[RPG] Volume 4

Volume 4: Ice Empire and Snow White


Part 1 – Ice Empire Tour

Chapter 1: The First Thing I Did During Vacation was Work
Chapter 2: Ice Empire
Chapter 3: QTE and Counter
Chapter 4: Imperial City
Chapter 5: Snow White
Chapter 6: Cold Flames

Part 2 – Abyssal Dungeon

Chapter 7: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon
Chapter 8: 1F
Chapter 9: 1F – Boss Battle
Chapter 10: 2F – Meeting Snow White
Chapter 11: Under the Seal
Chapter 12: Ice Fissure Seal
Chapter 13: Demon Race – Dark Sprite
Chapter 14: Death and Revival
Chapter 15: Pryn, Coming Back to Life

Part 3 – Ice Abyss

Chapter 16: Freezing Point City
Chapter 17: Undead Holy Angel
Chapter 18: The Gentleman and the Maiden of War
Chapter 19: A High Class Place Needs a High Class Status
Chapter 20: Dark Chill, the 4th Demon God
Chapter 21: Life Crisis
Chapter 22: Trade
Chapter 23: For Equipment, I Can Even Give Up on Peace
Chapter 24: Fallen Angel
Chapter 25: Defeat and Death

Part 4 – Oyado

Chapter 26: Update
Chapter 27: Les Miserables
Chapter 28: M
Chapter 29: Everyone’s Secret
Chapter 30: War of Ice and Dolls
Chapter 31: The Doll’s Mechanism
Chapter 32: Memory Magic and the Bishop Slaughterer
Chapter 33: Memory Alteration
Chapter 34: Battle of Blades
Chapter 35: Lin Oyado

Part 5 – Smuu

Chapter 36: The Next Journey
Chapter 37: Mercenaries in Disguise
Chapter 38: Jirandur – Black Market
Chapter 39: Meeting an Old Friend
Chapter 40: Principles
Chapter 41: Infiltration Start
Chapter 42: We’re Not Robbing! This is Justice!
Chapter 43: Dolls and Human Morals
Chapter 44: Bad Guy

Part 6 – A Mercenary’s Life

Chapter 45: Becoming Mercenaries
Chapter 46: Lolis Are Never Bad People!
Chapter 47: Journey Begins
Chapter 48: Raid (1)
Chapter 49: Raid (2)
Chapter 50: Everyone seems to be Good People
Chapter 51: Bloodthirsty Magical Beast
Chapter 52: Tragic Victory and New Team Members
Chapter 53: The Three from the Eastern Continent

Part 7 – Dolls and Shikigamis

Chapter 54: Doll Massacre
Chapter 55: The Arrow Which Pierces Through the Battlefield
Chapter 56: Sweeping the Battlefield
Chapter 57 – Rest in Peace
Chapter 58: Setting Off Once Again
Chapter 59: Shikigami
Chapter 60: War of Shikigamis
Chapter 61: Report

Part 8 – Summoning Ritual

Chapter 62: Crisis in the Imperial City
Chapter 63: Airborne Assault
Chapter 64: We are the Reinforcements
Chapter 65: Blazing Ripper
Chapter 66: The Strongest Onmyouji
Chapter 67: Summon – The Strongest Ghost
Chapter 68: You’re Summoning? I Will Summon Too
Chapter 69: Final Battle
Chapter 70: Forget About Afterwords, Vol. 5 is About to Begin!


“Fir, I’m really curious as to how you did it. Mind enlightening me?”

The scent of a mature woman emitted by Ms Mari’s body stimulated my sense of smell. But if you think I will be tempted that easily, then you have underestimated me.

I’m Lin Fir! A genius youth who came from another world!

Everything above was just things that I made up. Actually, because the smell of alcohol from Ms. Mari’s body was just too strong, the possibility of tempting me was absolutely zero.

“Teacher, I feel that, in usual situations, when a teacher wish to discuss a problem about a student’s studies… she wouldn’t tie the student to a chair, and then sit on that student’s body, right? Of course, teacher, you’re not heavy at all. Compared to a certain violent person’s fist, your weight could be considered nothing to me.”

“Hehe, I will treat that as a compliment then.”

Ms Mari gave a charming smile, leaned closer to me, and continued. “That’s not the main point, right?”

“This isn’t the focus of the discussion either…” “Unless you ‘stood up’?”

“If that thing of mine did not stand, then I will really have to worry about the

health of my body. But, teacher, haven’t you realized that the smell of alcohol on your body is a little too strong?”


Ms Mari took in a deep breath. “I don’t smell it at all~?”

“Alright, stop fooling around. Can’t we have a regular conversation between us?

For example, a regular and traditional interaction between a teacher and a student?”

“You don’t like it this way?” “Of course not!”

“Then shall I hang you up next time?”

“Can’t we interact normally!? Nor-mal-ly! You drunk, pervert of a teacher whose mind is only filled with sex! Hurry and release me!”

When Ms Mari finished listening to what I said, she made an expression as if she was about to cry.

“Wuu… My own student actually thinks I’m a pervert.” “You’re definitely one, alright! Be conscious of yourself!”

“Ha~ Really~ Even though this treatment is only available for my dear student, Fir, why can’t you enjoy it all~?”

“Because I don’t wish to be known as a human trash and walk the path of Makoto-kun.”

“Makoto-kun?” “Don’t mind it…”

Ms Mari sighed, and then held a piece of paper in front of me.

“Then~ Let’s have a normal interaction. How did you score full marks for the explanation of magic skills, but score an absolute zero for your theoretical knowledge for your end-semester examinations? And what’s with the strange full score for your combat test?”

“Haven’t you thought of first getting off my body and releasing me before talking to me about this?”

“Since you did not answer my questions, are you hoping for our current postures to be photographed and have that photograph placed right at the academy’s centre square?”

After saying that, she actually waved her staff, and something that looked like a recording crystal that was on her table slowly floated in the air and was positioned right above us.

“Hey hey! Where’s your consistency!?” “What consistency?”

“It’s my home’s dialect… No, the main point is, don’t you care about your reputation?”


Ms. Mari fell into silence, and then yelled in agony.

“Aaaaah, I’m already 25, and I have yet to have a boyfriend! Why do I even need to care about my reputation anymore!!??”

“Aren’t you 21?” “……”

Ms Mari looked at me with resentful eyes, and then I immediately changed my


“No, it’s nothing. I didn’t hear anything at all. Please continue.”

“So~ Do you know what will happen if I place this picture in the academy’s centre square~?”

“… I don’t know.”

“Obviously, the entire school will think that there’s some form of relationship between us, and when that time comes, you won’t be able escape~”

“… I understand now.” “You understand?”

“You’re not just a pervert, you’re sadistic as well!”

“Huhuhuhuhu! How could you ever understand my resentment!”

“Alright, stop right there. You’re talking about my tests right? I can’t really do anything about how overpowered I am. As for the written tests, I can remember how the magic work and what they’re used for, but as to why they work, how would I know about that?”

“You, really…”

“Alright, please let me go. Teacher, even though you’re mature and beautiful, but since we’re still a teacher and a student, you should let me go.”

“… Geez, even though I wouldn’t even do this for someone else…” Ms Mari seemed to have whispered something.

“What did you say?”

“It’s nothing. Alright, fine, if you hate me that much, then hurry up and leave~” Ms Mari immediately leaped off my body, and then carried me along with the


Hey hey, what are you planning to do?

I stared at her as she carried me to the office door, open it, and threw me out while I was still tied to the chair.

“Ms Mari, you’re too heartless!” “Hmph… Eh?”

In an instant, Ms Mari’s entire face turned pale.

I looked towards where Ms Mari was looking at, and in the end, my face turned pale as well.

Princess Anne, who was hugging onto a book, was standing at the corner, and she was standing still right at that spot.

Evidently, when she walked past, she saw the entire scene where Ms Mari threw me out of her office.

Oh my dear god…

I was tied up, Ms Mari’s clothes were not dressed properly (I suspect it was because she was drunk), and the words I said earlier…

“Princess Anne, cough, this is a misunderstanding.” “Ah, umm… I’m sorry for disturbing…”

After saying that, she moved two steps back, turned, and ran.

“Ms Mari, stop her!” Un? No reaction?

When I turned to look, Ms Mari was frozen at the spot, and was not responding at all!

“Hey hey… are you serious? You’re shocked by something like that? Are you kidding me…”

I rolled my eyes, sliced the rope with my summoned ice sword, and then quickly left the scene.


Even though vacation was coming, there are still so many things happening. Hopefully, I can use this vacation to loosen up.


If I knew what was about to happen in the next few months, I definitely wouldn’t have looked forward to this vacation.


Part 1 – Ice Empire Tour

Chapter 1: The First Thing I Did During Vacation was Work

“Since you’re one of Ice Empire’s registered State Magician, you shouldn’t idle during vacation, hurry up and head over to the Ice Empire and report for work!”

On the first day of my vacation, my dormitory’s door was kicked into pieces by Princess Michelle’s bodyguard, Dual. Then, Princess Michelle excitedly, and unreservedly, rushed into my room, and loudly declared.

Currently, to welcome the arrival of my vacation, I was happily preparing my breakfast. Startled by Princess Michelle, the bread I just toasted almost fell onto the floor.

Of course, I wasn’t shocked by how she barged into my room this early in the morning, nor was I shocked by how my door was broken down with a single kick. Rather, I was shocked by the fact that I was about to lose my vacation.

But, obviously, I’m going to save it.

“What are you talking about? Why do I have to work during vacation!? We have to rest during vacation, don’t we?”

“Of course not! Don’t you wish to receive your wages!? Don’t you want countless of magical artifacts!?”

“So there’s wages? Then that’s a different story altogether.”

I ate the bread in two to three bites, and then, I sat right in front of Princess Michelle.

“How much?”

“100,000 Gold a month?”

Princess Michelle said as she looked over to Dual behind her, who was currently repairing my door at a fast pace.

Since you know that you have to repair it after kicking it down, then why did you destroy it in the first place? Did you think the door was free? The door has feelings too, you know.

“Umm… I’m not entirely sure about the notion of money, and I can only spend about 300,000 Gold a month, so… so… If there’s no wages to be paid, I will pay you myself. Is that still not enough?”

As expected of a princess, her simply being rich is an understatement.

I worked hard to grab 500,000 Gold from that small kingdom, and here, you’re giving me 300,000 Gold per month. This is too much for me to handle.

Are you guys having a serious case of inflation or something? Why do you have so much money?

“Alright, since you’re not sure, then let me pose you a question. Why is there a need for me to go to the Ice Empire?”

It’s been two weeks since the end of the Annual Tournament. The commotion about the things that happened then slowly died down, as if they never happened, and the academy slowly returned to its regular state.

Even the library that I burnt down was quickly repaired. I must say that it’s really hard for normal people like us to fathom the wonders of magic.

The three days after the Annual Tournament, the visitors from other schools and states slowly left the academy, but the security measures here were actually elevated by several levels. Especially when they realize the darkness of the continent has once again revealed themselves, they naturally have concerns for their children’s safety.

And because of that, Doge Military School and Gray Magical Academy were completely merged. Currently, it’s already possible to see sights of armored knights and magicians walking together.

And during this period, Uncle George had been persuading me into joining the Church. But his efforts were in vain, and he finally left the academy a week before. But, before he go, he gave Yybril a mission to continue torturing me. As such, I did whatever I could to avoid Yybril in the academy for the past few days.

And just a few days ago, the end-semester examinations ended. Naturally, I had that passionate date with Ms. Mari as well. But for some reasons, I have these dangerous vibes for the past few days, as if people were staring daggers at me. Hence, I had been shivering in fear.

But vacation came as promised. However, currently, Princess Michelle won’t be letting me off this easily.

But, without an actual reason, Princess Michelle probably wouldn’t be so eager to allow to visit her home.

“About that… umm… In any case, you just have to go. Right, I invited Irlin and Aliyah to be my bodyguards on my return trip, so please, you must definitely go. Tomorrow morning, at the inn near the academy’s northern gate. We will be waiting for you there!”


Just what is this girl thinking?

And when did Irlin, Aliyah and Princess Michelle become good friends? Why did I not know about something like this?

But evidently, she did not plan on explaining, as the two of them immediately ran out of my dormitory.

“Please… Before you go, at least leave the key for this new door behind…”

I helplessly shook my head. I walked up to the door and planned on using ice to make the mold of the key, and then bring it to the store to fix it up.

But, my Famous Detective skill actually flashed up again.

This skill… is really annoying, huh. Though it’s indeed useful, for example, when I accidentally dropped something and did not notice, the Famous Detective would always hint it.

And currently… something on the ground was sparkling.

When I picked it up, I realized it was actually a memory crystal! “This is…”

My curiosity got over me, and I tapped the button on it.

“Unless you ‘stood up’?”

“If that thing of mine did not stand, then I will really have to worry about the health of my body. But, teacher, haven’t you realized that the smell of alcohol on your body is a little too strong?”


“I don’t smell it at all~?”

“Alright, stop fooling around. Can’t we have a regular conversation between us? For example, a regular and authentic interaction between a teacher and a student?”

“You don’t like it this way?” “Of course not!”

“Then shall I hang you up next time?”

The entire recording replayed this conversation over and over. ‘Pa’.

I only regained my senses when the memory crystal fell onto the ground.

Oh my god…

This is impossible, right?


“This isn’t actually on sale, right…”

“See, Fir hasn’t arrived yet, right? I already told you, that guy isn’t the type to be early.”

Aliyah pushed the door open and looked in the inn, and then, turned and told the three young girls behind her.

“Probably, he’s not awake yet…”

Irlin said while she straightened the cloak she was wearing.

Her armor was indeed pretty revealing. Although Aliyah’s armor was eye-catching, Irlin’s figure and Aliyah’s were in totally different leagues.

And Dual, who was standing at the side… Alright, her attire had always stayed the same. I think that she would definitely not change her attire for the sake of others to look at.

“Dual, you kept watch of that guy’s dormitory last night, right? That guy did not leave his dormitory to meet up with the pervert teacher after we left, right?”

“Un, no, he did not.” “Then that’s good!”

Princess Michelle said very angrily.

“And I had always felt that teacher was a little weird, but who would have thought that she was such a pervert! She’s really too outrageous! If I do not pull Fir out of the academy now, he will definitely suffer under that woman’s deadly hands sooner or later!”

“Whose hands will I suffer under?”

I leaped down from the tree at the side, and asked.

Last night, after they left, I immediately teleported to Falan’s place and told her of my travel plans. Then, I ran over to Lanya’s to restock my potions. After that, I immediately came over to the inn, and had been hiding since, as I waited for their arrival.

The memory crystal yesterday told me that, it was too dangerous to stay in the academy. It was best to hide in a place where no one could find me.

“How did you arrive before us…”

Princess Michelle looked at me weirdly, and then turned to look at Dual. “Don’t mind it, let’s go.”

I pointed to the distance.

“Aren’t we going to the Ice Empire? I believe it’s pretty far, isn’t it?”

“Are you perhaps thinking that we’re planning to get there on horseback?”

“Un? Aren’t we?” “Of course not~”

Just when Princess Michelle said that, a very familiar noise suddenly came from the sky!

If I recall correctly…

That’s the noise of a magical engine. And the only engine that could make such a loud noise, I can only think of the airship!

Very quickly, an airship which was a little smaller, but looked more imposing, than the one I last saw, appeared in front of us. It had a perfect curve design, and was painted with a mix of blue and yellow. With a single glance, it was possible to distinguish that this was classier than the one before.

“Alright, let us be off!”

Chapter 2: Ice Empire

Although I’m not sure of the exact distance between the Ice Empire and the academy, but what I did know was, just when I was sighing in awe at how smooth the airship ride was, I realized we had already reached the imperial city of the Ice Empire – Blue Crystal City.

Looking out through the window, I could feel my heart beating faster.

From where we were, I couldn’t see the edge of the imperial city at all. This scenery which could only been seen in games was actually now right in front of me!

If it was the past me, I definitely wouldn’t be able contain myself, and would probably circle the entire city and comb every single place for treasures. But, this world is completely realistic. If I were to look for treasures, I would definitely be regarded as a thief.

After the airship circled around the palace once, it smoothly landed on an empty space behind the palace. The moment the airship door opened, what I saw was two rows of soldiers and maids in-charge of welcoming us, and right in front of us was a butler.

“Princess, you finally returned! After so long, you finally promised to return, this is such a rare occasion!”

The butler was called Moselius. He was LV 34 as a Swordsman, and LV 50 as a Butler. He belonged to the Kind alignment, and had a cautious personality.

“There were just special circumstances, that’s all.”

When Princess Michelle said that, she turned to look at me, and then continued. “They are all my important friends, you must treat them as how you do to me!

Otherwise, believe me, I will immediately fire you!” “Yes! I understand, princess!”

Princess Michelle, your method of threatening people is really unique…

I measured the soldiers and maids at the side with a few glances. All of the soldiers were about LV 25, and as for the maids, other than a few who were LV 20 swordswomen, the rest were normal maids.


There wasn’t a single Magician at all!

And even without using my skills, I could feel the surrounding magic particles were in disarray, and I don’t really know the reason to it.

“Friends of our princess, although most of you are swordsmen, but there’s still a need for me to explain. The entire palace is completely covered with a magic restriction field. Unless one has special permission, otherwise, he will not be able to use magic. This is something I need to explain, otherwise, it wouldn’t be good if a misunderstanding occurs.”

“I see.”

While I was thinking about that, I tried to use my Ice Shield magic spell.

But, the magic formation flashed, and the Ice Shield immediately appeared on my hand!

Seeing this spectacle, the old butler was so shocked, he did not know how to respond. After a few seconds, a soldier finally reacted. He pulled out his weapon and pointed it at me.

Taking the hint, the rest of the soldiers took out their weapons as well, and pointed them at me.

At this moment, Princess Michelle reacted, and shouted at them. “What are you guys doing!? Didn’t you guys hear what I just said!?”

“Hurry and put down your weapons! Listen to Princess Michelle’s command! Do

not treat our guests with disrespect!” The old butler followed up loudly.

Finally, the soldiers lowered the weapons.

But evidently, Princess Michelle was still angry.

“You bastards, what are your ears for!? All of you, slice off your own ears, now!” Hearing these words, even I was shocked.

Those soldiers shivered at her words as well. Then, they looked at each other, while their shivering hands were reaching out to the dagger on their waists.

“Princess Michelle, there’s no need for that, is there? It was my mistake for summoning my Ice Shield. You don’t really have to punish them like that.”

I hurriedly intervened.

What’s with the bloody violence in the middle of the day!? Is this an on-site horror movie?

Even though I know that the authority of the royalties are absolute, but, it’s still too much to casually cut off someone’s ears.

“But… They pointed their weapons at you!” Princess Michelle said with a frown.

“But they did it with your safety in mind, right? Just forgive them, alright?”

“Un… Fine. All of you, listen well! This time, because of State Magician Fir’s pleading, I shall forgive all of you! This will not happen again, is that clear!?”


Everyone yelled at the same time.

Although there weren’t any big changes to their facial expressions, but I could feel them sighing in relief in their hearts.

“Princess, this isn’t a good place to talk. Please return to the palace.”

“Un, Fir, let’s go! I shall let you witness the almighty strength of our Ice Empire!” “Un…”

I already knew that though.

Earlier on the airship, I had already seen the entire view of the imperial city. It feels like it will take more than half a day to walk from one end of the city to the other. And the imperial palace itself was already a size larger than Gray Magical Academy.

Did you guys build this large palace for the sake of training your bodies regularly?

Probably because of the congregating of ice elemental particles in the Ice Empire, not just the imperial city, even the imperial palace’s walls were filled with shimmering white blue luster.

Even though it was autumn and it was still many days away from winter, but the air was cold, and the temperature was probably in the single digits. (degrees celsius) When breathing out, it was possible to see white puffs floating in the air.

But inside the imperial palace, it was rather comfortable. It wasn’t too cold, nor was it too hot, the feeling was just perfect.

One thing to point out…

Was that the place was too big, and there wasn’t a single convenient movement tool. We only reached our destination after walking for a total of 20 minutes. The imperial palace’s center – Imperial Palace’s Chamber.

After entering through the door, what came into our sight was the Emperor of the Ice Empire, Hur Ice Afungus, who was sitting on the seat at the very top.

He looked different than the last time I saw him. Currently, he was exuding a

much stronger aura of prestige and might. Don’t ask me how I was about to feel it. My attack warning was flashing so much, it was about to explode.

But, this feeling slowly disappeared, and I was finally able to sigh in relief.

There were a few people standing beside the emperor, three women and two men. Although I couldn’t see their titles clearly, but from how they were dressed, they were probably the princes and princesses of the Ice Empire.

Below the steps, the guy with an unknown level, and was wearing a set of heavy armor, was probably the commander of the Ice Empire’s military forces. And the officials standing at the sides, are probably figures like the prime minister and such.

Of course, the several officials were standing in two rows. Looks like Princess Michelle’s return was really something to be treated seriously.

Walking up to the center of the huge hall, all of us kneeled on a single knee and paid respects to the Emperor.

“Aaaaaah, I hate kneeling!’

Suddenly, I saw the message Aliyah sent.

‘There’s no such thing as democracy here, so endure it. Just recite ‘your loyal minister has arrived to pay respects to your majesty’ in your mind, and you won’t feel that terrible.’


Although I don’t know what expression Aliyah was making, but, seeing how her body fidgeted for a moment, she definitely almost broke into laughter.

“I’m back.”

Princess Michelle said that, and before the emperor said anything, he immediately stood up.

He had a somewhat helpless expression, and gave a bitter smile. “All of you, rise.”

“Then I’m going to bring my friends out to play.”

Just when we stood up, Princess Michelle immediately said that, and then walked towards the door leading out of the chamber.

The people at the sides looked on as if it was a regular occurrence, and did not say a single word.

You guys are a little too casual about this… “Fir!”

Suddenly, the Emperor called my name.

“Your majesty, is there anything I can do for you?”

“When you’re free, report to the Magician Tower. I believe you will definitely find some several good things over there.”

“I understand.”

After saying that, I followed Princess Michelle out of the chamber.

Chapter 3: QTE and Counter

Once the door to the chamber was closed, Princess Michelle immediately started to complain.

“Hmph! What’s with all that acting! I hate it so much! Let’s go! I will bring you guys out to play!”

“Play? Where?”

“Obviously, in the imperial city!”

“Princess, you must not do that. Currently, the royal knights are changing their shifts, please wait for an hour…”

“Who are you to manage my affairs!”

Princess Michelle turned and stared at the butler. “This…”

The butler did not know what to say, and looked towards us. I sighed, and walked over.

“Princess Michelle, stop fooling around. Isn’t the butler doing this for your sake? Although I’m not sure of the situation in the Ice Empire, but since the butler said that it’s for your safety to best not move about too much, then there’s definitely a reason for that, right?”

After saying that, I glanced at the butler.

“That’s right, that’s right! Princess, you just have to wait for a short while.” The butler immediately followed up.

Hmph… Fir and the rest will be able to protect my safety. And Dual’s beside me. You should know of her capabilities. If you do not trust Fir, then why don’t you have a duel with him?”

“Hey hey! Weren’t we told that we’re not able to use magic in the palace!?” “Weren’t you able to use it in the morning?”

“Although that’s true… but, I’m not able to recover the mana I lost.”

In the morning, although I was able to use magic, but the mana consumed was not able to recover slowly like before. Even until now, there was still that small empty space in my MP bar.

“Alright, then I will make a compromise. If Magician Fir is able to block an ultimate technique of mine, I will let you go without worries, is that fine?”


Hey hey, I haven’t even consented to this yet. Princess Michelle, why did you answer so quickly?

I looked towards Aliyah, and saw her rolling her eyes at me. ‘Go, Princess’s Knight.’

‘What knight? I’m a magician.’

I then looked towards Irlin, but she’s actually looking at me with eyes of anticipation.

Oh my god, are you guys kidding me?

You want me to take on a LV 34 Swordsman’s ultimate attack, are you guys trying to kill me? Usually, this kind of situation is a prelude to receiving a flowery death, you know?

Ice Castle?

Obviously, it won’t be able to block the ultimate attack. With that little defense power, it will likely be taken as a joke, right?

Ice Court?

Although it looks pretty strong, but I don’t think it will be able to block the attack either.

Ice Imperial Palace?

Though I’m able to cast two of them simultaneously, but the defense…

“I must say, why do I, a Magician, have to take on an attack from you, who is a Swordsman?”

“How did you know I’m a Swordsman?”

After saying that, he took out a knight sword.

“I kept my sword in my storage ring, you know.”

“It’s instinct. You just have to know that I’m aware that you’re a Swordsman. Mind your own business.”

“Interesting, since that’s the case, then I’m not going to give any chances!”

In an instant, the surrounding temperature evidently decreased. With a swing of the butler’s sword, a shadowy blue wave came rushing towards me!

Hey! At least give me some time to prepare my defenses! “Empiric – Ice Imperial Palace!”

I quickly jumped backwards, and a giant ice wall rose from the ground

immediately after. The collision between an ice attack and an ice wall was basically like a car crash. But, before I could even summon the next Ice Palace, I heard a terrible sound coming from the front.
“Arcane – Tear, Crushing Stars!”
“Secret – Absolute Probability! Target Set – Resistance Counter!”
Using another Ice Imperial Palace will definitely not make it in time. I hurriedly used a skill I just learnt. Although I don’t know how high the probability could be raised, but, the description stated ‘Greatly increase the probability of the event happening’.

Alright, then I can only take a gamble. After all, he told me to take on his attack, and not to dodge it. Otherwise, who would be so stupid to take on someone’s ultimate attack?


The entire ice wall was sliced into pieces, and a frost sword came flying towards me, bringing along the crumbs of ice it swept away earlier!

The moment it touched my body, my HP bar immediately dropped by a half, but… at this instant, a control screen appeared right in front of me, and on it, there was a button labelled ‘Counter’!

What the hell, you even have QTE implemented? Are you kidding me? (t/n: QTE: Quick Time Event)

After pressing on it quickly, another screen popped out at the side! It really was QTE!

Fine! I will press on them, alright? This sort of thing isn’t that difficult to me, after all, I have fast reaction speed in the first place!

I pressed on the buttons continuously in successive combos, and suddenly, a series of weird images came flashing into my mind… Swing my sword?

Subconsciously, I pulled out my tachi, and following the motions shown in the images in my mind, I swung it while aiming at the butler!

My body felt like it was not under my control, and a series of sword techniques were executed smoothly like a flowing river.
“Arcane – Tear, Crushing Stars!”
The exact same skill went flying towards to where it originally came from, and a blue light was emitted fiercely from the butler’s body as he blocked the attack. However, he was still continuously pushed back a couple of steps.

“How was that… possible…”

The butler looked at me was if I was a monster.

“You… actually remembered that skill with a single glance…?” “That was only a magic spell of mine. Do not mind it.”

I said while tapping on my HP Recovery Potion.

In any case, he was just a Swordsman. He shouldn’t be that knowledgeable about magic, right?

“… I see. Earlier, I had heard that your majesty had high praise of your magic abilities. Initially, I did not believe an elementary-grade Magician like you would

have such capabilities. But, after this exchange today, just like what I heard, you’re really out of the ordinary.”

The butler nodded, and then kept his sword.

“Alright. Please, you must ensure our princess’s safety.” “That’s of course… Wait, princess, don’t run while pulling me!”

Before I could finish what I wanted to say, Princess Michelle pulled us away and

started running! Just where did she get all this strength from? To think she’s able to pull all three of us while running, it’s basically incredible.

“If we wait any longer, that old geezer will definitely change his mind! Hurry up!” “Fine, fine…”

Helplessly, we could only follow after Princess Michelle and started running in the palace.

The surroundings soldiers looked at us with weird expressions. But, when they realized the person taking the lead was Princess Michelle, they did not say anything.

Probably because they had already gotten used to Princess Michelle’s weird antics.

Just like that, we ran straight out of the palace, and headed towards the imperial city streets.

Looking at the group of people disappearing from the palace’s walkway, the butler sighed, and snapped his fingers.

A black figure slowly appeared behind the butler, and whispered. “I have to keep watch again?”

“That’s of course.”

“I feel that little twerp’s capability is strong enough. In this imperial city, only a few people will be able to best him. And earlier, you evidently struck pre- emptively. That was disadvantageous for a magician.”

“I know. Because, I didn’t want the princess to leave at all. She’s only going to create trouble if she leaves.”

“With that guy called Fir beside her, she will most likely not cause any trouble.” “Alright, stop being lazy. Just go.”

“Fine, fine. In any case, I was already bored from staying here for so long.” After saying that, the black figure slowly disappeared.


The butler stopped the black figure. “What is it?”

“Is there a magic spell that is able to copy someone else’s skill and use it?”


The black figure was silent for a moment, and then said. “You’re talking about the skill that twerp used earlier?” “Yes.”

“… That’s why I feel that the twerp shouldn’t have any problems. Because, even I

don’t know that such a skill exists. Do you think I really want to watch over those kids? What I’m more interested in, is that little twerp’s origin. He actually has such an interesting ability.”

“That guy is currently your subordinate. I believe you will have a chance to find out.”

””… His majesty really have good eyes. Hahahaha, interesting.”

After saying that, the black figure completely disappeared into thin air, as if there wasn’t anyone there in the first place.

While the butler sighed as he walked back into the chamber.

In a few seconds, the traces of battle on the walkway slowly reverted back to normal, as if nothing ever happened…

Chapter 4: Imperial City

There’s someone following us, but he was not red-named. Looks like he’s someone the palace dispatched to protect the princess.

I turned and looked in that person’s direction, and smiled. “What are you looking at?”

She seemed to have noticed my action, and asked. “Nothing. I’m just fascinated by the buildings here.”

“Is that right~ Our Ice Empire’s buildings and structures are unique in the entire

continent. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they’re very practical as well. But, the most beautiful structures are designed by the grandmaster. Those structures are basically at the pinnacle of art!”

“Is that so? Then let’s take a look when we get the chance.” “Alright~”


I looked at the surrounding people. They did not reveal any astonished expressions when they saw Princess Michelle. Rather, they were all carrying warm smiles.

“Princess Michelle, looks like you’re pretty familiar with everyone here.”

“That’s of course~ They are all good people~ They treat me very well, so I don’t use my authority to casually order them as well.”

“Next time, if you don’t casually use those bloody and violent torture methods to punish someone else, it would be better.”

“… As I thought, you hate that sort of thing, right?”

When she heard what I said, she turned her body to face me, and asked. “That’s of course. Even if you have to punish someone, you must first assess the

situation. If there isn’t any serious implications, then you should forgive them.” “Fine, since you said so, then I will do just that.”

After leaving those words, she smiled, and then ran to the stall at the side.

“Hey hey, the princess actually changed her behavior after listening to a classmate of hers. What do you think is the reason for that?”

Aliyah nudged me from the side, and said.

“How would I know? She admits her mistakes, I guess.”

… Are you an idiot?” “What?”

“Alright, I give up~”

Aliyah shrugged, and then pulled Irlin. “Let’s go and take a look over there~”

After saying that, totally disregarding Irlin’s opinions, the two of them walked

over to where Princess Michelle was.

Hey hey, you girls are actually leaving me at the side? Geez…

Oh well, since that’s the case, then I should look for something that could be of use to me as well… But the grumbling noise coming from my stomach reminded me, I had not eaten anything since last night.

I looked at my surroundings, and decided. I shall eat all the food here once~

The taste of this fried fish is amazing! And this fried meat, is basically heaven on earth! And this pancake! It’s too delicious!

I’m not sure if it’s because I hadn’t been eating outside recently, or was it because I was too hungry, but I was still not full after finishing an entire table of dishes.

“Aunt Laum, another two pancakes, please~” “Alright~”

Aunt Laum laughed, and walked into the kitchen.

“Wait for a bit, it will be done soon!”


“Young man, you can really eat, huh. You totally don’t have the build of a knight, but you don’t eat any less than one at all.”

The one talking to me was Maer, who was in-charge of welcoming customers, and was Aunt Laum’s son.

“Not really, I simply do not let go of delicious food.”

“Hahaha, when I saw you appearing with our princess, I thought you were some sort of royalty. I did not expect that you were the same as our princess, and could actually joke with us.”

“Umm, I’m not royalty. I’m a State Magician.” “State Magician…”

His eyes were opened wide, as he stared at me as if he was looking at a monster.

“Impossible! Those State Magician guys basically don’t crack jokes at all! And they are all uncles who are above the age of 40! No matter how I look at it, you’re not even 30, right?”

“That’s of course. I’m not even 20 yet, but…”

I took out my State Magician insignia and waved it about. “I’m indeed a State Magician.”

“Oh my god…”

Maer’s eyes were white from shock.

“Really, it looks like anything can happen in this time and age, huh.” “That’s right~”

After saying that, I swallowed down another pancake. ‘Fir! Hurry and get over here!’

Suddenly, this message popped out in my chat window, and the person who sent

it was naturally Aliyah.

It can’t be… I only ate for a short while… And there’s already someone courting death?

Just when I was thinking this, suddenly, someone rushed into the restaurant. “Magician, the princess and the rest were… By the Duke family…”

“I knew it would be a plot like this! There’s no need to say any further!”

I left 3 gold coins on the table, ate my last piece of pancake, and immediately headed over to the girls’ positions by following the mini-map.

As I thought, the moment I approached their positions, I could already hear Princess Michelle’s voice.

“Hendrick! Scram! I already told you, no matter what, I don’t wish to ever see you again! And now, you actually dared to show your face in front of me with so many henchmen!”

“Hmph! If I don’t avenge myself for what happened before, how could I ever forgive you! Look, when I heard you returned, I did not expect that you actually dared to leave without any knights escorting you. See how I’m going to deal with you today!”

“With so many witnesses here, you actually dare to challenge the power of the imperial family!?”

“Hahaha, what a joke. If they dare to utter a single word, I will make sure they will never ever say anything again in their lives!”


Although there were many guards around, but I could still see their names. Hendrick, LV 14 Swordsman, LV 2 Magician, Ice Element, Evil.

In the midst of the crowd, I confirmed the target’s name, and smiled. Target locked on, time to act!

“Umm, do you mind doing me a favor please?” I walked up to one of the knights and asked.


The knight looked at me in disbelief, and then turned to look at his companions. “Oh right, let’s not use the word ‘please’ after all. You guys… fly away~”

Three Ice Totems immediately erected off the ground, and three guards were sent

flying before they could even react!

The surrounding people all stopped moving, and looked towards me. “Fir!”

“Who are you!?”

Princess Michelle and Hendrick called out at the same time.

“I must say. Aliyah, is it really fine for you to simply stand at the side and watch?” “Tch, aren’t I giving this chance to you? That guy doesn’t plan to do anything to

me anyway, so why do I have to care about him?’ Aliyah said with a disdainful look.

“You’re really heartless~”

I shook my head, and spoke to Hendrick.

“Aren’t you looking for Princess Michelle’s knight? That knight is me. So, is there anything I can do for you?”

Hendrick donned an attire filled with gems and jewelry, and he looked like a typical local tyrant. Especially that unhealthy-looking white hair basically made him out as a drug convict who just came out of his poison den.

“You? A Magician?”

He laughed, and then waved his hand. “Eliminate him!”

The remaining five guards immediately rushed towards me. LV 17, 16, 19, 18 and 15 Knights. Are you guys kidding me? “Ice Meteor!”

A wave of cold wind blew past, and the five approaching knights were immediately frozen on the road. Of course, they still kept their original running postures.

At this moment, the three guards that I sent flying fell ruthlessly onto the ground. The three of them only had a drop of HP left in their HP bars.

“Don’t worry~ I did not kill them. However, if anyone else were to act against us, then I can no longer guarantee your lives~”

I smiled as I walked over to Hendrick. Currently, his face was entirely pale, as he kept retreating backwards.

“You… What are you planning to do!? Your current action, will incur the wrath of the nobles, do you know that!?”

“Nobles…” I laughed.

“Just like what you said earlier, as long as I ensure that the survivors are forever

silenced, then, wouldn’t that solve everything?” “You… Are you planning to kill me…?”

“That will depend on your behavior. If you scram now, I can still let you off.”

“I… I…”

Hendrick grinded his teeth in frustration, as his gaze alternated between Princess Michelle and me.

“Did you not hear me telling you to scram!?” “I…”

At this moment, suddenly, a dagger pierced into my chest! “Hahaha, your opponent is me!”

My HP bar dropped close to the very bottom in an instant! I hurriedly teleported to his back.

Yueyan, LV 24 Assassin, has the neutral alignment, and belongs to the Fierce Wolf Mercenary Guild.

He was dressed entirely in black, and there were even magic symbols inscribed on his clothes. Looks like it’s those inscriptions that prevented my attack warning from hinting.

After looking at the important bits of information from his titles, I helplessly revealed a bitter smile.

“To think there’s an assassin as well. Things are getting complicated.”

Then, I grabbed onto him. Before he could even react, I used my hidden blade and stabbed it into his back.

Even though it only reduced his HP by a fifth, but these 100% Bleeding, Poison, and Corrosion effects should be enough to deal with an Assassin like him.

Then, I spread out my Angel’s Wing, and my HP was instantly fully recovered.

“I already told you. If you had scram earlier, I would have let you off. But now… even though I don’t lightly kill people, but since you wish for me to die, then, if I don’t at least punish you, you wouldn’t learn your lesson, right?”

Chapter 5: Snow White

An assassin’s defense is the lowest out of all the classes. Even an archer’s magic defense is a little higher than theirs. Hence, to assassins, if they aren’t able to kill their targets with a single blow, then they will perish.

The one in front of me was a very good example. Even though his base level, damage, and speed were much better than me, but, with the interference of my ice magic, his overall speed wasn’t higher than mine. For an assassin with a base of 5,400 dexterity, under the influence of my Frozen Light spell, and with the 1.5x bonus effect of my Blasphemer, his remaining dexterity was only a measly 1,755. My 3,400 Dexterity, with the 10% bonus from my hidden blade and the Gale Ring which increases my Dexterity by 500, total up to 4,240 Dexterity. In other words, the moment he did not kill me with his first strike, this battle was over. Unless his equipment was able to increase his Dexterity to about 13,000, he shouldn’t even bother thinking about touching me.

But dodging around was really too troublesome. Hence, I instantly cast ‘Ice Flower’ and turned him to an ice sculpture. Then, I tied him with the rest of those guards.

As the saying goes, with good equipment, killing mobs above your level is as easy as pie.

Immediately after, I leisurely walked over to Hendrick. “How was it? Was the show enjoyable?”


I only realized there was a terrible stench when I approached him. When I looked carefully, this guy actually peed in his pants out of fright!

“Oh my god, I simply turned him into an ice sculpture, why did you pee in your pants? Didn’t you say you were a Duke’s son? A formidable figure? Come on, show me what you’re made of.”

I smiled as I looked at the guy in front of me.

The crowd all began to laugh, as they don’t really get that many opportunities to see a Duke’s son getting humiliated like this.

“Umm… Ah… Please let me go… I will give you as much gold as you want… I will get you whatever you wish for… Please, don’t kill me…”

“Is that so…”

I turned and looked over to Princess Michelle. “If I kill this guy, will I be in any trouble?” “Umm…”

Princess Michelle pondered for a moment.

“Although Duke Silester won’t do anything to you on the surface, privately, you should be careful. That old man takes vengeance really seriously.”

“Is that so…”

I turned and looked at the Hendrick who peed in his pants, and asked. “Looks like your father is really formidable~”

“No… As long as you let me go, I will definitely not tell my father everything that

happened today. As long as you say the price, I will immediately take out the amount of gold you want from our treasury. So…”

Seeing his trembling figure, my anger dissipated quite a bit. After thinking for a moment, I extended three fingers.

“I want this amount then.” “This…”

The moment he hesitated, I immediately approached his ear and whispered.

“This money isn’t just for myself. It’s the amount needed to keep the mouths of everyone here sealed. You wish to continue living your life in this imperial city, right? Even if you’re alive, if the entire city were to know about what happened today, I believe you wouldn’t dare to leave your doorstep, am I right?”

“This… Yes, yes. It’s as you say.” He nodded profusely.

I smiled, and lightly slapped his face twice. Then, while he was still looking confused, I returned to Princess Michelle’s side.

“Princess, even though Hendrick was at fault today, however, if the entire city knows of what happened today, then the pride of the nobles will suffer a tremendous blow, so…”

“Un… What do you suggest?” “I will help you take care of it.”

I straightened my body, and shouted loudly.

“Everyone, I believe everyone had witnessed what Hendrick had did today. But after discussing with Princess Michelle, we believe that we had punished him enough. Otherwise, if we do anymore than this, it wouldn’t be a good influence for the princess. I hope everyone could keep silent about this matter. Is that alright?”

When the crowd heard of what I said, they started to discuss softly among themselves.

After a while, Maer walked out of the crowd and said.

“Fir, you’re too courteous. Since this is a suggestion made by both our princess and our empire’s State Magician, then we will definitely do as you say.”

“Don’t put it that way. It sounds like I’m forcing you guys.”

“Hahaha, Fir, as expected, you’re not like those other State Magicians. If all of the State Magicians are like you, then that place wouldn’t become a place we wouldn’t like to get near to.”

As he said that, he pointed to an extremely tall tower in the distance. “Magician Tower… Is it?”

Speaking of which, his majesty told me to report there when I’m free. Earlier, I was even wondering where that place was. I didn’t expect it to be that obvious.

“Well, in any case, I request that everyone do not spread the news of this incident.”

“Like I said, Fir, you’re too courteous…”

After removing the frost of those people, those bloodstained guards brought Hendrick away and quickly fled the scene.

The streets quickly returned to normal, and we also said goodbyes to Maer and the rest as we continued to tour the imperial city.

“Sorry, I did not expect for you to see such an unpleasant sight the moment we came into the city.”

“No, it’s fine. To me, it was basically a standard scenario that should happen, so you don’t have to mind.”

“A standard scenario?” “About that…”

Looking at Princess Michelle’s suspicious gaze, I pondered before continuing.

“Because I feel that, normally, in a place where the nobles are concentrated at, some bossy nobles will always cause trouble, right?”

“… Although I can’t deny what you just said, but, not all of the nobles are bad people.”

“I know that.”

For a moment, I recalled the students in the academy. Most of the students were nobles and royalties, but in actual fact, I didn’t find it hard to get along with them.

After all, to be a leading figure, one must be broad-minded. Although a small figure can act tough, that sort of person can never be a leader.

“Alright, let’s not talk about that anymore. Where are we going next?” “Un…”

Princess Michelle did a contemplating pose, and she looked really cute.

“Oh right, you probably haven’t seen our Ice Empire’s symbol, right!” She suddenly leaped up and said.

“Sym… symbol? What’s that?”

“Hmhm! It’s actually a really amazing thing. Let’s go! Follow me!” After saying that, that girl took the lead as she sprinted ahead. This girl, she really doesn’t behave like a princess…

Shaking my head, we quickly followed after her.

‘Is it really alright? That guy has been following us. Although it feels like he’s here to protect the princess, but he didn’t step in earlier.’

While walking, I suddenly saw the message Aliyah sent.

‘I don’t know. But that guy doesn’t have any enmity towards us. He’s been following us, but I don’t know whether he’s a friend or foe.’

‘Then what are we going to do?’ ‘Even if you ask me…’

I turned and looked towards the direction of the person who was following us,

and shook my head.

‘In any case, I feel that I shouldn’t be able to defeat him. What about you?’ ‘You’re actually asking a person who has a lower level than you?’

‘Since that’s the case, I guess we can only continue like this.’

‘Oh right, we should form a party. Like the incident earlier, if we were in a party, when I enter the battle state, you will be able to know immediately.’

‘Alright. But, that earlier incident happened because you girls insisted on moving on your own.’

‘… That’s because you’re an idiot.’ ‘Hah?’

I looked at Aliyah weirdly, but she actually ignored me, and no longer sent me any


Fine, you’re smart, alright?

I accepted the party invitation. We seemed to be approaching our destination, as Princess Michelle’s pace began to slow down.


What’s going on with the surrounding chill getting stronger? “So cold. Fir…”

Even Irlin said softly.

I looked towards her, and remembered she was only wearing a cloak and a piece of armor under it.

I flipped through my ring, and took out a piece of Sheepskin Knight Cloak.

For the purpose of being able to disguise as anyone, I bought a set of each clothes that I could buy, and naturally, it included knight equipment.

I wore the cloak over her body.

“Is it warmer like this? This cloak should be able to block off the chill.” “Un… Thank you.”

Looking at how her face was reddening up, it seems the effects of the cloak were

quite evident. “What about me!”

Aliyah at the side called out unhappily.

“I only have one of that cloak. Aren’t you a fire-type? You’re actually afraid of the cold?”


Aliyah’s face began to puff up. Then, flames came out of her body, as she quickly walked past us and chased after Princess Michelle.

She then said this as she walked.

“Hmph! In any case, I’m a fire-type, you idiot! Even if you beg me, I won’t warm you up.”


Just what the hell is she angry about…

But, at this moment, the flames surrounding Aliyah’s body were instantly extinguished.

She looked at herself perplexedly, and then, lighted herself up again. However, in less than a second, the flames were immediately extinguished. “This…”

“Alright. This is our Ice Empire’s most mysterious place, Ice Fissure. And on top of

it, is a saint who sacrificed her life to save our Ice Empire. Her name, is Snow White.”

“Hah? Snow White?”

Aliyah and I looked at each other, and in her eyes, I could see my own weird-out expression reflected in her eyes.

Where are the seven dwarves?

Chapter 6: Cold Flames

Earlier, we did not notice, but unknowingly, we had actually arrived at a place that looked similar to an altar.

The entire place looked completely circular, and in eight directions, there was a 30 meter tall metal pillar erected on each position, and was uniformly separated from each other.

And in the center, there was a gigantic piece of sparkling ice crystal erected. Unlike normal ice crystals which are light blue in color, this piece of ice crystal was as clear as glass.

This isn’t actually glass, right?

Although I was thinking as such, but the ice crystal in front of us was emitting a strong chill to the surroundings, which was no different than any other ice crystal.

But the most important thing was, standing in the center of the ice crystal, there was a young girl dressed in an Asian robe hugging onto a bow. Her two eyes were tightly closed, and her pure white hair was scattered as if it was being blown by the wind. Although her doll-like face carried a smile, but, her entire body was like a sculpture, and she was not moving a single bit.

Is she Sleeping Beauty or is she a sleeping Snow White…?

Unless someone has to kiss her for to wake up, like in the stories? ‘You’re probably thinking about something weird again, right?’

Suddenly, a message from Aliyah popped out in front of me, and startled me. Are you kidding with me? Did you learn a mind-reading skill?

‘Of course not, I was figuring out why this piece of ice crystal was completely


I replied sternly.

‘Is that so? Then why were you smiling so lewdly earlier?’ ‘Lewdly…’

The corner of my lips twitched a bit.

‘Was I?’

‘I wonder.’

After saying, that girl stopped replying again. I turned to look at her,and realized she was actually running towards the ice crystal.

However, in less than a second, she immediately ran back. “So… so freaking cold!”

Looking at her chattering teeth, I asked. “How cold was it?”

“I couldn’t even use my fire skills at all. What do you think?”

“That’s right. This young girl was sealed in this ice 600 years ago, which was before the Ice Empire was founded. So as to revive this land which was under the

‘Shattering Ice’ curse, using herself as the heart of the spell, she sealed ‘Shattering Ice’. Although currently, ‘Ice Fissure’ was created to seal ‘Shattering Ice’, but, no one had been able to remove the ice binding the saint. Because as long as you’re within a 100 meter radius of the ice crystal, you will not be able to use any fire magic or skills.”

Princess Michelle excitedly introduced it to us, as if she was tourist guide.

We actually have the empire’s princess as our tourist guide, we sure are extravagant.

“No magic is able to dissolve it?”

I walked towards the ice crystal, and touched it.

The moment I touched it, my fingers immediately began to freeze up. I quickly pulled my hands away out of fright.

“Oh my god! Just how strong are the ice elemental particles contained in this ice crystal?”

“I already told you, right? Even if a Fire Archmage were to use the forbidden spell ‘Territory Blazing Skyfire’, before the flames could even land on the ice crystal, they would be extinguished. How strong do you think they are?”


I looked at the ice crystal.

I really want to slice the entire thing apart and take it away. This thing should be much stronger than natural magical stones, right?

“But is there really no other way to break it apart? Have you guys tried slicing it?” “Nothing is able to slice it apart.”

Suddenly, I heard a foreign voice coming from the side. “Little princess, looks like you’re being mischievous again.”

The voice came from a elderly old man. With a cane as a support, he slowly walked over to us.

However, I did not dare to underestimate this old man. Because his titles were very frightening.

South Nightisyoung Male 77 Years Old

Sword Saint LV 78 ??? LV ??? [Neutral] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???]


I haven’t seen such a long string of question marks for a long time. As expected, when I actually see one, the individual is a bug-worthy existence.

A LV 78 Sword Saint… Are you kidding me? Even if you use your cane, you could still kill me instantly.


I did not even dare to move in his presence. While on the other side, Aliyah was in a state of high alert as well, probably because she could only see an entire series of question marks above his head.

“This thing is called ‘Abyssal Mystic Ice’, and is one of the ten great non-usable high-class materials. Whatever comes into contact with it will turn into an ice sculpture, which can be shattered with a single touch. Even if it’s a sword wave.”

After saying that, a wave of energy was released from his body, and it was headed directly towards the ice crystal. Before it could even touch the crystal, the energy

wave turned to a crescent-shaped ice, and shattered upon colliding with the ice crystal.

Earlier… I saw him releasing a sword wave using his cane, but his movements were basically a blur.

As expected, there’s a really frightening level gap between us.

“According to legends, only flames are able dissolve this ice crystal. But flames aren’t even able to approach a hundred meters from this thing. Hence, this could only turn into an unsolved mystery.”

“Wait a minute, you’re saying, this thing can only be removed using flames? Or anything that look like flames work as well?”


The old man looked at me weirdly. “Only flames are able to burn, right?” “That’s not for certain.”

I took out my wand, and waved it to the front.
“Ultimate Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flames.”
White flames instantly enveloped the entire ice crystal! I quickly retreated two steps back out of shock!

And the old man beside me was shocked quite a bit as well, but he immediately reacted.

“This… It’s actually burning! Unless this is what that hint was referring to…” “Hint? What hint? Shouldn’t you have said something like that earlier?” “Well… You know, an old man’s memory isn’t really reliable.”

The old man coughed a few times, and then continued.

“About the Ice Fissure or whatever, according to legends, it can only be engulfed by flames. However, countless Fire Magicians had tried, but they did not succeed. But… The magic spell you used, was it a fire or ice magic spell?”

“I don’t know. I just happened to learn it.”

Indeed, with such a large bookshelf of books, do you think I would really look at all the descriptions of each book while tapping the ‘Yes’ button for each of them? If I were to actually look at them, I wouldn’t have finished reading them even after 10 years.

The only thing I know about this magic spell is that it appeared among the stack of skill books inside the Academy Tower.

“You just happened to learn it… You actually just happened to a learn an Ultimate Arcane spell… Just whose disciple are you? Why can’t I recall anyone that could pass down white flames…”

After saying that, this old man was actually lost in his thoughts.

Old man, it’s best that you don’t think about it. Even if you rack your brains, there definitely won’t be such a person.

“Unless it’s actually…!”

“Unless it’s actually, your ass! Don’t tell me a person like that actually exists!” “A person like that indeed exists, but my memory…”

“Alright, it’s best you stop thinking about it. Don’t you think it’s bad if these

flames continue to burn?” “Un, oh. You’re right.”

The old man gave a ‘oh, you’re right’ look.

“Right, I have to activate the altar. Otherwise, the chill caused by the Ice Fissure will leak out.”

“Shouldn’t you have done that kind of thing earlier!!!??”

The moment I said that, the old man actually turned into a blur and disappeared from his former location.

Are you here to flaunt your level?

“Oh my god, how did you learn that mystical magic spell?”

Princess Michelle asked. “I don’t know either…”

I looked at Aliyah.

“I suddenly happened to realize it…”

‘If you’re trying to fool someone, that’s not how you do it.’ Aliyah immediately sent a message over.

‘Then what else can I do?’ ‘Somehow, I think you’re probably…’

Before she could finish, suddenly, inside the burning ice block, a ear-piercing

scream could be heard. The frightening voice caused my entire body to tremble, and I almost fell onto the ground.


Before I could even understand the situation, the white flames were suddenly shot out from inside the ice crystal, and they were flying straight for me!
“Ice Totem!”
I immediately sent myself flying to the air. When I looked below, the white flames actually looked as if they were able to see me, as they crawled up the ice totem.

“What kind of joke is this!”

I quickly spread out my wing and began to fly, but, in an instant, the flames accelerated, and tightly grabbed onto me as if they were claws!

“Attack it!”

I yelled loudly.

Aliyah and Princess Michelle who regained their senses started to attack. A gigantic ice block and countless sword waves flew towards the white flames.


I don’t know why, I saw my HP and MP bar turning to zero in an instant, and right after, the white flames enveloped my entire body!
Suddenly, this word appeared right in front of me. “Oh my god… Just what is…”

And then, a bright light flashed before me…

Part 2 – Abyssal Dungeon

Chapter 7: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon

PoV: Princess Michelle
As expected, Fir is an amazing person. This ‘Abyssal Mystic Ice’ that had been rooted here for hundreds of years was actually set ablaze by him!

If those haughty senior Magicians, who, in the end, fled dejectedly after failing, see this spectacle, I wonder what their thoughts would be.


Wait a minute, what’s going on with those flames? It’s actually producing an ear- splitting scream?


A claw made out of white flames actually appeared! Just what is going on? Everything happened so suddenly. When I finally regained my senses, that white

claw had already grabbed onto Fir who was in the air! “Attack it!”

Fir who was up in the sky, yelled out. Right, attack!

“Queen of Ice, in my name, I summon you, who stands at the endless pinnacle of

ice! Come, teardrop of the fallen land – Ice Fall!”

Fir kept telling me to increase my chanting speed. Now, I was finally able to summon Ice Fall in a span of 10 seconds!

But this isn’t the time to relax. I’m not like Fir who can easily control the direction of his magic spells. I have to control this spell until it lands!

But, before my Ice Fall could land on the white flames, those flames suddenly became fiercer, and enveloped Fir entirely in an instant!


The moment I was distracted, the Ice Fall shattered in the air, and turned into separate blocks and pieces of ice.

And Aliyah who was beside me rushed towards it like she was the wind. Her two short swords were crossed in front of her chest, as she sprinted towards the flames!
“Arcane – Crossed Purgatory Twirl!”
A giant red cross expanded behind her back, and then, it began swirling like a whirlwind!

Immediately after, Aliyah’s entire figure turned into a red blur as she rushed towards the white flames grabbing onto Fir, and fiercely smashed into it!

The white flames actually trembled for only a bit, and then, swallowed Aliyah whole.

And the flames enveloping Fir began to shrink, and no longer moved. Eh?

Eh eh eh eh eh????

<010.png” alt=”image” width=”603″ height=”1″ />

The white light flashed over, and when my sight returned, I realized I was in the air!

“Such a thrilling ride!?”

Immediately after, I who was unable to go against the strong gravitational pull, under the effects of acceleration, began to fall.


The piece of Angel’s Wing was spread open quickly, however, I don’t know why, but I was actually unable to fly!

Are you kidding me?

Before I could even complete that thought, I fiercely collided onto the ground. With a large dull bang, my face and mother earth had their first affectionate contact.

“It hurts… Where the hell am I?”

I crawled up from ground, and looked at my surroundings.

The sky and surroundings were an endless blue. Excluding the walkway I was currently on, I couldn’t see anything else in my surroundings.

I took a look at my mini-map… And among the things I can think of, only one thing came to my mind which looks similar to this.

“It can’t be. It’s actually a dungeon?” “Aaaaaaahh!!!”

Suddenly, I heard a scream coming from above. I tilted my head up, and saw a black spot constantly enlarging in the sky.

Oh my god, someone else is actually falling down?
“Arcane – Speed Storm!”
A green wave of air quickly rose in the air, and the person fell straight into the center of the whirlwind, causing her to decelerate and float in the air.

Then, I stretched my hands out and brought her down. “Aliyah?”


Aliyah evidently did not expect that I would actually catch her. She looked at me blankly, and then suddenly called out.

“Umm… First of all, do you mind putting me down?” “Of course.”

I slowly placed her down, and asked.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine… This place is…”

Aliyah slowly regained her senses, and asked as she looked around.

“I don’t know either. Like you, I fell onto this place earlier. But, I was worst off than you. At least, you had someone to catch you, I fell directly onto the ground, you know.”

“Don’t worry. If I was the first to land here, you will still fall onto the ground.” “……”

“What, you’re actually hoping that I would catch you?”

“Of course not, but at the very least, you could have lied and said you would… No wait, your strength as a swordsman should be higher than mine, right?

“Tch! In any case, don’t think I will ever catch you, you idiot!”

“Alright, alright. But we should figure out how are we going to leave this place first. From my mini-map, this place looks exactly like a dungeon. But its area is quite big, and I can’t see the entire map.”


Aliyah’s eyes became white from shock. “I absolutely hate dungeons.”

“But, usually, there are several good items that could only be found in a dungeon.

Let’s go, currently, there’s only a single path we could proceed with. It seems we’re at the entrance of the dungeon.”

“In other words… It will be fine if we keep on walking straight?” I shrugged.”

“I hope… so.”

Chapter 8: 1F

As I thought, after less than 5 minutes of walking, the first branch appeared in front of us. Thinking about it, if there’s only a single path in the dungeon, then it wouldn’t be a dungeon, but a large cataclysm.

But in a dungeon like this with basically no references to look at, other than the indistinct structures or stairs in the distance, we don’t even know how to proceed at all. After all, for some reasons, our surroundings was covered with a thick layer of fog, exuding a lonely and quiet feeling.

I couldn’t see the exit on the mini-map either. Geez. At the very least, give us a map or a compass or something. Otherwise, how are we going to play this?

“Let’s proceed in the left path then. There seems to be some stuffs over there.” I said.

“We should proceed in the right path instead. Don’t you feel that in usual

dungeon designs, they would always give you feel a feeling that the target is just right in front of you, but in actual fact, you have actually been walking in circles?”

Aliyah immediately rejected the proposal, and continued.

“This place is too cold. I don’t wish to stay here for too long, you know.” “……”

I sighed, and then took out a bear-skinned long robe from my ring. “Wear this.”

“You… Have you seriously turned into a clothing storage?”

“The way you put it… It sounds like you don’t think these clothes are expensive at all.”


Aliyah stared at me, but still took the clothes and put it on in the end. “Speaking of which, aren’t you cold?”

After covering herself with the robe, Aliyah asked.

“Ever since I learnt Ice Magic, it seems like I don’t really feel cold anymore.”

Even though I didn’t choose Ice Magician as my class, but the ability of not feeling any cold wasn’t a lie. Unless I’m able to block off the cold simply by learning the required magic?

“Un… Alright then. Since you want to walk that way, then we will head there then.” Aliyah suddenly said.

“Un, in any case, we don’t really have to care about the time, right?”

“Indeed. After all, we don’t have the settings whereby we would starve to death.” After saying that, Aliyah started walking towards the left path.

“Why are you still dazing around there for?” “Oh, I’m coming.”

I quickly increased my pace and followed after her.

“But in your opinion, this place which looks like a dungeon, do you think it belong to this world, or our former world?”

“Our former world?”

Aliyah looked at me weirdly.

“You think this place comes from our world?”

“Un, I wonder if you have met Dale. In the past, I entered an underground dungeon with him, which was also the dungeon which led me directly to my academy from the Mitchell Kingdom. Inside that dungeon, on a particular floor, we saw a layout similar to a hospital in our world.”


Aliyah showed an expression of disbelief, and then rubbed her chin as she began to think.

“Hospital… Although I can’t use your school’s infirmary as a reference, but I have visited an actual large hospital in this world. Basically, it has a very simple set-up, after all, in this world, magic is able to solve most problems.”

“No no no, no matter how simple the set-up is, there shouldn’t be an ‘Emergency Exit’ sign in this world’s hospitals, right?”

