[RPG] Volume 5

Volume 5: Academy Renewal


Part 1 – Preparation for War

Chapter 1: If This Can be Called Peace
Chapter 2: You Won’t Die if You Don’t Seek Death
Chapter 3: The World of an Ultra Certified Alchemist 21
Chapter 4: Academy Conflict
Chapter 5: Prelude to the Academy War
Chapter 6: Intercontinental Academy War
Chapter 7: Team Establishment
Chapter 8: I Possess a Special Battle Technique
Chapter 9: Actually, Everyone Here is Weird
Chapter 10: To a Dark Place
Chapter 11: Plan B
Chapter 12: It’s Not the Time to Battle
Chapter 13: Unfortunate Fate?

Part 2 – The War Begins

Chapter 14: Challenge and Being Challenged
Chapter 15: War Begins
Chapter 16: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 17: Technology Lovers Saving the World
Chapter 18: Sion’s Door
Chapter 19: The World and World
Chapter 20: Demonic Blade
Chapter 21: Magician and Samurai
Chapter 22: All-Out War

Part 3 – Confronting the Leaders

Chapter 23: NEET VS Blue Seas
Chapter 24: Blue Thunderclap
Chapter 25: Ghostify
Chapter 26: Complete Victory
Chapter 27: Professionalism
Chapter 28: Unwavering Spirits
Chapter 29: Challenging the Squad Leader
Chapter 30: Black Chesspiece
Chapter 31: Black World
Chapter 32: Stalker
Chapter 33: Packaging
Chapter 34: Crisis and Suggestion
Chapter 35: Berserk

Part 4 – Time to Move On

Chapter 36: Release
Chapter 37: It Has Nothing to do with Me
Chapter 38: Extradimensional
Chapter 39: Common Sense
Chapter 40: Comparing Evil
Chapter 41: Finishing Touches


“This item… Do you think this imperial crown is worth at least 100,000 gold?” Carefully lifting the beautifully endowed crystal crown before my eyes, I turned

around and asked this of Aliyah.

“Can’t you just take it away? Why bother about the details?”

Aliyah was currently stuffing the jewelries and gold in front of her into her ring. At the rate she’s going, she might actually empty the Ice Empire’s royal treasury.

That’s right, to complete this quest, taking the opportunity when everyone was busy attending a party of celebrations, the two of us infiltrated into the Ice Empire’s royal treasury. Although avoiding the guards and picking the lock open took quite a long time, and we were also frustrated by those frightening magic traps for a long while, the final outcome still turned out pretty well. After all, we had successfully infiltrated into the royal treasury, and had started to move the items.

A guilty conscience? As a hero, I obviously wouldn’t have such a thing in me.

Compared to those heroes who openly enter villages and thoroughly empty them, I feel that what I’m doing now is considered really ethical.

After all, the royal treasury is huge. Even we were to casually swipe a hundredth of the entire place, we would already be able to earn quite a bit. Hence, we obviously wouldn’t mind such small details.

After I stuffed a large sum of gold into my ring, and casually swiped off a couple shiny weapons and jewelries, I turned and looked towards the mountain of books and scrolls.

I basically do not have any use for magic scrolls, as, in my opinion, learning to use the skills themselves is much more useful than gathering and using these one- time use items.

Although I did pick up many magic spells in the Academy Tower back then, among the useful set of spells, the strongest was only [Punishment Cross]. As for spells of higher tiers, I do not have the sufficient MP to use them.

Well~ After all, this isn’t an actual game. Your abilities will not be raised according to your level, and the magic spells sold in shops will not increase in tiers according to your level as well.

The only thing I could I do right now is to learn all the skills available. As for the problem regarding my MP, I can only settle it in the future.

Ah? You’re asking me why there’s a need for me to learn this many skills and spells?

I have no other options either, after all, I’m jobless… Of course, this doesn’t mean I can’t find a job. Although I’m currently stealing from the royal treasury, officially, I’m still the State Magician of the Ice Empire, you know.

By ‘jobless’, I’m referring to the fact that I’m not a Magician, neither am I a Warrior, nor a member of any other class. I don’t have a single class, nor do I possess any class bonuses.

Though this is a sort of a disadvantage, but truthfully, this is a good thing as well.

Because, this way, I’m able to learn every possible skill! This was also why I’m collecting every possible skillbook there is. No matter what skill it is, I will learn them all before I decide on what to do with them.

But this also leads to another serious problem…

The hidden skillbooks in this treasury are too powerful, and basically all of them are at least of the Super Arcane grade. Are you kidding me? Even if I spend all of my MP, I won’t even be able to cast a single one of them. Sigh, in any case, let’s learn them all for now.

In an instant, I dumped all of these random skills into my skill list. Then, after I dragged the useful skills to the top of my skill list, I picked up a few books and walked over to Aliyah.

“Just how many treasures are you planning to take away? If you take too much, we might get found out, you know.”

“I know that, that’s why I’m currently choosing them, aren’t I!? I’m picking those which are valuable, yet not easily found out if they’re stolen.”

While she’s saying that, she held onto two different jewelry with her two hands. Looking at her furrowed brows, she’s definitely frustrating over which of the two was better.

“You’re really… Since you have already decided on the Rogue’s subclass, then why haven’t you learnt an appraising skill?”

“Because those types of skills require high INT, before reaching LV 25, I doubt I

will be able to learn them~ Well~ Though there’s also tools used to appraise items, those tools are too expensive. It costs at least 500 gold a piece, don’t you think it’s just plain robbery?”

“But in cases like this, don’t you think those items are worth it? Anyway, I think you should take the one you’re holding on your right, as the jewel embedded in it is a crystal that can only be found in other continents. As for the other one, it’s just your typical magic crystal. The reason why it’s so beautiful is simply because of the mix of three different magic particles in the crystal, that’s all.”

“Eh? You learnt an Appraisal skill?”

“Of course not. I simply know of someone who is very familiar with alchemy in the academy, so I spent some time learning from her, that’s all.”

“I see, so it’s similar to the time I learnt lock-picking, huh.”

In the beginning, Aliyah’s lock-picking skill did not come from learning the skill directly, rather, it’s something she learnt from someone else. Though, currently, she had awakened the actual lock-picking skill, she did obtain the skill by learning it by herself in the beginning.

“Well~ Then that’s about it. Let’s hurry and leave. Before the party ends, we must take the opportunity to head back, and act as if nothing happened.”

“Un. Oh right, there’s a couple of Dual Sword and Assassin skillbooks here, do you want to take them away as well?”

“Oh, thanks a lot~”

Aliyah smiled as she took the books, and then threw them into her ring.

It seems that her skill learning speed is much slower than mine. I guess it’s best for her to take it back and read them at her own leisure.

“Alright, let’s return by taking the route we used to come here.”

After saying that, Aliyah used her skills, and climbed the walls of the treasury room as she headed for the vent.
Light Steps, Wall Climb.
I tapped on these two skills as well, and speedily followed after her. Then, I grabbed onto the ledge on the vent, and leaped into the ventilation duct.

“Don’t climb too fast! If you were to touch me, I will definitely not forgive you!” “Yes, yes…”

Then, do you mind changing your clothes? You just had to wear black tights like those typical thieves, huh? Though your washboard figure looks really similar to a guy’s, but… it’s really moe!

But I had best not tell her this, otherwise, she will definitely call me a pervert in the future.

As a young man with a pure and healthy heart, I’m at at the age when I’m really curious in the bodies of the other sex, but my logic tells me, in times like this, watching silently from the side is the best choice.

“Just how long are you going to space out for!?” “Eh?”

When I raised my head, I realized Aliyah had already climbed up the very top of the ventilation duct. Recently, I have either been spacing out or thinking about other matters, really…

I hurriedly climbed up while taking big steps, somersaulted out of the ventilation duct, and landed lightly on the ground.

Speaking of which, why are there ventilation ducts in this world? I kind of feel that these things shouldn’t appear in a palace, right? Earlier, I had never thought of entering through the ventilation duct, because I had thought that such a thing would not appear in these sorts of structures in the first place. But, there’s actually one in the palace!

As expected, the things in this world cannot be judged with the common sense of my previous world. Well, after all, it’s a world completely different from ours.

That’s right, we’re otherworlders. Though I still do not know why we’re in this world, but since I’m here, there’s no reason not to enjoy myself.

“Has your MP recovered? A part of the guards have returned to work. Looks like the party is about to end, we have to hurry…”

“In other words, you’re already tired of this infiltration game, and plans on using my Flash Movement to return, right?”


Even if you were to gaze at the moon, it’s not going to help you escape from this question.

Though in the beginning, I had planned on using Flash Movement to enter the royal treasury, Aliyah said she wanted to experience being a thief, so we decided to sneak in instead.

“Fine, then, change your clothes.”

With this said, I opened my inventory, and changed my clothes into a set of deep black formal wear.

“It must have been hard on them to actually rush the production of such fitting formal wear in a single day. Don’t you agree?”


Aliyah finished changing her clothes as well. Like me, she received her formal wear too. The deep red long dress she’s wearing fully expressed her personality.

“Let’s go, Ms. Aliyah~”

Saying this, I stretched my hand out towards her. “Un… let’s go.”

With a blushed face, she grabbed onto my hand. In the next second, the two of us

instantly disappeared from the roof.
Rogue Side-quest ‘Dark Infiltration’ Completed.
Quest Objective: Steal an item from the Ice Empire’s Royal Treasury Quest Reward: 5,000 EXP, Soundless Gloves
Additional Objective: Steal an item which is worth more than 100,000 Gold. [Completed]
Additional Reward: Viewing Glasses of Truth
Soundless Gloves: When worn, the user will not produce any sound with his/her hand actions, and the items in the user’s hands will not make any sound either.
Eyepiece of Truth: A pair of glasses which allows the users to expose countless truths, which are within the rules of the world.

Part 1 – Preparation for War

Chapter 1: If This Can be Called Peace

“Big brother? Why are you wearing glasses?”

“Eh? Oh, you mean this? Recently, I kind of feel that my eyesight hasn’t been good, so I went to buy one…”

“Is that so~ Big brother looks cooler this way~” “Ha… Thanks.”

I pushed up my new glasses, and laughed.

Of course, I did not wear these glasses for the sake of improving my eyesight. Because this is the new tool, the Eyepiece of Truth, which I obtained as a reward for completing the quest earlier.

But wearing these glasses does not enable me to expose those [Unable to Reveal] titles, rather, it adds a large amount of explanation and details.

For example, I’m currently holding onto the plate of breakfast, and on the right of my vision, the details of it are listed.
Normal Plate – 142
A normal plate manufactured by the Ice Empire. Cost: 20 Copper
Fried Egg
An egg fried by Lin Fir. Cost: 10 Copper
Hey hey, why is my name even stated in the description!? Fortunately, I was the person who obtained this eyepiece… No! Isn’t this an eyepiece!? Then, shouldn’t it look like goggles or something!? Why is it a pair of glasses!?

But, compared to an eyepiece, a pair of glasses is indeed more convenient. Though, I’m still not used to wearing one.

“Speaking of which, soon, we will be returning to school.” “That’s right.”


I looked around my room, and then roared angrily! “Why is everyone eating breakfast in my room!?” “Because the breakfast you make is pretty good.”

Aliyah ate the fried egg I just made with a single bite, and said that.

“That’s right, it’s really good.”

Next, it was Princess Michelle who replied.

And because she was the earliest, the rest of the ingredients had all been used up, and only the eggs were left.

“Wait a minute! Are your royal family’s cooks just for show!?”

“Because this way, everyone is gathered and we can head to school together.” Aliyah, Princess Michelle, Oyado, Ms. Snow, Irlin, and Lois, who said she wanted

to go to school with Oyado, were all currently eating breakfast in my room.

But this room sure is big, as expected of the Ice Empire’s VIP guestroom. Although it was only a single-room, it did not feel cramped even with this many people.

As for the fact that there’s actually a kitchen in this room, I don’t even know where to begin dropping my tsukkomis about it either, but this isn’t something I should care about anyway.

“No matter the case, that was the last egg in this room! There’s nothing left! I’m heading out to eat!”

“Eh, wait a minute…”

Only an idiot would wait! I can’t stay in a room with such a weird atmosphere any longer!

I will definitely be misunderstood as a playboy for staying in a single room with a bunch of girls! In situations like this, it’s best to flee as fast as possible!

Walking along the hallway, when I confirmed that there wasn’t anyone in my immediate surroundings, I used Flash Movement and entered the nearby royal family’s kitchen.

Because we would usually eat in the ballroom, there’s nothing like a dining hall here. And as for breakfast, they’re basically sent to our rooms, so in times like this, the only option left is to head straight to the kitchen for food.

“Yo, Uncle Loke, is there anything good to eat today?” “Eh?”

Uncle Loke, who was currently managing a pot of soup in the kitchen, turned and looked at me wierdly.

“Weren’t you eating breakfast with the Princess? Why are you here scrounging for food again?”

“Because they had eaten all the ingredients that were prepared in the room…”

“Hahaha, it indeed sounds like something they would do. Then you could have simply called us, and we would have sent more over to your room. There isn’t a need to come personally, is there?”

“I think it’s better to have a quiet breakfast by myself.”

With this said, I went over to a stool at the side and sat on it. “Just give me some bread or something, I’m fine with anything.”

“Well~ Someone beat you here, so I had already started making another set of breakfast. It’s pasta, by the way.”

“Pasta… Was it Uncle Gabriel?” “Huh, you actually knew.”

Gabriel laughed as he walked out from the back of the cabinet of ingredients.

This guy actually hid himself, and even used a stealth skill. He’s really a child at heart, huh.

“How did you know that I like pasta?”

“Because a few days ago, I passed by the pasta restaurant outside, and I saw your picture pasted at the front of the restaurant. You haven’t been here for long, right?

To actually have your picture pasted there in such a short time, you must definitely be one of their regular customers.”

“You actually even noticed something like that, you’re really not as simple as you look, huh.”

“… Well, it was just a coincidence.”

Actually, it was because I had played too many of those mystery games, so I cultivated the habit of observing the things around me carefully… Well, I can’t reveal something like this though.

“Oh right, I heard you had been invited to be a Court Magician for the Ice Empire, but it’s all behind the curtains though…”

That’s right, currently Gabriel could be considered as my superior. He made an agreement with the Emperor of the Ice Empire, and became the hidden boss of the Ice Empire. And the Emperor even went his way to give Gabriel the doll control device he wished for.

It’s also the device Yoei is using, I think it’s called the Doll’s Cabinet.

“Morystria, that’s her name, right? Though she seems to be much younger than you…”

“That’s because I placed her in an Ice Coffin for more than 30 years! What the hell are you thinking about!?”

“Oh right, since that’s the case, why did you come all the way here for breakfast? Didn’t she make one for you?”

“Because… Because she turned into a doll, so she completely lost the sense of taste, then…”

“No sense of taste…”

I seemed to be able to imagine what happened. What a tragedy. I wish you two happiness, then…

But, because of this, my quest has also been updated.
Broken Doll
3rd Quest: Understand the entire story of the plan.
Hey hey, this sort of description can’t be considered as a hint, right!? I completely do not know where to start at all!

Hence, I immediately threw that quest aside. What, you’re hoping that I would head directly to someone else’s house and ask about their hereditary disease?

I will definitely be taken as someone crazy, won’t I?

In times like this, it’s best to return to school for now, and deal with this issue in the future, when the opportunity arises.

Oh right, that bastard Dale said that he wanted to create a mechanical gryphon as soon as possible, so he actually followed the blueprints for the royal family’s airship and made a minimized airship in three days, and immediately flew to the academy right after.

Though he’s currently holding onto a proof that would help him enroll into the school, but… hopefully that crazy bastard won’t cause any trouble.

“Alright, let’s start eating, don’t you have to rush back to academy later?”

After saying that, he took the plate of pasta from Uncle Loke’s hands, and finished it in an instant.

Hey hey, your way of eating is too weird, isn’t it? It’s no wonder the pasta restaurant owner would take notice of you.

Shaking my head, I raised my plate and started eating… Un, it’s pretty good, but is it really alright to eat pasta in the early morning?

“Big brother, hurry and run!”

I had only just finished half of the plate, and suddenly, Oyado’s figure appeared before me.

I was so shocked for a moment that I almost dropped the plate on the floor. Fortunately, my reaction was fast, and I managed to immediately grab hold of the plate which just slipped from my hand, the tragedy was thus averted.

“Oyado, I already told you many times, don’t suddenly appear before someone else!”

“But, umm, big brother, the big sisters are already rushing over here. It’s best if you flee as fast as possible.”

“Why? It’s not enough to finish my ingredients, so they’re going to eat me as well?”

“Umm… Because they said, they planned to tie big brother onto a chair, and have you try the breakfast they made as thanks. But big brother once told me the food they make are really dangerous, and never ever try eating them. So, I came here to report~”

“… You did well. Good girl.”

As I said that, I placed the plate on the table, and stroked her head.

Seeing that she was enjoying it, I laughed. Then, I carried her and fled in the opposite direction!

“Hurry! We’re going to head directly towards the airship! Do you know where it’s located!?”

“Yes! It’s at the empty field in the front yard, big brother!” “Alright! Then we’re going…”

“Where are you two rushing to~”

An attack warning suddenly flashed above me, and I hurriedly stopped and leaped back. In the next second, numerous ice blocks of about two meters in size smashed onto the place I was standing at earlier, creating a wall of ice in front of me!

And above the ice wall, Ms. Snow and Princess Michelle were both smiling at me while holding onto their staves.

And behind me, Aliyah, Irlin and Lois, with their weapons on hand, blocked my escape route.

What the hell, this formation is really frightening! Just what are you girls planning to do? Assassinate me?

I think it’s best to keep these words in my heart, otherwise, they might really assassinate me. Though, I might die from food poisoning caused by the food they make as well.

Oh my god! I’m really going to die!

Chapter 2: You Won’t Die if You Don’t Seek Death


I suddenly woke up from a nightmare.

The nightmare was terrifying, it felt as if I fell into the deepest pits of hell, and was wandering there for near eternity…

Wait a minute? Where is this place?

I looked weirdly at my surroundings, and recalled after a long while. This was the apartment I rented near the academy.

Strange… Last I remembered I was still in the Ice Empire, why am I in my room…

And at this moment, I noticed a flashing notification at the corner of my eye. I pulled it over, and realized it’s actually a notification for a new title!
Title [Hundred Herbs Tester] obtained. Current LV: 1
Possibility of being poisoned decreased by 10%.
Un? What’s the meaning of this?

But the instant I noticed the word ‘poisoned’, a very frightening memory resurfaced in my mind!

I hurriedly got up from my bed, and rushed towards the bathroom at high speed, puking out everything that could be puked out from the depths of my stomach. Then, I immediately cast a water ball to rinse my mouth.

After calming down for a bit, I slowly returned to my bed, and collapsed onto it.

“Those girls… None of them are able to make a decent meal… And don’t they know that if they don’t acknowledge their mistakes, the number of mistakes will pile up? The abomination they collaborated in making was seriously horrifying…”

What was it?

What was it called again? Do I have a bad memory? Or was it so horrifying, the memories of it were automatically removed?

In any case, it’s a dish that shone with a very beautiful golden luster, which looked just like Kung Pao Chicken.

From the aroma it emitted and its looks, it was basically a delicacy.

They did pretty well with its looks, and it did smell pretty good, but of course, my instincts were screaming, that dish was dangerous. Very. Very. Dangerous.

Don’t ask me why. My instincts tell me, anything that looks very beautiful, are poisonous. This is the experience my ancestors passed down by sacrificing their own sweat and blood.


Then, my memories ended there. I’m not sure whether I should be happy or sad about it. Though losing my memories is regretful, it’s a good thing that it allowed me to forget that horrifying taste.

I’m unsure of how long I slept as well, as I felt that my entire body was a little stiff from sleeping.

I looked at my status, and I realized I still had a ‘dizziness’ status on me. I hurriedly tapped on a potion that could dispel abnormal conditions. Then, once again, I got up from my bed, and left my bedroom.

“Eh? Those girls… Just what did they do to my kitchen?”

When I walked over to the living room, I realized those names and titles that were floating near me were not an illusion of mine.

Six girls were actually laid around my living room, and the entire kitchen looked as if it had been spit at by a giant dragon. The state of it was too tragic to look at.

“These… can be washed with magic, right?”

I don’t really care about what these girl actually did, but my neighbours next door must have been in a state of fear, right? I’m really sorry for trouble, neighbours that I have never actually met, for emitting such a terrifying presence next door.
“Light Steps, Sneak.”
I carefully walked over the six girls in my living room, and reached before the kitchen.

After inspecting the place, in the entire kitchen, only a single part of it looked rather normal. And over there, there was still a plate of what seemed to be roasted meat.

Though I don’t know what meat it’s made of, but in this world, as long as it’s not meat from an undead, it’s basically edible, so it’s not really a serious matter.


This dish actually looked very normal! It was not sparkling, and there wasn’t an aroma that stimulated one’s nerves.


Let’s try it out…

I’m aware that the standards of the dishes they make are horrifying, but this dish… was still a fruit of their hard work.


But just in case, I had best prepare a Poison Dispel Potion.

After completing the preparations, I picked up a small piece of meat, and ate it.


“Huh, this is actually pretty good. Looks like they really did put some work into it.” Un, though it can’t really be compared to a delicacy, it’s already at the level of

being delicious.

I have to say, they really did work hard, huh! Once they wake up, I will praise them a little… Eh?

Suddenly, my vision slanted downwards, and my entire body collapsed onto the ground.

This… This is…

Beside my name, I realized there was an icon flashing constantly. Paralyzed.

I’m not insulting anyone at all. Rather, I’m really… I was actually thrown into a state of paralysis!

Wait a minute… This…

Even though it tasted rather normal, why…

I struggled to look towards the direction of the six girls, and realized, they were looking at me with very regretful expressions. And after looking at them carefully, I realized that there were flashing ‘Paralyzed’ status icons beside their names as well.

It seems I simply did not notice them earlier.

Haha… I’m just going to treat this as if I’m… going back to sleep.
New Title [Deathseeker] Unlocked. Current LV: 1
Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up! Current LV: 9
Hey! World, that’s enough! Stop with these mischievous pranks!

Speaking of which, back when I used Resistance Counter, was Worldthe one who controlled my body and used the Ghost Technique? She even said

goodbye at the end, really…

Aaahhhhh, whatever. It’s really frightening when your body isn’t able to move. If you’re poisoned, at the very least, you’re still able to drink a potion to cure yourself. Once you’re inflicted with a status like paralysis, you can’t even drink potions at all. In the future, do I really have to install antidotes in my teeth, like how spies do it?


Suddenly, the door to the room actually opened!

Though I was unable to turn my head to look, by hearing her voice, it should be someone I know.

“Just what the hell are you people doing lying around in the living room?” After listening to her words, I then realized it was Lanya.

Although she looked like a loli, she’s actually a girl with very unbelievable alchemic abilities!

I recalled that, before leaving the academy, the number of question marks at the back of her name actually increased. I wonder what I will be able to decipher from them if I were to look at her now.

But, why did she come to my home this early in the morning? And why was the door opened immediately? Is my door there simply for decoration purposes? Or does everyone simply like to lockpick in this time and age?

Well, whatever the case, I’m unable to move. She mightily walked into my apartment, looked at us, and then walked into the kitchen.

After that, I broke out into cold sweat from her next few words. “I’m digging in~”


Hence, I decided to close my eyes, and continue sleeping. What a really peaceful morning…

Chapter 3: The World of an Ultra Certified Alchemist

I should say, as expected of an alchemist. Her stomach is even different from ours.

Not even thirty seconds after Lanya fell, she leaped off the ground, ran to our sides, and poured potions into our mouths.

“Fortunately, I have resistance to paralysis, otherwise, I would have slept the entire afternoon with you people.”

She said proudly.

Un, is that really alright though? Aren’t you a human? How?

“Resistance? Are you actually resistant to poison as well?”


She once again proudly replied.

Alright, as expected of an alchemist. Her body is really different from ours. “Speaking of which, Lanya, why are you here this early in the morning?”

“Because your teacher heard you were back, so she tasked me to bring this

internship report form over, and have you fill it in.” “Internship report form?”

Does she actually want me to report my experience as a State Magician? Is she kidding me?

Is it fine if I write about how I saved the Ice Empire? I don’t think it’s a good idea. I have already discussed this with the Emperor in detail, and we decided that it’s best if we kept this a secret for our mutual benefits.

How about the time I defeated a gryphon? No, I don’t think that’s good either, otherwise, people would probably treat me as a monster.

Defeating a demon god? That’s not good either, and it’s because of the same reason as the one above. And how am I supposed to explain my method of forcing

it back anyway? I threw a bag of hidden weapons into his stomach and caused him to flee to the Abyss?

Are you kidding me? Even if I did reveal something like that, no one would believe me anyway.

“… I will just write down that my work experience was lovely, and I learnt a lot from the internship.”

“Un, that’s fine.”

This Lanya actually agreed to it!

“Well~ Your teacher won’t bother looking at it anyway, so it’s probably fine.” “… Speaking of which, Ms. Mari is indeed that sort of person.”

She will definitely throw it straight into the bin without even taking a look at it,


Ah, whatever.

I took the form and scribbled on it, and then, I threw it to a side.

“Speaking of which, although the academy do not restrict students from renting out rooms, you actually had six young girls laid around your living room…”

“Hey hey, they are the ones who came into my house without my permission! And…”

“Big brother, who is this big sister?”

Suddenly, Oyado ran over and asked, as she looked at Lanya.

“She’s the academy’s strongest alchemist that I told you about before. Of course, that’s only among the students.”

“You can cut the last part out as well, Fir. My name is Lanya Fournights, are you… Fir’s little sister? You don’t look alike at all. Your atmosphere, and smell, are different, and… Well, we can talk about that later. Speaking of which, you people had best prepare your stuffs. School is starting tomorrow, isn’t it?”

She pointed at the other five girls who were steadily getting up from the ground, then, she moved her finger to the kitchen that’s too unsightly to behold.

Huhu, is there some sort of magic that could allow me to clean the kitchen in an instant? No matter how I look at it, there’s no way to clean these up by tomorrow.

Ah whatever, we can deal with this later.

“Then I will be heading off to hand the form to Ms. Mari. She should be in the academy today.”

“Big brother, I’m coming with you~”

“No, you should go along with Princess Michelle and the rest for your enrollment process.”

Although Oyado is an assassin… currently, our academy has already started to accept warrior-related classes.

This was all thanks to the invasion from the Eastern Continent countries. Currently, Doge Military School and our Gray Magical Academy have already completed the merging process. Though it still takes half a day to travel between schools, with the use of the Magic Train which was completed during our vacation period, although it’s still impossible to reduce the distance between the schools, the travel time between the schools was reduced to merely half an hour.

But, truthfully, I don’t really dare to travel in a train like that. The speed of that thing is really terrifying…

Well, whatever, it’s a good thing that it was invented. “Lois will be registering as well, right?”

“Yes, yes~ I want to enroll into the same course as Oyado~”

“You’re a Broadsword Wielder, so how are you going to get into an Assassin’s course…”


“Well, but the place you’re studying at is still rather close to ours, after all, we’re all in the same academy. Alright, let’s stop wasting time.”

After saying that, I immediately used Party Abnormal Conditions Dispeland

Intermediate-Grade Party Recovery, and two rays of light landed on everyone’s body.

Right after, everyone immediately leaped off the ground!

Hehe, among the several effects brought about by this spell, one of them includes the targets standing up automatically. But, it seems it’s really effective…

“Eh? What happened? What was that magic spell earlier?”

Aliyah looked at me unbelievably, and then looked at the surrounding people. Then, a message was sent to me.

‘You actually learnt recovery spells as well? Just what actually are you? A

Magician? A Warlock?’

‘Well… It’s basic common sense to learn whatever I can. You should hurry and find some time to read those skill books you obtained from the Ice Empire’s Royal Treasury as well.’

‘Alright, alright~’

Right after, she cut off the conversation.

“Well, it’s only a recovery spell. Now that everyone’s alright, then…” “No, I think it’s best that you people move together.”

Lanya suddenly said.


“Although you people do not have any sort of resentment against each other, but it’s not the same for the other nobles and commoners in the student body. Actually, recently, this gap between the nobles and commoners were almost forgotten, but due to the merger with Doge Military School, the problem has become very apparent.”

Oh my god, why does it have to be this sort of scenario once again? Are all the people in this day and age crazy?

If you wish to oppress people with your status, then by all means, do so, really. Currently…

Wait a minute…

“Will they actually attack us the moment they see us?”

“Of course not. But currently, there’s a few extreme individuals causing trouble in the academy, and they have very high statuses, so… Well, it’s fine if you’re able to beat them.”

“Hey hey, you’re saying that pretty easily…”

But there shouldn’t be any problems. The beginner grades are below LV 15, intermediate grades are between LV 15 ~ 25, and there’s barely any advanced grades to be seen… And currently, I’m LV 27, does that mean I’m currently one of the strongest in this academy?

But it seems I’m not the only one improving my abilities. Lanya had raised her level to 26. Although I’m unsure of how the inhabitants of this world level up, they do level up as well.


Because of the effects of Phad’s Eyeand Eyepiece of Truth, Lanya’s titles seemed to have become rather mysterious.
Lanya Fournights
LV 26 WindDisguisedAlchemistDisguised
[Kind] [Sly] [Tool Merchant] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio] [The Earliest Human Body Alchemist] [???] [???] [Doll Master] [???]
If not for the fact that her name was the same, I would have thought that someone was disguising as Lanya… But, indeed, her alchemy skills are on a whole different level compared to regular people. She’s definitely not your average person.

But that Human Body Alchemy… Is it actually referring to Human Transmutation? Do you mind transmuting a Philosopher’s Stone for me?

Ah whatever, it’s best to leave this aside for now. “In any case, I will be careful. But…”

When I looked at the six girls behind him, I furrowed my brows.

If I were to move alone, there wouldn’t be a problem. But, it would be more troublesome for these six girls to head outside. Although Princess Michelle’s status is rather renown, she’s still just a single person.

As for the rest… no matter how I look at them, they are people who love to draw their weapons to solve their problems, especially Aliyah. I feel that if I were to leave now… in less than three hours, a new war would be ignited.

Although it’s possible for me to ignite such a war by myself, I’m not going to do it directly.


“Your expression is really frightening. Just what are you thinking about?” “Nothing much, I’m currently thinking of what you just said.”

Even if that’s the case, if I were to join them…

The probability of being hit with a surprise attack will decrease, but the number of people wanting to kill me will increase!

According to my calculations, if a guy were to walk with a girl within the academy, 5 points of hate would be accumulated every minute, and for every girl added in, the points would be squared.

If I were to add them all in, it will be the square of the square of the square of the square of the square of 5. I will probably have about 2 x 10^22 points.

Un, it will definite ignite a war.

No, wait. This number will cause different effects, depending on the individual. Even though a single person will not affect much, but if tons of people were to be added in… then, war will break out!

Alright, as expected, it’s best to move alone.

“I decided. Princess Michelle, and Irlin, take Oyado, Snowmystel, and Lois to process their enrollment details. Aliyah and I will be heading to the academy to hand the form in.”

Not only will this prevent war from happening, I will avoid accumulating too much hate as well, I’m basically killing two birds with one stone!

“No, I think you should let Irlin accompany you.” Princess Michelle suddenly said.

“You’re the strongest here, while Irlin’s the weakest, so it’s best if you move

together with her. I’m confident in Aliyah’s combat abilities as well, so Aliyah should come with us.”

“Un… That’s fine as well.”

I looked towards Aliyah, and saw she had an indifferent expression. “What do you think?”

Then, I asked this of Irlin. “Eh?”

Irlin looked at me astonishingly, and then, lowered her head embarrassingly. “I… don’t mind.”

Eh? What’s with this situation? She should no longer be my fiancee, but why does it feel so weird…? I hurriedly opened my friend list, and searched for Irlin’s name.


Childhood Friend……

Damn it, World, you actually trolled me!!! Just what did you change my setting into!!!??

Chapter 4: Academy Conflict

While walking towards Ms. Mari’s office, I was frustrated over the ‘childhood friends’ situation.

Childhood friends, this sort of setting actually appeared in this world!

In usual cases, it refers to partners who had played together since young, but… how is that possible? This setting is completely wrong.

Irlin and I did indeed leave from the same city, but… how was it possible for us to grow up together?

And back then, I did tell World to alter Irlin’s memories, and remove the fiancee setting.


Why did she become my childhood friend!?!?

After spending a long time thinking about this, the only conclusion I could come up with… was that World learnt that term from somewhere, and wondered if it would make an interesting setting.

Alright, this setting isn’t really something I can’t accept, but, I completely do not possess any memories as her childhood friend. In this situation, if she happened to have a weird childhood promise, then wouldn’t I be doomed…?


Suddenly, Irlin who had been silently following behind me, spoke up. “What is it?”

“Do you still remember… the promise we made when we were young?” “……”

Hey hey hey! A doomed flag!? Why!? World, you’re watching right!? Right!? It must be interesting for you, huh!? But you can’t play around with me like this! Just what the hell do you want from me!?

In times like this, the usual male protagonists acting dumb is a standard route… No, wait. If I were to act dumb in a time like this, there’s a 20% chance of heading into a bad end! And this world isn’t a game world, so the actual possibility of it happening is much larger.


This probability looks small, but in actual fact, it’s very frightening.

This world is very similar to the real world, as you only possess a single try. Other than us otherworlders, if the inhabitants of this world were to die, their souls will immediately fall into the Abyss.

Alright, in that case, by initiating the attack, the probability of heading towards the bad end will at least be lower!

“Umm, we made so many promises back then, which one are you referring to?”

“Eh? Really? Umm… Did I really make that many promises? Umm, umm… Next time then! It’s not the time yet, so…”


Is she confused? Was it really such an embarrassing question?

If that’s really true, then, I will find it hard to give a reply as well.

But, this way, I have forcefully avoided the worst end, right? I feel sorry for Irlin, but I, who was forced into this fake role, have no idea what kind of person I am in her memories. Without sufficient information, I can’t make any random actions.

“Speaking of which… Recently, your relationship with Princess Michelle has gotten better, did something happen?”

“Ah, that’s right. because… Because, you know, our Wood household fell from grace in the Mitchell Kingdom, which caused our household to lose our influence in the Mitchell Kingdom. Even if I were to graduate from Doge Military School, I will still be unable to return to my squad and become its Knight Captain… Even though there are people who are willing to follow me, but…”

Fell from grace? Although I have a lot of questions, but the main reason to this was because that bastard king wished to directly steal the Wood household’s activation key to the underground relic, right? Even if their household had lost

two pillars of support, they shouldn’t have fell so much… Unless you’re telling me this is necessary for the scenario to progress…

“When I told Princess Michelle about this, she was so agitated that she made me her guardian knight! Even though I was weaker than her, she still went ahead with my appointment, despite her family’s disapproval. Then, I accepted it.”

I see, in that case, it’s quite a good outcome.

