[RPG] Volume 2

Volume 2: Fun, Chaotic and Unbearable School Life

Chapter 1: The Start of a Happy Academy Life.
Chapter 2: I’m Frustrated with School Life.
Chapter 3: Lack of Main Quests? Side Quests May Make You Cry.
Chapter 4: Princess Michelle.
Chapter 5: Aliyah’s Return!
Chapter 6: Quarrel Between Kids are so Annoying
Chapter 7: I Accidentally… Died
Chapter 8: I Can’t Even Rest in Peace
Chapter 9: There’s No Point in Using Heals on Dead Targets
Chapter 10: It’s Tough to be Human
Chapter 11: Since I’m No Longer Human, I Feel Like I Lost My Human Rights
Chapter 12: To Get Stronger, I have to Grind Some Levels
Chapter 13: Even Though I Don’t Understand Her, She Seems Pretty Strong
Chapter 14: Everyone Has Their Own Dark History
Chapter 15: Entering the Forces of Evil
Chapter 16: The Saint Church and The Dark Mantle
Chapter 17: Happy Live Exercise
Chapter 18: Arcane Live Exercise
Chapter 19: Exploring in the Live Exercise
Chapter 20: Slow Travelling Live Exercise
Chapter 21: Dark Green Live Exercise
Chapter 22: EXP Grinding Live Exercise
Chapter 23: Fleeing Live Exercise
Chapter 24: Mysterious Live Exercise
Chapter 25: Imagining About Elves During the Live Exercise
Chapter 26: Difficult Future Ahead of the Live Exercise
Chapter 27: A Slow Day in the Live Exercise
Chapter 28: Cute Live Exercise
Chapter 29: Convenient Live Exercise
Chapter 30: Lucifer Live Exercise
Chapter 31: Shocking Live Exercise
Chapter 32: Many Deaths in this Live Exercise
Chapter 33: Price-Tagged Live Exercise
Chapter 34: Unfortunate Live Exercise
Chapter 35: Assassination Live Exercise
Chapter 36: Boring Live Exercise
Chapter 37: Phantom Live Exercise
Chapter 38: Leveling Up in this Live Exercise
Chapter 39: Beneficial Live Exercise
Chapter 40: Bittersweet Live Exercise


Chapter 1: The Start of a Happy Academy Life


Early in the morning, my door was destroyed.

That’s right. The one who broke the door was a girl. However, in situations like this, the protagonist will definitely have a hard time, and that protagonist is me.

“Good morning~ Oh? You’re already awake?”

And she didn’t even knock. Just who do you think will be paying the door’s repair fees…

“Yeah, and it’s thanks to the clock you gave me.”

I said as I straightened up my uniform. However, Lanya was upset when she did not get to prank me, as she threw her breakfast on my bed, and raised her hand out.

“Pay up! Double the price!”

“Hey! This isn’t how you’re supposed to do business! And you were the one who sold me the clock…”

“In any case, I’m unhappy! Although your tips aren’t half bad, and I was able to make some money off them, but! To me, pranks are the most important!”

“If you want to prank someone, find someone else… Geez. Oh? What’s with your get-up?”

Today, Lanya was actually wearing the school uniform for a change… However, she seemed to over-dressed.

She was wearing the Academy’s Priest white uniform, however, there were also many school bags of different sizes being tied to her arms, waists, back and thighs.

“I have no choice. There are so many things to sell today~”

Saying that, she even opened up a bag and took out something similar to a pen.

“【One-Time Use – Ice Bomb Magic Staff】, with a charge time of 5 seconds, also…”

“Wait a minute! Are you talking about the advanced grade magic spell, 【Ice Bomb】 that can freeze everything within a radius of hundred meters? And you actually brought it to my room? Stop fooling around!”

“Well~ Don’t worry, don’t worry~”

With a calm expression, Lanya returned that dangerous object into her bag.

“If you want it, please inform me~”

“You should worry about yourself more… If the administrator were to see you selling these things, I don’t think you will be let off with just a detention.”

“I know~”

After that, she slipped out of my room without even closing the door… Oh well, there’s no point closing it, since the lock was already damaged.

“Damn it. I will have to set-up a barrier magic on my door in the future, or else all my money will be spent on repairing the door.”

After I was done straightening up my uniform, I threw all the textbooks needed for today into my bag. I then headed towards the school compound with my breakfast.

Oh right, as to why I’m currently a student, I will have to start from a month ago, when the trio brought me to the school for the first time.

However, first and foremost, I shall explain what happened after I went into the library…

One Month Ago

Gray particles began to congregate together. I realized the rooms here do not have any doors, and they will open automatically when I enter.

And only the master of the room can decide the people entering the room.

Of course, since only Falan was a student of this school, the rights to control the room was her.

“How much do you know about me?”

Falan took a chair from the nearby table for herself, and sat on it.

At the same time, her face and hair seemed to emit a black mist, and her entire look changed.

Black hair, red eyes, and a fluttery black robe. No matter how I look at her, she looked like a typical villain… No, if we were to follow the actual scenario, she would have to appear as a villain. However, as there’s too much freedom of choices, she actually became my party member.

“Dead Hand, Killer of 10 Thousand, fugitive, student of Gray Magical Academy, one of the school’s strongest trio – Kelany Momiji.”

“Tch, you sure know a lot…”

She smiled, as if she was satisfied with my answer.

If she were to know that I was only reading out her titles beside her name that was displayed above her, I wonder what she would think of it?

“As for you… you only became a fugitive just recently, right? If not, I should have recognized you. After all, I know of all the current fugitives that are around my age.”

“Is that so…”

I nodded.

It will be troublesome if I don’t speak the truth here. Let’s leave the news of my bounty aside, this girl actually has a magic that could distinguish lies. If I don’t speak the truth here, she will definitely know immediately.

“My real name is Lin Fir. As I have said before, I’m a citizen of Mitchell Kingdom. However, I took some small little stuff from the King. Yep, something that was found in the royal treasury.”


Before I even realized it, she was already holding her black sphere. After I answered in a roundabout way, it seemed that there were no changes in the sphere.

At the same time, she placed her other hand onto a ball that was on the table. Multiple translucent screen panels appeared and they surrounded the ball.

Amazing! What is this? A high-tech equipment?

“… However, the information I get from the bounty association isn’t as simple.”

She grabbed onto one of the panels and flicked it in front of me.

Lin Fir
Wanted by the Royal Court of Mitchell Kingdom
Bounty: 1,000,000 Gold
Offense: Killing the kingdom officials, Klaus Wood and Ice Wood, and stealing from the Royal Treasury.

And there was a portrait of me at the bottom… Yeah, I have to thank the artist. Because, my looks are completely different from what was drawn!

However, I’m seriously being blamed for quite a dangerous offense. No wonder my [Scapegoat] title gained so many levels. So it was because of this?

“You should know I’m not lying. I don’t kill people.”

“Yep, it seems so~ But, no wonder you dared to spend your money so freely. To think you stole from the kingdom’s royal treasury~”

“Other than that, is there any other way to earn quick money?”

“Massacre an entire village?”

“Killing is too troublesome. I like to be a little more sneaky.”

“Hah? Well, nevermind. I guess this isn’t too bad. As long as you spend a little bit of money, there should be no problems if you wish to obtain a certification as a student in this academy.”

“I’m a little curious as to how you managed to get in.”

“I threatened the manager, and after he successfully registered me, I wiped his memories.”

You have my upmost respect. It was actually a method that fitted her personality and identity.

“Usually, how much do you kill for?”

“Hah? I’m not an assassin, you know? When I kill, it depends on my mood. Around 3,000 gold or more, I guess. What is it? Do you have someone you want to kill?”

Hey hey! You’re totally rebutting yourself!

“3,000 gold. Help me register into this school!”

“No. There are too many procedures for a transfer student! This is not something that can be solved with just brainwashing… It should be at least 7,000 gold, right?”

In the end, it’s all about money! This bitch!

“Look, it’s not like I was able to steal a lot of money, right? 5,000 should be enough.”



“6,000! I’m not going any lower than that!”

“Then 6,000 gold it is! However, can you help me find some magic skill books as well? I just need to borrow them!”

“As expected of a thief, so you’re even into the piracy business? Well, it won’t be a problem. As long as you give me some of your profits. Hahaha~”

My image of this girl was totally destroyed. I wonder how does she keep up her appearances in this school…

“Oh right! I shall help you change your look as well. Even though you look different from the wanted poster, there will still be people that recognize you… Good, I have decided!”

Falan jumped out of her chair and landed on the table. She stretched her hands out towards me, and I began to float in the air.

“Hey hey! What are you doing!”

“Hehe, cosmetic surgery~”

After saying that, several beams of light dropped onto my body,and numbness could be felt coursing through my body, starting from the top of my head.

“You… What did you do!?”

“Hehe, and then like this, it’s about done.”

She took out a pair of glasses from her pocket and wore it for me. She inspected my body several times, and then nodded satisfyingly.

“Alright, take a look~”

I took a mirror off her hands, and I was momentarily stunned.

Who’s this long golden-haired man with glasses! Why does it remind me of some weird elf bastard! Only my short ears were left untouched!

“Hey hey! What’s with this homo-looking face!?”

“Oh? Even though this is a face the royalties like the most, don’t you like it?”

“Absolutely not!”

Unless all the royalties in this world are homos?

“Well~ This is also for your own good~ Right, I will teach you the magic that allows you to change the length and color of your hair. Or else it will be troublesome if you keep looking for me.”

After taking back her glasses, she continued.

“This spell, simply put…”

Just when she started talking, a screen appeared before me. There’s also the description of the magic spell on it.

Hair Manipulating Magic Spell
Learning in Progress – 12%

So I can learn skills like this? Simply by hearing about the skill?

“So, as long as you do this, you can you change your hair. Do you understand?”

Learning Completed.
Do you wish to add this skill to your skill list?

After pressing the ‘Yes’ button, the magic spell appeared in my skill list.

“Yeah, thank you.”

“So you learn pretty fast, huh? Alright…”

WIth a single clap of her hands, her hair and clothes returned to normal.

“Enjoy your happy academy life, boy~”

Chapter 2: I’m Frustrated with School Life


And hence, I became a part of Gray Magical Academy. Although I don’t know how Falan got me my transfer certification, since I achieved my objective, then I won’t mind about it.

Regarding these kind of things, I only care about the results, after all it’s sometimes best not to know about the process.

Also, the library is basically a treasury. There’s all kind of magic skill books there. Although I’m currently only in the Elementary Class, and hence I can only learn elementary-grade spells, but since I can read all the different type of skill books, I managed to open up many new possibilities.

Though, I didn’t really get to learn all of the different types of magic. After all, I couldn’t find any Light, Dark Magic or Necromancy skill books in the library.

Regarding this matter, I have approached Falan before. I then realized that these 3 types of magic do not have any elementary grade magic spells, even the most basic light magic spell is at least of the intermediate grade, and most of these skill books are found in the Saint Church.

Dark Magic is exclusive to the ruling class, as these magics are known to only destroy, they are regarded as weapons and are only taught to special individuals.

Necromancy? Unless you wish to be hunted down by the entire world, it’s best not to learn it.

However, I still wish to learn it, of course.

Once, I asked Falan if she could teach me, but she insisted that she would not do it.

“A newbie like you will probably leak out the undead aura accidentally, and it will be troublesome for both of us if you’re discovered.”

She explained it that way.

Although I don’t know whether I will leak out such aura, it’s still best not to stir things up in the academy for now.

In any case, other than mingling with the school’s strongest trio, I have been keeping to a low profile…

Tch, I can’t keep a low profile if I’m always with those three! Whenever I talked to someone else, I have a feeling they were looking at me with fear in their eyes! Just what the hell did the three of them do in the school!

However, it was because of this that I was able to quietly look at all the magic skill books in the library. Not only that, I managed to learn several Warrior, Knight and Thief skills as well. After all, this is a school, and it should have several basic reference books.

As such, I managed to collect over fifty different type of magic spells and 20 other types of skills. Since I haven’t reached the limit in my skill list, it’s fine to learn them all first.

The only unfortunate thing is that this method of learning does not increase my EXP. In other words, I did not gain any levels ever since I came here a month ago.

Although there are battle courses, however, I don’t get any EXP from them. Though I managed to raise the proficiency of my skills, I did not gain any EXP at all.

However, it’s good to increase my skill proficiencies. After all, if I were to chant out my magic, there are times when it will be unsuccessful. But, if I were to use the skill by tapping on the skill list, it will always be 100% accurate.

Though it’s still very much needed to raise my control and proficiency of my skills, as it’s not possible to tap on the skill list when I’m slashing with my sword, right?

Of course, there’s still one more problem. My magic theory test scores are not improving at all.

I dislike studying in the first place. If you were to ask me to accept and understand a magical world’s logic when I came from a materialistic world, even if I’m smart as hell, it will still take me several years to do so. It’s simply too hard to absorb everything within a single month.

What can be celebrated, however, is that my combat test scores are the best in the class, and there’s no one in the class that can take me down.

After all, I only needed to tap on the skill in my skill list to use it, while the rest of the students had to spend time chanting. As such, I had the advantage.


“It’s my first time seeing a student who is better in combat than in theory.” When the instructor gave me such a comment, I was a little frustrated as I felt that I did something I shouldn’t have done.

In conclusion, my life in this past month is rather fruitful.

“Ah, Fir. Good morning.”

When I was walking to my classroom, I heard someone called out my name from behind me.

This voice… is definitely Shir.

“Morning, oh? Aren’t you supposed to be in your classroom at this hour?”

Shir Vologue. He had green short hair, and was about 168 centimeters in height. He was a level 14 Wind Magician that belonged to the class beside mine. I met him in one of the battle courses, and since he was the best student in the Wind Elementary Class, we fought in a mock battle before.

Although his level was higher than mine, he who was not proficient with his magic could only lose to me in battle.

However, as such we gotten close, and this guy thought I was a magic genius. After all, he and I are different from each other. He is an actual magician.

If I were to put it another way, he’s a nerd.

“Right, fight me again after school!”

“Oh? Even though we already fought once yesterday? You only need to practice on your aim, that’s all.”

Just to point this out, my specialty isn’t this type of RPGs or action games. Of course, even though I have a little experience in puzzle games, my favorite is still FPS games.

As long as the target is in my line of sight, my magic will never miss. Of course, if my target is too fast, then I can’t help it if I miss.

“However, out of all the people I know, only you can teach me how to improve my aim! Take it as compensation for teaching you those magic theories. You should know that your magic theory scores are barely passing, while I got full marks for them!”

“Yes yes, nerd, then I will count on you~”

“Nerd? What is that?”

“Umm… King of studying, I guess I can explain it that way?”

“King… is someone I can’t hope to become.”

He smiled, and then he said with a serious expression.

“I wonder how are you battle scores better than your theory scores. Just how do you improve your abilities?”

By grinding proficiencies… Of course, even if I say it out loud, no one here can understand it.

“I wonder~ In any case, a simple citizen like me will never know~”

Speaking of which, ever since I enrolled into this school, I came to fully understand the concept of class distinction.

The royalty and nobles, even if they are not strong, they are not people that I can simply mess with. If they are nobles from a small country like Mitchell, then it will still be fine. However, if I were to see nobles from a large country with a large population, then it’s best to turn away.

And my current identity is a citizen of a small country called Roth, that is not far from here. So, class-wise, I don’t really have any power here.

However, it’s not really a big issue. After all, there are still nobles like Shir who wish to further improve their abilities. Including my occasional meetings with the school strongest trio and my low-profile lifestyle, I did not have many interactions with the nobles this past month.

However, bullying was still a common sight. Even though I had the feeling to help those in need, the scary high level bodyguards hiding at the sides stopped me from intervening.

Although I can’t see their figures, but it was obvious where they were hiding with those floating level 25s and stuffs that are supposedly above their heads. They are all people that can demolish me in an instant.

“That’s rude, you know? Although there are indeed some nobles that are a little too much, but most nobles still show proper etiquette that nobles should have!”

“Yes yes, not only do they show proper etiquette, but also their large pride, right…”


I have no choice. Even if my relationship with Shir is pretty good, this guy is still a noble.

“Alright, let’s stop here. I need to go, otherwise, I will be late for class.”

“Okay, I need to head to the library as well. I will look for you later.”

Looks like I won’t be able to run away today.

“Alright, I will contact you later.”

Chapter 3: Lack of Main Quests? Side Quests May Make You Cry


When I entered the classroom, our beautiful teacher was already at the podium. As she had not spotted me yet, I quickly sneaked to my seat.

“It seems you’re barely on time again today. Were you doing some late-night studying?”

Crap, I was caught.

“Hahaha, not really.”

I have no choice. If I don’t provide a reason, I will definitely die.

“Actually, I bumped into Shir this morning…”


She stared at me for a while, and then let out a sigh.

“Fine, I will have a word with his instructor. Don’t be late next time!”

“Alright, alright.”

“Take this more seriously!”


After heading to my seat, I took out my notebook and started taking down notes.

My teacher is called Mari Steppe, and she was a LV 26 Ice Sorcerer. Her actual age is unknown, estimated to be within 20 ~ 30 years old. Her 3 sizes cannot be estimated, as she wears a long robe. I don’t know her titles as well, since all of them are [???].

She has light blue hair, which gives a very hazy feeling. It’s probably a magic of hers. However, she usually hides her hair in her hood. Geez, why must you hide it when it looks so beautiful?

However, her biggest fine point isn’t her beauty, but it is the fact that she is a Sorcerer, which is pretty impressive. A Sorcerer is different from a regular Magician, as it is an advanced Magician class. Magicians only use Mana to channel magic, while Sorcerer use both Mana and Spirit. In other words, Sorcerers can use a separate category of magic using Spirit, and regular Magicians will not be able to hold themselves against Spirit Magic.

Of course, our teacher is an Ice Sorcerer, and she specializes in Ice Magic. However, if it’s a duel between Magicians, if the opponent manages to deal a spiritual attack and cause the other party to lose focus, then the rest of the battle will be a breeze.

In any case, I tried getting hit by Spirit Magic once, and it felt worse than a hangover. Of course, there’s a type of Magicians that will not be affected by any spiritual attacks, and they are the Undead Magicians. But unfortunately, there’s only one in this school.

“You bastard! Have you been talking to Ms. Fournights about me again!?”

Sitting beside me was an associate of mine, and his name is Kechjen Kali. He seems to have feelings for Lanya, but a level 13 like him will only be killed if he approaches her.

However, this guy is rather optimistic. If he can’t approach her, why not find someone who can? Hence, he begs me to buy him Lanya’s breakfast every day, and of course, he pays for my portion as well.

Although this guy isn’t a noble, his family runs a rather successful business, so he never had to worry about money since young.

“That girl… only thinks about money all the time. She won’t even make an effort to think about anything else.”

Other than pranking people, of course.

“That’s true… hahaha!”


Crap, our teacher is about to explode!

“It’s not my fault that this guy is smiling weirdly to himself!”

“… Meet me in my office after class!”

“Ha… alright.”

Oh well, even if I don’t go, the moment I try to escape out of the classroom, Mari-sensei would probably control me with her magic.

After giving Kechjen a fierce stare, I reverted my attention back to the podium. After arriving at this school, I finally have a firm understanding of the technological level in this world. That’s right, technological level. This does not include things like Dale’s self pioneered equipment.

In this world, there are actually equipment similar to computers. They call them the Explanatory Device and Information Terminal.

Normally speaking, these two equipment can only be used in the academy. However, it is still possible to buy these equipment off the market.

But, their structures are too big. As such, there are no handheld versions of them.

And behind the classroom’s podium, there is a big screen. Image of magic circles, data comparison and statistical graphs are all showed on the screen. Hence, the lessons here give me quite the sense of familiarity.

Also, the latest technological equipment can be found be in the library. Before, Falan used one of such equipment to check the details regarding my bounty.

With the school as the center, messages can be sent between central libraries in the surrounding cities. Hence, this was how my bounty details were sent here.

However, this does not pose much of a problem, as I did not leave behind any traces of magic. Or else, it would have been rather troublesome.

It’s also not possible to use the computer here to play games. Since the processor is slower than the calculator I had in my former world, it’s totally impossible. And the forms of entertainment in this world are not that high-tech yet.

After all, the peace created by the Western Continent Alliance, established by several countries and organizations with Gray Magical Academy and Doge Military School as the center, is barely fifty years old. Also, there are occasional appearances of war fanatics like the King of Mitchell Kingdom.

Peace or whatever, is only written on a piece of paper. It can be easily destroyed by various unidentifiable reasons.

Eh, I hate times like these. Even after I gathered all these information, the only Main Quest I can think of is to spark a war. Other than that, I can’t think of any plausible questlines that I can follow.

It’s not like a demon lord will randomly appear…


Actually, it might actually be possible. For example, a retarded demon lord may have retired and went off to work, the hero who had lost his objective went off to find something else to do, and the demon lord’s daughter went to work as well, and I somehow chanced upon her. This weird scenario could occur…

Stop joking, this will never happen.

Ah ah, oh God of Main Quests, even if there isn’t any available Main Quests,at the very least, let me have some Side Quests! I want to level up and learn Advanced Grade Magic! Even if they’re not Stealth or Quick Movement skills, at least give me some Flight magic or something like railguns that could get me excited over! Every day, I’m only throwing ice arrows and fireballs. No matter how I see them, they are just cheap-looking magic.

Also, I found some several interesting information in the library. In this world, there are various other races, like elves and beastmen… The rest of the races don’t matter, but I must definitely find myself some elves and catgirls!

After all, when I’m in a world like this, there’s definitely a need to see things that I cannot hope to find in my former world.

Whenever I think about this, I get a little excited. Unfortunately, I do not know when I will get the chance to see any one of them.

Since, according to my information, elves live in the western forests, while most beastmen live in the eastern mountains. And these two races… how should I put this, one of them actually despises the human race. As to why, the reasons were quite obvious, so I skipped over them when I was reading through the information.

However, it seems the areas there are quite dangerous, and I would be courting death if I were to head there at my level.

So, for now, it’s best to take my time to study and level up in school, and tackle this problem later in the future.

“Alright, with this, we’re done for today. I will see you guys later at the battle arena. Fir, follow me to my office.”

“Wish you luck.”

Kechjen said as he patted on my shoulder. I slapped his hand away and clicked my tongue.

“And whose fault do you think this is!?”

“I’m giving you a chance to spend more time with our beautiful teacher.”

“Tch, I’m not so desperate that I will even chase after my own teacher.”

“What if I tell you her actual age is only twenty-one?”


I thought for a moment, and then nodded my head.

“Now that’s what I call a brother.”

As my classmates looked at me with their sympathetic eyes, I walked into Ms. Mari’s office.

Just like Falan’s, her entire office was in a horrible mess.

Oh? I think I just saw a purple lingerie under a pile of books… But I think I should calm myself down for now. I will decide whether i will bring that back once I confirm her actual age.

She… No matter how I look at her, she does not look like she’s only 21 though…

After entering the room, she walked over to her seat with big strides, and then, she pointed to the sofa at the side.

Naturally, I immediately went over to sit. This was not the first time I came over in the past month, after all. However, those office AV scenarios never happened and will never happen. The worst thing that she ever did to me was to run 10 rounds around the field after emptying out my mana. However, it was truly painful when I ran that much without any mana.

“I only have one reason for calling you here today. It’s simple. Win the upcoming Annual Tournament.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem… Unless I’m against a Fire Magician.”

I replied immediately, as ice is weak against fire.

Although my level is on the low side and my theory is weak, however, I don’t really have any problems in actual battles.

“You sure replied calmly… We’re talking about the Annual Tournament, you know?”

Ms. Mari said unhappily.

“Oh, you’re right.”

I nodded, took a few steps back, and revealed a shocked expression.

“What!? The Annual Tournament!? Are you sure someone who just enrolled into this school a month ago like me is ready for such a task!?”

“Alright, alright, this is so fake that I can’t even watch it till the end.”

“Even though you were the one who asked for it…”

Ms. Mari helplessly shook her head. This past month, I already had several retorting interactions with her, and both of us were already used to it.

“I know that you will definitely be fine. However, this time… you will have to form a duo with Princess Michelle. Also, the last hit on the opponents must be done with her own hands. Don’t look at me like that. You should know this. It’s politics.”

“Can I not join the tournament?”

“No, you can’t. This concerns my job. Who else in our class do you think have the same crazy combat strength as you? It’s not much, you just need to win one match. Oh right, before I forget, if you don’t participate in this tournament, I will stick with you every single day, and I will make sure you won’t be able to walk normally ever again.”

With her magic, it is definitely something she can do.

“Teacher, why did you become a teacher? I think you would have no problems apprehending bandits.”

I said sincerely.

“I’m thankful for your sincere thoughts, however…”

She gave me a smile.

“As a teacher, torturing my students is not against the law.”

“Alright, you win.”

My god, isn’t this side-quest… a little too hard?

Chapter 4: Princess Michelle


Princess Michelle, also known as the Snow Princess. This is a name that was rather common in many games, and also, all of them were undeniably cute.

However, as for the Snow Princess in this world, I don’t even see a speck of this characteristic in her.

“If your status is below that of a knight, do not talk to me.”

This was what she said when she introduced herself. From then on, other than in the classroom and when I saw her pass by with her knight bodyguards in the school compounds, I had never interacted with her this past month.

This is bad. I absolutely hate politics and grovelling in front of people. Why do I have to confront both of them at the same time? This test that god gave me is a little too hard, isn’t it?

I can forget about the experience I get from the last hits, but to form a duo with someone like her, form our strategies, and have her carry them out, is the most difficult part of this quest. Also… we only have about a month of preparation before the tournament begins. If you want me to sync with her… unless you provide me a place to grind my level up to 30 starting today, this quest is totally impossible. After all, I’m restricting myself to only using Ice Magic, since if everyone were to find that I can learn all the skills in this world, they would definitely dissect me immediately!

Let’s first talk about the situation regarding the Snow Princess. Michelle Afungus, 4th Princess of the Ice Empire. She specializes in Ice AoE Magic. Based on her figure, she could be considered as a loli. She has deep blue drill-shaped twin-tails. Usually, she wears a short robe decorated with blue crystals, and the patterns on the robe were very intricate. As expected of someone from a rich family, I guess.

“Although I’m kinda forced to accept this mission, regarding Princess Michelle…”

“Naturally, you don’t have to worry about this. After all, this is a direct message from her father.”

“Is that so…”

Weird, usually, as the fourth princess, this kind of scenario only exist for political marriages. Even the most unique scenario would only be something along the lines whereby she has to fight to escape from her own terrible fate. However, for the emperor to allow his daughter to get stronger… This is a rather weird scenario.

But, since this has already happened, then I can only accept the facts and do what I need to do. After all, this is a good chance to break through my current situation and start to earn some EXP.

Also, this is a good chance to deeply understand the workings of this world. At the same time, I might even meet people that are similar to Aliyah, Dale and me – people that come from another world.

Leaving that stupid Dale aside, I wonder how Aliyah is doing? She was labeled as ‘Evil’ from the start, and adding her violent personality, she must be having a hard time, isn’t she?

However, it seems that we are transported to random starting locations after we leave the Beginners’ Village. She might be at the other end of the continent… Oh well. We will eventually meet if we’re fated to, right?

In any case, I should think of a way to solve the problem at hand for now.

“Then how am I going to do this? Based on what you said, the tournament this time is in pairs, then I need to at least have a decent understanding of Princess Snow’s abilities…”

Just when I was complaining to Ms. Mari, her office door was suddenly opened by two heavy-armored men with fierce eyes. At the same time, a voice came from the hallway.

“Hence, I will break my rule this once, and allow you to be the only commoner to be able to converse with me. You’re free to express your gratitude.”

Of course, this girl was the Snow Princess.

Michelle Afungus
Ice Magician LV 15 [Kind] [Strong-minded] [Icy and Arrogant] [Ice Empire’s Fourth Princess] [???]

Excluding her last [???] title, I could somehow get some basic information on her. However, some of her titles don’t seem to fit her at all…

Also, the bodyguards beside her are above LV 20. I won’t say anything stupid like ‘there’s only three of them’, as based on these three alone, they might be much scarier than Gray Magical Academy’s strongest trio.

When she realized my stares on her bodyguard, Princess Snow sighed.

“Dan, both of you, wait outside.”

“Princess… This…”

“Don’t worry, I have my reasons.”

The bodyguards looked at me, and nodded to each other before leaving the room.

After closing the door, Princess Michelle seemed to have heaved out a sigh of relief. She shook her hands about without caring for her etiquette, and with a twirl, she fell back onto the sofa and lied down.


Hey hey hey! As a princess of the country, how could you do such things!? If you pull up that short robe any more than that, I will be able to see your underwear!

“You, don’t just stand there with a dumbfounded face, sit. Tell me what you need for the tournament, or what interference you may need from my side. As long as it does not break the rules, I will help you with the best of my abilities.”

And what happened to this girl? This tone of hers is somehow similar to those that yankees that lurk around in the alleys… Is this girl really the same defiant and cool princess?

“Hey you, do you know it’s disrespectful to stare at someone else for so long!?”

Unless you’re telling me that this is her real personality?

“Sorry, I was a little overwhelmed… I didn’t expect to see the the cool Princess Michelle to behave like this…”

I turned to look at Ms. Mari and found out she was actually giggling.

So Ms. Mari already knew about this? Well, she had never done anything she had no confidence of before.

“Hmph! Do you think having imperial power will give you all the rights you want? Many a times we have to suppress our actual feelings and follow the rules that are laid in place. I have already confirmed your abilities. In the battle courses, your magic accuracy and destructive power are of the highest caliber. Although your body is a little weak, but you are able to suppress your enemies with your techniques.”

“It’s an honor to be able to receive such praise from the great princess..”

“Hence, let’s pool together our resources. For the tournament, just what do you have in mind?”

“Before we discuss about this, there’s something I want to confirm with you, princess.”

“What is it?”

I took in a deep breath, and slowly spoke.

“For this upcoming battle, is it of your own will that you wish to attain victory, or is this the will of your father?”

This is something I need to make clear. After all, if she does not have the will to fight… then isn’t she simply buying a teammate?

Chapter 5: Aliyah’s Return!


When she heard my question, she fell silent for quite a while. This was understandable. After all, a question like this will somehow or rather reveal the state of their country’s politics, and it wouldn’t be too good to reveal it to some random outsider like me.

“If you’re not comfortable with answering…”

“No, attaining victory is of my own will, you should be able to understand now, right?”


Princess Michelle’s expression was serious. Although I don’t know why, but I could somehow feel her intentions flowing out. This was probably what they called a royalty’s aura.

I smiled.

“I understand. Let’s find a time to confirm your battle style, and then move on to forming our battle strategies.”

Though, I’m not sure whether the PvP experiences I got from playing my games in the past will be helpful. Although this is an RPG world, but, the degree of reality is too high that I somehow doubt my previous experiences will be useful.

“Let’s start this afternoon, then!”

Princess Michelle immediately said.

“This afternoon…”

Even though I already promised Shir…

“I will inform Shir, so don’t worry.”

Ms. Mari immediately assured me.

“… Alright, then I will be counting on you. Then let’s meet up later, Princess Michelle.”

I bid her goodbye with a Magician’s greeting, and quickly left the office.

“Annual Tournament? Looks like it’s time to earn money again.”

After I just finished explaining to her about the Annual Tournament, Lanya excitedly shouted out.

“Stop joking around! Aren’t your dangerous magic tools against the rules?”

“Nope~ Every participant is entitled to one magic tool per match. Hahaha, I will be going on ahead to prepare the necessary materials~”

After saying that, Lanya ran out of the Activity Room like the wind, and the door was slammed shut.

In the end, the people in the room were only left with me and Yybril, who was reading a book.

Just to add on, this is a rest lounge created by the academy’s strongest trio. Yes, this place is called a rest lounge, as they only spend their time resting in this Activity Room, and that is the only activity in this room.

Of course, within the student population, they like to call this Society as the ‘Strongest Blue-White-Pink Society’, and this is somehow an appropriate name.
(t/n: Lanya: Blue, Yybril: White, Falan: Pink. Honestly, it sounds better in mandarin.)

“A school competition itself isn’t much of a big deal. However, if politics and business were to interfere in such a thing, then the competition will lose its meaning.”

Yybril said without raising her head. She must be referring to the pairing between me and Princess Michelle.

“I don’t have a choice, and this is the reality of the situation. Speaking of which, has Ms. Saint ever participated in the Annual Tournament?”

“No. Because it hasn’t even been a year since I enrolled into this academy.”

“Not even a year?”

“Yes. As you can see, I’m a Holy Knight, and this is a magic academy. I’m only here to improve on my magical knowledge, and not to learn magic. I come from the Light Church of Cyde, and not from any other schools. Also, I don’t even belong to any class, so I don’t have the right to participate.”

“Then that’s really a pity. If Ms. Saint were to participate, I bet the rest of the participants will not even have the slight possibility of winning.”

“… Can you please stop calling me ‘Ms. Saint’? Just call me Yybril like how Lanya and Falan do. ‘Ms. Saint’ sounds very weird, you know?”

“Yes, Ms. Yybril.”

“The point is to drop off the honorifics!”

“Ms. Yybril, you’re acting up again.”


She shook her head as she diverted her attention back to her book. She’s probably trying to ignore me.

However, I also gave up on throwing retorts. After all, compared to other people, Yybril is more still and inflexible. She lives her life bounded by rules, and it is hard to joke with her. Our relationship only managed to progress this far because of my hard work this past month, however, she will also get mad if I go too far.

Also, even though this girl is usually expressionless, but…

She flares up very easily. If she ever enter such a state of fury, as long as I say ‘the way you’re acting right now is against god’s will’, she will immediately calm herself down.