“‘Emergency Exit’? Then these dungeons are really strange, huh.” “……”

As we walked, I suddenly saw something in front of us. “Un, what is it?”

Aliyah saw that I stopped suddenly, and thus asked. “Umm… That… It looks like this really is a dungeon…”

“Ah? What are you talking about? If this isn’t a dungeon, what can this be?” “No, look at that thing in front of us at the corner of the pathway.”

I pointed to that direction.

At the bent of the path in front of us, a golden chest was quietly lying over there. That’s right, a golden chest. It’s that beloved golden and sparkling chest found in


Oh my god, there’s actually such a cute thing in this place!

Just when I was still overwhelmed with emotions, Aliyah actually accelerated to the side of the cest, and expertly searched through it!

“Hey hey, don’t take everything!!”

I quickly rushed over. The moment I arrived beside the chest, the chest flashed and disappeared into thin air.

“Oh my god, at the very least, you could have left some for me.” “Geez, it was only two bottles of potion.”

Aliyah took out a bottle of HP Potion and threw it over. “Were you expecting some good items?”

“Impossible… Such a large chest only has two bottles of HP potion, what the hell…

But, this isn’t actually a good thing.”

“What’s wrong? You think HP Potions aren’t really worth anything?”

“No, it’s not that. In usual cases, in a place where they give players potions, it’s always near a place where we have to fight mobs.”


The moment I finished that sentence, a deafening sound could be heard from ahead of us. Immediately after, a series of footsteps that could even cause the entire ground to shake ensued, and a monster with a height of about 5 meters appeared at the other side of the pathway.

“Well, it’s a dungeon after all. Shouldn’t it be a good place where we could kill mobs and raise our levels?”

Aliyah immediately pulled out her dual swords, and red flames enveloped the swords in an instant.

“Otherwise, it wouldn’t be interesting at all~”

“Even if that’s the case, our opponent is a LV 25 monster…” “If the level isn’t high, how are we going to earn more EXP?”

After leaving those words, Aliyah accelerated and rushed towards the monster!

Indeed, it’s time to raise our levels!
Oniya (Ice/Magic/Physical) LV 25
Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon’s low level guardian. A unit in-charge of the security of the dungeon. It has very high defense.
I don’t know why something that looked like a drake actually has name like Oniya, which sounds so cute. Even though it was a four-legged drake, and it’s body was covered by rough blue scales. It’s four eyes even had a chilling glow.

If someone were to see it, he would probably have the feeling of beating it down.


A metal clashing sound reverberated through the air, and Aliyah had already begun to contest against it.

Two flame swords continuously slashed onto its blue scales, and sparks of flame jumped about in the air like splashing rain droplets.

Even though the damage caused wasn’t great, Aliyah’s great speed and movements completely prevented Oniya from attacking her.

Alright, since you’re already going at full force, then I can’t waste anymore of your time either.
“Super Arcane – Punishing Tearing Cross!”
A large red cross slowly emerged in the sky, and accompanying it was the ring of a church’s bell.

“Pierce it!”

The cross immediately cut across Oniya’s body. Its scales looked as if they melted, and slowly disappeared.

Aliyah took this opportunity, leaned her body forward, and crossed her two swords in front of her chest.
“Arcane – Cross Purgatory Twirl!”
A red blur flashed past, and Oniya’s body was immediately cut into half.
Oniya defeated.
EXP Received: 100,000
Item(s) Received: Ice Dragonscale (Low-grade)
“You can actually use fire magic spells as well?”

After the battle ended, Aliyah ran over and stared at me. “Un. my class is a Magician, and my element isn’t set.”

“You… actually have such a thing going on? That’s so convenient!”

“It’s not actually that convenient… But, our trouble hasn’t ended yet, you know.” I pointed to her back, and in the distance, another two Oniya were eyeing us. “Hmph! Let’s go!”

“Of course!”

Chapter 9: 1F – Boss Battle

Half an hour later, Aliyah and I were sitting on the white pathway, panting. Looking at the corpses of Oniya’s lined up along the pathway we passed, there’s a feeling of bitterness in my heart that I couldn’t describe.

“In the past, I wouldn’t even feel tired after staring at my computer screen for a good couple of weeks. But now, after just half an hour, I’m actually tired to this extent… I feel so ashamed of myself.”

“What’s there to be shameful about?” Aliyah smiled bitterly and replied.

“Reality is this exhausting. Look at those simulation games. We only have to tap

on a few buttons, and Intelligence, Charm, and Study points will all go up in an instant. But when we look at the time we’re actually studying in school, don’t we have to take 10 years to actually get a good standing in society?”

“Hahaha, you’re right. But we’re already much better off than the inhabitants of this world. They have to train bitterly to actually use magic, while we only have to tap on a button to learn them…”

“It’s necessary. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have any benefits at all when we’re transferred to this world. I think that if I don’t have this weird system in my body, I basically wouldn’t be able to live here for over a ye-… no, not live here, rather, I won’t even live past a month.”

“Hey hey, don’t be so pessimistic. After all, we come from a very ‘scientific’ world. Even if we’re not as strong as them in combat power, we could still make use of the benefit of our own knowledge, right?”

“That’s also true~”

Aliyah stood up and dusted her armor.

Although I wanted to drop a tsukkomi on how there’s completely no dust in this place at all, however, to prevent any unnecessary nonsense, I decided to keep silent.

“Alright, we killed a total of 18 Oniya’s. About 1,800,000 EXP. But I require 26,000,000 EXP to level up. This is so troublesome…”

“I’m better off, I just gained a level.” Aliyah pointed at herself.

“I only need a little bit more to get to LV 18.” “Let’s kill another two more?”

“No need. Their skin is too thick, and cutting them is really tiring. How many MP

Recovery Potions do you have left? You were using your magic spells really enthusiastically earlier.”


I opened my inventory to take a look. “I don’t even have 5 bottles left…”

“Hah? Are you kidding me? Not even 5 bottles left? Don’t you have any sense of

awareness when you’re raiding dungeons in the past? At least save some for the rest of the dungeon!”

“I don’t have a choice, do I? Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to reach this far at all. If I did not use my magic spell to remove their scales, you wouldn’t have dealt any damage with your slashes.”

“… Hah, alright. That was true.”

Although she said that, she still looked really irritated.

“Alright, but from now on, you shall not use any MP Potions until we reach a boss!

Otherwise we basically wouldn’t be able to complete this dungeon… And we’re not sure whether this dungeon is an one-time event as well. If it’s really a one- time event, then it will definitely be a waste if we fail.”

“Fine, fine. Alright, let’s continue on. Our target is just right in front of us, isn’t it?”

We did not kill the 20 Oniya’s while walking on a straight path. Rather, we somehow walked through all the branch routes and killed that many.

But, what’s frightening was, even though we did manage to encounter other chests, but, there were only HP Potions of various types found in them! We did not encounter any other items at all!

Who the hell created this dungeon? Was it an Alchemist? Is he making a trade fair for his products?

If that’s really the case, then that will explain the weird hall-like structure in front of us. if it was placed in our world, it will definitely be a masterpiece among masterpieces!
Ice Crystal Chapel
A message box with these words suddenly popped up in my mind, and I was startled quite a bit.

“Ice Crystal Chapel? What a weird name, huh?” In that instant, Aliyah said.

“Did a similar pop-up box appear in your mind? Looks like this isn’t a skill of mine.

But why is there such a hint?” “… It’s actually my skill.” “Eh?”

I looked at Aliyah weirdly, and she shrugged.

“In the past, I saw this skill on a book I stole from my school, so I learnt it. It’s called ‘Eye of the Pioneers’. It looks like a skill that will only work in a party, which allows us to see the names of unique places.”

“Then why wasn’t the name of this dungeon displayed?”

“This dungeon? It’s called Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon. Didn’t you see the message?”

“No, I did not.” I recalled.

“Probably because when you first transferred here, we were too far apart?”

“I wonder…”

While talking, we had already walked to the door of the Ice Crystal Chapel. Aliyah immediately went over. First, she tried to push it, but the door did not budge. Then, she pulled out a long and thin dagger.

“Hey hey, what are you…”

“I’m prying it open, duh. My keys were destroyed before, so I can only use a dagger now. Don’t just stand there, hurry and look if there’s another entrance.”


Just when I was heading to the side of the Ice Crystal Chapel, suddenly, a very unpleasant ringing invaded my ears!

As if a ray of light flashing through my mind, a hundred possibilities as to what this sound could be went through my mind like a revolving lantern, and then, after cross-referencing them to our current location and this world’s degree of retardedness, I was finally led to a very possible conclusion.


“What are you doing? I’m trying to lock-pick here.” “Umm… This place is about to collapse.”

“Oh, and here I thought… What!? It’s about to collapse!?”

The moment she said that, I could feel my entire body becoming lighter, and we had already begun to fall along with the entire Ice Crystal Chapel!

“Hey hey hey! You can fly, right!? Hurry and fly!”

“When I first came here, I realized I couldn’t fly in this place…” “What…”

“And, not just here, the entire dungeon is collapsing…”

I pointed to our backs, and the pathways we were walking on slowly crumbled into pieces, and fell along with us.

Regardless the corpses of those monsters or those unopened chests, all of them fell off the surface, and below us… I totally can’t even see the bottom at all!

“hey hey, is this a scenario which we will immediately resurrect and leave this place?”

“How do I know!?”

Aliyah pulled out her dual swords and stabbed them onto the wall of the chapel, using it to fix her position.

So we can actually do that as well, are you Kratos? “Ice Sword, Ice Sword, Ice Sword…

I summoned a series of Ice Swords, and learning from what Aliyah did, I stabbed

them onto one of the falling ground.

But someone like me who has weak muscles obviously can’t simply grab onto the swords. Hence, by fixing the shape of a circle with several swords, I locked myself in that circle.

I’m really too quick-witted!

However, before I was done feeling happy about my achievement, a deafening roar came from above.

This sound…

Why does it sound like a dragon’s roar?
Oniyasi (Ice/Magic/Physical) LV 30
Low-level leader of the Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon. In-charge of leading the low-level guardians. It has a very agile body.
Oh my god, earlier, we could depend on dodging the strong attacks, but this guy… can actually fly!

This isn’t fair! He can fly, so why can’t I!?

This guy was the evolved form of an Oniya. It’s biggest difference was the growth of the wings, and the rest of its body looked exactly the same.

But this guy can actually fly!

“Fir! It’s only a single boss! Use the skill you used earlier to pierce through it!” Aliyah shouted loudly.

“It’s hard to aim at it while it’s flying! And in our current states, we basically can’t afford to take aim at it!”

“Then what are we going to do?” “……”

I looked at the dragon in the air, and grinded my teeth.

“Fine. You can fly, can’t you? Why don’t you give me a ride?”

Chapter 10: 2F – Meeting Snow White

Under Aliyah’s horrified expression, I had already shot myself towards the dragon in the air like a bullet.

Although I’m really confident in my aiming abilities, but if I were to use myself as the bullet, then my confidence will obviously be greatly reduced.

Accelerating to such a speed in an instant was uncomfortable as expected. Before I could even react, my entire body had already collided with Oniyasi’s back.

The sharp scales pierced my face, and for the first time, I realized the importance of being thick-skinned. If God had told me I might use my face to contest with a dragon’s scale in the future, I would have definitely relentlessly come up with ways to turn my face as hard as a steel plate.

That’s too scary. Wouldn’t I become a robot then?

I quickly threw this thought away. Pulling out a dagger, I stabbed it right into a gap between the dragon’s scales. If I did not do that, I would definitely be thrown back off into the air.

And even if I stabbed into its body, I still held the possibility of being thrown off. Currently, my arms were already feeling like they were about to snap apart. This showed how fast this thing was flying!
“Super Arcane – Punishing Tearing Cross!”
I jumped onto the dragon’s back for the sake of absolute accuracy. Of course, even if that’s the case, it’s continuously shaking body increased the judgment difficulty.

Looks like I have no choice. Even though it will hurt a bit, but since I won’t lose HP, then I should try it out!

This time, the red cross did not appear in the air, rather, it appeared in my hand. Under the deafening ringing of a bell, I grabbed onto one of the edges of the cross, and released my other hand from the dagger!

Immediately after, my body was flung away as I predicted. The angle, and timing, were all in my range of predictions… Oniyasi was moving as how I thought it

would as well. It’s body balance was disrupted, due to the change in weight after throwing me off its body.

I only have a single chance! I will definitely let you enjoy it to the fullest!
“Ice Totem!”
Once again, I accelerated towards the dragon, but this time, it was different. I’m not planning to ride it, rather, I’m planning to… pierce right through it!

The flames emitted by the cross had already caused my hand to lose its sensing functions, but, just like how I thought it would turn out, the cross pierced right through a spot below the neck, where the color of the skin there was different from the rest of its body.

Although this is my first time seeing a flying dragon, but, a dragon’s weakness appeared in most games.

And it’s the part below the neck where there are no scales protecting its body!

This time, from it’s softest spot, I pierced right through its spine. Pretty thrilling, right?

As I thought, Oniyasi emitted a loud earth-shattering groan. It accelerated to its limits, and flew towards the chapel in the air.

After the the blazing cross was extinguished, I immediately summoned another ice sword and pierced right into its body. But this time, I increased the freezing effect, turning the ice sword into a handle, and fixed it in the dragon’s body.

“Grab onto me!”

The moment the dragon crashed into the chapel, Aliyah immediately leaped off the chapel, and onto the dragon’s back.

I quickly twisted my waist, pulled her over and hugged her! After the crash, pieces of ice rained down our faces.

But, compared to my accumulated damage, this amount was nothing. Because…

“So heavy…”

Only supporting myself with a single arm was already causing that arm of mine to feel like breaking. Adding Aliyah, I could feel my nerves had already snapped.

“What did you say!?”

She wanted to push me away, but after realizing our current situation, she still held onto my arm with a reddened face.

“To tell you the truth, this ice sword is about to break any time soon…” “… You idiot! Let me do it!”

After saying that, she pulled out a sword, aimed it at the spot next to my ice

sword and stabbed into it. Then, she took out another, and stabbed it in as well.

Pitiful dragon. Today, you were not only stabbed by a man twice, but was stabbed by a woman twice as well. I wonder how you’re feeling?

Although I don’t know the actual situation, but, the dragon’s groan was evidently getting softer, and it felt like it was about to die.

And its HP was dropping very quickly, and as I turned to look, it was already left with a little HP left.

“Speaking of which? If this guy dies, aren’t we going to fall all the way to the bottom?”

“But if we don’t attack it, we will die much earlier. Because we would be eaten it, right?”

“That’s true.” I nodded.

“What’s after this then?”

“Obviously, we’re going to fall.”

After a final groan, Oniyasi’s head hanged down lifelessly, and the swaying of its body ended as well.
Oniyasi defeated.
EXP Received: 200,000
Item(s) Received: Ice Dragonscale (Medium-grade)
And a ‘Ting’ sound came from Aliyah’s body. Looks like she successfully leveled up to LV 18.


What’s the use of it!? Although I’m not sure how deep the bottom is, but we can no longer avoid the tragic event of landing bloody splat onto the bottom. Even with a raise of a level, it wouldn’t be possible…

Contrary to our expectations, we, along with the corpse of the dragon, suddenly fell into something soft. In an instant, it felt like something was enveloping us.


Before I could even experience this thing fully and figure out what this thing was, with a ‘Pa’ sound, we once again began to fall. But, this time, in less than a second, we completed the feat of smashing onto the ground.

“Cough cough…”

The dust cloud created wasn’t really large, but it was still enough to choke me. When I raised my head, I realized we actually landed on a beach.

And what’s mysterious was, the beach here was made of dried sand, but less than

10 meters away, it was a vastness of white snow, that extended far inland! “Aliyah, are you alright?”

I looked around, and found Aliyah lying on the sand not far away. I quickly ran

over. “Un…”

She answered painfully.

I looked at her status, and found out there were Fractured and Bleeding status icons blinking beside her name.

But just from looking at her with my naked eyes, I can’t determine where the fracture was. Her entire body was covered by her light armor. Even though there were cracks everywhere, it was still impossible to see beneath it.

“Aliyah, where does it hurt?”

“Hurt? My entire body is hurting…”

“I’m talking about fractures. Your status tells me you have some fractures in your body.”

“Is that so…”

Aliyah tried moving her limbs. “It hurts…”

When she moved her right leg, her expression twitched a bit.

“This is really embarrassing… As a swordsman, I’m actually more injured than a magician.”

She bitterly smiled.

“That’s because my level is higher. Let me help you take a look.” “Hey… Wait a minute…”

Aliyah tried to stop me with a reddened face, but the moment she tried to move,

it hurt so much she lied back down again. “You… you…”


I shook my head as I took off the boot on her right leg.

“You’re actually taking off someone’s shoes so casually… You’re really…”

“Oh please, in your current state, you can’t take it off yourself right? It’s not like I’m taking off your clothes, what are you so agitated about?”

“What!? You want to take off my clothes as well!? You pervert! Human trash!”
“Calm Heart!”
I had no choice but to use a magic spell to calm her down.

Luckily, my eyes and hands moved quickly, as I saw her hand reaching out for her sword.

“… You idiot. Hurry up, how long are you going to hold onto my leg for?”

“Alright, alright. Even though it was your fault.”

I smiled bitterly as I spread out my wings. Then, I used both the Abnormal Status Removal and Healing spells.


After healing myself, I retracted my wings. “Have some rest. I’m going to scout the place.” “Wait a minute!”

Aliyah hurriedly crawled up, and quickly put on her boot.

“I’m going as well!” “You…”

“I don’t want to lie down here all alone! Hmph! Eh? Over there…” Suddenly, Aliyah pointed to the direction of the snowland.

I turned to look, and on the snow, there was a white-haired elf in a grey one-piece

dress looking at us curiously. “She…”

I furrowed my brows. “Isn’t she Snow White?”

Chapter 11: Under the Seal

“I see, so it has been 665 years? It really has been a very long period of time.” We’re currently in Snow White’s house. After listening to our story, she slowly

sipped her cup of tea, and said that.

I say, you’re really too calm about this. It’s been 665 years, you know. If someone were to throw me into a place for 665 years, putting aside the possibility of being bored to death, the thought of simply needing 665 years to complete a game would make me feel that this quest was absolutely arduous!

“Why aren’t you drinking the tea? Unless you guys don’t like this type of tea? It has a very good effect of increasing your affinity to the ice element, you know.”


Looking at Aliyah beside me, she had a frustrated expression as she stared at her own cup of tea which, while it looked exactly like a block of ice, it was actually emitting out steam.

This girl is probably frustrated as to how an ice block is emitting out hot steam… “No, it’s not that. We’re just more curious as to why there’s tea in this Ice Fissure.”

“Hahaha, isn’t this very normal? Although this place is within the Ice Fissure, but,

many animals and plants grow by relying on the ice elemental particles, so naturally, there will be tea leaves as well. The Ice Sheep here are delicious by the way, and is worth mentioning.”

“Is that so… Hahaha.”

As expected, we can’t use our common sense to solve problems in this world. “Then how do you produce fire here?”

“By using firewood, obviously.” “But isn’t this ice…”

“There’s nothing illogical about burning an ice plant, is there?” “……”

Unless these ice plants can actually burn into ice, and not flames? That’s basically a godly source of energy!

Alright, I think I best not try to explain these magical stuffs with physics. I think I should honestly go back home and read up more, otherwise, if these are truly common sense in this world, then it would really be shameful for not knowing them.

“Alright, let’s put this aside for now. Snow White, you…”

“Stop calling me Snow White! Who the hell came up with this nickname!?” Snow White looked like she was about to flip the table, and she was not

displaying any elf-like qualities at all.

Oh well, I had seen an elf assassin before as well. My image of elves in this world had long been destroyed.

And I was feeling weird about the name, Snow White as well.

The nickname, Snow Princess, was already weird enough. By adding a person called Snow White, I could basically feel this world’s evil intentions.

But looking at Snow White’s actual name, I somehow understood something.
Pryn Snowmystel
Female | 168 Years Old (+665)
LV 45 Ice Archer
[Kind] [Whatever Goes] [Impatient] [Ice Elf] [Forbidden Spell Possessor] [3rd Princess of the Elves (Expired)] [Godly Archer] [Pursuer] [Sealed Snow White] Alright, these people might have simply combined the two initials of her name…
Just how lazy are they… (白兰雪蒙斯特 : White, : Snow)

But I’m really concerned about that 168+665. I can understand that the latter was time she was sealed for, but for the former… Are elves able to live for hundreds of years in this world?

“My name is Pryn Snowmystel! Call me Pryn or Ms. Snow! Stop calling me Snow White!”

“Alright, alright.”

I said while giving a nod.

“Then, Ms. Snow, do you know of a way for us to leave this place?” “……”

She sighed and then pointed downwards.

“Is there something… below us?” I asked cautiously.

“I told you earlier that this place was within the Ice Fissure. Below us is actually the Ice Fissure’s core. We’re actually on a floating island made by the turbulence of the elemental particles caused by the Fissure. And if we want to leave this place, we have to undo the flight restriction magic that can be found beside the core.”

After saying that, she spread out the wings behind her.

She had two pair of wings. One pair looked like the wings of an insect, and was most likely the wings of an elf. While the other pair was wings made out of stacks of ice crystals.

Is that the legendary pair of wings of ice? Her ice elemental ability had already reached the point of being able to summon wings of ice?

“So pretty…”

Even Aliyah who was beside me was sighing in amazement.

“Thank you~ Even though you’re human, but as long as your fire elemental ability reaches a certain point, you will be able to have your own wings of fire as well.”


Aliyah’s eyes suddenly released a very weird sparkle.

Alright, you shouldn’t have evoked her desire. She’s definitely going to grind crazily for levels later.

Ms. Snow drank another sip of her tea and continued.

“Actually, in this world, there’s no magic able to restrict flight. But in this place, we don’t have our physical bodies. Currently, your physical bodies should be

sealed in that Abyssal Mystic Ice like mine. Only our spirits have entered this place.

The restriction magic below is forcefully oppressing our spirits, and thus our ability of flight. Even if we have our wings, it’s useless.”

“I see.”

So only our spirits are in this place? But I completely don’t feel anything off at all, and my body felt the same as when I was outside…

“Alright. Then do we have a way to head over to the seal below us?” “Jump down.”


“Alright, don’t look at me with those eyes, I’m telling the truth. We’re currently in a spiritual state. Even if we fall all the way down, we won’t fall to death. Unless

we suffer from attacks in this place, we basically won’t receive any harm at all. Eh? Why do both of you look so depressed?”

“Because… We actually fell all the way here…”

Then what was the point of struggling in the air for so long earlier… Tell us something like that sooner…

“But why did you not try removing that restriction magic equipment yourself?” “Because I don’t know how to lock-pick.”

Aliyah and I looked at each other.

“So you’re tell me, that this very formidable magic restriction equipment is actually secured by a padlock!?”

“That’s right. It’s a magical padlock. No matter how I slashed at it, it wouldn’t break.”

“Alright, I understand the situation.” Then, I looked at Aliyah.

“Are you confident in unlocking it?”

“As long as it’s a lock, I can pry it open~” “Alright, then let’s depart.”

“One more thing!”

Ms. Snow suddenly yelled out.

“Do you guys remember how long it’s been since you entered?” “Cough… I’m not entirely sure. Is there a problem?”

“Since you guys have entered, a part of the seal should be broken… Then the people outside will probably…”

3rd Person Perspective

At the same time.

Beside the giant altar, an old man called Nightisyoung and the Emperor of the Ice Empire were currently standing there.

After looking at the chilling flames in the center of the altar for quite some time, the old man suddenly voiced out.

“At the very most, one more day. If they do not return by then, we can only activate the altar, and seal them in.”

“Un. Let’s wait for one more day. Do not activate the seal until the very last moment. You should know that child of mine…”

“Hahaha, I know, I know. It’s rare for the little princess to return. I don’t wish to do something that would hurt her either.”

The old man laughed, and then returned to a stern expression.

“… But, if the princess’s friends do not return in a day, then for the sake of all the lives in this city, I have to activate the altar’s seal. If that time comes, mind if I ask if you could calm the princess down?”


The Emperor furrowed his brows, turned to look at the imperial city below the altar, and quietly sighed.

“Hopefully, that sort of thing won’t happen. Otherwise, she will hate me for a lifetime.”

“It’s only a lifetime for you. She will definitely hate me for several lifetimes…”

Chapter 12: Ice Fissure Seal

After a long 20 minutes, we safely landed onto the crevice of the Ice Fissure, which was also beside the actual entrance to the Ice Fissure seal.

Throwing away the parachute I made with magic, I inspected the place. The floor was dark blue, and the surrounding walls were the same.

As we approached the deeper region, the surrounding walls began to shrink, and

currently, the entire space was about as big as a classroom.

And in the center, a crack was continuously emitting out a bone-piercing chill. On a metal pillar beside it, there were countless magic symbols flashing eye-piercing lights, and there was even a padlock hanged onto it.

No matter how I look at it, it’s that so-called flight restriction seal, right?

“This is really mysterious! This sort of structure is actually able to reduce our falling speed.”

After hearing these words, I turned to look to my back.

Ms. Snow was currently squatting next to the parachute I configured using ice magic, and was curiously inspecting it.

“Ms. Snow~” “Un?”

Ms. Snow turned around, and when she looked at my expression, she

embarrassingly stuck out her tongue.

“Hahaha, I’m sorry. I’m only curious about this strange object. I had never seen such a strange thing in the past.”

“Then you can continue to take a look. I’m the only person able to use magic to configure something like this.”


Ms. Snow widened her eyes in an instant.

“You actually have talent as an alchemist as well? I couldn’t tell at all.”

“I’m only using simple physics… Alright, if you want to know about it, we can talk about it when we get out. Currently, we should first think of a way to leave this place.”

“I guess you’re right. Oh, that’s the flight seal.” She pointed to that weird pillar.

“It’s that thing, I…”

Before she could finish, Aliyah had already drawn her sword, and in the next instant, it turned into a giant sword of fire.
“Arcane – Red Divider!”
With a wave of the fire sword, a red sickle spiralled in the air, and fiercely hacked onto the pillar.

“… After hacking it for so long, it still wouldn’t split…”

The red sickle instantly disappeared, and there wasn’t even a single scar on the pillar.

You two really make a perfect contrasting combo, huh. Compared to listening to explanations, based on her personality, Aliyah was the type to try things out herself. When she saw that her attack did not have any effects, she unhappily sheathed her sword, and took out a small dagger.

“This is my first time seeing such a lock. You guys wait for a bit…” After saying that, she stood there and started fiddling with the lock.

If I spoke to her now, I will be disturbing her, right? I continued to look at Ms. Snow, who was studying the parachute, and walked over.

“Speaking of which, you stayed here for about 600 years. Usually, what do you do?”

“Go for walks. Every 12 hours, the Ice Fissure will stir up a large storm, and will blow things a good distance away. If I were to borrow the strength of the wind, the farthest I could go was a place that looked like a dungeon’s platform. The monsters there were really troublesome, so I decided to head further down to a larger island and live there.”

“I see… Then why did you not use the wind to fly out of here?”

”“Because other than the dungeon, there’s no other platform above that I could stand on. Every single time, when the Fissure’s exit was in view, the wind would stop blowing, and I would always end up falling.”

“Fortunately, you can’t fall to death…”

“That’s right~ There’s that one time when I fell from the very top. It was a really long fall.”


Looking at how happy she was, I wonder if she broke her head after falling so many times…

“Then there’s no other exits in this place?”

“Nope. I tried looking the other places as well. There’s absolutely no other exits.” “Alright…”

Looks like breaking this padlock is the only way out. But, looking at how Aliyah’s

movements were getting agitated by the second, I started to worry if we could actually leave this place.

And, we don’t even know how much time we have left. If this continues on and they close the exit outside, then we will be sealed in… No!

Wait a minute!

I turned and looked at the Ice Fissure’s core.

“Umm… Ms. Snow, I say, have you tried entering the Ice Fissure’s core?” “The core?”

I looked towards her, and she started shivering.

“No way I’m going there. The moment I approach that place, my skin will start to freeze up. Before I could even enter the place, I will already turn into an icicle… Oh right, do you see those weird ice statues at the corner? Those are the frozen corpses of the people who tried venturing into the core. After moving them was I

able to use the wind to head back up. And because I saw these corpses, I decided not to try entering the place.”

“I see…”

Looks like forcefully entering that place will definitely lead to death… “Then what’s inside the core?”

“Although I’m not entirely sure, but from what I heard from my master, that place

is the entrance to the Abyss’s Ice Demon Domain.” “Demon?”

This word stimulated my nerves.

In usual cases, Demons and Angels are the world’s largest opposing factions, and they wield Dark and Light Magic respectively. Although in this world, humans are able to wield some of these magic spells, but compared to those Angels and Demons, they’re basically on totally different levels.

If I get the chance to enter a demon’s territory, and steal a magic skill book, then… I will definitely be strong enough to protect world peace! It’s up to you to believe it!

But, this setting where I could be frozen to death was really too frightening. Even a LV 45 Ice Archer said that. If a LV 19 classless guy like me enter that place, wouldn’t I be simply courting my own death?

“Yeah. Demons are very frightening existences. I don’t even want to go there.” “Ah… Ah, yes.”

I hurriedly laughed and answered.

“Aaaah, I don’t want to do this anymore! The two of you, don’t just chat over there! Help me out!”


A dagger was stabbed into the ground next to my leg. When I turned to look, Aliyah was walking to us furiously.

“You can’t do it? Earlier, who was the one who said she could pry open any lock there is in existence?”

“That lock is too frightening! There’s actually ten layers inside, and I couldn’t fix them up one at a time at all!”


I looked at the lock. There were several burnt marks on its exterior. Looks like that lock really drove Aliyah insane.

“Alright. I will use my ice magic to mold into a key shaped with your description. You have already cracked some parts of it, right?”

“Un… Then hurry up!”

Looks like Aliyah is serious on taking revenge on that lock. She pulled out the dagger from the ground, and pointed it at my back.

“Hurry up!”

“Alright, alright! Don’t rush…”

When I reached the front of the lock, Aliyah stabbed her dagger into it, and fiddled with it for a while.

“For the first section, 0.3 meters, with a width of 0.06 meters. For the second…”

“Wait, wait a minute! Even if you say that, how am I supposed to determine how long 0.06 meters is!”

“About this length.”

Aliyah raised out her hand and drew across the air.

Oh my god, even if you draw it in the air, I can’t make it out at all! Do you think I have a rule in my eyes!?

“Why don’t we do this instead? You position your dagger to the unlocking position, then I will freeze it. After that, we will move on to the next one. How about it?”

“That works too!”

After saying that, she positioned her dagger onto the first section. I immediately concentrated my magic, and on it, a layer of ice was created.

Looks like it will work! “Watch out!”

Before we could even be happy about it, I heard a rustling sound, and an arrow flew across my right side. Right after, a scream came from behind me.

When I turned to look, something that looked like a snake was floating in the air, and an arrow was pierced into its head!

Oh my god! Experience has come!

Chapter 13: Demon Race – Dark Sprite

But my joy did not last long, as in the next second, I was immediately disappointed.
Ice Spectre defeated.
Party EXP Received: 40,000
As expected of a LV 45 Archer. Before I could even see its information, it was already defeated.

“You guys, hurry up and unlock that thing. Leave the mission of killing these monsters to me. I have 100% accuracy in my shots, you know!”

“… Alright.”

Although Party EXP was on the low side, but we were still able to gain EXP for free, so I had no complains. For now, it’s best to hurry up and unlock this thing. This kind of monsters which flies about in the sky is not the type I like to deal with either.

As the EXP slowly piled up, the lock was also slowly being opened by us. “Very good, we’re down to the last one!”

As she said that, Aliyah placed her dagger at the unlocking position of the last

section. Then, I pulled the lock, and the entire huge lock emitted a ‘Pa’ sound. The padlock was then separated from the pillar and fell onto the floor.


The moment we unlocked it, Ms. Snow’s body started to float in the sky! “Hahaha! This is great! It’s been a few hundred years! Finally, I’m able to fly


“Alright, let’s hurry up and leave this place!”

Leaving those words, I spread out my Angel’s Wing as well. Then, I stretched my hand out and grabbed onto Aliyah.

“Ms. Snow, help me bring Aliyah up as well! She can’t fly!”


After saying that, she raised her hand out and grabbed onto Aliyah’s other hand, and then, fiercely shot up into the sky!

Because I wasn’t able to react in time, I was almost pulled along by her as well. “Hey hey, too fast!”

I quickly shouted.

“Sorry, sorry. I forgot you can’t fly that fast.” Ms. Snow immediately slowed down her speed. “I’m fine now, let’s go!”

“Wait a minute!”

Aliyah suddenly yelled. “What’s wrong?”

“You guys, take a look at the lock!”

Following her gaze, we looked below us.

Before we noticed, a weird creature that looked like a sprite actually appeared there. And in his hands was actually the opened padlock!

Is that guy trying to put on the lock!?

“I’m going to deal with that guy!” Ms. Snow said hurriedly. “No! I will go!”

I immediately let go of Aliyah’s hand.

“Hurry and bring Aliyah out of here! Don’t worry about me! When I’m done with him, I will immediately chase after you guys!”


“Let him go. He likes to act cool in times like this.”

When I heard what Aliyah said, I helplessly shook my head.

Why would I make a move just to act cool? Will acting cool make me a living? The reason why I’m making a move… was because the dagger that sprite was carrying on his waist was flashing due to my Famous Detective skill!

I quickly flew towards his back, and used the hidden blade on my right arm to pierce directly into its body. Then, I swiftly grabbed onto the dagger.

The pained sprite threw the lock onto the ground. He tried to draw his dagger with his backhand, but realized it was no longer on his waist.


A weird language came out of the sprite’s mouth, and I couldn’t understand it at all. But he sounded really angry.

At this moment, I was finally able to see this guy clearly.

It wasn’t so much of a sprite, rather, it’s an existence that looked closer to a goblin. Even though his name, Orlando, was very subtle, which caused me to be unable to determine just what the hell it was, but, most of his information was in question marks, which meant that this guy definitely wasn’t someone that I should easily offend.

I quickly threw the dagger into my ring, and then…
“Ice Assassination Spikes!”
Three ice spikes immediately flew towards it! “…&%##……#%”

He shouted out some gibberish, and then smiled coldly.

In the next second, that guy actually instantly avoided the three spikes, and his ghostly figure rushed towards me.

I was startled for a moment, and then, I threw an Ice Castle in front of me. Next, I used Ice Totem to shoot myself backwards.

The result proved that my decision was correct. Not a second later, with a single slap, he broke through my Ice Castle, and with his other hand that was covered with a black fog, he smashed it onto my earlier position.

Immediately after a loud blast, the sound of the ground corroding could be heard. Oh my god, it’s actually dark magic? Just where the hell did this guy come from?

“Stop, descendant of the Undead Holy Angels. You’re not my match. Can’t you see that?”

Suddenly, this guy actually started talking in human language!

Of course, I already knew I wasn’t his match. His speed and strength was several times higher than mine. As long as he becomes a little serious, I will definitely lose my life immediately.

“Since you’re able to speak human language, then why did you use that weird language earlier?”

“Alright, it seems you’re not a complete Undead Holy Angel, and I thought you knew their language. Earlier, those two girls were still nearby, so naturally I couldn’t casually use the language of this land.”

The so-called ‘language of this land’ was the language of humans. As humans are the most prosperous species on the land, hence, the language of humans was known as the language of the land.

“Alright, what did you say earlier?”

“Why did you come back when you could have escaped with the two other girls?” “Because I thought you were trying to put on the lock again, so I came back.”

“… Is it really not because you saw my ‘Dark Dagger’?” Eh, I have been found out.

Under the gaze of his half-lidded eyes, I took out the dagger that I stole.
Side Quest: Darkness Rising
Mission 1: Deeply understand the information of the Demon Race.
When I saw this message pop out, I immediately broke out into cold sweat. Fortunately, the quest came out by itself. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to bear

stealing this dagger from this guy.

“Alright, I will return it to you.” I threw the dagger over.

“Speaking of which, who are you?”

“I want to ask you this question myself. I thought you were a spy sent to the human realm by the upper echelons, but it seems like you’re not… But, you should be aware of your own identity as a Undead Holy Angel, right?”

“Of course I know that.”

In a situation like this, I can only continue speaking with him.

“But, I only know that I’m different from other people. I know nothing else other than that.”

“Since you have so much freedom, it means those humans have yet to realize your identity. Since that’s the case…”

His wrinkled face revealed a weird smile.

“Do you wish to understand, just what kind of existence you are?”

Chapter 14: Death and Revival

After listening to his words, I have to say, I’m really interested.

Firstly, he’s of the demon race. Though I do not know of their relationships with devils, but since he uses Dark Magic, then I’m one step closer to my goal of finding and learning Dark Magic.

But, there are still risks, of course. He knows that I’m an Undead Holy Angel, which means that he’s much stronger than me.

And according to the information I found on the books I read, Undead Holy Angels were creatures that went extinct on the continental lands a long time ago. Although I’m not aware of the situation in the Abyss, but he shouldn’t have a need to welcome me this enthusiastically.

And again, he’s of the demon race. Which means, this guy in front of me is someone who is more sly than me.

“Looks like you’re hesitating. Why don’t you think it this way? If I had wanted to kill you, in your current situation, do you think you can flee? Killing you is a simple matter, why would I even bother wasting time here then?”

The moment he said that, his titles suddenly flashed, and was revealed.
Orlando Dark Sprite
LV 65 Demon Assassin
[Evil] [Logical] [Observer] [Assassin] [Demon Race] [Dark Church] [Forbidden Spell Possessor] [???] [???] [???]
Looks like some enemies have ways to block off my Phad’s Eye ability, otherwise, how was he able to hide his information?

Along with the words he said earlier, he evidently loosened his guard, hence, I was able to view his titles and information.

“Alright, I can visit the place with you, but. . How will I get out in the future?”

“Get out? Oh, right. You still live your life as a human… Alright, that’s fine as well, I guess. Don’t worry, we will naturally have ways to get you out. Do you know?

After watching this stupid Snow Elf being tossed around here for 600 years, even I was beginning to get a headache.”

“Who did you call a stupid Snow Elf!?”

A familiar voice came from above us, and when I raised my head up, a translucent Ms. Snow was currently floating in the air, and was looking at us with wide eyes.


“Why did you return!?”

I pointed at her and shouted.

“Ah, hahaha, umm… Because I’m actually dead…” “Hah?”

“Umm, you know. Even though my physical body was sealed in the ice, but

because it did not receive any energy for such a long period of time, my body was already in a completely broken state… So when I went out just now…”

Although she was laughing as she said those words, but…

“Sorry… Maybe it was wrong of us to casually remove your seal…”

“No, no, it wasn’t. Somehow, I knew that my end would be something like this. So, look, didn’t I return as a soul? They had already begun the sealing process, and

the door is about to close, so you should…” “For the time being, I still cannot leave.”

I quickly opened up my message window, and when I took a look, Aliyah’s name

was still green-lit.

Great! Looks like I will be able to send messages to her.

‘Aliyah, please tell the others to seal the place. I found another exit, and I need a period of time before I will be able to leave. I’m counting on you!’

The next moment after I clicked on the ‘send’ button, her name turned grey. I wonder if I managed to send the message out.

“Looks like it’s already sealed.”

I shook my head and said.

“Is that so… Hahaha, I’m sorry, looks like you’re…” “I won’t die.”

I laughed, and then pointed to the dark sprite at the side.

“He will bring us out from another exit, right~?”

“…. It’s not a problem if she knows about it, but what are you going to do about this Snow Elf’s soul?”

“Revive her, duh. You guys should have things like resurrection spells right?” “This…”

He revealed a troubled expression.

“A resurrection requires a fresh corpse of a few days to succeed. Even if something like that could be found in the Abyss, I think a demon corpse filled with dark energy wouldn’t be able to accept this Snow Elf’s soul, right?”

“In any case, it’s fine as long as it’s a corpse without a soul, right?” “Un, either the corpse of an elf or a human would be best.”

“Then it’s fine.”

I laughed, and then spread out my Undead Wing. “Fir, you… you’re… an undead?”

Ms. Snow looked at me surprisingly, and then flew over to me and inspected my Undead Wing. She then sighed in awe.

“And here I thought all the undeads were dealt with in the continental lands. I didn’t expect to see one right here, this is so cool!”

“And I was wondering what you’re going to say…As an Elf, is there really no problems calling an undead cool?”

“Of course not, in any case, I’m currently a ghost, aren’t I?” She laughed, and then circled around my body a few times.

Is there something wrong with her head, or is she simply happy-go-lucky? Isn’t she revered as a Saint? Is there really no problem with this? In usual cases, in a situation like this, shouldn’t she jump out and fiercely interrogate me on why I favor the power of evil? She fell the moment she turned into a ghost herself? I can’t accept a setting like this!

You! You actually find it a hassle to even think about it at all, right!? You’re an idiot, aren’t you!?

“Alright, then, Or… No, Big Bro Dark Sprite, we can head to the Abyss at any time, right?”

“Un, oh right, I’m called Orlando.” “I see, I see.”

I know you’re called Orlando, and I almost called you by name as well.

“Then do you know of the spell to fuse a soul to a corpse?”

“Of course I do… Wait a minute. You’re telling me you’re always carrying a fresh corpse with you?”

“About that… Indeed, I have one right here.”

Looking at his eyes of admiration, I somehow felt that he misunderstood something.

But this misunderstanding doesn’t actually cause me any problems, so I ignored it.

“Alright, then please lend us your help. This way, I will be able to bring Snow along as well.”

After saying that, I took Elwyn’s corpse out of my ring. That’s right, it’s the innocent young girl who participated in the Annual Tournament. Currently, I could no longer see any titles from her corpse. In the inventory, there was only the name ‘Elwyn’s Corpse’.

If I think about it, it makes sense. I forgot to consider the concept of souls. If I used a spell to directly revive this corpse, I would probably only be able to revive an undead follower.

Though, at the very least, it’s a teenage girl.


For some reasons, I felt that several dirty thoughts flashed past my mind. For example, a teenage girl without a consciousness serving me or something.

But, I immediately threw these thoughts away.

What a joke! I’m not such a pervert that I would even lay my hands on a corpse! That’s a freaking terrifying level!

“What are you thinking about while looking at this corpse?” Ms. Snow’s soul suddenly asked.

“Nothing… Umm… I just recalled the incident that happened when I obtained this

corpse. Orlando, how is the corpse?” “I have to say, you’re pretty amazing.”

He inspected the corpse, and then said.

“Although there’s a small amount of dark elemental particles in the body, but fusing this Snow Elf’s soul into this corpse isn’t a problem at all. Do you want to begin now?”

This question wasn’t just posed to me, but also posed to Ms. Snow. “……”

Snow looked at the corpse, and then looked towards me.

“Even though I had already lost all hope in living… But my instinct tells me that life will be interesting if I’m with Fir! Then I wiil accept it!”

Hey hey, what’s with that weird reason!?

“Good. Then please float right beside the corpse, we will begin immediately.” Orlando nodded, and then gave instructions.

“But I must remind you. Even if your soul enters this body, you will no longer be

an elf nor a human, but an undead. Are you certain that you wish to do this?” “Of course!”

Snow laughed.

“I don’t mind at all!”

You’re just not thinking at all, you idiot!

Chapter 15: Pryn, Coming Back to Life

PoV: Pryn Snowmystel “Aaaaaaaah!”

Today was really weird. Not only did I hear weird noises all day, I could hear

screams as well.

Was it because I had been alone for so long, and I’m beginning to hallucinate? As I thought of this, I picked up my cup of tea. When I was about to take a sip, I

heard a loud bang, and the entire floor began to shake! Oh my god, what in the world is going on today?

I looked at my surroundings, and at the corner of the island, a white smoke seemed to be spreading around.

Did something fall onto this island? Was it one of those drakes from the dungeon above?

I took out the bow that I hadn’t used for a long time, and sprinted towards where the white smoke was.

<012.png” alt=”image” width=”603″ height=”1″ />

“I see, so it has already been 665 years. That’s really a long period of time, huh.” When I finished hearing their story, I laughed.

But, my heart still sank for a moment.

665 years, huh… I didn’t expect that back then, when I wanted to try blocking off the Ice Fissure, I ended up sealing myself for over 600 years.

I’m really an idiot, to think I would go ahead and do such a thing.

But these two people… Looks like they’re the same as me. They actually challenged the Ice Fissure’s strongest Ice Profound Flame. Is this what they call birds of the same feather flocking together?

It’s been 600 over years… Even if my body has been sealed in the ice, but it will only be able to preserve the physical form, right? If the seal is really going to be released, then my body will…

Oh well, I guess this is fate.

I drank a sip of my tea, and looked at the two people staring at me from the other side of the table. Somehow, I felt that I wasn’t hurting as much as before.

As I thought, being together with someone else feels so much better~

<013.png” alt=”image” width=”603″ height=”1″ />


After a flash of light, when I saw the scenery outside, I realized, we had already flown out of the seal.

After heavily falling onto the ground below, I slowly felt it – the feeling of the cold chill with a physical body.

“We’re actually out…”

That young girl called Aliyah said.

I nodded, and looked at my surroundings. Dozens of eyes were staring at us. “Snow White… returned?”

One of the old men said with a shaky voice. “Geez, even though I didn’t like that name…”

Before I could finish, suddenly, a young girl with a similar figure as Aliyah sprinted

towards me, and asked as she stared at me. “Where’s Fir!? Fir didn’t return with you!?”

Looking at her clothes, she’s probably someone with a royal standing, why would

she… Eh, unless that Fir…

Just when I was thinking of this, I suddenly felt that my body was slowly beginning to weaken.

I looked at my own arms, and cracks were slowly forming on them. Tiny ice elemental particles were slowly leaving my body, causing my body to deteriorate.

So it was as I expected, huh? But this rate of deterioration is really quite fast. And here I thought I would have at least a few hours to roam the world for a bit…

“Snow White, you…”

She pointed at my hands and exclaimed.

“Don’t call me Snow White! My name is Pryn Snowmystel!” “Ah… Alright.”

The young girl was startled for a bit, before responding.

“Umm… Ms. Snowmystel… Were you… saved by Fir?”

“That’s right. Thanks to that guy, I was able to return and have a glance at the current state of the Ice Empire before my death.”

I slowly stood up, but it was as if countless of lead were wrapping around every single joint of my body, and moving them was extremely difficult.

“But my body’s condition seems to be worse than I imagined it would be.”

“Your highness, Snowmystel, please endure for a while more. The magic container will arrive really soon, as long as you enter it…”

The old man at the side walked over quickly and told me.

His looks… It feels like I have seen him before a long time ago. But there shouldn’t be any humans that could live for over 600 years, right?

He’s probably one of his descendants. “No!”

I loudly protested.

“I’m already going crazy after staying in this seal for over 600 years! And you actually want me to continue living in the coffin you guys developed!? You’re kidding me!”

“That… You will only be inside temporarily, then we will do some modifications on your body, and after that…”


I laughed coldly, and then glared at him in the eye.

“The people of this era are actually afraid of death to this degree? Earlier, I couldn’t recall your identity. But since you brought up modifications, I finally remembered who you are. You’re Nightisyoung, right?”

“Cough… As expected of one of the Snow Elves, the leading Elf Race. You could actually recognize me even after such a long time.”

Nightisyoung smiled bitterly, and then continued.

“But actually, weren’t you Snow Elves the first ones who began researching the techniques of human modifications? A thousand years weren’t enough to satisfy your people…”

“Alright, there’s no use debating these with me. In any case, I will definitely not use the ice coffin.”

The sound of a heavy object being pushed over could be heard, and when I turned to look…

“I was only referring to it as an ice coffin, but I didn’t expect it to be an actual coffin.”

A pure white ice casket was actually pushed over, and this design…

It was indeed the type of flashy appearance that the people of my race loved. Actually, this thing was completed a long time ago, right? The remodels every

year were only for the sake of making the outer appearance flashier.

Geez, those bastards, couldn’t they have pioneered something more useful the time I was gone?

“This is actually your Elven technology’s latest work. I honestly thought you would love it.”


I shook my head, and then took a pendant off my body.

“I don’t wish to become someone who rely on those disgusting pendants and other people’s lives to live on! Even if I have to become an unliving creature!”

After saying that I pressed the button on the necklace.

A grey light flashed, and my entire body collapsed in an instant! With the necklace as a medium, I immediately turned into a soul floating in the air.

“Soul Movement? You actually had that thing with you? No wonder everyone could not find it even after a few hundred years. It was actually on your body!”

“That was something I had to do. Otherwise, you guys would have taken it long ago. Alright, I have said enough, I will now take my leave.”

And then, I turned to my side. “Young girl, what’s your name…?” “Me? I’m Michelle Afungus.”

“Is that so.”

I smiled.

“Fir is very interesting. I will protect him with the best of my abilities, so for now, lend him to me, alright~”


Leaving the dispirited Michelle, I immediately flew to the side of the Ice Fissure. “I know I will not be able to flee from this altar. But, I did not plan on escaping in

the first place… Let’s meet again in hell.”

<014.png” alt=”image” width=”603″ height=”1″ />

“Oh my god…”

I looked at the arm which was slightly darker than my former skin color, and sighed in awe.

“So this is what it feels like being an undead. My body’s sensing functions are weakened, and to an archer like me, this isn’t a good thing.”

Then I turned to look at the ice block beside me. “Eh? Isn’t this my face? How could this be?”

“The physical body is merely a vessel. The soul is actually life’s main body. Girl, have you not heard of this saying?”

The sprite beside me answered, and then inspected me.

“Un, as expected of elves, their souls’ compatibility is really good. Your soul actually adapted in an instant. Oh right, you had that mystical thing which allowed you to move your soul. It would have been weird if the resurrection did not succeed.”

“Is that so…”

I looked at the necklace in my hands, and smiled bitterly. “Catch it.”

I threw the necklace over to Fir.

“Hey hey, you can’t just casually toss something valuable like this.”

“I’m giving this to you. It can protect your life. Now, express your gratitude.” “Protect my life…”

Fir looked at the necklace, and was stunned for a while.

“Then I will happily accept it.” “Un.”

I smiled and nodded.

I really can’t understand. This Fir, is he a good or bad person?

If he was a good person, he wouldn’t have kept a fresh corpse, and he wouldn’t be chatting this energetically with a dark sprite either.

But if he was a bad person… Impossible. This guy is definitely not a bad person. If he was a bad person, an idiot like him would have already been killed by someone else.

I really can’t understand you at all…

“Then where are we heading next? The Abyss? Or Hell?” I asked.

“Of course we’re going to…”

He smiled.

“Take a single step at a time!”

Hehe, him being a bad or good person isn’t important at all. What’s important is, this guy, is really very interesting.

Part 3 – Ice Abyss

Chapter 16: Freezing Point City

“Dark Chill, the 4th Demon God of the Abyss that leads the dead, your humble servant here summons you to open your domain, and allow us to be lead to your embrace. Activate, Ice Abyss.”

The dark sprite muttered a weird chant, and immediately after, the Fissure which was blowing cold air emitted a deep blue light.

Countless black characters floated out of the fissure, and circled around the fissure, which acted as the center. Countless black sparks constantly jumped and flashed out of the characters, gradually forming a giant black magic formation.

After that, a strong force was emitted from the magic formation, and and the formation turned into a vortex teleporting gate.

How did I know it was a teleporting gate? No matter how I look at it, it’s definitely a teleporting gate, right? Firstly, this is an entrance, and this shape… it totally looks like the teleporting gates in games, alright.

Geez… There’s totally no innovation at all.
Notification, about to be teleported to the lowest floor of the Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon. State: Neutral Sector
Looking at the notification window’s message, I laughed. “Alright, the gate has been activated. Let us go.”

The dark sprite spoke, took the lead and entered the gate.

“How is it? Have you somewhat adapted to the body?” I asked Ms. Snow.

“Un, I feel it’s alright. Only the sensing functions are weakened quite a bit. As an

archer, it seems like I will have to take quite a long time before I can recover my former ability.”

“Speaking of which, an undead body is indeed like that. Zombies, for example.”

“Yeah. But as a Snow Elf, an elf of the purest form, I actually turned into an undead in the end. What irony.”

“There’s not the slightest of problem at all. In my eyes, you’re still a Snow Elf.”

This is an actual fact. Only a new title [Undead Elf] was added to Ms. Snow Mystel’s list of titles, and her former Snow Elf title did not disappear.

And, there was another bracketed word ‘ (Elwyn) ‘ above her name. I really can’t understand what is going on with the system.

“Is that so… Hahaha, then I’m the Snow Elf with the darkest skin.”

“Having a buckwheat-colored skin is pretty good too, you know. I quite like a healthy and fit young girl… Ah, I didn’t mean it that way. I was saying it in general, in general!”

Crap, I almost revealed my hobby of liking athletic and air-headed girls. “Hahaha.”

This time, Ms. Snow was laughing pretty enthusiastically.

“If you didn’t have a girlfriend, most probably, I would have taken you for myself, you know.”


What is she talking about? I don’t have someone like that since forever… If I really have to say it, I do have a fiancee.

“… I see, so it was like that… Well, it’s pretty interesting that way as well.” She suddenly said something strange.

“Well… let’s keep it this way. Alright, let us go as well.” “Ah, alright…”

This girl, why do I have a sudden… dangerous vibe…?

<016.png” alt=”image” width=”603″ height=”1″ />

“This is… the Abyss?”

Suddenly, my mind wasn’t working any longer.

The moment we entered the Abyss, I suddenly had the impulse to flip a table.

Is this a joke or something? This is the Abyss? Could it be that the current Demon King actually comes from our former world as well!?

“Uncle Orlando…”

“Don’t call me Uncle! I’m not that old!”

Hah? Are you kidding me? You’re not that old? Even though you have been observing Snow for over 600 years? Your age shouldn’t be that much off from hers, right!?

Do you know how old I am!? I’m completely far off from your three-digit figures, you know!?

“Alright then, Orlando…”

“That’s too disrespectful! Call me Big Bro Orlando!”


Hey hey, you’re at least older than me by 665 years, there’s no need for that right? But oh well, there’s no use being frustrated over a mystical creature like a sprite


“Alright, Big Bro Orlando. I want to ask, why does the demon world look so… modernized?”

That’s right, the current scenery in front of me could only be summarized with the word ‘modernized’.

Our current location was something that looked like a central square, and behind us was the teleporting gate. Occasionally, other creatures were walking out of it.

And beside us, there were countless skyscrapers and an endless human crowd… Ah, no, that’s not right. They’re not a human crowd, but a demon crowd. I won’t go into detail. Sprites, Goblins, Kitsune, Birdmen, Devils, Beastmen, with a single glance, it was giving me a Halloween vibe.

The main point was those skyscrapers! Skyscrapers! Are you kidding me!? How did you guys come up with the formula for reinforced concrete? Where did those bricks come from? Isn’t the Abyss supposed to be a hell-like place where ruins and flowing lava are everywhere!?

The reason why I did not feel like I waltzed into the wrong studio, was because the things running on the roads were not cars, but horse carriages!

If Aliyah and the rest came here, they will definitely be pretty shocked. This wasn’t mystical any longer, but to the point of being illogical!

The sky was dark, and occasionally, lightning flashes across the sky. This was also the only thing that makes it feel like I’m in the Abyss.

“Modernized? Oh oh, right. Our great lord, Demon King, did use this word to describe it before. Well, you need to know that decades ago, the Abyss wasn’t like this. After the new Demon King was appointed, an order was passed down, forcing the Abyss to undergo this so-called ‘Modernization’. Isn’t this your first time in the Abyss? How did you know about this?”

“… Well, about that, probably because I might know your Demon King.” Un, I can’t say we come from another world, right?

“What!? You…”

“I can’t say for certain either, so you shouldn’t make any wild guesses. Alright, firstly, what are we going to do?”

“Well… Let me think. You’re an Undead Holy Angel, and belongs to one of the minority races…”

“Hey hey, and where did you come up with the term ‘minority race’?” Before he could finish, I immediately threw out a tsukkomi.

“Oh, as expected, you actually know of this term as well. This is also one of the

few laws that our current Demon King passed down. He said he wanted to protect the rights of a few minority races, and maintain the diversity of species. As expected of a Demon King, the things he knows are many.”

“Hahaha… Yeah…”

That guy totally treats you guys as animals! What diversity of species!

And minority races whatever… No matter how bored he is, he shouldn’t have a need to do something like this, right…

“Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. One of you only turned into an undead recently, while the other was an Undead Holy Angel who lived for god knows how long and had never been to the Abyss. No matter what, let’s first create your identity cards.”


I could feel the corner of my mouth twitching.

“Could this identity card actually be used to travel in public buses and subway trains?”

“Public buses? Subway trains?” Orlando looked at me weirdly.

“Are you referring to the rent-able drake carriages? Indeed you can. Because there are identity-differentiating crystals in the identity cards.”

“… Alright, I knew it.”

I really have the urge to represent the entire human race and collect the copyright fees from you.

“It sounds pretty interesting, eh! Let’s go, let’s go!”

Ms. Snow beside me was actually really excited, and her two eyes were looking everywhere.

“Haah, alright.”

I sighed, and then asked the dark sprite.

“Then let’s go. But… I have to ask, even you’re so bored, you shouldn’t be helping us like this, right? You’re hiding something from us, aren’t you?”

“Well… Since you already asked, then I shouldn’t hide it any longer. Before we head over to settle your identity cards, let us find a place to have a nice chat. After all, this isn’t a good place to talk.”

“No problem.”

“The chain of coffee shops that our great lord, Demon King started up, is pretty good. Let’s go to one of them.”


I nodded, but I had this thought in my mind. Where the hell did you find coffee beans!?

<017.png” alt=”image” width=”603″ height=”1″ />

Looking at the coffee in front of me, I suddenly felt that I was really stupid.

This is after all, a magical world. If something like HP Recovery Potions exist, then something like coffee shouldn’t be strange either.

From the color to its smell, everything was exactly the same. But how the hell was it made?

And when I drank it, I actually felt vitalized. Is there actually a doping ingredient in it?

“Not bad, right? This is made from a method came up by our great lord. And it quickly became a great hit among the demon races.”

“… Is that so, hahaha…”

Although I don’t know who the Demon King is, but I can only say this: ‘you have won the game.’

“Alright, tell me, just what are you doing this for…” “Obviously to obtain much stronger helpers!”

He laughed.

“I knew it. But we’re not as strong as you think we are.”

“That’s because you were in the continent of humans earlier, so as an Undead Holy Angel, you were not able to unleash your true abilities. But… Undead Holy Angels are actually one of the strongest races in the demon world. As long as you

find people of your race, and seek help from them, I believe you will definitely quickly become a very strong combatant.”

‘I see, I understand now.”

I nodded, so in other words, he will help me find the other Undead Holy Angels as well?

That’s great. Other than magic, it’s not a bad deal if I’m able to learn racial skills as well!

“That isn’t a problem, and I don’t mind as well. Ms. Snow, what about you?” “Me? I don’t really care. This cake is pretty delicious, want a piece?” “Cough… You can have it.”

Looking at the girl who was happily eating beside me, I helplessly shook my head, and then looked towards Orlando.

“Alright, currently, I still have another question.” “Oh, what is it?”

“The Demon King’s name… what is it?”

“This, huh… Indeed, it’s natural that you don’t know. The current Demon King killed his way up to his current position, and his name is Piccolo Lucifer.”

The hell, you watched too much Dragon Ball! Seriously!? Great Demon King Piccolo!?

Chapter 17: Undead Holy Angel


“Lin Fir.”

“Lin? That’s a very rare surname.” “Haha. Actually, I’m an orphan.” “Ah… Sorry.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry.” “Then… age?”

“17 years old.”

“Ah, you’re really young, huh.” “Not really, not really.”

“Your gender, should be male, right?”


“Sorry, because recently, there’s a weird fashion trend going on, so it’s best to make a confirmation.”

“Is that so… I’m indeed male.”

Do you mind telling me what fashion trend is going on lately? “Un… Then… Your race?”

“I think it’s Undead Holy Angel.”


