[RPG] Volume 3

Part 1: Reunion  

Chapter 1: Same Academy Life as Usual
Chapter 2: Keep a Low Profile, Otherwise You Will Be Forced to Work
Chapter 3: The Young Knight Girl With Red Hair
Chapter 4: Armor Break!?

Part 2: Sweet Dreams 

Chapter 5: Unconscious Campus
Chapter 6: Unconscious Comrade
Chapter 7: Unknown Fear
Chapter 8: Inverted Pyramid
Chapter 9: You’re Kidding Me
Chapter 10: Quest Completion
Chapter 11: I’m Always the Scapegoat
Chapter 12: School Transfer

Part 3: Start of the Annual Tournament 

Chapter 13: Sleep Early, Wake Up Early, Healthy Body
Chapter 14: Annual Tournament’s Prelude
Chapter 15: Bone-Piercing Ice and Blazing Heart (I)
Chapter 16: Bone-Piercing Ice and Blazing Heart (II)
Chapter 17: The Feeling of Being a Celebrity

Part 4: It’s Not My Fault that I’m so Popular!

Chapter 18: Late Night Visitor
Chapter 19: New Path
Chapter 20: Turning into a Woman is Impossible
Chapter 21: I Only Want to Keep to a Low Profile
Chapter 22: Bounty
Chapter 23: Inexplicable Murder
Chapter 24: Killing Me Isn’t Easy
Chapter 25: Can You Help Me?
Chapter 26: Operation Fake Death (I)
Chapter 27: Operation Fake Death (II)

Part 5: Electromagnetism   

Chapter 28: Lightning Doll Master
Chapter 29: Doll War
Chapter 30: Infinite Phantom
Chapter 31: Learning Advanced-Grade Magic
Chapter 32: Mentor System

Part 6: The Power of Science! 

Chapter 33: The Girl on the Wheelchair
Chapter 34: Smuu Household (I)
Chapter 35: Smuu Household (II)
Chapter 36: Deep Within the Smuu Household
Chapter 37: Secret of the Smuu Household
Chapter 38: Chatting in the Night
Chapter 39: Terminal

Part 7: Infiltrating into the Library 

Chapter 40: The Dark Library
Chapter 41: Mysterious Shadow
Chapter 42: Theft Failure
Chapter 43: Evil Accumulation
Chapter 44: Overpowered Healing Skill

Part 8: Reality 

Chapter 45: So You’re Here to Bully Newbies!
Chapter 46: Blue Ice, Wooden Pole
Chapter 47: Cage
Chapter 48: Tainted Wing
Chapter 49: Can’t Even Dig My Own Grave
Chapter 50: Academy Tower
Chapter 51: Act, Act, and Act



Part 1: Reunion


“Umm, Princess Michelle…”


“Do you mind moving a little bit? It’s squeezy here.”

“Are you kidding me? Then, I will be the one suffering, you know!?”

“But, I’m really suffering quite a lot here.”

“If you’re a man, endure it! Geez, it should be your honor to have your body in contact with mine, a princess!”

“… Are you making fun of me?”

“Idiot! Take note of the atmosphere!”

She kicked me in my stomach, and although my HP did not drop, but I still felt the pain.


She’s speaking the truth. I have never been in such close contact with a young girl before… No, if I take her figure into account, realistically, she should be a loli.

Although I do not know her actual age, however, I feel she’s about 12 to 15 years old. Taking that age range into perspective, she could still be considered as a loli, right?

Fortunately, as a gentleman, I would never think of using this chance to touch her inappropriately. However, currently, we’re facing each other, and we’re pretty close as well. If we aren’t using our hands to support each other, we would definitely be hugging each other right now.

That’s right, a hug.

Because currently, I’m already able to smell an aromatic scent coming from the breaths of this little girl.

Also, our noses are almost about to touch. Adding that this thing is constantly moving, I’m already at my limits.

You guys are probably thinking, if a man holds back in such a situation, it will definitely be a waste, right?


The problem right now is that we’re in a life-and-death situation! Who the hell would feel like doing that at this time!?

Especially when we’re in a man-eating flower’s stomach!

“Hey hey, this definitely won’t do if this keeps up. At the very least, we have to use our magic spells to pierce Devourer of Visitors from the inside! Otherwise, we will definitely be devoured!”

“You’re trying to release your hands right, you pervert! Then, you will be free to touch any parts of my body!”

“I won’t do that! If I wanted to, I would have already done so! Why would I wait till now!?”

“Hmph! So you’re meaning to tell me you’re totally uninterested in my body? Oh right, unless you’re more interested in a body like Anne’s?”

“Hey hey, that is totally unrelated to the current situation, right?”

Although Princess Anne’s body figure is indeed superb…

“You bastard! Why did you shift your gaze when you’re talking to me!? You were definitely thinking of how superb that bitch Anne’s body is, right!?

“Of course not!”

Does this girl actually have the ability to read minds? Or do all girls have powerful six senses? Even though she’s just a little troublemaker…

“Stop fooling around! At this rate, we will definitely melt in its stomach acids!”

“But… But…”

“And what I want to say is… Your cloak seems to already have melted quite a bit…”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Noooo!”

She immediately released her hands and wrapped them around her body. However, what she did was correct, as not only her cloak, the clothes on her body were starting to melt as well.

So close… Her entire body was almost revealed.

Although I didn’t manage to see it, but she immediately bumped into my chest. Unfortunately, we were both covered in this damn stomach juice, and I could not feel how Princess Michelle’s skin feels like at all.

However, I currently don’t have the time to consider about these things. After all, I’m already feeling a burning sensation on my skin.

“Ice Assassination Spikes!”

After crossing my arms on Princess Michelle’s back, I took out Blasphemer, pointed it at the man-eating flower’s meaty wall behind her and ruthlessly pierced it with ice spikes.

Even though this thing is hard on the outside, but it’s defense must be pretty low on the inside, right?

Several ice spikes consecutively pierced into the Devourer’s stomach walls, and I could clearly see the HP of this LV 20 monster dropping rapidly.

And the ice spikes created a bigger space for us to move in. However, Princess Michelle was squatting down at the side. Using what was remaining of her cloak to cover her body, she stared at me with vigilant eyes.

Geez, just what does this girl think of me as? I’m not a pervert or anything.

And finally, the monster’s HP was depleted. I held up my Blasphemer and ruthlessly slashed it, and I drew a large square on its stomach wall.

Devourer of Visitors defeated.
EXP Received: 100,000
Item(s) Received: Devourer’s Phlegm, Lightning Crystal Heart

Fortunately, this thing gave quite a good amount of EXP, otherwise the cost of being eaten by this thing would have been too great.

“Are you alright?”

Wanting to carry her out of the Devourer’s corpse, I raised my hands out. However, she actually slapped my hands away, and ran out.

“Idiot! Don’t look at me!”

After that, she quickly ran into the forest, and only walked out after a long while.

It seems she changed into a new set of clothes.

“You actually look more beautiful than when you were in your school clothes.”

“Hmph! Obviously! This is my favorite design!”

“However… there’s still some goo on your face.”

“Aaaaaaaaah! Where is it!? Hurry and clean it off for me!”

Looking at her panicked expression, I helplessly shook my head. Casually, I took out a disposal towel from my ring and wiped her face.

“However, you should hurry up and take a bath. This goo wouldn’t be simply removed with a simple wipe.”

Because when I tried wiping on myself, that corrosion status was not removed. Although the amount of HP dropping isn’t much, however, the feeling was horrible.

“You two are sure daring. To think you two were having some an embarrassing play under this broad daylight.”

Hearing her voice, I realized Princess Anne and the rest were already here.

“Indeed… It’s a little daring…”

Even Shir joined in.

“Don’t misunderstand! Do you guys think I would have wanted this to happen? Shir, lend me your house’s bathroom. I really need to take a bath. This goo is too disgusting…”

“Un, no problem.”

“What are you saying! I’m the one who suffered here, alright!? Even though I managed to take that Crystal Heart, but I was actually captured and swallowed by that monster, and then…. And then, why did you get swallowed as well!?”

Princess Michelle pointed me and shouted.

“Obviously, to save you. Geez…”

“Can’t you have done it from the outside?”

“Took a look at this guy!”

I pointed at the corpse and continued.

“It’s outer skin was already as hard as a rock, and it even buffed itself with a wood defensive magic spell. It’s vines were also poisonous, so how else were we supposed to fight it!? I had to risk my life getting eaten by this bastard, you know!?”

“Ah… Umm… Is that true?”

“Unless you didn’t want me to save you?”

“It’s not like that! But… Whatever, that’s all! I’m going to take a bath!”

After that, she immediately returned to her own house.

Hai… Just what is this girl thinking.

“Hmhm~ The two of you sure are interesting.”

“Princess Anne, didn’t we originally agree that you guys would immobilize it? So why was it running around!?”

“You said it yourself, it’s skin was tough. So there’s nothing we could do.”

“Immobility magic?”

“It was ineffective.”

“You guys were just lazy, right?”

“In the end, everything went pretty well, didn’t it? Tell me, wasn’t Princess Michelle cute?”

The other three looked at me with curious eyes. Obviously, they were Elan, Angil and Shir.

6 and Princess Michelle’s bodyguard were forced to leave due to the increase in security measures.

“Cough cough, in any case, this is the final Crystal Heart, right?”

Saying that, I threw the Lightning Crystal Heart into Princess Anne’s hands.

Ice, Water, Summoning, Wind, Earth and Lightning Crystal Hearts were all found by us. Of course, we were attacked several times because we were holding 6 of these Crystal Hearts. However, after gaining 5 levels, I wasn’t someone they could simply mess around with.

Although I have not learnt any intermediate-grade ice magic spells, however, all of my elementary-grade magic spells’ firepower were greatly improved. My Ice Knight Magic automatically increased several levels as well. Other than the initial Ice Sword Summon, I could now use Ice Knight Armor Summon and Ice Shield Summon Magic spells as well. This is not the same as the regular Ice Shield Magic spell, as it is able to temporarily enchant a shield, just like Ice Sword Summon.

However, I do not dare to reveal it. After all, they’re skills that I stole from someone else. If someone is able to identify it, I would be in big trouble.

And I’m currently wanted by the Mitchell Kingdom… I wonder where’s Irlin currently at. I’m curious why the system had not removed my Fiance title. It seems there’s a need for me to return after I gain a few more levels.

Although my current level was indeed much higher than the Mitchell Kingdom’s king, however, it’s not my style to directly plunge myself into dangerous risks.

However, I’m still worried about Irlin’s situation. After the Annual Tournament, we will be having a vacation. I will take a look then.

“With this, we’re all done. Let’s return to the airship. I have a feeling some people will be ‘taking care’ of us on our way there, so stay focus as we move along!”

“That’s… of course!”

However, other than the 6 Crystal Hearts listed above, I found the Wood Crystal Heart as well. It was found together with the Summoning Crystal Heart. After all, the Ice Crystal Heart was still rather useful with my current level, so it’s best to keep it.

We actually did not manage to find any of the 99 Trials, so it’s best to at least collect some other good items, right?

The next quest… will be the Annual Tournament!

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Chapter 1: Same Academy Life as Usual

Side Quest: Extracurricular Live Exercise Completed
Quest Objective: Find a Crystal Heart for each party member. (Completed)
Additional Objective(s):
Find ‘The 99 Trials’ (Incomplete)
Find the Mysterious Person (Completed)
Quest Reward(s): 20,000 EXP Received
Additional Reward(s): Momiji Guild Points increased by 100.
Momiji Guild Rank increased.
Current Guild Rank: C

Title Unlocked: Momiji’s End

After handing over the Crystal Hearts, the quest completion notification popped out.

After simply glancing over the screen, I realized the mysterious person I saw at the start of the live exercise was actually Yuon.

So that girl actually smuggled into our airship. Just how did she hide from those people that were of higher levels than her?

However, I recalled she was an Assassin, and she must have added points into a unique skill related to Assassins, just like my Dominator’s Hawkeye skill.

Though, I realized I now have 7 skill points after leveling up. I shall find some time to look at the other skills later.

“There’s only about a week left till the start of the Annual Tournament. When it comes, we must definitely prevail! Otherwise, how are you going to repay me for staying in this forest for so many days!?”

Princess Michelle, who was beside me, unhappily said.

Looks like she has not dispelled the shadow the Devourer gave her. Currently, she returned to her usual blue one-piece dress. However, she still occasionally looked around her own body for any weird stains.

And right now, the only person beside her was me. So, the speech she gave earlier was directed at me.

“Princess Michelle, during the exercise, you had only been following us, and you basically did nothing at all.”

“I wanted to help as well! But… But I was swallowed by the disgusting thing! And… And my purity was actually sullied by a bastard like you…”

“Hey hey! You can do whatever you want, but don’t blurt out such lies! When did I ever sully your purity?”

Fortunately, there weren’t anyone near us to hear that… Wait a minute, why did a red marker appear in my mini-map?

In the next second, an ice cold blade was held at my throat. Such efficiency. Was I actually so loved that I caught even her bodyguard’s eye?

“Princess, was what you said true?”

“It was definitely untrue…”

“I didn’t ask you! I asked the princess!”

Her blade was brought closer to my neck. I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut.

Although an action without any offensive strength would not reduce my HP, however, a human’s neck is a fatal location. If someone of such a high level were to cut my neck just like that, I would definitely die instantly.

As a man, I’m able to endure this. Since the academy is within the compounds of the city, I’m able to resurrect at the cathedral, so I don’t really mind.

However, for my upcoming quest, I don’t really wish to have a falling out with them. After all, the quest’s EXP and rewards are still quite tempting. If I die here, then my only choice left is to run. I have yet to learn any new magic spell, so I will definitely make a huge loss here.

“Even though… Even though you still hugged me when my clothes were melted off, and you kept moving closer to me. Isn’t that sullying my purity?”

“If I did not enter the Devourer’s stomach and save you, you would have already been a pile of bones! How could you blame me when that monster had such a small stomach?”

Even though the supervising teachers would have saved us when we’re in such situations whereby we were incapable of fighting, however, we wouldn’t have gotten the Crystal Ball if that happened.

“But… But you hugged me, didn’t you?”

“And that’s what I have been asking you. What does that have to do with your purity?”

“Take responsibility for hugging me!”

“I’m sorry. Princess had never taken lessons of this nature before, please forgive her.”

In the end, the bodyguard kept her blade and apologized.

Earlier, I already realized she was a girl from hearing her voice. Now that she walked over to Princess Michelle’s side, I could finally see her appearance.

A young girl with a black pony-tail. However, what’s most impressive were the muscles on her arms!

Even though she looked like a innocent young girl, she actually had such developed muscles. Are you from a combat tribe or are you Nezha?

The light armor she was wearing was the same kind as Aliyah’s, however, it was black. This set of equipment’s most unique point is that it does not have any armor on the elbows. So, the muscles are exposed.

“My princess, a hug is really unrelated to the purity of your body.”

“Is that so, Dual?”

“That’s right. Umm… If you don’t do that kind of thing, your purity will still be intact.”

“That kind of thing…”

The bodyguard known as Dual was in a dilemma. She’s probably troubled on how to explain Health Ed to the under-aged princess.

When I think back, I was someone who learnt everything on my own. After all, my school did not bother about Sex Ed at all…

“You, the young man over there! Explain it to the princess! Explaining this kind of thing is not my expertise.”

“Then what’s your expertise?”

“Killing people.”

Alright. Why do all the girls I know in this world either love killing, or specialize in killing?

“I must say, can’t you do things what most young girls should do? There’s no elegance in killing people at all.”


Her expression clearly darkened for a moment. I realized I spoke out of place.

“I’m only suggesting you to do what young girls should do, don’t mind it.”

“No, you’re right. However, this is my problem. Currently, you should be thinking of a way to satisfy my princess’s curiosity.”

“Even if you say that, what method should I use to explain it? Looking at you, you seem to know quite a bit as well. Why don’t you explain it?”

“That kind of thing… Umm… I’m not entirely clear about it as well.”


“Because my training and missions were always on a tight schedule, so, I only heard about it occasionally from my subordinates, so…”

This girl is seriously a dutiful person… But just how old is she? She seems to be taller than me, but if I were to just look at her face…

Unfortunately, I could only see that her name is indeed Dual, and other than that, I know nothing else about her.

What a pity…

If only there’s a skill that allows me to see through my targets’ question marks, that would be great.

Phad’s Eye
Allows user to see through the target’s name, gender, age, class, or title. (Randomized) Unable to re-use skill on the same target.

Suddenly, that weird skill list popped out, as if to respond to the thoughts in my mind.

Looks like this system carries a thoughts-searching function. Not bad.

I quickly added a point into the skill, and used the skill on her.

??? Female ??? 17 Years Old [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???]

1… 17 years old?

She’s actually the same age as me?

Even though she emits such aura of maturity? Unless it’s because of the results of her harsh training?

However, being able to acquire a new skill is a pretty good start. With this skill, I could at least reveal some of the stuffs of my target that’s usually restricted by our level differences.

“You’re taking far too long. Do you actually know about it or not?”

Dual said impatiently.

“Are you sure about listening to this? To sully a person’s pure body, there’s only one way. And that is…”

“I don’t need you to steal my job!”

Suddenly, I was knocked in the head. And since we’re not in a party, my HP immediately dropped by 20%!

When I turned to look, it was actually Ms. Mari!

“When did you…”

“Just now! Alright, you two idiots better listen up. Regarding things like this, it’s best to ask your female teachers. Why the hell would you ask a man? If he misleads you, you will be in big trouble, you know? Though I believe Fir doesn’t have the guts to do so.”

“Hey hey, teacher, I can’t just ignore what you just said!”

“If you don’t wish to be bestowed with the criminal charge of sexually harassing your teacher, then you better shut up, you little twerp!”

Ruthless! So this teacher is an asshole as well!

“Alright, let’s go! I will be the one teaching you two!”

With that said, Ms. Mari actually pulled the two girls and left!

Oh well, this development is fine as well.

After pondering for a bit, I looked towards the society’s activity room, and walked towards it.

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Chapter 2: Keep a Low Profile, Otherwise You Will Be Forced to Work

Pushing the door open, it was still the same familiar room. However, other than Yybril, there was no one else inside.

Yybril was holding onto a black cloth, and was cleaning the long sword in her hand. When she heard the door open, she stopped and raised her head.

“So it’s Fir. And here I was wondering, the rest of the girls shouldn’t be returning anytime soon.”

“The other two girls?”

“Yeah. Around this time, there will be several students from other schools coming over to watch the Annual Tournament in our academy. So, Falan and Lanya were dragged away to do some work.”

“Is that so…? So they would participate in an event like this as well?”

“After all, our society still receives a portion of the school’s budget even though we basically do nothing. So the school will sometimes task us with harmless work.”

Speaking of which, this society was founded from obtaining one of The 99 Trials. Hence, this is basically a society created without any goals to be achieved.

“Then why aren’t you…”

“Why aren’t I helping out? Are you joking? I’m a Knight who serves the Church. Without any order from my superiors, the academy does not have the authority to make me do anything.”

“Is… Is that so?”

So this is the importance of authority, huh… Indeed, even though the other two girls are strong, but they do not have anyone backing them up… Speaking of which, I’m the same as well.

Even though I’m currently already LV 18, however, I feel that the people with high authorities here are always accompanied with strong guards whose levels I’m unable to see through. Whenever I see them, my mood become sour.

Although I do not intend on making any enemies, however, whenever I see that my level is not even comparable to that of some others, I would feel a strong sense of discomfort.

“Fortunately, you returned a little later. Otherwise, you would definitely be forced to do some work as well.”

“Why? I’m not even a member of this society.”

“… What are you talking about? Your name is in the roster for this society.”

“How is that possible!? I had never submitted my application form.”

“Is that so? Then someone must have forged it for you.”

Damn it. Both Falan and Lanya are very potential suspects.

“Then how do I leave the society?”

“Submit an application to the principal. However, since you come to this place at a daily basis, the academy will definitely not accept your request to leave the society. They do not mind having more hands to work, after all.”


Why is the academy like this as well? Isn’t the academy known as the strongest school around here? To think they will even need students to help with their work… Just what the hell is this?

“Alright alright. Speaking of which, how’s the procedures of the Annual Tournament like?”

“Hah? You don’t even know that?”

After hearing what I asked, Yybril revealed an expression of disbelief.”

“Because my teacher is Ms. Mari.”

“So it was her… I understand now.”

Looks like my class’s teacher is rather well-known, though unfortunately, she’s infamous.

“Usually, two students of each class will be selected to participate in the Annual Tournament, and compete for the top three spots. After that, out of the six people, three will form a new party to compete with the other teams of the other two grades.”

“Hah? Are you serious? The levels of those in the Advanced-Grade… No. Their combat abilities are much stronger than the other two grades, they’re basically seal clubbing!”
(t/n: WoT reference. Experienced players playing low tiers and massacring noobs.)

“Seal clubbing?”

“It means they’re able to easily annihilate the teams in the lower grades.”

“That’s not for sure. I think you should be able to defeat the Intermediate Grade team at least.”


Is she actually able to sense my increase in levels?

“Your weird battle techniques, are basically the nightmares for all Magicians. Other than a few Magicians with high defense, the rest are small fries that you should be able to easily defeat.”

“You’re thinking too highly of me. I’m just a normal student of the Elementary Grade.”

“Normal people don’t grow a wing.”


Suddenly, I remembered that Yybril is one of the few people in the school that knows that I have a wing.

“Speaking of which, have you considered about the thing I asked you?”

“Oh? What thing?”

“It’s about joining the Church, of course. You’re currently someone who is able to spread out an Angel’s Wing. Even though it’s only a single piece, however, you already fulfilled the criteria for joining us.”

Oh right, there was such a thing.

However, the current situation is that I already joined the ‘Momiji’. It’s basically impossible to join the Church as well, right?

And it’s seems there are too many rules and restrictions within the Church. For people like me, it’s completely impossible to fit in.

“Well, about that…”

“Wait. If you’re thinking of refusing, you don’t have to say it. After all, this invitation will always be kept valid. Whenever you think of joining us, you just have to explain to anyone related to the Church.”

After pausing for a moment, she placed the sword down, and walked over.

“Speaking of which, people who grow an Angel’s Wing is able to use Light Magic. Let me teach you a few of them.”


What? There was actually such a benefit?

“Earlier, didn’t you say that people who are unrelated to the Church are not entitled to learn Light Magic?”

“Hm, personally, I feel that there’s a problem with this rule. Why can’t regular people learn them? And I will only be teaching you Healing and Detoxification Magic. I’m not teaching you any offensive spells, so I don’t see the problem in doing so.”

Seems like even though she belongs to the Church, however, she has a rebellious personality inside, huh.

“Unless you don’t wish to learn it?”

“Of course I wish to learn it!”

What’s a Healing spell? It’s something overpowered, duh!

No matter the strength of the party, as long as it’s well-supported, the battles will always be shifted in our favor.

I personally do not have an interest in Light Magic as a whole, but she possesses the ultimate Healing technique!

Although Wind, Water and Plant Magic do have some recovery skills, however, compared to the Healing spells from Light Magic, it’s basically a difference between heaven and earth.

“Un~ Seems like you’re rather enthusiastic about this. Alright, about Light Magic…”

At the same time, a notification popped out.

Yybril is imparting the Light Magic skills ‘Heal’ and ‘Detoxify’. Do you wish to learn them?

With my fastest speed, I tapped on ‘Yes’. Below the notification, a bar appeared.

Not long after, the bar was filled. A new notification window then appeared.

Spell ‘Heal’ learnt.
LV 1: Recovery
Recovers 30% of your max HP.
MP Cost: 500

Spell ‘Detoxify’ learnt.
LV 1: Stun Dispel
Removes the ‘Stun’ status.
MP Cost: 300

There’s actually levels for these Magic skills? Unless Advanced Grade Magic is different?
(t/n: Take note, the rest of the skills that Fir had learnt so far are proficiency-based, while these new skills are level-based.)

“Alright, that sums up everything. Now, try it out. Let’s see your aptitude level for Light Magic.”


“I took out my staff and pointed to the front. Then, I tapped on the skill button.

A bright light flashed in the room, and in an instant, I felt more comfortable than before.

To think there would be such an effect when I used the skill while I had full HP. This Magic skill is pretty good.

Skill ‘Heal’ leveled up.
LV 2: Intermediate Recovery
Recovers 50% of your Max HP.
MP cost: 700

As there’s a big difference in the skill level and the user’s level, Realization is thus activated.
Realized – LV 1: Group Recovery
Recovers 20% of your party members’ HP within a radius of 5 meters.
MP Cost: 500

Eh? What’s with this ‘Realization’?

I actually unlocked a Group Recovery skill as well? Isn’t this too convenient?

However, seeing Yybril’s surprised expression, I realized I made another mistake.

According to my knowledge, there’s basically no one who should be able to use a spell immediately after being imparted one. In the end, I made the same mistake again.

Title ‘Whatever Goes’ leveled up.
Current LV: 5
Resistance increased by 50 points.

Alright, I don’t even care about God’s tsukkomis anymore. Rather, I should be thinking of how I should explain to Yybril on how I was able to use the Magic skill in such a short time.

“Please tell me the method to get closer to the Light elemental particles! I only managed to make a small effect after practicing that spell for about 50 times! How did you master it in just a single try! You must definitely tell me!”

I was grabbed in the shoulders and was repeatedly shaken back and forth. Yybril actually immediately lost her cool and exploded.

Looks like I won’t be getting my rest time today as well…

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Chapter 3: The Young Knight Girl With Red Hair

In the evening.

The orange light from the setting sun filled the sky, and the classes in the academy finally ended.

Students left the academy in flocks, returning to their own dormitories or homes.

“Even though I still do not understand how you managed to grasp the Light elemental particles so quickly, however, I have matters to attend to tonight. Let’s continue tomorrow.”

And it was also the time Yybril finally let me off.

It was really painful. I had to endure this girl’s mental torture in the battle arena for the entire afternoon. However, she did teach me Light Magic, so it wouldn’t be good for me to just evade her.

“Even if we continue tomorrow, there’s no point right? I don’t even know how I did it myself. Even if you ask me again and again, there wouldn’t be any use.”

“In any case, I have the free time. Training Light Magic does not happen overnight, after all.”

“Alright, however, will you still be teaching me more Light Magic skills in the future?”

“… Well, we can talk about that later. Alright, it’s getting late. I will be taking my leave.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow.”

After that, she quickly left. After making a turn, she disappeared into the back of the buildings.

Although I’m not sure where she’s headed, but since it’s Yybril, there’s a high chance it’s related to the Church.

Though, it’s pretty good that I managed to acquire a magic skill that allows me to recover HP. I need to think of ways to level up the skill a few more times, so that it will be of more effective use in battles.

As the saying goes: ‘If you’re able to provide milk, you’re the mother.’
(t/n: If you’re able to provide benefits to someone, that someone will regard you highly.)

However, it’s best to hurry back to my place and have a good sleep. Originally, I was already very tired because of the live exercise week. However, even after returning to the academy, I just had to land myself into weird situations.

But, before going back, I should first get something to eat. Back then in the forest, I’m already tired of eating those high-class desserts. I really wonder just how many of those stuffs Shir kept in his ring.

However, Princess Anne’s side wasn’t that better off either. They actually brought various snacks and raw meat. Because of that, I’m tired of eating barbecued food as well.

Right now, if someone offers me barbecued meat or desserts, I feel that I might end up strangling that person to death.

When I entered the commerce district, I could see that the streets were busy and lively.

Currently, it is the perfect time for dinner. And since the academy’s classes already ended, there are many students walking on the streets.

There are even students working in some stores. After all, in this academy, there’s still a larger number of students with commoner backgrounds as compared to nobles.

What should I eat today? I don’t want to touch barbecued meat at all… Even though ramen wouldn’t be a bad choice, but it’s been a long time since I last ate the gyoza in that stall.

Un, let’s eat some gyoza then.

“Boss, the same as usual.”

“Yo, Fir huh? Why did you decide to come over today?”

The boss here is a middle-aged uncle, named Howells. I heard he was once a Knight and worked as a mercenary. However, due to serious injuries, he left the frontlines.
(t/n: I was an adventurer like you…)

However, when he was a mercenary, he visited the Northern Continent, a place that could only be reached after a 3-month long trip by sea. There, he learnt several delicious recipes.

And gyoza was one of his specialties.

When I was creating my tachi, I heard of the information regarding the Northern Continent. It seems the system and culture of the continent there is similar to the Asian regions in my old world.

However, that kind of place is evidently a dangerous zone. It’s probably best for me to gain a few more levels before venturing there.

“The live exercise, live exercise~ It ended today, don’t you know?”

“Oh, so you participated in the live exercise huh. No wonder I did not see you lately. But, you guys came back at the same time as the arrival of the visitors from the other schools. It seems the academy is going to be rather lively.”

“Isn’t that a good thing? Wouldn’t you get more business because of that?”

“Haha, I hope so. Speaking of which, there are a few young customers who are wearing light plated armors. They are probably from another school.”

“Eh~ Looks your business is already improving~”

“Oh right… Do you know of a Knight with red long hair?”

“A Knight with red long hair?”

If I recall, Yybril’s hair isn’t red. Dual’s isn’t as well. I don’t even need to mention Aliyah.

Others… There doesn’t seem to be anyone else. Although I do vaguely remember someone with red hair, however, I can’t form a complete image.


Could it be that person?

“About the Knight with red long hair you’re speaking of, is she a young girl with a height of about 1.65m, and has a blue Knight Sword sheathed on her waist? Also… Does she wear a mouth mask?”

“So it really is you, Fir.”

A familiar voice resounded from my back. When I turned to look, the person standing behind me was…


The young Knight girl whom I had encountered at Mitchell Kingdom, and was later labelled as my fiancee!

I had not seen her for two months, and although she still wore a mouth mask, however, from her expression, I could tell that she had changed.

In the past, she was a rather lively young girl. Now, I could only see fatigue and sorrow in her eyes.

“Why did you leave!?”

Irlin fiercely hugged me, and tears unceasingly flowed out from her eyes.

I was startled by this sudden action. Although I did not know of what to say, however, in such situations, keeping quiet was the best choice.

“Grandfather who loved me very much is currently missing, and my father is the only person left in the house. The strength of our house immediately suffered a large drop, and the rest of the houses took this opportunity to suppress our influence. I… I’m only left with my identity as a Knight, however, I do not have the power to wield my sword in battles at all…”

The young girl’s body was trembling continuously.

I might not be able to fully understand what she went through, however, I’m able to understand her feelings.

What did this two months mean to her?

Judging from how she immediately jumped from LV 3 to LV 7, I could feel that she went through pain that she had never experienced before.

Though, I still do not wish to directly confront an entire country.

However, when there’s currently a girl crying in front of you, if you still do not have the courage to admit your identity, would you still be considered human?


I slowly embraced her.


Before I could even say something, she suddenly raised her head and kissed me in the lips.

Before I could react, she already pulled her lips back, and quickly put her mask back on.

“In the future, do not leave me ever again… Alright?”


My mind was blank, completely blank, as I answered her automatically.

Just… Just now, she kissed me?

And it was in the lips?

My… My first kiss… was taken?

The scent that was left on my lips told me it was not an illusion. Irlin did indeed kiss me just now.

“That was my first kiss. So… Please cherish it.”

That’s of course!

However… Why are the surrounding people looking at us so weirdly?

Forget about Uncle Howells whose eyes were opened wide because of shock, the student sitting at that table over there ate half of his gyoza, and the other half was sliding off his lips.

And this two young girls who are wearing the same plate armor as Irlin… Alright, can you two not have those twisted expressions?

“Ir… Irlin removed her mask?”

“And she kissed someone…”

“And it was with a man…”



I’m the most shocked one here, alright? I really want to know what’s going on.

“Umm… In any case, why don’t we first… Have some dinner?”

I suggested as such.

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Chapter 4: Armor Break!?

“And… And so this was what happened. Fir is someone who saved my life during my journey. So…”

While waiting for our dishes to arrive, Irlin who was sitting beside me began to explain my history to her two friends.

After all, she did cry the moment she saw me, and she even kissed me. With this kind of drama happening so suddenly, anybody would have loads of questions in his or her mind.

Some people might even think that I’m a heartless person who abandoned a young girl. After all, she did cry in front of me.

However, she kissed me at the end. It would basically be rather difficult for anyone to understand our exact situation.

Uncle Howells had been staring in our direction since the beginning, and my back was about to feel rather numb from the stares.

Not just him, with the eyes of everyone in my surroundings, including the two girls in front of me, their stares were like needles continuously piercing into my body. Thus, my entire body was feeling very uncomfortable.

“Even though she’s the ‘Cold-Hearted Knight’.”

“That’s right.”

“To think currently she’s a timid girl sitting beside a man.”

“This is very bad.”

“I know, right?”

The two Knight girls said in turns.

The two girls both have green hair. The one with the short hair is a little shorter than the other, and her name is Sheil, a LV 5 Knight. The girl with the long hair is named Mur, a LV 5 Knight. The two of them looked like sisters, and their eyes were both pure brown.

Unlike Dual-swordsmen like Aliyah who rely on their nimbleness and agility, standard Knights are usually equipped with fully plated armor, wrapping their bodies like a tin can. However, the armor they’re wearing seem to be designed based on their individual figures.

“Sheil, Mur!”

Irlin exclaimed, as she looked a little unhappy.

“Fir is a very good person. Please believe me.”。

To actually be presented with the ‘good person’ card by my long lost fiancee… Just what in the world is this?


The two girls looked at each other, and then once again stared at me.

I could only smile to express my helplessness.

“An idiot.”

“Yeah, he’s really an idiot.”

“I don’t understand why Irlin would love a man like him.”

“I don’t understand either.”

Are you two performing a crosstalk?
(t/n: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crosstalk_%28comedy%29)

“Even though she did not even bother looking at the guys in the Knight Guild.”

“She was like a solid block of ice.”

“But to be so attracted to a Magician…”

“Why is that?”

“Don’t be like that. Fir’s swordsmanship is pretty strong as well. Back then, he was able to block my attack instantly!”

Listening to her friends’ words, Irlin anxiously said.

“Really? He doesn’t look strong at all. He’s simply a Magician.”

“A Magician wouldn’t know swordsmanship, right?”

Damn it. This two girls really get on my nerves. If they weren’t Irlin’s good friends, I would really wish to teach them a lesson or two.

However, if there isn’t any unique situation, I’m not supposed to use magic in the city. This is one of the ten great rules of the academy. Neither royalty nor nobility are allowed to disobey these rules as well.


It’s fine if I don’t use magic, right?

“You two have been rather harsh since the beginning. Even though Irlin is your friend, why don’t you believe her!?”

If I were to stay silent any longer, you two would definitely treat me as an idiot, right?

“Because you’re a Magician.”

“Because you’re a man.”

“Even after looking from every perspective, you’re simply not the type that we can trust.”

“Even though we can approve Irlin’s choice.”

“But we will never approve of you.”

The two girls answered in turns.

I see, looks like these two girls are rather biased against Magicians.

Though I can’t change the fact about being a man, however, by dueling with swords…

“To put it bluntly, you two want to have a match with me, right?”

I immediately stood up and said.

“Fir, the academy’s 8th rule.”

Uncle Howells kindly reminded.

“No problem, I won’t use any magic.”

After saying that, I took out my Tachi.

Even without using Ice Sword Summon, the demonic blade embedded with an ice crystal gem is still able to freeze my opponent. Although it would not cause a significant decrease in the opponent’s speed, however, it is still able to dull the opponent’s movements.


I can’t take this seriously at all. My opponents are LV 5 and LV 6, while I’m already LV 18.

Even if I were to slash randomly, I would still be able to break their defenses easily, right?


“Please enlighten us.”

The two girls quickly jumped out of the table to the side, flipped in the air, and rushed towards me.

The onlookers at the side must be seeing the scene as such, right?

Other than Uncle Howells, the civilians are mostly LV 1 or 2. They must be thinking the speeds of a LV 5 and 6 are very fast, right?

However, to me, they are seriously too slow.

After entering the battle state, the speed which I’m supposed to have will instantly peak in an instant. My entire surroundings will slow down, just like that slow motion action scenes in movies.

After instantly getting a raise of 5 levels, my entire strength leaped into another grade, and at the same time, my senses were raised to a whole new level as well.

As I expected, leveling up feels so aaaaaaaaaaawesome!

The movements of their air flips were so slow, I don’t even know what to do anymore.

What should I do? Bring them down just like that?

I can’t, right? They are, after all, still Irlin’s good friends.

However, I can’t just let them cut my body. I don’t wish to be like some 14-year old boy in a certain anime who allowed others to cut his body to demonstrate his HP recovery speed.

HP recovery costs money, you know? Even though I possess a Magic skill to recover my HP, however, Light Magic obviously isn’t something to be used in front of so many onlookers. And I don’t wish to waste my HP Recovery Potions.

However, how should I make them give up on attacking me?

Oh right, it’s fine if I destroy their weapons, right?

After all, their speeds are really slow compared to mine. Inertia or whatever should be able to of use!

With this thought in mind, I fiercely slashed, and my tachi flew towards their respective Knight swords.


The sound of weapons shattering reverberated. In the next moment, the two Knight swords began to fall apart.

After leaving the battle state, the two girls were staring blankly at the weapons in their hands.

“We lost?”

“Our weapons were destroyed.”

“So strong.”

“Are your really a Magician?”

“Why aren’t you working as a Knight?”

The two girls said as they approached me.

“What a weird sword.”

“I had never seen anything like it before.”

“We admit that you’re strong.”

“Irlin’s choice is indeed not wrong.”

“Do you mind teaching us swordsmanship?”

“We wish to be stronger Knights as well.”

The two girls forced me to retreat my steps, and it felt like I was about to hit the wall behind me.

With the intention of asking for her help, I looked towards Irlin. She, however, only revealed a helpless expression.

It seems she can’t do anything about this two girls either, huh?


Why do I somehow hear something being split apart?


The sound of shattering reverberated once again, the armor these two girls were wearing actually fell apart!

I did not attack their armor at all, why would they…


The young girls did not even wear anything else underneath the armor. Other than a cloth slightly wrapping around their chests, there’s nothing else at all!

The two sentimental girls were thus standing naked in front of me!

The most outrageous thing was, a part of their armor did not fall off, but were still hanging on their bodies!

This, however, increased the arousal instead, damn it!

“Kidney Blow!” X2

Suddenly, after a short feeling a pain, my surroundings darkened, and I lost consciousness.

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Part 2: Sweet Dreams

Chapter 5: Unconscious Campus

Although I already recovered my consciousness, however, I could only see the ‘unconscious’ status countdown in front of me.

It was the same as when I was dead that one time. Though, this time around, I could not even feel my own body, and I could only wait for the countdown to end.

Those two girls really do not know how to hold back. It’s not like I broke their armor on purpose. How could they blame me for that?

Alright, in the end, I did strike the jackpot.

I didn’t expect their figures to be comparable to those of regular girls, after all, they were knights. Although I did not touch them myself, from the looks of their bodies, I could determine so.

Hai… Let’s not mind about this anymore. The countdown is about to end. We can always talk about this when I wake up.

Countdown ended. ‘Deep Unconscious’ status removed.

I slowly opened my eyes, and confirmed the place I was currently at by looking around.

The academy’s infirmary.

I recall the last time I was here was when I died, and that was also when I became an Undead Holy Angel.

When I raised myself up, I realized there weren’t anyone in my surroundings.

When I looked at the window, I could already see the morning sun’s rays beaming through the window.

Just how long was I unconscious? Geez. If someone were to kill me then, I would have died easily in their hands.

And the last thing I remember was being attacked in the kidney by the two naked girls. I recall that skill would result to a 100% stun, and I was attacked twice by that same skill at the same time.

So the ‘stun’ times superposed? Even if the difference in our levels were rather large, but the 100% proc chance is still quite frightening.

However, being unconscious is not entirely a bad thing.

Even if I blocked their skills, there wouldn’t be a point, as they would definitely not let me off without blowing off their steam.

If that were to happen, I would rather cause myself to faint. That way, those two girls would at least be at ease.

And currently, since they aren’t beating me up, it meant that my theory was right.

But why was I unconscious for so long?

Earlier, I recall that it was still evening when I was knocked out. And now, the morning sun was about to rise. If that’s really the case, it meant that I was unconscious for 10 ~ 11 hours.

No matter how strong the skill is, it shouldn’t be able to knock me out for so long, right?

However, since there weren’t any important information on the notification window, I can’t figure out what happened as well.

After inspecting the items I have and my current status, there’s nothing that should be taken note of as well.

Just what the hell happened within this 11 hours?

I looked around the empty infirmary. Frustrated, I got out of the bed and opened the door.


When I tried to open the door, although the door was not locked, however, there seemed to be something blocking the door from opening from the other side.


Someone blocked the door from outside? Why?

Did Sheil and Mur threw me here and even tried to stop me from leaving?

Geez. What’s the point of doing this… Oh? Wait a minute.

Why did the surrounding names and titles suddenly appear? Even though there wasn’t any earlier!

And I was wondering why I couldn’t see anyone. So the Name and Title system was turned off earlier?

But why? Isn’t that something that transcends the rules of this world? To think it was shut down… Unless the Kidney Blows earlier were that impactful?


Suddenly, a notification window appeared, but on it, there was only a single word.

This… Is the system talking to me?

“Are you… the system?”

Nay. I am the World.

This guy is actually talking to me! This guy has been throwing tsukkomis on me, and now he finally decided to talk to me!

Nay. I am only using the most appropriate way to communicate with thee… Language Reconstruction completed. I will now explain.

Thou was unconscious for a long period of time due to interference caused by something that surpassed the range of prediction of the system.
Thou does not have the required authorization, hence I am not able to explain in detail.
However, I do not have the power to directly interfere in this world’s affairs, hence I can only seek thy to help with inspection.
Wilt thou help me with finding the interference main body?

This guy… As I thought, it has a consciousness. However, to think its first way of communicating is by throwing tsukkomis… Just what the hell was the person thinking when he was designing it?