“But… But, it’s really great that I’m able to study with Fir in the same academy. We can take care of each other and stuffs like that…”

“Yeah. But it’s only made possible with this new school term, otherwise, the distance would be really annoying. Speaking of which, back then, when you were in Doge Military School, did you notice any direct conflict between nobles and commoners?”

“Un, it was indeed really serious. After all, everyone were hot-blooded warriors. If any sort of problem arises, they will immediately resolve it with a battle.”

The moment we started talking about this topic, Irlin instantly recovered her calmness, and a stern expression appeared on her face.

As I thought, only in times like this would she reveal her nature as a knight?

“Hence, accidents happen continuously, but this sort of battles raises the warriors’ battle abilities, and after each incident, the nobles would always support the

noble who was involved in the battle, so…”

”“So everything would have been settled, right? Really. But the situation now is different. After all, magicians from the Magic Academy are now included as well. Any casual duel will cause a huge problem.”

“And from Senior Lanya’s tone earlier, it seems such things have already happened. But just how severe is it…”

“We will know really soon. Look.”

I pointed to the front, and three swordsmen, who were holding onto the swords on their waist, were slowly walking towards us. Then, they looked at with provocative eyes.

They’re going to act so quickly? This is really…

“That knight young lady over there, please get away from that magician. He’s someone with no sense of honor as a knight, a trash like him isn’t fit for you!”

Speaking of which, Irlin’s had the mark of the Royal Family’s Knights on her armor, while I was wearing a simple magician apprentice robe.

After all, I don’t have the habit of showing the mark of a State Magician on my chest.

But, of course, I won’t ever show that sort of thing openly, otherwise, things wouldn’t be this interesting~

“Fir isn’t…”

Before Irlin could finish, I stretched my hands out to stop her.

Looking at the marks on their chests, I could see that two of them were intermediate-grade and one of them were beginner-grade. They even have their family crests beside those marks. Wonderful.

“Earlier, you said that, because of battles like this, it would also improve the students’ battle abilities. So no one… would voice any complains, right?”


“Then that settles it. Hey, the three over there. Come. I’m not going to say things like a fair one-on-one duel. Be careful not to get killed.”

“You bastard! Just you wait! Battle Barrier open!”

A red barrier instantly expanded, with the three swordsmen at its center. Then, a barrier encompassing a hundred meters was completed.
Ting! Entering Duel Mode
Duel Mode: The battle will not result to deaths to either party. The battle will immediately end once either party concedes or is unable to battle. EXP Gain: 80%
Herus Dei LV 17 Knight
[Neutral] [Devoted] [Aureola Empire’s State Knight]
Euhan Anrebel LV 15 Knight
[Neutral] [One with Heavy Sense of Morality] [Jasyton Kingdom’s State Knight]
Hashe Herc LV 13 Knight
[Neutral] [Extremist] [Duchy of Marc’s State Knight]
I see, looks like our system and this world’s rules have merged. Then that make things easier.

“Ultimate Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flames.”
The intermediate-grade knight at the center had only just raised his sword and was about to rush towards me, but with a wave of my hand, a white strip of flames flew speedily towards him!


Evidently, he had never seen a spell like this before. After hesitating for a moment, he chose to retreat.

The direction of charge instantly changed. He seemed to have used some sort of skill, as his figure swayed, and actually managed to dodge my cold flames!

But, even if he managed to dodge it, the white flames were still able to freeze the armor on his right arm! And, not just that, when he balanced himself, the part of the armor which was covered in white frost instantly cracked, and a hole opened up.

“How… How is this possible?”

“I think it’s best if you watch your back.”

I kindly reminded him. With a flick of my finger, the white flames made a turn in the air, and flew right back towards him!
“Ar… Arcane – Edward’s Sword!”
A black shadow was suddenly emitted out from his body, and it rushed out of his body! It collided with the white flames, and was instantly turned into an ice sculpture!

But, the white cold air enveloped the surroundings at the same time, and instantly, his HP dropped to 50%, and was thrown into a frozen state!

This wasn’t unexpected. After all, he was only a LV 17 intermediate-grade knight. And, he’s simply a knight-in-training, so he don’t really have that much battle experience in the first place, right?

“Next? Who’s up?”

My tachi was broken, and my Blasphemer, which was left stabbed in Blazing Horn’s neck, disappeared. I have no choice but to attack with my bare hands.


There’s not much of a difference, right?

Chapter 5: Prelude to the Academy War

The three of them glanced at each other. Crossing their arms, a weird red glow were then emitted out from their bodies at the same time.

“Arcane – Knight’s Honor!”

The three of them raised their swords at the same time. The two at the side speedily made a curve towards my two flanks, while the one in the center charged straight towards me!

A three-sided attack? Looks like they’re not just some random mash-up party, but comrades who have fought together for quite a long time.

But, this isn’t the time to praise my opponents. After all, I have a few questions that I need to ask these three knights.

I pointed my finger to the ground, and an ice totem was grew quickly from the earth, sending me to the skies.

Three sword waves immediately shattered the base of the ice totem, but, I had already activated Charge towards the front, and with Light Steps activated as well, I landed gently onto the ground behind them.

I turned to face them, and erected three ice walls, blocking their paths. Immediately after, I summoned three ice totems below their feet, sending the three of them flying.

Even if I were to kill them in this barrier, they won’t actually die. But, I don’t have the intention of killing them anyway.

Since they’re so dedicated to the knight’s code, if they were to be eliminated by a magician like this, they will definitely hate me to the core. I don’t wish for that to happen, because it will make questioning them a little difficult.

“Multiple Ice Shields! Shield Bash!”

Nine ice shields instantly sandwiched them from three directions, and at the same time, I activated Shield Bash. The three of them were instantly immobilized.

“You guys sure are brave. To think you would still try to attack me after that one attack of mine.”

“A knight’s code… How would you magicians… understand…”

The knight called John said as he struggled to break free. But, the three of them who were off the ground were basically unable to activate any Charge-related skills.

And since they did not try to dodge my attack, it’s impossible for them to break free now they’re caught.

“Oh. Is that so? Then why don’t you guys tell me about your knight’s code? As knights, I believe you guys shouldn’t be willing to duel with an unarmed magician, after all, it’s something unbecoming of a knight, right?”

“This… But, you…”

“Of course, I’m an exception.”

I pushed my glasses up, and continued.

“I’m stronger than average people, so you don’t have to mind about that. But, you guys should have attacked other magicians before, am I right? Oh right, the reason why you guys attacked me was definitely because of the beginner-grade magician robe I’m wearing. This completely goes against your knight’s code, isn’t it? So, are you guys simply hypocrites?”

“Of course not! We’re not…”

“Of course not. Your knight’s code is simply something you nobles came up with. Naturally, it will be influenced by your status as a noble, right? A beginner-grade commoner magician, that’s how you select your opponents, right?”

“No… It’s just… It’s just that, this is something we must do.” “Must?”

Wonderful, everything is within my predictions, it seems.

Even if there’s a merger between Doge Military School and our academy, it doesn’t make sense for conflict to break out this quickly. Otherwise, it would have been too easy for war to break out in this academy.

“This was an order passed down by the school’s Knight Squads.”

“Knight Squads? Interesting. Do you mind elaborating on that? If I recall correctly, you guys belong to different countries right? The Knight Squads are different in every countries, isn’t it? Why did you guys form a party?”

“The Knight Squads we’re referring to are not the usual Knight Squads, but an organization which was formed with different faiths within the school.”

“Different faiths? Alright, I don’t really understand that bit. Do you mind…” “Because Knights rely on learning the skills of Heroes to acquire strength.” Suddenly, Irlin quickly added in.

Edward, the Black Prince,William, the Knight of the Blue Seas】【Euhans,

the Sweeper, if I recall correctly, these are the three large Knight Squads in Doge Military School. Fir, training in the ways of a Knight requires the inheritance

of different knights’ faiths. These three Knights are the strongest Knights in legends, so they have the highest number of believers as well. Earlier, they used

Edward’s Sword, so they should be members of the Black Prince Knight


“That’s right, we’re members of the Black Prince’s Knight Squad, and our Knight Squad…”

“I see, basically, under the approval of the academy, your three Knight Squads, are allowed to continue with your warring activities in our Magic Academy. But, due to us, magicians, you guys require us to join one of your factions, right? You, knights, number ten times more than us, so your influence in this academy is much stronger than us, magicians’. And most of you, knights, are nobles, because most of the poor commoners decide to become mercenaries, rather than knights, right?”


As I thought, now that I know they are separated into different factions, then I’m able to come up with the reason for this meaningless conflict.

Who would be so bored to challenge someone everyday in school!? Do you think this is ‘Pokemon’!? As if there are countless of trainers waiting for you to take their money…


But this does sound pretty good as well, as I will be able to raise my level from this.

“… If I have to make a guess, after defeating the magicians, you guys will either request them to support your Knight Squad… or warn them not to get involved in the conflict, right?”

“Yes… that’s right.”

“Wonderful. That’s all I need to know.”

I snapped my fingers, and the ice shields immobilizing them instantly dispersed. “Thank you for your cooperation. But… I hope that you guys will no longer attack

any of my magicians. Otherwise, things will no longer be this easy… I guarantee it.” I said with a very happy smile.

Saint Louis, the Mage, so that’s your faith?”

“Un, that’s right. Most of the Magic Knights believe in theMage.”

As we continued our walk to the office, I started to consult Irlin about the things regarding the Knight’s faiths.

“There’s no elemental restriction?”

“No. Because when Saint Louis was a knight, he borrowed the power of external magic crystals to become a Magic Knight. So, he was not restricted to a single element.”

“That’s really convenient.”

As I looked at Irlin who was talking about this topic excitedly, I laughed and continued.

“Then, regarding the three squads, what’s your take on them?”

“My small squad do not really care about things like that. Although us, Magic Knights, belong in the minority, we are not weak. We just have to settle things among ourselves, that’s all.”

“Un, that’s not wrong either. But, this time, it’s an exception.” I looked at Irlin really seriously, and said that.

I didn’t expect to encounter such a troublesome issue the moment I return to the

academy, but evidently, it’s not really a bad situation.

Since it already happened, wouldn’t it be better if I make it more interesting?

And this is a good opportunity to earn EXP~

“Although many things have already happened in the academy… what do you think about reversing the whole situation?”

“Reversing the situation?”

“Since they have already separated into different factions, and they’re warring in our academy, then… we should come together.”

“Come together?”

Irlin seemed to look really doubtful, while I summoned a magic sword, and continued.

“Let’s form a Magic Squad. I believe… our magic spells, compared to any knight skill, are even frightening existences. Am I right?”

“This… Un…”

Irlin pondered for a moment, and then smiled.

“You’re saying, Magicians and Magic Knights should come together?” “That’s of course.”

“Then… I will work hard as well!”

Since there are people who wants to turn this academy into a battlefield, then I shall make this battlefield… into an EXP grinding paradise!

Battle Ended.

No Kills.

EXP Gained: 0

Title [Kind] leveled up! Current LV: 3

Chapter 6: Intercontinental Academy War

“Un… Speaking of which, Fir. You seem to know what’s happening in the academy, right?”

Taking the form off my hands, as I expected, she only took a glance at it before throwing it to a side.

Really, I still used thirty seconds of my precious time to write that, you know. And she dismissed it just like that, as expected of Ms. Mari, I guess.

“Well, I have a general idea… How did you figure it out?”

“Because there’s a hole in your magician robe. And this robe is a new design, specially made for this new school term. Since you came back only recently, you definitely suffered an attack only after you got back…”

“Teacher, have you been reading detective light novels?”

She even noticed such details… Speaking of which, it seems those three aren’t that bad either. At least, they were able to… harm my clothes.

“They’re indeed pretty interesting. Do you want to read them as well?”

Ms. Mari laughed as she took out two books from her drawer, and threw them to me.

“Well, after finishing them, I don’t plan on reading them a second time, so take them.”

“Oh… But is this really alright?” “Un, what are you referring to?”

“I’m referring to the battles in the academy. Those knights are currently attacking others outside, and their targets are always beginner-grade magician apprentices, you know.”

“They provided the remaining funds needed to research the Battle Barrier, and that thing has already been proven to be 100% effective.”

“So the academy has already completely authorized these sorts of battles?”

Well, you can say that. Oh right, this is your Battle Barrier. Before every battle, you must definitely open it. We no longer possess enough funds to fix the

academy’s buildings.” “……”

It’s that simple? A barrier that allows students to battle each other? And with this,

you’re just going to authorize students to engage in battles?

No, it’s definitely not this simple. Wasn’t the purpose of the merger between the two schools to create a team strong enough to go against the Eastern Continent? If these conflicts were to continue, there’s no way for this objective to be fulfilled, right?

“… The three Knight Squads, what happens when one of them wins?” “Oh, I didn’t think that you would know about this as well.”

Ms. Mari looked at me curiously.

“Did you come up with that on your own, or did someone tell you about that?” “Hey hey, I didn’t even tell you how much I know… Let me see, even some of the

knights in those Knight Squads do not know much of the details, right? So? What is it this time? In the Annual Tournament in the last school term, it was basically a platform for nobles to compete, but in the end, I was thrown into the mix. This time, couldn’t you guys have gave me a heads-up or something?”

“Really, how did I end up with a student whose mind is filled with so many conspiracy theories… If those Military Specialists in the Doge Military School knew of this talent of yours, they will definitely force you into military affairs. You might even be able to become a Marshal.”

“A Magician who becomes a Marshal? I might really give that a try in the future.”

Irlin, who had been watching us from the side the entire time, started giggling. Haah, really. If you want to laugh, laugh loudly. Not that it would offend me in any way, you know?

“Alright, since you already knew, then I will ‘accidentally’ tell you some details regarding this situation.”

‘Accidentally’… Alright, looks like things will be interesting.

”Responding to this challenge by the Eastern Continent, if a war were to actually occur, our entire continent will be thrown into the chaos, and many people will die. You understand this, right?”

“That’s right.”

“So, we decided to initiate an Intercontinental Academy War, whereby a selected team of less than 100 students from our academy will take part in a battle with other schools in the Western and Eastern Continents.”

“Oh god… I figured it would be something like that…” Intercontinental? Things have escalated pretty quickly, huh.

But, this also means that there will be more EXP, skills, and treasures to ste- no, to be rewarded with!


“Does it have to be one of these three Knight Squads? Although we, magicians, are few in numbers, it does not mean we will definitely lose, right?”

“You can’t be thinking…”

Ms. Mari stared at me for quite a while, and then, sighed.

“Of course, it doesn’t have to be one of them. But the recruitment war had already began ever since the start of the vacation, and many people had already been pulled into the three squads, you know? What are you planning to do?”

“Numbers… have never been the reason for my victories.”

“Oh, is that so? Then, I wish you good luck. The thing about the

Intercontinental Academy Warwill be announced at the start of the school term, which is tomorrow. By then…”

“I know, I know. Now then, you don’t have anything else for me, is there? Then I will be taking my leave. Irlin, let’s go.”


“Hey hey, don’t forget about the books.”

An attack warning suddenly appeared behind me. I quickly squatted, and two books flew straight over my head and smashed into the door.

The door cracked open… “Aaaaaaaaaaah!! My door!!”

Hearing Ms. Mari’s roar, I laughed, and then, took the two books off the door.

“Thanks. See you later.”

Saying this, Irlin and I left the office.

After leaving the office, I immediately opened up my friend message window. Aliyah, Dale, Bai Yueguang and… Eh, Tai Shixi?

As I pulled the friend list downwards, I suddenly saw something unbelievable!

Tai Shixi’s name was actually in the friend message list, and not in the regular list! This only means one thing… and that’s she like us, an otherworlder!

Back then, she did not speak much, and hence I thought she was an inhabitant of this world as well, but I didn’t expect she was actually… Alright then. Tapping on her name as well, I speedily sent a message to everyone.

‘Hurry and gather at my house! I’m going to start a war!’




‘Are you crazy!? But I like it! I will be heading there after finishing my lunch.’ This came from Bai Yueguang.

‘That sounds interesting. Are you planning a massacre? We have already finished the registration on our end, but we encountered some troublemakers along the way. Is this the reason why you’re starting a war?’

The next message came from Aliyah.

‘Sending the message to Bai Yueguang was already enough, why did you send it to me as well?’

A reply came from Tai Shixi next.

‘I will head over after I’m done dealing with these idiotic knights.’ And lastly, from Dale.

Wonderful… It seems like we have at least 11 people in our team, right?

Chapter 7: Team Establishment

Starting from this post onwards, I will occasionally put up video links at the end of the chapter, which links to videos that you should probably not watch.

“Then I will take this apartment. This is a 100,000 Gold voucher, I will be taking the furniture inside as well.”

Princess Michelle who was in front of me took a sparkling gold card, and handed it to the housing agent.

He wiped off his sweat, and after taking the gold card, he hurriedly nodded.

“Yes, yes. Princess, please do not worry, I will dispatch some people to clean the place in the afternoon, so please…”

“Alright, alright, I know.”

“Then… Then I will not disturb you any further. I will be taking my leave.” After saying that, he quickly left, as if he had just seen a ghost.

But, I guess it’s understandable. After all, if someone were to suddenly pop into

your office, and say she needed a house immediately, and even paid the full sum right away, an average person’s legs would definitely give way, right?

And that’s especially so when the person who requested it was a princess. It must have been terrifying for him.

This all started after we gathered at my apartment, and I suggested the idea of creating a new squad. What I did not expect was, everyone actually agreed to it!

You guys definitely agreed only because it sounded interesting, right!? Though, that’s how I feel as well.

But what’s with those pairs of sparkling eyes? Even Irlin was showing the same

eager expression as well. You guys just want to pick a fight, right? Alright, I feel the same way too.

And then, you guys saw what happened next. Princess Michelle decided to

sponsor our squad, and bought an empty apartment outside the academy as our

base of operations. Although it was at the edge of the city, 100,000 gold for a five- storeys apartment with a backyard was still a bargain.

Well, in any case, I approve of this move. With this, the rent money needed for another apartment has been saved as well. This is really wonderful.

Opening the door, we realized the furniture inside the apartment were still brand- new, and most of them seemed to have only been bought recently.

This instantly gave me a weird feeling.

“Is there really no problems with this apartment? For some reason, I feel there’s something wrong with this place.”

“Well~ It’s not really a problem. Even if there’s something wrong, there’s no need for us to be afraid, is there?”

Princess Michelle said without any worries, and with clouds of dust trailing behind her, she ran up the stairs.

“The room at the highest floor is mine! First come, first serve!” “I want the room on the top floors as well!”

“Me too!”

Right after, most of the people immediately ran up the stairs. Hey hey, you guys aren’t here to have fun, you know?

But whatever, it really isn’t that important anyway.

I turned to look at the remaining people. Bai Yueguang, Dale, Tai Shixi… and even Ms. Snow.

“Ms. Snow, you…”

“Wherever Master lives, will be where I live as well~” Why are you saying such things so happily!?

“No, no. I think it’s best if you find a room for yourself.”

“Call me Pryn. Stop calling me Ms. Snow~”

“… If you live in your own room, I will consider it.”

“Master, do you dislike me?”

“And, don’t call me Master. People will think I’m a pervert. Call me Fir.” “Even though you were the one who summoned me…”

“Just why are you being so moe for. You’re evidently older than all of us comb-”

A punch heavily landed on my stomach. Even though I didn’t lose a single HP, I was still sent flying, and I crashed into the wall.

When I turned to look, Ms. Snow was looking at me with her fist raised, and her face was full of smiles.

This isn’t the time to be smiling, right!?

And the other three people silently took a step back.

You guys are too heartless! Why aren’t you guys saving me? “Ah, what were you saying earlier?”

“Nothing, Ms. Snow…” “Hah?”

“No, Pryn…”

“Well~ That’s better~ Fir-chan~”

If you add a ‘chan’, doesn’t that expose your age? Idiot. But it’s best that I don’t say that out loud.

“Alright, let’s leave choosing a room aside for now. Let’s first head over to the

academy to pull some people into our squad. In theory, we can have a team of up to 100 people, but truthfully, we do not need that many. So, we just have to reel in those who are stronger. But, if you were to spot some meaningless battles, please deal with them. What we need is the support of the magician students, and some of the knights’ as well. Only this way will we be able to guarantee our squad’s safety.”

“This isn’t any different from a guild, is it? I understand, I understand.” Bai Yueguang nodded, and glanced at Tai Shixi.

She then nodded as well.

“Well~ As long as I’m able to bully people.”

I seemed to have heard something unbelievable just now. So you were actually a schemer?

I realized there really isn’t anyone that’s normal around me, other than myself.

Speaking of which, these two don’t look out of place at all while wearing the academy’s light armor for warriors. It seems all melee-classes really do look good in these outfits.

And I had already taught the Hair Manipulation Techniqueto the three people from the Eastern Continent. But the only ones who changed their hair color were Bai Yueguang and Hei Luoli. Because Tai Shixi’s hair color was purple in the first place.

But I guess people won’t really mind such minor details. As long as it’s not black, there basically isn’t a problem. After all, currently, tension between the Eastern and Western Continents is high.

After sending the two people off, Dale, who was beside me, suddenly raised his head.

“Oh right, is it alright if I move my laboratory to the basement? I will be able to save the rent money needed for the laboratory then.”

Dale suddenly said.

“Then you’re in-charge of digging out the basement. And you must promise me explosions won’t happen.”

“I can design it such that the walls are resistant to even nuclear explosions.”

“Just what did you work as in the past? Someone that develops refuge chambers for the president?”

“I don’t know. But I do know how to make nuclear bombs.” “……”

“Just joking.”

“Hey hey! That’s not funny at all! Alright, do whatever you want. But make sure you don’t cause any problems.”

“Of course.”

After saying that, he took out a segway, and zoomed off.

Oh my god! He even made something like that! Make one for me as well! I want one too!

“Alright, it’s time for us to leave as well.” I dusted off my clothes, and continued.

“First off… Let’s find some strong comrades.” “Alright~ Fir-chan~”

Hey, Ms. Pryn, that’s enough.

Chapter 8: I Possess a Special Battle Technique

“Then, what’s our plan, Fir-chan~”

“… I told you not to add ‘chan’ at the end of my name. You’re sending chills down my spine… Who taught you that anyway?”


… And here I was wondering how would she know this term. As expected, someone went around teaching unnecessary things again.

“Ah whatever, it’s going to be hard to make you change anyway. Let’s do this then. First, we shall secure our supplies of weapons and consumables, which means we will be heading to Lanya’s place first. Then, we will look for Falan and Yybril.”

“That alchemist girl who came this morning? Eh~ Speaking of which, Fir, you sure do know a lot of weird people. That girl isn’t as simple as she seems to be, you know…”

“Yes, yes. I know that.”

I turned my head to look at Pryn. Her expression evidently shows that she knows some interesting things, and is waiting for me to ask her.

But when she heard my answer, she curled her lips unhappily, and placed her hands on her hips.

“Then why don’t you try telling me her identity! Wuu…” “Really, don’t make such a cute sound on purpose…”

I really can’t handle her at all. Even though she’s someone who could send me

flying with a single punch, she’s currently looking at me with a pitiful expression… Too fake!

But she’s still quite cute…

“Although I don’t really know the details, she should be using alchemy to hide some things about herself, and that includes her age as well…”

Suddenly, I felt a cold chill assaulting my body. I hurriedly coughed, and continued.

“Well, the point is, she’s able to create several good items for us. And she see seems to be always in need of money, so you can say that we will be able to benefit mutually from this.”

“Eh, is that so… But from the way you put it, she shouldn’t be in need of money. Alchemist is a very profitable job, you know. Because we have to rely on Alchemists for magic tools, and in this world, magic tools are the most valuable items other than treasures.”

“I know that… Probably because she doesn’t use her actual identity for transactions. After all, everyone has their own secrets.”

“I guess you’re right… Then what’s your secret?” “Ha…”

“Come on, tell me~ I’m now a part of you, you know~ It’s fine if you tell me, right~”

“Hey hey, don’t phrase it so weirdly, and, I might find an opportunity to send you back to the Abyss.”

“You’re actually willing to send me back to the Abyss!? Why… Unless… Do I really have to serve you before you’re willing to let me stay?”

After saying that, her face suddenly approached me. I hurriedly turned around to avoid her, and then, I took a few steps back.

“At least, you should think of those who calls you a Saint… Geez.”

“Well~ Most of them believe that I’m dead now. So, what’s the big deal.” “… You seemed to have change quite a bit after turning into an undead.”

“Not really. It’s just that I was shackled by my identity as a Snow Elf in the past.” “Ha… I’m able to use Light Magic as well, but I don’t feel anything of that sort.” “I wonder~ In any case… I…”

“Well, don’t mind it. Although those bastards thought it was right to simply use you as a seal, I will never betray my friends.”

Seeing that her expression turned a little stiff, I hurriedly added.

“Alright, let’s hurry and deal with the problem on this end for now. We still have many things to do after this. I know you’re an Elf, but I don’t have the time to idle around.”

“You way of comforting people is really… very characteristic of you.” “Sorry, I have no idea on how to comfort others.”

I shrugged.

“Anyhow, we have to move fast. School’s starting tomorrow, after all.” “You’re right.”

Just when I said this, a red dot suddenly flashed on my mini-map!

In the past, other than showing roads and terrains, the map did not show anything else. Just what is…

Ah whatever! Since a marker like this revealed itself, then wouldn’t I let myself down for not taking a look at it!?

“Pryn! There’s a situation! Hurry and follow me!” “Eh? Where?”

“Just come with me!”

According to the map, the position of the marker should be behind the building in front of me… Did this notification pop up because I might miss out on the situation happening over there while walking past this area? But why?

Ah, I don’t care anymore. Let’s take a look at the situation first.

After making a turn, as I thought, two heavy-armored knights were surrounding a magician.

And we’re currently at the back of a school building, so normally, people wouldn’t come here… I see, was that why the notification appeared?

“Since that’s the case! Let us battle!”

I clicked on the Battle Barrierand threw it on the ground. The barrier expanded from between us, enveloping us inside.

Academy War Rule No. 1: Battles must happen within the Battle Barrier. Any other battles outside the Battle Barrierwill be treated as intentions to do

harm to the other party. The offender will be suspended from school.

The heavy-armored knights and magician were shocked for a moment, but in an instant, the two heavy-armored knights pulled out their swords and charged towards me!

So does this count as them accepting my challenge?

Academy War Rule No. 2: Within 30 seconds of the creation of the Battle Barrier, the other party can choose to leave the barrier. Once that party leaves

the barrier, the battle will end immediately. Holding the other party in the barrier by force is not allowed. One is allowed to use his/her own Battle Barrier

switch to forcefully break the other party’s barrier. The 30 seconds rule apply to this situation as well.

Since they aren’t planning to flee, then I only have two choices.

One, I can take them down immediately. This way, they will not have the opportunity to use the second rule to flee from the barrier.

Two, I can choose to act after the 30 seconds. Although there’s hardly any difference in the two choices, some problems still lie within.

Although we have already formed our squad, and it’s only a matter of time before we battle with the other Knight Squads, if we were to be attacked by them from three sides, we will not have any chance of victory… No, if that’s the case, we will not be able to grind some EXP at all, and it’s not confirmed that we will be able to obtain EXP if we lose either… Oh right, we will only obtain EXP after the battle ends, which means we will not be able to obtain any EXP at all if we lose.

Tactics? Weakness?

A loophole in the rules?

Illusion? Blind spot?

Wrong impression?

… Wrong impression?

Countless ideas flashed past my mind, and anything useful was quickly supplementing the battle strategy I was forming in my mind.

Wonderful, next, it will be my reaction speed! Weapon! Change!

I stretched my right hand out, and two blades appeared in my hand.

Immediately after, with my left hand, I quickly tapped on the Knight Equipment in my inventory.

Hmph. By just tapping on the inventory, I can switch my equipment in a second. With this, it should be enough.

“Eh? Just what are you…”

Looking at my change, they evidently hesitated.

That’s right, that’s right~ That’s it. I shall plant a wrong impression into their heads.

If their opponent was a magician, they would attack unhesitatingly. However, if it’s another knight, they would not attack immediately.

Although the three Knight Squads are warring against each other, they have yet to obtain much support from the magicians, so they will not lay their hands on knights from the other Knight Squads.

But… Who would have thought of this!? “Arcane – Blue Sea – Berserk Slash!”

Although I shouted this out loudly, I quickly tapped on another skill in my skill list.
Super Arcane – Punishing Tearing Cross!!!!
With a single charge, I flashed past their blind spot. Before they could even turn their heads, the two swords in my hands have already turned into a red cross.

“Have a safe trip~”

I turned and slashed at them, and their bodies stopped moving instantly. And then, with a red flash of light, they fell onto the ground.
Battle Ended.
Eliminated Heavy-Armored Knight(s) x 2 EXP Gained: 50 x 2 = 100
Total EXP Gained: 100
Looks like they were too low-leveled. The EXP is too little… Well, at least I gained some.

“Hey, you over there, hurry and run. Once they wake up and notice me, things will get troublesome. So… Eh? Isn’t this Shir?”

“…Ah! Fir!”

Earlier, I did not pay attention to their names, and only glanced at their crests. After all, I was only pretending to be a member of one of the Knight Squads. As

the two of them were members of the SweeperKnight Squad, I decided to

disguise myself as a member of the Blue Sea KnightKnight Squad.

And as for the one being attacked, I had only noticed that he was a Wind Magician…

But I didn’t expect it was actually Shir!

“Fir, you’re back! That’s great! Hurry and stop these crazy people. They’re starting battles everywhere, even the small paths are no longer safe. Oh god, just what are we supposed to do…”

After saying this, he suddenly started crying.

Oh my god, this guy… Wait a minute, what’s going on with your titles?
Shir Vologue Android
LV 20 Wind Magician | LV ?? ??????
[Kind] [Brave] [Vologue Household Member] [ Wenger Empire’s Nobility]
[Wenger Empire’s Guardian] [Doll Recorder] [Student of Gray Magical Academy] [Weapon of Destruction – 2] [Ancient Relic] [Unique Magic User]
This… This guy is…

Chapter 9: Actually, Everyone Here is Weird

“Shir… Looks like you have gotten stronger recently.”

Not just his level, even his titles… Just what is going on with these titles, huh? What are all these? No matter how I see him, he’s an over-the-top existence, isn’t he?

But it seems he isn’t aware of it…

“Eh, really? I did make some improvements, but I can’t compare to Fir at all. Your battle earlier was just too cool! Please teach me!”

“Umm… But I don’t know Wind Magic, you know.” “Ah, you’re right.”

He smiled embarrassingly.

“It’s fine. Let’s see, Fir, join my squad as well. You might be able to get pointers for things other than magic from other the other squad members if you do.”

”“Eh, really?” “Un.”

“Thank you very much~”

Haah. This guy has always been this weird, if I were to leave him alone, he will definitely land himself in some trouble. It seems Princess Michelle knows a couple of things about him, I will have to seek her help later.

“Umm… Are you male or female?”

Suddenly, Pryn, who had just arrived, suddenly asked. “Umm… I’m male… probably.”

Hey hey, what’s with this response of yours? Why did you add a ‘probably’ at the end?

“But you look exactly like a girl, you know. If you were to grow out your hair~” After saying that, Pryn grabbed onto Shir’s shoulders, and took a closer look.

“As I thought, your face looks so refined it’s as though it’s artificial~” Artificial…

Wait a minute, his race is actually an android?

Not a homunculus, but an android?

…Oh my god, why isn’t there anyone that’s normal around me? I don’t really mind about it, but…

”“Then… Where are we going next?”

“Ah, of course, we’re going to reel in more people…”

Ah whatever, it’s not really a problem. Let’s just leave it at that. “Eh?”

Noticing my pause, Shir and Pryn looked towards the front.

At the corner of the Alchemy School, the small building used by Lanya was being guarded by six knights. Although it was within my predictions, the situation doesn’t seem optimistic.

They’re actually LV 30 Knights, Dual-swordsmen, and Broadsword Wielders. If it was only one of them, I would still be able to manage somehow. But there are six of them…

And no matter how I see it, there’s something wrong here. They do not have any crests belonging to the Doge Military School. These six… are probably the guards of some nobles, and were sent here to find Lanya.

And outside Lanya’s door were signs like ‘Access Restricted’ and ‘Knights, Back Away’. Looks like there are many people fighting over her, huh… Wait a minute, then, this morning, how did she…

With this thought in mind, I carefully looked at her laboratory’s location in the building, and Lanya’s name and titles were not there at all.

Looks like she’s not in, huh?

“Alright, looks like we have to look for our next target for now. This place…”


Suddenly, a grenade dropped right beside us. Ehhhhhh!? Grenade!!

But the attack warning… While I was still in a fluster, the grenade cracked open, and a paper slip dropped out of it.


This thing… I silently picked the slip up. As expected, it was something Lanya threw over.

I looked around my surroundings. I don’t see her name anywhere though… I opened the slip, and there was only a simple instruction inside.

‘Return to your squad’s base.’ This girl…

So she had already known about this? Where did she get the intel from? “Looks like she had already ran away. Let’s proceed to our next stop.” “There’s still something written behind.”


I turned the slip to the other side, and just as Shir said, there was something written behind as well…

‘We’re all waiting for you there, so go straight back.’


These girls are really scary, just how did they know about my plans? Did the three of you obtain a prediction ability!?

“Alright! It seems our mission has been completed! Let’s retreat!” “Ah?”

The two of them made weird sounds at the same time. Well, that’s totally understandable.

After all, it’s only been less than an hour since we left.

“We’re returning this quickly? Aren’t you going to bring me for a stroll around the campus…”

Pryn who was beside me gave a very unhappy expression.

“It’s not a good idea to stroll around the campus now, right? There’s knights who are causing unnecessary troubles everywhere.”

“Eh~ It doesn’t matter, right? Didn’t you successfully get rid of them earlier?”

“My earlier assault was indeed very successful, but it will be troublesome if more of them were to come. And if it’s an open area, I won’t be able to take on a disguise, right?”

Speaking of which, ever since earlier, I had been wearing a knight armor. Although it’s only a cheap product I bought from a shop, it’s still an actual knight armor.

And since I don’t think there’s actually a Knight who would use dual blades, I changed to the Connect Weapon, Break, which was the combination of a long sword and a dagger.

But because the helmet was too annoying, I threw it straight into my ring. Otherwise, I would feel like I’m wearing a motorcycle helmet, and it’s really annoying.

After all, wearing a pair of glasses was already annoying enough, by adding a helmet, I don’t feel the least bit comfortable at all.

“Anyhow… Let’s hurry and head back, so that we can meet up with the three of them. It wouldn’t be wise to keep the three of them waiting.”

“Eh… How can you do this…” “But…”

I looked at the time, and laughed.

“We can still take a short stroll, and buy some dinner on our back. There shouldn’t be a problem with that, right?”


Pryn stared at me for a long while, and then, she revealed a very happy smile. “Yay~ Woooo~”

“You don’t have to be this excited, really… We have to get back before sunset,


“Alright, alright~”

“Shir, you’re coming as well, right?”

“No… umm… Tell me the address of your squad’s base. I will head over first to give my greetings!”

“Un. Alright then. Then that settles it.”