‘Pata’. Her pen fell onto the table, and the entire place instantly became absolutely silent.

Where are we?

Obviously, it’s the place that manages identity cards. Because of a certain freaking otherworlder who turned into a Demon King, the entire Abyss was turned into something like a modernized city, and this miraculous thing called an identity card actually appeared as well, and was currently widely used.

Hence, so as to be able to participate in regular activities in the Abyss, Ms. Snow and I had to come to this place to arrange for our identity cards.

The person arranging my identity card was a loli… That’s right, an actual loli. When I saw her for the first time, I had this thought in my mind. Is it really fine for a minor to work here? But…

When I saw the name card she placed on the table, I realized. This girl was a dwarf…

Dwarf! Are all dwarves lolis!? Oh my god!

Alright, I have to stay calm. I had already seen several mystical things in this world, it’s best to keep calm. Fortunately, I’m not a lolicon, otherwise, I would have definitely announced that I would unite and rule over the dwarf races.

Alright, I’m drifting quite far away from the main point. Let’s get back to the situation at hand.

Firstly, it’s this loli who was currently looking at me shockingly with her mouth wide open… No… I should refer to her as a young dwarf girl… Actually, it doesn’t matter if I refer to her as a loli, right?

The main point is, the way you’re looking at me is as if I just proposed to you, you don’t have to act this exaggerated, right?

“Did you just propose to her?”

Ms. Snow, who suddenly ran over to my side, asked. “How is that possible!?”

“Ah, I thought you’re into the loli-types.”

“Hah? How did you come up with that conclusion?” “Ms. Aliyah and Ms. Michelle.”


Those two are special cases, alright? Why didn’t you notice Irlin?

“Though I don’t really have any opinions on your tastes, after all, everyone has their own likes…”

“Alright! Stop! This is a healthy story! Let’s move onto another topic.” After saying that, I turned to the dwarf loli called Simia and asked. “Hey hey, what are you shocked about?”

“Ah… Ah! Sorry, it’s just… this is my first time meeting an Undead Holy Angel. So I

was a little startled.” “… I see.”

I scratched my head, and then turned to Orlando who was beside me.

“Are Undead Holy Angels really that uncommon in the Abyss?” “Adding you, there’s only 666 of them. What do you think?”

The hell! It’s a species at the brink of extinction! There are even more dragons

than us, alright? Putting aside the fact that dragons could hardly give birth and have descendants, why is my race multiplying so slowly!?

“Just why…”

“Ah, about that. Because of your race’s strong compatibility, they were the strongest war potential in battles, and hence, their lives were expended pretty quickly. If not for the current Demon King who emphasizes on the diversity of species, you might have already become the last Undead Holy Angel today.”

What the hell! Then I must really thank this colleague of mine!

“Strong compatibility? Don’t Fallen Angels have strong compatibility as well? And it’s much easier to wield Dark Magic than Necromancy, right?”

“Fallen Angels can be directly converted from Angels, can you do that?” Nope!

“Alright, fine…”

Once again, I turned towards the dwarf loli.

“I know you’re currently really shocked, but this isn’t the time for that. If it’s possible, do you mind speeding up the processing of my identity documents? I still wish to tour around the city, you know.”

“Ah… Alright… Umm… Do you mind putting your hand onto this monitoring device?”

“This is…”

“This is a device to identify your race… No, it’s not like I’m suspecting your words, I’m… only… I’m only doing my job.”

After saying that, she actually began to cry.

“Hey hey, don’t cry. You’re making it look like I’m bullying you.” I then put my hand onto the device.

Suddenly, a strong magical force from the device rushed into my body. I felt

pain on my back, and when I came back into my senses, I realized my Angel’s Wing and Undead Wing were actually spread wide open!

“Oh~ So cool! Why do you usually keep them inside you?” Ms. Snow who was beside me, asked.

“Are you joking? If I were to keep them open, I will only be able to sleep on my

sides!” “That’s true.”

“Alright, the identification is done, right?”

“Un. It’s already completed. This is your new identity card.” After saying that, she passed a transparent card onto my hand.

The black wordings on the card were my name and my race. Other than something that looked like a chip in the middle, which looked rather unprofessional and unpleasant, the rest of the card looked fine.

“Alright, what are we going to do next?”

I looked towards Orlando.

He looked to the sky and pondered for a moment… before speaking up. “Let’s first go for a tour?”

“Why a tour, again!? Because I went for a tour, I landed up in the Ice Fissure!”

“Well, because the lord of this Freezing Point Abyss wish to see you, but her airship is still charging up… After all, your arrival wasn’t in her list of itinerary.”

“… Hey hey, you want me to meet the lord the moment I arrive? Is that really fine!?”

“If you’re unwilling to meet her…” “Of course I’m willing…”

He didn’t understand what I just said, huh. Oh well, let’s leave it at that.

“Alright, Ms. Snow, let’s go. Let’s do some shopping.” “Alright, alright~”

“Orlando will be paying, so you don’t have to worry.” “Fir, you…”

“Wasn’t this your suggestion? Haha…”

At the same time, 50,000 kilometers away from the Freezing Point Abyss, in a certain building at the center of the Abyss.

“The 666th Undead Holy Angel? Is this piece of news real?”

The aged man who was originally reading a book out of boredom, abruptly stood up, and slammed his hand onto the table.

“Yes, we just confirmed the information of his identity registration. And, our eyes in-charge of Freezing Point Abyssal City’s surveillance also confirmed the appearance a person with both a piece of Undead Wing and Angel’s Wing.”

“… Hahahaha, very good! This time, we must definitely grab him before the rest of the Undead Holy Angels!”


The person who replied took a step back, and disappeared into thin air, while the aged man smiled slightly as he once again picked up the book he was reading.

“Interesting. I didn’t expect that, at the very last moment, god gave me another chance. Hahahahaha!”

As he laughed, his pair of black wings emitted a weird light…

Chapter 18: The Gentleman and the Maiden of War

Earlier, I took a peek at Ms. Snow’s identity card, and under her race, she was labeled as Undead Elf (Zombie).

Although I don’t understand why she was labelled as a zombie, but, it indeed point out that she was actually in fact, a zombie.

I furrowed my eyebrows because of this.

Speaking of zombies, in my mind, I imagine an army of zombies, and on every single one, they have a body full of bloody wounds, unidentified ooze coming out from their mouths, and different degrees of rotting on each of their bodies.

…And then, I took a look at Snow’s current appearance. Greyish yellow skin, a red pair of eyes, and a pair of pointy ears. If I didn’t take a closer look, I might have thought she was a vampire…

Alright, I must admit, she’s actually really cute. Snow’s personal delicate features and Elwyn’s determined expression, the combination of these two traits gives off a very special feeling.

“Un? Are you staring at me?” “Ah!?”

Crap, I was discovered.

“Not really, I was just wondering how an Undead Elf actually looked like.” “Eh~ Then, in actual fact, you were looking at me, right? Hahaha, no worries. I

won’t mind it at all. After all, this body had been in your ring for so long. If you wanted to do something it, you would have already done so, right?”


How am I supposed to reply to this?

Somehow, I feel like, no matter how I answer it, I will still lose! “Alright, I was indeed looking at you.”

“Un un… Do you wish to try touching me, and experience how an undead feels like?”

“… Let’s avoid doing that. I feel like I will be seen as a pervert.”

“As a price for touching me, let me try touching your wings as well.” So this was your motive?

“Your wings are so cool. Why do you have to keep them?”

“It’s troublesome if I spread them out, alright? Putting aside the reputation of Undead Holy Angels here, the air resistance caused by my pair of wings while I’m walking is really uncomfortable, you know!?”

“Air resistance?”

“… It’s something that hinders my movements.”

Even if I explain to you the resistance on my Angel’s Wing is bigger than my Undead Wing, you wouldn’t understand, right? Haah, I will just be frustrated by mself.

“Alright, let’s not discuss about this. Speaking of which, we have already walked

for so long, and you have yet visit any of the stores. Just what are you looking for?” “Un? Aren’t we supposed to buy equipment on shopping trips?”


Are you kidding me?

A girl like you is telling me that we’re supposed to buy equipment on shopping trips? Which game did a violent and crazy girl like you pop out from?

“Umm… Did you not go on shopping trips in the past?”

“Eh? Of course I did. In the past, there would always been human merchants selling equipment in our tribe.”

“No, no.”

I hurriedly shook my head. “That’s not shopping at all.”

“If that’s not shopping, what is it called?” “That’s buying equipment.”

“… What’s the difference?” She tilted her head and asked.


“Even if you ask me…”

I don’t know either. I’m not a girl after all.

To tell the truth, when I go on the streets, I will be in ‘buying equipment’ mode as well. I will grab whatever I want, eat something convenient, and leave. Why would I spend my time looking around, and decide whether I want to buy this and that?

Aliyah and the rest might be able to guide her, but I don’t even have the tiniest clue on how girls shop.


This might be a good thing.

“Alright, then let’s buy some equipment. But, we had already walked for so long, is there really nothing that caught your eye?”


Ms. Snow looked around in all four directions, and then shook her head.

“Even though the clothes in these shops are all really beautiful, but the materials used are too thin, there’s completely no defensive capabilities in them at all.”

… Such a practical person!

“Hahaha, as expected. Miss, you have stayed in the seal for too long. We’re no longer in the age of war. A young girl like you wearing armor can no longer be commonly seen.”

Finally, Orlando who was beside us, could not help but throw out a tsukkomi.

“Really? Do people nowadays like to wear these kinds of cloth armor with low defense?”

“Cloth armor… This term is really straightforward, huh. But currently, they don’t even count as cloth armor either. They completely do not have any defensive capabilities, and are simply garments. Their one and only use is to make you look better.”

“Look better…”

Ms. Snow looked at those clothes and went into deep thoughts. “Why don’t we…”

Just when Orlando was about to say something, I immediately grabbed and

interrupted him.

“What are you planning?”

“… Looking at your expression, aren’t you really clear on what I’m trying to do?”

As I thought, this guy is a pervert as well.

“Hah? You aren’t thinking of buying her your dark sprites’ clothes and making her wear them, right? You pervert!”

“Hmph! What are you talking about? My eyes have been honed for over 700 years! I’m able to distinguish which kind of clothes would fit her with a single glance!”

“No, no. No matter how I look at it, an elf’s figure is more comparable to that of my race’s. In term of tastes and distinguishing ability, I should be at the better end.”

“Really, aren’t you supposed to respect your elders?”

“You have to love the young as well, you know? Look, my age isn’t even remotely close to yours, no matter how I see it, shouldn’t you let me decide?”

(t/n: this ‘love the young’ came from phrase 尊老爱幼, which means ‘Respect the

Old, Love for the Young’.) “You…”

“What are you guys doing?”

Ms. Snow suddenly walked towards us and asked.

We immediately ended our standoff, and put some distance between us. “Umm… We were just preparing to give Ms. Snow some shopping advice. Right?” While I said that, I winked at Orlando at the side.

“Ah… Ah, that’s right, that’s right. We were thinking, since Ms. Snow isn’t really

clear of the current trend, we should…”

“Is that so, don’t worry, I have already decided on one.”

After saying that, she ran to a store beside us and pointed to one of the clothes inside.

“This one seems to have a really simple style, I want this one.” “……”


Looking at that store, both Orlando and I were astonished. “What’s wrong? Is this one bad?”

I gulped down my saliva, and then madly shook my head.

“No, no, no! That one is good. Since you like it, we’ll buy it immediately! Right, Big Bro Orlando!?”

“Yes, yes! I will pay for it! You just have to stay here, alright?”

“Eh eh eh? Big Bro Orlando, you’re too courteous. I should be the one to pay for that.”

I said righteously.

“No, of course not. As a senior, I have to definitely pay for my juniors, don’t you agree?”

“Is that so, alright.”

When my hand was about to reach for my wallet, I quickly pulled it back out of my pocket.

“Then, I will leave it to you!” “You…”

Orlando did not expect that I would change my mind so quickly, and his face turned stiff.

“Alright, hurry up and go!”

I pushed both Orlando and Ms. Snow into the store. Oh, right, the name of the store…

It was called ‘A Gentleman’s Maid’.

Chapter 19: A High Class Place Needs a High Class Status

“Both of your expressions are really weird. Is there anything wrong with this set of clothes?”

While walking on the street, Ms. Snow, who was wearing a grey and white maid uniform, suddenly asked.

“No… Not really. It fits you, it really fits you.” “That’s right, you’re definitely thinking too much.” Orlando answered at the same time.

“Is that so?”

Looks like our expressions exposed our inner thoughts. This wasn’t our fault. If there’s a young female elf, who was willingly wearing a maid uniform, and was walking on the streets with you, you will definitely have the same expression as us.

“But this set of clothes is very suitable for various activities, and it doesn’t seem like it will hinder my movements like those long dresses. In any case, the design of this set of clothes is pretty good.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” I quickly nodded.

“They why has your smile been so weird ever since I put on this set of clothes?” “Not really. You’re definitely over-thinking this.”

I used Ice Magic to cool myself down, and then continued.

“As long as you like it, it’s good. Let’s put this aside for now. When are we going to meet the lord? Or are we going to first change our plans, and do something else?”

I turned to look at Orlando, and asked.

“Well… Usually, I’m in-charge of guarding the entrance to the Abyss. In other words, a few hundred years ago, when I first started my guard duty and was

bored because of it, suddenly, this cute elf came over, and my job was no longer that boring.”

“You pervert, you’re simply a stalker.” “What? Do you have any complaints?” “No, of course not.”

I shook my head.

“I just feel that it’s pretty interesting.” “……”

Orlando was startled for a bit, and then, he smiled. “I see, I understand. Interesting! Really interesting!” “Just what weird things are you two talking about?”

Snow who was beside us, couldn’t stand it anymore, asked as she ran between us.

”“Nothing. We were just discussing what were our plans for now. The people fetching us seems like they will take quite a long time before reaching here, so we were discussing where we heading to next.”

“An interesting place would be for the best. Otherwise, I will be bored to death.” “That’s a definite. Right, Big Bro Orlando?”

I turned to look at Orlando, and he gave me a ‘bastard, how dare you push

everything to me’ expression. “Ah, this…”

Orlando slapped his bald head, and then continued.

“Let’s do this then. Since I’m one of the Abyss guards, I shall bring you to places where regular people won’t be able to enter. In the northern part of the city, there’s a pretty good trading center, but they only support one-for-one exchanges. Do you guys want to take a look?”

“That’s of course!”

I immediately answered. One-for-one exchange?

The corners of my lips continued to arc upwards.

You should know that for a place with a setting like one-for-one exchanges, in an RPG, it would either be a place to trade for important tools, or a place to obtain high-graded equipment!

How can I miss out a good opportunity like this? “Looks like you’re really interested, huh.” “That’s of course. Ms. Snow, what about you?”

“A trading center? Which means there will be stronger weapons and equipment,

right? Then, of course, we have to go.”

Ms. Snow’s pair of eyes, once again, shone excitedly.

<019.png” alt=”image” width=”603″ height=”1″ />

This is great. Looks like this place isn’t completely modernized, otherwise, I will definitely be utterly depressed.

The building in front of me was a castle completely built out of dark-colored metal. That’s right, it’s one of those grand and majestic old castles. However, other than a few small scratches, there weren’t any other scars on the walls.

I wonder if magic spells have any effects on it?

I raised out my hand and touched the walls, and as expected, a notification window appeared.
Material: Mithril
Mithril? According to the information I read up on, it has a resistance against magic. If it’s used to craft weapons, it’s able to increase the magical power of the weapon. Hence, mithril could either be useful or harmful for magicians.

Speaking of which, all the weapons I have on hand have a bit of mithril mixed in them. But…

Such a large amount of mithril was actually used to build this castle, just how important is this trading center? If I were to steal something from this place, I definitely wouldn’t be able to make it out in one piece, right?

No, wait a minute, firstly, why was I even thinking of stealing something? Looks like after staying with Aliyah for so long, my character had already turned into that of a rogue’s.

This isn’t a good thing at all. I think it’s best to take a look at what I have in my ring.

Blasphemer, tachi, scale, hidden blade, crystal heart, soul movement necklace, and the rest were regular items. Of course, there was still the Momiji’s quest item…

Damn it, I don’t really have anything that I could exchange something for, huh… “Speaking of which, is it really fine if we just take a look?”

“Of course it’s fine. You only need a certain level of status to enter. As to whether

you’re doing any actual trading, then that’s a different matter.”

Since Orlando already said it as such, then, naturally, we could only believe him. After saying that, Orlando immediately pressed a button on the door.
Identity confirmed: Orlando, Dark Sprite, Abyss Guard
“Two followers.”

Orlando said after the confirmation.
Please insert identity card into the slot
This thing sure is advanced, huh? Is this an ATM or something?

Helplessly, I had no choice but to insert the identity card that I just received.

Identity confirmed: Lin Fir, Undead Holy Angel
Special Status: Undead Holy Angel The door has been opened. Welcome!
I looked at the dispirited Orlando beside me, and grinned. Ara, looks like my status is more useful than a guard’s.

Chapter 20: Dark Chill, the 4th Demon God

Not long after we entered through the door, a round and plump pig-headed beastman, dressed in a tight western suit, came running over.

Even if that round figure turn into a ball in the next second, and come rolling over, I wouldn’t find it surprising either.
Malier Pigge
LV 12 Warrior, Male, 45 Years Old
[Neutral] [Sly] [Merchant] [Warrior of the Pig Race] [Beastman] [Appraiser]
“You’re… You’re Mr. Lin Fir, right?”

He quickly ran towards me, and held onto my hands. “Un, I am.”

“I’m very thankful for your visit to our Lucifer’s 9th Trading Center ‘Black Ice’. May I ask if there is anything that I can help you with?”


I turned to look at Orlando and Ms. Snow, and then said.

“This is my first time here, so I plan to simply take a look at the place.” “No problem. Please follow me.”

After saying that, he bowed, and did a ‘please’ posture.

“Is it fine if my friends tag along?”

“Of course, of course. Please, come with me.” He hurriedly nodded his head.

The moment we entered the room, the lights lighted up in an instant.

What immediately came into my view, were the purple magic crystals that were embed into both side of the walls, and the two sets of pitch-black armor placed there.

“Among these two sets of magic armor, one of them is an actual armor used by the 9 Demon Gods. The other is a secondary magic armor, that was created using the original Demon God armor as a reference. Although its effects cannot be compared to that of an actual Demon God armor, but weapons that can scar this secondary magic armor in this Abyss, number less than ten.”

He saw my gaze which landed at the two sets of magic armor, and immediately answered.

I looked towards him, and just when I thought of something to say, he quickly said.

“I’m sorry, how could I forget about this? How could I not know of your identity as an Undead Holy Angel? Look at this habit of mine. There’s definitely no other meaning to what I said earlier…”


Before I managed to say anything, Orlando who was at the side, quickly walked over and spoke up.

“Fir hasn’t been in the Abyss for a very long time, and there are many things he’s not clear of, as compared to the past. So, it’s fine if you continue with your explanations.”


He looked at me weirdly.

I immediately nodded and expressed my agreement.

Malier was astonished for a moment, and then revealed a relieved expression. “So you were an ‘assigned’ personnel. I understand, work must have been tough.

It’s my honor to be your guide. Then, please.”

After saying that, he once again did a ‘please’ posture.

I walked over to the next room, but I still turned to look at the earlier exhibition room.

Magic Armor and Secondary Magic Armor, huh… Interesting.

As I walked forward, I turned my head towards Malier and asked.

“Aren’t you guys afraid that people might steal those two magic armor when they’re placed right at the entrance?”

“Of course, there’s no need for worries.” Malier laughed, and then continued.

“Since we dared to place them right at the entrance, naturally, we’re not worried that people would steal them. And, who came up with the idea that the most dangerous place was definitely the place which was easiest to steal from?”

“I see…”

I nodded.

“Since it’s a Demon God’s armor, please, you must definitely protect it well.” “That’s of course.”

After that, we walked across the hallway that stretched tens of meters, where

countless different weapons and equipment were on display, and entered a large hall.

“Welcome to ‘Black Ice’!”

The several female attendants in the large hall called out at the same time. Dark Elves!

All the attendants here are actually Dark Elves! And all of them were dressed in

business attire. This kind of view really gives a strong visual impact.

But, what really caught my eye, were those sparkling magic accessories in the large hall.

No matter if they were on the walls or in the glass cabinets, the various different equipment were slightly emitting out their attractive radiance.

This is simply rousing up my desire to steal… no, my desire to buy them!

However, I knew the reason they were radiating was because of the workings of the pedestals. The pedestals freed the magic particles in the equipment and accessories, causing the density of the magic particles in the surroundings to be higher than normal, and naturally, emitting the radiance.

But in this place, there were indeed many good equipment. One of them, which was placed at the desk at the center, was a deep black ring. But, I don’t know why, different from the other equipment, it was sparkling constantly. Someone with OCD like me was unable to shift my gaze away from it.

“As expected of an Undead Holy Angel, to be able to distinguish the best item in this place with a single glance. That ring is called ‘Succubus Eye’, but it’s charming ability is much stronger than an actual Succubus. With magical input, it’s even able to control someone that is stronger than the user himself. It was a ring that belonged to the previous Illusion Demon God, but was lost for a long time. It was only found by someone a few hundred years ago in the gaps of the Freezing Point Abyss. Then, it was used to exchange for something else, and thus the ring arrived in this trading center.”

“An equipment that belonged to the previous Illusion Demon God…” It’s really rousing up my desire to bring it away, but…

I really don’t have anything on me that could be used to exchange for it, damn it. “Right, do you have any interest in it?”


I pondered for a moment, and then replied. “Oh well, let us take a look at the rest for now.” “Right, right!”

After saying that, we headed to the next large hall.

Although I’m really interested in that ring, but currently, I don’t have a way to take it. And from the looks of it, Ms. Snow wasn’t really interested in the things in this hall, so there wasn’t any point in staying here.

But, in the next room, the moment we entered the place, Ms. Snow immediately sprinted to a certain part of the room!

“Do you mind if I take a look at this bow!?”

She pointed to a completely transparent bow behind a desk and asked. “This…”

The attendant in-charge looked at Ms. Snow, and then shifted her gaze to the bow. She then looked towards Malier with a difficult expression.

“Cough cough, well, if you’re able to bring out a suitable item, naturally…” Malier quickly walked and said.

“I will trade it with my bow!”

After saying that, she took out the bow she used before, and placed it on the table.


Malier picked up the bow, and tried pulling it. A thin magic arrow then appeared at the bowstring.

“This is… an Elven Magic Warbow? It is a magic bow with the ability to turn any form of energy into arrows. Looks like this Undead Elf young miss was not an ordinary figure when she was alive. A weapon like this, if I recall, do not number more than 10 among the elves.”

“But there’s only one of this ‘Orchid’, right?” Ms. Snow quickly responded.

“Undead Elf young miss, you’re really knowledgeable. But we have to invite our

appraiser to do an advanced assessment of your weapon before we can make our final decision.”

“Un… Alright. Please hurry.” “Wait a minute!”

I called out to him.

“While you’re at it, please take a look at the value of this equipment as well.” After saying that, I handed the Ice Crystal Heart over to him.

“This is…”

“This is useful to ice elemental users. Could you possibly…” “Of course, there’s no problems. Our appraiser…”

“There’s no need. Regardless of what he wants, give it to him. Just treat it as a greeting gift. As a price, I will just take this.”

Suddenly, behind Malier, a figure appeared out of thin air, and then, she picked up the crystal heart from Malier’s hands.

“Un. It indeed has a strong magic enhancing ability. But it seems to be more effective for people who are weaker. Mala, it’s more suitable if you were the one who use it.”

The person who appeared was a mature woman dressed in a black asian dress. After scrutinizing the crystal heart with her slender hands, which she wore gloves over, she handed it to a small twerp beside her.

“Thank you, big sis.”

The twerp had a horn on his head. He was actually a devil, huh.

“You must be that Undead Holy Angel. Hello, I’m the 4th Demon God ‘Dark Chill’, the owner of this place. Nice to meet you.”

Black hair, snow-white skin, and a pair of red eyes. This was the 4th Demon God – Dark Chill!
Dark Chill
Female | [Unable to Display] Years Old
LV [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display]
[Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [???] [???] [???]

Chapter 21: Life Crisis

I have to admit, I’m really not used to this type of ‘system error’-like titles.

You know when you play games, and you suddenly see a wild player with a [Unable to Display] marker walking past you, you probably wouldn’t be able to shift your gaze away from him, right?

If you don’t really care about such players, then I can only say this: ‘Sorry, I have OCD.’

But the person in front of me was evidently a Boss-class demon goddess. I wouldn’t dare to use my skill to forcefully reveal her information, otherwise I would be courting death.

And even if I used my skill, I might not be able to see them, right? In the current situation, her titles were no longer question marks, but were labeled ‘unable to display’. Does this mean that she crossed my current range of identification?

Isn’t that too frightening? Can I use the golden finger? “I’m honored as well.”

I smiled and replied. I didn’t dare to make any other unnecessary movements. I completely do not understand the etiquette of Abyss, so if I were to accidentally offend her in any way, then I will be doomed.

After all, there’s several people here that could instantly kill me… Ah? What did you say? I have the ability to resurrect?

That only applies when I’m in cities, alright? I don’t know where I will resurrect

when I’m in the wild, or I might not even be able to resurrect at all! Wasn’t there that notification when we first came in? This place is a ‘Neutral sector’, and is not part of the city map!

Alright, I’m getting too agitated. For now, it’s best to solve the problem right in front of me.

Speaking of which, earlier, the demon goddess, very generously, gave the named bow Mirage to Ms. Snow. Although the attending Dark Elf was still wrapping the weapon, but Ms. Snow’s gaze had not even shifted away from it.


That was exchanged with my Crystal Heart. Why did I not receive anything at all? But it would be too embarrassing to bring this up now. I don’t wish to be treated

as a greedy and shameless person.

“Un… As I thought, Undead Holy Angels are the closest to the human race, next to Fallen Angels and Elves. To be able to meet you today, is really a joyous occasion… Ah, I’m sorry. You have to know, your clansmen are all weird people who hide in their castles every day. I haven’t became a Demon God for long, and I did not participate in the last war, so I have never seen the Undead Holy Angels who were titled the ‘Shadows of War’.”

“Obviously, I don’t mind at all. And you just have to treat me as an irregular.”

“Indeed. You’re completely different than the Undead Holy Angels that my friend described. Alright, this isn’t a good place to talk. Let’s talk in the room upstairs.”


After proposing that suggestion, she turned and faced the attendant. “Send it to the highest floor once you’re done wrapping.”


“Then, please follow me.”

After saying that, she brought the small devil child beside her and walked to something… that looked like an elevator.

That’s right, an elevator, again. Oh my god, isn’t this a castle? Mind the atmosphere of the castle, would you?

But, I don’t really wish to climb the stairs either.

After entering the elevator, Ms. Snow who was beside me was constantly sighing in awe at the mysterious elevator, but, I wasn’t as relaxed as her. I was able to feel that my current situation was becoming more dangerous by the second.

In the beginning, I thought the identity of an Undead Holy Angel was able to bring about several benefits. But, after having a better understanding, it seems… my other clansmen don’t really like to go out at all.

Are they all NEETs?

Impossible. There’s 600 of them. 5 people are already enough to form a group of hackers. Why would there even be a need for 600 of them? Are you guys a gold- farming company or something? Of course, there’s no such thing as the Internet here as of yet.

According to my analysis of countless game scenarios, the most probable situations were, although my clansmen are really overpowered, but, they have a giant weakness as well, or they fear something and do not dare to leave their home.

If either of them are true, then it will be really terrible.

Is it really fine for me to openly expose my identity to the people here? I couldn’t help but be worried for myself.


Even if she wish to meet me, isn’t this demon goddess a little too enthusiastic? Aren’t Demon Gods supposed to be final bosses who appear in dungeons, or bored idiots who roam the world?

I’m getting more dangerous vibes from this… Ting

At this moment, suddenly, I heard a message notification sound. This really gave me quite a shock.

What the hell! There’s actually an otherworlder nearby?

I quickly opened the menu, and on it, there was actually a message sent by person called Siriu Lucifer.

Wait a minute… Lucifer?

Is this person actually… that guy who call himself the Great Demon King Piccolo?

I silently tapped on the message window to expand it. After looking at the first line, I suddenly had the impulse to smash the screen.

If this wasn’t a holographic screen, I might have already smashed it.

“Hi, is it fun playing as an Undead Holy Angel? Has anyone tried to forcefully dissect you yet?”

Are you kidding me? Is there really someone that would say something like this to a stranger as his first line?

“Who are you? The Demon King?” “You’re clever~”

“Clever, your ass. Your name was obviously labelled as ‘Lucifer’ or whatever. Did

you think it was possible to hide it?”

“Oh, you’re right. Let’s put this aside for now. I shall first explain the current problem you’re facing. You, as a valuable species, actually strolled randomly around the Abyss while bringing along an Elf. Are you seeking death~? You need to know that, the core of an Undead Holy Angel is used to create the true resurrection potion ‘Second Life’. This potion is different compared to the rest of those regular resurrection potions. It is able to allow the victim to resurrect without turning into an undead~ Oh~ And it’s effective on any race. Do you now know, how much danger you’re currently in?”


How much danger I think I’m currently in? From how deathly pale my face currently was, it was pretty evident what my answer was.

The hell. There’s actually such a setting for Undead Holy Angels? How did I not know about that!? Something like this should have been written in the user manual! Are you kidding me with my current situation?

The number on the elevator was quickly approaching the top floor. I felt like it was basically the countdown to my death.

“Then what am I supposed to do!? Currently, ‘Dark Chill’ is beside me. Even if try to escape, I won’t be able to!”

“Dark Chill, huh… That’s indeed a little troubling. Even though she’s a new Demon God, but she’s already LV 86. Killing you will probably be easy as drinking a cup of tea to her~”


Sorry, I shouldn’t have challenged an area that outstripped my current level. I feel that I will be able to return home faster by dying, but it doesn’t seem that I will be able to commit suicide! I can’t deal damage to myself, after all!

And Ms. Snow is still here, I can’t just leave her here and escape on my own, right?

“Alright, alright. I’m currently heading to your location with my quickest speed. Hopefully, I can make it in time. But you must remember to treat me to a meal after this~”

After saying that, he cut off the conversation, and I have reached the top floor as well. The door of the elevator slowly opened…

Chapter 22: Trade

Entering the top floor, my heart was beating extremely fast.

After all, at this moment of life and death, being this anxious is unavoidable, no, it should be inevitable. Currently, my every action will determine whether I will be able to continue to explore the Abyss. And my instincts tells me, I will be able to find several interesting things here. Hence, I don’t wish to give up easily.

From the looks of it earlier, Orlando and Dark Chill were in cahoots on this. To them, there are two choices in front of them – short term and long term investments.

Killing me will only be a short term investment, after all, they could kill me effortlessly, and they only had to destroy my corpse and remove the evidence after that. They will then be able to obtain a very rare resurrection potion.

The long term investment was to give me some benefits, and make me owe them a favor as an Undead Holy Angel, and thus obtain the protection of the Undead Holy Angels.

Although I don’t know how strong of a trump card Undead Holy Angels are, and why they’re always mentioned and known by so many people, but since they’re so famous, there must be a reason.

But, since I’m unable to analyze Dark Chill’s character and information, I’m unable to predict her possible course of action. In other words, my actions later will all be a gamble.

A gamble for my life.

Although the Demon King said that he’s rushing over, but…

Currently, I’m only aware of his name. If it wasn’t for the message system, I wouldn’t have been hundred percent sure that he was an otherworlder. In this kind of circumstances, I might lose my life even faster if I simply depend on him.

“This is the VIP floor. Let’s go to the hall.”

After Dark Chill said that, she brought the little devil out and lead the way.

At this moment, I woke up from my chain of thoughts, and inspected the so-called VIP floor.

A gorgeous grain carpet spread across the floor, and the ground felt like it was made of a very firm material as I walked on it. The hallway’s walls were painted in light blue color, but in some of the cracks of paint, one could actually see that behind the paint was a complete piece of metal, which was probably made of mithril.

And at the end of the hallway, there was only a hallway lamp, and there were no windows to be seen in the surroundings.


Rather than a VIP room, it’s more of a richly-designed jail. It’s probably designed to allow the guests to view valuable pieces or products, and completely prevent anyone from escaping if they attempt to steal them.


My warning system had been constantly ringing, three… no, four people from different directions were looking at us. Although I was not able to see their figures, but from those directions, killing intents were indeed coming from them.


I was unable to see their titles. Looks like them emitting killing intents, were to show that they’re completely confident in their abilities, huh.

But, I was simply feeling killing intents. After all, someone without any killing intent does not exist at all, right?

It seems I have completely fell into her control, huh. Although I might be able to try rushing out of here, but, Ms. Snow was still currently looking around interestingly. I can’t just leave her here.


Even since that battle when a situation where I could not use my Flash Movement appeared, I have never dared to overly rely on that skill anymore. Since there are Dark Magic spells that are able to restrict teleportation, then this place should have that sort of restriction as well.

Using it rashly will only cause myself to land into more troubles. In other words…

Either I buy time for the Demon King, or I fight them straight-on.
Side Questline ‘Demon World Tour’ received. Quest 1: Predicament Escape
Choices of Actions: [Escape the place] [Obtain victory in battle] [Buy time] [Unknown]
Quest Reward(s): 3,000,000 EXP
Oh my god, 3 million EXP? That’s really a large sum.

But, comparing it to the difficulty of this quest, 3 million EXP is pretty reasonable. Although I’m not sure of the ‘Unknown’ method to this quest, but, the safest

method was to still try my best to buy time, and wait for the Demon King’s arrival.

I have no other choices. Without sufficient ability, it’s impossible to have it my way in this situation. I can only take a step at a time.

Arriving at a huge hall, the surroundings were filled with different types of weapons that looked extremely strong. And at the center of the hall, there were a set of extravagant sofas.


When she said that, she had already sat on one of them.

“Since you came from the human continent above, then you don’t really understand much about yourself, right? Of course, I’m referring to your understanding as an Undead Holy Angel.

“… Indeed, I don’t really understand that much about myself.”

“Hehehe~ You’re definitely curious why I know about you, right? Actually, when you came into the Freezing Point Abyss, hadn’t Orlando asked me about this? You know, the incantation to enter the place.”

What the hell, so it wasn’t just a simple incantation, and you were seriously listening to him?

Or should I say that you’re a real professional?

“Back then, I was already able to see you guys, so I was naturally able to understand your situations. So, don’t think too deeply about it~”

You’re saying it really calmly. My back was already drenched in sweat.

“Why are you still standing there for? Come on, sit. It’s not like I will eat you.” “Really…”

Helplessly, I sat on the sofa, and looked at her.

She laughed, and then patted on the little devil’s head beside her, and continued. “Looks like you have some understanding of your identity. Alright, since you

already know about it, then I will be blunt. Although the core in your body is really valuable, I’m not interested in it.”

…… “Really?”

I was silent for a while, as I stared deeply into her eyes. But, I finally heaved a sigh

of relief, and continued.

“Alright, since you said that you don’t wish to take my life, then, what do you want from me?”

“Simple. Let’s make a trade.” She smiled.

“I have an Undead Holy Angel’s specialized skill book in my hand. I need you to

learn it and become one of my assistants. How about it?”

I looked at the ceiling and pondered for a moment. Then, I said with a difficult expression.

“Can it come with some equipment as well?”

Chapter 23: For Equipment, I Can Even Give Up on Peace


Dark Chill inspected the clothes I was wearing, and continued.

“Indeed, the equipment you’re wearing aren’t any different than regular clothes.” “……”

This definitely isn’t my fault. As a Magician, wearing an armor wouldn’t fit me at

all. And, there can’t possibly be any light armor or high-grade robes in the academy. After all, in the academy, there are only well-behaved students who don’t go outside, and children of noble or royal blood who receive countless of good equipment from home. How could there possibly a considerable sum of otherworlders like me?

In other words, although I have several different types of armor and clothes on me, they are all low-grade equipment, and they can only be used to represent my identity.

Why are there no high-grade equipment? Do you think I would buy high-grade equipment just to disguise myself? How rich do you think I am?

“Well, that’s how it is. Speaking of which, since you’re looking for assistants, why can’t you find those clansmen of mine? Are you planning something special or something?”

After listening to what I said, she happily laughed out loud.

“If those clansmen of yours were so easy to talk to like you, then I would have already gone to look for them~”

“I’m really curious, just what kind of people are they?” I immediately asked.

According to everyone’s evaluation of Undead Holy Angels, why do I feel like they are very solitary and prideful existences in others’ eyes?

“Simply put, they completely do not trust others. Other than listening to the Demon King’s orders, there’s hardly anyone else who are able to interact with them.”

“What’s the reason? There should be a reason for something like this, right?”

“Firstly, there’s a reason why you Undead Holy Angels are known as the Shadows of War. In the demon race army, Fallen Angels and Undead Holy Angels are the only existences that have the ability to fuse holy and dark or undead powers. Naturally, their strength is of the highest tier. Hence, once a war happens, you Undead Holy Angels and fallen Angels are naturally the races that are expended the fastest. And, at the same time, a large number of demons are eyeing your cores. The Fallen Angels also wish to wipe out your entire race. Hence, you guys chose seclusion. If it was someone else, he would probably do the same, and choose to hide.”


“Un. Currently, they are living in a fortress near the Demon King’s city, and it was prepared by the Demon King himself. Even though the Species Protection Act was already passed down, you should know, as long as there are benefits, there will be many demons who would still hunt Undead Holy Angels.”

“I completely understand.”

Poaching is really normal, alright? In the past, there were even people bounty hunters in America who hunt Indians for a living.

“Looks like the magic spell you want me to help you use is more formidable than resurrection. Otherwise, why would you put my core aside, and want me to help you use this spell?”

“… I feel that you’re treating death really lightly. In a situation like this, shouldn’t you be more worried about your own life?”

“What’s the use of being worried? I know the difference between your abilities and mine. How should I put it… If you wanted my core, you could have already killed me downstairs. The people below are all your subordinates, right? You wouldn’t need to worry about the information of killing me being leaked out at all.”

“Well… I did actually want to kill you.” “Eh?”

Don’t you think you’re the one who is treating death lightly? Couldn’t you have just kept those words in the depths of your mind? At least, don’t say it in front of target himself!

“Then I realized you’re quite the talker, so I felt that if such an irregular Undead Holy Angel were to die, then it would be a real pity!”

After saying that, her hand actually balled into a fist! Aren’t you a Demon God? Why are you getting so hot-blooded for!?

And you actually let me go for such a weird reason? I feel that I failed myself in several areas.

Alright, does this count as quest completion?


Looks like it’s not. There isn’t any notification of the quest being completed at all. In other words, I’m still not safe?

“Alright, since that’s the case, then let us continue with the main issue at hand.

What kind of magic spell do you want me to learn?”

“Un, really straightforward, as expected, you have a good character. Then, let us hurry.”

“Where are we going?” “Obviously, my castle.”

“Eh? Boss, you abducted another twerp?”

The moment I entered the castle, a lionman wearing a set of heavy metal armor walked over and said to us.

“What do you mean by another!? And what abduction!? I’m recruiting these people normally!”

“If I may add on, I’m not a twerp either.”

The lionman looked at me with widened eyes, and only spoke after a long while. “Ara, it’s actually someone that could get along with Boss? That’s not something

you see every day… But you look a little different compared to the undead Elf beside you. What race are you?”

“Undead Holy Angel.” “… Hah?”

His jaw widened up unnaturally.

“Undead… Holy Angel? Boss, where did you find someone like him?” “On the streets.”

“Hey hey, don’t make me out as a dog you picked up on the streets, alright?”

“Alright, you two, take your time talking. I still have a mission to attend to, so I’m heading off first. Kid, watch out for Colina. That girl have always liked to make fun of others. Oh right, my name is Kexil, I will see you later.”

After leaving those words, he walked out of the castle.
Kexil Male
Lionman Race Berserker LV 43
[Neutral] [Wild] [Skullbreaker] [Beastman] [Demon Race] [War Hunter] [Herald]
“… Are all your subordinates like that?” I looked at Dark Chill and asked.

“Well, don’t mind it. If everyone is always tense on the nerves, then it wouldn’t be

easy for time to pass.”

“It’s really peaceful, huh…” “I hope so.”

Alright, looks like the personality of this Demon God is on the casual side.

Something like this… should be a good thing for me, right?

“Alright, let’s go. Let us head to the hall. Let’s hope Colina isn’t here… ah?”

Before she could finish, Dark Chill’s words quivered. When I turned to look, a girl was currently looking at us from the end of the hallway.

And here I was wondering what kind of frightening person it was. I didn’t expect it would be a girl with long straight black hair. Looking at her dressing, she’s actually a… priest?

Hey hey, there’s actually a priest in the Abyss? Are you kidding me?

But, in the next second, I somehow understood the reason. The back of the girl was the same as mine. She was actually the same as me, and had a pair of wings behind her. But… Hers was a pair of black wings!

A Fallen Angel huh… I didn’t expect the person we were discussing about earlier actually appeared right in front of us.
Colina Female
Fallen Angel Shadow Priest LV 38
[Neutral] [Cautious] [Fallen Angel] [Tainted Angel] [Demon Race] [Undead Doctor] [Songstress of the Dead]
“What did you guys say earlier? It would have been good if I’m not around?” “No, no. I was only introducing you to the newbies.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

She strained her brows, and then walked towards us.

“Newbies huh. An Undead Elf, and the other… a zombie? I say, are you trying to gather every single race or something?”

“Geez, of course not. And this person isn’t a zombie, he’s an Undead Holy Angel, you know.”

“Undead… Holy Angel? There’s actually an angel like that as well? I didn’t know at all.”

“Colina, Undead Holy Angels are the only existences that capable of using both Necromancy and Light Magic at the same time. How can you forget about that?”

“Oh. Is that so. Then indeed, you should pretty useful. Come! Let us have a duel.” “Eh?”

It seems she has a pretty big hole in her brain, how did things immediately lead up to a battle? Weren’t we doing introductions just earlier?

“That’s not a good idea right? It’s pretty disharmonious to fight and kill.”

“Well, Fir, just have a duel with her. Colina’s personality is like that. If she isn’t satisfied, it will be really troublesome. Go, fight. Once you’re done, I will give you some new equipment~ I collected a few equipment belonging to Undead Holy Angels in the past, you know~”

“Alright! Let’s fight!”

I immediately, and decisively, said.

If she’s giving me equipment, why wouldn’t I fight!?

Chapter 24: Fallen Angel

Although I immediately accepted the duel request, I’m frustrated at what’s about to come.

She’s a LV 38 Fallen Angel, about twice my level. How am I supposed to fight her?

Walking along the pathway heading towards the arena, I kept pondering on this question. Although I have a lot of ideas in my mind, but I keep feeling they would all bring about terrible consequences.

Looking at Ms. Snow beside me, currently in her hands was a new bow, and she was happily inspecting it. Geez, I’m over here working hard to obtain my equipment, but you managed to obtain one without any effort. This is so unfair.

Although I really wanted to tell her, since you got a new weapon, let me borrow it for now. But, when I realized the cold hard truth that I had never used an actual bow myself, I completely lost confidence in my accuracy.

Looks like I have no choice but to fight her straight-on, huh? For the sake of equipment, looks like I have to use all my strength today.

“Alright, we’re here.”

Opening a large door, a black arena that was about three times larger than the one in my academy appeared in front of us.

The inscriptions on the walls… Why do I feel like it’s a colosseum made for animals to fight? It’s probably my misconception.

“Alright, let’s duel! Allow me to witness the so-called special abilities an Undead Holy Angel possess!”

“You actually have the galls to say that? Your abilities are much stronger than mine, don’t you think there isn’t any fairness in this duel at all?”

“Fairness? As people of the demon race, is there even a need to talk about fairness?”

This reason is good, but is it really alright to say that so righteously?

Oh right. You’re a demon. Although I’m not sure if I’m one as well, but for now, I will just regard myself as one.

And when she said those words, she had a very cheerful expression. She’s really… pissing me off!

“Alright, since that’s the case, then let us battle!” After saying that, I spread out my wings.

Recovery spells, ready! Strongest magic spells of every type, ready! I placed all the

skills that I might possibly use at comfortable positions, and walked onto the duel ring.

“Oh, as expected, you’re really an Undead Holy Angel. You have the same bone wing as a Zombie Dragon.”

Colina grinned. With her pair of black wings spread open, she fiercely rushed up into the skies.

Her agile figure circled around the sky, and then, turned into a black shadow as she headed straight for me!
“Accelerate! Extreme Shadow! Super Arcane – Elf of the Wind!!!”
A stack of 30%, 100% and 150% Dexterity buffs piled onto me, which make up a total bonus of 550% Dexterity. (1.3x2x2.5=6.5) Although half of my MP bar was emptied just like that, but it’s best to be have the ability to dodge her attacks for now.

The effects of the buffs were very evident. Currently, I couldn’t even feel my weight at all. With only a slight force, it felt like my entire body could move extremely quickly!

But facing the incoming Colina, I bent my body, spread out my pair of wings, and my body flew across her with wind-like speed!

Ever since I learnt these arcane spells, I haven’t really tried out the buff-type spells, like this ‘Elf of the Wind’ spell for example. Hence, the result was, after ruthlessly accelerating to high speeds, I realized I only used a single second to reach the other end of the ring. Fortunately, I have engaged in many battles in this period of time, and my reaction speed increased quite a bit. When I realized I

was about to hit the wall, I hurriedly turned my body in the air, and managed to forcefully stop my body before banging into the wall.

“Not bad. Your flying speed is really fast… But, you won’t simply use it to dodge, right!?”

After saying that, she stretched out both of her hands, and aimed them at me.

“King of the demonic gods who worship darkness! I shall give you the darkest of night and endless glory…”

“Your chanting speed is too slow!”

Before she could finish chanting, I had already flown right in front of her, and I slashed the tachi I was wielding at her abdomen!

Although I felt that it wasn’t right to attack a Magician before she could finish chanting… but, I won’t be able to learn the spell even if I hear the entire incantation anyway. So would I bother waiting for her to finish chanting before attacking her?

Obviously not! Even if my morals permit it, I won’t ever allow it!

But, as I expected, she wasn’t someone that could be defeated so easily.

With a black flash, a pair of black claws appeared on her hands, and my attack on her abdomen was blocked with a cross!

“Damn it, you bastard…”

From forcefully stopping her chanting earlier, it seems she received some backlash. The fresh blood leaking out of her mouth and her HP dropping by 5% proved this point.

“Sorry, but we’re currently fighting against each other. So, sorry about that.” “I guess you’re right. Ha!”

She suddenly grabbed onto my tachi with the hand behind her. I tried pulling it

out of her grip, but realized she was holding onto it firmly. And at the same time, her other hand came clawing at me from below!

As expected, I’m not good in close-combat at all…
“Ice Shield!”
My ice shield was just formed, and her claws struck onto it fiercely!

Obviously, my ice shield shattered in an instant, but it managed to buy me about half a second worth of time.


With a familiar metal clashing sound, her claw struck onto my dagger after breaking through my ice shield. I felt pain surging through the part of my hand between my thumb and index finger, and when I lowered my head to take a look, I realized it was actually being teared apart!

I quickly used a recovery spell to heal myself, and the wound closed up speedily.

“You’re actually able to dual-wield? And you can use recovery spells as well? Looks like you’re quite tough.”

“You’re not bad yourself. After all, since you’re strong, I have to use all of my strength.”

“I will take that as a compliment.” “I don’t mind! Ice Totem!”

The ice totem that appeared between us blasted us towards opposite directions!

After a loud bang, I realized I had already reached the other end of the ring.

When I raised my head to look, the ice totem before me was suddenly sliced into half, while Colina was moving quickly between the two sliced pieces of ice totem and was rushing towards me!

You’re kidding me!
“Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flames!”
White flames with the illusory figure of a flame dragon struck onto Colina’s body, and her body was quickly covered in flames!

Colina stopped and tried to extinguish the flames, but realized the flames were actually burning even more. A layer of ice-cold fog slowly emitted from her body.

“What the hell are these flames!? It’s… actually… cold…”

As she said that, her entire body turned into an ice sculpture, which kept her original posture.


I won?

I turned to look at Dark Chill who was outside the ring. But, she did not say anything, and was simply looking at me with a smile.


At this moment, I heard a loud explosion, and I was sent flying away. While I being sent flying, I saw… at the position where Colina was frozen, a

gigantic black pillar of energy appeared!

“Fir… right? Hahahaha! Let’s fight with all we got!!! Hahahahahahaha!”

Colina walked out of the dark pillar. Black flames enveloped her entire body, and her pair of eyes was emitting out a weird red glow.


Oh my god, are you Morgana? (t/n: LoL reference.)

Chapter 25: Defeat and Death

“You must be kidding me…”

Just when she walked out of the black flames, my heart sank. Because, her level distorted for a moment as it kept jumping constantly between weird symbols, and finally turned into a row of question marks.

And her last title [Songstress of Death] suddenly changed into [Performer of Death]! No matter how I see it, either she activated her Bankai mode like in Bleach, or she typed in cheat codes in GTA!

There seems to be something amiss which was added in my earlier statement, but it’s best to not mind about it.

Colina raised her hands up in the air, and the black pillar behind her leaked out layers of fog, as if they were forming something!

Is this going to lead to a berserk-mode situation? As if I’m going to let that happen!

The ‘Elf of the Wind’ buff had already expired, and only the ‘Accelerate’ and

‘Extreme Shadow’ effects were left on my body.

I quickly tapped on the ‘Charge’ skill, and I raised my tachi as I rushed towards the thing that was being formed by the black fog.


I heard a snicker coming from the side.

Right after, I don’t know why, but I felt something hard bumping into my abdomen, and in the next second, I crashed into the wall behind me!
Warning: Entering State of Apparent Death

Right after I regained my senses, I saw this notification. I didn’t expect that, without even the slightest of movements, she sent me flying. And I almost died right there!

In the state of apparent death, I can’t immediately use my recovery spells to heal myself. I immediately tapped on a bottle of HP Recovery Potion, and then, used my recovery spells to fully heal myself right after.

“Hmph hmph hmph~ Looks like you’re able to take quite the beating! Normally, people would have immediately died right after I used that skill! Hahahahaha!”

Hey hey hey, this level of difference is too unfair. You’re basically in a similar state as a certain serial killing girl in Dangaronpa, you know? Did you forget to take your medicine before you left your house today? Don’t give up on rehabilitation, hey.


The thing that was being formed by the black fog had already given shape, and it looked just like a guitar. But because of the mass of black fog being leaked out, I was not able to discern whether it was an electric guitar or a guitar of some other type…

Wait a minute, what the hell am I thinking? Does the type of the guitar makes any difference? She evidently summoned her strongest weapon, and was about to use her finishing move.

But looking at Dark Chill at the side, she seemed to have a happy expression. Hey hey, your subordinate is thinking of killing me, is there really no problem with that…? Wait a minute, is this why the quest is not completed? Because it’s still possible for me to die at this moment?

Alright, this sure is a big chessboard, huh!

“Geez, your entire image has been completely destroyed. Were you chased out of Heaven because of this, and thus becoming a Fallen Angel?”

“… The people in Heaven, well~ They are much worse than me, you know. Compared to them, I’m already quite courteous. Hehehe.”

When she heard me mention Heaven, she was startled for a moment, before replying.

But I could feel something off. The flames on her body suddenly stopped moving! Unless, Heaven… Oh right, Light Magic!

“I see!”


After saying that, I once again used Charge! “Hehe, no matter how many times you try…” “Flash!”

When I was about to reach her attack radius, I use my only other Light Magic spell

that I learnt, other than the Recovery spell and Abnormal Status Removal spell.

At the same time, I used an ice totem to blast me to her flank, and I used Charge again as I pulled out my Blasphemer!

“Aaaaaaaaah! My eyes!!!”

Although she was blinded by Flash for a moment, with a bang, the ice totem behind me was already smashed in an instant, and the target was naturally my earlier position.

“Your Dark Magic had already formed a layer of defensive armor around your body, other than Light Magic spells, any other spells or physical attacks wouldn’t be effective against you, right?”

As I charged to her side, I said softly.

“Oh right, do you know? There isn’t any type of mirror that’s capable of reflecting light completely, which means, there will definitely be a certain amount of light being absorbed… But, in a sealed environment, just how many countless rays of light could be reflected and how many sources of light are there? Why don’t you try it out yourself? Icicle Light Field!”

Countless of icicles surrounded us in an instant, sealing us in a sphere-like structure.

Originally, Icicle Light Field could only be used to surround targets, but using it along with my Molding Magic spell, I am able to shape it such that, even though it encompasses a smaller field, it’s able to cover us in all directions!

“Reflect, Flash!”

Other than the light coming from the Icicle Light Field itself, I constantly cast Flash spells in the corners of the entire field. After reflecting around the icicle field, the

rays of light will return to our position, and that was why I rushed to a position beside Colina.

From my visual angle, it’s a little troublesome. But as long as I know that the light rays will always be reflected, then that’s a different story.

“Aaaaah! Impossible! This can’t be that simple Flash spell!” “Indeed, it’s not only a simple Flash spell.”

After casting tens of Flash spells, I walked out of the field. Then, I took out a ball-

like object and pluck out the safety on top of it. “There’s a Light Crystal Grenade added in as well.” Then, I threw it into the field.


The entire field of icicles was blasted into pieces! At the same time, I rushed towards the side of the arena, and took the bow off Ms. Snow’s back, who was still looking at me astonishingly.

“Lend it to me for a bit!” “Ah? Oh, alright…”

Then, I quickly pulled out a sword out of my ring.

“Mistress Dark Chill, in actual fact, the weapon in Colina’s hands is just a cover-up, right?”


Dark Chill looked at me with interest. “Why do you say that?”

“If she really use music as her weapon, then why was she indifferent when I was so close to her earlier, and even allowed me to attack her constantly? After I flashed her, other than her first attack, she never attacked me again… No, or should I say, she wasn’t even able to attack me, because it seems a lot of holes were made in the surrounding walls without me noticing. In other words…”

I placed the Knight Sword on the bowstring, and pulled it all the way back.

“She used an Eye technique! Earlier, when I approached her, I realized at the center of her weapon was an eye, but it was closed, probably because it was affected by the Flash. I originally thought it was just an ornament, but… if it isn’t…!

I released my right hand, and the ice sword flew out.

“In other words, that’s the only tool she has that’s capable of attacking enemies! As long as I attack it with a physical attacks from afar, then she’s no longer able to defend from my attacks!”

(People that are capable of using magic str able to sense magical attacks. )

Originally, I didn’t think that a bow would be useful in this situation, but… I forgot that I had an ‘Enhancing’ skill~

The knight sword flew across the entire ring and reached Colina in an instant. Currently, her body was releasing a hissing sound, and the dark flames were almost extinguished completely by the Light Magic.

No matter how I see it, I have won this match, right? But…

“You’re not bad~ But it’s a pity. Evidently, your knowledge wasn’t sufficient.”

As I was thinking why she said that, Colina stretched out her hand, and caught my knight sword!

What the… You’re kidding me, right?

Something more frightening happened right after. Black flames started burning from Colina’s legs, and a second later, the flames were extinguished. What’s left was an unscathed Colina standing in her original position!

“You have my deepest admiration for being able to see through my Soul technique. But, the other thing you should know, among all the races, next to Vampires and Phoenixes, us Fallen Angels have the strongest regenerative abilities. After all, we’re converted from Angels themselves~”


Before I could even react, I suddenly felt a pain in my chest! When I turned my head to look, a bloody knight sword was stabbed into the wall right behind me.

“I’m done fooling around. Now you know the difference in our abilities. Even the Sacred Light wouldn’t be able to save you now~”

After saying that, in a flash, she appeared right before me. With a wave her right hand…

My vision blurred in an instant, and everything turned into darkness.
You have died.
Side Questline: Demon World Tour Quest 1: Predicament Escape [Failed]
Time of Revival: 03: 00: 00

Part 4 – Oyado

Chapter 26: Update

“Ah~ I haven’t slept so happily for ages.”

When I woke up and opened my eyes, I realized the countdown timer before me had not finished, and there was still about 5 minutes left.

It seems I hadn’t really gotten a good sleep recently. Is that why I couldn’t get a long rest even with this rare chance to sleep?

But when I stared at the countdown timer for a while, I realized something was wrong.

Why wasn’t the timer counting down? “Hey hey! What’s with this situation?”

“Because I wish to have a little talk with you.”

Suddenly, the entire space brightened up, and the former black space turned into a pure white world… No, these are clouds!

I hurriedly looked below me, and I was shocked for a moment.

Looking through the transparent floor which was made of unknown materials, the surface of almost the entire continent was just right under me! The sizes of every river stream in my current point of view were comparable to the sizes displayed on the map in the library!

I’m currently… in the air?

“Is this really that shocking? I have always been watching you guys from here, you know.”

“… Are you, ‘World’?”

I turned to the source of the voice, and saw a translucent human figure standing behind me.


“I felt that there wasn’t any form that could represent my existence, hence I constructed a simple appearance.”

“I’m referring to the way you’re talking. It’s much better than before. It’s no longer that refined, and feels much better.”

“… Language and words are simply ways to convey messages. Through understanding this world, I feel that my current way of expression is more beneficial for communication.”

“…Can we not discuss philosophy?”

“I felt that my earlier words were just a simple explanation, and had no relations to philosophy in any way. If I have to really speak of philosophy, then…”

“Alright, stop!”

I stretched my hand and stopped it from continuing, otherwise, the most important point of this conversation would have been sank under a large amount of unneeded information.

“Since we’re meeting each other here, then, for better means of communication, wouldn’t it have been better if you changed into a human?”

“But currently, you’re an Undead Holy Angel.”

“I was originally human, and I feel that it’s better to converse with humans, alright? Oh right, turn into a girl. The figure doesn’t matter, as long as it’s cute.”

“… Since you say so.”

It’s figure flashed. Countless of particles slowly filled it’s body, and its body slowly became clearer.

… Wait a minute, this body… Why is it completely in nude!? Wait a moment!! “You, wait a minute!”

Just when I stretched my hand to stop it, its body emitted a fierce glow, and right

after, something soft struck my stretched hands.

After the flash of light, a nude young girl with black eyes appeared in front of me, and my hands were grabbing onto her chest.

That’s right, she was currently totally nude. That’s right, her breasts were currently in my hands.

Suddenly, I felt a force rushing towards my head, and then, I felt something flowing out of my nose.

This sensation in my hands… It feels just like the real thing…

“I can sense that your heartbeat rate have reached a very irregular level, and you have entered a bleeding state. What happened?”

She grabbed onto my hands which were on her chest, and stretching out her other hand, a piece of tissue appeared.

Then, she approached me and proceeded with wiping away the blood flowing out of my nose.


The moment she approached me, the fragrance that could only belong to a girl entered my nose, and I forcefully exhaled out the scent.

“Situation unknown. Judgment, my transformation caused your anomaly. I shall now transform back…”

“No! You just have to first put on some clothes!” “Clothes?”

She stared at me blankly, and her eyelids fluttered.

“Indeed, most of you primates have this ‘embarrassment’ issue. One cannot casually be naked in front of the opposite sex. I’m sorry, I was not thorough with my consideration.”

After saying that, a set of robes that was completely the same as mine appeared on her body. And the force in my body was finally suppressed.

Looks like I have not trained enough, to think I was instantly beaten by with a mere sight… and a mere touch. I’m a failure. Such a failure.

If Heaven were to give me another chance, I will definitely not forget to pinch them! Earlier that sensation… It’s most likely a D-cup?

“But earlier, when you were touching my chest, according to my data, it’s basically one of the actions taken before primates mate. Can I believe that you

were sexually aroused by my body? But I wish to declare this in advance, although I’m able to fully replicate the body of a female human, and even the data on this body was set using the average of all the women in the world, but as a form of enmassed consciousness, I do not possess reproductive abilities. So…”

“Stop, can we return to the main topic at hand?”

Looking at her expressionless face as she spoke of that embarrassing topic earlier, I felt like I was talking with Nagato. That definitely isn’t a wrong impression.