Although I hate to admit, but I have to say, god, your name is really useful. I will definitely use your name to the fullest.

Only an hour was left till the opening of the battle arena. From now till then, I will just spend my time resting in the Activity Room.

I opened my skill list, and tapped on the Meditation skill.

Increases the rate of HP and MP recovery.
Will be interrupted when attacked.
Additional effects: Every hour of continuous meditation will permanently increase your Max MP by 2 points.

As I do not have the additional stats from the Magician class, I could only rely on this method to increase my Max MP, or else my MP will be depleted instantly after using a few spells.

Do you really think I can keep using magic as long as I have the willpower to do so? It’s not I’m like the man who carries a drill.

Hence, I closed my eyes, and began my meditation. However, to me, it was just sleeping. After all the skill activates by itself, and what I actually do does not matters. This is probably a benefit of being me.


“Oh? Why are you here?”

“You’re still sleeping? Are you serious? Even though you’re just an idiot…”

“Seems like I can’t wake you up normally, I have no choice then…”

Suddenly, I heard a strange voice. However, as it hasn’t even been an hour, I will not be able to gain any MP if I wake up now.


My meditation was interrupted, and at the same time, I felt like my face was burning.

“Are you crazy!? I was meditating!”

I roared at the person in front of me.

“I tried to stop her, but… there was nothing I could do. She said that it wouldn’t matter even if she interrupted your meditation.”

Yybril, who was standing at the side, said apologetically.

“What do you mean by it wouldn’t matter… You wasted an hour of my time…”

Eh? If Yybril is standing at the side, then who is in front of me?

I turned my head back, and what entered my vision was glimmering white hair.

And also that familiar twin-tails.

“A… Aliyah?”

“Hahaha, it seems you still remember me.”

The person who appeared in front of me, was actually the girl I met in the Beginners’ Village – The Fire Dual-swordswoman, Aliyah!

Chapter 6: Quarrel Between Kids are so Annoying


Speaking of that title which I have absolutely no control of, and the one who placed the entire blame of her crime on me was this girl who was currently standing in front of me!

She demolished a house in the Beginners’ Village with a single strike, and the crime was placed on me. She was a professional in selling out her teammates.

Also, it seems like she leveled up quite a bit.

Aliyah LV 14 Fire Dual-Swordsman [Evil] [Low Profile] [Village Destroyer] [1 Hit Sure-Kill] [Leader of the 27th Squadron of Doge Military School]
Relationship: Friend

“Speaking of which, what’s with your titles? They are all over the place.”

“You still dare to ask? Some of them were bestowed by you.”

“Thank me then.”

“Thank you? Let me thank your little sister instead!”

“You’re actually interested in my sister?”

“Forget it. One of you is already scary enough, if another one appears, the world will be destroyed.”

“Don’t compare me to a Demon Lord.”

“You can actually consider taking up that job.”

“We can talk about that some other time.”


Yybril, who was at the side, didn’t know how to react when she heard our conversation, as she looked at us with a weird expression.

“Sorry, Yybril-chan~ I was actually here to see you, but I didn’t expect to find this idiot here~”

“It’s okay… Speaking of which, how did you guys know each other?”

“Well~ We met once a long time ago.”

Aliyah gestured me to move to a side, and asked.

“When are you going to return to the military school?”

“About this…”

Yybril furrowed her eyebrows a little.

“Yybril was a student of Doge Military School?”

“Yes. I’m actually studying in both schools. After all, I’m a Holy Knight, and can be regarded as a Magic Knight.”

“I see. Oh right, since we’re all here, let’s take a late night stroll later!”

“I can’t do that.”

I shrugged.

“I have to prepare for the Annual Tournament tonight.”

“Heh~ You actually participate in such activities?”

“I was nominated by someone else, so I don’t really have a choice.”

“However, the battle arena should be open by now. Are you sure you shouldn’t be heading over?”


When Yybril pointed this out, I finally realized the sun was already setting, and the battle arena was already opened for quite a while.

My god, I wouldn’t have kept that princess waiting for too long, would I?

“I will head over there first, we can talk about this later.”

After saying that, I rushed out of the activity room like the wind, heading towards the battle arena hastily.

From afar, I could see several people standing on the ring. One of them even was even wearing a glimmering dress. Needless to say, it was Princess Michelle.

“Too slow! What the hell have you been doing?”

“I slightly overslept……”

You actually slept in the middle of the day… What are you actually thinking! Wait, who is that behind you?”

“Behind me?”

I turned my head in confusion, and saw Aliyah and Yybril standing right behind me.

“Why are you here?

“There’s no problem if I’m just here to take a look right?”

Aliyah pursed her lips as she said.

“Since Magicians’ battle capabilities are only so much, even if a few of them were to come at me at the same time, they still wouldn’t be a match for a Swordsman like me.”

“What did you say!”

“The moment after Aliyah stated her words, A blue magic circle appeared beneath her feet, and in the next second, numerous ice shards spiraled out from her feet like a tornado, engulfing her.

“Hmph, you’re pretty quick with your sneak attack.”

Aliyah’s figure appeared from the opposite side, but she did not appear very relaxed as her hands were actually covered by a layer of frost.

With a flash of red light, the frost on her hands fell off in an instant. Immediately after, she pulled out her dual swords.

“Since you’re like that, how about I accompany you guys for a battle?”

“That’s what I would like to hear!”

A crystal staff that was taller than herself appeared in her hands and she pointed it towards Aliyah.

Why do I feel such joy from looking at these two girls, whose height were barely at my shoulder, as they point their weapons at each other…

As I expected, these two……

are definitely little kids!

Chapter 7: I Accidentally… Died

Although these two girls are indeed kids, but, their abilities are obviously much stronger than mere children.

LV 14 Fire Dual-Swordsman – Enhanced Strength and HP.
LV 15 Ice Magician – Enhanced Mind
Compared to a level 11 No Class like me who has no enhanced stats, they are so much stronger than me.

Hence, to alleviate my situation, I have made several preparations. The maximum amount of HP and MP Recovery Potions, as well as Elemental Resistance Potions of all types are already stored in my Dimensional Storage Ring. Speaking of which, I have tried taking out the ring out of my finger, and the number of items I could actually hold in my virtual inventory was reduced to only 10 slots. So, this Dimensional Storage Ring is actually a very, very useful tool.

Of course, all these potions are bought from Lanya. That girl actually has a very heavy interest in creating these kind of stuffs. Although there are certain side-effects that could happen randomly, but all of them are not harmful effects, so the problem itself isn’t big.

However, even if I’m able to use potions, I’m still under a lot of pressure when I’m battling someone who’s three levels higher than me…

Adding the fact that Aliyah is an otherworlder like me, her way of thinking is different than the rest of the inhabitants in this world, as such it’s not so simple to defeat her.

“Participants, please take up your respective positions. Ready… Battle start!”

This happy-go-merry teacher – Ms. Mari, actually came over to be the referee.

In the battle arena, even if it’s for lessons or duels, there must always be an instructor on-site to supervise and to control the special magic barrier that could limit the strength of attacks and prevent fatal injuries. Or else, it will be a big problem if a life is lost from a battle.

“【Pure White Tornado】! 【Blue Crystal Breath】!”

The moment the battle started, Princess Michelle waved her long staff forward. An ice tornado and a rain of ice crystals covered the entire half of the arena where Aliyah was standing!

At the same time, she took out a MP Recovery Potion and drank it down. Although the earlier large AoE magic spells deal large damage in a wide range, their MP usage was terribly high as well. These were probably her signature magic spells, as I had never seen these magic spells in the library.


Within the white fog, I could see the HP bar beside Aliyah’s name was only reduced by a third, and she began to move as she quickly approached us.

Bad, this is bad! Why did I not realize such an important issue earlier!

Aliyah is a fire-type, so she has quite the resistance against ice-based attacks! Also, even those AoE magic spells deal considerable damage to a group of people, however, if she was not damaged by the core of the spells, then she will not receive significant damage.

Aliyah must have realized this fact, right? Or else she would not have blocked these 2 advanced-grade magic spells without suffering heavy damage.

“【Ice Assassination Spikes】!”

As I placed both my hands on the ground, a chain of chilling ice cone-shaped spikes expanded towards Aliyah.

Every ice spike was about a meter tall, and an attack by a chain of ice spikes can never be dodged!

Our visions was already considerably clouded by the ice AoE magic spells. In the presence of fire-type magic spells, the ice will melt and evaporate very quickly, and the resulting smoke will further hinder the ability to see.

If it’s not a direct attack, but an attack from the ground, it will not be easy to detect in this situation.

“【Berserk Shredding Slash】!”

The cold mist began to spiral around with Aliyah as the center, and at the same time, numerous sword waves were circling around her before being released. Compared to the skill she used to demolish the house, this was similar to using her sword waves to create a hurricane.

Before the ice spikes could reach her, they were already slashed into icy bits. The icy mist in the air was also dispersed by the resulting wind caused by the sword waves.

Things are getting troublesome. If we were to say that my magic spells were unable to deal damage to her because of my level difference, then, the problem Princess Michelle had was that her magic did not have the overwhelming power that it should have.

This problem could also be seen from Shir. In our previous duel, his magic spells did not display the actual power it should have at his current level.

Is this because otherworlders like us can see our skill lists and HP bars?

Then that could only mean that we picked a very dangerous opponent.

The MP Recovery Potion could only recover our MP slowly. In other words, Princess Michelle would not be able to use her magic for a short period of time.

I have no choice but to hold the front lines then.

There are no buff-type magic spells under the Ice Magic skill tree. Although I had learnt magic spells of different types, it will only cause me unnecessary trouble if I reveal that fact now.

At the same time, Aliyah began to move once again. She was wielding her thin short swords as her entire body emitted a red glow, and she transformed into a blur of red light as she approached me.

“【Ice Shield】”

A simplified version of Ice Castle. Even though its defense was not as strong as the Ice Castle, but, its MP usage was small, and I could summon more than 10 of them, compared to only 3 Ice Castles, with my current MP.

Sword waves came from two directions, and I could only summon an ice shield on each of my arms to block her attack.

When the attack collided onto my shields, it felt like two muscular men ramming into me. My arms were numbed by the collision, and I could barely move them right after.

“It seems like you improved quite a bit. Have you not sliced your school into bits?”

“Don’t worry. Their buildings are hard and firm. However, you actually became a Magician. Although I’m not sure why your class is still filled with question marks to me, but, it’s correct to say that you’re a magician, right?”

“I can be considered as one…”

“Although my level is a little higher than yours, it should be possible for us to have a decent battle, right?”

“To think you have the nerve to say that…”

“Come on. You have a level 15 Magician by your side, you know?”

“You do understand that their actual battle capabilities are not that strong, right!? 【Ice Arrow Rain】!”

As the shields appeared on my arms, my hands were free to unleash my magic spells.

And at such a close distance, it was not that easy to dodge them.


Aliyah withdrew her swords and leaped backwards, while I took the chance to increase the distance between us.

However, I could not afford to waste the ice arrows, and if I was to lose this opportunity, it will be troublesome when she finally takes things seriously.

“【Ice Castle】!”

A large ice wall appeared behind Aliyah. Although it was a defensive spell, however, it could also be used to block paths…

Aliyah crashed directly into the wall, and the ice arrows flew after her.

She was immediately sealed inside a block of ice, and she dropped onto the floor.

Though, her HP dropped to only 50%. It was inevitable, as even if all my ice arrows managed to hit her accurately, it was impossible to deal a lot of damage.

“【Frozen River’s Judgement】!”

A giant ice sword appeared in the sky, like a cross, it stayed in the air with its tip pointing at Aliyah, who was sealed in the ice block.


The sword seemed be falling slowly from the sky. However, as it fell, the surrounding air began to freeze. It seemed like Aliyah would not get away with a simple freezing effect when that thing hits her.

“Too slow!’

Just when I heaved a sigh of relief, the block of ice on the ground suddenly cracked apart, and a flash of red light immediately rushed out. However, she was actually rushing towards another direction!

That place… was where Princess Michelle was standing!

When I turned to look, Princess Michelle, who was wielding her staff, was at a loss of what to do. Did she run out of MP? You’re supposed to drink your MP Recovery Potions continuously during battles! Or else your MP Recovery will be too slow, you know!?

Or was it because her MP was drained completely from her earlier magic?

“【Ice Shield】”

I summoned an Ice Shield on my back, and at the same time, I cast another magic on my back.

“【Ice Totem】!”

As Ice Magic does not have any buff spells, if I need a boost in speed, then I have to pay a certain price!

The totem with complex designs smashed into the shield on my back, and like a cannon, I was shot out at a terrifying speed.

Of course, as I do not receive any damage from my own magic attack, I unhesitatingly used this method.

“【Ice Shield】, 【Ice Castle】!”

As I rushed in-between them, I used all of my remaining MP on these two defense magic spells.


A second…

Within a single second…

All of them shattered in front of me. And at the same time, a red light crashed into me, and an immense pain was felt at my abdomen.


And my HP immediately plummeted down to 0.

“This is impossible, right?”

“Why did you rush over!?”

Aliyah looked at me with an expression of disbelief, and my vision began to blur.

A row of red words appeared before me.

You have died.
You are currently in death mode, and the senses to your body have been cut off.
You will be revived in the nearest cathedral in 3 minutes.

Right after that, my surroundings became pitch black, and only the countdown was left in front of me.

I actually… died?

Chapter 8: I Can’t Even Rest in Peace


Aliyah mentioned this before. If I was to enter a death state right after my HP dropped to 0, it meant that the damage my opponent dealt was much more than my remaining HP, and I would immediately die.

And this is my current situation.

The red-colored numbers are slowly counting down, and it seems like I will be reviving at the nearest cathedral from my point of death.

However, a weird phenomenon seemed to have appeared before me. I rubbed my eyes, opened them wide and stared at the countdown timer for a good few seconds, to confirm that I was not seeing an illusion.

The countdown stopped!

That’s right, it actually stopped! 00:02:23, the countdown stopped at this point.

“Is this a joke…? Did the system break?”

Just when I was about to curiously approach the countdown timer, my entire scenery suddenly underwent a change!

The black background suddenly split apart, and the wide ground of the battle arena appeared before me.

However, I was observing the people on the ground from the sky, and they were arguing back and forth as they surrounded my body.

Of course, I was not able to hear anything. However, I was obviously able to discern their reason for arguing, and they looked like they were about to fight it out… If there weren’t anyone between them blocking the both of them, they might have already started fighting beside my body.

Speaking of which, why am I not being resurrected?

Suddenly, the appearance of a screen answered my question, but, it began to confuse me once again.

Due to the restrictions of the target area, it was supposedly not possible for you to die in that target area. However, according to the system, you have already died in that earlier situation. Hence, you have entered a state of apparent death. As long as you do not receive a deathblow in the next 3 hours, you will be resurrected. If someone was to cast a resurrection spell on you, you will also be resurrected.

Crap, although the magic barrier absorbed Aliyah’s deathblow, however, the fact that I was judged that I lost the ability to battle because my HP went down to 0, did not disappear.

And currently, because my HP went down to 0, I was also judged by the system that I died… Geez, so the system and laws of this world were contradicting each other?

However, even if I found out the reason, there’s no point at all. After all, other than watching them from the sky, there’s nothing else that I can do… Speaking of which, just what are they talking about?

(POV: Michelle Afungus)


Is this guy dead?

Fresh blood was leaking out freely from Fir’s back in front of me.

Even though this guy was murmuring some weird stuffs in front of me earlier… Even though this guy was the first person to ask of my true intentions…

Why did you die?

“Dan, kill that girl!”

I pointed at the girl that was standing beside Fir’s corpse, who was staring at him with a doubtful face.

“Hey! He’s not dead yet! Why do you want to kill me!?”

That girl retreated a few steps. Evidently, she feared Dan’s strength. Such a detestable girl… She dealt such a ruthless blow to someone that was weaker than her, and yet she dare not face someone that is stronger than her? Trash!

“He was your friend! Why did you have to be so ruthless!? Dan, what are you doing!?”

When I looked back, Dan who was about to attack, was restrained by Ms. Mari’s magic. At the same time, four strings of white light which came from the four corners of the arena formed an arc and fell on Fir’s body.

“Michelle, calm down, Fir is indeed still alive. Rather than ordering your bodyguards to kill Aliyah, shouldn’t you be ordering them to keep Fir alive!? Even though he’s alive, healing magic seems to be ineffective on him.”

He’s still alive? Really? If that’s true…

“Su, use the 【Rule of the Lesser Angel.”

“But, princess…”

“I ordered you to use it!”

I stared fiercely at Su. He furrowed his eyebrows, but he still held his hand out at Fir.

A large cross was expanded in the sky, and a ray of light fell on Fir.

The last time I saw Su use this spell, a person who had a large hole in his chest was still resurrected. Fir should be able to resurrect as well, right?

And hence, I prayed…

(POV: Aliyah)

Just what kind of relationship does this girl have with Fir!? She actually said she wanted me dead!

This is just ridiculous! That’s why the people in this world is simply too troublesome! Even though people like us won’t actually die, as we will be resurrected in the cathedral.

However, these people actually forced Fir’s soul back into his body, I don’t even know how to retort this anymore…

And what’s with that weird magic? A holy light falling from the sky? As I thought, Magicians are all weird people. Luckily, I already knew that Magicians were hard to deal with, so I spent my entire fortune on equipment with high magic resistance. However, my total resistance was still only at 50%.

Putting aside the princess who was not skilled with her magic, just from the way he used his magic, if we were both at the same level, my equipment might not be able to hold out against his close-range magic attack.

If I knew it would result to such trouble, I would not have used that skill. Hopefully, no one recognized the skill, otherwise my teacher will definitely lecture me again.

I opened my skill list, and looked at the skill description.

Sacred Feather Dance of the Fallen Phoenix
Fire Dual-swordsman’s Unique Skill
By using up the user’s remaining HP, deals damage equal to 150% of the HP used to the opponent.
During the attack, a circular radius of 3 meters around the user will have temperatures raised to 1,000°C, inflicting damage to both friend and foe. The user is invulnerable to this heat.
Cooldown: 3 hours

Fir is still to be blamed! To think he would actually freeze me inside a block of ice!

I did not learn that many skills in the first place. They are also mostly offensive skills. If I did not use that skill earlier, I would have definitely lost!

“Aliyah, you definitely dealt a very heavy blow earlier. Although I do not know what skill that was, however, there are not many skills that are able to break through the restrictions placed by the barrier. Although Fir is skilled with his magic, but, his body is not that strong. That kind of skill is definitely fatal to him, you know?”

Yybril softly said as she walked slowly towards me.

Ah, I really want to explain that this guy can’t actually die! However, they won’t be able to understand at all. People in this world seriously just can’t understand my current plight, geez!

Yybril pulled out her own knight sword, and pointed it to the sky.

“Oh, the goddess of light that governs life, please open a path and shine on this humble man!”

Beside the cross in the sky, another ray of light fell on Fir from beyond the clouds.

Although his body was glowing brighter, however, his HP bar was still not restoring, which told me that what they were doing were useless.

Healing spells are ineffective on people in a state of apparent death. Other than slowly removing the status himself, the only other way is to use a resurrection spell to speedily revive him.


Resurrection spells in this world are considered Necromancy…

And isn’t Necromancy a forbidden art?

Chapter 9: There’s No Point in Using Heals on Dead Targets


“Hey, can you hear me?”

While I was concentrating on that illogical rays of holy light that were falling from the sky, suddenly, I heard an unexpected voice.

“Falan, just how did you…”

“Did you forget? I’m a Necromancer, and talking to the dead is my specialty. Even if you’re in a state of apparent death, you’re still close to death~ So, I’m able to talk to your soul~ Isn’t that so~?”

She smiled as she looked at the me in the sky, no, I should say, my soul.

“I guess so… Speaking of which, just why are they arguing?”

“Well, I can only say that all the people you know are good people. Other than that girl called Aliyah who harmed you unhesitatingly, the rest are all very worried about you.”

“I see, so they’re trying to use magic to heal me?”

The two rays of light that that were falling onto the arena, other than them being healing magic, I can’t think of anything else that they could be.

“That’s right, however, they won’t be successful.”

Falan said confidently.

“They can’t do it?”


Falan smiled at me mysteriously, before continuing.

According to my judgment, currently, you are not considered to be alive, which means, you’re already half-dead. Healing magic will only work on living people, if you’re already half-dead, then you will have to find someone specialized in undeads.”

“In other words, you have a way to resurrect me, right?”


“Alright alright, oh great, cute, beautiful and young Necromancer Kelany, could you please tell me how are you going to resurrect me?”

“Looks like your mind was somewhere else during Magical General Knowledge class. Unless you really have no idea that in this world, only us Necromancers are able to use resurrection spells?”

“Resurrection spells?”

And I was wondering why I had never seen such a thing in books… So resurrection spells are classified under Necromancy?

However, I do admit that I was sleeping during classes related to magical general knowledge.

“However, currently, you can’t do it right? After all, it won’t be convenient for you to use Necromancy in front of so many people.”

“That’s right, however, I believe I can do it very soon.”

She smiled happily, but this gave me a weird feeling. According to what I understand about her, this girl will never take action unless it’s beneficial for her to do so.

However, I’m still quite curious about this resurrection spell. After all, to people of this world, unless their spirits are strong, or else when their physical bodies die, their minds will die along with them.

And why was a miraculous magic like resurrection sealed along with Necromancy? I don’t understand at all.

The situation progressed as how Falan predicted, and not long after, the two rays of light in the sky slowly dissipated. At the same time, the white lines that were coming from the corners of the arena slowly disappeared as well.

“They have realized that light healing magic aren’t going to work on you, and they’re planning to move you to the academy’s infirmary~”

Following Falan’s line of sight, I looked at the people that were beside my body.

Ms. Mari was speaking with an old man with a dark magic cloak, and after that, four strong-looking men ran towards me, and carried my body out of the arena.

At the same time, the old man raised his hand and summoned a magic circle on my body. From the symbols on the circle, it was definitely light magic.

The old man’s face was covered by his beard and hair, and I could not get a good look on his expression. However, seeing how he only cast an elementary-grade healing magic, he seemed to understand that using healing magic on me was useless.

I looked closely at the Magician insignia on his chest… and he was actually a Light True Magician.

Speaking of which, in this world, Magicians have different ranks. Although I do not have much information about them, but basically, most LV 20 Magicians will receive Beginner Magician insignias, and after that, they will progress onwards to being a True Magician. After True Magician, there’s High Magician and Archmage.

However… I currently could not judge this person’s traits at all. Because everything about this guy are all [???].

This is too much! What’s with this row of [???]!?

But, probably because I was able to judge his class earlier, the question marks above his head underwent a change.

??? ??? LV ?? Light True Magician [???] [???] [???] …

Geez, do I actually have to find a magic spell that can allow me to unravel the stats and titles of people? For example, identification and probing magic? Or else, it would be a waste of my ability to see names and titles above the people’s heads.

This somehow explained why I had never seen someone who was above level 30. It’s not that they don’t exist, it’s because I simply could not see their levels at all.

Looks like there’s a restriction on the observable levels. It seems that to view the target’s titles and class, my level must be close to the target.

“I don’t like the smell coming from that guy.”

Falan explicitly said.

“That’s probably because he’s a direct counter to your skills, right?”

“Hmph~ He’s nothing but a haughty bastard! Don’t worry, I will save you.”

“Don’t you think you’re a little energetic today?”

“I just want to use my Necromancy again. It’s been a long time since I last used it after all. ”

Falan shrugged, before following after the group.

Although I don’t have the ability to control my soul’s movements, however, when my body began to move, I felt that I was slowly floating along with it.

Not long after, I arrived at the academy’s specialized infirmary.

Although it is said to be an infirmary, but it is also a research facility for Priests. Even though healing magic could be used here, however, in certain situations, there’s a need to use various other medicine to cure the patient. After all, to heavily rely on healing magic is not good for the body.

Imagine that you were cut by someone, and you use healing magic to quickly close the wound, and you got cut again to be healed once again. It’s simply comparable to capital punishment.

After my body was placed on the bed, the old man ordered the bulky men to leave. He then walked to my side.

Oh my god, could this guy be homo? What is he trying to do to my body!?

From the looks of his moving beard, he seemed to be saying something. However, I could not hear anything he was saying, damn!

After a while, that guy finally finished talking. Is it true that as people grow older, they tend to more things to say?

That guy shook his head, turned and left the room.

His name slowly disappeared as he walked away from the room, and from his opposite direction, another name began to surface.

Undoubtedly, it was Falan.

“【Dead Silence】~”

After she entered a room, she cast a magic on the door, and walked over to my body.

“Alright, in this magical barrier, the people outside will not be able to feel the presence of my undead aura. Of course, I don’t have much time. It will only be in effect for 10 minutes, but it is more than enough.”

A black flame enveloped Falan’s entire body, and the black-robed Necromancer Kelany appeared in front of me.

“Mmm~ As I expected, it feels so comfortable to be around the dead~ Alright, let us b-e-g-i-n~”

Although it was the same smile as before, but the smile she had now was giving me a bad feeling.

Yep, this is too dangerous!

Chapter 10: It’s Tough to be Human


Falan placed her staff at the side, and took out a red item.

The top of the item was slightly reflecting light. When I looked at it carefully, it was actually a red crystallized skull! For her to possess such a tool… as expected of a Necromancer, I guess?

She placed the red crystallized skull on the top of my chest, and she started to chant.

“Anger, towards life, rage, towards the world. The boundary between life and death, connected by the hands of Els Deymond, the Immortal God that governs death, shall also be severed by the hands of God. Shatter the boundary between life and death, 【Banquet of the Undead】!”

As Falan was chanting, black smoke began to flow out from the skull’s eyes and nose, and it slowly seeped into my body.

This is scary, that’s not a wraith, right?

At the moment when the black smoke entered my body, I felt my soul being pulled into the direction of my corpse.

Slowly, bit by bit.

I felt that the pull was getting stronger as time went by, and immediately after, my soul sped up towards my body. Then, I felt my entire body shake, and a strong wave of nausea flooded in. And right after, I had a strong headache, and a heavy sense of fatigue!

I remember the last time I had a feeling like this was after I went drinking, but this is much worse than that.

I don’t know why, but this proves a certain fact. I have returned to my physical body!

I forcefully opened my eyes, but everything I saw were in a blur. When I wanted to move my body up, I found out that I could not delicately control my own body. I initially wanted to get my body up, but I ended up falling back onto the bed.

Damn, what’s happening? Am I inflicted with a stunned status? But why isn’t there a status icon appearing?

Forget about the stunned status icon, there’s no appearance of any status icon at all. However, not only do I not feel better at all, rather, I feel a weird force surging in my body.

This is getting unbearable…

Why am I feeling like this…

“Fir! Fir! Are you alright?”

Falan grabbed onto my shoulders, and shook me back and forth.

“Totally not alright at all…”

I want to escape from this shaking that’s making me more uncomfortable, but I don’t even have the strength to raise my hands.

Just what in the world is happening to me?

Why do I feel like my body is burning up…

After that, that force moved from my chest to my back, and I could feel that there was something piercing out of my body. The piercing was so painful that I don’t even have the strength to shout at all.

Pain. The only thing I could feel right now, is pain. It feels like my heart is being crushed.

At the same time, the blur in my vision began to fade, and the surroundings began to become clearer.

Falan was currently directly in front of me, with an expression full of disbelief, as if she was looking at a freak.

Just what’s going on…

Just when I was still thinking of what’s happening, other than pain, I could feel something strange from my back…

When I tried to feel it, suddenly, something from my back moved to the front of my eyes!

White… bones!

“Aaaaaaaah, what the hell is this!?”

“I have no clue either, but this is something that grew out from your back, you know?”


When I looked at it carefully, the white bones seemed to be connected. It had a structure where the sharpest points are at the tip, and since it grew out from my back, there’s only one possibility…

“This… Is this actually a wing made out of bones?”

“Yeah, seems like it… However, other than the Skeletal Dragon, I don’t remember any other undead that could grow bone wings… And not only the bone wing, something different grew out from your right as well~”

Something different?

“Wait a minute, you’re saying my right side grew a wing as well? But why do I only feel pain from my left?”

Just when I commented on this, my right back began to have a similar feeling as my left, and when I tried to control it, a white wing came into my view.


“Oh my god! What is this? An angel’s wing? Why!? I can put aside the bone wing on my left, but why is there an angel’s wing on my right!?”

The two different wings began to flap under my control, and it signified that these contrasting existences did indeed come from my back, and were currently in my view. Just what the hell happened?

“Falan~ You better give me an explanation~ Just how did your resurrection spell change me into something like this~”

I asked as I looked at Falan with a forced smile.

“Well, about this… I don’t know either.”

“At this moment, do you think I will actually believe that?”


Falan smiled embarrassingly, and apologized.

“Umm… If I use the resurrection spell on a dead person… although the person will be brought back to life, but he will be revived as an undead. In other words, the person will become an undead when the resurrection spell is used.”

“And here I was wondering…”

So was this why this spell was categorized under Necromancy? That’s rather appropriate.

Just when I was frustrating about this, that weird feeling began to surge again!


I painfully cried out, and at the same time, a white and black aura began to emit out from my body, and it enveloped my entire body.

“Crap! Time’s up! Hurry and retract your wings!”

“Retract them?”

I looked at the pair of weird wings and the coexisting black and white aura, and curiously asked.

“How do I retract them?”

“Are you serious!?”

Just when I told her that, the black fog that was initially surrounding the walls of the room began to dissipate. This was probably a sign that the barrier she designed was losing its effect.

“I will help you suppress your undead aura. You just have to act that you just woke up!”

After that, she raised out her hand.

“【Silent Dead】!”

Three specks of white light shot out from her hand, and they seeped into my bone wing. Instantly, my bone wing was quickly retracted, and only my white wing was left open on my right.

“And there’s still this thing. Why don’t you go back to sleep again~”

After saying that, she smashed a black ball onto the floor, and the black fog from within it rushed into my body.

My vision immediately turned dark, and I felt that I collapsed onto the floor. A ‘Fainted’ status and its countdown timer appeared in front of me.

Are you joking… I only just managed to wake up, and I had to go back to being unconscious once again. As expected of an evil Undead Magician…

At the same time, a message window appeared once again.

Race Change
Your race has been changed from Human to Undead Holy Angel.
Title Unlocked: Angel of Death

Just what the hell is this? Even my race underwent a change? Just what the hell is happening?

Geez, I can’t even be a human being?

Chapter 11: Since I’m No Longer Human, I Feel Like I Lost My Human Rights


After the countdown for the ‘faint’ status ended, my senses began to recover.

I could not feel the cold ground on my back. It was probably because someone lifted me onto my bed. However, I could somehow feel that the right side of my body was elevated.

When I sat up and looked around me, there were several people surrounding me, and they all had that stern look on their faces.

I tried controlling the thing on my back, and as I expected, the white wing began to spread out.

However, as the wing was only grown just recently, it was still pretty hard to control something like this delicately. The best I could do was move it up and down.

But, there’s no response coming from the bone wing on my left. It seemed that Falan’s magic was very effective.

“Umm, can anyone explain what exactly happened to me?”

“Don’t you remember what happened earlier?”

The one speaking was the Light Magic old man that I saw earlier, who was also the one that brought me into the infirmary.

He said as he looked to the side. I followed his line of sight, and there was actually a large hole in the wall. There were black stains left around the hole, and it was not possible to determine whether magic or a bomb that caused it.

And at this moment, I realized that there’s a similar black stained hole on my clothes. If I remember correctly, the wound I had was not something like this. In other words, this wound appeared after I fainted…

The only thing I could think of was Falan’s black ball.

Currently, she’s standing beside Yybril, and she returned to her regular appearance. When she realized I was looking at her, she smiled as she winked at me.

“Where am I? I only remembered being stabbed by Aliyah…”

Aliyah was leaning against the wall at the side, and when she heard her name being mentioned, she revealed an unhappy expression.

Oh please, to think you would still be unhappy after you killed me… Will you only be satisfied after you shred me into pieces?

“Is that so… I understand.”

The old man paused for a moment, and then he looked over to Mari-sensei who was standing beside him, and then turned his attention back to me.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Rid Oryansi, and I’m the head of Gray Magical Academy’s Light Department.

Even though he was an elder, he still slightly lowered his head as a greeting, and continued.

“First of all, I would like to apologize.”


“Yes, because the magical barrier surrounding the arena is something I designed. I have no idea why, but the barrier did not display the effects it should have today, and thus it caused you harm. For this, I’m terribly sorry.”

“It’s fine. After all, I’m already fine now, so you don’t have to mind about it.”

It was indeed not this guy’s fault. After all, it was because of us otherworlders that caused the barrier to lose its effects. Also, this guy holds such a high-ranking post, it’s best that I display a certain level of courtesy. After all, the concept of class distinction is pretty strong in this world.


He seemed to be very satisfied with my attitude, and although he did not say it out loud, I could see his mustache twitching up.

“Umm… Can anyone tell me why do I have a wing on my back? And only on a single side?”

“You’re telling me you only grew it out earlier? You didn’t possess it before then?”

Department Head Rid was extremely shocked at this revelation as he walked towards me. However, when he realized that he lost his cool, he quickly stepped back.

“Cough cough… Although I do not know exactly why, but it must be related to how you were able to recover from near-death. Even though we do not possess the magic to resurrect a dead person, however, it might be possible that the Goddess of Light herself used her powers to save you.”

Old man, you sure know how to pull someone’s leg. If I hadn’t known it was Falan who resurrected me, I might even have believed you.