Since it’s the World system that governs our life and death, then it shouldn’t have any reason to lie.

In other words… It seems something extraordinary did happen in the last 11 hours.

Haa… Can’t you just let me level up peacefully? I keep encountering all these troublesome situations… No, this might not be a bad development either.

“I say, couldn’t you just design a quest for this kind of situations and pass it down to us? Even if I were to make you owe us a favor, it’s still rather troublesome for us. Wouldn’t it be fine if you just give us some rewards for this?”

Thou make a point.

It left these words, and the conversation window disappeared.

Immediately after, the quest notification window appeared.

Unique Quest: Unknown Interference
Quest Objective: Find the source of interference that’s causing the entire academy to be in deep slumber.

Quest Procedures:
1. Find your partner, and wake your partner up.
2. Inspect the range of interference.
3. Find the center of interference.
4. Destroy the interference equipment.

Quest Reward(s):
Lifting of Restriction of Friend Message System (Exclusive to Otherworlders)
Gain in 1 Level
Increase the Limit of Unique Skill Levels

“Friend Message System? Unique Skill Levels? What the?”

I posed the questions to the air, but the notification never came.

Looks like the self-proclaimed World is being irresponsible again… Oh well. Whatever. Since that’s the case, then I can only depend on myself.

I looked at the door again… Oh? The people blocking the door were actually Irlin, Sheil and Mur?

Crap. Earlier, I even thought of using my skills to knock the door open. With the situation at it is now, how am I going to deal with this?

Leave from the window?

But it wouldn’t be fine to leave these three girls lying outside, right?

Alright, I have a plan.

I opened the window, and stood beside it. Then, I formed a picture of the infirmary’s hallway in my mind.

“Flash Movement!”

The scenery in front of me flashed, and in the next moment, I appeared in the hallway… in the middle of the air!

Crap, I shouldn’t have pictured the ceiling’s position as well!

I crashed onto the floor. Although I could feel the pain of my body colliding with the floor, but my head seemed to have crashed into something soft…


It was actually Irlin’s thigh!

I quickly jumped out of the way, and looked at them… Good, they’re not waking up.

Currently, their backs were against the door, and they’re leaning against each other. Their armor were also changed to a casual western clothes.

So cute. Putting the three of them together basically results in a picturesque scene… No, I should be waking them up right now!

“Irlin, Sheil, Mur, wake up!”

I called them several times, and even poked their faces, so soft… No, this isn’t the point.

The problem right now is that they don’t even have the slightest of reactions, other than their soft breathing.

Oh right, the quest window did say something about the academy being in deep slumber. So it’s referring to this!?

Indeed, it seems to be a very frightening situation, and it was even able to interfere with the ‘World’. This definitely ain’t simple.

However, I can’t just let them lie on the floor outside. Let’s shift them to the beds in the infirmary then.

After covering the three of them with blankets respectively, I looked at the sleeping Irlin.

So cute… Even if she’s wearing a mask, she’s still so explosively cute~

I wonder how she looks like under the mask?

When I recovered my senses, I realized my hand was already reaching towards her face!

I quickly stopped myself, and took a deep breath.

Since she’s unwilling to show me, she must have her reasons right? Earlier, when she removed it, it happened in a flash, so I didn’t get a good look.


Someday, she will definitely remove it, right?

“Alright, let’s start the quest!”

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Chapter 6: Unconscious Comrade

Firstly… I need to find my partner?

‘World’, are you screwing with me? I already combed an entire half of the academy, but I have yet to see anyone that’s awake.

And in the latter part of the procedure, you told me to wake my partner up.

You think I have not tried it yet?

I didn’t dare to test it on Irlin and the girls. After trying to shake some people awake a few times, I grabbed one unlucky person in the hallway, and poured ice-cold water on him several times.

In the end, he still did not wake up.

I even used Stun Dispel, but he still did not have any sort of reaction.

In other words, it won’t work if it’s just anyone in this situation. It seems I have to find a specific person.

Are you serious? There’s so many people in the academy. Do I really have to pour a bucket of water onto each and every person I see? Or do I have to use my magic on everyone?

It would be good if there’s a hint or something.

Wait, don’t I have a weird skill that I have yet to try?

I quickly opened my skill list, and scrolled down to the bottom. It’s a skill that was unlocked along with the Famous Detective title before. It allows me to view any hidden clues that’s within 10 meters from my position.

When I tapped on it, the hint was not anything in my surroundings, but my UI!

I tapped to expand my UI, and on it, the friend list was glowing.

This is considered as a hint?

I opened the friend list, and I realized the format was completely different than before.

The top portion consists of otherworlders like Aliyah, Dale and Yuon, and the bottom portion consists of the inhabitants of this world. And below the otherworlders’ avatars, there’s an additional mail icon… Is this the Message System it was talking about?

Seems to be a pretty good feature. This is getting similar to the MMO system, as we could send messages to each other or something.


Is this useful now?

I tried clicking on the button, but there wasn’t any response.

Just what kind of hint is this? Geez… Eh?

When I looked at the friend list carefully, someone’s name was different than the rest.


The border of her avatar was actually green, while the rest were all in grey.

This is the hint? These avatars have always been here, but I did not really pay attention to them much.

Unless there’s a special function to it?

I tapped on Aliyah’s avatar, and suddenly, a green arrow appeared on my mini-map!

Distance from Target: 1,128m

There was even a small notification at the bottom. This basically feels like it’s provoking me, ‘Hey, you see this? This is the place you have to go, yo. Other than heading there, you have no other choice~’

Damn it. However, since the situation is like this, if I were to collate all the hints I have so far, my only conclusion is that Aliyah is the answer I’m looking for.

This is really a straightforward and easy-to-understand hint. With this thought in mind, I immediately tapped on ‘Accelerate’ and headed towards the direction of my target.

Hey hey hey, as a young girl, what’s with that sleeping posture?

When I reached my destination, what I saw was a white haired girl lying on the table with a fork in her hand. And there were still strands of noodles circling around the fork.

Alright, I can understand that you blacked out while eating, but please… Don’t bury your face onto that plate of pasta.

Even though they were originally white twin-tails that glimmer splendidly, but now, they’re completely stained with ketchup, and they seem to blend with the pasta.

And with a situation like this, she’s actually sleeping quite peacefully. Just how the hell does one breathe like that? Through the ears?

In any case, with a personality like hers, if she were to wake up and find herself like that, and realized I saw her in that state, she will definitely beat me to death. Before she wakes up, I better clean her up.

I pulled her up from the table, and straightened her on the chair.

As I expected, her entire face was filled with sauce. But she’s really sleeping rather peacefully. Occasionally, she licks the sauce on her lips, and gives a silly smile.

Just what kind of good dream is she having?

Or is she actually an idiot?

Ah, whatever. Let’s start cleaning up her face.

I took a serviette from the table beside me, and cleaned off the sauce on her face.

However, when I finished cleaning her face and was about to clean her hair, my hand was grabbed!

“You, what are you doing to me?”

“… Good morning?”

“Is this really the time to say ‘Good morning’!?”

After that, she attacked me with her leg. Fortunately, I already prepared myself, and I charged backwards the moment I entered my battle state.

Are you serious? I’m LV 18, and even if I don’t have any stat enhancements for being a No Class, I still wouldn’t have any problems avoiding an attack by a LV 14 Dual-swordsman.

“It’s obviously morning right now. And while you’re probably accusing me for doing something I did not do, who do you think slept on a plate of pasta last night?”

“Hah? Who would sleep on a plate… of… pasta…”

As she was talking, her line of sight fell onto the table next to her.

Probably thinking of something, her words slowed down, and her face became as red as a tomato.

She seemed to have remembered.

She raised her hands and touched her face, after that, she touched her hair.

“Ah ah… And here I was wondering why I was dreaming of a world filled with pasta… Unless… I slept directly on it… For an entire night… Ah Ah Aaaah.”

“Alright, hurry up and clean off your hair. A girl’s hair is a girl’s life, after all.”

After saying that, I passed the remaining serviette to her.

She looked at me for quite a good while, but she still blushed as she accepted the serviette, and began cleaning.

“How did you know?”


“The words you said earlier.”

“You’re referring to ‘A girl’s hair is a girl’s life’?”

“Yeah… After hearing that, it sounds like one of the top 10 phrases a playboy usually use.”

“Hey hey, I kindly reminded you, but you actually make me sound like a bad guy.”

“Aren’t you one? Why would you especially come all the way here just to help me… help me clean off my face or whatever… You… You didn’t touch anywhere else, right?”

“Where else can I touch? You’re as flat as… Hey hey hey, your sword is in flames! I’m just joking!”


She immediately ran towards the kitchen, and I could hear the sound of water flowing.

3 minutes later, Aliyah came out from the door, and there were water droplets on her twintails.

“It wouldn’t be possible to clean off the stain with just tissues! Idiot!”

“Yes yes… oh right, about those words.”


“I can’t remember who told me that. Even though I remembered the phrase, yet I can’t remember the person who said it. Haha.”

“… You’re the same as well?”

Aliyah suddenly said.


“You… Do you remember the names of your relatives, friends, or any other important people?”

When she unexpectedly said that, a cold chill ran down my spine.


Why did I not realize this problem earlier?

Although most of my other memories are incomplete, however, I still have blur images of them.

However… Only the names were completely forgotten.

“None at all…”

‘World’… Just what the hell did you take away from us?

“Is that so… Haha, don’t reveal such an expression. Oh right, hurry up and explain to me the current situation. Did you actually come here specifically to wake me up? The situation around us isn’t that simple, right?”

“Oh, you’re right, there’s no point frustrating about this right now. But I did come here to specifically wake you up.”

Partner located. Quest sharing in progress.

Sharing complete.
Quest continues.

Aliyah was startled for a bit, and then, she tapped in the air a few times.

After a while, her expression became stern.

“Seems pretty interesting, huh.”

“You have the same thoughts as well?”

“Alright, let’s deal with it then!”

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Chapter 7: Unknown Fear

“Famous Detective’s skill… Not bad. If this was a mystery game, wouldn’t you be unbeatable? Speaking of which, I seemed to have played something similar to a mystery game before coming here. If I’m not wrong, there was a panda…”

“That was Monokuma, not a panda.”

How could a panda’s eye be red…

“Right right, it’s that name.”

Aliyah revealed an expression of sudden realization.


Helplessly, I looked towards her.

“Can’t you help with the search as well? Unless you don’t even have a single search-related skill?”

“That’s right, I have none. The skills I chose are all offensive abilities.”

Why were you able to say that so boastfully?

“Haaa… I knew it.”

“What about it! Is there any wrong in doing so?”

“… Although there’s none, however, that’s a very extreme way of allocating your points. If you encounter a control-type Magician, what are you planning to do? Like, if I reduce your speed to half, I will be able to defeat you before you approach me.”

“Hmph! I will think of a way when the time comes.”

Her unyielding personality is really worrying.

“Alright alright, for now, let’s find a way to make clear of the source of this weird blacking out incident. I don’t specialize in this, and thus the reason why I don’t play mystery games as well.”

“I always look through the available guides.”

“Can you not boast about it?”

“No, because I’m very prideful.”

“Oh my god, why am I only allowed to have a partner like you…”

I could not help but face 45 degrees upwards towards the sky, and denounce this inhumane world.

“Hah? Are you unsatisfied with having this mistress here as your partner?”

I could feel something like a sword poking my waist!

“No, it’s better than not having one… Looks like we can only split up and move individually. We have to confirm the range of the blackout, then we will be able to locate the position of the center of effect.”

I said while I quickly stepped towards the side. I don’t wish to be stabbed by someone else.

However, Aliyah still quickly followed after me.

“Hey hey, don’t you find that it will be faster if we were to search separately in opposite directions?”

“Anyone that played Left 4 Dead would know, moving on your own will lead to an early death.”

She actually said really seriously.

“Sorry, in the end, I would always sell out my teammates, so there’s no pressure.”

“Why are you able to boast about that as well?”

“Because no matter what FPS game it is, I could always clear it by myself, no pressure at all.”

“You will definitely face divine retribution one day! Speaking of which, are you not going to explain how you were able to suddenly raise your level from 11 to 18?”

Did she finally realize my level changed?

The EXP needed to level up from 11 to 18 is simply outrageous. A week ago, you were only LV 11, how did you to level up so fast in such a short time? Did you kill a hidden boss or something?”

“Nope, I simply completed a hidden quest.”

“Hidden Quest? Oh right, the quest system did become rather convenient and obvious recently. However, I still couldn’t find anywhere that I could receive quests.”

“No quests at all?”


“Usually, what do you actually do?”

“Grinding masteries in my school’s practice arena.”


“My Dual-swordsman class’s masteries. All melee classes have weapon mastery requirements. It’s just that masteries level up faster than our actual character levels.”

“… Alright, but if you don’t walk around, how could you receive quests?”

“Weren’t we supposed to look for people with exclamation marks on their heads for quests?”

When I heard her say that, I was stunned for a couple of seconds.

“Are you screwed up in the mind or something? Where the hell in this place can you find a person with an exclamation mark on his head!? Have you played too many RPGs? The hell you have to look out for exclamation marks! When you played the Legend of Heroes series, you probably did not manage to get any of the highest grade rewards, right? Why would all the quest targets have exclamation marks on their heads!”

“But no matter how I see it, this place is just like an RPG.”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t been able to receive any quests since escaping the Beginners’ Village? And you got to LV 14? Your diligence in grinding mobs is really astounding, huh?”

“Nope. I did occasionally receive quests or whatever. I’m not really clear about it as well.”


There’s no saving this girl…

“Listen carefully. Usually, if you were to see any weird situation, you would definitely be able to activate a quest the moment you approach it, alright? Look at the current situation, the entire academy is unconscious or whatever. With one glance, you would definitely know it’s a big case. It’s stated in the quest window that you will gain levels when you complete it, right?”

“Oh, you’re right. It did state it will raise 2 levels.”

2 levels? Is it because her level is lower than mine, so she’s getting more levels than me?

“So in conclusion, you need to receive more quests, then you will gain more levels.”

“…Un, I don’t understand at all.”

“Are you an idiot?”

“Why don’t I simply transfer schools and form a party with you? As long as you find a quest, share it with me.”

“Are you trying to completely leech off me?”

“As a Magician, don’t you need a melee class to help you tank?”

I silently pulled out my tachi.

“I’m fine. I’m only afraid that people would not treat me as a Magician. As long as I close the distance between me and my enemies, I will be able to slice them.”

“Just what class are you? A Magic Assassin or a Combat Magician? You would even take up such a shady class?”

“… Something like that, I guess? Just treat my class as something that allows me to learn and use all skills.”

“Whatever goes for you, huh… If you don’t specialize in one, you will definitely fall behind late-game.”

“We can always talk about that in the future… Alright, let’s stop the idle chatter. We already walked pretty far, and we’re almost at the academy’s surrounding walls. Why are the people here still in deep slumber… Eh?”

Why do the academy walls look a little weird?

I did inspect the walls once before when I snuck up that night, weren’t they supposed to made of iron? Why are they made of earthen soil now?


The moment I gave my warning, a spike suddenly protruded from the wall, and with a single hit, it pierced right into both Aliyah’s and my abdomens.


Aliyah’s HP immediately disappeared, while my HP dropped by about two-third as well!

I quickly grabbed onto Aliyah’s hand, and activated Flash Movement at the same time.

In the next second, we returned to the restaurant Aliyah was at.

“…It hurts so much…”

Aliyah’s abdomen was bleeding profusely, and since her HP bar was empty, she had already entered a state of apparent death.

Just… What the hell was that?

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Chapter 8: Inverted Pyramid

I don’t know what that thing was, and it wasn’t because I didn’t look at it carefully. Rather, everything above it, including its name, were a series of question marks.

Even if I want to, it wouldn’t be possible to know about it, right?

There’s only one thing I can confirm about it, and that its level is much higher than ours, and not just twice or thrice. It’s also able to kill us instantly like it’s slicing vegetables in a kitchen.

Why is our enemy such a monster this time around?

Although I really want to give this ‘World’ guy a good scolding, however, there’s obviously something more important to deal with currently.

After passing a bottle of HP Recovery Potion to Aliyah to drink, her flashing HP bar stopped blinking after two times, and began to slowly recover.
(t/n: Although Aliyah was in an apparent state of death, it was different compared to Fir’s previous case. Fir was supposed to die then, but was interfered by the barrier, so he had to supposedly take 2 hours to completely revive himself. In usual cases, HP would normally recover after 5 seconds of rest, as stated in vol. 1.)

Although it’s possible to resurrect at the city’s cathedral, however, the nearest cathedral was located at the other side of the city. It would be rather troublesome to return to that place without Flash Movement.

I took out another set of HP and MP Recovery Potions and immediately drank them down as well. My HP bar began to fill up after the taking the spike’s attack, and my MP bar which was empty from the Flash Movement earlier quickly began to recover as well.

“Aliyah, Aliyah, wake up. Are you actually sleeping with your eyes open?”

“… Damn you, stop shaking me so vigorously. It’s really painful after getting pierced in the abdomen.”

Aliyah unhappily pushed my hand away, and crawled up to a sitting posture on the floor.

The wound on her abdomen stopped bleeding, and with my naked eyes, it’s possible to see her wound closing slowly.

“Your potion is pretty good, did you make it yourself? It seems to be much better than the potions you can buy outside.”

“Is that so? You should tell that to Lanya. She will definitely be really happy.”

“Lanya… Who is that?”

“A friend.”


Aliyah looked at me suspiciously, as if I was telling a big lie.

“What’s with that expression?”


“… Whatever. This obviously isn’t the time to fight over something like this. Just what the hell was that? Have you seen it before?”

“Nope, never. And that thing’s attack speed and strength is really too frightening, isn’t it? It’s basically impossible to win at all.”

Saying that, Aliyah unhappily stabbed her weapon into the ground.

“That’s right. With a monster like that, and with such little rewards, I don’t even have the motivation to do the quest at all.”

“I totally agree. It’s only a gain in 2 levels. Even if we were to attack it in turns, it wouldn’t be possible to defeat it even if we keep resurrecting right?”

“The monsters in this world indeed are unable to recover their HP on their own. If we were to pull that thing to the side of the cathedral, and grind it there, it’s not really impossible…”

“Hey hey hey, you’re really thinking of trying that? No matter how I see it, aren’t we just courting our own deaths if we do that? If that thing has more than a million HP… Let’s assume it has a million HP for now. If we were to shave off 1 HP per second, we will at least take 12 days to finish, you know?”

“No, since there’s two of us, we can probably finish it in 6 days.”

“You’re seriously thinking of slashing at it for a whole 6 days?”

“Obviously not. Although that thing can’t recover its HP automatically, however, if that thing kills us before we can even land a blow, then we will be the ones being killed continuously…”

“Then what are we going to do? Give up on the quest?”

“Although I think it’s understandable for us to give up on the quest at this point, however, look at what the academy has become. If we don’t do something, if that monster rushs in, then this entire place will become a school of death.”

“But you don’t have any plans at all, right?”

“… Not entirely.”

I thought for a moment, before replying.


Aliyah was evidently surprised.

“Think for a moment. Only something like a transmitter would be able to cause the entire academy to fall into a deep slumber. Otherwise, the quest would not hint us to find the effect range, and find the source.”

“If you explain it that way, it does make sense. However, how are we going to go about doing that? Currently, we can’t even see the boundaries at all.”

“That place should be one of the boundaries.”


“It’s the place where that wall was. Think about it. If that wasn’t a boundary, there wouldn’t be a need for such a strong monster to be placed there.”


“Let’s record that earlier place down. Then, we just have to find 2 other similar objects, and trace a circle to have a rough look at the boundary using the 3 points.”

“You’re definitely a Science student.”

“Since we’re transferred into this world, we have to use Science to save the world.”

I stood up and inspected the surroundings, and continued.

The place where we found that wall was in the north, if that’s the case, we can head towards the western direction for now… Wait, hurry and get down!”

Saying that, I immediately pushed Aliyah, who was beside me, to the ground.

“Hey, what are you doing, you pervert! Hurry and get off me!”

“Idiot, keep quiet, look over there.”

When Aliyah raised her head and looked at the direction I was pointing at, she stopped struggling.

Looks like she saw it.

That unidentified object floating in the sky.

It had the same color as the wall earlier, but it’s structure did not look at soft as the wall.

It’s shaped like a pyramid, with its tip pointed to the bottom. And on every side, it had something like an eye moving about.

I could only think of one thing when I look at it, and that it’s a surveillance camera. However, this is the first time I see a surveillance camera that breaks the law of physics and does not exude a sense of security.

It’s not that the structure of this thing was distorted, rather, I feel that the guy who made it was somehow related to Picasso.

Earlier, I realized a red dot suddenly appearing on my mini-map, hence I was able to warn Aliyah to get down in time. And fortunately, one of its corners was facing us earlier, hence, we weren’t spotted immediately.

“Close your eyes and pretend to sleep.”

After saying that, I closed my eyes as well.

However, I still stared at my mini-map and watched the slowly moving dot. After all, I’m only able to confirm that thing’s position using my mini-map.

Because that thing did not produce any sound while it’s flying.

The red dot slowly moved, and I could feel my heartbeats getting faster.

Especially when it was about to approach beside us, it suddenly stopped! My heartbeats had never been so fast before!

“Sector C clear. No signs of any awake escapees. Those guys had probably fled the academy, right?”

Suddenly, that thing actually spoke.

This thing can speak? And it’s not an electronic voice. Is there someone controlling it from the inside?

“Continue your surveillance. Survey the area near the transmitter. If someone destroys the interference equipment, our mission will become troublesome.”

“Affirmative. Professor, the 2nd Surveillance Camera is now heading towards the interference equipment.”

Suddenly, the red dot accelerated, and flew towards the western direction.

Quest Updated.
Follow the surveillance camera, find the interference equipment.

As expected, at that instant, the quest information immediately updated.

If you have the capabilities, update the quest rewards as well!

Seeing the red dot making a turn, I immediately pulled Aliyah off the floor.

“Alright, it’s time to earn some experience.”


The two of us activated Sneak at the same time, and chased after the surveillance camera.

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Chapter 9: You’re Kidding Me

“I didn’t expect that you would actually learn Sneak. Isn’t this a Rogue’s skill?”

“Which rule states that a Dual-swordsman can’t learn Sneak? Dual-swordsmen focus on speed and fast kills. How can I just let go of a skill as useful as Sneak?”

We are currently following the route the pyramidal surveillance camera is taking to the interference equipment.

Although we’re sneaking, we’re not completely hidden. Hence, we did not dare to approach too close, and we’re slowly following behind it.

And, the biggest problem right now was that we couldn’t see the thing’s name or titles. Even when I used the Phad’s Eye skill, nothing was revealed at all.

There weren’t any question marks, rather, nothing was above it at all.

Before, since I was able to see names and titles, I could still follow after people even when they’re behind walls, and it was really convenient. However, right now, I have no choice. If that thing leaves my mini-map surveillance area, then it might not be possible to find it again.

And this thing is flying without making a single sound. This is really a high level gameplay. It’s even possible to place markers in Assassin Creed, you know?


I signaled Aliyah to stop.

“What’s wrong?”

Even though I heard her, I did not answer her verbally, rather, I pointed towards the direction of the inverted pyramid.

Currently, the inverted pyramid was hovering in the air, however, there wasn’t just one of them. Several other inverted pyramids began to approach the one we were following. After that, they linked with each other face to face. After making several flips and turns, they split up again.

And they scattered into four different directions.

“What was that? Acrobatics?”

“They looked pretty high-tech, so I have no clue. With a glance, it’s rather obvious that they’re something made with technology beyond this era. I seriously wonder why someone would actually make something like that. And they seem to be made of technology related to this ‘World’ system. Just what the hell are they used for…”

“Aren’t you guys about to have that Annual Tournament thing? I smell a conspiracy!”


I looked at Aliyah wordlessly.

“With technology of this level, forget about the Annual Tournament, I think it will even be possible to take down an entire country. Why will they even bother?”

“I wonder~”

However, since so many inverted pyramids appeared, I believe the interference equipment should be somewhere close.

However, in our surroundings, there weren’t anything that looked like one. I mean, something like an interference equipment should be a tower, a frame or something. In any case, it has to be something tall.

But, currently, other than a few school buildings, there were nothing else here.

“Speaking of which…”

Aliyah suddenly said.

“When was there another statue over there?”


I looked into the direction where Aliyah was pointing. That was a place which the academy allocated for statues. Rows of statues were placed there orderly and neatly, as if the place was used to honor those great men.


“How do you know there’s an extra?”

“Because, before, when I first came, I sneakily left a scratch on every statue.”

“… Back in our world, do you often do that sort of thing to the cars parked by the roadside?”

“Of course not~ I would only do that when I’m in a bad mood.”


This girl’s values are really screwed up. I now understand why she would unhesitatingly slice someone’s house into pieces.

Fortunately, she did not choose the Berserker class, otherwise, her school would have been utterly destroyed in a week.

However, it’s also fortunate that she would do such a silly thing, that we finally managed to find some clues.

I walked up to the side of the statue, and knocked several times.

With a glance, it looked like a statue of a friendly old man, and it was a standard artistic statue. You know, those half-upper body statues.

“There doesn’t seem to be any difference with the other statues at the sides though? Are you sure it wasn’t here in the first place?”

“I’m sure! I came here yesterday, so it’s not possible for there not to be any scars on any of the statues!”

After saying that, she immediately pulled out her sword and slashed at the statue… There’s no sound?

Both Aliyah and I was surprised. When we inspected the place it was slashed at, unbelievably, there wasn’t even a single scar!

This… We looked at each other, and then shifted our focus back to the statue.

“This thing seems to be really high-grade. Is it expensive?”

“Is that really the point?”

“It’s not?”

“Aren’t we supposed to make sure whether this thing was here before or was it just placed here recently? This thing is obviously an invincible structure.”

Suddenly, I felt a dangerous intent!

The thing before us… is giving me very dangerous vibes. After a few moments, I realized why I was feeling like this.


“What’s wrong.”

“Grab my hand.”


“Hey, I’m telling you to grab my hand.”

“You… What are you saying in this kind of situation!? Even if…”

The hell, looking at how her face is growing red, it seems her mind drifted to somewhere weird again. Without any regards to her delusions, I immediately grabbed onto her and activated Charge towards the back.

The moment we left, several metal spikes appeared from the floor beneath, turning the place we were standing on earlier into a forest of giant metal needles.

Although I did use my ice spikes to kill on several accounts, however, no matter how I see it, these metal spikes are much stronger than my ice spikes by several times. If I were to be stabbed by them… It’s painful just by simply imagining it.

“This… What is that?”

“Hell if I know…”

The metal statue suddenly sprouted arms and legs from its body, and on each arm, there were countless spikes. The originally loving face also turned into a horned devil.


Suddenly, this word came into my mind. I carefully looked at the face of the devil, and as I thought, it looked similar to Hannya in games that I have played before.

At the same time, the space behind its back slowly distorted, and a spike appeared from that distorted space.

What… What the hell is that?

Quest updated. Destroy the interference equipment.

I once again looked at the popped-out notification, and I only have a single thought in my mind.

Are you kidding me?

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Chapter 10: Quest Completion

“Your speed ain’t that slow huh.”

“Yours isn’t lacking either… Watch your back!”

“I know, don’t worry.”

After saying that, Aliyah’s speed increased once again, and with a white trail of light, it left the metal spikes constantly chasing her back.

At the same time, I did not idle as well, as after launching my magic spells, I used Charge to move out of its attack radius. Then, I leaped onto the top of the building at the side.

The metal spikes seemed to only appear from the ground, and the spikes would not grow above 5 meters. Hence, there shouldn’t be any problem while I’m at the top of the building.

As I expected, that weird thing only glanced an eye at me, and proceeded towards Aliyah’s direction, slowly approaching her.

“Damn it, this isn’t fair!”

Aliyah shouted as she ran towards a building at the other side, probably to follow my example.

If she’s trying to do that, then there will only be more spikes popping out from the ground at that side.

However, that’s not good either. That thing’s attacks look painful, and I don’t even want to experience it at all. And that metallic body seems pretty solid as well. If we factor in its indeterminable level, then I don’t think we will be able to deal much damage to it either.

But, we can’t just blindly run like this. Even if we’re able to leave this place through Flash Movement, we won’t be able to escape the academy if we don’t complete this quest.

After all, if we don’t destroy this interference equipment, everyone wouldn’t be able to wake up. If that’s the case, the scenario will not be able to progress.

If this was a real game, then this could be considered a bug which prevents the scenario from progressing, right?

If this happens, the game developer should be fixing it, right? It’s not possible for two players to fix it, you know?

Nay. Thou only has to delay for 3 minutes.

Suddenly, in the quest window, a sentence was added at the bottom.

“Then we just have to avoid it?”

I anxiously asked.

Nay, I require at least one person to be within 30 meters of the interference equipment.

“The hell. You’re really asking for the impossible. Aliyah, did you see the hint?”

“I saw it, but…”

With a two or three jumps, Aliyah managed to get onto the building on the outside. However, the situation there was not as optimistic as mine.

That monster seemed to be able to get onto the building as well. Using its long legs, it was able to climb the building at a rather quick pace, and caught up to Aliyah at the roof.

“But even I want to escape, I don’t think I will be able to~”

This thing is really capable of doing anything huh. So it’s able to climb anything?

Even though it looked like a spider, however, it’s behavior was just like a spider as well. If that’s the case, it should completely transform into a spider instead. I’m pretty sure it would look better to the eye as an actual spider.

That Hannya mask, looks terribly hideous…

But suddenly, I felt something was amiss. Aliyah circled around her roof, and then she actually came running into my direction.

Are you serious? Do you really think I can beat this thing?

“Why did you lure it over here?”

“Aren’t you a Magician? Kite it!”

“Are you serious!? I can’t run as fast as that thing, you know!”

As I ran towards the back, I threw Ice Meteors on the monster.

Blue streams of light bounced off the monster’s body a few times, and then, the monster’s body was totally covered in ice.

However, since I can’t even see its HP bar, I can’t confirm the amount of damage I manage to cause.

In the next moment, it trembled for a bit, and the ice covering its body shattered into pieces and fell onto its sides.

Oh my god, are you kidding me? My strongest attack was actually easily dealt with with a few shakes of its body. This is more depressing than those quest scenarios where the monsters would not lose any HP at all.

“Aliyah! Hurry and run! We can’t fight this thing at all.”

“Can’t you see I have been running for quite a while?”

Once again, Aliyah transformed into a white blur. After dodging its wave of attacks with left and right turns, she reached the bottom of my building, and leaped onto the roof.

“Hey hey, why did you come over here?”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“… Fine, fleeing it is then.”

Although the quest states that we’re not allowed to run more than 30 meters away from it, however, in actual fact, even if we want to, we don’t have the ability to flee that far away from it at all.

Just to let you know, our enemy is a monster with eight legs.

Just when we landed onto the ground after leaping off, the shadow on the ground told us that the monster was already about to jump off the building!

This isn’t funny! If we’re squashed by something like that we will instantly turn into meat pie!

I don’t wish for my first death to be worse than Lester’s. Only half of his body was turned into meat pie, after all.

Firstly, I used Charge and rushed beside Aliyah. Then, I pulled her to a side and activated Charge again!

However, my skill was disrupted, as I smashed into something really hard.

I was completely stunned by that collision, and when I tried to use a bit of strength, I ended up sitting on the floor.

“Idiot! Where were you rushing to!”

Aliyah lamented, however, she still quickly took out a recovery potion and drank it. After that, she took another bottle and poured it directly into my mouth.

“Cough cough… There wasn’t anything in front of us earlier!”

“That monster used a spike to block our path!”

After recovering my senses, I then realized we were already surrounded by a circle of spikes.

Seems like from our bout earlier, that monster slowly grasped our unique movement trait… Which meant it realized that we’re not able to jump high without support of a solid wall!


The spikes blocking our paths are at least 10 meters in height. Even if you were to hand me a pole, I wouldn’t be able to jump over them!

And, after activating those Charges simultaneously, I depleted quite a big amount of my MP. It’s also not possible for my MP to be filled instantly with my MP Recovery Potion, which meant I can’t use my Flash Movement at this moment!

And the shadow below us was gradually getting bigger, which tells us that the monster already jumped, and was about to land on us!

We’re going to turn into meat pies!


The sound of a heavy fall resounded across the school grounds, and several cracks were formed on the surrounding buildings from the impact.

The rising smoke prevented anyone from looking at the surroundings clearly, however, to survive, there’s only one direction I need to head towards!

And that’s towards the sky!

Cutting through the layers of smoke, I flew out of the area covered in smoke while carrying Aliyah.

The pair of black and white wings on my back fiercely flapped, and we accelerated to the high heavens.

That’s right, just when the monster was about to squash us, at that instant, disregarding the consequences, I immediately spread out my wings, and fled to the skies from a blind spot which the monster’s body did not manage to cover.

Oh my god. I seriously hate flying or bullet hell games! This is really cutting a few years of my life!

“We… We flew?”

Aliyah, who was in my arms, was completely stunned, evidently showing that she was really surprised by this development.

“That’s right, we’re flying. However, don’t move about unnecessarily, this is actually my first flight.”

“Un… But why did you choose the princess carry? This… This position is really embarrassing for me, you know!?”

“Stop fooling around, if I carried you face to face, your reaction would have been bigger, right?”

“… Hmph.”

She seemed to have imagined the scenario I mentioned in her mind, and her face blushed red. And then, she turned her head away to avoid looking at me.

Haaa… just how old is she? Why does she have such a child-like temper…

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, Aliyah’s cry brought me back to my senses.

Looking to the direction she was pointing at, several inverted pyramids were flying out of the smoke! And they were flying towards us!

“Do you have aerial combat skills?”

I asked Aliyah.”

“None. I don’t attack planes.”
(t/n: Attacking planes, or 打飞机, is basically a chinese term for ‘f*pping/w*nking’.)

“Un. You can’t do that in the first place anyway.”

“… You bastard! What were you thinking about!?”

After saying that, she actually threw a punch into my face!

After receiving that painful blow, I immediately lost my balance. Unable to find my center of gravity, we began falling at a high speed!

“Aaaaaaah! Fly, you bastard!”

She shouted as she relentlessly punched me.

“I already told you to stop with those unnecessary movements! I can’t control my flight ability any longer!”

What welcomed us was several inverted pyramids, and in a couple of moments, they were already right in front of us!

We’re about to crash!!!!!

Time’s up. Quest completed. Destruction of Interference Equipment completed.
You leveled up!
Current LV: 19
Restriction on Message System removed.

At the same time, when the notifications suddenly popped out, the inverted pyramids dispersed into multiple specks of light, and they spread across the sky.

And we cut across them, as we fell towards the ground at an increasing speed…

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Chapter 11: I’m Always the Scapegoat

The last thing I saw was the approaching ground. After that, my entire vision became dark.

My senses were cut off, but I have no idea why. Either the system registered that I crashed into the ground, or there are probably other similar reasons for that. In any case, even though my entire vision was covered in darkness, the notification that appeared did not state a resurrection countdown, but an ‘unconscious’ status countdown.

To think I was able to survive after falling from such a height, looks like at LV 19, my body is rather tough.

This confirms that having a high defense is indeed a good thing. For example, if I, one day decide to do some bungee jumping, and my rope suddenly breaks, then I might not die from the fall… Alright, since I already grew a pair of wings, I won’t be that crazy to participate in bungee jumping.

However, as for Aliyah… Oh. Why does she have to always do things that would harm both others and herself? Even though I know that hugging someone else at the spur of the moment is reckless, however, I did that earlier with the intention to protect her. So why doesn’t she understand?

I wonder if she’s alright. Although, at the end, I did my best to make sure she was on top of me, but, I’m not sure if she actually pushed me away and ended up crashing onto the ground as well.


Being unconscious for two hours is really too long. Helplessly, I could only calm myself, and I almost fell into a state of slumber.

“Wake up! Hurry and wake up, you idiot!”

Alright, I just knew that I would be woken up by a voice like this in this kind of situations.

Although I felt that it would be very troublesome to open my eyes, but, when I listened clearly, I forced my eyes open.

“Falan, why are you… Cough, where is this?”

This feeling… I seemed to be lying on a sofa with a rough surface. When I inspected the surroundings, it looked like I was in a worn-out house.

The room walls were rusted and there were large stacks of books leaning against them. At first glance, it looked like our society’s activity room, but, in fact, there’s many differences.

This room was not connected to any of the doors in our activity room. This place was also much smaller, and the door was evidently made of metal, which was different than the one used for our activity room.

“This is the basement of the house I bought.”

Falan smiled.

Currently, Falan is wearing a deep black Magician outfit with a velvet shawl. This kind of dressing… Is she getting ready to leave?

“Oh, that’s right. I’m in a rush to leave.”

Looking at how I was staring blankly at her clothes, she happily responded.

“After all, some people saw you flying with your spread wings, and what they actually saw was not your white wing, but your bone wing. Now things are getting pretty interesting. The Saint Church and Temple Knights were activated. Later, I’m going to hide in the underground dungeon through a special entrance, and avoid this mess by acting as a student who accidentally dropped into the dungeon. The undead aura emitting from your body is pretty weak. As long as you do not undo the magic spell by yourself, your bone wing shouldn’t reveal itself.”

As she said, only my white wing was left behind my back, and the bone wing was already retracted. Falan must have helped me with that with her magic.

I quickly retracted my white wing, and asked.

“And why am I here?”

“Who do you think was lying on the ground in the middle of the central square with his wings wide open? The moment I woke up, I felt your aura, and I immediately brought you back. But, I think that department head should have felt it as well, so be careful.”

“Of course I will.”

The department head she was referring to must be that empty commander, Department Head Rid.

Why call him an empty commander? Because there’s basically no one in his department. If someone who has the potential to use Light Magic is discovered, in the end, he will be sent to the Church.

That guy is probably one of the Church’s permanent representatives. After all, Yybril wouldn’t be able to handle so many things on her own.

“Umm… There should be a girl who fell with me, where did she go?”

“… Is it that girl with the white twin-tails?”


“Eh~ So you have that kind of preferences.”

“Are you joking? Her personality is absolutely terrible… But she’s not dead right?”

“Of course not. Someone did act as her cushion, after all. That girl was barely alive. After pouring a bottle of recovery potion into her mouth, I left the place with you.”

“Alright, hopefully that girl will be tight-lipped, otherwise it will be troublesome if others were to know that I was the guy with wings.”

“Then you should head to the infirmary for now.”

“You’re right.”

And Irlin and the rest were lying in the infirmary earlier. They should be awake by now.

Although the term ‘fiance’ still feels somewhat distant, however, since her family had already faced so much hardships, just by being by her side at this point in this time should be able to give her some spiritual comfort.

“But, you best stay low for a while. You should know that the entire academy is currently looking for the Undead Angel with the bone wings. However, there’s no such person there, as the person they saw was you.”

“I know, I will try my best.”

“Hai… Alright, I will be leaving. Be careful.”

After saying that, Falan transformed into black smoke and flew out of the gaps in the door. At the same time, a voice resounded in my mind.

‘The metal door has already recorded your aura. You will be able to open it with your touch.’

And with that, she disappeared.

I helplessly shook my head. After straightening my clothes, I prepared to leave.

Suddenly, I realized there were a series of notification windows stacked at the side.

Probably because I was too quick when I woke up earlier, I ended up pushing them into the corner without realizing it. And since I’m left alone now, I could finally review them peacefully.

Unique Skills: Phad’s Eye, Dominator’s Hawkeye, Disguise Technique (Hair Manipulating Technique) – Limit Released
Leveling the skills is now made possible.
Message System Released. Allows all Otherworlders to communicate with each other through a mailing system.
Friendship with Aliyah improved. Now able to communicate with Aliyah through voicemails.
Relationship level with Irlin increased. When a party is formed with Irlin, both members will receive the same amount of EXP, EXP gain increased by 20%.

As you have been judged as the culprit for destroying the academy’s properties, a wanted poster has been commissioned for the Undead Angel. However, since no one knows the true identity of the Undead Angel, the wanted Undead Angel is unnamed.

Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!
Current LV: 6
Resistance increased by 60 points.

Title [Scapegoat] leveled up!
Current LV: 6
Scapegoat Limit: 0/30,000

Title [Scapegoat] leveled up!
Current LV: 7
Scapegoat Limit: 0/35,000

Title [Oppressive] leveled up!
Current LV: 2
Strength increased by 200 points.

Title [Fugitive] leveled up!
Current LV: 2
Reduce the possibility of being spotted by security by 10%.

After looking at all these titles, I could no longer calm myself down.

I knew things would once again become like this… Why does it always has to be me…

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Chapter 12: School Transfer

I ran towards the academy, and as expected, the place was crowded with students.

The teachers were tasked with security, and were standing at the academy doors, preventing students from entering the school.

That’s a rather natural thing to do, as with a simple glance, two or more collapsed buildings in the academy could be seen. I recalled one of the buildings clearly, as it was the building the statue monster destroyed before leaping down from it.

But, it seems that the infirmary were untouched. After all, the place we were battling at was not close to the infirmary, and hence, there were no signs of destruction at the infirmary.

However, the academy had been sealed off, and the teachers did not allow anyone from entering. The people inside should have been brought out by now.

Two hours had past since the conclusion of the battle, so…

“Fir, you’re here.”

Suddenly, I felt a pat on my back.

“Un? Irlin? So you girls were here.”

The people behind Irlin were her friends.

“You sure ran quite fast, huh? To to think you would leave us there and flee on your own.”

“That’s right.”

“As a man, you don’t even have a little sense of responsibility.”

“That’s right.”

Mur’s and Sheil’s tsukkomis were still going strong.

I left so as to save all of you… Although I wanted to say that, but, I would obviously be courting my own death if I did so.

“Let’s put me aside for now, what happened on your end?”

It’s best to change the topic for now.