“I guess you’re right. We have already wasted a lot of time. My original motive was to make it a much more convenient conversation, but we wasted so much time in the end.”

“No no, I didn’t feel that it was a waste, really.”

“… Is that so? Alright, the let me start with my explanation.”

After saying that, she shrugged, and a weird list appeared behind her.

When I took a closer look, I realized it was the experience table from LV 1 to 20! But… The values seem to be smaller?

“According to my earlier prediction of the world, I did my first set of settings and values on the data of you otherworlders. From the process of using it, I realized, this set of settings was very suitable. But!”

She turned around.

“I underestimated the several different factors that could affect the values in this world, and this led to several errors and omissions when it comes to large values. And, quantifying them is really troublesome. Hence, I decided to decrease the entire set of values, which would reduce the error margin and allow the values to be more accurate.”

“The factors you speak of… Do they include skills that could heighten one’s abilities temporarily, like demonization?”

“Not just that, compared to you existences that are completely quantifiable, the enemies may have the possibility of being able to fight even when their HPs reach

0. I feel that these would result to influences that could create errors in judgment.”

“These influences are really quite large, but the values are so little… It’s not really comparable, right?”

“Because the values are smaller, your range of improvement will be bigger.” She immediately denied my viewpoint.

“These are all the most basic values, but according to my judgment, there are still

many things in the world that cannot be quantified by my values.” “For example, those [Unable to Display] titles?”

“… Yes. And the reason why you otherworlders exist, is to verify this.”

“Us? Oh right, just who are we? Why did we appear in this world? Just what the hell happened to our memories!?”

“… I’m sorry, I have already told you many things that I shouldn’t, but because I don’t have the authorization to alter your memories, I can’t make you forget about what’s happening currently. But I can’t tell you anymore than this.”

“Even if I were to threaten you with force here, you still wouldn’t say anything, is that right?”

“You do not hold the possibility of being able to do so.” “Those words really hurt me, hey.”

I helplessly shrugged.

“Speaking of which, you’re ‘World’, so I indeed do not have the power to defeat you.”

“No, what I meant was you wouldn’t do it, not that you can’t. According to my analysis of all your data, even if the enemy were to kill you, you wouldn’t give in to brutal force.”

“My data… Does that include my lost memories?”

She was stunned for a moment, and she was probably thinking of something as her eyes jumped about, before answering.

“Your question did not exceed my level of authorization, the answer is, it does include your past memories.”

“Is that so…”

I looked at her white and dull pupils, pondered for a bit, before asking. “Why did you tell me all these? What about the rest?”

”“The memories of the rest of the otherworlders will be directly altered. I told you

earlier, I do not have the authorization to alter your memories, so the only thing I could do was tell you personally like this. This is to prevent any misunderstandings from occurring.”


She does not have the authorization to alter my memories? Why me? Wasn’t my memories altered once? Why is it that she doesn’t wish to alter my memories now?

“Alright, this is all that wish to convey to you. Although there was a slight delay, but it seems negotiation has been successful. Earlier, I did not wake you up, rather, I stopped your resurrection timer, was to allow you to get some more sleep. Please do not mind about it.”

“Of course I won’t mind. It’s a rare opportunity to sleep, after all.”

“But I must notify you that, since you died in a neutral sector earlier, you will receive the death penalty of dropping a level. When you’re resurrected, you will be LV 18…”

“Wait a minute! I will drop a level if I die in a neutral sector? Why did I not hear about that before!?”

“… Because you have never died anywhere else other than in the city, hence, you wouldn’t know?”

After saying that, she tilted her head.

What the hell, why are you acting cute in this point in time? There must be a bottomline to how natural you can be! And why was it a question? Weren’t you watching me the entire time!?

“But I was already LV 19 with about 2 million EXP earlier, even if you reduce the amount of EXP needed to level, do not waste the effort I put in!”


She looked at me with a difficult expression. After she pondered for a moment, she said this.

“But, these were all set-up right from the start?”

“Look, didn’t you change all the values just earlier? In usual cases, when you change the system, there will be some compensations of sorts, no? Since this was my first time, don’t drop my level, alright?”


She pondered for a while more. Then she looked at me, and then turned to look to the side.

Seeing her pitiful look, it really makes me want to say ‘forget it’.

“Hai~ Alright. Then I shall change the condition, and to you, it shouldn’t be that hard of a condition.”

“… Tell me that condition of yours first.” World asked cautiously.

“Help me alter Irlin’s memories, and make her forget about me being her fiance.” “This… There’s no problem with that. But why?”


I looked at her, and then sighed.

“I don’t have the ability to give her the happiness that she should have. Before this turns into something irreversible, I should give her heart back as soon as possible.”

“According to my data, I believe you have the sufficient ability to give her happiness.”

“But, I’m unworthy.”

Chapter 27: Les Miserables

A strong light flashed before my eyes, and in the next second, I was transferred out of that glass box in the sky.

The reason why I was sent out was naturally because of my resurrection, but… Why do I feel like I’m currently trapped in a box?

I knocked at the wall of the box that was blocking me. A wooden material… Is this

the legendary casket?

I’m an Undead Holy Angel, not a vampire, so why am I in a casket!?
“Shield Bash!”
With a bang, the casket lid was entirely smashed into pieces. Although I only wanted to open it, but since it’s already in pieces, there’s nothing I could do about it. In any case, I completed my objective of getting out of the casket.

“Where is… this place?”

Looking at this extremely ruined cemetery, I was completely sure that this wasn’t the Ice Empire. If Ice Empire’s cemetery is this ruined, then I will immediately resign from my work as their State Magician. I mean, really, this cemetery is too shabby.

“Ah… zom… zombie… resurrected!”

Suddenly, I heard a scared voice coming from the side. When I turned to look, a little kid was currently hiding behind a tree. The child’s two hands were hugging the tree as the child peeked in my direction.

“Zombie? Where?”

I looked at the cemetery behind me, and but there wasn’t anything there at all. “Are you talking about me?”

“Ah… yeah…”

“Are you joking!?”

I curled my lips, and then walked towards the little kid.

“How can a zombie be as handsome as me!?” “……”

Looking at the child’s pair of teary eyes while the child stared at me, I sighed.

“Alright, I’m going to stop fooling around. I’m really not a zombie. Why are you here alone? Where are you parents?”


The child looked at me, and then turned to look at the cemetery. “I’m here to visit my parents’ graves.”


After hearing these words, a certain bitter feeling welled up inside me. “Sorry, I startled you.”

“No, no, you didn’t~ I… I was only going to present some flowers to them. Because, other than that, I can’t do anything else.”


I once again took a closer look at her, and realized she was actually a loli.
Human 7 Years Old LV 1 No Class [Kind] [Naive] [Pitiful] [Young Girl]
This is actually the shortest list of titles I have ever seen since I came over to this world. But just from looking at these few lines of words, I felt an indescribable bitterness in my heart.

She has orange hair, and was wearing a regular set of patched-up clothes. This was also why I wasn’t able to discern her gender at first glance.

She actually lost her parents at such a young age? That’s really pitiful. Just what happened here? Why did the parents of such a young child die?

But this was evidently not the time to ask her. “Are you done with the visit?”

“N… no.”

“Then I will accompany you.”

After saying that, I took out some food and bottles of sweet wine from my ring. I stored them in my ring for long travel purposes.

“Visiting them with only flowers is a little dull, right?~ Oyado-chan~” “Un? How did you know my name?”

“Because I’m a Magician~”

————————— Protagonist and the loli paying their respects ———————


“Umm… Thank you very much. If Papa and Mama were to know, they would definitely be really happy.”

Walking on the road back to Oyado’s village, she, who was solemn since earlier, suddenly said this.

I smiled.

“It’s nothing, it’s something that should be done. But why did you visit your parents yourself? That’s very dangerous, you know.”

“Because… Umm… Everyone else had to protect the village from bandit attacks, so…”


So there’s actually such a class in this world.

But since there are rogues, then bandits shouldn’t be anything strange.

“Un. Umm… It’s actually a bandit troupe that had been collecting protection fees from our village. Our village had always been paying the fees on time, but… that time, when my Papa and Mama went to bring the money over, they were robbed by some other bunch of people along the way, then… then, the bandit troupe now wants to loot our village…”

“Then we shouldn’t be taking our time walking back!”


“Earlier, I already began to hear the sound of a fight coming from that direction.” I pointed to the right.

“That place is…!”

“Then hold on tight!”

I carried and placed Oyado on my shoulder.
“Accelerate! Extreme Shadow! Elf of the Wind!”
Immediately after, I felt like I was flying, as I sprinted towards the direction of the village.

The moment I reached the entrance of the village, I saw a bunch of people in armor slashing their machetes at the villagers, who were defending themselves with farming tools. I placed Oyado at the side, and then, with a flash, I rushed towards one of the people in armor and captured him.

Un? You’re asking why did I capture him?

I’m LV 19, and he’s only LV 6. Why can’t I capture him?

Oh, right. After ‘World’ heard my answer, for the first time, she actually accepted my request and also decided not to drop my level. Although I’m unclear of the reason why, but it’s fine as long as it’s a good conclusion.

Of course, currently, what’s more important is this bandit that’s struggling in the air.

“Hello~ Are you a bandit?”

“Cough cough… release me… you bastard, if you do something like this, my boss will never forgive you.”

“Although it wasn’t the answer I was looking for, but I got the answer I need. Thank you.”

After saying that, I tapped on ‘Strengthen’ and threw the guy, and the bandits at the side were sent flying as well.

The entire place became silent in an instant. “You… Who are you? Do you know who we are?”

After a long silence, among the bunch of armored people, a guy holding a spike, and it was even a enchanted spike, spoke up.

Don’t ask me why I knew that weapon was enchanted. People with eyes will obviously be able to see a piece of ice magic crystal that was inlaid at the top of the pike.


I looked towards him, and inspected his details.
Human Bandit LV 7
[Evil] [Sly] [Murderer] [Bandit] [Black Valley Bandit Troupe]
“You’re Mahal, a murderer.”

“I… hehehe. I told you guys my name was very famous. Look, even such a strong person knows of my reputation.”

He actually started to feel smug.

“If you understand that I’m strong, then scram. I hate murderers the most. If you were to leave with your men now, I won’t kill you. But, if you plan on doing anything else to this village in the future, I will make you guys disappear from the face of this earth~”


He evidently did not expect that I would actually provoke him so arrogantly. His grip on his weapon tightened, as if he was about to rush out.

“Although I don’t know who you are, but in this place, our boss is everything. If you dare to defy him, then you will die with your body scattered in pieces, do you know that!? Your body will be scattered into bloody pieces!”


Looking at him, I could only let out a sigh.

“I only wish to say this. A killer must have the resolve of being killed himself. I believe you have it, right?”

“You’re seeking death!”

After saying that, his pike emitted a fierce blue light, and with a swoosh, it came piercing over!

It then pierced my chest.
That was what was shown above my head.

After the update, a LV 19’s HP turned into 590 points. It looks pitifully small, and even my MP was only at 820 points. But all the MP costs were reduced quite a bit, hence I’m not really that depressed.

By my rough estimate, a LV 7’s attack power should be about 320, and as a LV 19, my base defense was at 280. Hence, even though there’s a gap of more than 10 levels between us, he could still harm me… when I’m totally naked.

In this time and age, even a piece of cloth armor will have at least 50 Defense, alright? Even more so, my set of clothes was made by Lanya, which was definitely an excellent piece of work. It’s a set of casual clothes designed based on my memories of clothes in my former world, which combined both defensive and fashion elements. Do you think such a thing would be a joke without any defensive capability?

By the way, my current HP recovery rate was 2% per second, and my MP recovery rate was 5% per second. In other words…

A second after he attacked me, my HP was instantly refilled.

The new system doesn’t look any much different, but it feels pretty good. Under his shocked gaze, I grabbed onto his pike.
“Restrictor of the Frozen Earth.”
In an instant, along with the entire pike, his entire body turned into an ice sculpture.

Then, I took a step to a front, and my hidden blade pierced his abdomen. He immediately turned into pieces of ice, and scattered across the ground.
Hidden Blade Effect Activated – [Corpse Concealment]
“Who’s… next?”

I asked those bandits graciously.

Chapter 28: M

“Umm… Although I don’t know who you are, but you were a great help. Thank you very much.”

When the group of bandits fell apart and escaped, the village elder immediately walked over to express his thanks.

“You don’t have to thank me, it was just a small matter. But for now, you guys should hurry and move away from this place. Those bandits will definitely come back again, and I won’t be staying here for long either.”


The village elder looked at me with a difficult expression, and then looked at the villagers behind him.

“We don’t have a choice either. We don’t have the capital needed to move away from this place and safely settle somewhere else.”

Speaking of which, he was right. I surveyed the entire village. There were houses made of wood, and farmland everywhere else. Although I could see that some of the villagers make a living through hunting, but the entire situation they’re in can be summarized with a single word – poor!

Move away? That would mean starting all over again. And to a regular village, it must be a very difficult thing to accomplish.

I opened up my inventory. Currently, I only had about 10,000 Gold left. Even though to this village, this sum of money could only be made in a combined lifetimes of the entire hundred or so villagers, but…

If I were to help them this much, after using up this sum of money, they will definitely experience a harder life, right?

After pondering for a while, I finally made my decision.

“Then, I will be staying here for awhile. If they were to come back again, I will find a way to meet their boss, and solve this issue.”

“This… Really, thank you very much!”

“You should thank Oyado. If she didn’t meet me, then you guys would have already died today.”

After saying that, I stroke Oyado’s head, who was beside me.

And at this moment, I suddenly saw something flashing constantly in that pile of ice. Driven by my OCD, I immediately walked over. Pushing aside the pieces of ice, I pulled out his broken pike and his torn clothes.

I reached my hand into the flashing pocket, and took out a small pouch. “Is this… a wallet?”

“That’s my Papa’s wallet!”

Oyado quickly snatched the wallet away from me, and her tears started flowing. “This is your father’s wallet?”

“Un… this… in the past… during my Papa’s birthday… I sewed it with my own

hands and gave it to Papa… so…” “……”

I turned and looked towards the village elder.

“Looks like they planned on plundering you guys all along, so they dispatched some people to steal the money. How despicable… And they even caused this young Oyado to turn into an orphan… Un?”

Then, I felt someone tugging onto my clothes. When I lowered my head to look, it was actually Oyado.

In an instant, I felt like I was melting. Pulling the corner of my clothes is really too cute… Fortunately, I’m not a lolicon!

(t/n: Keep saying that.) “What is it?”

“Kill them!” “Eh?”

Did I mishear? A loli tugging onto my clothes is currently telling me to kill people.

“Please kill those bastards that killed my Papa and Mama!”

“Oyado, have you realized that, you’re currently telling me to kill people?” “Killing… Even though it’s bad, but…”

One of Oyado’s hands was tugging onto my clothes, while at the same time, her

other hand was tightly grasping onto the wallet.

“But when I recall that these bad people are still living in this world, while my Papa and Mama have already left to another world, this… this is too unfair!”

“This world was unfair in the first place.”

I looked at her, and then grabbed onto her hand.

“Although it isn’t an official request, but I will take up this quest of yours then. Don’t worry, I will make sure they will never commit evil acts ever again.”


Haah, looks like I have to kill someone again.

Although I have killed a few people ever since I came into this world, but killing people is just… I can’t turn back anymore. Since my hands are already stained, then staining them a few more times wouldn’t make a difference. After all, compared to letting a seed of vengeance grow inside the heart of a child, it would be better if I cut it away before it sprouts.

“But… Does anyone have an idea where their base is?”

Hearing these words of mine, everyone stared at me, and I stared back at them. They were all revealing expressions of uncertainty.

Oh my god, do I actually have to search this entire mountain range for it? “It looks like… I have to be your guest for quite a while.”

——————- Time currently progressing ——————– “Did my warning… actually work?”

Ever since that day, I have actually lived in this village, that I don’t even know the

name of, for a couple of days.

At the start, I sat at the side of the village entrance and waited for those bandits as I sip my cups of tea. But after the third day, I could no longer hold myself back from searching the direction they fled to.

“Is this a joke? Forget about navigation, there isn’t even a single signpost. How am I supposed to carry out my search?”

Two days later, in the nearby regions, I have erected ice totems every 100 meters, so as to distinguish the places which I have already searched before. But, I still did not find any trace of the bandits.

It’s basically as if those bandits have never appeared before.

Unfortunately, I do not have any tracking skill on hand at all. The hunters in the village are probably very familiar with hunting animals, but they totally can’t track humans at all.

“Are you sure you guys don’t have any suggestions at all? Is there anywhere near here that’s suitable for hiding? For example, caves, or even abandoned ruins?”

On the fifth night, I said unhappily while I ate dinner.

“Big brother Fir, don’t be agitated. If you can’t find them, then forget about it…” Oyado, who was beside me, said with a smile.

Although I don’t know why she added a ‘big brother’ before my name, but…

I’m not a siscon, you know… “Well…”

I gulped down an entire bowl of soup, and continued.

“I don’t really mind. But, if they were to come again, you guys will be in trouble, right?”

“So big brother was worrying about our safety. Since they aren’t coming back, then it isn’t an urgent issue.”

“I hope so…”

My countless experiences tell me that if I don’t cut the problem at its root, then the problem will eventually resurface itself. This truth was something our ancestors learnt from countless hardships and was eventually passed down.

The worst case scenario would be that they are currently planning a scheme to attack me. If that’s the case, then it would be big trouble.

…… Un?

Suddenly, I realized my HP dropped by a bit, and then, my HP was slowly dropping

every second! “Eh? Eh eh eh?”

I hurriedly placed the bowl down, and inspected my own body… There wasn’t any

wound at all! But the poison status icon did not appear! “Big brother, what happened?”

“I… don’t know…”

What should I do in a situation like this? Other than losing my HP, there’s no other anomaly? What am I supposed to do?

Oh right! Antidote!

I quickly opened my inventory, and tapped on every single potion in my inventory once. But… there’s completely no effect at all!!!

What the hell, am I going to lose all my HP like this and die!? What a joke!

Damn it, recently, my mind has been filled with violence. Has the thinking ability that I should have been discarded?

A situation where I’m losing HP will only happen when I’m under attack. That’s right. In other words, ever since the beginning, I have been in a state of ‘being attacked’.

But the problem is, in usual cases, when I’m being attacked, the warning notification would definitely be displayed. At least there were directions indicating… Unless it was removed with the new system update?

Impossible, that’s definitely impossible. Because, during the battle with the bandits before, the attack warnings were… Eh, were they displayed back then? I can’t remember at all… Is it because it has already turned into a habit after so many battles?

No no, I remember now. Indeed, warnings did appear. When I defeated those weird wild boars in the morning, I saw a red warning marker. In other words… the thing attacking me right now isn’t in my range of sight?

Extremely long range… No, even if it’s from an extremely long range, the direction marker should still appear, then what is…

Looking at my constantly dropping HP, I could not help but ball up my fists tightly…


The rate of my HP dropping increased?

My muscles tensed up after balling up my fists? Muscles? Soup? It wasn’t from any direction… “So that’s the case, huh?”

After saying that, I pulled out a bottle of colorless liquid from my ring… Alright, if

there wasn’t a need, I wouldn’t have kept something like this in my inventory. “Big brother, what is that?”

“It’s something really scary. I will be going out for a bit…” “?”

Leaving those words behind, I ran directly out of the house. I drank HP potions as I

sprinted madly towards the ruined cemetery.

“A failed alchemy product. I guess it’s not really a failure, at least, I was able to make sulfuric acid.”

After saying those words to myself, I spread out my Angel’s wing. Then, with my head raised up high, I gulped the sulfuric acid down.


The sensation I’m currently feeling cannot be explained completely even with a 1000-word essay. At the start, I was still able to feel a weird taste, but a few seconds later, I could no longer feel anything.

The only thing I kept doing was constantly tapping on the recovery spell icon! “Disgusting!!!!”

Finally, I spat out a mouthful of some weird liquid. The part of the ground that was spot on emitted a hissing sound, which was accompanied by countless of unknown things.

Without realizing it, my entire body was actually emitting out a bright light. Looks like I overused my skills.

But, the effect was really evident. I quickly recovered my body senses, and I was only feeling a little numb before reverting back to normal.

And after the bright light dissipated, there were no other anomaly. It’s just that…

“Oh my god, I only have a single set of these clothes. Oh my god…”

The clothes I was wearing were basically burnt, and the collar turned into crisp black.

Although I’m able to heal my body, but I can’t heal my clothes. “Let me see, just what the hell was that…”

I squatted down, and I brightened up the thing on the ground with a Flash spell. “Un… This isn’t it… This isn’t it either… Wait, this is…”

I picked up a piece of metal scrap from the ground.

“Isn’t this… a piece of a metal shell? Why is there such a thing here?”

Countless of things that would make use of a metal shell flashed across my mind, as I cross-referenced them to this piece of metal scrap. But, after a long while, I still could not think of anything that would make use of something like this in this world.

“Is it something not made from this world…?” I looked towards the direction of the village.

“Micro-motors… Is that sort of thing already being manufactured? Interesting.”

Chapter 29: Everyone’s Secret

“Big brother… save me…”

“It’s no use. Most probably, that guy’s innards have already been corroded by the ‘Devil’s Seed’.”

Oyado looked shockingly at the people in front of her. The people who used to only smile at her.


“Actually, you don’t even remember us at all, and can only distinguish our identities by our hair, right? If your memories weren’t locked, we wouldn’t have a need to play this type of game with you.”

After saying that, he spoke to the person beside him.

“The people looking for that brat hasn’t returned? And hasn’t Helei and the rest finishing packing those things up? In a moment, we will be leaving with Oyado!”

“Why… Why did it become like this?”

“It’s different from the memories in your data, right? That’s because your memories are all fake in the first place! So be a good girl and stay still!”

After that, he immediately left the room, and the door was slammed shut.

As to why I was so clear about what happened in the room, it was obviously because I was hiding on the roof since the beginning.

Earlier, with a single breath, I turned the people who was looking for me into ice sculptures, and I only left their heads unfrozen.

It’s unfortunate that I’m not really good at interrogation. In the end, I wasted quite a bit of time.

It was only when I poured the sulfuric acid on one of the pursuer’s faces, the other person finally revealed everything.

Oyado. She’s the first homunculus in this world that was developed using magic and my former world’s scientific technology, and she was actually currently right in front of me.

Weird, why did the title system not reveal such important information before?

But after receiving this information, the titles [Homunculus] and [Strongest Genetic Synthesized Being] automatically appeared in her list of titles.

It seems I need to gather information on the titles myself in the future. But Phad’s Eye is somewhat able to lessen the trouble.

Well, there’s nothing I could have done about it. How could I see how a person’s genes are like with my naked eyes?
Light Steps.
I flipped into the room from the ceiling’s window, and landed beside Oyado. “Big brother!”

“Shhh, I will first bring you out of here.”

Although I can also kill all the people nearby, I still need to gather some more information from those people.

That’s right, just when I received information about Oyado, I realized there was a new entry in my quest list.
Side Quest: Broken Doll
Quest Objective:
Investigate Smuu household’s hereditary disease. [Completed] Investigate the Smuu household’s Human Body Modification Plan. Intel: Ice Empire’s Jirandur City’s North Street, 19th Lot
Hidden Condition: Find No.1 Modified Doll ‘Oyado’. [Completed]
Speaking of which, this place still belongs to the Ice Empire. I did not expect that, when I have yet to link these two matters together, the quest notification helped me with it.

But, if I need further intel, I have to rely on the bastards outside. After all, the rest of the people are simply subordinates, and if I need reliable intel, I need to look for their boss.
Strengthen! Light Steps! 3x Speed Buffs!
(t/n: the 3x speed buffs are Accelerate, Extreme Shadow and EotW)

After tapping on the skill icons, I instantly leapt onto one of the supporting beams, and flipped out of the window.

When I confirmed that there weren’t anyone nearby, I accelerated towards one of the tree-tops from the roof. With Oyado on my back, I rushed towards the cemetery where we first met.

“Wait for me here. I will come back to find you after I deal with those guys.” “But those people are…”

“I know, they are the people of your village, right?”

That’s right, after searching for 5 days, it’s not that I was unable to find them, rather… I was in their base right from the start.

It was all scripted. According to the person who revealed everything to me, this time, they brought Oyado out to implant a complete memory in her mind. The memory of her dead parents, and the villagers being killed after. But that script was changed because of my appearance.

“I… I don’t understand, why did the village elder and everyone else want to…” “… It’s best if you don’t think about it.”

I patted on her head.

“I will ask them in your stead. Because I really want to know about their goals as well.”

A moment later, I once again appeared in the forest beside the fake village.

Really, why did I not take notice of the village in the beginning? If they were houses that had been used for a long time, they shouldn’t have been that shabby in the first place. And I was wondering why their houses looked as if they were stitched up, but I didn’t think they were actually just decorations.
“Compressed – Restrictor of the Frozen Earth.”
A chilling fog first floated above the palm of my hand, and then in an instant, the fog gathered at the center of my palm, compressed into a small ball. This is an advanced grade Ice Magic spell ‘Plasticity’. It forcefully alters the appearance of the original magic spell, and is the last skill from the Ice Magic Knight’s skill tree. I

seemed to have skipped quite a few spells in between the tree, but being able to use it is all that matters.


Two balls of compressed restrictors struck home on the two guys outside the forest, and they instantly turned into ice sculptures.

After pulling them into the depths of the forest, I quickly rushed towards the penthouse at the side, and leapt onto its roof.
“Gasify – Frozen Eternity of Grief”
A cold fog of enlarged size engulfed the entire village in an instant. All the houses, tools, and even the people turned into ice sculptures.

The entire village turned into a perfect blue artistic piece of work in an instant. I smiled, and leapt down from the roof.

“Village elder, come out. I know you’re still alive. Your killing intent is so strong, it’s impossible for me to not notice even if I try.”

I walked towards one of the wooden houses at the side.

“Before, I was wondering why there was such a strong (LV 15) village elder. So it was like this~”
Village Elder (Disguised) (Bandit) LV 15
[Kind] (Evil) [Suspicious] (Disguised) [Village Elder] (Mercenary) (Murderer) (Doll User Apprentice)
“You sure can act, huh. I was fooled by you for so long.”
Compressed – Form Pike – Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!
The pike formed by the cold air appeared in my hands in an instant. After slightly swinging it around to get used to the weight, I pulled the pike back, and threw it directly at the row of titles in the house.


The pike pierced into the house, and with another bang, the entire place turned into a flower of ice.

“You can’t be dead, right… Naw, you still look quite spirited, it seems~” Because his HP bar was still full.

“Brat… Just what the hell are you!?”

Suddenly, the entire house was blasted into pieces like fireworks, and two shadows leapt out of the place!

Two? Eh?

“We actually had to resort to this because a single brat… Die!”

With a wave of Village elder Marl’s hand, the other person came rushing over. I hurriedly pulled out my tachi, and slashed towards him!


The sound of metal clashing was heard, and when I took a closer look, the thing that was blocking my tachi was actually his arm, and my opponent was… a doll!

Looks like this battle… will be really interesting!

Chapter 30: War of Ice and Dolls

Combat-Specialized Doll (3rd Model)
A doll pioneered for battle-use. It belongs to strategic-class weaponry, and is a model with simple controls. It’s limbs are reinforced, can be used to resist a certain amount of magical damage. Able to use a maximum of 5 magic scrolls.
Although the title display has become a little troublesome, but, the information it provides is really complete, huh.

Looking at the metallic doll in front of me, I smiled.

“A Doll user, huh? I didn’t actually expect to meet a Doll user in the mountains. This is really a rare occurrence~”

I fiercely pushed the doll away, and bashed it with an ice totem.
9 Ice Arrows!
9 ice arrows from different directions struck the doll which was in the air. But the result was… really horrible. It was as if nothing happened to it at all, and it’s HP only dropped by a bit. The corner of my mouth twitched a bit.

Are his limbs actually made of mithril? It actually has such a high magic defense?
Ice Fall!

After predicting the doll’s movements, while he was still in the air, a giant iceberg struck its body, and the entire iceberg and the doll crashed onto the ground.

“So, how is it? How do you feel now?” I smiled as I looked at Marl.

“We can have a nice chat now, right?”

“Hmph! Do you think it would end just like this? It’s not that easy!” Pa!

Suddenly, the iceberg which was holding the doll down was cut into half, and an

8-legged monster jumped out of the crack in the ice!

What the hell is that?

Subconsciously, I summoned an Ice Shield, and in the next second, two sickle-like claws came stabbing into my shield from above me!

At this moment, I took a closer look and realized, this doll’s limbs actually separated into two parts. The hooks that were hidden at its center were extended out!

Wait a minute? There’s only two claws here, then…

I gave up on blocking with the shield and retreated. Four sharp claws sliced the ice shield into pieces from opposite directions in an instant.

It’s basically a perfect massacring machine!

When it realized it’s attacks did not deal any damage to me, the doll bent over, and like a spider, it came sprinting at me while making ‘pala pala’ noises. It’s speed was basically comparable to a chariot.

Just what is that thing driven by? Is it still a human doll?
Ice Valley!
A row of spikes protruded off the ground, and went piercing in the direction of the incoming doll. The doll bounced, and actually leapt into the sky!

But if it’s in the air, it can’t move freely, right?

With a wave of my hand, from among the spikes, a giant ice totem shot up into the sky and smashed straight into the doll’s abdomen, hitting it back into the air. At the same time, an ice flower was blooming in the air, and the doll smashed right into the ice flower!

“With this…”

Before I could finish, I suddenly felt a cold chill behind my back. At the same time, the attack warning rang, and I pulled out my tachi as I slashed behind my back. It then collided directly with Marl’s sword.

“And I forgot you were a bandit. Looks like you can’t really bear to stay at the sidelines, huh.”

“I have no choice, after all, from the looks of it… you’re too strong. Just who are you?”

“If you want to know, you should tell me what you know. After all, I was the one who asked first.”


He threw something in his hand at me, and I quickly hit it away with my tachi. But when my tachi collided with that thing, a heat wave was suddenly released!

A flame magic scroll?

I quickly leapt back to dodge, but the flames already began to spread.
Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!
An ice fog enveloped my entire body, and under the blazing flames, it condensed into water, extinguishing the flames on my body.

But, my HP dropped to a half because of the flames. Looks like he has Arcane- grade magic scrolls on him!

A LV 15 bandit actually has an Arcane-grade magic scroll with him. It’s really unbelievable. Looks like there’s only one possibility, and that he is actually hiding quite a lot of secrets.

For example, secrets regarding Oyado.

With this thought in mind, I spread out my Angel’s wing, and recovered my HP. Then, I looked towards Marl.

He didn’t attack during this period of time, rather, he ran towards the doll which was sent flying earlier, and retrieved its head. Then, he tore his shirt at the chest area, and plugged the doll’s head into his own chest!

Oh my god? What the hell stimulated you to do that sort of thing?

While I was surprised, the doll’s chest opened, turning into straps as they strapped around Marl’s body.


He painfully groaned, and in the next moment, the doll’s 8 legs extended out like tentacles!

Oh my god, you actually have a fusion ability?

Before I went deeper into my thoughts, he stomped with his new legs, and actually came charging towards me.

“Ice Valley!”

Ice spikes once again went head on with him, but this time, he simply stomped the ground with his legs and dodged the attack by moving his body to the right. Then, he stomped again and renewed his charge!

Are you a flea?
9 Ice Arrows!
3 arrows flew towards him from the front, while 6 other arrows charged towards him from his back. 9 blue trails of light intersected against each other as they flew across his body.

Wait? They intersected?

When I took a closer look, he actually twisted his body in the air and dodged all 9 arrows. After they flew past his body, he twisted back into his original position, and fiercely jumped!

The machete and blade in his two hands flashed a cold light in the air. At the same time, his body suddenly spiraled, as he came charging straight towards me!
“Empiric – Ice Imperial Palace!
A gigantic wall was erected between us in an instant. Looking at the thick wall, I finally felt my erratically beating heart calming down.

But, a strong and loud smash once again made me feel anxious! And from the sound of it, it sounds like a chainsaw!

Oh my god, is that thing actually constantly spiraling, and is trying to penetrate his way through? Although it’s only an intermediate-grade magic spell, but it’s also my strongest ice defensive magic spell!

And this guy is actually able to penetrate through?

This battle technique is a little too weird, right? It’s completely at a different level of control compared to the Smuu siblings! Is this because it’s a battle where his life is on the line?


A line of crack actually appeared along the wall, and my heart skipped a bit, as I tightly held onto the tachi in my hand!

This guy’s proficiency in controlling dolls is too much compared to a normal person’s, right? He’s actually using such a method to break through my ice wall?

But him being able to do something like this, is probably because his doll had a bit mithril mixed into its body, compared to the Smuu siblings’ dolls. It’s able to resist magic, otherwise, how is it able to break through such a solid ice wall?

The cutting noise became closer, and I immediately summoned my Ice Armor! At the same time, I tapped on the three speed buffs, Accelerate, Extreme Shadow and Elf of the Wind!

A green light enveloped my body in an instant, and at the same time, the ice wall above me cracked and revealed a hole. The spiraling doll then fell onto the ground.

Because of my current MP’s limit, I can’t use too many arcane spells. Since that’s the case…
“Arcane – Speed Storm!!”
A green tornado rose up towards the spiralling fused Marl. The green tornado and the spiral constantly competed against each with their rotations.

The doll’s spiralling axis was horizontal, while the tornado’s spiralling axis was vertical. These two types of rotations which cannot come to a compromise instantly caused his rotation to be distorted.

Seeing that his speed of rotation was reducing, I smiled, and then tapped on ‘Strengthen’.
“Ice Totem!”
Right after, the ice totem sent me to the side of the doll in an instant. With a wave of my tachi, I slashed at him, and he was sent flying!

He fiercely smashed into the ground, and at the same time, the 4 claws used to block my attack were shattered, and fell onto the ground next to him.

“Surrender. You don’t have any way to win.” “Hahahaha…”

But he immediately got up, and stared at me with his weary eyes.

“Even if that may be, I will still use all my power to fight you. Otherwise, even I survive this, they definitely wouldn’t let me off… Of course, that includes you!”

After saying that, he stomped his remaining legs and once again rushed towards me!

“Haa… You’re really pitiful, huh. But…”

I sighed. After keeping my tachi, I pulled out my Blasphemer.

“… Fall into the pits of endless darkness. Arcane – Unlimited – Thousand Years Frozen River!”

In the next second, an ice mountain of more than hundred meters in height appeared before me. Marl and his doll were sealed tightly inside it.

Battle Ended. All enemies defeated.
Bandit Subordinates x9 EXP Received: 900
Doll User Bandit Leader x1 EXP Received: 500
Total EXP Received: 1,400 Gold Received: 400
Item(s) Received: Identity Plate x10 Title [Bodyguard] 5/10

Chapter 31: The Doll’s Mechanism


I walked towards the ice mountain. Looking at the leader whose HP was reaching a low point, I melted a portion of the ice, and released his head from the ice.

“Alright, I know you’re currently linked with that doll, so you will only be in suspended animation at most. So, if you don’t want to die now, you had best tell me everything you know.”

About the fact that you will only go into suspended animation after fusing with a doll, I learnt it from the research documents of Smuu household. Although back then, I only looked through them for fun, I didn’t expect that I would be able to use what I learnt then.

Speaking of which, this doll has many uses, huh. Regular people wouldn’t know of the existence of these dolls, let alone the knowledge of being able to enter a state of suspended animation after fusing with one. As long as your head isn’t sliced off, you basically can’t die. The person who designed this really isn’t a simple person, huh.

But to use this sort of ability, the person fusing with the doll must undergo certain modifications. I wonder why these people would choose to become cyborgs. But, as someone who turned into an Undead Holy Angel from a human, I don’t have the right to criticise them.

“… An Angel’s wing… as expected… you’re someone from the Church…”

He slowly opened his eyes, but I didn’t expect his first words to be something like that.

Oh right, earlier, I used my Angel’s wing to recover my HP, and then, I forgot to retract them.

The Church… Speaking of which, while I was searching for information, I saw that the Church had some human modification research materials as well. Is human body modifications actually a technology that both the Smuu household and the Church are fighting for?

… If that’s the case, then I will fool him a bit.

“Oh, so what? Even if you know that, what can you do about it?”

He was stunned when he heard these words, but he then started laughing. So strange. Just what is this guy trying to express?

“I don’t know… how you… knew about our training programme… but… since a

monster like you was dispatched… then we’re really quite flattered…”

“Un~ Well~ If I were to tell you that I was just too lucky and somehow spotted you guys, would you believe that? This was all…”

“This was all God’s guidance? Hmph, only you followers of God would say something like that!”

I was trying to say this was all the choice of Steins;Gate. Why did you steal my line for?

“Cough cough, alright, let us get to the main point. Tell me the intel on Oyado. Otherwise, I will immediately gouge out the doll’s core.”

“Hehe… Is that so? Then listen up.” “Un?”

“Even if I tell you, I will still die in the end! So, go to hell!”

After saying that, the doll’s head that was plugged into his chest was shot out into the sky like a missile! I turned and cast an Ice Shield, but I realized that thing did not attack me, rather, it flew towards the distance!

A black box?

They actually had a system like that installed as well? Such a thing wasn’t written down in the research documents I read!
30 Ice Arrows!
Blue trails of light flew after the doll’s head, but after flying a certain distance, all of them disappeared in an instant!

Crap, it went over my target range!

Watching the head as it flew away, I recalled the bow that Ms. Snow received back then. I took the bow out, and immediately pulled the bowstring.

A black and white arrow appeared at the bowstring. Predict, aim, release. A black and white overlapping trail of light cut across the sky, as the arrow flew towards the doll’s head.

From afar, I saw that the arrow scratching the side of the doll’s head. The head spun in the air a few times, before dropping into the forest.

Well~ It’s sort of settled, right?

I turned and took at look at Marl who was behind me, only to realize his head was hanged down, and his HP was already empty.

Is he dead? So his main body was the doll’s head, huh.

I looked at him as I pondered. Then, I waved my hands, releasing his entire body from the ice. I walked over to his corpse, sighed, and started searching it.

Kakakaka! After a series of noises, the doll’s casing was removed from the corpse, and it returned to its usual shape. But currently, it did not have a head, and looked very strange.

I held up the corpse’s hand. As expected, it was the same as what was written in the research documents. The index and middle fingers had a ring on each of them. After removing them, I threw the doll’s body straight into my ring.

But, after searching through his entire body, I did not find anything related to Oyado. Looks like their secrets are well-kept, huh.

I surveyed the surrounding houses, and after pondering for a moment, I shook my head.

Searching through all these houses? What a joke, there’s so many of them…

And at this moment, suddenly, in the distance, a red light was shot into the sky. When I turned to look, that direction was… Wasn’t it where the head flew to? That thing actually has some other mechanisms as well?

Hence, I quickly tapped on the all the speed buffs, spread out both of my wings, and flew towards that direction. In any case, there won’t be anyone else coming. After searching the area for so many days, I’m already pretty sure of that fact.

An accelerated flight felt just like a roller coaster, in an instant, I had already reached near the red pillar of light. As I decelerated, I looked towards the light, and realized there was a human figure at the center of the pillar of light.

“… Oyado!”

In the next second, I was able to immediately discern her identity from the clothes she was wearing. I dove in, and headed straight towards her.

“Hey! Oyado!”

I don’t know why, but she was hugging onto the doll’s head. A red glow was being emitted from the head’s eyes. The light that was released enveloped Oyado and the surroundings, as it shot through the skies.

Oh my god, just what the hell is that? I stretched my hands and tried to pull Oyado away from the pillar of light, but before I could even approach her, I received an electric shock.

Just what kind of barrier is this?

Or should I say, what kind of equipment is this? Why does a doll’s head have such a strange function?

While I was astonished, the red pillar of light slowly dissipated, as it went into Oyado’s eyes.


The doll’s head fell onto the ground, and it no longer shone.

I rushed towards Oyado’s side. Her eyes were expressionless as she stared blankly at the sky, and her eyes even had a red glow.

Slowly, her hair turned purple, and her eyes turned golden. Then, her eyes moved to look at me.

“… Big brother?”

“Oyado? Are you alright?”

“Un, Oyado is fine. But… I feel that a lot of things were forced into my mind… No… don’t, this… what is this!?”

Oyado revealed a fearful expression, then, her eyes turned white as she fainted. “Oyado! Oyado!”

I shook her body, but she didn’t have any reaction at all. I helplessly gave a bitter smile, as I first picked up the doll’s head at the side, before carrying Oyado.

For now, I should let her rest. With this thought in mind, I walked towards the village.

Chapter 32: Memory Magic and the Bishop Slaughterer

Night came, and the forest with completely no signs of human habitation was tranquil. Probably because, recently, I wrecked too much havoc nearby, there wasn’t even any signs of animals.

After gazing at the scenery outside the window, I threw firewood I got from the bandits’ supplies into the fireplace, and walked over to Oyado.

The light from the fire shone on her tender face. Although I don’t know what she’s dreaming of, but seeing how her brows were still creased, I knew it wasn’t a fun dream. But currently, there’s nothing I could do, other than looking at her like this.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect those unethical technology from our world to actually come to your world, and cause you to endure this much pain…”

I stroked her head, and then, covered her well with a blanket.

Although I don’t know what she had experienced before, But looking at her constantly increasing level and titles, I knew, Oyado was currently constantly becoming stronger, and re-obtaining her original abilities.
Human/Homunculus | 7 Years Old | LV 10 Free Person
[Kind] [Naive] [Pitiful] [Artificial Girl] [Homunculus] [Strongest Genetic Being] [Free Person] [Increased Learning] [Increased Strengthening]
Creating a homunculus. This technology has long surpassed the creation of dolls or modifications of humans. It’s a technology to create humans themselves. Cloning humans has already been completely banned in my world, so I didn’t expect that such a thing would surface in this strange place. Just who would…

Forget it, I will see how the situation goes. I can’t possibly manage something of this scale~

I sighed. After pondering for a moment, I took out the body of the doll and its head.

Firstly, the head. Usually, it’s where the control terminal is, and there might be something good in it.

With this thought in mind, I inspected it carefully, but after a while, I was left disappointed.

There’s actually a plug that’s similar to the academy’s library terminals within the head. In other words, to modify this thing, I can only wait till I modify the contents inside it.

Helplessly, I kept the head and turned to look at its body.

Out of its eight claws, four of them had already been broken by me. Currently, its detached form only had two pairs of legs left. The center of its body was split

open due to the fusion with Marl, but because I destroyed a portion of its exterior, after detaching from the fusion, it couldn’t completely close itself up.

Pulling out my dagger, I stabbed into the gap in the doll’s chest. With a light knock, the chest of the doll was opened up.

“Oh my god. Luckily, I managed to seal it with ice quickly, otherwise, it would have been terrible…”

The moment I opened its chest, I was shocked. There were two magic scrolls tied to each side of its interior. Out of the few magic scroll slots, one of them was empty. It seems the scroll Marl threw at me earlier was obtained from here.

If all the scrolls here were to explode at once, even I would be burnt into ashes! This doll is basically a high-grade suicide bomber. It must have cost a lot.

With this thought in mind, I retrieved the three scrolls that remained in the body, and threw them in my ring.

After that, I used Flash, and carefully inspected the doll’s interior.

Although I’m not entirely familiar with the technology of this thing, with a simple glance, even I knew that its power comes from the blue magic crystal in the middle. The rest of its parts… Other that the rows of cables and parts used to fuse the user and the doll, I’m unable to discern them.

But it’s already pretty good that I was able to locate the position of its power source~

With this thought, I kept the doll back in my ring.

Right at this moment, i suddenly felt there was an attack warning coming from my back. I quickly rolled forward, and pulled out my tachi right after.

“Who’s there!?” “……”

The person held a dagger in her hand, and actually appeared behind my back without making any sound. But…

Why does this figure look so much like Oyado’s? “Oyado, is that you?”

“Oyado? Me? Is that me? I’m… Oyado?”

She spoke some weird words, while I once again used a Flash spell. The white light shone on her face.

As expected, it was really Oyado. But currently, her eyes were soulless, and her pupils were twitching unnaturally. I’m not sure what’s going on with her at all.

“Oyado, I’m Fir. Do you remember me?”

“Fir? Oyado? Who’s Oyado? Who’s Fir? Big brother?” “Right, I’m your big brother, Fir. Don’t you remember?”

“Fir is big brother… big brother, Oyado… Oyado doesn’t know. Messy. My mind is

in a mess!” ‘Pa!’

The dagger fell onto the ground, and Oyado knelt on the ground while hugging

her head.

I hurriedly ran over. But the moment I approached her, a weird energy forcefully entered my brain.


“This is your present~”

“How’s your first day at school?”

“Papa is going to a very distant place. Don’t worry.”

“Mama has been killed by bad people, we can only depend on each other from now on.”

“Do you wish to avenge your parents? We can help you.” Kill!

“You exist only to kill.”

Countless images flashed past my mind like a revolving lantern, causing me to kneel on the ground from the pain.


What are these?

These things are like worms, directly invading into my mind and interfering with my memories. I immediately took out a bottle of Stun Dispel potion and drank it down. My situation settled down for a moment, but those weird memories were still surfing through my mind.

Memory Interference Magic!

I recall it now. Before, I saw a book in the library that introduced memory-related magic. Although the contents were vague, and only explained the existence of spells in this world that could interfere with one’s memory and modify one’s memory. But to use this type of magic, the user must have a strong spirit. And currently… this level of interference could only be caused by a LV 40 or 50 individual.

And that person even implanted this magic set-up inside a doll’s head, just what…

Ah, they said they wanted to implant memories that would allow them to control her more conveniently. In other words, this must be the thing to implant Oyado’s memories with.

“Geez, according to my experience, this sort of tragedy would create a Black-Belly Loli. Can’t you guys stop doing these wicked things?”

(t/n: Reference to another web-novel, it seems.)

“Memory Interference! There’s actually someone using this sort of magic!”

At this moment, a white shadow suddenly appeared between us. “Who are you!?”

The person looked towards me as well. I then saw his appearance, and realized he was a middle-aged man dressed in a white cloak. The large cross on his chest then told me of his identity.

“The LIght Church?”

“Un? So the light elemental energy that was released earlier was caused by you?” Without further ado, I expanded my wing.

“… A single piece of wing, no wonder your energy was impure.”

“Can we not talk about this right now? Since you know it’s memory magic, you should have a way to save Oyado, right!?”


He looked at me, and then turned to look at Oyado, and smiled. “What do I gain from this?”

“Hey hey, when did someone from the Light Church become so demanding?”

“After all, I have already left the Light Church, so how I use my abilities would obviously depend on my mood.”

“I will tell you the data I obtained about human modifications, if you help me save Oyado!”

“Human modifications!”

His two eyes suddenly shone, and then, he began laughing. “Not bad, deal!”

This old fox… Interesting!
Gabriel Lancette
Male | 45 Years Old | LV 56 Light Magician
[Neutral] [Betrayer] [Demonic Hand of Light] [Shadow of Light] [Former Cardinal] [Bishop Slaughterer]

Chapter 33: Memory Alteration

“Although I don’t know what happened, but currently, there’s countless of memories being forced into this girl’s mind. But what’s weird is that they are actually all incompatible. If I have to give a comparison, a certain event has unlimited possible endings, but all these endings are being forced into her memories in one go, just like…”

“Just like she experienced countless parallel world lines, is that right?” “… That’s a good comparison, I like it.”

He stopped for a moment, and asked.

“Right now, you have two choices. One, completely remove all these parallel memories, and leave her with her original memory. Two, completely remove all her memories. Although the former will remove all of those unnecessary memories, it will still leave an impact on her spirit, while the latter will not. What’s your choice?”


What’s with this weird 50-50 option? Can I save my current progression before choosing? No matter if its removing all her memories or causing spiritual damage, neither of them are good choices at all.

This is really hard. Honestly, this is… “Big brother…”

Suddenly, Oyado called out.

“I don’t want to forget…”

“Oyado, were you able to listen to our conversation?” “A little… but… no matter what… do not remove…”

After saying that, Oyado actually raised out her own hand and struck the back of

her neck, and then, she fainted. This…

“Oh, looks like she’s really determined. Since that’s the case, I do have a good idea.”

“What is it?”

“Help me enter her memories, and then directly alter the data inside.” “What?”

Entering her memories? What kind of weird setting is this?

“You actually know Memory Magic as well? And you can allow me to enter her memories?”

“Hmph~ In the past, because I altered the Archbishop’s memories, I turned him into the sinner of a slaughterer. But this requires an adjustment that takes a long time. If you’re willing to directly enter her memories, and correctly guide out the correct memory, I can instantly remove the rest.”


“Don’t worry, only your spirit will be entering her memories. Your physical body will stay safe and sound outside. And I can tell you this, within a radius of a few hundred meters, there’s no one else here to interrupt this process. So, don’t worry.”

“No, I’m more worried that you would do something to my memories.”

“…Hahaha, I guess so. But you understand, right? Currently, the only person capable of helping you, is me.”


I sighed. I just have to pray to the world that the memory of the fact that I’m an otherworlder will be not found out easily.

“Then, tell me. How is this going to work?”

“Looking at the basic information, the memory that needs to be altered is a week’s worth of time, between her parents’ death a week ago and now. Are you ready?”

“Of course!”

“3, 2, 1, wish you luck~”

After saying that, he snapped his finger. My vision suddenly blurred, and I collapsed onto the ground.

“Big brother, hurry up and wake up!” “Hah?”

I suddenly woke up, and realized I was currently sitting on a bed. My body was soaked with sweat.

Looking at my surroundings, I was currently in a very simple wooden house. And beside my bed, was a panicked Oyado.

“Big brother… What’s wrong?”

When I saw her panicked expression, I wanted to say something, but Gabriel’s voice suddenly resounded in my mind.

“Remember, the setting in this memory will be a little different compared to before. Because the original memory had already been greatly interfered by the rest of the memories. I can only use this method to intervene. Currently, you’re her big brother. You will create the rest of her memories. But, take note, you’re currently nothing more than a normal person. If you were to die, the memory will be completely destroyed. You will not get a retry. Do you understand?”

“If I fail, what will happen to Oyado?”

“I will try my best to delete memories other than the original memory, but this will result to a wound in her spirit.”

“Alright, I will give my best.”

After speaking with Gabriel, I looked towards Oyado. “I, I had a nightmare.”

“Is that so. Geez, Why did you have to frighten me? It’s not everyday I get to wake you up.”

“Sorry sorry. Because it was too scary~ Oh right, why did you wake me up?”

“Get to work! Papa and Mama have already went out to hand over the money to those bad guys. If you don’t work, who’s going to?”

“Is that so…”

I scratched my head as I gave a silly smile. Then, I asked in my heart.

“Hey hey, why did the memory start at this time? Can’t I have arrived earlier to save her parents?”

“According to the data in her memory, her parents don’t exist in the first place. The death of her so-called parents is a fixed memory. The things that happen after is based on this memory.”

“Is that so? It really completely avoids the best ending, huh. If that’s the case, what actually happens in this scenario?”

“The route in this line of memory is… After her parents were killed, the bandits came over to attack the village. Oyado, who was hiding under the penthouse, was still found by the bandits. At the very last moment, suddenly, a warrior appeared and he killed all of the bandits, and saved her. Then…”

“Then, Oyado joins his organization, right? What the hell. That’s basically the perfect ending. Who’s the author? Is it possible for me to meet up with him and talk to him about the philosophy of life?”

“You will get your chance one day.” Helplessly, I could do nothing but nod.

“Alright, alright. Then you have to be a good girl and stay at home.”

“Big brother, do you know what you have to do?” “Eh?”

I really don’t know. I don’t know anything about this memory at all…

“See, big brother is always this unreliable! Hurry up and head over to the forest! We need some firewood! So go there and chop some!”

“Alright, alright!”

After saying that, I immediately rushed out of the house. I picked up the axe that was beside the door along the way, and the headed straight for the forest.

“Gabriel, why do I feel that this body is a little weird? What’s with this weird heavy feeling?”

“That’s very normal. Because in this memory, you’re nothing more than a normal person.”

“A normal person? That’s honestly the perfect protagonist setting, huh. But in this sort of setting, I will die under the bandits’ attack, right?”

“That’s certainly so. That’s why I said that, to ensure that the memory is fixed up perfectly, there are two things you have to do. One, protect your own life, and then two, save Oyado.”

It’s simpler said than done. With this body that has completely no combat ability, I’m basically courting death if I tried to do that sort of thing.

It’s as if someone told you that boss gives you loads of experience, and you use that LV 1 character of yours to rush over, only to be instantly smashed into dust.

No chance of victory, that’s basically my current situation.

It would be good if I’m at least able to use some sort of skill. But currently, other than the axe in my hand, there’s nothing else that I can use.

“Can’t you turn me into an advanced-grade magician or give me an advanced- grade warrior role in this memory?”

“Tell that to the person who designed this memory. Currently, the only person able to intervene in this memory is you, and only you. But your spirit is not able to interfere in this world, naturally, a situation like this will happen, right?”

“Eh? This is my fault? My fault?” “Well~ Do what you can!”

“Even if you say that…”

I can’t actually use my willpower to turn into superman, you know! “Ice Arrow!”

I extended my hand towards a tree bark, but nothing appeared.

That’s also natural. After all, currently, I don’t even have a single menu, so how can I execute a magic spell? That’s right, the current me is unable to view anything like a skill menu. It’s just like how I actually was before I came into this world.

I’m a normal person. A very normal, normal person. I’m so normal, that I’m basically like that student you pick out from any school. That student do not have a possibility of having any special superpowers, and is absolutely normal.

So normal, it’s abnormal.


“Let’s see, what was it? That incantation… It was pretty short… The source of ice that’s hidden beneath the abyss of absolute cold, with my identity as your loyal worshipper, lend me your power! Empower my inner heart, my body, and my wish! Summon! Ice Armor!”


I actually, unbelievably… summoned a bracer!

Eh? The student who was picked out was actually a magical girl?

“Eh? Aren’t I still able to use magic? Although I was only able to summon a bracer… Let’s try again!”

But this time, I wasn’t as fortunate as before. Even after chanting dozens of times, only that single bracer was successfully summoned.

Although I’m unclear of the reasons, but as someone who is able to feel the magic flow, I understood that this definitely wasn’t a problem about magical capacity. Because this world is constructed completely using magic, so a phenomenon of a lack of magic particles basically will not appear.

“Borrow strength unto my body, convert ferociousness into bravery, Strengthen!” Suddenly, I felt a surge of strength in my body! This is simply incredible!

I picked up the axe under my feet, and aimed at the tree beside me as I waved at it… A tree bark of a width of about half a meter was instantly chopped down!

Woooah, I suddenly felt like I turned into a berserker and had the urge to shout towards the sky!

Well, if I do something like that, it would be a little chuunibyou-ish.

“I really didn’t think that, you would be this unexpected. With that little amount

of spiritual energy, you’re able to direct your actual combat ability into this world!”

Gabriel’s voice suddenly resounded. Looks like that guy knows exactly what’s going on here right now.

“Well, after all, I’m not just an average person.”

“Then if that’s the case, you best hurry. After all, those bandits have already arrived at the village.”

“Rather, right from the start, they were already in the village, right?” “That’s right~”

But currently, I realized a very serious problem. A very, very serious problem.

Other than Strengthen and Ice Armor… what were the incantations for the rest of the skills again?

Chapter 34: Battle of Blades

I calmed myself down and slowly breathed in.

As I did that, I moved slowly to the bushes at the side of the village.

I have no choice. In my current state, I can’t possibly descend gallantly from the skies like before, turn all those bandits into ice, and save Oyado.

At most, I’m only a little stronger than an average person, and I can only remember the incantations for Strengthen and Ice Armor. And regarding the Ice Armor, probably because I spoke one of the lines of the incantation wrongly, only the gauntlet was summoned.

Really, I’m about to cry here. Why do I always land in situations like this? Being unable to recite the incantations or whatever, I’m basically a humiliation to all magicians.

Although I have never cared about it before, but… only when I needed them, did I realize their importance!

As I slowly approached the village, the act was almost at its end.

Marl, who was acting as the village elder, just pulled Oyado out from the house, and bandits immediately surrounded them from four different directions.

“Oyado, hurry and find a place to hide!”

Marl pointed to the direction behind him, and then picked up a farming tool at the side.

“I will block them!” “But village elder…” “Hurry!”

Oyado hesitated for a moment, but still turned and headed to the forest behind


After Oyado ran for quite a while, Marl waited for a few more moments before he threw the farming tool away.

“Alright, everyone, change your clothes! We’re going to chase after Oyado! Remember, do not hurt her! Otherwise, you guys will take responsibility with your death! Understand!?”


The surrounding men answered together. At the same time, the people who were acting as corpses on the ground stood up as well. They took out the clothes they had, revealing a cloth armor underneath.

This is really too much, huh. So many people are moving out just for a single Oyado. Don’t you adults think that your lives are a little pathetic?

But this evidently isn’t the time to frustrate myself about their lives. Because currently, what I must do now, is to kill them, and then, save Oyado!

And in times like this, obviously, we have to deal with the most difficult task at hand first!

“Borrow unto my body, convert ferociousness into bravery, Strengthen!”

My entire body was filled with power in an instant. At the same time, I charged out of the bushes, and hacked Marl’s head with an axe!

“Who is it!”

At the very last moment, Marl dodged my attack by bending his body forward. Although I was not able to strike directly onto his head, but my axe hacked onto the back of his armor, and split it into half!

Feeling the strength of my attack, he finally decided to tumble forward. He then stood up and looked towards my direction.

“This… It’s actually you, why would…”

“Don’t you know that, usually, Bosses that talk too much die early?” Smiling, I rushed towards him, and hacked at him with my axe again.

But this time, he immediately pulled out his sword, and took my frontal attack


“Your strength isn’t bad, huh? You’re actually this strong.”

“I got it from chopping down trees!”

I let go of the axe, and pulled out the dagger from his waist. Then, I stabbed it into his knee.

As I thought, the knee is the weakness for all adventurers! “Aaaaaah!!!”

Of course, I did not forget to kick the dagger that was stabbed deep into his knee,

and allow him to enjoy the pain.

The ancients have told us, that we must take their lives while they’re weak. Just as he was howling, I quickly picked up my axe, and then slashed it at his broken armor.

At the same time, I grabbed onto his arm which was holding onto his sword. With a twist of his hand, I pierced his sword into his own chest.

“This is impossible… You…”

“I can’t possibly do this? Is that right? Sorry, for the time being, this world belongs to me!”

After saying that, I fiercely exerted my strength, and pulled out the sword that was stabbed deeply into his chest.

Marl looked at me disbelievingly, as his body slowly fell to the ground.

I turned around and looked at the bandits who were looking at me with expressions of disbelief. With an axe and a sword in each hand, I smiled.

“Who wants to be next?”

“Everyone, together! He’s only a single person!”

Hey hey! You guys should have at least flinched for a moment! Couldn’t you guys have coordinated with my domineering words!?

The person approaching me was a swordsman, as he rushed towards me with his long sword. But his speed, when compared to Marl’s, was not as quick. With a twist of my body, I dodged his attack. At the same time, I slashed at his leg, and he fell onto the ground.

I immediately threw the axe to a side, and then forcefully took his long sword. At the same time, I raised it towards my back, and a spear slid across the edges of the sword as it cut across my right.

I turned and slashed apart the spear with the sword in my other hand. Then, I sliced apart his neck. Time to pack up!

Seeing two of their companions die in a span of less than ten seconds, the rest of the bandits finally stopped approaching me rashly, and decided to circle around me.

Not good, not good! If they were to attack at the same time, I won’t be able to fight back at all~

I fiercely charged directly towards the side, with the swords in my hands raised up high.

The bandit that were facing towards me retreated out of fright. I immediately rushed out of the encirclement, and kicked him away. Then, I charged towards the forest.

Oyado, wait for me!

Chapter 35: Lin Oyado

After searching for a long while, in the end, I was able to find Oyado crying at the corner of the cemetery.

Heaving a sigh of relief, I walked over. “Oyado.”

“Ah… It’s big brother. What… what happened to the bad guys?”