Seeing that I didn’t have any sort of reaction, he continued.

“According to legends, angels are born when there’s aggregation of light elemental particles in their bodies. Since you grew out a wing, it meant that your light elemental particles gathered together and caused a change in your body. Starting today, you’re probably a half-angel.”


“Yes, but all of this is just mere speculation. Without any investigation, I can’t actually confirm this.”

“Don’t worry, I will immediately report this to my superiors. The Church will definitely help you investigate the cause of your transformation.”

The one who spoke up was Yybril. Speaking of which, she is a Holy Knight, and she has a [Saint Church Disciple] title as well.

“At the same time, I will be bringing Aliyah back to Doge Military School.”

“How can you just let that murderer leave!?”

Princess Michelle stepped out from the side and exclaimed.

“She was the murderer that caused harm to Fir!”

“I believe her school will give her a suitable punishment…”

Yybril replied.

“Punishment? Shouldn’t that be decided by Fir!?”


I interrupted them.

“Let’s go with what Yybril suggested. Don’t worry, after all, Aliyah is still a friend of mine. This matter is settled, then.”

“You… Hmph! I don’t care anymore!”

Covering her furious face with both of her hands, she ran out of the infirmary.

As I expected, she’s still a child…

After confirming that Princess Michelle had left the room, Aliyah walked to my side, and whispered.

“Thank you, if you’re free, drop by Doge Military School and find me.”

“Alright. Remember not to cause anymore trouble.”

“It’s none of your business!”

After that, she ran out of the room as well. Yybril had a hopeless expression as she followed after Aliyah after she gave me an apologetic smile.

“Cough cough, then that’s all for today. You should stay here and rest for the night. If you’re having problems with your wing, please contact me.”

Department Head Rid walked out of the room after leaving those words. The people who were left were Lanya, Falan and Ms. Mari.

“Rest up~ If you keep up your current progress, those fodder in the Annual Competition will not be a match for you. However, there are several strong contenders as well. So, there will be an extracurricular live exercise in a week’s time. Rest up and prepare yourself for it.”

“Teacher, the barrier losing its effects was not your doing, right?”

“Don’t frame me! I was controlling it properly! If you want to blame someone, blame that old geezer! I heard that he wanted to save some money, and he ended up cutting down the costs needed for the barrier!”

“Oh well, he is still, after all, a Department Head.”

“And I’m still your teacher! You dumbass!”

She knocked her fist on my head, and looked at Lanya and Falan.

“Then, you two, stay with this dumbass. I have to return to my work. Geez…”

Speaking of which, from the hole in the wall, I could see that the sky’s already dark outside. After experiencing so much, it’s not surprising that it’s already so late in the night.

When Ms. Mari left, Lanya grinned as she ran towards me.

“So how does it feel like to be a birdman?”

“Not much… Speaking of which, what just happened earlier?”

“Do you mean after you were brought here? At that time, we and some other people were inspecting the magic barrier equipment at the arena. Suddenly, that old man had a stern expression as he looked towards the direction of the infirmary, and a few seconds later, an explosion happened~ Isn’t that so~”


Falan nodded.

To think this girl is usually this quiet… Scary. Really scary.

“When we rushed over here, we saw you lying on the ground with that wing sprouting out from your back. Mari-sensei and Department Head Rid immediately called for an academy-wide lockdown, and prevented students from approaching here.”

Looks like my undead aura was indeed leaking out earlier. That was probably why Falan hastily used that black ball.

Suddenly, I could feel a slight pain. When I turned to take a look, Lanya was actually plucking out a feather from my wing!

“What are you doing!?”

“What’s there to worry about~ There’s still so many feathers here, so there’s absolutely no problems~”

After she shined my feather with a lamp, Lanya giggled as she placed it in a bottle.

Even if I tell her to return it, she probably wouldn’t listen, right? If I could actually retract my wing, that would be good.

Do you wish to retract your Angel’s Wing?

Just when I was thinking about this, a familiar control window appeared in front of me.

Oh my god! How could I forget something like this!?

“Then we will be leaving now. Have a nice rest~ See you tomorrow~”

After receiving the feather, Lanya looked very satisfied, as as she pulled Falan out of the room.

‘I will look for you at 3AM tonight.’

Suddenly, I heard Falan’s soul telepathy. When I raised my head to look at her, they had already closed the door.

Is it really alright to visit a guy’s room so late in the night? Even though she’s an Undead Magician, I can still dream, right?

After confirming that their names were moving further away behind the wall, I finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Alright, I can finally inspect my wings without any worries!

However, wait a minute…

“Why do I have to live in a room with a big hole in the wall!?”

Chapter 12: To Get Stronger, I have to Grind Some Levels


Piece of Angel’s Wing LV 1
Restricted to Undead Holy Angels

Holy Wing Unleashed
Unleashed Effects: When this wing is unleashed, usage of Light Magic and Illusion Magic will cost 0 MP.
Effect Duration: 1 Hour
Cooldown: 3 Hours

Holy Wing (Passive)
Effects: Flight LV 1( Piece of Angel’s Wing LV 3 Required)
Effect Duration: 12 Hours
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

Proficiency of skill will improve by unleashing the Holy Wing for a total of more than 10 hours.

Piece of Undead’s Wing LV 1
Restricted to Undead Holy Angels

Undead Wing Unleashed
Unleashed Effects: When this wing is unleashed, usage of Undead Magic and Dark Magic will cost 0 MP.
Effect Duration: 1 Hour
Cooldown: 3 Hours

Undead Wing (Passive)
Effects: Pollution LV 1 (Piece of Undead’s Wing LV 3 Required)
Effect Duration: 12 Hours
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

Proficiency of skill will improve by unleashing the Undead Wing for a total of more than 10 hours.

Flight LV 1: Fly at a maximum height of 50m. Fly with a maximum speed of 50km/h.

Pollution LV 1: Zombify living beings of at least 10 levels below yours, and control them.
Time of control: (Level Difference) Hours
Limit of Polluted Beings: 1

When I read the skill description on the skill window, I was so excited that I could almost jump to space. The effects are seriously too awesome. Even if I had only either one of them, it is still rather convenient for me.

Before, I was still worrying about not having enhanced stats from choosing a class. However, with this pair of wings, it can somewhat make up for my current situation.

However, there’s still a very important problem… I don’t even know a single Light, Illusion, Undead or Dark Magic…

Oh god! Why did it have to be these four Magic archetypes? Why!?

I went through so much to get this pair of strong wings, yet, why am I unable to use them!?

And because I could not use these four Magic archetypes, it’s not worth it to unleash my wings, as their three hour cooldown isn’t a joke. And if I were to unleash them, the only wing I could unleash is the Angel’s Wing. If I were to unleash my Undead’s Wing in my current state, it will bring nothing but trouble.

However, I could now conveniently open and retract my wings through the control window. When I retract my wings, there’s only small bulges on my back, and if I were to put on a cloak, it will be enough to prevent them from being seen.

And somehow, under Falan’s magic, I could not open up my Undead’s Wing at all. Well, for now, this is for the best.

However, I still selected to retract my Undead’s Wing on the control window, to prevent it from opening up after Falan’s magic is dispelled.

I already turned the lights in my room off. After all, with such a huge hole in the wall, the lights would have brighten up the garden outside.

I don’t wish to cause an awkward situation for the couples that intend to rendezvous at the garden downstairs. I’m such a good guy!

After resting on the bed for a good long while, there was finally a sound of the door opening. When I opened my eyes, in the darkness, I could already see Falan’s name floating in the air.

“You’re finally here? I almost fell asleep, you know?”

“Geez, to think you could sleep with such a huge hole in the wall~”

Falan immediately walked into the room, and stood at the foot of the bed.

“Alright, I will be teaching you a magic spell to control your undead aura. After all, I can’t be with you all the time, right? Don’t worry, I have already prepared a magic barrier before coming in, and I will teach you the barrier magic spell as well~”

“Then I must really give you my thanks~”

“I don’t really have a choice, as I’m part of the reason why you grew out that Undead’s Wing.”

After saying that, she threw two small crystal balls before me.

“I recorded the details of the two magic spells in those balls, so view them at your leisure. I have something on tonight, so I will be taking my leave.”

“You have something on? Are you leaving the academy? Wouldn’t that be…”

“Don’t worry~ Just be a good boy and stay here~ Unless you want this big sister to stay with you? Next ~ Time ~ Al ~ Right~?”

After leaving that line, in a flash, Falan’s figure jumped out of the big hole in the wall.

Geez, even though she’s younger than me… I’m talking about our mental age.

When I picked up the two crystal balls, screens immediately popped out, notifying me that I could learn the spells. Obviously, I speedily tapped on the confirmation button.

Spell Learnt: Silent Dead
Suppresses the undead aura of a target. At the same time, it limits the abilities of the target.

Spell Learnt: Dead Silence
Creates a barrier of fixed radius, which prevents the leakage of undead aura.

After confirming the skills’ description on the skill window, I walked towards the hole.

In the distance, Falan’s name was moving further away, towards the west of the academy… If I recall, that’s the direction of the arena. Further away, there’s various other facilities… and then, the school walls? Is she leaving the school?

“Although it’s a little dangerous, but I can’t ignore this scent of a plausible side quest occurring… And I can’t level up within the school compounds at all. I will take a look then.”

I could still use chants to control my Magic spells, however, I could not do that for other skills.

Opening the skill window, I pulled the skill icons to a comfortable position, and speedily tapped on the skills 【Light Steps】 and 【Sneak】 from the Rogue’s skill tree, and 【Accelerate】 from the Warrior’s skill tree. With a light leap through the hole, I started chasing after Falan.

While I passed through the battle arena, I could still see a giant block of ice embedded at the center of the arena. And on the other side, there were still burn marks on the outer walls.

As I expected, it’s quite difficult to remove things that are created by condensed magic.

From the results of my previous experiments, in this world, ice blocks created by magic will not melt like how normal ice do. One way to melt them is by interacting them with fire-based magic, and the other way is to wait for the ice magic particles to disperse from the ice blocks. Even if it’s just a size of a baseball, it will still take at least an entire day to melt. If it’s something created by Princess Michelle, it might even take several months.

When I saw that the red name in front of me stopped moving, I stopped, hid behind the arena wall, and tapped on the 【Hide】 skill.

The moment my entire body turned invisible, under the bright moonlight, I saw Falan, who was further up, cautiously surveying her surroundings. After that, she turned to the wall behind her and tapped on five different spots.

Dull lights began to glow from the cracks of the wall on the spots she tapped on, and after the lights connected, a meter-long five-pointed star magic circle was revealed.

After confirming that there were nobody behind her, she quickly passed through the magic circle. At the same time, the magic circle began to fade.

However, I could still see Falan’s name growing smaller, which meant that the magic circle is a type of teleportation magic.

“Space-Time Magic… Although Falan did not have any titles related to space-time at all… Unless it’s a magic tool?”

I quickly walked over to the wall, and carefully looked at those few bright spots.

I could somehow feel some sharp-hard objects on the wall that was supposed to be slabbed smoothly. It appeared to be several extremely small crystal balls that were embedded into the wall. Space-Time Magic Crystal Balls? Although I heard rumors that you could use magic crystal balls to create something similar to magical mechanisms, but it is actually my first time seeing one.

Though I did also hear that it’s necessary to know the procedures to start up the mechanism, I was too far away earlier, so I didn’t get a good look at all…

When I saw that Falan’s name was going further away, I realized I didn’t have the time to stay frustrated.

“【Ice Totem】!”

The totem that appeared in the air pushed me slightly above the wall, and I leapt out.

Although I do not know why MP is used to activate my Warrior and Rogue skills, but, since I do not have to spend on Stamina Potions, all is well.

I took out a MP Recovery Potion and gulped it down. After that, I tapped on the skills 【Accelerate】 and 【Sneak】, and quickly chased after Falan.

Skill Information:

Light Steps
Rogue Skill
30 MP per use
Reduces the user’s falling speed, and prevent suffering injuries from falling a height of at most 50 meters.

Rogue Skill
50 MP per use
Effect Duration: 10 Minutes
When the skill is in effect, the probability of being spotted reduces by 70%.

Warrior Skill
70 MP per use
Effect Duration: 10 Minutes.
Increases Dexterity by 30%

Rogue Skill
30 MP per use
Effect Duration: 30 Minutes
When skill is in effect, the user is turned completely invisible. Skill is disrupted when the user moves from his stationary position.

Chapter 13: Even Though I Don’t Understand Her, She Seems Pretty Strong


Although this is an academy, there are still large spaces of land allocated for residence and business districts.

Gray Magical Academy is located at the center of the continent, and when compared to the Magic Schools in their own countries, it is considered as an elite school. As such, it has deep relations to every country on the continent, and thus, there’s a need for a small city to exist in the academy.

Several low-class students live at the outer part of the city. For example, the 7th Student Dormitory, where I currently reside in, lies at the border of the city.

There are also many families living in the city. After all, it will be more convenient for the students and teachers to visit them if they’re near the school.

In the city, other than providing daily necessities and entertainment facilities, it has its own unique market as well. After all, in the academy, the students interact with magic tools on a daily basis. Hence, these tools, along with magic crystal balls, are mass produced and they sell considerably well in the city.

Usually, the transactions of these items are managed by the school. However, there are also people like Lanya who import materials to create their own products. When compared to the prices set by the academy, Lanya tags her items with more reasonable prices.

Of course, as her most frequent customer, I won’t ever tell her this fact. Otherwise, I will no longer be able to buy her potions in large bulks.

And because a small city surrounds the academy, it’s dead quiet at this late hour. After all, there are no one in this world that will train this freaking late in the night. At the very most, there are only a few people who are currently studying in the library.

Of course, I won’t ever do something like that. Through my skill list, I can view all of my magic skills’ status and special effects. As such, I don’t even need to memorize any of the theories at all.

However, as I did not learn about the knowledge on the uniqueness of these magic skills… Because of that, my test scores on magical knowledge had always been terrible.

Other than the street lights, there were no other light sources on the streets. When I glanced around, the names of all the people in the city were not moving at all, and only Falan’s name was moving unceasingly.

Is she thinking of leaving the city area? What is she actually planning to do?

A Necromancer who killed more than a thousand people… Even if I try to think about it, it’s impossible to accurately predict what’s she trying to do this late in the night, as there are too many possibilities.

The most terrible thing she could do is to turn all the people nearby into zombies. After all, my Undead’s Wing have the same zombifying ability. As for an Advanced-Grade Magician like her, it should be easy for her to do such a thing, right?

However, if she were to actually do this, then I have no choice but to stop her. Let’s put aside the fact there are many beautiful girls living here, if everyone here were to turn into zombies, this will no longer be an RPG, but a biohazard, or Nobita’s Biohazard.

Although it seems like the latter is an RPG as well, but let’s not dwell in the details.


I forcefully stopped myself, and inspected all the names that I could see in my surroundings.

My mind wandered only for a few seconds, and Falan’s name, which was in front of me just a moment earlier, disappeared when I did not even realize it!

How did this happen? Even if she were to enter a building, her name shouldn’t have disappeared so suddenly! Just how did it disappear!?

I walked up to the crossroad with quick steps. No matter in which direction I look, there were no one around, and I could not see her figure at all.

Did I lose her?

Suddenly, a black mist drifted over from my back, and the retracted wing on my right slightly fidgeted.

I quickly tapped on the Warrior’s skill 【Charge】 and rushed out of the range of the black mist, and tapped on the Assassin’s skill 【Night Vision】.

Behind the black mist, I could somehow see a person’s figure standing there. However… my instincts tell me that it was not the person’s main body. Because if I were to be attacked by the main body, the attacker’s name would have been revealed. Even if I am not able to view the person’s actual name, I would have still been able to see question marks above the person’s head.

However, since I’m unable to see it… it means that the one that attacked me was not an actual body, but something similar to a clone. This fact was something I learnt from my mock battles with Shir. After all, Wind Magicians are able to learn cloning-related magic the earliest. In the previous mock battle, his wind clones attacked me from all directions, and I pinpointed his main body from the name on top of his head, and thus I was able to simply defeat his strongest skill.

Currently, I’m experiencing the same situation. If the clone is right in front of me, then the main body shouldn’t be that far away.

Although I really wish to have a battle with this person, however… I could somehow guess who my opponent was. I wouldn’t be able to earn any experience if I die, and also, there’s the fact that my opponent is not someone I can actually deal with at my current level.

“Alright, Falan-senpai, I can’t find your main body, it’s my loss.”

I loudly declared, and I believed that my opponent would definitely be able to hear it.


She did not have any reply, on the contrary, I could somewhat hear a sound similar to magic particles being gathered. Also, under the street lights in front of me, a black magic circle appeared!


I quickly pulled my skill bar filled with magical skills to my right, and my non-magical skill bar to the left. And after summoning three ice castle walls in front of me, I quickly hid behind them, and drank down a bottle of MP Recovery Potion.

By drinking these potions slowly, although I will not be able to restore my MP as fast as drinking them whole, however, it will provide a more sustained rate of recovery. This is a conclusion I made after doing several experiments.

A muffled sound could be heard from the other side of the wall. The clear white wall was being penetrated slowly, and a black substance was passing through the hole that was created.

【Accelerate】, 【Ice Arrow】!

The opponent was also a Magician, and it seemed to be a Dark Magician. I don’t have any information on Dark Magic, hence it’s not wise to attack the opponent upfront. It’s best to increase the distance between us and find a chance to escape.

Even if the ice arrow does not hit its target, it will still produce an ice fog when it’s blocked. Although it might not fully obstruct the opponent’s vision, it will still be able to hinder his or her sight to a certain extent.

I quickly retreated to the streets behind me. If I recall correctly, there’s a sentry post two districts away. As long as I reach that place, then there will no longer be any problems.

However, while I was running along the streets, I felt that I was stabbed in the back, and my vision turned dark in an instant.


My HP did not drop at all, but I had an additional ‘Blind’ status icon.

In this world, we do not simply lose our sight progressively after getting hit by a ‘Blind’ status, rather, our vision is immediately disabled.

I threw aside the half-empty MP Recovery Potion, and quickly tried to pull out a Blind Dispel Potion. However, before I could finish this action, I felt something grabbing onto my leg!

I’m doomed!

This thought flashed in my mind, and I was pushed to the ground and dragged backwards.

Being dragged along this rough floor isn’t fun at all! And my HP is decreasing unceasingly!

Fine! You forced me to do this!

Since you’re Dark-type, then Light should be your weakness right?

Even if I don’t have a single Light magic spell, but, I have something similar to one.

After I willed for it in my mind, the item quickly appeared in my hands.

After I splashed the Blind Dispel Potion on my face, my vision of the surroundings returned. At the same time, I pushed the button of the other item on my hand, and threw it towards the dark streets.

First, there was a red glow. After that, a bright white light spread throughout the entire street.

“Congratulations. You’re the first test subject for 【Lanya’s Special Light Grenade】.”

Two weeks ago, I went over to look for Lanya, and saw her troubled expression. When I asked her about it, I found out that she was trying out various cheap materials to create magic tools.

Although there are various magic tools of different types, all of them are usually very expensive. After all, even for a low-grade magic item, many materials are still needed to create one. Hence, for high-grade magic items, the materials needed are astronomically expensive.

If magic tools can be made using cheap materials, then they will definitely be a great hit in the market!

Back then, I don’t know why, but I explained the structure of a grenade to Lanya. Roughly a week later, she threw to me a bunch of grenades similar to those used in WWII.

“Test them out, alright ~ Remember to inform me the results!~”

She said that.

“What materials did I use? Obviously, it’s made using those discarded magic crystal powder. The school would have thrown them away or use them to whitewash the walls. If I’m able to use them to create tools, then it’s for the best.”

However I didn’t expect that…

It has such a great effect as a flash grenade.

I felt that the thing that was grabbing onto my leg loosening its grip, and I quickly crawled up and ran.

However, I bumped into something, and then, I was hugged!

“Geez~ Even though this big sister told you that she will accompany you later~ Why are you in such a rush, hmm~?”

The size of this chest, and this voice…


“Ne~ Just call me Kelany when we’re outside~ Or else my little sister will not know who you’re addressing~”

Falan-senpai turned me around, and although she did not release me, but I could see the girl that she was talking about.

At the same time, I received a punch in my stomach.

“Hurry and get away from my big sister, you damn pervert!”

A petite young girl dressed in a standard western witch costume was in front of me. Her pair of blue eyes were tearing up, and her lips were pouting like a goldfish.

Seeing her current form, I seriously could not believe that the person who was fighting with me earlier was such a small girl.

Of course, when I saw her level, I was really surprised.

Enna Momiji LV 25 Dark Magician
[Neutral] [Prideful] [Devil Contractor] [Witch] [Dark Gospel] [Ice Empire Central Army’s Magic Assassin]

Although I don’t understand some of her titles, but she seems to be very strong!

Skill Information:

Warrior Skill
MP Cost: 50
Rush with 5 times of your current speed, lasting 3 seconds. When crashing towards an enemy, deal 150% damage. Targets that are not more than 2 levels higher than you will be stunned for 3 seconds.

Night Vision
Rogue Skill
MP Cost: 30
Improve vision in the night. Allow user to see things clearly within a range of 50 meters, and moving targets within a range of 100 meters. Last 30 seconds.

Chapter 14: Everyone Has Their Own Dark History


The feeling on my back felt like heaven, while my stomach and shoulders are being harassed by this little devil’s fists.

‘Little Devil’ is a new name I thought of for Enna. No matter how I look at it, this name is more befitting for her.

“Bastard! Why is this guy here when I’m meeting up with my big sister!”

And right from the start till now, this girl’s punches have not stopped at all. If I haven’t been tapping on the Water-type Heal magic spell to recover my HP, I would have already died.

Drink potions?

Are you joking? Falan hasn’t released me from her hug since the beginning, and I could not move at all!

“Falan-senpai… Can you release me?”

Although my current position is rather comfortable, but my MP will definitely be depleted at this rate!

Although it sounds rather nice to die at the embrace of a beautiful girl, but to also die at the fists of a little girl at the same time, would not leave me a good name.

“Eh~ Even though you were the one who came chasing after me~ And now you want me to release you?”

Falan smiled, and she purposely tightened her embrace.

I don’t really know what she’s thinking, seriously… Is she oblivious to the fact that this little devil is actually seriously punching me?

“Hurry up and get out of my big sister’s embrace!”

“Tell that to your big sister, there’s nothing I can do at all!”

However, this girl kept punching me, ignoring my words.

Damn it… Why isn’t this pair of sisters listening to me!?

“Oh right, just why did you girls come out this late in the night…”

“Hmm, speaking of which, we don’t have much time~”

Finally, Falan released me, and the little devil stopped punching me.

Turning back to look at Falan’s D-Cup, I felt a moment of regret… Oh whatever, my life is more important!

“Let’s go to my residence. It’s not safe here.”

After saying that, Falan carried the little devil and ran towards the alley. Looking at their back figures, I could only helplessly reveal a bitter smile, and followed after them.

For two of the Momiji household to appear… this is surprisingly rare.

Although they have the same surname, however in actual fact, the name ‘Momiji’ does not refer to a family’s surname.

‘Momiji Secret Society’

That’s where the name originated from.

It’s a name that is seldom heard currently. However, ten years ago, this name was a source of fear for all Merchant Guilds and Mercenary Guilds on this Raya Continent.

It was a group comprising of the entire continent’s darkest powers – Dark Magicians, Undead Magicians, Assassins, Depraved Knights and Beastmen. They specialized in assassinations and thefts, and they received such requests from all around the world.

‘Although they’re red like the sun, the roads they walked on will only be left with the stench of fresh blood.’

This is the evaluation on ‘Momiji Secret Society’ the people of this world gave. And their three years of existence were the most panic-stricken three years for various influential people and Merchant Guilds in the entire continent.

Finally, on the year 2438 of the White Devil Era, which was 10 years ago, the entire continent’s various associations, Knight Guilds and Missionaries took a drastic action against ‘Momiji Secret Society’. This was recorded in the history books, but there were no detailed records.

However, the results of this incident was penned down. More than half of the original 300 or more members of the ‘Momiji Secret Society’ were exterminated in only half an hour.

The rest of the members hid themselves, and were no longer seen or heard.

However, in the archives of the library, I found some official records. It stated that while the alliance was exterminating the ‘Momiji Secret Society’, they found many young children in their stronghold.

Because of the interference from the Missionaries, these children avoided the death penalty. However, they were taken in by various organizations of several different countries. These were all that were recorded. Before, I was suspecting the reliability of some of the data, but after looking at Enna’s [Magic Assassin] title, my suspicions were cleared.

And this Enna girl… She’s ten years old at most, right? In other words, she was adopted by the Ice Empire just right after she was born? However, they sure had completely unlocked her potential… a level 25 Dark Magician at a mere 10 years of age… Let me think… If such an innocent-looking girl were to walk up to you, and when your inner lolicon instincts kick in and cause you to stop in front of her, suddenly, she casts on you a type of ‘poison’ magic spell, and then… your life ends there.

This girl is already a Magic Assassin in its truest sense.

In only a few minutes, we reached a very stylish residential area. We walked further upwards to a luxurious-looking house before stopping.

Falan walked up to the door and knocked on the door a few times with her magic staff. The door then automatically opened, and the lights inside the house were turned on at the same time.

“Hey hey, how much did you pay for such a luxurious place?”

“Well… I bought it for 5,000 gold~ There’s a small garden at the back as well~”

“What!? Do you know that I’m living in a dormitory that costs only 30 Silver a month!? Senpai, you’re just…”

“Hmm, in any case, it’s the money that I earned~ So what’s the problem~”

After saying that, Falan carried the little devil and went in, and then she sat on the sofa.

I closed the door behind me and followed her in. When I entered the place, I somehow felt that the gold I had in my ring were worthless.

What’s with all these!? A gold sculpture, a seemingly expensive portrait, and those sparkling silverware… So Falan-senpai was this rich!?

“Stop looking around~ I only used those heavy amount of gold to trade for things that could be easily moved into my Dimensional Pouch~ After all, you must understand that I have to make preparations to run at any moment~”

Falan said as she rubbed her face against the little devil’s, who was in her embrace, and she seemed to be enjoying it as well.

“However, I must say… Are you sure it’s fine for two of the ‘Momiji’ to meet up like this? Especially for the little devil, your current identity isn’t that simple, right?”

“Oh~ It seems I’m right to not underestimate your information gathering ability… If ‘Momiji’ had you on that day, we might not have lost that many people then.”

Falan-senpai was still carrying a smile, however, the atmosphere obviously underwent a change. Hostility? No… It should be sadness.

They must be sisters by blood, however, from what I can see now, their relatives must had passed away…

“I don’t dare to think highly of myself. And I said this before, I follow my gut feelings when I look at people. I understood your nature by the scent of blood surrounding your body, as for the little devil…”

Once again, I confirmed her titles.

“She seemed to carry the scent of a military personnel.”


The little devil looked at me surprisingly, and her eyes showed hints of admiration.

“Just how did you know that I’m a Magic Assassin of the Ice Empire Central Army!?”

“Keh… You just told me.”

“Ah, crap…”

The little devil rolled her eyes, and then covered her mouth with her hands.

“To think you would influence me to reveal my true identity, you bastard!”

“However, is this really alright? The No. 17 most wanted person on the continent – Kelany Momiji, is actually the big sister of the Ice Empire Central Army’s Magic Assassin. Are you sure the army accepts this?”

“Of course. I only met big sister after staying in the army’s magician squad for 7 years. And also, those people don’t even know of big sister’s identity, as they only focus their eyes on my potential.”

After saying that, the little devil emitted a very dangerous scent.

This feeling… is the same feeling I get from Falan-senpai…

“I see. It’s legal to kill people if you’re in the army.”

“That’s right!”

Looking at little devil’s prideful expression, I don’t even want to guess how many people she had killed…

To think I’m in the same house with these murdering maniacs… This pressure is killing me… Luckily, they’re not my enemies, otherwise I would have already died several times over.

“However… Fir, just who are you?”


When I heard Falan-senpai’s question, I was a little surprised.

“My information network isn’t inferior to yours. Lin Fir, Mitchell Kingdom Citizen, born in the year 2432 of the White Devil Era, labelled as a wanted fugitive in the year 2448 of the White Devil Era. However, what’s scary about this seemingly normal profile is that it happens to have something really weird about it~”

Falan-senpai placed the little devil onto the other seat of the sofa. She then approached me and questioned me with her eyes locked to mine.

“Why are there no records between the time of your birth and when you were labelled as a fugitive?”

Chapter 15: Entering the Forces of Evil


Because I’m generated by the system… Who am I kidding? Even if I say this out loud, there won’t be anyone who will believe it, right?

However, seeing the black sphere in Falan’s hands, It seems I can’t actually lie my way through, either.

Oh god, are you challenging the limit of my linguistic skills?

Looking at Falan’s approaching smile, I could feel my brain cells reaching their very limits.

Before, I have already understood several times that the black sphere has the ability to detect lies. However, there’s no need to answer her questions directly. As long as I am able to answer by twisting my words, I can still pass the test.

However, I can’t give a good answer to this question. Though, it seems that I stepped on a landmine, and I won’t be able to get out of this easily.

“Because I, myself, don’t even know what I did between the time I was born to this world and when my actions were recorded.”

I gave a helpless expression as I answered.

However, this was the truth. Because before my current identity was generated, there were no records of my existence in this world. Hence, in this world, that supposed period of time between when I was born and now, I did not exist at all, and thus I obviously do not know what I did during that time.

“…Hahahaha, this is so interesting!”

Falan dispelled her black sphere magic, and laughed happily.

Although I don’t know what she just thought of, but since the immediate danger was gone, then there’s no problems.

“As I thought, you’re a very interesting guy. As expected of the guy I have set my eyes on!”

A guy she set her eyes on? I can’t just ignore that, can I?

However, I can’t just let my imaginations go wild. Because what she actually meant was probably something along the lines of being her target.

“Do you want to join the ‘Momiji’?”

As I thought, she has her motives. How did she realize that I have powers beyond an average person?

Oh right, I grew a pair of wings in front of her just yesterday.

“Big Sis!”

Though, before I could protest, little devil interrupted our conversation.

“It’s too dangerous for a person with an unknown background like him to join us! He might even be a spy who underwent modifications!”

“That’s right. I too believe that your suggestion is a little dangerous, as I don’t even know the details of my own identity. Oh right, little devil, aren’t you a citizen of the Ice Empire? Are you sure you can take up the name of ‘Momiji’ at the same time?”

“Tch, you retard! Even if we, the ‘Momiji Secret Society’, disappeared, however, we are still continuing our operations behind the shadows! Don’t underestimate us!”

“… Falan-senpai, your little sister’s lips aren’t tightly sealed at all. Are you sure it’s alright?”

“It’s fine~ She’s just a little bitter after not being able to beat you in a direct combat earlier~ Usually, there’s no problems~”

“Big Sis!”

Her thoughts were seen through by her own sister, and the little devil’s eyes already began to tear up. She then buried her face into a pillow.

This little creature is really cute, huh. If this goes on, a certain trait might awaken inside of me.

“Ne~ You already learnt too much. Choose. Join us, or die.”

“Hey hey, these choices are little too much!”

Isn’t this forcing me to join the forces of evil? I had grown up under the influence of hope and love, so how could I fall into despair because of a simple death threat!

And don’t I have the ability to resurrect?

“If you put it that way, then I have no choice but to join you. However, I will say this first, I don’t kill people.”

Yeah, I’m not seeking death, after all.

“As I thought, everything went just as ‘he’ predicted~”

Falan nodded her head satisfyingly, and stopped the little devil beside her from speaking out.

“For now, you’re recognized as a member of the ‘Momiji’. However, the actual ritual will have to wait till later… Oh right, according to my information, you’re participating in the live exercise next week. There will be someone coming over to help you, so don’t worry.”

Details of Faction, Character Information and Skills updated.

Faction Updated: Nature of Momiji Secret Society – [Neutral-Evil]

Character Information Updated: Enna Momiji, Kelany Momiji

Skill Unlocked: Heart of Momiji
Skill Unlocked: (Not selected)

Enna Momiji LV 25 Dark Magician
[Thorn of the Momiji] [Neutral] [Prideful] [Devil Contractor] [Witch] [Dark Gospel] [Ice Empire Central Army’s Magic Assassin]

Kelany Momiji LV 30 Fire/Undead Sorcerer
[Word of the Momiji] [Evil] [Concealed] [Dead Hand] [Killer of 10 Thousand] [Fugitive] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

After sweeping my gaze through the information windows, I quietly shifted them to a side.

It seems that the information can be updated. So, it also means that I won’t be able to judge the true nature of my targets by just simply looking at the information windows.

If there is a magic that could see through everything regarding my targets, and add that magic to my ability to see their traits and titles, then I would be able to get a comprehensive list of information of my targets with only a simple glance.

After all, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated!

Sorry, it’s just that my OCD acts up whenever I see a row of [???].

“Alright, you should return to the academy for now. There’s only two hours left till daybreak. You’re a very important figure right now. If you were to disappear so suddenly, there will definitely be trouble.”

“Important figure?”

“Am I wrong? Who do you think grew out an odd pair of wings just yesterday?”

“Oh right.”

Growing wings out or whatever, as I thought, it’s a very serious matter huh.

But why was everyone so calm back then?

“At daybreak, the Church of Cade will probably contact you. They will most likely be people from the Saint Church. When that time comes, you better be careful. Don’t reveal your bone wing, or else you will definitely be tried for heresy.”

Listening to Falan’s casual tone, why do I have a feeling that being tried isn’t that much of a problem for her…

“Can I ask a question? Other than myself, is there anyone else who can grow wings?”