“Umm… Because something weird happened in the academy, Mur, Sheil, and I were carried out by a teacher tasked to evacuate the people. Seems like a monster attacked the academy, and caused everyone in the school to fall into deep slumber.”

Irlin explained.

“Did anyone describe the monster’s appearance?”

Irlin wanted to say something, but the other two girls at the side cut in.

“It had wings.”

“Bone wings.”

“Devilish face.”

“Giant figure.”

“A demon.”

“A monster.”

“I say, did you girls used to chat in QQ in your previous lives? Why can’t you two link your words into complete sentences?”
(t/n: QQ: China’s version of Windows Messenger.)

“QQ? What’s that?”

“It means, why can’t you two finish what you want to say in a single sentence?”

“Obviously, it sounds so much better like this.”

“That’s right. It sounds more rhythmic like this.”

“Fine, I will give it to you two…”

Looking towards the direction of the school, I continued.

“Then what are you girls planning to do? Since things have become like this, I’m not sure whether they would proceed with the Annual Tournament.”

“There isn’t a need to worry about that. Earlier, the supervising teachers explained to us. Everyone is allowed to stay in the nearby hotel, and the Annual Tournament will proceed as planned.”

“Is that so?”

“Because the competition venue was not damaged, so there’s no problems.”

Competition venue… The buildings that were destroyed were buildings used for some magical research and the northern battle arena. However, since they said that the competition venue was not damaged, then only the western arena is left.

However, I recall that the arena there isn’t as good as the one in the north…

“And, I decided to transfer to this school. Like this, I wouldn’t need to return even after the Annual Tournament ends.”


Not just me, her other two friends were looking at her flabbergasted.


“That’s right, why?”

“Aren’t we knights?”

“Why do you want to transfer to a Magic Academy?”

“Because… Because…”

Irlin looked at me, and continued.

“Because, I will be able to forget about some of my family matters here…”


Her two companions looked at each other, and helplessly shook their heads at the same time.

They then looked towards me.


The two girls sighed at the same time.

“I don’t understand.”

“Why does it have to be this guy?”

“It’s fine. After all, I’m a Magic Knight. Gray Magical Academy did issue me an invitation once, but because of several reasons, I ended up rejecting them then.”

Looks like Irlin did her own homework. She understood quite well.

“As a Magic Knight, I’m really strong, you know?”

“In other words, you will enter this academy as an Ice Magic Knight? They probably won’t be creating an Ice Magic Knight School, so you will be entering my Ice Magic School.”

“Seems so.”

“Looks like my upcoming academy life is going to be quite lively…”

I helplessly smiled.

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Part 3: Start of the Annual Tournament

Chapter 13: Sleep Early, Wake Up Early, Healthy Body

“Alright, the lesson will end here today. You guys can leave now.”

The Ms. Mari today is still as lazy. When the class just started, she hastily ended the curriculum for the day and announced the end of her lesson. And immediately after that, she disappeared from the classroom. Looking at this irresponsible teacher, I only have two words for her: good job.

After all, I don’t even understand this theory class at all. Lessons about magic particles and aggregations or whatever, to me, the contents are basically equal to wormhole research and the like. They’re simply beyond my comprehension.

Compared to wasting my time on them, I would rather increase my skill proficiencies. It would probably allow me to have a higher chance of surviving when fighting opponents several levels higher than mine.

“Fir, let’s eat dinner!”

“No. Fir already promised to eat at my place!”

“Hah? Why? Fir is currently my partner in the Annual Tournament! The competition starts tomorrow, we have to discuss our battle strategies for tomorrow over dinner!”

“You two have been discussing for a week, shouldn’t that be enough? You already used that excuse for an entire week!”

“It’s obviously better to have more battle strategies, right!?”

“Why are you two even fighting over a simple dinner?”

I don’t really have to explain, is there? Every day after class, only Irlin and Princess Michelle would fight over something like this.

The incident a week ago was already labelled as the ‘Undead Thursday’. Within a few days, the Saint Church and Temple Knights flooded into the academy, and when their investigations did not bear any fruit, they concluded that the ‘Undead fled’, and left the academy.

And Falan who disappeared for a couple of days casually returned to the society’s activity room. I really wonder what she did to avoid being pulled out when they investigated the number of people who were involved in the incident. Or maybe she’s not even in the student roster or something.

But that’s not the main point.

The point was that Irlin joined our class ever since that day. Though, that’s not the most terrible part.

The scariest thing was… Irlin’s introduction was actually, ‘Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Irlin Wood. I’m Fir’s fiancee’!

Oh my god, just what kind of ridiculous harem anime’s opening is this? How am I going to survive through this?

If Irlin was not wearing her mask, I would probably have been stared to death by several male students in the class.

Fortunately, our class specialized in Ice Magic, and there were more girls than boys, otherwise, I would definitely be in trouble.

But… The discussions happening around the class are really frustrating the hell out of me.

“So the reason why Fir was keeping such a low profile was because he already had a fiancee, huh?”

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that he had this kind of preferences.”

“But are you sure it was not a political marriage?”

“Definitely not. Earlier, Irlin was very happy when she introduced herself as such.”

“But why does she wear a mask?”

“Who knows? Fir’s hobby?”

Just what kind of nonsense are you guys making up? Irlin’s mask is a hobby of mine? Can something like that even be regarded as a hobby? Hobbies should be something like those mouth plugs, right?

Of course, as a positive youth who loves life, I declare that I will never have such hobbies.

However, among the boys in this class, there’s one who is absolutely happy about this, and that’s Kechjen.

“Fir, how could you not tell me that you have such a beautiful fiancee? As your fellow brother, I’m really hurt. But, I support you. If you want me to introduce you to any fun places, I will definitely bring you there, as long as you bring Lanya over as well.”

Every single day, he would always talk to me about Lanya. However, when I told him to talk to her himself, he did not have the guts to do so.

But, at the same time, there’s someone who was really unhappy about it as well, and that’s Princess Michelle.

For an entire week, she pulled me to restaurants near the academy to eat. Although she said we were going to discuss battle strategies, but, truthfully… I don’t even know what to discuss about.

Currently, I’m LV 19. When I throw a magical attack with a freezing effect, normally, an Elementary Grade Magician, with the highest level reaching LV 15, will instantly turn into an ice statue.

And after that, it will be Princess Michelle’s time. After all, the damage of any attack that lands on a frozen target will be multiplied, and is one of the methods for her to deal the last hit.

In other words, this Annual Tournament quest is completely in the bag.

However, something is bugging me. When I leveled up above LV 15, several details were added into the Annual Tournament quest. Two additional unknown quests and rewards. Although I could not make clear of the details, however, according to my knowledge of this world’s system, I have a feeling that completing this quest is no longer as simple as it seems to be.

But, since that’s the case, then completing this quest would probably earn me quite a big amount of experience.

However, these two girls are always fighting over silly things, they’re really incomprehensible.

At the very least, I don’t understand them.

“I say, why don’t we eat together at my place? I have ingredients available…”

“Alright, no problem!”

“Then we shall do that!”

The two girls actually immediately agreed.

But… Two hours later, I regretted it.

“This… What are these?”

Looking at the ‘food’ that were sparkling gold, I asked with cold sweat dripping down my face.

“They’re dinner~”

The two girls said together.

Alright, I had lived for so many years, and other than food made by Mao and Furukawa Bread, I had never seen food that could glow. And, before my eyes, it’s evidently shining gold. (t/n: Mao: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%C5%ABka_Ichiban! Furukawa Bread: http://clannad.wikia.com/wiki/Furukawa_Bread)

Just what kind of food would glow after cooking? I really have no idea. However, such a thing is currently right here in front of me, and I could only sigh at how big this world is.

Although they looked like normal Scallop Beancurd Soup and Stir-Fried Shredded Pork, why are they glowing?

Although I don’t really understand, however, from my thousands and millions of experiences, they’re telling me that beautiful things are very dangerous. A poisonous mushroom is a very powerful example of a beautiful yet dangerous food.

After collating all my thoughts above, my conclusion is the things before me are extremely dangerous, and I might die from eating them.

But… I definitely can’t say that I don’t want to eat them. If I were to say those words, I can’t even imagine what kind of death awaits me.

“Un, then I will try some.”

With a hand holding onto my bowl, I used my other hand to open my inventory and pulled the Poison Cure Potion into my hotbar.

And then, as the two young girls eagerly watch me try the soup… In that instant, an unknown feeling suddenly filled my entire body, and when I wanted to tap on the potion, my finger stopped in mid-air.

It’s not that I don’t wish to move, rather… I can’t move at all!

Paralysis… Just what kind of ingredients did they add to cause a paralysis effect!?

And right after, a familiar ‘unconscious’ countdown timer appeared. Looking at this, I helplessly shook my head, and calmed myself.

I will just take it as I’m sleeping early today…

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Chapter 14: Annual Tournament’s Prelude

The ‘unconscious’ status today is acting really weird. The countdown for the status kept changing.

The status was supposed to last 2 hours. When only about 10 minutes was left, the countdown returned to 2 hours. And this loop continued.

What the hell is this joke? Is it a bug?

It seems that I have to create an all-status immunity equipment in the future. Otherwise, I will definitely develop sleep disorders from being unconscious for so many times!

Although I’m not that against to being unconscious, however, when we had dinner, there was only about 12 hours left before the Annual Tournament begins. Is there really no problem sleeping like this right now?

Looking at the countdown that kept changing, I was starting to get worried. After all, the tournament was EXP that’s made easily accessible. There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip, huh. If my EXP is going to just run away like that, then I will seriously drown myself in tears.


Why is there a weird taste in my mouth?


A disgusting feeling suddenly welled up in my throat, and the moment I opened my mouth, sparkling golden ‘food’ was vomited out.

After a good long while, I finally felt better, and then looked around me.

“Yo, good morning.”

“It’s already quite late. Why are you here, Aliyah?”

“Because it’s almost time for your match to start. However, when I realized you weren’t in the participant seats, I came over to the waiting room, and saw you lying here.”

Then, she pointed to the two girls who was looking at me with very guilty eyes, and said.

“I asked why you were like that, but I never expected you to eat poisonous food… And it seems you really went at it. To think they were even shining gold, just how did you manage to eat them all?”

“Don’t ask me, ask them.”

I quickly opened my inventory, and tapped on Stun Dispel, Poison Cure, and Paralysis Cure Potions once.

Finally, I tapped on an Energy Potion, and my entire body returned to normal.

And I actually laid for 12 hours, my fatigue meter was already filled to the brim, so there’s no need to worry about that.

“Umm… Fir… Sorry.”

Irlin walked over and said softly.

“Something went wrong with the soup when I was preparing its flavor.”

“When I was putting in the ingredients as well… So, sorry.”

I didn’t expect Princess Michelle to apologize as well. This is really rare.

“Hai~ Don’t worry. But, let’s have meals outside next time.”

“That’s right. If it was me, I will definitely not choose to make the food myself. I have not swept through all the restaurants here yet.”

“Aliyah, I didn’t expect that you would acknowledge your own shortcomings!”

“But of course… Wait, what’s that supposed to mean!”

The moment she agreed, Aliyah rebutted back.

“Do you think the food I make is terrible!? Hmph! I will never make any golden food, you know!”

“How about purple?”

“… Occasionally.”


Alright. She’s the same weight class as the two other girls here. I shall put this document into my brain’s warning folder, and name it ‘List of People who Make Inedible Food’.

“Alright, this isn’t the time to chat, right? What time is it? Has the tournament started?”

“The tournament has started, but your match is placed behind, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Even if that’s the case, it’s best to quickly head over.”

“Don’t worry, this is the waiting room. The arena’s just outside.”

She’s right. This room looks almost like the battle arena’s waiting room, but I have never came to the western arena before, so I did not have an impression of it.

When I pushed the door open, the earthshaking cheers rushed into my ears. If there weren’t any flashes of magic from the ring, I would even suspect that an ancient colosseum was right in front of me.

That’s right, I’m referring to those animal-fighting colosseums. Looking at the mini-map, I confirmed my current position, and it was indeed the battle arena in the western district.

It seems like, the arena here actually has the function to link up all the surrounding arenas, and form a large colosseum!

As I thought, there are many ways whereby magic is more convenient than science!

The colosseum was separated into three portions, for the Elementary Grade teams, Intermediate Grade teams, and the Advanced Grade teams to fight respectively.

What’s in front of us was the Elementary Grade’s ring, and currently, the Water-type and Earth-type teams are engaged in their duel.

And on the spectator seats, the different elemental schools were gathered. They can be distinguished by the color of the robes they were wearing.

Among them, the Wind Magicians and Summoners already left the arena… Are you serious? Shir’s class actually lost?

“What time is it now?”

“If you’re thinking of getting more nauseant, give up. You were already unconscious up till noon. Do you think it will be easy to get a nauseant in this time of the day?”

“Actually, you can buy that from Lanya.”

“Lanya? If you’re talking about the swindler with the golden twin-tails, I actually bought the one I used on you from her.”

“… Alright.”

That girl sure is professional, to think she wouldn’t forget to do business even at a time like this.

“Hurry up and head to the participant seats. If you’re aren’t in the seats when it’s your turn, you will be disqualified.”


The so-called participant seats are actually a row of chairs placed right at the front of the spectator stands. There’s 16 of these chairs in total, and the team left sitting there… was actually the Fire-type team.

So I’m facing a team I’m elementally weak against in the first round? I’m not sure whether this is a blessing or a curse.

Lee Xilikis LV 15 Fire Magician [Kind] [Focused] [Hellfire] [Fourth Magician Squad’s Vice Captain of Fel Empire’s Third Army]

This guy buried his entire body in his own Magician’s robe. He seems pretty strong.

Brecht Fel LV 13 Fire Magician [Neutral] [Firm] [Royalty] [Wild] [Disciple of Fire] [Third Prince]

And looking at the person next to him, he had about the same level as Lee, and his red hair was tied behind his head.

Compared to his scary titles, his expression looked pretty pure, and had a hint of majesty.

Royalty, huh?

This academy sure has a lot of students with big roles. Why don’t they take up Knight-related classes, but become Magicians instead?

Adding him, I have met a total of three people with royal blood, and they are all from different empires. So, will I be able to summon a wish-granting dragon after meeting all royalties of different elemental types?

Of course, that won’t be possible.

And when the prince called Brecht caught sight of us, he turned and nodded in our direction.

At the same time, the battle on the ring was reaching its climax.

Evidently, after a long-drawn battle, the two sides were both exhausted.

The Water-type team actually had people I know, and they were Princess Anne and Elan.

Elan was using Water Arrows to harass their opponents, while Princess Anne was casting.

Looking at those complex magical symbols, it was definitely not any ordinary magic skill.

And on the other side, the two Earth-type students were bitterly using an Earth Wall to hold on as long as possible.

Although Earth Magic is the element with the strongest defense, however, under the constant barrage of Water Arrows, half of the Earth Wall was already smashed away.

“Tsunami of the End!”

A large magic circle was formed completely. After a slight quake, from the magic formation, a large wave poured out, and it engulfed the place where the two Earth-type participants were.

I already saw that their HP was depleted, but in the arena, they basically wouldn’t die.

“Victory goes to the Water-type team!”

The water on the ring slowly rescinded. The judge immediately ran over to confirm the Earth-type team’s conditions, and announced the results.

A slight smile appeared on Princess Anne’s face, and she turned and went down the ring.

“Fir, and here I thought you ran away again.”

Seeing me at the participant seats, Princess Anne smiled.

“How can that be? I believe we will have a chance to meet on the ring.”

“Is that so? The person beside you doesn’t seem to think that way.”

I looked at the person she was pointing to, and the two participants in the Fire-type team were glaring at me.

“Uhh… Let’s hurry and begin!”

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Chapter 15: Bone-Piercing Ice and Blazing Heart (I)

“The final Elementary Grade match today will be a fight between the Ice Team’s Fir and Princess Michelle and the Fire Team’s Lee and Prince Brecht. Both teams look pretty confident. But from what I heard, last night, Fir from the Ice Team seemed to have gotten a bad stomach ache. I wonder if it will have any influence on his battle today.”

The moment I stepped into the ring, the host left me completely speechless.

You’re totally not giving me any face. I dare you to tell me what that guy, whose wearing a thick robe, over there ate last night. Well? Why aren’t you doing it, huh?

“Hey, host. Can you stop gossipping?”

I turned and stared at the host in the eye.

The host was a young girl filled with question marks, even though she did not look that much older than me.

But since I could only see question marks above her, it meant she’s not an ordinary person.

And she actually matched her white hair with a black one-piece dress. Her taste is pretty unique.

Is she Black and White?
(t/n: The author is referring to the hand-game Black and White, 黑白配.)

“Aiya~ Our student Fir is actually complaining~ He’s the first person to rebut me today~ Kalua is really happy~”

Just when she completed her sentence, her name automatically updated.

Kalua Silubell

Of course, her other information is still a row of question marks. Although I have one chance to see through some of her information, but there really isn’t a need to do so right now.

“Then may I ask if it was true that you had a stomach ache yesterday?”

This girl is actually happily starting an interview.

“Is there a good reason for me to tell you that?”

“I will tell you my three sizes?”

“Is it really fine for you to say all that with Voice Amplifying Magic?”

Although I’m not sure if it’s really alright for her to do so, but I could hear earthshaking cheers coming from the boys at the spectator stands.

Oh my god, where did all the nobles’ dignity go? Was it eaten by dogs?

“No problems~ It’s my mission to hype up the crowd, after all~”

“Alright, I did get a terrible stomach ache last night.”


This girl clutched her stomach as she laughed for quite a while. And then, she suddenly stood back up.

“Alright! Let the final match of the Elementary Grade begin!”

“Hey, your promised three sizes…”

Before I could finish what I wanted to say, I was kicked by Princess Michelle.

“You seriously wanted to know? You bastard!”

“I’m only helping out my fellow brothers… Ice Castle!”

With a blue flash, several ice blocks appeared before us to form an ice wall. At the same time, a large fireball fiercely smashed onto the wall. Several cracks instantly appeared on it, and pieces of ice that were shaved off flew across my face.

This sure is refreshing. Unfortunately, I prefer snow ice over shaved ice.

“My dear princess, if you’re done playing, it’s time to work. What’s your strongest magic spell?”

“Ice Fall.”

Ice Fall, intermediate-grade ice magic spell. It uses 800MP to create a large block of ice with 5 meters in length in the sky, and it will freeze and slow down the opponent with a hundred percent chance when hit.

However, the problem with this magic spell is that it requires time to fall. From the time it appears to the time it lands, it will take a whole 5 seconds. In usual cases, within this time, the opponents would have already left the skill range.

This magic skill could be considered a strengthened version of Ice Meteor. However, its speed is utterly incomparable. But, as long as we’re able to restrain their movements, then the problem will be solved.

And the moment the first one lands, we can continuously drop Ice Falls, and our opponents will basically not be able to flee.

But, we must still make sure the first one lands.

“Un, alright. Let’s go with that…”

After instructing Princess Michelle, the rest is up to me. This feels the same as the party-commanding system…

Alright, there’s still some differences. If a party-commanding system really do exist, it would be great. At least, I would have a party member who could endlessly recover HP.

However, our current opponents being elementally advantageous is a problem. If I don’t get serious, we might not win at all.

Another fireball flew over, and the Ice Castle was smashed into pieces. At the same time, I was on all fours on the ground. The shattered ice pieces flew over my head, while my Ice Valley was already heading towards where the fireball came from.

A chain of ice spikes continuously rose from the ground, and at the same time, I followed after them, and passed through the fog created by the evaporating Ice Castle.

After passing through the fog, what welcomed me were several fireballs that filled the entire sky.

Ice Shield!

I instantly blocked the two nearest fireballs, and sped through the opening created in the middle. Simultaneously, I threw a series of Ice Arrows in all four directions.

Complementing the Ice Valley on the ground, the ring quickly became surrounded by blue ice crystals.

Of course, I did not shoot the arrows randomly. Even though the ring was currently surrounded with fog and pieces of ice, but, my opponents’ red names were still clearly displayed in front of me!

Ice Spike!

The surrounding pieces of ice congregated on my hand, and when the form of a giant Ice Spike was completed, it immediately flew towards Lee.

However, he was fiercely enveloped by a bright red aura. A huge flame made of countless magical symbols covered his entire body, and the moment the Ice Spike tried to pierce through it, it simultaneously evaporated!

Alright, even though I’m unable to pierce it through, I should be able to push you, right!?

Ice Totem!

Unlike the Ice Spike, the Ice Totem does not concentrate on point-attacks, but a wider range.

An Ice Totem flew towards him. Although it was instantly shattered, but, Lee’s flame was momentarily extinguished, and he was sent flying.

I mean, seriously, that was a elementary-grade ice magic spell with maximum proficiency. Although I’m unaware of the grade of magic he used for those flames, even if I had never seen it within the list of my elementary-grade fire magic spells, however, since I’m already LV 19, it won’t do if I could not at least break through his defenses.

And the speed of my Ice Totem is much faster than my Ice Spike, hence, it was much more effective.


Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from the other direction.

Hearing the name of the spell, it sounds rather formidable?

At the same time, a head-numbing wave of heat could be felt from above me.

I looked up, a gigantic blazing fireball of unfathomable size was falling quickly from the sky, and evidently, it’s target was me!

Why do all these nobles usemMagic spells that I have never seen before? Hey hey, what happened to the rules of not being able to learn spells beyond your grade, huh? Do you think it’s right for VIP players to mistreat regular players!?

Alright, fine, it’s a perfect time for an experiment.

Ice Meteor!

Firstly, I threw my Ice Meteor at the fallen Lee and trapped him in ice.

And then, I bind myself tightly with several Ice Castles and Ice Shields. Lastly, I added an Ice Armor to increase my defense.

My MP was thus completely depleted. I opened my inventory and tapped on the MP Recovery Potion and Defense Increase Potion. In the next second, a sound like that of a car crash resounded from above, and cracks began to travel down the surrounding ice blocks.

The Ice Armor on my body was also slightly shattered, at the same time, my HP bar moved by a bit.

That’s right, only by a bit.

This is an obvious result. His offensive strength should only be about 1,400 X 1.3 = 1,820. Even if this magic spell could double his strength, it would only be 3,640 at most. However, at my level, my base defense is actually 3,400.

Hence, allow me to give a disappointed look.

Thus, in front of the opponent’s shocked expression, I stood up from the layers of shattered ice.

“Are you done? Have you finished using your magic spells? If you’re done, then it’s my turn~”

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Chapter 16: Bone-Piercing Ice and Blazing Heart (II)

Looking at the frozen Lee who was at the side, his HP was already depleted, and there were traces of burns on his clothes.

Looks like, according to the experiment, they did not have invulnerability against their party members’ attacks. When Brecht’s magic skill ‘Sunfall’ landed on Lee who was frozen next to me, his remaining HP was instantly depleted.

And currently, only Brecht was left as our opponent.

“Looks like you have pretty strong magic spells. Was that intermediate or advanced grade?”

I asked as I slapped away the bits of ice off my body.

“… With that strength of yours, you shouldn’t even be in the elementary grade in the first place, right?”

He held his magic staff onto his chest, and gripped it tightly, displaying a feeling of desperation.

However, from his painful expression, he understood that his attacks will not have any effects on me.

“To think you would be unharmed after getting hit by an advanced-grade magic spell… Really incredible.”

“So it was advance-grade, huh. No wonder all of my guards were destroyed instantly. If you were a little bit stronger, I might not have been able to withstand it.”

“Is that so? Hahaha. Alright, although I do not really care about obtaining victory in this Annual Tournament, however, I really wish to see the full extent of your abilities. After all, your next opponent will not be simply someone that can use advanced grade magic, but a monster capable of using forbidden grade magic.”

After saying that, he looked towards Princess Anne’s direction.

Princess Anne furrowed her brows. It seems that people outside the ring could hear our conversation.

And, right from the start, the host had been talking about something really lively on the stage outside the ring. Most likely, she’s still slandering me.

“Alright, I really wish to know how far I can go with just elementary grade magic as well!”

When he heard what I said, he gave a wry smile. Then, he took out a red bead from his chest and threw it into his mouth.

And just when I was thinking of what the thing he ate was, a red ripple of light was fiercely emitted out of his body, and it swept the entire ring.

In an instant, all of the ice crystals in the ring converted back into magic particles. Other than the stones and cracks on the ring, nothing else was left.

To think it would be able to cause all the ice which was made out of condensed magic particles to evaporate in an instant? Just what is that magic spell?

And in the next second, his name, titles, and even his level underwent a change!

Unleashed Brecht Fel LV 23 Fire Demonic Being[Neutral] [Firm] [Royalty] [Wild] [Disciple of Fire] [Third Prince] [Awakened Form]

What the hell? Did you renew your mod or something?

Even if you’re awakened, you shouldn’t have an instant increase of 10 levels, right!? Are you kidding me? Just where did you buy such a convenient bead? Do you mind selling me one?

If he’s LV 23, his base strength should be about 5,000. A Magician’s… No, this guy actually turned into a Demonic Being? Is that a class or a race? Even if I were to assume he only had his Elemental Magician’s enhancement bonus of 1.3 times, this guy’s magic strength was at least 6,500!

My base defense is 3,400. Even if I equip the shield I bought before and reinforce it with Ice Shield Summon, the defense added will only be 2,400, and only a total of 5,800!

And even if I were to stack my Ice Castle and Ice Armor, they can only block about 1,500 points of damage.

Which meant that I could only block up to 7,300 points worth of damage, and I have yet to include his weapon into my calculations…

My future is looking bleak!

And not only did his name and titles change, with the spreading of the red ripple of light, several red magic symbols appeared on his body. His originally tied hair scattered about, and the red hair turned into streams of red flames. His eyes also turned crimson, and flames were coming out from his eyes.

And, he was actually hovering in the sky…

“My dear prince, isn’t this a little too much? How am I going to fight like this?”

“Do everything you can, I guess~”

He smiled.

You guys have seen how a demon lord grin before, right? Right now, this guy is giving me the same feeling.

And then, that weird smile suddenly magnified!

Sensing the danger, I immediately raised my Blasphemer to defend, however, when the blazing fist struck my wand, I was still sent flying in the air!

My HP was instantly depleted by a third. If I did not still have my Ice Armor on, I might already be bleeding profusely by now.

When Brecht turned into a demonic being, it seems that his physical strength was increased as well, and his speed was increased by several folds.

Even without using any magic skills, his fist alone could deal so much damage. If he were to use magic, wouldn’t that be…

Just when I was thinking about this, I looked up and saw Brecht opening his mouth. A stream of red flames was released from his throat. Immediately, I tapped on Accelerate, and at the same time, I charged to the right to avoid his attack!

The floor where the red flames swept across burst apart. If I were hit by those flames, I would definitely turn into a fried chicken!

Too strong! This is simply not something a human could do!

There’s definitely a price for an awakening like this, right? Otherwise, wouldn’t it be too frightening?

“Alright, let’s end this immediately! Sunfall!”

With a swipe of his finger, a fireball which was twice as large as the one before, appeared in the sky. It then began to fall slowly!

But, I simply smiled.

“I did say it earlier. From now on, it’s my time. Why can’t you just give up?”

I charged right in front of him, and simultaneously, I quickly drank down a Quick MP Recovery Potion with my right hand.

There’s a very long cooldown for using potions like this one, but, it could instantly completely recover my HP. And, the reason why I would use it at this time, was to naturally… bring this guy right above the the fireball using Flash Movement!

“Princess Michelle, it’s your turn! Your target is 50 meters above the fireball!”

“Ice Fall!”

In the next second, we already appeared in the sky. Above us, was a giant ice block created by ‘Ice Fall’, and below us, was a fireball made by ‘Sunfall’.

“You… You could actually use Spatial Manipulation Magic?”

“It’s only a means to escape. But, using it like this isn’t bad either.”

“Why did you follow me here? Don’t you know I’m able to fly?”

“I know that. But, you can’t fly for long, right? Your transformation shouldn’t be able to last long, otherwise, you wouldn’t be anxious to use such a big attack to conclude the match. However, since you haven’t been using any aerial attacks to attack me, it meant that you’re not that familiar with flying either. Hence, I made a bet.”

“A bet… on what?”

“Whether if your magic could harm you! Ice Totem!”

An Ice Magic circle appeared between us, and a large ice totem pushed Brecht towards the ice block created by ‘Ice Fall’!

When struck by ‘Ice Fall’, it would definitely freeze the target!

‘Slowed’ and ‘Frozen’ icons appeared beside Brecht’s name. Then, Ice Fall brought Brecht and rushed towards me.

Fortunately, with this little bit of time, I managed to recover a little bit of my MP using a MP Recovery Potion.

An Ice Totem immediately sent me out of the Ice Fall’s radius, and then, the large ice block pushed Brecht towards the giant fireball below…


The floor struck by the fireball turned into a sea of flames, and at the same time, steam created by the evaporating ice blocks covered the ring.

At the other corner of the ring, Princess Michelle who was covered by a circular Ice Shield looked at the entire scene shockingly. Looking at her expression, it seems that this was the first time she saw a magic tournament such as this.

Quest Updated
Main Quest: Annual Tournament Battles – 1/3 Completed.
Additional Quest Objective: Allow Michelle to deal the last hits for all battles – 1/3 Completed.

Two more battles to go!!

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Chapter 17: The Feeling of Being a Celebrity

The battle just ended, and a mixture of light began to circle the entire ring.

The traces of battle disappeared and the destroyed ring returned to normal in an instant. Only Lee and Brecht were left lying on the floor.

Princess Michelle and I looked at each other, and gave each other a high five.

“Fir, in that battle earlier, you were really awesome! How did you manage to do those skillful movements?”

‘I learnt that from playing games.’ I really wanted to say that, but oh well.

“Probably because I usually focus on working out.”

If a professional were to hear me say that, I would definitely be rewarded with a slap or two. After all, it would be all nonsense to them.

At the same time, the barrier around the ring was dispelled, and earth-shattering cheers came from all around us.

Not just the elementary grade students, but there were voices of students from the intermediate and advanced grade as well.

“Students! Earlier, we have all witnessed a spectacular battle! Fir from the Ice Team, with his skillful magical techniques, actually managed to strike down Brecht from the Fire Team even when he used a magic tool which violated the rules! This is basically the most beautiful magic battle I have ever seen!”

The host, Kalua, shouted loudly in the air, and the cheers from the students were raised to another level.

Eh? Brecht’s mod was against the rules? What the hell. If I knew about it, I wouldn’t have continued. It was frightening as hell.

I was only fortunate that my usage of spells were successful. If there were any miscalculations, I would have fell into the sea of flames in that battle earlier.

And, I’m different from them. They’re protected by the barrier in place. If my HP is depleted, and no one were to pass me a Recovery Potion in a limited time frame, I would really die.

Also, my battle capabilities were immediately exposed. This definitely isn’t beneficial for my later matches…

Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!
Current LV: 7
Resistance increased by 70 points.
Active skill unlocked!

Active Skill: Counter
When attacked, absorbs 70% of the incoming damage. The absorbed damage will be added to your next attack.

Alright, I knew this would happen. I’m already used to it.

But I managed to earn a skill, so it isn’t a loss.

And at this moment, several people that looked like medical officers rushed up the ring, and ran towards Brecht’s and Lee’s direction. The other two who looked like teachers walked over to us, and one of them swept her magic staff around my body.

“Oh oh, the teachers in-charge of inspection have some results… Un. Our dear student Fir used his own power, without using any magic tools, to defeat his opponent! Let us give him the loudest of applause!”

With Kalua’s announcement, the atmosphere was once again liven up.

And the inspecting teachers at the side revealed slight smiles as well.

“Congratulations, Fir. Your battle earlier was really spectacular. When I heard from Mari-sensei that your battle capabilities were strong, even though you had poor theory results, I really couldn’t believe it. However, after seeing your battle today, you’re really out of the ordinary.”

The one who spoke up was the teacher who scanned me. She had wavy blue hair, and was wearing a headscarf. She looked pretty similar to Mari-sensei.

But, her name and titles were filled with question marks as well, her level must be frighteningly high.

“You flatter me. I’m only a tad bit agile, that’s all.”

I smiled and replied.

“It’s not just that, isn’t it? You instantly used an Ice Shield to block the incoming fireballs, and even used Ice Totems to move. These two maneuvers themselves were praiseworthy. I have never seen a student capable of casting so quickly and accurately.”


I don’t even have any casting time at all, and people believed that everything was judged and planned in advance. This is really embarrassing.

“And for you to act like how you did earlier, it’s not possible if you did not have the courage to do so. With just this point alone, you already did very well.”

“Thank you…”

“Your last magic inspection was… a month ago right? Back then, you were Elementary Grade, but from my analysis earlier, you should already be in the Intermediate Grade level. You sure improve fast. But don’t worry, we will not send you directly to the intermediate grade tournament. For matters regarding yourgGrade advancement, we will have to wait till the tournament ends.”

“Alright, I understand. Thank you.”

“Then, for now, please follow me. Your next battle will be in the two days. Before then, please have a nice rest.”

“Two days? Why isn’t it tomorrow?”

She looked at me weirdly, and then smiled.

“Looks like you still have plenty of energy to spare. Aren’t you feeling tired at all?”

When she mentioned it, I finally noticed my fatigue meter below my HP bar.

As expected, it was depleted by two-thirds. Looks like the earlier battle was indeed really exhausting.

However, I wouldn’t have realized it until the meter is close to being empty. Hence, I didn’t feel any exhaustion.

“After I hear you say that, I do feel a little tired. It seems it will be good to have a full day of rest.”


She smiled, and then guided us out of the ring.

“Fir, this time, you must really teach me your battle techniques! You were seriously incredible!”

The moment I got out of the ring, I could hear Shir shouting out loud.

“That’s right, please teach me how to fight!”

“Please give me your autograph!”

“Just now, how did you dodge that fireball? That was so awesome!”

“That’s right, please tell us! And then give me your autograph!”

The exit was packed in an instant, just like a celebrity’s autograph session. I really do not know what to do in this situation.

“Stop with the noise. Can’t you guys let Fir have his rest?”

Irlin who was suited with her armor squeezed out of the crowd, and pulled me away.

“Princess Michelle, hurry up and catch up to us, otherwise you will never be able to get away later!”

Princess Michelle was stunned momentarily, and when she saw that I was being dragged away, she quickly followed us out of the crowd.

However, the people at the back did not spare any thoughts and chased after us.

It seems that I’m experiencing the life of a celebrity, and to tell you the truth, it’s feels really terrible.

“Alright, you lot, give the participants some rest!”

Suddenly, three people rushed out and blocked the path of the people chasing us.

When I turned to look, I was surprised to see Falan, Yybril and Lanya.

The brilliant white aura emitted by Yybril instantly stopped the mob from advancing. As expected of the academy’s strongest trio.

“Let’s do a trade. Whoever wishes to buy a high-definition recording of the battle earlier please come over~ 500 gold each~ Please form a queue~”

Looking at Lanya’s bulky backpack, the corner of my mouth twitched for a moment.

What the hell! Why didn’t you contact me about a money-making business like this one!? And I was the one who did the work in that battle!

“Alright, hurry up!”

Before I could lament, Irlin increased her speed as she pulled me away.

“Where are we going?”

“Un… Let’s find a restaurant and have a meal.”


This is an answer derived from the bottom of my heart, and it is, and will be, the most correct decision I have ever made today.

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Part 4: It’s Not My Fault that I’m so Popular!

Chapter 18: Late Night Visitor


At the north-eastern district outside the academy, there’s a high-class restaurant called ‘Dragon’s Night’. Currently, inside its private room, we were holding up our glasses to celebrate our victory for the day.

Other than Irlin and Princess Michelle, there were also Shir, Aliyah, Falan and the girls, and our classmates.

However, it was Princess Michelle’s idea to eat in this restaurant. Just like my former world, without having a certain level of identity, it wouldn’t be possible to enter a VIP-only restaurant like this.


Isn’t the notion in this world a bit too exaggerated? Even if our class had more than 30 people, there isn’t a need to offer us a room that could hold more than a 100 people, right? A table big enough to sit 50 people, and there’s two of them… Are you giving us the space to play Three Kingdom Slaughter or Werewolf Slaughter?
(t/n: TKS/WS are Chinese online card games that could hold a lot of people in a single round it seems.)

But, if that’s really the case, the game will simply end after everyone draw a single card…

But if I were to say something truthful… The food in high-class restaurants are indeed delicious. Compared to the food you eat on the streets, there’s really a considerably big difference.

Unfortunately, everyone were bombarding me with questions related to magic battles and techniques, and I could only get a spoon full every couple of minutes.

The current atmosphere felt like we already won the Annual Tournament. This however, made me a little worried.

Even though Brecht’s magic tool was against the rules, however, in fact, that’s just a special case.

If our next opponent possess a high-grade cheat-level magic tool that does not go against the rules, what will happen?

This is not something that I shouldn’t be worried about. After all, in my match earlier, I already exposed my actual strength. Even though my future opponents wouldn’t be sure of the upper limit of my strength, but, they would definitely use all their strength to defeat me right at the start.

Thinking about this, if I were to drop my guard at the beginning of the match earlier, and Brecht decided to drop a full-powered ‘Sunfall’ at me right at the start, it would definitely have been a difficult fight for me.

“What are you thinking about~? Mind telling us how you managed to dodge those attacks again~?”

“Ah… Un. Alright.”

No point think about it. It would eventually be a straight route the moment we reach the start of the bridge. We can always talk about this later.

The party ended late in the night, and everyone began to disperse back to their own lodgings.

The male and female dormitories are separated, and there are several nobles in our class, so their dormitories are obviously different from a commoner like me.

And, I’m not the type that require a large living space, hence, I picked the cheapest place to live in.

Hence, along the way back, I ended up being the only person left walking to my dormitory.

There aren’t any curfews set in the academy’s dormitories, so, it’s fine to return whenever.

My dormitory was situated in a far and secluded area. At a time like this, people would already be back home or decided not to return for the night. Hence, very quickly, the surroundings slowly became quiet.

However, I don’t really feel bored walking back alone. After all, through the walls, I could still see the names of people nearby.

It’s rather interesting to drop some tsukkomi’s on titles that some people have, and I could also find out a lot of information from looking at their titles.

For example, the guy named Madair on the right, he had titles like [Stingy] and [Traveler]. From these two titles, I could judge that he’s someone that does small-scale trading, as he’s not an actual merchant just yet. Hence, from this, I could deduce that title [Merchant] would not appear on anyone who simply does trading.

And the person called Dan behind me, why does his name look so weird…

Wait, his name is Dan?

I seem to recall someone with this name, and it’s very recent as well.

Because his name corresponds to someone else, called Dual. And if I recall, she’s a 17 year old muscular girl…

Alright, this isn’t the point. The point is, why is Princess Michelle’s bodyguard following me?

I looked around my surroundings, and I did not see Princess Michelle’s name.

That girl actually has a magic tool capable of invisibility? That’s impossible, right? If her bodyguard did not use it, why would she use hers?

Then the only explanation is… This guy especially came to look for me?

“Is there something you need? Is it something that we have to spend time talking about in my dorm over a cup of tea, or is it something that can be easily settled outside?”


I looked in Dan’s direction for quite a while. That guy seemed to have hesitated for a bit, before coming out from the shadows.

Haaa… This guy is actually covered entirely in black. What is he planning to do?

I don’t like men, you know.

“As expected, Fir, to be able to sense that I was following you, you’re beyond ordinary. Even though I did not hide intentionally, but normally, people would not be able to sense my presence. You did not intentionally look around for people who might be following you, rather, you saw me the moment you casually turned. It seems your actual strength is indeed above the level of this school’s Elementary Grade.”

“… Usually, when you’re silent, was it because you’re trying to be a mukuchi? When you suddenly said so much in a single breath, it’s really hard to adapt, you know?”
(t/n: mukuchi: http://www.tanoshiijapanese.com/dictionary/entry_details.cfm?entry_id=51158)

“Muku…chi? What’s that?”

“Don’t mind it. Oh well. I will answer you. It’s just easy for me to look for people that are hiding in my surroundings. And you did not use any hiding-related skills, so it was natural that I could see you.”

“Is that so? I did not expect you have such an ability.”

“Let’s put that aside. What are you trying to do by following me, while dressed entirely in black? Are you planning to do something to me?”

“Of course not. I’m Princess Michelle’s professional bodyguard. And the princess still needs to rely on you to win the Annual Tournament, so I can’t lay my hands on you.”

I can’t see his expression. Although his tone sounded rather relaxed, however, he did not have any intonation to his words at all, and it felt horrible.

“Then, why?”

“Because there’s someone who wish to avoid Princess Michelle and talk to you directly.”


What the hell? Why does a hidden scenario have to happen late in the night? Can’t you at least give me a chance to sleep?

Hey, look at how tired I am from today, and let me get some rest.

“Do you mind telling me, who is it?”

Although sleep is important, however, I can’t reject a situation where I might be able to earn something good.

“Follow me and you will find out. Trust me, and trust Princess Michelle. We will definitely not harm you.”

So what if you harm me? I can resurrect as long as I’m in the city. What can you do to stop me?

“Alright, lead the way.”

He nodded, and turned towards the alley.

Sighing, I chased after his name.

And then, this guy, after applying pressure to his feet, he actually jumped onto the top of the building when he entered the alley!

Oh my freaking god! Do you actually think I can fly!?
(t/n: Umm… you can, dude.)

I helplessly shook my head. Tapping on ‘Light Steps’ and ‘Accelerate’, I jumped onto the second floor. After that, I borrowed the balconies at the side and slowly jumped up.

“Please, stop making a Magician do what a Warrior do!”

“Aren’t you able to keep up with me just fine?”


With no words to fight back, this guy was seriously pissing me off.

However, for the possibility of a hidden quest, I will endure!

After sprinting across roofs for several minutes, we returned to the commercial district.

Although it was already time for bed, but some stores were still open.

Dan leapt for couple of times, and landed on a balcony of an unknown restaurant. He then walked in.

I followed after him and went in as well.