After writing down the address on the paper slip I got earlier, I passed it to Shir.

I don’t believe giving verbal directions will work. I will be more at ease if I write it on a piece of paper.

“Then we will be taking a stroll. I believe after the two schools’ merger, there are bound to be several new things to be seen.”

The new things are naturally different types of armors, swords, and related equipment.

Back then, the shops only dealt with products like robes and magic staves. The consumables on sale were not as varied as the consumables made by Lanya.

In other words, the types of potions, robes, and magic staves in the shops could be counted with a single hand. That could not be counted as having a small variety, rather, it was a completely monotonous selection of goods.

Of course, there are various types of goods in the alchemy shops, but they are basically pointless goods to me. There were things like Fast Mana Absorbing Devices, storage rings with varied levels… They were probably goods created by the students in the academy.

Those actual high-quality goods could only be bought in the auctions which are patronized by the nobles. As for people like me… No, now that I’m a State Magician, there shouldn’t be a problem with me entering those sorts of places, right?

After all, I did obtain quite a big sum of money from the Royal Treasury. Well, I can always visit those places in the future.

Right now, I should first buy a couple of knight equipment and weapon, and

obtain a few skill books for myself. Since I’m going to disguise myself as a knight, then I should give it my hundred percent.

“What are you thinking about, Fir? We’re almost there.”

Pryn’s words pulled me out of my thoughts. After looking around the business district, I immediately found the place I wanted to go.

“Un, let’s go.”

Chapter 10: To a Dark Place

Initially, I thought that, as a girl who was sealed for hundreds of years, she would not possess the habits of a regular young girl.

But, in actual fact, I have been proven wrong once again.

After buying the various equipment and weapons, a frightening journey began.

In the beginning, it was still manageable. Pryn was only sightseeing while we were walking around the district.

But slowly, as though as she was pulled in by the atmosphere of the surrounding girls, just when I realized something was wrong…

It was too late.

“This looks really good! This isn’t bad as well!”

With amazing speed, she jumped from one shop to the next. She was like a middle-aged woman running around in a limited-time sale. But what’s different is, those middle-aged women do not possess the speed of a LV 45.

However, if those middle-age women were to possess Pryn’s speed, then in the local shopping malls, hurricanes will definitely blow every single day.

Simply thinking about it was frightening enough.

However, she had only been looking around. Although we had went around several stores, she had yet to buy a single piece.

Well, it’s not really a bad thing.

The problem was she insisted that I follow her around. Why? This completely violates the principle of efficiency, you know.

And, clothes are simply there for effects and looks. Just why do girls have to pick them out with such zeal? I really don’t understand at all.

Letting out a sigh, I turned my attention towards the streets outside.

An academy city which was initially visited by magicians was now filled with various types of warriors. It totally looks like the city centre square of a game at its peak period, and all the players’ names are all jumbled up together.

And currently, we have to add in the various types of titles as well. The entire city was basically messy beyond compare in my point of view!

Do you know what’s more frightening?

I don’t have a setting to turn off the ‘names and titles’ display at all. It’s basically as scary as not being able to turn off the screen comments on a niconico video!

And there’s even a red name as well… Eh, a red name?

A red name within a bunch of white names is really obvious, it’s as though a boss appearing within a bunch of small fries. In an instant, my attention was entirely focused onto it.

But just when I looked over to it, the red name actually disappeared. It might have changed back to white, or he might have used some sort of skill to hide himself.

Have we been discovered? Looks like, either his level is really high, or he possess very strong observation skills.

I didn’t expect that we would be discovered this quickly though. Even though the day has yet to end…

I pretended not to notice, slowly walked over to Pryn, and whispered. “We’re being followed.”

“Un? I know that.”


“Geez, don’t underestimate me~ I’m still a very formidable archer, you know. My tracking skills are not weaker than an average rogue or assassin.”

Oh right, she was an archer. If she hadn’t reminded me, I would have already forgotten that.

Is it because of the appearance of another archer, Hei Luoli, thus her role has been undermined?

“What are you thinking about? Are you planning to catch the person following us?” “Well, we don’t necessarily have to do so… But are you able to track him?”

“That’s of course. But I feel that he seems to be only a little weaker compared to

me. He’s probably an assassin.”

“An assassin… Why would someone like that watch us?”

“How would I know about the things you did in this academy~” “What are you saying? I’m a very law-abiding student, you know.”

“A law-abiding student would not choose to go against a Demon God~ According to what I know, you’re the first one ever.”

“Really? Do I get a prize?” “What~ Do~ You~ Want~?”

Hearing her tone, I instinctively dodged to a side.

When I turned back to look, she was actually laughing while leaning against the nearby counter.

“That isn’t something to laugh about!”

“Because it’s really fun teasing Fir-chan~ Looks like my judgment back then was correct. It’s never boring when I’m by your side~”

This girl… If you were to look from a certain angle, she’s really frightening. The corner of my lips twitched, and I hurriedly recovered my senses. “With such a long lifespan, you indeed need to find ways to kill time.”

“That’s right, other than dragons, we, of the elf race, possess the longest lifespans~ Other than doing some things to kill time, we would spend most of our time sleeping… Hahaha, well, let’s put this aside. Since we encountered such an interesting event, let’s forget about buying clothes. It’s more interesting to pick a fight after all.”

“You’re right, things like shopping… are not what people like us would usually do anyway!”

We nodded at each other. Pryn took a step forward, and then, with a blur, she disappeared into the distance.

Really, at least consider my feelings. I’m a magician, you know…
“Accelerate, Extreme Shadow, Arcane – Elf of the Wind, Arcane – Stealth Shadow!”
After reciting all that, my body slowly turned into a grey shadow.

(Arcane – Stealth Shadow: A skill that can only be activated when no one notices the user. The user’s body will turn into a shadow, and obtain 1000% increased speed. Only effective in places with shadows. Allows users to jump from one shadow to the next, with a maximum distance of 10 meters.)

Fortunately, there’s many people here. Let me borrow your shadows then.

Locking onto Pryn’s name, I quickly chased after her while leaping from one shadow to the next. In an instant, I appeared beside the tree next to Pryn.


“Eh? Was your speed always this fast… Is it a skill?”

In the next instant, I have arrived in the shadow at the corner.

“That’s right, so, you can pick up the pace. Otherwise, my mana will run out really quickly.”

“I will try~ His speed has increased. It seems he have noticed our pursuit.” “Is that so? Where is he right now?”

“Not even ten meters after the next bend, he’s probably on that secluded street.” “Understood.”

In a flash, I have already appeared behind the wall. And in front of me, a man dressed in black was currently fleeing a high speed.

I silently waved my hand, and countless ice arrows were shot towards him!
Arcane – Chaotic Flow – 49 Ice Arrows!

The countless ice arrows landed on a single place… but there’s notification that they hit the mark!

Strange. If he was not at that position, the magic arrows shouldn’t have landed in the same place, but… Unless it’s a substitution technique?

He’s an assassin, so he’s capable of using substitution techniques with arcane- grade or higher?

Suddenly, my attack warning lighted up, but at the same time, I received an attack behind my back!
Defense Break! Armor Penetration! Fatal Blow!
These three notifications flashed, and my HP actually fell to less than a third. The

knight armor I was wearing was shattered as well, as the pieces fell onto the ground.

Did it lose all its durability…?

(The continuous usage of weapons, armor, and tools will cause a decrease in durability. But given time, the durability will be slowly restored. It’s also possible to hand the equipment to Alchemists or Blacksmiths to restore them at a faster pace. If all the durability is lost before restoration, then the equipment will immediately break.)

“You bastard… You really attacked me with the intention to kill…”

My opponent was a LV 30 Assassin. Compared to Pryn’s earlier estimate, he’s a little weaker.
Ice Sword Summon!
To actually attack me from the shadows of the building, and piss me off… You’re tired of living, huh?

With the battle mode on, my speed is several times faster than yours!

With a flash of light from my sword, his two arms immediately fell onto the ground. After cutting off your two arms, I wonder if you’re able to use anymore of your skills!

“How is this possible…”

With a face of disbelief, he took two steps back. Just when he was about to turn and flee, he realized he was caught by countless vines, which completely immobilized him!
Plant Magic – Arcane – Parasitic Vines.

(Arcane – Parasitic Vines: Plant Magic. Wraps targets within a distance of 50 meters. Prevents targets from moving for 30 seconds. 1% HP drained every second. )

“Wait a minute! I will tell you who sent me! Don’t kill me! Don’t!” “What are you saying~?”

I smiled.

“Why would I kill you? I’m going to turn you… into an undead.”

In times like this, do you think it’s possible for you to live? Stop joking with me. I have already seen through your intel with my own naked eyes.

Sweeper, I have no idea how you guys know about our movements, but… since you provoked me, you guys are doomed!

After saying that, a black barrier instantly enveloped the entire street. I have to thank him for running to such a secluded area. I bet he did not think he would be the one getting killed instead.

Dead Silence, a sealed barrier that prevents any undead aura from leaking out within a certain range.

“You… You’re an undead…” “Hehe~ You’re one now as well.”

After continuously stabbing his heart for ten times, I killed him with my hidden blade. Immediately after, my white bone wing was spread out, and I placed my hand onto the corpse.

Chapter 11: Plan B

“Eh? You killed him?”

The battle began fast, and it ended just as fast as well.

Just when Pryn appeared from the other side of the wall, the black barrier had already been dispelled. The Undead Follower which was freed fromDead Silenceslowly crawled up from the ground.

(Undead Follower: Through necromancy, a corpse which has been turned into an undead servant. It retains its former battle ability and memories, but do not possess any cognitive ability. Can be controlled through the user’s spirit. )

“That’s right. This guy almost killed me. I don’t have any reason to let him live, right? And even after turning into an undead, his memories are still intact, right?”

“Well… You can be really frightening at times, huh…” “Eh… Is that so?”

Strange, speaking of which… Why do I feel like killing my opponent whenever I’m forced into a corner?

Eh? That’s true. Back then, I didn’t really take notice of it, but… in the recent incidents, I seem to have this sort of impulse.

The thought of killing my targets to prevent any future troubles from occurring occasionally pops out in my mind. Just why…

“… Well, don’t make such a face. If someone were to try to kill me, I won’t go easy on them either. I was a Snow Elf in the past, but, back then, I obtained my title as

a Saintafter killing countless of enemies as well.”

“Is that so? Looks like this Worldisn’t completely fair either, huh. But for now, we should leave this place. Although I did cast a barrier, there’s still a possibility of this incident being leaked out. Let’s go.”


“With this, everyone’s here.”

Returning to the base, the living room was already crowded with people. But, other than Falan, Lanya, Yybril and Shir, there were no other newcomers.

But, in this room alone, consists of the strongest powerhouses in the academy.

No, not just the strongest powerhouses, it also consists of all the otherworlders in this academy.

“Wonderful, since everyone is here, then I will now explain the current situation in this academy~”

“Don’t we all know about that already~?” Falan, who was at the side, said with a smile.

“Then, those who do not about it, please raise your hands~”


Everyone kept their silence. It seems everyone do know about it, huh.

Well, I guess it makes sense. Those who are here are either people who received the related details from me, or nobles themselves. Since everyone knows about it, there’s no need for further explanations.

“Then that’s great. I will proceed on to explain about our next course of action. We all know that we have three enemies. For this, let’s have Irlin, who once studied in Doge Military school, to explain further.”

Edward, the Black Prince】【William, the Knight of the Blue Seasand

Euhans, the Sweeper. These three Knight Squads are the squads which are created with the most faiths, and they received the approval from the school. In

tomorrow’s school opening ceremony, it will be announced that they will be the candidates representing our academy for the Intercontinental Academy War,


“But we must ensure that we become one of the candidates, right~”

Princess Michelle excitedly said, and then, she slammed her hand onto the table. Geez, watch your image, princess…

“Un, but right now, we have a problem.” I pushed my glasses up.

“Even if we were to directly appeal to enter the battle like this, we might not be

able to obtain the qualifications. After all, this academy is still ruled over by a large number of nobles, while we’re…”

“Where’s the problem in that! Just charge straight in and protest against them.”

“Oh esteemed princess, please have mercy on us. This isn’t the Ice Empire. If you were to do that, we will definitely be sieged by the three Knight Squads at the same time. No matter how strong we are, we won’t be able to hold against them if they were to attack us in turns.”

“… That sounds rather logical.”

“Hey hey, please think it through before you say anything. We’re currently

moving as a team, so we have to move with the best interests in mind… Of course, even if you want me to a big scene, I will approve of it as well. To tell you the truth, that can be considered as Plan A, the frontal attack plan.”


“As the saying goes~ As long as it’s interesting.”

“Ehhh!? Then what’s the point of saying all that in the first place!?”

“But, that’s our last resort. After all, if we do that, we will have to be on the defensive the entire time.”

And, even though we otherworlders can resurrect ourselves completely, the inhabitants of this world will become undeads if they’re resurrected… No, even though my core can be used to make a resurrection potion, we won’t make it in time if we have to gouge out my heart and find someone capable of making the potion…

Truthfully, it’s almost impossible.

So, if we were to attack them head-on, we will be thrown into the defensive. “Or… we can choose to use another method, which might give the same desirable

outcome~ Dale, how’s your information hacking coming along?”

“We have already received the support of the Ice Empire and its surrounding kingdoms and duchies. We have to thank the Ice Empire for being influential in the Western Continent. In total, we have received 15% worth of support from the entire Western Continent.”

“Does that include the countries incapable of using the terminals?”

“That’s of course. And this includes those Magician Towers, independent guilds, and knight squads, who don’t involve themselves in matters like this. We’re free to use their names as we wish.”

Although it’s convenient to hack into these simple terminals, if we wish to control a large amount of data and information at the same time… we will have to rely on Dale.

“The number of votes… has been confirmed.”

“As expected of Dale, well done! This way, we will definitely appear on the list of squad candidates tomorrow… No, this way, we will be the center of attention. If we’re able to obtain a larger ratio, we will definitely be able to avoid a three-sided attack from the three Knight Squads. This is Plan B, the information manipulation plan.”

“But there’s no longer any other unused votes…”

“Then, let’s push this meeting aside for now. All members, move out now! Acquire all possible votes by force before dawn!”

“You guys are really reckless huh…”

Even Falan who was listening at the side could not help but drop a tsukkomi. “Recklessness is our method for solving problems~ Does anyone else have a

better suggestion? If there’s none, we will head straight out and threaten those who have already chose one of the three squads to join our side!”

“Wait a minute!”

Suddenly, Yybril, who had not uttered a single word till now, actually spoke up. “I have a way to obtain the Church’s support!”

“Have me join the Church? Even if I don’t join them, I will still owe the Church a big favor if I ask them for help, you know.”

The Church’s terminal is in a half-sealed state. Their terminal only receives information from the outside world for a single minute every day, which isn’t long enough to send our virus.

Although it’s only the elementary phase, it’s still enough to cause a headache.

“A favor huh… Don’t mind about it. If you were to win this battle, the Church will also gain more worshipers, it’s a win-win situation.”

“Is that so? But how does that work?”

“In this academy, other than me, you’re the only one capable of unleashing an Angel’s Wing.”


I see, if that’s the case…

“Then, I will rely on you… Alright, the two listening in from outside. Since you’re already here, are you not planning on joining our discussion?”

“… Eh? Kechjen, didn’t you say these stealth suits were created with the combination of the newest alchemic techniques and some other weird technology? How were we discovered?”

“How would I know? Earlier, didn’t we manage to slip past without getting discovered?”

The back door slowly opened, and Kechjen and Princess Anne slowly walked into the room.

“Is it really alright for you two to have a rendezvous this late in the night?” Seeing them taking out their cloaks, I laughed and asked.

“Of course not! Why would I have a rendezvous with such a miser!?”

“Hohoho, you still have the gall to say that when you were the one who looked for me to secretly purchase some stuffs. As expected of a princess.”

Anne Claudia, Witt Empire’s Princess – The Ice-Blue Girl, she’s a princess that I had acquainted myself with during the live exercise.

Kechjen Kali, an extreme observer in the class. Although back then, I did make contact with him, I did not possess any intel about him, all I knew was that he’s the son of a very influential merchant.

But, when the terminals became universal, I found out something really serious. This guy’s family runs the largest guild in the Western Continent – the Dawnlight Guild.

Although he hid himself really deep, he will definitely suffer from over-relying on the web, for example, when he encounters a hacker of my level.

This guild not only engage in trade, it even has a department which focuses on pioneering new magic tools.

For example, the two stealth suits they’re wearing, are one of their new products…

But as to why I knew about this…

“Ah, that stealth suit uses the theory of magical circuits for Optical Camouflagewhich I came up with, I even added a special backdoor. So, I’m able to see every single stealth suit.”

Dale said.

“Eh? So you’re the one providing my father the technological support through the terminal?”

“That’s right.”

“Of course, and do you think that if you were to simply stand right outside, Oyado won’t be able to notice you?”

The moment I said that, Oyado’s figure appeared beside me in an instant.

“Through Oyado, I was very clear of every movements you guys made outside, you know.”


The two of them looked at each other, and then laughed at the same time. “Looks like… We didn’t come here for nothing, huh.”

“That’s right. With an investment like this, I think my father will agree to it as well.”

“Fir, you should be grateful. You have obtained the support of another large empire and a large guild. Right now, the percentage of support you possess…”


Dale laughed, as he knocked on the terminal’s screen.

“We have already received the required amount of votes.”

“The information warfare ends here. Then next up… will be the time to battle!”

Chapter 12: It’s Not the Time to Battle

Time to battle…

Even though I said that, right now, it’s actually the time to sleep. “Alright, I’m going to bed~ I believe it will be hard battle tomorrow~” I nodded, and then, I looked at the various people in the room.

“You’re right~ Next up should be sleep time instead~ It’s already 11pm, huh. Then, we will be returning as well.”

Bai Yueguang nodded as well, and then, he walked out of the room, along with Tai Shixi and Hei Luoli.

As expected, everyone is really cooperative. This is really wonderful. “Eh~ The people in this squad are really easy-going, huh…”

Princess Anne laughed.

You know you’re rather easy-going yourself, right?

“That’s of course. After all, this squad is made up of really easy-going people.” The one who replied was Falan.

“I have my own place to sleep in, so I will be leaving as well. Let’s meet up at the venue tomorrow.”

“Then we will be taking our leave too. After all, I still have to explain to my father why I decided to change my vote~”

Kechjen smiled, and then pointed to the terminal.

“Earlier, I have already entered our guild’s password into your terminal. Use it as you will.”

“Hey hey, is that really alright?”

“Anyhow, that person called Dale over there… Doesn’t he already has the entire continent’s network in the palm of his hand?”

“You’re flattering me… I have only taken control of half of it.”

“Alright alright~ The idle talk shall stop here. There’s still many things to take care of tomorrow~”

“That’s right.”

But, when I was about to head outside, I was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder. “Fir-chan~ Where are you going~”

“Ms. Pryn~ Obviously, I’m heading back home to sleep…”

“Well~ That place has already turned into a mess~ Are you sure you’re going back there?”

“That’s… of course. How can I sleep with so many girls under the same roof? That would be too stimulating for a pure guy like me~”

“You can sure tell a lie, huh~”

“You’re flattering me~ I’m obviously telling the truth~” I shrugged, and then pointed to the people behind her.

“Look, they completely do not have any opinion on this.”


“Well… Because Fir is a guy, if he were to stay here… It might be a little dangerous.”

Princess Michelle said as she looked towards the rest.

“That’s right. If he’s here, I won’t be able to sleep peacefully, because I will have to watch my surroundings.”

“Un, un…”

“Fir, did you do something in the past? It seems everyone is…”

“No, I believe it’s exactly because I had not done anything, so it turned out this way. Anyhow, I’m leaving!”

Saying that, I immediately used Stealth Shadow, and entered the dark streets.

In the dark night, shadows are abound, so I don’t not have to worry about not having any shadow to jump into. And, with 1000% increase in speed, it feels as though I’m flying.

In less than ten seconds, I have already arrived before my doorstep.

Finally, I’m safe. If I were to stay there, I have the premonition that I will have to worry about unnecessary things while I sleep…

Taking out my keys, I was about to open the door. But suddenly, I heard a ‘pa’ sound. The moment I opened the door, a white bag immediately fell onto the floor!

This is…

Phad’s Eye! Open!

When I returned to the academy, I looked over my skills and skill points, and completely leveled up my Phad’s Eyeto the LV 5.

LV 5 Phad’s Eye

ForbiddenAllows user to completely reveal the target’s titles and name.

The Forbidden skill, which uses up 5 skill points, is really amazing… But…

The person who was stuffed into the white bag was actually Pryn, and she even had the ‘Fainted’ status icon.

Why was Pryn, who was still in the base earlier, currently wrapped like a dumpling in my living room! What’s with this development!? This…

“Big brother~” “Oyado… Kuh!”

Suddenly, Oyado’s voice came from behind me, and the moment I turned, I took a heavy blow in my stomach!

System unable to determine.

Party member relationship removed.

Hey hey, don’t remove that in times like this!

Then, something was stuffed into my mouth, and a weird smell directly entered my nose.

Then, I felt my body suddenly falling over, and the last thing I saw was Oyado giggling in front of me…

JUst what is…

Once again, I had an intimate contact with the floor. Oh god, coming in contact with the floor twice in a single day is not a good thing. Is the floor trying to make a move on me?

Then, my vision slowly blurred, and, everything went dark.

Although I fainted… I woke up less than five minutes later.

.Looks like a recovery potion of some sort was used on me. Anyhow, I recovered my senses.


Recovering my senses might not be a good thing either. Because, earlier, the first thing I did was try moving, but, it seems my four limbs were currently tied, and I was unable to move at all.

That’s right. It’s that extremely weird position fixing method, whereby my four limbs are tied to the four corners of the bed. No matter how I see it, it’s a very dangerous situation.

Because, I had only seen two scenarios when it comes to this sort of situation. First, it’s S-M play, and second, when someone was about to be dismembered by a crazed murderer.


No matter which scenario it is, they’re both really frightening! Based on the earlier situation, why do I feel that both scenarios are highly likely to happen!?

But, I don’t know why, I feel that the second scenario is a little better. As for the first scenario, I have completely no idea how I should react to it at all.


And currently, it seems I’m tied to my own bed. The moonlight was shining through the window, adding on to the weird atmosphere.

In any case, I should find a way to escape. After all, I’m still LV 27, this sort of thing…

I raised my head and looked at the ropes restraining me, and I fell into despair in an instant.

“How is this possible… Why is there Dragon Silk here…”

That’s right. The rope restraining me was actually not your average rope, it’s a material out of a certain creature’s body, which is said to be an offspring of a dragon and something else.

Of course, as to why a dragon would have such interests, I have no idea as well.

What I do know is, the rope currently restraining me is made up of one of this world’s toughest material. This… Are you kidding me?

“Damn it! What the hell is this!?”

“As I thought, big brother with a confused expression is the best~” Suddenly, Oyado’s voice came from within the darkness.

When I turned to where the voice came from, I saw Oyado slowly walking out of

the darkness. As expected of an assassin, without activating Phad’s Eye, currently, I’m unable to see her name, nor feel her presence.

“Oyado, what are you…”

Before I could finish what I wanted to say, Oyado’s figure appeared under the moonlight.

I could not help but stop my words, and my heart began to beat frantically.

Currently, Oyado was actually wearing what seems to be a very thin pyjamas. And I wonder which pervert designed this, as it seems to be only made out of a single layer of yarn.

But when I looked at it carefully, it was actually really made out of a single layer of yarn.

Oh my god…

I suddenly felt something was about to awaken from the depths of my heart, but I immediately closed my eyes and forced myself to calm down.

Calm down…

Even though I’m telling myself that, my eyes don’t seem to be turning away! Why!? Back then, Oyado was only a cute loli, but when I look at her now… her body is

really perfect, huh.

Although she’s a homunculus, but… Just how many outstanding genes were used to create such a beautiful girl…

Even if it’s a loli out of a book, it can’t even compare to her… She’s that perfect! This…

Wait, wait, wait a minute! What am I saying!? Just what kind of weird state was I in earlier!?

Just what kind of unsavory thoughts of my pure, cute, small, and perfect little sister did I just have!?

“Oyado, calm down. Don’t approach me, alright? If you approach me any closer, I will…”

“Don’t worry~ Even if big brother were to do something to me, I don’t mind at all.”

Hey hey, as a loli whose age is not even a third of mine, what kind of weird nonsense are you talking about!?

“No, no… This isn’t right, no matter how you think about it, right?”

“Why isn’t it right!? Big brother, ever since you came back to the academy, you no longer look at Oyado. And you even have this busty elf pestering you the entire day, big brother…”

Saying that, she looked at the bag in the corner.

Oh my god, Oyado, how did you knock out Pryn, whose level is many times higher than yours?

No, for now, it’s best that I put this question aside. Currently, I’m in a very dangerous situation!

“Since that’s the case, I will have big brother become mine. Then there will no longer be any problems~”

“Hey hey! That’s totally not right at all! Your knowledge is too extreme, I think we should talk about this after you finish reading up about things like this in the library!”

Are you kidding me? A 7-year-old loli is about to…

No, wait! No matter if she’s 7-year-old or not, this sort of situation isn’t right at all, right!?

“Big brother, don’t worry~ I know all about this, you know~”

Hand over the bastard who was in-charge of implanting memories into Oyado! I guarantee that I will not kill you!

“So, big brother, you just have to relax…”

After saying that, Oyado approached even closer, and she stretched out her hand. Damn it, do I really have to use my ultimate move?

Since that’s the case, I have no choice but to… use it!

Chapter 13: Unfortunate Fate?

“Big brother, why aren’t you willing to look at me?”

Oyado was still slowly approaching me. Watching a little girl, who was wearing a thin chiffon nightdress, approaching me, I could feel my heart beating abnormally fast.

Even a flat-eight engine wouldn’t be able to go faster than this, right? But at this rate, my heart will burst!

I quickly summoned the menu with my hand. While scrolling through it, I started

conversing with her.

“You… With the way you’re dressed, even if I want to look at you, I wouldn’t dare to do so…”

Just which lolicon came up with such a piece of clothing!? This is too frightening. It’s basically too erotic!

Not just her chest, even her private parts below could be seen with a single glance… Just who the hell made these pyjamas!? Can something like this even be bought here? This is too frightening. I can no longer come face to face with this world.

Not just this world, I can’t come face to face with this current situation either. A 7- year-old loli… Even if I’m not a lolicon, I will be turned into one if this continues.

Wonderful, the skill I’m looking for is almost here…

“Don’t worry, big brother. I will only wear these sorts of clothes for you, big brother.”

“No, no. You shouldn’t wear these clothes in the first place. Can’t you wear something proper, and have a calm face-to-face talk with me?”

“Isn’t this what we’re doing right now~”

After saying that, Oyado suddenly grabbed onto the hand which I was using to scroll the menu.

“Big brother, you know~ You always use some weird skills~ Although you don’t have to recite or chant anything, your fingers always move really quickly. Looks like it’s the secret to how big brother use his skills~”

“You… What are you saying… haha…”

Oh god, I was actually discovered? This girl’s eyes are a little too good.

“Don’t try to deny it~ Otherwise, let’s conduct an experiment~ I will cut all of big brother’s fingers, and see if big brother can use his magic spells after that~”

“Don’t do that! Please don’t~”

“Don’t worry~ Oyado will always stay by big brother’s side. Even if you don’t have your fingers, Oyado is still willing to do anything for big brother~”

Oyado, you have totally become dark, do you know that? In this day and age, has the idea of lolis having dark personalities already turn into an iron law? There’s no longer any hope for this world, is there?

“That’s not right, don’t you think…? Look, if I don’t have my fingers… I will no longer be able to touch Oyado, and I won’t be able to stroke your head, right?”

“Un… You’re right. Then, forget about it~”

In a flash, she kept the dagger behind her back. Oh my god, when did you pull that out? Were you really serious on cutting my fingers?

Too scary… If you give me this sort of surprises every day, my heart will not be able to take it, you know. Telling me that you want to cut off my fingers so casually… It’s honestly terrifying!

I wonder if there’s a need to resurrect myself once to restore my chopped fingers.

“And, why did you have to do this? We’re only back for a single day. It’s normal for us to be separated once in awhile, right?”

“But you were strolling with big sister Pryn.”

“How did you know about that… Weren’t you registering with Princess Michelle and the rest?”

“I know all about big brother!”

“Alright, I will take that as a reason for now.” Though that doesn’t count as a legit reason… “But we were only strolling…”

“That’s right. If you two weren’t just strolling, I would have taken action.” “Were you nearby?”

“That’s of course!”

“Then you should know that nothing happened, right? So…”

“So, I have to take the opportunity when the rest have yet to make their move, and have big brother become mine. Otherwise, someone like me with completely no advantages will definitely…”

After saying that, Oyado’s entire body leaned against mine. Oh my god! Why does it feel so warm tonight!?

“No, that won’t happen! Oyado is my dearest sister! Have I not said it before!? No matter what, I will always be by your side.”


“That’s of course!”

Not good. I must think of a way to escape from this predicament. Otherwise, Oyado will definitely do something to me!

I have no confidence in my talking skills at all. After all, I was a NEET who simply stayed in his house all day and played video games. If you want me to suddenly talk my way out of this, it’s impossible, after all, I’m not a god.

“Let me tell you one thing!” “Un?”

“What you’re doing right now… is completely unbecoming of a little sister, you


“Eh, unbecoming of a little sister… this…”

“You have turned into a Yandere, and the little sister in my heart isn’t like that!”

“Yandere? What’s that? Then, in big brother’s heart, how should a little sister behave!?”

“Of course, my little sister would always call me ‘Onii-chan’ with her cute voice. She will always wake me up kindly every morning. Although she likes to be spoiled, she’s actually thinking of her big brother in every single moment! That’s the little sister in my heart! And she’s not someone that ties her big brother up and

seduces him with her body! That’s not a little sister, that’s a pervert!”

“Is… Is that so? I see, truthfully, in my memories, there’s no actual description of the role of a little sister, so… That’s how a little sister should behave? Oyado has really made a serious blunder, I actually seduced brother using a method made to force people into submission…”

“It’s good that you know now. Since that’s the case, hurry and release me.”

“Un… But, does big brother really not wish to obtain Oyado? Is Oyado’s charm not enough?”

“No! It’s because Oyado is too charming, so…” “Don’t worry!”

Oyado suddenly hugged me.

“No matter what, Oyado’s feelings for big brother will never change, so, big brother, please continue to look at Oyado!”

“Un, I will.”

“As I thought, I love big brother the most~”

She then rubbed her body beside me. She’s really challenging my limits, huh. I suddenly felt my body trembling in an instant. Eh, I seemed to have clicked on something…

When I turned to look, the finger which Oyado pressed down earlier was now tapping on the skill list, and on the skill that I wanted to use earlier!

Crap, I have yet to think of the destination…

Before I could even react, the two of us were instantly sent to another place! If I don’t think of a precise destination, then it will be a random teleportation! “Ah!”

Suddenly, the two of us landed in a foreign place.

But, when my body fell, I seemed to have landed on something soft… is it a bed? “The two of you… What are you two doing in room dressed like that!!??”


When I turned to look, I could feel cold sweat trickling down my face.

It was another loli wearing her pyjamas. Of course, it’s your everyday, regular pyjamas. A young girl wearing a pyjamas with strawberry printings, Aliyah, was raising her sword as she looked at us.

Probably because she saw me hugging Oyado, who was wearing a thin chiffon nightdress, as we teleported into her room, she instinctively activated her punishment mode.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself!? You pervert!” Please, someone, knock me out! I don’t wish to explain at all!!!

Part 2 – The War Begins

Chapter 14: Challenge and Being Challenged

This is the worst.

To think I would be in this sort of predicament on the first day of school. This is really unbecoming of me.

Last night, after accidentally teleporting to Aliyah’s room, although Aliyah said she would allow me to explain, not even two seconds later, she came charging towards me with her swords.

And naturally, Oyado would not simply look on when someone was about to attack me, and thus, just like that, the two of them started fighting.

And in times like that, no matter how I thought about it, the best option available was to flee. So, I immediately tapped on Stealth Shadow, and leaped out of

the window!

After pondering for a long time, I finally decided to sleep at the cathedral at the corner of the city. Then, in the morning, I sneaked into the crowd of students heading to school, and took the train heading towards Doge Military School.

Because it was the first school ceremony after the merger of the two schools, the two school managements decided to host the ceremony together. However, because Doge Military School’s practice field was bigger, they decided to host it at Doge Military School instead.

There shouldn’t be any problems like this. That was what I thought. But, my dream was shattered in an instant.

“I caught you, big brother~”

The moment I got down from the train, suddenly, within the crowd, a hand grabbed onto my magician robe, and Oyado’s figure appeared right in front of me in an instant.

“Geez, big brother, why did you run off so suddenly last night~ Even though you promised you would always look at Oyado~ But from the scent coming from big brother, it tells me that you had stayed near the cathedral last night, so I will forgive you~”

“Is… Is that so…”

“But big sister Aliyah said she’s going to kill you, you know.” “Really? Where is she?”

“Behind you~”

The moment she said that, I felt someone gripping onto my shoulder! “Hey~ Do you have any last words?”

When I turned, Aliyah was glaring at me with a disdainful look.

“… Don’t you think that, with our height difference, you don’t look imposing at all when you’re grabbing onto my shoulder like this?”

“You bastard, you really haven’t learnt your lesson, huh!?”

After saying that, with a swing of her right hand, she pulled out her sword. But, I immediately grabbed onto the hand she was wielding the sword with.

“Alright, let’s stop fooling around, don’t we have to attend the school ceremony? We can talk later.”

“… Hmph!”

She pushed my hand away, and sheathed her sword. Then, she started walking towards the practice field.

I shrugged, and followed after her with Oyado.


“… Next, we will be introducing our academy’s fourth team.”

After introducing the three Knight Squads, the principal who was in-charged of giving the speech, continued on.

Discussions started to break out at every corner of the practice field, as everyone did not seem to have expected this development.

It makes sense, after all, we only used a single night to gather the necessary support.

“The fourth team – NEET Tea Party, jointly supported by the Ice Empire, the Witt Empire, and the Church of Light. Team leader – the Ice Magician, Lin Fir!”

Slowly walking onto the stage, I headed towards the principal’s side.

The other leaders from the three Knight Squads looked at me with a very horrified expression. This is understandable, after all, a contender suddenly appeared, and the person was a Magician to boot. This development must have been beyond their comprehension.

“Very good. These four are our academy’s strongest teams, and in this school term, these four will be fighting for the title of the strongest team, and then, represent our academy for the Intercontinental Academy War! Of course, so as to allow the team to become even stronger, the strongest team will be able to pick out ten team members from the other three teams to further increase their strength.”

Oh, this sure is a pretty good condition. Like this, the winner will be able to create the strongest team possible.

This sure is a good idea… But still, it only applies if we obtain victory.

The three Knight Squad leaders before me are really the real deals, you know.

