would respond to it anymore.

“I agree~ The floor below felt like a different dimension. Although there may be treasures lying around, it would be best to quickly complete the principal’s mission~ After all, we have been down here for 3 days.”

Lanya said as she took a look at the weird robe she was wearing.

This girl is obviously a loli, and yet she still wears such a tight robe. She’s completely exposing her own body figure. I’m not a lolicon, but whenever I see her figure, I get a feeling of wanting to protect her.

“Nene, if you give me a good price, I won’t wash this piece of clothing, and I will sell it to you immediately~”

After regaining my senses, this girl actually appeared in front of me with a weird grin.

“There’s no need. I don’t have such hobbies.”

“Oh oh? Is that so? Even though you were obviously staring at my body~”

“I was only curious…”


Yybril, who was standing beside me, called out.


I have a feeling that it will be useless even if I tried to explain to her. Sighing, I looked over to Falan.

Currently, it’s still best to address her as Falan, even though it feels a bit awkward. After all, I can see her real name ‘Kelany’ above her head.

And her surname ‘Momiji’ sounds weird as well. Even if I want to know about her, I can only investigate about her later.

Suddenly, behind the wall that was in front of us, a red name appeared.

Matching Red-Heart Devil LV 20 9,000,000/9,000,000

Hey hey! What’s with that illogical amount of HP? Why does it have 1 million more HP than a LV 25 robot!?

“There’s a monster, called Matching Red-Heart Devil, that’s going to appear from there.”

“Oh? A Red-Heart Devil? Where?”

“From that direction, behind the wall.”

“【Red Lotus – Red Energy Blast】”

Falan raised out one of her hands, and red light particles began to gather there. Immediately after that, a red magic circle expanded from her fingertips, and numerous red petals fluttered out from the magic circle. Like a storm, the petals flew towards the wall.

The wall in front of us was instantly shredded into pieces, and the numerous petals pierced into the monster.

The monster’s HP instantly plummeted down to a half. At the same time, a white light was slowly oozing out from Yybril’s body.

“【White Emperor – 1 Inch Radius】!!”

I could only hear a sword being drawn from its scabbard, and the shredded wall in front of us, as if drawing a line on it, was split horizontally. And the monster behind the wall… was eliminated just like that.

Matching Red Heart Devil defeated.
Party EXP Received: 6,000
Item(s) Received: Cursed Heart

Cursed Heart (Consumable)
Permanently increases Maximum HP by 1,000 point.
One-time use only.
Side Effect: Usage of HP recovery potions will be disabled for 24 hours.

This is a rather mystical item. It looks rather useful. As long as I eat them in a safe environment, my maximum HP will increase steadily.

The moment the devil collapsed, one of the girls instantly rushed over.

“Hahaha, haha, what do we have this time~”

Undoubtedly, it was Lanya.

Passing through the collapsed wall, I arrived beside the corpse of the Red Heart Devil. After looking at its appearance, I realized the origin of it’s name.

A red body shaped like a heart… Just how did the monster grow to become like this…?

“You did well.”

Yybril walked over from the back.

“This bastard is pretty troublesome. If it spots us first, it will grow shields around its body, and it will engage us in a direct brawl. Although its strength is not that high, it will attack relentlessly once it targets you. And its shields are able to negate both magical and physical damage, it would have been a long-drawn fight if not for you.”

“I see…”

No wonder, and I thought that this heart-shaped monster did not have any defensive features. To think it will only activate when it meets an enemy…


How does this thing move? After all, it’s just a heart, and it does not have any limbs.

Oh, of course, because the thing that Yybril sliced was not part of its physical appearance.

However, if that’s the case, was this thing actually flying? Where does it get the energy from? Magic? If it’s magic, just what kind of flying structure does it have that the monster can equip it?

If I were to be able to replicate the structure, wouldn’t it be interesting? Then I wouldn’t need to walk, as I can just fly to wherever I want! And it’s totally better than riding a horse or a dragon!

And then, Lanya’s complaints interrupted my wishful thoughts.

“Oh? I can understand why there are no shields, since, after all, it did not get to summon them~ But why is its core missing?”


“Yeah, it’s a heart-shaped item. Even though it was here before…”

Heart-shaped? Is she talking about the Cursed Heart? I looked at the item in my inventory. As I expected, it was heart-shaped.

“Maybe some of them do not have the cores?”

“Oh? Even though we managed to eliminate it…”

Lanya unhappily looked at the corpse that was lying on the ground.

“Well~ Nevermind.”

However, in an instant, she reverted back to her usual self.

“After all, compared to this, I found something more interesting~”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“That’s you~ Somehow, you were able to see it even though it was behind the wall~”


She was right… If I did not see its name, I would definitely not know a monster was there.

“And you knew the exact name of the monster… Just how exactly did you determine it?”

“Well… I don’t really know how to explain. Let’s just say it was my gut feeling. My gut feeling~”

“Gut feeling… what a subtle way to describe it.”

Although Lanya put it that way, I could only nod my head.