“So you’re Fir? As expected… You’re strong!”

The person in front of gave me a huge fright. After all, I read about him in the library’s information terminal!

Hur Ice Afungus

The Emperor of Ice Empire!

And… Princess Michelle’s father!

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Chapter 19: New Path

Hur Ice Afungus LV 38 Ice Magician LV ?? ?????? [Emperor of Ice Empire] [???] [???] [Forbidden Technique Possessor] [Bloody Ice Crystal]

Although I could see one of his class, however, his other class was not revealed.

As an empire which has Ice Magic as its pride, to think the emperor would have a class that is stronger than his Ice Magician class, this fact is making all of my hair stand on end.

I definitely must not anger this guy. Otherwise, I will no longer be able to move about freely in this entire continent…

The emperor’s hair was already grey in color, yet his pair of deep blue eyes held a cold light. He wore a blue robe with gold linings, and on the tip of his staff which he was holding, the cold aura emitting from the gem could be felt even from afar.

“Do not be afraid, since you’re a friend of Michelle, I will naturally not do anything that would harm you. However, if you were to harm Michelle, then that’s a different matter.”

“… I’m fully aware of that. So, the reason why you wish to see me this late in the night was to tell me not to bully your empire’s princess?”

“Hahaha! Interesting. As expected, you’re different from those people who would only flatter me with praises.”

The old man laughed, and stood up.

“That’s probably one of the reasons why you’re growing so quickly, I guess.”

Hearing his words, my mouth twitched.

This guy… Did he realize something?

“It was only a few months ago when you first enrolled into this academy. Back then, your magic ability was not as strong as Princess Michelle’s, right? But now, there’s practically no one in your current grade that can stand up to you. Isn’t that so?”


“Even if you don’t say it yourself, Dan was able to tell that your abilities had improved greatly. Just to let you know, Dan’s level is much higher than yours. Thus, he would naturally be able to gauge your strength with a simple glance.”

“I see…”

Then wouldn’t that mean there’s a lot of people who realized my jump in levels? And these people actually turned a blind eye?

Fortunately, they are not able to evaluate my actual level numerically, otherwise, at that time, my jump in 5 levels would have definitely frightened several people…

Wait a minute, if I recall, this guy called Dan was there when my level raised. So I caught his eye ever since then?

“Alright, I did work very hard to improve my abilities. But is there anything wrong with doing so?”

“Of course not. Rather, I’m very happy that you did. Because, you specialize in Ice Magic!”

The old man’s grin became wider.

“In other words, you hope that I would become a citizen of your Ice Empire?”

“Of course. In any case, you’re wanted by your country, aren’t you?”

“That kind of thing…”

“Do not deny it. After all, I’m fully aware of your identity. Back then, when Dan reported about you, I immediately became interested in you. However, my intelligence department was only able to find information about you up to when you first appear right before enrolling into the academy. And that’s when your bounty was commissioned by a small kingdom called Mitchell. Though, that king is an idiot, to think he would push his mistake onto you. But that’s understandable, after all, they’re a small country, hahaha. But there’s something else I’m interested in as well. You seemed to have entered the Wood household, and you were able to use ‘Ice Armor’ in the tournament earlier. I’m not wrong about that, right?”

“Un… You aren’t wrong.”

Alright, since you even used your intelligence department to investigate a small character like me, then, I have no choice but to admit to everything.

“Do you plan on sending me to Mitchell Kingdom for the judgment of my crimes?”

“Hahaha. Of course not. In the morning, I saw that you were pretty close to your other half, the young lady of the Wood household. Since your fiancee did not say a word about you, then I can’t really force myself into your matters. Don’t you think so?”


“Hahaha. Don’t mind it. Regarding the Wood household, in this entire continent, there’s even a branch family in another continent… No, the branch family should be in this continent, to be exact. Your other half is only a small part of the Wood household in the Mitchell Kingdom, hence, naturally, I know about about their household. But, their household generally keep to a low profile. In this case, you have seen it yourself. Even though two of their important figures disappeared, there’s not even a single reaction. Or if I were to put in another way, they are not that important to the main household at all.”

“Umm, I really appreciate that you used so many of your resources to not only investigate about me, but also matters regarding my fiancee. However, if I may ask, what are you getting at?”

Are you really here just to chat? Are you kidding me?

“Don’t rush. There’s always a certain procedure to doing things. But, since you asked, then I will be blunt.”

He kept his smile, and with a stern look, he asked.

“Just who are you?”


The same exact question, again. You guys are irritating, you know? Geez. ‘World’, you designed such an identity for me, but it’s totally half-assed. At the very least, give me some background regarding myself.

In this world, my identity is basically someone who was living under a rock the entire time, before I escaped the Beginners’ Village. How am I supposed to live like this?

“Alright, I can only tell you this. I don’t even know of my own identity.”

I shrugged.

“If it’s possible, I even hope you can help me find out about my past.”


He revealed a shocked expression after hearing my answer. He stared at me for quite a while, and then evidently went into deep thoughts.

“Interesting. I guess since I already said so much, you don’t have a need to lie to me, right? But since you don’t even know it yourself… I guess it’s still a mystery. Very well. I will appoint some people to investigate about your past. But since things turned out this way, I will skip a step then. Boy, do you want to become a citizen of our Ice Empire?”

Hearing this, it was my turn to get startled.

“You mean… Changing my nationality?”

“Nationality? You’re pretty good with your choice of words. That’s right, I hope that you could join our Ice Empire. If that happens, your bounty will lose its effect. After all, as a citizen of an empire, we will not allow a small kingdom like Mitchell to even attempt to arrest you.”

Wow! An empire sure is overpowered. So is it fine for a regular empire citizen to kill a couple of kingdom citizens?

Of course, since this was an issue of morality, I did not dare to ask. After all, if I were to get a definite answer, I would probably feel insecure.

“Looks like there’s several benefits to being an empire citizen. But, this doesn’t really help me that much, right? The thing about my bounty is already several months old. If no one were to especially investigate my identity, then I wouldn’t be found out, right?”

“Hmhm. Originally, that’s the case. But, did you forget what you did earlier in the afternoon?”

“In the afternoon…”

I used my weird battle style and exterminated the Fire-type team who used cheat mods…

Crap, how the hell did I forget about this?

Probably, everyone in this academy is currently checking out my profile, right?

Looks like I did several things that I shouldn’t have today.

“Alright, looks like you have thoroughly thought this through. Indeed, I no longer have any escape routes.”

“You could still decide to flee, right?”

“I still wish to study peacefully.”

“Oh, right, that’s the reason why you came to this academy, wasn’t it… Then let’s both propose a condition.”

The old man slightly smiled, and hinted me to walk over.

“My condition is for you to become a citizen of our Ice Empire. After that, I will directly bestow you the title as one of our empire’s State Magician, and you will be one of our empire’s forces. In exchange, I will provide you with all of our empire’s magic research and materials. As long as you do not spend too much money…”

“You’re saying I’m even allowed to take a look at your empire’s hidden magic skill books?”

“That’s right.”


“Then, everything is settled.”

Title Unlocked: [Ice Empire Citizen]
Familiarity with all Ice Empire citizens increased.

Title Unlocked: [Ice Empire’s State Magician]
Obtained the rights to use Ice Empire’s magic research and materials.

Main Quest: Revenge
Revealed: New Possible Ending
Requirement: Lead a country to liberate Mitchell Kingdom.
Reward(s):  Position as Provincial Chief, 1,000,000 EXP

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Chapter 20: Turning into a Woman is Impossible

After leaving the restaurant, there were three new items in my hands.

Two of them were the Ice Empire’s proof of citizenship and my proof as Ice Empire’s State Magician. I immediately threw these two items into my ring.

I could only use these two items when I’m in the Ice Empire, so it’s best to keep them in my ring for now.

And the last one was a notebook on magic that I received from the Emperor.

I heard it once belonged to an Ice Magical God who lived in the Ice Empire long ago, and tons of magical knowledge were written in it.

Of course, there’s no point in simply reading things like this. The only things that are useful are the Magical God’s original magic spells, which were recorded in the notes.

According to the Ice Empire’s emperor, this notebook is simply a collectible with a certain amount of history. Earlier, he had to spend quite a long time to look for this book in his ring.

Because I asked if he could lend me some books related to magic, the old man happily handed this thing to me.

“Have a good look. If you like to read, I can give you permission to read as many of them you want.”

This was what the Ice Emperor said, probably because he believed that the worth of the books was not as valuable as money itself.

However, to me, these books are the fastest way for me to obtain skills and spells. I can’t hope to have some people in the streets to grab onto me and say, ‘It seems you have the qualifications. Let me teach you some skills.’

And regarding money… I can always steal some after learning the skills. Unfortunately, the monsters in this world do not drop gold at their deaths, otherwise, I would have ran out to the wilds and grind.

And I don’t know when I would get the chance to sell the loots I got from grinding in the live exercise. Several of the monsters’ cores looked pretty beautiful, and most likely, I would be able to sell them off for good money.

If I sell them to Lanya, she will definitely grind them into powder for her potions. And that girl will definitely exchange my item for another, and shoo me away after passing me some recovery potions. I rather find another opportunity to sell them off.

Later, I will return home and properly study the contents of this notebook…

Just when I was thinking about this, I stopped walking.

The reason why I stopped was naturally because I saw a terrible scene… If I were to recall, my dormitory should be just up ahead. But why was there such a huge crowd over there?

New Call by Aliyah. Do you wish to connect?

Suddenly, a conversation window popped out to the left of my vision. I was startled for a second, before tapping on the ‘Connect’ button.

“Hello, can you hear me?”


“Wooah! Looks like this Message system is pretty useful, it’s just like using a phone. With this, things have become rather convenient!”

Aliyah sounded really excited, probably because she was bored and had nothing to do. Hence, she started to play with this new function.

“It’s definitely convenient, but our vision would be slightly blocked when there’s new mails.”

“Is that so? Well, it doesn’t matter. Oh right, just to let you know, your dormitory is currently flooded with people. Looks like the number of your fans definitely increased quite a bit.”

“Stop fooling around. Do you think this is Weibo? The more fans, the more dangerous it gets. As public figures, they are no longer able to do things as casually as before.”
(t/n: Weibo: Chinese Twitter)

Speaking of which, that ‘Hair Manipulating Technique’ did hint that I could develop towards the ‘Disguise Technique’. Looks like I have to try it out soon. After all, it would be more convenient to change my entire appearance.

“Well~ Don’t say it like that. If your fans were to hear that, they will definitely be saddened.”

“Alright, let’s put that aside. Looks like it’s best not to return to my dormitory tonight. I will stay in the library for the night then.”

“Eh~ Are you sure there won’t be any problems? You have a match the following day, you know.”

“No problems. As long as I do not exert myself, the fatigue meter will fill up. I will take a bath tomorrow when I get back, the meter should be full by then.”

“If that’s the case, fine. Alright, I will be heading out for supper.”

“Careful, your agility might drop if you get fat.”

“If you say that again, in front of all your fans, I will shout out your current position. Do you believe I will do it?”

“Please, hurry and be on your way. Eat well, drink well.”


Dropping the call, I helplessly sighed. After that, I turned and headed towards the academy.

At this time, there will only be a few people in the library. Sneaking into the place, I found an empty room and entered.

All the rooms in the library were equipped with computer-like terminals. As long as you use the academy’s student card, you would be able to access the information in the terminals.

However, it’s function is limited to only information search. To them, it’s not possible to implement games-related entertainment into the terminals as of yet.

But, the person who pioneered this thing would definitely not stop at just this. Hopefully, there won’t be a situation where students would flood the rooms and play computer games every single day.

Closing the door, I immediately opened up the notebook.

Although no one in the Ice Empire could understand the workings of the skills recorded in the notebook, however, to me, as long as I could read them, I would be able to learn the skills.

After simply browsing through the notebook, as I expected, a notification window immediately popped out.

Do you wish to learn these Original Composite Ice Magic Spells?
Icicle Field of Light
Ice Land of Eternal Darkness
Snowing Moon – Ice Flower

I quickly tapped on the ‘Yes’ button. A progress bar appeared, and I began learning the skills.

Spell learnt: Icicle Field of Light
Spell learnt: Ice Land of Eternal Darkness
Spell learning failed: Snowing Moon – Ice Flower

The progress bar filled to a certain point, and it suddenly stopped. And then, the notification above appeared.

I was stunned for a while. I opened the notebook again, and the same notification window appeared.

But, only the notification for ‘Snow Moon – Ice Flower’ appeared. It seems the other two spells were indeed learnt successfully.

What’s with this situation? Did the information transfer fail? Or is it impossible to learn this spell?

Originally, I thought the point about me being able to learn every skill could be considered a bug, but, it just doesn’t feel right to not being able to learn a skill without any explanations why.

Once again, I tapped on the ‘Yes’ button, and the progress bar began to fill again.

Spell learning failed: Snowing Moon – Ice Flower

The progress bar once again stopped filling, and the same message popped out. Oh god, I’m fine with not being able to learn the spell, but at the very least, give me an explanation why. Is my level not high enough? Or is it a matter of compatibility?

Thinking about this, I opened the notebook, and flipped to the part about ‘Snowing Moon – Ice Flower’, and began to read.

This skill seemed to be pretty overpowered. Using the ice elemental particles in the user’s body, it turns the surroundings into a field that aids the user, and it’s able to simultaneously attack opponents, and protect the user from harm automatically.

Why can’t I learn this spell?

The answer only appeared after flipping to the last page.

‘This spell is only limited to women. If a man is to forcefully use it, he will turn into an ice sculpture, and without any aid within an hour, the man will die.’

Alright, even if I’m able to change my appearance, it’s impossible to turn into a woman.

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Chapter 21: I Only Want to Keep to a Low Profile

When I came into this world, the most rest I could get was simply by closing my eyes. Whenever I tried to sleep, I would get nightmares. Unless I were to be knocked unconscious, I wouldn’t be able to get a good sleep at all.

I simply laid on the couch in the library for an entire night. When I saw that my fatigue meter was still filling up, I had a thought of returning home to take a bath, so as to fill up the rest of the meter instantly.

“Oh? Isn’t this Fir? Do you mind giving me your autograph?”

“Yesterday, you were simply too incredible. Is this the result of studying intensively in the library?”

The moment I left the library, the students at the entrance saw me.

“Umm, do you mind if I ask something? Currently, am I actually known to the entire school?”

“That’s of course. You’re the only elementary grade student who defeated a demonized opponent, and you’re the first in history to do so. It’s natural that everyone knows you.”

This Wind-type male student answered. And, looking at the badge on his chest, he seemed to be in the Intermediate Grade as well.

“Probably because I’m the only one who would be silly enough to fight against a transformed demonic being.”

“Haha, I didn’t expect for someone to be so strong to be this humorous. But, you must be wary of those people in the advanced-grade teams. If you’re able to defeat a demonized elementary grade student, it means that you have the ability to duke it out with them. We, the intermediate grade students, are convinced of your abilities. However, the advanced-grade teams might not allow you to defeat them that easily.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Haha, looks like you aren’t aware of this. After the Annual Tournament, the three winning teams of the respective grades will compete against each other. However, it’s only a friendly bout in name. It’s actually a platform for the higher grades to demonstrate their power in front of their lower grade peers.”

“I see. So it’s to show off their abilities, huh… If the winning higher-grade team lose to the winning lower-grade team, that entire grade will probably be humiliated.”

“Don’t worry. Most of the intermediate-grade students are already fans of yours. Because in our current semester, our research topic relates to defeating demonic beings. You gave us a very good demonstration, and we can’t thank you enough. But as for the advanced-grade students… you best be careful of them.”

“I understand, thank you. But you told me so much…”

“Obviously, it’s to get your autograph.”

He took out a board as he said so.

And it was actually made of sheepskin imbued with anti-corrosion magic. It’s pretty complex for a simple board.

“Please write ‘Wish Karlun’s Demonic Being research topic to be successfully completed.’”

“Ah… Alright…”

“Thank you very much…”

Receiving the board I signed, he happily replied.

“Do you mind if I ask another question?”

“Un, please do.”

“Which intermediate-grade team will probably turn out champion?”

After a series of setbacks, I finally managed to return to my dormitory.

Although there were still quite a large number of people outside, but because I leveled up my Disguise Technique, I thus managed to successfully return home.

Disguise Technique LV 1 – Hair Manipulating Technique (Change Hair Color)
Disguise Technique LV 2 – Eye Color Technique (Change Eye Color)
Disguise Technique LV 3 – Plastic Surgery Technique (Change Facial Structure)

Earlier, I looked like a red-haired middle-age man. Adding the red outfit I bought at the store, I looked just like a Fire Magician.

Naturally, when I entered the place, no one noticed me.

Other than the Disguise Technique, I leveled up my Phad’s Eye and Dominator’s Hawkeye as well.

Dominator’s Hawkeye LV 1
Acquire the mini-map of every map. (Details can only be seen on a hard-copied map)
Mini-map cannot be seen when on the move.

Dominator’s Hawkeye LV 2
Allows user to view the mini-map on the move.

Dominator’s Hawkeye LV 3
Allows user to see people that are on alert or are hostile against you on the mini-map.

Phad’s Eye LV 1
Allows user to see through the target’s name, gender, age, class, or title. (Randomized) Unable to re-use skill on the same target.

Phad’s Eye LV 2
Allows user to directly see through the target’s name. Does not overlap with the LV1 effect. After using this skill on the target, user is able to use the LV 1 skill on the target once again.

Phad’s Eye LV 3
Allows user to directly see through the target’s class and level. Does not overlap with the LV1 effect. After using this skill on the target, user is able to use the LV 1 skill on the target once again. (If the target has more than one class, only one class will be revealed. If originally, the user could already see one of the classes, the other class will be revealed. )

Phad’s Eye LV 4
Allows user to directly see through the target’s age and gender. Does not overlap with the LV1 effect. After using this skill on the target, user is able to use the LV 1 skill on the target once again.

Just like that, all of the 9 skill points I was awarded with were used up.

Although there are various other skills I could choose, however, seeing that all those skills had ridiculous costs, I could only turn away from them.

Although most of the skills I chose were not for combat, but, all of them are rather interesting. And since they do not carry any costs, I think they’re pretty decent.

After taking a bath, Aliyah’s call came in again.

“Just what did you do? All your fans are currently heading towards the library, you know?”

The moment I picked up the call, Aliyah roared.

“Probably because I gave my autograph to someone at the library’s entrance.”

“Hahaha, looks like you’re becoming really famous now.”

“I rather not. I’m someone who keeps to a low profile.”

“Someone with a low profile would not exterminate a demonic being in 30 seconds.”

“I was only lucky… Oh right, what did you call me for?”

“Because not only your fans aren’t able to find you, your cute teammate isn’t able to find you either. We will be waiting at the bookstore across the restaurant we ate at yesterday.”

“Are we discussing battle plans again?”

“No, because Michelle said that you might be in danger.”

“Danger? In what way?”

“Your life.”

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Chapter 22: Bounty

Entering the bookstore’s toilet, I removed the disguise on my face, changed into my clothes, and came out of the door.

Seeing that I appeared from the toilet, Aliyah’s eyes widened.

“Earlier, I thought I saw someone else entering…”

“I added some points into a disguising skill.”

“Your taste is pretty unique.”

“Not really.”

Actually, I already saw the girls when I entered the place. However, it seems Aliyah did not take notice of my name, and hence, she did not realize I came in with a disguise.

There aren’t that much customers in this bookstore usually, and we’re currently on the 2nd floor. Other than us, there weren’t anyone else.

The ones present were Aliyah, Princess Michelle, and Irlin. Why do these three always stick together?

“Oh, you’re here. Is there actually a hidden door in the toilet?”

Princess Michelle looked at me weirdly.

“I disguised myself.”

“Oh, I see. Then that’s good too. Today, it’s best for you to stay disguised when you’re outside.”

“There really isn’t a need, is there…? Unless it’s those people from the advanced-grade teams?”

“advanced-grade teams?”

Princess Michelle furrowed her brows, and asked.

“I see, the demonstration after the Annual Tournament, huh. That’s a problem as well. But, it’s best you focus on the present problem for now.”

“The present problem?”


Saying that, she placed her hand on her storage ring, and took out a seemingly old piece of sheepskin paper.

“Take a look yourself. This is something my father gave me in the morning, and he told me to pass it to you.”

I received the sheepskin paper, and when I opened it, I was shocked.

Underworld Bounty – Fir
Reward: 1,000,000 Gold

The paper was embedded with a magic recording crystal, and after rolling the paper open, a magical image of myself was revealed.

The image was pretty clear. Looking at the expression… It’s probably taken during my battle yesterday.

“Only 1,000,000 Gold. I’m pretty cheap huh. ”

“You’re actually sighing at the price!?”

Then should I sigh at how well the photograph was taken?”


Princess Michelle rubbed between her eyebrows.

“Your life is at stake and you’re still able to crack a joke. Are you tired of living?”

“Of course not, but there’s nothing I can do about it, is there? I don’t know who placed that bounty on me either. Even if I do know, I can’t just pass him 1,000,000 Gold and tell that person not to kill me.”

“That’s why I’m telling you to disguise yourself. Disguise yourself, and hide. Then appear for the tournament tomorrow.”

“The problem is, where can I hide? For my bounty to be commissioned by the underworld, it means that person definitely have deep connections with the underworld. Even if I can hide this once, the problem might not be solved. That person might not remove the bounty even if I lose the tournament. There’s even a possibility he might increase the bounty instead.”

“… You’re right. That’s a problem as well.”

“Oh right, there’s something I have to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“How high is the social standing of your empire’s State Magician?”

“State Magician? You’re talking about those old freaks who hide themselves in their magic towers for several years? They have the military power to command tens of thousands of soldiers. They have the same political standing as a viscount, and they have the priority in terms of supplies and transport. Even if that maybe so, but those old men, other than for the sake of researching magic and to test their new magic skills in battles, they basically do not leave their towers.”

“I see. Then, if the person, who had the bounty placed on, was actually your country’s State Magician, what would happen?”

“Then we will have the responsibility to investigate and chase after the person who commissioned the bounty… Wait, what did you say?”

I smiled, and took out the empire’s National Magician proof that I received yesterday.

“As I thought… Your father is really far-sighted. Even though he gave me a safe identity, he did not bestow me a title with that much political power and responsibility.

“State Magician… Isn’t that similar to Lester’s position?”

Irlin, who was at the side, asked.

“Oh right. Is Lester still at Mitchell?”

“It seems he appeared for a while. Then, he proclaimed he was leaving to train. After that, I have no further idea of his whereabouts.”

“Is that so…”

This blame-pushing bastard actually ran after resurrecting. Geez. To think he would push all the shit onto me…

Oh well, it was because of him that I could obtain my current abilities.

“Wait wait wait… Wait a minute. You said my bastard father actually gave you this thing yesterday? Oh my god, what the hell is he thinking! Why a State Magician? At the very least, he should have given you the Court Magician position, right?”

“… I don’t wish to turn into a personal bodyguard.”

“Why not? You will have good welfare, good resources to make use of. Not just that, you get to eat well, and drink well.”

“… I just don’t like the idea of being one, that’s all. Oh right, since things turned out this way, by giving me this thing, is your father telling me not to worry or to solve this matter by myself?”

“I don’t know, I will contact him.”

After saying that, Princess Michelle clapped her hands twice, and the girl named Dual actually appeared from behind the bookshelf!

I must admit, earlier, I did not even know she was hiding there.

“My princess, regarding this matter, your father had already informed us.”

She looked towards me, and then continued.

“If he is able to use his own strength to safely live through today, the emperor will decide to give him a chance to offer any sort of request.”

“How is that possible…”

“Very well, I accept.”

I smiled and answered.

Emergency Quest
Quest Objective: Have the Emperor of Ice Empire think that you lived through the day.
Reward(s): Unknown.

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Chapter 23: Inexplicable Murder

The reason why I accepted it so easily was not because I was confident of not getting killed. In fact, if an enemy filled with question marks attack me without even greeting me, I will definitely die instantly.

But, after looking at the quest objective, I smiled.

This quest was simply too easy. If you prevent me from dying, then I might face some difficulties.

However, as long as I were to make them think that I’m still alive, then it would be so much easier. After all, I’m able to resurrect freely in this academy.

Even if I was killed, as long as I appear after resurrecting and prove that I’m alive, then the quest will still be completed.

This is so simple.

Also, adding my current legendary disguise skill, this quest could even be categorized as ‘Very Easy’.

“Looks like your guts are bigger than I imagined. Very well. If you are able to return to this bookstore at 12am tonight, then your mission will be considered complete. Before then, you are not allowed to ask for help from anyone. And, according to our analysis of your profile, as long as you do not ask for help, normally, people will not try to help you as well. Am I right?”

“You guys sure understand pretty well.”

“We have no choice. There’s only that amount of things about you we could understand. The report about you was only about a page long, after all, we have no records of your past at all.”

“Is that so…”

Such a scary intelligence department… Why does it feel like the NSA?

“Alright, I will be going then.”

After saying that, I turned and headed towards the toilet.

Using the Disguise Technique to change my appearance, and after changing my clothes, I used Flash Movement to immediately send myself into the toilet at the library that no one usually go to. And then, I headed out.

“12am in the night, huh…”

I looked outside the window. The clock on the academy building showed that it was 10am in the morning, so I had to wait for another 14 hours.

This is really a waste of time. Even though I finally managed to salvage some time to rest, I just had to get preoccupied with a weird quest like this one.

There’s nothing I can do about it. Let’s hurry and head over to a place where I can read about Lightning Magic. Although I did browse through books regarding elementary grade lightning magic once, and learnt the spells, but, I had never used them even till now.

After changing the red outfit into one with a deep orange color, I changed my looks into something similar to my actual face, but leaning it towards an European feel. After that, I headed towards the Lightning area.

The library is separated into 3 areas, the Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced area respectively.

And within each of these areas, they are further categorized into the different elements, and each element takes up an area.

Among them, Light and Dark Magic takes up the least space, as most of the related books were not allowed to be on display. Hence, other than basic introductions to these two types of Magic, there were no other books related to them.

Walking over to the Lightning area, I immediately headed into the sector which had books related to actual battles.

In this world, paper was created about 800 years ago. Hence, even till now, books are still widely used for recording information.

The bookshelves were filled with books written by different Magicians about their understanding of Lightning Magic in battles. Casually, I took out several of them. Leaning against one of the shelves, I started reading.


Paralyzing the enemy…

10 minutes have yet to pass, and I slammed the book shut.

After reading about 10 pages, everything could be summarized into a single sentence.

Paralyze the opponent, and then strike him with your strongest magic spell.

Speaking of which, I was not able to find out the element of my opponents before the tournament began. If I knew, wouldn’t it be easier if I had prepared equipment that could directly counter them?

For example, my earlier opponents used the fire element. If I had bought equipment that prevents burns, and had resistance against fire, there wouldn’t have been a need to worry at all.

And now, as long as I prepare potions or equipment that prevents paralysis, wouldn’t that do?

And to prevent any suspicion of getting help, I could only rely on those freaking expensive potions found in the stores at the academy. Damn it. If I complete this quest, my wish would be to be able to use the money in the country’s treasury freely!

Oh well, let’s look through the other books.

I picked up another book, and started reading again.

Even though this is a last-minute cramming session, however, there are still several important bits recorded in these books.

The ice element is a type of element with hard-on attack and defense. Usually, it’s possible to use the sturdiness of an ice block to create offensive and defensive abilities. At the same time, it’s possible to use Ice Magic to reduce the target’s speed or even freeze him, and thus cause hindrance or even damage to the target.

While Lightning Magic is a type of soft, but flexible magic. As long as you’re able to control it, Lightning Magic could be emitted out through any sort of gap.

Although it does not have a form, however, it’s able to deal a lot of damage to the opponent.

And its attacks bring a paralysis effect as well. It’s able to greatly hinder the opponent’s tempo, and from there, overcome him and obtain victory.

One important point of Lightning Magic is that it is able to make use of various metal objects. It could even control the metal fragments in the surroundings and use them to attack.

Just how strong does one’s control and judgment abilities have to be to be able to do that sort of thing?

But, since such a thing was already recorded in this book, it meant that someone was able to do it.

Thinking of the demonic transformation yesterday, I can’t guarantee that my opponent tomorrow will not have such a thing prepared.

Since we’re talking about the lightning element, didn’t Lester create a deceleration equipment by making use of coiled wires? That’s an example of using metals, right?

It would be great if there was such an example in the ice element reference books. Regarding the usage of Ice Magic, such books aren’t available in the library.

Or maybe they’re just unavailable in the Elementary Grade area. I might be able to see some of them in the other areas.

I looked at the time, and unexpectedly, it was already 3pm in the afternoon. That explained why I was feeling a little hungry. After all, I have not eaten since morning.

Alright, let’s get something to eat. In any case, I had already gathered sufficient information today.

After placing the books back to their original positions, I headed towards the entrance of the library.


When I reached the first floor, I stopped. Because…

It was too quiet!

When I came in the morning, other than the fans gathered at the first floor, there were still some people in the library, including the teachers in-charge of supervising the library.


Currently, there isn’t even a single person!

I glanced at my mini-map, and there weren’t anything suspicious shown.

Putting the mini-map aside, the nearest name away from me was at least tens of meters away.

Just what is happening?

Even if everyone here died, there should be corpses lying around, right? But there isn’t even one at all?

Suddenly, beside my display avatar, a ‘Poisoned’ status icon appeared. I was surprised for a second. Then, I quickly opened my inventory window and tapped on the Poison Cure Potion.

There’s poison in the air?

Seems like someone thought of a way to get the people out of the library, before unleashing a poisonous gas!

This is really a bold move. To think someone would act within the academy!

With ‘Accelerate’, I rushed towards the door. However, I immediately stopped after the incoming attack warning flashed. Dozens of daggers flew out in front of me and blocked my path!

My opponent’s level is much higher than mine! Otherwise, I would have definitely been able to see the trajectories of the daggers!

Is it an assassin?

Even though I was still in disguise, the assassin was still able to recognize me. He’s definitely not just any regular person.

And, this guy did not expose his figure even after attacking me!


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Chapter 24: Killing Me Isn’t Easy

Since I can’t see his figure, then I just have to force him out!

After judging the size of the room, I pulled out Blasphemer, aimed it at the four walls of the hall, and unleashed my magic spell – Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

A blue magic formation flashed. Countless blue ice crystals spiralled in the air, and instantly, the entire room was frozen.

Even if you hide yourself, your attacks shouldn’t be able to instantly penetrate these frozen walls, right?

As expected, a red name appeared under the stairs at the side of the hall. Looking towards the direction of the enemy as shown in the mini-map, I immediately threw an ice spike towards him.

The ice spike struck directly at the enemy’s position, and the place was surrounded in ice blocks.

However, I knew that my attack did not land on the enemy. Because a black shadow already flew out of that position before the ice spike even landed.

However, since I already saw your figure, then there’s no point for you to go back into hiding again.

Ice Assassination Spikes!

From all directions, countless ice spikes flew towards the assassin’s position. The assassin nimbly dodged my attacks, and rushed towards me.

Accelerate! Strengthen!

After simultaneously using two skills, I kept my Blasphemer, and took out my tachi to block the person’s attack.

The assassin was evidently startled by the fact that I pulled out a sword. At the same time, I always able to see the person’s name.

??? Dorumi Three (Dorumi Lyle) LV 32 Assassin LV ?? ???? [Evil] [Skeptical] [Advanced-Grade Assassin] [One-Hit Kill] [Night of Fresh Red] [Fugitive] [Doge Military School Student] [???] [???] [???]

Her weapon was a dagger, but when it struck my tachi, the impact stung my entire body!

There was too big of a difference between our levels. I was already fortunate when I was not blown away by the impact.

I quickly retreated, and inspected my opponent.

She had black hair, black eyes, and was totally covered in a black outfit.

Before, there was only one other person I knew who would dress like that, and that person was assassin called Yuon.

Is this the latest fashion for all assassins? Or does this outfit provide bonus effects?

And this person’s title exposed her public identity as a student of Doge Military School.

Interesting. Most probably, just like Aliyah, she came over to watch the Annual Tournament. And, she realized she had the chance to complete a mission while she’s here. A wise choice.

Even though I could resurrect after dying, I would probably lose face if I were to die so easily, right?

Even if your death is supposedly scripted in certain scenario quests, at the very least, you have to struggle to the bitter end! That’s a man’s romance!

“You’re… Dorumi Lyle from the Doge Military School?”

Just when I was asking her this, I quickly used the message system to contact Aliyah, and asked if she knew of a student called Dorumi.

The hand she was using to wield her dagger evidently trembled for a moment, and her eyes revealed a startled expression.

But, very quickly, she calmed down, and did not utter a single word.

She’s probably thinking that it was a bluff. However, she did not dare to confirm the questions in her mind, and was waiting for my answer.

And on the conversation window, Aliyah’s reply came speedily.

‘Yep, I know her. She’s my senior in a higher grade. She specializes in wielding a machete, but she would occasionally swing a dagger as well.’

“Umm, Aliyah told me about you before.”

“Impossible! Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t have been able to recognize me!”

After saying that, she stood in her position, and stared silently at me.

Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t force you to say that, you know? You admitted it yourself.

“Did you not recognize me through my disguise as well? I don’t believe it was just a coincidence.”


She fell into deep thoughts for a while, and then replied.

“Alright, firstly, give me a reason why I should not kill you. After that, I will give up on killing you, and explain why I knew you were Fir.”

Hey hey, what’s with this logic? A reason to not kill me? Because I’m too handsome? Is that a valid reason? No, I think she would kill me immediately after hearing that.

“Because I’m Ice Empire’s State Magician. Is that sufficient as a reason?”

“No. Although I will be on the wanted list for killing a State Magician, but, that would just increase the bounty that’s already placed on me.”

Speaking of which, she had the [Fugitive] title as well.

“What about the fact that I’m a fugitive as well?”

“I know that. I have already read up about you.”

Oh god, what happened to my privacy? Do you happen to know what I ate last night as well?

“Alright, I’m also a member of the Momiji Secret Society. Do you believe me?”


“If you don’t, take a look at my tattoo.”

I pulled up my shirt and pointed at the Momiji tattoo on my body, and then, continued.

“Actually, we’re in the same occupation as well.”

“Mo… Momiji Secret Society? You… You’re actually…”


Her face immediately turned deathly pale.

“Sorry for the disturbance! Forget everything that happened today! I shouldn’t have casually tried to attack you! Seeing that I’m still on vacation, can you please forget about this?”


Wait, is the name of the Momiji Secret Society actually this frightening? To the point where an assassin from another organization would turn pale just from mentioning it?

“Of course, I can forget about what happened today. However, you must promise to answer a few of my questions. Firstly, how did you see through my disguise?”

“About that… Actually, I wasn’t exactly sure as well. Because I heard that you really like to stay in the library, hence, I was thinking that you would be either looking up on books regarding Ice Magic, or even Lightning Magic. Thus, I discovered you the moment I came into the library. Also, I have went through all the pictures of people in the academy, but I felt that I have never seen your face before. Even though I wasn’t really sure, but… You spent too much time reading. As such, I went to look through the student roster again, and as expected, your face did not come up. Hence, I confirmed that you were Fir who underwent a disguise.”

“Are you not worried that it was actually someone else with a disguise?”

“That was why I did not immediately try to kill you, and was only testing your skills.”

Testing… Was that really simply a test?

Are you telling me that if you were to seriously bare your fangs, I wouldn’t be able to flee?

“Alright, I admit, you’re pretty good.”

“Thank you for your praise.”

“… Fine. Then, the second question. Which assassins’ guild are you from?”


“If you aren’t willing to tell me, I will personally pay a visit after investigating you.”

“Purple Charm Assassins’ Guild!”

She replied hurriedly.

As expected, the question marks at the front turned into ‘Purple Charm’. Looks like she wasn’t lying.

“Alright, looks like you were telling the truth. Now, for my last question, do you know of any other assassins trying to kill me?”

“Umm… I have no information regarding that matter. Because, I only received the notice of the bounty in the morning as well. And I was even thinking how fortunate I was to be in your academy at the moment. However, finding you wasn’t a simple matter. Oh, right, the magic that’s expelling people from this library is about to lose its effects. We should hurry and leave this place.”

“Of course.”

I smiled and touched my face. After that, I turned into a young man with black hair and eyes.

Then, I walked to her side.

“Let’s go together, big sis~”

If I have to hide from assassins, the best way is to hide beside one, isn’t that right?

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Chapter 25: Can You Help Me?

“You two sure look like a pair of siblings like this. Un~”

In the corner of the flower garden at the academy’s center, Aliyah said as she sipped on her drink.

“Dorumi has a Western European look, and making an outline of it was easy. Adding the black hair and eyes, I was able to make a disguise with a similar face as hers.”

“Looks like you have become very familiar with your new ability.”

“I was pretty skilled at replicating famous people and characters during character customizations, you know?”

I laughed and replied.

“That’s good… Speaking of which, I didn’t think that Dorumi would be a killer. In the future, if my teacher gives me too much homework, can I hire you to kill him?”

“I think it’s best to keep a low profile in the school.”

Dorumi facepalmed as she answered.

Looks like Dorumi felt that she failed herself with how she acted this time. Right from the start, she had looked pretty depressed, and had been constantly sighing and facepalming.

“Don’t mind it. After all, my bounty was 1,000,000 Gold. It’s rare for such an easy money-making opportunity to appear.”

“Obviously, I know that. However, there’s a problem with the mind of the person who issued this mission. And a pretty big problem at that.”

“Un? Why do you say that?”

“When you issue a bounty, you have to at least investigate the person first, you know? If the hirer wish to kill a person who belong to another assassins’ guild, he has to include that information in the contract. The hirer actually placed you on the underworld wanted list without knowing of your identity as a member of the Momiji Secret Society, is he crazy?”

“The dog is eager to jump over the wall. There are many times when people have no other choice but to do desperate things like this one. Speaking of which, do you know who commissioned my bounty?”

“Of course. However, this is matter of top secrecy between collaborators. Although the hirer broke the rules, but I don’t wish to do the same.”

“Then that’s fine. I will just have to investigate later.”

Since I’m already wanted, then it should be able to search for related information in the library’s terminals.

“Oh right, you have the ability to search for information as well.”

“It’s getting pretty late, let’s first have a meal. In our current states, people will not be able to recognize us. Other than people like Aliyah… Wait, I just thought of someone.”

With my current outfit, for people to know of my identity, people must be able to see my name. Only people like Aliyah and I, who come from another world, have the ability to see our targets’ names.

But a killer… There’s someone I know like that, who was also a killer.

‘Yo, looks like you have a pretty decent disguise technique.’

Suddenly, a conversation window popped up.

Oh my god, speak of the devil.

Before I even realized it, the dot beside Yuon’s name turned green, just like Aliyah’s.

In other words, she had entered my messaging range.

This wasn’t good news, especially when two killers were in such close proximity to me.

No, actually, there should be two and a half killers in this school, as I’m supposedly a killer-in-training.

However, since there were already two of them, it meant there will be more coming. Looks like there are people who would even travel a thousand miles to earn a million gold.

‘Yuon, it’s been a while. Are you here to kill me?’

I immediately replied.

“What is it? Someone you know?”

Aliyah asked as she saw my typing motions in the air.

“Well, she’s considered as one. Looks like a million gold has attracted quite a lot of people.”

“Is that so? Good luck with that.”

Aliyah shrugged.

‘Why would I kill you? I will only PvP when I’m close to leveling up. In this world, we’re actually among the weakest. It’s best to avoid unnecessary conflicts.’

‘It’s great that you’re so understanding. Speaking of which, do you know of any killers with formidable backgrounds who are coming?’

‘You wish to know of the person who placed you on the wanted list as well, right?’

‘Of course.’

‘I knew it. Stop looking around. I’m currently watching you from a place where you can’t see. And stop hoping you could see my name, I have quite a bit of understanding of your abilities.’

‘Is that so… Then, is there anything you need help with?’

‘Yes, and it’s a simple task. I can’t just idle here, right? I picked up another quest that’s just around here, and it is to investigate the entrance of the underground dungeon below the academy. Find the entrance for me, and I will help you seek out the people threatening your life.’

I looked towards the sky. The sun was already setting. It seems to have past 7pm.

Even if that’s the case, I still had to survive for another 5 hours.

‘No problem. If you asked me about something else, I would probably be unable to help you. But, I do know of the location of the dungeon’s entrance.’

‘Great, I believe you. Currently, there’s only a few killers in the academy. Although I received a report that two other killers would appear, but, comparing their levels to yours, they aren’t that much of a trouble. It’s possible that they might not even be able to identify you as well.’

‘Sounds like good news.’

‘Not entirely. Want to hear of the people who placed you on the wanted list?’

‘I’m all ears.’

‘A Druid Kingdom in the northern continent.’

‘Let me guess, Druids specialize in manipulating plants?’

‘That’s correct.’

I see. Looks like the ones who were anxious were not the enemies of tomorrow, but enemies in the future, my fellow Plant Magicians.

Interesting, this scenario is really becoming interesting.

Since my enemies are already so interesting, why don’t I spice up the scenario a little?

‘Yuon? You’re not in a rush, are you?’

‘A rush? Of course not. Otherwise, why would I even bother accepting a quest in this place?’

‘That’s good. Help me with something.’

‘What is it?’

‘Kill me!’

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Chapter 26: Operation Fake Death (I)

I had been standing at the same position for some time, and I looked as if I was staring blankly at the sky. At this sight, Dorumi had no idea what to do, and in the end, she had been leaning against the wall the entire time.

“You don’t wish to idle here as well, right? Why don’t you play out an act with me?”

I turned and spoke to Dorumi who was against the wall.

“An act?”

Dorumi revealed a skeptical expression.

“Don’t we already look like we’re acting right now?”

“Well, that maybe the case. However, it isn’t a very feasible plan to simply wait for midnight to arrive. What do you say?”

I smiled at her, and after hearing what I said, she nodded.