A loli in tears is really lethal for the heart, huh. Seeing the current Oyado, I could not help but tremble.

Calm down! I’m not a lolicon, nor am I a siscon! “They’re currently looking for us. Let’s hurry and run.”

“Really, are you supposed to say something like that so calmly?”

“Yes yes, let’s go~”

Pulling Oyado along, we started to run towards the opposite direction of the village.

Turning back to look at the village’s direction, I don’t know why, but those bastards were not chasing after us. I don’t understand at all. From what I heard from them earlier, those bastards would feel terror worse than death if Oyado were to escape. This is a memory. Even if there are slight discrepancies with reality, their goal shouldn’t change. Just what is…

Although I was skeptical, but it’s best to quickly escape this place with Oyado for now.

When I was searching nearby the village before, I found a dirt road leading to another place, which seemed to be human-made. It’s probably a road that leads to another village or city. Currently, our target is that dirt road.

I don’t know how I can end this memory, but if I’m able to reach a place which intersects with the real world, then it should be possible.

At least, that’s what I think.


We have already progressed into the forest for quite a long time, but we have yet to see the road, which was our target.

How is that possible? According to the distance we have walked, we should have reached by now.

Are we lost? That’s totally impossible. Because currently, I’m hundred percent sure, the route we took was a straight line. Hence, I stopped walking.

“Big brother, what happened?” “Something’s a little off.”

I pointed to the tree at the side.

“I saw this tree once, and it was at the other side of the village. This place… there’s something wrong about it.”

“Gabriel, is the data of this place wrong?” “……”

There wasn’t a reply. Weird. He actually dropped my call at a moment like this?

It totally smells like a conspiracy.

“Is that so? Then I must have remembered it wrongly then, huh?” Remembered it wrongly?

I looked at Oyado, only to realize she was looking at me with a weird expression. Is this… a smile?

I quickly backed two steps away, and then looked at her.

“Big brother, what’s wrong?” “… Who are you?”

“Me? I’m Oyado.”

“Hmph. Stop lying. When the cute Oyado is talking to me, would she hide a set of daggers behind her back?”


‘Oyado’ laughed. Stretching out her arms, a pair of daggers appeared in her hands. As I thought, my observation skills worsened after getting used to the title system.

Fortunately, the title system was downgraded, otherwise, my observation skills would have been totally lost.

Killing intent…

Although currently, I can’t see any attack warnings, I could still feel killing intent emitted by someone. Though, this wasn’t the reason why I stopped walking with Oyado, because I had already seen a set of daggers being hidden in her sleeves earlier.

“What is going on here? This is no longer a problem with the memory, rather, there’s something wrong with this entire world line.”

“Un? Well, you feel that this place is weird, right? This is inevitable. After all, this doesn’t correspond to any situation you know of, right?”

“It’s not just a matter of corresponding. This situation is completely different.”

“This is inevitable, big brother. You killed the people that were monitoring Oyado, but what you didn’t realize was, since the Smuu household would actually hand Oyado to them without any worries, it means that…”

“It means that, Oyado, you yourself is their biggest insurance. Am I right?” “To be exact, the biggest insurance is my earliest implanted memory.” “Just what kind of memory is that?”

“Well… It’s a memory of me killing you!”

After saying that, ‘Oyado’ waved her hand. The nine bandits that did not chase after us earlier suddenly appeared in our surroundings, and surrounded us. And in the next moment, bending her body forward, she fiercely accelerated, and charged towards me with a zigzag movement!

“Borrow unto my body, covert ferociousness into bravery, Strengthen!”

After finishing the incantation, I immediately jumped into the sky, and protected my chest with the two swords. Her two daggers slid across my swords, causing sparks to fly.

“The source of ice that’s hidden beneath the abyss of absolute cold, I order you! Empower my inner heart, my body, and my wish! Summon! Ice Armor!”

This time, the complete set of ice armor finally appeared on my body. “Oh, a Magic Knight. Big brother isn’t that simple, huh.”

“But of course!”

The moment I landed on the ground, I immediately turned and slashed both my swords at the same time. But, Oyado had already jumped up into the air. With her daggers, she lightly tapped on my long swords, and dodged my attack by following through its momentum.

After swinging my two swords, she twisted her body in the air, and aimed her daggers at me as she fell!

As I was still unable to withdraw my arms from my earlier attack, my arms were pierced by the daggers, and the ice armor protecting my arms shattered into pieces.

I retreated a few steps back. After stabilizing my body, I looked towards Oyado.

“Big brother’s skills aren’t bad, huh~ The memories of a very strong assassin’s skills were implanted into my mind, you know~ Seeing that you were able to dodge under such circumstances, big brother is already quite strong.”

“Thank you for the praise. If that’s really the case, why don’t we put down our weapons and have a nice chat? It’s not good to fight and kill.”

“Hehe, big brother is really interesting.”

Oyado laughed, as the daggers in her hand spun at high speed under her control, as if the daggers themselves had souls in them.

“Haven’t you noticed? Currently, we’re in a situation where either of us must die. This is the restriction of this memory, and also our fate~”

As she said that, she flung the two daggers at me. The long sword on my left hand flew off from the impact. At the same time, two… no, four bandits came rushing towards me from behind me!

“What great coordination!”

I will only die if I continue to simply stand around. I rushed towards the leftmost bandit, and pierced his chest with my sword. Then, that bandit actually turned into a cloud of mist and disappeared!

I then turned my body and blocked the long sword that came at me. I kicked the target away, and then stabbed him with my sword.

but suddenly, at this moment, I felt a heavy blow struck on my back. The ice armor I was wearing shattered into pieces in an instant. When I turned to look, that bastard was actually wielding a heavy hammer!

If only I could use my magic! If I had my magic, these people would have already…

Just as I was thinking of this, I suddenly felt a familiar feeling growing in the palm of my hand. When I stretched it out to look, a blue light was actually flashing on it.


And just as I was startled for a moment, the bandits holding onto the heavy hammer and long sword rushed over. The two weapons were swung towards me.

I hurriedly extended out my hand to block. The blue light enveloped them in an instant. In the next moment, they had all turned into ice!

I looked at my own hand.

Weird, I didn’t even chant anything, so why…

But I couldn’t care less about it for now. I knocked onto the two blocks of ice twice, and the two ice sculptures shattered.

“Isn’t there a third choice? I don’t wish to fight you at all!”

“It’s inevitable. This is the restriction set in this memory, and is the ending that cannot be avoided. Big brother, you… you understand, don’t you? Even if you don’t wish to do so, even if you aren’t willing, you can only pick the choice that is right in front of you.”

“Is that so…” I laughed.

“My existence here is to create an impossible ending. I even did both the Vampire and Dawnguard questlines in Skyrim at the same time, you know?”

After saying that, I flung out six balls of ice with a single throw!

The six balls of ice struck directly on-target. Six… no, only five ice sculptures stood there. Oyado actually disappeared from her original position, and only a frozen dagger was left there!

“She actually used her dagger to block my magic spell…”

I looked around, but I couldn’t find any traces of her at all.

“Your attack is a magic bullet made by compressing magical energy. There’s no such thing in the records, but… it seems the things the bullets land on will be simply frozen!”

It wasn’t just Oyado’s voice that came from the sky, her dagger was heading towards me as well! The dagger easily penetrated through my back, which lost the protection from the ice armor!


Reaching out to my back, I grabbed onto Oyado’s arm, and swung her to the front. At the same time, I threw my long sword, and froze her to the ground with ice. “You lost. This is the end. Give up. Try being a good child.”


She glared at me quite a while, and then let out a bitter laugh. “Just why are you so persistent for, I can’t understand at all.” “I’m persistent in my morals!”

“… Very well. You’re really interesting! You win!”

Suddenly, her right arm actually broke from my ice seal, and she slashed her dagger at me!

I immediately leapt back to dodge her attack. The moment I wielded my long sword, the entire space suddenly shook.

“What is…”

When I turned to look, Oyado actually stabbed her dagger into her own chest! “Well… I will help you bring those unnecessary memories into hell, so… please

persist with your morals. Oh right, we shall meet again in hell.” “What kind of parting line is that!?”

Immediately after, the space around me collapsed, and I was enveloped in


Part 5 – Smuu

Chapter 36: The Next Journey


When I opened my eyes again, there was a HP bar hovering in mid-air.

With a wave of my hand, the familiar menu appeared before me. Seeing these, I could not help but feel relieved.

“Are you awake?”

I turned to look where Gabriel’s voice came from, and saw him closing a book in his hands.

“That girl called Oyado have already woken up. She said she wanted to prepare something to eat for her big brother, so she’s currently really busy.”

“Is that so? I must really thank her for the hard work.”

I stood up from the bed and did some stretching. I felt the same as before, which meant there wasn’t any problems.

“Then, taking this opportunity, mind if I ask something?” “What is it?”

“Just who the hell are you? You should be someone from the Church… no, you were from the Church, right?”

“Oh. Really? How did you come up with that conclusion?”

“Even those fake priests would make the effort to remove the stench of blood from their bodies. But, you did not. This proves that you’re no longer one of their members… Is that sufficient?”

“… Hahaha. That’s right. I’m indeed no longer a part of them. And…” He took out a red cross.

“I even became an existence that goes against their name – an assassin.”

“Is that so. Then why are you looking for the data on human modifications? Isn’t that something the Church wants to collect?”

“I see. You have a really sharp mind, young man.” He kept the cross in his hand, and stood up.

He then pulled his collar to a side, and a giant scar on his chest was revealed. At the same time, new titles appeared beside his name.
[Devil Counter] [Regenerative Modified Human]
“I see, so you’re a modified human as well. Then this isn’t hard to understand. But I’m only able to provide the information on Smuu household’s human modifications, and not the Church’s.”

“It’s fine. Being able to destroy any form of this unethical technology is a good thing.”

“You’re really hot-blooded, huh. This isn’t a quality an assassin should have, you know.”

“Hahaha. Even though you’re a magician, your swordsmanship is pretty good as well. Don’t you know that focusing on one is the strongest path?”

“That maybe so.”

“But you’re really pretty good. Why don’t you join our Assassin Guild?” “No need. I already belong to an organization.”

After hearing my words, he was evidently shocked, looking at his widened eyes.

But a moment later, his expression returned to its original state.

“Understandable. Since you have such capabilities at such a young age, it’s natural that you have somewhere you belong. I won’t probe into which organization you’re under, after all, it’s fine as long as long we benefit mutually in the things

we do. Don’t you think so?” “I agree.”

I nodded.

“Big brother, what are you guys talking about~?”

Suddenly, the door opened, and Oyado brought a pot of food into the room. “We’re discussing what we’re going to do from now on. Oyado, is your body


“Un. My memories have told me what I’m supposed to do, so I’m completely fine now. And I realized there was a soup that could help with recovery in my memories, so I decided to try it out.”

“Is that so…” Memories…

“Oyado, your current memories…”

“It’s the memories that both of us know of. The other me told me that, because of your help, the unnecessary memories were eliminated. Thus, allowing my current memories to be retained.”

“Is that so…”

Looks like the other Oyado did indeed bring all those unnecessary memories to hell.

“But Oyado learnt quite a few things as well. After removing those unnecessary memories, I still retain a few interesting things in mind. For example, how to cook, how to provide first-aid, how to show courtesy, and also, how to kill people.”


I helplessly let out a sigh. As I thought, since the other Oyado had such strong combat abilities, the retained memories would definitely include those abilities.

So, in the end, Oyado has become a murderer loli? “Let me confirm one thing.”

“What is it~”

“You know that killing is bad, right?”

“But of course. Is big brother treating me as a serial killer?”

“No, of course not. I’m just worried that those memories would greatly affect you.”

“Don’t worry, big brother. I’m still very clear of these things, just like how I know I’m a man-made doll, who don’t have any parents.”

“What!? How do you know about that?”

“Because they are all in my memories. Thanks to big brother, the memory restriction equipment was destroyed. Hence, I’m very clear of my own situation.”


“Don’t worry~” Oyado laughed.

“Oyado will not be affected by these things. Oyado is currently very strong, so big brother, you don’t have to worry.”

“Haha, is that so…”

I can’t stop worrying at all!

There’s a loli which hold more years of memories than me right beside me. I can’t describe this feeling I’m currently having at all.

“In any case, let’s first have some food.”

“We… Wait, are you planning to journey with us after this?” “Is there a problem?”

Gabriel laughed.

“At the very least, wear your clothes properly. If you expose your chest like that, people might think you’re homo.”

“Homo? What’s that?”

“It’s a pain to explain, forget about it. I don’t have any opinion on journeying together. But… Do you know where’s Jirandur City?”

“Jirandur City?”

He showed a startled expression.

“How can I not know of it? That’s currently the nearest large city from here. Although it’s situated at the borders of the Ice Empire, it’s where several Mercenary Guilds, Adventurer Guilds could be found together. It’s even where several Assassin Guilds are hiding.”

“… Is that so.”

Was that why this place was chosen as the experiment ground? “Then alright. Don’t you want to know information regarding human

modifications? Then our next stop will be there.” “Very well. Then, let’s eat~”

Oyado said as she placed a bowl of black soup in front of me.

Alright, even though it looks really scary, but compared to the food certain people make, it smells much normal.

Let’s try it out…

Un, the taste is pretty good~

Chapter 37: Mercenaries in Disguise

A day later, three people, dressed like mercenaries, appeared at the entrance to Ice Empire’s Jirandur City. Obviously, these people were us.

Gabriel was dressed like a Combat Cleric. With his grey hair and white long robe, and the cross necklace he was wearing around his neck, he really looked the part. But that’s of course, after all, he was an actual Priest in the past.

Oyado was wearing an Assassin outfit. While wearing a set of light armor, two daggers were strapped around her waist. The black hair I dyed for her were straightened smoothly behind her head. Fortunately, those bandits prepared several different clothes for her, which made it more convenient.

As for me, I had a couple of choices. After all, disguising has become a norm for me. But for convenience sake, I changed my appearance to the look I usually have in the academy, but I was now wearing the grey light armor the bandits were wearing. After all, these armor have several cracks and scars, which shows that it has underwent many battles.

And I realized that my close-combat weapon skills were passable, so I carried a long sword behind my back.

“You really look the part.”

This was how Gabriel evaluated me. As to how I actually look, I don’t really know myself.

But… The actual situation was, when the three of us entered the city, the city guards did not even look at us at all.

“I already told you. This place is a chaotic border city. People such as mercenaries wouldn’t be taken much notice at all.”


Ever since I stepped into this city, I have already noticed the city’s situation. The walls of the city seemed to have been fixed up quite a few times, and judging from the color of the walls, they were fixed at different time periods. Should I say, as expected of a border city?

And the difference between this city and the empire city was like heaven and earth. Looking at the broken and old structures and buildings here, it basically felt like I was in a different era compared to the time when I was at the empire city.

Simple cottages, residences with severely broken walls. It felt like the city had just received a blow from a hurricane.

“Because we’re currently close to the border of the city, the damage here are rather severe. Once we head further in, the situation will be a little better.”

Probably because he noticed my expression, Gabriel explained.

“I guess, that North Street’s 19th Lot probably belongs to the inner city, right?” “Eh? North Street’s 19th Lot?”

Gabriel pondered for a moment, and then he pointed to a street on the other side. “The place you’re speaking of is there, if I recall correctly.”


The place he pointed to, was actually… a weapon store!

Hey hey hey, are you sure the address was correct? Such a torn-down weapon store… is actually the next stop the quest hinted? At the very least, renovate your place, damn it!

“Are you telling me the related place you spoke of is that place?” “Well, that’s what it says from the intel I received.”

“Is that so…”

He pondered for a few moments.

“This is rather understandable. After all, what looks like the most impossible place to be a stronghold would probably have the most important secrets being stored.”

“I hope so. Then are we going to do now?”

“Well, even if you ask me, I don’t know either. In any case, we can’t possibly attack them in broad daylight. Even if we want to do something to them, we have to wait till later.”

“I guess so. Oyado, what do you think?”

“Big brother actually asked me for my opinion, I’m so happy~ Umm… I think that’s indeed how our current situation is. But, it’s not like we can’t do anything right now. After all, we can still slightly investigate them. It’s a weapon store, and since it’s open, we can naturally enter and leave that place freely~”

“You’re right. Then we should…”

“We can’t~ Big brother must at least change the weapon you’re currently carrying. Even though the set of armor you’re wearing is a normal product, but that long sword is actually a special product made by the weapon store, which is under the Smuu household. The sword has the Smuu family’s insignia, and it even has a hidden grid.”

After saying that, Oyado walked over to my back, and then pressed a button at the center of the sword handle.


The long sword’s blade moved forward, and the thing hidden in the handle was revealed.

“This is… a scroll?”

“Un. Actually, every weapon of theirs has a wind elemental mist scroll, so that the user can make a convenient escape if necessary.”

Oyado pulled the scroll out, and then placed it on my hand. “Just like that.”

“If that’s the case, then I just thought of a good reason~”

I kept the scroll in my ring, and then laughed.

“Welcome, customers. What types of weapons are you looking for?”

Seeing the three of us entering the store, the store clerk faced towards us and asked.

“Haha, I broke my sword while I was venturing, so I wish to find a weapon to replace it. I’m a newcomer among the mercenaries, this time, I realized long swords don’t suit me, so I wish to find a better weapon to replace it.”

“Is that so? Then please be at ease. We have all types of weapons available in our store. We have replicas over there, and their weight and grip are hundred percent true to the actual products. Feel free to try them out, as long as you do not disturb the other customers… Haha, there aren’t any other customers right now, so please feel free to use them as you wish.”

The clerk laughed as he replied.

From his looks alone, he indeed felt like a good-natured clerk. But… by inspecting him carefully, I was able to see through his actual identity.
Male | 24 Years Old | LV 14 Doll User
[Neutral] [Compliant] [Smuu Household’s Servant] [Combat Doll User] [Household Doll User]
It’s a really normal introduction, huh. But this completely confirmed his identity, and this place was indeed one of Smuu household’s bases.

Since that’s the case…

“That’s good. Then we will be taking a look~”

Then, I headed over to the weapon rack, and surveyed the store.

Un… The entire space in the shop looks rather small compared to how it looks from the outside. Looks like the walls are rather thick. No wonder, even though the walls looked torn-down, I couldn’t find any breaches. Those torn-down scars are probably simply disguises.

Then… the floor was actually made of marble. Even though they’re cheap goods, but there’s a very thick and solid feeling when I step on it. A store which uses this much of marble, is definitely not a simple shop. And this sort of structure is probably used to hide a possible basement underneath the store.

But, the windows of the store even have magical formations set up. It’s impossible to enter this place sneakily without sufficient skills.

Well, we have probably gathered enough information about this place for now.

After thinking that, I picked out the replicas of a long sword and a short sword from the weapon racks. And then, I swung them around for a bit.

I don’t feel comfortable wielding them at all!

“Kid, you don’t seem to be interested in these things at all.” “Un, I kind of feel that… these are inadequate for me.” “Inadequate? You… Are you really a magician?”

The words he spoke were said softly, as if it was only meant for me to hear.

“Why do you say that?”

“If you feel that these weapons are inadequate for you, it only means that these weapons are already too light for you, and you require a heavier weapon to balance with the current strength you possess. But you’re evidently a magician…”

“Well, I already told you to treat me as a freak. But the heavier weapons you spoke of… How am I going to find one that balances with my strength?”

“For example, I have two crosses. The one on my neck is a medium for light magic spells, which can be compared to a magic staff. While the red cross I wield is a magic sword, and its heaviness is affected by the amount of mana I pour into it. Only when its heaviness reaches the balance point, will my attack have the biggest effect.”

“But when it comes to regular weapons, a heavier weapon would mean denser materials were used to craft it, right?”

“Un, you can’t adjust its weight freely. So you most probably… need a weapon that has a combination function.”

“Combination function?”

“Which means it’s a weapon that you can connect parts together, depending on your needs.”

“Oh? Dear customer, are you interested in Connect Weapons?”

The clerk seemed to have heard our conversation, and hurriedly said. “Un, what types of Connect Weapons do you have here?”

“We have several types, but what’s popular are the combination between a spear

and a large sword, and the combination between a dagger and a long sword.”

After saying that, he picked out two weapons from the rack beside him. The one on his left was a large sword, while on his right was a long sword.

He looked at my doubtful expression, and laughed contentedly. Then, he stabbed the two weapons onto the wooden board at the side, and pressed the buttons on their hilts.

The part between the large sword’s blade and its hilt extended, revealing a long spear handle. While on the other side, the long sword retracted into its hilt, turning into a dagger.

“Although it feels weird, it looks pretty impressive!”

Wasn’t the original objective to increase the weapon’s weight? But is there really a change in its weight with this type of transformation?

Even if that’s the case…

“Boss, get me one of each type of such weapons!” How can I not purchase such cool-looking weapons!?

Chapter 38: Jirandur – Black Market

“If I may ask, where did all your money come from?”

Walking out of the weapon store, Gabriel asked me with a bitter expression. “What about it?”

“Haah, it seems your guild is pretty wealthy. To think you’re willing to buy these

sorts of unenchanted weapons.” “Haha… Is that so.”

Contrary to my expectations, these weapons were actually quite cheap. A single

weapon costed only a single gold. Although there are no additional effects, the boost in attack strength is still rather significant.

But this store only had four different types of Connect Weapons. The clerk explained that because the other types did not sell well, they did not replenish their stocks. But since I won’t possibly specialize in the weapons that even the people in this world don’t specialize in, the four types I purchased were enough.

These four types of weapons were evidently additional products created by the Smuu household while they were creating their dolls, and every weapon had a name of their own. The weapon combination between a large sword and a spear was called ‘Fearsome’, the combination between a long sword and a dagger was called ‘Breaker’, the combination between dual blades and a bow was called ‘Intimidation’, and the combination between a knight sword and a whip was called ‘Punisher’. Although I don’t know who gave them these names, but they sound pretty amazing.

But, after buying them, I immediately threw them into my ring. After all, people usually wouldn’t buy such unique weapons for use, as mercenaries would only use a single preferred weapon of their choice. And for a period of time, we would need to lay low in this city. Showing these weapons around in the open would catch too much attention.


“We seemed to have stand out too much when we were buying the weapons. We now have a few people following us.”

As we made a turn, I spotted the four people behind us. They all had red names, which evidently meant that their target was me.

But their levels weren’t that high. They were all in the LV 14 to 16 range, so they were not much of a threat.

“Un, I realized as well. But later, we will be entering the black market, these people would probably retreat then, right?”

Gabriel glanced towards their direction and said.

“But it won’t be safe if they know that we’re heading towards the black market, right? After all, we behaved a little out of the norm at the Smuu household’s store. If they’re men sent by the Smuu household, then we won’t be safe at all, right~

Big brother~?”

“Un, Oyado, you’re right. But…”

“Leave it to me, big brother. I will make sure they won’t ever return…” “No!”

I sternly looked at Oyado and said.

“I don’t know what’s stored in your memories, but don’t always solve everything with violence. That’s not right.”


“I think it’s better to leave this mission to uncle Gabriel.” “After saying that, I looked towards Gabriel.

“Eh? Why me?”

“Don’t you have memory magic? Can’t you just alter the memories of those four people?”

“That really… doesn’t fit your personality at all. Even though you were ruthless when you were handling those bandits. You didn’t even ask for their names and simply exterminated them all.”

“Because killing those bastards doesn’t matter in the slightest at all. We don’t even know where these people come from. If their guild finds out they’re dead,

and if the Smuu household were to disclose the intel they know, then we will be in trouble. You don’t want trouble, right?”

“What you say make sense.”

“Indeed, big brother really thought this through.” “Haha…”

I had no choice. Earlier, among their titles, I saw the words [Bright Dragon Guild].

Even if I don’t know much about other guilds, I knew that this particular guild was extremely vengeful.

This guild… if I were to describe it, is that it’s a guild formed by a group of grudgeful individuals. The moment someone angers one of their members, it’s basically the same as angering the entire nest of hornets. Once, a certain guild harmed one of their members. As if they were avenging the deaths of their families, they killed all of that guild’s members on sight, and the commotion only ended a month after. Thus, they became famous from this incident.

A guild like this cannot be messed with, otherwise, it would turn into a war between the three of us and their entire guild. Although we have a sinister magician, a sinister dark priest, and an assassin that specializes in every form of killing methods, but… killing is still a bad thing to do. It’s not like I find it troublesome to kill these people who could only drop a few amount of gold and experience.

So, it’s best to solve this problem peacefully~

Hence, half an hour later, the four mercenaries were caught by the guards and sent to prison for attempting to rob the Smuu household’s weapon store. No one, not even the other Bright Dragon guild members, knew why they did that. All they could do was kick them out of the guild, as they did not dare to go against the guards.

And we successfully entered the black market situated in Jirandur City’s sewers. Although we walked through the dirty sewers for quite a long time, and finally realized the black market was actually in the sewers as well, when I saw the crowded black market itself, I felt quite pleased.

“Then we will split up here, and meet up at 5 in the afternoon.”

I said as such. “Un.”

“Alright, big brother~”

We decided to split up after discussing about it. After all, everyone has their own private matters to attend to. Putting Gabriel aside, Oyado… cough cough, who knows what a girl would buy, it’s best to quietly leave her to her own discretion. This is from the accumulated experience of preventing myself from being chased with an axe and a NICE BOAT. Though, it wasn’t accumulated by me.

But the place I’m heading to is definitely not a place they would go. According to the information I obtained from Falan before, I found the position of those private terminals she talked about, among the countless different nameplates and stalls.

Although terminals are still not widely known, but most of the guilds have already started to use this convenient message transmitting tool. Hence, naturally, there would definitely be people who start up such businesses.

The person standing outside the entrance was someone dressed entirely in black, and I wasn’t even able to discern the person’s gender just by the looks. I only know that the person has sharp and bloodshot eyes. But his title told me he’s a man. I handed a gold coin to him at the entrance. The clerk glanced at me, and then kept the gold.

Fantasy Society. This guy belongs to an organization called Fantasy Society. And since they possess the ability to make terminals, then there’s a possibility that among them, there’s an otherworlder like me.

But for now, it’s best to see to the situation at hand.

I walked into an empty room, and pushed my plugin into the terminal. The terminal flashed for a moment, before revealing a scenery with fluttering red leaves, and a welcome text.
‘Latest Missions’
After entering this instruction into the terminal, it flashed, before showing a few lines of text.
‘According to your current location, these are the current missions available to you.’
‘1. Find a young girl with orange hair. Reward: 900 Gold’
‘2. Kill the Lord of Jirandur City. Reward: 1,200+900+900 Gold’ ‘3. Kill…’
I rubbed my temple, and then helplessly let out a bitter laugh.

“Have we already been found out? Looks like we can’t waste anymore time.”

Chapter 39: Meeting an Old Friend

After copying all the missions on a piece of paper, I threw it into my ring, and took out the Momiji terminal plugin. The terminal returned to normal in an instant. Shutting down the electrical supply, I left through the entrance.

“Wait a minute.”

The man in black at the entrance stopped me. Then, he pressed on a button on the door. A moment later, the light next to the button lighted up.

“You can leave now.”

After saying that, he moved away from the door.

They actually have an inspection equipment? They couldn’t have recorded my operations earlier, right?

But it’s best to not ask something like that. Even if that’s the case, the moment I entered the black market, I had already disguised my face into a totally different person. In the black market, if anyone purposefully tries to expose a person’s disguise, then that person is basically courting death.

After finishing this task, I finally had the chance to buy some useful items in this mysterious black market.

Truthfully, the black market here has brought back the memories of the middle ages described in the games I played. What’s different from the torn-down houses outside, was the dark and rotten atmosphere floating here. I could feel that I was in a world governed by absolute power, and power alone, and not in front of my television watching those so-called politicians talking nonsense.

As I expected, the black market sells a variety of things. For example, memory forgetting potions, and those miniature assassination devices. As long as it’s something you can think of, it’s basically possible to buy it here.

But in this black market, only a few people would directly change their faces like me. Most of the people were wearing scarves or masks to hide their faces. Really, even if you were to wear a mask, I will still know who you are, alright? Your name is floating above your head, you know?

But this only applies to me, of course.

But within a mere half an hour, I have already walked through about half of the entire black market. The things I bought were only the recipe of a potion that recovers both HP and MP at the same time, different variety of locks, and devices that detect magical lock formations.

As for the rest, even though I felt they might be of use, but to the current me, I don’t really have the money to buy all these items that ‘might be of use’.

But after walking for another short while, I was suddenly drawn in by a product being displayed at the entrance of a small shop at the end of the street. After approaching a few steps, I realized I was really not mistaken.

A railgun was actually displayed at the entrance of this shop!

I have to thank my Physics teacher for teaching me well, adding that the wires and circuit boards were basically at the exterior, I was able to easily discern the operating principle of this thing.

It’s worth to also mention that this railgun actually uses a lightning magic crystal as an energy source. And there’s even what looks like a complete control equipment at the top.

I looked inside the store, and there’s actually no one inside. Is this how you do business? There’s no one to welcome me at all.

But I don’t even need to use my brain to know the person who made this equipment. I opened my friend list, and as I thought, Dale’s name was lighted up.

I opened up the chat window, and sent a message over.

‘Come and greet your customer. How do you do business like this?’

10 seconds after I sent the message, sounds of crashing and things breaking resounded from inside the shop, and an unkempt man dressed in a white coat jumped out. He even had a couple of wires strung around him.

Dale Lester

LV 18 Lightning Magician

[Neutral] [Blinding Lightning User] [Magic Researcher] [Hell Middleman] [Devilish Inventor] [Fugitive]

“Hey, Dale, it’s been so long since I last saw you, you look more… professional now.”

“Fir, it really is you. I didn’t expect to see you in a small border city like this… Did you follow me here or something? Just to let you know, I only wish to devote myself to research. I have already gave up on this violent and scheming world. This place is totally different from an actual game.”

After saying that, he actually started crying.

Oh my god, your heart is a little too weak, don’t you think? “Just what happened to you? How did you end up like this?”

“That bastard king, announced that I fled the kingdom, but in actual fact, he

drugged me and caused me to lose consciousness. Then, he dragged me to a cliff and threw me over, ending the entire incident once and for all… Oh god, you won’t understand how it feels to know death is approaching, and yet you can’t do anything about it. Hence, after that, I fled here, and started this store. Although this mainstream railgun isn’t being taken notice of, but the assassination equipment I pioneered are selling quite well. Many shops are ordering them in bulks, giving me enough money to fund my research.”

“Do you know?”

I looked at him bitterly.

“At the start, I couldn’t help but pity you. But when you spoke of what happened at the end, I really want to beat you up.”


“Because I personally experienced the effectiveness of your assassination equipment.”

“Is that so…”

Dale said apologetically.

“I invented that thing less than a week ago, I didn’t expect that…”

“Alright, alright, that’s not the main point. Speaking of which, you were actually killed by that despicable king? Naturally, you should have paid more attention. In

that country, you’re one of the only few that’s able to speak with people at the same level as the king. Hence, people would definitely think that you’re too dangerous, and thus kill you.”

“Well… That’s why I say I hate things like politics.”

“This isn’t even the basics of politics we’re talking about here… Anyway, so you’re currently planning to create this railgun of yours?”

“No, because the power within the lightning magic crystals were beyond my imagination, I completed the development of the railgun in an instant.”

“Then what is…”

“I’m trying to combine this with an automatic doll, making it a mechanical weapon.”

“Wait… wait a minute, you’re telling me you’re currently helping the Smuu household to improve their dolls?”

“How did you know about that? And here I thought it was a secret project.” “This… it’s indeed a secret project, but it’s not a secret to me.”

Installing a railgun onto an automatic doll? This is basically insane. A man-made

mechanical Misaka? If one does not care about the appearance, this name would completely fit.

But if news of this was to spread, the mechanized weapons that Dale pioneered will definitely attract the attentions of many countries in the continent. Although I don’t know which country the Smuu household plans to support, these weapons will definitely change the upcoming wars.

But it’s best to not care about this military stuffs. For now, I have to focus on my mission.

“Dale, currently, you have a good chance to retrieve your confidence in adventuring this world.”

“No way, I really…”

“No, listen to me. I will help you settle Mitchell Kingdom. We will avenge ourselves together, but the condition is… you have to help us enter the Smuu household tonight. How about it?”

“… Really?”

“If it’s possible, I want the prototype of the automatic doll with the railgun installed as well.”

“As long as you promise me… to turn that bastard, who pushed me off the cliff, into cosmic dust.”

“No problem.”

Chapter 40: Principles

“There’s no problem with the contract right?” “What are you referring to?”

“Obviously, it’s your contract with the Smuu household.”

“Well, it’s work I’m interested in. In any case, before, those bastards completely treated me as an idiot from looking at how I was so diligent with my work, and dumped me all their design blueprints to me.”

“Is that so? I have a few of them here. After this issue is settled, we should assemble them together, and sell them for a good price.”

“That sounds good.”

Returning back to the surface, the two of us first found a place to change out our clothes which were stained with a weird smell, and then, we sat somewhere near the entrance to the black market while we waited for the other two to return.

Of course, to avoid suspicion, Dale was currently wearing a mouth mask. After all, in this city, there’s all types of people in different types of clothes. Wearing a mask could be basically considered as something common in this city.

We drank some tea as we waited for quite a while. Finally, the two of them walked out of the sewers, and they looked like they had a good harvest.

Gabriel had a couple more necklaces with unknown effects around his neck. Although I don’t know what they were, but from that shining and sparkling effects, they felt quite amazing.

As for Oyado… She had a few more dagger pouches attached to her body, and there were various types of daggers attached to the pouches. She basically looked like a dagger-throwing assassin.

“Yo, over here.”

When the two of them saw my figure, they were first startled for a moment, but Oyado immediately ran towards me in the next instant.

“Big brother, why are you out here so early?”

“Because we now have a breakthrough for our mission.” I pointed to Dale who was beside me, and continued. “Let talk in a different location.”

“Speaking of which, Fir, your disguise technique is really amazing. I didn’t even

realize it was you earlier.”

“Isn’t the purpose of disguising to prevent people from recognizing you?” “But I was able to identify you~”

Oyado said proudly.

“Is that so?”

I looked at Oyado weirdly.

“How did you realize it was me?”

“Because there’s always an unique and weird lazy feeling in big brother’s eyes. When compared to others, it’s a different sort of feeling~”

“Really? That’s also an unique trait of mine then.”

People usually can’t identify such a weird trait, right? Right? “In any case…”

I looked around, the nearest title was already quite far away from us, which meant that there’s no other people near us.

The place we just entered was an old building that seemed to have been abandoned, so it shouldn’t pose any problems.

“In any case, Dale will be helping us tonight. He’s going to help us infiltrate Smuu household’s base.”

“Eh? You managed to find a helper so quickly?” Oyado sighed in awe.

“Un, and you don’t have to worry. Dale is a very dependable person, so we will be counting on him tonight.”

“Is that so…”

“Un, after all, that building has decent defensive measures in place. Even if we enter the place by picking locks… any one of them being unlocked without the proper method will sound the alarm.”

Dale continued.

“In any case, I have to report there once every once in awhile. You guys just have to follow me in after I swipe my card. In usual cases, there won’t be any bodyguards inside, because they rely on the defense system they have in place. But, occasionally, there are some bored personnel moving about, so you have to be careful.”

“Report… What are you going to report?”

“Obviously the progress of my development? Creating a railgun in this world isn’t that simple of a matter, and I even have to install that system into a doll. Just by how to decrease the weight of the body have already caused me to research on it for a month. But, until now, I have yet to find a way to deal with it, so I’m just going to give an update on my progress.”

“I see. But you don’t really have to focus on just that. You can try pioneering a war chariot type, or a giant robot.”

“Un, when I get the chance in the future.”

“In any case, that’s the plan. Are there any questions?”

“What are we going to do if we do if their bodyguards retaliate?” Gabriel asked.

“Kill them.”

The three of us said together.

“In any case, the alarm isn’t going to ring from that.” “In any case, it’s not my problem.”

“Killing someone should feel pretty good, right~”

Gabriel’s expression turned unbelievably complicated in an instant. It felt like he was trying to say…

Just what the hell are these people…

Chapter 41: Infiltration Start

It’s good to be in a city where all sorts of people gather. No matter who you are, as long as you do not do anything weird, you won’t be noticed. Hence, after strolling around the city without any purpose for an entire afternoon, we finally arrived at that disguised weapon shop, right before it closes.

“Dear customer, we’re already closed.”

Seeing Dale walking into the shop, the man who was sweeping the floor called out. But after seeing the card Dale was holding in his hand, the man’s expression stiffened. He stopped with his cleaning activities, and pointed to the door at the side.

It looked like a back door leading outside, but after the inspection earlier, I realized the building actually had a structure with two layers of walls.

Dale laughed as he kept the card, and then walked over to the back door and opened it.

But before he went in, Dale suddenly stopped, and then looked over to the man who resumed cleaning.

“Oh right, what time is it right now?” “The time…”

The man furrowed his brows, although he did not know why Dale would ask such

a question, he still turned to look at his watch. “The time right now is…”

“10 in the evening!”

Just when Dale distracted the man, Gabriel had already flashed into the shop, and the moment the man turned to look at his watch, a grey ball of light was shot out Gabriel’s hands, and into the man’s body.

And then, as if he was turned into stone, he stood motionless at his position.

Because the shop was about to close, the shop’s entrance was already more than half-closed. Hence, it’s impossible to see what was going on in the shop from the outside. While the man was motionless, Oyado and I walked directly into the shop.

“Once he wakes up, he will think that it’s 10 in the evening.” Gabriel laughed.

And then I looked at my own watch, and currently, the time was only 9 in the evening.

“You first cut off his perception, and then use suggestions to create a time difference in his mind? That’s a really good method.”

I nodded, and then looked towards Dale.

“Dale, then you should stay in your current position. The three of us will head downstairs and search the place.”

“Un, then I will be in-charge of plundering the stuffs in the shop.” “……”

I looked at him disdainfully, and then looked towards the man who fixed in his

current position.
Maryasi Swordsman LV 12
[Neutral] [Bodyguard] [Employed]
Well, at least you made your appearance~ “Don’t forget about the cash register.”

There were a total of three people downstairs. I found this out from inspecting

the locations of the titles earlier. And because of the difference in the size of their titles, it was evident that they were in different floors.

This sure is troublesome, huh. Looks like there’s a couple of things to do within an hour.

Quietly going down the stairs, the first basement actually looked like a storehouse. A large number of boxes of various sizes filled the entire room, and other the pathway at the center, there were no other spaces.

Oyado pulled the corner of my sleeves, turned her head and pointed upwards.

I nodded. With a light jump, she jumped right towards the ceiling of the room and somersaulted towards the top of the goods.

As expected of Oyado whose filled with many different types of skills. With her set of skills, compared to Altair, I wonder who’s stronger?

Removing these unnecessary thoughts, Gabriel and I continued on.
Marlandur Swordsman LV 14
[Neutral] [Bodyguard] [Employed]
Because the entire room could not be considered as big, we would definitely be discovered if we were to talk. Hence, I’m lazy to explain as well, main point is, we headed downstairs while making occasional turns, and quickly reached to the floor where the person mentioned above was stationed.

But is this guy the brother of the man cleaning the shop? This name, and these titles… Why do they feel so similar?


The guy here was actually reading a magazine while humming to a certain tune. Just what the hell is he doing? Just what is he in-charged of? If you’re idling here like this, you will definitely be eliminated, you know…

This thought had only flashed through my mind just earlier, and then, I heard a sound that gave a disturbing vibe.


A red blade appeared out of his back. The poor passerby’s HP immediately dropped to 0, and he fell onto the ground.

…… “Oyado?”

“Un? What’s wrong, big brother?”

As I thought, in front of the fallen corpse, Oyado appeared with a dagger in her hand.

What I saw was her using Marlandur’s clothes to clean off the bloodstains on her dagger, and after that, she happily walked over.

“Umm… It’s not good to casually kill people, you know?”

Although there’s no ‘Do not kill a single person’ achievement to begin with. “But he’s of no use, right?”

“No no no, our objective is to steal data without anyone noticing. Why else are

we carefully infiltrating this place?” “Eh~”

“And a girl who casually kills people will be hated by people, you know? So next

time… it’s enough to prevent them from moving or talking, do not kill them, alright?”

“Hey hey hey! Your educating method isn’t right, you bastard!?”

Gabriel who was beside me finally tsukkomi’ed. Looks like he couldn’t stand it any longer…

“Don’t mind the small details~”

I shook my head, and then stored the corpse into my ring. “Really, don’t give me this sort of unnecessary baggage.” Then, I turned and looked towards them.

“Alright, without being seen, speedily rob… no, search this floor! Begin!”


Chapter 42: We’re Not Robbing! This is Justice!

Because of the time constraints, we basically simply took all the more valuable items in this floor. After all, we’re here to complete the quest, and not to rob.

“Big brother, why are you so smiling so happily?” “Hah?”

Hearing Oyado’s words, I rubbed my face, and changed to a more serious


“Happy… It’s kind of obvious, right? We’re disrupting their unethical experiments, which means we’re saving countless of innocent lives from being subjected to these experiments.”

“I think you’re really suitable to become a member of the Church…” Abruptly, Gabriel, who was standing at the side, commented. “What… How am I suitable to join that kind of organization?”

“Your ability to lie through your teeth is definitely comparable to those bishops,

you know. I think, under your leadership, the Church will definitely be able to expand twice its current size.”


I looked at him disdainfully, and clicked my tongue.

“What do you mean by twice, obviously, it will at least be four times larger.” “……”

Looking at Gabriel’s speechless expression, I nodded satisfyingly, and then

pointed to the stairs leading towards the floor downstairs.

“There’s nothing related in this floor at all. Let’s hurry and head down to the next floor.”

“Un, then I will be scouting the route first.”

After saying that, Oyado’s body disappeared in a flash in front of us.

What skill was that? It looked pretty awesome! Although I do know some normal Assassin skills as well, but that skill whereby she suddenly disappeared in front of us, no matter how I see it, it’s absolutely awesome.

Oh well, this isn’t the time to be thinking about this, let’s hurry up and head down.

After entering the staircase, I suddenly had a thought. Just how was this basement made? Although magic in this world is rather advanced, but to dig out a basement… wouldn’t the activity of digging one out be noticed very easily? Isn’t a weapon store being used as a disguise upstairs? How the hell was a basement like this dug out?

And… Looking at the walls, they’re actually reinforced with steel, and they’re even welded… Did that bastard Dale develop welding tools as well? These aren’t his works, right?

Oh well, let’s concentrate on the quest for now.

However, the moment we entered the next floor, the door suddenly opened! I was so shocked I almost threw an ice arrow over, but after seeing clearly the

person in front of me, I let out a long sigh. “Oyado, you…”

Why did you use your hiding skill! I was almost frightened to death! Not even your

titles were revealed! Seriously! “Big brother, what’s wrong?” “No… nothing…”

I wiped away the sweat off my forehead, and continued to ask.

“Speaking of which, why are you standing at the entrance?”

“Because big brother said not to kill, so I knocked this guy out. While I was doing I so, I asked him about it as well. It seems we will only be able to find related documents downstairs.”


This… Your efficiency is really frightening. I only just arrived, and you’re already done with the work here. And you actually did not forget to get information out of the guy… Are you Snake?

I looked at this floor, and it actually looked like a storehouse for finished products. “In any case… let’s first search this floor?”

“But big brother, the guy said the documents are in the next floor.” “He might be lying! In any case, we should still search this floor.” “Oh, you’re right.”


Gabriel had already stopped caring. He silently curled his lips, and dexterously packed all the things nearby.

“Uncle Gabriel, remember to alter this guy’s memories, otherwise he will recall what happened to him earlier.”

“Why do I feel that your ability to rob and steal is so formidable? You couldn’t have been born as a bandit, right?”

“Uncle Gabriel, you sure make funny jokes. How could I have been born as a bandit? I’m obviously born as a hero~”


I’m obviously that type of people who wanders around every single village and city and take all the valuable items away. Although I thought of this in my mind, I did not say it out loud.

“In any case, we should hurry up and deal with…” “Who are you people!”

Just when we were chatting, suddenly a person appeared at the entrance to the

stairs downstairs!

After looking carefully, I realized the person below had already made his way up, and he even had a magic staff in his hand.
Ice Magician LV 15
He actually has the same occupation as me~ I slightly smiled, and said.

“Hello~” “… Hah?”

“I’m sorry for disturbing you late in the night.” “Ah… Is that so… This…”

“Please do not panic, in any case, we’re here to rob… no, we’re here to uphold justice, so please cooperate with us.”

“Earlier you said you were here to rob, right!? I heard that clearly!” “No~? I said I’m here to uphold justice~”

“It’s obvious you’re here to rob us!” “Well~ Since you already said that much~”

After saying that, I threw a compressed Restrictor of the Frozen Earth over to him,

and froze his entire body, less his head.

“Then we shall commence with our robbing activity. Oyado, Gabriel, hurry and pack them all up. I will have a little chat with him~”

“So you finally admitted you’re here to rob!!” Gabriel pointed at me and shouted.

“Well~ Please don’t drop a tsukkomi on me at a time like this. I’m here to uphold

justice, you know. Justice~” “Justice is currently crying here!”

“As a murderer, can you stop talking about this already? The information you

want is in the floor below us, so hurry up and work!”

Gabriel gave a defeated look, and a ‘I don’t care anymore’ expression, and then, silently continued to pack the items.

“Well~ Like I said earlier, we’re here to rob you guys~”

I happily admitted. After all, I had disguised myself to look like a certain general in the Mitchell Kingdom. Oh right, Gabriel’s face had been disguised into the face of the King of the Mitchell Kingdom by me. It’s basically a masterpiece~

“… Then… Then please… don’t… kill me, alright?”

This guy was already freezing to the point where his teeth were chattering. “That’s of course. Why would we kill you without any reason to do so?” “You… you’re right. Hehe…”

“Well, that depends on whether you’re able to answer a few of our questions~” “That’s of course… please ask away…”

“Un… I wish to ask, are you the manager of this place?”

“If you’re referring to… the manager in-charge of the guards here…”

“In other words, you mean to say the manager in-charge of developing the dolls is not here?”

“This… This place is actually… simply a regular warehouse, the department in- charge of development… is not here.”


Speaking of which, other than the clerk, the titles of the guys upstairs basically did not have any other relations to the Smuu household at all.


So these people are just cannon fodder?

“Then what do you actually know? Do you have anything useful?”

“The password to the locked chest in the basement bottom floor is 8362134.” “……”

This guy here is really a good person~

Chapter 43: Dolls and Human Morals

Twenty minutes later, the three of us have thoroughly emptied the basements. After knocking out the two survivors and tying them up, we headed back up to the weapon shop.
Battle concluded.
Exterminating a Mercenary [x1] Party EXP Gained: 300
Silencing Mercenaries [x3] Party EXP Gained: 500×3
Total EXP Gained: 1,800
Side Questline: Broken Doll 2nd Quest [Completed] New information received. Please read the documents.
The moment I arrived on the first floor, the quest completion window popped up. Although we had managed to gather a lot of documents earlier, but there’s far too many of them. Looks like we have to find a place to sort them out.

“Dale, did anything happen earlier?” “Absolutely nothing happened~”

Dale waved his hands. But after pausing for a moment, a message was sent to me. ‘Other than a new quest called ‘Broken Doll.’’

‘That’s the quest I’m working on. In any case, the initial phase has been completed.’

Then, I turned to look at Gabriel and Oyado.

“Now that we have found the documents, we should find a place to sort them out.

According to the guy downstairs, this place is just a warehouse… And he did not lie at all. We did realize it was just a warehouse downstairs. After all, even after emptying out the place, we did not find a single hidden door.”

“You’re right. Then, let’s find a safe place and take a look at the documents.”

Gabriel nodded and said.

“Dale, then we will have to count on you to ‘discover’ the scene after this. Gabriel, please wake that person up a minute later, then we will take our leave first.”


After saying that, Gabriel threw another white ball at the guy’s motionless body. “Alright, let us go. I’m counting on you.”

“Un~ Don’t worry~”

Dale made an ‘okay’ gesture.

“Big brother, I have confirmed that there’s no one outside.” Oyado suddenly appeared silently beside me and said.

“Un, then let’s go.”

After saying that, we walked directly out of the shop, and headed towards the inn nearby.


The moment we headed out, I saw a white name flash at the roof the building in front of us. Then, he quickly sped towards the direction opposite from us.


“I got it, big brother!”

Oyado’s figure disappeared in a flash as she chased after the target. The two names disappeared into the night sky in an instant.

“It’s a wonder you were actually able to see him. I didn’t notice at all.”

Looking towards Oyado who was chasing after the target, Gabriel laughed and said.

“It was just a coincidence. But…” “But…?”

“It did not look human.”

“Oh? That what was that thing?” “That was…”

Although it was just an instant, but I did clearly see a portion of the name. “Undead Doll, Yoei!”

“Boss, give us a room.”

Hearing my words, the boss sitting at counter raised his head and looked at us. A swordsman whose face is covered entirely in soot, and a cleric in a clean white

robe. That is probably what he’s depicting us as right now.

“Good work out there. It’s 5 silvers per night, and 6 silvers if you want breakfast.” “How’s business?”

I placed 5 silvers on the table, and the boss slid the key across the table as he took

the money.

“It’s good enough to live on. How about you guys?” “The same as usual.”

“Is that so… Looks like it’s been too peaceful recently.” “Isn’t peaceful good?”

“Are you new here, little brother? Well, you’re indeed a new face. Once war

begins, you will know. This depressing situation will end.” “Is that so…”

I laughed and nodded.

“I will know when the time comes, I guess…”

After entering the room, Gabriel immediately set up a soundproof barrier. “Looks like the people now have forgotten the brutality of war. They’re actually

beginning to look forward to war.”

“Probably because they believe that it’s best to die rather than to live lazily, I guess?”

“But once you’re dead, you won’t have any more chances, you know~” “Everyone has their own ideals.”

“I kind of feel that you’re rather easygoing. At first, I thought you were a fool too kind for his own good, but then I realized you were more of a schemer, but now… I completely don’t know what it’s in your mind at all.”


I laughed, and said.

“Just treat me as a fool, because I don’t know what I’m thinking about either. Probably, I’m simply doing things based on my gut feelings.

“Gut feelings huh… Just how then did you come up with these gut feelings?” “It would be good if I knew… Oh, Oyado. You’re back?”

Just when I was about to continue, Oyado pushed open the window, flipped into

the room, and landed right beside me.

“Umm… I’m sorry… That guy’s presence disappeared in an instant, and then…” “Well~ It’s alright.”

I stroked her head, and said.

“That guy isn’t human. He’s a doll.” I took out a doll out from the ring.

“It’s basically something like this. So if the target were to cut off his connection in

an instant, his presence would completely disappear, so naturally, he wouldn’t be caught.”

“But… I didn’t see the controller at all.”

“Although I’m not entirely sure, but they seem to have developed a technique to separate the soul from a human’s physical body, so…”


Gabriel hurriedly walked towards me, and then stared directly into my eyes.

“Is what you said true? Those bastards had already finished developing that technique!? Then what about the main body!? What would happen to the main body!?”

“Eh… eh? Umm, can you please calm down?” “Ah, ahem.”

Gabriel slowly pulled a slight distance away. He paused for a moment, and then

asked. “So…”

“The main body will be kept in a vessel. I encountered one in the past, and… If I

recall correctly, that doll earlier was one of that person’s clones.” “Is that so…”

Gabriel went into deep thoughts for a moment, before voicing out.

“I believe a regular guild… won’t accept a request like this. But, if possible, mind if I ask if you could help me steal a set of similar equipment?”


I looked at him weirdly.

As someone whose body had already been modified, even if he could regenerate infinitely, does it actually have a limit as well? Is he trying to find a way out for his future?

He’s really pitiful…

“It’s not for me. Rather… It’s to prepare it for someone else.” “Someone else? Is he a comrade of yours?”

“Un… a comrade.” “No problem.”

I did a peace gesture and said.

“If it’s for a comrade, then it’s justice~”

Chapter 44: Bad Guy

“Your Morystria had already been completely ruined by them.”

Why were these disdainful words actually coming out from your mouth.


“There’s no hope for her.”

Why weren’t you people willing to try harder.


“They actually did such a thing to a 17-year-old girl. We’re really pained by it as well.”

Why were you guys actually saying these kinds of words with a clear conscience!


“Even if that’s the case, you will still complete your task, right? As an elite among the saints, you should have the resolve right from the start.”

“That’s right…”

That’s right, I had the resolve right from the start. The start of everything, the beginning of everything. I already had that resolve.



I will only wield my sword for her! My blood will only bleed for her! Anything that scorns her… Anything! I will erase them from this world! “I will complete… my task.”





“Good morning… Un? Uncle Gabriel, why do you look so tired?”

The moment I woke up, I saw a depressed Gabriel sitting by the bed, and was gloomily looking out through the window.

That pure white hair and those deep wrinkles, basically reminds me of those overpowered elders who hold unique skills in some stories, and they’re the type whereby if a trouble occurs, seeking for their help will never be wrong.

“Morning… I had a little nightmare… So…” “Well… I understand~”

I nodded.

“Even an adult can be haunted by nightmares. After all, nightmares are unknown occurrences, so instilling fear is natural… But, as a cleric who is able to use Memory Magic, you’re actually being tortured by nightmares… It seems you have a very tragic past.”

“……你这家伙。” “… You bastard.”

Gabriel squinted his eyes as he looked at me for quite a while, before scratching his pure white hair.

“Just who the hell are you? You actually got it right…” “Well, it’s a matter of experiences.”

Usually, people get nightmares because of certain incidents being projected in

their memories, and when those memories are evoked due to some conditions, it’s possible to recall them…

Wait a minute, yesterday night, Gabriel mentioned about that comrade of his.

Comrade, huh… A comrade who needs a doll… Un…

“It seems you had it rough~ Is that comrade of yours alright?”

“Was it that obvious? Well, that’s the case.”

“Un, then it’s not hard to understand. But don’t worry, in any case, I don’t really have a use for that sort of thing. If I were to find it, I will give it to you.”

“… You…”

“I know that thing is definitely really valuable, but it’s of no use to me.” I shrugged, and looked towards Gabriel.

“Since it’s of use to you, then go ahead and take it.” Gabriel was stunned for a while, and then he laughed.

“… I really don’t know whether you’re a good or bad guy now.” “I’m a bad guy.”

I bitterly smiled.

“I don’t wish to be issued the nice guy card.”

“Big brother, Dale is currently looking for you. It seems he was questioned by the guards yesterday, and after leaving, he was not able to find us, so he went back home. But it seems he’s now sitting at the dining hall downstairs.”

“Is that so? Un, seems like he worked really hard.”

Finding our titles and names in a city filled with so many people is definitely not something a regular person is capable of doing.

“Then we will first head downstairs.” “Big brother, what about breakfast?”

After saying that, she shook the bag in her hands.

“I didn’t expect that you would wake up so early to buy us breakfast. Thanks for the trouble.”

“It’s no trouble at all! As long as it’s for big brother~” “… I’m so touched.”

I suddenly felt like I was about to burst into tears.

“It’s rare to see a little sister like this in this day and age.” “?”

Looking at Oyado’s puzzled expression, I laughed.

“Alright, let’s first head downstairs… Oyado, first go over and greet Dale, the two of us will head down after you.”

“Un, but why?”

“Because… we’re actually poor mercenaries, you know~”


“Which means… currently, the city is still under a lockdown?”

Thanks to Oyado who bought us breakfast, the four of us were currently at the corner of city’s center square, like those mercenaries waiting to gather, while chatting and waiting to depart… Of course, we’re not actually doing that, but we’re indeed waiting to leave the city.

“Un, last night, those guys asked a lot of questions. Well, as a magician, I have the privilege to stay silent most of the time, and only I spoke of the key parts, that’s all.”

“What did you say?”

“I saw the two guys tied inside.” “……”

“That’s all.”

“Hey! Is there really no problem with such a brief statement!?”

“A Magician that likes to talk would actually be more of an issue.” “Is that so…”

So was my behavior in the past considered as an anomaly? As I thought, the

common sense of this world isn’t that easy to grasp. Although I did know that magicians were indeed less talkative compared to others… But wouldn’t they be treated as mutes if they were to speak up so rarely?

Maybe this is a unique trait as well, un.

“Well, then do you know when will the lockdown be lifted?”

“Actually, it’s not entirely on lockdown. After all, the merchants and mercenaries in this city still have to leave.”

“Then… Have they begun to check their identities?”

“Indeed, this is a compromised approach. Otherwise, those mercenaries will definitely act violently.”

“Really… Un… Dale, in this city, what kind of existence is the Smuu household? They’re actually able to manipulate the guards to this extent? After all, their warehouse is actually underground, so they definitely wouldn’t reveal the details so easily, right?”

“Un, because I’m considered as a member of their inner circle, I was told of this. They plan to investigate this secretly. This city’s lord has a deep relationship with the Smuu household, it seems.”

“So that’s it…”

“There’s indeed such rumors of the lord of Jirandur City and the Smuu household floating around…”

“This is really a questline that I completely do not wish to pay attention to at all… but, oh well. Don’t we already know the location of their experimental ground?”

“That’s right… We even got hold of something unbelievable as well.”

After flipping through the documents last night, we actually found a import list within the documents… 100,000 battle-orientated dolls, and their export destination was the imperial city. And this document even had the ‘Secret’ label printed onto it, it’s basically…

“The hell. Then we must hurry and leave this place. I have a few friends in the imperial city.”

“Friends? Imperial city? Just what the hell are you?” “Me?”

“A bad guy.”

Chapter 45: Becoming Mercenaries

“A family of four signing up as mercenaries? This sure is a rare occurrence.”

In the noisy Mercenary Guild Hall, after queuing for more than half an hour, it was finally our turn.

The middle-aged man in-charge of receiving us looked at us, sighed and muttered to himself.

“Haah, it looks like it’s really tough these days…”

No, no, no. Although I’m not entirely sure of the situation in this city, but the way we’re dressed right now is definitely not your or your fellow citizens’ fault.

A poor old man, a swordsman, a magician, and an assassin that looked like a little kid… If we leave aside the swordsman sitting at the corner, whose body was thin his bones were showing, and that magician who looked so fat that he might not even be able get up by himself, we probably look like the weakest party here, right?

“A priest, a swordsman, a magician, and an assassin, right? Are your forms filled?” “Un.”

After replying, we handed over our forms.

Then, he actually started to type in our details onto a terminal, based on what we filled in the forms. Oh my god, this thing is even being used in such a worn-down mercenary guild?

I’m absolutely don’t mean to defame this mercenary guild by calling it worn-down. Even though it’s supposed to be a place where all the mercenaries’ details are stored, it actually looked like a demolished building that was about to collapse.

If I had not seen the building’s supplementary support structure inside the place, I might not even dare to enter the place.

Please, can’t you guys repair the building and make it look a little better? Unless you’re trying to tell me it’s an unique design? Giving the place a old and rough look or something? Giving it a domineering feel? If that’s really the case, then I can only comment that our common sense of the world is utterly different.

But since there are so many people here, I will just trust everyone’s judgment.

Speaking of which, I did think of using Flash Movement to leave the city. After all, it’s the fastest and most convenient way.

But, I don’t wish to have too many people know of my unique skills. I don’t know which category of magic Flash Movement falls under, and the description window did not give adequate information on this either. But, I believe that it’s something close to teleportation, a Spatial Magic.

The people who use this type of magic are rare. If there are any other means available, I will try not to resort to using the skill.

Of course, that does not apply to battles. After all, there are skills such as Oyado’s disappearing skill. If I were to use it for short-range spatial jumps in battles, normal people won’t be able to realize it.

But in my current situation…There’s totally no problem revealing this skill to Oyado. As for Dale… Even though he’s a problem child, he’s nothing more than a Chuunibyou, so I can simply ignore him.

But there’s still Gabriel here, who belongs to an unknown faction. Although I promised to help him find that doll controlling equipment, I can’t possibly guarantee that he will keep any secrets of mine.

I do have the choice of discarding him away, but to the current us, Gabriel is a

very powerful fighting force. A LV 56 Light Magician, and he’s even a Priest as well. No matter how you look at it, he’s a very powerful character.