Falan’s expression was filled with doubt, as if she was looking at a weird creature.

“Are you acting dumb? Do you actually not know that growing wings is a light magic spell?”


I’m sorry, but I really didn’t know of that!

Skill Information:

Heart of Momiji
Distinguishes the user as a member of the Momiji Secret Society. When forming a party with a member of the Momiji Secret Society, increase all attributes and stats by 5% with every member added in the party.

Chapter 16: The Saint Church and The Dark Mantle


The atmosphere in the academy’s reception room was heavy. That was because in this room, there was a guy staring at me, and I’m feeling rather uncomfortable.

I was actually sitting on a luxurious sofa that was worth at least 300 Gold, but I was unable to enjoy it’s comfiness because of his gaze.

After all, his stare was like that of a wild beast’s, and I’m feeling the chills all over my body.

The bone wing on my left seemed to be fidgeting from this pressure. I used the control window to keep it at ‘retract’, and cast ‘Silent Dead’ on it before they came. If I did not do so, my bone wing would have probably revealed itself at this moment.

However, I did spread my right wing out. After all, this guy used a very dangerous tone when he commanded me to reveal it, I had no other choice.

Fortunately, the short cape on my back is not attached to my clothes. Hence, I teared open a hole on the back of my clothes, and usually, my cape would be able to block the hole from sight.

Resist him? Are you joking? When he arrived, Yybril greeted him by kneeling on one of her knees, which meant that this guy had a much higher authority than her.

And because I could not see anything else other than his name, I did not dare to act rashly.

George Bayl LV ??? ???
[???] [???] [Saint] [Darkness of the Saint Church] [???] [???] [???] [???]

“A single wing… this sure is a rare case. However, since you specialize in Ice Magic, it’s understandable. After all, ‘Wings of Absolute Zero’ is a magic that can only be used by those who have obtained the rank of Archmage…”

After a long while, he finally spoke up, and at the same moment, he closed his cold eyes.

George was about 40 years old, and his face was thin and pale to the point where it was scary. His pair of sharp deep green eyes was as if it could pierce right through your heart.

The moment I met him for the first time, I realized that, if I were to do battle with him, I wouldn’t even have the chance to flee.

“However, from how Yybril described you and from my own observation, it’s impossible to command you to join the church, am I right?”

“About that…”

It’s only a single magic spell, so why do I have to join the church? Geez, just what kind of high level boss is that Goddess of Light? To think she’s being worshiped by so many people…

“Don’t worry, I won’t force you. However, since you’re someone who have received the goddess’ blessings, if you have the will to join us, you can always visit the church at any time. We will always be there to welcome you.”

“Yes… Understood.”

However, this guy seemed to be quite direct with his words. After he finished speaking, he immediately stood up and went out of the room.

“I hope we get the chance to meet again.”

Just when he left such words, a pair of wings that was twice as large as mine opened up on his back, and in his instant, his body turned into a blur of white light and flew towards the heavens.

I could hear screams coming from the school compounds, after all, the number of Magicians that could fly in this school were a small minority.

Although Magicians could use magic to float in the air, however, unless you have excess MP to spare, it’s impossible to fly at such high speeds.

But, it’s different for Light Magicians, as they are able to grow wings.

“Although I don’t know whether a piece of wing will be able to do it, however, truthfully, it’s not really useful, so don’t mind it.”

When I heard her voice, I finally realized Yybril had always been leaning against the wall next to the door. Just when I turned to face her, she already started to walk over to me.

She only said those words earlier because she saw me staring intently at George’s flight, huh. This girl is actually quite considerate.

“I won’t force you to join the church or anything, so don’t worry. However, if you wish to learn Light Magic, it will be complicated if you don’t join us. But, as your friend, I will try to ask around.”

And she actually value friendship as well. If I were to use a term to describe her, she should be a manly girl, right? However, she’s a very beautiful manly girl.

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“Oh right, Lanya told me she’s looking for you. It’s about the experimental magic tool from before.”

“Is that so?”

She actually realized that I used that magic grenade?

“However, just when did you join her in her research? There’s not many people that could keep up with her strange thinking, you know?”

“Didn’t you mention to George that my way of thinking has always been strange as well?”

“Geez… Even though Uncle George is very strict, he’s actually a good person.”

Even though when she said as such, she had a smile on her face, but it was actually a bitter smile.

That was because she understood that given George’s personality, he would not accept such a refusal for most people.

“Is that so…”

However, his expression alone could actually kill someone, you know!? I could not see how he could be considered as a good person, rather, he is more like a big boss.

“Ai~ I don’t have time for leisure chat anymore. Afternoon classes are about to start.”

“Good luck, fortunately, I don’t have classes today… Oh, she sure moves fast.”

Before I could finish, she already disappeared. This was not the first time she did something like this. Can’t you at least wait till I finish what I want to say?

Oh well, since I don’t have anything going on, I should first look for Lanya.

Lanya’s laboratory was located at the north-east corner. Originally, it was a small discarded warehouse that once belonged to the Alchemy School. Although I don’t know how Lanya managed to get it, in any case, that place was now her private property.

Even if that place was not marked with a ‘Danger Ahead’ sign, people would not even risk going inside there. That was because whenever Lanya enters that building, the weird smell and various colored sparks that come out from that place discourage everyone from approaching.

After putting on the fire-resistant cape that I bought from a medieval-looking shop, I opened the door and went in.

“Aaaaaah! I failed again!

It seems that my luck isn’t good today, as I somehow arrived when one of her experiments failed. After quickly putting on the hood that came with the cape, I rolled over and hid behind the wall. Right after, a heat wave was produced. The back of my hands which were not protected by the cape, suffered a terrible burn, and my HP immediately plummeted at an astonishing rate!

I speedily hid my hands in the cape, and tapped on two Quick HP Recovery Potions in the inventory window. Fortunately, by doing it like this, I do not need to take out the bottles of potion, and I could still receive their effects by simply tapping on their icons. Or else, I would definitely get a stomachache from drinking all these potions.

After all, these things aren’t juice. They don’t taste good at all.

Geez, this girl is living in such a dangerous place every single day. Is she really not afraid of death?

After the heat wave disappeared, only black smoke filled the room. I immediately opened up the doors and windows to air the place. If I did not do so, I would not even able to see anything clearly, let alone find Lanya.

As I believed that no one would be able to see it, I casted ‘Whirlwind’ near the windows. Like exhaust fans, the black smoke immediately dispersed out of the building.

As I walked over to the inner section of the building, I opened every window in the hallway and rooms, and I finally reached the room on the second floor, where Lanya, who was covered in soot, was.

Geez… This girl actually looks like a panda right now.

Her entire body was laid on the ground, and her HP was nearing red. It seems she received quite a bit of damage from that explosion earlier.

After looking around, I poured a bottle of HP Recovery Potion and a Stun Dispel Potion into her mouth.

However, her current appearance was simply too tragic to look at. I had no choice but to use a cleanliness technique on her body to remove the dirt and soot, and I managed to recover her cute and small face.

I carried her to the sofa at the side, and I finally managed to have a chance to look at the room carefully.

Hai… The room looks as if it was hit by an actual missile… If the building was not protected with any reinforcement magic, it would have already been blown apart, right?

Oh right, you’re asking me why I’m not doing anything to the currently unconscious loli? Are you joking? First off, I’m not a lolicon. And, as a standard gentleman, protecting such a small and fragile girl is my life duty. To do those kind of things to her, is not something I would do.

In addition, this girl is a loli who would auction things that she had used before in the black market joyfully. She was almost the same as a certain little witch, so why would I risk my life to commit such a crime?

There was a circular burnt scar in the center of the room, which meant that the thing that was placed there earlier was burnt into crisp.

It seems like this girl was researching some strange things again. Can’t you just manufacture a grenade without any problems? I’m still waiting to use them, you know?

“You’re really useless as a guy, huh. To think you would forget about an unconscious loli after leaving her on the bed. Unless you’re already satisfied with that princess carry?”

Just when I was deep in thoughts, that joyful poison-tongued loli unexpectedly woke up.

Before I even turn to look at her, she already ran over and squatted at the center of the room with the burnt scar, as she began to carefully analyse the results.

“Yes… So it’s completely burnt. It seems this material can only resist attacks of the ‘Ragefire’ level. It can’t resist flames of ‘sacred’ level, huh? It seems it’s best to find some other materials.”

As she shook her head, she went over to the table at the side and took up a board covered in soot. She shook some of the soot out, and began writing on the board.

It seems this girl actually kept a careful record of her experiments. I underestimated her.

“Speaking of which, just what were you experimenting on? If you continue like this, someday, this building will definitely blow up into several bits… Not only that, you almost died earlier. If I did not come over, you would have definitely died.”

“No problem, no problem~ It doesn’t matter as long as I’m still alive, no?”

Has she ever seriously considered the safety of her life?

Speaking of which, compared to Falan, I could not find anything in the library related to the name ‘Lanya Fournights’. I never managed to chance upon anything related to the ‘Fournights’ household either.

It seems that this girl has an even scarier background than the Momiji’s. However, I really can’t see such a thing from her…

“Alright, these are my new experimental products. Please help me test them out.”

She said as she took out something similar to a purse from the drawer and threw it at me.

“Inside, there’s Fire, Light and Lightning grenades. It was really troublesome to manufacture these, so you better test them properly!”

“Oh right, the Light grenade you gave me earlier was really effective.”


The girl’s eyes immediately sparkled brightly, as she grabbed my hand and dragged me outside.

“Hey hey, you…”

“Alright, it’s time to start mass-production! I don’t have time to entertain you anymore!”

After saying that, I was already thrown outside the room, and the door immediately slammed shut in front of me.

Geez, can’t you at least save me some face…

However, since I already received some tools for free, I will just leave it at that. I better prepare for the live exercise that’s happening next week.

POV: Lanya Fournights

What an interesting guy. To think there would be a human that could evolve into an Undead Holy Angel… I guess the academy will begin to liven up, right?

However, is it even possible for humans to evolve into something like that? Unless that guy wasn’t human in the first place?

Impossible. In this world, there’s only a few people that could escape my eyes.

Looking at that guy’s helpless face as he left is really hilarious. Does he actually know how scary of an existence he had turned into?

Oh well, it’s best to not bother about things like this. After all, wouldn’t it more interesting this way?

“However, that guy could actually use Water Magic as well, just what secrets is he hiding?”

For now, I will just wait and observe what happens. First off, I need to earn some money~

After all, in these three thousand long years, I had spent quite a bit of my fortune~

Chapter 17: Happy Live Exercise


A week later, it was the day of the live exercise.

In the early morning, we rode on an airship that was as big as a floating fortress and flew towards the exercise area.

The structure of the airship was similar to those in the games I played. The bottom half of it was ship-based, and it would probably be able to sail in the water as well.

The several magic circles under the ship revealed the source of the airship’s energy, and I’m curious on how the interior structure was like.

However, currently, I’m still unable to access the interior, so investigation will have to wait till later.

Originally, I wanted to enjoy the surrounding scenery on the airship’s deck, however, after barely ten minutes, I had to escape to my cabin because of that dizziness I felt, which was similar to the one I felt from riding a mountain car. I had to spend the remaining time by continuously tapping on the Stun Dispel Potions in my inventory window .

If it’s possible, I would even prefer travelling in a roller coaster instead. This felt more like a electronic blender than an airship. The designer of this ship had better not show his face in front of me, otherwise, I will definitely pioneer a washing machine and stuff him in it.

When we reached our destination, I sprinted down the airship with my fastest speed, and I gulped down an entire bottle of Stun Dispel Potion.

Even though this thing taste so bad, however, compared to the feeling of seasickness, it’s still much better.

Immediately after, the rest of the students came rushing down from the airship as well. Other than a few people who slowly made their way down, the rest were in the same situation as mine.

After all, there were no obvious effects from taking in the Stun Dispel Potion on the airship. Even if the dizziness was dispelled, it would only last a few seconds.

However, there were not many people that would bring that many Magic and Recovery Potions like I did. Most of the people on the airship had already finished their stocks of potions, and currently, they could only relieve themselves by vomiting.

The immediate effects are why the potions are so useful. In only a short while, I managed to return to normal, and I no longer felt any discomfort.

Although I’m not sure how effective the potions are for the inhabitants of this world, however, Lanya’s potions were definitely much better than those regular potions, and they were cheap as well. This was also why I always bought them in bulks.

Though, I’m not entirely sure why her sales aren’t that good in the academy, however, as her good friend, I will still continue to help her.

After my stun status was completely dispelled, I inspected my surroundings. As I thought, most of the students were leaning against the airship with expressions of agony.

However, I did spot someone familiar among them.

“Shir, you will feel better by drinking this.”

It was Shir Vologue. He’s a very hard-working Wind Magician youth. Before, he kept pestering me to teach him how to fight. However, since we come different worlds, it’s quite difficult to teach him my methods.

Shir slowly raised his head, and what I saw was a pale-white face. Looks like the electronic blender earlier thoroughly changed his view on life, in both body and soul.

“Fir, thank you.”

He took the bottle of my hands and gulped the contents down in an instant, and I saw his ‘stun’ status icon disappear from the side his name. This potion sure is quick with its effects.

“This… Is this a Stun Dispel Potion? Its effects…”

Shir stared at the bottle in his hands with an expression of disbelief.

“Yes. This is a potion made by Lanya. It’s effects are pretty good.”

“Is that so… So the rumors are true.”


I smelled a conspiracy.

Shir looked around, and when he confirmed that no one was looking towards us, he whispered.

“You only transferred in a month ago, so you probably did not know of this. A year ago, one of Lanya’s magic tool self-destructed, and a student of noble background suffered injuries. From then on, Lanya’s products which were actually selling quite well before, were no longer well received.”

“I see. But I heard she was framed because people were jealous of her products, which were actually more effective and powerful than regular products.”

“That’s right. So Fir heard of that rumor as well?”

“Obviously not. However, from what you said, I could somehow guess what actually happened.”

Looks like I have to talk to Lanya about this when I get back. Although it’s not my style to cause trouble, but since she’s a friend of mine, I can’t just watch from the sidelines, can I?

“Alright, let’s not talk about this now. Do you know anything about this live exercise? I only know we’re having a live exercise, but not its contents.”

That’s my current situation. Although Mari-sensei told me to participate in this live exercise, however, she did not tell me what I’m supposed to do in it. She explained that it would further improve my abilities if I’m thrown into an unknown situation. She’s practically insane. Why wouldn’t I look at the guide before entering a dungeon?

“Don’t you know? For us Magicians, other than doing research or spending our time on the battlefield, there’s no other suitable jobs left for us. However, in this academy, most of our time can only go into research. Hence, mock battles and live exercises are very important to us, students.”

“Then, the point is…?”

“That’s why, the purpose of this exercise is to allow everyone to improve their magic spells and techniques, regardless if they’re used for battle, or even used for surviving in the fields.”


So in other words, this live exercise is to improve the applicability of magic? However… My magic are just ‘skills’ and they are just standard existences on a skill window. Hence, applicability, to me, is just battle capability.

However, this guy sure is beating around the bush. After saying so much, he still hasn’t explained what we’re actually doing in this live exercise.

Probably because he saw my uncertain expression, Shir let out a sigh and continued.

“In other words, we are using the limited supplies we have to find the tools our principal left in this sealed forest.”

“The Ninety-Nine Trials?”

‘The Ninety-Nine Trials’ was exactly the same thing I searched for, with the trio, in the dungeon under the academy. I heard they were ninety-nine weird items that were placed in the dungeons when the principal was bored in his younger days, and they were used to challenge students.

The moment I heard that we’re searching for tools, I immediately thought of those items.

“So even you knew of The 99 Trials, huh? However, we’re not here to find those famous items, even though by bringing back one of those items, we’re able to request a wish from the principal.”

“Is that so…”

Speaking of which, what he said was probable. After all, there’s only 99 of them…”

“Although this time, the live exercise is conducted in this Griffin Forest, where three of ‘The Ninety-Nine Trials’ lie, they are still much harder to look for than the 【Crystal Hearts】 we’re tasked to find.”

【Crystal Hearts】? Those things sure sound useful.

However, why do I feel that this live exercise not only improve magic usability, but also our survivability as well?

“Shir, how many 【Crystal Hearts】 are there?”

“About ten, I guess?”

“So two-thirds of the people here will be eliminated… Don’t tell me it’s fine to kill people in this live exercise…”

“That’s something you need not worry, after all, there are still teachers dispatched to supervise us.”

“Is that so…”

I took a look at my surroundings. Why do I feel that all these people are not harboring any good intentions at all?

Otherwise, why would all their names be in red?

Chapter 18: Arcane Live Exercise


From my observations in the past month, I have a firm understanding on what the colors of the people’s names represent.

Generally, people’s names stayed white in color. However, this isn’t a good thing. Because, if the target is behind a white wall, then I wouldn’t be able to detect him at all. After all, it’s impossible to hover my mouse over to the target and highlight his figure. If I can actually do that, then I must really thank the system.

Unfortunately, reality is cruel.

And then, there are the yellow names. I had seen this color from guards. When they see me from afar, their names will turn yellow. This means that the target is being vigilant, and is keeping a watchful eye on me. Once I identified myself, the name will revert back to white.

The third type is red.

After going through a series of battles, I came into conclusion that red names will only appear under two circumstances.

Firstly, the name will only change into red when the person initiates an attack towards me. The moment the person begins his attack or chant, the change will occur, and it doesn’t matter whether if he is able to hit me accurately or not.

Because of this system, I managed to benefit quite a lot from it. If hidden enemies were to attack me from afar, once they start to take their aim at me, their names will instantly turn red, and my warning system will immediately mark him with a red arrow. As long as I pay attention, it’s virtually impossible for sneak attacks to occur.

Secondly, it happens when the target harbors a killing intent. That’s right, it’s when people harbor the intentions to kill me. The name will continue to stay red until the target dissipates his intent.

It’s similar to those theft or sneaking games, where the NPCs will be on high alert when they spot you, and will only revert back when they confirmed that it was safe.

Of course, there also two other unique colors, green and blue.

Names will only turn green when the target is in your party, and they will only turn blue when the target is in the same guild. Just like how Falan’s name is now blue, since I joined the ‘Momiji Secret Society’.

Speaking of which, there’s a very interesting setting with green names. No damage could be dealt to party members. Even if magic of the highest class was used, it will still be ineffective, other than Healing or Buff magic skills.

It’s the same principle as how it’s not possible for me to be harmed by my own magic.

However, the current situation is very obvious. The surrounding people here are harboring intents of killing us, or at the very least, me.

“After all, since everyone here is doing their best to win, they are a little agitated.”

“I hope it’s just that…”

Or else my life will definitely be in danger.

“Why don’t we form a team? After all, there’s ten 【Crystal Hearts】. If we were to form a team, we could probably do much better than when we’re alone, combat-wise.”

“Eh? You don’t mind forming a team with me?”

Shir’s eyes began to sparkle in an instant.

“Of course, I don’t mind! Your combat techniques and my magical knowledge, if it’s both of us, we will definitely be able to find the 【Crystal Hearts】!”

Shir Vologue joined your party.
Wind Resistance increased by 5%.

When I saw the notification, Shir’s name turned green. I then looked at my surroundings once again.

The rest of the students also began to form groups, and most of them were split into their respective elemental types.

In this live exercise, there’s only one Ice Magician and Wind Magician participating, and that’s me and Shir respectively. And that’s only because it’s mandatory for every class to have at least one representative, and the rest of the slots were taken by nobles.

Shir was originally a noble, so it wasn’t a big problem. However, I’m not. Actually, Princess Michelle was invited as well, but she said the danger involved was greater than the benefits from participating, and hence she refused.

Thus, I’m the sole representative from the Ice Class.

There are a total of five Fire Magicians, four Water Magicians, five Earth Magicians, five Lightning Magicians, five Plant Magicians, and four Summoners. Other than a single lightning user joining the fire team, and a wood user joining the group of summoners, the rest are all teamed up in their respective elemental types… Wait a minute, that wood user didn’t seem to have joined the summoner group, rather, someone left the team and ran straight into the forest!

Weird, what’s happening? The remaining summoners did not seem to mind it either, as they just looked at the guy as he entered the forest.

Originally, I wanted to take a look at his name, so as to prevent being attacked by an unknown enemy. However, his figure was already too far into the forest, and I couldn’t make clear of his name.

However, the moment he entered the forest, his name reverted back into white.

And somehow, at that moment, I could see a strange wording… Race?

This word would only appear under an unique circumstance, and that’s when the target is not human!

Strange, there were actually people of other races in the academy? Though, I had never seen such people before.

Or was it because we never had the chance to meet?

After all, the academy is rather large. If he usually appeared somewhere on the other side of the academy, then it would be normal for us to to not bump into each other.

Do I have to actually be like the protagonist in Tr*ils of the Sky? Where I have to talk to every single NPC to look for hidden quests and weird magazines? Unless the system rewards me with a legendary equipment, I won’t even consider doing it.

“What are you looking at?”

Shir, who was beside me, tapped on my shoulder as he asked. After that, he pointed to the side of the airship.

I shifted my sight to where he was pointing, and I realized that the supervising teachers were calling us to assemble at their location.

Once again, I looked towards the direction where the summoner left for the forest. However, I could no longer see his name.

Oh well, I will just give him up for now. I will know him if I managed to spot him later, right?

However, the situation wasn’t how I predicted it to be. When all the students assembled, the total number of students illogically numbered 30!

And this was a number that was checked by the teacher, hence there were no tricks to it.

In other words, there were initially 30 students in this exercise, but the person who ran out was not among the 30 students here!

Interesting, looks like there will be several interesting things that’s going to happen in this live exercise. That would mean loads of side quests, and EXP!

However, it would be good if the system would hint me whenever I receive a quest, like a pop-up quest window. Or else, I wouldn’t know how to proceed forward.

And what the supervising teachers were telling us were about the same as what Shir explained to me. To put it simply, we have to search for the locations of the 【Crystal Hearts】. Unfortunately, this kind of item searching game isn’t my specialty.

However, in quests like this, the location of the quest item would usually be glowing, or there would be indirect hints regarding its location.

Though, in actual fact, I brought an interesting item. I believe that I will have the chance to use it sometime later.

“Let’s go, I…”

Just when I was about to give Shir the signal to leave, a notification screen popped out.

Side Quest: Extra-curricular Live Exercise

Quest Objective:
Find a Crystal Heart for each party member.

Additional Objectives:
1. Find ‘The Ninety-Nine Trials’.
2. Find the mysterious person. (Required to unlock other side quests)

Reward: 20,000 EXP
Additional Rewards: Unknown

I couldn’t keep my cool when I saw this notification. After all, it was only just earlier that I retorted that there were no hints for the quest.

God, are you spying on me?

Chapter 19: Exploring in the Live Exercise


Why does this feel like a forum or a bulletin board? When I, a player, provided a suggestion, the developer actually made changes… Although this world is very similar to an online RPG, but if this really is a game, can someone please tell me where’s the log out button?

Though this world is indeed interesting, but currently, I want to try playing something else already.

Even after waiting for a couple of minutes, the notification window never came. Looks like my poor wish will never be fulfilled.

“Fir, the rest already departed. We should hurry up as well, it wouldn’t be good to have a late start.”

After hearing Shir’s words, I finally realized that everyone else around us already ran into the forest.

The number of supervising teachers decreased, as well. They probably have split up and followed after the different groups of students.

This confirmed everything Shir said earlier.

“I know. However, even if we were to start early, if we’re not lucky, we still won’t be able to find a Crystal Heart, right?”

I looked at the anxious Shir, and let out a sigh.

“That may be so… but…”

“Alright. Since you’re a man, you should keep your calm. Oh right, don’t you get a floating spell early on as a Wind Magician?”

“Yes, although it will only last a few seconds.”

“That’s fine. Do you mind flying up and inspecting the entire forest? Just give me the vague details like ‘there’s a mountain over there’ or ‘the forest is denser in that particular place’. Also, tell me which part of the forest you find suspicious.”


Shir revealed a difficult expression.

“Because it didn’t have any use in actual combat, I have never practiced that magic spell before…”


Oh my god, this guy is… a freaking realist. Even if you’re specializing in certain spells, you can’t just neglect the rest of the spells, right? Especially useful spells like floating, you can’t just stash it away, you know?

Even if you can’t use it to battle, it’s still a pretty good escape spell.

Damn, if I wasn’t hiding the fact that I could use spells other than Ice Magic spells, I would have already flown up and surveyed the entire area already.

After all, if I could get the information on the terrain, it would be more convenient for us.

“Alright, since it’s like this, then we can only inspect our surroundings on foot… Our current target area is that forest, and these plains are not included, right?

Griffin Forest is situated in the plains between the academy and Ice Empire, and had a size of about 250,000 square kilometers.

How big is 250,000 square kilometers? Open the map and look for the Persian Gulf, and you will know its rough size.

Within such a large area, it’s a miracle to actually find one Crystal Heart. If you don’t have a certain amount of luck, it will be simply impossible to find one. Also, this live exercise will only last for a week. The time allocated was really limited.

How I wish I had a mini-map of the forest, as it would make this assignment much more convenient. Although, I’m not expecting it to actually appear.

As I glanced to the top, it seems that the forest was formed by surrounding a mountain. Although the mountain was not very tall, it would still take at least two days to reach its peak.

“According to the information I gathered, that’s indeed so. However, although I don’t have a very detailed map, but, every participating student received an emergency calling magic ball, and a map dictating the boundaries and the sources of water.”


Speaking of which, the supervising teacher earlier gave every student a small bag. I thought it would be used to carry our stuffs, after all, it didn’t even feel heavy.

I hastily opened it up, and indeed, there was a golden ball and a piece of map.

Eh~ It’s actually a map made out of sheepskin! This is my first time seeing one. After all, the paper used by the academy is produced from trees, like my previous world. This thick piece of sheepskin is unlike any other paper I have seen.

It’s probably because it was firm and durable.

Although this piece of map did not have much details, as it only marked out our starting point and several rivers and other water sources, however, I still managed to confirm our direction from reading it.

I, who have played multiple games, am able to distinguish my directions easily. It’s no pressure for someone like me who had never gotten lost before.

“Since we’re entering from here… Yes, I got it. If I can identify the location of this river and note down its distance from our current position, then I can make a confirmation.”

I drew some lines on the map, and confidently made an ‘ok’ gesture with my hand.

“Is that an action to cast a spell?”

And instead, I was replied as such.

“Alright, don’t mind it, let’s go!”

I somehow felt that it would be troublesome to explain to him the meaning of ‘ok’.

No, it will definitely be troublesome!

The moment we stepped foot into the forest, a feeling that I had never felt before welcomed us.

Although I camped in the forests in my former world several times before, however, the forest in this world felt purer.

Even if we were currently at the forest border, the tree beside me was actually only a meter tall.

When I touched it, I could feel wood magical energy being emitted out. This was probably why I felt that this forest was purer than most.

Entering a pure plant elemental area.
Strength of Plant Magic spells increased by 5%.

As I expected, the notification windows and I are so in sync, as I was hinted the moment I thought about it.

However, I had better not waste anymore of my time sightseeing, and start with the search.

Generally, there will be hints provided at certain points for a search quest, so as to aid the players to find the required quest item. Although there are some differences between this world and an actual game, however, since I’m able to see interfaces and such, then there should actually be a hint somewhere…



Other than a mountain and a few river streams, I totally can’t see anything else!

“Do we really have to search the entire forest? It will be tiring as hell! Geez, why is this assignment so troublesome!?”

“Well~ This is for training, I guess?”

“Let’s steal the Crystal Hearts from the rest! Since they are using all available methods to win, then we should too!”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea… Actually, the biggest benefit of this live exercise is that it will allow the students to retake the tests. For those students who failed the tests, other than begging their families for help, the only other way is to participate in this live exercise to earn the right to take the tests again.”


So it was actually like this? Although my theory and knowledge test scores aren’t high, but fortunately, I got a full score for my combat test. Is that why I was not notified about being able to retake the test by passing this live exercise?

Or does Ms. Mari hope that I can take the tests again? Was my theory test scores actually the lowest in class?

I can sense Ms. Mari’s evil intentions.

“Alright, since that’s the situation, then we shall take a lax approach. However, if the rest of the students were to attack us, then we have no other choice. What’s your opinion on this?”

“Yes, if the opponents were to cast aside their honor as nobles, then I will definitely support you in getting rid of them!”

This guy treats the nobles’ honor too highly… Oh well, since we’re both living in different worlds, then there’s no point in lecturing him.

After all, the paths we take in our lives are different as well.

…Wait a minute, paths?

“I think I got something…”

I quickly opened up the map, and cross-referenced our current location and several other locations on the map.

Three river streams were flowing down from the eastern side of the mountain, and they took three different paths as they flowed through the forest, left, middle and right respectively.

Although at first glance, there doesn’t seem to be any problems with them. However…

I looked at the faraway mountain again, and then pointed at a certain area along the middle river.

“Shir, just how do you think this river flow from that mountain?”

“It pass through…”

When we looked at the faraway mountain, although it’s not really clear, however, a small stream could be seen flowing right down from the very peak of the mountain, but, the source itself could not be seen.

“Eh? Just how does the river start flowing down from the peak?”

Even Shir was astonished.

Any illogical places are hints! This applies not in the real world, but in a magical world as well!

“Let’s go!”


Chapter 20: Slow Travelling Live Exercise


Three hours later, we finally completed the first step of our plan.

A river of two meter width appeared before us. This meant that there weren’t any problems with my sense of direction, and this piece of map that only marked the locations of rivers.

Although the river was flowing quite fast, its water was pure and clear, as I could clearly see a fish swimming at the bottom of the river.

I placed my hand into the river, and the water was cooling enough to refresh my spirits.

“I can’t do this anymore, I’m about to tire to death!”

Just when I was enjoying the beauty of nature, I could hear a disheartening voice coming from behind me. I helplessly turned to look, and I could see Shir leaning against the nearby tree, with a dying expression on his face.

Just how bad is his stamina, geez… Does this guy actually spend all his time studying at home?

“Come on, we walked all the way here, you know? It’s not like we were running.”

“In the past… The longest time… I spent walking… was only… an hour. I never had to… walk this much before.”

He replied me as he tried to catch his breath.

Eh… Geez… Should I drop a tsukkomi about his pampered life as a noble or his overly serious attitude towards studying?

Although my stamina did improve since I came to this world, however, even though I spent most of my time at home in my former world, walking for 4 or 5 hours continuously still wouldn’t pose a problem. This guy was already this tired after walking for only 3 hours, isn’t he a little too weak?

“Oh well. Since we managed to accomplish our first goal, let’s take a small break. After this, as long as we follow this stream upwards, then we should be able to reach that suspicious place.”

Although I confidently said it as such, but, in actual fact, I was still doubting my own judgment.

That suspicious place is worth to take a look, however, in actual fact, normal people would not be able to think of it, right? And there’s only one of such location, and it’s impossible for all the Crystal Hearts to be placed there. Or else, it would definitely diminish the chances for the students to succeed in this live exercise.

And for groups with a large number of members, their biggest problem was to distribute the Crystal Balls. If the group is not able to obtain the minimum amount of Crystal Balls needed at the end of the exercise, then they will definitely be caught in a dilemma.

And the participants in this live exercise comprised mostly of nobles. They would definitely compete among themselves for the Crystal Balls. After competing in strength, they would then compete with their social ranks. I don’t really want to land myself in such a troublesome situation.

That was also why I tried to avoid encountering the other teams.

That’s right. I have been constantly looking out for names around us during our journey. When I saw names in a specific direction, we would take a detour around. Of course, if the other teams were to use Wood-type or Earth-type magic to hide their presences, then there’s nothing much I could do about it.

However, the teacher that was in-charge of our team was really following us quite openly. He wasn’t even using any skills or magic to hide his presence.

Several times along the journey, I turned to take a look, and he probably realized that I already noticed him. Thereafter, in the last hour, he did not even bother hiding behind the trees, and was just walking behind us.

Currently, he was sitting under a tree that 5 meters away from us, and was staring blankly at his own magic staff.

I have this urge to go over and greet him, however, I restrained myself. After all, originally, he was supposed to follow us secretly. If I expose him now, he would definitely feel embarrassed.

Earlier, Shir realized his existence, and was wondering why he was not following us secretly as well. However, I told him it’s best to ignore his presence.

Hence, he did as he was told.

“Since we’re taking a break, let’s take this time to eat something~ I prepared a lot of food, you know~”

Shir suddenly said. Just as I redirected my line of sight to him, I saw him summoning desserts.

That’s right, desserts! And they seem to be extremely delicious! Every layer of the cake was topped with fruits and cream, and he had several types of chocolates lined up.

The sight of this was enough to rouse up anyone’s appetite, however, what I really want to know is…

Oh my god! Just where did this guy take these things out from!?

After he handed me the layered cake, he started taking out various other items.

Desserts, snacks, and thermos flasks… Is this guy trying to start a tea party here?

Everyone else is giving their all to search for items, and you’re actually having a tea party!? What’s with that attitude!

Speaking of which, this guy is a noble as well, so it was normal for him to have a ring that could store items. Although I received one when I came to this world, and it even has a disguise function, however, so as to hide the existence of this special ring, I bought another cheap dimensional storage ring. And I stored some clothes and potions in it as well.

Hence, even if it was stolen, I would only lose a little. After all, there’s nothing in this world that could help identify the items’ owners. However…

This is still my first time encountering someone that would actually store an entire set of desserts in his ring. Just how crazily rich is this guy!?

“We’re only resting for a few minutes, so why did you start a tea party… And since you stored such things in your ring, what about your other necessities?”