Black PrinceKnight Squad leader – Arnus Yeun, Male, LV 32 Spear Knight

Although he comes from a small duchy, relying on his own abilities, he received the qualifications to become a member of the country’s knight squad at the age

of 17. He uses the Black Prince Spear Artsand theImperial Family’s Spear

Arts. There’s rumors that he possesses an unknown ultimate technique as well, but because nothing was stated in the information network, it’s impossible to find

out about it… But, it’s definitely a skill with a grade of Super Arcane or above. Because, among his titles, one of them was Arcane Possessor. And, he looked

really upright, and I hope his personality is upright as well.

His nickname – theBlack Spear Baron

Knight of the Blue SeasSquad leader – Masha Luna, Female, LV 35 Heavy Mace Wielder

Although the Knight of the Blue Seas did not use an heavy mace as his main weapon, this girl actually took the only Heavy Mace skill passed down from the Knight of the Blue Seas and trained it the point of perfection. it seems that in her family’s veins, there’s some sort of hereditary trait that caused all of them to be

Heavy Mace Wielders. Other than the Blue Seas Heavy Thunderclapskill,

she’s also able to use the Berserker’s Berserk skill. But, she’s only a little taller than Aliyah, is she really fine using a heavy mace?

Her nickname – theTender Blue Anchor

SweeperSquad leader – Merun Olivers, Female, LV 33 Broadsword Wielder

This girl was already able to wield the abilities of the Sweeper to a very terrifying degree. Although she did not learn any stronger skills, with just the range of skills she could learn, she already turned into a very strong warrior. According to her battle records, this girl had already exterminated more than a hundred- no, a thousand enemies, consisting of monsters and rebels in her country. Although I have no idea who kept track of the count for her, she can be understood as someone with terrifying actual battle experience. Unlike Masha, this girl was almost at Tai Shixi’s height. I wonder if she will turn into a meat grinder when she wields her broadsword.

Her nickname – theEraser

These were all the information found from the information databases of various countries. We just had to slightly crack their passwords, and diligently copied their information over.

You don’t have to thank us, after all, we’re just the Red Scarfs.

Although their levels were only a little higher than mine, compared to those in the Magic Academy who did not have any battle experience and only know how to throw big spells, these people are really much more threatening.

And even if they’re the squad leaders, it did not mean they’re the strongest in their squads. There might even be stronger foes or hidden bosses in their teams.

“Next up, we will proceeding on with the actual opening ceremony. To the four team leaders, please return to your teams.”

Either they’re not friendly at all or they just had something against me, the three began leaving the stage without saying anything.

They’re really anti-social, huh… Geez…

But it’s a good thing that I did not have to present any sort of speech. I had to stand right in front of so many people at such a short notice, the pressure was no joke at all. Earlier, I could only keep calm by trying my best to not look at the crowd. If I had to give a speech, I wouldn’t have been able to hold out.

If that actually happened, I would be thoroughly embarrassed.

But, just right at this instant, an attack warning came from behind me! According to the earlier positions, from the direction of this attack, the person

attacking me should be… Arnus!

When he was sorting out his helmet earlier, he used his right hand, so he should be a right-hander, then, this attack of his must be coming from his right!

After processing the above information, I slightly tilted my waist to the left, and with a “shua” sound, the spear grazed past my waist.


“This isn’t good, right~”

I moved away from the spear, and straightened my back. “I only bought this set of uniform just recently, you know.”

“… Although it looked like a coincidence, in actual fact, you dodged it, right?”

“Indeed. This guy even laughed before he dodged. It looked like it was a completely easy feat for him.”

The heavy mace wielder at the side said with a smile.

“Ah, that’s better. You guys definitely look better with smiles on your faces. Why did all of you look so sullen earlier?”

I looked at the heavy mace wielder and said.

“… Looks like you have a sense of humor too… Very well. I admit that he’s a worthy opponent now.”

After saying that, Masha immediately leaped off the stage, and returned to her team.

This girl really likes to steal the spotlight, huh… But it’s fine this way as well, I guess.

At least, from their titles, I’m able to determine that these three people aren’t really bad people. Since that’s the case, I just have to defeat them openly and fairly.

“Un, indeed. Although it was only a simple stab, it’s already really impressive that he dodged it when the attack was aimed at his back. Alright, then, we will meet on the battlefield.”

Then, this guy muttered to himself, as he kept his spear and walked down the stage.

”“I say, can’t you guys make an explanation? The people below are making a ruckus…”

If I had not hinted to Oyado not to attack before I dodged his stab, it would have definitely been troublesome. Geez, these people are really underestimating me too much.

“Sorry, this was a test we came up with after discussing among ourselves.”

The moment I said that, Merun, the broadsword wielder suddenly snatched the mic off the principal’s hand and spoke into it.

“Our three Knight Squads had an agreement. If a new team were to appear, it had to be agreed upon by at least two of our Knight Squads. Otherwise, we will exterminate it with our full force.”

Hey hey hey, isn’t that a little too arrogant of you guys? Aren’t you guys afraid that you guys would actually be ones being exterminated instead?

“But now that we have accepted the existence of the NEET Tea Party, we will determine the victor through a fair competition.”

After saying that, she extended her hand out, intending to pass the mic back to the principal.

But, I charged straight towards it, and snatched the mic from her. “Everyone of Gray Magical Academy!”

I loudly said.

“Probably, in the eyes of the knights who have experienced a hundred battles, we, magician apprentices are only weak existences to them… But! We will definitely prove that we, magicians, are really strong as well! We are not existences that would bow down to anyone!”

“I have seen many our magic students being forced into joining the other three Knight Squads. I will not say anything extreme regarding this matter, after all, our team is also formed by both magicians and warriors. What I want to say is, no matter if you’re a magician or a warrior, as long as you’re able to exert your abilities to your very limit, even if you were to lose a battle, at least, you have triumphed over yourself!”

“Let us determine the victor on the battlefield!” After saying that, the entire field sank into silence. Eh?

I think that there isn’t any problem with this impromptu speech, though? Why

isn’t anyone saying anything?

“Really… I feel that, with your style, you would be a perfect fit as a knight.” Merun, who was beside me, suddenly said.


“Oooooooooooooh, well said!!!”

“Kid, not bad! Since you’re able to say something like that, when I initiate you a challenge, you best not run!”

“So there’s actually such hot-blooded people among the magicians, not bad!” “……”

Suddenly, the field broke into thunderous cheers, among them, were knights, as well as magicians.

Whew, looks like there’s no longer any problems.

“Hmph, you have snatched the entire spotlight for yourself. I hope that, when we battle, you will still be able to say something like that.”

After saying that, in a flash, Merun returned to her team.

Eh? This wasn’t in the information report at all. This girl, is actually capable of using an Assassin’s Flash?

Looks like… I won’t be able to relax in these coming few days.

Chapter 15: War Begins

“Big brother was just too cool! You actually gave such a hot-blooded speech during the opening ceremony!”

The moment I entered the squad’s base, Oyado came rushing over with a pair of starry eyes.

“That’s right. Fortunately, there’s no classes after the opening ceremony, otherwise, everyone in the class will be asking for your signature.”

Kechjen, who was at the side, nodded and said.

“Alright, you guys, stop ridiculing me. Earlier, when I was on the stage, I was so frightened, I broke out into cold sweat. If I had accidentally said anything weird, it will probably cause us to get sieged by all three sides instead. If that were to happen, we will be in big trouble.”

“Something like that won’t happen… But, even if that were to happen, we will just take them all on, and have them acknowledge our strength. That’s also another way to progress in this matter.”

“Little Bai, stop joking.”

“Hey, why are you starting to use that nickname as well? That’s too much.” “But ‘Little Bai’ sounds better, you know.”

I shrugged, and then sat down beside the table.

“But, is there really no problems for you guys to have skipped the opening ceremony?”

Sweeping my gaze through the entire room, other than Kechjen who came with me earlier, the rest were basically already sitting inside.

“If there’s no point in going to the opening ceremony, and you were to participate in it while knowing this, then isn’t that a problem itself?”

Princess Michelle laughed.

“You have to know, in meetings like that, other than the first opening ceremony where they hand you the proof of enrollment, there’s basically no point in going.”


Alright, it’s really a total waste of time talking to these people who do not need to study. Rather than lecturing them, it’s best I head into the main topic of discussion.

“School has officially started, and earlier, I received new rules from the principal.” “New rules?”

“The initial rules are as follows:

Academy War Rule No. 1: Battles must happen within the Battle Barrier. Any other battles outside the Battle Barrierwill be treated as intentions to do

harm to the other party. The offender will be suspended from school.

Academy War Rule No. 2: Within 30 seconds of the creation of the Battle Barrier, the other party can choose to leave the barrier. Once that party leaves

the barrier, the battle will end immediately. Holding the other party in the barrier by force is not allowed. One is allowed to use his/her own Battle Barrier

switch to forcefully break the other party’s barrier. The 30 seconds rule apply to this situation as well.

But with the start of the new term, a new set of rules been added.

Academy War Rule No. 3: Every day, each team is allowed to initiate a battle to another team once. The winning will obtain 1 point, while the losing side will be deducted 1 point. No other points will be deducted if the team’s score is 0. Fleeing will result as a loss. Every three days, each team is allowed to initiate a group battle request once, with three people in the group. The winning side will obtain 5 points, while the losing side will be deducted 3 points.

Academy War Rule No. 4: Without the agreement of both parties, the battle will not start.”

“I see, back then, battles were to pull people into their squads, but now, it turned into a simple and direct battle? But currently, none of our members are weak, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Bai Yueguang swept his gaze around the entire room, and said that. He was probably looking at the levels of the members in the room.

“But everyone’s actual battle experience is a little too low. If we were to encounter those knights, we will be at a disadvantage.”

“But, if we don’t fight, it will be impossible for us to improve our battle techniques, right?”


Although that’s true and all, in times like this… Oh right, since that’s the case, we can use the fact that all four teams currently have 0 points to have a spar with them. After all, there’s nothing to lose.

“Then let’s take it a step at a time then. If we really have to, we can simply use the group battles every three days to earn back our points. “

“Well, won’t that be pretty tiring…? I think it’s best if we simply have a honest battle with them.”

Then, I turned to look at Dale.

“So, have you gathered any other information?”

“How should I put it… I did not receive any new information, but the databases of the other countries seemed to have obtained information regarding the few of us here. Especially you, Fir. You have become absolutely famous. The records of your battles during the Annual Tournament are currently the hottest items among the information merchants, you know.”

“How much are they selling for?”

“The high-definition ones are probably selling for 5,000 gold each.”

“I know you kept a stock of them. Hurry and sell them, and remember to split the profits with me.”

“Oh my god, I did not expect that you’re actually more talented as a merchant than I am.”

At this time, even Lanya walked into the room as well.

“The first-years this year are buying more items, compared to the previous years~ It sure is great, to be able to sell this much once every year~”

“Really, if we were to win this war, it will probably make a good advertisement for your products as well. But for now, it’s best that you help us prepare recovery potions and magic tools.”

“Alright~ Don’t worry, I will naturally have them prepared.”

Looking at Lanya’s face which was brimming with confidence, I decided to believe in her.

But, just at this moment, a weird sound suddenly rang.
Ding dong~

Black PrinceKrans initiated a challenge against NEET Tea PartyShir. Ding dong~

Knight of the Blue SeasHaris initiated a challenge againstNEET Tea PartyAnne.

Ding dong~

SweeperXier initiated a challenge againstNEET Tea PartyFalan.

“Oh my, it was actually a magical broadcast! Those guys sure are… efficient. This is only the afternoon of the first day.”

“But in this current situation, we can’t simply idle here, right? Although I’m not really sure, Falan should be alright, but as for the rest…”

“Lanya, Tai Shixi, meet up with Falan. Bai Yuegang and Hei Luoli, meet up with Anne. I will be heading over to Shir’s. That guy can be considered as a disciple of mine, I can’t simply sit by and watch him get bullied. Dale, start monitoring all the networks in the academy! If anything were to happen, contact me immediately!

“Understood!” “Move out!”

Chapter 16: Victory and Defeat

Borrowing the shadows of the buildings in the vicinity, I reached Shir’s battle location in less than a minute.

When I looked over, a large-scale barrier had already covered the empty space in front of the library, but it’s exterior was transparent, so I was able to see the situation inside.
Krans | Male
LV 23 Broadsword Wielder
[Neutral] [Calm] [Doge Military School Student] [Monte Kingdom Knight] [Baron]
LV 23? Looks like based on level alone, Shir’s at a disadvantage, huh.

But the level difference isn’t that big, and ability-wise, there isn’t much of a difference either. To obtain victory, Shir just have to watch his attacks and react accordingly.

In usual cases, a Magician’s biggest weaknesses are the control of their casting time and their judgment towards their enemies’ actions, especially so, if their enemies specialize in melee combat. If the enemies were to simply attack recklessly, magicians will have the upper hand. However, if the enemies were to attack continuously, the moment the magicians lose control of the flow of the battle, the magicians will definitely lose.

And currently, Shir’s situation did not look too good.

A large tornado barrier was protecting Shir within, and outside, Krans, who was wielding his broadsword, simply smiled as he looked at Shir who was in the tornado.

There were traces of injuries on Shir’s body, but his HP was currently slowly recovering. Looks like he brought along recovery potions.

While on the other side, although he did have wounds on his body, he did not bother recovering his HP.

Is he too confident?

No, some warriors possess skills that can increase their damage when their HP is low. If this guy does possess such an ability…

There’s nothing I can do. Currently, the only thing I do know, is that this guy has the Calmtitle, so there’s a high possibility that he does possess such a skill.

‘Dale, mind investigating the skills of this guy called Krans? He’s a knight from the Monte Kingdom.’

‘Alright… There’s no information on his skills. He’s just a regular Baron who inherited his position from his father. There’s no special information about him.”

‘What about his family background? Are you sure there’s nothing special about him?”

‘Un… None… Wait a minute, this guy’s profile is too clean, it basically looks like he just came out from thin air! Either his profile is being fabricated, or his kingdom did not keep records of his information.’

‘Is that so.’

I thought for a moment, and then, tapped on my active skill.

Phad’s EyeOpen! Krans Monte | Male

LV 23 Earth Broadsword Wielder
[Neutral] [Calm] [Doge Military School Student] [Monte Kingdom Knight] [Baron]

Disguised[Hidden Prince] Inferior Blade

What the hell, it’s no wonder there’s no intel on him. This guy is actually a prince disguising as a regular noble?

To think I was able to instantly find out such a mysterious setting… Well, whatever. Currently, I have no time to pay attention to this sort of weird scenario in whatever kingdom. It’s best that we deal with the current situation for now.

But he’s an Earth elemental user, huh… So he has a perfect advantage over those who wield the Wind element. Looks like our enemies’ reaction are quite fast, they actually sent the most suitable personnel to attack each and every one of us.

Didn’t they say they were not going to initiate a joint attack against us? Ah whatever, rather, believing my opponents in times like this appears to be too naive of me.

Though, isn’t this also a good opportunity to earn some points?

But Shir’s currently… I believe that tornado barrier will end really soon, right?

If his opponent were to attack the instant the tornado disappears, then Shir will definitely be in danger.

Currently, Krans had already taken his stance, and a deep yellow light was slowly emitting from his armor!


Looks like Krans was already preparing to attack. Shir’s definitely going to be in danger…


In that instant, Shir was actually smiling!

Hey hey, you’re telling me… he actually has a way to resolve this crisis?

Just when the tornado was about to disappear, Shir suddenly took something out and pinched it, and a white fog instantly filled up within the green tornado!

Oh, oh, oh! He actually learnt to camouflage himself? Not bad! As my disciple, he’s really living up to my name!

And his opponent was evidently shocked, as he stopped his skill which was already half-prepared.

“How is this…”

But in the next second, he moved. A giant slash immediately flew towards the tornado which was about to disappear!

The sword wave instantly sliced apart the disappearing tornado, but in the next second, he found out that there was nothing within the tornado!

That’s of course. From the movement of his name, I could clearly see that, the moment the white fog built up, Shir had already summoned another tornado within to send himself flying in the air.
“… Arcane – Wind Blade – Cloud Dispersing Wind!”
Chanting at high speed, numerous magic formations appeared around Krans at the same time. Immediately after, countless of wind blades shot towards Krans!

“Damn it! Arcane – Black Battle Armor Equip!

After his body was struck by two wind blades, he immediately reacted. Stabbing his broadsword into the ground, a black armor instantly appeared on his body!

But with a large number of wind blades striking him, his HP had still dropped below half.

“We’re actually at a disadvantage? Looks like you guys are indeed not that simple.” The leader of Black Prince, Arnus, suddenly walked over, and smiled to me.

“Is that so… Speaking of which, isn’t this a joint attack against us? This is totally different from what you guys said in the morning, you know.”

“Well… Because our superiors told us that we had to definitely give you guys a little pressure, so we had to make slight changes to plans.”

“If you win, you will be able to obtain points, but even if you lose, you will not lose any, so you guys decided to attack right at the start. Did I hit the mark?”

“Un, I suddenly have the urge to exterminate you guys. I have a feeling that, if you guys were allowed to continue battling, it will definitely become dangerous for us.”

“And here I was thinking of having a open and fair battle with you guys~ But you have to think it through, alright? Even if you guys were to come down hard on us, we won’t be afraid either.”

“… Well, it’s best to leave this kind of thing for later.” “That’s right, after all, you guys are about to lose.”

“Is that so? You have to know that Krans’ abilities get stronger the more damage he takes.”

“As I thought. But that no longer matters, because the moment he judged that using a defensive skill was his best option… he had already lost!”


“His defense did improve greatly with that defensive skill he used, but Shir specializes in fast incantations, so… You guys have lost.”

That’s right, even after all the wind blades had finished attacking, Shir was still slowly descending from the skies.

This proved two things. One, the enemy has yet to find out Shir’s position, and two, the moment he dispels his armor, he will lose!

As I thought, after the attack ended, Krans immediately dispelled his defensive skill. And the moment he dispelled it, a gigantic spear had already appeared in Shir’s hands!
“… Super Arcane – Thunderclap – Sorrow of the Wind.”
Shir hurled the spear towards the ground, and with a flash of green light, the barrier instantly disappeared.


NEET Tea PartyShir obtained victory. Points Awarded: 1 Total Points: 1

NEET Tea PartyFalan obtained victory. Points Awarded: 1 Total Points: 2

Knight of the Blue SeasHaris obtained victory. Points Deducted: 1 Total Points: 1


Anne lost?

‘Bai Yueguang, what’s the situation!?’

I immediately used the messaging system to contact Bai Yueguang.

‘The opponent used a large-sized equipment, which seemed to be waterproof and used oxygen as an energy source. Anne’s spells did not even have the slightest effect on him.’

‘Technology… huh? Dale, is that one of your inventions?’ ‘No, that’s the Doll Exoskeleton Conversion Technology.’

‘The Smuu household is randomly selling things again, huh… Alright, I will take

care of it.’

“Shir, you did well!”

Looking at Shir who was walking over, I laughed as I patted on his shoulder. “Fir! I did really well, right!?”

“That’s right! That’s how it should be! But right now, we have to head over to aid

Anne.” “Alright.”

“You’re leaving just like that?”

Arnus laughed.

“If you’re going to treat me dinner, I don’t really mind staying.” “Kuh… It’s not like it’s impossible…”

“Though, that will have to wait for later. It’s best that you head over to console

your team member for now.” “You’re right.”

I then turned to Shir.

“Let’s go.”

“Fir… I’m sorry. I lost my first battle.”

Arriving at the central square, the first thing I saw was Princess Anne being healed by her attendant.

Seeing me quickly rushing over, she bitterly smiled, and apologized softly. “Wow, I feel really humbled, to actually receive a princess’ apology.”

I laughed, gave Bai Yueguang a glance, and then, looked towards the other side of the square.

An armored knight was currently walking down a three-meter tall exoskeleton doll, and… he sure looked pretty satisfied.

Using an equipment like that to win, and your mind is actually still at peace?

Let’s see… An exoskeleton doll seems to be an enlarged version of a doll. The enlarged portion is where a human could load into it, which also allows the human to be the core of the doll. That sure is a good idea.

To a large degree, the doll supplements the human’s defense and judgment, and of course, the doll’s ability to judge comes from an unknown component inside the doll. But, it would be more convenient to have humans control some of the dolls’ parts. That was probably why this exoskeleton was invented.

But this thing was actually already materialized. Are these already nearing the stage of mass production?

“Interesting. This Knight Squad called Knight of the Blue Seasactually uses such robotic equipment. Dale, did you hear me? Are you able to find any information about them?”

I used the direct call function to contact Dale, but… I did not hear any reply. This guy, did he head out for dinner or something?

“Dale, did you hear me?”

I asked once again, but I actually heard another response.

NEET Tea PartyDale initiated a challenge to Knight of the Blue SeasHaris.

Haris accepted the challenge.
Because there’s no restriction on the number of battles an individual can participate in, as long as the target accepts the challenge, he can still continue battling.

But, why did Dale suddenly want to challenge him? Didn’t he say that he liked staying in the office more?

When I heard this broadcast, I was really shocked. But whatever, it’s good to have more practice.

Just at this moment, Dale, who was riding his segway, rushed towards the site at

high speed, and towards the center of the square.

“That guy over there, I’m not going to have a discussion over how you won my teammate with such a despicable method. But, since you accepted my challenge, then, I will guarantee that I will definitely, and absolutely… defeat you very easily.”

Dale walked down from his segway, and pushed his glasses up as he looked at Krans.

“… Very well! You’re doomed, you bastard!”

Haris immediately leaped into the exoskeleton, carried up the big-scaled iron rod beside him, and rushed over!

Really straightforward. I like it.

But it’s a pity that you’re an enemy.

“Do you know? As a warrior, you shouldn’t be believing those weird external data in the armor. You guys are people who rely on your abilities to battle. The moment you start believing in some other power, you have already lost. Special Tech – Control Override.”

As he said that, Dale raised his right hand, and did a ‘stop’ gesture at Haris.

Right after, an unbelievable thing happened.

Haris instantly stopped moving, and the iron rod in his hand stopped in the air. As if time had stopped, the exoskeleton completely froze on the spot.

This guy… In that short period of time, just what did he do to that person’s armor? He sure is frightening.

“Although I can use your own armor to kill you, you wouldn’t be content with that, right?”

After saying that, Dale pointed his right hand to the right, and an equipment that looked like a launcher appeared beside him.

Special Tech – Railgun – Stored Heavy Blast

An electrical light flashed from the muzzle, and immediately after, a thick electrical ray pierced straight into the opponent’s armor.

The purple electrical right instantly penetrated the opponent’s body, and the exterior of the exoskeleton began emitting a series of electrical sparks. After the entire exoskeleton shook for a few moments, it fell onto the ground with a loud bang.

That’s sure neat and quick… As expected of a hacker.

“But you haven’t lost, right? However, with your exoskeleton’s current position, it’s impossible for you to directly escape from it. Then I will… personally send you off. Do you know? By having an oxygen-storing device in such a large-scale equipment, it’s similar to having a medium-sized bomb being placed inside your clothes~”

After saying that, he pushed up his glasses, and took out his staff.

It’s really rare to see him take out his staff, huh. Looks like this guy is really excited as well.
“Super Arcane – Lightning Meteor!”
Like a pouring rain, thunderbolts came descending from the sky, and continuously struck onto the armor. A series of electrical currents flowed continuously into the exoskeleton, and finally…


The exoskeleton exploded, and the countless pieces of scraps scattered around the square, but Dale, who had already summoned a shield, did not move at all.

NEET Tea PartyDale obtained victory. Points Awarded: 1

Total Points: 2
From start to finish, Dale did not even move from his initial position. He sure is stealing the spotlight, huh.

As I thought, the strength of a technology lover can never be underestimated.

Dale looked at the debris around the barrier, walked over to a side, and picked something off the ground.

Then, he sat on his segway and came over. “Princess Anne, are you alright?”

“Eh? Ah, I’m fine, I’m fine~ Although I was unable to deal any damage to him, I was able to use my water defenses to greatly reduce the impact of his attacks, so I’m fine.”

Dale nodded, and then came to me. “Alright, then I will be returning to base.”

“Ah, looks like you’re really familiar with your skills. What did you pick up just now?”

“Ah, that…”

He looked at the small box in his hands.

“It’s something similar to a black box. Back then, in the Smuu household, I have seen information regarding this exoskeleton, but I had never seen the actual thing. And, the database did not have any detailed information on them. But, I knew there were a control system and a black box installed in this thing, so I decided to come out and collect them.”

“I see…”

This guy sure is professional in the way he do things.

“Well, although I know of the technology, I’m still not really familiar with magic. Since there’s someone willing to provide the data, then of course, I have to take it.”

“Alright, then let’s return together. Anyway, there’s nothing else to be done, right?”

“Hey hey! Are you guys simply going to leave like this?”

And at this moment, a small girl carrying a heavy mace leaped over from afar and landed before us.

“Masha-chan~ In the morning, you people said that you wouldn’t initiate a joint attack on us, but, not even half a day later, you people went back on your words, huh.”

“This… Ah… Umm…”

When she heard my words, Masha, who was initially furious, immediately panicked like a little kitten, and tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Because you received a request from the people backing you, right?”

“Ah… So you knew about it. Geez, if you knew about it, why did you still ask!?” “I just wanted to confirm if it’s true.”

“What a jerk… Well~ We’re in the wrong too, but what you must understand is…”

“This is a war, I know. Alright, then let’s just leave it at that. Unless you’re planning to treat us to dinner?”

“Ah? Well, dinner, huh…”

Looking at her panicked expression, I started to wonder… Is this girl actually… a very innocent idiot?

“Alright, next time then.” “Eh?”

“Then we’re done here. Bye bye~”

“Eh, ah, just why am I feeling so troubled for~! You bastard!”

Looking her vexed expression, I could not help but realize the reason why she was their squad’s leader.

She sure is cute, this girl…

Chapter 18: Sion’s Door

The seasonal features of this world are very similar to our former world, where the summer sun will only set after half past seven in the evening.

This isn’t really a problem by itself, but to people like me who is sitting here waiting, I can only sigh as I look on as the sun slowly goes down.

Well~ I kind of feel that the sun in this world is much bigger than the one in our world, and this unusual visual experience does feel pretty pleasant.

“Big brother, dinner~”

Oyado silently appeared behind me, and then, handed me the takeout from the bag.

I have pretty much gotten used to Oyado’s scary method of appearance, and at the same time, glancing at the mini-map every three seconds has completely become a habit of mine.

“Thank you~ Oyado, have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet, I was planning to eat with big brother~” “Is that so~ Come, sit down and eat.”

Removing the lid of the takeout box, I could not help but frown.

After pausing for a moment, I turned to look at Oyado. “Umm… What are these?”

“Fried chicken nuggets.”

“… I know they’re fried chicken nuggets… Alright then, why are there only fried chicken nuggets?”

“Um… That’s because…”

Hearing my words, Oyado actually, for the first time, shifted her gaze somewhere else.

But a moment later, she once again looked towards me.

“By eating more chicken meat, it will help with muscle-training!”

“Like hell! We will only gain fats after eating this much oily food! Did I not tell you to buy vegetables as well… Is the one you’re holding full of chicken nuggets too?”

“Well… Umm… Because…” “Shh!”

At this moment, a weird dot suddenly appeared on my mini-map.

The regular markers for people would usually move slowly on the ground, but this person… the person’s marker is actually flashing from point to point on the mini- map.

It feels like he was moving quickly from one position to another.

I hurriedly hinted Oyado to keep quiet, and Oyado nodded. With a wave of her hand, a grey layer of membrane descended on my body, and the two of us were actually slowly becoming translucent! Incredible, is this some sort of skill?

But this isn’t the time to study it. I nodded, and then looked towards the direction of the red dot.

The sun had only went down not long ago, but the surroundings were already slowly submerging into darkness.

It did not look like there was anyone in the square. The target must be using a stealth skill, hence I was not able to see the target’s figure and titles.

But we have Oyado here~ “Do you see the target?”

“The person just arrived at the back of the third sculpture. It looks like the person’s heading towards the place where the battle happened in the afternoon.”

That’s right. We’re currently at the place where we fought withKnight of the Blue Seas. The debris on the ground will only be retrieved tomorrow morning,

and the exoskeleton doll which turned into a pile of scrap was still lying on the ground.

And the reason why we’re standing guard here, was naturally to wait for the people ‘retrieving’ these debris.

That’s right, retrieval! Phad’s Eye! Open!

Accurately predicting the target’s movements, I looked towards a particular

position at the square and opened my ‘eye’, and a blurry figure slowly revealed itself.
Tia Sye
Female | LV 24 Alchemist | LV 26 Mechanic
[Neutral] [Bored] [Pioneer] Sion’s Door[Whatever Goes] [Forgetful Person]
She was even wearing a white coat with an optical camouflage function, and with her small and tiny figure, it’s totally impossible to see her without using Phad’s Eye.

“Great. Go! Catch her!”

The moment I said that, I saw that Oyado was already right behind her, and then, she used something to tie up her entire body.

Really, she’s making it look like a loli kidnapping incident. “Aaaah, release me~”

Before I could even call her back, Oyado had already leaped back onto the rooftop

while carrying her, and then, she threw her onto the ground.

“Yo, Ms. Tia~ Are you here to retrieve the thingsSion’s Doorleft here?” I brought her up to a sitting position, and asked with a smile.

“You… How did you know of my name!? Wait a minute… You… Unless, you’re a ‘player’ too?”

“‘Player’, is that what you guys call yourselves?”

Her figure is probably about the same as Aliyah’s. A headband was tied at the top of her long, light yellow hair, and she wore a pair of round glasses on her face, which looked just like a western doll.

“Because we don’t have a better term to use… Wait a minute! Are you really one!? Hurry and release me already! Geez!”

“No, I can’t do that. I don’t have a reason to release someone who is able to completely create a computer motherboard.”

That’s right, theSion’s Doorwhich this girl belongs to had already used this world’s materials to completely create a computer motherboard’s chip!

3 hours ago.

“Fir! These people had already developed something that’s even more advanced than a terminal! No, I suspect that the terminals were created by these people as well!”

Just when we had just arrived back at base, Dale, who looked as if he had taken stimulants, instantly rushed towards us!

“Hey hey hey! What are you saying!?” I gave him a glance.

Are you kidding me? Currently, Oyado and Princess Anne were still beside us.

“Oh, in any case, just come over here!”

After saying that, he immediately grabbed onto my arm and pulled me into the laboratory in his room.

The moment I entered the laboratory, I was almost shocked to death. Even though it was still a very clean and tidy room yesterday, currently, it was filled with various types of equipment.

At the center of the pile of equipment, there were a large screen made out of four smaller screens, and countless data and numbers were quickly jumping about. I wondered which network he had invaded into.

And at the center of the room, countless wires of unknown materials were connected to the black box Dale retrieved.

“Do you know!? This black box isn’t just something average, the hard-drive in this thing actually has a capacity of 8TB! And it even has a signal transmission device installed! But don’t worry, I have already cut the signal.”

“Un, very good. That means we will soon be having somewhere to store a large amount of information. So?”

“Don’t you understand? This means that the person who created this had already directly replicated the technology from our world! The terminals being used right now are simply created with unnecessary amounts of similar materials, hence, the terminals are this huge. But, according to the technology used to make this black box, they most likely had already made working models of laptops!”

“No… They might have already created something more frightening.” I muttered as I looked at the black box.


“They might have already reconstructed handheld phones.”

Back to current time

“Well~ Even if you were to allow me to search you… I wouldn’t dare, so, Oyado, go! Search her body, and take out everything that’s on her body!”

“Eh? No! Stop! Not… there… wait a minute, hey…”

Seeing Oyado happily stretching her hand towards Tia, I gentlemanly turned to face somewhere else.

Peek? I wouldn’t do such a thing. I’m a decent person, you know. “Big brother, she has nothing on her body~”

“Is that so…”

I turned back to look at her. Her entire face was currently flushed red, it’s like she had just been OOXX.

I coughed twice.

“Umm… Looks like you have placed everything in your ring, huh. Then I will simply ask you then. Have you guys already developed laptops and handheld phones?”

“Eh… How did you know about that… No, wait! No! We haven’t!” “Too late! Speak, what are you guys planning to do with them?”

“I… I won’t tell you anything!” “Is that so~”

I pushed up my glasses, and then pointed to Oyado who was beside me.

“Eh? Again? Why are you helping this pervert-glasses! Wait, you’re his sister? Impossible, this guy is…”

“Whatever brother says, no matter what it is, I will always take it really seriously~”

Oyado’s words threw her into despair.

She looked at me, and then turned back to look at Oyado.

“Alright, our Guild’s boss said she’s willing to talk with you guys, but, only with ‘players’, is that alright?”

“That’s more than I could ask for~”

I laughed, and then tapped on the send button on the messaging function. ‘Everyone, assemble.’


Chapter 19: The World and World

“Are you sure we aren’t going to be discovered by anyone here?”

3 hours later, the five of us, Dale, Bai Yueguang, Aliyah, Tai Shixi and I, followed Tia into a building’s courtyard near the academy.

But, Tia did not open the door to the building at the courtyard, rather, she went around to the side of the building, and grabbed onto the ledge of the window. She first pushed it up, and then, pulled it down.

The stone wall was pushed back, and with a ‘huaa’ sound, it split into two and opened. A downward-heading passageway then revealed itself.

“Don’t worry, in this position, no matter from which angle, it can’t be seen. Let’s go.”

“Hey hey, just how did you guys complete a construct like this?” “This is just a small base, we only spent two days to finish this.” She then did a victory sign.

“No, no, what does this have to do with the time spent… Hey! Two days!? Are you

guys monsters!? What I meant to ask was how did you guys create a basement like this without startling anyone!”

“Well, about that… Obviously we obtained permission to dig out a basement, but we simply added a few extra things, that’s all… Oh, right, we have to really thank you guys for merging with Doge Military School. The number of students entering the school increased, so requests to dig out basements like this could be considered to be pretty normal.”

“I see, looks like we should obtain permission to add a few more rooms to our base too… Oh well, that can be done later.”

“Alright, are you guys still going to come along?” “Of course.”

Tia laughed, and then entered the entrance.

When we followed after her into the passageway, only did I realize that the entire basement was made out of metal. Rather than it was constructed, it should be more correct to say that this entire metallic basement was inserted under the building.

“I really have to take my hat off for you guys, to actually be able to construct something like this. It must have costed a lot to start up this thing.”

“Well~ It wasn’t that much~ Fortunately, there’s black markets in this world, which allow us to save quite a lot of trouble when we have to sell our products.”


“When you’re free, you guys should try it out too. Selling items in those black markets is basically crazy. As long as you possess something that no one else has, you will be able to set your own price. It’s really very convenient~”

“I see…”

I turned my head to look at Dale, and he revealed his ‘I refuse to make any comments’ expression.

Looks like this guy did indeed make a big sum of money off the black market, huh. “So you guys specialize in… making computers?”

“Un, the rest of the members are able to program, manufacture the components, and process the materials.”

“… Again, I have to take my hat off, to think you guys were able to gather together like this.”

“Well, in most cases, we somehow found each other in a black market, and then, we began to look for other companions by heading to the black markets in various cities.”