Compared to my basic recovery spells, he can simply recover all of my HP with a single spell. If he has the ability to resurrect, then he will basically be a beast of a support.

Although it’s a little unreliable, but for starters, we should first maintain our relationship as such. It’s beneficial to both of us this way, right?

“Alright, your details have been filled in.”

After saying that, he handed us three badges. When I raised it up to take a look, there’s the name I registered with printed on it.
Sol Feil
Of course, it’s a fake name. I can’t casually use my real name, after all. But I did not simply come up with this fake name just for the sake of it… there’s a definite reason to it.

“Big brother, look~”

Oyado placed her badge in front of me.
Sol Luna
Somehow or another, it sounds like a good name.

“Please wear this badge at all times. They will be your identifications.”

“What happens if we lose it? If someone else were to pick it up, wouldn’t he be able to use our identity?”

“Usually, people wouldn’t do such a thing. And, we have already recorded your appearances here.”

My face was suddenly dripping with cold sweat. Fortunately, our current appearances are not the appearances of the people in Mitchell Kingdom yesterday, otherwise, I would have been utterly embarrassed of myself. Although my current appearance is my usual look in the academy, there shouldn’t be anyone here that recognizes me.

“Of course, for safety reasons, if you were to raise your mercenary rank to B, we will give you a special identification. So please do not worry.”

“Is that so? Thank you.”

I bitterly smiled as I looked at the letter F on my badge, and then stored it into my ring.

I guess I might have opened up the route of increasing my mercenary rank. Speaking of which, I have yet to raise my magician rank. I wonder what rank I’m considered to be in now.

“Then we’re first going to accept some missions~ Date~”

I smiled as I looked towards Dale. Sol Date, this is Dale’s new name. “Al… Alright…”

A cheap deep blue magician robe and a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses. This is

Dale’s current disguise.

This guy said that he was a scientist in the past… Now that I look at him, he does look the part.

“Let’s go, let’s go~” “Don’t run about…”

Gabriel had currently completely entered his father role. Sol White, that’s his current name.

Walking towards the request board, I looked around for quite a while, and finally found an escort mission, and it’s destination was Kalimarl City, which was rather close to the imperial city.


“This mission is really suitable, huh. Our luck isn’t bad.” Dale, who was beside me, spoke up.

“But it’s very dangerous.”

“Dangerous~ Dangerous~”

Gabriel and Oyado walked over, and said as such after glancing at it. “Why do you guys say that?”

Dale immediately asked.

“Because it does not have a rank restriction. A mission like this means that… it requires a large number of cannon fodder.”

Although I’m not entirely sure of the rules of this place, it’s hard to not notice the implications that come with this request. Even though it does not have a rank

restriction, it’s an A-rank mission. This means that people under A-rank are basically courting death.

I did a simple survey of the levels of the mercenaries around us earlier. LV 1-5 are F-rank, 6-10 are E-rank, 11-15 are D-rank, 16-20 are C-rank, 21-30 are B rank, 31- 40 are A rank, and as for S rank, I did not see a single one of them.

In any case, we’re considered to be C-Rank Mercenaries, and we even have someone that’s at the S-Rank level.

Although Oyado’s level jumped to 7 in the earlier battle, she’s… still an E-rank. But her battle ability cannot be measured by levels alone, and she definitely has battle ability that’s beyond mine.

“But, even if we know of that, we still have this accept this mission, right?” “That’s right, that’s exactly the case.”

Interesting, at the same time, I really wish to know… just how is a mercenary’s life


Chapter 46: Lolis Are Never Bad People!

After successfully obtaining the request, other than the time when the registration clerk was looking at us with eyes of pity after looking at the mission details, causing me to feel rather frustrated, there were no other problems.

Well~ I guess he also understood the benefits and demerits within, but as a registration clerk, since I was willing to do it, and there were no frauds or anything that were not in the regulations within the request, he did not dare to comment on it.

And also, the four of us looked extremely poor, so poor that we might, at any time, sacrifice our lives for money, so he did not dare to say anything to stop us.

Hence, we successfully obtained the request.

Fortunately, the team will be moving out today, and the meet-up point is the center square we were idling at earlier. Hence, after leaving the guild, we immediately headed over, and we saw eleven horse carriages the moment we reached.

As one of the cheapest cargo transportation method, horse carriages are still quite efficient, especially when transporting a large number of average-quality goods… But since it’s labeled as an A-rank mission, then there’s definitely something strange with the goods.

I’m not entirely sure, but what’s valuable should not be the goods, but a certain item carried by the requestor himself.

Unlike mercenaries, it’s easy to identify merchants from a crowd.

Clothes that were so clean and tidy that there was not even a single crease on it, and neat-looking hair. If you tell me someone like that is a mercenary, I’m going to beat you up.

Of course, since I’m willing to make this bet, I naturally have the confidence to win. His titles clearly spoke for themselves.
LV 7 Ice Magician | LV 28 Merchant
[Neutral] [Suspicious] [Ice Empire Merchant] [High-Quality Goods Merchant] [Stowaway] [Weidos Merchant Guild]
He was currently constantly registering the participating mercenaries, and at the same time, entertaining some other people who wore differently than the rest of the merchants.

The three of them were heavily armored, but their actual classes were completely irrelevant to the heavy armor they were wearing.

Ice Magician, Lightning Magic Swordsman, and Earth Magician. These three classes basically do not require the use of heavy armor, but why are they actually wearing them, then?

(Note: Magic Swordsman class is able to summon Magic Armor, hence, he does not need to wear armor. Irlin does not have good affinity as a Magic Knight, so at most, she’s only able to summon a magic sword, hence, she wears armor. )

Disguise? But their skills are too overly simple, aren’t they? They’re only able to fool regular people, at best.

But, this explains why the client require so many mercenaries. His bodyguards are all magic-types, and they don’t have a tank at all.

But no matter the case, the mission is still something we have to participate in, after all, we still have to escape from this city.

Of course, if we’re able to grind some levels and make some money along the way, it would be better.

“Un? Such a young mercenary is participating as well? You’re going to lose your life, you know.”

Seeing the four of us approaching, the middle-aged merchant looked at us a little strangely. He looked to be about 30 years old, and he was carrying a professional smile, exuding a feeling of familiarity. As expected of a long-time merchant.

“Don’t worry, we’re not weak.”

I laughed, and then took out my badge.

“F… huh? Well, I did warn you. Since you still wish to come with us, then as a merchant, I will humbly accept you.”

He laughed, and then proceeded to record my name and the serial number on the badge.

Next, Dale’s, Oyado’s, and Gabriel’s details were recorded as well, and then we sat at the side while waiting for the time of departure.

“Oyado, later, there’s no need for you to take any unnecessary action. It’s enough for you to simply hide behind us.”

“Un, but why, big brother?”

“Our objective is to reach the imperial city, other than that, try not to attract too much attention. The skills you use are actually things many people wish to obtain, so try not to expose them.”

“Un, I understand now, big brother.”

“Oyado is so well-behaved~ But, if there’s ever someone trying to do something that could harm us, then do not hold back, and ruthlessly beat him into a bloody pulp.”


“Hey hey, is there really no problems with your education?” Gabriel, who was beside me, asked doubtfully.

“What’s wrong with establishing a perfect set of life values?”

“This is completely unrelated to life values, right? You’re basically determining someone else’s right to live.”

“Anyone who attempts to bully Oyado does not have the right to live. It’s that simple.”

“… Alright.”

Gabriel, who was ‘subdued’ by me, waved his hands helplessly at me.

“An F-rank is participating in an A-rank mission as well? You’re going to die, you know.”

Suddenly, someone who was near us spoke up.

There were quite a crowd of people walking past, if she did not suddenly spoke up, I wouldn’t have realized she was actually staring at us.


Why do I not see anyone when I raised my head to look? “Down here~ Big brother~”

Hearing Oyado’s words, I hurriedly lowered my head. In front of Oyado stood a

loli with long brown hair. She was wearing a black plated armor, and there was a magically engraved broadsword that was about the same height as her on her back! She glanced at me a little unhappily, and then said.

“As your senior in this mercenary business, I advise that you give this up. Your chance of death in this mission is basically a hundred percent.”

Senior… Although her body completely does not reflect this term, but in terms of battle strength, she’s indeed strong enough to boast.
Lois Beys
Female | 14 Years Old
LV 25 Broadsword Wielder
[Neutral] [Firm] [Oryados Mercenary Guild] [3rd Party Leader] [B-Rank Mercenary] [Beheader] [Protector] [???] [???]
“But without experiencing difficulties, we won’t be able to become outstanding mercenaries, no?”

I laughed as I replied.

Someone who is able to become a LV 25 Broadsword Wielder at the age of 14…Just where did she come from? Why are all the lolis so brutal these days?

“What you say… isn’t wrong either~ But, do you possess the ability to protect your little sister?”

“Of course!”

I accelerated towards her back, and then, tapped on the broadsword behind her. “Oh~ Your speed isn’t bad, huh.”

She nodded.

“Well, in any case, the journey will be long. You guys can drop out at any time during the journey. Wish you guys luck.”

After leaving those words, she turned and left, returning to her own party. “Un… Looks like there are still good people around here.”

“How are you sure that she’s not a bad person?” “Lolis are never bad people.”


Chapter 47: Journey Begins

An hour later, that man called Abudo kept the registration book, and then leapt onto the front of the horse carriage. He looked at the surrounding crowd, cleared his throat, and shouted loudly.

“I’m very thankful to all the participants who accepted this escort mission. According to the registration count, we have a total of 145 mercenaries who are participating in this mission. I’m very grateful to all of you. Among them, I’m also very honored to have 5 A-Rank mercenaries accompanying our group.”

After saying that, he turned to look towards a particular direction. I turned to look as well, and my brows furrowed.

In front of the large group, were 5 heavily armored warriors. They were Odin, a LV

31 Heavy Mace Warrior, Sai, a LV 35 Broadsword Wielder, Domitius, a LV 34 Spear User, Fenrofus, a LV 36 Broadsword Wielder, and Nedo, a LV 33 Berzerker respectively. To us, having A-Rank mercenaries in our group isn’t a bad thing. What’s bad is that among them, the bastard known as Fenrofus has a [Smuu Household’s Trusted Messenger] title!

This is bad, this is really bad!

Throughout this journey, Oyado must not take any form of action at all, and we must make sure not to attract his attention as well.

“Do you guys see that man with the black broadsword on his back? The one among the five so-called A-Rank mercenaries.”

I softly whispered to the Oyado and the rest. “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“Yeah, big brother. Is there something wrong with that guy?”

“That bastard is someone from the Smuu household, I… I saw him once when I visited the Smuu household in the past.”

I casually threw in a lie. I can’t say I realized it from looking at his titles, right? I believe Dale understands as well.

“Is that so? That guy is actually someone from the Smuu household… Then what are we going to do?”

“Eliminate him~ Big brother, let’s eliminate him~ We will be much safer that way.”

“… Even if we have to eliminate him, we can’t kill him off directly. At the very most, when he suffers from a heavy blow, we will sneakily deal the finishing blow. Otherwise, if such a strong person were to suddenly die, the Smuu household will definitely be suspicious.”

“You’re right.” Gabriel nodded.

“It might be possible that the Smuu household dispatched all of their bodyguards,

and tasked them to look for us. And coincidentally, this mission allows mercenaries to leave the city, hence…”

“Un, so we have to be careful. Let’s go, that guy has finished his speech, let us follow the group out of the city. Oyado, throughout this journey, just stay behind us. Your current appearance is completely different from before, so you don’t have to worry about that. But, do not take any excessive actions. Prevent doing anything that might attract his attention.”

“I understand, big brother! I will definitely be careful~”

I laughed as I stroked her head, and then held her hand as we followed the group out of the city.

“Fir, that mercenary called Lois has been staring at us. What is she planning?” Not even ten minutes after leaving the city, Dale whispered to me.

I glanced towards the side, and just as he said, Lois was following behind us by

herself. Earlier, I thought I saw her regrouping with her party, but it seems like she was the only one who accepted the mission.

Weird, her titles don’t seem to be related to us in any way, so why is she following us?

“What do you guys think?”

I asked the rest about it.

“I don’t know either, but if I were to say something about her, it’s that she’s a very good leading figure among the mercenaries, and have good battle capabilities.”

“Un, indeed…”

I pondered for a moment. Then, I turned and walked over to her. “Why have you been staring at us?”

I really wish to first greet her before getting into the actual topic at hand, but

currently, we have yet to know each other’s names, so I had to use a simple and direct method to ask.

“Because I find your little sister really cute.” “……”

I think so as well, I don’t need you to point that fact out for me, right?

Wait a minute, as a loli yourself, is there really no problems calling someone’s little sister cute?

Unless this girl is… “Are you a sis-con?” “……”

She was startled for awhile, seemingly, she was pondering the meaning of my

question. After a while, she clapped her hands together out of sudden realization. “Are you referring to people who like little sisters?”

“Ahem… Well… Something like that.”

“That’s of course! Little sisters are the cutest, after all! But, all that little sister of mine ever does is practice with her sword! She completely lost the gentleness of a girl should have. She’s totally unlike your sister. Your little sister is so cute, so gentle, she’s basically… basically an angel!”

“You pervert…”

“Eh? What does that mean?”

“As a girl, you still fantasize about little sisters. do you think you’re Kirino?” “?”

Looking at her doubtful expression, I started to ponder.

If this girl joins our party, until we reach the capital, our battle potential will be raised quite a bit. And this girl is very familiar with the mercenary business. If she joins, our disguise as mercenaries will be more complete as well.


Is it really alright to let a sis-con join our party? She’s a girl… but… yuri or whatever…

It doesn’t sound bad at all~ I nodded, and then asked.

“Then don’t just keep staring, you look just like a stalker, you know. Why don’t

you come over and have a chat with us?” “Oh, can I really~?”

Her eyes turned heart-shaped in an instant, and before I even gave my permission,

she had already sprinted over.

“My name is Lois. Little girl, what’s your name?” “……?”

Oyado looked at Lois weirdly, and then turned to look at me weirdly. “Umm, Lois says she wish to join our party, right?”

“That’s right, that’s right~ So, little girl, what’s your name~?”

A loli looking lovingly at another smaller loli… Looks like the the morals in this world are really frightening, huh…

“My name is… Sol Luna…” “Luna-chan~”


I furrowed my brows.

“You… Where did you learn that sort of honorific?” “Oh, ‘chan’ means cute and small.”

“I know that. I’m asking you who taught you that.”

“Un? In my earlier mission, I met a black elf. She kept called me ‘Lois-chan’, so I learnt it~”


Hehe, I knew it was you, Yuon. So you actually belong to ‘that’ world as well, huh? As expected, anyone that is transferred into this world isn’t normal.

I turned to look at Dale, and saw that his face was dark as well. Looks like he was dealt quite a shocking blow.


“What’s wrong? Well, I can probably guess what you’re going to say…” “How unfortunate, another loli has turned yuri…”


Alright, I see you’re not normal either!!

Just at this moment, I suddenly saw an attack warning. I hurriedly tapped on Accelerate, and I saw the orbit of a flying arrow being shot towards us from the bushes.

“Watch out!”

I blocked the incoming arrow and looked at the direction where the arrow came from. A name actually appeared, but unfortunately, it was too far and I couldn’t make clear of it.

Right after, countless names were revealed in the bushes, causing me to startle for a moment.

“An ambush!”

The surrounding mercenaries hurriedly shouted, while I laughed, and said to everyone in my party.

“Alright, the time to grind has come!”

Chapter 48: Raid (1)

“Oyado, hide! Avoid battling!” “I know, big brother~”

After replying, Oyado leaped into the back and hid into one of the carriages. I had wanted to add that even if she wish to eliminate her enemies, she can go ahead and do so, as long as she do not get discovered, but I believe Oyado definitely know of this point as well.


Seeing the people appearing out of the bushes, the corner of my lips curved. “It’s time to battle!”

Although I only said this now, the battle had actually begun awhile ago. Countless

spells were being shot out from both sides, and at the same time, large magical arrays appeared in the skies above both parties.

They have magicians on their side as well? Looks like they’re not your typical thieves.

I laughed, and then with an Accelerate buff, I charged right towards a LV 17 Swordsman. Before he could even recover from his flinch, I stabbed my sword right into his abdomen, and at the same time, I pointed a Exploding Flame spell at his chest. He was instantly sent flying backwards, with his body covered in flames!

In times like this, I did not dare to use my Ice Magic. After all, among the two people that were left tied up in the basement, one of them saw me use an Ice Magic spell. Hence, I can only rely on Fire Magic for now.

My opponent did not expect that I could actually use magic as well. He crawled up from the ground, turned and hurriedly fled as he held onto his wound.

You’re running away? Just like that?

And when the rest of his companions saw what happened earlier, evidently, they decided to advance while taking a detour around me. They’re actually thinking this highly of me?

“Pretty formidable, huh~ You’re actually able to use magic as well?”

Lois, who was fighting near me, suddenly said.

I turned to look, and currently, she was actually being surrounded by five people. They might have thought that a little girl like her was an easy target.

Naive! Too naive! Believe it or not, she’s actually a LV 25 Broadsword Wielder and a yuri sis-con! You guys are too naive!

Can’t you guys see that you’re being mocked by that magically engraved broadsword strapped behind her? Of course, you guys can’t see it.

Lois pulled out her broadsword in an instant, and slammed it fiercely towards the earth. A white ripple was emitted from the center of the blade, causing the surrounding enemies to lose their balance.

Immediately after, she took a heavy step forward. With a single horizontal slash of her broadsword, the surrounding five enemies were instantly sent flying. Their armor were split in half, and fresh blood were flowing out from their wounds. Even their HP dropped by a half from that single attack.

What frightening attack power. Such a strong effect was produced even when she was attacking so many enemies at the same time. She’s really not to be underestimated.

But, unlike me, when her opponents got up from the ground and tried to flee, she immediately flung her right hand, and two flying daggers directly pierced into two of their throats. Then, she accelerated towards one of the remaining three and slashed his waist, cutting him into two pieces. After that, she snatched the long sword he was wielding and threw it, accurately piercing into the fourth person’s waist. At the same time, she charged towards the side of the last person, and with a single diagonal slash towards his shoulder, he was cut into half!

This is really too bloody and violent. Even though she’s only a 14-year-old loli… The lolis these days are really frightening.

Looks like there are no longer any problems on this side. When I turned to look at Dale, that bastard looked as if he was playing a game.

Streaks of lightning were being produced from the magic stone embedded on his gloves, continuously striking down the enemies that were trying to approach him.

The instant they were struck by the lightning, their bodies were paralyzed and were unable to move.

While Dale only had to wield his dagger and deal the finishing blow onto every single one of them. It was basically a massacre!

And then there’s Uncle Gabriel… I lost sight of him for a second, and he was no longer anywhere to be seen. Oh well, a guy like him can’t be wounded by enemies like these.

With such difference in battle strength, naturally, the battle was near its end. In just a couple of minutes, most of the surrounding enemies had already been eliminated.

They actually dared to challenge us with just this amount of ability? What a joke, there isn’t even a single enemy worth fighting!


Just when I had that thought, I heard a scream. The moment I turned my head, I saw Dale flying towards me.

I hurriedly stretched my hands out to catch him. Then I realized fresh blood was flowing out of his waist, evidently, he was struck by a sword!

I quickly poured a recovery potion down his throat, and his wound slowly stopped bleeding.

I then turned to look towards the direction he flew from. At the place where Dale was positioned earlier, stood a black-masked man with a black cloak, and he was wielding two swords.
Sarefes Blue
Male | 24 Years Old
LV 37 Dual-Swordsman | LV ?? ???
[Evil] [Free] [Fugitive] [???] [???] [???] [???]
Oh, my beloved question marks~ Looks like they do have someone really strong on their side.

“Fall back! I will handle this!”

Lois suddenly charged forward, and with lightning speed, her broadsword swung horizontally towards him.
“Arcane – Windthunder Slash!”
A small gust of wind surrounded her sword’s blade, as it emitted flashes of lightning. In a blink of an eye, the blade was already right in front of him! But, he actually simply took a step back, and raised his two swords up to parry the incoming broadsword.

The fierce broadsword deviated from its original target, and Lois, who could not withstand the feedback, was sent flying in the air!
Accelerate! Elf of the Wind! Charge!
At the same time I charged towards them, I took out a shield from my ring. Currently, Lois was entirely exposed right in front of him, he will definitely take this chance to attack!
Shield Bash!
Just when he was about to attack, I crashed towards his right flank with my shield. Although the difference our levels were large, but Shield Bash’s 100% stun effect will definitely activate, even if he’s only pushed back by a single step, it was already enough!

Then I grabbed onto Lois and swung her to the back. At the same time, I directed a Blazing Flame spell onto the shield, sending myself flying towards the back as well.

The moment I left his side, my shield was sliced into pieces by his dual swords! That was dangerous. Fortunately, I dodged that quickly.

“Thank… thank you.”

Lois who landed beside me got up, and expressed her thanks with an apologetic tone.

“No problem. That guy is stronger than all of us. Be careful!” “Un.”

“Dale, how are you feeling?”

“Not bad…”

Seeing that his HP was close to full recovery, he should be alright in a couple more seconds.

“Earlier, where did he come out from?”

“He suddenly appeared out of nowhere. And this bastard is actually resistant to magic spells. I can tell it’s definitely because of his armor. The black armor he’s wearing under the cloak seems to have a certain amount of mithril mixed in it. My lightning was only able to stop him for a short moment, and then, he struck me down.”

“Is that so… A high level opponent with good equipment?”

What a troublesome opponent, huh. And I can’t use the magic I specialize in either. No, I’m currently a swordsman, and the techniques I know are only on the basic level.

I should have taken up Irlin’s offer to teach me swordsmanship back then. I didn’t think that I would encounter such a dilemma.

Just where the hell did that bastard Gabriel wander off to!

And obviously, our opponent wouldn’t give us any time to catch our breath. After taking up a stance, as if he was a panther pouncing onto its prey, he immediately charged towards us!

“Time to move! Flank him from both sides!”

After giving instructions, Lois and I charged towards his two flanks, and then faced him at the same time.


We took his attacks head-on, but he lowered his body, and leaped over us! Is this guy’s target… Dale?

He probably thought that Dale was still weak from the wound he inflicted on him

earlier. However, what he did not know was, the condition of our bodies are actually affected by the amount of HP we have.


I seem to be looking at something frightening! The thing Dale is holding in his hands… A railgun? “Lois, fall back!”

Just when I shouted that out, between us, a white electrical ray of light was shot

across us, sending us flying from the shockwave.

What the hell! Fortunately, we’re currently party members, otherwise, we would have certainly died!

Chapter 49: Raid (2)

Although I do not have an in-depth understanding on these science-related things, but the strength of the railgun Dale was holding onto, which was about the size of a bazooka, was overwhelming. With just a single burst, it’s shockwave was able to send the two of us flying. The man who was struck directly by the attack was blasted away in an instant, crashing deep into the forest.

And the attack power of this thing was basically unbelievable. The difference in levels between Dale and that swordsman was huge, but with a single blast, his opponent’s HP dropped to a half, and was even sent into a paralyzed state!

Lois immediately charged towards him, and after a long scream echoed throughout the forest, his HP was completely depleted.

… Really, I did not even get to finish reading all of his titles, and he died just like that?

The surrounding low level bandits looked at us as if we were monsters, and then, they turned around and fled. Lois chased after them while shouting: “don’t you guys dare run!” While Dale, on the other hand, took out another railgun from his ring, and started firing at those fleeing enemies.

Since you guys wanted to rob, you should have prepared yourselves for the possibility of being eliminated, right? Well~ In any case, I’m too lazy to even bother anymore.

Rather, I’m more interested in that masked guy. Those other cannon fodder rushed at us head-on, while he actually bothered to wear a mask. It’s really unbelievable.

There’s definitely something special about him!

I walked towards his body with big strides. His throat was stabbed through with a sword. With a single glance, I knew it was Lois’ doing. The armor protecting his chest was charred black. Looks like his set of armor is useless now, but his mask is still of use. After taking off his mask, I was startled quite a bit.

“Un? Isn’t this guy…”

Although I can’t recall his appearance instantly, I feel that I have met this guy somewhere.

I quickly searched through the things on his body. Searching a corpse is something that must be done in almost every single RPG, after all.

Unfortunately, other than a letter and his storage ring, there was nothing else that could be found on his body. In his storage ring, other than 5,000 gold, a map, a clean set of clothes, only his identification was left.

“Sarefes Blue, Ice Empire’s registered citizen? This piece of identification however, states that he was an executive member of the Sarefes Project. His code name

was Blue, and he serves… the Smuu household? Interesting. Other than manufacturing dolls, the Smuu household actually has this thing called the Sarefes Project as well?”

I remember now. Among the bunch of photographs I got from the Smuu household, his face was among the people shown in one of the photographs!

… Weird. Did this guy establish this project? Or… Oh well, I will investigate this later.

After storing these items well, I opened up the letter. “… Un, un, un. The 3rd carriage?”

I looked around. Our current position was near the 9th carriage, and as for the 3rd

carriage… Looking from afar, a heated battle was still going on over there. Looks like both parties knew that the important item was there. All five A-Rank mercenaries should have been stationed there.

Should I send Oyado over there to take a look? No, it’s too dangerous. Even though Oyado is strong, but the difference in levels… Let’s talk about it at a later date, then.

After taking the the person’s cloak as well, I used some bandages to stop his bleeding, then, I threw his body into the ring. I can’t have the interior of my ring to be filled with this guy’s blood, right?

As for the corpse… When I have the opportunity to test my Zombify ability, it should be of good use. After all, the level of this corpse is rather high.

After completing all these tasks, I ran towards the carriage Oyado was hiding in, and knocked.

“Oyado, are you still inside?”

“Un, un. Big brother, I’m still in here~ There’s all types of foodstuff in this carriage, but a doll is actually being hidden at the most bottom layer of the foodstuff.”

“A doll?”

“That’s right. But it’s not a model belonging to the Smuu household. It’s a doll that I have totally never seen before.”

“…Mind describing it?”

“It’s a doll… no, calling it a doll with a human figure would be more precise. Because it’s a girl with long hair, and she’s wearing clothes that I have never seen before.”

“… Does it look like a sleeping robe, and a thick belt is strapped at its waist?” “Un, that’s right.”

The Smuu household build western dolls, while the one here… is an eastern doll.

Just what faction does this belong to?

This is really getting interesting. Looks like I will have to head to the eastern continent when I get the chance~

Looking around my surroundings, it seems there weren’t anymore people here. “Oyado, how did you enter the carriage?”

“There’s a window above the carriage.”

I leaped onto the carriage, and just as she said, an opening that looked like a window was there. I pushed it open, and entered the carriage.

It was dusky inside the carriage, and like how Oyado described, countless foodstuffs were packed inside the carriage.

A doll was placed in the box at the center of the carriage, and it looked really life- like.

Other than it possessing an ice-cold body.

But, I should still quickly keep it in my ring. How can I not collect something like this? There’s no such event whereby I can obtain a legendary weapon after collecting ten of them, but since it looks interesting, I should keep it.

At this moment, I raised my head. Someone was actually approaching us!

After clearly reading his titles, I realized it was actually the merchant! Was there actually an alert system which activated when I stole the doll?

“Oyado, hold on to me!” “Un!”

Without any hesitation, Oyado hugged onto me tightly.

“I only told you to hold on to me… Oh well, this is fine as well. Flash Movement!” In the next second, I appeared within the forest. After tapping on an MP Potion, I

hid in the bushes and looked at the merchant.

He sneakily walked over to the carriage, looked at his surroundings, and then looked at the carriage’s lock. When he confirmed that there were no problems, he pulled out his key and opened the door to the carriage.

“How is this possible!? This…”

After a while, he walked out of the carriage in a panic. Once again, he confirmed his surroundings, and then ran to the direction he came from.

“Big brother, what are we going to do next~?”

“… It’s too dangerous up ahead. The best we can do right now is to chase after those fleeing bandits.”

“Alright, big brother~”


Ten minutes later, those who came to attack us either fled or died. In any case, the battle had ended.

Other than a field full of corpses of the enemies, there were several mercenary corpses as well. Most of them were E-Rank and D-Rank, while some where C-Rank. Those who were A-Rank and B-rank were already rather experienced, so naturally, they would not die so easily. While the only F-Rank mercenaries were us, and naturally, none of us died.

But, someone of the A-Rank died. The reason was… because he was an enemy!

It was that Smuu household’s trusted messenger, Fenrofus. During the battle, he suddenly turned and stabbed towards one of his party members beside him. That Broadsword Wielder was not able to dodge in time, and hence, was stabbed in the chest. However, at that moment, Gabriel speedily healed him up, and helped the rest of the A-Rank mercenaries to kill this guy.

It wasn’t that hard to imagine Gabriel interfering the memories of that trusted messenger in the midst of battle. Hence, he caused a ruckus because of the change in his memories, which led to him being eliminated.

In any case, this battle was a rather successful one.
Battle Ended Enemies killed: 0
Party Support EXP Gained: 12 X 200 = 2,400
Party Battle EXP Gained: 107 X 50 = 5,350 Total EXP Gained: 7,750
You leveled up! Current LV: 20
Party Members’ Level Ups
Dale leveled up! Current LV: 19 Oyado leveled up! Current LV: 7 Oyado leveled up! Current LV: 8 Oyado leveled up! Current LV: 9…
Oyado leveled up! Current LV: 17
I completely do not understand how Oyado was able to raise her level so quickly even though she was hiding in the carriage. Although I’m not entirely sure how many enemies she managed to kill at the end, after all, we split up earlier to chase after the enemies, but…

Oh well, in any case, the person monitoring us was already dead. There shouldn’t be any problems any longer.

But in this battle, we had lost 98 mercenaries, and only 47 mercenaries remained. This rate of elimination can really cause a person’s heart to shiver.

Abudo declared that he would distribute more money, and pleaded those who were left to continue the journey with him. However, we all understood the reason why he was willing to distribute money was because the numbers of mercenaries had decreased.

Though, no matter what, we still have to continue on with this escort mission.

Chapter 50: Everyone seems to be Good People

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It seems I have greatly underestimated Gabriel’s abilities. I didn’t expect that this guy actually had such good social networking skills. After the battle, he would frequently chat with the other four A-Rank mercenaries, and he seemed to be enjoying his time.

Especially the Broadsword Wielder called Sai, he was acting as if he was Gabriel’s long lost brother, and had been talking to him constantly. It seems after Uncle Gabriel saved him, he’s really treating Gabriel as one of his brothers. Was this due to the unconstrained personality of a mercenary, or was he just a simpleton?

Oh well, this is a good development as well. I will just let them be…

“Fel, come over here. This is your father’s new brother, Sai. Come over and greet him.”

Hey hey, couldn’t you have ignored me?

I bit the bullet and walked over. Though, with this opportunity, I was finally able to get close to these few A-Rank mercenaries.
LV 36 Broadsword Wielder
[Kind] [Unrestrained] [Arrogant Warrior] [Broadsword Wielder] [A-Rank Mercenary] [???]
LV 33 Berserker
[Neutral] [Strong] [Raging Mangler] [Berserker] [A-Rank Mercenary] [???]
LV 31 Heavy Mace Wielder
[Neutral] [Courageous] [Shatterer] [Heavy Mace Wielder] [A-Rank Mercenary] [???]
LV 34 Spear User
[Kind] [Firm] [Piercer] [Spear User] [A-Rank Mercenary] [???]
They were all above LV 30, and their ages were in the thirties. Though, as European-looking men, they looked older than their actual age.

“Hello fellow uncles. Today… Thank you very much for saving everyone.”

Although I’m not really against you calling me over here, why did you not call Dale over as well?

“Haha, we didn’t do much. If your father had not helped me, I would have already been killed by that bastard!”

Uncle Sai laughed heartily as he patted on Gabriel’s shoulder.

Why did I suddenly think of Billy Herrington? It must definitely be my misconception, though I did slowly take a step back.

“Our father is really incredible! He had always been protecting us.” I said ‘proudly’, and then winked at him.

“Hahaha… You’re flattering me too much…”

He started to laugh embarrassingly.

“Speaking of which, why do you know of the recovery spell? If I recall, it’s the Church’s…”

“I was a priest in the past. But I have grown old, and my wife was… And I still have three kids to take care of, so I decided to hand my heavy responsibility to the younger generation, and return home to take care of my kids. But there’s no benefits to gain when one retires from the Church, so I have no choice but to earn some money myself.”

Whoa, as expected of one who worked in the Church in the past. To be able to spout out such believable nonsense in an instant, and he did not even forget to add in a bad remark about the Church at the end. Did your previous superior know of how incredible you are? If he knew, he definitely wouldn’t have let such a good salesman like you go right?

“Brother, you really have went through a lot, huh. Why don’t you… join our Fenced Cage Guild?”

“Hey! Fellow Sai, that shouldn’t be the case, right? If he has to join a guild, he has to join our Soul Eater Guild!”

The Berserker called Nedo, who was sitting at the side, suddenly stood up and said.

“Hey hey, what about me! Are you guys ignoring me, Odin!?”

As usual, Priests are a favored class, no matter where they are. Everyone hopes to have one in their team, huh.

Looking at them fighting over Gabriel, I helplessly took a few slow steps back from their quarrel, and returned to the rest.


The moment I returned, I saw Lois hugging onto Oyado as she walked at the end of the group. Seeing that I returned, Oyado revealed a pleading expression, asking me for help.

“Miss Lois, what are you doing?” “Un?”

Lois tilted her hand as she glanced at me.

I’m enjoying my own hobby. Otherwise, I will be bored to death by this tedious journey.”

“Haven’t you heard that when you’re enjoying your time, you must ensure that you’re doing it without troubling someone else?”

“Un, I haven’t heard of it.”

“Alright, but can’t you see that my little sister is really frustrated? Is this how you treat the people you love!?”


Lois pondered for a moment, and then nodded.

“Un, that’s right.” “……”

This girl does not follow the standard routine at all!

“Alright, Oyado, do whatever you want. I will definitely not blame you.” “Ah!”

The moment I said that, Lois was instantly threw to the ground with an armhook

over her neck. Then, Oyado leaned her entire body on Lois, fixing her onto the floor.

“Ehhhhh! Why does your sister know a technique like this!? Why does such a cute loli know of such a scary technique!?”

“Aren’t you the same? Even though you’re such a cute loli, you kill people without even batting an eye.”

“Hmph, even if you call me cute, I won’t ever thank you!”

Hey hey, isn’t the fact that you kill people without batting an eye the point here? “In any case, we…”

“Get down!”

Hearing these words, I quickly pushed Oyado and Lois onto the ground. At the same time, a strong wind blade penetrated through the carriage beside us!

What the hell! This is… “Guaaaaaaa!!!!”

A monster’s angry roar came from the sky. When I raised my head to take a look,

a giant eagle of about 10 meters in size actually glided over us! What’s that? A field boss?

Chapter 51: Bloodthirsty Magical Beast

Roooaaar!!! Guaaa!!!!

Two different types of cries came from the direction the monster flew to.

Immediately after, countless crashing sounds could be heard in the distance. The crashing sounds became louder, and in the next second, a monster with two heads fell the countless trees at the side, roaring as it rushed towards the carriages!

Only at this time did I noticed that the monster was not a giant eagle, but a creature similar to a gryphon. It has a body similar to a lion, with wings grown on its back. Not only that, this creature even has two heads; a lion’s and an eagle’s… Are you a synthesized beast?

Then, at this moment, I saw the name on its head. It was too high up in the sky earlier, so obviously, in that situation, it was impossible to have a look at his name.
Extreme Evil – Quickbrake Gryphon LV 40
Are you actually a new creature created by alchemists, with the purpose of defeating modified humans?

Just joking. In this world, there’s countless of weird creatures, especially in the Abyss… where even the common citizens were the hybrids of devils or monsters.

But why did such a monster appear at a road between two cities? This road completely avoids the territories of various strong monsters, and the Empire’s armies clear the monsters near this road frequently, so how did a monster like this…
“Strong Arcane – Shattering Quake!”
While I was in deep thoughts, Odin stomped heavily onto the ground, countless pieces of rocks and sand scattered in the air, as his body rushed towards the gryphon like a cannonball!

Bur rather than rushing towards it, it looked more like he was trying to crash into it. With a loud bang, he crashed into the gryphon like a meteor!

A strong red light flashed, and before my eyes were able to adapt to the strong light, a wave of hot air swept past, pushing my body into the air!
“Light Steps!”
I did a somersault in the air, and after getting control of my body, I landed onto the branch of a tree nearby. I looked towards the earlier position of the gryphon, and realized a large crater was formed there. With a heavy mace in his hands, Odin was thrown onto the ground, while the gryphon was also pushed back by the earlier impact. The entire ground in front of it was filled with the claw marks it left from trying to stabilizing its body.
But that attack did not do much at all. Shaking its heads about, cries that was more sonorous than before was emitted from its mouths. At the same time, its skin which was initially orange in color like a lion emitted a gold luster.

Is it… enraged?

Is this Monster Hunter!?

“Everyone, retreat! I will buy you guys some time! You guys, hurry up and flee with the merchant group!”

Sai shouted. Taking out his broadsword, he charged towards the gryphon.

…At the same time, the three other A-Rank mercenaries, and Uncle Gabriel, charged towards it. If I were to give an honest opinion, other than Uncle Gabriel, basically no one else here is capable of battling this monster, but…

Currently, Uncle Gabriel can’t use his full strength either, otherwise, his identity as a ‘retired priest’ will be blown.

Seeing that the merchant group were beginning to leave, I nodded towards Dale, and then we charged towards the forest at the side.

“Big brother, are we going to battle with that monster?”

The moment we stopped at a clearing in the forest, Oyado’s figure suddenly appeared behind the tree which was in front of us.

And currently, her name and titles were currently hidden! This hiding ability of hers is almost too overpowered!

“Oyado, if you continue to act this way, one day, I might suffer from a heart attack, you know.”

“Un? Why?”

“Next time, before you appear, remember to give a small greeting… or say something before you act. If you suddenly appear like that, it will scare the living daylights out of people.”

“Sorry, sorry~ I will pay attention in the future… Big brother, hurry and dodge!” The moment she shouted these words, I saw my attack warning flash as well! Well~ Since there aren’t anyone watching us, let’s go all out!
“Triple Ice Totems!!!”
Three blue magical formations flashed beneath our feet. The ice totems that I have not seen for a long time raised us up in the air, while a golden fireball directly struck the back of the ice totems, causing them to instantly melt away.

But currently, we were already in the air, so destroying the totems no longer mattered.

“We’re going, you two!” “Roger!”

“Un, big brother~”

The two responded at the same time, and then, started to move.

With a spin, Oyado suddenly disappeared in the air, while Dale spread out his hands, a giant glider actually appeared on his back!

Did you watch too much of Magic Kaito, or did you play too much of Assassin’s Creed?

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway.
“Frozen Light!”
A giant magic formation appeared in front of my hand, and countless ice magic particles speedily gathered into the center of the formation, to the point where they were visible to the naked eye. Then, with a sudden flash, a blue giant pillar of light fired towards gryphon in the air!





Other than the first strike which brought its HP down by 5,000, the rest of the blast only decreased its HP by 300 every second. But my Frozen Light was aimed directly at its wings, and in an instant, its wings froze.


Its body immediately fell to the ground, but it did not suffer any damage from the impact of the ball. A giant fireball of about a meter in diameter flew directly towards me!

“Science is the strongest!”

A ray of lightning flashed past me, and accurately struck down the fireball in the air. At the same time, Oyado appeared at the back of the gryphon, and was facing directly at the gryphon’s neck.
“Arcane – Mystery of Jack – Unlimited Rip!”
Countless red sword shadows flashed across its neck, red blood with a golden luster splurt out from the wounds created at its neck.





But it did not bleed for long. After a golden flash of light, the wounds on the gryphon’s neck actually closed!

Damn it. It actually still has 148.726 HP. Even after being attacked by so many skills, it’s HP actually did not drop to more than a half?

“Hey hey! Your opponent is right here! Eat this! Super Arcane – Fury of the Earth – Shattering Slash!”

While the gryphon was preoccupied with Oyado, Nedo quickly jumped onto the back of the gryphon, and hacked onto one of its wing!
“Super Arcane – Heaven’s Wrath!” “Super Arcane – Thorn Piercer!”
Sai and Domitius who were at two separate sides unleashed their finishing moves

at the same time as well. Three different attacks smashed onto the gryphon’s body, causing another huge explosion!

However, before this, I had already tapped on all three of my speed buffs, as I charged out of the explosion radius!


Seeing this number flashing above the gryphon’s head, I heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, we were able to get its HP down to a half… Eh?

However, after the smoke dispersed, my heartbeat started accelerating again!

Before we even realized it, the gryphon had already returned to the air, and Sai and Domitius were caught in its two eagle-like claws!

And in its mouths… Nedo who was at its back earlier, was being bitten by both of its heads at the same time, and then…



A mist of blood dispersed in the air, and several bloody pieces of his body fell from the sky. As for the rest of his body, crunching sounds could be heard from

the monster’s mouths, as those pieces of his body entered the monster’s stomach. “……”

I could hear Dale, who was beside me, taking in a cold breath.

“This bastard actually has a second form as well?” “Seems so… Hey hey, it’s time to get serious!” “Ah… Ah.”

Dale muttered as he nodded his head. Then, he took out his staff.

“Let’s go!”


Chapter 52: Tragic Victory and New Team Members

“Ultimate Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flames!”

Using an Ice Totem as a boost, I rushed towards the side of the gryphon. With a swing of my Blasphemer, countless white flames fell onto the gryphon’s body. Unlike regular flames, these cold flames do not need any sort of mediums, as they are completely products made by magic. The moment they make contact with the target, they will quickly spread and burn.

Not long after, the white flames had already enveloped half of the gryphon. Probably because it was stung by the coldness of the flames, the gryphon threw its preys to the side, and began to flap its wings to disperse the flames.

But will flames like these be easily extinguished?

The guy who got hit by this spell the other time turned into a block of ice in the end, so enjoy it while you can!

But compared to that time, this gryphon’s level is much higher than mine… Hopefully, the effects will be the same.

But in times like this, things will always go contrary to one’s wishes. The gryphon suddenly flapped its wings heavily, and, in an instant, its large figure flew high in the air!

When it reached a certain height in the sky, it slowly began to rotate its body. After adjusting its position, it accelerated its rotation to its maximum speed in an instant, and its entire body turned into a golden tornado as it rushed towards the ground!


If one gets sucked into this tornado, that person will definitely be torn into pieces! Just when I was worried about Sai and Domitius who was recuperating on the

ground, two shadowy figures rushed towards them and brought them out of the area of impact.

An instant later, the golden tornado smashed onto the ground, and the entire space turned into rubble. I activated all three of my speed buffs at the same time,

and began to run to the back. Finally, I was able to escape the attack range before the tornado sweep me away. Although a part of my light armor was torn and blown away, it wasn’t the time to fuss about it.

I turned around, and the giant golden tornado was still spiraling. Although its strength was dwindling, it still shouldn’t be underestimated!

The tornado finally dispersed, and the gryphon with mocking expressions stood at the center of the earlier position of the tornado, as it stared right at me.

My earlier attack had actually only reduced its HP by 4,000. This isn’t good at all.

The nearby forest and the roads at the side were all thoroughly wrecked, and what remained were scattered pieces and ashes. There were completely no resemblance of how the place actually looked like a couple minutes ago.

Too frightening! If this bastard was released in a city, that city will definitely turn into a graveyard, right?

“Hey, are you guys alright?”

As the gryphon were still staring at us, I asked hurriedly. “Still alive, I guess. Kid, you…”

The one who spoke up was Odin. Currently, he was holding Sai up by his shoulder,

as he leaned against the tree at the side.

Sai’s armor had several scratch marks on it, and was severely deformed. Looks like when he was held by the monster earlier, the damage he received was not light. I couldn’t actually see the situation under his armor, but seeing his current

weakened state, he’s definitely suffering from bone fractures and internal injuries.

“I didn’t expect that you would be so powerful. Seeing your battle techniques, you don’t seem to be posing as a warrior… Are you a Magic Swordsman? But you did not use any magic to reinforce your sword, so what are you…”

“Well~ Every mercenary has their secrets, please don’t mind about it.”

I shrugged, and then, I had no choice but to take the light armor off, and changed into a convenient magician’s robe.

“I really am not used to wearing armor~”

“Stop idling. I will provide you guys with some treatment. Those of you who still possess enough strength, pull that monster’s attention away from us!”

Gabriel walked out of the sea of trees while carrying Domitius, as he said as such.

The spear Domitius was holding was already snapped apart, and only half of it was left.

This is really a desperate situation, huh…

“Alright, alright. Then I will leave it to you, ‘Dad’ ~” Then, I surveyed my surroundings.

“Oyado, what’s your strongest skill? Is it able to kill that monster with a single

strike?” “Impossible…”

Oyado suddenly appeared right in front of me.

“That monster’s skin is too thick, and when it turned golden, it’s defense increased. Earlier, while I was attacking it, it felt like I was cutting an iron wall.”

“Is that so…”

Then this is rather vexing. If even Oyado, who deals the most damage, can’t do it… Although my strongest spell is really formidable, even though I don’t need to bother about its casting time, I still require more than 10 seconds to charge enough power to execute it. Also, adding to the fact that I can’t move the moment I start charging, if I were attacked in the process, I will be…

Do I really need one of them as bait?

No, although Oyado’s speed is great, she can’t hold aggro, as she constantly disappears after she attacks.

As for Dale… Forget it. If he’s not high enough, his glider will be completely useless, and he seems to be the slowest among the three of us.

Looks like we have no choice but to attack it head-on!

“Dale, we will count on you for rear support. Oyado, initiate surprise attacks whenever you get the chance!”

“Kid, are you planning on using a sword?”

Putting Sai down, Odin smiled as he walked over with his heavy mace. “No, I’m going to use a katana!”

After taking out my katana, a blue light flashed, and a layer of ice enveloped its

Ice Sword Summon! Ice Armor Summon!
And then, at the same time, a set of blue armor enveloped my entire body! “As I thought, you’re…”

“Cut the crap, that bastard is already getting impatient!” After saying that, with a Charge, I rushed straight towards it.

As if it was ridiculing us, the gryphon released a roar. The mouths of its two heads

opened widely, and countless fireballs continuously flew towards me!

Hmph! If I’m hit by a single one of them, then I would have wasted all the years I spent playing games!
Elf of the Wind!
A green light flashed, and the approaching fireballs seemed to have slowed down. As I easily bypassed all the incoming fireballs, I headed straight for its legs!


Its claws, which carried the smell of fresh blood, struck towards me. Taking the blow head-on… I don’t have the guts, nor do I possess the strength to do so. After all, this bastard was much stronger than me. If I try to go toe-to-toe with it, I will definitely be the one to fall!

But attacking it directly wasn’t my objective in the first place!
“Arcane – Unlimited Millennium Frozen River!”
(t/n: Changed thousand years to millennium~)

Seeing the gathering of ice magical particles, the gryphon seemed to have realized what I was trying to do. It spread out its wings, and with an angry roar, it began to

ascend to the skies. But, the lower half of its body was instantly frozen, fixing it to the ground.


The eagle-head cried out as it used its free arm to quickly smash onto the ice. Although it was an Advanced-grade magic spell, my opponent was a high-grade monster, so the spell would still crumble under its attacks!

But this was already enough!

I smiled as I took aim at its mouth, before shooting an ice arrow, with something attached to the tip of arrow, towards it.
“Super Arcane – Smashing Tremor – Earth Shatterer!!”
Odin had already reached its belly, and his body was clad in a deep red aura. With a swing of the mace in his hands, the red aura encompassing him, as if turning into an energy bullet, smashed onto the gryphon’s body!

Compared to before, this time, all the energy in his attack was concentrated at the top of his mace, which sent the gryphon flying! It’s body which was more than dozen meters in size was actually pushed towards the sky!
“Railgun Salvo!”
Immediately after, a giant ray of electrical light struck accurately onto the gryphon’s body, and the gryphon, which was struck to the skies earlier, was once again sent flying!


It’s HP finally dropped to less than a quarter, as its body heavily fell onto the ground!

But its body suddenly turned deep black, and then, it leaped off the ground, standing on only two of its feet!

“Hey hey! It even has a 3rd phase!?”

“That’s right, that’s why you should have dealt the finishing blow earlier on.” Suddenly, someone patted on my shoulder.

“Eh? Who are you?”

The person who appeared before me was actually someone with long black hair… A man?

Bai Yueguang…

(t/n: 白月光: White Moonlight)

These two words appeared above his head, and then, he suddenly disappeared in front of me. In the next moment, he actually reappeared behind the gryphon!
“Arcane – Iaido Slash!”
The moment he said that, a deep cut appeared at the gryphon’s right leg, and blood began to gush out!
“Lock-on ~ Arcane – Windpassing Deathshock~”
The after-image of an arrow flashed past my eyes, as the arrow accurately shot towards the newly opened wound!

With a cry of agony, the gryphon finally collapsed onto the ground. “Haah, really, you guys… Why do you guys always have to find trouble?”

Suddenly, a female figure appeared behind the gryphon, and the weapon in her

hands… was actually a halberd! And the gryphon on the ground… was actually in a paralyzed state, and could no longer move!
“Arcane – Dance of the Green Dragon!”
The halberd in her hands swung about at an incredible speed, and the HP of the gryphon on the ground dropped greatly with every hit!

The gryphon had about 30,000HP left earlier, and now, it only had about a drop of HP left. Seeing this, I hurriedly pressed on the remote control in my hand.

“Guuaa… Roaar…”

The gryphon let out its final cry, and then, it slowly stopped struggling.
Battle Ended.
Killed: LV 40 Gryphon EXP Gained: 10,000
Bonus EXP Gained (Killing a High-level monster): (40-20) X 100 X 1 = 2,000 Total EXP Gained: 12,000
You leveled up! Current LV: 21 You leveled up! Current LV: 22
Final Blow Reward: Hidden Weapon
Title Unlocked: [Assassin]
Effects: When attacking an oblivious opponent with a hidden blade, hidden weapon, or a dagger, damage increases by 1000%.
Realized Skill: Awareness
Effects: Indirect Assassination. Allows user to indirectly poison or trigger a hidden weapon on an opponent within a radius of 20 meters, without being noticed.
“Aaaaah! You actually stole my kill!”

The man with the black long hair rushed towards my position, and pointed at me. “Obviously, you’re the one who was trying to steal my kill, right!? Acting all cool

with your sudden appearance, what are you thinking!?”

“You guys were obviously at a disadvantage! You were basically courting death, seeing that you guys didn’t even know how to deal with it at all!”

“You’re the one courting death!”

“Little Bai, is this an acquaintance of yours?”

A tall woman with short purple hair walked over while leaning her halberd against her shoulder. She took at me as she asked the man beside her.

She has pretty good looks, but her height… should be more than 180cm, right? “Looks that way~ Hey~ Little Bai, did your memories return?”

Holding onto a bow, the girl who black shoulder-length hair walked over from the side as well.

“I don’t know this guy at all! He actually stole my kill …”

“Hey hey, obviously you were the one who wanted to steal our kill!”



The woman with purple hair slapped the guy who was called Bai Yueguang with her halberd.

“Calm down!” “Wait a minute!”

I stretched out my hands to stop them, and then, took in a deep breath. “Who the hell are you guys?”

Chapter 53: The Three from the Eastern Continent

“Bai Yueguang!” “Hei Luoli!”

“Tai Shixi!”

“And we are…”

“Team Rocket, blasting off at the speed of light?”

Looking at how this was about to play out, I couldn’t help but to drop a tsukkomi. “Eh? You actually know of the name of our party? Looks like we’re already quite

famous, huh?”

The girl with black hair and red eyes, who was wearing a black laced one-piece dress, did a pose as she asked her companions.

“Hah? You guys are really called Team Rocket!? Why aren’t you guys called the Lakers?”

“You’re actually tsukkomi’ing that!? At least drop a tsukkomi about the poses we came up with through our hard work!”

The guy called Bai Yueguang said, while maintaining his pose.

Haah, seeing that you guys are working this hard, I will compliment you guys then. “Do you guys have holes in your brains? Where’s your sense of shame? Did your

Chuunibyou act up?”

Look, in times like this, I’m still kind enough to help these chuunis mend their ways. I’m really too kind.

“You bastard…”

Bai Yueguang immediately charged straight towards me, and grabbed me by the collar.

“You, who are wearing the standard uniform of the FFF squad, have no right to lecture me! Looking at those long string of titles filled with question marks, you

definitely have thought that having those titles would make you look amazing, so you decided to grind for all those titles, right!?”

“Hah? This is an equipment befitting of my class, alright? And I don’t even know how these titles of mine came about myself. And what’s the point of grinding for titles, huh?”

“How the hell would I know! You damn chuuni!” “You’re the chuuni here!”

“No, no. You two, stop fighting. Actually, both of you are chuuni’s. I know that.”

“You’re chuuni!” x2

The two of us dropped a tsukkomi on Dale, who interrupted us, at the same time. “… You guys… Unless… Do the three of you know each other?”

The girl, who was wearing an ancient Chinese light armor, asked. Among the three

of them, she was the one who looked the most serious. “No, no. I don’t know someone like him.” x3

We replied seemingly at the same time.

“Ha… Is that so…”

Seeing her expression, I don’t think she believes us at all…

“Speaking of which, where did you get that windbreaker of yours? Windbreakers of this sort don’t exist in this world, right?”

The one who was most modernly dressed here, was this guy called Bai Yueguang. Wearing a black windbreaker, black tight jeans, and even a belt… Are you trying to be Kirito? And you even have black long hair… Really, do you really think you’re Kirito?

“Obviously, they don’t exist, but I drew a picture of it and handed it to someone who could make it. Then, naturally, that person made it for me.”

This bastard said proudly.

“Alright, alright, then, can you let go of me?”

“Ah, it’s pretty tiring to keep this up as well.” After saying that, he finally let go of my collar. “In any case, you guys are… a small team, right?”

Actually, I had wanted to call it a level grinding party, but when I realized that

there were only three of us who were otherworlders here, it’s best to refrain from saying weird things.

Though I had already said too much earlier!

“Un, you can put it that way. We came from the Eastern Continent, because we committed a small crime.”

“You kidnapped two beautiful girls?” I looked at the two girls beside him. “… Well, something like that.” “Hah?”

I looked at him with a surprised expression, and in the next instant, I stared at him

with worshipping eyes.

“I didn’t think that you were so amazing!” “That’s of course!”


Suddenly, in the distant skies, a red star flashed! And accompanying it was a deafening explosion!

“What is that…”

“You guys, stop your idle chatter! That’s an SOS signal!” Odin, who were at the side, walked over and said.

“You guys, hurry up and head over to support them! Currently, the only ones able

to help them are you guys!”

When he said that, I finally realized Sai and Domitius were still recuperating at the side, and as for Odin… his HP was down to a quarter. And since he used two ultimate moves earlier, he must be extremely tired.

Speaking of which, compared to us otherworlders, the inhabitants of this world have very weak recovery abilities. Even though we can only recover quickly by the constant use of potions, the difference in recovery speed is still very significant.

“Well, are you guys registered mercenaries?”

I looked towards Bai Yueguang and the two girls.

“You can say that. Although we had only registered in the previous city, after realizing there were pretty interesting missions…”

“Then that’s good. Take part in our mission then. It’s A-rank, and you can make a good sum of money out of it.”

“Then what are we waiting for!? Let’s go!”

After saying that, that guy immediately sprinted off to the direction of the SOS signal!

“Wait for me~”

Hei Luoli immediately chased after him. “These two are running about again.”

The girl called Tai Shixi shook her head, before following after them. I looked towards Oyado and Dale.

“Are you guys fully recovered?”

“Of course~” Dale laughed.

Well, that’s natural. This guy has tons of potions with him, with such a long rest, he should have recovered a while ago.

“Don’t worry, big brother, I’m totally unharmed, so I don’t have any problems~”

The one who was most energetic was Oyado. Not only does she not have a single stain of blood on her, there wasn’t even a hint of erraticness in her breathing.

So frightening. Just how overpowered was the memories implanted into her? “Then let’s go! The mission isn’t over yet~”


Part 7 – Dolls and Shikigamis

Chapter 54: Doll Massacre

After continuously using Charge with the three speed buffs activated, I finally caught up with the three-man party, and we rushed towards the site.


The moment we reached the site where the carriages were, Tai Shixi charged towards the frontlines and swung her halberd, sending the warriors surrounding Lois flying!

“Thank… Thank you.”

Lois looked disbelievingly at the person who appeared beside her, and thanked her softly.

“No problem.”

Tai Shixi leaned her halberd against her shoulder, and then, stared at the warriors who fell onto the ground.

“Little Yi hates people who bully the weak the most, especially those bastards who bullies girls.”

Hei Luoli, who was beside me, explained. “I’m not weak!”

“Well~ Don’t mind it. You guys need help, right?”

She posed that question as she pointed to the open field in front of us.

What she said was true. As I looked towards that direction, the group which previously had about forty remaining mercenaries, were now left with only about a dozen, who were struggling to defend the merchant Abudo.

Piles of corpses laid on the field, and looking at their equipment, there were both mercenaries and enemies among them.

There were a variety of enemies. Although they were all wearing blue armor, their weapons ranged from swords to bows.


The enemies were not humans.

Other than the doll Yoei in the center, who could be considered human, the rest were all things called ‘Strengthened Battle Dolls’.

Yoei’s entire figure was hidden under a black cloak, and he stood at the center of the troops of battle dolls.

But since I’m currently disguised as a mercenary, with a completely different face, he shouldn’t be able to recognize me.

But this current situation… Even though I did see the order forms for those battle dolls, but I didn’t expect that they would actually wear armor and have different types.

If the person controlling all of them was Yoei, then wouldn’t he be an one-man army?

“Oh, another group of newcomers has come. You really spent quite a fortune on this escort detail of yours. Is there really a need for you to do all this for the Emperor?”

Suddenly, Yoei spoke up.

“That’s not of my own judgment.”

Abudo bitterly smiled, and then took out a magic staff.

“Because this is work, and completing it is my mission. That’s all.”

“Is that so? But you’re running out of pawns, you know? While I, on the other hand, possess an unlimited number of them. You can’t beat me.”

“I have no other options as well. But currently, my only desire is to complete my work, that’s all.”

With a wave of his hand, numerous giant icebergs suddenly appeared in the sky, and were descending at an incredible speed!

Un? Isn’t he supposed to be a LV 7 Magician? Why is he able to use intermediate- grade magic? And he can even cast it simultaneously?

Just what the hell is going on with this guy?

“The three over there, you guys must be people from the Eastern Continent, right? Since you helped that young lady over there, then help us as well.”

While Abudo was saying that, the icebergs had already begun to smash onto the ground.

Although those battle dolls had begun to dodge them, the icebergs that fell onto the ground suddenly exploded, and the chilling air enveloped the battle dolls, turning all of them into blocks of ice!

What’s that spell? Why have I not seen it before?

Interesting. Looks like this guy called Abudo has several interesting secrets on him. “Un, if the wages are reasonable.”

Bai Yueguang laughed, and then, he rushed towards the horde of enemies. “Looks like, this will be really interesting.”

Yoei retreated behind his troops of dolls, and the surrounding dolls came charging

towards us.

Although a part of the doll troops were frozen by the falling icebergs, their numbers were still multiple times larger than ours.
“Arcane – Windwalk – Berserktooth!”
In a flash, Bai Yueguang charged into the horde of dolls, and his figure continuously flashed from doll to doll at an amazing speed!

After passing by the 13th doll, he suddenly stopped, and sheathed his blade. Ka!

Breaking sounds came from the 13 dolls behind him at the same time, and the heads of those dolls fell off from their bodies.

He’s pretty incredible, huh!

On the other side, continuous explosions resounded across the field. I turned my head over, and the girl called Hei Luoli was standing at the peak of a tree. Her bow-drawing was so quick, I was not able to follow her hand movements at all.

Red arrows continuously landed on the countless dolls, causing them to explode at the moment of impact.