“Don’t worry, I have another ring for those~”

He happily replied. It seems this guy really likes to have tea and desserts… This is actually my first time seeing a boy behave like this.

Eh… Oh well, anything goes, I guess. After all, this cake does indeed look very delicious.

“Mmm, not bad… this cake is quite good. However, after finishing these up, we should press forward, or else we will take forever to reach our destination.

“Eh~ Aren’t we having a three-hours long break?”

He looked at me with sad-looking eyes… What’s with this expression!? Why is he trying to pass me off as the bad guy!?

Why does a boy has such a little kitten-like expression? And why is it so effective!?

“I didn’t say it was three-hours long… Don’t look at me like that…”

However, it seems that this guy doesn’t have the intention of forgiving me… Scary! Does this guy actually have a technique that can attack my mind!?

“Alright… alright! We will rest for two hours, that will be enough, right!? And looking at this distance, we have to at least walk for another 20 hours. We’re not going to make it if we spend too much time resting.”

“Right, I understand! Then we will rest for 2 hours. Want some tea?”

“…Of course.”

I can’t help it. The cake’s sweetness took control of my mind…

After receiving the cup of tea, I felt someone walking to us from my back. I turned around, and the teacher who was sitting under the tree earlier was actually standing beside Shir.

“Do you mind if I have a cup as well? Sorry, I forgot to bring my water supplies down from the airship.”

“Sure, no problem.”

Shir kept his smile as he replied.

“Hey hey, aren’t you supposed to be a teacher in-charge of our surveillance? Are you sure it’s fine to walk over and have tea with us?”

As he was constantly wearing his hood earlier, I was not able to see them clearly, but I could finally have a full view of his facial features.

Deep green hair, with the same eye color. He did not have any wrinkles on his face, and his lips were showing a slight sinister smile.

Although this teacher was only slightly older than us, however, just like the department head from earlier, everything about him was in question marks.

“No problem, no problem. As long as I do not help you guys in any way, then it’s not against the rules. In fact, you guys already realized my presence since a few hours ago, right? Why didn’t you come over and have a chat?”

“What’s there to talk about with three men…”

“Three… I see, well, that’s fine, I guess. Don’t worry, chatting with me is not really against the rules. I memorized all the rules and regulations in this school, so anything that isn’t breaking the rules is legal in my books. That’s what I think, how about you?”

This guy… Why do I feel that he has an aura of a hoodlum…

“Oh right, Fir and Shir, although I know both of your names, you guys shouldn’t know of mine, right? My name’s Landur Bruklis, and a teacher of the Advanced-Grade Wind Magic Class, I look forward to working with you two.”

Looks like this guy is telling the truth. The moment he was done speaking, some of his information was revealed.

Landur Bruklis
LV ?? Wind Sorcerer ?? ???
[???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???]

Looks like he had more than a single class, it was unfortunate that I couldn’t see it.

However… This guy seems to be someone that I could get along with.

“So you’re saying, as long as we don’t break the rules, any dirty and underhanded tricks are also acceptable?”


He looked me, and smiled wryly.

“That’s right.”

“Good, then, we will be under your care!”

Chapter 21: Dark Green Live Exercise


“Then, I will be returning to my position.”

Less than half an hour later, Landur suddenly spoke up, and in a flash, he retreated back to a tree 10 meters away.

So fast! As expected, even if you’re a Magician, if your level difference is big, the difference in speed is still considerably large as well.

However, this was not a time to awe at his ability, as there’s only a single reason why he decided to retreat, and that’s because something was approaching us.

However, after after inspecting my surroundings, I did not find any names among the trees and bushes.

This means…

“Shir, pack everything up. Hurry.”


After hearing my commands, Shir immediately kept the utensils. Seeing his quick reaction, he must have realized the approaching danger when Landur retreated.

The problem is…

Is it a human or a monster?

Although Landur is near us, however, I can’t just ask him about our current situation. After all, it’s directly against the rules.

According to the rules, the supervising teacher is not supposed to give the participating students hints. So, if I talk to him now, I will be breaking the rules, right?

In my opinion, it will be better if monsters appear. After all, I will just have to exterminate them. However, if humans appear instead… things will get complicated.


Although I have been concentrating on the situation around us, I haven’t been able to spot any movements. Time continued to tick, but still, nothing happened.

This feels like a situation where you heard your doorbell rang, however, when you went to open the door, you realized there wasn’t anyone there, and because of this prank, you carry an indescribable feeling of bitterness.

“Seems like there’s nothing coming…”

“You’re right… Are you sure someone’s there?”

“Even if you ask me…”

Just when we began our conversation, a red warning marker suddenly flashed in front of me!

“Quick, dodge!”

I cast an 【Ice Castle】 behind me and pulled Shir to the opposite direction to dodge the incoming attack.


Before we could even retreat a meter distance, I could already hear the ice castle collapsing. Immediately after, a strong force of wind blew towards us, and I almost flipped in the air.

Damn, if Landur wasn’t spectating us from the side, I would have definitely dodged with 【Charge】 and 【Accelerate】. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use them openly.

My HP immediately dropped by 20%. I hurriedly tapped on the HP Recovery Potion icon, and summoned an 【Ice Shield】.

Less than five meters away from us, a green leopard-like monster was staring at me intently. Interestingly, there was a ring of leaves on each of its legs.

So it’s a wind-type monster? And it’s even level 15. This will be quite a good challenge.

Dark Green Hopper 60,000/60,000 LV 15
Wind Monster
An agility-focused monster with its four legs wrapped in wind elemental energy. It specializes in Wind Magic.

Looking at its description, it seems like a troublesome opponent, as it was actually agility-focused. This is a bad match-up, as generally, Magicians lack speed.


There’s no other choice but to take it down!

“【Ice Arrow】!”

Three Ice Arrows that were under my control surrounded the leopard, and the arrows ruthlessly sped towards it.

When the blue arrows were still flying towards it, the leopard instantly rushed out of my target area with ghostly speed. The three ice arrows pierced the ground, and the leopard began to accelerate towards me.

“【Ice Castle】!”

I had no other choice but to rely on this spell to block the leopard for a moment. After all, if I was attacked with a direct charge like that, it would definitely be painful.

However, the leopard actually flipped in the air, and landed near my left!


A flash of green light collided with the ice shield on my left arm, and instantly, the shield shattered and my HP, which was just fully recovered earlier, was shockingly reduced to half, even with the block from the ice shield!

Oh my god! What’s with this battle strength!

“【Ice Valley】! 【Ice Assassination Spikes】! 【Ice Arrow】!”

Originally, the thorns of ice were supposed to be released in a straight line. Through my control, I released the thorns in a spiraled manner, with my position as the epicenter. At the same time, ice arrows and ice spikes came from both the sky and earth, and they were aimed at the leopard’s escape route.

The leopard began to transform into a flash of green, as it planned to escape from my attack range.

Looks like I don’t have any other choice. Although this magic spell does not have any offensive power, however, it’s the only available spell that could restrict the leopard.

“【Restrictor of the Frozen Earth】!”

In an instant, a flashing blue ice mist covered a circular area of 5 meters radius around me, and at the same time, a ‘frozen’ status icon appeared beside the leopard’s name.

How unfortunate… It would have been better if the leopard stopped moving completely because of the ‘frozen’ status, but unfortunately, only his speed was reduced.

But, this is good enough!

Tens of ice arrows and ice spikes struck home on the leopard’s body. It immediately turned into a block of ice, and fell onto the ground.

Because of the ‘frozen’ effect, the leopard’s HP continued to decrease constantly, and it currently has less than 10,000 HP. It was already brought to near death by the bombardment of attacks earlier.

Looks like this monster exchanged its defense for agility, thus it had such a weak defense, and could be killed with two or three magic spells.

“Then the next spell is… 【Ice Totem】!”

A large icicle appeared from the ground. It shattered the ice block, and at the same time, sent the leopard flying.

Dark Green Hopper defeated.
EXP Received: 40,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Fang of Wind (Small)
You leveled up!
Current LV: 12

Once again, I drank a HP Recovery Potion to restore my HP, and tapped on a MP Recovery Potion. When I turned around, I saw Shir staring blankly at me at his original position.

“Hey, what are you dreaming about?”

“Umm… That battle just now was simply too fast-paced, and I couldn’t react at all…”


Even though this guy obviously have a higher Dexterity stat than mine, so why…

Before I could lament any further, I saw a very dangerous scene. An image of a scene of instant death flashed in my mind.

Dark Green Hoppers.

Though I’m not sure when it happened, but an uncountable number of red names had already surrounded us completely!

Chapter 22: EXP Grinding Live Exercise


Twenty… No, there should be about thirty enemies surrounding us, and their levels range from 14~18. And these are only the ones that are visible. Earlier, that monster already revealed that it had an ambush ability, and I’m not able to see the target when that ability is in effect.

This is really the worst situation ever in the history of mankind…

I looked towards Landur’s earlier position, and that bastard actually disappeared!

Doesn’t that guy have the responsibility to protect us? And he actually ran?

“Shir, you should be able to understand our current situation, right?”

“Yes… What do we do? I… I don’t wish to be eaten by those monsters!”

“How many of the wind magic buffs do you know?”

“……【Extreme Shadow】, 【Blade Wall】, and 【Wind Armor】.”

“What’s the cast time?”

“If I were to chant for all of them, at least a minute, I guess?”

“Use all the spells on me! I will get you out of here!”

“A… Alright!”

Shir raised his magic staff, and began to chant. Unlike me, inhabitants of this world are unable to use magic instantaneously, and have to chant out their magic. The stronger the magic spell, the longer the chant.

Being able to unleash the magic spells by tapping on their icons and calling out the skill names… The people here wouldn’t even think of that, right?

As green particles began to gather around Shir, several Hoppers leaped out of the trees!

Geez, I’m starting to reminisce turn-based games. Can’t you guys attack in order?

In this scenario, no ordinary magic spell will be able to stop them. Before Shir finish chanting, I can only try to hold on as long as I can. Wind Magic 【Extreme Shadow】 increases speed by 100%, which is much better than Warrior’s 【Charge】 which only increases speed by 30%.

Geez, hopefully, these leopards will drop some valuable items. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to make up for the loss of Irlin’s Knight Sword. And even though it was a gift by a girl… Sigh… Though, I did keep the shattered pieces.

“【Ice Sword Summon】, 【Tachi – Demonic Blue】!”

According to my idea of an alchemist, it is a class that creates several weird artifacts and potions. However, I did not expect that they could smelt, and create weapons by following schematics as well.

Although a sword isn’t bad, however, as I’m a fan of the Monster Hunter series, I’m more familiar with the swings and movements of Tachis and Dual Blades.

As such, I drew a design of a tachi from my memories, and sent it to a Smithery for production. And the workers at the Smithery were interested in my design as well, and after I answered their questions related to the design, they managed to produce a Tachi of 80cm in length.

What about Tachis which are longer than 90cm in length? Stop joking, it’s not possible for me to wield something like that…

And 【Ice Sword Summon】 is able to enchant any weapon. When I use the magic skill while equipping the Tachi, it would strengthen it.

Including the Ice Magic Stone embedded onto the tachi, its power has been increased quite a bit.

Tachi – Demonic Blue + 1 (Ice) (Embedded)
+800 Strength
+30% chance to freeze targets.
+50% chance to reduce target’s speed.

However, even with my tachi equipped, my speed will not increase much. If I have to accurately hit my target… Then I have to reduce their speed as well!

“【Restrictor of the Frozen Earth】!【Ice Shield】! 【Charge】! 【Shield Bash】!”

By using a chain of skills, my MP immediately reduced by 440 points, which was 1/4 of my current max MP. After I leveled up, my max MP increased to a value of 1,400. Adding the MP I accumulated from Meditation, my total MP was 1,680. Although the MP consumption doesn’t seem much, however, if I were to not drink any MP Recovery Potions, my MP Recovery Rate is only a painful 3 MP per second. Though, even if I were to constantly drink potions, my recovery rate would still be only 10MP per second.

However, if I use this skill combo, it will achieve the greatest effects.

‘Restrictor of the Frozen Earth’ halves the speed of every monster in a circular area of 5 meter radius, however, it does not deal any damage. But, it’s a nightmarish skill for these Hoppers which rely on their speed to fight.

They are basically courting their own deaths by facing me with their halved speed. With my Ice Shield equipped, my charge would deal twice the damage of my physical attack strength to every target.

Doubling my base 940 Strength and my tachi’s 800 Strength, it’s a total of 3,480 damage dealt with every blow. Although it’s not much to a Hopper with 60,000 HP, however, my goal was not to simply deal damage to these Hoppers.

It was to stop them!

Shield Bash’s greatest usefulness is its ability to stun targets, and also… this skill affects a small area.

Even though their speed were halved, they were still considerably fast. However… It was already enough.

After all… FPS is my specialty. Be they guns or magic, as long as they possess speeds which my eyes could follow, then I will never miss any of my targets!

From now on, this is my time!

“【Ice Arrow】! 【Ice Assassination Spikes】! 【Ice Meteor】!”

Earlier, that Hopper was too fast, so only a few of my hits landed. However, since they are all currently stunned, my ice arrows and ice spikes would definitely pierce ruthlessly into their bodies!

A chain of hundreds and thousands of damage values appeared. The Hoppers were pierced and frozen repeatedly, and finally…

“【Ice Totem】X3!”

Three Ice Totems immediately sent the Hoppers flying, and at the same time, their HP plummeted to zero.

Dark Green Hopper defeated.
EXP Received: 40,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Fang of Wind (Small)

Dark Green Hopper defeated.
EXP Received: 40,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Fang of Wind (Small)

Dark Green Hopper defeated.
EXP Received: 40,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Fang of Wind (Small)

You leveled up!
Current LV: 13

They were defeated flawlessly! With these two battles alone, my level immediately increased to 13, and in a span of few minutes as well. Fortunately, only a few Hoppers leaped out, otherwise, I would not have been able to handle them this easily.

Although leveling felt quite refreshing, however, the moment I defeated the three Hoppers, the rest of the Hoppers immediately came charging out of the trees in packs of two and threes.

And the speed they possessed were beyond my expectations!

I charged towards the back, and simultaneously tapped on ‘Accelerate’ and ‘Strengthen’. I picked up Shir who was still busy chanting, and accelerated towards the opening created by the three dead Hoppers.

At the same time, three green lights shined upon my body, and in an instant, my body felt as light as a feather. With a deep breath, I rushed towards the forest!

My reaction time was honed and improved by my long interaction with FPS games, and thus, dodging trees in the forest was not a difficult task.

The problem now is…

Even if my body was able to endure it, it’s difficult for the acceleration magic skills to last long enough.

Magic buffs tend to cost more MP than offensive magic skills. Because I learnt 【Extreme Shadow】 as well, I’m well aware that it’s MP cost is close to 300 points by itself.

Shir was level 14. With his base MP of 1,800, and Magician’s class enhancement of 40%, his total max MP should be 2,520 points. Without any bonus from Meditation or other equipment, he could only use 8 Buff-type magic skills at most. He already used three of these skills on me to escape from the Hoppers’ attacks, and their effects will only last for 10 minutes.

In other words, our safety will only be ensured for half an hour, at the very most!

At the same time…

The Hoppers behind us were not showing any signs of slowing down. Compared to us, their speeds were still slightly faster than ours.

I will definitely tire myself out from this…

Just when I was about to fall into despair, I suddenly saw hope!

Several names appeared deep in the forest! Although I do not know who they are, however, since we’re able to encounter each other here, then we’re simply destined to do so. So, we should have a little chat~


Author’s Skill Information:

Warrior Skill
MP Cost: 40
Strength will be doubled for 10 minutes.

Shield Bash
Warrior Skill
MP Cost: 100
After selecting a designated position within a distance of 10 meters, enemies within a radius of 1 meter of that position will be stunned with a 100% chance. ‘Stunned’ status will last 5 seconds. Damage being dealt will be twice the user’s physical attack strength.

Extreme Shadow
Wind Magic Skill
MP Cost: 100
Increase a target’s Dexterity by 100%. Last 10 minutes.

Blade Wall
Wind Magic Skill
MP Cost: 120
Summons a wall of wind blades near the target. Any enemies that deal harm to the target will be dealt damage equal to the sum of the caster’s and the target’s strength. Damage once every 5 seconds. Last 5 minutes.

Wind Armor
Wind Magic Skill
MP Cost: 150
Increase the defense of a target by 120%. Last 5 minutes.

Chapter 23: Fleeing Live Exercise


Five minutes later, their names finally came into full view. Judging from the distance, as long as we ran for a few more minutes, we will be able to see their figures.

However, if we were to rush out as we are now, it would be troublesome if they were to see our faces. It’s best to not do any flashy stunts in times like this.

After all, this is only the first day of the live exercise. It’s best to not cause any trouble this early, otherwise, we will be marked for the rest of the week.

By crashing into the tree bark in front of us with a high-speed Shield Bash, I made use of the momentum created by the rebound to quickly change our direction.

While I was approaching the group earlier, I already confirmed their direction of movement from the movement of their names. Earlier, I used the momentum from the bash to direct myself to their backs, and immediately dashed out from behind them.

However, the moment I cut across them, I was a little surprised.

These people… don’t seem to be students from our academy!

While I was fleeing, I didn’t really bother noticing it, but after taking a look at them as I ran past, I realized they weren’t students.

At the very least, four out of the six people in the group did not belong to the academy, as they were wearing plated armor.

One of them was even wearing a full-body heavy armor. I only saw it in stores, and this was the first time I saw someone wearing one.

I really don’t understand why these people would even wear plated armor. No matter how I see them, they simply look like high-class tin cans. Although they do have good defense, but their mobility must be severely weakened, right?

Or are these plated armor not considered heavy for a Heavy Armored Knight class?

But, it’s best to focus on what’s currently happening for now, as they have already noticed our movements. Currently, we need to find a place to hide. After all, they have a well-balanced party of Warriors, Rogues and Magicians, and they definitely do not look half-baked.

“What’s going on!?”

Firstly, it was the level 18 Rogue, who wore a black cape, that noticed our movements. After looking towards us, he immediately turned to look in another direction.

That’s right, it was the direction where the Hoppers were rushing over from!

“Monsters… Why are there so many of them? What happened to the surveillance magic?”

The Warrior at the front looked towards the Magician behind him, but he only helplessly shook his head.

“The enemies suddenly appeared within the surveillance area. They were too fast, and they appeared before I could even alert everyone!”

She was a level 20 female Magician with green hair. Although she was covered in a black light armor, but the magic staff she was wielding allowed me to deduce her identity.

“An ambush, huh?”

The Heavy Armored Knight was a middle-aged man, and the expression on his face showed great fortitude. His level was 23, and he seemed to be the leader of the party.

A Hopper leaped out of the trees, but he immediately bashed it head-on with his large steel shield, and he followed it up with a sword slash onto the leopard’s head.

Double damage was dealt when the attack landed on the leopard’s vitals. Adding the enhanced physical strength of a melee class and the frightening large difference in levels, the Hopper could only collapse onto the ground with its head splattered.

Such terrifying destructive power! I would definitely be killed instantly by him with a single slash, right?

I realized I should not hang around the area for too long, and immediately accelerated towards another direction. After all, I don’t wish to be dealt with next after they finish exterminating those Hoppers. Even if I could be resurrected infinitely, I don’t wish to endure the terrible pain which comes with that attack.

Even if I did experience being in a state of apparent death once, I definitely do not wish to experience it again.

Title Unlocked: Trouble Lurer
Within a certain area, if your target, which still holds aggro against you, is exterminated, you will still be awarded a certain amount of Party EXP.

Why do I always receive a title for every single action I take! Aliyah started around the same time I did, and she did not even have half of mine! So, why am I the only one with this many titles!?

And this tsukkomi really pierces my heart. I only did it to protect our lives, so how could it label me as a trouble lurer? Know when to retreat, one step back today for two steps forward tomorrow! I wasn’t trying to push my trouble onto someone else!

Alright, I did push my trouble onto them. However, the lowest level in their team was only LV 15, so they were all people that were much stronger than us. They shouldn’t have a problem with monsters of that caliber, right?

Though, I can’t deny that this title is actually quite useful. From earlier, I had been receiving a series of additional 2,000 EXP. However, this also meant that I had not run far enough.

The moment I stopped receiving EXP notifications, I stopped running. It’s not that I’m not willing to run any further, it’s just I will tire myself to death if I were to continue.

Title Unlocked: Sprint Wizard
Skill Unlocked: Flash Movement

I didn’t even bother looking at the title unlock notification anymore, and immediately scrolled the EXP notification window down to the very bottom. I nodded satisfyingly when I saw my total EXP gain was 50,000.

“Are we… finally safe?”

Shir asked with a confused expression.

“For now. However, it’s best we hide here for some time… No, we should slowly move in another direction. Those bastards might try to catch up to us.”

That Rogue definitely saw us earlier. If they were to chase after us, then it will definitely be a hellish battle.

“Those bastards? You mean the Hoppers?”

When Shir was being carried, he did not seem to have noticed the commotion with the other group earlier.

“…Yeah. We should head for the mountain, though I’m not entirely sure of our current whereabouts.”

Earlier, I was fleeing disorderly, and I did not bother about which direction we were headed.

Right now, the only thing that we could make reference from is the mountain in the distance… Seems like we’re getting closer to it, and I didn’t waste all that effort in running earlier.

“Alright, let’s go. Otherwise… Ah.”

Just when I was thinking of walking forward, my legs became jelly and gave way.

“Fir, what happened?”

Shir quickly pulled me up, and supported me to a nearby tree.

“Nothing, I’m just a little tired…”

I didn’t feel that it was this severe earlier. However, the moment I stopped running, the piled up fatigue overwhelmed me.

When I looked at my status, I realized I was in ‘Decreased Stats’ and ‘Fatigued’ states. Because of these statuses, my movements was restricted as well.

I quickly tapped on the potions needed to alleviate these statuses, and the status icons began to blink. This meant that they will disappear soon.

Also, the fatigue I was feeling began to disappear as well. Seems like I took the right potions.

These effects are probably only exclusive to otherworlders like me, otherwise, I can’t believe that any high-grade potions would be able to alleviate such statuses this quickly.

I’m drinking these potions as if they’re water. I only bought a little more than 1000 bottles of potions. If I were to finish them before the end of this week, I don’t think I will be able to survive long.


Suddenly, Shir muttered out.

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

“Sorry, if I was stronger, then you wouldn’t have to force yourself this much…”

“Geez, what are you saying? Even though you’re stronger than me…”

At the very least, his level is higher than mine.

“If you didn’t protect me, I would have already died, right!?”

After saying that, he actually cried… Oh my god! This guy actually cried!

“Don’t worry, even without me, the teacher would have protected us.”

“However, weren’t you the one who protected me earlier?”


Why is this guy questioning me as he cry… Geez, even though he’s a guy, why is he crying…

All these nobles really are weird, just what are on their minds…

“Ah ah ah, stop crying! As a man, you look terrible if you cry like that!”

As my fatigue has recovered quite a bit, I immediately stood up.

“Wipe off those tears, let’s hurry and get a move on. We still have a long way to go. If you’re still concerned about it, then make sure to properly support me with your magic spells in future battles, and don’t be scared!”


“Then, what are you waiting for!?”

“Un… Understood!”

Geez, why do I feel like this guy is as troublesome as a little brother… Oh well. I was the one who proposed to form a party. For now, it’s best to leave this place as quickly as possible.

After all, I totally can’t predict what’s going to happen next.

Skill Information:

Flash Movement
By using all of your remaining MP, teleport to any designated position within a distance of (MP used x 0.01)km from your starting position. Travelling to the designated place before using the skill is unneeded. However, if you were to teleport to a place you have never been to, you might mistake the teleportation point and be forced into random teleportation. The maximum distance traveled by random teleportation is (MP used x 0.1)km.

Chapter 24: Mysterious Live Exercise


Our walking speed was definitely incomparable to that of running, after all, we’re not race-walking champions.

However, the skill-enhanced speed I had earlier, even if it was Usain Bolt, he wouldn’t be able to achieve it. Thus, it’s understandable, as we’re currently walking with a regular pace.

Even though we walked for nearly three hours, I don’t feel any change in the distance between the mountain and us at all. I wonder how fast I ran earlier… To think I actually reduced that amount of distance in such a short amount of time.

However, the feeling earlier was seriously unbearable. Even though I have potions that can aid my recovery, I don’t really want to experience that kind of extreme fatigue again.

Even you have an auto-regenerating ability, you still wouldn’t be willing to be stabbed several times right? It’s the same logic.

However, fortunately, our travel so far had been smooth, and without any troubles. I was able to calm myself down along the way.

The earlier situation is not an entirely bad encounter. At the very least, the feeling I got from Shir changed ever since then. He had a childish aura before, but now, he seemed to have matured. At least, his expression looks good.

So, other than leveling up, these NPCs can actually change by experiencing various situations? That sure is complicated.

However, I still have some queries in my mind. When other people killed the monsters earlier, I still received Party EXP. However, if that’s the case, then why hasn’t Shir leveled up after so many monsters were killed? Unless my Party EXP was not shared with him?

Then, isn’t that a big pity?

Unless he has to be the one to deal the last hit to be awarded the EXP? Isn’t that too much of a hassle?

Oh right, is that why Michelle has to be the one to deal the last hit in the Annual Tournament? However, can we actually receive EXP from the tournament?

Is it possible to obtain EXP because it’s the Annual Competition, or is it because only a few NPCs can be awarded the EXP?

Oh well, we can think about these later.

“Wait, there’s something wrong with the wind direction over there.”


Suddenly, Shir grabbed me and said. I looked towards the direction he was pointing at, but I did not see any names.

However, since this is an unique situation, it’s safer to test it out.”

“【Ice Meteor】!”

I immediately used the strongest ice magicc spell that I had. The destructive capability of this magic spell is rather useful. Unfortunately, its usage cost is too great.

Why did I immediately use a big spell? Because anyone that hides his presence in front of us is dangerous. Also, I already confirmed that the target was not Mr. Landur. After all, when we began moving earlier, that guy suddenly returned behind us. However, he did not follow us that openly as before.

He’s probably worried we were going to criticize him for not saving us earlier.

After my Ice Meteor rained down onto that piece of forest, the entire place froze. The frozen ground glittered under the sun’s rays, and at the same time, a red name revealed itself.

Caiyi0034 LV10
Wood Pixie Race (Summoned Creature)

Because of the difference in our levels, the creature’s HP was emptied immediately. In other words, this poor little thing was left with a corpse, which was sealed in ice.

I quickly walked towards it, and I could finally make out its appearance.

Pointy ears, seemingly silky smooth skin, a dark green body, cute large eyes, and a pair of translucent wings. Yep, if my guess is correct, this is the pixie stated in legends!

Actually, there wasn’t any need to guess. After all, it was discernible from its name.

However, this little thing is actually really cute. I really wish to keep it as a pet, but unfortunately, it seems to be something that was summoned by someone else… Although I prefer a busty big sister-like elf, however, I wouldn’t mind having a cute pixie that accompanies me on my shoulder.

Even though this is a pettanko, but since it’s cute, everything’s an ok~

“To think it was a summoned creature… Have you heard of anyone that could summon a pixie?”

I turned my head back and asked Shir.

“Pixie… No, I haven’t heard of one. However, I can confirm that it’s not possible for humans to summon pixies.”

“Not possible?”

Tch, what a pity. Even though I wanted to try summoning one… No, if that’s the case, then this a rather big problem. Other than humans, there’s actually other intellectual life forms around here?

If we’re talking about forests, then there’s only elves and druids. However, this forest is actually our academy’s property, so why are there other intellectual life forms here…

No, speaking of which, weren’t there people who were not from our academy earlier… Just who are they? Mercenaries? Inspectors? Or are they from criminal guilds like ‘Momiji’?

Why am I encountering all these weird situations in such a small exercise? Even though it’s supposed to be a time when I could finally grind some levels peacefully… Unless this is a sorrow of an otherworlder?

And, evidently, there’s a very serious problem right now. If I were to say that the problem earlier were just between humans, then the current problem before me, is something that involves different races.

After all, humans can’t summon pixies, which means this pixie was not summoned by a human…


I shouldn’t have used such a big spell earlier. I might have been able to hold this pixie captive… Wait a minute, I might be able to use Necromancy on it! Since it’s already dead, I can keep its body in the dimensional ring, right?

With that thought in mind, I touched a portion of its body that was protruding out of the ice, and it instantly went into my ring.

“Eh, where’s the pixie?”

“I’m bringing it back to the academy to examine it.”

“Back to academy? That’s not a good idea, right? That’s something that was summoned by someone else. If the summoner finds out that he summoned creature died, he will definitely be able to find us…”

“… You should have said that earlier!”

I grabbed Shir and immediately hid behind the sea of trees. It’s only been a few moments since we went into hiding, and a series of rushed footsteps could already be heard. Since I’m unsure whether 【Hide】 would work on Shir, I tapped on both 【Hide】 and 【Sneak】. Then, I hugged Shir and hid behind the trees silently.

A moment later, a person fully dressed in black appeared in our view. The person was a little shorter than me, however, I could not see the person’s figure under the robe.


Why does everyone here like to be fully dressed in black? Don’t they feel hot when the Sun’s rays shine directly on them? Or are they trying to lose some weight?

No matter the reason, this kind of people are usually the villains in most games.

Of course, recently, villains like pure white clothes as well, though most of them are only perverts.

However, this person’s name and titles are really interesting.

Kamiochi Yuon LV21 Elf Shaman ? [Devout] [Elf Race] [Declining Shaman] [Runaway] [Listener] [???] [???]

That guy inspected his surroundings. Momentarily, he stopped in front of a block of ice, before leaving in another direction.

Interesting. This is the first time I saw someone with a Japanese name. Also, that [Runaway] title seems pretty amusing.

I smiled, and then followed after that person while pulling the confused Shir with me.

Chapter 25: Imagining About Elves During the Live Exercise


I have never understood this.

Why do some people like to wrap themselves up like rice dumplings?

For example, the person in front of me, whose body was totally wrapped with a black cloth. Even if he’s trying to hide his identity, then isn’t a need for him to wrap himself that much, right? It’s as if he’s a pervert trying to prevent others from knowing he’s wearing a corset underneath.

Of course, this person wasn’t just ‘wrapped’ with a black cloth, he donned a black cape as well.

And because of that, I can’t distinguish his gender at all.

However, I’m not interested in that, rather, I’m more interested in his race.


It’s actually one of those elves!

Although I’m not sure if it’s a plain elf, forest elf or a dark elf, but at the very least, it’s an elf!

According to the records in the academy, on this continent, there are very few interactions between elves and humans. Other than the valiant and powerful few, and forest elves with forests as their domains who have trade relations with some human merchants, the rest of the elves with human relations are mercenaries.

From the records, the physique of an elf is weaker than that of a human’s, and they are also fewer in numbers. However, they are blessed with longevity, and have high affinity with the natural elements.

Although I’m unsure whether the records were exaggerating, but, according to them, elves are able to use magic the moment they’re born. If they were to use their long lifespans to improve their abilities, then their combat ability is something which cannot be laughed at.

Also, they have superb bow marksmanship skills, hence, elves are basically a bunch of ranged killers!

If it was me, I wouldn’t make them my enemies. Because, the only way to defeat them, is to have people with melee-classes like Rogues, to approach them silently, and kill them in one nice swoop. Otherwise, if they were to maintain the distance and kite us, then we will be totally wiped out.

Hence, both Magician and Archer elves are welcomed in any mercenary guilds.

However, these are not the only things I care about. After all, I have seen the battle prowess of elves in hundreds of games. Currently, what I want to see, is whether if the legends are true… Are all male elves handsome!? Are all female elves beautiful!?

Of course, I prefer looking at beautiful women.

Delicate, smooth and silky skin, as if it might break with a simple touch… And the pointy ears which would make people want to stroke it… I must let you know, Young female elves are No. 1 in my monster girls ranking!

Before, I even wanted to venture into the southern plains, and hope to find an elf. After all, dark and forest elves are close to being ghostly existences.

However, plain elves are not really that fond of humans.

Oh, right, I’m not human anymore. That’s good. When the time comes, I will just wear a mask, open up my wings, then I won’t be treated as a human, right?

Unfortunately, I’m unsure of how well-known Undead Holy Angels are. Otherwise, it will be quite troublesome if they are not able to recognize me.

No no no… It’s best not to think about this too much, after all, an elf already appeared in front of me. According to my previous experiences, another side quest will definitely appear right after this!

As I managed to find the ‘route’, then the day when I will find elves will just be around the corner!

Even if god were to appear, he will not be able to stop me! If I’m able to touch a young female elf’s ears, then, even if god were to block my way, then I will grind enough levels to exterminate him!

“Fir… Fir…”

“What’s wrong? Quiet down. It won’t be good if we’re noticed.”

Fortunately, the distance between us is quite far, otherwise, the elf would have definitely heard us. After all, their hearing ability is said to be stronger than that of humans.

“Umm… We should hurry and flee. That guy doesn’t look like a good person at all.”

Ah ah, if you aren’t my good friend, I would have instantly turn you into an ice sculpture… Oh right, Shir is not able to see that person’s title.

“Shir, listen carefully. I think that guy there is an elf.”


This guy lost his cool and almost let out his voice. Luckily, I managed to quickly cover his mouth, otherwise, something bad would have definitely happened.

“What are you doing! Quiet down!”


He struggled for a little, but when he realized I was not going to release him, he managed to calm down.

Seeing that he no longer struggled, I released my hand.

“What were you thinking!? Why were you so worked up for!?”

I really wanted to shout, but I instinctively kept my volume down.