“I see…”

Looks like Dale’s actions back then could be understood… Or does all these people like shady places more?

“Fir, back then if you haven’t found me, I might have been discovered by them instead.”

Dale suddenly spoke up.

“That’s right, if that were to happen, we would discover the existences of laptops with railguns installed in the future.”

“… That’s not a bad idea. It’s worth a try.” “Hey hey…”

“Then how many people do you guys have?” Bai Yueguang asked.

“About 50, I guess?” “50!!?”

The five of us exclaimed at the same time.

“Hey hey! How can there be 50 people!?”

I immediately opened my messaging function.

The number of people on the messaging list had never went over 10, and it never happened even after the many places I visited, why…

“Looks like you people have really underestimated us. We’re after all still an alliance that have connections across the entire continent… Oh right, you guys probably aren’t able to feel us, since in our various bases, we have an interference equipment installed in every one of them, which prevents our built-in messaging function from revealing us.”

Just when she said that, all the names on my messaging list, after a little static, disappeared in an instant.

Not just that, even the HP Bar, stats, and titles, all of them disappeared from my vision as well!

Just as she had said, in their territory, our systems were completely disabled! “They really disappeared, huh.”

Aliyah tried waving her hand in the air, but it did not seem to work. “Incredible!”

“Your technology… has it already surpassed the rules bounded by this world?”

“No, rather, I should say that it has surpassed the rules of our world. No matter how mystical this world is, we’re still viewing this world as if we’re looking at a game in a computer screen. In other words, we appeared in this world because of some sort of technology from our world. So, as long as we surpass our own technology, we will then be gods!”

“You guys…”

Wait, interference?

Suddenly, I recalled the weird robot that attacked the academy in the past. Back then, the systems suffered interference as well, and it even led to a special quest being issued.

“Did you guys come to this academy in the past?” “Un? In the past? We shouldn’t have.”

“A few months ago, there was a weird robot that attacked our academy. And, it even shot out some disruption signal that interfered with our systems. Do you know about that?”

“… Well, I don’t really know about that. You just have to ask our boss about it later.”

“Who is your boss?”

“Huhu~ She’s the genius who created the first ever terminal.”

Opening the door in front of us, a space with a size of about half a basketball court appeared before us.

These people sure are daring. They actually dug out such a big space under our school.

“Welcome everyone, I’m very happy to meet even more people in the same situation as us… No, I should be saying, how was your day, my cute little students~”

The corner of my lips twitched.

That’s right, it’s that twitching when you suddenly realized that you had been tricked the entire time.

This level of trickery is probably about the same as when you find out that your girlfriend is actually your long lost little sister. Of course, that applies to big sisters as well.

In any case, if this person wasn’t someone I’m familiar with, I would have really wanted to punch him in the face.

Ah, no, it should be ‘her’.

Speaking of which, back then, I really did not think of usingPhad’s Eyeto directly reveal her titles, and because of the interference now, they’re completely invisible.

This person is really terrifying. Why have I never thought of this possibility?

“I really never expected it would be you… Geez, and here I was wondering why I felt such familiarity from a lazy, shameless person who lives life without any needs. But I did not expect that it would actually be you, Ms. Mari!”

“Arara~ That’s your mistake, alright? To be fooled so simply by the system, is also a mistake of yours.”

That’s right, the person in front of me was Mari Steppe, our homeroom teacher.

And here I was wondering why she reminded me of something, so her true nature is actually someone who loves to hole herself up in her laboratory!

Now I really have no idea if that’s her real name. She actually had such an identity hidden so deeply…

“Trusting a system that would even take away your memories, don’t you find that hilarious?”


Speaking of which, back then when I had the conversation withWorld, I did indeed not raise this question, but… I seemed to have treated this as a matter of course.

“Regarding the issue of our lost memories, it seems the later one enters this world, the more memories one will lose~ It must not have been even a year since you guys arrived in this world, right? We have all been in this world for ten whole years, so the things we remember should be more than any of you.”

“There’s actually such a thing?”

Aliyah and I both came into this world at the same time, so we were in the same situation.

As for the rest…

“The two of us came into this world about three years ago.”

Bai Yueguang said, and then Tai Shixi, who was beside him, nodded. “I should have came into this world… about seven months ago.” Dale thought for a moment before answering.

“Then what do you know!? Just for what reason were we sent into this world!?” “About that, well… I don’t know~”

Ms. Mari helplessly shook her head.

“I don’t have memories on that matter either, but… what I do know is that all of us actually… belong to the same organization. However, as for the name of that organization, none of us remember it, and we don’t remember what that organization does either.”

“Organization? Hey hey, why do I feel something’s completely wrong with this setting!? Are we all actually experimental subjects or something?”

“Who knows. This is the conclusion I came up with after talking to the 56 people in this guild who came into this world at different times. According to the estimate, people who came into this world less than five years ago would no longer remember about the organization.”

“Then who was the earliest person who came into this world?”

“The earliest… was a person who came into this world 30 years ago. But when we discovered him, he had already turned completely insane, and we don’t know why either.”

“30 years ago…”

Wait a minute, there’s someone who might know! That person’s level is actually a whopping 200!

“Demon King…” “Eh?”

“I know of someone who might be the earliest person who came into this world, it’s this world’s Demon King.”

“Demon King… So the Demon King is actually one of us as well? Then we might as well conquer and unite the world!”

“Stop joking already…” I shook my head.

“Alright, we have drifted quite far from the main issue. We can talk about returning to the Abyss in the future. Currently, we only have a single question, in this academy war, which side are you supporting?”

“Well, I guess that’s right~ What’s important is the things currently happening right in front of us~”

Ms. Mari nodded, and then laughed. “The most interesting side of course~”

Chapter 20: Demonic Blade

The situation on the second day was better than the first, as we only received a single challenge.

AlthoughKnight of the Blue Seaschallenged Lanya, Lanya simply used a couple of grenades to blast the opponent, causing him to lose consciousness, which led to Lanya’s victory. I bet, right now, Masha-chan is about to go crazy.

After deep considerations, we decided to leave our challenge right on the second day to Lois. As one of the few normal teammates in the team, she finally made today’s battle the longest one since the war began.

Of course, the one she’s battling was a member from the Black Princesquad. After all, the battle capabilities of the members in theSweepersquad seems

to be a little terrifying, so who we’re supposed to choose as our opponent was rather obvious.

And the result of this battle, was the first draw since the start of the war. The two of them fell at the same time, and was sent to the infirmary. Although the barrier guaranteed that the participants will not receive any life-threatening attacks, there will still be injuries to a certain extent.

We, who rely on various types of skills to attack were different. When these people battle, there will always be various sword waves flying around, with the occasional use of skills.

I don’t really understand, but I felt it was really amazing. When the two of them were battling, it felt like a battle between a group of people instead. It’s really complicated.

In any case, the results on the second day was really good, and it seems everyone is starting to prepare for the team battle tomorrow.

Because we made an agreement, currently, Dale’s laboratory has already been linked with Sion’s Door‘s system, and his work of invading other networks

has become really easy.

But it seems the three Squads did not set up their own databases, so invading their networks was unnecessary.

But, by maintaining surveillance on the entire school’s networks, we will definitely be able to find clues. At least, that’s what we’re thinking.

And through Ms. Mari’s side, we have begun to investigate the systems in our bodies and their relationship to this world, at the same time, we have started to research ways to return to the Abyss.

Although this world is really interesting, it’s not really a good idea to simply live here cluelessly. Understanding why we’re here is the most correct method.

But the Ice Empire’s entrance to the Abyss had already been completely sealed, so even if we wish to enter from there, it’s already impossible.

Though, we have yet to find any similar passageways to the Abyss in other places. And currently, Dale have already obtained access to the library’s information terminal, and we’re hoping to find any relevant information from the legends stated in the various library books.

But, with our current progress, it’s impossible to know when we will be able to find any clues at all.

“Well~ In any case, we won’t grow old. So, continuing a lazy lifestyle like this is a pretty good choice as well~”

This was quoted from Ms. Mari. Although she used technology to cover her titles, her aura as a lazy teacher was not covered at all.

This was also the reason why the academy met with a special invasion incident in the past. Because something went wrong with the procedures when she tried making a robot, it ran amok, and hence…

In any case, before finding any crucial information, we decided that it’s best that we continue on with our academy war.

Because Dale told us that, after he issued the challenge yesterday, he received a new quest notification.

Looks like the quest this time will only be activated after accepting a challenge. Really, Worldsure likes to give quests in weird ways.

But since there’s a quest, that will mean rewards such as EXP and unique equipment or tools. In times like this, we have to be more motivated than ever!

But… currently, the girls were happily decorating the base, and this scene was too beautiful to look at.

Hence, on the night of the second day of school, Bai Yueguang and I stayed in the library and diligently searched through the books with regards to related legends, hoping that we will be able to obtain some useful information.


Most of the books related to demons have already been censored by the Church, and as for those books which managed to slip through the net… Haah, they did not really offer much.

“Speaking of which, Little Bai, why did you think of running to the Western Continent?”

“Don’t call me that! Haah, I didn’t have a choice. What else could I have done?”

“In times like that, weren’t you supposed to bring your girls and flee to some deep mountains, while conquering beastkin girls, and finally, create a harem full of girls of different races?”

“Hey hey hey hey! Are you really treating this as a gal game? You will definitely be stabbed, you know!”

Bai Yueguang dropped a tsukkomi as he threw a book to a side, and then, picked up another book.

“You’re actually afraid of being stabbed? In any case, even if we get a bad end, we’re able to resurrect, right?”

“Then why aren’t you trying it?” “… Well~ I don’t have the talent?”

“Then you’re instigating someone else to do it?”

“It’s exactly because I don’t have the talent, so I hope to see people experimenting with it, and then, according to the data gained from the experiment, analyze the routes.”

“So you’re actually thinking of me as a lab rat!”

With a ‘huaa’ sound, a book was immediately thrown towards me, as it crashed onto the ice wall I made.

“Really, don’t destroy public property.”

I picked up the book that dropped after hitting onto the ice wall, and it was titled

<Review on the History of Ancient Arts>

The corner of my mouth twitched, and then, I immediately threw the book to a side.

“Didn’t you just throw it away as well!?”

“Something like that with no value is not considered as public property.” “……”

“Speaking of which, Ms. Mari said that we might be members of the same

organization, but what is that organization? Are we actually simply lab rats? After all, our memories have all been altered.”

“That’s really the simplest situation. Well, there’s no point in guessing right now, I will only believe in the absolute truth, that’s all.”

“You’re really a realist, huh…”

“Is there something bad about that?” “Of course not.”


After being silent for a while, Bai Yueguang suddenly took out something from his ring, and threw it over!

“Un, what is this?”

I grabbed the thing with a single hand.

The thing that Bai Yueguang threw over was a sword, but from its long construct, it looked really similar to a tachi. The scabbard was full of various talismans, and there were even many runes and symbols drawn on the handle itself.

Pulling out the sword from its scabbard, it’s look was then revealed.

It was indeed a sword, and it was even double-edged. The blade was dyed blood red as well.

But the vibe I’m getting from this sword was not really good. Just by holding it with my hand, a brutal aura was slowly being emitted.

Bai Yueguang took a big step towards me, and flicked at the blade. The talismans and runes on the scabbard and handle lighted up at the same time, and that brutal aura instantly disappeared.

“If you wish to use this blade, you have to first infuse mana into the talismans, otherwise, you will be controlled by this demonic blade instead.”

“Hey hey, isn’t this thing too dangerous…”

Even though I said that, I still immediately looked at the weapon’s stats.
Demonic Blade Bloodmoon
When struck on a target, the target will receive a bleeding effect. Additional damage will be caused when attacking bleeding targets.
Exclusive Arcane Skill [Bloody Spirit]
Forces user to enter a crazed state. All physical stats increase by 50%, All magic resistances decrease by 50%.
“Bloody Spirit… Is it? Where did you obtain this sword?” “It was a drop from a field boss.”

Bai Yueguang shrugged.

“Hey hey, which field boss would actually drop such an awesome weapon? Is it possible for me to find one too?”

“Do you think a weapon like this is common!? Back then, I only chased after the wolf holding onto this weapon because it’s entire body was emitting a red glow. Usually, people wouldn’t find trouble with a wolf that emits such a red glow.”

“I guess you’re right… Then you’re planning to give this to me?”

“Un, wasn’t your tachi broken from your battle with Blazing Horn?”

“Yeah… Well, I initially thought of using this opportunity to try out other weapons.”

“So, you’re telling me you don’t want it?” “Of course not~”

Saying that, I kept the blade into my ring.

“After all, my Tachi and Magic are currently the ones with the highest levels of mastery… But, I do have decent levels of mastery on other weapons as well.”

“So… Just what class are you?” “… A hero!”

I said proudly.


The corner of Bai Yueguang’s lips twitched, and suddenly, a battle barrier was thrown onto the ground!

Out of conditioned reflex, I immediately used Charge to retreat, at the same time, a blade wave cut across my initial position, and then, it grazed past my face as it flew to the other side.

“Hey hey, even if you wish to fight, have the courtesy to inform me about it first.” “It’s precisely because it’s a fight, that’s why I have to take the initiative.”

Bai Yueguang sheathed his katana back into the scabbard, and then, took on an attack stance.

“Now, let me see what kind of hero class you actually are!”

“Hoho, perfect, then I will use this opportunity to try out new magic spells! Magic Knight Arcane – Ice Mount Summon!”

Blue ice particles erratically gathered on my body, and in less than a second, an entire suit of ice armor appeared on my body. At the same time, a blue figure immediately rushed out from the magic formation beside me, and I lightly leaped on top of it.

“Well, this is a new skill I awakened after grinding the Magic Knight skills out of boredom. Back then, I didn’t even know Magic Knights had the ability to summon either.”

The mount I summoned was an Ice Wolf, a magic beast that wielded the ice element. Although I have no idea why I gained the ability to summon a magic beast, since it allowed me to ride on it, then I will just use the opportunity given to the fullest.

“An Ice Wolf? Very good. Then, I will attack without holding back my speed!” “Come!”

Chapter 21: Magician and Samurai

Although a battle sounds simple enough, I, as a LV 27, against a LV 31 Samurai, am still faced with a ton of pressure.

He’s a Samurai. If the Samurai class in this world is no different from what I think it is, then, his combat abilities will mostly rely on speed.

By drawing your katana in the fastest time possible, and then, kill your target with a single blow.

Hence, if I were to allow him to approach me, it will definitely be really dangerous!

And with this thought in mind, I commanded Ice Wolf to leap onto a bookshelf. At least, by standing on the bookshelf, my scope of vision is wider, after all, if I were to stay on the ground, my vision will be hindered greatly by the countless bookshelves in the library.
“Quick Steps!”
As I thought, his body suddenly glowed, and his speed was increased by several times in an instant.

And, he actually began to go around the bookshelves at high speed, as though as he’s trying to find some sort of an opening to initiate his attack!

At this rate, I will definitely be thrown into a dangerous situation!
Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!
The entire floor of the library instantly turned into ice, and his figure evidently paused for a moment, a frozen status icon appeared on his body.

But, his speed still seemed to be a lot of faster than when he activated his skill earlier, looks like he’s trying to…

At this moment, he took a heavy step forward, as though as his body became an illusion, a row of blurred silhouettes appeared, and then, he charged straight towards me!

And, before I was even able to react, he had already leaped right in front of me!

So fast! His speed has already surpassed my speed even with all my speed buffs activated!

Before I could even raise my sword, he had already initiated his attack. With a flash of his blade, I saw my blood and pieces of ice armor slowly scattering in the air.

The scattering drops of blood and pieces of ice, as though as they were fireworks announcing the pain I was about to suffer, splashed off my body!

And this was the result even after my Ice Wolf was using its quickest speed to retreat. If I were to receive that attack head-on, my left arm would have definitely been sliced off!

But just at this moment, he thrusted the scabbard in his left hand into the Ice Wolf’s abdomen. Then, in a flash, the Ice Wolf I was riding on emitted out a painful cry, as it turned into a ray of light and returned into the summoning magic formation!

Just what the hell is that technique!?
Ice Totem!
Staying in my current position was too dangerous. I immediately used an ice totem to push myself towards the side, and at the same time, I shot countless of ice arrows towards Bai Yueguang.

But, he dodged with a high jump towards my direction!

In the air, as he slashed apart the homing ice arrows, he slowly approached my position!
Frozen Light!
Instantly, a ray of blue light shot towards his body, which was still in the air. Even if he’s able to slash the ice arrows apart, he should not be able to directly

block against Frozen Light! But…

In the next second, I realized I made another mistake. He actually used his

scabbard to first block against the Frozen Light, and the moment his scabbard was

frozen, he borrowed the impact on the scabbard to turn his body and avoid the Frozen Light!

At the same time, his figure once again turned into countless blurred silhouettes, and he flashed right before me in an instant!

Damn it…

So I’m left with no choice?
“Super Arcane – Freezer from the Kitchen of Hell”
In an instant, Bai Yueguang who was about to slash at me froze in mid air.

Not just him, even I, and the space surrounding the two of us was sealed in ice. “What is this magic spell?”

“A magic spell that’s really effective to everyone except Ice Magicians.”

I laughed, and the moment I finished saying that, the space beneath us suddenly distorted. Immediately after, a gigantic freezer appeared below us.

Super Arcane – Freezer from the Kitchen of Hell, it’s a legendary magic spell which combines Ice, Darkness and Spatial elements to summon the freezer from Hell’s Kitchen into the space of the battlefield. It does not consumes MP, but, after summoning it, everyone, including the summoner, will receive damage from the magic spell.

According to the number of people present, the size of the freezer will change in size. Currently, the freezer was only three meter in height.

And we, who were completely immobilized, fell straight into the freezer. With a bang, the freezer closed shut.

“Next up, we’re playing a game.”

Saying that, I picked up an ice spike beside me, and stabbed it into my thigh! My HP which had already been depleted by more than a half by Bai Yueguang’s

slash earlier, with this self-inflicted wound, it plummeted down once again.

In this magical domain, not only are you able to harm yourself, you’re able to inflict damage on your party members as well!

And the reason why I’m attacking myself… The ice damage inflicted on yourself will be multiplied and converted into darkness corrosive magic damage, which will be inflicted on the other party!

And because we’re currently being separated by a gigantic layered ice barrier, we’re not able to directly attack each other!


In an instant, Bai Yueguang let out a painful cry, and a black fog was poured out of his body!

That’s rather understandable. After all, I specialize in Ice Magic, and by using an ice spike to attack myself, it would naturally generate additional damage. However, my resistance against ice attacks is pretty high, and adding that my ice armor was not entirely broken, I would naturally not fall due to my own attack.

But… the converted damage was not calculated according to the damage I received, but according to the damage I dealt to myself. Hence, that earlier attack

of mine, probably only had the strength of a singleIce Flowerspell, I guess?

“Damn!!! Damn you!! Damn you, damn you, damn you! You bastard! This kind of attacks is basically against the rules!!!”

Bai Yueguang roared as he stood up.

Looks like the damage dealt from that attack was indeed not light, as his HP immediately plummeted down to a half, and was still slowly decreasing!

“You can’t blame me for that, I have no other choice. I don’t have the guts to go head-on with opponent like you who rely solely on speed to attack. Adding the fact that I’m not that familiar with your skills, nor am I familiar with your limits and abilities, I have no choice but to use the skill that would bring about some advantages for myself.”

“But did I not give you a blade!?”

“What? You gave me that blade, so I have to definitely use it? I don’t have a single skill that corresponds to that type of weapon, and you’re not the least bit embarrassed about fighting me while knowing that fact. Geez.”

“You bastard… Fine! Eat this!!!”

After saying that, he actually went into his katana-drawing stance!

Hey hey! This game is about being the first to oppress your opponent to death, and not to kill yourself! What are you doing!?

But that guy had already completely entered the mood!

I hurriedly prepared to pick up another ice spike from the side to deal him the final blow, but he suddenly raised his head, and his pair of eyes emitted a red glow, like that of a ghost’s.

What the hell!? What kind of big technique is this!?
“Secret Arcane – Iaido – Skybreak!”
At the same time he shouted that out, I stabbed the ice spike into my chest.

But, the frightening sword silhouette had already flew past me, and immediately after, something incredibly terrifying happened…

The freezer… was instantly sliced into half!!! This guy… Is he a monster!!??

Chapter 22: All-Out War

The Freezerslowly split into clean halves right in front of my eyes, and then, dissipated in the air.


The Battle Barrier’s notification had already indicated that the battle was over. Because this was just a private battle between the two of us, the battle results

were indicated in theBattle Barrierdevice itself.

Seeing that the both of us only had about a tenth of our HPs remaining, the two of us smiled, and kept our weapons.

Looking at the Battle Barrier’s information display, the result was actually…
“Wow, the battle actually ended like this…” Bai Yueguang sighed.

“But it was still within the range of your expectations, right? Alright, we best run.

The managers of the library seem to be rushing towards our direction.”

Two red dots have appeared on my mini-map. Looks like they heard the commotion caused by our battle earlier.

Our battle ended really quickly. We only took about three minutes to finish our battle, but the commotion caused by our final attacks was too big, it would be strange for them not to notice.

Although a protective barrier was set up due to the battle barrier, but with a Secret Arcane skill added on to a Super Arcane skill, the designer might not have considered the upper limits of the users’ combat strength.

“Alright, let’s flee. We still have to head to the entrance to sign out. After all, we signed in before entering library earlier.”

“You’re right… But how are we going to head down?” “Like this, of course!”

Saying that, I patted on his shoulder, and the two of us were transferred to the toilet on the first floor.

“This… You’re actually able to use Spatial Magic?”

Bai Yueguang looked at his surroundings astonishingly, and asked.

“Well, I’m not entirely sure if it’s actually a spell, because it’s a skill the system gave.”

“I see, I understand.”

After hearing that it was given by the system, he nodded understandingly.

As I thought, compared to the things of this world, the settings of the system in our bodies are able to go even deeper into the illogical category?

“Alright, in any case, we should first head back for today. We will see how things go tomorrow.”

“I guess that’s fine, after all, there’s… the team battle tomorrow as well.” Thinking of this, I inexplicably smiled.


Black PrincechallengesKnight of the Blue Seasto a team battle.

Knight of the Blue SeaschallengesSweeperto a team battle.

SweeperchallengesBlack Princeto a team battle.

The moment the rest period in the afternoon started, the broadcast in the entire school sounded.

Hearing of this mysterious triangular battle, I can’t help but express my admiration to the cooperativeness of the three Knight Squads.

And the atmosphere in our base became serious as well.

“Looks like our opponents do not wish for us to obtain five points. It seems they have already came into agreement to suppress us.”

The moment the meeting began, Princess Michelle suddenly stood up and said.

“Un, like this, on the surface, they don’t seem to be initiating any attack against us, but, their actions cause us to lose the opportunity to gain points. According to the third rule, a team is only allowed to challenge another team once in a single day, so it’s still reasonable if they don’t attack us. but if we were to attack any one of them, it will give them an excuse to join together and attack us.”

As expected of someone born into politics, thank you, Princess Anne, for your explanation.


“The problem is, what are we going to do about it? They have already revealed such a hand, which was something we did not predict. But, if we don’t do a little something, then aren’t we not matching up to the declaration we made in the beginning?”

…That’s right, at the school’s opening ceremony, I gave such a hot-blooded speech in front of everyone. If we were to retreat in a time like this…

So we have no choice but to go hard, huh?

“Then, I have a suggestion. In any case, they’re doing this because they’re against us, so why don’t we deal a complete counter-attack to throw them into despair?”

“A complete counter-attack? You’re not planning to attack all three of them at the same time, right?”

Aliyah laughed.

“That’s right, that’s how it is.” “Eh?”

Everyone looked at me shockingly.

“Take a look yourselves, in the rules, it’s stated that a team is able to initiate a battle against another team once in a single day. In other words, attacking… every single team once is allowed.”

“This… Isn’t it too reckless?”

””Since they have already decided to suppress us, then it would be stupid for us to simply take it lying down. But we have to consider the distribution of our members as well. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

“I want to be grouped with big brother!” Oyado immediately said.

“Then I will group up with you as well.”

The one who spoke up next was Aliyah.

“Over here, you’re the only one who is most familiar with my attack patterns, so let’s decide it this way.”

“… Alright.”

It seems, that’s indeed the case.

But I was rather surprised that Aliyah would be the one to take the initiative. And here I thought she did not like to participate in activities like these. “Then Hei Luoli, Tai Shixi and I will form a team.”

Bai Yueguang said.

“Ne~ Lanya wants to participate as well! Because it sounds pretty interesting~ Right, Falan, Yybril~?”

The Magic Academy’s Strongest Trio?

That isn’t really an unexpected team, but three Magicians in a single team is a little…

Well, whatever. Since they wish to do it this way, it’s not really a problem either. “Then, does anyone else have anything to add?”

Not only was there any opinion, they have already begun to pack their things.

“Then, let the game start!”

NEET Tea Partychallenges Black Princeto a team battle.

NEET Tea Partychallenges Knight of the Blue Seasto a team battle.

NEET Tea Partychallenges Sweeperto a team battle.

With the sounding of the new broadcasts, the entire school population began to boil in excitement!

Part 3 – Confronting the Leaders

Chapter 23: NEET VS Blue Seas

“Speaking of which… I feel like I haven’t seen Pryn lately. Oyado, I remember back then, you wrapped her up like a dumpling. After that, she has been avoiding me whenever I see her. Did you do anything to her after that?”

While walking to the locationKnight of the Blue Seasinformed us of, I asked this question.

That idiot Pryn was always the one fooling around back then, but after that day, I basically had only seen her from afar. Even though I planned on greeting her each time, she would always give a frightened look, and she immediately disappeared after that.

“I only told her that if I were to see her near big brother, I will wrap her up and send her to the Eastern Continent.”

“… Oyado, I don’t remember teaching you things like this. Even if you wish to wrap someone up, wrap me first… ahem. In any case, you can’t bully other people like this, after all, Pryn is still our comrade.”

I suddenly felt a scary stare coming from behind me. It must be my imagination, after all, Aliyah’s the only person behind us.

“Un, I understand, big brother.”

“You pair of siblings is really having a lot of fun, huh~”

“Aliyah-chan~ Isn’t maintaining a good sibling relationship a good thing?” “‘Chan’…”

Aliyah’s entire body seemed to have shivered.

“Even you have started to use these weird honorifics as well?” “Why? I can’t?”

“It’s… It’s not that you can’t. It’s just a little…”

Aliyah seemed to be a little hesitant, and in the end, she shifted her gaze to the side.

“Hmph! Do whatever you want!”

Geez, this girl sure loves to cut herself off, huh. “As I thought, big sister Aliyah is really cute~”

Oyado then hugged onto Aliyah, and rubbed her face against Aliyah’s. “Geez, just what are you doing~ Aaaaaah”


It would have been great if Dale and the rest had finished developing a handheld camcorder.

“Hey hey! Just what is the meaning of this!? You actually brought two little girls over here!? Are you looking down on us!!??”

Just when Aliyah and Oyado were fooling around, we have already arrived at the open space in front of the library. Although I have no idea why the members of

theKnight of the Blue Seaschose this place, but… it doesn’t really matter.

“I say, Masha, we as challengers naturally know full well of our own combat strength. So, you guys just have to accept the challenge.”

“I… I guess that’s true! Fine then! Let us have a good battle!”

After saying that, she instantly pulled out her heavy hammer, and dropped it heavily onto the ground.

Geez, it’s not good to destroy public property, you know. It’s no wonder I often see cracks on the academy’s flooring. So, you were the one causing them.

Her weapon was a blue heavy hammer. On one side, it was folded into some sort of shape, while on the other, it was filled with spikes.

And what she’s wearing was not heavy armor, but leather armor. Looks like, for the sake of wielding her heavy hammer more nimbly, she gave up on the defense provided by heavy armor.

Female | LV 35 Heavy Mace Wielder | LV 23 Light Novelist
[Neutral] [Happy]Tender Blue Anchor[Concealed Berserker] [Leader of the Knights of the Blue Seas Squad] [???] [???]
Although there’s still question marks, I’m too lazy to usePhad’s Eyeto gather intel. In any case, I will still get another opportunity to do so.

And the other two, were called Mariyas Monte, a LV 33 Spear Knight, and Fars Raymond, a LV 20 Wind Magician.

They actually decided to deploy a Magician this time? Not bad. “Looks like you guys are well-prepared, well then, let us begin!” “That’s of course! But I wish to add a condition!”

Masha suddenly said. Eh?

“Condition? What is it?”

“The losing team will have to treat the other team to dinner!”

…… “Eh?”

Does this girl still remember the dinner thing I said about the other time? “I understand. Then let us hurry and begin.”

“Hmhmm! You best still have the appetite to eat after getting smacked by me!”

“Of course, of course. You don’t have to worry about that.”

I laughed, and then, took out the new weapon that Lanya created by following the blueprints I gave her last night – the Magic Armband, and wore it.

If it’s a weapon that aids in casting magic spells, I feel that carrying something like a magic staff around is too much of a nuisance. But, I had Hidden Blade equipped on my wrist, so I had Lanya create a magic equipment that could be equipped on my arm. Actually, it’s simply an armband that was embedded with a magic crystal,

which was retrieved from the top of a magic staff. I had Lanya make an armband for each elemental type, and if I have to switch them in battles, I can simply use the inventory menu to do so.

And in my hands, was the Demonic Blade Bloodmoon which Bai Yueguang gave me earlier.

“A sword? A Magician using a sword, and such a thin one at that, you’re really making me angry!”

Masha stared at me and said.

””Haah. You really make a lot of comments. As an opponent, is it really fine to comment so much?”

“You bastard… Aaaah! I have decided! I will definitely smack you till you’re unable to stand!”

After saying that, a giantBattle Barrierinstantly expanded on the open field, enveloping all of us within it.

As expected of a team battle, they instantly moved into their battle formation.

The Spear Knight immediately rushed ahead of his two teammates, and raised the shield in his hands to block the front.

Behind him was Masha who was carrying her heavy hammer, and right at the back was the Wind Magician.

“Oyado, I will leave the Magician to you. Do not attack him excessively, you only have to stop his spells from firing. Oh right, at least give him the chance to fire his spell once, after all, he did make the effort to come here.”

“Understood~” “Aliyah…”

“Aaaah, I understand. To me, there’s no such things as strategies. This is so troublesome. That’s why I usually go solo.”

“Haah, I can imagine that.” I nodded.

“Then you’re in-charge of preventing that Spear Knight from interrupting our battles.”

“Hehe, I’m fine with that!”

After saying that, she turned into a red blur and charged towards him. In less than two seconds, she had already reached right before the Spear Knight.

And then, in a flash, her figure actually appeared behind the Knight!

With a flash of her sword, from the joints in his armor, with a ‘huaaa’ sound, fresh blood began to spurt out!


And in that angle, it’s impossible for him to turn his body to counter-attack, and he was only able to see himself being attacked.


Masha carried her heavy hammer and waved it ruthlessly towards Aliyah. But, the heavy hammer instantly crashed into a wall of ice!
“Arcane – Suppress – Ice Royal Garden!”
By using Shaping Magic, I turned the initially big ice wall into the size of a shield, and its defense and durability was instantly increased by a few folds.

And using it as a shield was much more convenient.

Just that the pattern on it looked pretty terrible. After all, it resembled the floral patterns of a royal garden or something.
Ice Totem!
At the same time, I summoned an ice totem from the side to push Masha away. “Your opponent is me. This is a duel between squad leaders, you know?”

“You guys… really don’t possess any team spirit, huh.”

“We’re just treating this as three stand-alone duels.” I laughed, and then, raised my Demonic Blade.

“Then~ Let us begin~”

Chapter 24: Blue Thunderclap

“Arcane – Collapse – Earthshatter!”
Masha slammed her heavy hammer onto the ground, and the marbled floor released a series of force blasts.

Hoh. Although, in the past, I have seen many people striking the ground to release shockwave attacks, this is my first time seeing such a move.

She seemed to have infused energy into the ground by striking her hammer into a particular angle, causing the energy to burst off the ground after that.

Arcane – Suppression – Ice Imperial Garden!
I stabbed a large shield of about half a meter in length into the ground, and the blasts struck onto the shield.

Loud bangs sounded, and the shield was filled with thin crack lines.

“The attack power isn’t bad. This is a shield that’s able to directly block against Arcane-grade spells. I did not expect your skill to cause it to form cracks.”

“Aaaaaaaah, you bastard! I should be the one saying ‘why did it only cause cracks to appear!?'”

Masha lifted her heavy hammer and charged towards me. She stepped on top of the shield, and with a single leap, she jumped right above me!
“Arcane – Ice Mist!”
In an instant, countless ice branches stretched outwards from the magic formations beside me. At the same time, at the tips of the branches, a series of Ice Flowers emerged in the air and exploded simultaneously!


Masha cried out, and swung her hammer at the nearest Ice Flower!
“Arcane – Whirlwind!”
Then, her body began to spin in the air at high speed, as she continuously smashed apart the Ice Flowers.


This led to her being completely surrounded by pieces of ice. “Arcane – Collapse – Earthshatter!”

After the spinning ended, Masha swung her heavy hammer upwards, her body flipped up due to the momentum, and then, her hammer ruthlessly smashed downwards!


A large amount of energy was infused into the ground, and probably because the energy could not be dissipated, the large impact caused the floor to shatter instantly. The initially well-marbled floor was instantly turned into a pit stacked with pebbles.

Pieces of ice and various substances brought about by the shattered rocks filled the air, causing our visions to become unclear in an instant.

“You bastard, where are you hiding!?”

Masha shouted as she swung her heavy hammer about. However, it was futile, as I had already used Accelerate and Charge to flee from the affected area.

Looking at Masha from afar, I smiled as I aimed at Masha’s position. I then summoned two Ice Falls in the air, and immediately after, they started descending right towards her!
“Arcane – Blue Seas – Tearing Hurricane!!!”
A large hurricane was produced from the center of the field of ice and ash, instantly blowing away them away. Masha then carried her weapon as she charged towards me!


The weapon in her hands was no longer a heavy hammer, but a huge sickle! The weapon had two pointed edges on opposite sides, just like a ship’s anchor,

but it’s actually a giant dual-edged sickle.

Tender Blue Anchorhuh?

So that’s what the title means. But why doesn’t the network have any related intel about this?


Masha brandished it about as she charged right over, as though after the heavy hammer changed its form, Masha’s control over her weapon had increased by a level!

Did her weapon become lighter after changing its form?
Strengthen! Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!
Cold air instantly enveloped Masha’s body, but she once again renewed her charge after pausing for only a moment!


Her sickle slashed onto my Demonic Blade, producing a loud bang, which even caused my jaw to numb.

“This strength… doesn’t correspond to your stature at all, huh.” “Your abilities don’t correspond to your class either!”

“It doesn’t hurt to learn more than a single type of skills!”

As I said that, I controlled the descending Ice Falls to fly towards us, by changing their descending direction.

And then, an ice totem ruthlessly shot out from behind me, grazing past my body, and directly colliding with the blade in my hands!