As for the last girl, there’s no need to say any further. With her halberd in her hand, like a spiraling dragon, she slashed about at the center of a group of battle dolls. It was basically like an re-enactment of the game Dynasty Warriors in real life.

Seeing the change in the flow of battle, those mercenaries who were looking from afar, were finally spurred to return to the battle as well.

“Looks like we have to make our move as well.” Looking at Dale who just arrived, I laughed.

“After all, if we don’t make our move now, all the EXP will be gone.” “You’re right.”

“Oyado, find a way to locate Yoei’s position. If we don’t kill him, these dolls will

continue to appear, and there will be no end to this.”

I don’t know why, but evidently, from what I can see, those dolls are continuously walking out of the surrounding forests.

Just how many dolls did they prepare for this raid!? “Understood~”

Oyado flashed right in front of me and replied, before disappearing once again.
“Super Arcane – Punishing Tearing Cross!”
A red cross appeared in my hand, and then after, I charged over towards the battlefield!

“Receive the punishment you deserve!”

Chapter 55: The Arrow Which Pierces Through the Battlefield

Gabriel can use his abilities to alter the memories of the three A-Rank mercenaries, but there’s about a dozen witnesses here, including Yoei. If he sees me using Ice magic spells, he will definitely suspect my identity.


These battle dolls in front of me are merely LV 15, so there’s no need to mind about it!

With a swing of the red cross in my hand, it’s completely able to take the role of a sword! And before the energy stored in the red cross is completely depleted, it will continue to exist!

Looking at the incoming battle dolls, I smiled slightly, and swung the red cross horizontally. The red after-image of the slash flashed past the bodies of a large number of dolls, and they were all immediately sliced into half!

But the red cross in my hand disappeared in an instant. Looks like a strong attack like this uses up quite a bit of energy.

This is bad, this is bad. I currently do not possess any equipment that increases my Max MP. After leveling up to LV 22, my current Max MP is 940, and with a single use of ‘Punishment’, it uses up 700MP. In this case, I completely do not possess the needed MP to use it a second time.

But, with just that single swing, I was able to eliminate a huge number of enemies! I smiled, and after tapping on an MP Recovery Potion, I pulled out my tachi.

“I’m not a legit warrior, but, let me go wild in this battle!”

I pierced straight into the body of the doll near me, but what I did not expect was, before the doll could retaliate, it started to freeze from where it was pierced, and then, it completely turned into a block of ice!

“Un, did it instantly freeze because it wasn’t human? No, from the description of this tachi, it has a 40% chance of freezing the target with each physical attack. So, why…”

I kicked the frozen doll. Cracks started to form the center of the ice, splitting the doll into half. The two pieces then fell onto the ground.

It’s rather effective, eh!

A warning flashed on my right, and I raised my tachi up to block it. With a ‘dang’ sound, my opponent’s sword clashed with mine, but in the next second, the doll actually began to slowly freeze up!

Eh eh eh? This doesn’t make sense. There wasn’t such an effect in the past!

I once again inspected the description of my tachi. Un, it indeed only has 40% chance of freezing the target. What the hell is going on?

I quickly parried its sword away, and slashed my tachi at it again. It’s sword immediately broke into two, and with a diagonal slash starting from its right shoulder, it was cleanly cut into half!

This is… really weird. Why is this happening?

Did the probability of the effect activating increase to a 100%? That’s impossible, right? Just what is going on?

“Yo, I didn’t expect that you actually use a tachi as well!”

Suddenly, a figure flashed right beside me. When I looked carefully, I realized it was actually Bai Yueguang.

A weird blurry shadow flashed, and the surrounding dolls were immediately cut into pieces. Then, this guy once again sheathed his tachi.

“Isn’t it tiring to unsheathe and sheathe it over and over again?”

“Hey hey, is it really fine for you to drop a tsukkomi about that right from the start?”


I shrugged.

“My strongest arcane skill requires me to execute the action of drawing my tachi, you know.”

He helplessly shrugged as well.

“Let’s put that aside. Do you have any attacks with special effects?” “Attacks with special effects?”

“In other words, attacks with effects like ‘40% chance of freezing your opponent’, ‘70% chance of burning’.”

“Those types of attacks, huh… I do have them, I guess. Does ‘15% chance of stunning my target’ count?”

“Try it out!” “Ha? Why?”

“For experimental purposes!”


He stared at me for quite a while, and then replied. “Alright, then I will give it a try!”

After saying that, his figure disappeared, and in the next moment, he appeared

right beside a doll quite a distance away.
“Arcane – One-Sword Style – Tremble!”
With a push from his finger, the tachi from his waist flew out, accurately hitting the target’s waist.

A weird symbol flashed, and the doll stood still at it position. A ‘Stun’ status icon even appeared above its head.


Bai Yueguang looked at it weirdly. He then turned his body and rushed towards another doll.
“Arcane – One-Sword Style – Tremble!”
Similarly, a ‘Stun’ icon appeared above its head as well.
“Tremble! Tremble! Tremble! ……”
This guy… he sure is having a fun time!

But, this also means… the chances of effects activating increased? How is this possible?

“Hey hey, can you stop fooling around?”

“Well, I just reached a new continent, so I can’t help but feel hyped. But anyway, why is this happening?”

While saying that, he turned around, and with a single slash, the stunned dolls were instantly cut into pieces.

“I wonder.” “……”

The effects have a 100% chance of occurring? My tachi evidently only has a 40%

chance of freezing my opponents, so for the success rate to increase to 100%, it would need to be increased by at least three times or more…

Three times…


I looked at the surrounding dolls. From what I can see, there’s at least a hundred of them…

“Hey… It can’t be, right?”

The dolls are all being controlled by a single person, so the chances of the effects occurring are stacked?


I kind of feel that this is the most reliable answer. Of course, there’s no way to actually prove it.

“I say, if this continues on like this, there will be no end, right? They seemed to have came up with a way to completely mass produce these things. If we continue fighting them like this, we will eventually tire ourselves to death, right?”

“You’re right, but we can’t do anything to stop them from popping out.”

“No, there’s a way. And that’s to find the person controlling them. That doll called Yoei.”

“Even if that maybe true, we can’t determine his location with these many dolls around.”

“Idiot, we have the ability to see titles. As long as we look for him seriously, we will definitely be able to determine him from the rest. Since our opponent is definitely disguising as a regular battle doll, only people like us will be able to differentiate him from the rest.”

“Sigh, I guess you’re right?”

Bai Yueguang scratched his head, and then looked towards the dolls that were rushing towards us.

“Then I will head this way, you take that way.” “Understood.

Even though I said that, but…

I looked at my surroundings. The entire battlefield was in chaos. The person thrashing the bunch of dolls as she rammed through every single one of them was probably Tai Shixi. As she executed her charges, scraps of different sizes flew about.

Did she already enter Dynasty Warrior Mode…?

And the dozens of mercenaries near the carriages were slowly eliminating their enemies, and Lois was among them.

Although her level was higher than mine, her techniques were very simple. To put it simply, she basically barely possess any skills, and relied totally on regular slashes. And the skill she used was always the same one.

Hence, their mobbing efficiency weren’t that good, but with the support of Hei Luoli and two other archers, they only had to deal the finishing blow when the dolls enter melee range, so they were doing well in that regard.

Speaking of which, there’s really a large number of dolls. If they are really controlled by Yoei alone, it’s a little… Unless they’re semi-automated? For example, in games where you only have to drag your mouse to a certain direction, and your troops will simply head there and attack automatically?

If that’s how he’s controlling them, then he should be looking from a high place…

When I thought of this, I suddenly raised my head to the sky… Haah, he can’t possibly fly in the sky, right?

Wait a minute, he does not have to be in the sky! As long as he has a perfect view of the battlefield, he can still control them freely as well!

With this thought in mind, I looked at the surrounding forests. As I expected, on the peak of a very tall tree far away, I found Yoei’s red name!

Really, if I did not look at it carefully, I would have thought it was a red flower! Since I found you, then I won’t ever let you escape!
“Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross!”
Seeing that my MP have recovered quite a bit, I summoned a Punishment Cross on one hand. With my other hand, I pulled out the bow Snowmystel left me,

If I were to throw it, then I might miss him. However, if I were to use a bow… Then there shouldn’t be any problems.

“With all my strength… Fire!!!”

The red cross flew across the entire battlefield, accurately striking the target on the tree.

With a flash of a red light, a red cross expanded and exploded at the peak of the tree. With the slow dissipating of the red cross, the dolls on the battlefield finally stopped moving, halting in their previous posture.
Battle Ended Defeated:
Super Strengthened Implanted Consciousness Type Battle Doll (Yoei) EXP Gained: 7,000
Strengthened Battle Doll x 67 EXP Gained: 67 x 50 = 3,350
Total EXP Gained: 10,350
You leveled up! Current LV: 23
Title [One-Hit Kill] leveled up! Current LV: 2
Title [Bodyguard] leveled up! Current LV: 2
Awakened Skills: Close-Range Shot, Continuous Shot, Quintuple Spread Shot, Extreme Long-range Shot, Shock Shot, Shadow-stitching Shot, Spinning Arrow Realized Skill: Arcane – Slit Arrow – Red Lotus
Looks like the system recognized my last attack as an archer’s attack, instantly awakening my archer abilities.

It seems this Skill Realization system is pretty good, un.

“You bastard! You actually stole my kill again! My EXP! Nooooooooo!” Looking at Bai Yueguang who was sprinting over, I helplessly shrugged. In any case, the battle has ended!

Chapter 56: Sweeping the Battlefield

After the battle ended, we, the ‘lucky survivors’ gathered together and looked at the tragic state of the battlefield, and we were solemn for a long while.

After a long period of silence, Bai Yueguang suddenly spoke up.

“Since we’re still quite far from our destination, let’s first introduce ourselves. After all, we will be journeying together for this period of time.”

After saying that, he pointed at himself.

“I’m Bai Yueguang, a Samurai, and I came from the Country of Li in the Eastern Continent. The reason why I’m on this side is to see how the Western Continent is like. And then over here is…”

“I’m Hei Luoli~”

The girl with black hair and red eyes interrupted.

“I’m an Archer~ I love cakes and fruit pies~ Pleased to meet everyone~” “I’m Tai Shixi, a Halberd Wielder.”

The last person who introduced herself was the very tall girl, but her introduction

was also the shortest. It seems she’s not the type who likes to talk much.

But she definitely wasn’t the most dangerous, rather, that girl called Hei Luoli…
Bai Yueguang
Human Male | 20 Years Old LV 30 Samurai
[Neutral] [Free] [Ronin] [Traveller] [Thousand Slashes] [Keeper of a Bloody
Secret] [Samurai] [Bodyguard] [Whatever Goes]
Hei Luoli (Li)
Human Female | 12 Years Old LV 25 Archer
[Neutral] [Free] [Pitiful] [Dangerous] [Dark-colored Daisy] [Banished Princess] [Spirit Killer]
Tai Shixi
Human Female | 21 Years Old
LV 28 Halberd Wielder | LV 12 Taoist Priest
[Neutral] [Free] [Leisurely] [Condescending] [Former Captain of the Restraining Army] [Accordance to the Green Dragon] [Dynasty Warrior Girl]
One of them was actually a Taoist Priest, but she doesn’t look like one at all. It’s probably because of the difference in our worlds’ cultures, though I do believe they should be the same.

But this girl in the middle with the [Dangerous] title is really… She totally looks like a highly motivated loli who cherishes and loves life… Why would she possess such a terrifying title?

Then, when I looked at Oyado, who was currently tilting her head while looking at me, I suddenly understood something, and silently nodded to myself.

“Thank you for your help, and also the Sol household and fellow mercenaries. If it wasn’t for all of you, we would have already lost our lives.”

Abudo said, while his subordinate was wrapping a bandage around the wound on his arm.

I guess he had seen the strength we possessed earlier. No matter was it Dale’s Lightning magic spells or my Punishment Cross, currently, those mercenaries were looking at us with respect, unlike the looks of ridicule from before.

Among Abudo’s three former bodyguards, only two of them were left. That Ice Magician had already become one of those piles of corpses over there. That Lightning Magic Swordsman lost one of his arms as well, so his battle strength should be greatly diminished in future battles.

“But evidently, I have underestimated our opponents’ abilities, right now…”

“This is no longer an A-Rank mission, right? Our opponents are actually able to dispatch a gryphon and hundreds of battle dolls. Isn’t that too frightening? Even a simple challenge against an enraged high-grade magical beast is considered as an S-Rank mission. A gryphon is a super-grade magical beast, you know?”

Sai said while holding onto his wound. Listening to his words, the surrounding mercenaries nodded in unison.

“I know. I will alter the grade of the mission in the next city. I don’t mind if you wish to back out from this mission, but those who back out, will only be able to take 50 gold as compensation. You will only get the full reward if you complete this entire escort mission.”

“… We will decide as we go along.”

“Of course, I will gather more people at our next stop…” “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

I suddenly spoke up.

“Isn’t the reason why we became such easy targets because of the large size of our group? I don’t know what you guys have in these carriages of yours, but having an elite few as escorts is the best way around this. And wouldn’t it be safer if we take an alternate and longer route that people wouldn’t usually think of as well?”

“That’s indeed true. But some things…”

“I say, our opponents are people who are able to control gryphons, you know? Then shouldn’t you be someone capable of purchasing dimensional storage rings? Can’t you simply use rings to store those items you’re transferring?”

After listening to my words, he went silent for a moment.

“Indeed, since they have already played such big cards, then we shouldn’t be that thrifty any longer either.”

I really wanted to ask why he couldn’t have that old man, the Ice Empire’s King, to personally secure the goods, but it’s best not to reveal that I know that much information.

In that earlier battle, Yoei had already said that out loud, but since the surrounding mercenaries aren’t uttering a single word about it, then it’s best I keep silent about the matter as well.

“Then we will take a short break, before heading off for the next city. We have already wasted a great deal of time earlier, so I hope that we will be able to reach the next city before their gate closes.”

“Our opponents probably know of our next destination, right? Is there really no other place we can go?”


The merchant revealed a difficult expression, and then took out a map.

“If it’s another city… even if we were to proceed on at full speed, we will only be able to reach that city at 4 in the morning.”

“But compared to being ambushed in the city, wouldn’t it be better if we have a good nice sleep after rushing to another city? What are you opinions, everyone?”

I looked towards the mercenaries at the side, and they instantly nodded, showing their approval of my idea.

Other than Sai, Odin, and Domitius, there were only 14 mercenaries left, and most of them were B-Ranked. Their wounds were not light either.

Most of them are probably thinking of backing out as well, right? Even if it’s Odin and the other A-Rank mercenaries, they should be in the same situation as well. After all, the wounds on their bodies are basically beyond tragic. They probably felt that it’s already a miracle that they survived after facing that monster.

They do not have Oyado’s dodging abilities, Gabriel’s healing abilities, and as for Dale and I… We won’t die as long as we have potions.

“Alright, then after we take a short break, we will directly head to another city, Wors. There’s a branch of our company situated there, I believe it will be more convenient for us as well.”

“Then you guys get some rest, we will be sweeping the battlefield.” “Hey hey, me too!”

Bai Yueguang immediately rushed over.

“I wasn’t able to take the final boss’ head, but at the very least, I need to take the spoils of war!”

“Whatever, you see those piles of dolls? Currently, they still can’t be found anywhere on the market, so they should be quite valuable.”


He excitedly roared, and then rushed towards the piles of metal scraps. “Is he always like this?”

I asked his two companions.

“That’s right, that’s right~ But it’s because of that, we get along very well~ Isn’t that right, Tai-chan~”

“I already told you this many times, don’t call me Tai-chan! But… that guy has indeed always been like that.”

“Is that so…”

In any case, he’s a chuuni. Un. I remember now.

Then, I directed my gaze back towards the endless piles of dolls, and furrowed my brows. With this many dolls, when will we finish moving them all?

But, an instant later, I was suddenly enlightened.

I called Oyado over, and then took out the item, Momiji’s End, which was the Momiji’s artifact I found in the Academy Tower before.

I handed her the ring, and then said.

“You know the positions of the scrolls that are placed in the interior of the dolls, right? Please help me gather those scrolls.”

“Ah, all… alright!”

Although she gave this verbal answer, Oyado’s eyes had been fixated at the ring in her hands the whole time.

This girl…

“If you really want this ring, I can give it to you…”

“Really!? Thank you, big brother! I will definitely complete this mission!”

After saying that, she placed the ring in her pocket, and ran over to the piles of dolls with an amazing speed.

“This girl… Does she really know how to use that ring?”

Well, as long as she’s happy. Even though it’s a quest item, since we won’t be separated, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Then, I went to greet Dale.

“Let’s go and take a look at Yoei’s body.” “Eh? Why?”

Dale was currently kneeling on the ground while inspecting the structure of the

dolls. When he heard my words, he seemed to be a little irritated.

“Since that guy brought this many dolls, he should have been holding onto something that could store them. There’s definitely still some dolls stored inside, we should…”

“Let’s go! Hurry!”

Before I could finish, he jumped off the ground, and started running. “Hey! You’re heading the wrong way! It’s this way!”

Chapter 57 – Rest in Peace

That tree was a couple hundred meters away from us, but because Dale wanted to steal… No, because of Dale’s undying passion for research, we didn’t take long before we arrived at the place where I shot down Yoei’s doll.

When I looked upwards, the peak of tree seemed like it was blasted away, and nothing was left. A couple of the tree branches were still emitting smoke, and even more of the branches looked as if they were broken off. Looks like the skill ‘Punishment – Tearing Cross’ is true to its name, with its ability to tear the target into pieces.

“Although his doll is made of different materials, your attack was still really effective against him.”

Dale picked up an unknown metal part from the ground, and said. “Are you able to identify it?”

“As if that’s possible…”

“Well, this is the doll’s thigh joint. Take a look here, it looks as if it’s been hacked by an axe. I believe the rest of the parts should be in the same situation.”

“Is that so? But our opponents probably should have obtained quite a lot of information, right? Don’t they have something that could transmit messages, like a black box?”

“Are you referring to the magic ball that records information of battles? Don’t worry, there isn’t one on this guy, because all the information would be imprinted directly on the soul, and the soul will directly transmit the messages back to their side.”

“In any case, our battle techniques should have been recorded. Hopefully, he won’t be able to identify us… But your identity will definitely be exposed, after all, you used the railguns in that battle.”

“It’s fine.”

Dale curled his lips.

“I don’t have anything to fear of, do I? But, if it’s you, it’s a different story altogether. You have left too many shackles that would bind you to this world, haven’t you? The inhabitants of this world aren’t able to kill us off completely, but it’s possible for them to easily kill your friends, you know.”

“You bastard… when did your personality become so dark?” “It always has been. And aren’t you the same?”

“No, no. I worship peace. I believe in the kindness of people, and am the advocate of peace.”

“Really? Why haven’t I realized that?”

“It means you don’t have a good discerning eye, I guess~”

“Alright, alright. Let’s stop talking about this. Look, other than scrap metals, there aren’t anything else here. How the hell did he bring so many dolls over?”

Dale was right. We have already circled around the place, and other than Yoei’s black cloak and a floor full of scraps, there basically wasn’t anything else that could be found nearby.

Although we’re currently standing on a field of grass, the grass wasn’t that tall that it could cover any traces.

“How is this possible? Unless they’re able to directly summon these dolls out of thin air? … Was it Spatial Magic?”

“Spatial Magic? Impossible. Unless they have a Spatial Magician working with them, how would that be possible? And in this continent, the Spatial Magicians are all training in very dangerous places. After all, they are people who have approached the realm of gods.”

“Hey hey, they are able to reach the realm of gods just like that? Is there really no problem with that?”

“Where’s the problem in that? Don’t you know that in this world, the person closest to the realm of gods is the Pope of the Light Church? According to rumors, with a certain price, the Pope is able to completely revive a person. I wonder if it’s true, though.”

The person in front of you is able to completely revive a person, you know? Though there’s a need to sacrifice my life to do so.

And whenever I imagine that my heart would be gouged out for that purpose, I would feel extremely uneasy. I won’t ever do it, alright!

“Alright, let’s put the things about gods aside, and first figure out how this guy was able to bring out so many dolls. Other than Spatial Magic, there’s only one other way left. He was holding onto something like a dimensional ring that could store a lot of dolls…”

“Have you really not considered other options?” “What?”

I really feel irritated looking at Dale pretending to be all mysterious and stuff. I

didn’t think that he was this bad to the bone.

“For example, he has a base nearby, or a transportable base.”

“Hey hey, you can’t be joking, right? A transportable base… No, he might have simply used something like a cargo container to bring those dolls over.”

“A cargo container?”

Dale looked at me as if I was an idiot. “How is that possible?”

“Why wouldn’t it be possible? Have you forgotten? Didn’t we just have a large

battle with something that could transport a cargo container?”

That’s right, I’m referring to the gryphon we met at the start, which was also the reason why we suffered a great loss of manpower. The gryphon, a super-class magic beast, was about 10 meters long. If the dolls were folded and compressed in a container, it could probably bring about a hundred of them. And as for the number of dolls we fought, even though it looked as if there were endless numbers of them, in actual fact, there were only about a hundred of them.


After thinking for a moment, Dale started running again.

“Hey hey, what are you doing… Are you thinking of keeping the entire gryphon’s corpse to yourself?! Hold it right there!!”

In an instant, I figured out his objective, and started accelerating towards him. However, a purple light flashed at the bottom of his feet, and something like a flying device appeared under his legs. Then, he turned into a blur of purple as he disappeared in front of me.

What the hell!? He actually have such a powerful equipment on hand, and he did not use it earlier!? This bastard…
“Accelerate! Extreme Shadow! Elf of the Wind!”
The surrounding wind particles gathered crazily on my body, and in an instant, I turned into a blur of green, as I chased after him.


Although I was very confident in my own speed, but…

The moment I reached the site, that bastard had already kept the entire gryphon’s corpse into his ring!

“Hey hey! That doesn’t make sense at all!? That thing is huge, hey!?”

I couldn’t help but drop a tsukkomi, though I, myself, was unsure whether it was directed towards Dale or the World. But, no matter how I see it, this should be the World’s fault!

“Because the target is an item called ‘Gryphon’s Corpse’, so it only used up a slot of my inventory.”

Dale said calmly.

“Hand it over! No matter how I see it, that thing is made up of good materials for crafting equipment!”

“Hey hey, you have already taken a couple of good items for yourself, at least, leave this for me. Look, I’m not even the slightest interested in those scrolls, and I already have the blueprints for those dolls, if you want me to make an actual copy, I can even do so. So only this gryphon seems to be of use to me. Once I head back and create a mechanical gryphon, it will definitely be able to dominate the skies!”

“When we get back, leave the gryphon’s head for me.” “… Alright, alright.”

Dale helplessly shrugged, and nodded to my compromise. “……”

But when I look at the corpses lying on the ground, I suddenly felt a certain weird

restlessness in my heart. “What’s wrong?”

“Ah… nothing…”

What is this? What is this feeling? Sadness? It’s definitely not that kind of feeling though. Just what is this…

“In any case, these people once battled alongside us, we should make a proper burial for them.”

After saying that, I took note of the positions of the surrounding corpses, and took out my staff.
“Devouring Earth!”
The ground under the corpses flipped, covering all of the corpses under the earth. “Hopefully, they are able to rest in peace…”


Suddenly, a voice came from behind. I turned to look, and without us noticing, Gabriel actually appeared by our side.

So frightening… This bastard, at least make some noise when you’re walking!

But he immediately walked over to the side of the large grave I made, and stabbed a cross into the ground.

When did this guy make something like that?

“Let’s go. We should complete this mission as soon as possible, otherwise, the number of sacrifices will increase.”

“Aren’t you a murderer yourself?”

“I only kill bad people, because… they do not have the right to rest in peace.” Seeing Gabriel’s murderous expression, I knew… this guy meant what he said. As I thought, this guy is really frightening…

Chapter 58: Setting Off Once Again

“Uncle Gabriel, since you’re here, does that mean you’re done healing them?” “Yeah, of course. They possess good passive recovery abilities in the first place,

they’re warriors after all. By simply closing their wounds, and accelerating their rate of recovery, they will naturally recover quickly. Though I don’t know why, whenever I felt that you suffered an injury, you would always recover at an unbelievable rate, was I seeing things?”

“You’re obviously seeing things.” “Eh? That’s quite a quick reply.”

“That’s of course. Since you gave me a yes-or-no question that made everything

simpler and easier to understand, then why do I have to waste my time in thinking of an answer that’s neither reasonable or logical?”

“Are you trying to indirectly tell me you’re actually speaking nonsense?”

“Hey, I didn’t say that, did I? That’s simply a guess of yours, isn’t it? I simply gave you a reply, isn’t that right?”

“I guess so. Then I’m going to put aside how you guys made the corpse of the gryphon disappear. After all, even if I asked, I won’t be able to get an actual answer, right?”

“Just ask away, I might tell you, you know.”

“Then, how did you guys make the corpse disappear?” “Not telling you.”


I satisfyingly looked at Gabriel’s helpless and dispirited expression. Nodding my head, I turned and started walking back to the carriages.

When we got back to the carriages, unexpectedly, they were all ready to move off. Although the items in one of the carriages were distributed to the other carriages in the front… in actual fact, the most important item in that carriage was already

in my ring.

Though I don’t know why they had to transport these Eastern dolls so cautiously, it’s evidently related to the Smuu household and the Ice Empire.

I kind of feel that the Smuu household is rebelling… or it might not be the case either.

Well, though I’m not a conspiracy theorist, when I saw these Eastern dolls, which are being transported from the borders, I kind of feel that the actual situation might be different from how I’m imagining it.

Just who is the actual aggressor?

I don’t know, and I don’t wish to know. Whether I’m involved in this matter or not is not something I can determine on my own. Why do I say that? Obviously, there’s a reason for it.

I didn’t receive any quests.

That’s right, because I didn’t receive any new quests. The only related quest would be the quest to investigate the Smuu household. This means that I’m not a participant in what’s going to happen next. To be exact, I’m an existence that would not have any significant impact on the outcome.

I have yet to receive a new quest, or to be exact, I have not approached the key event of the entire scenario. I’m merely at the intersection between my earlier quest’s scenario and this situation.

But, if I were to continue like this, I will definitely encounter the main questline later on.

Of course, I’m an advocate of peace. If war can be prevented, then obviously, I will wish for it to be stopped. How should I put this? I don’t wish for a few students to be absent from school once the new school term starts, because of war.

School life will definitely be boring as hell.

But if that’s really the case, although it’s only a small part of it, I might actually be helping the aggressors to attack the Ice Empire.

As I expected, without sufficient information, it’s best not to act too wildly.

Though my actions might not have a big influence on the war, after all, there might be several more carriages like these elsewhere. But if possible, it would be good if I’m able to weaken their war potentials.

But the problem we’re facing now is…

Who are the actual people trying to harm the citizens of the Ice Empire?

To put it bluntly, currently, the information we possess do not have anything that could directly answer this question, and we can only rely on guesswork.

Looks like there’s a need to contact the Emperor of the Ice Empire and the Smuu household later. Compared to relying on guesswork, it’s a little better to directly ask the people in question.

The Smuu household did indeed conduct many immoral experiments, but…

In this world, even if it’s against human morals, it’s ‘understandable’ why they did them.

After all, they are not bound by absolute rules, and only bound by their morals as humans.

There are no complete regulations in regards to morals. With the difference in values, the views on morals will naturally be different.

To sum it up, everything in this world is in a ‘disorderly state’.

Though, I cannot accept the Smuu household’s human experiments. Even if they’re homunculus, they have their own rights to choose their way of life as well. (t/n: human clones homunculus)

Of course, the reason why I have this way of thinking is because of the different set of values I possess. To the people of Smuu household, they might not have treated homunculus as humans in the first place.

So, as long as I think it’s the right thing to do, I will do it, and that’s it. After all, if I were to step into anything and everything, my life here will be over.

In any case.

After reaching the next city, there’s a need to investigate the merchant called Abudo. A guy with completely no intel I can retrieve from his titles alone, is really troublesome.

“Big brother~ I did a good job in completing my mission~”

Suddenly, a voice pulled me out of my train of thoughts. The only person who would call me that, is Oyado.

Currently, she was extremely excited, and she was holding the ring I gave her in her hands. Even if she did not explain anything, I understood her words. She’s basically telling me that she had already completed the mission I gave her earlier, which involves collecting those scrolls hidden in the dolls.

I took the ring off her hands, and the ring was immediately listed in my inventory, and all the items in the ring were revealed.

A total of 374 magic scrolls of various types were fully packed into the dimensional space in the ring.

Other than the time I was playing Elder Scrolls, I have never seen so many scrolls appeared in my inventory. It’s such a nostalgic feeling.

I tapped on the virtual screen, and with a single pull, I dumped all of the scrolls into my own dimensional ring. And then…

There’s Oyado, who has been staring at me the entire time.

Even if you’re the densest person in the world, you would probably still understand Oyado’s current feelings. If someone were to look at something you’re holding with such yearnful eyes… then, there’s only one possible conclusion.

That person wants the item you’re holding.

“Then, according to the agreement we made, I will give this ring to you, Oyado~ But, you must definitely take good care of it.”

“Thank you, big brother~”

She took… no, she snatched the ring off my hands, and then, immediately put it on.

Looking at her expression, she basically looked like a child who just found a piece of treasure. Her cute smile filled with boundless excitement cannot be described with just words.

But due to the size of the ring, it doesn’t seem to fit her fingers. She looked at the ring and pondered for a moment, before running off.

She’s really as cute as always… As expected of my little sister.

Though, we’re not blood-related, so I can’t use that fact to explain anything else. “Although I feel really sorry, but right now, we have to pick up the pace. I believe

everyone understands that it is for everyone’s safety. I believe there’s no one who would object, right?”


No one said anything, but everyone nodded their heads one after another. “Then, let’s go.”

Great! He actually did not have a long speech of any sort. This is an omen of good fortune, right?

It should be, right?

Chapter 59: Shikigami

Unexpectedly, we did not encounter any enemies on our rushed journey to Wors City.

We did not encounter a single animal either.

Well, it’s completely understandable. After all, such a frightening battle happened in the forest, it would be a miracle if any magical beasts dared to stay near that area.

Also, we chose to proceed to a different destination, so the people obstructing us wouldn’t be able to find us in such a short notice. Hence, we were able to successfully enter this city.

Speaking of which, earlier, I asked Bai Yueguang and the two girls how they managed to find us. Their answer completely fell within the scope of my predictions.

“Obviously, we saw your battle. Do you think such an extremely exaggerated battle could be hidden from sight? It was basically like the end of the world, you know? When people saw that huge tornado, everyone was so frightened they started running. Ah, us? With such a big event happening close to us, obviously, we had to rush over. After all, no matter how I see it, it’s a good opportunity to earn EXP.”

That’s what he said. He completely did not alter the details of his story, and he definitely does not seem to be the type to plot anything against us.

Of course, if I was in his place, I would have done the same as well.

But since it was such a huge event, why wasn’t there anyone else who came to observe? In times like that, wouldn’t legendary figures or people that had isolated themselves from the world appear?

None of them appeared though.

Then what about those soldiers that are meant to protect the citizens? None of them appeared either.

I’m unsure of whether the Ice Empire have used their taxes on the army, but, no matter how I see it, not using the taxes on military purposes is impossible. But, if that’s really the case, after receiving the taxes, there’s actually no soldiers patrolling the area to protect the safety of the citizens…

If the citizens knew, they will be sad, you know. That old man governing the Ice Empire, just what is he thinking?

Well, it’s not like I can’t understand.

After all, one of the parties of that battle must be standing on the side of the Ice Empire. If the Ice Empire knew of this act beforehand, naturally, no soldiers would appear.


Why wouldn’t he simply dispatch the army to obstruct the enemies then? I can’t understand at all. Well, politics is something like that.

As I thought, I still do not possess enough information. I should hurry and find the

black market in this city, and use the terminal to contact the related parties.

But currently, it’s only four in the morning. Other than the stars in the sky, there’s basically no other sources of light. Of course, the light from the flames on the city walls isn’t enough.

“Everyone, the city gate will open at 6 in the morning, but if you guys have any other things to do, you can still leave the escort detail temporarily. We will gather here once again at this spot tomorrow, at 8 in the morning.”

I don’t know why, but the man called Abudo suddenly said all that.

“Of course, since everyone was able to make it here alive, after this, you can immediately head over to the mercenary guild to retrieve your reward of 50 gold. It will be counted as a reward for completing a part of the escort mission. Those who wish to continue, please gather here tomorrow. Then, I hope to see you guys here again. Goodbye.”

After saying that, that man actually brought his two remaining subordinates and walked into the second carriage.

Hey hey, what are you guys…

Just when I was figuring out what they were planning to do, suddenly, the names in carriage disappeared!

That’s right, in an instant, the tree names suddenly disappeared, as if they weren’t inside the carriage in the first place.


“Big brother, what’s wrong?” “That carriage.”

I pointed to the carriage where they disappeared into.

“Is there still anyone in that carriage?” “No one is there any longer.”

Seemingly at the same time, Oyado immediately replied. “Really?”


They disappeared immediately? Was it teleportation?

I cut across those mercenaries who were still in the middle of discussion, and arrived before the carriage. After pondering for a bit, I took out a box similar to an old television set.

Of course, it’s not an actual old television, but a Magic Trap Detection Device (Cheapest Version) I bought from the black market, which Aliyah introduced to me before.

I had no other choice, I didn’t have enough funds, alright? This thing wasn’t cheap, after all, it’s a patented item. Even the cheapest one was worth a 1,000 gold, it’s basically daylight robbery! Once I get the opportunity, I will have Dale or Lanya take a look at it, and probably have them make one that’s both affordable and convenient to carry.

“What’s this?”

As I expected, Dale came forward in an instant, and stared at the thing I was holding while inspecting it.

“It’s something really useful. In short, it’s something really useful.”

“With that explanation of yours, I don’t understand anything at all, you know.” “If I were to really explain it, you will definitely want to dissemble it.”

“Eh? Am I really a science freak in your eyes?”

“It’s not just in my eyes, you’re definitely one.”

“You bastard, you really aren’t merciful in anything you say, huh.”

“To a science freak, I think it’s best to convey what I want to say directly. After all, we’re talking about a science freak here.”

“You… Do you have some sort of prejudice against scientists?”

“No, it’s definitely not prejudice. It’s the correct idea of a scientist, that’s all.” After saying that, I ignored him, and activated the device.

“Un, un. A lightning-type trap, is it? It even has an one-way message transmitting

function. It’s rather complicated, huh.” “So, what is this?”

“You still don’t understand? It’s a Magic Trap Detection Device.”

“Oooooh, speaking of which, something like this is more useful in a world like this, huh.”

As I expected, he began entering into a state of deep thoughts. I quickly placed the device back into my ring. I don’t wish for this thing to be disassembled after a single use.

But since I know about the item that could be found inside, I won’t be able to forgive myself if I don’t open the carriage.

But, I currently do not possess any pick-locking skill. Even if I have a skeleton key, I won’t be able to open the carriage either, and there’s a magic trap set-up as well.

However, as long as I remove the magic trap, there shouldn’t be anymore problems.

With this thought in mind, I took out Thief’s Equipment No. 2. Although it looks like a pot lid, it’s a very incredible item.

“Hey, Dale, do you have an empty medium-grade magic crystal on hand?”

To differentiate between magic crystals, they are categorized based on their sizes. The detection device on my hand requires the use of a medium-grade magic crystal.

“Eh? What do you need that sort of thing for?”

Although he asked that sort of question, he still immediately took out the crystal from his inventory.

I took the crystal and equipped it on the device. Then, I pointed at the carriage, and flipped the switch.

With a flash of electrical light, a ray of purple light was emitted from the carriage, and it was transferred into the crystal. The crystal which was initially colorless, turned purple. Looks like the magic particles have been fully absorbed.

“Alright, time to work. Oyado, kick the door open.” “Ehhh?”

Dale looked at me with a shocked expression, and from the other side, Oyado

suddenly rushed over. “Alright, big brother~” Bang!

Oyado kicked onto the carriage’s door. With a loud bang, the door actually flew

out from the other side of the carriage! Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!

“Oyado! I only told you to kick it open! Not send the door flying!”

“Eh? You can’t blame me, big brother. The door was simply too fragile.”

“No, no, no. Your attack was just too powerful… Ah whatever, it’s fine either way.”

Under the weird gaze of all the mercenaries, I walked into the carriage. But… when I entered the place, I realized it was completely different than the other carriages, which was filled with goods!

Magic formation, and magic crystals.

When I looked around, the entire carriage was filled with magic crystals. And in the center of the carriage, a magic formation was drawn.

This is most probably a teleportation magic formation, right? Although it looks a little complicated… I still pressed the screenshot button next to the inventory button on the menu, and took a picture of the magic formation. It might be useful later on, after all.

“Hey, everyone, those three have fled.”

I immediately shouted to all of the mercenaries outside. “Eh? What!?”

“They fled? What is going on?” “Hey hey, what’s this situation!?”

Everyone flooded over, rushed into the carriage, and furiously charged back


“Hey, hurry and open the city gate!”

“Those bastards registered in the mercenary guild! We must definitely find out who did this!”

“They actually fled! That’s too irresponsible!”

After saying that, some of them even ran towards the other carriages. They probably thought of searching through the stuffs in the rest of the carriages.

Eh? The other carriages?

”Hey! Wait a minute, everyone! There’s magic traps installed in them!”

But, the moment I shouted this out, one of their hands had actually already grabbed onto the door of one of the carriages.

Ah, crap…

But, something like this happening is a must in a scenario like this, in usual cases… “In usual cases, at a time like this, the enemies would appear out of the carriages.” I helplessly muttered to myself.

A ray of electrical light shot across all of the carriages. After a moment of silence,

with a ‘Pa’ sound, something leaped out of that carriage.

Immediately after, similar things charged out of the rest of the carriages at the same time. A moment later, a total of nine people… no, a total of nine dolls rushed out of the carriages, and looked towards the guy who opened the door.

“This… This is…”

That mercenary retreated in a hurry, but, the doll nearest to him had already raised its arm, as it charged towards him!

“This is really… troublesome! Accelerate! Charge!

I fiercely accelerated and stretched out my right hand, as I stabbed towards the doll’s hand with my hidden blade!


“Oh? I didn’t even pierce through its skin? Just what are they made of?”

The female-looking doll in front of me wore a kimono, and its black long hair scattered in the air like a black flower.

It looked like a perfect work of art, though the only drawback was that there wasn’t a single expression on its beautiful face.

Probably because while it was being constructed, its face was also made incomparably rigid, right?

“Even that’s the case, it doesn’t meant that it can’t be sliced open! Arcane – Iaido!” A white sword light flashed, and the arm of the doll in front of me was sliced away!

And it fell onto the ground.

“Really, even though it’s a work of art, we have no choice but to break it.”

As he said that, Bai Yueguang kicked towards the doll, but it nimbly flipped onto the top of the carriage.

It looked at it’s broken arm, and suddenly, it opened it’s mouth wide. Countless pieces of paper flew out, and formed a new arm!

“Hey hey, what is this? A super convenient repair method?”

“Using paper to repair itself… This thing isn’t a doll, but a Shikigami, right?” “Shikigami…!?”

The moment he said that, above those dolls… no, above those Shikigamis, their names were revealed.
Sky Queen (Dark – 1) LV 20 ?????/?????
A shikigami with an appearance of a high-class lady, and possess charming abilities.
Color Representation: Black Number Representation: 9

Chapter 60: War of Shikigamis

“You guys, hurry and flee! Or call the guards over! Hurry!”

I pulled up the mercenary who was almost killed earlier, and shouted loudly to the rest.

“Yes… Yes! Umm, thank you very much.”

That mercenary thanked me, and then ran towards the direction of the city wall with the rest of the mercenaries.

Along with those who were fleeing, there were regular citizens who were already preparing to enter the city. They quickly ran towards the gate, and pounded their fists onto it continuously.

“It’s best for you to flee as well. You aren’t their match.” I looked towards the little girl beside me and said.

“No… I know, when compared to both you and them, my battle experience is

evidently insufficient, but… if I don’t battle, I will never get stronger, right!?” Lois rejected my suggestion, and then entered a battle stance.

“Well… be careful.”

Well, she will get a portion of the EXP like this. I will let her have her way then. And on the side, Odin, Domitius, Sai, Gabriel, Bai Yueguang, Tai Shixi, Dale, Hei

Luoli and Oyado were all facing different shikigamis. Of course, a single archer is unable to fight with a Shikigami, so Hei Luoli and Bai Yueguang were fighting as a team.


They have a total of nine shikigamis, which means, there’s still one more. As I expected, a figure fiercely leaped out from the top of the last carriage, and was running towards the direction where the mercenaries were fleeing.

I laughed, and then took out my tachi from my ring.
“Accelerate, Extreme Shadow, Elf of the Wind, Strengthen!”
Without using Ice Totems, I’m not able to reach any sort of height as I please, but within the 10 minutes while the Strengthen buff is active, and with my base Strength, my jumping ability is already several times stronger than an average person.

The height the shikigami was currently at after jumping, was basically nothing to speak of at all!

“Why are you in a rush? Bullying the weak isn’t a good thing, you know!!!”

My blue blade immediately slashed towards it, but it actually used its arms to block my attack!

“Oh? As I thought, having a sturdy body is good, huh. There isn’t even a need to spend on weapons.”

But the Shikigami did not have any sort of reply to my sarcasm. It immediately stretched out one of its arms, and thrust t towards me!

Its fingers pierced into my chest, and I suddenly had a hard time breathing. I then flipped backwards, and landed on the ground.

“Un, it’s attack power is strong as expected. Although it was only a test, it seems I have to dodge it next time.”

I looked at my chest, and my ice armor was actually filled with cracks. I knocked onto it lightly, and the entire armor shattered into pieces and fell onto the ground.

Looks like I have to dispel the ice armor on my body.

“I have only learnt a couple of moves from various games, but, please advise me, Shikigami! Ice Summon!”

A layer of blue glow enveloped the blade of my tachi. Then, with a single charge, I thrust towards it chest.

When the blade was about pierce into its chest, it turned its body, and with a wave of its hand, it pushed the blade aside.

Although I was able to predict its move, when I saw that my attack was blocked just like that, I didn’t feel good at all.

But, this was within my predictions.

And because it was within my predictions, something like this is of no matter. “Bloom, Restrictor of the Frozen Earth.”

A light blue icy mist surrounded us in an instant, and seemingly at the same time, a layer of frost covered the shikigami’s body.

“Even if you’re a Shikigami, like a doll, you can still be frozen, right?”

But, a blue light was suddenly emitted from its eyes, and a mark of a water droplet appeared on its forehead!

When I was about to kick it away, countless of small holes suddenly appeared on its arms, and a weird water mist was released from the holes!

And my icy mist was engulfed by its water mist in an instant, and the layer of frost on its body disappeared at the same time.

Although its entire body was drenched, it was able to escape my binds.

A Water Magic spell capable of overwhelming an intermediate-grade Ice Magic spell? No, this isn’t Magic. Is this Onmyou?
“Berserk – 49 Ice Arrows!”
Since my opponent is able to use spells as well, then I can’t defeat it with normal attacks.

It stretched out its hand, and the surrounding mist quickly gathered together to form a shield. The 49 ice arrows pierced into it at the same time, like a scarecrow being pierced by multiple feathered arrows.

It actually blocked all of them?

The water-formed shield split at its center, and the shikigami walked out of it completely unscathed, and it was even wielding a water sword in its hand!
“Ice Totem!”
A giant ice pole immediately pushed me towards the sky. At the same time, I stretched my hands upwards, and three gigantic icebergs slowly began to form.

“Descend! Ice Fall!”

The first iceberg immediately descended towards the ground! Bang!

A sword wave made out of water sliced the iceberg into half, and from the iceberg’s opening, the Shikigami was running along the sides of the ice totem as it charged towards me!


You’re not kind at all, huh. In times like this, at least take the hit and let me be happy for a short moment!

“Dance! Ice Flower!”

A chain of ice thorns appeared from the top of the ice totem, and were running down the sides of the ice totem!

But the Shikigami once again pulled out its sword and slashed at the ice thorns. Then, it continuously slashed apart the incoming ice thorns as it continued to rush towards me!

Alright, I can only try again!

I leaped down from the top of the ice totem, and slashed at the Shikigami with my tachi!

While the Shikigami also raised its water sword to take my attack!

As I thought, this guy will only react appropriately to its opponent’s attacks. Then that’s good!

The two blades clashed, and at the same time, the two icebergs above us slowly moved, and began to fall towards the shikigami at high speed!

I put in all my strength into my tachi, and pushed myself away from the Shikigami. At the same time, I tapped on the Instant MP Recovery Potion in my inventory.
“Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross!”
With the shikigami’s high speed slashes, the giant icebergs were sliced into pieces. But at the same time, it was slowed down from doing so. Taking this opportunity, I thrust the cross towards it.

“You’re able to slice material objects. But what about formless ones?”

The cross instantly cut across its body, and it fell onto the ground after an explosive bang.

“This is really… Light Steps.”

I slowly landed onto the ground, and the ice totem collapsed beside me as well. The earlier explosion destroyed the bottom half of the ice totem, so I had no choice but to leap off the totem.

“Un, where did it go?”

I looked around and I could not find its figure, but…

Two pieces of paper slowly floated down from the sky. I stretched out my hand and grabbed onto one of the pieces, and I realized it was one of the pieces of the Shikigami I sliced open earlier with the cross.

“Is it dead? Once the talisman is broken, it shouldn’t be able to repair itself, right?” I picked up the other piece, and placed them both into my ring.

“Fir, hurry and help me bring that thing onto the magic crystals.”

The one who called out to me was Dale. Currently, he was standing on the roof of the carriage with the teleportation circle, and he was even fiddling with something in his hands.

“Hah? You already exterminated the Shikigami?”

“That’s of course. After all, our opponents are simply made of paper, and they are existences that can only maintain their forms by borrowing the user’s energy, right? If this many shikigamis were being controlled by a single person, they definitely wouldn’t have any complex attack patterns. Hence, our opponents were probably using a fixed attack pattern, and were automatic shikigamis with installed with external sources of energy.”

“Un, that sounds about right. They only react to their opponents’ movements, so it’s probably a pre-installed function. But, what does that have to do with you beating it?”

“Lightning attacks. After stunning it for a short period of time, I simply absorbed its energy dry.”

“Absorb? What did you use to absorb its energy?” “This.”

He pointed to the thing he had been fiddling with. I looked at it carefully, and finally realized what it was.

“Hey hey! isn’t that my Magic Trap Destroying Device!?”

That’s right, it’s the pot lid I used earlier to remove the magic trap inside the carriage. Dale had brought it onto the roof, and its exterior had already been pried open. Countless messy wires were pulled out from the device, and were stretched into the carriage.

“Connect that connector over there to the magic formation and those empty magic crystals.”

“…Haah, alright then. Remember to rebuild it for me after this.”

I walked over, and connected everything according to his instructions. Pa!

A burst of electricity blew me out of the carriage! “Hey hey! At least give me a heads up!”

“Sorry, it doesn’t have an on-and-off switch.”

But, right at this moment, a ripple of light was emitted by that lid-like object, and the surrounding space shook. Several objects that I could not make out with my eyes were suddenly being sucked in, and they flew into the pot lid. At the same time, the several empty magic crystals in the carriage all lighted up in an instant!

They were actually charged up in an instant? No wonder that Shikigami did not look fatigued at all after using so many spells.
Exterminated Shikigami – Sky Queen (Dark – 1) EXP Gained: 1,000
Party EXP Gained: 50 x 8 = 400
Total EXP Gained: 1,400
Party Members leveled up. Oyado leveled up!
Current LV: 18 Dale leveled up! Current LV: 20 Dale leveled up!
Current LV: 21
“Dale, you actually took all of the EXP?” “Seems… like it?”

Dale shrugged.

And at this moment, the sky suddenly revealed a thin horizontal line of light. Looks like the sun is about to rise.

And at the same time, the city gate slowly opened. “I’m famished. Let’s get some breakfast.”


Chapter 61: Report

Of course, things didn’t go that smoothly. After entering the city, we and the rest of the mercenaries went to the guardhouse to explain the situation, and in the end, the city lord made his appearance as well.

But because I felt that it would be a pain to explain over and over, taking the opportunity when everyone wasn’t looking, I pulled the city lord to a side, and took out my proof as a State Magician.

After that, things went pretty well. I told everyone I was an inspectorate sent by Princess Michelle, and when the mercenaries and the citizens proved that we were protecting them, everything was settled in the end.

Naturally, we managed to successfully eat our breakfast as well, and it was even a treat by the city lord himself.

“Lord Loy.”

While we were having breakfast, I asked him a question.

“Do you have a terminal that connects to the entire list of networks in the continent?”

“Of course. Are you perhaps going to…”

“I’m going to report the situation to the Princess. You saw it yourself as well. Those trespassers are using this sort of method to bring in their war potentials into the Ice Empire. We definitely can’t let this carry on. What do you say?”

“That’s of course!”

Lord Loy, his full name is Loy Wors. He inherited his position as Duke from his father, and his household had always been the managing Wors City. But he looks rather young. It seems he had just inherited the position not too long ago.

And when we were trying to prove our innocence earlier, the guards had already investigated the details in the mercenary guild. As expected, the information those people registered with were completely fake, including the merchant guild they registered with.

Though, the deposit they made was real. In the end, the money were distributed to the participating mercenaries, as compensation for their losses.

But we made a huge loss. Although we did obtain a couple of Shikigami talismans, we do not know how to use them.

Of course, we handed those broken onmyou talismans to the guards as proofs. “This is a national-level crisis! Naturally, we can’t sit back and do nothing!”

The city lord said righteously.

Well, in this peaceful era, being the head of a hereditary household with no significant merits or achievements thus far, of course he would feel the incoming crisis.

“Then, I will have to rely on you.” “Haha, it’s no problem at all.”


I don’t know whether I will be able to contact the princess, but as the terminals are not widely used as of yet, very quickly, I was able to locate the Ice Empire’s Imperial Family’s private list of networks.

As to finding Princess Michelle’s personal network… It’s too troublesome. I immediately selected the most complicated network, forcefully cracked the password, and connected through it.

After waiting for 2 seconds, the other side actually picked up. “Who are you!? How do you know of this network!?”

The moment it connected, I heard the other party’s voice. And, this network was


“Yo, your majesty. It’s been awhile, how are you guys?” “……”

He stared at me through the screen for a long while. He slapped his face a couple of times, before responding.

“You… You’re Fir!”

“Yes, your majesty. It’s me, alright.” “You’re actually still alive!!”

“… Your majesty, please watch your image, beside me, there’s still…”

“No, no! Please continue, I will be taking my leave!!”

Lord Loy’s face was drenched with sweat, as he rushed out of the communication room in huge strides.

Looks like that guy was rather frightened. He’s probably afraid that the Emperor might exterminate him to protect his own image in the future.

Well, though I know of the fact that the Emperor isn’t be that mindful at all. “Alright, let’s get back on topic.”

“Get back on… You bastard, after you went missing, do you know how much

trouble we’ve been through!? Aaah!?” “Hah? I don’t know.”

“… Alright, you might not know, but I do! If you were still alive, at least leave us a

message or something of that sort!”

“Eh? Did I not have Aliyah leave a message for you guys?”

“That sort of message… Alright, even if you did leave one, it’s the same as not leaving one at all. Fine, I don’t care any longer. I’m going to call Michelle over, you…”

“Wait a minute, I already told you I contacted you for an urgent business. You don’t have anyone near you right now, right? I have something that concerns the safety of your nation that I need to tell you.”

“The nation’s safety?”

Hearing these words, he finally calmed down, and his expression became stern. “Speak, this is my private room, so there’s no one here.”


I immediately erected a soundproof magic barrier, and spoke. “Question, is the Smuu household part of your private army?” “… Yes, but how do you know of that? They…”

“Great, then the problem has been solved. Speaking of which, do you know of

what they’re doing?”

“According to reports, they are currently dealing with the Eastern Continent’s trespassers…”

“That’s it. We encountered the trespassers in Wors City, and we exterminated 9 Shikigamis.”


Hearing this, the Emperor took a deep breath. “Are you certain?”

“Looks like your majesty have a bit of understanding regarding Shikigamis, then

that saves some trouble. According to the experience of my earlier battle, I believe the Shikigami’s war potential is hundred times stronger than a battle doll’s. So…”

“I know, that’s why the Smuu household is currently developing a weapon to counter it.”

“It’s useless. Unless you’re able to eliminate their Onmyouji, the number of Shikigamis will be endless.”

“What!? Do you know how to deal with this Onmyouji you speak of?” “I guess… so.”

After all, someone like that appeared several times in the games I played. And

there’s even three people here that came from the Eastern Continent. They should have some form of understanding about the Onmyouji as well.

“Then hurry and return to the imperial city! If they have already brought in the Shikigamis, then…”

“So… can I request that you dispatch an airship over?”

“Of course.”

The Emperor nodded, and laughed.

“Michelle will be there to fetch you, don’t worry.” “……”

Suddenly, I felt a cold chill down my spine.

Your majesty, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you!?

Part 8 – Summoning Ritual

Chapter 62: Crisis in the Imperial City

On the airship, the atmosphere was really subtle.

Princess Michelle, Aliyah and Irlin were sitting on a sofa at one end, while looking at the other end with narrow eyes.

On the other end was Bai Yueguang’s party, Oyado, Gabriel, Dale, and that Lois who shamelessly tagged along.

While I was sitting at the center of the two groups, as I helplessly looked at them. “… Umm, aren’t you guys going to introduce yourselves?”

“There’s no need for that sort of thing!” Princess Michelle said with a pout.

“Those people over there come from the Eastern Continent, and are Bai Yueguang,

Tai Shixi, and Hei Luoli respectively. They do not have any bad records. ‘Demonic Hand of Light’ Gabriel Lancette, ‘Homunculus’ Oyado, ‘Blinding Lightning User’ Dale Lester, and Oryados Mercenary Guild’s Lois. I have already read through the intel on you guys while I was on my way here. Although some of you are rather suspicious individuals, since you’re friends of Fir, I will put those things aside… But as for you, Fir! According to my investigation, you returned a couple of days ago! Why haven’t you contacted us till now!?”

“Didn’t you say you have already investigated my whereabouts…” “Are you talking about your new identity as Fel?”


Because I changed my name and disguised myself, you guys didn’t realize it was me till now? Well, wasn’t preventing myself from being recognized the purpose of all that in the first place?

“Well~ Sorry.”

“This isn’t something that can be settled with just a simply sorry, you idiot! What were you thinking!?”

“Big brother, who is this big sister?” Oyado tugged onto my shirt and asked.

“Big brother… So you’re actually into something like that…”

This time, it was Aliyah who spoke up. Although she did not say anything earlier, I could understand from her piercing gaze. She’s thoroughly irritated.

But currently, she did not have an angry expression, rather… She looked as if she found something interesting to play with!

Really. She’s definitely thinking of how to make the situation even more interesting, rather than settling it. I must definitely not fall into her traps.

“Oyado is the only person who can call him big brother!” Oyado looked at me and continued.

“Big brother, you don’t have that sort of crazy-looking sister, right!?” Well spoken. I gave a silent thumbs up to Oyado in my heart.

“Cra… Crazy!?”

Aliyah furrowed her brows, and immediately charged out with her dual swords. But at the same time, Oyado stretched out her two hands, and in a flash, the shadow of two daggers collided with Aliyah’s swords.

She actually hid daggers under her sleeves?

But these two people are really incredible. With just the collision of their weapons, the entire airship actually shook for a moment!

“Why did you attack me? I was only speaking the truth.” “‘Truth’, my ass!”

Aliyah made a slight retreat, and then fiercely leaped into the sky. She twisted her

body, and the two swords once again came thrusting down.
“Arcane – Dual Splitter!”
Two swords immediately slashed towards Oyado, but the moment they were about to reach her, Oyado’s figure suddenly blurred, and the two swords pierced through the air, and stabbed into the floor.

“How…’ “You lost.”

A dagger was pointed at Aliyah’s neck, while the other was pointed at her heart.

Oyado, who appeared behind Aliyah had then declared her victory.

“Alright alright, stop fooling around. Are you two trying to dismantle the entire airship?”

The floor doesn’t seem to be single layered, and the crack isn’t that big, so there shouldn’t be any problems. But if they were to go on, they will definitely destroy the entire place.

After all, I personally witnessed Aliyah’s deed of slicing an entire house into pieces in the past.

“Hmph! Whatever the case, you will be punished, so wait for it!” Princess Michelle declared.

“Hey hey, I haven’t done anything at all. And didn’t I contact you guys because of

the nation’s safety?”

“Oh right, you even killed the gryphon that we spent a great deal of effort and money to train up, didn’t you?”

“If I did not kill it, I would have died!” “I don’t care!”


As expected of ‘Icy Arrogant’, you’re really unreasonable, huh.

“Haah, really. In any case, we can talk about this next time. Compared to this, we have to first deal with the problem regarding the trespassers.”

After that, I turned to look at the three from the Eastern Continent.

“Alright, you guys should have the general idea of what’s going on, right? In regards to the trespassers, what are your thoughts?”


Bai Yueguang pondered for a moment.

“To tell you the truth, other than the city we started out in, we have never went to the other cities in the Eastern Continent. Tai Shixi…”

“I have never went out as well. But, truthfully, that sort of thing isn’t something from my country, but something that comes from your side, Little Bai.”

Tai Shixi shook her head.

”“Even if you say that, our side is also split into various countries. And there are mostly only internal conflicts. I have never heard or people planning to attack the Western Continent…”

“Lorsande Kingdom…”

I suddenly recalled something, and hurriedly asked.

“Do you guys know of anything regarding the Lorsande Kingdom?”

“Oh, that? It’s really close to the Country of Ye, and is isolated from the concept

of war. But it has deep relationships with both the Eastern and Western Continent, after all, it’s a country situated at the center of the two…”

Hei Luoli seems to be rather knowledgeable of this matter. But, that’s reasonable, after all, she’s a princess.

“In other words, it acts a corridor for both countries? Well, I believe it has quite a strong economical power, right? So, is it planning to increase its land size? But why does it have to choose the farthest Ice Empire… Do they want to take over a

coastal country or something? But your country is a coastal country as well, right?” “The Navy, I guess.”

The moment Bai Yueguang suggested this, Princess Michelle spoke up as well.

“Because of the constant years of internal conflict, the Eastern Continent’s countries basically do not have a single Navy division. On the other hand, our Ice Empire have been expanding our Navy in the recent years, and our long-distance fleets have increased by three times because of the expansion. They must be targeting this.”

“Is that so… That’s really easy to understand, huh.” I nodded, and then looked towards Hei Luoli.

“Alright, since that’s the case, is there any way to discern an Onmyouji? Those

Shikigamis can either be controlled by an Onmyouji himself, or be semi- automated. If it’s semi-automated, there’s a need to summon the Shikigamis from the talismans in advance, right?”

“Un, it’s a must for an Onmyouji to carry out the summoning.”

“I see, if that’s the case… our opponent could have simply entered the city before summoning them, so why…”

Why do they have to purposefully summon them in advance, and have people transport them over?

And in the end, they actually fled, and even used a teleportation magic formation. Why would they go to so much trouble…

“They did it on purpose!?”

“Un, what are you trying to say?”

“I’m telling you, they did all these with a purpose in mind!” I explained the earlier situation, and continued from there.

”“They purposefully summoned the Shikigamis and placed them in the carriages.

Then, they had people to escort these carriages. No matter how dumb your intelligence unit is, something like that would obviously be detected, right? Then, after you guys attacked, they brought the Shikigamis to another city. First, it would cause you guys to dispatch more people to investigate. Second, have the Shikigamis appear at the surrounding cities and cause chaos. And while they’re wrecking havoc in the various places…”

I paused for a moment.

“At this time, they will make use of the opportunity when you guys aren’t paying attention to your surroundings, and initiate their attack.”

“Eh? At this time?” “Princess!”

Suddenly, the broadcast system in the airship rang. “What happened!?”

Princess Michelle picked up the receiver and asked.

“There’s smoke being emitted from the direction of the imperial city! Currently, we’re going to turn and head towards the evacuation point.”