“… Indeed. To tell you the truth, by staying with you, my identity might be exposed. I actually spent quite a bit of money to obtain this identity. It will be unfortunate if I lose it.”

“As such, Aliyah and Dorumi, help me out with something later. After we’re done with that, we can leave for the night. How about it?”

Since Dan and the rest shouldn’t be able to recognize me with my disguise, I was able to ask for help this openly. In any case, it’s not like I’m telling them to protect me.

“Sounds interesting. Dorumi, let’s help him.”

“Do you think I have any other choice? Aliyah, how did you come to know a weird guy like him?”


“Because birds of a feather flock together?”

“You’re referring to yourself, right?”

“… You’re not exactly wrong.”

Ignoring their tsukkomi’s, I coughed twice, and continued.

“Alright, there will be another person coming to help. As such, later, you girls will be doing this…”


10 minutes later, I walked out of an inconspicuous restaurant.

Of course, this time around, I wasn’t fully disguised, rather, I appeared openly with my usual appearance in Gray Magical Academy.

But why did I say it wasn’t a full disguise? Because whenever I appear in the academy, I would have already dyed my hair golden.

Currently, it was the perfect time for dinner, and there were many people walking on the streets.

Excluding the few people that came from afar, for example, people wearing armor like Aliyah, the rest were wearing robes. As long as I do not approach them, they wouldn’t be able to notice me.

Probably adding the fact that they weren’t able to find me for a quite a long time, their attention towards me had decreased, and the number of people greeting me on the streets decreased as well.

Is this what they call the calm before the storm?

I chuckled. I quickly cut across the center of the business district, and headed towards my dormitory.

Just when I was about to step out of the business district, a black figure immediately descended from the skies, and with a cold white flash, a dagger pierced towards my neck.

Aliyah, who had been stationed at the side, quickly pulled out her sword, and blocked the dagger before it was able to touch my neck.


A deafening metal clash resounded, and my ears rang. It felt like my eardrums were going to explode.

And, although the dagger was blocked, the air pressure created was still able to pass through, and a cut was made on my neck.

Oh my god, Yuon’s attack is seriously really strong. If I hadn’t drank a potion that would isolate pain, I would probably die from the pain.

And beside my HP bar, a ‘Poisoned’ status icon appeared as well. She actually applied poison as well?

However, for the sake of making this realistic, I immediately froze my wounded neck and pulled out my Blasphemer. Pointing it at Yuon, I cast a Icicle Field of Light.

Why did I use a Light and Ice Composite Magic spell? Because its damage was high?

Of course not. Light Magic is only effective against Dark Magic, and with my current level, a magic spell like this will only bring harm to people who were LV 15 and below.

The reason why I used it was because this magic spell was the flashiest.

In an instant, the entire business district was lighted up by the shining ice crystals, and countless light rays were reflected among the icicles. It looked pretty impressive.

Of course, to prevent any harm to the innocent masses, the act was staged at the corner of the business district.

The black suited Yuon leapt out from the roof of the building at the side, and flashed towards me, while slicing the incoming icicles.

Aliyah and Dorumi stepped forward to block, but with a single slash, the two of them were sent flying. Even their weapons shattered from the impact. and then, she pierced her dagger straight into my neck.

‘Does it hurt?’

Yuon suddenly sent me a message.

Was the reason she used this method to communicate because she knew this attack of hers had pierced my windpipe?

‘I drank a potion which isolated my senses of pain.’

‘Hmph! Count yourself lucky! Just to let you know, the fatal aspect of this attack of mine is that it could cause my targets to suffer so much pain that they would rather die.’

‘You used this skill on purpose, didn’t you!?’


‘Damn you…’

When I finished typing that last sentence, I could no longer feel my hands touching the keyboard.

As I have entered the state of apparent death, I already lost control of my body.

Yuon then pulled out her dagger and pierced it right into my heart. Since I received an attack in my current state, I died immediately.’

You have died.

As your race has been changed to an Undead Holy Angel, you will resurrect in the cemetery. You will be resurrected in an hour.

Title Unlocked: [Suicider]
Ability Unlocked: Cursing the World
For every self-willing death, a death marker will be recorded. For every 50 death markers collated, the user can choose any one person to die.

What a resentful ability. To think I had to die 50 times in exchange for killing a single person once, just how much resentment must I have to do this?

However, that’s not the point. The point is that, I’m currently dead, and it was right in front of a large crowd.

With this, there should be a lot of people who thinks that I died, right?

Who would possibly know that I would resurrect in the cemetery in an hour?

PoV: Yuon

Oh my god, this guy is seriously willing to do anything. I didn’t think he would actually wanted me to kill him.

He knew he would be able to resurrect in a short period of time. There isn’t any point in killing him either. His head would disappear and turn into fragments in a matter of minutes, so it isn’t possible to deliver it back for the bounty reward.

His ‘corpse’ was currently lying on the ground. I pulled out my dagger from his chest, and retrieved his weird wand with a sword tip.

If I recall, this guy said that he prepared a magic crystal at the bottom of his wand. I inspected the wand, and threw the crystal on the ground when I found it.

Immediately after, I sped towards the roof. And at the place where I killed Fir, a giant ice flower of about 2 meter in size sprouted, enveloping his entire body.

I looked towards Fir’s two companions who were lying on the ground. They’re actually faking unconsciousness. Geez. I can see that you girls are squinting your eyes, you know?

However, indeed, it’s best that I leave this place as soon as possible. My ‘Sanguinary Hearing Radar’ had already detected several experts rushing here from all around the academy.

Suppressing my aura, I kept Fir’s wand in my ring, and disappeared quickly into the shadows.

PoV: Fir

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the star-filled sky. What a wonderful feeling.

It would have been better if there wasn’t the smell of rotten flesh all around me.

I crawled up from the ground and dusted off the dirt and mud off my body. I then inspected my body.

Resurrection successful, and I feel better than ever.

After that, I looked at my surroundings. This was the cemetery beside a cathedral, which was situated at the corner of the academy. Honestly, there isn’t much of a difference between resurrecting in the cemetery and in the cathedral, is there? Other than sleeping on the ground, filled with the smell of fresh and rotten corpses.

From afar, I could hear the commotion from the academy, and it seems, everyone was in an uproar. Looks like my plan was successful.

I immediately disguised myself, and changed into a Water Magician’s robe. Otherwise, it would be trouble if someone saw me with my usual appearance.

However, I suddenly heard something metallic dropping onto the ground. When I turned to look, it was actually my ‘Blasphemer’!

“How was your sleep, careless one?”

On the roof of the cathedral, Yuon smiled and asked.

“Not bad. Deaths are pretty worth it, you know? Not only your HP and MP, your fatigue meter is filled to the brim as well. Committing suicide once a day would definitely guarantee a healthy body.”
(t/n: Kids, do not try this at home.)

“If you’re that bored, then do it. Alright, tell me the location of the entrance to the underground dungeon. This isn’t a place where I could stay for long.”

I smiled casually.

“I’m about to head back as well. Follow me, I will take you there.”

Currently, my operation is half successful.

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Chapter 27: Operation Fake Death (II)

The entrance to the underground dungeon was under the oldest building in the academy. However, normally, the entrance looked like a warehouse’s door.

From looking at the rusty nails, the worn-out wooden door looked as if it was about to collapse.

But, in actual fact, it only looked that way. There’s an unique magic formation above the door to prevent it from being destroyed.

And with my current abilities, it’s basically impossible to break that door.

However, its defense isn’t actually perfect. From the incident that happened earlier, the other entrance to the underground dungeon was actually revealed when it was attacked.

“This is the entrance? It doesn’t look the part.”

Yuon looked at the huge door, and knocked on it.

She then took out something similar to a magnifying glass and stuck it on the door. Right after, she pressed the button on the magnifying glass.

A blue circle of light was slowly emitted out from the magnifying glass apparatus. After a scanning-like motion, the green magical symbols surrounding the large door were absorbed into the magnifying glass. On the glass, several magical symbols appeared, and were flashing constantly.

“What’s that? An apparatus that could analyze magic formations?”

“You should know this by now, this world is different from ours. The machines in this world are powered by magic. In other words, those messy circuit boards and programs from our former world do not exist here. What replace them are magical formations, symbols and leylines, and they are controlled by a core. Something like a CPU.”

“… If you explain it that way, they’re pretty similar. In other words, the password locking this door is encrypted using magic?”

“It’s like those light novels or movies whereby doors are opened by knocking on them with their respective magical staves. They could be considered as passwords as well.”

“So, this thing is able to help us dispel the magic on this door?”

“Not entirely.”

Yuon took out a book. She flipped through the pages while looking at the symbols on the magnifying glass.

“This is only an apparatus that analyzes magical leylines and symbols. From there, we will be able to find the corresponding dispel magic needed.”

“So you’re telling me, there’s a mix of different magic formations on this door, and we will have to find the various dispel magic needed to remove them?”

“That’s right.”

Looks like Yuon found the things she needed. The magnifying glass flashed one last time, and then, a row of magical symbols was projected in the air.

“This, this and this… Oh my god, they even included this into the formation. Alright, with this, the problem’s solved.”

Placing the book on the floor, she took something else out and pressed the magical symbols in a specific sequence.

The large door flashed for a moment, and opened silently.

“How much do those two items on your hand cost? And where did you buy them?”

“… Let me guess, you haven’t had a good walk around the world ever since you came here, right?”

“I guess you’re right. But what does that have to do with this?”

“Because, if you were to leave the academy, and have a good look at the merchandises in the black market, you will actually find out that these items are actually really cheap and common.”

“Is that so…”

After keeping the tools, Yuon pulled the door and walked in.

“Alright, I will see you later.”

After that, she disappeared behind the door.

A few moments later, the door slowly closed. The large door then flashed, and the light emitting from a magical formation once again appeared.

This is a pretty convenient mechanism. Looks like I have to install this on my door in the future as well.

I took a look at the time. It was already 9pm in the evening. At the open plaza, there were several Magicians working on removing the ice crystals. Evidently, they have not realized that my ‘corpse’ had already dissipated. Once those ice blocks are removed, they will find out that the corpse they’re looking for isn’t there.

And now, other than Aliyah, no one else is able to recognize me.

By the time they’re done removing the ice crystals, it will probably past midnight. By then, my life and death will no longer matter.

I think that the best choice right now is to return to the bookstore and wait for midnight to come.


However, looking at the crowd surrounding the plaza, I felt a little sorry for them. After all, their efforts were being wasted.

But, thinking of the million gold bounty placed on me, I felt a little bit better, since there’s actually someone spending so much money to kill me.

Though, so as to avoid any unnecessary problems, I have informed Irlin before the act, and told her to bring Michelle back to her apartment and prepare a sound barrier magic.

Even though it would probably look more realistic if people I knew were to mourn for my death at the scene, but, I felt it would be troublesome to explain why I was still alive if they actually saw what happened. So, I decided to inform Irlin of the act.

And that was the best idea I could think of.

Of course, there isn’t a need to explain to Falan and the other two girls. Looking at how they were just standing at the side, they probably knew for a fact that I did not die.

After pondering for a while, my only conclusion is that Falan could use the ‘Heart of the Momiji’ ability as well, and she was able to feel my presence.

But, I believe that she does not have something such as a mini-map, so she isn’t able to deduce my exact position.


“What?! Fir died?!”

Suddenly, a frightening roar shocked me back to my senses. Then, I realized while I was reading, the time had already past 12pm.

I must say, this bookstore is actually pretty good. By spending a little money, I could read up some pretty useful stuffs.

And the voice earlier, evidently belonged to Michelle. Looks like they have already returned, but they realized I have yet to arrive on time. And, I believe she had just received a report on what happened outside.

“Why did you not tell me about this!?”

“Obviously, because I didn’t actually die. So there isn’t a need for them to tell you that, right?”

I walked out of the toilet, with the book I was reading earlier in my hand.


Everyone was stunned, including the emperor who just walked in.

“Un. This is indeed shocking. And earlier, I was still wondering what havoc my daughter would create after hearing the news. But, what I really want to know right now, is how you are still alive after you were killed in front of the large crowd earlier.”

“It’s a trade secret. If I were to reveal it now, I might really die next time. The ice blocks should have been cleared out by now, right? So? What did you find under them?”

“Some crystallized powder. However, we do not know what it’s made of.”

“That’s how it should be.”

I paused for a moment, before continuing.

“Now then, why don’t we discuss about the request you spoke of? Or are we going to discuss about how you’re going to ensure my safety after this?”

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Part 5: Electromagnetism

Chapter 28: Lightning Doll Master

It’s been a long time since I managed to wake up after a peaceful sleep on my bed.

Recently, I have either been sleeping in the library, or sleeping due to the ‘unconscious’ status. After recalling all these unfortunate events, I have a urge to sing ‘You’re the Wind, and I’m the Sand.”
(t/n: Huang Zhu Ge Ge’s theme song)

Forget it, I don’t want people to think I’m crazy.

However, after recalling the expressions of the Ice Empire’s Emperor and Michelle, I can’t suppress my laughter. Well, they did think that I was dead, and I suddenly appeared before them alive and well.

Of course, I can’t explain to them how I did it, since our views on this world are basically different.

And, the Emperor was someone who kept to his promises. He immediately sent a group of his people to interfere with the side who commissioned the bounty. Thus, my underworld bounty was officially removed.

Of course, Mitchell Kingdom’s bounty was also removed, but this was done secretly. Other than the officials in Mitchell, only the Emperor of Ice Empire and his team who underwent this task knew of this.

Gratifying~ Really gratifying~

But, my quest is still not completed. After all, there were still 2 more battles in the Annual Tournament. And my next battle was about to start…


Looking at the time…

If I remember correctly, the battle will start at 9am, and currently, it’s already 8.50am.

“Oh my god! I overslept!”

I immediately leaped out of my bed, and quickly put on the clothes I left at the side.

Fortunately, after disguising myself for several days, my speed in changing clothes have increased quite a bit. I even respect myself for being able to dress up, and even put on my tie, in less than a minute.

And then, I thought of the position of the competition arena’s male toilet in my mind, and transferred myself there with Flash Movement.

“Have you recently developed an obsession with toilets? Or have you found all the hidden passages in the academy’s toilets?”

The moment I stepped out of the toilet, I heard Aliyah’s ridicule.

“That’s not the point. Don’t you think it’s more bizarre to see a girl standing outside the male toilet?”

“Because when I realized you have not arrived at this time, I knew you would definitely use your transfer skill to directly teleport your way here. However, since you did not know of which waiting room you’re going to use today, your destination could only be the male toilet, after all, there’s only a single male toilet in this arena.

“Excellent, Holmes.”

“Elementary, my dear Watson.”

I glanced at her, and then turned and headed towards the arena.


“Sorry for the wait.”

I immediately went over to the competition venue, and I saw Kalua looking at the time on her watch.

“You’re very punctual huh. You actually arrived at 9 on the dot.”

“I’m someone who does not waste time.”

“In actual fact, you overslept, right?”


“If you tell me the truth, I will tell you my three sizes~”


“Eh? You’re not interested?”

“You said that two days ago.”

“Ehh? Did I? Hahaha, then if you were to tell me the truth, I will allow you to bring me on a date. How about it?”

“Do you think you’re still trustworthy in my eyes?”

“I’m not?”

“Obviously not!”

“Are you two done!? Begin the match already!”

Princess Michelle at the side, who finally could no longer tolerate our conversation, roared out.

Looks like she had not forgiven for me for what happened last night. However, I could not explain to her what exactly happened, after all. Hence, there’s nothing I can say to console her.

“Yo~ How was everyone in the last two days~? The 2nd match of the Elementary Grade Tournament, which everyone has been waiting for, is about to begin! The first battle today is between the Ice Team’s dark horse, Fir and Princess Michelle, and the Lightning Team’s Helena and Yoei!”

While Kalua introduced us, two people entered the ring on the other side…

Not quite!

When I looked at them just from their appearances, they indeed look like ordinary people. However, only one of them had titles above her head!

Helena Smuu LV 15 Lightning Magician [Kind] [Introverted] [Lightning Threader] [Forbidden Spell Possessor] [Puppeteer] [One-Hit Kill]

Undead Doll (Yoei Smuu) LV 18

“May I ask? Can a non-human being participate in the tournament as well?”

I asked Kalua.

The barrier equipment around the ring was not activated yet, hence, it was still possible to hear the noise outside.

When I said that line of words, the entire arena quietened down.

The spectators looked at our team, and then shifted their eyes to the team at the other side.

Helena was a young girl with short white hair. She wore a deep blue Magician robe, and had her hood on.

The weapon on her hands did not look like a staff. If I were to describe it, it was a combination of two metal bars, with two silk threads attached to her fingers.

And the other person called Yoei… Even though he looked like a typical person wearing a robe and had a smile on his face, I could not feel anything else about him that could call him human.

“Umm… Even though we don’t forbid insults, but now…”

“You misunderstood me. I’m saying that the person called Yoei over there, is not a human. He’s a doll.”

The moment I said that, the spectators began to debate among themselves.

And looking at my opponents, Helena seemed to have something to say. However, after she peeked a glance at the surrounding spectators, she refrained herself from speaking up.

Rather, it was actually the doll named Yoei, who rushed towards Kalua with large strides, and snatched her loudspeaker.

“As expected of the Annual Tournament’s dark horse, Fir, to be able to see through my body with a single glance.”

Could you not say it in such a disgusting way? Who the hell saw through your body?

“My body, is indeed a doll, but this doesn’t mean that I’m a doll. I’m Helena’s brother, Yoei. However, my human body was destroyed in an incident, so I had to borrow a doll’s body to live on. In other words, I’m also a human. So please, do not misunderstand.”

So he’s actually human?

Although I do not know how the world system determine a human or any other species, but until now, as long as the lifeforms had intelligence, I had been able to see some of their information, such as their titles. Only monsters could be seen with just their names.

‘Aliyah, are you there?’

‘Of course. How could I miss out on an interesting scene like this one?’

I used the message system to contact Aliyah, as I have a feeling that this situation wasn’t normal.

‘I suspect that the actual body of this person called Yoei does not actually exist. Find Falan, and have her help me investigate if this person actually exist.’

‘That Necromancer? You actually have a good relationship with her? Alright. She’s just nearby. I will go over and ask her, and I will give you a reply in a bit.”

While I cut the conversation, Yoei also returned the loudspeaker to Kalua.

Kalua was stunned for a moment, and then she looked over to the judges at the side of the ring. After receiving their approval, she smiled and said.

“Looks like there will be another exciting battle today! Both teams, please take up their positions! The 2nd match of the Annual Tournament! Ice Team VS Lightning Team! Will now begin!”

The moment the signal was given, I was given a shock!

The attack warnings actually flashed, and… They were coming from every direction!

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Chapter 29: Doll War

The attack warning is usually a single red arrow pointing to the direction where the attack is coming from. But currently, the attack warnings were flashing from all 360 degrees, and this fact was frightening me quite a bit.

However, when I realized a large lightning magic formation was covering the entire ring, I understood their method of attack.

Evidently, this large mine-type magic spell encompassing the entire ring must be set-up beforehand. Then, when the enemy is standing in the trap, the user will activate the spell immediately, so as to ensure the enemy takes 100% of the damage.

“Watch out for the floor! Defend!”

I uttered this out, and pressed my hands on the floor. The large ‘Ice Totem’ that grew out from beneath me pushed me off the ground. Princess Michelle used ‘Ice Castle’ to construct a castle that covered all directions, and block the omni-directional attack.

In actual fact, the spell she used was the intermediate grade ice magic spell ‘Ice Palace’. However, someone like me who does not have the spell book can only look at it with awe and sigh.

Immediately after, countless lightning snakes, as if escaping from a cage, flew out of the ground, lighting up the entire ring.

It was blinding both of my eyes, and unfortunately, there were no sunglasses in this world.

The lightning snakes were not able to climb up my ‘Ice Totem’, and they were not able to get pass the ‘Ice Palace’ as well. The electric currents surrounded the entire palace, but they were not able to seep into it. And the reason why I knew that, was because Michelle’s HP did not drop in the slightest, and she was not suffering from ‘stun’ either.

But our opponents sure are strong. Usually, it takes time to chant out the magic. However, I was staring at them the entire time earlier, and I did not see them chanting at all. Hence, either they cast the spell instantly, or they had already prepared the magic mine before the battle. However, no matter how they did it, it was already very impressive that they managed to do it without anyone finding out.

The lightning snakes had not disappeared, but suddenly, a slight trembling could be felt at the top of my ‘Ice Totem’!


Subconsciously, I looked at my mini-map, and I realized one of the two red dots of my opponents disappeared. However, fortunately after meeting Dorumi, I learnt something new… And that’s when there’s a larger dot on the mini-map, then that dot will cover the smaller dot in the same position!

And the only large dot on the mini-map was naturally my own position.

Ice Shield.

The moment the attack warning came, I used an Ice Shield and positioned it where the attack was coming from. A large lightning ball struck directly onto my ice shield, and broke it into two pieces, while I stabbed an Ice Spike forward with my other hand at the same time.


He actually used his hand to directly grab onto my ice spike! He dug his fingers deeply into the ice spike, and it was immediately broken into pieces!

How is that possible? He stopped my magic spell just like that? Is this guy a monster?

The person who did this inhumane action was naturally the guy called Yoei, and his stiff smile was so close, I could feel the hair on my body standing on end.

Although the ice spike was destroyed, a layer of frost was covering his hands.

Since they’re used for battle, then those arms were definitely made out of metallic materials. Then even if he is not affected by ‘frozen’ status, he would definitely lose his usual functionalities if he undergoes rapid thermal expansion and contraction.

“Ice Totem.”

At the edge of the original ‘Ice Totem’ beneath my feet, a new ‘Ice Totem’ was erected, and it struck Yoei’s abdomen and caused him to be pushed away from my side.

And at the same time, I positioned my next magic spell on my new ‘Ice Totem’.

“Ice Assassination Spikes!”

Countless ice spikes protruded out of the ‘Ice Totem’, and with the ‘Ice Totem’, they flew towards Yoei’s direction.

However, he actually kept his smile. Yoei raised one of his hands and held onto the growing ‘Ice Totem’, while a lightning ball of about a meter diameter was formed on his other hand. Then, he smashed it onto the ‘Ice Totem’!

“Lightning Destruction!”

The moment the lightning ball collided with the ‘Ice Totem’, the ‘Ice Totem’ shattered into pieces like a crumbling biscuit, and, the lightning ball was actually rushing into my direction!

“Ice Totem!”

I immediately used an Ice Totem to push myself away from my original position, and at this moment, suddenly, an attack warning coming from behind me flashed!


A lightning ray penetrated my body, and my HP immediately fell by a third!

Fortunately, Lanya, that work-a-holic, stayed in her laboratory for the entire night. Otherwise, I can’t imagine how this would end if I do not have a Stun Dispel Potion on hand.

I immediately tapped on a HP Recovery Potion, and I waved my wand. A rain of ice arrows appeared from the skies, and they flew towards Helena who was on the ground.

When she saw Michelle using an ‘Ice Palace’, she had been using the surrounding magic mines to attack Michelle and trap her in her own construct.

And this gave her time to unleash an attack on me as well!

Ice and lightning arrows collided against each other, however… Are you joking with me? How could the attack power of a LV 15 compare to that of a LV 19?

The ice arrows slowly gained the advantage, and I immediately used another magic spell on her.

“Icicle Field of Light!”

Countless ice crystals flew out of the ground. She seemed to have thought of something when she saw my action, and gave up on attacking and retreated to the sides.

Speaking of which, I have to thank the Church for restricting light magic, otherwise, why would she even think of avoiding the ice crystals which, at best, could only be used as light sources?

And at this time, a shadow immediately rushed towards me from the top!

Subconsciously, I immediately cast an Ice Shield, but with only a single punch, he penetrated my ice shield and struck my abdomen!

My HP was only refilled earlier, and it was now reduced by half!

What the hell! This guy is only one level less than mine, and I was unsure whether he had enhanced physical or magical damage. However, from this attack alone, no matter how I look at it, he definitely enhanced his physical strength!

He actually penetrated my defensive magic spell… Although it was an elementary-grade magic spell, but to destroy it with a single hit is too frightening.

The impact actually caused me to fall from the sky. There’s nothing I could do about it. If he actually used magic to attack me, I might be able to come up with some plans. But if he attacks me directly with physical attacks, avoiding them isn’t a simple task!

However, I suddenly felt like I was being held by someone behind me!

Who is it!?

Helena was on the ground, while Yoei was above me!

Princess Michelle?

Impossible, she was still in her ‘Ice Palace’ and she’s not able to come up this high in the sky!

And, the thing holding onto me was evidently emitting an abnormal chill on my skin at the points of contact! This…

This is a robot?

‘Fir! The thing on you is a real puppet! And that guy called Yoei, he’s indeed a doll. Also… He’s a pervert! For the sake of experiencing the best feeling of being a doll, he turned himself into a doll!’

Aliyah’s sudden message gave me a fright.

However, at the same time, she reminded me of something.

‘Are you sure the thing on me is a puppet?’

‘Yep. What about it?’

‘Something fun is about to begin.’

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Chapter 30: Infinite Phantom

I knocked at the two hands grabbing on to me. When I confirmed they were made of metal, I grasped onto the doll’s arms, and used Restrictor of the Frozen Earth.

Even though it’s a magic spell to freeze and slow down my targets, but in terms of physical effects, it’s currently the only magic spell I know of, out of all the skills I have learnt, that could reach the lowest of temperatures.

Well, I thought of this idea after what happened earlier.

Just now, when I used an Ice Spike, even though my target was a doll, he was not able to move his joints when they froze.

This means that, to non-human beings, the effects of my magic are not those regular slow and frozen status, but rather, it freezes their physical functions.

And every materials have their own transition temperature. For metallic materials, once their temperature drops to a critical point, the activity of the free electrons decreases. Then, there will be a sharp decline in their toughness, the metals will become brittle, and be susceptible to hard impacts. In short, they will be easily broken.

That was also why I had to confirm whether the guy called Yoei was a doll. Since the material of his doll was metallic, then this type of quick freezing magic skill will definitely cause his body to turn crisp and tasty.

Of course, I’m not going to eat him. And I was able to use my skill this way, was because I cannot be harmed by my own magic spell. Otherwise, I would have been the one that turns into an ice sculpture.

Ice Assassination Spikes!

Countless ice spikes appeared out of my body, and they directly pierced into the doll behind me!

When I felt that the hands which were grabbing onto my body were released, I knew that the doll were already in pieces.

I had already positioned my finger at one of the inventory hotkeys. Earlier, the damage I received wasn’t small. Although my level was higher than theirs, however, I’m unsure of how the levels and stats of the dolls were calculated.

And the current problem is…

In front of me, there’s a doll with a personality, Yoei. And below me was… Oh my god. Not only was she throwing the mines all over the arena, at the same time, she was releasing all the dolls she stored in her dimensional ring onto the platform.

One, two, three… Twelve dolls? Adding the one that I struck down earlier, she actually had a total of 13 puppets?

Is she really a Magician?

Although I knew the answer to that, but, if I did not spend the entire day yesterday reading up on the theory of Lightning Magic, I definitely would have suspected this viewpoint.


She’s actually controlling those dolls just by waving her staff. How much degree of control must she have to do this…

Or was she a Warcraft III or Starcraft player?

The 12 dolls began to head into my direction. And they actually leapt high into the sky and flew towards me!

And on the other side, Yoei began to rush towards me, and he was flying as well!

Where’s the logic in all this? They could actually fly?

I held my wand with my left hand, and I took out my tachi with my right.

I blocked the attacks from both directions, and at the same time, countless of Ice Shields enveloped my surroundings.

My MP bar was like a spring moving back and forth. The MP I recovered earlier was once again, used up in an instant. After all, the rate of my ice shields being destroyed exceeded my expectations.

Damn it, why do all these people have magic spells that exceed their levels? And I don’t even have a single one?

Status and hierarchy, urgh. It’s driving me crazy.

However, since this has already happened, then I could only give it my all.

Flash Movement!

In the next second, I had already appeared behind Helena, and my tachi was positioned at her neck.

“You lose.”

I told her with a smile.

“Controlling 13 dolls is tiring, isn’t it? That’s probably the reason why you’re not moving at all. You can’t exert any more strength to move your own body.”

“Un~ Is that so?”

Suddenly, she turned and knocked my tachi away. Then, she raised her staff and flung it down.


But, nothing happened.

She looked up weirdly, only to realize her dolls were not moving and were stuck in the air, while a large ice block was falling from the sky.

“You’re probably wondering why your brother and dolls are not able to move in the sky, and why there’s a large ice block falling down, right?”

Naturally, the large ice block was Princess Michelle’s ‘Ice Fall’. Before I appeared behind Helena, I had already greeted Princess Michelle who was in her ‘Ice Palace’. Through a small hole in the Ice Palace, I believed it wouldn’t be hard for her to aim her giant ice block at the 13 dolls.

Helena turned to look at me. After a second or so, she asked.

“Alright, tell me. How did you do it?”

Just when she asked that, ‘Ice Fall’ had already landed on the 13 dolls, including the puppet called Yoei.

With a loud bang, the ice block collided with them, and they turned into disfigured metallic structures. Even if their HP bars weren’t empty yet, the moment they land onto the ground, they would definitely be dead meat.

Of course, fortunately, they were all dolls. Otherwise, I would have felt extremely guilty.

“Firstly, I would like to say that I had read up in the library on how dolls could be used with lightning magic. I know that small and formless electromagnetic fields are used to control the dolls, hence, I thought of a daring assumption. By using aluminium foil pieces which are usually used for barbecue, I stuck them onto the dolls’ bodies and froze them. Do you know? Aluminium foils are able to interfere with electromagnetic signals. Thus, I ended up using an entire roll of aluminium foil. And, even if they didn’t work, I believe my ice magic would have been sufficient in interfering with their physical movements.”

Then, I pointed towards the Ice Palace at the side.

“And then, with an Ice Fall, I believe the entire issue can be easily resolved.”

“I see, a very unbelievable thinking process.”

She nodded.

“But, you have yet to defeat me. Even without dolls, I’m still able to cast my magic skills.”

Saying that, she raised her staff.

“No no, I think it’s best if you take a break.”

I waved my hands at her, gesturing her to put down her weapon.

“Earlier, your movements were definitely unnatural, and you have been in that state the moment you came onto the ring. Let me make another daring assumption. You’re actually unable to control your own body. Rather, you’re using magic to control the pieces of metal on your hands, and in turn, control your body. Don’t ask me how I know about it. Regarding the practical use of lightning magic with metals, I believe you’re more knowledgeable in that aspect.”

I did not attend Physics class just for fun, you know?

“… I understand. You win.”

“Earlier, participant Helena had admitted her defeat! Fir and Princess Michelle won their 2nd battle!”

Kalua loudly announced our victory. And at the same time, the notification window popped out.

Quest Updated
Main Quest: Annual Tournament Battles – 2/3 Completed.
Additional Quest Objective: Allow Michelle to deal the last hits for all battles – 2/3 Completed.

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Chapter 31: Learning Advanced-Grade Magic

The Annual Tournament is really tiring. This can be seen by how my fatigue meter was always depleted by a full half after every match.

However, most of the students still love the Annual Tournament. After all, there’s a one week break from lessons because of this event.

This feels like the annual sports meet in the schools of my former world. Although the sports meet does not involve most of the students, but, everyone is still happy about the event. Because, we don’t have to attend lessons for a day.

But, since there are people that are happy about it, there are people that are troubled about it as well, especially me.

Let’s put aside the fact that my life was in danger because of this Annual Tournament for now. Right now, I’m becoming way too famous.

As a saying goes, ‘a man dreads fame as a pig dreads being fat.’

Even in the toilet, there’s even people that recognize you. Imagine how that feels like.

It’s terrible as hell.

Alright, this isn’t the scariest part.

The most frightening thing was, after the battle in the morning, I realized those plant-type people had been following me around. It felt like they were trying to find a certain weakness in me or something.

I say, can you guys please learn how to actually stalk people, before even attempting on following me? What’s the use of tailing me by having a bunch of people crowding behind me? You guys feel like bodyguards, rather than actual stalkers, you know?

But, in actual fact, you guys aren’t trying to protect me, rather, you guys are trying to find the perfect opportunity to stab me in the back, right?

Well, the reason why they were following me, was naturally because Princess Anne’s water magic was ineffective against their plant magic.

If I recall, the moment the plant magic barrier was cast, the water arrows striking the barrier were directly absorbed. Not just the water arrows, every sort of water magic spells were directly absorbed.

Basically, it wasn’t even a fair match!

Although, in my personal opinion, it’s possible to use a large amount of water to surround them. But, in a situation where I’m unable to determine the amount of water the plants and wood could absorb, I think there will be a danger of depleting my MP bar if I do that.

And it seems that MP Recovery Potions do not have a 100% effect on the inhabitants of this world. So, it wouldn’t be wise to do it the hard way.

In view of the above situation, I decided to sacrifice my entire afternoon worth of rest time, and head towards Ms Mari’s office.

Ms Mari did not seem surprised to see me here, as she pointed to the seat in front of her and gestured me to sit down. Then, she laughed.

“And here I thought you will really try to win the Annual Tournament with just elementary-grade magic.”

“I actually wanted to try that out. However, I heard from a certain cute student that her teacher happily taught her several intermediate-grade and advanced-grade magic spells.”

This cute student was naturally Miss Helena of the lightning-type team.

‘Since I lost to you, then you must win the Annual Tournament! If I still had ample MP, I would have definitely destroyed your elementary-grade magic spells with my lightning magic spells! Speaking of which, why didn’t you ask your teacher to teach you intermediate-grade ice magic spells?”

When I heard this, I suddenly felt the world betrayed me.

How would I know you could learn intermediate-grade ice magic spells like that? Nobody told me that!

Or did everyone think that intermediate-grade magic wouldn’t be of any use to me when they saw my bizarre battle style?

Are you kidding me!?

I’m already sick of using those same magic spells!

Ice Arrows, Ice Valley, Ice Assassination Spikes, Ice Shield, Ice Castle, Ice Meteor, Ice Totem!

When I look at these spells closely, they are only magic spells that affect a small radius. What about those weird spells my opponents used? One of them even used dolls! Is there even justice in this world!?

Ms. Mari shrugged, and then she threw a few books onto the table.

“Intermediate-grade and advanced-grade ice magic skill books, right? Even though the library has a few hundreds of these skill books, but after removing those magic spells which basically do not have any practical use, these are the only ones left that are useful for combat. This is actually a compilation I made after all my research in my younger days, so you better thank me.”

“Couldn’t you have given them to me earlier?”

“I find the way you’re thanking me a little weird. Is this how you thank people in your homeland?”

“It would have been fine if you gave me unrestricted access to the library as well, you know?”

“Unless you don’t even know how to thank people?”

I sighed, and then picked up the entire stack of books.

“Thank you very much.”

“Your personality is really terrible.”

“Is that so? I think that the personality of a teacher who reads a light novel about teen romance during office hours is much worse, don’t you think so?


“When you gave me the stack of books, I saw the cover of the book that was stuck beneath them. I saw that book once in the library. It’s most likely the same book. Adding the fact that all these books have the library’s labels, I’m very sure it’s the exact same one.”

“Cough cough, in any case, you guys aren’t having any lessons, why can’t I read my light novels?”

“I don’t really mind, of course. But, may I ask? Are those weird light novels that are placed in the regular bookshelves in the third row on the third floor of the library, yours? There’s barely anyone who visits the bookshelves there, so the librarian doesn’t bother to check that area either. But evidently, there are several strange books over there.”

“Obviously, they aren’t mine.”

But, when Ms. Mari said that, she picked up a pen with her right hand and started writing down the location I just spoke of on a piece of paper.

Is she trying to keep those books for herself?

“Where’s my thanks?”

I smiled and asked.

Ms. Mari was startled for a second, and then, she pushed the piece of paper to a side.

“Cough cough, later, I will lift your library access restriction to the intermediate-grade magic section. Is that good enough?”

“Of course~ Just to add on, the bookstore called ‘Maubert’ that’s outside the academy has several interesting books. However, they’re a little expensive. You can decide on your own.”

After saying that, I carried the books and left Ms. Mari’s office. Then, I quickly ran towards the activity room.

Why did I choose the activity room?

Because Falan and the two girls placed several interesting magical traps around that area. They would definitely trouble those who are following me and force them to retreat.

And at this hour… As I expected, there wasn’t anyone in the activity room.

I immediately went inside, and found a table to drop the books on. After that, impatiently, I started reading all of them.

Of course, I’m not actually reading them. Rather, I’m recording all of the spells inside.

Do you wish to learn Intermediate-Grade Magic Spell: Frozen Light?
Do you wish to learn Intermediate-Grade Magic Spell: Ice Fall?
Do you wish to learn Intermediate-Grade Magic Spell: Ice Flower?
Do you wish to learn Advanced-Grade Magic Spell: Frozen Eternity of Grief?
Do you wish to learn…

When I looked at this full list of magic spells, I swallowed my saliva, and I positioned my finger onto the notification window.


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Chapter 32: Mentor System

Possessing intermediate-grade and advanced-grade magic really makes a big difference. Let’s put aside their names for now, just their effects alone are able to get me excited.

For example, Ice Arrow deals 110% damage of your magical attack power, while Frozen Light actually deals 200% damage! And if I use the advanced-grade magic spell Eternal Frozen Stream, adding its base of 250% damage, it actually has the effect of ignoring the target’s ice resistance as well!

In other words, even if the target was to use a potion to prevent himself from freezing up, he would still be frozen regardless. It’s basically a bug-worthy spell.

And I was wondering why I was having such a hard time fighting… When all of my opponents were using such enhanced spells, how the hell would I not tire myself out?


The cost of using advanced-grade spells are indeed very high. Frozen Light uses up 1,500MP, and Eternal Frozen Stream uses up 2,500MP. Basically, if I do not manage to land a hit with my first shot, I would have to wait for my MP to recover before I could execute my second shot.

But, I did not expect Ice Magic to have a spell that supposedly has a 100% accuracy – Chaotic Shadow: 99 Types of Ice Arrows.

Suddenly, I could imagine 99 arrows dancing in the air. That will definitely be a spectacular sight.

However, these high-cost magic spells require a large pool of MP. Looks like, other than getting my hands on more magic spells, I need to focus on increasing my Max MP as well.

Currently, my Max MP is only 3,600. It’s different compared to EXP, Max MP does not increase by several folds each level, hence, it’s so low, it’s saddening.

Although I do have a mountain of MP Recovery Potions, but, my Max MP is low and the time take for my MP to recover is pretty long as well. I have no choice but to use my magic spells sparingly during battles.

Looks like, in the future, I have to arrange a sequence of magic spells to use. Currently, I feel like I’m improvising everything during battles, and it wouldn’t be favorable if I continue like this for future battles.

When I left the activity room, it was already evening. Since I was no longer wanted, there wasn’t a need for me to disguise myself, and I walked out in the school grounds with my usual appearance.

Looks like time was the best medicine to curbing popularity. Even after the second battle ended, my fame did not increase, and those so-called fans of mine no longer appeared.

But, I think the biggest reason was the fact that I survived after getting stabbed in both the heart and neck that night. And many people started to fear my identity.

This point was brought up by Aliyah. Although I don’t really care, but I can’t deny that her point makes sense.

How should I put it? If you see a classmate’s head slipping off his body right in front of you, and in the next few hours, he suddenly appears lively in front of you, that feeling will definitely be pretty unbearable.

Oh well, it’s best not to be frustrated over something like this. The main point right now is to find something to eat.

“As I expected, you’re here. When I found out that you’re not in the library, I guessed the next possible place you could be would definitely be your activity room.”

This voice probably belonged to Irlin.

When I turned to look, Irlin, who was dressed in a white light armor, was running towards me from the side of the road.

“Were you looking for me? Sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s fine~ You’re going to get dinner, right? Let’s go together.”


After walking a few steps, I asked.

“Oh right, earlier, you said you were looking for me. Is it something important?”

“Oh, yeah. In the afternoon, Princess Michelle and I were discussing on how we could increase our combat abilities. She was not satisfied with how she performed for the last two battles, hence, she’s practicing alone right now. But speaking about combat ability, why didn’t you use any of the Knight Magic spells? Ice Sword Summon should be able to increase your combat ability by a considerable amount, right?”


I scratched my head.

“Isn’t that magic spell really important to your household? If I use it here, those people who wish to steal it will probably appear, right? If that happens, things will get really messy.”

“So… so that’s why…”

Irlin was silent for a while, and then, she continued.

“Actually, that magic spell isn’t really important to our household. It’s only the most basic magic spell of our Knight Magic after all, and that is also why our family isn’t able to strengthen ourselves as quickly, compared to the other households. However, to us, it’s still a very strong magic spell.”

“Most basic…”

Wait a minute, if Ice Sword Summon is the most basic spell…

“May I ask, have you learnt all of the Knight Magic spells of your household?”

“Theory-wise, yes. But I’m not that practically proficient at them…”

“Then, do you know how to use this magic spell?”

After saying that, I immediately cast the magic spell Ice Knight Armor Summon.

A cold chill surrounded my body in an instant, and a blue armor made of ice covered my body.

“This… This is an intermediate-grade magic knight spell! How… How are you able to use it?”

Irlin said, with an expression of disbelief. Then, she inspected the armor, and continued.

“Where did you learn this spell?”

“It’s from that book of yours. This is something I realized by myself while I was training the basic spells. I don’t really know how it actually happened as well.”

I can’t exactly say the level was raised automatically due to the system’s support, right?

Speaking of which, earlier, I did see an ‘Impart’ button at the corner of the spell description. It seems that I have to use the spell a certain number of times before the button will appear.

“Do you want me to teach you?”

“Eh? Really? Are you really going to teach me!?”

This is the first time I ever see Irlin’s excited expression, with stars popping out of her eyes. It startled me for a moment.

Right, she’s a girl, after all.

“Of course.”

I looked at her, and then, I tapped on the ‘Impart’ button.