“Elf… That guy is an elf, you know!?”

“So what if it’s an elf?”

“You don’t know…? Oh right, you’re not a noble.”

“What does this have to do with nobles…”

This guy is really making me anxious. Even if you’re trying to do some foreshadowing, don’t do it so hesitantly. This feels like a huge chunk of text you really want to skip, however, there’s no ‘skip’ button at all.

“Because… Actually, among the nobles, elves are actually auctioned off as goods, so elves have a deep hatred of us, humans.”


Wait a minute, even though I have already predicted a scenario like this, however, I never read such a thing when I was looking through the records. Hence, I thought this never happened in this world…

Oh god, why does such a scenario exist…? Unless my upcoming side quest requires me to exterminate the nobles?

However, if the nobles are indeed despicable, then god will still forgive me for exterminating them, right?

“Also, we still have to look for the 【Crystal Hearts】. It’s best that we stop pursuing him.”


Even though I don’t agree with him, why do I feel what he says is correct?

Damn, so will my wish of touching elf ears be left unfulfilled? Why? Are you punishing me, god?

However, this guy did remind me. Landur-sensei is still following behind us. If I were to proceed with the current scenario, then, the future will be quite worrying.

Fine, I will take a gamble!

“Hide here. If anything were to happen, you just have to turn and flee. Mr. Landur is currently behind the thickest tree, in that sea of yellow flowers behind you.”


Ignoring his words, I immediately jumped out of the bushes.

That elf had been walking around aimlessly, and when I suddenly jumped out, he was clearly surprised. Then, he violently turned around, and transformed into a flash of light as he ran.

He’s… fleeing?

Isn’t that person a shaman? What’s with this weird fleeing skill!?

And the problem now was… I realized it was impossible to catch up to that sort of speed…


I turned back and faced Shir.

“Do I look scary?”

Shir looked at me for quite a while, before replying.

“Not really.”

“You should have replied instantly! To think you would seriously take so long and answer me!”


He was clearly at a loss. However, it’s definitely impossible for regular people to simply throw tsukkomis left and right.

“Fine, let’s talk about this later. I actually planned to only greet him. Since he doesn’t trust me, then we can only continue with our task. Speaking of which…”

I stopped talking, and listened closely to my surroundings.

“I can hear water flowing, we should be able to find the river again. Our plan resumes!”

Chapter 26: Difficult Future Ahead of the Live Exercise


When the elf fled, my plan to touch the elf’s ears was thus left unaccomplished. Although I won’t be giving up on my dream to touch an elf’s ears, however, it’s best to raise my abilities for now.

In many RPGs, as long as you’re able to defeat the strongest boss in the game, then there will be no longer be anyone that could stop you, unless they’re invincible.

Although I’m not dismissing the possibility of someone like that appearing, however, in typical situations, you won’t be able to stop someone that has a higher level than you.

“【Ice Arrow】!”

A Wild Wolf (level 8) leapt into the air as it tried to attack us, however, my ice arrow struck it down before it could even reach ten meters from us. Its body turned into ice, and shattered as it fell onto the ground.

Of course, its companions ended up the same way. However, they did not even have the chance to leap out, as they were already struck down by my 【Ice Valley】, and had transformed into extremely artistic ice sculptures.

3x Wild Wolves defeated.
EXP Received: 1,200

Although one reason they were instantly defeated was because of our huge difference in levels, however, a major reason was that we had already battled with the fastest monster, the Hoppers, in this forest.

Even though we ended up running from them, but, from those battles earlier, we had already understood the fastest speed a monster could achieve in this forest.

Hence, with just the speed of a wild wolf, as long as I have some remaining MP, my magic spell will definitely hit right on target.

“【Nature’s Breath】!”

A green ripple expanded on the other side, and three Wild Wolves could be seen flying into the sky, before ruthlessly plummeting onto the ground.

Their bodies fidgeted for a moment, but they quickly died. After all, their HP were already depleted…

Shir silently looked at the corpses, and heaved a sigh of relief.

“What are you thinking about? They were attacking us with the intentions to kill, and you’re actually feeling sorry for them?”

“Umm… I had never killed living beings with my magic before, so I’m a little overwhelmed.”

“And that’s why I said to not mind it. If you keep up with your current attitude, you’re not going to survive, you know?”


Looking at him, it seems that it won’t work if he doesn’t find the answer by himself. Sigh, I guess I can only let him continue to ponder about this for now.

And on my side, the corpses of the wolves I killed began to dissipate. It seems this phenomenon will only occur to monsters which I killed.

Are these actually respawnable monsters?

Because, right from the start, we had already killed several wild wolves that tried to attack us. Some of them dissipated when they die, while some didn’t.

I have a policy to not comprehend things that could not be understood by logic, so I decided to ignore this phenomenon.

And because of the huge difference in levels, I did not receive any Party EXP from the wolves Shir killed. However, the amount of EXP awarded from these wolves were really too little, to the point where they’re nearly negligible.

Before I realized it, the amount of EXP I need to level up was more than 200,000. Currently, I don’t even have half of my EXP bar filled. If a boss doesn’t appear, I don’t even know how many months it would take to get to the next level. Hopefully, some quests would appear and help me raise my levels.

However, ever since I received my first quest hint, other than my ‘character stats’ and ‘inventory’ icons, a ‘quest’ icon appeared at the side as well.

According to the quest window, the quests I currently have are:

Main Quest: Annual Tournament
Quest Objective: Win the Annual Tournament.
Additional Objective(s): Allow Michelle to deal the last hits for all battles.
Reward(s): 500,000 EXP, 1x Magic Skill Book.
Additional Reward(s): Unknown

Main Quest: Revenge
Quest Objective: Punish the King of Mitchell Kingdom, who framed you.
Additional Objective(s): (Choice 1) Cold-blooded vengeance. (Choice 2) Revolution.
Reward(s): Position as King of Mitchell Kingdom, 1,000,000 EXP

Side Quest: Relic
Quest Objective: Unknown
Reward(s): Unknown

Side Quest: Extracurricular Live Exercise
Quest Objective: Find a Crystal Heart for each party member.
Additional Objective(s): 1. Find the 99 Trials. 2. Find the mysterious person. (Required to unlock other Side Quests)
Reward(s): 20,000 EXP
Additional Reward(s): Unknown

Side Quest: Heart of Momiji
Quest Objective: Complete Momiji’s commissioned quests and raise your position in the Secret Society.
Additional Objective(s): Complete an A-ranked quest for the first time.
Reward(s): Undetermined
Additional Reward(s): Unknown

Even though I could not directly view the details regarding the quests, however, I’m now more worried of my own future.

What’s with the revenge quest… it’s almost something of a level which only a lunatic would do. And I feel that it’s something that could only be done in the far future. And that unknown quest… If there isn’t even a single hint, how am I going to go about starting it?

The Momiji’s quest can be put aside for now. Currently, I have to focus on the live exercise quest.

However, the reward’s only 20,000 EXP. It’s not even a tenth of the EXP I need to level up. Is this quest actually really easy?

I don’t think so though.

And I get more EXP from killing monsters, just what is the point of this quest…? Or is this quest giving me the opportunity to grind in this forest?

No matter the answer, as long as I’m rewarded with EXP, then I will not let it go.

“Umm… Then let’s carry on.”

“Feeling better?”

I looked at Shir, and realized his face was still pale.

“Yes. Although I’m still not used to killing.”

“Ha… I really wonder how you’re going to live among the nobles in the future.”


After hearing these words, Shir’s expression became stiff.

“Sorry, I’m not entirely sure of your situation. If I offended you in any way…”

“No it’s fine, you’re right. I’m the one that needs to change. I’m…”

“Wait… We have guests.”

In the forest, several familiar names revealed themselves.

And those names, are all red!

Chapter 27: A Slow Day in the Live Exercise


“And I was thinking who it was. To think it would be the weakest party.”

Originally, I wanted to ignore them. However, after hearing such words, anger began to swell inside me.

The person’s name was labelled above his head, and I couldn’t just refrain from seeing it. And even if I did not see it, it was quite obvious just by looking at him. He was one of those stupid nobles.

Of course, I don’t really plan on discriminating them. After all, there’s still my dear student Shir, who’s an oddity for a noble. If all the nobles were like him, then the world would truly be peaceful.

However, that will never happen.

Let’s leave all those things aside. If someone were to talk to me using such an irritating tone in another time and place, I would definitely teach them some manners in place of their parents.

The person who spoke was Angil. He had curly blue hair, and he was carrying a frivolous smile. I don’t know why, but somehow, his expression really makes me want to punch him.

And he’s actually wearing a formal attire filled with jewelry and ornaments for this exercise. Just what the hell is he thinking?

Angil Pompeii LV 12 Water Magician [Evil] [Domineering] [Witt Empire’s Nobility] [Pompeii Household Member]

Even without looking at the expression of his face, I already fully understood his character… If there’s an opportunity in the future, I will really want to improve this ability.

“Angil, don’t underestimate them. They are much stronger than you think.”

When I heard these words, I was curious of the person who said them.

When I looked at her, the first thing that came into view was her purple hair which extended to her thighs. Not only did it not disorientate her image, her hair actually fits her tall figure, and she gives a dignified feeling.

This girl… She’s not a saint-like existence, right? Not just anybody could exude both a domineering and friendly aura.

Anne Claudia LV 14 Water Magician [Neutral] [Genius] [Witts Empire’s Princess] [Member of the Claudia Royalty Household] [Ice-Blue Maiden] [Forbidden Spell Possessor]

After examining her titles, I finally understood. So she was actually a princess… Before, I have already met Princess Michelle of the Ice Empire. I did not expect to meet another country’s princess a few days later.

However, this princess looked more sturdy than Princess Michelle. This should be the disposition that a princess should have.


She’s the only person in this 4-man party that did not have a red name. In other words, she did not harbor any killing intent towards us. Even if she could lie to me, she wouldn’t be able to lie to the system, right?

“Princess, you speak too highly of them. Even though Shir is one of the Vologue, however, the other person is just a commoner. If he doesn’t have our noble blood, then he’s basically not even our match.”

Brown hair, with a face so scarily pale. The person who said this noble speech was a noble named Elan.

Elan Siqbel LV 13 Water Magician [Neutral] [Arrogant] [Witts Empire’s Nobility] [Court Magician Preparatory Personnel] [Siqbel Household Member]

Yep, even though I can’t get any other information, but from his body figure alone, he seems pretty strong. However, he’s also another of those self-righteous nobles.


The last person gives me a very bad vibe.

????? LV ?? ??? [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???]

Even though she’s smiling, and looked just like a young girl with wavy deep blue hair, however, I could not even see level or any of her titles. In other words, she is the strongest person here!

This is pretty bad. This girl has a smile on her face, but her name is red as well. If she decide to kill us in the next second, it’s not totally impossible.

I looked at Shir, however, I realized he was looking at Anne with firm eyes, and then, he began walking over.

What is this guy trying to do?

“Good afternoon, Princess Anne. Do you still remember me?”

Shir said as such.

“Insolence! You do not have the right to talk to our princess directly!”

Before Princess Anne could say anything, Angil, who was standing beside her, spoke up instead.

And, that guy actually took out his magic staff immediately, and deep blue magic particles already began to gather at his staff’s core.

At the same time, magic circles began to form at the top of his staff… Looking at the inscription, it was actually 【Water Arrow】!

“Shir, look out! 【Ice Shield】, 【Ice Arrow】!”

I hurriedly rushed over, cast an ice shield between them, and threw an ice arrow over to the top of his staff.

Under his shocked gaze, Angil’s magic staff began to freeze, along with the half-completed magic circle.

Hmm… If I wasn’t worrying about an attack from that mysterious girl, I would have instantly pierced this person’s heart with my Ice Arrow. From my distance earlier, I would have been able to do it!

After carrying Shir to a safe location, I placed him down.

“Are you alright?”


Shir finally began to regain his senses. To think his wariness for unprepared battles is this little…

“You… You dare to attack me!? You mongrel!”

Angil threw the frozen staff aside, and pulled out another similar staff.

This guy sure is rich! If you don’t want that staff, give it to me! I’m still using the only magic staff I bought from the academy!

A magic staff is actually 3,000 Gold each, and is unimaginably more expensive than a mere sword! And this guy is a noble, he would definitely be using one of the best goods available. The price of the staff would definitely cost much more than that.

Blue water type particles began to gather, and at the same time, the magic circle began to form on his staff… Oh my god, just how did he reach his current level? His chanting speed was actually half of Shir’s.

“Are you filming a comedy show?”

With a single rush, I immediately threw a punch to his face.

“This is for Shir, you don’t have to thank me.”

Although my Strength is pretty low, however, the pain was definitely delivered.

Angil, who was struck by me, retreated a few steps back. He did not even bother about the staff in his hand, and actually pulled out a mirror to look at his face.

“Oh my god… My face…”

“You damn homo.”

I didn’t have any other words to express my current feelings. Is this guy an idiot? After getting hit, he would actually first tend to his face…

“You bastard, I’m definitely going to make you suffer!”

Saying that, this guy actually took out another staff.

Eh? That doesn’t look like the staves he used before. Does this guy actually have better equipment?

“Six, stop him.”


Suddenly, Princess Anne spoke up. Just when I was about to turn to face her, I felt a gust of wind passing through me and rushing towards Angil’s side.

Angil’s staff fell off from his grip, and that gust of wind disappeared, and returned beside Princess Anne.

It was actually that mysterious girl! At that moment, she was holding onto Angil’s magic staff, and was handing it over to Princess Anne.

“…Incredible. The magic circle was directly inscribed onto the magic staff, and it was concealed by the magic stone on the top of this staff. This magic tool costed at least 10,000 Gold right? Wasn’t your household famed for their integrity?”

“This… Princess… That…”

Even if he’s an idiot, he should know he did something he shouldn’t have. Currently, Angil’s face is filled with several wonderful expressions.

Using this opportunity, I slowly retreated back to Shir’s side.

“Next time, don’t do something so dangerous. Earlier, that person’s subordinate was about to deal a ruthless blow.”

That’s right. Using a 【Water Arrow】 at such a close range is very frightening. How strong is a water arrow? Have you ever got hit by a water pressure hose used to wash cars? That’s something that could immediately scrape off some of your skin.

“Sorry, I didn’t think they would attack me.”

“Haah, it’s also my fault for not warning you… Other than Princess Anne, the rest all harbors… hostility.”

I felt that this entire situation would end up pretty bad if I had said ‘killing intent’ instead.

“Oh~ Six, were you emitting out hostility?”

“… I’m sorry Princess. I certainly did not retract my killing intent.”

Ah, she said it. The mysterious girl called Six actually said ‘killing intent’.

“Is that so… Then let’s do this.”

Princess Anne walked up to us, and passed something over to Shir.

“Shir, I will give this 【Crystal Heart】 to you. Would you mind if I use this to borrow your companion?”


It wasn’t just Shir who was shocked, everyone else present let out a shocked cry.

Princess Anne… Just what are you thinking?

Chapter 28: Cute Live Exercise


I didn’t expect them to find a 【Crystal Heart】 so quickly!

In Princess Anne’s hands, the item looked like a regular magic crystal, however, it actually had its distinctive features. A regular magic crystal would have its original magic particles’ color, however this Crystal Heart is different. Even though its exterior was also made out of crystals, but it’s actually transparent.

Only a faint light was glowing from its core.

And the 【Crystal Heart】 in Anne’s hands have a faint blue light glowing from its core.

“Princess Anne, do you mind if I take a look?”

There’s a very simple way to identify it. After all, I only need to be in contact with an item to know its stats.

“I don’t mind~”

“Princess, if this mongrel were to take the opportunity to steal it…”

Before Princess Anne could raise her hand to object, Elan already rushed over to our side.

Geez, seriously? Do I have a feud with you nobles? Why do you have to step in everything I do? I really wish I could throw an Ice Meteor at them and see how they would react.

However, I’m a civilized person. I wouldn’t do this kind of thing in front of so many witnesses.

After all, if a dog were to bite you, you wouldn’t bite it back, right? And according to my observations, although this guy was stronger than Angil, he did not attack us.

This meant that he was calmer than Angil.

“Sir Elan. I heard you’re about to part of the Court Magicians, is that true?”


He obviously did not expect I would say something like that.

“You… How did you know about me?”

“Elan Siqbel, of course I know of Witts Empire’s Siqbel Household. As a Court Magician Preparatory Member, it would only be a matter of time before you become a Court Magician, right?”

“Ah… That’s… That’s of course!”

As I expected, he’s the same as the nobles in the games I played before. As long as I give him a little sense of superiority, he would be happy enough. Just like now, although this guy is trying his best to look natural, he could not hide the grin on his face.

“Then, as a Court Magician, you should have realized that the person beside Princess Anne is capable of killing all of us instantly, right? Then, how would it be possible for me to steal the Princess’ 【Crystal Heart】? Am I right?”

“You’re absolutely right!”

He actually nodded pretty quickly this time, as he slowly revealed a smile.

Understanding the current situation, Princess Anne also gave a slight smile as she passed me the 【Crystal Heart】.

Crystal Heart of Ice
1 of 10 Great Crystal Hearts
(Quest Item: Side Quest – Extracurricular Live Exercise)
Effects: Increase effectiveness of Ice Magic by 50%. (Only applicable to LV19 and below)

Oh my god! This is a quest item? Isn’t this effect too godlike? Even though it’s only applicable to people below level 20, but if their Ice Magic spells are enhanced by 50%, it’s basically enough to cover up a difference of two or three levels!

I really feel like taking this away now. However, my mind tells me that, I will definitely be killed if I do so.

And it isn’t funny to anger a princess of a large empire. Being wanted by a small kingdom is tragic enough… If I were to be resented by an empire’s princess, then it will be beyond tragic.

“Although I understand that you have your eyes on Fir and his strength, however… Why do you have to give me the Crystal Heart? Shouldn’t you be giving it to Fir?”

Shir… You’re totally right! I will definitely find another one for you! Then I will accept this very gratefully!

However, I didn’t dare to say this out loud, otherwise, I will definitely be scorned.

“Eh~ Unless he doesn’t know of your identity?”

Princess Anne asked Shir surprisingly.

Oh? Shir’s identity? I looked at Shir with a shocked expression, and at the same time, I looked at his titles… There’s no changes though? And there’s no question marks either. Unless I have to fulfill some unique conditions for new titles to appear?

“It seems to be that way. Interesting. Although I’m unsure of why he would help you… Unless he has that kind of fetish?”

“Although I don’t know Shir’s true identity, however, I don’t have that kind of fetish!”

I refuted. Geez, don’t simply treat me as a homo.

“Then that was rude of me.”

Princess Anne giggled, and then looked towards Shir.

“It’s great that you were able to make a friend. However, wouldn’t this be unfair to him?”

“Anne, can you please not step into this matter? Even if I let him know, there isn’t any benefit to him, is there?”

“… That maybe so.”

Alright, this conversation is really, really, really arousing my interest. Just who is Shir? I’m really curious now.

When he saw me looking his way, he embarrassingly scratched his head, and said with an apologetic tone.

“Umm… About my identity, it’s best for Fir not to know about it… At least, for now. Otherwise… Fir, you will be in danger. Please believe me.”

“Alright, I believe you.”

I had no choice. Even if I were to force him now, I wouldn’t be able to get an answer. And if I were to interrogate him, it would only worsen our good friendship.

The most important reason was that I already regarded Shir as my trusted comrade. If he does not want to reveal his secrets, then I won’t mind about it. After all, I have a couple of secrets myself.

And I don’t want other people to know about them either.

“I don’t mind about Shir, however, I am very curious. Even if my battle capability is good, but don’t you have… that mysterious young girl?”

Although I heard Princess Anne addressing her as Six, however her name did not change above her head, which meant it wasn’t her real name.

“You’re talking about Six-chan? She’s only responsible for my own safety, and won’t be helping us in completing our objective. This was the condition for her to participate. Also, we have to find a 【Crystal Heart】 for her portion as well, otherwise, she will not able to enter the next part of the exercise. Hence, I need more people that could help out, the stronger the better.”

With that introduction, the young girl called 6 still had that smile on her face. It was as if she was not related to the current situation in any way.

I see, so she is her personal bodyguard? It’s not easy to get away with breaking the rules, after all, there are still teachers following behind us.

Also, I couldn’t see her name. However, this is inevitable, as I could feel that she is much stronger than me.

After that, Princess Anne walked towards me, and took out a magic staff from her storage ring.

Although my instincts told me it was a magic staff, however, a light blue crystal was embedded at the top, and it had a very long handle… No, with this length, it should be categorized as a wand.

However, why does this wand have a blade at its front end?

“This weapon should be very suitable for you, no? Earlier, I already saw you sneakily storing those two magic staves that guy threw away. However, in battles, you basically do not use a staff. I bet you haven’t found a suitable weapon to use, right?”


This girl actually saw me, this is embarrassing. Even though I was absolutely quiet when I kept the two magic staves in my ring.

When I took the wand and looked at its stats, I was surprised.

Blue Blasphemer of the Abyss
Magic Attack: +1,000
Strength: +700
Increase damage of Ice Magic spells by an additional 500 points. When dealing physical damage or magical damage, target has probabilities of 40% and 60% of being inflicted with ‘frozen’ status respectively.

This is too overpowered! Although this tool doesn’t increase that much Strength, however, it’s actually a combination of a close-range melee weapon and a magic tool!

“I believe your method of battling is closer to that of a Magic Assassin’s, so this weapon should be suitable for you. Originally, I wanted to give this to 6, however, she’s not able to help out much now, so it wouldn’t be useful if I were to hand it to her. After all, there isn’t a need for a deadly weapon if she’s only here for my protection.”

As she said that, she looked at the young girl beside her. The girl smiled and nodded, probably acknowledging her intentions.

“So, do you accept my proposal?”

“Since you’re already doing this much, then it will make me look bad if I reject your offer. However, I wish to hear Shir’s opinion. After all, he’s my partner, and abandoning my comrade like this is something I can’t do.”

This princess’ eyes are pretty sharp, as she could, with a single glance, know what is the best way to have someone agree to her demands. However, even if that maybe so, I can’t just accept her proposal, as Shir’s opinion is important as well.


Shir’s eyes began to sparkle, and I was starting to get embarrassed.

“Even though I will be entitled to rest in the airship after obtaining the Crystal Heart, however, I don’t wish to do so. Please allow me to accompany your party.”

I didn’t expect Shir to say something like this.

“Because I wish to improve my abilities!”

Shir, you… If all the nobles were like you, the world probably wouldn’t have this many problems.

“I wish for this to happen as well. Shir’s battle techniques are indeed a little bad, and I believe there is a need for him to improve his techniques through more battles.”

Although this might turn Shir into a dangerous opponent in the Annual Tournament, however, it wouldn’t be fun if my opponents are all trash in the tournament, right?

Also, if he comes along with us, then I could temporarily borrow the Crystal Heart.

“Very good, then this is decided. You two don’t have any complaints, right?”

Princess Anne turned and looked at her two subordinates at the back.

“I don’t mind. I’m truly happy to work with an insightful citizen like Fir.”

Elan nodded and said.

“Umm… I… I have also confirmed your abilities are indeed good, so I don’t mind as well.”

It seems that Angil still couldn’t let go of the humiliation from losing to me. However, after looking at his companions accepting the proposal, he could only nod and accept silently.

“Sir Angil, you’re too humble. You, who constantly thinks of protecting the princess, could be said to be an exemplary conduct of a noble. If the Pompeii household were to hear of your heroic deeds today, they would definitely be proud of you.”

Alright, even though I don’t wish to flatter others, however, since we’re in the same party, I don’t wish to be stabbed in the back.

“… Princess, I’m very happy to be able to work with such a good citizen! Fir, Shir, please forgive my rude behavior earlier. Let us work hard together.”


I could hear Princess Anne trying to suppress her laughter, and of course, I was trying to suppress mine as well.

That’s why… Nobles…

Are actually kind of cute as well, you know…?

Chapter 29: Convenient Live Exercise


Since we’re already working together, it’s natural to share our information.

And, I already received some good stuffs from Princess Anne, so it’s best not to continue hiding whatever information we have.

After explaining to them my guess using the simplified map, I immediately received their approval.

Although I could see that the other two were just following the princess’ decisions, however, as long as someone understood, then it’s fine.

“We brought a magic tool that can track our locations, so we don’t have to worry about getting lost~”

Princess Anne demonstrated the use of the location tracker, and it felt like GPS. However, it has too many weaknesses. It actually requires an entire storage ring to store it, and it uses up the magic storage crystals too quickly. By just activating it once, it would require an amount of crystals enough to cover up an area of 3 square meters. It’s basically a money burning machine.

However, we now know the position of the river, and I did not have to pay for the usage of the machine. Otherwise, I would have definitely puked blood.

“However, this weird phenomenon did not just happen at the start of our live exercise. According to the information provided by my sources, that river already began flowing fifteen years ago.”

“Fifteen years ago…”

It’s not possible for it to be not found for fifteen years… Unless my judgment is wrong?

“Aaah, if that’s the case, then I really have no other clues.”

“Yes… but don’t worry, it’s fine to head over there and take a look. After all, encountering a 【Crystal Heart】 could happen at any time and place. Since, we got our 【Crystal Heart】 from sheer coincidence as well.”

“Coincidence? Speaking of which, how did you find this 【Crystal Heart】?”

“Ah, that… It was actually Angil who found it.”

Placing down the map, Princess Anne pointed at Angil and said. When he heard the princess saying his name, Angil shook his blue curly hair, and did a noble’s bow.

“It’s my honor to be of help to the princess. Ahem, alright, I actually got this 【Crystal Heart】 from a monster.”

I pinched the point between my eyebrows, and then looked at him seriously.

“Sir Angil, do you mind elaborating?”

“Of course.”

Ever since I spoke to him courteously, I was able to communicate with him better.

“At that time, after Elan, Princess, and her aid went into the forest, I somehow felt something was following us. After that, I turned around, and realized a weird black being was staring at us from afar, behind a tree.”

“So you killed it?”

Following from behind… Isn’t that supposed to be your supervising teacher? A poor little animal probably just happened to appear at that time.

“No, that thing was really too fast. Even after we cast our water arrows together, it easily dodged all of them.”

“A monster with high agility, huh…”

In this forest, other than the Hoppers, there are several other monsters with high agility that pack quite a punch as well. However, the Hoppers are still the most dangerous.

“Then, how did you guys exterminate it?”

“Hm hm! That was because I used a spell that was specially designed to stop this kind of high-speed opponent.”

After saying that, blue particles began to speedily gather at Angil’s body. However, on his body, there weren’t any magic circles or lines that should have appeared when activating a magic spell. What replaced them was, a thin layer of blue membrane surrounding his entire body!

No, it’s not a membrane. Because, in the next second, a blue shadow with the figure of Angil walked out of his body. And this shadow is three-dimensional, however, it does not have facial features, it’s like a silhouette of Angil.

“【Blue Phantom】. One of Pompeii Household’s 4 Great Illusions. Although the Pompeii Household do not have significant standings in business and politics, however, they are famous for their illusory abilities. They are the strongest household in regards to water illusions.”

Shir, who was beside me, explained.

“Shir, you sure know a lot.”

I astonishingly said.

“Not really, I just happened to read about it before.”

The summoned water illusion moved at a surprising speed around the forest, and its speed was comparable to Yybril’s!

Illusions… So illusions can be added into magic? Before, I thought it was rather common to see classes like Magic Knights and Magic Assassins. However, if illusions could be added into magic… then is that an actual entity or an illusion?

Just when I was about to touch it, the blue shadow suddenly dissipated into magic particles are disappeared in the air.

“Ten seconds is my limit… Although this thing is fast, however, other than surprise attacks, there’s no other use for it.”

Angil said as he let out a sigh. Looks like this thing uses up a lot of MP, and it depletes his stamina as well.

“In other words, you used 【Blue Phantom】 to defeat the monster, right?”

“That’s right. Although it only lasted for 10 seconds, but, I used 【Blue Phantom】 to immediately knock it unconscious. After that, we quickly rushed over, and found a 【Crystal Heart】 in its appearing location.”

“I see, so you did guys did not see the monster’s corpse?”


A monster that gives 【Crystal Hearts】… That’s really bizarre. Why didn’t we encounter such a lucky situation?

It’s similar to everyone’s beloved angel sheep in a certain trail. If you did not manage to kill something that rare, you would feel sorry for yourself.

“Although I’m not sure what kind of living being it was, however, since we now know such a monster carries a 【Crystal Heart】, then we just have to keep a look out for such monsters in the future.”

“In regards to that… It seems that it’s impossible.”

Princess Anne heaved a sigh.

“From then on, we had never encountered a similar monster. Rather, we did not encounter any other regular monsters either.”

“None at all?”

I looked at Six, who was standing beside Princess Anne.

“Did you tell Miss Six to retract her killing intent? If she had continuously emitted such killing intent, even if it was a monster like the ‘Hopper’, it wouldn’t even dare to approach.”


“My greatest apologies, Princess!”

Six immediately kneeled down.

“It’s my mistake for not considering this! I’m really sorry for all the losses I caused for you, princess! Please punish me!”

“Haa… Geez…”

Princess Anne helplessly shook her head.

“What’s the point in punishing you?”

“Princess Anne, Miss Six did it with your protection in mind, so…”

“I know. I know that.”

Princess Anne heaved another sigh as she interrupted my sentence.

“I knew Six since a long time ago, so I won’t punish her. Don’t worry.”

“Princess… I…”

“It’s alright, you just have to do a good job as my bodyguard. Unless someone was to attack me, don’t emit your killing intent.”

“I understand, princess.”

Six said as she stood up. She then positioned herself behind Princess Anne, and she once again revealed her standard smile.

Is she actually wearing a mask? Although her expression shows a friendly smile, however, doesn’t this feel a bit weird…? Ah well, whatever. Let’s not mind about this.

“However, if we have to search, then we have to look out for unique monsters, right?”

“Fir’s right. After all, there are a lot of monsters in this forest. If we’re looking for 【Crystal Hearts】, then they will only appear on unique monsters.”

I didn’t expect Elan to be the first person to agree to my opinion. He took out something similar to a dictionary from his pocket, and after flipping a few pages, he handed the book to me.

“These are the list of names of the monsters that live in this Griffin Forest. It was last revised five years ago, so the data in this book is rather reliable.”


When I saw the detailed report of every monster’s features and weaknesses, I was really surprised.

So there’s actually something similar to a guidebook in this world! This is wonderful!

“Simply speaking, this Griffin Forest can be split into two portions, the inner and outer area. The outer area is this forest we’re in, and the inner area is that big mountain. The fastest monsters in the outer area are the ‘Dark Green Hoppers’, and the strongest monsters are the ‘Evil Wind Familiars’ and the rare ‘Giant Land Turtle’. As for the inner area… It seems we will encounter many different types of monsters, and the area can be said to be a mystery-filled place.”

“Then from the looks of it, if we were to reach the mountain top, our chances of meeting an unique monster with a Crystal Heart will be higher, right?”

“It seems so.”

So we’re still going to climb the mountain… Geez.

“The sky is getting darker. I don’t wish to travel in the night. Everyone, prepare the items needed for your rest.”

After the princess said that, she took out a square box from her ring and placed it on the floor. She then tapped on it with her magic staff.

In the next second, a small house of about 2 meters in height appeared before me!

Oh my god… There’s actually such a convenient item in this world?

When I looked at the others, they were taking out something similar, and Shir was no exception.

“Fir, what’s wrong?”

Probably he saw me in a daze, he walked over and asked.

“That… Why do you guys have such a convenient house?”


Shir looked at me weirdly.

“The school did give us a notification that we could use a 【Magic Portable House】. They even allowed us to buy some. Didn’t you take a look at the notification?”


Ms. Mari did not pass me anything like that!!!!

Chapter 30: Lucifer Live Exercise


“I’m really sorry for crashing in your room tonight. I will be lying on the floor then.”

I apologized to Shir.

Because of a certain irresponsible teacher who threw me into this live exercise without explaining anything, I ended up bringing only a change of clothes and battle necessities.

Fortunately, Shir allowed me to live in his room, otherwise, I would have to sleep on top of a tree.

Of course, I originally expected to sleep in the forest, so sleeping on a tree wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen at all. However, when the sky grew darker, and looking at the forest filled with many dangers, I realized that sleeping outside was a whimsical decision.

Angil and Elan? Are you serious? Their noble attitude is at a much different level from Shir all together. I only managed to converse with them normally after flattering them for half a day. Unless I am willing to do something of ‘that’ nature, I wouldn’t be able to live in their houses at all.

Of course, that would never ever happen.

You’re saying Princess Anne is a very friendly and approachable person? Are you kidding me? She’s a princess, you know? Even if she allow you to live with her, will you dare to enter her house? Aren’t you afraid of her fans who might rip you apart when they hear about it?

I had already encountered these incidents when I first entered the academy. As the strongest trio, their fan group numbered up to a third of the entire academy’s population! If Yybril had not stepped in and taught a lesson to one of the fans, I wouldn’t have survived in the academy till now.

Fortunately, all these have gone to past, and I don’t wish to give any more troubles to myself. Just by being a fugitive is already enough to make my head ache, and I don’t want to be marked by anyone else.

“Don’t mind about it. Fir, you have saved me several times before, so you don’t really have to mind about sharing a room with me.”

Shir said as he walked out of the bathroom in his pyjamas.

This magic house is rather convenient. It is equipped with a bed, tables and chairs, and a bathroom, like a typical hotel room. Of course, this room made out of compressed space does not have a kitchen, otherwise, the people inside would definitely choke from the fumes and smoke.