“As I thought…”

I turned and looked towards Dale. “How many gliders do you have?”

“Tons of them. Because their production costs were cheap.” “Great.”

I walked over to Princess Michelle’s side, and took the receiver off her hands.

“Captain, is it alright if I open the airship’s hatch when we’re close to the imperial city?”

Chapter 63: Airborne Assault

“Umm… Don’t push yourself, alright? As a princess, I’m not allowed to participate in the battle, but you guys are not allowed to die, alright!?”

“Princess Michelle, you’re not encouraging us at all…”

“Whatever the case, don’t die! The troops from the surrounding cities will definitely rush here as fast as they can. Your objectives are to only open the city gates, and help the innocent citizens flee!”

The airship was about to approach the skies above the imperial city. We’re currently wearing the gliders Dale designed, and we were about to dive into the city.

Princess Michelle had wanted to participate in our operation, but because of everyone’s efforts, we managed to stop her and have her stay in the airship.

Irlin would also be staying in the airship with her as well. Though I don’t know why she had simply be watching us the entire time we arrived on the airship, and had not utter a single word. However, she looked as if she wanted to join us as well. But as to why she did not do it in the end, I have no idea either. Did a weird change occur to her personality after her memories were altered? Looks like if I want to find out, I have to confirm it myself in the future.

“It’s fine, don’t worry. I even crawled back up from hell, so what is there for you to be afraid of?”

I laughed, and then walked over to the hatch.

“We will meet again later. I have yet to finish my tour around the imperial city. Once this is settled, don’t forget to guide me around!”

“You don’t have to worry about that!”

The moment Princess Michelle said that, I immediately turned my back against the open hatch, and dropped myself off the airship.

At the same time, the rest jumped off one after another as well. “Bai Yueguang, can you take care of the eastern gate?”

“No problem.”

While embracing Hei Luoli, Bai Yueguang nodded.

It seems Hei Luoli is really afraid of heights. Hence, Bai Yueguang had no choice but to hug her while they glided down. We did suggest that she could stay in the airship, but she stubbornly insisted that she wanted to participate in the operation with everyone else.

“Great. Uncle Gabriel, you can deal with the northern gate by yourself, right?” “Un.”

Uncle Gabriel answered simply.

But, that’s understandable. With this guy’s level of strength, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to deal with those Shikigamis alone.


“I want to form a team with big brother!”

Before I could finish, Oyado rolled in the sky and glided past me, while shouting out loud at the same time.

“Aaah, I want to be grouped with Fir as well! Otherwise, this pervert might do something to me!”

Aliyah who was close to me immediately said.

“Hey hey, don’t slander me. What have I ever done?”

“It’s because I’m worried you might actually do something, that I have to come up with preventive measures!”

“That’s really rude. I won’t ever do those sorts of things you’re thinking of! You guys don’t even understand my character at all!”

“Hah? Your character? What’s that?”

“I’m not dumb, why do I have to tell you?”

I laughed slightly, and then adjusted my diving posture.

“Dale, take Lois and head to the western gate. We will be taking the southern gate.”

“Alright alright, I should be able to obtain research funds from this, right?” “I guess…”

This guy is actually still thinking about money in times like this? Even though he had already taken that gryphon (‘s corpse) for himself.

“We can talk about that later. If we don’t carry out our tasks properly, we won’t be able to obtain anything either, right?”

“You’re right.”

After saying that, he glided towards Lois who was still struggling to maintain her balance. She continued to scream as Dale pulled her to the western gate.

“Alright, starting from now, we will be risking our lives.”

With this said, I copied down the titles Oyado possess, and sent it over to Aliyah. She was startled for a moment. She then looked at Oyado, and then turned back

to look at me.

“Then everyone, first, eliminate the enemies. We can talk about the rest later, alright?”

“That’s… of course! While we were on our way to fetch you, we have thought of many ways to punish you. So you had better clean your neck and wait patiently for them!”

“We can talk about that later. Later, alright~?”

After dealing with this situation, I will finish off Smuu household’s questline while I’m at it. At the very most, I will find a way to immediately flee back to the academy. Really, I’m under a lot of pressure by staying in someone else’s territory.

After saying that, I immediately dived downwards at full speed.

“If you dare to harm big brother, I will definitely not forgive any single one of you!” Oyado shouted as she dived alongside me as well.

“You guys… Wait a minute…”

Of course, Aliyah wasn’t left out either.

——————loading—————— “Alright, this height should be fine.”

I said this while estimating the height we’re at from the ground. Although it was

only an estimate, but due to the thousands of weird quests and the level of physical details put into the many games I played, it’s possible for me to use my naked eyes to judge the distance between me and the ground.

“This height?” “Jump!”

As we were passing through the sky above what seemed to be a central square, I released myself from the glider before Aliyah could even ask why, and I immediately rushed towards the central square full of Shikigamis!
“Arcane – Extreme Speedstorm!”
I pointed the Blasphemer to the ground, and in the next instant, a green tornado started forming from the ground. While it caught us and prevented us from falling, at the same time, the large number of Shikigamis were sucked into tornado, and were then blown away.

And because party members would not suffer damage from friendly fire, we were floating at the top of the tornado without any harm done to us.

“That… That scared the hell out of me! At least explain what you’re going to do in advance!”

“I had no choice, it was also something I came up on a whim.” I shrugged.

“It’s rare to get to bird’s eye view, and it was convenient to attack from that

position. So, I decided to initiate an attack directly from there. After all, there’s so many enemies nearby, and it would be difficult to fight if we were to land while leaving them like that.”

“You bastard…”

“Hmph! You can’t stand alongside big brother if you don’t even have that little bit of courage, you know!”

Oyado pointed at Aliyah and said.

“You must get used to something like this!”

Hey hey, I know you’re speaking up for me, but you could have left out the thing about getting used to situations like this. I still prefer to grind, level up, and earn money normally, you know. It’s still best to refrain from doing these cool and crazy actions if possible.

“Alright, alright. Let’s prepare for battle. After all, our enemies… are huge in numbers.”

Back then, only 9 of them were enough to cause quite a bit of trouble for us. Right now, with a simple glance, there’s at least a dozen of different types of Shikigamis. There are many soldiers and battle dolls fighting against them, but the difference in strength is apparent.

And we understand this point really well. But…

Those Shikigamis, which were sent flying by tornado, actually turned back into pieces of paper after smashing into the walls. This point startled me quite a bit.

Although their strength did not change, they became more brittle? Is this because of the increase in numbers?

Very slowly, the tornado scattered, and we descended onto the square, surrounded by many Shikigamis.

“Alright, everyone. Our first objective is to open the city gate! Our second objective, is to exterminate the Shikigamis! Then, mission start!”

After declaring so, I pointed to the front.
“Arcane – Chaotic – 99 Ice Arrows!”

Chapter 64: We are the Reinforcements

The crystal clear ice arrows flew across the battlefield one after another, and accurately pierced into every single Shikigami. Though there wasn’t significant damage, the movements of the Shikigamis that were hit slowed down. Then they were struck down by either the soldiers or the battle dolls, turning into pieces of paper.

“Eh? A Magician finally arrived at the southern gate as well?”

A soldier looked over, and revealed a weird expression when he saw me. “You… Why are you wearing a light armor?”

“Because a Magician is frail, so naturally, I have to wear thicker armor… Though

I’m not exactly a legit Magician to begin with.”

Though I said that, in the end, I opened up my inventory and changed into my academy’s magician robe directly from there.

“These clothes… Are you a student of the Magic Academy?”

“Sorry. Your boss has yet to give me a new set of clothes, so I can only wear this to identify myself. But, I’m still one of your country’s State Magicians.”

With this said, I threw an Ice Fall into the distance. As I have already recognized all of the battle dolls and soldiers as my party members, even if randomly throw my spells everywhere, there’s no need to worry about collateral damage at all.

“This… This is the same spell used by the Princess! This is great! Our opponents appeared too suddenly, and we have yet to receive any reinforcements from our Magicians!”

“Is that so, but it’s understandable. Our opponents had already realized they was exposed, so acting immediately was the correct decision. But I did not actually expect them to arrive at the imperial city this quickly.”

The dispatchment of Magicians obviously wouldn’t make it in time. With the earlier incident at Wors City, some of the war potentials must have been dispatched there to investigate the details, right? As for the imperial city… Just what is that old man doing?

“Yes, Sir Magician. Those weird dolls suddenly popped out from the crowd. Before we could even react, we suffered an attack. The city gates were quickly taken over by them, and the only people capable of battling them are us, the city guards.”

“I see, so you’re telling me, all the city gates are in their hands?”

“Yes. I don’t know about the other gates, but currently, the southern gate is indeed being controlled by them.”

“I understand, Oyado!” “What is it, big brother?”

Hearing my summons, Oyado’s figure immediately flashed right before me,

scaring the soldier who was beside me.

“Don’t bother about those Shikigamis any longer. Head straight for the city gate, and find a way to kill their commander.”


After saying that, right in front of us, Oyado disappeared in a flash. “So… So impressive! Was that your sister?”

“That’s right!”

“Then the person behind you is…”

Behind me? I turned back to look, and currently, Aliyah was grabbing two Shikigamis by her hands, and was looking at me with a scary expression. Then, with the squeeze of her hands, the two Shikigamis immediately turned into paper.

“A comrade of justice?”

“Hah? Is that so… In any case, I will be returning to battle!”

With that said, without turning back, he rushed back into the battlefield. Alright, actually, Aliyah isn’t that scary, you know…


“What is it!”

The moment I heard her unhappy shout, I hurriedly turned to face her.

“Seems like you’re really formidable~ Since we can’t die anyway, why don’t we take this time to have a little chat~?”

Are you really going to simply chat with me? Why are you holding your sword against my neck?


“Though I know you wanted to save her, why did she become your little sister?” “This… This really isn’t my fault. She decided to address me that way on her own.

It definitely wasn’t a request of mine.” “Eh~ Really?”

Her expression tells me she doesn’t believe me at all! Really, am I really that untrustworthy to you? I’m a man of good faith, you know!

“… Haah. I already told you not to form too many relations with this world. Why don’t you listen to my advice at all? I don’t know why we’re here in this world, but this world is really… Ah, whatever. I don’t know anymore.”

When she was saying all these, Aliyah’s eyes began to glisten. Did something happen to her recently?

“The inhabitants of this world… might be real as well… I did say that this world was similar to a game before, but… but, it might just be a problem of our perspective…”

“Hey hey, just what are you talking about? Just what happened in these few days while I was gone?”

“It’s nothing much! Don’t ask about a girl’s troubles, idiot!”

After saying that, she stabbed her two swords to the back, and the head of the Shikigami which was about to approach us was pierced by the swords. Its hand which was holding onto a weapon stopped in mid air, and slowly drooped down.

Speaking of which, all of us have the attack warning system installed. So a surprise attack of this level wouldn’t be a problem at all, huh?

“In any case, I don’t completely accept your point of view, but I will say this again. Don’t explode everything you see. If one day, the cops were to arrest you, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

“Hey! I haven’t done anything yet! And there’s no cops in this world…”

“Whatever the case, let’s hurry and settle this issue and return to the academy! Princess Michelle is our friend, her business is our business, right!?”

“That’s of course. I never said I wasn’t going to help, right? Alright, we talked for quite a long time. Let’s hurry up and deal with this problem. But, these Shikigamis don’t really attack us at all. Other than the Shikigami I just killed earlier, the rest aren’t approaching us at all. Are these actually all semi-automated?”

“It might be possible. This means that the person controlling them isn’t here, or he’s probably doing something else. Let’s hurry up and move.”

“Un, but there’s so many Shikigamis here. Looks like rushing to the city gate will be difficult.”

“It’s fine, grab onto my hand.”

“Eh? What are… What are you planning to do?”

“Really, do you despise me that much? Haah. Then, you had better stand firm. Ice Totem!

The Ice Totem which shot out from the ground immediately smashed us towards the direction of the city gate. The moment we were sent flying, Aliyah immediately grabbed onto me!

“Aaaaahh, you bastard, why do you always use these sorts of crude methods!” “Because it’s convenient.”

I stretched out my hands and held onto Aliyah tightly. Then, I leaped down from

the ice totem. At the same time, I threw an Ice Fall directly onto the bunch of Shikigamis on the city walls.

Then, with a flip, I landed onto the empty space cleared out by the Ice Fall. It was basically perfect!

“Bastard! Let me go!”

Other than getting punched in the face by Aliyah in the end, it was indeed perfect. “Why did you hit me again!?”

“That’s for not telling me the method you’re going to use to get on top of the city walls! You bastard!”

“It’s a pain to explain.”

“It seems you still love to use those weird spells of yours, Fir.” Then, the battle doll beside me suddenly spoke!

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m Yoei. In this vicinity, only this doll is equipped with

a voice system, so I can only use this doll to speak with you. Speaking of which, I didn’t expect that you could actually make it back in time. I heard that you fell into the Abyss.”

“Ah… Hahaha, that’s right.”

So these dolls are actually being controlled by him? Speaking of which, not too long ago, I sliced his doll into several pieces. Hopefully, he doesn’t know it was my doing. Looks like I can’t use my bow in front of him, huh.

“Oh right, compared to these Shikigamis, your dolls are rather inferior, you know.”

“They are not formed by physical means, so compared to my dolls, there’s no need to mind about some key restrictions… Haah, in any case, I trust in your abilities. Hurry and deal with the situation here.”

“Ye… Yeah.”

Looks like he didn’t realized it was me. But later on, I will have to change Dale’s appearance as well, otherwise, something will definitely happen.

And currently, we had already arrived on the walls above the city gate. A bunch of Shikigamis were weirdly intertwined together, blocking the device used to open the city gate. And outside, Oyado and the surrounding soldiers were currently attacking those Shikigamis relentlessly.

“Aliyah~” “Un?”

“I recall that you love to destroy things, right?” “… That’s right~”

Aliyah smiled, and then kept her dual swords into her ring.

“Let me show you my newest weapon, which was created with the resources provided by the Ice Empire! Hahaha!”

After saying that, two new weapons appeared in her hands. Oh my god, they’re actually a pair of electric chainsaws!

Chapter 65: Blazing Ripper

“You… You actually developed an electric chainsaw? Were you into mechanics in the past?”

Looking at the pair of long chainsaws, I suddenly felt a chill down my spine. “Hah? What are you talking about?”

Aliyah raised the weapon in her hand in front of me, and laughed. “This isn’t an electric chainsaw, but a magic chainsaw.”

“A magic chainsaw?”

When I looked at it carefully, I realized it was actually different from an electric chainsaw. The sawteeth were swapped out for alternating red and green magic crystals, and they were packed onto the chains of the magic chainsaw. Meticulous magic symbols were also engraved onto it. Looks like they’re used to activate it.

And on the handle of the magic chainsaw, five small-sized magic crystals were stabbed onto it like a magazine clip. If one were to look at it from afar, rather than looking like an electric chainsaw, it would look more like a weirdly shaped sword.

“Did you make this?”

“I only provided the idea, but the people who actually made them were the Ice Empire’s blacksmiths. And, it’s really easy to use~”

After saying that, she pressed the button on the handle, and the magic symbols on the magic chainsaw began to light up. But, the chains did not start turning, rather, a dim green light was slowly being emitted out from the magic crystal sawteeth.


I don’t know why, but my logic tells me whatever that touches that green light, will be sliced apart, no matter what it is.

And later, I found out that I was indeed right.

Aliyah laughed as she turned around. Then, she lightly swung the magic chainsaw in her hand towards the Shikigami which was still battling with a battle doll, and that Shikigami trembled for a moment before turning immediately into paper!

Oh my god, this is too scary!

Is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre going to be re-enacted here!?

”“You might have came up with a really frightening weapon… Probably.” “That’s of course. Something came up by me, will obviously be incredible~”

“Yes, yes, alright, but you had best point your weapon at those things over there.” “Hmph! I don’t need you to tell me that!”

After saying that, like a bird spreading its wings, she spread out her hands while wielding her magic chainsaw, and lowered her body.

Next up is naturally the lawnmower everyone loves. Aliyah’s figure flashed, as she rushed towards the device being surrounded by the Shikigamis. The Shikigamis blocking her way were first cut into two pieces, before turning back into paper!

Aliyah, the Lawnmower. She has a shelf life of 30 years, and is a trustworthy product. Buy now, and you will enjoy a free luxurious lunch in Kentucky.

Currently, by borrowing the power of the tools she was wielding, she did not need to use her skills at all. With a simple charge, she managed to create such an outcome. As expected, science and technology are the primary productive forces, huh.

“Kentucky? What’s that?”

Yoei’s controlled doll who was beside me, suddenly asked. “Eh? Did I say that out loud?”

“Although I completely don’t understand what you said, you did indeed say that

out loud.”

“Is that so? Sorry, you should just concentrate on controlling your dolls and prepare to charge.”


“Because the city gate can now be opened.”

Just when I said that, Aliyah leaped high into the sky, and with simple swings of her magic chainsaws, she stabbed her pair of chainsaws into the top of the wall created by the Shikigamis.

“Why! Don’t! You! Scram!!!!”

Aliyah roared loudly, and with a flip of her body, she moved her entire body above the magic chainsaws, and her two legs kicked onto the handles of the magic chainsaws at the same time!

Sounds of things ripping apart resounded across the city wall, and the magic chainsaws slashed all those Shikigamis into halves in an instant. In the next moment, the Shikigamis turned back into paper, and the gate opening device was revealed.

“What a frightening woman!”

Oyado who suddenly disappeared from the mob of Shikigamis appeared beside me with me noticing. She stroked her chin with her hand, and said.

I will lose if I were to drop a tsukkomi here!

“Now’s the time! Hurry and have your dolls charge over! Block those Shikigamis!” I pointed towards Aliyah’s direction and shouted.

“Eh? Oh.”

Although Yoei had a doubtful expression, but he still lead his dolls and charged over. At the same time, all the surrounding Shikigamis gave up on the opponents in front of them, and crazily charged towards Aliyah!

“Block them! And… Go! Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

A cold mist instantly froze the Shikigamis that attempted to surround Aliyah, and because of the wall formed by the battle dolls, those Shikigamis did not manage to surround her. Aliyah instantly broken the chains of the city gate, and walked out.

“Fir! My dolls!!!”

“Nothing happened to them. If you don’t believe me, try moving.”


Just when Yoei was about to get angry, he realized his dolls were indeed able to move.

“How is this possible, even though they’re frozen with the Shikigamis…” “This is the difference in skill mastery.”

I nodded proudly. Of course, I’m not going to say it was all because of the party

member setting.

Aliyah evidently heard what I just said, as she looked at me disdainfully. Of course, I simply smiled back at her.

“The city gate is now open. What’s next?”

Looks like the current Aliyah is a little angry? I kind of feel that her tone is a little weird.

“Then let’s head to the eastern gate. I believe they need reinforcements over there.”

The northern gate is too far, and Dale is at the western gate. If Yoei were to head over there, he will definitely recognize Dale. So, it’s safest to head towards the eastern gate.

“Hmph, whatever.”

Aliyah replied, but she looked rather unhappy. “What a petty woman.”

“Hah? What did you just say, twerp?”

“Nothing~” “You…”

Seeing that Aliyah was about to activate her magic chainsaw, I quickly stopped her.

“Alright, alright~ Let’s hurry and save some people, alright?” “Hmph!”

Oh my god, when did I anger Aliyah? I didn’t, right? Or was it Oyado? But that’s not right either. Although Oyado’s pretty merciless with her words, she has yet to do anything to her.

“Alright, let’s go. When the city gate opened, those things you call ‘Shikigamis’ all turned into paper as well.”

He pointed to the surroundings. Just as he said, other than those frozen in ice, the rest of the Shikigamis started to revert back to paper.

“Un? How is that possible? It’s too early for our opponent to give up, right? What’s the point of taking over the city gate like this? Or was it just to buy time?”

“… That might be possible.” Beside me, Yoei said softly.

“Un? Did you think of something?”

“Ah? Nothing. I just felt that what you said might be correct. Because I heard that there’s something in the imperial city that the enemy must never lay their hands on. Otherwise, there will be trouble…”

“Hey hey, why did you not inform me of this sort of setting earlier!? Then we should head directly to that place!”

“Because… That place… Everyone knows of it. So, it might be impossible after all.”

“What’s the point of your obscure way of describing things, huh? Are you Yoei, or are you actually Helena?”

“Alright, it’s the altar where Snow White was formerly sealed at. Currently, that place had already been sealed up after that incident you were involved in. So…”

“Oh my god, so it was that place!”

Hearing this, my expression instantly turned pale. “哈?


“That altar is the closest place to the Abyss! If our enemy is able to once again open up the Abyss, the entire Ice Empire will be doomed!”

The moment I said that, suddenly, from afar, a purple pillar of light rushed towards the sky. I turned to look, and it was actually in the direction of the altar.

This sure has gotten… rather troublesome.

Chapter 66: The Strongest Onmyouji

Zhaiteng Weifang 38 Years Old | Male LV 48 Onmyouji
[Evil] [Dying] [Schemer] [Destroyer] [Depraved Magician] [The Strongest Onmyouji]
The moment I reached the altar, I saw the man with this name and set of titles floating in the sky above the altar. His arms were slotted into his sleeves, and countless talismans were floating around him.

He was wearing what seemed to be the standard Onmyouji uniform, and was similar to the Onmyouji equipment I saw in countless games.

Although I have never seen this person before, when I saw his [Evil] and [The Strongest Onmyouji] titles, I resolved myself to kill him at all costs. After all, I won’t feel guilty from killing bad people, and he’s actually ‘the strongest’, so killing him will definitely reward me with a large sum of EXP, right?

Although it will indeed be a little difficult to kill a LV 46. “Aliyah, Oyado. Are you guys able to cut apart that barrier?”

But, to attack that guy, the first thing we have to do is to dispel the barrier

surrounding the entire altar.

I really want to use the absorbing equipment to suck in that person’s mana, but it seems that device is ineffective against living beings. As for active magic spells… It should be impossible as well.

“Though it looks really scary, I will still give it a try.”

After saying that, in a flash, Oyado appeared beside the barrier. She stabbed towards it, but before the dagger could approach the shield, it bounced back!

I hurriedly rushed over to Oyado and caught her, then, I cast a recovery spell. “Ah… Thank you, big brother~”

“Don’t casually do dangerous stunts like that. Geez.”


I placed Oyado down, and when I raised my head, I realized Aliyah was currently rushing towards it!

Hey hey! Are you kidding me!?

I quickly tapped on all the speed buffs, and with a single charge, I ran beside her and grabbed her by the arm!

“Idiot! What are you doing!?”

“Obviously, I’m going to cut the barrier open!”

“Didn’t you see that Oyado was sent flying? And you still dared to charge blindly towards it?”


“What are you going to do when you get injured, huh!? Really, at the very most, we can think of another way around it.”

“Is that so… So you were worried that I might get injured…? Alright, since you already put it this way, then let’s think of something else.”

As she said that, Aliyah kept the magic chainsaws in her ring.

“A way, huh. Well, since we can’t enter the barrier, then we just have to attract our enemy’s attention.”

After saying that, I pointed to the sky, and three ‘Ice Fall’ magic formations appeared above the altar. Then, three icebergs smashed onto the barrier.

As I predicted, the icebergs immediately shattered into pieces before colliding with the barrier, while the barrier did not suffer a single scratch.

“What’s this? In the end, Fir, you still attacked it directly.”

“But compared to slashing at it, wouldn’t it be easier to attract his attention by using magic of that scale?”

That’s right, after seeing my spell, that person called Zhaiteng Weifang looked over to us.

“Oh, a Magician actually broke through and made his way here? I believe the opening of the southern gate must be your doing, right? No rush, no rush. Everything will end really soon.”

I didn’t expect that he would simply explain something to us, and continue to look towards the magic formation beside him.

And then at this moment, I finally realized there was an ice statue erected at the edge of the altar. And the person inside, was actually the very strong old man who was watching over this place before!

That guy was actually defeated? Impossible! He was evidently a much scarier existence!

“That old man? Because he was struck by his own trap, he’s now completely immobile. It was classic, I tell you.”

It seems he noticed my gaze in the direction of the ice statue, so he answered as such.

“In other words, he was frozen by the fissure itself?” “That’s right.”

“But why are you doing all this? Are you planning to open the door to the Abyss?”

I’m not entirely sure, but since this guy doesn’t seem like a person that’s impossible to communicate with, let’s try talking to him.

“Un~ That’s not entirely right.”

He raised his head and pondered deeply, and then, he turned back to look at us. “If no one were to know of my masterpiece, I will be troubled. So I… cough…” Suddenly, the guy actually started coughing, and from gaps between his fingers,

blood seemed to be flowing out. Is this guy… about to die?

“I say, are you dying soon?”

Speaking of which, this guy even has a [Dying] title. Is this guy really about to die?

“It’s necessary to pay the price to obtain a greater power, this is simply destiny. Currently, I’m using all of my strength summon the world’s strongest ghost. This is something that no one have ever done before. And I, am about to accomplish this feat!”

In front of us, he declared this, as if he was about to do something really great.

I really want to say you’re a very respectable person, but our standpoints are completely different, you know. If you were to summon the strongest ghost, what will happen to the Ice Empire?

And about that extremely chuuni declaration, if you were to say that in a different location, I will definitely call the cops and have them send you to a mental hospital.

“In any case, just wait patiently while I complete the summoning for the strongest ghost. I will no longer care about what you do. Even if you were to kill me, it doesn’t matter either. I have already did everything that I wanted to do.”

Hey hey, even if you’re the strongest Onmyouji, don’t say things like that. At least take note of the time and place if you’re setting a death flag for yourself! And I’m the protagonist here, so what are you setting death flags for!?

“Alright, and there’s something I want to say as well…” I pointed directly at him.

“I will definitely kill you!”

“I’m right here. Either you wait for the summoning to be completed, or you break through my strongest barrier. Choose.”

After saying that, he closed his eyes. If not for the slowly brightening magic formation in front of him, I would have really thought he was sleeping.


The thing he’s summoning is definitely something we cannot deal with. After the summoning is complete, we might even be able to kill him either.

But this barrier… No matter how I see it, it’s really something of a high level. An attack from Ice Fall wasn’t able to approach it either. If only there’s a beam cannon that uses up the entire country’s energy resource for an one-time attack…

Beam cannon…

I pondered for a moment, and pulled out my message window. Then, I tapped on Dale’s name, and typed this in.

“Are you able to create a beam cannon?”

Chapter 67: Summon – The Strongest Ghost

“Are you kidding me? How is it possible to create something like that in this current situation? And even if I did create it, you won’t be able to find enough magic crystals to feed it, right?”

As I thought, Dale ruthlessly dropped a tsukkomi on me. “That’s true…”

Even if large amounts of energy are stored in a magic crystal, something like a

beam cannon would only be fueled by lightning magic crystals. And currently, it’s impossible to find that many lightning magic crystals. Not only that, something precise like a beam cannon would require a stabilizer, and the output from the magic crystals isn’t able to adjust things like that.

“Then is there anything that I can use to break a barrier that’s several levels above us? We’re currently facing a very serious problem here.”

“Is that so? So the giant pillar of light we saw earlier wasn’t something good, but something extremely troublesome?”

“To put it simply, yes.”

“Alright, then wait for us to get there. I don’t have any ideas right now either.” After saying that, he dropped the conversation.

Looks like there’s really no way huh…

“Looks like you guys move much faster than us.”

A voice came from the side. Bai Yueguang and his party finally arrived at the altar. And on the other side, Gabriel came descending from the sky as well.

Though I have never seen him spread out his wings, I know of the fact that people capable of using Light Magic are all able to summon wings. So, in theory, Gabriel should be able to spread out his wings as well.

“You guys are… Aren’t all of you people who defeated my battle dolls in that battle before!?”

“You can’t blame that on us. You must know that, as mercenaries, we were only thinking about completing our missions~”

Bai Yueguang walked over to Yoei with big strides, and then looked at him in the eye.

“And back then, you were wearing a black robe. No matter how I saw it, you looked like a bad guy. But, your current figure isn’t your actual look either, right?”

“… Fine.”

Yoei looked at himself, and then sighed.

“Looks like I have to gather some people to remodel the dolls in the future… Alright, we can talk about this issue later. Of course, do you guys have any method of breaking through this barrier?”

As he said that, he pointed to the barrier behind him. And just as he looked towards the direction he was pointing at, he saw Gabriel standing at the side of the barrier.

Gabriel simply stretched out his hand, and pressed it against the barrier. “Hey hey! That’s going to…”

I was just about to warn him that the barrier has a self-defense mechanism, but

his hand had already pressed onto it. Though there were some flashes of sparks, they were completely unable to harm him!

That’s right, I didn’t really notice it much, so I forgot about it. This guy… is a LV 56 Light Magician, isn’t he?

Someone like a LV 46 Onmyouji is basically a piece of cake for him, right?

“Oh, god! I praise you, as your radiance shine upon this land. Oh, god! I curse you, as you simply look at the catastrophe falling upon this land. You look at us, life, from up above, yet you do not stretch out your merciful hand. Here and now, with the fury in my heart, I command you to lend me your strength, and change this apathetic life! Super Arcane – Chaotic – Brilliance of the Inferior Light!”

In an instant, he overturned my understanding on incantations, and a magic formation that I have never seen before expanded between Gabriel’s hand and the barrier.

Simply by looking at the symbols on the magic formation was able to cause a slight pain on my skin. Looks like my undead cells are able to feel fear from this super high-level Light Magic, huh?

As expected, Light Magic is much scarier than how I imagined it to be… “Be afraid. There’s nothing here that can stop this radiance.”

The moment Gabriel said that, numerous rays of light pierced into the shield. After taking the attack head-on, like a glass window, the barrier broke and scattered into pieces, before dissipating into the air.

As I thought, his strength is of a whole other level!

“I didn’t expect that there would be such a strong person here.”

When he saw that his own barrier was broken into pieces, the Onmyouji did not look startled at all, rather, he gave Gabriel a curious gaze.

“Light… A Priest, is it? To think I would still be able to encounter such a strong Priest. This sure is a rare occasion.”

“Though I don’t know who you are, but this isn’t a place you should be fooling around in. Return to where you belong. This will benefit both of us. I don’t wish to kill someone without a purpose.”

“Is that so? In other words, I’m still not evil enough?”

“Think however you want. But, hurry and go. I don’t wish to kill someone that’s already about to die.”

“… Is that so? But you’re too late.” “You!”

He stretched out his right arm, and a sword of light appeared in his hand. In a flash, Gabriel’s figure rushed towards the Onmyouji.

But, the instant he charged towards him, the magic formation on the ground suddenly lighted up, and a deep red hand rose out of the formation and grabbed onto Gabriel’s leg!

“Oh my god, this…”

Gabriel swung the sword in his hand. As he was about to slash at it, the hand suddenly moved, and Gabriel was instantly flung out!


Gabriel was instantly flung to the side, and he crashed into a nearby building! A large hole was forced open through the wall, and the support pillars of the building broke, causing the entire building to collapse just like that!

Oh my god! What is this destructive power!? “Un~ The air here… is really uncomfortable!”

A deep voice came from the formation. At the same time, a figure leaped out of

the magic formation, and landed in front of the Onmyouji.

A deep red body, a hideous-looking face, and a pair of horns on its head. Its figure alone had already fully revealed its identity. And here I thought I wouldn’t be able to meet existences such as ghosts in the Western Continent. But, I’m actually meeting one here, and a very frightening one at that.
Blazing Horn
LV [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display]
[Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [The Strongest Ghost] [The 6th Demon God] [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [???]
I swallowed my saliva, and then started to think of the farthest place that I’ve been to that I can teleport to with my ‘Flash Movement’.

This guy is actually the 6th Demon God, which is an existence on the same level as that Dark Chill.

Until now, I have still yet to know what level of existence they are, so how am I supposed to fight it?

“Someone actually summoned me to the human realm? This is really unbelievable.

I completely do not smell the death anywhere. There’s no war, and there’s no fear. Why have I been summoned then?”

After saying that, he looked towards the Onmyouji. “Why don’t you give me an explanation?”

“To summon the strongest ghost by myself, that has been my life-long goal. Now that I have successfully done it… I have no regrets now, cough…”

After saying all that, he actually spit out a mouthful of blood, and he kneeled on the ground with one knee.

“… That’s really a boring reason. But, don’t worry. Since that’s the case, allow me to spread fear and death!”

“I won’t let you do that!”

Saying that, the Onmyouji actually pulled out a knife, and stabbed himself with it!


I suddenly felt dumbfounded. This scenario is really too godly, I don’t understand it at all?

Hey hey! You summoned the strongest ghost, and then, you’re trying to kill yourself now? What’s going on here? Are you kidding me?

“Although I did many evil deeds in my life to reach the peak as an Onmyouji, I don’t plan on bringing darkness into this world. Hence, as long as I die, you will… you will have to return back into the Abyss as well!”

What’s with this setting!? Though you look really cool when you’re saying that while spitting mouthfuls of blood, but as an enemy boss, it isn’t right for you to say such things, right?

And those lines you just spoke are basically something only a protagonist aiming to save the world would say, right!? Hey! Enough of stealing my job, alright!?

“… Hahahaha! Interesting, a human like you is really interesting. But do you think your plan is that flawless?”


“Do you really believe that, after making fun of me, the strongest ghost in the Abyss, you will be allowed to die?”

After saying that, with a wave of its hand, the Onmyouji immediately flew in the air. Countless seals appeared and enveloped his entire body!


After finishing that task, he turned to look at us. “What should I do next?”

Can you go home now? I asked in my heart.

Chapter 68: You’re Summoning? I Will Summon Too

Of course, after seeing how things unfolded, I’m not going to be an idiot and just stand here and do nothing. No matter how I see it, this isn’t the time to be simply watching.

You know about those scenarios where the main protagonists simply stand there while their enemies are wrecking havoc? Although these occur frequently in games, it can’t be helped, as they have been locked by the scenarios, and can no longer be controlled until the cutscene ends. But right now, it’s completely different. We don’t have that sort of restriction imposed on us.

“Move separately! Evacuate everyone within the shortest time possible!”

I shouted loudly to the people beside me, and then, I pulled Oyado and Aliyah towards the southern gate.

Everyone immediately understood, and quickly fled towards the direction they came from.

Oh right, there’s still Uncle Gabriel!

I looked at the collapsed building, and then turned to look at Oyado and Aliyah. “You two, head to the southern gate first! I will catch up to you two after getting

Uncle Gabriel.”

“Big brother, I want to be with you…”

“Listen! This isn’t the time to be fooling around!”

I looked at her sternly, and then looked towards Aliyah. “Please, take Oyado and run!”

“Un… Even if you didn’t tell me that, I would have done so!”

After saying that, she pulled onto Oyado’s hand. “Let’s go…”


Oyado nodded.

“Don’t die so easily. Be careful…”

Aliyah said, and then pulled Oyado along as they rushed towards the southern gate.

“Really… In times like this… Don’t trip off death flags…”

I shook my head, and accelerated towards the collapsed building.

Of course, if I had not seen Gabriel’s name under the collapsed building, I wouldn’t have ran over. Anyhow, this guy is several levels higher than me, I shouldn’t need to worry about him in times like this…


Before I even approached the building, the collapsed building trembled, and Gabriel’s figure suddenly leaped out of the debris!

“What the hell, what are you…”

“It took quite a bit of time to heal my wounds. Sorry for the trouble.” Seeing my dazed figure standing in front of him, he laughed.

“Really. Hurry up, right now, we have a serious problem.”

“Are you talking about the guy who attacked me? You don’t have to be afraid of someone like that. I will deal with him. Once I’m done, this country will owe me a great favor, and I will be able to openly ask the Emperor for one of those Smuu household’s machines.”

So this guy actually have this sort of idea in his mind. He’s really… honest about his motives, huh…

“But it’s impossible for you, you know.” I said as such.

“Eh? Why?”

“Are you able to defeat a Demon God?” “Demon God…?”

Hearing my words, Gabriel’s smile stiffened in an instant.

”“I think… we should hurry and evacuate everyone before that guy goes berserk. That bastard actually summoned a Demon God… He’s an existence we can’t hope to deal with.”


Before he could even reply, a bolt of lightning was shot towards the sky from the direction of the altar. Immediately after, with the bolt of lightning as its center, the sky began to slowly darken.

Black clouds began to spread wildly, and not long after, the sky above an entire half of the imperial city was dyed black.


“Hurry and get the people at the northern gate to flee. Right now, fleeing takes priority.”


After giving a firm nod, he immediately spread out his wings, and with a ‘shuaaa’ sound, he flew towards the skies.

Seeing that he’s heading towards the northern gate, I can now… flee as well? Of course, that’s impossible.
Leaning against the shadows, I immediately activated the Rogue’s Conceal skill. My figure was instantly absorbed into the shadows.

I raised my head up to look. Blazing Horn was looking at his surroundings. Then, he began to float in the sky, and flew towards the north.

Did he spot Gabriel flying over there? Or was he able to feel his presence? Oh well, that’s not important.

I turned and faced towards the altar. I drank a MP Recovery Potion, and tapped

on the Flash Movement skill.

In the next instant, I appeared above the altar.

Time is of the essence. I quickly rushed towards Zhaiteng, but after seeing the number of talismans squirming around his body, I didn’t dare to approach him.

“Hey, are you still conscious?”

“Kill me… As long as you kill me, his summoner, he will return to the Abyss… otherwise…”

“I say, since you knew that he was going to be this dangerous, why did you even summon him? You don’t even wish to conquer the world. Look at your titl… No, look at you, with just a simple glance, I can see that you’re a bad guy. Then why couldn’t you have simply played your role correctly, and control him after summoning him? Now, see what you have done? You’re now the one being controlled instead. Tell me, what are we supposed to do about this situation?”

“That’s why… Kill me…”
“Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross!”
Since he already said that much, how can I not fulfill his wish?

I immediately summoned the Tearing Cross, and stabbed it towards his chest. Of course, things didn’t play out that easily as how I thought it would be. The

moment the cross collided with the talismans, it immediately turned into smoke and dissipated into thin air.


“Talismans that carry the effects of ‘Dissipation’ huh… He’s really thorough with his planning… Now, there’s nothing that’s able to touch me… Like this, I can’t be killed, huh…”

“Can you please bite your own tongue and commit suicide?” “Wha…”

“Alright, I know it’s indeed difficult, and I’m not going to force you. Speaking of which, how did you make this summoning formation to summon the Demon God? With such a formidable formation, wouldn’t the users be unbeatable if they have this thing in hand?”

“But he’s impossible to control…”

“If you knew he can’t be controlled, why did you even summon him? Are you trying to incite a world-level disaster? And destroy the entire world?”

“That’s why, I only did it when I was about to die.”

“No, no. That isn’t a reliable reason, hey. Did water enter your brain or something? For the sake of world peace, couldn’t you have installed a time-bomb in your body? That would have been your greatest insurance, you know.”


“Alright, then you had best think of some idea to solve this. Either you tell me the method to summoning a Demon God, or tell me the method to removing the talismans on your body.”

“If it’s summoning, you need to use something your target has once left behind as a catalyst. Then, you must possess a large number of high-grade magic crystals, at least 50 of them. And as to removing the talismans on my body, unless it’s an absolute holy existence, otherwise, it’s impossible to remove these talismans set by a ghost of this level.”


I pondered for a moment.

Out of the people I know that can be termed ‘holy’… Or might be related to this term in any way… I don’t think there’s… No, that might not be the case. If I were to really think about it, I really do know someone like that. Though she does carry the title ‘holy’, she’s currently…

“Alright, in times like this, I have no choice but to try it out…”

“Do you know of something that’s capable of removing my talismans?” “I will only know if I try.”

With this said, I immediately walked over to the side of the summoning formation.

Then, I threw all of the magic crystals I have in my inventory onto the formation.

The magic crystals that absorbed the energy from those Shikigamis back then are also included. And before then, I have been collecting quite a bit of magic crystals myself. I was able to form a small hill of magic crystals after throwing all of them out.

“This should be enough.”

I nodded satisfyingly, and asked Zhaiteng. “What’s the incantation?”

“What are you trying to summon? If you don’t have a catalyst…”

“Just tell me the incantation already.”

“Oh, the fearful gate that leads to the other side, please follow this signal and seek its origin, and lead it to the current time and space!”

After I recited that, the magic formation lighted up. I smiled. This was natural, after all, I had already placed the so-called ‘catalyst’ down onto the formation earlier.

And after he told me the incantation, I recited it myself, and hence, the summoning formation was activated.

I’m really too quick-witted!

Rays of white light burst out from the magic formation, accompanied by a bone- piercing chill.

Not long after, a figure slowly appeared above the magic formation. I laughed, and walked over.

“Yo, welcome back~”

“This place is… Eh? Why am I here?” “Because I summoned you~”

I stretched out my hand, and pulled her up.

“But right now, we’re in quite a pinch, so I need your help, Ms. Snow~”

That’s right, the person I summoned, was Ms. Snowmystel, who turned into an undead!

And the catalyst that I placed on the formation to summon her, was the bow she once used before.

“Alright, Ms. Saint. Help us save the world.”

Chapter 69: Final Battle

“What Saint? I’m currently nothing but an undead.”

Ms. Snow patted off the dust on her dress, and then picked up the bow I used to summon her.

“Eh~ Did you use this bow as a catalyst to summon me? Fortunately, I have used this bow long enough. Otherwise, you might have summoned the previous Snow Elf who used it instead.”

“Is that so… That would only mean that my luck is pretty good. Alright, let’s stop the idle chatter. Right now, the Ice Empire is facing a big crisis. Unless we kill that guy over there, the entire Ice Empire will be in trouble.”

I explained while pointing to Zhaiteng who was floating in the air while wrapped in countless talismans.

“Oh, he doesn’t seem like someone from our Empire. Just what in the world happened?”

“To put it simply, this guy had a some sort of incurable disease and was about to die, but before that, he decided to prove that he’s capable of summoning the strongest ghost. Hence, he came here, the place that leads to the Abyss. But he had companions, whom I met before coming here.”

I was naturally referring to the merchant I encountered before.

“Because they said it’s possible to summon the strongest ghost as support… so… Lorsande Kingdom provided all of the necessary tools to summon ghosts…. and they even sent me to the Ice Empire secretly. Their troops are currently stationed at the eastern forest… I guess they will be attacking here after they realize the summoning has been successful…”

“As I thought. That Lorsande Kingdom has been eyeing the Ice Empire the entire time. But this isn’t a problem we have to be frustrated about. Earlier, Princess Michelle said that the Empire’s Army will be gathering at the imperial city, so there shouldn’t be a problem in that regard… Oh right, this isn’t the time to talk about that. Zhaiteng, hurry up and tell us what we have to do to remove the talismans wrapping about you.”
“Justice – Break!”
Before Zhaiteng could say anything, Ms. Snow had already pulled out another bow and drawn it. Three horizontal and three vertical slashes of light appeared at the tip of the arrow, and then, it was fiercely shot towards Zhaiteng!

In an instant, the talismans wrapping around Zhaiteng immediately turned into ashes!

“Oh my god, Ms. Snow, you’re actually capable of using Onmyou spells?”

“Umm… A very enthusiastic uncle taught me this~ He told me that it’s very dangerous for girls to go out alone, and if I were to encounter something nasty, I just have to use this skill.”

Hey hey, you Abyssal creatures, what do you guys usually do on the streets? If I have to put it bluntly, you guys are all nasty, right? Is there really no problem with this kind of setting?


“Speaking of which… Was the person who taught you this skill actually a guy who is completely deep red in color? Someone named Blazing Horn?”

“Eh? You know of Uncle Blazing Horn as well?” “I called it…”

Suddenly, I felt that this world is truly a small. If Blazing Horn were to find out that

his talismans were broken by the Onmyou spell he taught to a young girl, he will definitely cry, right?

But this isn’t the time to continue chatting, as I immediately rushed towards Zhaiteng.

“Alright, do you have any parting words?” “Please take good care of my daughter!” “Hah? Are you kidding me?”

“That’s right, I’m kidding you.”

The corner of my lips twitched for a moment.

“You know, I really hate things that are bloody and violent.”

“Are you telling me you’re not going to kill me? Only by killing me will you…”
“Eternal Frozen Grief.”
In an instant, Zhaiteng was encapsulated in a pillar of ice.

His HP, which was extremely low in the first place, began to drop at an amazing speed. And because he did not even attempt to struggle, very quickly, his HP depleted.

Although I hate things that are bloody and violent, there are many other ways of killing you without turning it into a bloodbath, you know.

“So you’re going to kill him just like that?” Ms. Snow suddenly walked over.

“What else can I do? He already said that if I don’t kill him, that ghost will

continue to wreck havoc. I have no other choice. Though I really wish to say things like ‘I will definitely save everyone’, I understand my own limits and abilities, so I will not force impossible missions unto myself.”

“You’re a real realist, huh~”

“Acknowledging reality is a must to survive in this world.” I shrugged.

“Speaking of which, what are we going to do next? Do I really have to kill myself to send you back…”

“What are you talking about? Do you really want me to return?” Ms. Snow pouted unhappily.

“Ah, you’re right. Speaking of which, this is where you should belong in the first

place. But you’re currently…”

“Although I’m an undead, it seems Light Magic doesn’t work on me.” Ms. Snow laughed.

“Probably because of the fact that I was a Snow Elf before I turned into an undead. So, I’m capable of resisting against Light Magic.”

“Your attributes are really similar to mine, huh…” “What did you say?”

“Nothing much. I was just thinking that your attributes are in the range of being taboo. You had best not reveal it to those extremists if you ever encounter one.”

Like me, an existence which possesses a mix of light and undead elements is a taboo among taboos. There are other types such as a mix of dark and light elements as well.

If the Church were to know of this, I will definitely be sentenced to death.

“I know that. But, you’re right. The citizens of this country should have already known of my death, so it’s dangerous for me to appear right here and now… But, let’s put this aside for now. Although Zhaiteng is dead, the clouds in the sky have yet to return to normal…”


I raised my head up, and indeed, the black clouds in the sky have yet to disperse. Currently, Zhaiteng is already dead. Then why hasn’t the summoned being disappear after his summoner’s death?

There’s something wrong with this scenario, director! Shouldn’t this be the time where you say ‘Cut! The End!’ or something?

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, Ms. Snow rushed to my side, grabbed me by my collar, and leaped off our current location. I then heard a loud bang behind me. A gigantic sword was currently stabbed into the place I was standing on earlier.

There actually wasn’t an attack warning? Why? Did the attack warning system break again?

Immediately after, a giant red figure jumped down from the sky, and pulled out the gigantic sword from the ground.

“Un~ I see. So this was why I felt something was wrong. So you were the Undead Angel youth Snow-chan spoke of before. And it looks like you were the one who broke my talismans, Snow-chan.”

“Good morning, Uncle Blazing Horn. I didn’t expect for us to actually meet in the human realm today~”

“Well~ Since you’re Snow-chan’s friend… Alright, alright. Then I won’t go on a massacre today.”

Hey hey! Are you really fine with that!? Ms. Snow only turned into an undead not too long ago, you know? Is it really fine for you to actually get along with her so well in just this short amount of time?

“Hey you, why do I get the feeling you’re thinking of something really disrespectful?”

“No, of course not. You’re just thinking things.” I shrugged.

“Speaking of which, why do you still look fine after Zhaiteng’s death?”

“Even if you stop pouring oil in an oil lamp, the oil lamp will still burn for a short amount of time, right?”

“That make sense. Then what are you planning to do right now?” “Have a duel with you.”

“… Eh?”

I seemed to have heard something incredible just now.

“Wait a minute, did you just say you wish to have a duel with me?” “That’s right.”

“The difference in our abilities is a little big, don’t you think…?” “Well, you will only know after you try.”

“Can we not fight?”

“If you lose, you will die, alright!?”

After saying that, he raised his gigantic sword. “Hey hey…”

My understanding of Demon Gods is only restricted to Dark Chill, and as for the person called Dark Chill… Whatever the case, this guy in front of me is definitely not fooling around!

“Umm… You guys…”

“Ms. Snow, why don’t you first find a place to hide? Well, this place is going to get dangerous, after all.”


“Ah, I can always run if I have to. You know that I’m a good runner, right?”

Of course, my final ‘run’ in the Abyss actually lead to death. But the outcome was still the same.

“Then… Please be careful.”

After saying that, Ms. Snow started running to the side.

“Then next up… Well, since you’re that strong, I basically won’t be able to harm you, right? How am I supposed to fight?”

But, he did not give a reply, rather, he immediately charged towards me with his sword!

Are you kidding me!?

I quickly dodged to the side, spread out my pair of wings, and soared towards the sky.

Blazing Horn’s slash sliced a corner of the altar, and then, with a strong leap, he came chasing after me.

Logic tells me that, it’s impossible to take on his attack. If I were to use my weapon to block it, not only my weapon, but I will be sliced into half as well!
“Accelerate, Extreme Shadow, Elf of the Wind!”
I turned into a green blur as I retreated at high speed in the skies. And behind me, the red Blazing Horn was chasing after me.

“Hey hey, this can’t be counted as a fight, right? It’s not right to just run, you know.”

“Are you kidding me!? At least say something along the lines of ‘I will suppress a part of my power’! Otherwise, how are we supposed to have a fair fight!?”

“Well… I did already suppress my power, otherwise, this will happen…”

Before he even finished what he wanted to say, he suddenly appeared right in front of me! He raised his gigantic sword up high, as it came slashing down at me!

I quickly pulled out my tachi to take it on. A sharp pain pierced into my wrist, and when the gigantic sword fell on my tachi, cracks actually began to form on its blade, and my HP was decreased by a bit.

Does this count as defense penetration?

“Eh? You aren’t as strong as I imagined you to be. Didn’t you once had a fight with Colina?”

“But I lost that fight…” “Really?”

He said as he kicked towards me. I hurriedly summoned an Ice Shield.

But his attack immediately penetrated through my ice shield and landed on my abdomen. My HP immediately dropped by a huge amount, and as if I was riding a descending roller coaster, I fell from the skies at an amazing speed.

I hurriedly tapped on the HP Recovery Potion, and used Recovery spells at the same time! My HP slowly began to recover, but my opponent actually came chasing after me again!

What the hell!? With this difference in abilities, how am I supposed to fight!?
“Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash!”
A even more terrifying ghostly face appeared behind Blazing Horn. At the same time, a dense red glow appeared on his sword, and it changed into a red blur as it slashed towards me!

As the attack approached me, I gritted my teeth. Looks like I have no choice but to take a gamble.
“Secret – Absolute Probability! Target Set – Resistance Counter!”
Countless combo markers appeared before me. I smiled, and my two hands began to press the markers at crazy speed, as if I was playing Taiko Master.

Are you kidding me? I’m one of those who succeeded in clearing the highest difficulty, you know? This difficulty level of this QTE is basically nothing to talk about!

As long as the skill can be activated, then everything will go well from there!

When the sword was about to reach before me, my body suddenly moved, and with a back-turn, the sword grazed past me!

“Eh? You…”

He seemed to have realized something weird was going on with me. But my body did not stop there. My left hand grabbed onto his left hand, and with a flip, I leaped onto his back.

Then, Blasphemer appeared in my hand, and I stabbed it into Blazing Horn’s nape.

Although this entire process was automated, when I realized that I was actually able to complete this set of actions, I suddenly had the urge to become an Assassin.


Blazing Horn stretched out his hands and tried to grabbed onto me. However, evidently, I have yet to complete my set of actions. After I pushed myself over his head, I kicked away the sword in his hand. Then, I slid down his body and snatched his sword away!

I did a roll in the air, before facing him with his sword. “You… Are you a Magician or a Swordsman!?”

The corner of his lips twitched as he roared out loud.
“…Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash!”

Chapter 70: Forget About Afterwords, Vol. 5 is About to Begin!

“Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash!”
When I shouted these words, a crazy burst of energy suddenly welled up from beneath my feet, and enveloped my entire body in an instant.

My body suddenly felt as light as a feather, and my vision became a little blurry.

But my movements did not stop. The scenery in front of me flashed, and I realized I had already arrived behind his back!

“Let’s meet again next time, Fir-chan~”

I don’t know why, but these words suddenly came out of my mouth. Then, I regained control of my body.

When I turned back to look, Blazing Horn was holding onto his abdomen, and he looked at me with a slight grin.

“Incredible. You were actually able to harm me. You’re really not as simple as you look, huh.”

No, no. You’re kidding, right? That can’t be considered as a wound, right? Your HP did not even drop by a tenth!

And his wound slowly began to close by itself, and it stopped bleeding in less than 5 seconds.

“No no, my luck was just good.”

“… Really now? Then how did you replicate my technique?”

“That, huh… That’s just a skill based on luck. It has a very low success rate.” “But, you’re already rather incredible, seeing that you managed to use my

technique to harm me with your level of strength. Now then, eat my final attack!” “Hey hey! You’re still coming!? Empiric – Ice Royal Garden!

I immediately cast a defense spell, but… I knew it was futile.

It would be great if there’s a skill to nullify the sense of pain. In times like this, when you know that you will definitely get hit, it really feels rather painful.

The ice wall which had just formed right in front of me instantly shattered into pieces, and his sharp red claws struck my chest.

My chest numbed, and when I lowered my head to look, his hand already pierced deep into my chest, and my HP was completely depleted.

“You’re really…”

“I’m only letting you know the cruelty of reality.” “Me too.”

While saying that, I pressed the switch in my hand. “What’s this?”

“A farewell gift.”

After saying that, my vision darkened, and my body senses disappeared.
You have died.
Even without looking at the notification, I knew, in that situation earlier, there’s only death waiting for me. His hand even penetrated through my chest. Even if I were to keep drinking potions, it’s impossible to escape from the state of apparent death in that situation. Dying was the best option then.

A three hour countdown began. I looked at the numbers in front of me, and I simply decided to take an afternoon nap to solve the problem.


When I once again opened my eyes, it was already night. It was probably because I slept for too long.

And the resurrection point this time was much better than before. Compared to waking up in a graveyard which carry a weird stench, waking up on a long bench beside the graveyard was a much better experience.
Battle Ended.
Killed: The Strongest Onmyouji – Zhaiteng Weifang EXP Gained: 10,000
Pushed Back: The Strongest Ghost – Blazing Horn
EXP Gained: 10,000
Eliminated Shikigami – Queen x 274 EXP Gained: 274 x 50 – 13,700
Total EXP Gained: 33,700
You leveled up! Current LV: 24 You leveled up! Current LV: 25 You leveled up! Current LV: 26 You leveled up! Current LV: 27
Party Member Aliyah leveled up! Current LV: 19 Party Member Dale leveled up! Current LV: 23
Party Member Bai Yueguang leveled up! Current LV: 31
Party Member Oyado leveled up! Current LV: 20
Weapon Rewarded: Ghostbreak
Skill Learnt: Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash
I gave a simple glance at the end-battle notification. I didn’t expect to level up four times in one go. Though he simply allowed me to kill him, in the end, it was still calculated into the results.

But it seems there’s a limit to the amount of EXP I can gain per mob. I only received 10,000 EXP from killing a boss that’s several times my level, huh. But, it was already quite a huge sum.

I looked towards the side. A gigantic sword that was about the same height as me was lying beside me. Looks like it’s the weapon, Ghostbreak, Blazing Horn left.

After putting it into my ring, I flipped to the next page.
Level-skipping Boss Kill Rewards
Killed: The Strongest Onmyouji – Zhaiteng Weifang 23 Levels of Difference
Credits Accumulated: 23
Pushed Back:The Strongest Ghost – Blazing Horn 127 Levels of Difference
Credits Accumulated: 127
Credits? And what weird new system is this? What is it used for?

But on the notification window, other than the amount of credits I accumulated, there’s no other explanations. This isn’t considerate to the users at all.

Ah well, whatever. It’s fine as long as I know of this. I will find out when I get the chance to use them.

I crawled up from the ground, and dusted off my clothes.

The graveyard did not look that gloomy under the moonlight. Though it was still foggy, I was still able to clearly view the entire place.


“I say, how long have you been standing there?”

As I gazed towards the top of a building, I smiled. Standing there, was Aliyah. “Not that long. I came by two hours ago. When I saw that you were still sleeping

there, I went back to get some dinner. Once I figured that it’s about time you wake up, I came back.”

“Is that so…”

Looks like I did indeed sleep for quite a long time. “Then? What’s the current situation?”

“Well~ After you died, we all saw your death notification, but at the same time, the black clouds in the sky began disperse. Then, we realized, you actually ran to pick a fight with the boss.”

“Well, I was just trying out my luck.”

“From the outcome, you could say it’s a job well done. Though I don’t know what actually happened, you seemed to have saved Gabriel when you succeeded in pulling the ghost away from him. Because, back then, the ghost seemed to have been fighting with Uncle Gabriel.”

“Looks like he has to treat me dinner then.”

“Well… When the Empire’s Army rushed over, the Lorsande troops stationed in the forest were also dealt with. So, this incident has been successfully dealt with, I guess.”

“I kind of feel it’s a little…” I shrugged. “underwhelming…”

“You’re thinking too much. If we, people with illogical powers, did not intervene

in this incident, it wouldn’t have been settled this easily. If we had let this incident progress, the imperial city would have definitely entered a state of terror, with the summoning of the ghost and the invading troops. If that happened, it wouldn’t be this easy to deal with.”

“If you put it that way… you’re right. But no matter how I see it, I feel that this incident was a little weird. After this, let’s hurry back to the academy. The trip outside this time is really too tiring. I even died twice.”

“I feel the same way as well.”

Saying that, Aliyah lightly leaped off the roof, and landed beside me. “But, this time, you really created quite a big mess for yourself…” “Indeed, I died twice, after all.”

“No, no. I’m not referring to that. Rather… It’s…”

Just when Aliyah was trying to put her thoughts into words, suddenly, I heard a shout coming from behind me.


I was pushed onto the ground by someone behind me, and had a very intimidate contact with Mother Earth. Although I didn’t lose any HP, it hurt quite a lot!

“You… Eh? Ms. Snow?”

“Good evening, Master~ Please take care of me, alright~” The person in front of me was indeed Ms. Snowmystel. But…

“Why are you calling me Master!? And can you let go of me? If you were to hug me like this…”

I can clearly feel your breasts touching my back!

“Because Fir summoned me, so currently, you’re my Master.”

“No, no. Didn’t that Onmyouji summon a ghost as well? But he didn’t have the option to become a Master…”

“Master, you’re saying you don’t wish to have me by your side?”

As she said that, Ms. Snow suddenly revealed a very pitiful expression. “This…”

“In any case, let go of him!”

Saying that, Aliyah fiercely pulled Ms. Snow away from me. “Alright, let’s put this aside for now. But why are you…”

Why did you not return!? After I died, weren’t you supposed to be forced back

into the Abyss? Just what is going on!?

But I can’t disclose that I had already died once, otherwise, it will completely… Wait a minute… Suddenly, I saw a faint glow in my inventory.

When I opened it, the magic crystals in my inventory were actually slowly being depleted!


Is she running on the energy of the magic crystals I have on hand? Wait a minute, then when I died… Oh right, earlier, Blazing Horn said that even without energy, he was able to stay for a while more, which means… She used her own energy to stay in this realm for 3 hours? Then, after I resurrected, she…

What the hell, it’s just a simple mana transfer, so why am I thinking of something obscene!? Calm down. In times like this, I need to calm down.

“Alright… In any case, let’s go back. A graveyard is not a good place to wander in deep in the night.”

“That’s right~ Then, let’s have dinner~ Master, I believe you have yet to have your dinner, right~? Let’s eat together~”

Ms. Snow immediately grabbed onto my hand and pulled me away.

“Hey hey! You’re just a summoned being! Why are you being so chummy with Fir!?”

Aliyah rushed to our side, and looked at us unhappily.

“I’m hungry too! Let’s go! Let’s eat together! I know of a good steakhouse!” “You two… Shouldn’t we reporting to the rest?”


The two girls smiled at me, but… why is there a black aura hovering above their heads?

“Ahem… Let’s eat dinner then…” “Let’s go, let’s go~”

“Oh yeah~ Off we go~”

What the hell are these two thinking…

– Vol. 4 End –