Her body shook for a second, and a progress bar appeared before me.

So this is how it works?

Why does it feel like a Mentor System…

Ting! Mentor System Unlocked

Relationships Updated:
Irlin – Student
Yybril – Mentor
Falan – Mentor

Imparting of spell completed.

After looking at these notifications, why don’t I even feel surprised at all?

Or am I already used to having the sudden appearances of new systems?

“So that’s how it works! I know how to use it now. I’m going to practise the spell, wait for me!”

After saying that, Irlin ran towards the arena, leaving a trail of dust behind her.


No way. Just how devoted are you to studying? What happened to our promised dinner?

Alright, I’m not going to deny it, I was shocked at how this went contrary to my expectations.

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Part 6: The Power of Science!

Chapter 33: The Girl on the Wheelchair

PoV: Irlin Wood

“May the chill of ice envelop my firm heart, Ice Knight Armor, summon!”

Magic formations deep blue in color flashed on my armor, and as the light dissipates, a translucent crystal armor appeared on my body.

It succeeded as I thought it would!

Looks like the method Fir told me wasn’t wrong at all. Now, I’m able to successfully use Ice Armor Summon as well.

… Wait a minute, earlier, what did Fir say when he was teaching me?

Geez, I actually remembered the method to use the spell, but I forgot how he explained it. How careless of me. But it’s fine since I managed to remember the method.

“So this is the magic used by Magic Knights. It looks pretty cool.”

Princess Michelle, who was at the side, said in awe. She walked towards me, and touched the armor on my body.

“So cold!”

She quickly pulled back her hand.

So cute~

But it’s all thanks to her that I managed to use this training area. Because it’s really hard to find a vacant training area around this time of the day.

When Princess Michelle saw me, she shared her personal training area to me, as she wanted to train as well.

“Careful, the Ice Armor will automatically harm anyone else other than its owner. Even if you’re an Ice Magician, you will still feel cold when you’re near it.”

“Don’t you feel cold wearing it?”

“A little, but it doesn’t affect me that much. After all, I’m still a knight.”

“Un… Alright. Continue with your training then. I need to practice my magic spells as well.”

After saying that, she walked to a side, and began chanting.

“Solid and firm cold, in my name, I summon you to fall upon this large land. Endless cold, in my name, I summon… Ice Fall!”

After the chant was finished, in three seconds, an extremely large ice block appeared in the sky.

The entire chant took 8 seconds to finish, and that magic spell seemed to take quite a toll on Michelle’s body.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not like that pervert Fir, whose chanting speed is so monstrously quick.”

“No, it’s not like that. Look, Fir’s chanting speed is quick, because all he uses are elementary-grade magic spells. That is why he needs your help in regards to intermediate-grade magic, right?”

“That’s not true. If it wasn’t because my old man exerting pressure on the school, Fir would definitely be able to deal with all of our opponents alone. There isn’t a need for me to step in at all. Didn’t you see his maneuvers? Out of the two matches, only the puppet siblings were able to follow his speed. I believe if it wasn’t for the restriction for the last hit to belong to me, he would definitely have rushed towards them and knock them out immediately with his sword. Hmph.”

“But… But, this is a magic competition, right? To use a sword would be a little…”

“It’s not really against the rules, right? I mean, they even used puppets, you know? Using a sword wouldn’t matter much, right? Isn’t your Magic Knight spells considered as magic as well? But in the end, you would still mainly use your sword, wouldn’t you?”

“If you put it that way…”

“Oh right, about this point…”

Princess Michelle looked as if she remembered something important, and forcefully turned to look at me.

“I know Fir knows about your Magic Knight magic spells, and I also know you’re his fiancee. But, what I really want to know, is your opinion on this matter!”

“Eh, eh? My opinion on… what matter?”

“I… I mean, do you really want to be his fiancee!?”


I hesitated.

“I don’t know either…”

“You don’t know?”

“Because I can’t make clear of my own thoughts as well. But, I know that I feel safe when I’m together with him.”


Princess Michelle shook her head, and sighed.

“Your answer is really subtle…”

“Umm… Princess Michelle, you…”


Princess Michelle looked at me, and then giggled.

“I’m more confused than you. I think I’m more unclear of my own feelings.”

PoV: Fir

“Don’t lose, alright? If you lose, then won’t my loss to you a complete waste?”

The moment I entered the business district, I heard a familiar voice.

When I looked around for the source, it actually belonged to a girl sitting on a wheelchair.

Even though she was wearing a formal night gown, and had a veil covering her face, but I was able to determine her identity from the name floating above her head.

“Ms. Helena, are you preparing to participate in an important dinner party?”

“Hehe~ You must be kidding. I’m only preparing to have dinner with my father. If you came up with that thought after looking at my clothes, then, I can only tell you that this is how I usually dress. I will only wear my robe when I’m using magic.”

After pausing for a moment, she continued.

“Looks like you’re not really familiar with my background. Even though I’m the strongest lightning elementary-grade magician, but, other than turning my neck, I have to use magic to control my body through the metal plates on every single joint. It can be said to be pretty inconvenient.”

“Looks like I was bullying you when I won that battle.”

“If you put it that way, it sounds about right. What do you think, big brother?”

“Not entirely. After all, he’s a magician who managed to take a direct hit from a fist of mine. There’s definitely isn’t a second elementary-grade magician who is capable of doing that.”

The person pushing her wheelchair was actually her brother, Yoei. But, other than the name floating above his head, there’s basically nothing else that could distinguish whether he’s human.

“Speaking of which, although you’re able to determine my brother’s body is actually a doll’s, but you’re not able to determine the location of his real body, right?”

“Real body?”

“Is it fine to reveal that?”

Yoei asked softly.

“There won’t be a problem. If he has any enmity towards us, wouldn’t it end up the same even if I expose your location?”

“… Fine.”

“Hehe, sorry for the interruption. Actually, my brother’s body isn’t here. But, my brother’s body is worse off than mine. He completely can’t control his body at all, and he has to transfer his entire consciousness into a doll to live. Of course, publicly, it is known that brother completely modified his body into a doll.’

“Looks like your household has a weird hereditary disease.”

“That’s exactly so. Oh right, you’re heading for dinner, right? Why don’t you join us?”

“Isn’t that…”

Just when I thought of refusing, suddenly, a new quest notification popped out!

Side Quest: Broken Doll
Quest Objective: 1st part of a chain of quests. Investigate the hereditary disease of the Smuu household.
Quest Reward(s): Unknown.

“Then I… will respectfully accept the offer.”

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Chapter 34: Smuu Household (I)

After following after Helena for about 10 minutes, we finally arrived at our destination.

If I had not came along with her today, I wouldn’t have known that there’s a shop that sells dolls located at the outer sector of the academy.

The shop was facing in the opposite direction of the business district, and normally, no one will come here.

But, the area covered by the shop was large, and was 8 stories high.

The entire building was cast in metal. Although there’s coating on the walls to prevent the reflection of sunlight, but, at the position of the joints, the traces of welding were still visible.

Also, from the labels at the entrance, customers are able to know the different types of products available in the respective floors. They provide regular aesthetic dolls, magical puppets, and even automatons.

I kind of feel like, with this kind of products available, the technological level of this world has surpassed that of my former world. Isn’t this ‘automaton’ a robot with an AI?

“Please, come in.”

The shop’s door opened automatically, and Yoei pushed Helena into the building.

Sighing inwardly at the illogical automatic door, I followed them into the shop.

The shop was rather quiet. The first floor was huge, but only a single maid was tending the shop.

When she saw us enter, she immediately bowed.

“Young miss, young master, welcome back. Master is already waiting upstairs.”


Nodding her head, we headed to the metallic door at the side.

I shivered. Could they actually have an elevator as well? I knew the answer to my own question, of course. Other than an elevator, what kind of door would have number-labeled buttons on the wall just beside it?

A microwave?

As I thought, the moment Yoei pressed on one of the buttons, the door automatically opened. I didn’t expect to see an elevator in a place like this, and currently, I’m having mixed feelings about this.

“… You don’t look surprised at all?”

Finally, when the elevator door closed, Helena turned and posed this question at me.

“If you didn’t ask me that question, I would have definitely been surprised. But as for a mechanism that transfer items up and down, I don’t really have to be surprised, right?”

“Oh? Have you seen this before?”


I said as such.

“I saw it on a book I read in the past.”

“A book… It should be impossible. I’m pretty sure this mechanism is the first of its kind in this entire western continent.”

Although she said she didn’t believe me, she still turned and stared at me.

“Will you believe me if I say I could draw out the skeleton design of how this thing works?”

“You’re able to draw the structure of this mechanism?”

“I can tell you how that automatic door works as well, and even some other mechanisms that you don’t have.”

“You… How do you know all this!? All these mechanisms could actually be found on a book!?”

“I’m not entirely sure as well. I only recall that I saw the designs of these mechanisms on a book I read a long time ago.”

“A long time ago… So you’re telling me that book isn’t with you right now?”

“Of course. But I can tell you the title of that book though. It’s called ‘Physics’.”

Oh, my dear Physics teacher, I don’t know if you’re still alive, but, do you know? Your knowledge is being put to good use in this other world.

Even if it’s in a magical world?

‘Physics’… Is that so… That person said the same thing as well. That book is definitely extraordinary.”


This time, I was really shocked.

“That person… You’re saying there’s actually another person who told you he read a book like that before?”

“Un. About half a month ago, a man called Lester traded some materials with us. Back then, he used the blueprints for the ‘Ortus Door’ and ‘Avril Lotte’, or what you call the automatic door and elevator, to trade with us. He told us that he saw these designs from a book titled ‘Physics’ as well. However, just when we determined the practicality of the designs, that person disappeared. Hence, all the more, we decided to make the two mechanisms.”

So it was actually that bastard Lester…

“I know that person called Lester. But did he actually enter our academy as well?”

“No. He was in a city situated at the border of the Eli Empire. We have a branch shop there.”

That guy actually ran to the Eli Empire? He sure moves fast. But I wonder if he had found the thing he was looking for in the underground dungeon.

“I see. If you happen to see him again, please pass on this message for me. ‘Fir is very angry. Prepare to suffer extreme consequences.’”


Helena actually laughed.

“I just realized you two are pretty similar. Just like you, his way of thinking was pretty weird. But since you’re knowledgeable of that book titled ‘Physics’, in the future, I will like to consult you regarding some matters.”

“… If you’re able to provide me with some advanced-grade lightning magic skill books, as well as the method to create dolls.”

When she heard my answer, she revealed a stunned expression.

“What’s wrong? Is it impossible?”

“No no, of course, it’s possible!”

Hearing her tone, she’s actually really excited?

Why do I feel like I’m the one who made a loss here?

“We have tons of lightning magic skill books in our household. But as for the method to make dolls… Even though we can teach you, but learning it isn’t a simple matter.”

“No problem. You can provide me with various related reading materials as well. I think it ill be more convenient if I take a look at them myself.”

After all, I have the system’s support, so reading them myself will be a faster way.

Although I’m able to learn it if they teach me personally, but, I have never tried making an item of my own.

Unless it’s possible to create one by simply pressing on a single button?

That will definitely be frightening. Earlier, I don’t know how I managed to successfully impart the magic spell to Irlin, but, I kind of have a weird feeling about it.

“Of course, we have books about them. But, we’re more interested in that ‘Physics’ book and the information held within it, and what other mystical mechanisms are still being hidden inside it.”

“That will depend on what you guys want to know.”

“Is that so…”

The elevator finally reached the top floor, and with a ring of a bell, the door slowly opened.

Looks like the businesses in this world are pretty profitable. These extravagant decorations are comparable to the villa that Falan bought with her huge sum of money.

“Oh, we actually have a guest today… If I recall, you’re Fir right? The boy who competed against my daughter in the tournament earlier today.”

A middle-aged man, who was dressed in a formal attire, was standing in the center of the room. Putting the rest of his features aside, the first deep impression I got from him was from the scar on his face.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Smuu.”

I responded with a smile.

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Chapter 35: Smuu Household (II)

Walts Smuu 47 Years Old Male
LV 27 Lightning Magician LV ?? Doll Maker
[Neutral] [Resolute] [Doll Hand] [High-Leveled Merchant] [Mousse Doll Merchant Guild Member] [Unlimited Eyes] [Technician] [???]

As I thought, I’m able to see more information about my targets after leveling that skill. With a single glance, I’m already able to understand Walts’ personality and know about his achievements.

Of course, because of the difference in our actual levels, naturally, there are still some things that are not revealed. But, the basic information is already enough.

It would be better if I’m able to collect more information. After all, we come from a digital age.

“Esteemed father, from what I heard from Fir, like Lester, he has some understanding regarding the book called ‘Physics’.”

The moment we settled down at the table, Helena immediately initiated the topic.

Young miss, is it really fine for you to actually start introducing someone by talking about the book the person had read before?

“Is that so? No wonder. I had a feeling both you and Lester were special.”

Special? Are you actually able to tell that we come from another world?

“Of course, there isn’t any special meaning to it. I’m just really curious as to what the contents are in that book, that’s all.”

“I only happened to read through it by chance. But that book is really weird. Isn’t it?”


He paused for a moment, and then continued the conversation.

“Since you have heard of the book called ‘Physics’, then have you heard of the legendary alchemy guidebook, titled ‘Chemistry’?”

“This… No, I haven’t heard of it.”

Sorry, my dear Chemistry teacher. I’m not really confident with my knowledge on Chemistry.

But really, Lester. You sure dare to spout out anything you like. You even dare to casually talk about something like Chemistry.

“Is that so? Then that’s a real shame. When he came, Lester mentioned that book to us. However, he told us that he did not really understand the contents in the book.”

“Since that thing called ‘Chemistry’ is so formidable, it make sense for it to be hard to find, right?”

“That’s true. Alright, for now, let’s enjoy our dinner.”

“My pleasure.”

2 hours later, I left the Smuu household’s doll shop.

I drew a simple blueprint of a hot-air balloon, and designed a mechanism to release fire magic, as a replacement for fuel. Hence, I successfully received some lightning magic skill books, and an introductory guide to the manufacturing of dolls.

Although there are things such as airships in this world, but, those things consume tons of magic crystals, and they are basically cost-inefficient.

Of course, our academy is able to afford it. After all, we have many magicians. But, if we use the airship to transport goods, then it will be a total waste. Hence, goods are still transported by land in this world.

Next time, I will draw an airplane. It will definitely bring about the next age.

Keeping the things I received into my ring, I quickly walked along the streets, and headed towards a place where no one could see me.

After confirming that there wasn’t anyone near me, I immediately disguised myself, and changed into a black outfit I bought before.

Ever since I learnt the Disguise technique, I bought a set of all the clothes that I could buy, so that it would be convenient when I have to change into a new set of clothes.

As to why I’m doing this now, naturally, it’s to return to the Smuu household and do an investigation.

For starters, there’s the quest I received earlier, regarding the hereditary disease in the Smuu household.

Although I don’t really harbor any evil intentions against their household, nor do I really want to involve myself in their matters, but a quest is a quest. Since there’s experience to gain, I would be an idiot to not do it when it’s a possible task.

And with my fatigue meter filled, things like sleeping are only a waste of time. Because, since I’m unable to dream, there’s no difference between sleeping and not sleeping at all.

At the same time, I was astonished, because there were several interesting things in the Smuu household.

Firstly, there’s the maid in their household.

Having a LV 30 maid isn’t weird itself, but, if she has an Assassin class, and a prefix called ‘Sunfall’ at the side of her name, then that’s totally weird.

If I recall, ‘Sunfall’ is the name of an Assassin Guild, and their targets are mostly people with high social standings.

Looks like the Smuu household will be facing danger today. But as for the specifics, I will only know when I enter the building.

And when I was inspecting the room earlier, I realized there seemed to be a basement in the building. Because, when I was at the first floor, 20 meters under the floor, Yoei’s name actually appeared. And he was not in his doll state, but his actual human body.

No matter how I see it, it has something to do with the quest scenario. Hence, I will have to look for the entrance to the basement later as well.

“Sneaking into buildings isn’t actually my forte. If there was a save and load system, it would be great.”

After complaining, I tapped on Light Steps, Sneak, and Night Vision, and quickly hopped onto the roof of the building next to the shop.

As to why I’m entering the building this way… I have no other choice. Earlier, in the Smuu’s house, from inspecting the mini-map, it seems there isn’t any windows in the 1st to 7th floor of the building. Other than the main entrance, there are no other exits.

What the hell. There’s nothing like air vents in this world. And even if there is one, I don’t even know where’s the entrance.

Hence, the only way is to enter through the window at the 8th floor.

“Prominent – Blowing Fog.”

A light green fog floated above my hand, and it quickly surrounded the roof of the Smuu’s house.

Under the effect of the fog, the magic formation on the roof slowly revealed itself.

Unlike other magic, wind elemental particles are the most common in this world. Basically, wherever there is air, there will definitely be wind elemental particles. Hence, there are several detection magic spells under Wind Magic, as they are hard to detect.

“To think they would cover all the windows with magic barriers, aren’t they going overboard with their security? Just what the hell is this household hiding?”

This is starting to arouse my interest. Although I’m not really interested in the privacy of others, but I’m really interested in weird things.

This time around, the weird things happen to involve their privacy. This is just a coincidence.


Actually, I was hoping there would be a certain weak point somewhere in the building, so that I could imitate Altair, but it seems like the conditions aren’t met.

Looks like I have to learn all the lock-picking and infiltration related skills in the future. Although currently Magician is my main class, but I do know some of the skills of other classes. After all, it’s best to do this kind of shady business by myself.

However, since I’m not equipped with the needed type of skills, I have to use my current available skills to deal with the matter. Even though it’s convenient, but because it’s too convenient, I didn’t really want to use it.

“Flash Movement!”

In the next second, I already appeared in the Smuu building’s toilet at the 8th floor. Earlier, when we were having dinner, I came to this place once. Hence, there wasn’t a problem with teleporting to this spot.


Because it was too easy, I don’t feel any sense of achievement at all.

Alright, for now, let’s complete the quest… Firstly, I have to ensure the safety of the people inside the Smuu building. Otherwise, my quest wouldn’t be able to progress at all.

Since that’s the case… For starters, I will have to find and question that maid~

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Chapter 36: Deep Within the Smuu Household

Since the people nearby weren’t especially using any sort of hiding abilities, and I was able to locate their positions using the mini-map, I was able to move quickly through the gaps in their movements and stay unnoticed.

Of course, even though I said I wanted to interrogate her, but, I don’t really dare to directly attack her and force her to tell me what she knows. After all, her level is much higher than mine.

However, snatching the things they are holding onto and listening in on their conversations, aren’t that difficult to accomplish.

The space in this floor was still rather large. Looking from afar, at the other side of the current floor, the Smuu father and daughter were in a room, probably studying the blueprint I drew.

And several maids just finished clearing up the table, and were heading to another room together.

I quickly followed after them, and after quietly pushing the door of the room next to theirs, I quickly hid inside it.

It seemed to be a storage room, as the room was filled with various vegetables and fruits.

At the side, there was even a door emitting cold air. It’s probably where the meat were being kept.

This isn’t weird. After all, with a single ice magic stone, it’s possible to cause an entire room to turn into a frozen chamber. It’s comparable to the freezer in our world.

“Hey, who is the guest that our young miss brought back today?”

“Haven’t you heard from master? That guy is the person who defeated our young miss in the annual tournament today.”

“Annual tournament? That game which is used as an example to show off one’s abilities?”

“Not entirely. But it was disadvantageous to our young miss, as they were many restrictions.”

“That’s right. If she was allowed to use ‘Soul Endowment’, then there basically wouldn’t be anyone in the academy that’s capable of defeating our young miss, right?”

“Hehehe, that’s exactly so~”

I see. So she didn’t reveal her true abilities, huh? But what is that thing called ‘Soul Endowment’? Is it something similar to a legendary artifact?

But whatever the case, these maids aren’t making any weird comments while talking among themselves, even though they were all members of guild called ‘Sunfall’.

This doesn’t make sense at all. Unless this ‘Sunfall’ is actually a maid agency? But why do all them of have Assassin classes? Is it really hard for a maid to choose a regular Maid class?

“I shall return the remaining ingredients to the storage room. Wait for me, alright?”

Suddenly, I heard one of them said as such.

My lips twitched for a moment.

Are you serious? The place I’m in looks exactly like a storage room. Are you planning to come over here?

But this room is filled with nothing but food and ingredients, there’s nowhere I can hide myself at all.

And there’s even a magic barrier on the window. Won’t I be digging my own grave if I try to open it directly?

Sweeping my gaze across the room, I finally set my eyes on the freezer’s entrance.

Alright, I don’t have any other choice left…

I went in after pulling open the door. Then, I headed to a corner of the room and covered my entire body with Ice Castle.

This ice magic stone really can’t be underestimated. Even someone like me who was used to cold was feeling a little bit chilly.

Fortunately, my ice resistance was relatively high, otherwise, I definitely won’t able to bear something like this.

A moment later, I saw the maid walking into the storage room. She was moving about inside the room for a while, and then, she headed into the freezer.

“Weird. Why wasn’t the door to the freezer locked? Geez…”


Big sis, are you serious? You’re actually going to lock the door to the freezer?

Before I could even protect, a ‘kacha’ sound came from the door. I dispelled the Ice Castle and walked over, and realized I could no longer push the door open.

Oh my god. Is this for real? You really went ahead and locked it?

Even if I’m an Ice Magician, it’s still possible for me to freeze to death, you know?

An Ice Magician being frozen to death, isn’t a cold joke. If I’m not able to find a way to leave this place within an hour, it will definitely happen.

If I’m frozen to death… I should still be able to resurrect at the graveyard, right?

But that isn’t really a good thing at all!

No, I must definitely find a way to leave.

Once again, I swept my gaze across the freezer. The entire room was filled with various types of meat. When I inspected them carefully, the meat were actually separated into different parts as well.

Unlike the room outside, this freezer did not have any windows. It was probably designed to completely isolate the cold air inside the room.

I touched the floor, and found out the entire thing was made of a single piece of metal, and there wasn’t any openings. And although the ceiling looked like it was made by linking up several metal plates, but, I couldn’t find anywhere that I could knock the thing open.

Damn it, damn it. What am I supposed to do?

Unless the only way is to use Flash Movement and teleport my way out of here? And return to the toilet?

Are toilets already turning into my checkpoints? Whenever I fail, I will reappear at my last checkpoint?

This isn’t a cold joke at all, geez…

Looks like I have no choice. I slowly began to think of the layout of the toilet in my mind, and prepared to use Flash Movement…


The moment I closed my eyes, I somehow felt that the cold air emitting from the ice magic stone was not circling around the room.

Rather, the cold air was slowly drifting into a certain direction!

Is there a certain mechanism nearby that is absorbing the magic particles? Or…

Is there another exit?

Sensing the direction of where the ice magic particles were drifting to, I…

I walked towards a piece of meat.

Alright, to be exact, it was a piece of beef. Looking at its texture, it looked like a high-grade ingredient.

Of course, that’s not the point. The point was, there was something behind the meat.

“Ice Spike!”

I casually summoned an Ice Spike, and stabbed it into the gap between the wall and the meat.

Grandpa Archimedes once told us, “Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world.” So, moving a piece of meat shouldn’t be a difficult task.

However… With a ‘Pa’ sound, the Ice Spike broke.

The hell? This shouldn’t happen at all. You’re seriously forcing my hand, aren’t you?

“Rapid Heat!”

An elementary-grade fire magic spell. However, other than using it to cook supper, I haven’t found any other use for this magic spell.

But, currently, it’s really useful. A few moments later, the piece of meat and the wall began to melt, and I was able to easily retrieve the meat.

“Oh my god…”

Behind the meat, was actually an entrance to a ventilation duct!

“Praise the heavens!”

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Chapter 37: Secret of the Smuu Household

Earlier, when I used my magic spell, it was evidently felt by the maids and the three members of the Smuu household. Knowing that I couldn’t stay here for long, I quickly took out my Blasphemer and knocked the entrance to the ventilation duct open. I turned back and cast freezing magic on the freezer’s door to seal it. Then, immediately after, I went into the duct.

Kuh, it’s hard to crawl in here.

Not just that, this place is freaking narrow!

If I recall, in most games, several protagonists use this ultimate passage to complete missions in different buildings! But why does it hurts so much when I’m the one crawling?

Suddenly, I felt the pain of being the protagonist of a game. Every day, he had to crawl in this slippery passage. It must have been really tough on him.

Although it’s for the sake of killing people or to eavesdrop on others, but as the saying goes, ‘a career open to all talents , without distinction of birth’. As professional assassins or thieves, they must endure the pain that comes with their career.

But, I’m simply a Magician. Although I sneaked in here for the sake of a quest, but, at the very least, you should have made this passage easier to crawl in, right?

However, there’s no point in lamenting any further. After all, even I complain, it won’t be able to stop the people outside from chasing me. If I don’t run now, I won’t be able to make it.

Whatever the case, I don’t even know how I’m squirming inside the ventilation duct. Slowly, I got used to it, and I was somewhat able to move forward.

However, what’s terrible was that I’m not able to look at the direction I’m heading towards in the duct using my mini-map. And I’m not playing any ‘assassination’ type of game, where I will be able to get to my destination just by following a single main path in the duct.

However, I do know the general direction I have to go to. Currently, it’s evident that I will be courting my own death by staying at the upper floors. The best way right now is to head towards the lower floors.

Hence, I quickly used the duct to head towards somewhere where I could head downstairs.

After all, I don’t have to worry about not being able to leave this place, as I have the ability to teleport.

But I’m more interested in the person called Yoei, who lies in the basement.

No matter how I look at it, the key to completing the first part of the quest is to look for that guy.

After moving for a long time, I finally arrived at an intersection. Poking my head forward to take a look, I was momentarily loss for words.

What the hell?

Who the hell was in charge of designing the ventilation duct in this building? Is this long vertical duct supposed to be a joke?

Have you ever considered the feelings of the people who make their living off crawling inside these ventilation ducts?

I couldn’t even see the bottom of the hole. Just how deep is this?

It can’t be a direct passage from the 8th floor to the ground floor, right?

No, does this ventilation duct include access to the basement? If I jump down like this, I will definitely fall to death, right?

But it looks like I don’t have any other choice.

Tapping the ‘Light Step’ skill, with both of my hands placed against the two walls of the duct, I began to slide downwards.

My speed was getting faster by the second! This isn’t a joke at all! This feels like the time I rode a roller-coaster!


This is the first time I’m riding on a type that goes all the way down…


With a loud thud, I broke through the bottom layer of the duct, and my body crashed onto the hard floor.

It hurts so much…

Putting aside the level of danger, the fact that my HP bar was almost emptied made me break out into cold sweat.

Looks like I have to research on an advanced version of ‘Light Steps’ in the future. For example, a skill that could let me run on water using ki or something. Otherwise, in the future, if I drop from such a height, even if I don’t die from it, I will definitely be crippled.

And I can’t use Ice Magic currently, for example, using Ice Totem to control my rate of descent. Otherwise, I will definitely be exposed.

Other than earlier when I was in the freezer. After all, the entire room was already filled with ice. Having another block or two wouldn’t make a difference.

I quickly recovered my HP, and then got off the ground.

Looks like this fall did not result into a tragedy. Currently, I’m actually in the basement. Looking at the metal door at the side, I realized I wouldn’t be able to enter this place from anywhere else other than from the ventilation duct.

After all, the lock in place looked pretty high-grade. Without an advanced-grade lockpicking ability, it probably wouldn’t open at all.

Alright, this isn’t time to investigate the doorlock. My current task is to investigate all the things here before someone else enters the place. There might be some information that could help me complete the quest in the basement, after all.

After surveying the entire room, I immediately headed towards the table and kept all the paper documents into my ring. Then, I took a look at the bookshelf at the side. Anything that could be taken, I took all of them. I even took the bookshelf itself.


Why do I feel like my current behavior is so familiar? It feels like I did something similar in the past.

Ah, forget it. It’s best to not mind about such things.

While I was taking all the things in the room, suddenly, something at the corner of the room caught my eye.

From the looks of it, it looked like a giant cylinder, and there was a deep green liquid inside it.

More importantly…

Yoei’s name indicated that he was inside!

Oh my god, is this guy already dead? And his body is turned into a specimen? Is this the distorted love of his sister?

No, if he’s actually dead, his name shouldn’t appear at all… Oh right, didn’t they say he was controlling his doll from a faraway place?

Is that place inside this container?

He spends his time in this container for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day?

Oh my god. And you actually have not turn into a specimen or turn moldy. Unbelievable.

But the color of the liquid was overly dense. I couldn’t see his figure at all. Hence, I’m not able to see his current state.

However, a small book that was placed at the side of the container gave me some clues.

“Human Body Dollification Plan… What the hell? Is he actually thinking of turning his own body into that of a monster? This isn’t hereditary disease at all. He’s simply crazy, right?”

Quest Information Updated
Investigation on Smuu household’s hereditary disease completed.
2nd Quest: Investigate the Smuu household’s Human Body Modification Plan.

When I saw this notification, I finally heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, the first part of the quest was completed.

But evidently, this was a huge quest. From how I felt since I obtained the quest, this quest made me realize that there are different types of side quests in this world. After completing this quest, I should be able to have a better understanding of the structure of this world.

Hopefully, the rewards at the end are sufficiently large. Otherwise, I would have suffered that fall for nothing.

Seeing that the names in the upper floors were getting closer, I gulped down an entire MP Recovery Potion, and tapped on Flash Movement. In the next second, I appeared in the male toilet in the library.

With great honor, I decided to bestow this male toilet at the Ice Magic section the title of First Transfer Point. Teleport whenever, and wherever, without fail.

Before I left the place, I switched back into my usual attire, and took off my disguise. Then, I walked out of the door.

“Yo, hardworking student. Such a coincidence, huh.”


The moment I stepped out of the toilet, I was given a shock. Aliyah was actually sitting on a chair next to a bookshelf which was beside the male toilet entrance. At her side, there was a stack of books, and she was looking in my direction.

“You, just what…”

“As long as I wait at your transfer point, I will naturally be able to find you. You weren’t at your room, the restaurant, nor the library. Then, I predict that you’re doing some shady business. And whenever you’re doing something shady, usually, you will directly teleport back here when you’re done, right?”

“Fine, fine. You’re smart, I will admit that. But, I have to say two things. One, I wasn’t doing any shady business, I was doing something related to a quest. Two, if you want to look for me in the future, just drop me a message. What the hell are you doing? Is sitting next to the male toilet entrance that interesting to you?”

“You don’t have to get so worked up~”

Throwing the book on her hand aside, she stood up from her seat.

“Geez, you’re not thinking for the people that are pure at heart at all.”

“Mind your own business.”

“Alright… Speaking of which, I received a pretty good quest. Want to help me with it?”

“What quest is it?”

“Do you know of human body modifications?”

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Chapter 38: Chatting in the Night

“Human body modifications… It sounds pretty interesting.”

Aliyah pondered for a moment, and then answered.

“So you’re trying to modify your own body?”

“Me? Quit with the jokes.”

I hurried shook my head.

“Even if we’re in another world, and no matter how this place feels exactly like a game, but, the realism of the world is really high. I don’t wish to experiencing turning into a frankenstein.”

“Eh~ And here I thought you have begun to treat this world as your home.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you seem to be enjoying your life in this world, you know.”


I’m enjoying it?

She’s right. I’m really enjoying this world where I’m able to resurrect myself, and where I’m able to experience things that would only happen in games in my previous world.


Occasionally, this world would give me an unrealistic feeling.

“If you put it that way, I’m not able to rebut you. But isn’t that the same for you?”

I shot the question back at her.

“In my case…”

She shook her head.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t like this world.”


“It’s too unreal.”

Aliyah said that as she took out her sword and slashed herself.

In an instant, Aliyah’s snow-white arm was splattered with fresh blood.

“Hey hey! What are you doing!?”

I quickly moved to stop her, but she did not allow me to get close.

“Don’t come over. I’m only demonstrating to you how unreal this world can be. I figure that, after such a long stay, you should have realized that you wouldn’t receive any damage from your own attacks, right?”

After saying that, she raised the arm she slashed earlier.

“Look carefully.”

Just when she said that, the blood on her arm speedily flowed back into her open wound, and in the next instant, the wound illogically began to close at an incredible speed!

“There isn’t any wound, right? The result will be the same on every part of my body.”


Although I knew that there won’t be any effect when I try to damage myself, but, I have yet to actually try attacking myself with magic.

“See. This is how unrealistic this world can be.”

“You’re right… But this provides us convenience in battles.”

“Looks like you have yet to grab hold of the main point I’m trying to bring across…”


Aliyah raised her sword and pointed it at me.

“If one day, you managed to return to our former world, will you still be able to adapt to life in the real world?”


“If you were to continue to immerse yourself, one day, you will definitely regret it… But, it’s true that we’re making use of all these unrealistic features. And, don’t be too attached to the people of this world! You don’t even know whether this world actually exists, don’t you think it feels weird to have too much affection to the inhabitants of this world?”

“Is it really that weird?”

“That’s of course. She’s treating you as her fiance and you’re already this exhilarated. What are you going to do about it in the future? Are you seriously thinking of living normally in this world? That isn’t possible, do you understand that?”


“Haa, in any case, I have said enough. Decide on what to do yourself.”

Aliyah gave a helpless expression, probably thinking that I have completely immersed myself into this world.

“Thank you for caring about me.”

I smiled and said.

“I… I… I wasn’t caring about you! I was only thinking that, as people who came from the same world, we should at least help each other out! There isn’t any special meaning to it!”

I patted her head.

“This is it. Now this is the Aliyah I know. The young girl who is filled with a prideful atmosphere.”

“I’m not prideful at all!”

“Yes yes. I know. It’s just that I was feeling a little weirded out when you were making too much sense with that stern, innocent-looking face of yours. Hey hey, don’t punch me! Even if your damage isn’t high, your punches hurt a lot!”

A chain of -200 appeared above my head, and I quickly drank down a HP Potion as I begged for mercy.

“If you know that they hurt, then don’t spout nonsense!”

“Sorry, I’m really sorry. Alright, stop fooling around. My HP Potions cost money.”


“Alright, let me ask you this. Aren’t you happy that you got to know so many people? If you forcefully shut yourself away from others, you will only be hurting yourself even more, you know?”

“I wasn’t shutting myself away…”

“Fine. In any case, if we’re going to live in this world for an extended period of time, we need to have sufficient interaction with this world. This isn’t related to making human relations, rather… We basically have no idea when we will be able to leave this place. Thus, before we leave, we have no choice but to adapt to the lifestyle here, right?”

“… Well, if you put it that way, you do make a point.”

“Alright, compared to that, there’s still a day before the final match. Do you want to investigate this bizarre plan with me?”

“That’s of course. Otherwise, I will never be able to chase up to your level. Let’s go. Speaking of which, where are we going to start investigating?”

“… How should I know? Why do you think I’m asking you to help me?”

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Chapter 39: Terminal

“I didn’t expect you to have such a skill. Not bad.”

Looking at how I skillful I was handling the school’s terminal control panel, Aliyah, who was beside me, casually commented.

“The person who designed this system comes from the same world as ours, so this system is similar to the Window’s system. Using the same hacking method, it’s possible to obtain the administrative rights. This world is different from ours. Not all the machines are supervised by administrators, so naturally, they wouldn’t be able to notice what I’m doing. However, the person who gave me the ability to hack into the system was Falan, who gave me her ‘Momiji’ terminal interference equipment. When I used it for the first time, I realized it bypasses the administrative access procedures and directly access the main communication platform. Hence, using this point, I referred to the information available, enlarged the process, so that it encompasses all the administrative functions. Fortunately, the system does not make use of magical formations to process. Otherwise, as someone who is at the borderline of failing my magical theory tests, would have a hard time. Alright, I connected into the system.”

Pressing the Enter key, and when the progress bar was filled, a window filled with several folders appeared in front of us.

“It’s really the same as the Windows system!”

Aliyah sighed in amazement.

“This is the early Windows system, hence it has freaking lots of loopholes, and it’s really not that hard to set one up. Although most of the places with this equipment set up do not have all of the information stored, but, almost every piece of information has been digitalized.”

“So you plan to use this terminal to search?”

“Of course. Although I’m unsure of which of our otherworldly companion developed this technology in this world, but, he will definitely wish that we will be able to obtain the information we want through this method, right?”

“But it would require someone with sufficient hacking abilities. If it was me, I wouldn’t be able to use this method at all.”

Aliyah sighed, but she still approached me.

“Then, the thing you’re looking for…”

“Of course, we’re going to search for it directly.”

After saying that, I immediately typed ‘human body modification’ into the search box.

But, the searching speed was really terribly slow. I’m not sure what was used to make this terminal. No, it’s definitely not optic fibers. It’s basically impossible for something like that to exist here.

Hence, currently, I could only stare blankly at the progress bar.

“This speed is really slow, urgh. I can’t stand it anymore.”

“Try to endure for a little bit more. Although I understand that waiting is a very difficult task for you, but, even if you slice this terminal into pieces, the loading speed won’t increase.”

“I know, I was just bored, that’s all. Speaking of which, are you planning to stay in this academy? It’s impossible for you to continue raising your level here, right?”

“True, but I don’t have any other choice. There’s nowhere I can learn skills outside the academy. I will only be able to learn skills that I’m interested in in this academy.”

“Are you an idiot? Are you seriously following this academy’s system? Raising your levels slowly and then learning the skills?”

Aliyah looked at me as if I was an idiot.

“Eh? Aren’t you doing the same?”

“Aren’t all the skills in this world recorded in skill books? Won’t it be fine as long as you find a way to obtain them?”

“Easier said than done.”

I glared at her in the eye.

“If I was able to take the books myself, I won’t be here listening to you, right?”

“Then let me pose you a question. Where are the books?”

“Where are what books?”

Aliyah knocked at me in the head.

“Ouch! Couldn’t you have knocked me without attacking me? Why don’t we form a party before you knock me again?”



Aliyah joined your party.

And then, I was smacked in the head again.

Alright, since my HP did not drop at all, I will just forget what just happened.

Alright, let’s get right back on topic. Since you know that the books are in the library, why don’t you go and steal them?”

“You think I have not tried it out yet? The school library is surrounded with main different magical traps. Unless you have advanced-grade trap dismantling and inspection skills, no one will be able to get pass them.”

“I’m able to, though.”

Aliyah pointed at herself.

“I learnt a lot of trap dismantling and unlocking methods from a guy in my school who loves infiltrations. Of course, I did not learn them by the system’s skill learning method, rather, I truly learnt them.”

She took out something like a stack of keys, but it was actually a big stack of wires of various thickness and size.

“At the same time, I learnt how to use a Magical Trap Inspection Glasses, and a Magic Perception Radar. No matter what traps there are, I’m able to dismantle them.”

Looking at the equipment in front of me, I directly held onto Aliyah’s hands out of excitement.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had such useful things on hand earlier!? Quick, teach me how to use them! And where did you buy all these things!?”

“Ah ah, alright, alright! You… First, release my hands.”


I released Aliyah, and then continued with my inquiry.

“Tell me, where do you buy all these tools?”

“The black market. Black market. As long as you’re in a bigger city, you will be able to find a black market. Then, you will be able to whatever you want, as long as you have the money.”

“Is that so? Looks like I really have to take a look outside the academy. But for now, let’s go steal some books.”
“Calm down, your information downloading is about to be done.”

“Oh, you’re right.”

Looking towards the terminal, there were already several information regarding human body modifications.

“Although they are password protected, but someone like me who have administrative rights is unbeatable.”

Opening a folder, I furrowed my eyebrows.

“What the hell is this? Rebuilding of human body’s internal organs to include a self-recovery effect? From the Church’s information center? Oh my god. They actually conduct these kinds of experiments?”

“Well, they do have their authentic healing magic. It’s normal for them to think of adding it into their own bodies, so that they could regenerate infinitely.”

“Then how about this? Skin Gold-ification Modification. And it’s impossible to revert back? That will basically be heart-breaking.”

“Alright, enough, this isn’t our main objective, right?”

“You’re right.”

On the search bar, I added the word ‘Smuu’, and only a single folder was left on the terminal screen.

“Looks like our target is really obvious. This is…”

When I opened the folder, I was once again stunned.

“What… What is this?”

There was only a single document in the folder. And when I opened it, there was only a title and an address.

“Unrestricting Life-Substituting Doll? Ice Empire’s Jirandur City 19th North Street? What is this?”

“I guess this is a hint for our next target. Isn’t it?”

“They made it look like a mystery game. This is really irritating.”

“But isn’t it interesting this way?”


“But, it looks like our only way to look for clues is to search in this stack of documents.”


Under Aliyah’s suspicious gaze, I threw out a bunch of paper documents.

“I stole all these from their house. And here I was thinking I could immediately search for the information I wanted. But, I didn’t expect that we actually had to flip through these papers in the end.”

“I guess…”

Aliyah pursed her lips.

“I guess we should head out and steal some books then.”

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Part 7: Infiltrating into the Library

Chapter 40: The Dark Library

Aliyah first went out of the library, and then she leapt onto one of the windows at the side and re-entered the library. And because I didn’t enter the library through the main entrance, I naturally wouldn’t do the same thing.

And the library isn’t a high-class place, so naturally, there aren’t any traps or reinforcements in place on the windows at the first floor.

“Alright, how are we going to do this?”

Looking at the assassin-like Aliyah, who was dressed in black, I whispered.

Of course, I changed my appearance as well. Although I do not have a clue whether there’s anyone patrolling the upper floors, but, it’s best to disguise myself in such situations.

“Usually, whenever we enter a different floor, there will be a scan on your body’s unique magical signature to determine your level of authorization. Of course, this is the safest method, as your body’s magical signature are the same as your fingerprints, and everyone has different magical signatures inside their bodies. So, we’re unable to enter through the main entrance.”

Aliyah pointed at a staircase that goes up to the next floor. The entire staircase was sealed off, and there was even a special metal equipment in place. Looks like it’s that piece of equipment which scans our bodies’ magical signature.