And this isn’t something that a regular person could afford. The framework itself costs 50,000 gold, if we add the furniture in, then it would be at least 70,000 gold. After all, this isn’t the same as a regular house, as anything related to magic would have a ridiculous price.

For some reasons, I find that the 500,000 gold I received is no longer worth much anymore. If I were to find a day to go shopping for magic tools near an empire, my wallet would definitely be emptied. That’s because I heard that a desktop computer was recently pioneered. I wonder if there was something wrong with the technology tree in this world, or someone who majored in computer science was sent here.

However, I really want to buy one.

“The shower is open now, feel free to use to it.”

“Ah, thank you.”

To tell you the truth, I actually have a habit of bathing at least once a day. Although I’m fine with not showering for a few days, it would just feel a little uncomfortable, you know?

Of course, in this world, there exists magic that could instantly clean clothes. However, these magic spells are only restricted to clothes, as that high speed water pressure is not something to play with on a person’s body.

Although it would seem to be a waste to use water magic crystals to create water, and then heat it up with a fire magic spell, however, so as to enjoy the bliss of having a hot bath in the wilds, it’s worth the money.

Especially after emptying my MP several times from running entire the day, having my body soaked in a tub of hot water feels like I’m in heaven.

Although there are no extravagant add-ons like flowers in the tub of water, but, the moment I stepped into the tub, my muscles resonated as one, and an extraordinary feeling of comfort took over my body.

“This is too blissful, I can’t think of anything else…”

After relaxing my body in the tub, my muscles slowly began to loosen.

“If there was a fatigue meter, then it would definitely be fully filled right now.”

When I uttered this sentence, I immediately regretted it. Because I just remembered something really frightening.

However, there’s no medicine or tool to cure regrets in this world, as a notification appeared right after I said it.

World System Upgraded.
Fatigue System Added.
‘Stun’ status when MP or Stamina fully depleted, removed.
When the Fatigue Meter reaches 0, user will immediately enter a ‘stunned’ state. Damage will be reduced to half.

Oh my god… I’m sorry, it’s my fault. God, can’t you at least take a break? How about taking a nap? Can you please stop spying on me for like a minute or two?

Unless, in the future… Oh whatever, it’s best not to say anything else. If I were to say more, I feel that something else other than the fatigue system would be added…

In less than 10 seconds after the notification appeared, a new bar appeared below the HP and MP bar, and its color was gold.

And at the same time, the bar was slowly recovering.

Alright, if you really wish to upgrade the system, why don’t you have a battle mini-map system? Isn’t it a little too stingy to only have mini-maps appearing in cities?

However, this time, there wasn’t any response. It seems something as convenient as a battle mini-map cannot be realized in a short period of time.


Suddenly, the notification alarm scared me, and I thought it was another upgrade notification, but it turned out to be something else.

Oh? Isn’t this the window for unique skills?

Speaking of which, I have already raised my level to 13, and I have a total of 3 skill points. However, I have not spend any of the points yet.

The main reason for that was the sacrifices for the skills were too great, so I stashed them aside.

However, just when I thought of this, that window jumped, and on it, a golden arrow was pointing at a particular skill.

Dominator’s Hawkeye
Acquire the mini-map of every map. (Details can only be seen on a hard-copied map)
Mini-maps cannot be seen when on the move.

The first half of the skill’s description… I admit… I almost jumped out of the tub from the excitement. However, when I saw the second half, my brows furrowed.

I can only use the mini-map when I’m standing still? Isn’t that ridiculous?

Doesn’t this mean that I will have to stop moving whenever I have to check the location of my enemy? Just what the hell is the designer of this skill thinking…

However, I can pretty much make a guess. A system that will occasionally drop a tsukkomi on me… The person who designed it must be someone that’s plotting to hurt a society or a government.

However, since I already saw it, I guess it’s fine to put a skill point into it.

I tapped on the ‘confirm’ button, and after a flash of light, a mini-map which I could only see in cities previously, appeared. However, currently, it only had a square chart, and the black arrow showed my current position and the direction I’m facing.

Very good! With this, I’m able to confirm my enemies’ location and direction of movement in battles! This is really wonderful!

Oh right, I should take this chance to look for skills that would allow me to see through a person’s titles. Since I’m able to use this sort of voice-to-text feature to look, then there isn’t a need for me to scroll down this list of several hundred skills.

Just when I was about to continue investigating the skills, the corner of my eye seemed to have caught something weird.

That’s right. I didn’t notice it earlier, however, on the mini-map at the top-right corner of my view, other than my black marker, another green marker was facing me from somewhere really close to me.



The person seems to be just beside me?

Crap, was I too focused earlier that I did not notice my surroundings?

I hurriedly looked towards the person’s position. Within the hot steam, there was indeed someone standing there.


I tried speaking up.

There’s a reason why I asked this. Although the name above him was indeed ‘Shir’, however…

There were several additional question marks…


He started walking towards me, and when he was approaching, I realized… The guy was completely naked!!!

“Shir, wait, although our relationship is really good, however, that… I don’t have any interest in picking up the soap, really!”

This guy isn’t homo, right!?

Why did he enter without making any sound!?

“Picking up the soap? What does that mean?”

“Umm… Why don’t you wear something, and we can talk about this outside?”

I shrank to the corner of the tub, and shivered as I asked.

“Originally, I planned on doing so. However, I came to the conclusion that it would be easier for you to understand me like this.”

I don’t want to understand you! I don’t want to have a philosophical discussion with you! Although I was once fascinated with Lucifer’s world, however, I had already turned into a new leaf!
(t/n: Should be a reference to the BnP review.)

However, Shir already began to slowly approach me. I shut my eyes, and almost cast an Ice Shield…



Chapter 31: Shocking Live Exercise


“As I thought, you find my body grotesque as well, right?”

“No no no, that’s not the problem. Even if both of us are men, I will be troubled if you’re suddenly fully naked in front of me…”

And even if you look frail and weak, I wouldn’t treat you as a trap, and you’re not one in the first place!

“Fully naked… That… I don’t mind. As long as you’re able to see my appearance.”

Even if you don’t mind, I do, damn it!

“Whatever the case, please wear some clothes!”



Before I could finish what I wanted to say, Shir suddenly leapt into the tub.

“Don’t worry. You won’t see the thing that you’re thinking of. After all, I’m no longer human.”


No longer human?

I opened my eyes, and looked towards him.

Shir didn’t look any different within the steam… until I saw what was below his chest.


This thought first came into my mind when I looked at Shir’s lower half.

Because below his chest, Shir’s body was metallic and light was reflecting off it, and this continued on until his limbs.

So Shir is a robot?

No, that’s not right. With this world’s technology, it should be impossible to create a robot. So why is Shir…

When I once again inspected him, I then realized the root of the problem.

Even if Shir’s body was metallic, however, in every joints of his body, there weren’t any robotic joints!

That’s right. Even if it’s active joints like the waist and elbows, they looked like regular joints which humans should have, as if his body was made of a single whole piece of metal.


Shir didn’t have that thing between his legs…

Wait a minute… Doesn’t that mean Shir is actually… a girl?


I tried to voice out my thoughts calmly.


“Are you a boy or a girl?”


Shir revealed a troubled expression… Oh my god, don’t tell me you’re only embarrassed now? Shouldn’t this be something you notice before you even take off your clothes?

“Actually, I don’t even know whether I’m a boy or a girl.”


This… What’s with not knowing your gender? Are you making fun of me?

“That, actually, I already lost my memories on how my body became like this. I don’t know what kind of existence I was before I became like this… The only thing I know, is that currently, I’m no longer human.”

“I see… So you’re saying, you could have been boy before… or you could have been a girl as well?”

“That’s probably so…”

I rubbed my eyebrow, and then covered him with a towel I grabbed from the side. After that, I also took a towel to wrap around my important area.

That… I have somehow understood your situation. However, even if you wish to explain, don’t expose yourself completely… What will you do if you find out you’re actually a girl?”

As if he found my words bizarre, Shir looked at me astonishingly.

And after that, he suddenly laughed happily.

“…Hehe, I think only Fir would say something like this. Regular people would have been frightened by now.”

“Frightened? Why?”

I asked as I approached him.”

“You’re not a monster or a devil, so why would anyone be frightened?”

“Because of my body!”

Shir grabbed my hand, and placed it on his chest.

Hey hey hey! You already said you don’t even know your actual gender, so don’t do things like this so casually!

However, I did not manage to say this out loud. Because what I felt was not the softness of a woman’s chest, nor was it the sturdiness of a man’s.

Only the coolness of the metal could be felt, as if I was really touching a piece of metal.

And when I touched his elbow, even though the metal seems to be a complete piece, however, it’s actually pretty hard!

This… Is this really metal? A metal that could actually move?

This is not science, definitely not. Why is there something so weird? Just what the hell is Shir’s body…

When I looked at his titles, compared to before, the question marks that appeared were incredible.

Shir Vologue LV 14 Wind Magician LV?? ????
[Kind] [Brave] [Vologue Household Member] [Wenger Empire’s Nobility] [???] [???] [???] [???]

Two classes?

So the transformation to his body is related to his weird class setting?

Although I don’t really understand, but, it’s best to retrieve my hand for now.

Two of us were facing each other while staying in that weird situation, and I was actually touching his chest. it’s definitely not an interesting posture.

And I don’t know his actual gender either!

“In any case, I know that you’re not human. Don’t mind it. I won’t discriminate you because of this.”

“Really? Won’t you hate me for not being human?”

“Why would I hate you just because you’re not a human?”

I’m not human either, you know…

However, this guy actually began to cry again. This is really making my head hurt.

“Alright, let’s not mind about this problem any longer… Speaking of which, it seems Princess Anne knows of your identity. What’s with that?”

“Ah, about that…”

After pondering for a moment, Shir continued.

“I’m Wenger Empire’s 【Final Diplomat】… In other words, I’m an undying existence.”

Chapter 32: Many Deaths in this Live Exercise


10 minutes later.

Sitting on the sofa, we continued our earlier conversation.

You’re asking me why we had to change our location to the living room? I don’t wish to have heart-to-heart talk in the bathroom with two men, you know?

Although there’s the question about Shir’s gender, however, since I had always been treating him as a guy, it’s impossible to change my mindset this suddenly.

I’m not those characters in several unchaste anime, where they would do some indecent things the moment their friends turn into girls.

Aren’t you afraid they might suddenly turn back while in the midst of doing ‘that’? You would definitely be scarred for the rest of your life, to the point where your ‘thing’ would never ever stand up again.

Of course, if you were to tell me that you wouldn’t mind if that happened, then I only have these few words for you… Lucifer’s World welcomes you, please, step forward.

Speaking of which, I didn’t exactly see the structure of Shir’s body clearly in the bathroom. If it was a woman’s, then I would be safe even if I did see it clearly… Otherwise… if there’s nothing in this world I could wash my eyes with, then I will definitely be in danger.

“Umm… I…”

“Alright, alright. I know what you’re trying to say. Don’t worry. I won’t treat you as a monster for something like this.”

After all, I’m a type of monster as well.

“And I won’t pursue why or how you became like that. Whenever you’re comfortable in telling me, then I will gladly listen.”

Since you told me your situation, no matter how I see it, this might turn into a main or side quest. Well, this will be made known later.

Conditions achieved.
Hidden Quest Unlocked: Unknown Magic
1. Build a better relationship with a possessor of an Unique Magic spell.
2. Find out about the origins of the Unique Magic spell.
3. Trigger a plotline related to the magic spell.

Reward(s): Learn an Unique magic spell.

As I expected, a new quest suddenly appeared. After glancing it through, I pushed the screen aside.

“But why did you decide to tell me this? And…”

And you actually rushed into the bathroom… Was your morality eaten by a stray dog? However, looking at his expression, I decided to stop and listen to his explanation.

“Because… Since Fir became my friend, I find that it’s best if I tell you about my situation as early as possible. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be appropriate if I keep hiding this from you.”


This is really agonizing. He’s really dealing a blow to my conscience. Now I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I don’t reveal a few of my secrets.


Which of my secrets could be revealed?

I come from another world?

I’m not human?

Or the fact that I can use every types of skills?

It seems that I’m only able to reveal the last one. If I were to reveal the first two, someone might capture me and dissect my body for experimentation.

Speaking of which, although humans do not hate the other races on the surface, however, their interaction with other races are only to obtain labor and their resources.

Although it’s rather understandable, especially in this world where wars could break out at any time, it’s rather pointless to talk about ethics…

Who am I joking, right?

“Alright alright, Shir, it’s fine if you just treat yourself as a human being.”

I grabbed onto his shoulder and continued.

“I’m your friend, so don’t mind about it. Or, are you telling me something bad might happen to me just because you have some special features in the body, or just because you’re immortal?”

“This… I don’t know… I just feel that…”

“I already told you to not mind about it.”

I released him, and slapped his shoulder.

“Let’s have an early rest tonight. Although I did have a good bath, I’m still feeling a little tired.”

I didn’t just say that casually. I have been staring at the fatigue meter below my MP bar for quite a while. Even though the bar was almost filled during the bath, in the end, it stopped filling up when Shir scared me with his antics.

For now, I could only think of bathing and sleeping which could fill up my fatigue meter, so it’s necessary to have an early rest.

“Then please sleep on the bed.”

“… Eh?”

Shir, what did you just say?

“There’s no need. Umm… I’m fine with sleeping on the sofa.”

“Why! As I thought, Fir, you despise my non-human body right?”

“No, no, that’s not it. Your non-human body isn’t the point. The point… The point is that you’re a noble and I’m not.”

“I already said it’s fine! So you actually care about our status differences now?”

“And I don’t even know your actual gender. If you’re actually a girl, it wouldn’t be fine for us to be sleeping on the same bed, right?”

If you’re a guy, my soul will definitely be retrieved by Lucifer!

Although this person is a guy, he’s actually shorter than Falan and the other girls. Adding his oddly pale skin, if he was to wear a wig, it would be impossible to distinguish his gender… a trap loli?

Not good, my soul was almost taken by Lucifer at that moment, that was dangerous!

My mind was actually filled with images of him wearing girls’ clothes, and I was almost entranced by them!

Oh god, were some pieces of my soul already taken by Lucifer?

“Don’t worry…”

When I was deep in my thoughts for only a moment, this guy actually hugged me from the front.

“Because… Because Fir is the first person I know that said he wouldn’t mind when he saw my grotesque body… Whatever the case, please do not hate me…”

After hearing this, my body trembled for a bit. Originally, I planned on pushing him away, but my hands stopped in the air.

… If only you didn’t exist…

A memory suddenly flashed in my mind. Although it was in a blur, but this sentence was unbelievably clear.

Did someone say this to me? Why did it feel as if I was stabbed in the heart when I recalled these words?

This should be one of my many forgotten memories, why did it suddenly reappear?

I looked at Shir who was hugging me, and saw that his face was filled with tears.

Unless… This guy has always been hated?

Just because he has a weird body?

… If only someone like you didn’t exist…

This sentence once again flashed in my mind, and my heart began to feel a piercing pain once again.

So painful… Why…? Was I like him… before…?

Were we abandoned by the ones we love?

My hands slowly fell, and I hugged him back.

“Don’t worry, I will never abandon anyone.”


“Of course.”

Haa… Geez, to think someone that has a lower level than him is actually comforting him.

“However, do you mind releasing me? Even if both of us are guys, hugging like this is…”

“Ah, sorry.”

Shir released me, and rubbed the tears in his eyes.

“Being able to hear Fir say that… I’m really glad.”

“Hai… I shall state this first, I’m not homo.”


“Nothing, don’t mind it. Now then, go to sleep!”


Shir very obediently ran over to the bed.

I rubbed between my eyebrows. Why do I feel like… I turned into his father?

“Open the door! Hurry! This princess order you to open the door this instant!”

When I woke up in the morning, I thought I was hallucinating.

A princess is knocking on the door?

Ignoring the ‘If you don’t listen to me’ warnings, Shir still ended up hugging me to sleep. I leaped out of bed and opened the door.

However, the moment I opened it, I was shocked.

“Mi… Princess Michelle?”

I recognized the visitor at first glance. How? That pair of spiraling blue twin-tails very obviously told me her identity. And she’s the first and only person I knew who would wear such a troublesome hairstyle in the two worlds.

“Twintails… No. Princess Michelle, why are you here?”

“What? Do you feel troubled seeing me here?”

“Why would I dare to? Which commoner would have such a disrespectful thought when he sees you, princess?”

“I think you’re already pretty disrespectful enough. Regular people would have kneeled down the moment they see me.”

“That’s why, since we’re friends, do you mind forgiving me?”

“… Hmph. If you didn’t unhesitatingly rushed over to save me that time, why would I even bother with you…”

Michelle suddenly muttered something softly.

“Um, what did you just say?”

“Nothing! Alright, hurry and let me in. You better thank me! After all, I came this early in the morning, and I brought you breakfast as well!”

After saying that, she rushed into room through the gap between me and the door.

“Hey… Shir is not up yet…”

Before I could finish, this girl actually started shouting again.

“This… Who is this!?”

Of course, she was referring to Shir.

As I thought, Shir was at a loss as he looked at Princess Michelle, and then they both looked towards me.

“This is Shir! He’s the Wind Class’…”

“You… What! You’re actually interested in guys!?”

“You’re the one interested in guys! Wait, no, you should indeed be interested in guys. My point is, I didn’t have any place to stay, and Shir allowed me to live in his room for the night. I’m not interested in guys at all! I already said I’m not homo!”

“… Hmph, I will believe you for now.”

“Speaking of which, why are you here? Aren’t there only 30 slots for this exercise? And didn’t you say this exercise wasn’t safe?”

“… About that, because I heard that you actually formed a party with that water type girl, and since she brought a bodyguard along, I could come here without worries.”

“You are pretty well-informed… But wouldn’t we now have 31 students for this exercise?”

Although I did notice that there weren’t just 30 people when we got down from the airship.

“Alright, I will tell you the truth. This live exercise has ended. I came over with the investigation team to check whether you’re alive. After all, you’re my important partner!”

“Wait… The live exercise ended?”


Princess Michelle fiercely nodded.

“Last night, four Lightning students, three Earth students, and five Plant students were killed without the teachers noticing. And other than the bloodstains left on the ground, there were nothing else left at the scenes.”

“Ki… Killed…”

I took in a deep breath.

Although it might be possible to resurrect myself, but to inhabitants of this world, they are definitely unable to resurrect after they die.

And in a single night, 12 students from the same school died. I could not help but be serious about this matter.

Emergency Quest: Murderer?
Quest Objective: Find the murderer before leaving.
Reward(s): 5 Level Ups. Unlock the title: Famous Detective
Additional Objective(s): Kill the murderer.
Additional Reward(s): Unknown
Time Limit: 6 Hours
*The difficulty of this quest is beyond your current level. Completion not recommended.

I looked through the quest window, and then once again turned to look at Michelle.

“Do you mind giving me a detailed report?”

Chapter 33: Price-Tagged Live Exercise


In everything we do, we must always strive to get the most benefits out of them. And it’s also necessary to pay the appropriate costs.

And to be successful, we must always dare to accept challenges.

Currently, a large tempting offer was right in front of me. And at the same time, it’s cost was very obvious.

Of course, this large tempting offer was the instant gain in 5 levels. With my current self, I already required more than 200,000 EXP to level up, and I would need even more in the future. With gaining five levels as a reward, it will definitely save me some trouble.

And my abilities will instantly advance to that of an Intermediate-Grade Magician. Then, I will be able to learn even more magic spells that I didn’t manage to learn in the school’s library.

After thinking of all the benefits I could get from this quest, it’s temptation seemed to be even larger than I first expected!

However, again, the cost of this quest was really obvious. If I don’t succeed, then only one ending awaits me.


Although I might be able to revive at the nearest cathedral, however, that’s the conclusion that Aliyah came up with after fooling around, and it might not happen in the outside world. And currently, I’m in the wilds. If I were to die here, it might not be possible to resurrect in the cathedral.

Wouldn’t I suffer a big loss if I can’t come back to life? Though, I’m fine with losing my equipment, after all, it’s not that I can’t afford buying another one. However, if I were to lose EXP, then I would definitely cry to death.

But, even if that’s the case, I wish to challenge this quest. Although the hint below told me that my level is not sufficient enough, however, with such a tempting offer placed in front of me, I would definitely regret it if I don’t at least give it a try.

Currently, nine of us were sitting around a round table which Princess Michelle brought along in her ring, and we were discussing our future course of action.

Although the school had already warned us that we will be leaving in 6 hours, however, in a school dominated by nobility, it’s not possible to simply order nobles around, and hence, they only passed down a notification instead.

Originally, when such a dangerous thing happens, everyone should have withdrawn immediately. But, since they had lost contact with the Summoners’ group as well, Michelle’s airship is currently being used for a search operation, and we can only wait for the time being.

Although I’m unsure whether they were influenced by quest system’s 6 hours time limit, however, it’s best to just put aside questions that’s impossible to solve.

After all, we currently have a bigger problem to tackle.

And that’s our next course of action.

“That’s too dangerous! It’s much more appropriate for us to just wait for the airship to pick us up!”

After listening to Princess Michelle’s explanation, Elan immediately rebutted.

As I thought, this guy is the conservative type. However, this is usually how an official behaves.

And although the airship Princess Michelle rode in was participating in the search operation, however, our airship was resting in its original spot, and would be able to fetch the students in the forest really soon.

“I think so as well. After all, a situation like this… is no longer something that we can solve on our own, right?”

Shir added in. However, he’s right. He’s not the type to do quests of this nature. Although he did say he’s undying, I don’t wish to put a friend in danger.

“You guys should just play your roles as good students. We only have to protect you guys here. Once the time’s up, the airship will naturally bring everyone out of here.”

The person speaking was Kewen, the teacher supervising Princess Anne’s group. He was obviously much older than Landur, and was much boring than him as well.

“I wish to do some investigation.”

I immediately replied.


When Kewen heard what I said, he immediately furrowed his brows. However, this was normal. After all, what was I said was totally against his instructions.

“I wish to continue looking for the Crystal Hearts in the forest. Although the live exercise ended, but the conditions have yet to change, right? And if I were to find one, I wouldn’t even have to take the final year examinations, right?”

With my current results, it might actually happen.

However, my true goal was to find the murderer. I will definitely not let any potential EXP gain escape.

“I wish to go as well!”

The next person was actually Princess Michelle.

“Since I already came, it would be too boring to just stay here. Don’t worry, I have a bodyguard following me.”

After saying that, she pointed to the trees at the back.。

I then noticed that there were a row of question marks occasionally appearing in the trees behind her. And since there weren’t any markers on the mini-map, I almost neglected it.”

“Then as a teacher, I will tag along. After all, I can’t just let my students wander around without supervision.”

Landur chuckled. However, after looking at him, I wasn’t able to guess his motives.

“You guys… Haah… Fine. Since it’s safer to stay here compared to venturing outside. I will be staying here to protect the rest.”

I didn’t expect Kewen to be this responsible. However, I’m sorry. My quest is at stake.

After the discussion, about half an hour had past. Only five and a half hours remain, and the pressure is pretty overwhelming.

“Then, let’s hurry and depart. Time is limited.”

After saying that, I took the lead and entered the forest. And Princess Michelle immediately caught up to me.

“This is really an unwise decision. Are you sure you’re going in?”

And at this moment, Princess Michelle suddenly said.

“If you’re talking about the danger involved… Don’t worry, I have already considered it.”

“Hmm hmm~ You sure sound confident. The opponent is someone that killed 12 people in a single night. Although your abilities are pretty good, but wouldn’t you still get killed pretty easily?”

“Don’t worry, I’m only going out for a walk.”

I answered with a smile.

“It’s not like I’m picking a fight with him.”

“Tell me, just what are you trying to do?”

After leaving the base for about ten minutes, Princess Michelle suddenly asked again.


“Stop acting. For someone as perceptive as you, you wouldn’t just come all the way out just for a Crystal Heart. So, why did you choose to come to the forest?”

“What? Was my earlier lie that blatantly obvious?”

“You’re several years too early to fool a princess like me.”

Princess Michelle proudly replied, as if she could see through everything.

Hai, looks like I have no choice. After all, I would probably require her bodyguard’s aid, so it’s best to be honest at this moment.

“I wish to find out what happened. After all, I did see a weird group of people yesterday.”

That’s right, I just couldn’t get that group of mercenaries off my mind. Why did another group of people suddenly appear in our live exercise grounds?

However, I didn’t dare to speak of the appearance of an elf, though someday, I might need assistance in locating elves.

“Weird group of people? Who are they?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m out here to find out. However, they seemed to be mercenaries, but their abilities aren’t that impressive.”

“Mercenaries, huh…”

Princess Michelle pondered for a while.

“Then let’s do some investigation! There’s nothing else to do anyway~”

“I knew it. Count me… no, count both of us in.”

When I turned to look…

It was actually Princess Anne and Six!

Chapter 34: Unfortunate Live Exercise


Alright, since everything is still within my predictions, however, it’s not turning out as how I wanted it to be.

Why don’t you take my place as a guide!? What am I supposed to do with two princesses in my party!? How am I going to proceed with the quest like this!? Although they did bring their bodyguards along, and there’s a teacher accompanying us, however, I’m obviously rushing for the unknown rewards here! How am I supposed to work like this!?

However, I’m not thinking of killing the murder because I find human lives insignificant. After all, he’s someone who could actually kill 12 people in a single night. If I don’t carry the resolve to kill him, then I might be the one getting killed instead.

Of course, if he is really too strong, then I would flee immediately. I don’t want to die, after all.

However, there’s two princesses by my side… It’s impossible for me to flee easily like this…

“Princess Anne~”

I furrowed my brows as I called out.

“What is it~”

“Why did you decide to follow us?”

She made a startled expression, and then covered her giggling as she replied.

“What’s wrong? Unless, compared to me, you prefer to stick with that short and immature brat over there?”

Princess Michelle suddenly stopped walking, turned and charged towards Princess Anne’s side.

“Hey! You long-hair freak! I hadn’t even uttered a single word about you! So why do you have to start looking for trouble!?”

“Hmm, I spend an hour every day to manage my hair. As for your hairstyle which is similar to a chocolate roll, if we were to encounter any monsters, they would definitely go for your hair first, right?”

“They will go for your hair instead! I bet all the mass in your body went into your hair!”

“What did you say! Even though everything is concentrated in my chest!”

“Alright! Please stop, my princesses!”

I suppressed my smiles as I separated their faces from each other, and then continued.

“Are you girls fine with saying such things out loud? Your subordinates are able to hear them you know… And that delinquent teacher as well.”

I pointed to our backs, and although there seemed to be no one there, however, after what I said, a hand was stretched out from behind a tree, and the thumb was up.

So are you telling me you heard everything clearly…?

“Six! (Ming!) Forget everything I just said!”

The two princesses ordered their bodyguards at the same time. However, there’s no real point in doing that now, right? Unless they have magic spells to erase their own memories?


Six answered. However, the person hiding in the bushes did not reply, but his named immediately changed from ??? to Ming. Although I still could not see the rest of his details, however, this allowed me to confirm one thing.

As long as the name I know and the person’s actual name corresponds, then the person’s name will be revealed above his head.

In that case…

I looked towards Six. She was still full of smiles, as if she was wearing a mask.

And her name is still full of question marks. Just who the hell is she?

Although Princess Anne said they were together for a long time, however, just how long is it?

“Now, there’s you!”

Suddenly, the two princesses approached me from my left and right.

Wait a minute, I’m fine with you girls approaching me, but why are you girls holding onto your staves?

And… Why do I feel that magic particles are already gathering around them?

“Umm… What are you girls-”

“I heard that people will lose their memories when they’re knocked in the head. So I wish to test it out.”

“That’s right, we have to test it out.”

“Hey hey! Calm down! This kind of thing won’t work at all!”

These two girls actually plotted this together when I was still deep in my thoughts! Are you sure you girls are going for a simple knock? That’s not true right? My memories aren’t going to be only things that would be lost if I’m hit with those magic staves.

“Not just my memories, I would lose my life from that!”

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter even if that kind of thing disappears right?”

“Even if you girls don’t think it matters, I do!”

“Don’t worry. No matter what happens, we will definitely bring you back to the academy. So, be at ease.”

“Are you girls planning to bring my corpse back?”

“Or do you want your corpse to be left defiled and thrown in the wilds?”

“Are you girls really assuming I’m going to die from this?”

“Yes. Because…”

The magical light at the tip of their staves began to brighten, and the spells seemed pretty strong… And I had never seen those magic circles before!

Intermediate-grade magic? Or are they advanced-grade? Even though I’m not able to access those magic spells, these two princesses should probably have the opportunity to, right?

I could feel cold sweat flowing down my cheeks.

“Why don’t you two calm down for a second? We can always discuss about this. Don’t be rash.”

As I said that, I began to retreat a few steps back.

If I were to be attacked by these spells, I would no doubt, die! Definitely! Surely!

I must not stay here!

“Ice Castle!”

I immediately erected a wall between us, and quickly accelerated towards the back.


The moment I turned around, I fiercely collided with something soft. Even though it was soft, however, she not only did not fall back from the collision, rather, she forcefully pushed me onto the ground.

This girl is…

“Sorry. Because my princess doesn’t wish for you to flee, so I had to use a bit of force.”

When I looked up, it was actually 6!

So the soft thing I collided with earlier was… No, this isn’t the time to think about something like this. As expected, her level was exceptionally high. Earlier, I even used ‘Accelerate’, but she actually blocked my escape path so easily!

“Alright, it’s impossible for you to flee. Don’t worry, it will only hurt for a few seconds!”

“That’s right~”

The two princesses seemed to be rather happy…

“As civilized people, can’t we put down our weapons and discuss this peacefully?”

“Aren’t we having a peaceful discussion? As long as you lose your memories… Don’t worry. Even if you were to forget everything, we will definitely help you. Supporting a single little idiot for life is nothing to us. So, you don’t have to worry.”

“Like hell I wouldn’t worry!”

In a situation like this, it seems that I have no choice but to activate my trump card!

“【Random, Flash Movement】!”

Since I had no idea where to flee, I just had to leave my fate in the hands of RNG.

And since I would no longer be stunned from depleting my MP, there shouldn’t be any other side effects from using this, right?

My MP bar immediately plummeted, and at the same time, in a flash, everybody in front of disappeared. What replaced them was a scenery I had never seen before.

“This… Where is this place?”

I got up and inspected my surroundings. I could not discern my current location at all. I could no longer see the mountaintop, and there doesn’t seem to be a river nearby either.


The ground seems to be a little tilted?

“Unless I teleported to the top of the mountain?”

This outcome is really bad. I actually dropped into a high-level area without bringing any of my party members?

Aren’t I just sending myself to death?

Due to the large distance of separation, party has been disbanded.

Suddenly, I saw the notification from the screen, and I then recalled we were actually in a party.

So what if we’re in a party?

It meant that I wouldn’t have been damaged by their attacks at all!

“I actually forgot about it… Such a waste of MP…”

I bitterly drank down a MP Recovery Potion while I continued to survey the surroundings.

Geez, to think I would forget something so important. After all, I was already used to running from attacks, and since I managed to unlock a very useful skill that’s specialized in fleeing, I couldn’t help but use it.


A cry was heard. I turned to look, and something flew out from a bush near me.

And after that, a pool of red stuffs appeared under the bushes, and I had a pretty bad premonition.

Unless I really did… send myself to death?

Then, a figure walked out of the bushes. She first looked at the thing on the floor, and then she looked back at me.

“Eh? There’s actually another one?”

She said.

Wait… This person is pretty familiar!

“Miss Elf?”

She’s actually the elf I met earlier! Kamiochi Yuon!

Is she the murderer?

Chapter 35: Assassination Live Exercise


“Eh? How do you know I’m an elf?”

She had already prepared her weapon, and when she heard my words, she stopped. In an instant, she disappeared from my sight.


Just when I was still in shock, a pair of hands grabbed onto my shoulder. Before I could react, she slid her hands down my back, and even touched my butt and thighs!

Oh my god! Who is this pervert!?

I hurriedly jumped away from the person’s harassment, and when I turned to look, it was indeed the elf named Yuon.

Even though she sounded like a girl, but why were her movements so experienced? Is she actually a female delinquent?

Oh god, please return my image of an elf’s purity!

“So you’re not actually human. Tch. And you’re actually disguised as a human. Just what are you thinking?”

“Do you have the right to say that? Even though you’re an elf, you’re actually dressed like this! And you actually sexually harassed someone! Or have all the elves fallen into depravity recently?”

“Hah? You bastard, look carefully!”

She removed the black cloth covering her face, and took out her mask.

The skin under her mask was actually black, in other words… She’s actually a dark elf?

Oh my god, it was stated that it’s pretty rare to encounter an elf, and it’s even harder to actually encounter a dark elf. However, I didn’t expect to win the lottery today, as I managed to meet a dark elf with my first encounter.

Did god grant me my biggest wish of meeting an elf because he pitied me?


Why did it have to be a female delinquent?

“So it was actually a Dark Elf… I once heard that Dark Elves are immoral, and the rumors seem to be true.”

“Who are you talking about!?”

After putting her mask on again, she rushed towards me when she heard what I said, and grabbed onto my collar.

Oh my god, she’s worst than a delinquent, she’s a ruffian!

“It was written in the books, and I only blurted out what I learnt from them. And when you were touching my body earlier, your movements were obviously skilled!”

“What lousy books would… I only did that earlier to confirm your race, hmph! Unless you really think I would really gobble you up?”

“Couldn’t you have just asked nicely?”

“Would you tell me the truth?”