“As long as it’s useful. Lanya, pass the guiding device to him. From now on, he will lead, and he will tell us when an enemy will appear.”


“After all, you aren’t contributing enough, right? If you act as our recce, then it will be enough.”


I’m being completely regarded as a tool, this is bad… Oh well, so, this is what they call ‘water paddling’, right?
(t/n: water paddling: if someone gives you a certain workload, you will complete that amount of workload)

Chapter 28: Even Though It’s Just an RPG World


“Is this thing anything special? Why did we have to come all the way here to retrieve this thing?”

Following the guiding device, we managed to retrieve the quest item.

However, it did not look useful in any way.

“Just what is this thing…”

I pointed to the irregular-shaped item that Yybril was holding.

“The Ninety Nine Trials.” Yybril answered.

“I will explain. When our principal founded the academy, he placed thirty-three unique items in each of the three underground dungeons below the academy. These items cannot be forged, and their sole purpose is to test the academy’s students. Fourteen of these items have been retrieved since the founding of the academy. This is the fifteenth.”

“I see.”

What a troublesome principal… Is his brain damaged?

“Also, every guiding device leads to only one of the ninety-nine items~”

“Do you mind letting me take a look?”

Yybril looked at me, and then placed the weird object onto my hand.

The Twenty-Secondth of the Ninety Nine Trials
Quest Item
One-of-a-kind Item
Cannot be destroyed
Restricted to people related to Gray Magical Academy

Geez, it really was a boring quest item.

After returning the item to Yybril, I continued to ask.

“Then what are we going to do next? Are we going to walk back the way you girls came from?”

“That’s unnecessary. Lanya, we’re returning.”


As Lanya gave a smile, she put down her bag, and took out something similar to that of a land mine.

After finding a rather spacious space, she placed it to down and stepped on it.

A silver magic circle suddenly covered our entire area, and I had to quickly close my eyes because of the piercing light.

When I reopened my eyes, I was no longer in the dark underground dungeon, but in front of many bookshelves filled with weird ancient-looking books. There were also many papers with weird symbols, bottles and tubes with many different colored liquids.

“We have safely arrived, yay~”

Lanya did a ‘V’ sign with her hands, and she threw her bag onto the floor before rushing over to the door at the side.

“I will be taking a bath~ Don’t peek~”

“Wait a moment, I want to take one as well…”

Yybril said as she followed after Lanya.

However, Falan simply raised her staff, and knocked it on her clothes. A red magic circle swept her from her head to her feet, and the dust and dirt on her were removed.

Such a convenient magic…

“Do you find it a pity that you don’t get to peek on me?”

“What… Not really…”

“As a fugitive, you need to properly admit the wrongdoings that you might have done!”

Falan pointed at me as she righteously said.

Hey hey! Why did you say weird things like that with such righteousness!? Aren’t you a fugitive as well!?

“Even if I’m a murderer, there are times where I definitely must not hide my own achievements!”

“Don’t regard your crime of killing people as an achievement! Apologise to the dead!”

“Tch~ So boring~ Looks like you’re not a murderer!”

“You’re the murderer! Your entire family are murderers!”

“Oh? How do you know about that?”


Alright, it seems that this girl is truly a high-class offender… No, by looking at her [Killer of 10 Thousand] title, I should have already realized it. This girl is a very frightening existence.

However, why do I feel that her personality is on the weird side… She totally feels like an optimistic activist!

“In any case, let’s talk somewhere else.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go to the library.”

She nodded, and headed out.

As I walked along the streets, I kept getting a feeling that I was being stared at… But that was rather natural, as they were all wearing something similar to an uniform.

While I’m wearing normal clothes…

Eh, that’s not right. I’m pretty sure Lanya was wearing different clothes… And isn’t Falan wearing a pink robe as well?


What’s with all the weird stares? The onlookers seemed to reveal an understanding expression when they realized I was with Falan… Unless the 3 of them are actually some weird representatives for the school?

“Don’t mind them. In this school, as long as you have the ability, no one will question what you’re doing. Although you don’t really have it right now.”


She was right. From my inspection earlier, most of the students were around level 10. There are also some level 20 and above who occasionally pass us by.

And it was rather easy to distinguish them. Those who wear green uniforms are usually around level 10 and those who wear red are usually around level 20. There’s also some that wear white uniforms who are level 25, and from afar, one of them could be seen hurrying somewhere else in the floor below us.

Wait a minute… Are the levels of these trio too high that there aren’t any suitable uniform for them?

“Stop looking around, we’re almost there.”

“I’m only looking, what’s the big deal? Geez… Oh, this is a rather tall building, but why do all libraries have to be built with a tower-like structure?”

As I expected, the library here was a tower as well.

The only difference was that this tower was slightly bigger.

The people who designed these definitely have large holes in their brain.

“Hurry up, we have much to discuss.”

Falan said as she quickly entered the library’s large entrance.

“Are you sure… Even though it’s just an RPG world…”

I sighed, and hurriedly followed after her.

– Vol. 1 End –