“Is it possible to disguise our magical signature?”

“It might be possible, but I don’t have that sort of skill. After all, I don’t understand magical signatures at all.”

“Even I do understand them, I won’t know either. Currently, I still don’t even know how to use these magical signaturees.”


Aliyah shrugged.

“Then we just have to enter from another route.”

“Isn’t that our initial plan?”

Hence, silently, we began to roam the first floor.

There’s only a single supervising teacher in the library, and he’s stationed at the entrance. By now, he should already be sleeping soundly, so we don’t really need to mind about him at all.

“Usually, there will always be a passage reserved for staff use, behind the staff office. After all, that way, the teachers here won’t need to spend a single cent on those equipment.”

“Staff office, is it?”

I looked in all four directions, but in fact, I was referencing my mini-map to what I was looking at in front of me.

“It should be that room over there.”

I pointed to the room that was hiding in the corner.

“Is that so? Then you really saved us some trouble.”

Aliyah walked over, took out a stack of weird keys and fiddled with the lock.

‘Ka.’ The door opened.

“Alright, let’s go.”

After saying that, she pushed the door open and entered.

Aliyah’s skillful technique looked pretty simple. In the future, I must definitely learn this skill.

After hurrying into the room, once again, I saw a familiar-looking messy room.

Is it standard for all staff offices to be this messy? Are all the teachers as lazy as Ms. Mari?

“Stop looking around. Hurry up.”

Aliyah pointed to the stairs in the room. She then took the lead and walked over.

However, when I was walking towards the stairs, I suddenly felt something was wrong!

But in that instant, I did not know how to describe the feeling I felt into words. It felt like something was warning me of the danger in front of us.

And this set of stairs could only access the second floor, and does not lead up to the next few floors. I honestly wonder what’s the point of this design.


I grabbed onto her hand.

“Ah… What is it?”



“In the past, did you encounter anything when you stole the books from your school library?”

“Encounter what? Are you referring to monsters?”

“Yeah… Or something similar to them.”

“Well… I didn’t encounter any. But back then, there were still people in the upper floors, so no matter what happened, monsters shouldn’t appear, right?”

“But the problem is…”

Before I could finish, Aliyah opened the door at the end of the staircase. But immediately after, a black-colored arm suddenly appeared out of the door, and pulled Aliyah in!

“Aaaah! What the hell is this!?”

Aliyah screamed as she was pulled into the next room, and of course, since I was still holding onto Aliyah’s hand, I was naturally dragged inside as well!

“Ice Sword Summon!”

I quickly pulled out my tachi, and reinforced it with the Magic Knight’s spell. Then, I leapt high into the air, as I directed a slash onto the black arm.

The opponent’s arm was immediately sliced off, and at the same time, a blue magic formation instantly covered it’s sliced arm.

And taking the opportunity, I once again swung my tachi downwards, and it’s frozen arm was broken into pieces. At the same moment, Aliyah was released.

“Are you alright? Let’s go!”

Seeing the black arm disappearing into the darkness, I grabbed onto Aliyah and sprinted towards the direction of the stairs.

Are you kidding me? I can’t even see the name of that monster. How will it be possible for us to win against that sort of thing?

But, just when I arrived at the entrance of the stairs I took earlier with Aliyah, suddenly, I realized the door couldn’t be opened from the inside!

Speaking of which, we’re already at the second floor, and it’s the area where the elementary-grade skill books are held. It’s already considered to be the inner areas of the library. How would it be possible for a passage like this to be opened from the inside, when students might use it to escape after stealing some books?

Looks like in a situation when the library is completely empty, a weird defensive mechanism will be activated! This is becoming really troublesome!

“Looks like we have to hurry. We disturbed something that we shouldn’t have disturbed.”

“That’s right. Is your waist alright?”

I looked at Aliyah’s waist. A scratch mark was left on her armor.

“I’m fine. This soft armor is actually created from a very sturdy material. It took me some effort to steal it.”

“Hey… You’re saying…”

“If I can’t buy it, I have to steal it, right? No, to be exact, I forcefully took it away.”

“That’s stealing.”

“You’re really a fool. Think. When you’re playing an RPG, and you take some stuffs from a cabinet in a villager’s house, do you pay for them?”

“Ob… Obviously not.”

“That’s the point. I only entered their house and took some stuffs. Since I’m able to take them, why do I have to pay for them?”

“Your logic is really unbelievable. You have earned my admiration.”

“Thank you. Speaking of which, isn’t your plan of taking the academy’s skill books an act of theft?”

“Fine, I’m wrong, alright? Let’s hurry onto the next floor. The books here don’t have any value to me at all.”

”“That’s of course. But the next floor isn’t that simple. In my initial plan, I wanted to climb up from the windows at the side, or find another staircase up. But currently, it seems we can do neither.”


I looked at the library that was currently enveloped in darkness, and began thinking.

“Maybe… We can make use of that monster.”


“Think. That monster couldn’t have appeared out of thin air. It must have appeared from somewhere, right?”

“You’re right! I didn’t expect you to be this clever~”

“Thank you for your praise.”

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Chapter 41: Mysterious Shadow

I placed my tachi back into the ring, and what replaced it was my Blasphemer.

I waved it across the dark library, and a sparkling blue fog completely covered the entire library’s second floor in an instant.

The upgraded version of Restrictor of the Frozen Earth – intermediate-grade magic spell, Encroacher of the Frozen Earth!

Using 300MP, fill an entire space (Max Size: 500mX500mX500m) with cold air. Has a 50% probability of freezing the target’s’ movement abilities, lasting 5 seconds.

But the biggest use of this magic spell isn’t its effect, rather, it’s the fact that it affects hidden enemies as well. In other words, as long as a space has been covered with this cold air, whatever enemies that are hiding in that space will be revealed.

As I expected, the moment I used this magic spell, a strange red dot suddenly appeared on my mini-map!

“At our 3 o’clock!”

The second I said that, a series of sword waves speedily flew out of Aliyah’s hands. Red sword shadows repeatedly landed on the monster’s body, and its wounds began to burn up.


As the monster let out a painful howl, we immediately circled around it and ran towards its back.

If I recall correctly, the place behind the monster is another staff office. If we have to find the special staircase up to the third floor, then it’s mostly likely there.

Right now, we’re running out of time. We have to quickly head up to the upper floors before anyone notices us, otherwise, all our efforts will be a waste!

And there’s no save and load here. If our mission fails, it’s impossible to try again.

When we bypassed the monster, as I expected, the staff office door was opened, and the lower half of the monster’s body was actually extended out from inside that room!

Earlier, when I was not able to see the monster’s name, nor was there any question marks, I felt that it was extremely strange. Even a doll would reveal its name, unless it’s an uncontrolled toy doll.

Just what the hell is this thing?

But this isn’t the time to mind about something like this. Aliyah and I rushed into the room, and then, we headed straight for the door at the other side of the room.

“Are we even sneaking in at all? We’re basically forcefully robbing this place!”

I shouted at Aliyah.

“Then what are we supposed to do? That thing automatically activated itself. There’s nothing I could do about it, is there?”

Aliyah’s speed is faster than mine by quite a bit. As I thought, her dexterity is much higher than mine.

“I know, I was only letting out my complaints.”

With a kick, the door leading to the stairs flung open. We quickly rushed up the stairs. And for preventive measures, this time, the moment I opened the door, I pointed into the room and cast ‘Frozen Light’. A blue straight flash of light immediately froze everything in its line of target. Its effects were several times stronger than Ice Meteor!

As I thought, using advanced-grade magic is so refreshing!

“Is there really no problems if you do that?”

Aliyah asked worriedly.

“What problems?”

“You’re obviously using too much of your ice magic spells. How are you going to deal with the aftermath?”

“Naturally,I have prepared a special tool. It was pretty expensive, and it’s specially used to remove the aftermath caused by ice magic, so you don’t have to worry. Watch out!”

Two black claws were about to strike Aliyah’s back. I pushed Aliyah away, and then quickly threw a magic spell at it.

Ice Flower!”

Tens of blue magic formations emerged in the air, and blue particles were being absorbed into the center of the formations. And then, complete six-leaved ice flowers started to fly out like daggers one after another, causing the claws to shatter into pieces in an instant.

What brutal force! I love it!

And on the other side, before my ice flowers could come into contact with the other claw, a red sword shadow penetrated it, and it was sliced into half.

“Alright, before the next attack appears, we best hurry and grab all the useful books from the shelves! And then, we head over to the next floor.”

“There’s at least a few million books here. Are you planning to grab them all?”

“There’s a gold marked book at the front of each bookshelf. Only the spells from those books can be learnt. I don’t need the ice skill books, as I basically have all the intermediate-grade ice skill books in my possession. I only have two of the advanced-grade skill books, but we will talk about it later when we head upstairs. Now, go and collect the books.”

“What are you going to do then?”

“Obviously, I have to block that strange monster!”

After saying that, I waved my wand to the front, and an ice wall was constructed in front of me. At the same time, a large bang came from the other side of the wall. Then, a series of cracking noises could be heard. Looks like the power of that strike was really powerful.

Was it a physical attack?

I tapped on ‘Accelerate’ and ‘Light Steps’, and with a single leap, I landed on top of a bookshelf. I then focused my eyes onto the ice wall below.

Under the illumination of the blue ice wall, a large black shadow could be seen behind the wall.

The black shadow shook its body for a moment. Then, a black hand was shot out of the shadow, and it was heading directly towards my direction.

A shadow?

Is that magic? But it’s a magic that uses physical attacks? Just what the hell is that thing?

I leaned my body to a side, and summoned an Ice Shield on my arm.

The black hand clawed onto my ice shield, and five scratch marks were left on my ice shield.

“So powerful…”

In the next second, my ice shield was broken into two pieces.

It’s actually powerful enough to break apart my strongest ice shield? Looks like it’s not something I can handle with just elementary-grade magic.

Ice Winged Shield!”

A brand new four-sided shield unfolded behind my back, just like a pair of wings.

Although it looked similar to the previous ice shield, but the defense of this thing is actually ten times stronger!

The black shadow saw the change in my body. It stopped for a moment, before it began to shake again.

But this time, it was actually different than before!

“This guy…”

After the shaking, the black shadow slowly grew four limbs.

“Oh, it’s actually able to transform… Wait a minute, this…”

And then, the black shadow actually grew wings!

“This guy, it actually transformed into me?”

Similar to the looks of my shadow, it stood up from the ground, and the entirely black me was now facing in front of me.

“Alright, this is the first time I’m fighting with myself! Let the game begin!”

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Chapter 42: Theft Failure

Chaotic Flow – 49 Types of Ice Arrows!”

Countless numbers of magic formations expanded in the air, and immediately after, ice arrows flew out speedily of the formations, leaving trails of blue light in the air. And all the blue trails pointed to a single direction, and that was the black shadow which replicated my appearance.

An intermediate-grade ice arrow spell, which could simultaneously launch 49 arrows onto the enemy. The spell surrounds the enemy in all directions, and it completely prevents the enemy from escaping!

Countless ice arrows pierced into the black shadow at the same time. The stream of ice arrows formed a shape of an ice flower, causing the spot the black shadow was on to turn into an artistic large ice sculpture!


In the next second, I saw the black shadow rushing out from a bookshelf on the other side, and its target was Aliyah, who was collecting the skill books not far away from me.


Did this guy replicate my Flash Movement skill as well?

From what I saw on the mini-map, this guy suddenly appeared away from the spot it was attacked, so, other than Flash Movement, I can’t think of any other skill that could have such a quick movement effect.

Unless this guy does indeed have a teleporting ability? But, if that’s the case, then its ability surpasses mine by a large margin. Either it has a teleporting ability or it simply possess a speed which is impossible for my eyes to follow.

I can’t even hope to defeat it at all if it has either of this two abilities!

But, for the magic skill books, even I have to die once, I must definitely block this guy!

Tapping on the MP Recovery Potion, and with huge strides, I rushed to the place between the shadow and Aliyah. Then, I wielded my magic wand and pointed it at the center position.

Unlimited – Frozen River of a Thousand Years!”

At present, this is the strongest ice advanced-grade magic spell I’m able to use. If I use anything stronger, my current MP won’t be enough to sustain it.

But, the strength of this magic spell is already frightening enough!

A gigantic ice wall split the entire library into half. The dark shadow was on one side, while Aliyah and I were on the other.

My MP bar was already close to being empty, fortunately, the setting where one would enter a stunned state was removed. Otherwise, I would have suffered quite a bit.

But currently, I can’t even use any other magic spells. I can only repeatedly tap on the MP Recovery Potions and wait for my MP to slowly recover. My Instant Full MP Recovery Potion is on cooldown, so I can’t use it for the time-being.

“Why did you use such a strong magic spell? There are still wood magic skill books that I have yet to collect over there.”

“Forget them, let’s hurry up and proceed to the next floor. The enemy is able to teleport, and either it replicated my Flash Movement skill, or it uses a weird type of magic. I don’t feel like I can beat it at all.”

“Teleport? As I expected, the guardian of a magic academy is really high-grade.”

“Stop fooling around, let’s hurry.”

A large bang was heard from the other side of the ice wall. When I turned to look, the center of the ice wall actually had traces of being smashed!

Are you serious? This is advanced-grade magic, you know?

And there’s already cracks?

And I was too naive to think that that was all. Immediately after, a series of smashing noises could be heard from the other side of the wall, and the area filled with cracks was expanding at a tremendous rate!

“Hurry! Even if we only manage to obtain a single book, it will still be considered as a success! Let’s head upstairs, quickly!”

Aliyah and I quickly rushed towards the entrance of the staff office on the third floor.

Aliyah immediately pulled out her sword and slashed it on the door.

“Hey hey, is there really no problems with damaging public properties?”

“You summoned such a giant ice wall in the middle of the library, and you still have the galls to say that!?”

But the door was rather sturdy. There wasn’t even a single scratch after that slash.

“Let me see… This thing is actually reinforced with magic. Let me try cracking it.”

“Please hurry up!”

I turned and look towards our back.

With that continuous bangs resounding across the room, the cracks had already reached the corners of the ice wall. Even the a part of the ice blocks at the center were about to fall off.

This totally feel like we’re done for!

“Stop hastening me! You can’t rush things like opening a lock!”

Aliyah pulled out her stack of metal wires and stabbed them into the lock.

But, the moment she stabbed the wires into it, a sizzling sound could be heard, and in the next instant, Aliyah screamed as she released her grip on the stack of keys.

Then, the keys dropped onto the ground. There wasn’t any sound, because they had already turned into liquid metal.

“Aliyah, are your hands alright?”

“I’m fine, I only lost a little HP. This thing is rather high-grade. It even has something like a lock-picking prevention mechanism?”

Aliyah unhappily took out a HP Recovery Potion and drank it down.

“Then what are we going to do now?”

“There’s no other way, I guess? A lock with a magical defense basically cannot be opened without the corresponding lock-picking tools.”

“Damn it. So I won’t be able to obtain any advanced-grade skill books? Let’s retreat for now, then.”

“Problem is, how are we going to leave?”

“Wait for a few more seconds.”

I quickly swapped my inventory hotbar to the one where my Instant Full MP Recovery Potion was placed, and stared at its cooldown.

“Damn it, this potion is really expensive! A single Instant Full MP Recovery Potion costs 3,000 gold per bottle! And I only have 3 of them!”

“Stop complaining! With the right skills, you will be able to steal from whoever you want!”

I glared at Aliyah.

“For a young girl to have such desires to commit crimes, I really wonder what you did in the past.”

“Tch, mind your own business. Truthfully, when we’re killing monsters, we’re basically stealing from these monsters. Is there any difference between that and stealing from other people?”

“Of course there is. Bullying poor people is bad. If we were to steal, then we should directly steal from a kingdom’s treasury! We’re able to earn loads of money in a single attempt!”

A LV 15 king already had the ability to reward someone a hundred thousands of gold from the kingdom’s treasury. This meant that there’s at least a hundred times more in the treasury itself. With just a casual swipe, we will be earn loads!

“You have a target?”

“Of course.”

King of Mitchell Kingdom. Be it 10 years or more, a man’s revenge will never be late. As I’m a man of morals, I don’t wish to kill you. However, I definitely won’t feel any sort of pressure from stealing your money.

“But for now, let’s leave this place. Alright, cooldown ends in 3, 2, 1. Potion drank! Flash Movement!”

Grabbing onto Aliyah’s hand, I tapped on the skill, and in the next second, we returned to my dormitory.

Then, I took out a controller, and pressed the button that was on it.

“What is that?”

Aliyah asked curiously.

“Earlier, did I not mention that I know of a way to remove all the traces of magic in the library? This is it. I placed about 20 remote mines that were filled with fire magic crystal powders near the places where I used my magic. With a single push of the button, the countless fire magic crystal powders will be simultaneously released. Not only will it turn all the traces of ice magic into that of fire magic, it will not cause destruction to any of the books. Now, aren’t I upright?”

“Hehe, you’re kidding me.”

“Yeah, I’m kidding you.”

“Alright, these are all the magic skill books I was able to retrieve.”

Aliyah bumped her ring to mine, and my inventory was now filled with countless books.

“Alright, it’s already really late. I’m heading back to rest.”

“What’s the rush? We still have some things left to do, right?”

“Things… You… What are you planning to do!?”

Looking at Aliyah’s expression, I knew she misunderstood again.

Geez, just what kind of guy do you make me out to be?

“Let me explain this clearly. I don’t have any interest in your flat-chested body. What we have to do now, is to create an alibi… Un? Where did she go?”

In an instant, Aliyah disappeared.

In the next second, a bloody sword penetrated through my chest!


“Hehehehe~ Now you know~ There are somethings that cannot be said, alright?”

Aliyah smiled as she walked over from behind me.

This girl is actually able to use an assassination skill?

“Don’t you think you have gone overboard? It freaking hurts…”

“In any case, there’s no actual harm done to party members, right? Oh right, since you can’t die, why don’t I pierce you a few more times?”

“Stop kidding around! I’m not into masochism! And those fire crystal mines might not be able to remove all the traces. We have to forge an alibi!”

“Hmph~ Apologize first!”


I looked at Aliyah’s expression, and realized she was serious.

“Alright, I’m sorry.”

“Look at me in the eye when you say that.”

“I’m really sorry~”


She finally sheathed her sword.

And the wound on my chest instantly patched up, it’s really unbelievable.

“Tell me. How are we going to forge our alibi?”

I smiled and said.

“Act as victims, duh.”

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Chapter 43: Evil Accumulation

We left my dormitory after I removed my disguise. I then realized I went a little bit overboard tonight.

As a young man who is filled with love for this entire world, even though I robbed a library in the night, and even have the thought of robbing a kingdom’s treasury, but, I believe I’m still a very upright young man.

At least, that’s what I believe.

Even if the world doesn’t really think that way.

Evil Accumulation
Rob a School Library: 5,000 ‘Evil’ Points
Destroy a School Library: 30,000 ‘Evil’ Points
Burn Down a School Library: 60,000 ‘Evil’ Points
Total: 95,000 ‘Evil’ Points
[Scapegoat] effect activated. 35,000 ‘Evil’ Points converted to EXP.
60,000 ‘Evil’ Points accumulated.

Title Unlocked: [Criminal]

Title [Criminal] leveled up!
Current LV 2

Title [Criminal] leveled up!
Current LV 5

[Criminal] Effect: Affinity with Criminals increased by 50%.

I turned and looked at Aliyah. She seemed to be loving what she’s looking at on her virtual screen.

“Your academy is really high-class. To think I would receive so many ‘Evil’ points with a single raid.”

“Probably because we destroyed too many things. Look.”

I told her that while pointing towards the direction of the academy.

Even from afar, we could already see flames lighting the entire sky. Needless to say, it was coming from the academy’s library.

Let’s put aside the fact that the notifications had already told me of the outcome. About the truth behind the burning library, the fire crystal mines which Lanya gave me were actually supposed to be used to attack. Even though I removed the parts that would cause the explosions, but still, the destructive capabilities of fire magic crystals should not be underestimated.

Evidently, the power of 20 of these mines were way over the top.

“Alright, what’s your current plan?”

“Obviously, we’re going to directly return to the library. But, along the way, we must ensure that the passers-by remember that we actually came out from the dormitory.”

“Eh~ This is part of our alibi as well? Are you actually a fan of mysteries?”

“It’s none of your business…”

After saying that, we strolled towards the direction of the library.

Even though we couldn’t hear any uproar coming from the library, and currently, it’s late in the night, however, students who were living outside the academy were running out one after another.

When we finally entered the academy, the school was already packed with onlookers, especially at where the library was. Unless during the school assemblies, it’s basically impossible for so many people to appear at the same time.

A few water sorcerers were already floating in the sky, and a large magic formation was expanding above the blazing library. Water coming from nowhere then flooded into the library from every window.

I really feel a little embarrassed for causing such a large commotion. However, if I was able to read the books I want at any given point in time, I wouldn’t do such a thing.

“All students, please return to your own dormitories or houses. If you see any suspicious individuals, immediately report them. The academy is currently on a state of lockdown. No one is able to casually enter or leave this academy!”

At this moment, a teacher suddenly flew in the air above us, and used a voice amplifying magic to shout out.

And then, several people in knight armor rushed over from all sides, forming a blockade surrounding the onlooking students.

When I inspected their titles, I realized they were actually royal guards from the Ice Empire, Eli Empire, Witt Empire, and Fil Empire! Looks like the chain of events that happened in the academy has caused those emperors who left their children in this school to be feeling rather unsettled. They actually even assigned their royal guards into the academy.

As I thought, wealth really makes a big difference.

But, in this situation, it’s impossible to approach the scene and forge our evidence. Looks like I have no choice. Initially, I didn’t want to destroy any additional stuffs, but since I already possessed such a high amount of ‘Evil’ points, it’s alright to add a little more.

“Aliyah, we’re going with Plan B.”

“Plan B? What’s that?”

“Are you telling me you do not know of its contents, or are you just not proficient in English?”

“Do you want to die?”

“Sorry. Alright, what I mean is, since we’re not able to enter to forge our evidence, then, right now, we can only… make ourselves out as victims.”

“Isn’t that our initial plan?”

I shrugged.

“Because of how bad it would have sounded, I swapped A and B to make it sound better.”


Looking at Aliyah’s glare, I laughed, and pressed on the button on the control remote that I was hiding in my hand.


A large bang came from the second floor of the library. Right after that, a giant fireball came rushing out of the second floor, and it was heading straight for us!

“Oh my god! You’re kidding, right?”

Aliyah quickly unsheathed her swords, and swung a series of sword waves at the fireball. However, that thing came from an advanced-grade fire magic scroll that I picked up from the underground dungeon in the past. Although I’m unsure of the name of the scroll, but it did specify its ability pretty clearly.

‘After tearing the scroll, it releases an advanced grade magic spell – Jade Blazing Flame’

Hence, I wrapped that scroll around a mine, and directed it towards a position on the plaza through the window earlier.

And that position was where we were currently standing at.

Of course, I’m not willing to be struck directly by that fireball. After all, it was an advanced-grade magic spell. If I were to be struck by it, I will definitely be killed in a single hit.

Enlarge – Ice Castle!”

。A blue magic formation expanded in the air, and several ice walls quickly linked up in the air, overlapping each other.

120MP is able to summon a single Ice Castle, if I were to summon 20 Ice Castles at the same time, it will require 2,400MP, and overlapping them will create a gigantic defensive wall.

Of course, even though that’s the case, but…

It was still an elementary-grade ice magic spell.

The fireball immediately crashed onto the ice wall, and in an instant, the ice wall immediately broke apart. The fireball continued to fly towards me!

Ice Totem!”

But at the very least, I must ensure that the innocent people nearby are safe.

Several Ice Totems struck Aliyah and the rest of the people nearby out of the attack range, and then, the fireball collided head-on onto my body!

At the very last moment, I summoned an Ice Armor, but I was still hit pretty hard, and then, I landed heavily on the ground!

My HP bar was immediately depleted…

“At least…”

I struggled painfully for a moment, but I realized I couldn’t even feel any part of my body at all.

“Plan B was a success…”

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Chapter 44: Overpowered Healing Skill

“Hey! Are you alright? Is there anyone here who can heal!? Hurry over here!”

A Water Magician teacher rushed to my side, and a water healing spell was cast on my body.

Although its effects were not as powerful as a light healing spell, but it did allow my HP to slowly recover.

Fortunately, I was still in the state of apparent death, otherwise, if I continued to bleed after my HP was depleted, dying would have been set in stone. But I don’t wish to die. Even if I’m able to resurrect, there’s no real need to die, is there?

Even though I can activate that godly skill after dying 50 times, but it’s really frustrating to kill myself 50 times just for that.

After the teacher yelled, a few other Magicians came rushing over. Different types of HP recovery magic spells fell on my body one after another.

“Alright, he recovered his consciousness. Hurry and send him to the infirmary.”

A male teacher standing at the side wielded his magic staff and chanted an incantation. I then felt like I was floating, as I was raised slowly into the air.

Intermediate-grade wind magic spell ‘Levitate’. It’s the earliest magic spell out of all the different types of magic that allows a person or an object to fly.

“Alright, everyone, clear a path. Hurry.”

I really feel bad looking at how they’re so anxious about me. After all, it’s a mess I created myself. And earlier, after I was blessed with so many HP recovery magic spells, my HP was already close to being fully recovered.

If my clothes weren’t in a mess after they were blasted by the fireball earlier, they would be surprised to see that the wounds on my body had all disappeared.

However, in my current situation, I feel that it’s best for me to maintain my silence. Otherwise, no matter how I see it, I would probably suffer even worse than death.

Very quickly, under the support of the Levitate spell, I was brought to the infirmary by the teacher. I seriously can’t recall the number of times I have visited the infirmary the past month. I wonder if they will give me a VIP membership or something.

“Are you alright? How do you feel?”

The teacher asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

I kind of feel like if I continue like this, the truth of my quick recovery might be discovered. Hence, I immediately unleashed my Angel’s Wing.

“The Angel’s Wing? You’re…”

“Teacher, don’t worry. A couple of weeks ago, wasn’t there a student who awakened an Angel’s Wing? That student is me. That’s why, I’m fine.”

After saying that, I opened my skill list, and pressed on the Intermediate Recovery spell.

Under the effects from unleashing my Angel’s Wing, using my Light Magic spells cost 0 MP. If I don’t use it now, then when will I ever going to use it?

The moment the spell was activated, a ray of light shone upon my body from above me. When I looked up, there was actually a giant white holy-crossed magic formation in the air. Under the white radiance, my HP was instantly fully recovered.

“This… What just actually… Oh, I see. So you’re the Fir that’s been the hot topic around the academy lately. The one in the ice team, right?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t manage to recognize you at first glance. Our principal did mention you to us in the past, but I didn’t really think you could actually use Light Magic.”

“The principal actually spread the news of that incident around the school? Geez…”

Geez, looks like in my next battle, I can freely use my healing spells in front of everyone. And here I was thinking that my ability to use healing spells was a top-class secret. I didn’t think that the principal would actually spread this around.

“Using Light Magic itself isn’t something that should be kept a secret, right? Well, this is fine. Recently, there’s been too many incidents happening in the academy. It’s really terrible that there was actually someone who barged into our library and destroyed it. But if there’s actually students who suffered heavy injuries from this incident, then our academy’s honor would have been destroyed as well.”

I’m sorry, the person destroying the academy’s honor is me. It wasn’t on purpose, I swear.

Looking outside the window, I could still see the blazing flames coming out of the library.

Looks like the flames emitted out from those fire crystals cannot be easily extinguished.

“Oh right, other than me, is there anyone else that was injured?”

“Un, currently, no one else has been sent here, which means, you’re the only one. Earlier, your reaction speed was really incredible. Firstly, you erected an ice wall to block the attack, and then you used Ice Totems to strike the rest out of the attack range. Your spells even impress someone like me, who is so much older than you… Alright, since you’re already fine, I’m heading out to help. You should stay here and rest.”

“Alright, go ahead, Mr. Yaha.”

He chuckled, and then quickly left the room.

Earlier, I accidentally spoke of his name. There shouldn’t be any problems, right?

Well, he probably thinks that I just happen to know of him.

PoV: ????

The surrounding noise already began to die down. Hence, I slowly opened my eyes.

I pulled open the window curtains. The commotion at the library had already quietened down, and the city had returned to its original state.

Dark and tranquil.

“1, 2, 3… A total of 21 of them. That guy actually used so many of them at a single time. And he actually used them in the school library. Just what the hell is that idiot thinking?”

Looking at the magic board beside me, 21 lights on the board were extinguished.

No wonder it was so noisy last night. With such a destructive force, it’s a miracle that the library was not blasted into pieces.

“Alright, let’s head over and take a look.”

Stepping into the third magical formation inside the room, in the next second, the view in front of me changed into the staff office at the library’s fourth floor.

Looking outside the window, other than a couple of staffs standing around and watching the scene, the rest of the people had already dispersed.

After all, the fire had already been extinguished, and there was nothing else to look at.

Pushing open the staff office’s door and entering the library, there didn’t seem to be any burnt marks on the fourth floor.

Looks like they didn’t managed to enter the fourth floor.

I took out a bottle of potion and sprinkled the contents onto the floor. A grey circle then appeared on the ground. When I jumped into it, I directly entered the third floor.

A pile of mess, huh.

“Didn’t that guy love the library? Why did he burn the place like this?”

I strolled around the place, and then, I found fragments of the mines used.

“Hmm… He actually removed the parts that ignite the explosions, and directly activated the fire crystals? That guy… Did he actually plan to disperse the fire crystal fragments around the place? I see. That guy actually wanted to remove the traces of his Ice Magic. Idiot. Once the fire crystals are activated, they are easily flammable. Even if one of them doesn’t combust, 1 out of 21 of them will definitely burn up…”

Helplessly shaking my head, I took a search radar out from my pocket.

“Geez, do you think the mines can be completely destroyed? If they’re discovered, I’m the one who will suffer the consequences. Such a troublesome guy. But…”

I looked at the bookshelf which I initially came to look for.

The things on it were already burned completely into crisp, leaving nothing behind.

“I was actually thinking of how I’m going to sneak into this place without being noticed. But you were a great help to me, so I will help you remove the evidence here… Ara ara, it’s impossible to find such a good after-sales service anywhere~ You better thank me, Fir~”

“Fir! Wake up!”

Startled, I felt like I was kicked into the air.

“What the hell! Why would someone wake me up like… Eh? Why are you here?”

When I climbed out of the bed, I realized the person in front of me was actually Yybril!

What’s so special about today? This girl actually ran over to wake me up. And she actually knew that I was in the infirmary!

“I heard someone used an intermediate-grade healing spell in the academy last night. And here I was wondering which Light Magician came, but after circling around the place, I found out it was you!”

“Kuh… Is it really that strange? Wasn’t my Light Magic taught by you?”

“I did teach you Light Magic… But why were you able to use intermediate-grade healing spells? You… Unless it’s a spell you realized yourself?”

“… Yes.”

The moment I replied, Yybril immediately grabbed hold of my hands.

“Please, you must join the Church! You will definitely break past the realms of a Saint!”

Looking at how Yybril’s eyes were sparkling, I knew…

I created yet another trouble for myself…

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Part 8: Reality

Chapter 45: So You’re Here to Bully Newbies!

“Please, with your realization potential, you will definitely be able to learn oracle-level abilities. Even the position of the pope is within your reach!”

3 hours and 48 minutes.

The moment she woke me up in the morning, Yybril has been pestering me beside my ear, preaching me over and over again.

Oh my god. Don’t you need to stop for a drink? Aren’t you tired at all?

“Umm, didn’t you say I could make the decision on my own? So…”

“But you’re totally wasting your potential! Being able to realize the next grade of magic in such a short span of time, there’s no precedence for such a thing at all. How can you just waste your talent like that!”

If you guys knew that that I could learn all the skills with a single try, you and your Church will probably go crazy, right?

Low profile. From today onwards, I will definitely keep to a low profile. Otherwise, my [Whatever Goes] title will definitely level up again.

“So I have been telling you. Let me think this through. If you’re going to continue like this, I won’t be able to read at all. The library is ruined. So I must use this bookstore’s free reading time to the fullest by reading a couple more books.”

Of course, that was just an excuse. Because I already knew that the books I have on hand currently do not have the possibility of teaching me any new skills.



I closed the book shut, and walked towards the toilet.

“Don’t tell me you plan on following me into the toilet as well?”

I turned and said to Yybril who was preparing to follow after me. She was startled for a moment, and then, she returned to her earlier seat.

Oh my god, is she really planning to pester me for the entire day? Just how did she train to obtain such perseverance?


Sighing, I quickly went into a cubicle, but I left the door unlocked.

After the last person went out of the toilet, I immediately used Flash Movement to leave the toilet, and returned to my own room.

“I knew you will definitely return here.”

The moment I just managed to find my balance after teleporting, I almost fell when I heard this sentence. I wiped away the cold sweat on my forehead, and turned to look at the source of the voice.

“Aliyah, are you trying to frighten me to death?”

“Hmph~ In the early morning when I came over, I saw Yybril pestering you as both of you left the infirmary. I knew you will definitely get irritated quickly and use your skill to escape. But, when I recalled that the library was already burnt by you, the other safest transfer location you could probably think of will definitely be your dormitory.”

“Alright, Miss Holmes. May I ask, how did you manage to enter my room?”

“Did you forget that I know how to lock-pick?”

Oh my god. Looks like I must definitely learn locking magic in the future. I no longer feel safe sleeping in my dormitory at night.

“Alright, since I’m already back, is there anything you need?”

“Un, that’s right. Obviously, I’m here because I’m looking for you. Look, didn’t I help you steal several books last night? It’s your turn to help me, isn’t it?”

“Theoretically, that’s true. But if it’s an act of theft, forget it. Before the Annual Tournament is done and over with, I don’t wish to create anymore trouble.”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a personal quest. Take a look.”

Aliyah wishes to share with you the Rogue class’s quest ‘Prologue to Darkness’, do you wish to accept?
Warning: You do not meet the class requirement. You will not be able to receive any class-related bonuses.


I don’t have things such as class-related bonuses to begin with, so I don’t really mind.

“Speaking of which, aren’t you a Dual-Swordsman? Why are you accepting a Rogue’s quest?”

“Because I have already decided that my second class is going to be a Rogue. Don’t you think it fits me? Like this, I will completely be able to learn the skills required to steal things.”

“You have really thought this through…”

I shrugged, and opened the quest window.

Rogue class’s quest ‘Prologue to Darkness’
Quest Objective: Steal an item from the Ice Empire’s treasury.
Quest Reward(s): 50,000 EXP, Silent Gloves
Additional Objective(s): Steal an item that is worth 100,000 Gold.
Additional Reward(s): Eyepiece of Truth

“I see, doing this quest is indeed within my abilities… But the Ice Empire…”

“Un~ In any case, as their National Magician, you’re able to use their money, right? Since you’re using it anyway, why don’t you use them to earn some EXP and obtain some equipment?”

“Really, it’s really hard for regular people to keep up with your train of thoughts… Alright, when the time comes, I will help you. But for now… I shall keep to a low profile and sleep for the day.”

“Aren’t you worried that Yybril might flip the entire male toilet upside down?”


Then I can only give my condolences to all the men in the male toilet.

“How is everyone feeling today~ The final elementary-grade match of the Annual Tournament is finally about to begin!”

Looks like Kalua is still as spirited as ever, and her voice sounds louder than before.

Or did they upgrade the equipment? But is it even possible to adjust the volume of the voice amplifying magic?

“Today, on one side, we have the ultimate dark horse squad from the ice team, Fir and Princess Michelle! And on the other, coming from the northern continent, we have the siblings Parvro and Elwyn from the vast forests of the Lorsende Kingdom!”


I looked at their names, as my mind was filled with doubt.

<Charming Heart Guild> Parvro Suesnash (Male, 23 Years Old)
LV 15 Plant Magician LV ?? Druid
[Devil] [Sinful] [Murderer] [Fugitive] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???]

Elwyn Aivredru (Female, 20 Years Old)
LV 20 Plant Magician LV 16 Druid
[Neutral] [Fickle] [Natural Affinity] [Trap User] [Chesspiece] [Loser] [Fallen Mind]

The guy wore a smile. If I did not see his titles, I would have thought that this guy wouldn’t even be able to harm a fly.

I heard that Plant Magicians are able to generate magic with affinities. Is this guy actually using that kind of magic spell on everyone currently on-site?

And as for the other young girl called Elwyn, something about her eyes feels off…

If I recall, her expression basically looks even more lifeless than those dolls from before. Why hasn’t anyone noticed this abnormality?

And you two are actually claiming yourselves to be siblings? Does your parents know about this?

Then, at this moment, I noticed two icons were flashing repeatedly in my hotbar. When I looked closely, they were actually my ‘Famous Detective’ and ‘Justice Avenger’ skills!

(Famous Detective: Automatically hints you with clues in a radius of 10 meters. Justice Avenger: Automatically reveals wanted targets. Once they are killed, bounty will be immediately received. )

At the same time, under the young girl’s feet, rows of green symbols on the ground were extending towards us. No matter how I look at it, they don’t look like anything good at all.

Natural affinity… If I did not have the ‘Famous Detective’ ability, I basically wouldn’t be able to notice our opponents’ movements, would I?

“Be careful. Our opponents had already set up their traps. That girl is a trap user.”

“Trap user? Currently, there’s basically no time for her to set up her traps… Unless they’re magical traps?”

“Un. And that guy. He seems to be a murderer. You must definitely watch out for him!”

“Murderer… Why is there a murderer in our academy?”

And there isn’t just one of them. Should I tell her that?

“In any case, just be careful.”


At the same time, I hurriedly sent a message to Aliyah.

‘Tell the principal! The plant guy is a murderer in disguise! He’s a member of the Charming Heart Guild!’

“And now~ Let the match… formally begin!”

As if her words were the signal, countless vines immediately extended out from the ground, and they were heading towards our direction!

Is this a joke? I had already seen through your tricks.

Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!”

The vines that were flying in the air instantly turn into ice sculptures, and they could no longer move half an inch further.


“Oh commander of darkness, the establisher of constraints! The origin of everything, by my privilege as the messenger of darkness, use my life as sacrifice, to summon your arrival! Come! Fallen King, Aersimikas!”

From afar, Parvro had already speedily finished his incantation, and he threw something onto the ground. Along the borders of the barrier, a layer of dark fog instantly surrounded the entire barrier! Following that, a cracking sound could be heard. The original barrier encompassing the arena broke into pieces in an instant!

Initially, I had wanted to battle him. But, the sense of fear that was encroaching into my heart instantly caused me to grab hold of Princess Michelle and cast Flash Movement.


A notification of despair appeared in front of me.

Barrier Restriction. Unable to use Flash Movement.

At that moment, I could hear myself swallowing down my saliva.

“Princess Michelle.”

“… Un?”

I could feel Princess Michelle’s body trembling slightly. However, I could not afford to look at her, as I stared deeply at our enemies’ every movement.

I’m able to resurrect myself, but that’s not possible for Princess Michelle.

Although I’m not sure of who their target is, but, what I must I do now is to protect Princess Michelle’s life!

“Stay here and don’t move. You’re not their match.”

“But you…”

“I won’t die, don’t worry. Summon! Empiric – Ice Imperial Palace!

A 3 layered thick ice wall fused with the barrier, and it surrounded Princess Michelle who was behind me. The ice wall created an entirely separate space on the arena, ensuring Princess Michelle’s safety.

Even though it used up 1,500MP, but, it’s totally worth it.

I… I would rather die a hundred times than to see my friends die in front of me!

“Hahaha! Boy, you actually managed to see through my identity as a murderer. You’re not just a simple boy, I see. But even if that’s the case, so what? This barrier lasts for half an hour, and it cannot be opened from the outside. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to kill you two a hundred times over. I know your control over ice is pretty impressive, so I especially brought over a tool that could destroy your ice magic. Your ice defense is useless.”

Frozen Eternity of Grief.”

In an instant, half of the entire arena turned into a giant block of ice.

In the ice block, Parvro still looked at me with the same expression, but now, he was trapped within that block of ice.

(Frozen Eternity of Grief: advanced-grade magic spell. Uses 2,500 MP. Designate a direction. In that direction, everything within a kilometer will be frozen.)

“If my MP Recovery Potions did not recover my MP fast enough, I wouldn’t have been able to use it. A total of 4,000MP has been used just like that…”


With a loud bang, a black figure jumped out of the ice block!

Of course, I was instantly sent flying, and I landed onto the ice wall I made.


How is that possible!? He actually rushed out of my magic spell?

I immediately directed my eyes onto his level and used Phad’s Eye. At that moment, my heart froze.

LV 51 Druid

You’re actually here to bully newbies!

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Chapter 46: Blue Ice, Wooden Pole


Parvro who rushed out of the ice block laughed slightly. He’s too frightening. Just what kind of monster did he transform into? Although I know that druids have the ability to transform, but…

This kind of transformation which turned his skin into the roughness of a dark tree bark is really disgusting, urgh.

And aren’t druids known to be a peace and nature loving race that have good relationships with everyone? Why did such a monster appear in front of me?

His hair turned into small strands of vines, and from afar, they looked exactly like the vines that are grown on the trees.

If mother nature were to really give birth a monster like you naturally, then I will no longer say things like ‘I love mother nature’.

Half an hour… This guy said the barrier will not collapse for at least half an hour. Damn it. Do you think this is an instance boss that takes half an hour to kill? The person in front of me is more than twice my level, you know? After breaking through my ice seal, he still managed to strike off half of my HP. Can I even defeat this guy at all?

So the only way left is to put out all the stops?

I unleashed my white wing to first heal up my HP.

As long as he does not kill me with a single hit, then I will be able to fully recover myself. Right now, the only thing I can rely on is this ability to recover myself infinitely, otherwise, I won’t even get the chance to land a hit on him.

Don’t think that I can recover my HP through drinking potions. Before I can even finish a bottle, I will be killed instantly.