“Tch, as I thought, you’re not a good person. Geez, that’s why bastards with especially large number of question marks beside their names are definitely bad people…”

“I’m not… Wait a minute. Did you just say I have especially large number of question marks beside my name?”

“Yeah. Especially… A lot… Wait. Just to confirm something, are you…”

“I’m an Earthling.”

Before she could finish what she wanted to say, I interrupted.

I didn’t expect to meet another otherworlder, what luck.

“…Hmph, so you’re one as well. And here I was wondering how you would know the meaning of ‘gobbling you up’, since no one else knew it. And I even thought that the inhabitants of this world finally leveled up their vocabulary, but to think you were actually…”

“Alright, first and foremost, do you know why we’re here? I mean, why were we sent into this weird world?”

“How would I know something like that?”

She shrugged.

“I was actually busy working before I found myself in this weird place. I wonder how is it going over there… However, fortunately, I’m taking up the same job as before.”

“Same job?”

“Yep. Assassinations and thefts.”

She said calmly, as if it was something normal to her.

However, it’s not normal to me.

“Hey hey, even though this world is similar to an RPG, for you to kill people so casually…”

“Because it’s an RPG, I don’t get as much pressure from killing people.”

She skillfully slashed her dagger several times in the air, and she definitely gave the feeling of being experienced with a knife.

“Well… I can’t criticize you for that. After all, everyone has different values.”

And I don’t even wish to criticize her. Although she looked rather normal, but she’s still an assassin. If she were to suddenly stab me, then I wouldn’t be able to get away.

“Even though you’re actually an elf shaman…”

“Don’t bring it up anymore. It’s basically a useless class, which I had from the beginning. Other than a few additional supports, there’s totally no offensive abilities at all! Fortunately, I did not forget what I learnt before, otherwise, I would have bored myself to death from being a charlatan.”

She actually began to tear up.

Is she usually unable to find anyone to talk to?

“Then, I could only flee by myself, and with my past skills, I joined a weird organization. Although the people I assassinated are all weird, but I get paid pretty well… Do you wish to join too? I feel that this is the only way to truly live.”

“I have to pass on that. I don’t wish to turn into an assassin or anything.”

“Eh~ Even though you would hardly get to experience the feeling of killing a non-human being.”

“It’s fine. I think it’s best if I continue learning my magic…”

After this conversation, a portion of the girl’s question marks disappeared, and were updated with “Assassin” and “Evil”.

Geez, it’s pretty obvious by just looking at her, is there even a need for them to turn into titles?

“And why do you have two classes? The one at the back is…”

“Don’t you know about sub-classes? After level 20, you are able to select one. And fortunately, because of that, I was able to learn all these Assassin skills. Otherwise, my efficiency in completing quests would have been frighteningly low.”

I see, so there’s actually sub-classes?

However, I don’t even have a standard class of my own, so I don’t really need one, right?

“And what’s with that weird get-up? SM play?”

“Do you wish to have a hole in your body?”

“No thanks.”

“Then keep your opinions about my assassin’s get-up I designed to yourself. Geez. This is a set of clothes I crafted by dismantling several top-grade equipment. It adds both agility and strength.”

“But there’s no beauty appeal to it.”

And I was actually punched ruthlessly, fortunately, it didn’t kill me.

“Oh right, I forgot to ask you something.”

I recalled my true reason of being here while drinking a recovery potion.”

“Last night, 12 people died here. Were you the one who killed them?”

The objective of the quest was to find the murderer, and there’s an assassin in front of me.

With how the scenario has been progressing, I couldn’t think of asking anything else. And, I have begun to suspect whether I was purposefully sent here.

“No, it wasn’t me.”

Alright, I made a wrong guess.

However, it’s still too early to make a conclusion.

“How can I believe you…”

“Ha? Both of us came from the same world, why would I need to lie to you? It’s one thing to lie to the stupid inhabitants of this world, but there’s no point in lying to you, is there?”

What she said did make a point.

“I don’t know, after all, there’s always these weird quests…”

“Quests? I did receive a quest about killing a crazed murderer in this forest. Unless…”

“Was it the person you just killed?”

I looked towards the bushes earlier… Eh? It disappeared?

“That’s just the person’s shadow. He had already realized my existence, so he left several clones around… Why don’t we form a party?”

“Oh, sure.”

I answered with a smile.

“Why not?”

Time Limit: 4 Hours 47 Minutes

Chapter 36: Boring Live Exercise


Kamiochi Yuon, Dark Elf, LV 21 Shaman, LV 25 Assassin

As the third otherworlder I encounter in this world, she definitely made me realize several new things about this world.

Firstly, when we first enter this world, our races are actually randomly determined.

“I have met several other otherworlders as well. Though, they are of various races, such as beastmen and the winged beings.”

When I was asking her about her race, she answered as such.

After all, we’re currently looking for our enemy, which is a really boring process.

“The guy who turned into a lizardman was really pitiful. As beastmen don’t usually take baths, he had to find the opportunities to swim several rounds around the pool alone every few days. And that’s not all. As his entire body was made out of scales, and he’s modeled after a cold-blooded creature, there’s basically no difference to be felt when he bathes in hot water or when he swims in the cold pond.”

“Luckily, I didn’t turn out like him…”

“Yep, yep~”

Stop joking. Me? A beastman? That’s the same as telling me to die…

I remember I went into a friend’s house once, and he had several pets. Their smell flooded his entire room… I really wonder how he managed to survive in it.

“Speaking of which, the Dark Elf race seems to suit you.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you wanted to be an assassin right? No matter how I look at it, a Dark Elf’s figure and skin are the prime choice for every assassin.”

“You probably watched too much Fate/0000. I don’t have that much of a bad taste to wear a skull-shaped bone mask.”

“So you watched it as well?”

“Well… It gets boring whenever I don’t get a job. So, I would watch some anime and play some games.”

An otherworldly assassin that lived in the society’s darkness actually played games and watched animes for entertainment? What’s wrong with this world?

“But, things became better ever since I came here. Whenever I have nothing to do, I could always cure my boredom by seeking out the bulletin board for quests~”

“Hey hey, are you actually killing people for fun?”

“Of course, why else?”

This girl is really hopeless. By sending her to this world really made our previous world a better and safer place.

This is the first time I felt that this weird world system did a good deed.

“Alright, it’s not possible for me to interfere with your way of life. I don’t mind as long as you don’t touch any of my friends.”

“Your friends? Are they from our world as well?”

“Not all of them.”

“Is that so…? Other than the guild leader of our guild and several other of my colleagues, there’s no one else I could actually talk to. So, friends and the like…”

“Hey hey, isn’t your personality a bit too gloomy? Although it’s best to act independently as an assassin, however, don’t you require aid to complete some quests?”

“That’s true~ Why don’t you join our guild?”

“Stop joking. I haven’t fallen to the point where I could kill people without a care…”

And I already joined this continent’s most evil organization, ‘Momiji Secret Society’. So I really wish you could let me off.

Speaking of which, the day after I joined ‘Momiji’, someone especially came over to mark me with a magic tattoo on my back. And since it’s an invisibility function, I could conveniently hide it.

Although I joined it for a couple of days, however, I have yet to accept any quests. Earlier, I took a look at the available quests, and when I saw the entire list of assassination quests, I immediately closed the window.

I will wait for the day when there’s a quest not related to assassinations.

Another point to take note is this girl’s classes. From what I heard from her, one can choose a sub-class after hitting LV 20 with the main class. As a Dark Elf, she was immediately chosen as a shaman the moment she appeared, and she was bitter about it the entire time.

However, the moment she found a tunnel to leave the elves’ gathering area, she unhesitantly fled. She’s really the type to do things her own way, huh. I wonder if her race is currently in chaos because of her.

If their shaman were to run off, it would be the same as a father leaving the church, wouldn’t it?

And she actually chose the assassin sub-class, and it’s level was actually higher than her shaman’s… Scary…

She must have only obtained her 21st level from using her shaman skills occasionally. Just how much does she despise shamans…

An assassin that could actually heal herself is basically overpowered. Why isn’t there someone with this kind of class configuration in the good faction…

“So, you received a quest related to this murderer as well?”

“Yep. And the rewards are actually pretty good… And this weird… Quest window? For now, let’s call it that. When I accepted the quest from the bulletin board, this screen suddenly popped up. It’s labelled here as a side-quest or something, hmm… Let me see…”

Yuon raised her hand and tapped in the air a couple of times, and looked at the details shown on her screen.

“Eeh~ Side quest, Dark Pursuer. In the middle of the 8th month, kill the mass murderer that will appear in Gray Forest. Reward is gain in two levels.”

“Is that so…”

So it’s a quest to kill the murderer? As expected of a person who chose a bloody route, the quest is really different.

“What about your quest?”

“Mine’s actually an emergency quest. I have to find the murderer, or if possible, kill him, within six hours. I have about four and a half hours left, I guess? I wonder if it’s possible to complete it.”

“Emergency huh… I encountered a quest like that once. However, the time given was too limited, so I did not manage to complete it… However, there shouldn’t be any problems for this quest. Back then, I got a headache from stamina depletion, however, currently, I only have to watch my fatigue meter. Isn’t that great? These system upgrades are really going into the right direction, huh~”

Sorry, that’s something I caused…

However, it’s best not to tell her this now. If she were to know that I was the person who caused it, the system would definitely do something bad to me again. My name might even appear on her assassination list in the future.

“However, it wouldn’t do to just search aimlessly. If we do so, our search would take forever.”

“My summoned creatures are searching everywhere as well. You know the day when we first encountered each other? I realized one of my summoned creatures died around the place we met, and I thought it was killed by my target.”

Sorry. I was the person who killed it… But I won’t tell you that.

“However, I’m confident. The illusionary clone earlier can only be controlled by the main body within a radius of 1000 meters. Since it was there earlier, then that bastard shouldn’t be far.”

“Are you treating that guy as an idiot? Are you sure he wouldn’t run?”

“He’s a mass murderer. Why would he flee?”


When I heard her words, I suddenly trembled.

That’s right, he’s a mass murderer who killed 12 people in a single night. If it’s only 2 people, he wouldn’t simply flee.

Then currently…

“Wouldn’t that guy be simply setting up an ambush for us?”

“Watch out!”

Just when I posed that question, Yuon kicked me to the side, and at the same time, my warning marker flashed. On the mini-map, a red marker appeared behind mine.

A black chain flew across and grazed my cheek, and I was dripping cold sweat from the burning sensation I felt.


To think an attack arrived before my system warning came! Isn’t this speed too frightening?

“Looks like he appeared… Fir, let’s go!”

Yuon pulled out a pair of black daggers, and bitterly smiled.

It seems she saw his level, huh?

“Looks like this will be a tough battle…”

Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!
Current LV: 4

Title Unlocked: Insightful Person
Current LV: 1
Mini-map viewing radius increased by 5 meters.

I crawled up from the floor, and took out the magic wand I got from Princess Anne earlier.

Since I have a close-combat specialist aiding me, then I can finally act my role as an actual Magician, I guess?

Chapter 37: Phantom Live Exercise


“Our opponent is level 29, and he’s a Phantom Assassin class. This class is at its strongest when the user has yet to reveal his figure. According to my intel, this bastard’s specialized skill is ‘Shadow Slaughter’. When he approaches his target while in ‘Stealth’ mode, and attacks the target’s weak points, like the neck, corresponding to his target’s level, he will be able to deal multiplied damage. It’s said to be able to instantly eliminate his targets as long as their level does not exceed more than 3 of his.”

Yuon quickly introduced his abilities to me. Looks like an assassin’s information network is truly efficient and convenient, they’re basically walking guidebooks. I really wish to make contact with the people in ‘Momiji’ now. It’s definitely worth the money if I’m able to obtain such detailed intel easily.

I wonder when will Falan’s helper arrive… However, with the current situation as it is, the chances of him appearing would probably be slim.

Although I could usually obtain some information about my targets through their titles, however, it’s not that simple in some cases.

Just like right now, other than his level and class, nothing else was revealed. Even his name’s color was constantly changing, cycling around the colors red, white, blue and green.

What is this about? A cover magic, or a skill? If the party effect is applied, when his name is in green, our attacks wouldn’t be able to hurt him. Currently, he and Yuon were staring deadly at each other. This must be how an assassins’ battle looks like when both their figures are exposed, right?

And it’s not a good time for me to step in. If the mist generated by my Ice attacks were to hinder my partner’s vision, things will get troublesome.

“Why does the color of his name keeps changing?”

I whispered.”

“Just focus on attacking.”


I like simple orders like this!

I opened my inventory, and tapped on the potions that increased my Strength, Defense, and Max HP and MP. Lastly, I tapped on the Speed Increasing Potion and circled around the enemy, at the same time, I cast Ice Meteor at him.

A large block of ice appeared above him, and Yuon’s figure instantly flashed towards our enemy’s back.

Was that teleportation? An assassin has such a terrifying skill? If such a skill were to be used on me… No, wait, our opponent is an assassin as well, isn’t it?

In a single breath, I cast 3 Ice Shields and equipped them to prevent him from dealing any sneak attacks, and at the same time, Yuon slashed her black dagger.

If everything would end with this… Nah, that won’t happen.

Although Yuon’s dagger looked as if it landed on the enemy, however, it actually slashed through a thick mist, and the target’s figure disappeared into thin air.


Yuon’s pair of eyes instantly turned red, and she inspected the surroundings carefully. Looks like it’s a skill to survey her surroundings.
And I paid attention to my mini-map as well, so as to keep a look out for the enemy’s marker and prevent sneak-ups.

Did he actually flee? In times like this… Oh right, there’s still a way!

【Restrictor of the Frozen Earth】.

A blue mist covered my surroundings, and any enemy that approaches 5 meters from me will be marked with a status icon and suffer a decrease in speed.

The moment I unleashed my spell, A red marker appeared at the corner of the blue circle on the mini-map. When I turned to look, I realized he already disappeared.

Did he actually passed me by earlier? That was dangerously close.

However, in the next second, the mini-map showed that a red marker appeared right behind me, and in the following instant, the shattering of the Ice Shield could be heard.

Luckily, I managed to tilt my body quick enough, and the enemy’s dagger only managed to pierce my right shoulder. However, even with that, my HP dropped to a half!

Damn it, it hurts like hell! Although I did buy a potion that could numb my sense of pain, however, it would also prevent the attack warnings from popping out, so I did not use it.

Also, recently, I managed to experience getting hit several times, so, I’m still able to endure pain of this level.

I quickly stabbed the Blasphemer forward, and the enemy speedily retreated.

However, how could my attack be that simple?

【Ice Totem】!

A magic circle flashed at the tip of the blade. A large ice totem was shot out, and it flew towards him.

Even if his HP were to only be reduced by a little, he would not be able to escape from the effect of being blown away.

Also, as long as I manage to hit him once, the freezing effect would definitely stack up. To assassins whose base speed are generally high, if their speed were to be reduced by even 30% from the freezing status, his speed would definitely decrease by a lot.

However… His level was four levels higher than Yuon’s Assassin class, so he was still a difficult opponent to handle.

As I quickly tapped on the HP and MP Recovery potions, the wound on my shoulder began to close slowly.

Fortunately, I still had convenient potions such as these. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t dare to face him in a direct confrontation.

However, a black light suddenly flashed out. While I turned to retreat, the black light flew across me, and my ice totem was slashed into half!


How could he be just an assassin? With such a large attack range, how was he still just an assassin?

With a single wave of my hand, several Ice Spikes and Ice Thorns flew out from my position quickly. However, their speed were still too slow, and before they manage to land on the target, the enemy already fled the attack radius.

Damn, unless I were to launch a counterattack after he tries to land a blow on me, I have no other way of attacking him.

“【Extreme Acceleration】! 【Shadow Slaughter】!”

Yuon’s figure faintly appeared behind the enemy, and she pushed her dagger towards him.

Everything happened in less than a second. His HP immediately decreased by a large amount with a single stab.

He immediately fled, however, he was constantly losing blood.

Other than the freezing status, he now had the ‘bleeding’ status on him as well.

This is probably an effect from Yuon’s attack. It seems that her black dagger isn’t just an ordinary weapon.

However, her attack didn’t seem fatal, as the place where he’s bleeding from was slightly below the neck.

However, the outcome wasn’t bad, as he only had about 40% HP left.

My HP was already fully restored, and Yuon’s stamina was only reduced by half.

I could somehow see the quest completion right in front of me!

However, in the next moment, both of us were shocked. He actually turned into a black mist and disappeared right in front of us.

At the same time, his marker on the mini-map disappeared.

“He actually fled?”

I asked in a low voice.

“It seems… so?”

Yuon kept her dagger and brought out her staff.

“【Summon, Shadow Pixies】!”

Pixies, that looked like the one I encountered before, speedily ran in all directions.

“We should get going as well.”


Chapter 38: Leveling Up in this Live Exercise


I don’t have any detection abilities on me, and Yuon’s skills are mostly attack-based as well.

Hence, our current was search was proving to be quite difficult. After all, the forest was pretty large, and we couldn’t locate our target at all.

Are we going to just let our prize run away like this?

No! I definitely can’t let this happen!

“Hey hey, this won’t do at all. If our target were to run away now, our earlier efforts would be wasted.”

“Are you thinking of searching separately? You should know that guy is able to kill you in a blink of an eye.”

She’s right. The difference in levels between him and I was indeed pretty big.

I managed to dodge his first attack because Yuon pushed me, and I only managed to survive his second attack because I reacted quickly to the attack warnings.

However, while searching on the move, I’m unable to view my mini-map, which is kind of annoying me.

“Then, what do you suggest?”

“Let’s move together. There shouldn’t be a problem with that.”

“Yeah, this is the only safest method. Oh right, have you experienced death before?”

“Death? Nope. I never do things I’m uncertain of.”

“You’re really someone who do things with several insurance in hand, huh.”

“It’s necessary. In many games, we will drop gears or lose EXP when we die. We can’t afford to drop these kind of things, as we would make a terrible loss if it happens.”

This girl is really a serious gamer, huh…

“Alright, I agree staying together is safer.”


“However, we won’t be able to find our target like this.”


Yuon fell into silence as well.

An enemy like this is indeed frustrating.

And what the hell is this? Even though his level was actually higher than ours, he actually ran when we wounded him critically. He’s basically an asshole.

“However, an enemy that would escape when he found out that he couldn’t beat us… We won’t usually meet such an enemy like that in regular RPGs. This kind of weird setting is really frustrating.”

“That’s right. Usually, they would transform into their 2nd form after their HP drops to a certain amount. However, to think he would actually escape… Isn’t that kind of screwed up?””

“Because a regular boss would wait for us to siege his dungeon lair like a demon lord, right? This isn’t Pok*mon, you know?”

“That’s right…”

However, before I could say anything else, a weird turn of events happened.

An attack warning seemed to have appeared, and I immediately stopped moving. From the mini-map, I could somehow see a red marker flying out from the right.

… I subconsciously used ‘Charge’ and moved backwards, and the red marker passed me by in front of me.

Of course, I was referring to what happened on the mini-map. In front of my eyes, a person flew across me.

Yuon and I looked at each other, and then shifted our gaze to the person on the floor.

LV 29 Phantom Assassin.

Yeah, even though this guy still had many question marks over his head, looking at his name, it was most definitely the guy we were chasing, right?

“This is… the bastard earlier, right?”

I asked Yuon.

“Yeah… Looking at his name and titles, it’s definitely him.”

“Then, shall we kill him?”


Unless we kill the source of our frustration, how could we dispel the hatred in our hearts?

I smashed him with several Ice Meteors, Ice Assassination Spikes and Ice Arrows, while Yuon swiftly dealt several slashes with her dagger, and a series of black shadows landed on his body.

Red damage numbers continuously popped out above his body, and his remaining little HP immediately disappeared.


‘Emergency Quest: Murderer?’ completed.

Reward(s) received: 5 Levels

You leveled up!
Current LV: 14
You leveled up!
Current LV: 15
You leveled up!
Current LV: 16
You leveled up!
Current LV: 17
You leveled up!
Current LV: 18

Title Unlocked: Famous Detective
Automatically hints you with clues in a radius of 10 meters. (Unable to locate hidden objects)

Additional Objective achieved: Kill the Murderer

Title Unlocked: Justice Avenger
Automatically reveals wanted targets. Once they are killed, bounty will be immediately received. (Unable to reveal hidden targets)

Additional Reward(s): Harbinger of the End’s Sleeved Dagger

Physical Strength: +2,000
Dexterity: +10%
100% chance of inflicting a bleeding, poison, and corrosion effect on the target.
If the target is the same level or below the user, target will be killed instantly when his HP is below 30%. If the last blow is dealt when the target’s HP is below 10%, the corpse will be hidden.

What the hell is this? What’s with this godly weapon?

Looking at the weapon that appeared in my inventory, I couldn’t even find words to describe it. With just the +2,000 Strength alone is scary enough, you know? If you were to approach anyone and stab him with something like sleeved daggers, no one would be able to endure that amount of pain.

And isn’t this an Assassin’s weapon? Why is it given to me?

Can’t you give me some Magician’s equipment instead?

However, since I managed to obtain an equipment like this, it’s still a pretty good outcome. After all, the stats on this thing are really overpowered.

Of course, as a ‘Magician’, I still prefer using magic spells.

“Hai~ So you actually unlocked two titles… Famous Detective, are you the Death God’s Student?”
(t/n: Reference to Detective Conan, he is nicknamed 死神小学生 (Death Gods student) by Chinese viewers, as deaths just follows him everywhere he goes.)

“That isn’t funny. You’re more suitable for the Death God title, in my opinion.”

I couldn’t see any difference in her titles, as most of her titles were still question marks to me.

However, her Assassin’s class leveled up by one, although I’m not sure whether it was because of her quest reward, or was it die to the EXP she gained from killing the target.

However, leveling must be tough at her level, right?

I currently require more than 10,000,000 EXP to level up, if this continues on like this… Scary… I don’t even want to imagine it.

“It would be good if I managed to unlock it.”

She smiled and continued.

“Then, my quest here is done. I have to leave now. You should know, I’m quite busy.”

“Of course… Speaking of which, how are you going to prove that you completed your mission? Are you going to bring his head back or something?”

“That’s unnecessary.”

She walked towards the side of the dead Assassin’s corpse, and touched his body.

She then showed me an item she took from his body.

“Here. This tool is a plate which can distinguish the target’s identity. It’s an item that could only be taken when the target is dead. Don’t ask me how such a thing could be found on an assassin’s body, alright? My answer would be ‘I don’t know’.”

“I guess it’s a quest item.”

“That’s right.”

“However… Don’t you find this strange?”

“What is?”

“Why was this guy suddenly thrown out?”

My mini-map did not show signs of anyone else near us, and this guy obviously flew out after getting hit by an attack.

This only meant that he was attacked by someone else earlier.

“When this guy flew to us, he was evidently attacked by someone else, however, I didn’t see anyone else around us. Were you able to spot him?”


Yuon’s eyes turned red for a while, before reverting back to their original color. She seemed to have used her detection skill.

“That’s why we should hurry up and leave. I mean, we already completed our objective here, right?”


“And that’s why young people are really ridiculous nowadays… A boy who’s about to turn into an assassin, and someone who’s already a professional assassin… To think they don’t even have a little bit of vigilance…”

A sudden voice shocked us, and it actually came from behind us.

I turned to look at the intruder, however, this person did not even appear on my mini-map!

But, the moment I saw the color of his name, I was relieved. Because…

It was blue.

Chapter 39: Beneficial Live Exercise


“I will state this first, I never plan on becoming an assassin.”

Facing the person, I told him as such.

Although I could not see his name, however, his name and titles were all in blue, and at the very front, he’s even labelled with ‘Momiji’.

This only meant one thing, and that he’s a Momiji Secret Society member like me.

According to Falan’s message, someone from the Momiji will come in contact with me during the live exercise. It seems it’s this guy.

However, I only told him the truth. Although I did kill the murderer without any hesitation, however, he was after all, a mass murderer. Killing him would probably save more lives in the future.

“Yuon, that…”

When I turned with the intention of talking to Yuon, I realized she actually ran before I even noticed it.

And very quickly, a notification came, notifying me that she already ran out of the party’s formation range.

Alright, this girl really runs quite fast.

“Your friend already left, you know.”

“I know that.”

I helplessly shook my head.

Looks like she’s a professional pugger. Once she finishes her task, she leaves without even saying goodbye.
(t/n: Pug: Pick-up group)

However, it’s nothing much. After all, we did complete our quest, so I don’t really mind as well.

However, as for the person in front of me…

Just how strong is he? I can actually see him with my own eyes, but he doesn’t show up on the mini-map.

I don’t know, but his level must be pretty damn high.

“Looks like you already know my identity. However, how did you find me? This forest isn’t small.”

“As the Momiji’s manager, if I can’t even locate a single member, then there’s no point in me taking up this position.”

“Is that so? However, you actually found me using the tattoo that was placed on me, right?”

“… Haa…”

He let out a sigh.

“Even if that is so, you shouldn’t just blurt it out like that. Can’t you at least save me some face?”

“You don’t need to save face with just the two of us here, do you?”

“Youngsters nowadays don’t even care about the elderly anymore. How saddening.”

“Hey hey, you’re not that old, right?”

This guy wore a black hooded robe, and I almost thought Ezio appeared in front of me. And this guy also had an European-looking face.

However, that kind of thing wasn’t possible, so I immediately threw this thought out of my mind.

“Cough cough, even if you’re trying to compliment me, I won’t be happy.”

“I’m not, I’m only speaking the truth.”

“… Alright, there are still pretty good youngsters nowadays! I like you!”

“I’m sorry, I’m not homo.”


“Don’t mind it, it’s my native slang. It means someone with full of mature charm, especially someone like you.”

“Hahaha, don’t worry, you will definitely be someone like that one day.”

No, I will never ever become like that, so you don’t have to worry.

However, I did not say this out loud, because I felt that this wouldn’t ever end if I continued.

Hopefully, he won’t spread this word around, otherwise, this would become a homo-filled world.

“Alright, let’s stop with this useless chatter.”

You already chattered quite a bit.

“My name is Tony Clude. I guess Falan told you why I’m here, right?”

“She only said that someone would contact me about matters related to the Momiji.”

“Yes. The trust Falan accumulated in the organization isn’t small, so there shouldn’t be a problem with her recommendation. However, I feel the same way about you as well. This is your contact key. You will be able to access our system terminal with it.”

Tony took out a weirdly shaped crystal and passed it to me. When I took it and examined it, I found out that this thing could actually transform its shape into various security clearance items. One of them was a key to the magic terminal in the academy’s library!

“However, this isn’t 100% safe. It’s best used while hiding your identity. Although this item will not leave any traces of use, however, there are still experts capable of tracking you. Even though the magic terminals were only created about two years ago, there are several powerful people researching them.”

Simply put, they are the hackers of this world, right? However, I feel that the person who made the magic terminal came from our world. After all, this world existed for more than a thousand years, how was it possible for the internet here to appear only two years ago?

However, that isn’t the main point.

“However, wouldn’t it have been fine for Falan to hand this to me? Why did you have to come here personally?”

“About that, it’s a custom in our organization. After all, you can’t only be known by a single member. And, isn’t this a pretty good outcome? I even helped you settle a pretty difficult opponent. The person in front of you was several times stronger than both of you combined. Although the bounty on this guy was 20,000 gold, but…”

“20,000 gold!”

Bastard, why wasn’t I informed of this!?

“I didn’t know of this!”

“Eh? If you didn’t know, why did you chase after him?”

“Because… Because he killed my schoolmates!”

I won’t tell you that I did this because of a quest.

“I see. However, I didn’t expect you to work with an assassin from another guild. Was she your acquaintance?”

“Not really, but we’re related in some ways.”

The next time I see her, I must have her hand over half of the bounty!

“Well, I did watch your battle earlier. With your current standard, your ability to use a combination of magic and close-combat skills is pretty good. However, you’re hiding your true strength, aren’t you? I can feel your current actual strength is much stronger than what you displayed in the battle.”

“Well… Only a little.”

Actually, it was because I gained several levels. However, you probably wouldn’t believe it even if I told you.

“Alright, my mission here is complete. I hope you will work hard with Falan on future missions.”

“That’s for sure. However, do you mind telling me one thing before you go?”

“Oh? What do you want to know?”

“Do you know which direction I’m supposed to go to return to my academy’s airship?”


Chapter 40: Bittersweet Live Exercise


“I see, so this was the murderer?”

A level 25 middle-aged teacher named Charlie inspected the corpse on the ground carefully. After looking at the corpse’s face and the items in his clothes, he asked.

The corpse on the ground was evidently the murderer which I don’t even know the name of. There’s nothing I could do about it, after all, this guy didn’t even utter a single sentence since his appearance. Of course, even if he did say something, he might not have introduced himself either.

“That’s right.”

I nodded.

Earlier, with Tony-senpai’s help, I found the airship that was preparing to leave, and thus I brought the teacher in-charge of the search to where the corpse was.

Of course, the academy did not know of Tony’s existence. However, I did memorize the route I took to find the airship, as remembering things like this was a small matter to me.

And appearing as lively as ever after disappearing for three hours, Princess Michelle and Princess Anne were pleasantly surprised.

Although they didn’t expect me to die, however, once they knew that I came back with the information of the murderer’s death, they were shocked.

Looking at their expressions, it seems they were hit pretty hard when I suddenly disappeared. And with the situation as it is, I didn’t allow them to probe me any further about how I disappeared. Hence, they were looking at me with weird eyes, as if I was an alien.

To something like this, I could only act as if I didn’t see anything.

“Tell me, just what happened?”

“Actually I… Because of some circumstances, I had to leave my team. And then I happened to chance upon a fight between an assassin and this person on the ground. Of course, finally, the assassin managed to kill the murderer. He then turned and told me, who was hiding behind the bushes, that he was last night’s murderer, and left.”

“I see… Looks like that person was powerful as well.”

Charlie pointed at the corpse and said.

“There’s several wounds on this guy’s body, and among them are traces of magical wounds. According to your description, his opponent was most likely a Magic Assassin.”

Sorry, she wasn’t a Magic Assassin, those burnt scars were caused by me.

To cover up the scars caused by my ice magic spells, I used some fire magic spells to melt away the ice blocks and scars.

After all, they were ice blocks created by magic, and would not melt immediately. Hence, I could only resort to using fire magic spells to melt them.

And this also eliminated any traces of contact between me and him.

“Haya, take a look. Was he the guy you saw last night?”

The person he was talking to was a young man wearing a deep blue magic cloak. He was a LV 22 Lightning Magician.

If my guess is right, he’s the supervising teacher for the Lightning party. Last night, when the Lightning party was completely exterminated, he, who was the supervisor, must had been under a great deal of pressure.

“This… To tell you the truth, I can’t make a confirmation. Because at that time, I wasn’t able to have a good look, and those students already…”

“Is that so…”

“However, according to his dressing, he’s likely the one. Back then, I only saw a black shadow flashing past me, and when I returned to the campsite, I realized they were all dead.”

Charlie thought for a moment while his eyes were on the corpse, and then he turned to look at me.

“How does the other assassin look like?”

“Mm… that assassin was dressed completely in black. The only thing I could distinguish was that the assassin was probably a woman.”

“A woman… I see.”

He paused for a moment, and then continued.

“All of you, return to the airship. I have something to announce later.”

After saying that, he instructed the rest of the teachers to move the corpse to the airship.

However, it seems that if it wasn’t a dungeon’s monster, the corpse would definitely not disappear. I have no clue whether this conclusion is good or bad.

And I currently have the sleeved dagger equipped. Even if I don’t use it, it does increase quite a bit of my Strength. If I don’t equip something like this, how could I let myself be?

Originally, my Strength was 3,000 points. With the Blasphemer equipped on my main hand, my Magic Strength was 4,000, and with the Crystal Ball’s effects, it is now a total of 6,000 points.

And with the sleeved dagger equipped on my sub-hand, it increased 2,000 Physical Strength. Adding that to the Blasphemer’s 700 Physical Strength, my total Physical Strength is now 5,700 points.

Without any buffs, my Strength is basically comparable to someone who is around LV 23.

However, that’s assuming if my opponent does not wear any stat-increasing equipment.

However, this murderer was quite rich. His dimensional ring was already swiped by me, and not only were there several thousand gold inside of it, he also had several weird potions and equipment.

And he also had several smexy-looking assassin outfits. Once I return to the academy, I would probably have some people remodel them. They would definitely turn out to be good equipment.

After all, I currently have weapons on both my main and sub hands, however, I only had the academy’s uniform as my armor, which was only made of cloth without any stat enhancement.

I followed after the rest and returned to the airship. This was another airship, and because of convenience sake, it was docked at the foot of the mountain. Hence, we were able to return to the airship quickly.

On the way back to the airship, I only cared about the equipment that were stored in my ring, and didn’t talk to anyone.

Of course, I was looking at them through the inventory window. I don’t wish to have them openly displayed to everyone.

Shir, Princess Michelle and Princess Anne followed after me as well. However, when they saw that I was remaining silent the entire time, they didn’t utter a word.

Of course, I won’t disregard myself and seek trouble. After all, as long as they were to forget what happened before, and not think about erasing my memories, it is for the best.

In any case, we should be able to return to the academy after this. With this live exercise alone, I managed to earn quite a big profit. As the saying goes, ‘Once you receive something good, you must quickly accept it and leave’.


There’s another saying called ‘things go contrary to one’s wishes’ as well.

“From now on, we will increase the safety measures for the entire live exercise! We will increase the number of supervisors, and we will continue with the live exercise! I hope that everyone will continue to work hard!”

Looking at everyone’s mixed expressions, I could only sigh inwardly.

Looks like all I can do is to obediently grind some EXP.





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