The impact pushed Masha two steps back!

“As I thought, the way a Magician uses his sword is really strange… But do you think a small trick like this will fool me!?”

The moment the Ice Falls were about to fall on her, Masha forcefully swung her sickle upwards, and the sword wave produced immediately sliced the two giant icebergs into halves!

As expected of a LV 35 Heavy Mace Wielder, to actually be able to slice apart a spell like Ice Fall so easily, and two at the same time at that…

No, there’s something wrong with her sickle as well. A normal weapon that could slice apart a spell but not receive magical side-effects should not exist… Unless her sickle is made of mithril?

And even though she uses a sickle, why is she a Heavy Mace Wielder? Unless you’re telling me a sickle is also a type of mace?

“Where are you looking at!?”

Her sickle once again swept towards me, and with a back-flip, I dodged that attack. Immediately after, I used an ice totem to blast me high up.

“I’m wondering what’s your weapon made of. Even though you’re a Heavy Mace Wielder, you’re actually using a sickle.”

“Sickle? Isn’t this just a long hammer with blades attached?” “……”

Looking at her skeptical expression, it seems what she said was the truth.

“Alright, I understand now. It’s not something that can’t be comprehended, if you put it that way.”

I laughed, and waved my hand. Countless ice arrows started pouring down from the sky like raindrops.

However, this time, she did not dodge, rather, she stood firmly at her position, and began to swing her sickle!
“Arcane – Blue Seas – Tearing Hurricane!”
The countless wind edges instantly blew the descending ice arrows far away. She actually borrowed the force produced by her skill to interfere with the spell’s flight orbit!

No, because the ice arrows have physical forms, they can thus be interfered with? “I already told you, these small little tricks are useless against me, didn’t I!?”

After deflecting my attack, she forcefully swung her sickle, and countless wind edges came assaulting me who was still in the air.

I laughed, and instantly used an ice totem to push me away from my original position. Right after, I pointed downwards, and a giant Frozen Light was shot directly towards her.

You’re able to deflect physical attacks, but as for attacks which are completely magical in form, you won’t be able to do it, right?

”” Blue ThunderclapMagic Defense Barrier α, four types of barriers against magic, open.”

Masha raised her weapon upwards, and on the two sides of her hammer, another four metal rods protruded out. Immediately after, a grey magic formation actually appeared at the center of the rods!

This girl’s weapon… isn’t normal at all!

Frozen Lightlanded on her weapon, and a four-layered light spherical barrier actually extinguished my Frozen Light completely.

Three seconds later, my spell ended, and she still stood there completely unscathed.

After that, she once again reverted her weapon back to a sickle, and smiled at me.

“How’s that! Do you now know how incredible I am!? I’m the natural enemy of all Magicians!”

“Eh… I can see that.”

I wiped off my sweat and laughed.

‘Fir, can you hear me? I have investigated Masha’s weapon. It’s name is Blue Thunderclap, and it’s an anti-army and anti-magic weapon. It’s origin is

unknown, and the earliest records state that the fourth member of the true

Knight of the Blue SeasSquad once used this weapon. It’s rumored to be an ancient relic.’

Hearing Dale’s message, I could not help but reveal a bitter smile.

‘Is that so? An ancient relic? And here I thought that Gundam Deathscythe’s weapon somehow crossed over and was reconstructed.’

Looks like… This battle definitely isn’t as simple as I thought it would be…

Chapter 25: Ghostify


After a loud bang, the ice wall erected in front of me once again collapsed.

I helplessly revealed a bitter smile. My MP had already been drained near empty from the spells I used earlier, so currently, I have no choice but to wait for my MP to slowly recover.

Although the recovery effects from my MP potions have never stopped being active, my MP recovery speed is still not fast enough for a MP-draining battle like this one.

Initially, I had wanted to take my time battling her, but, I did not expect her weapon to actually be so overpowered. If I had known this from the beginning, I

would have immediately cast Millennium Frozen Riveror Eternal Frozen

Griefto freeze her. However, currently, I no longer possessed the MP to use such large-scale magic spells.

Right now, I have no choice but to dodge, avoid, and occasionally use my blade to block her attacks.

But, this girl is using a heavy hammer, it’s impossible to block it completely with a blade. At most, I’m able to block against its sickle-form attacks, but I will still receive some damage from them as well.

“What happened!? Where did all that vigor earlier go!? Why don’t you be a good boy and surrender, and treat me to dinner after this!”

Realizing that I have become powerless, Masha began to attack ruthlessly without rest, continuously swinging her sickle towards my body.

“You still dare to say something like that while using such an overpowered weapon!? Evidently, that’s no longer an average weapon, but a weapon of the ancient-grade, right!? To actually be absolutely resistant to intermediate-grade spells, even if you were to allow me to fight against it, I won’t be able to defeat it at all!”

“How did you know this is an Ancient Weapon?”


I forcefully took a step back, and said. “Because you just said it yourself.” “…Ah! You idiot!”

Realizing that she exposed it herself, Masha carried her giant hammer and fiercely

charged straight towards me. A silhouette flashed past, and I felt as though my blade was struck head-on by a demolition machine. All the bones in my body trembled, and I was sent flying away!

Not good. This weapon is no longer strong enough to fend against her. Although I don’t really like the idea of it… But I have no choice but to change my weapon.

Tapping on the hotkey to switch my weapon, the Bloodmoonin my hands was instantly swapped with Ghostbreak!
Without using the Warrior’s Strengthen skill, I’m incapable of wielding this weapon freely, in other words, this weapon requires me to use my MP to wield. This was one of the reasons why I did not want to use it.

However, the bigger reason was, this weapon gains in strength according to the number of people killed by this sword. When the ownership of this weapon was transferred to me back then, the count was reset to 0. In other words, although the weapon in my hands is strong, it’s currently nothing more than decoration.

Oh, where’s the justice in the world…

“Oh, so you finally decided to give up on that thin sword of yours. But as a Magician, is it really alright to use a broadsword?”

Masha looked at me with interest, or should I say, she was looking at the weapon in my hands.

“Well, I don’t really have a choice. I’m basically unable to defeat you unless I have more skills at my disposal. A battle barrier with such a small size is disadvantageous for Magicians in the first place. A Magician requires time to cast spells, and a Magician only cast them after judging the situation of the entire

battlefield. This battle barrier is made to completely suppress the actual strength of Magicians in mind, so it’s impossible to use magic to battle in this situation. Look, your Magician had been lying there for quite a while now.”


Masha frantically turned to look. When she saw the Wind Magician lying on the ground, she immediately leaped back out of caution, and carefully observed the surrounding situation.

On the other side, Aliyah and that Spear Knight was having a hot-blooded exchange. Probably because out of pure fun, the area over there was completely enveloped with sword waves and silhouettes.

And Oyado’s figure had already disappeared a while ago.

Don’t worry, I only told her to hide at the side and rest after accomplishing her mission.

It’s my own battle, so I have to deal with it myself! “But as for you, your opponent is me!” Accelerate! Extreme Shadow! Quick Steps!

After learning Quick Steps from Bai Yueguang, I used it to replace Elf of the

Wind. After all, it’s a Wind Magic spell, so when I use it, my body will be surrounded by a green glow. If someone were to find out that I’m able to use

Wind Magic as well, the things that will happen after that isn’t going to be interesting!


Ghostbreak and Blue Thunderclap collided against each other, but this time, I no longer feel suppressed.

As I thought, using a heavy weapon feels different! “Now this… is more like it!”

Masha forcefully pushed me away, and did a fierce sweep.

I raised my broadsword to block against it, and the sickle sliced onto it!

“Do you know? It’s bad for Magicians if Warriors get too close to them, but… there’s exceptions as well!”

Position locked on, go, ice totem!

A giant ice totem, like a cannonball being shot out, blasted Masha away.

I had planned on using ice totems to send her flying earlier, but with her movement speed and destructive ability, it’s basically impossible for the ice totem to land on her.

But, when the both of us are trapped in a deadlock, she will simply become a target board!

And because of the restriction of the battle barrier, currently, she should be about to hit the top limit, right?


The ice totem struck onto the barrier’s top limit, and with a loud bang, it squashed Masha against the barrier wall.

Her name was still there, which meant she did not dodge that attack of mine.

Making use of this opportunity, I immediately sat on the floor and tapped on another type of MP potion.

There’s nothing I can do about it. There are actually some MP Recovery Potions that will not allow you to recover MP unless you’re not in a battle state. It basically drives me crazy.

But, in less than three seconds, she broke out of the ice totem, and charged over with her heavy hammer raised!

Finally… I have been waiting for this moment!

I gripped tightly onto the broadsword in my hand, and pointed it at Masha who was in the air, while tapping on the skill button.
Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash!
The runes on the broadsword instantly lighted up, and a crazed feeling poured into my body from my palm.

The surrounding scenery in front of me instantly turned red, and my vision turned blurry.

But even if that’s the case, I could still see Masha, who was charging straight towards me, really clearly.

The attack power of theGhost Techniqueis really high, but it needs to be initiated by ghostly powers.

And time is needed for the initiation process. After all, I’m not a ghost myself, hence, I require the energy withinGhostbreakto first infuse into my body,

allowing me to temporarily ghostify, before I’m able to activate the skill!

But this process takes a long time, as the moment I enter the ‘Ghost’ form, my body will easily disintegrate, and the form will become more difficult to control.

Hence, I can only unleash this skill when my opponent will not make any random movements nor dodge!

And that moment is now… She’s currently descending from the skies, and because she had just activated a skill, it will be very difficult for her to change her direction!


Aiming right at Masha in the sky, the weapon in my hands swung upwards with great force!

A dark red sword wave cut through all the substances in its path, as it flew straight towards Masha.

When Masha saw that sword wave, her eyes were widened in an instant, but at the same time, she immediately activated another skill and accurately struck downwards onto the sword wave!

The two skills collided, and immediately after, a black ray of light enveloped the entire field in an instant.

“Damn it!”

I did not expect Masha to actually use her skill and strike it head-on! This has gotten troublesome!

It’s already too late to cast another spell, so I immediately clicked on the pendant tied around my neck.

A blue defensive barrier was instantly erected. The barrier I activated was a suppressed Ice Imperial Garden.


Not even a second after the blue barrier was deployed, cracks appeared on its walls. Immediately after, a loud bang sounded, the entire barrier instantly disappeared, and the black miasma actually engulfed me in an instant!

Damn it! What the hell is this!?

Engulf everything...

Suddenly, a voice resounded in my mind. What…

Just when I was thinking that, suddenly, a brand new skill appeared in my skill list.
( Ghostify, a skill which initiates the ghostly powers withinGhostbreakto strengthen the user’s body. Time of transformation is affected by the amount of MP consumed. )

Looking at the surrounding miasma, I helplessly tapped on the skill button.
The surrounding miasma instantly poured into my body, and right after, I suddenly felt a seemingly large boost to my abilities!

I opened my menu, and my stats almost frightened me.
Ghost LV 50
Oh my god… My race and level actually underwent weird changes in an instant! And, I feel that I have become much taller. Also, my clothes…

have gotten really tight…

The miasma became thinner, and I could faintly see the look of my own body. Oh god, I’m actually…

a ghost entirely in red!
Dispel Ghostify!
I immediately tapped on the Dispel button. After all, I don’t wish to appear in front of others in that form.

My body speedily returned to its original form, and at the same time, a broadcast sounded.

NEET Tea Partyobtained victory. Points Awarded: 5 Total Points: 7

Chapter 26: Complete Victory

Battle Concluded.
Defeated: Masha Luna EXP Received: 10,000
Level-skipping Rewards Credits Accumulated: 8
You leveled up! Current LV: 28
After looking through the level-up notification, the surrounding miasma finally subsided.

“You bastard… you’re really…”

Masha struggled to crawl up from the ground.

A large half of her armor was already ruined, and her school uniform underneath was torn as well, revealing her snow-white skin.

She looked at her current attire, and helplessly shook her head. She then took out a cloak from her ring and wore it over her body.

“What are you looking at!?”

Probably noticing my gaze, Masha frowned as she asked.

“Nothing much, I’m just assessing the destructive power of my attack.”

After saying that, I turned to look at the side. That Spear Knight was already lying on the ground. His entire armor was crumpled like a piece of scrap metal, and it’s impossible to distinguish its original look.

Aliyah was standing beside him and watching him interestingly, as though she was very satisfied with the results of her battle.

And on the other side, Oyado was sitting right on top of the fallen Wind Magician, as she cleaned the dagger in her hands.

Alright, looks like we’re done here.

There’s completely no news from the other two sides though…

When I raised my head to look, the top of battle barrier actually cracked open a large hole. The string of magical symbols above were slowly dissipating, causing the crack to grow bigger.

With a loud bang at the end, the entire barrier actually shattered into pieces. The

Battle Barrierdevice emitted out a shriek, as though its life had come to an end, and then, it exploded!

“Incredible! I had tried destroying that barrier countless times, but I never succeeded. I didn’t expect you would succeed in destroying it.”

Masha looked at the remains of theBattle Barrierdevice amazed, and then, she stood up.

“It was just a coincidence. Probably, thatBattle Barrier‘s battery wasn’t charged.”

“Battery? Charge?”

“It was just a metaphor. I meant it did not have any energy left.”

“Is that so? I see. But I don’t think there’s a need to change the magic crystals within this competition-useBattle Barrier.”

“Well~ It doesn’t matter anymore.”

NEET Tea PartydefeatedSweeper. Points Awarded: 5

Total Points: 12

NEET Tea PartydefeatedBlack Prince. Points Awarded: 5

Total Points: 17
As I thought, it’s impossible for the academy’s strongest trio to ever lose, and on the other side, a team with two otherworlders as members should not lose either.

“Your actions this time are a little too bold, don’t you think? You guys are going to make enemies out of all three Knight Squads, you know?”

“Is that so?”

I helplessly shook my head.

“Hasn’t it been that way right from the start? You guys received orders to do a joint attack on us once, and since there’s a first time, there will always be a second, no?”

“Well… Currently, that’s the rough situation~ After all, you guys are a Squad that appeared out of thin air.”

Masha pondered for a moment, and actually admitted it really straightforwardly.

“Although the Ice Empire and Witt Empire are two large Magic Empires in the Western Continent, those Knight Empires are unwilling to accept a force like us that came out of thin air… But don’t they know that angering us will also cause something really troublesome to happen?”


“Especially when one angers a bunch of lunatics. There’s nothing scarier than that, right?”

“I know, I know~ Though it’s best to leave these things for later~” Masha shook her head.

“Although I’m the Leader of my Knight Squad, to tell you the truth, the one commanding us is still the country backing us… But, this is great. I don’t have to be the leader of this Squad any longer.”


As I watched Masha saying these words, I felt that she was still really happy about it.

“Because our superiors have stated that, the moment the squad leader loses, his or her position will be removed by the squad. Currently, I guess I’m no longer their squad leader.”

“Is that so… being discarded so directly… it’s really rather straightforward, huh.”

“But don’t worry, I have already promised to treat you dinner. I’m not going to forget about my promise because of a small matter like this~ Didn’t we make a bet?”

“Is that so? But is that really alright? Since you lost… This should be one of the rare opportunities you will ever have, right? After all, you aren’t a State Knight of any country, and you’re even mix-blooded. You have just lost your only opportunity to obtain a higher position.”

“Well, in any case, they’re always in need of scapegoats to take the blame for them, and the reason why I became their first squad leader was because…”

“They knew they will definitely fail once. And even if they won’t, they do not have to give you that many benefits, while all the glory will belong to them.”

“… I didn’t expect that you, who is nothing more than a commoner Magician, are this knowledgeable about politics.”

“Well~ My hobby is reading, after all. But if it’s like this, won’t you…”

“I don’t have any other choice but to think of ways to find some simple work to make up for in-adequateness.”

When Masha was saying all these, it’s as though she was talking about someone else.

This girl… Did she experience something even worse than this in the past? ”… Then wouldn’t everything be solved as long as you join our squad?” Suddenly, Aliyah leaped over from her position and said.

“We’re lacking a lot of people anyway.”

“Aliyah, what do you mean we’re lacking in people?”

“Aren’t we? The other teams have near to a hundred people, while our squad only consist of about a dozen.”

“So what of it? Isn’t it fine as long as the quality is better?” “There’s still a limit to our combat strength, you know~”

I looked at Masha, and she was looking at us with interest.

“Alright then. Once you’re kicked out from your squad, come to our side then. As long as there’s no problems with the rules.”

“Un un~ Then when that time comes, I will treat you guys to dinner as well~”

After saying that, she brought her heavy hammer up and returned to her team. “……”

As I watched her return to her teammates, I helplessly sighed. “What are you looking at?”

Aliyah suddenly asked.

“That girl’s titles, the last two wereAbandonedandSlaughterer. I really have no idea whether I should take her in.”

It was just earlier that I used my Phad’s Eye to reveal her last two titles.

“Eh, from my point of view, most of them are just question marks though… Well, even if that’s the case, she’s still considered to be a very strong support. We might even obtain some valuable intel from her as well.”

“… You just feel that she’s interesting, don’t you?” “Don’t you feel that way too?”


I shook my head.

“She’s more than just interesting…”

Chapter 27: Professionalism

Our victories in the three team battles threw the three Knight Squads into panic. After all, we gained a total of 17 points in just three days, which had proven our abilities were genuine.

And they did not even try to challenge us to another battle.

Geez. If we’re able to level up quickly like before, defeating you guys with a single blow is basically a piece of cake, what’s there to panic about?

But, I have to admire their sense of professionalism, perseverance, and their ability to court death. Because, during the night when we celebrated Masha’s arrival to our squad, the moment the clock ticked past midnight, they immediately issued challenges.

Oh, of course, even though I said it was a celebration, we simply bought a few more side dishes than before, and we ate about the same amount as usual.

But that’s not the main point, the main point was, all three of them actually challenged Princess Anne at the same time!

I believe every one of them should receive a Deathseekertitle. I won’t allow myself to be the only one holding onto that title.

“This is no longer too much, but perverse, right?”

Hearing the broadcasts, Aliyah immediately said that furiously. “Kuh…”

Masha seemed to have wanted to say something, but she paused, and said

nothing else.

“Don’t mind it. Even though those people were once your companions, you don’t have to mind about it. Because, currently, you’re one of us.”

I said to Masha with a smile.

That’s right, Masha had already been completely abandoned by them. Her retirement declaration was actually announced not even ten minutes after our battle ended, as though it was prepared beforehand.

That’s right, it was prepared beforehand.

And they even tried to take away Masha’s weapon, saying that it was a property belonging to their Knight Squad. However, the moment Bai Yueguang and I took a step forward, they turned tail and ran.

They’re basically trash.

“Those trash, really get on my nerves… No, they have gotten on my nerves for a long time now.”

Alliyah seemed as though she was eager to eliminate all of them.

“That’s right, initially, we had thought of going with the flow, but… This is really getting on my nerves too.”

Bai Yueguang nodded.

“Sorry… Because of my loss, I created trouble for everyone. Why don’t I withdraw from this war? Like this…”

“What are you saying?”

Dale pushed up his glasses and said.

“If we maintain these results, even if we directly surrender the three matches, we will only lose three points per day, no… if we attack with our full force, they basically do not even have the chance of winning. After all, we’re allowed to challenge all of them in return as well.”

“Dale’s right. Even if they were to challenge us, we can challenge them in return as well. So you don’t have to worry about it.”

I nodded as well. “But I…”

“We already told you to not mind about it. Princess Anne, you’re actually really

strong, don’t you know that?” “Fir, umm…”

Bai Yueguang tried to stop me, but Aliyah and Dale from the side stopped him at the same time.

“I’m… strong?”

“If I’m correct, you’re actually capable of using a Forbidden spell, right?” “… You… How did you know about that? But, umm… if it’s that ability, I’m

completely unable to control it.” “Forbidden?”

Extremely interested, Falan suddenly walked over.

“Witt Empire’s Water Forbidden Spell, it sounds really interesting. Hurry and tell us about it!”

“Umm… I…”

Princess Anne seemed to be a little troubled, and her pair of eyes constantly flickered.

“Why don’t we do this? Tell me about your Forbidden spell, and I will tell you a Water Arcane spell that you’re able to use as well.”

Princess Anne’s level did not rise much, and she’s currently only LV 16. She should barely be able to cast a single Arcane spell.

“Water Arcane spell? You possess knowledge of Water Arcane spells?” “Un, I kind of know about them.”


“Then, let’s do this.”

I immediately stretched out my hand, and pressed it on her forehead. After that, I tapped on the ‘Impart’ button next to Arcane – Tsunami.

Anne’s eyes momentarily became lifeless, but an instant later, they returned to normal.

“I… This… I suddenly felt a magic spell appearing in my mind! Just what is going on…”

“Alright, I have already told you about that magic. It’s your turn to tell us about your Forbidden spell.”

“Eh, earlier, in just a single moment… How did you do it?”

“It’s really troublesome to explain. Just take it as I have read too many books, and I have turned into a human library. Alright, alright, tell us about your Forbidden spell.”

“Umm… Do you mind teaching me a Super Arcane spell?” “This…”

I stared at her for a long while.

“Are you sure? You shouldn’t be able to use that sort of spell with your current ability.”

“It’s fine! It’s fine as long as you tell me about it.”

I sighed, and once again, placed my hand on her forehead.

But this time, everyone in the room approached us. Lanya even took out a weird device and was pointing it at us.

“Hey hey, what are you guys planning to do?” “Research.”

Lanya said indifferently.

The rest of them nodded at the same time.

“Because, even if we ask you about it, you won’t tell us anything, so we can only study it ourselves.”


I have to say, she’s totally right, except for one point.

It’s not that I don’t wish to tell you guys anything, rather, I have no idea how this works either.

But I still imparted her another spell I knew.

Super Arcane – Corrosive Heavy Storm】! “Wh… What a strong magic spell… I can feel it.”

Princess Anne suddenly became excited. “Umm… These magic spells…”

“Don’t mind it, I learnt them on the fly.”

If those people who spent decades researching at those Magician Towers were to hear of this, I wonder if they will spit blood out of their mouths.

“Then… Since that’s the case, I will tell you about my Forbidden spell.” Princess Anne paused, and then continued.

“The Forbidden spell I possess is called Dreamary’s Lamentation, a Water

Forbidden spell. But… I’m unable to use it, because… it can only be used in the state when one has just woken up… However, I suffer from insomnia.”
Unique Quest: Dreamary’s Dream
Quest Objective: Hold onto the hand of a Forbidden Spell Possessor who possesses Dreamary’s Lamentation, enter her dreamscape, and defeat
Quest Reward: Dreamary’s Magic Spell Series “Please hold my hand and sleep with me!” “Eh?”
“You sure are daring, to actually say something like that. She’s a princess, you know…”

Lanya snickered.

“I’m a princess too, why did you not request that from me!?” Princess Michelle shouted loudly.

“That’s not the main point, right!? Hey!”

“Alright, we can talk about this again later… They have already arrived.” Looking outside the house, we have already been surrounded by countless of


“Are we… going to reject the battles?”

Dale asked. “No.”

Princess Anne shook her head.

“I want to try!”

Chapter 28: Unwavering Spirits

“Is this really alright…”

Seeing Princess Anne walking into the barrier while holding onto her staff, Dale suddenly asked.

“Un? Since she herself said it’s fine, then let her have a try. Even if she loses, it doesn’t matter much to us anyway, right?”


“What’s with that expression of yours? Unless… You’re actually… towards Princess Anne…”

“No! I just don’t wish any of my targets for characteristics research to experience any problems, that’s all.”

Dale pursed his lips, then, he turned and left.

Just what the hell is this guy thinking… Oh well, whatever.

Turning to look at the field of battle, I realized the challenger appearing at the other side of it… was actually Arnus of Black Prince.


Shameless. This is utterly shameless. Are all squad leaders disposable nowadays? Earlier, we had just abducted a squad leader, and now, another squad’s squad

leader actually challenged our team’s lowest leveled Magician… Do you wish to be abducted as well?

No, no, no. By using their strongest combat potential to fight against our weakest

combat potential, they must be aiming for absolute victory, right?

I have no idea what Princess Anne can do against them, but since she has the desire to improve, then it’s a good thing. I will take this time to have a good look, and I might be able to find a suitable battle style for her.

“Princess, I’m sorry.”

Unexpectedly, the moment Arnus came forward, he apologized. “Personally, I do not wish to use this method to trouble you, princess, but…” “I know, I know~ I clearly understand that sort of thing.”

Princess Anne replied with a calm expression.

“I know of my in-adequateness as well, so, I wish to use this opportunity understand my limits.”

As she was saying that, Princess Anne actually gave a glance to her back.

“I did not choose to enter theNEET Tea Partyout of anyone’s orders. It was definitely out of my own free will that I became one of their members. It was not because I was commanded to so, I just personally wished to be one of them… That’s probably why they’re stronger than you people, I guess.”


Arnus sank in silence after hearing these words. After a while, he sighed, and said. “Probably so, but… Even if that’s the case, we will not waver because of that!

We’re fighting with our knight’s honor on the line. We’re not free, true, but one day, we will be able to have all the power we need in our grasps.”

“Is that so? Then I wish that the day will come soon for you people.” “Princess Anne, do you wish to win this battle?”

After hearing their conversation, I smiled and said.


The two of them suddenly turned towards me with a startled expression. “Let’s do this then… I will gift you something, which might be able to increase

your rate of success by quite a bit.”

With this said, I threw a ring into the barrier.

The battle had yet to start, so the barrier could still be accessed by anyone. “This ring… Does it have some sort of unique ability?”

“That will all depend on your luck. It might possess an unique ability, or it might not as well. It all depends on your luck.”


“In any case, it doesn’t hurt to try, right?” “Alright.”

Princess Anne wore the ring on her index finger, and then, bowed towards me. “Thank you very much.”

“Don’t thank me, victory is something we all desire, after all.”

“The battle will start soon, both sides, please make your final preparations!”

The judge was a teacher from the academy. He was still wearing his pyjamas, and he looked as though he was about to fall asleep.

I guess that’s understandable, after all, it’s already two in the morning, and I’m about to fall asleep as well. Geez…


The moment the signal was given, a black light erupted from Arnus’ body. With a swing of his long spear, its entire body turned into a black silhouette as it struck towards Princess Anne!
“Arcane – Tsunami!”
Princess Anne pointed her staff towards the front, and a giant magic formation instantly constructed before her.

… Instant cast?

That’s right, almost the instant she spoke the skill’s name, the magic formation was completed. From the gigantic wave pouring out from the magic formation, I can tell that, the time to she took to cast the spell was… close to none!

How is that possible? How is it possible for the inhabitants of this world to insta- cast magic spells?

And Arnus was also shocked by the oncoming attack as well. He swung his long spear, and the tip of the spear pierced towards the incoming wave. Countless airbursts flew out from its tip, constantly blasting onto the surface of the wave.
“Arcane – The Black Prince’s Chow-down!”
With a loud bang, the large wave was blasted with a large hole, and with a flip of his body, Arnus’ body slipped into the hole.

“Geez, you’re actually pretty proficient with arcane spells, this sure is…”

But, appearing right before him, was the staff-wielding Princess Anne, with her eyes closed.


Arnus paused for a moment, before he once again stabbed ruthlessly towards Princess Anne.
“Super Arcane – Corrosive Heavy Storm”
But suddenly, a few raindrops landed on his armor, emitting sizzling sounds. Immediately after, a heavy rain poured!
“Super Arcane – Black Emperor – Shield Star!”
Black wisps of air immediately enveloped Arnus’ surroundings. Although he had reacted extremely quick and used his defensive arcane skill, the armor he was wearing had already been corroded by a large half!

“This… How is this possible…”

Arnus looked at his armor disbelievingly, and then turned to look at Princess Anne. “You’re actually able to use Super Arcane spells? How is that possible? You

shouldn’t be able to…”

“There’s nothing impossible in the world.” Princess Anne laughed.

“As long as I’m willing to pay the price, anything’s possible, right?”


The heavy downpour slowly weakened, and then, completely stopped.

Arnus dispelled the defensive barrier on him, and then, he tapped on a certain part on the heavy armor he was wearing.

The armor actually came off, and the uniform under his armor was revealed. “But, even if I’m like this, I’m still able to battle!”

“Is that so? Arcane – Tsunami!

A large wave was immediately released towards Arnus. He took two steps back, and bitterly laughed.

“Looks like I have underestimated you… ‘Black Prince’ Mode, release!”

A black armor instantly appeared on Arnus’ body, replacing his former corroded armor. This armor… I have a feeling I have seen it before.

“Like this, we should be able to have an even match!” “……”

After saying that, Arnus raised his long spear, and charged towards Princess Anne. But, right at this moment…

“I surrender.”

Princess Anne suddenly said. “I have decided to surrender!”

Chapter 29: Challenging the Squad Leader

After the end of the battle withBlack Prince, Princess Anne instantly rejected the duels requested from the other two squads.

“I need to study the proper applications of these spells.”

With this said, Princess Anne immediately ran back to her apartment.

I don’t know what she has in her mind, but, as a LV 16 Magician, seeing how she was able to hold her ground against a LV 32 Knight like that, it means that Princess Anne is already really proficient in using her spells.

The only thing she lacks now is raw strength.

And, what we have to do now, is really simple, and that’s spreading the news of this incident. Especially to the Witt Empire, there’s a need to inform them of what happened tonight in full detail.

One of the points we have to emphasize on is the fact that the three squads challenged Princess Anne at the same time, and the reason for that was because Princess Anne’s combat ability was among the weakest. At the same time, we have to emphasize on how Princess Anne was able to hold her ground even though she was against a strong foe.

The ones behind the three Knight squads tried to completely control the flow of information regarding this incident, and prevent any information from leaking out, however, through the network, we were still able to ‘accidentally’ leak out the information to some common information agencies, which are being watched by spies, in various empires.

To put it bluntly, they’re the unofficial news agencies in this world.

In this world, although every country possesses their own news broadcast agencies, due to the low literacy rate, most news are only released in a certain sector of the city, where the residence of the country’s lord lies, and then, the news will be spread by those who know how to read, to those who don’t, by ear.

But due to the recent extremely quick technological and economical advancements, the importance of news and information quickly became bigger before the literacy rate could improve.

Especially in various countries, news agencies have begun to appear among the commoners and less-fortunate. These agencies are mostly developed with the monetary support from a few guilds, so as to collect information for their jobs.

Naturally, to make sure that these agencies do not have any possibilities of harming their countries, the countries will send spies into the agencies.

Hence, we just have to make sure that the information we’re spreading is extremely credible, and naturally, before long, the entire continent will know of this piece of news.

Initially, this sort of thing requires a large amount of time and effort, but fortunately, we have our cute Sion’s Dooron our side, which is capable of

simplifying the terminals, and has even begun to miniaturize them. With them here, I believe, the information age will soon arrive.


I think that if I were to use this opportunity to try my hands on creating various online games, and collect fees from them, I might be able to enjoy a life without any worries for food or lodging really quickly.

But, before that, I think it’s best to stick to grinding and improve my abilities. In this world, even though information is important, personal combat ability is even more important.

And, really quickly, results were produced. In the early morning of the next day, we saw the managers of the three Knight squads running to Princess Anne’s apartment to apologize about the incident. We did not expect our actions to be this effective.

And, around this time, I received information about the new squad leader of

Knight of the Blue Seas.

‘Anu Zhennir, is it?’

From afar, I was able to see the information regarding that squad leader.

‘LV 47 Sword Knight, LV 22 Strategist, in his list of titles, there’s Vice-Captain of the Third Hendry Empire Knight Squad,Forbidden Spell Possessor,

Oppressor,OCD,Sis-con… Why is there such a weird title among them?’

‘Because he has an actual blood-related sister, but according to the information I received, the relationship between him and his sister seems to be really terrible.’

Dale quickly sent me a reply.

‘The rest of the information match up to his titles, they’re all correct. In other words, for victory, they actually made a knight who had just obtained his post as a Vice-Captain into a student and threw him into our academy.’

‘Is that really alright? He’s already a Vice-Captain, and the academy actually accepts his admission into the school? Just how old is he?’

‘… 32 years old.’

‘Hey hey, he’s already a middle-aged uncle, and the academy actually allows his admission? Just how much money did they spend…’

‘Because the academy… does indeed have an advanced studies course, which also allows those who are older… to have the right to receive education.’

Hey hey, unless there’s an otherworlder among the academy’s board of directors as well? He even incorporated educational equity into the education system?

Ah whatever, it doesn’t matter. Since that’s the case…

‘Dale, find a way to send a message to Ice Empire, and have Gabriel admit into the school.’

‘… Ah?’

‘Since they have already deployed such a shameless tactic, then we shouldn’t hold back either. Geez, they actually used such an interesting tactic, are they trying to make us laugh?’

‘Alright, in any case, I understand.’

After saying that, Dale cut off the conversation. “Haah, this is really troublesome.”

After finishing with the problems on this end, next up, we have to think of how we should exact our revenge.

Evidently, those Knight squads have begun to become extremely vicious, and the only way to deal with this problem is to quickly end this competition and obtain victory.

There’s two different ways to win. One, to achieve the highest number of points by the end of this term, and two, to directly accumulate 100 points.

Seeing the current situation, the only way to solve this problem quickly, is to directly grind our way to 100 points.

And as for improving our combat abilities, we will have to defeat opponents that are of higher levels than us, so as to guarantee 10,000 EXP for each win. This way, we will have enough EXP to increase our levels at the same time.

But, right now, we have a more pressing problem. After all, if we were to attack a certain Knight squad, we have to consider the reactions from the other two Knight squads as well.

If we were to face an all-out attack, it will be tough if they were to attack us in turns.

After all, currently, we have Princess Anne’s precedent case, I believe they will no longer go too far with their attacks. Right now, it’s the rare opportunity for us to take a break, we must definitely make full use of it.


In that case, it’s best to make more preparations like earlier, so that we won’t have to fluster when the need arises.

“In that case… let’s relieve a little burden off someone’s shoulders.”

With this thought in mind, I walked over to a teacher who was in-charge of registering the challenges.

NEET Tea PartyFir challengesBlack PrinceArnus to a duel.

Not even five minutes after the registration, the broadcast sounded throughout the entire academy.

And then, not even ten minutes after that, I saw Arnus sprinting over from afar, with his long spear pointing towards me.

“I… will accept your challenge.” “Of course you will, you have to.”

I smiled, and then pulled out Bloodmoon.

“Then let us have a good battle!”

Chapter 30: Black Chesspiece

The moment the battle began, as expected, similar to his battle with Anne before, he swung his long spear to the right, and then, accelerated towards me!

Compared to the many different types of weapons, spears are considered to be among the lighter ones. In other words, this guy prioritizes speed… no, to be exact, this guy’s attacks depend on speed.

Back during his battle with Princess Anne, I had already understood his battle style after watching his extremely quick attacks. It’s impossible for this guy’s weapon to possess the ability to change its form like Masha’s, and, in his list of

titles, other thanArcane Possessor, there’s nothing much that I need to

watch out for.