However, I can’t afford to stop tapping on the MP Recovery Potions. Although it no longer cost MP to heal myself, but it’s not enough to simply heal myself. The only things that can affect him are intermediate and advanced grade magic spells, and their MP consumptions are huge. I won’t be able to cast them without MP.

Fortunately, that young lady called Elwyn is still sealed in the ice block. Like this, I’m able to completely concentrate on battling Parvro.

Forget about his freaking high level, if it ends up as a 2 vs 1, then I will definitely be unable to hold on.

“Hehehe. Twerp, I didn’t expect you to be a user of Light Magic. But looks like you only know healing-related magic. Otherwise, my dark elemental barrier magic would have lost quite a bit of its effects. After all, this barrier only prevents attacks from the outside, and not from the inside.”

“Thank you for your kind explanation. Mind if I ask? Is this barrier soundproof?”

“Ah? That’s of course. I hate noise the most.”

Your current voice sounds horrible, you know that? To think you would say that you hate noise…

“I see. Since that’s the case, mind telling me why do you guys have to send so many assassins over to the academy? Just for a simple Annual Tournament, you guys attempted assassinations and even used a dark elemental barrier. Aren’t you people afraid of being hunted down by the Church? Those guys can be really annoying, you know?”

“Hahahaha. Initially, I planned to directly become the champion of this tournament, clear out the academy’s treasury when I’m receiving my prize, and then destroy this academy. After all, this is the western continent’s strongest magical academy. As long as I destroy this place, you guys will lose a large war potential. But, evidently, your battle ability exceeded our initial estimations, and usual battle techniques aren’t able to take you down. Hence, we can only rely on this method to defeat you. However, what we didn’t really expect was that there’s actually a few other parties that wish to destroy this academy as well. Really. If I had known about this before the event, I wouldn’t have gone through all this trouble.”

As this guy was talking, his vine-like hair were shuffling constantly, causing my hair to stand on end.

“Fumu. Looks like you guys are thinking of starting a war. Geez. Can’t you guys just live together peacefully? Although I understand that you guys wish to obtain more benefits, but do you guys really think it’s interesting to use this sort of excuse to trample on the lives of the innocents? The lives sacrificed aren’t just from our side, but from your side as well, right?”

“Your way of thinking is simply that of a child’s! Many things in life aren’t that simple!”

“Unless it’s for the sake of revenge? Or are you guys trying to solve the problem of your countrymen’s livelihood? Or maybe, your kingdom’s population has become too big? Or is it because of the long-lasting peace, your population has grown too big, and hence you guys decided to go against human morals and deal with the situation in this way?”

In history, these are the only few reasons for sparking a war that I can think of. One of them should have hit the mark.

“Cough… In any case, since your western continent is so bountiful, taking a little bit of your land shouldn’t matter that much, right? Hahahaha.”


Looks like what I said did hit the mark. I really am too smart.

In any case, I successfully wasted five minutes. This is the longest I can drag this out.

“Alright. It’s time to end this idle chatter. You can die now.”

“I wish to say, you should have exposed yourself when you’re facing the advanced-class team later on, you idiot. Even if you exterminate me, there’s still the advanced-class team, you know? You won’t be able to escape then.”


He fell into silence.

Oh my god, did this guy really initiated this attack without thinking this through. Is he an idiot?

Are you challenging the limits of my luck or the limits of your intelligence?

“Ah, whatever. We will still profit from killing you and that princess!”

After saying that, Parvro put a leg forward. His entire body turned into a shadowy figure as he rushed towards me! Although I really wish to dodge, but the ice wall protecting Michelle was just behind me. This is also the first time I’m using the magic spell ‘Empiric – Ice Imperial Palace’, so I don’t really know the extent of its defense.

Frozen Light!”

With a wave of my wand, a light blue row of light was shot out, directed towards Parvro who rushing over.

And he instantly reacted to it. The figure who was rushing towards me earlier twisted in the air, and the white light scratched the surface of his body as the light bypassed it.

Although it was only a slight scratch, white pieces of ice immediately covered the affected portion of his skin. But looking at his rough tree-like skin, he shouldn’t have received that much damage, right?

Looking at his HP bar, it only moved by a little bit. As I expected, it was ineffective.

He turned his body in the air, and the pieces of ice fell off his body. After that, countless vines immediately came piercing towards me!

Ice Shield!

I summoned an Ice Shield on my left arm, and positioned it in the direction of the attacking vines. The vines struck mercilessly on the ice shield, and it shattered into pieces in an instant.

But because of the collision, his attacks were bent towards the side. At the same time, the wand in my right hand was already swapped to my tachi. A magic formation flashed under my feet, and a giant ice totem struck me directly towards Parvro’s direction.


Parvro actually raised his arms to block my attack. Not only did my tachi not make a slight cut on his defense, even the freezing effect was not activated.


Just how strong is his defense?

“Hmph hmph~ I recall that you love to use your ice totems to fly around, right? Then I will let you fly all you want! Wooden Pole!”

His fist came flying towards my abdomen. The moment I summoned another ice shield, I realized there was a magic circle forming in his fist!

His fist struck directly onto my ice shield. The instant my ice shield broke apart, a large round pole struck me into the air, and then, I found myself heading towards the edge of the barrier in the sky!

Ice Totem!”


With a large bang, the round pole crashed onto the edge of the barrier. And a second earlier, I used my Ice totem to push me away from the round pole, and I was thus able to avoid the tragedy of turning into mincemeat.

Two Intermediate Recovery skills landed on my body. I hovered in the sky and looked at Parvro who was on the ground.

“You… You’re already able to fly?”

“Hmph hmph… How can I not train something as convenient as this? Although it was uncomfortable sleeping with my wings open, but for the sake of flying, I kept my wings open for 30 hours.”

LV 3 Piece of Angel’s Wing
Passive Effect: LV 1 Flight

I didn’t expect for it to be of use so quickly. It really was just in time, huh.

Looks like it’s impossible to fight in close range. He hasn’t used any close combat skills, but with just his wooden pole, he was able to send me flying and bring my HP down by 70%. If he had used a stronger skill, it would definitely have been an instant kill.

Looks like I have no choice, my only option is to attack from afar!

Chaotic – 49 Types of Ice Arrows!

Once again, I summoned countless of magic formations, and like rain, blue rays of light constantly shot towards Parvro.

“The blessings of nature, limitless life, with this dance of splendor, let the firm shield of god descend!”

The moment his incantation ended, countless golden shields appeared before Parvro. When the ice arrows struck the golden shields, the golden shields immediately fell to the ground, but, new golden shields actually reappeared in the sky.

“Hahahaha, competing with magic? You can’t possibly hope to beat me!”

“Oh? Is that so?”

I glanced at the cooldown of the Instant MP Recovery Potion, and then, I pulled the inventory window to the bottom of the rest of the windows.

Blue Song
Recover 100% MP. Max MP increases by 100% for 10 seconds.

I looked at it for one last time, before pressing on it.

I could feel 7,000 Gold disappearing in an instant, basically, if I have to describe how it actually felt like…

It’s as if my heart was bleeding!

“Alright, eat my strongest attack. Ougi – Unlimited Thousand Year Frozen River!”
(t/n: Honestly, the name of the skill sounds better in mandarin.)

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Chapter 47: Cage

PoV: Aliyah

“Dark Magic, ‘Aersimikas’ Cage’… Who would’ve thought that someone would bring such a terrifying magic spell into the campus! Attack! Use your full strength to break that barrier!”

The moment I received the message from Fir, the black barrier enveloped the arena.

No matter how those Magicians attacked, the black barrier was only scratched slightly, other than that there was no notable damage. 10 minutes passed since then, and yet the barrier still remained unbroken.

Previously, when I received the message, I immediately rushed to the principal’s side to convey what Fir had told me.

“Assassin… An assassin that wields Dark Magic?”

After listening to me, The principal immediately turned towards the people at the side and shouted.

“Quick! Go and inform the Church! Get them to send reinforcements in the shortest time possible!”


A Magician’s figure flew away in a flash, Wind Magicians are truly fast.
“Fir really told you this?”

The guy with the title of Ice Emperor suddenly walked to me with huge strides and asked.

“Yes, that guy told me this just when the barrier was about to shut off all forms of contact. As we have known each for such a long time, he told me using an unique method of communication.”

” I see….. It seems like those dark remnants either wants to exterminate him or take him away …. However no matter the case, for now, we have to deal with this barrier.”

Soon after, he turned and returned to his original seat, before passing instructions to the people beside him.

But no what kind of attacks we used, we were still unable to deal damage to the barrier and Fir still hasn’t sent out any news.

Could it be that this barrier is blocking out any form of communication? Or could it be that he’s not able to put his mind on anything else?

Regardless, we can only wait for now.

The only one who could do anything to the barrier was a girl clad in white armor, a string of sword waves landed on the barrier, slowly building up cracks.

But the speed at which the cracks were recovering at and the speed at which cracks were formed by her sword waves were about the same. The cracks were sealed off just as quickly as they were made.

“Aaaaah! Fir, you bastard! If you have spent some time learning Light Magic from me, a barrier of this level definitely wouldn’t have caused you any trouble! Bastard! You actually dared to leave me behind!”

However, when I heard her utter these words, I immediately retreated a few steps backwards.

She was the girl that Fir managed to escape from yesterday. I didn’t know she was a Light Swordswoman… Or is she a Holy Knight? All the people that Fir knows of are really out of the norm.

Alright, looks like there’s nothing left for me to do here. It’s been more than ten minutes, and there isn’t any news of his death as of yet. Or is it best that I head over to the cemetery to take a look?


A weird sound actually came from inside the barrier. When I take a look at the direction of where the sound originated from, the crack that Yybril made suddenly emitted a blue light!

The ray of light penetrated through the crack and shone onto the floor. The part of the floor that was shone upon froze up immediately, and the ice block continued to grow bigger!

“Everyone! Attack that breach!”

After recovering from the shock, Yybril shouted loudly. With a thrust of her sword, her sword turned into a ray of white light and pierced into the crack!


The crack was forcefully increased in size, and the blue light shone once again, filling up the crack!

Immediately after, countless magic spells flew towards the crack, creating a spectacle of colorful fireworks.

And unless a person had suicidal thoughts, no one dared to stand at where the crack was.

Beautiful things are always the most dangerous, after all~


Just what magic did that Fir use? To think it can prevent the barrier from regenerating, isn’t that guy too scary?

PoV: Fir

By sacrificing 3,500 MP and 90% of my HP, using my body as the epicentre, fire cold rays of light in all directions, which seal all objects that are shone upon – Ougi – Unlimited Thousand Years of Frozen River.

However, my body turns into an ice cold sun as a price, until the effect of the magic spell ends.

When I raised my head to look, the surrounding space was frozen like a deep sea of ice. Only light blue crystals could be seen and all objects inside the space were not even able to move a single inch.

Nearby, a wooden ball was sealed in the frozen air.

That was the magic spell Parvro last used when I released my magic. Although I’m unaware of its effects, but it covered his entire body inside.

Hmph, that’s fine as well. Then, we shall draw out this battle as long as possible. Since your level is so high, I can’t even hope to compete with you. But preventing you from attacking me is still within my abilities.

As long as this last for a full half an hour, everything should be settled. If those bastards do not rush over in half an hour, then I can only give a wry smile, and run away.


A weird notification suddenly lighted up. When I opened my skill list, I realized I could now use my Flash Movement skill again!

Eh? Is the barrier already dispelled? If it’s dispelled, the people outside will definitely launch their attacks here, right?

But there’s no reactions at all, though? And it hasn’t even been 20 minutes. That guy already said the barrier was going to last for at least half an hour. It shouldn’t be possible for it to be dispelled this early, right?

Ah, whatever. Since I’m able to use it, there’s no need for me to blindly stay here and think of answers. Let’s hurry up and bring Princess Michelle out of here.

I fully recovered my MP by drinking my MP Recovery Potions, then I waited for my Instant MP Recovery Potion’s cooldown to end.

Flash Movement!

In the next second, I appeared right beside Princess Michelle.

Princess Michelle was currently squatting down at a corner of the ice wall. When she saw me appearing suddenly, she was stunned.

I quickly tapped on the Instant MP Recovery Potion as I walked over to her.

“We will be retreating in 10 seconds.”

I only had a single potion that could instantly recover my MP fully, which I used earlier. Right now, I can only wait for my MP to recover slowly by drinking those regular MP potions.

“You… You…”

“What about me?”

“How did you come here?”

“In any case, I’m already here, don’t mind the details. My magic spell is about to be dispelled. Right now, what’s important is to escape before that guy breaks through my ice seal.”

“But… How are we going to do that?”

“Like this, of course!”

I grabbed onto Princess Michelle’s hand, and in the next second, we were transferred directly to the waiting room beside the arena.

When the onlookers saw Princess Michelle and I walking out of the waiting room, everyone present was shocked.

But I calmly placed Princess Michelle into the hands of the Ice Empire’s Emperor at the side, and then, I walked towards the principal.

“Those two people are still inside. What are we going to do about it?”

“Ah… You…”

The principal seems to be really shocked by how I suddenly appeared. However, I can’t really explain it, and so, I continued.

“That guy is a member of the Charming Heart Guild. Do you know about it?”

“Charming Heart?”

This question was not posed by just the principal, but by the Ice Emperor and Falan who was nearby as well.

“They actually…”

At this moment, a ray of white light was shot down from the sky. When it landed on the black barrier, the barrier was instantly broken apart. What was revealed inside it was a giant ice block.

Immediately after, a giant sword of light came slashing down from the heavens, splitting the ice block into two.

“So it was actually someone I know…”

The person who came descending down from the sky… was actually Uncle George…

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Chapter 48: Tainted Wing

George Bayl
LV 65 Saint Knight LV ?? ???
[Kind] [Firm] [Saint] [Darkness of the Saint Church] [Purifier] [Roaming Father] [Cardinal] [???] [???]

Because of Phad’s Eye’s raise in level, the amount of information I could see about him increased. Now, I fully understand how scary this old man really is.

LV 65? Saint Knight?

So you’re the legendary unbeatable meatshield. If one of our opposing teams had such a tank, then it will basically be too saddening.

Fortunately, a person like this isn’t an enemy. Otherwise, it will be seriously troubling.

George, who was standing on the ice block which was sliced in half, seemed to be looking for something. After inspecting the ice blocks for a while, he raised his fist.

A blinding holy light fell from the sky, enveloping Uncle George’s raised fist, and an illusionary white fist, which was about a quarter of the size of the entire ice block, appeared.

Immediately after, he struck it down onto the ice block!

Cracks filled the exterior of the large ice, and the ice slowly scattered away like loose sand. A wooden ball and the young girl named Elwyn then fell directly onto the arena.


When I looked at the young girl’s HP bar closely, she still had a bit of HP left. The earlier ice seal slowly reduced her HP, but it was actually not enough to kill her.


I don’t know why, but when I saw this word among her titles, my heart seemed to ache.

“Haa, really…”

After pondering for a while, taking the opportunity when everyone else were still focusing on the happenings on the ring, I quickly circled around the sides and headed towards Elwyn’s direction.

And on the arena, Uncle George actually did not express any interest in Elwyn, rather, he walked towards Parvro’s side. He threw a glowing white ball onto his body, and captured him.

“Where did you obtain your Dark Magic?”

Uncle George asked in a low voice. Although it was low, but it actually held a sort of intimidating pressure, which could be felt by everyone in the entire competition venue.


Parvro slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Uncle George with provocative eyes, and laughed.

“I didn’t expect to lure in a Saint. My luck is really quite terrible.”

“Hmph, you’re definitely lucky to be able to meet me. Because, at the very least… I will not let you die, before you spit out your secrets!”

A glowing white spot of light flew out of Uncle George’s body, and then, it landed on Parvro’s body.

Like suffering from intense pain, Parvro screamed as his body spasmed wildly.

“Even if… even if you use… something like this… to torture me… I will still not… say anything…”


Uncle George furrowed his eyebrows, and another glowing white ball of light flew into his body.

“Honorable Saint, umm… If it’s possible, can you please not undergo an interrogation here? Currently, there’s still a large audience…”

Our academy principal immediately said.


Uncle George thought for a moment, and then nodded.

“Assassin from the Charming Heart Guild, Parvro, a wanted criminal, and a murderer… I wonder if these information are useful?”

The moment I said that, everyone on-site looked towards my direction.

Currently, I was standing beside the fainted Elwyn. With my hands directed at her body, I threw a recovery spell at her.

“Oh, this young girl is only a chesspiece of theirs. I guess she was captured and used to participate into this tournament. Look, Light Magic does not harm her in any way. There isn’t any dark magical particles in her body.”

“… Indeed… And you, boy…”

Parvro said as he spat out some blood.

“If it wasn’t for such a weird twerp like you… You’re actually able to use advanced-grade magic… And an Ougi at that… Otherwise, how would I…”

“Actually, I’m very weak. You were just too gutless.”

I shrugged.

“And you shouldn’t have caused trouble in this Annual Tournament! You were simply courting your own death!”

“… Hahaha… Hahaha…”

He spat out another mouthful of blood, and then laughed.

“I see… Because I said I wanted to kill your partner…? I see… I see…”

After pausing for a moment, he then continued.

“If I knew you in the past, then I probably wouldn’t do this… But, since I get to meet you today, then let me give you a valuable lesson. Your naivety will definitely kill you!”

After saying that, he exploded something in his hand. Uncle George wanted to stop him, but a black fog immediately flew out of his hand, and then, it instantly floated towards me.

I thought of blocking it, but that black fog actually entered Elwyn’s body in an instant!


‘Trap User’

‘Natural Affinity’

‘Fallen Mind’

Suddenly, these words flashed across my mind, and my body instinctively started to back away from my current position.


An instant. It was in just an instant.

A black monster, as if growing out of Elwyn’s chest, appeared in front of me.

I was still in the state of retreating, but time seemed to have stopped when the monster appeared before me. It’s speed was really too shocking.

At this point in time, this thought flashed across my mind.

‘As I thought, traps made by a trap expert are really different…’

Immediately after, the monster aimed for the wing behind me, and gave it a huge bite!

Although, in my memories, the term ‘Angel with a broken wing’ was very meaningful, but currently, to me, it was a very tragic term.
(t/n: 折翼的天使 or as to how I translated it, ‘Angel with a Broken Wing’, is some sort of chinese internet meme, that was derived from a romance novel, and was spread and used throughout the schools. The romance novel had a saying, ‘the former life of every girl was an angel with a broken wing’.)

I have no idea if anyone have researched on the number of nerves that are present in a wing, but the pain I’m currently feeling, is actually more painful than when someone stab me deeply several times with a sword!


Then, I finally realized, I was already screaming in agony.

Because that monster was not just biting onto my wing, it was actually trying to tear it away from my body!

From the corner of my eye, I saw Uncle George throwing Parvro to a side, and in his hand, he was already starting to release magic.

But in the next second, endless darkness enveloped my vision. The last thing I felt was a large and strong force entering my body.

Fainted, Poisoned, Corroded, Bleeding.

My body felt like it was floating in the air. Other than the status notification and the countdown for the Fainted status to end, there was nothing else that I could see.

Geez, it’s really hard to be a good guy in this time and age. To think he placed a trap in a young girl’s body, that’s really too much.

But, this increased the level of my title as well.

Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!
Current LV: 8
Resistance increased by 80.
Skill: Counter
When being attacked, has a chance to absorb 80% damage of the opponent’s attack. The absorbed damage will be added onto your next attack.

Speaking of which, just how high is the activating chance? Until today, it has yet to activate even once. It’s really quite frustrating.

Alright, let’s not mind about something like this any longer. For now, let’s wait…

Just when I was thinking of waiting for the Faint status to end, I felt a ray of light suddenly appearing in the darkness. Immediately after, I felt like something similar to when I was being resurrected.

A white light from the sky was currently falling onto my body, and my HP was currently being recovered at a fast pace.

“Thank goodness! He finally recovered!”

Yybril, who was beside Uncle George, shouted out.

Hearing her words, Uncle George stopped the magic in his hands. After a couple seconds of silence, he asked.

“How… are you feeling?”


How do you want me to answer this? It feels kind of great after dying once?

He seemed to have felt my confused expression, and then, he continued.

“The trap that attacked you earlier, was something created by the Dark Church long ago. It’s a special trap that is specifically used against Light Magicians. Your wing… has already been tainted by their Dark Magic.”


I turned to look. My fractured white wing was twitching weirdly, and there were even black spots stained on it!

I took a look at the status window, and what written on it was:

Tainted Piece of Angel’s Wing. Tainting Countdown: 9 Hours 23 Minutes

“Although we’re able to directly cause harm to Dark Magic, but we have no idea why we haven’t been able to stop the corrosion from this particular magical trap. The only thing we’re able to do now… is to tear the wing away from your body!”

Tear it away?

You’re kidding me!

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Chapter 49: Can’t Even Dig My Own Grave

“Teacher! Is there really no other way!? Fir is someone who was able to realize intermediate-grade healing spells from elementary-grade healing skipells in a few weeks! With his potential, he would definitely be the fastest person to become a Saint! If we were to cut his wing apart, there might be a possibility that he will lose his ability to wield Light Magic!”

After hearing Uncle George’s words, Yybril, who was at his side, hurriedly said.

“But, if it turns into a Fallen Wing, won’t that mean that we will gain a very frightening enemy?”

Yybril did not know how to react after hearing Uncle George’s rebuttal.

Tch, how could a freaking old man bully a young girl!

“So you’re going to just casually tear apart someone’s wing and make him face the probability of losing his ability to wield magic? Your inability actually cause someone to endure a pain that might last for his entire lifetime, is that the intention of your Church!?”

“We make our decisions for the benefits of the entire populace! When Dark Magic flooded the world, did you know how the world was plunged into darkness in the past!?”

“Magic is only a tool! How one uses it depends on the person itself! Darkness is not magic, but the heart of a person! You have lived for so long, and you have yet to understand this simple logic? Your so-called peace is built by the strong and the absolute restrictions in place, you understand that yourself, right!? Your so-called restrictions, only restricts the possibility of a new and rising force! You’re not acting for the benefits of the entire populace, rather, you’re acting for the benefits of the ones in power!”

I moved a single step forward towards Uncle George.

“Unless you’re trying to tell me I’m wrong?”


‘Idiot, what are you doing!? Are you trying to have a direct confrontation with these people? That guy is a Saint, which means he’s a member of the executives of this continent’s largest and strongest Church association. You’re thinking of confronting them? Are you out of your mind!?’

Aliyah’s message immediately appeared on a notification screen.

I glanced at it from the side, and then, replied.

‘Haven’t you already stolen all the skill books in your academy? What are you worried about?’

Aliyah stopped typing after that. But, I saw her slowly slipping through the crowd, taking the opportunity when everyone was not noticing.

“I, Saint, as my authority as a Saint, judge that Lin Fir is a dangerous individual. Now, I shall commence the purification!”

“Teacher! Why would you…”

Before she could finish, Yybril was already shone upon by a ray of light cast by George, and was not able to move.

I glanced around my surroundings.

There wasn’t a single reaction by anyone, as they looked at George slowly walking towards me.

I smiled.

No matter how famous I am, under the presence of absolute authority, you guys wouldn’t dare to say anything, right?


It’s not like I don’t understand. After all, in a situation like this one, if I was in their shoes, I would probably do the same.

“Dangerous individual, un, this name doesn’t sound bad. But I didn’t do anything, and I’m already treated as a dangerous individual? Don’t you think the hearts of the entire populace would sink when they hear of this?”

“Compared to you becoming a person who wrecks havoc with Dark Magic, sacrificing a single person doesn’t count as much.”

“I already told you, why the hell would I casually use Dark Magic to cause havoc? And I don’t know Dark Magic in the first place, right?”

“Then tear your wing away!”

“… Haah…”

I sighed.

“Looks like I can’t get through you with words.”

“See this? This is the Church that calls themselves the protector of their regime. Hahahahaha. Are you regretting what you did after our battle today?”

Parvro, who was imprisoned by a white cage of light, laughed as he looked towards me.

Currently, he only had 10 HP left, probably because of the control from that white cage.

“Look at Elwyn who’s on the ground. Even though she’s a chesspiece, but she was a person who sacrificed herself to subvert the hypocritical Light Church! The trap in her body was something she placed herself! Do you have that sort of conviction!?”

“Shut up!”

George waved his hand, and the entire cage turned into a white box, and Parvro’s voice could no longer be heard.

Elwyn who was on the ground… was already covered with a white cloth, but by looking at the blood stains at the chest area, and her empty HP bar, I knew, she was already dead.

“Hmph! I shall ask you once more, do you wish to tear away your wing, or do you wish to be judged!?”


Tear my wing away?

Why would I allow that!? This is the foundation that I managed to obtain through difficulties, which allows me to cast Light Magic infinitely. Although I’m not sure of what would happen after it’s fully tainted, but so what!?

I’m not human, you know!?

How can the rules of a human’s wing be applied to me?

“Accelerate! Light Steps! Illusionary Technique!”

Even though my wing was fractured, but since the ‘Fly’ skill icon was not greyed out, it meant that I was still able to fly!

My body turned into eight illusory figures, and I flew towards eight different directions!

“Cheap little tricks!”

Countless swords of light fell from the sky like droplets of rainwater, exterminating my illusory figures one after another.


Are you kidding me? Do you really think I only used Illusory Technique?

I, who was in a hidden state, immediately rushed towards the side of Elwyn’s corpse. I kept her corpse into my ring, and then, lied under the white cloth after retracting my wing.

Turtle Breathing Technique!

My entire body turned similar to a corpse, and I was entirely focused on hearing the sounds outside.

“Un? He actually disappeared?”

Don’t notice me, don’t notice me…

Just when I was thinking of that, a large sword pierced right into my chest!


“How can a corpse let out a cry?”

I leaped out of the ground, and pulled the sword out.

“Looks like a sword of light was not able to affect you. But once your wing is fully tainted, you won’t even be able to touch a sword of light!”

“That’s not set in stone just yet! Ice Sword Summon!

Summoning a sword for each hand, I rushed towards him head-on!


In just an instant, I was sent flying by an invisible attack! And then, I crashed into the building at the side.

My HP dropped to nearly 0 in an instant. With just another hit, I will definitely die.


If I were to die right now, the person, Lin Fir, will no longer exist.

This identity will disappear along with my death.

“Lin Fir! Why are you resisting!? Is that wing really more important than your life!?”

“In your opinion… cough… isn’t… a wing… something more important than your life?”

I spat out blood as I replied with a smile.

“You… hypocrite…”

He laughed, and then walked towards my side.

“Killing you, is really troublesome for me as well. However, in your current state, you can’t stop me from tearing away your wing, right?”

This guy… is actually thinking of something like that…

But, I’m not a pushover either.

“Watch your right side~”

The moment he said that, a shadow of a sword flew past Uncle George’s earlier position, and immediately after, there were countless ice arrows as well.

“Get away from Fir!”

Irlin and Princess Michelle immediately rushed forward.

“The Ice Empire formally issues a case of interference. Lin Fir, as Ice Empire’s State Magician, has the right to use Dark Magic. According to the continent’s rules, the Church has no right to interfere!”

What the hell! I was already planning on righteously sending myself to death, you girls actually…

“Hey hey, couldn’t you girls have appeared a little earlier?”

“Idiot! You were basically rushing your own death! It takes time to prepare the documents! What’s the point of preparing them if you die!?”


I rolled my eyes, and then said.

“Uncle George, there you have it. Hurry up and heal me then~”


“Oh, right.”

I spread out my Angel’s wing, and cast two Intermediate Recovery spells on myself.

“There’s no need to trouble you~”

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Chapter 50: Academy Tower

On that day, the corpses of the actual two northern continent’s participants were found in their rooms. They were placed inside a black magical bag, which prevented any sort of weird stench from escaping.

And these two people basically did not interact with others often, so even if they were replaced, no one noticed at all.

But I found out something weird.

Even though they were replaced, why were their names the same?

Oh well. If I get the opportunity in the future, I will ask Parvro who was taken away by a large group of heavy armored knights. But, I might not be able to get the opportunity to do so.

After all, I’m probably already in Uncle George’s list of top ten dangerous individuals. But if he knew of my basically invincible disguise ability, he would definitely cry.

“I will report this situation to the upper echelons of the Church, and another thing…”

Uncle George looked at me,

“About the thing regarding Fir, although what happened to your wing was really unfortunate, but, please do not do anything dangerous with your Dark Magic.”

Currently, my wing is fully spread out. After all, it’s not something that needs to be hidden.

And, no matter how I look at it, Uncle George’s pair of wings is much more eye-catching than mine.

Although there are several dark spots on my wing, but the black spots did not spread. And although the countdown is still on-going, but, nothing weird has happened yet.

And whenever he brought up this topic to me, I would always directly use Intermediate Recovery on myself, and allow the white light emitted from my body to reply him.

Although he wanted to say something, but whenever he saw that state of mine, he didn’t know what to say.

And the news of me being Ice Empire’s National Magician had already spread like wildfire. As a student of the elementary grade, and also a commoner at that, everyone felt a little weird that I was able to become a National Magician. However, after watching how I looked like when I directly challenged Uncle George, they naturally did not dare to say otherwise.

This world is actually that simple. Either you have the authority to back yourself up, or have the power to do so.

And, not only do you need power, at the same time, you need to have courage, then, naturally, people won’t dare to belittle you.

And in the afternoon, after an intense discussion in the academy, the results of the Annual Tournament were finally announced.

Of course, at the same time, this meant something else as well.

Main Quest: Annual Tournament [Completed]
Quest Objective: Obtain victory in the Annual Tournament. – 3/3 [Success]
Additional Objective(s): Allow Michelle to have the last hit for all matches. – 2/3 [Failed]
Reward(s): 500,000 EXP, 1x Magic Skill Book [Received]
Additional Reward(s): Unknown [Not Received]

Current LV: 19
Current EXP: 708,323/26,214,400
[Received] Advanced-Grade Magic Skill Book – Fully Automatic Magic Trap Design Skill Book

This EXP reward is really little, huh. Speaking of which, this Annual Tournament was supposedly a LV 15 quest, so, this amount of EXP could already be considered above average.

But at LV 15, I basically wouldn’t be able to complete a quest like this, right… Or was it because my level was too high, and thus the quest became like that?

Isn’t that a little too saddening? The difficulty of the quest increased, yet the quest rewards did not…

But this skill book looks pretty useful. I have experienced the power of magic traps first-hand. A magic trap that is able to kill enemies and cause self-destruction is basically overpowered. It’s simply a nightmare for people who wish to scavenge corpses.

Elwyn’s cold body was still kept in my ring. Because a corpse cannot be considered as a living being, thus, it can be placed directly in the storage ring.

Some day, I shall use Necromancy to revive her. Then, I will be able to obtain an undying trap user. It will be so worth the trouble.

But, when the Annual Tournament ended prematurely, several people sighed in relief, especially a certain group of people belonging to the intermediate and advanced grade teams.

Although I’m not certain whether I’m able to defeat them, but I believe, if they do not pull any stunts like transforming or use things like unbreakable machine dolls, defeating them shouldn’t be a problem.


The academy is too stingy. They actually conducted the prize ceremony right away in the same afternoon.

The prize being awarded by the academy is different from the thing I received from the system. Hence, what the school is about to present to me is something different.

Initially, the plan was to allow the winners to enter the Academy Tower and take an item they like out from it. And, the academy did not need to know what item was taken away from the tower. However, because of all the incidents that happened due to the Annual Tournament, so as for the sake of increasing the level of security, the winners must now allow the academy principal to personally inspect the items they take away from the tower.

To that measure, I could only express my helplessness.

After all, I had planned to look for a forbidden magic skill book that is capable of tearing the skies open and destroying the earth. But now that George was stationed outside, I can only meekly pick out an advanced-grade equipment. It would be good if there’s something like Brother Chun’s armor.

The advanced-grade team who won the tournament was the Summoner’s team, while the intermediate-grade team who was the Earth team of Magicians.

But these two teams both use very wretchful methods to obtain victory.

The Summoner’s team immediately summoned a weird living creature which covered them inside its body, and then, the opposing team was quickly stomped away by the other monsters they summoned. The opposing team’s magic releasing speed was much slower than the rate of the monsters being summoned, hence, just like in usual situations, the outcome of the battle was inevitable.

And the earth team used a similar tactic as the summoner’s team. They covered themselves with an advanced-grade defense magic spell, and then, they used earth spikes to destroy their opponents.

To that, I could only say, you guys really exploit your attributes’ wretchful abilities to the fullest…

But, according to the order of grades, naturally, the advanced-grade team was the first to retrieve their prize. We waited outside the tower for our turn.

The two groups ahead of us seemed to have a tough time deciding. Each group actually stayed in there for at least an hour before they leave the tower.

I was so bored that I even began to chat to the person beside me.

“Umm, Princess Michelle.”

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry for not being able to allow you to deal the last hit for every match.”

“You idiot, what are you saying!? Our opponent was actually a monster of a crazy level. Even if you allow me to execute the final hit, I wouldn’t dare to do it. It’s too dangerous.”

Looking at her grumpy expression, I couldn’t contain my laughter.

“Well… But this tournament is really too dangerous. Has something like this happened in the past?”

“About that…”

Princess Michelle pondered for a moment, and then replied.

“I can’t say for certain, but I heard that there was an incident where a participant was assassinated in the past. But because the parties involved were both nobility, word of that incident naturally did not spread.”

“I can understand that.”


Princess Michelle turned to face me.

“Actually, from how you casually won the tournament, your life was supposed to be in danger. You must know that those nobles that you defeated will not simply forgive you. But, now that you’re our Ice Empire’s National Magician, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Revenge, is it…”

If that fire prince was to do something as shameless as that, he would probably not look forward to succeeding the throne, right?

And as for the siblings of the Smuu household…

I’m honestly really interested in their research. But I haven’t seen them since yesterday. Looks like I need to do some investigating in the future.

But, I should always leave an escape route for myself.

“Then I must really thank you, Princess Michelle~”

“… Un… Un, you… You must definitely serve our Ice Empire well in the future! Hmph!”

“Yes, yes~”

Are you kidding me? If I wish to go anywhere I want, is there anyone among you that can find me?

“Alright, it’s your turn.”

Finally, our principal walked up to us and said.

I nodded, and then, I bowed and gestured Princess Michelle to proceed.

Princess Michelle smiled, and then quickly moved into the tower.

As expected, she was still a princess of an empire~ She still had the perfect noble etiquette remembered at heart.

I walked into the tower, and I could feel a large majority of skill icons were greyed out.

Flash Movement, Disguise, and all of my elementary-grade spells, seemed to have been sealed, and had lost their effectiveness!

Impressive. As expected of a place used to store important objects in the academy. The security measures in place are actually much better than the rest of the places in the academy.

“Let’s split up and find the thing we want.”


I nodded, and then turned and headed directly to the bookshelves.

What the hell, all the magic skill books here were actually Ougi and Forbidden grade magic. I really wish to bring them all home!


I could feel something was looking at us from outside. Thus, I did not dare to do any weird movements.

Alright, can’t I just have a look at them?

I casually picked out a book and flipped through the pages. There might be a treasure map hidden within the pages or something…

Do you wish to learn ‘Forbidden Spell: Wooden Flower – Natural Spiritual Procession’?

The moment I opened the book, this notification suddenly appeared in front of me!


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Chapter 51: Act, Act, and Act

PoV: Aliyah

“What is that boy, Fir, doing? He picks up a book, looks at it for a few seconds to a few minutes, and then puts it back into the shelf. Is he actually able to finish reading them in such a short time?”

The principal asked George who was beside him as he looked at the surveillance magic.

“I don’t think so. That boy is probably frustrated on what magic skill book to choose, I guess? Inside the tower, at the very least, the skill books are of at the Ougi level. It’s probably not that simple finding the spell that’s suitable for him, right?”

After hearing their conversation, In place of Fir, I felt shameful for him.

How is that guy frustrated on choosing which book he wants? He’s obviously expertly flipping the books on one hand, and then rapidly tapping on the ‘Yes’ button on the skill learning notification panels on the other!

Looks like that guy realized he could not sneakily take the books away, so he decided to start learning the spells inside. It seems he didn’t make that much of a loss by not being able to learn the advanced-grade magic in the library. He’s currently earning all of his losses back.

But at that time, that guy had such a righteous-looking expression, and I had thought of going straight to the cathedral to look for him. I didn’t expect that in the end, he was saved by those two girls…

“Aaaaaah, why do I feel so frustrated whenever I think about it!”

Crap, after yelling that out, I realized everyone around me was looking at me weirdly.

I hurriedly apologetically lowered my head, and then, I immediately left the site.

I will just allow Fir to cause a commotion by himself. I think it’s best for me to look for new quests nearby.

PoV: Fir

When I walked out of the Academy Tower with a face full of smiles, what appeared before me were two guys with bitter faces, the academy principal and Uncle George.

“What is it? Elders, you two don’t look really happy.”

“Cough cough, Fir, earlier, you stayed in the Academy Tower for so long, and in the end, you actually chose something like that. Why?”

“About that…”

I looked at the ring on my hand that I just obtained, and then began to think.

Earlier, when I finished learning from all the books in the tower, I began to look for something that was suitable for me to use. After all, after learning all the spells, I naturally did not need the books anymore, and I had to at least take something out of the tower.

But inside, all the weapons and armor actually had level restrictions. Even though there were several good stuffs, but the equipment I could use now all had weak effects, hence, they did not have any value in my eyes at all.

However, just when I was about to casually pick out an equipment that increases defense, suddenly, the Famous Detective skill actually lighted up! I looked around, and realized something on the shelf at the other side of the room was flashing.

That’s right, it was flashing. Think for a moment. When you’re playing an RPG, and there’s something flashing on the table. What will you do? And back then, that thing was sparkling, and my OCD cells compelled me to walk over.

3rd Relic of the Momiji
1 of the 7 keys used to open Momiji’s secrets.
Able to store a meter-square sized living being.

Although I really like its ability to store a meter-square sized living being as well, but, it being Momiji’s relic was the main reason why I was attracted to it.

According to what I know, the only people that would call themselves the Momiji… were only the Momiji Secret Society, right?

After pondering and looking at it for a long time, I decided to bring it out.

“Because it looks nice.”

While I said that, I picked the ring up and began to scrutinize it.

Three pieces of leaves connected at the exterior of the ring, forming a circle. From an artistic viewpoint, it is definitely a decent artistic piece of work.

“Oh my god…”

I seemed to have felt the principal releasing a sigh, as if I did not meet his expectations.

“Isn’t this a pretty good outcome? I left a few more items for our students to choose from in the future.”

I smiled, as a I looked towards Princess Michelle who was beside me.

She actually took out an entire chunk of natural magical ice stone. That thing is different from the regular magic crystal. Natural magical ice stones are actually formed naturally, and could store more magic.

The Ice Empire is large, but there are still some things that are impossible to obtain even with money. This natural stone is one of them. Without a place like this magical academy where Magicians gather, who will risk their lives to obtain an item like this?

I saw the side of the principal’s lips twitching a little.

Obviously, he was definitely thinking why such a large natural stone was thrown into the store. For such a large chunk of natural stone, even if it’s in this magical academy, it probably only amount to a few as well. For it to be taken away as a prize, his heart must definitely be tearing apart and bleeding right now.

But, rules are rules. Since Princess Michelle was able to scavenge this natural stone from the bunch of items inside, then the principal has no reason to forbid her from taking it away.

“Cough cough… Very good. Looks like you have all chose something that you like. Our academy feels proud of you, our students.”

Is that really so? Aren’t you thinking of beating us up in your heart?

Alright, even if you’re not thinking of that, your body has betrayed you. Your name is actually jumping constantly between the colors, red and white, you know.

But, in a place like this, even if he has a hundred times more guts, he still definitely will not dare to act.

After the simple ceremony, this year’s Annual Tournament ended. This annoying event has finally came into a conclusion.

There isn’t going to be an event like this one next year, right? Even if you kill me, I won’t participate in it again. It’s too frustrating.

Of course, unless there’s something really worth the trouble, then I might decide to participate again.

And at this moment, I suddenly heard a ring from the system’s notification. When I looked at the screen that popped out, I actually realized that the countdown for the tainted wings has ended.

Tainted Piece of Angel’s Wing, Tainting Countdown: 0 Hours 0 Minutes
‘Tainted’ status ended. ‘Tainted’ status removed.


‘Tainted’ status ended? ‘Tainted’ status removed?

Hey hey hey! No matter how I looked at it, that ‘Tainting Countdown’ was a ‘Beginning to be Tainted’ countdown, but it’s actually the countdown for how long the ‘tainted’ status will last!

System, who the hell taught you language?

Are you trying to kid me?

While I was still stunned, the black spots on my wing slowly disappeared, and it returned to its original look.

I wasn’t the only one who was startled, especially Uncle George who was right in front of me, he was so shocked that his mouth was opened up wide.

“Are you hungry?”

“Ah? Hah?”

Obviously, Uncle George did not know why I asked something like that.

“Otherwise, why are you opening up your mouth so wide? Are you planning to eat me?”

“No… That… Of course not… It’s just that, this is the first time I see someone’s tainted wing being restored naturally… This… This is simply an unprecedented miracle…”

“I already told you. I’m such a pure person, even if the king of darkness was to personally pay a visit, he still wouldn’t be able to taint me. Really, why can’t you guys understand that?”

When I uttered out these words, I almost wanted to puke.

But, I tried my best to keep my expression natural, otherwise, I would definitely be exposed.

“This… I’m really sorry. Earlier, I was…”

“Alright, you don’t have to say it. Just don’t bother me again in the future.”

“But since you have such potential, then…”


I stared deeply into Uncle George’s eyes, and then said.

“will never join the Church, so you don’t have to worry. Let’s go, Princess Michelle.”

Leaving Uncle George and our academy’s principal who could do nothing to stop me, I brought Princess Michelle away and left.

The feeling of acting big, is the best.

-Vol. 3 End –

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