What I might need to watch out for are his Black Prince’s Spear Techniques,

Royal Family’s Spear Techniquesand the skill which allows him to summon an armor. About that skill, we could not find any relevant information about it, so…

let’s take some time to gather information about it.
“Arcane – Black Prince’s Chow-down!!!!!”
The instant Arnus reached right before me, his entire body emitted out a black glow. At the same time, he retracted his long spear, and then, like a gatling gun, it was thrusted crazily towards me!
“Quick Steps, Accelerate, Charge!”
He thrusted his spear towards me, but, I had already used a short-distance charge to leave my initial position. AlthoughShadow Sneakbring about the same

effects, it’s currently early in the afternoon, and there’s not many shadows to make use of, hence, it’s not really effective in this situation.

Thus, I had no choice but to avoid it directly.

After dodging to the side, his spear thrusted constantly towards my initial position, and the airbursts shot out from the tip of the spear, blasted onto the wall of the barrier behind me.

Of course, it’s all thanks to the spear’s weakness that I was able to dodge the attack this easily. Even though it’s light and quick, it can only attack in a single direction at a time!

And in times like this, his flank was completely exposed.
“Arcane – Iai Slash!”
Slightly lowering my body, I ruthlessly slashed my katana towards Arnus.

Back then, I expressed my interest in Bai Yueguang’s set of skills, and wanted to study them. I thus learnt a couple of Samurai skills from him, and of course, I told him about the Warrior skills that I know as well.

Forget about magic spells, although I’m able to use every type of skills, Bai Yueguang isn’t able to do that. So, there’s no point in teaching him the spells.

The focus of the Iai Slash is not its destructive power against its target, but the slashing power produced in the instant the attack is initiated!

After experimenting with it, I realized anything can be sliced with a single Iai Slash, as long as it’s not magical reinforced. Of course, the thickness of the object must not exceed 0.5m, and its width must not exceed a full meter either.

And before my eyes, the spear Arnus was holding was evidently nothing but a normal weapon. The sword wave produced flashed past, and his spear was instantly sliced into two pieces.


Arnus leaped back quickly, and looked at me with a very terrified expression. “How is this possible… You’re actually able to slice apart this metal alloyed spear,


“Alloy? Interesting. What alloy is it? Titanium? Aluminum?”

“You… How do you know about these alloys as well!? Unless you possess the ability to create those high-grade metal alloys?”

“Ara, I simply read a lot more books, that’s all.”

I laughed and once again kept the katana into its sheath.

There’s nothing I can do about it. The skill button for Iai Slash can only be used when the katana is its in sheath. It’s honestly really troublesome.

“Hmph! Looks like you do indeed have many secrets kept deep within. It seems I can only…”
“Super Arcane – Freezer of the Hell’s Kitchen.”
The moment his body emitted out black wisps of air, I immediately used my summoning magic.

A giant freezer locked us in, similar to the time I had my battle with Bai Yueguang. “Hey! What is this!? Just what did you…”

“I already told you, I’m simply a Magician who have read a lot more books than others.”

After saying that, I immediately plucked out an ice spike beside me, and ruthlessly stabbed it into my own body.


But the scream came from the other side.

Miasma was constantly emitted out from his body, and a large amount of his HP was lost.

“You bastard… Just what is this…”

“Just to let you know, I really hate unexpected events, so I plan to defeat you without giving you the opportunity to attack!”

After saying that, I once again stabbed myself with the spike, and the miasma emitted out from Arnus’ body became even denser. An instant later, he knelt and fell onto the ground.

NEET Tea Partyobtained victory. Points Awarded: 1

Total Points: 15
Right after the end-of-battle notification rang, the Battle Barrier and Freezer were automatically dispelled.

“I’m sorry. You guys were commanded to attack us like this, but, victory is our only goal. So, no matter what, we will have to obtain victory.”

Looking at Arnus who collapsed onto the ground, I sighed.

“I really wish to have a direct confrontation with you guys, however, ever since I found out that you guys are only able to battle when your superiors order you to, I changed my mind.”

“Is that so… Haha… That’s indeed the right choice… I will tell you this… When we said that we would have a fair battle at the start, that was nothing but an order given by superiors as well! You guys simply do not understand! Everything is within their calculations, you guys can’t hope to win!”

Arnus revealed a smirk, and then fiercely stared at me.

“Oh, really now? But… There’s something you don’t understand.” “Eh?”

“You’re nothing but a chesspiece as well!”

Arnus Yeun

LV 32 Spear Knight

[Neutral] [Progressor] [Knight of the State Knight Squad] [Arcane Possessor] [Chesspiece]Black Spear Baron[Doge Military School Student]

I had always been wondering what this [Chesspiece] title meant.

Back then, Masha gave me a hint. These Squad Leaders were nothing more than scapegoats used to shoulder responsibilities.

“Hmph… Even if that’s the case… Kuh!” Suddenly, my attack warning rang crazily!

I instinctively tapped on the Charge button, and I instantly retreated to the

shadows of the building nearby.

If I’m here, I will be able to use Shadow Sneak, and I will have a guaranteed outburst of speed.


“This doesn’t look good at all…”

Miasma started to constantly pour out from Arnus’ body, and, the miasma actually began to slowly envelop his entire being!

“Hahaha, I see, so this thing was actually… I see, I see! Hahahahaha!” And, this guy actually began to laugh madly.

With his body being enveloped by the miasma, he actually took on a black sphere- like shape!

“Student Arnus, the battle has already concluded! Hurry and release your armament!”

The teacher in-charge of judging this battle was a male instructor from Doge Military School, who wore a full grey leather armor. He pulled out two short swords from his back, and pointed them at the black ball floating in the air.


But the black sphere floated in the air, without making any sort of movements or sound.

In an instant later! Suddenly, countless energy waves crazily shot towards the instructor.

That instructor quickly swung his two swords about, blocking the oncoming waves. But, he could not hold long against the constant barrage of attacks. After blocking a couple of the black waves, his abdomen was struck by one of the energy waves, and his entire body was smashed into a wall behind him, fainting instantly!

“That’s right, it’s this feeling! Fir! Let’s go for another round!”

The black spear suddenly opened, and a black figure walked out of it. On his body… It seems like he’s wearing a full-body black armor?
Arnus Yeun

No Data】【No Data

No Data】【No Data】【No Data

“… World-chan, what is this situation? Are you slacking off?”

Looking at those weird titles, I bitterly smiled.

Chapter 31: Black World

The black armor Arnus was wearing had a metallic shine, but occasionally, wisps of black air would emit from his armor.

Is this a form of berserk transformation or something similar? But, seeing that he’s still able to hold a regular conversation with me, it proves that he did not go berserk.

Back then, I have seen demonification, and I have personally experienced ghostification. But… What is this?

Full Body Black Armorification? Berserker Lancelot Transformation?

Speaking of which, the way his pair of eyes is emitting out a red glow is pretty similar. Although I don’t know where you got this from, but the one who made it… must be a big fan of Nasu, right?

Well, this isn’t the main point. The main point is that this guy’s titles are actually not question marks, nor are theyUnable to Display, but No Data.

Although I have yet to see such a thing before, no matter how I look at it, it’s definitely something that’s not stored in the system’s data, hence, those titles cannot be displayed.

It’s definitely because World-chan is slacking, no doubt about it.

Or probably, this is the first time this thing is being used, hence, World-chan has yet to collect its data?

“Geez, I didn’t expect to encounter a situation like this.”

“Hahaha! You’re right, we’re chesspieces. But, chesspieces have their own uses, right!?”

Immediately after, his figure suddenly disappeared! This… Has this guy’s speed exceeded my visual limit?

Before waiting for the attack warning to even appear, I immediately summoned an ice shield and swung it to the back. In an instant later, a black spear penetrated through my ice shield, and then, pierced into my chest!

Although I’m already used to this level of pain, his attack actually caused my HP to plummet down to a half in an instant.

That’s right, a full half! With a simple pierce, my HP fell by a half!

This guy’s level has definitely exceeded LV 40, but he’s definitely under LV 50 as well, otherwise, I would have instantly died with a single hit.

Immediately after, my figure flashed towards the bottom of the building at the other side. I then opened my white wing, and after using a recovery spell, my HP started to slowly recover.

“I didn’t expect… a Magician like you would be so fast.”

Arnus said as he summoned another spear, and then, his figure once again disappeared!

But, seemingly at the same time, he appeared right before me, and two black spear silhouettes pierced towards me!

I quickly swapped my katana for the broadsword, and stabbed it deeply into the ground. The black spears stabbed onto the broadsword at the same time, and the broadsword trembled greatly. If I had used a normal broadsword, it definitely would have been broken, right?

I stomped my foot, an ice totem pushed both me and the broadsword in the air. Then, I spun my body, and pressed on the skill button.
Ghost Technique – Army Breaking Slash!
The symbols on the broadsword lighted up at the same time, and a large amount of crazed energy poured into my body in an instant!
My body was instantly fully filled with energy, and with a swing of the broadsword in my hand, it clashed with Arnus’ two spears!

“Very good! You’re finally the same as me!”

“The same?”

“Look at your body, did you not turn into a demonic ghost?”

I lowered my head to look, and just as he said, after turning into a ghost, my entire body turned deep red, just like Blazing Horn.

“Well~ What’s wrong with borrowing a demonic ghost’s power to fight against a demon?”

“Then… die!”

A colossal amount of energy exploded between our weapons! I flipped and landed on the ground, and then, I immediately shot countless ice arrows towards him.

Arnus constantly disappeared and reappeared, dodging all of the ice arrows I threw at him, and then, he came piercing towards me with his spear.

With a swing of my broadsword, I parried his thrust, and right after, I stretched my other hand and grabbed onto the spear.

Then, with a kick to his abdomen, I sent him flying!

Haah, after transforming into a ghost, my body’s capabilities turned stronger. Wait a minute, I personally do not possess any additional bonuses of any class, in

other words, I do not have the amount of mana to cast spells whenever and however I want like an actual Magician, nor do I possess the destructive power and body strength of a Warrior.

But! By transforming into different states, I’m able to empower myself! Like transforming into a ghost and something similar!

And… although the guy in front of me is covered entirely in black, he looks really strong!

I don’t exactly know what’s he wearing, but… I must definitely strip it off him!

“Damn it!”

Arnus stood up from the ground, and in a flash, his figure appeared behind me!


“Have you still not realize that our difference in speed had already been greatly reduced compared to earlier!?”

I turned and swung my sword, blocking Arnus’ attack. Then, balling my fist, I smashed towards his abdomen!

But, this time, he actually directly thrusted his spear towards my fist!

I hurriedly changed the direction of my attack, and after lowering my body to dodge the attack, I quickly grabbed his spear!

“But, do you know who is speed’s greatest enemy?” “Who?”

“Ice Magicians, of course!”
Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!
A bluish icy fog enveloped us, and a layer of frost speedily formed on his black armor.

But, this guy did not actually receive a ‘frozen’ status! “Ice Magic Resistance?”

I immediately released an Ice Flower below us, and then, took a big step back to increase the distance between us.

Arnus retreated as well and avoided the Ice Flower. Then, he pierced his spear towards it, shattering the Ice Flower!

But right after the Ice Flower shattered, out came my Frozen Light! When he realized the ray of light, it was already right before him. Arnus swung his weapon as he tried to block the light ray attack, but the Frozen Light landed on his hand, causing his entire arm to turn into a block of ice! When he realized that something was wrong, he quickly retreated to the side, however, I controlled the ray of light, causing it to cut across his chest. A trace of frost appeared on his chest armor, and then, it was frozen completely!

“Die, idiot!”

After saying that, I pressed on the button in my hands!

Pa! The frozen part of the armor on his right arm shattered entirely!

Earlier, when we collided against each other, I threw a miniaturized motor, a hidden weapon, onto his body. And after I activated it when it was in a frozen state, it entirely shattered the frozen part of his armor!
“Arcane – Unlimited – Millennium Frozen River!”
The instant he lost his focus, my large-scale magic spell turned the vicinity into a giant ice mountain.

Swapping back to my katana, I quickly tapped on the unique MP Potion which allowed my MP to fully recover, and then, tapped on the next skill.
“Secret Arcane – Iai – Skybreak!”
A ray of light flashed from the katana. Immediately after, a trail of light appeared at the center of the entire mountain, and it slowly broke open into two clean halves.
Battle concluded.
Eliminated: ArnusNo DataUnique EXP Reward: 50,000
Unique Level-Skipping Reward: 10 Credits Unique Tool automatically retrieved.
You leveled up! Current LV: 29
You leveled up! Current LV: 30 You leveled up! Current LV: 31 You leveled up! Current LV: 32
Title [Retriever] Unlocked.
The moment the notification screen finished showing the results, the entire mountain of ice instantly disappeared before my eyes!

Hey hey hey! I have yet to obtain his transformation tool! This is…

‘Target has used an object that has never appeared before, and has already been retrieved.’

Before I could even finish lamenting, the sudden pop-out message shocked me. Because the name of the person who sent the message was actuallyWorld! ‘Just what the hell are you doing?’

Although I tapped on the ‘send’ button, the message could not be sent out! Tch!

‘Fir! What happened!? Earlier, on the network, all information about Arnus had instantly disappeared!’


Seeing the message sent by Dale, I could not help but take in a cold breath. ‘The disappearance you speak of… Is it the sort of disappearance whereby that

person had never actually existed before?’

‘… Seems like it. His position was completely replaced by someone else, and… other than the difference in the name, his entire history is actually the same.’

‘Wait for me, we will talk when I get back!’ The situation… doesn’t look really good.

World-chan actually used a method like this to interfere with the world?

“I see… I understand now. We will be careful!”

Mari-sensei nodded, and then, quickly left the teahouse.

In the room, there’s only the few otherworlders from our squad, because I used our built-in messaging system to contact them, and hence, the rest of the people were unaware of this.

Oyado had been sent to gather information since morning, so, she wouldn’t appear at this time either.

And, I even planted a special GPS tracking device on her body, so, as long as she appears close to me, I will immediately discover her.

“So, what are your thoughts, everyone?” I asked sternly.

The room we’re using was protected by the special equipment developed by

Mari-sensei and the rest, so, within the compounds of the place, the signals on our bodies were cut off, and would not be discovered.

“I don’t have any. It’s actually an existence that’s capable of instantly altering this world, so, even if we plan on doing anything, it will be difficult, right?”

Aliyah shook her head and said that.

“Since it actually retrieved Arnus right before your eyes, and even altered the data on the network, I believe it’s issuing a very direct warning to all of us.”

Dale pushed up his glasses. “Don’t do anything unnecessary.”

“Alright, then we will leave it at that then. Dale, continue your surveillance over the network, and send the information ofBlack PrinceSquad’s new leader to


“No need. Other than the change in name to Olide Mare, his information is exactly the same as Arnus.”

“Is that so? Alright, then as for the rest…”

“We challengedKnight of the Blue SeasandSweeper, and we earned back the points we lost. As forBlack Prince, the data showed that the participant fromBlack Princerejected the duel, so we obtained a point from

them as well.” “Alright.”

I laughed, and then looked towards them.

“Then, for now, we will put this aside. Let’s commence the attack!”

Chapter 32: Stalker

The battles after that became much easier than before. We fully utilized our advantage of being able to quickly increase our levels, and constantly challenged enemies that were of higher levels than us.

It did not matter which Knight Squad they were from, as long as their levels were higher than ours.

After two weeks worth of battles, all of our levels were raised by at least one, and our total points amounted to 42.

And this is still a very gentle battle result, after all, due to public pressure, they were unable to attack our low level members.

And on the other hand, our targets were always individuals that were stronger than us, and thus, naturally, we would not be questioned for anything.

But, no matter how it went, the results would still be the same. After all, we’re progressing towards victory, and their death-seeking methods will simply accelerate the process.

“Why is it that even if we defeat someone that has a much higher level than us, we will still only receive 10,000 EXP!? That isn’t fair at all!”

Aliyah complained as she unhappily swung her dual swords about.

Currently, among the otherworlders, Aliyah, who was LV 25, had the lowest level. Although she had been participating in many battles recently, due to the EXP restriction, she only managed to rise to LV 25.

“That’s because you have always been slacking, you shrimp.”

The one who spoke was Tai Shixi, and currently, she’s LV 34, the same level as me. Initially, her level should be higher than mine, but because she got bored of the

challenges, she did not participate in the later battles, and was surpassed by me. “What did you say, you giantess!?”

“Gi… an… tess…”

Tai Shixi’s face instantly darkened.

Speaking of which, Tai Shixi doesn’t seem to be willing to bring up the topic of her own height… I guess that’s true. It seems Tai Shixi is the tallest among everyone in the squad, other than Uncle Gabriel who came to report to school two days ago…

“You washboard, come here. Watch me as I use you to grind my levels.”

“Hmph! If it’s grinding, I should be the one using you! You wild giantess! Why don’t I help shorten your height with my slices!”

“Do you believe I’m capable of shaving you into nothing but a human rod!? Come! Let’s do this!”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you!?”

“Are you guys done fooling around? If you two are bored, go challenge the members fromBlack PrinceandSweeper, we have yet to finish using our

tries for today! Aliyah! Don’t you call yourself a mature adult? If you always have this childish temper, you will only be regarded as a child. And you, Tai Shixi. Even if you have a poison tongue, don’t say something like that the moment you start off your sentence, and don’t bring up a battle after the third sentence. If you have kept those poisonous words to yourself, even if someone were to say that you don’t possess any charm as a woman, you wouldn’t have any reason to refute it.”


The two of them paused at the same time. They looked at each other unhappily, and then, without uttering another word, they left.


“I feel that the members fromBlack PrinceandSweeperwill suffer really badly today.”

Bai Yueguang laughed. “I think so too…”

Both of us agreed.

“Alright, today is yet another peaceful day. Meeting adjourned.”

“You’re right. Tomorrow, we will once again attend lessons and then, have a fight with those idiots. I kind of feel that I’m quickly becoming a grinding machine.

Speaking of which, why do I feel like these one battle per day mechanics are pretty similar to the fatigue meters in some games?”

Bai Yueguang tsukkomi’ed.

“Hahaha, speaking of which, you’re right. Alright, I will be returning to writing on the program scripts. We might be able to miniaturize the terminals by this month, and the days of having cellphones will soon arrive.”

“Ooooh, that sure is something to be look forward to. What about PSP?”

“You’re still planning to play handheld games? Grinding on monsters everyday isn’t enough for you?”

“Well… You will still get irritated from playing the same game for a long time, you know.”

I laughed, and then, left the base.

“Even if that’s the case… Where should I go?” “Big brother! Let’s go shopping together!”

After muttering that to myself, Oyado instantly leaped right in front of me.

“Hey hey, your technique of scaring people is getting more and more overboard.” “Thank you for the compliment, big brother~ Big brother, let’s go~ Let’s go and

play~” “But… Eh?”

Just when I was thinking about it, suddenly from afar, I saw two familiar figures walking towards the shopping district.

But why would those two… Well, this sure looks really interesting. “… Then let’s take a stroll.”

With this said, I hurriedly followed after them.

“Eh? Big brother?” “Let’s go.”
Shadow Sneak!
With Oyado’s speed, catching up to this sort of speed basically does not pose any problems to her.

In a flash, I have already appeared at a position five meters behind the girls. An instant later, Oyado appeared beside me as well.

“Big brother, why did you walk so fast~ Geez, this doesn’t count as strolling, you know… Eh? So big brother saw big sisters Pryn and Irlin~”

That’s right, earlier, when I got out of the base, I actually saw Pryn and Irlin walking in the direction of the shopping district together.

Speaking of which, because of Oyado, Pryn had been always been nearby in the past few days, but she did not dare to approach. As for Irlin… Ever since she became Princess Michelle’s bodyguard, I seldom had the chance to see her, and because she was a Knight herself, she did not receive any challenges.

In other words, these two had basically been idling… But why would these two be shopping together?

I don’t know why they’re together, but in times like this, people would obviously

get curious.

“Un, let’s follow after them and take a look.”

“Eh~ So big brother actually has the talent as a stalker as well.”

“Hah? This isn’t stalking, I simply specialize in observing the lifestyle of people.” I justifiably corrected Oyado, and then, continued to look towards the two girls. Well… But… It doesn’t feel like nothing much is going on…

But, the moment this thought flashed past my mind, something suddenly flashed

in front of us, and the names of a few people suddenly turned yellow!
Active Skill: Detective – Insight applied.
Active Skill: Insightful Person – Expand Insight Radius applied.
Three people. The uncle eating at the foodstall on the right, the young girl sitting by the bed at the second floor of the building on the left, who was enjoying her cup of coffee, and the auntie selling cakes by the street.

The instant their names turned yellow, at the same time, arrows appeared, and all three arrows were pointing towards Pryn and Irlin.

Hey hey, so, World-chan… were you the one who had me coincidentally see the two of them entering the shopping district and had me find out they are being followed by another group of people…?
Title [Stalker] unlocked.
Possibility of being spotted reduced by 10%.

Even if you’re trying to respond to me, you don’t have to give me another weird title, right!? I still want to live openly in this world, you know! What’s with this [Stalker] title!?

“Ah whatever, Oyado…”

“Un, I realized as well, big brother! There’s actually perverts who dare to lay their hands on big sisters Pryn and Irlin! I will definitely take good care of them!”

“… Back then, didn’t you have a sour relationship with Pryn?” “Un? Was there such a thing, big brother?”

There wasn’t? My cute little sister?

Well~ Let’s not think about this problem any longer.

“In any case, to people like them, it’s not good if we don’t educate them properly~”

“That’s right, that’s right~ Why don’t we catch all of them and have a good interrogation?”

“No, no, no. Why would we do such a civil thing? As for trash like them, we have to properly make use of… Speaking of which, Lanya hasn’t had a experimental subject for her new drug.”

“Big brother, you’re really bad~”

“You’re flattering me~”

Chapter 33: Packaging

“Can I have a cake, please?”

I suddenly walked over to the cake-selling auntie, and smiled.

She was evidently startled by my sudden appearance. Well, this is understandable. She was watching Irlin and Pryn carefully, after all.

Seeing my sudden appearance, she was startled for a bit at first, and after staring at me for a while, she quickly said with a face full of smiles.

“Sorry, I was in a slight daze because I haven’t had a single customer since earlier. Which type of cake do you want?”


I acted as though I was taking a look at the selection of cakes, and then, replied with a smile.

“Then, I will have that broadsword at the very bottom~” “……”

The auntie’s smile instantly stiffened.

That’s understandable as well. Because of myDetectiveskill, the weapon in her hands was revealed, and it was a folded broadsword that was hidden at the bottom corner of the table of cakes.

Since earlier, she had been holding onto the broadsword’s handle. It sure is frightening~

The attack warning flashed, and I hurriedly leaped back. The sharp blade of the broadsword instantly sliced past the table from the bottom, cutting the entire table of cakes into half.

That sure is a waste. These cakes must have been bought from the cake shop at the other side of the city, and they were used as disguise, right? They’re still edible, you know? How can you be so wasteful?

But evidently, she did not have the slightest thought of it, as she leaped and slashed towards me.
“Frozen Light!”
As I could not be bothered to waste any more of my time with her, with a simple cast of Frozen Light, she was frozen entirely in ice in mid-air.

You can’t possibly blame me for this. A LV 20 actually dared to attack me directly, I can only say that she’s truly courageous.

But being struck by my magic spell will only cause her to turn into an ice sculpture!

Immediately after, the two others were wrapped into dumplings and were thrown over to me.

The one who stood beside them was Oyado. “Fir… Just what are you…”

Our earlier actions frightened the people in the vicinity, and Pryn and Irlin walked over when they realized it was us who caused the commotion.

“We’re just dealing with suspicious individuals. These three people had been staring at you two, so, to guarantee your safety, I tied them all up… Well, almost all of them are tied up.”

Other than the one who was frozen.

“Eh~ Even though we realized there were people following us as well, but you two actually caught them before us.”

Looking at those three people, Pryn laughed.

“Earlier, Irlin said there were people following her, so she called me over to help her locate them. I did not expect that you two would find them before I do.”

As she said that, Pryn looked at Oyado, and the two people who were wrapped like dumplings.

She’s probably reminded of being ‘packed’ by Oyado before, as I felt as though Pryn was shivering for a moment there.

“So it was like that… Irlin, why did you not tell us about it earlier? Wouldn’t it have been faster if all of us came to help?”

“Umm… I felt… it would have been too much of a trouble.” Irlin said embarrassingly.

“Umm… But still, the two of us are…”

Engaged? No, that’s definitely not it, this setting had already been altered by World.

World-chan’s interference can even cause an entire person to directly disappear, it’s basically an easy feat for her to alter a single setting…

So, we’re childhood friends.

“Because it’s exactly that we grew up together… So, currently… Fir, you’re so strong, while I’m still so weak… Umm… I didn’t want to trouble you…”

“What are you talking about? You don’t have to care about something like that.”

I’m getting a headache. Why do I feel that Irlin’s personality is becoming even weirder than before?

“As long as there’s something bothering you, tell me directly, and we will deal with the matter together. After all, we knew each other since back then…”

When I said that we knew each other since back then, I suddenly felt a slight pain in my heart. Was it because of the alteration of her memories?

No, right now, it’s the best choice for her. I firmly believe so. “Umm hey~ I have a suggestion~”

Pryn suddenly spoke up.

“In the future, can you not have Oyado ‘pack’ me up?” “Of course…”

After saying that, I turned to Oyado.

“You must definitely not casually stuff people inside a bag, alright~?”

“Eh… But she wants to assault big brother~” “Assault…”

I turned towards Pryn, and she was frantically shaking her head.

“Definitely not! It’s definitely a misunderstanding!”

“… Ah, whatever. In any case, we will leave it as such, right now, let’s first deal with the problem at hand.”

I turned towards the two dumplings on the floor. First, I glanced at the young girl, and then, I glanced at the uncle.

After pondering for a moment, I first headed towards the young girl.

“Ms. Mixi, right now, I will have you make a choice. Who shall die first? Uncle Herz, or Auntie Sifier?”

“Eh? Wait a minute, what are you talking about? We were suddenly tied up by you guys, and then… How do you know of our names!?”

“First off, your method of answering a question is incorrect.”

After saying that, I snapped my fingers, and a layer of frost appeared at the uncle’s legs.

“And, earlier, you used ‘our’, which meant I did not get your names wrong. Because you yourself confirmed the truth that I know of your names.”

“Ah… That…”

“So, I will ask you again. Out of the two of them, who shall die first?” “……”

“Does your silence mean that you want me to choose in your stead?” I once again snapped, and her legs began to freeze up as well.


She gritted her teeth tightly, and her pale yellow short hair slightly trembled, either out of fear or from the cold.

“Even if you’re capable of resisting, that auntie over there doesn’t seem like she can hold on for long.”

The auntie who was still fixed in her attacking posture in the air had about seventy percent of her entire body encapsulated in ice. Everyone knows that it will feel uncomfortable to hold onto a piece of ice for a long period of time.

But what if you’re encapsulated entirely in ice? “You’re basically a demon!”

“A demon, huh? I really don’t think someone who spied on my friend have the right to say something like that. Why don’t you tell me the reason why you guys were spying on my friend?”

As I said that, I looked towards Pryn and Irlin behind me.

“Don’t try to deny it, otherwise, I will no longer use such a gentle method of interrogation, and become an entirely different person.”

“If I were to tell you… are you willing to release us and ensure our safety?” Suddenly, the uncle spoke up.

“Dad, you…”

“Stop. We have no reason to anger another demon because of a demon.” Stopping the daughter who tried to stop him, that uncle called Herz continued. “What do you want to know?”

“Who sent you guys to spy on us?” I smiled and asked.

As I thought, if they were just regular people, things would probably not go this smoothly, but…

These three people all have the same surname ‘Bate’. This girl has the same eyes as that auntie, and her hair has the same yellow as that uncle.

The three of them has eastern european-looking faces, and that girl had been looking over to that auntie over there since earlier.

I once again snapped my fingers. The ice enveloping the auntie slowly fell off, and the auntie fell onto the ground as well. But because of the cold earlier, her entire body was too numb to even move.

Oyado threw her broadsword to a side, and moved her under the sun.

“Alright, if you want her to receive treatment, tell us everything. Just what the hell is all this about?”

I looked at the girl sincerely, and suggested as such.

Chapter 34: Crisis and Suggestion

“Wuuwuu… Like what I told you, this was our first time doing a mission like this, where we’re tasked to follow someone. But in the end, we were caught by you. Damn it…”

Half an hour later, this girl called Mixi gave us all the information that we wanted. She even included her family’s activity log.

Like how all three of them were members of a certain guild in the past, but because of an incident, they were forced to flee.

In the end, for their survival, the three of them were forced to register in another guild.


The three of them actually used their actual names to register into the new mercenary guild. Didn’t you guys want to flee? Didn’t the thought of them being able to track your actual names ever occur to you people?

Or are you guys simply idiots?

If you guys are really idiots… You guys must have not grasp how powerful your former guild really is, right?

I no longer dare to even think about it.

I can only say that your guild must have been blessed to have had you guys as members.

“So, if you guys have registered into another guild under different names after leaving your former guild, wouldn’t everything be solved?”

“Oh right! Why didn’t I think of that!” Mixi said out of sudden realization.


That’s it, you guys won.

“Ahem, in any case… Oh, auntie Sifier seems to have recovered.” At this time, Pryn came over with auntie Sifier.

Although it was a frost damage of a heavy degree, the most convenient thing

about this world is that, as long as you possess recovery magic, any injuries can be easily healed.

“In that case… Then we thank you for your cooperation~ Once night comes, and the number or eye-witnesses decreases, you guys, take the opportunity to escape in the dark. After all, if you guys were to leave now, those mercenaries might take action on you guys.”

“Un, we know… Umm… thank you.” Hearing her thanks, I gave her a smile.

”Encountering us can be considered as your misfortune, but also your fortune, I

guess. Unfortunately, your mission was to actually follow after one of our people, and fortunately… I don’t have the interest in killing random people.”


“Alright, stop looking so depressed. Have a good rest.” “Umm…”

“If you want to chat, chat with Pryn then. I still have something to deal with on my


“Eh? Why me…”

Leaving behind Pryn, who looked as though she was betrayed, and the family of three, I immediately pushed the door open and left.

I received valuable information from Mixi and her family after all. ‘Dale, have you found any clues?’

As I walked on the road, I asked.

‘Nope. There’s no relevant data on any of the recent activities from the various factions, merchant guilds, and organizations.”

‘Is that so… No matter what, there’s a need to first ask the academy’s principal about it.’

After saying that, I gave myself a boost in speed, and sprinted towards the principal’s office.

That’s right, the reason why I’m in such a hurry was because the information obtained from Mixi was that important.

The people targeting our squad members, are not people from the three Knight Squads, nor are they from any organizations or guilds… No, it’s incorrect to describe it this way.

They’re basically not anyone from this Western Continent.

According to Ms. Mixi’s description, the ones who gave them this mission wore simple Eastern Continent robes, and a few of them were wearing armor similar to Tai Shixi’s.

No matter how I see it… it’s basically the people from the Eastern Continent causing trouble once again.

Just as I was thinking this, I had already arrived right outside the principal’s office. As I found it a hassle to knock on the door, I opened the door directly and entered.

“Isn’t this Fir, my beloved student? Why do you suddenly have the interest to come over to this old man’s room to play today?

“Stop fooling around. If it isn’t something urgent, I wouldn’t have come as well.”

After saying that, I closed the door. After I confirmed that there were no one eavesdropping on us, I continued.

“The people from the Eastern Continent seemed to have dispatched spies to watch our school.”


Hearing these words, the principal’s smile instantly stiffened. A moment later, he asked in a stern tone.

“How do you know about that?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“You… Haah. Do you have evidence?” “I don’t have concrete proof.”

“You… you’re really… Ah, nevermind. You never follow the standard procedures in the first place.”

The old man sighed, and then, gave me a bitter smile. Andrew Mel Syribel, that is our principal’s name.

Ever since the school’s opening ceremony, we have contacted each other privately a few times. After all, I made such a speech at the opening ceremony, so this old man have begun to treat me as the representative of the Magician student body.

Although I still have those Intermediate-grade students and Advanced-grade students above me, in his eyes, I had already greatly outperformed all of the Advanced-grade students.

I’m sorry, but I dislike following standard procedures.

“But even if you say such a thing all of a sudden, we have no idea how to tackle this either.”

“So I came over with a suggestion.” “A suggestion?”

“That’s right. A method that can help deal with the current situation at hand, and

even reverse our roles with the Eastern Continent.” “The current situation is…”

“Think about it yourself. Currently, four of our organizations are fighting among

each other, in the end, instead of defeating the Eastern Continent, don’t you think that a war happening within ourselves is more likely to happen? I’m not trying to boast, but I think that the other three squads are no longer able to stop us.”

“Un… That’s indeed the case…”

“But, none of the Knight squads will admit defeat. In such a case, even if we obtain victory in the future, we still have to constantly be wary of our surroundings. Hence, before the inter-continental competition happens, why

don’t ourNEET Tea Partybe sent over to one of the academies in the Eastern

Continent as part of a special study exchange programme? In name, it’s just a cultural exchange, and we will declare that ourNEET Tea Partywill give up the

rights to obtain points in this period of time. I believe, if the other Knight squads were to hear of this news, they will definitely be really happy.”

“This method… Are you planning to first gather information about our enemies?”

“I didn’t say that, did I? I’m just a student, aren’t I? It’s a cultural exchange, cultural exchange~”

“… It sounds like a pretty good idea, but to put it into practice…”

“Don’t worry, take your time to consider it. Of course, I will let the other Knight squads know of this suggestion through other methods. By then, they might even approach you guys and approve of this suggestion before you guys even decide on it.”

”You… Are you planning to become a certain country’s prime minister in the future?”

“Hah? I don’t have that sort of patience.” I shrugged.

“We will talk about that again when the opportunity arises~”

Chapter 35: Berserk

“Eh~ Even though it was such a good suggestion…”

The next day, when I looked at the notice letter sent down by the academy, I felt depressed.

Although it’s true that I had another agenda of ‘being able to obtain the unique treasures and skill books from the Eastern Continent’ in mind when I suggested that, it still greatly benefits the development of this academy as well, right?

What’s so good about having to fight and kill every single day? And the people who are currently able to fight are beginning to gain less EXP from each battle. There’s no longer much of a point in fighting in this war.

That’s right, although it’s possible to obtain 10,000 EXP from fighting higher- leveled opponents, currently, I’m already LV 34, and other than the former

Knight of the Blue Seasleader who was LV 35, the other squad leaders’ levels

are basically lower than mine…

Although I have yet to battle with Merun, the squad leader ofSweeper… I kind of feel that there’s no point even if I win.

Well, that’s not the main point.

The main point was the notice letter the academy just sent. “So, what do you guys think?”

The people in the room other than me were Lois, Pryn, Oyado, Dale, Bai Yueguang,

Hei Luoli, and Tai Shixi.

The people here were the names listed in the notice letter, and we were the ones who were selected for the exchange programme.

That’s right, exchange students. In other words, we will be studying abroad while enjoying our time in a new environment.

It sounds pretty good, but… at the same time, the squad members left behind will have to continue participating in the academy war.

“The academy’s suggestion is really filled with evil intentions, huh. Is this really alright?”

Dale said with a frown.

“I think it’s fine, after all… We do not possess any special ‘duty’ to obtain victory in the academy war.”

I emphasized on the word ‘duty’, and probably, Dale and the rest were able to understand I was pointing out to them that we did not receive any quests that needed us to obtain victory in the academy war.

Without a quest, there’s totally no motivation to complete it at all. And, it’s no longer effective to grind EXP this way either. So, looking at the current notice… It’s still kind of acceptable.

But it really pisses me off!

“It really pisses me off though!!!”

Aliyah unhappily said as she slammed the table.

“This strange condition is obviously aimed at us! Just hearing about it again pisses me off. Why don’t we simply exterminate the other three Knight squads and get this over and done with!”

“But there’s no point in that, right? It’s just an academy war, after all. If an actual war breaks out within the Western Continent because of the academy war, wouldn’t it be troublesome in the future?”

“Then what plans do we have?” Bai Yueguang asked.

“Hei Luoli, Tai Shixi and I came from the Eastern Continent, so we don’t really mind. And we personally do not have any particular interest in the academy war.”

“Bad taste.”

Tai Shixi sure is concise with her words. “Hei Luoli doesn’t really mind~”

These three people sure fit each other pretty well…

“Of course, I did make contact with our sponsors, the people from Witt Empire and Ice Empire, about this issue. We will just leave it to them after this. I hate things like arguing and debating with people after all.”

“You sure are lazy…”

Dale looked at me with a disdainful look.

I laughed, and then turned back to look at them.

“So, in other words, no one has a strong objection over this notice?”

Looking at everyone’s indifferent expressions, I guess that could be considered as their answer.

“Alright, then we will leave it at that. If there’s any sudden changes, I will inform you guys…”
Ding! SweeperMerun challengesNEET Tea PartyFir to a duel.
Suddenly, the battle notification rang.

Seeing this notification, I was slightly startled.

“I didn’t expect that their squad leader would take the initiative.” Aliyah revealed a shocked expression.

“That’s right…”

SweeperSquad leader Merun, other than the opening ceremony on the first day, I have not seen her figure anywhere.

In the past weeks, the people dispatched for battles bySweeperhad always been mere members, and Merun had never stepped into battle at all.

“Is our opponent desperate? She’s actually attacking us directly.” Dale pushed up his glasses.

“No matter the case, there’s a need to take the challenge. Dale, investigate what

she has been doing up till now. Oyado…” “Big brother, what is it!”

Hearing my call, like a whirlwind, Oyado immediately appeared before me.

“Kuh… Umm… Do you mind checking out the situation atSweeper‘s base? Once you find anything strange, immediately report to Dale. Then, he will have a way to contact me directly.”

“I will go with her.” Aliyah suddenly said.

“Like this, it will be more convenient.”

“Alright, then I will have to trouble both of you.”

I nodded, and then, quickly left the meeting room. I then sprinted to the venue my opponent had selected.

The moment I reached the duel venue, I was shocked by the scene in front of me.

Five warriors, wearing heavy armor, were currently standing upright by the side of the passageway. Merun, whose height was similar to theirs, with her giant sword behind her back, was currently standing in the center, and seemed to be conversing with them.


The aura emitted by their bodies seemed to be causing the nearby students, and even the average knights, to avoid them.

Even I, who despise looking at others simply by their outward appearance, was able to feel the killing intent being emitted from their bodies… Did they just return from a battlefield or something?

And when I examined Merun’s level, I could not help but feel psyched!
Merun Olivis
LV 34 Broadsword Wielder
[Neutral] [Cruel] [Elite] [Eraser] [Squad Leader of the Oudo Empire Anti- Beastmen 3rd Squad] [Bloody Knight] [Sweeper] [Blood Sword]
She actually leveled up!

In other words, her current level is the same as mine, which also means I will be able to obtain 10,000 EXP from beating her!

Girl, wield your weapon! I want to have a duel with you!

“Oh, you’re here! And here I thought you would make me wait for a long time.” Seeing my appearance, she actually looked really happy, and greeted me.

“I heard that people who study magic were very long-winded, I didn’t expect you would arrive this fast. This is great. Although my superiors were the ones who ordered me to duel you, I still have another mission to complete! Let’s hurry and end this game of playing house.”

“… You sure have a lot of confidence in yourself, huh?” Hearing her words, I could not help but rub my temple.

“You do know the current difference in points between our squads, right?”

“Hmph! Something like that basically doesn’t have any meaning!” She said with disdain.

“You have to know that you only have one life on the battlefield, so what’s the point in this make-shift game of house!? If my country hadn’t requested me to appear in this war, why would I have been willing to participate in this…”

“Farce, right?” I laughed.

“Indeed. Even if you’re defeated here, you would only lose points, while you have killed countless of enemies on an actual battlefield… Are you proud of that?”


“I’m asking you! Do you feel proud from taking so many human lives!?” “… Yes!”

Her expression instantly turned fierce.

With her outburst of killing intent, her green short hair slowly began to flutter.

Unlike Arnus’ black aura, the aura emitted by her was actually red in color. And that aggressive aura of hers even caused her surrounding companions to

unconsciously take a step back.

“I fight for my country, and my people! Even if I have to take many lives, it doesn’t matter! As long as I’m able to protect the things that I deem important!”

“… Very well!”

I turned and looked towards the teacher at the side.

“For this battle, can we not deploy theBattle Barrier? “That’s…”

The teacher was shocked by my words. “The school’s rules…”

“Hahaha! I didn’t expect that you would actually dare to bet your life on this

battle! Very well! Throw the rules down to the deep pits of hell! I will take full responsibility for this!”

After saying that, her figure suddenly disappeared in the air.

An attack warning flashed on my right. I immediately condensed anIce Imperial Gardenand released it to my right. Her sword instantly pierced into the block of

ice, and with a single twist, the ice shield was cracked open in half! “Your reaction speed isn’t bad.”

Merun leapt back and raised her sword. Then, she once again looked towards me.

An instant later, she frowned.

“You’re actually not even moving a single step. Are you underestimating me?” “Why would I dare? My opponent is a warrior who has hundred times more battle

experience than I do, while I’m simply a jack-of-all-trades, a student who basically doesn’t have a single specialization. Facing an opponent like you, it wouldn’t be wise to take you head on.”

And I’m unable to useFreezer of the Hell’s Kitchen, because her endurance is evidently several times more than mine. If she realize the attack method and do a

reversal on me, I would basically be digging my own grave.

Because, even though she’s wearing an armor, some of her battle scars could still be seen.

Although I learnt the skillSkybreakthat’s capable of slicing through the Freezer from Bai Yueguang,

“But do you think simply by relying on your magical defenses, you will be capable of blocking me!? You’re too naive! Slaughter Mode! Activate!

The instant she said those words, a red ring of aura suddenly erupted from her body!

I hurriedly summoned an ice shield, but the moment the red ring struck my shield, it began to crack open!

When the red aura dissipated, the ice shield in my hand shattered at the same time, and the pieces of ice fell onto the ground.

This atmosphere, sure is frightening!

The teacher in-charge had already disappeared, it seemed like he had already went to report about this.

But there shouldn’t be a need to worry, as Oyado should have struck him down by now. How could I possibly have someone interfere in this battle?

Her hair instantly turned red as well, and immediately after, her figure disappeared from her original position.


Shadow Sneak!

I was not trying to boast when I did not want to battle in the Battle Barrier, rather, I realized the position of the Battle Barrier was in the middle of an open space!

Are you kidding me? There’s completely no shadows there, how am I supposed to fight like that?

I flashed right under a building in an instant, and a loud bang sounded in my ears. A large hole was smashed open in my original position by her broadsword!

Her broadsword was stabbed into the ground, and like a certain berserk

prototype machine, Merun was squatting on top of the sword handle, and her pair of scarlet red eyes stared at me.

Slaughter mode?

She has simply gone berserk, right?

But there’s completely no change in her name or titles at all. Is this another sort of advanced skill?

Or is this…

Simply her own strength?

Immediately after, she leaped down from the broadsword. With a single kick onto the broadsword, like a flying dagger, the broadsword came thrusting towards me!

I hurriedly rolled and avoided the attack.

But, in the next second, I was grabbed by someone from the back, and I was flung towards the sky!

She actually rushed towards me the same time she attacked with her broadsword?

When I looked downwards, after Merun threw me into the air, she speedily charged towards her broadsword, grabbed onto its handle and jumped high in the air…


I slowly shifted my line of sight upwards, and then, after crossing the horizon, I looked directly upwards.


Her sword-wielding figure had already appeared in mid-air, and she was spouting something incomprehensible.

It’s probably the incantation to use the skill or something. However, in the state she’s currently in, she probably isn’t able to speak properly either.

She sure is pitiful. Even when someone demonifies or ghostifies, that person can actually still speak properly.

You’re basically outperforming yourself!!
“Arcane – Unlimited – Millennium Frozen River!!!”
Although I had yet to try this out while targeting an opponent in mid-air, I can only choose to use this at a time like this…

A white frozen stream instantly drowned her figure, a gigantic iceberg with the size of a football field appeared in the air, while I spread out my white wing at the same time and left the area.

The moment I landed on the ground, I heaved a sigh of relief. Although being able to fly is a good thing, it still feels better to stand on firm ground.

But, seeing the scene in the next second, the corner of my lips twitched.

With a single bang, a crack line appeared on the gigantic iceberg enveloping Merun in the air.

And after another bang sounded, a hole was actually broken through in the gigantic iceberg.

Like a monster, Merun crawled out from the hole, and once again disappeared.

Damn it! This girl’s jumping strength is so frightening, even if I’m able to fly, it will be hard to avoid her.

And with such fearsome speed, I’m basically incapable of catching the sight of her name. I’m only able to occasionally see her red figure flashing from point to point!

Calm down! How can I defeat her!?

A broadsword wielder who possesses high speed movements, is simply too frightening.

Broadsword wielders are usually slow due to the heavy weapons they’re using, but this girl had completely eliminated that weakness!

Looks like I have no choice, but to try out Lanya’s new potion, I guess…?

“I just have to be the guinea pig every single time… Geez, one has to always pay the price when using cheap drugs, huh.”

Part 4 – Time to Move On

Chapter 36: Release

Looking at the potion in my hands, I revealed a bitter smile.

Mysterious MP Recovery Potion

Instantly recovers MP by 100%, and increases Max MP by 50% for a short amount of time.
An unknown side effect exists.
An unknown side effect exists… This sure is vague, huh.

At least, inform of me the possible side effects, so I can make the necessary preparations. What am I supposed to do without knowing anything?

What if I die the moment I drink it? Then what would be the point of even drinking it?

But, in this current situation, even if I constantly avoid her, she will not stop at all. If that’s the case, I will definitely lose, without a doubt.

“So I ran out of options, huh? Then I will take this gamble!”

After tapping on the ‘use’ button, a blue light was released from my body. Immediately after, I saw my MP gauge instantly increased by half a bar!

But, at the same time, countless of wounds erupted from my body, and fresh blood began to spurt out from everywhere!

Seeing my decreasing HP bar, I immediately tapped on the HP Potion, and then, I quickly tapped on the magic spell that I wanted to use.
Super Arcane – Legendary – Provocative Ice Dragon!!!
My MP instantly reduced by 2,000 points. At the same time, a roar sounded from the skies, accompanied by the magic formation that was suddenly formed in the skies above me. Then, cracks began to form on the magic formation!

Immediately after, a crashing sound was heard, and the blue magic formation was instantly shattered apart!

A gigantic ice dragon roared as it flew out from the broken magic formation! Roooaaaar!!

A blue ice dragon flew around the open sky at high speed, and then, with a

downward swoop, it smashed against the ground, and once again soared quickly towards the sky!

But this time around, dangling on the ice dragon’s mouth, Merun was constantly swinging her broadsword about!

Great! Like this…

But, I suddenly experienced an unbearable headache!

And as the dragon continued to fly about in the air, the headache would occasionally appear.

Damn it… As I thought, spells that exceed a certain level will lose control, huh? Oh right, it’s the problem of my mental capacity!

Looking towards the dragon in the sky, its actions were becoming even more


Looks like mental capacity does indeed determine the level of spells someone can wield… This has gotten troublesome. I didn’t think about that…

Although her HP was constantly decreasing due to the ice dragon biting her, the ice dragon constantly made irregular turns, and finally, a crackling sound could be heard.

The ice dragon in the sky actually fell apart, shattering into countless pieces. She only has less than a third of HP left! This is my chance!

Pulling outGhostbreak, I once again tapped on the Ghostify skill!

My body suddenly grew, and at the same time, the open wounds grew bigger as well!

It’s already impossible to replenish my HP! So I have no choice but to use that?

After pondering for a moment, I gritted my teeth, and kept my Ghostbreak. Once

the ghostification is complete, even if I keep my weapon, the transformation state will not be dispelled.

And the weapon I took out was… Bloodmoon!

To fight a lunatic, only another lunatic can go against her! “Demonic Blade Bloodmoon, seal release! Blood Spirit, open!” Immediately after, my entire vision suddenly turned red.

And I no longer knew what happened after that.

PoV: Bai Yueguang

“I’m so bored.”

After walking out of the meeting room, I made eye contact with Tai Shixi, and then, I looked towards the sky.

The sky is so blue today…

“Little Bai, are you thinking about how blue the sky is today?”

“Although what you said sounded really normal, it kinds of tick me off. I already told you not to call me Little Bai.”

“Oh, I understand, Little Bai.” “……”

“Alright, stop fooling around. Let’s call Little Hei over and buy dinner together.”

Although she was looking directly at my contempt expression, Tai Shixi still said that rather naturally.

“Alright, stop looking at me like that. It wouldn’t be good if people were to misunderstand that you have feelings for me.”

“Pui! Even if you’re the last woman in this world, I will definitely not have feelings for you, you perverse scheming woman!”

“Arara, Little Bai, are you itching for another round? Did you forget? Back then, how did you feel when I instantly sliced you up?”

“Tch! That was because I was careless!”

“Whatever. Let’s go buy dinner. You don’t feel like fighting with an empty stomach, right?”

“You’re right.” I nodded.

“Speaking of which, where did Hei Luoli go?”

“She went to shop in the morning, she’s probably buying new clothes. You have to know that, back then, she only has that one set of black one-piece dress, while the rest are all kimonos. So, recently, she has been going out to buy new clothes.”

“Oh my god…”

I helplessly rolled my eyes. Then, I looked towards the shopping district. “Alright, let’s go. We will buy dinner along the way.”

“We have tried every single type of takeaway at the shopping district, right?”

“Almost all of them, I guess.” “Haah…”

Why is life so boring…

But, a loud explosion suddenly sounded from afar!

An instant later, intense exchange of blows could be constantly heard, it felt like… “They’re actually fighting in the academy without the Battle Barrier deployed?” “Looks like it…”

“Geez, it’s definitely that bastard Fir. He’s making a mess again…”

Just when I said that, a dragon’s roar sounded, and a gigantic dragon began to tumble around in the distant sky!

“Oh my god, he… even…”

“Ah, there’s definitely no precedent for this…”

The gigantic dragon twisted and turned in the sky, and something seemed to be dangling by its mouth as well.

This guy is really making too much of a ruckus!

Is he thinking of demolishing the entire academy?

But, an instant later, that gigantic dragon shattered into pieces and fell. “Oh, I can’t understand him anymore. What is that guy planning to do?” Just when I said that, I instantly regretted it.

What I meant was, I rather not understand him at all.

Because, after two rays of light flashed in the sky, that familiar feeling and symbols began to surface in the sky!

“Oh my god! Damn it! That bastard!”

That guy actually released the seal on Bloodmoon!?

“Go and find Hei Luoli! I will head directly towards that bastard!” “Alright, alright, good luck!”

Gritting my teeth, I instantly activated Quick Steps, and sprinted towards the ray

of red light!

Chapter 37: It Has Nothing to do with Me

PoV: Tai Shixi

Looking at Little Bai’s rushing figure, I could not help but let out a sigh.

Geez, what’s the point in rushing? That Fir can’t actually die for real anyway, so, why the rush?

Although the ruckus there looks really interesting… I just don’t feel psyched at all.

Ever since I sent that Spear Knight flying with a single hit, I never received another

challenge. Even if I were to look for people to challenge, whenever I finally managed to find someone that might provide a good match, I would always find out that the other party had already fought for that day.

Why is it so hard to be human?

What’s the point in playing this action battle game in a school life setting? Hurry and open up an actual battlefield so that I can battle to my heart’s content!


The people in the vicinity seems to be looking at me with frightened faces. Crap, it’s definitely because my excited face earlier have scared the passers-by.

Haah, it’s best that I stop daydreaming here, and find Hei Luoli.

“As I thought, you’re here…”

After walking for a while, I spotted Hei Luoli’s name in a very strange-looking gothic style clothing store.

This place… feels unsettling in many different ways…

Looking to my left and right, after I confirmed there weren’t anyone that I knew, I hurriedly opened the door and entered the store.

“Welcome~ Dear customer, what do…”

Before the store clerk, who was dressed in a light and frilly pink gothic style dress, could finish, a figure suddenly pounced on me!


Hei Luoli, who was wearing a cute white one-piece dress instantly leaped onto me! “Let go! Little Hei! Wear your clothes properly!”

That’s right, she was only half-dressed, and most of the skin on her upper body was revealed.

“Girls must wear their clothes properly! Look, your chest is exposed! If someone else were to see this…”

“What’s the problem~ In any case, right now, there’s only girls here~”

“If there were men present, I would have already stabbed their eyes blind with my halberd.”

””That’s no longer stabbing them blind, but stabbing them to death. Do you really think that everyone has Little Bai’s life force, which is similar to a cockroach’s?”


That’s not a cockroach-like life force, but our in-built undying cheat.

“Oh right! This store is really awesome! There’s dresses that suit you too!” “Eh?”

Suit me? How is that possible…

“That’s right! This store orders a certain number of one-piece dresses with unique sizes according to the academy’s physical health test, so…”

Hei Luoli said as she took out an one-piece dress from the shelf. Hey hey, at least, wear your clothes properly first!

“Tada! Look, this is an one-piece dress for girls whose heights are above 180cm!”


I couldn’t help but gulp down my saliva.

That’s right…

I have never worn an one-piece dress before, because, with my height of 180cm, it’s basically almost impossible to find one suitable for me.

But I don’t know why, whenever I see those light and frilly dresses, I will always have the urge to try them!

It must definitely feel awesome to wear one!

If I were to wear one, I will definitely be a little more feminine, right!? But… Back then, when I forced myself to try a dress tailored for a girl with a

height of 170cm, it ended up stuck, and I could not take it off.

In the end, back then, I accidentally encountered Hei Luoli who was shopping on the streets as well, hence, she found out my love for dresses…

If Little Bai knows about it, I will definitely smash his head and ensure no memories of the incident remain!

Definitely! But now…

A beautiful red one-piece dress is placed right in front of me. Putting aside the

frills, those beautiful adornments are really… “Hurry and try it on!”

With a ‘pa’ sound, Hei Luoli actually stretched her hands onto my armor, and

removed the buttons!

“Hey hey! How did you know about my armor…”

“Ah, while you were bathing, I had tried it on outside several times. So I managed to get the knack of it, I guess.”

What are you planning with getting the knack of something like this!?

And while I was dazed for that short moment, my entire armor had already fell on the floor with a clang!


Hei Luoli, are you a pervert!?

“Eh? I already told you bandages are no good. Why aren’t you wearing bras?” “I don’t need you to care!”

“This can’t do, you know? Store owner!” “Un, un!”

That young girl wearing the pink one-piece closed the door, and then, pulled onto a rope on the wall.

With a ‘huaa’ sound, a shelf filled with rows of different types of underwear revealed itself from the wall, the dazzling number of underwear caused the corner of my lips to twitch constantly.

“Then~ Let us begin~” Hei Luoli said.

PoV: Bai Yueguang

Before I even arrived on the scene, I could already hear the constant smashing and collision between metals from afar!

Quickly leaping onto the roof of a building nearby the battle scene, I looked ahead, and two red figures were currently exchanging blows in the air.

The weapons in their hands constantly collided in the sky, and their speeds were actually so frightening fast, my naked eyes could not catch the trails of their swords at all!

On one side was the female warrior Merun, whose current face was absolutely hideous, and her two eyes were gleaming red. The armor she was wearing had already lost its former shape from the scars of battle, and a few spots of red aura supplemented the gaps of the armor, causing her to look even more sinister.

On the other side, was Fir who had completely transformed into a demonic ghost, and even had horns growing on his head.

His mouth was filled with fanged teeth, and his lips revealed a devilish smile. The only thing that did not fit his current appearance was the white wing on his back which was already completely stained with blood.

The battle between the two figures was no longer frightening, but strange.

And as the two people exchanged blows, the vicinity looked as though it had been struck by a large-scale magic spell.

The ground had no longer of its former resemblance, and as for the buildings at the side… the students who study there definitely did not need to report for classes tomorrow.

“Damn it, looks like I can only use this…”

I took outSpirit Blade Whitemoon, which was the only weapon capable of restraining Demonic Blade Bloodmoon.

Back then, I already knew that releasing the seal onDemonic Blade Bloodmoonwill definitely be extremely dangerous, so I specifically found a very famous Onmyouji in the Eastern Continent to improve the seal.

Right before he left, he gave me this blade, and told me that, if someone were to go berserk with that demonic blade, that person will return to normal when he is slashed by this blade.

“That weapon, is it used to seal Fir?”

Unknowingly, Uncle Gabriel suddenly appeared by my side.

Appearing at the same time was an uncle named Andrew Mel Syribel… And looking at his titles, he seemed to be this academy’s principal!

“That’s right, as long as I’m able to slice him or his blade with mine, his madness will be sealed.”

“… Alright, then leave that girl to me!”

After saying that, Uncle Gabriel suddenly summoned a white sword, and with his pair of white wings stretched out, he flew to the skies.

“Ara, I don’t specialize in battling.”

“Do you wish… to become an angel?”

PoV: Bai Yueguang

“No, I don’t want to be a birdman.”

I said with an absolutely serious tone. “……”

The principal was slightly startled, and then, looked at me as though he had a sudden realization.

“A birdman, huh? Although this term sounds really normal, when used in this situation, it has a derogatory meaning. Not bad, not bad. I have to take this down.”

After saying that, this old man actually took out a notebook and really began to take down notes!

Oh my god, you’re kidding me. The profoundness of the English language is something you will never be able to understand for all eternity!

“Oh right, that’s not the main point.” So you know that as well!?

“In any case, allow me to first change you into a birdman.”

“Hey! I already told you I don’t want to…”

But, before I could even finish, he took out his staff and pointed it at me. I suddenly felt lighter, and my body began to float off the ground.


When I turned to look behind me, an almost transparent pair of wings sprouted out from my back.If not for the sunlight passing through it, causing a slight reflection of light, I basically would not have been able to see it.

Wait a minute, this isn’t the time to praise its appearance! “I already told you I did not want to turn into a birdman!”

“Don’t worry, this thing will only last for half an hour.” “… Is that so.”

“So, hurry and slice that idiot Fir. Otherwise, the expenses needed to renovate the


“Hehe… Alright then.”

Looking towards Fir in the sky, I sighed.

After this, you definitely have to treat me to dinner!

PoV: Fir


The redness in the vicinity suddenly disappeared. Above me was a grey-colored ceiling.

Molds could be seen on the deep grey ceiling, and the smell of seawater penetrated through the cracked walls.

A setting sun, the sound of the rolling waves, and the feeling on my skin left by the chilly air.

If not for the HP bar, MP bar and the other related data being displayed in front of me, I would have thought that I have arrived in another world.

“Is that so? That’s right, those things shouldn’t exist in the first place.” The moment the voice landed, all of the menu instantly disappeared!

I raised my hands and touched my own face. Nothing… That’s right, how could something like that be possible.

And, earlier, that voice, I was really familiar with it as well. “World-chan?”


Sitting by the window, World-chan, who was wearing a school swimsuit, was looking at me with a face full of smiles.

The word ‘World’ was written on the name-tag on her chest.

Let’s first put aside how the school swimsuit was perfectly displaying the figure of this cute loli, just those constantly swaying pair of pure white legs prevented me from looking at her straight in the eye.

“This place… Let’s not talk about that first. I think it’s best you change into something else.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because that will ignite the passion within those lolicons. Although I’m not one, it’s still hard to look at you with the way you are right now.”

“According to the data, one should wear a swimsuit at the seas, and after investigating with regards to my age, figure, and the trends listed on the net, this elementary school swimsuit should be the most suitable attire for this situation.”

World-chan said naturally.

“Just which few lolicons wrote such a concept into the internet’s common knowledge base… Hah… Then at least wear a towel or something… Well, don’t you feel cold like this?”

“Don’t worry, World doesn’t feel cold.” I’m feeling very cold here!

Looks like there’s no point talking common sense to her, let’s go directly into the

problem at hand.

“Alright, speaking of which, where is this place? This building is constructed from concrete, right? According to my understanding of this other world, they have yet to possess the ability to create reinforced concrete buildings. After all, the materials constructed from their magic are more convenient.”

“This is theCentral Spacecreated by World.” World-chan pointed out of the window.

“With this place as the center, with an area of million square meters, the look of the former world has been completely duplicated. But, it’s constructed with the usage of the technology of the other world.”

“So you’re saying, this place can be considered as the duplicate of the former world.”

It was no wonder I was able to feel something was frighteningly wrong the moment I came into this world.

There were no signs of life.

“Then the reason why you brought me here is…” “It’s to warn you~”

World-chan smiled, and then, leaped down from the window ledge. She then walked over to the side of a wall and pointed at it.

A holo-screen actually appeared in the air, and on it, we were currently walking into the underground base with Ms. Mari.

As I thought, we were found out, huh? “Although I don’t really mind.”


You don’t really mind?

When I heard this, I thought I misheard her or something.

“That’s right, since you wish for it to be this way, then I don’t mind.” “Then…”

“But in this world, I’m not the only person observing you people, so, next time, you people have to be careful. After all, since I’m able to see you, they might be able to as well.”

“You’re saying… there are other people observing us?” “… Let’s take a stroll.”

World-chan smiled as she said to me.


Geez, can’t you wear something that’s not this revealing? Geez… “Alright, let’s go~ In this world, there definitely isn’t anyone capable of

interrupting us.”

Chapter 39: Common Sense

Opening the door, what welcomed me was the fishy smell brought along by the sea breeze.

At this moment, I was absolutely sure, this place was a ruins found on the ocean.

I kind of feel that… there shouldn’t be such a place in my former world, but, somehow, I feel that it actually exists as well.

Have I seen it before?

Impossible. This place looks like a city which had sunk under the sea due to a tsunami, but…

In my memories, due to global warming, although the sea level is constantly rising, there hasn’t been a city that sank because of it…

“What’s… the current year?”

“So you actually realized the problem after only looking at this scenery for a mere 56 seconds? Looks like, even though your memories have been polymerized, your actual ability did not weaken.”

“Don’t say something that’s incomprehensible to humans.”

“Is that so? If you did not comprehend my earlier words, it means that the portion that have entered you still managed to cover up the ability that needs to be covered. Un, that should be the way.”

“I’m about to get angry.”

“Sorry, I was merely undergoing a confirmation on ‘something’. But, right now, I’m still unable to tell you any concrete information.”

“Then, answer a question of mine.” “Please continue.”

“Why am I the only one being called out to converse with you?” “……”

World-chan laughed, and then, she pressed her hand on my chest. “Haven’t I told you the answer right at the start?”


“You’re special!”

“That kind of answer is really… Well, since you’re unwilling to tell me, I can’t do anything about it.”

“As I thought, you’re the same as how I thought you would be. This is really great.”

After saying that, she suddenly hugged onto me.

“So it actually feels like this to actually hug someone? This sure feels great~” “……”

Speaking of which…

World-chan shouldn’t be someone that belongs to our former world, nor the other world. In other words… she has never hugged someone before?

“Are you lonely?”

“Un… It’s fine this way.”

“But, still, let me ask you this small question. You can’t have called me here just to hug someone, right?”

“Of course not. After all, I have already told you the things that I wanted to relay to you, have I not?”

“Is it the thing about the existence of other observers?”

“That’s right, and to allow you to have a view of the world that should have belonged to ‘us’.”

“I see. In other words, we have already entered that world for a long time?”

“If you comprehend it as such, it’s not entirely wrong. Alright, you should have rested up enough. You should know that you’re facing an uphill battle after this, right?”

An uphill battle?

Ah, right. Speaking of which, earlier, I was still having a big fight with a female gorilla.

Although it isn’t exactly polite to call her a female gorilla… I feel that it’s the best way to describe a girl who have entered the berserk state and turned entirely red in color.


“I seem to remember using the skill called Blood Spirit… I seemed to have went berserk as well?”

“That’s right, so please work harder~”

“But… Just for what reason are we working hard for?” I asked with a smile.

“Just why did we lose our memories and come to this world?”

“About that, you can find those answers in that world. I guarantee it~ Alright, we don’t have much time left~ Let’s meet again next time~”


“Oh right, last time… I actually let you have a glimpse of my naked body, so this time, you won’t get the chance~”

“Speaking of which, I seem to feel that your personality has changed. Is it because of the new knowledge you learnt from the internet?”

“Un~” “Haah…”

The internet has done so much harm to her. Return me my pure and innocent loli!

Just when I was still filtering the information I received in my mind, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed!

The blue seas suddenly turned deep red, as though I was in an ocean of blood!

The concrete buildings in the vicinity blurred in an instant, and it looked as though blood had stained over them.

Disgusting. What’s going on?

And unknowingly, World-chan suddenly disappeared. In the next second, a red katana fell from the sky, stabbing directly into the ground not far from me!


No matter how I see it, that blade was Bloodmoon. Unless… I’m in Bloodmoon’s inner world?

Hey hey, a scenario like this actually appeared at this moment? This sure is old- fashioned.

“Do you think I will have a huge fight with you?” Suddenly, that sword said these words.

“What else are we going to do? Aren’t all scenarios like this supposed to be that


“Too shallow! Too boring! Have all humans become simple-minded monsters that only know how to fight and kill!?”

“You’re the monster here, right? I think you have simply killed too many people, and have gotten extremely bored of it, so you would say something like this, right?”

“Ah, I have been found out.”

Although I can’t see the blade’s expression, from its tone alone, I was able to understand it…

It’s actually depreciating itself!

A blade is actually depreciating itself!

“Alright, then why don’t we compete in a different manner?” “What are we going to compete in?”


I replied with a laugh.

Chapter 40: Comparing Evil


I saw the blade tremble slightly.

“In times like this, shouldn’t we be deciding the victor by playing chess, or make some form of gamble? Even a coin toss is fine as well! Why did you actually choose shooting!? Getting a blade to compete with you in shooting, what kind of mentality is this!?”

“No, no, no. Isn’t this a more normal course of action? Since you want to compete with me, then obviously, I will have to choose something that I specialize in. And if it’s something I specialize in, it’s obviously shooting games.”

I said proudly while I kept nodding my head in agreement. “You…”

Bloodmoon was silent for a while, and then, suddenly, a stoneman appeared from

the floor. It then grabbed Bloodmoon and rushed towards me! “Don’t you think you changed your mind too quickly!?”
Ice Totem!
The ice totem that protruded off the ground sent me to the skies. With a slight swing of his blade onto the ice totem, the ice totem was instantly sliced into half.

Looks like Magic is still usable, that’s good. “Why can you actually still use your magic!?”

The stoneman jumped, and it actually reached the same height I was currently on! “How would I know? Why don’t you google it?”

Using a Charge to the back, I dodged its slash. Spreading out my pair of wings, I instantly flew higher.

“This sure is a good place. In this place, I don’t really have to care about which magic spell or ability I use.”

“You… You’re really making me unhappy!”

On the stoneman’s back, it actually grew a pair of wings as well. And, with a single heavy flap, it actually gained the ability to fly as well!

Impressive, impressive. Such a heavy structure is able to fly even while using wings made of stone. Just how much power does it have… But, it doesn’t matter anymore.
“Arcane – Ice Man-Eating Flower”
Countless of ice vines sprouted out from the ground, instantly grabbing onto the stoneman which was about to fly!

Immediately after, a gigantic mouth appeared from the ground, and with the mouth opened wide, it bit onto the stoneman.


The stoneman fiercely slashed towards the man-eating flower, trying to shatter it. “As I thought, you’re only borrowing a human body to completely bring about

your berserk form, and with the energy from the berserk form, you use it to control the body to battle. Although it has the ability to move, it has lost a lot of its power, am I right?”


It thought of something to say, but, it suddenly saw an incoming red cross!
“Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross!”
The red cross did not penetrate the stoneman, rather, it pierced into Bloodmoon’s hilt!

“Don’t underestimate my accuracy… After all, other than that, I don’t have anything else that is worth being proud of.”

The pierced Bloodmoon stopped moving, and the stoneman slowly began to crumble, allowing the man-eating flower to swallow it into the ground.

While Bloodmoon instantly fell onto the ground.

“Otherworlders… Just what kind of existences are you people…? How are you able to cause this world to…”

“Because we have better resources than you guys, I guess.” I replied with a smile.

“The hard work that you people put in, your concepts, world, theories, and

sources, have all probably been digitized by us. Although I’m not really clear either, to us, your world is simply nothing but numbers.”

“To give an example, if someone from your world is not familiar with a certain magic spell, that person might not be capable of unleashing 100% of its power. But, if it’s us, we will definitely unleash that spell at 100% power every single time. Well, of course, we have our own problems as well. Even if we unleash a spell at 100% power, we might not be able to completely control it.”

Just like the ice dragon.

Even though I’m capable of successfully summoning it, I was not able to completely control it, causing the spell to collapse in the end.

“Is that so? Then why are you guys here in this world?”

“Even if you ask me, I have no idea either. I’m just an odd-job worker.” “… If you’re not willing to say it, then forget it.”

“Hey, hey, hey. I already told you I don’t know. I want to know as well, you know?

Suddenly being thrown into this world and whatever… Speaking of which, just what went on with you? Little Bai said he obtained you after killing a wolf. What was that? Your pet?”

Carrierwould be a better term. Just like your main body outside, it’s currently being controlled by me.”

“Oh, that’s right. Back then, I was controlled the moment I activated you.”

“Hmph, that’s because you guys usually activate me in moments of crisis. In that tired state, controlling you guys is simply easy as pie.”

“Haha, that’s indeed so. Then, return the control right to me.”

“What are you talking about? Aren’t you the one being controlled by me?” “Ha, looks like you’re the one that doesn’t get it…”

I quickly flew beside Bloodmoon, and then, grabbed onto the red cross stabbing

into Bloodmoon.

“If I were to entirely destroy your concept of existence here, what do you think will happen?”

“… You bastard, you can’t be thinking…” “Listen well!”

I slightly turned the cross in my hands.

“Although a talking blade is really interesting, I have never believed a soul other than myself, do you know that?”

“Hey, you bastard…”

“Ah, am I different from your usual users?”

I pulled the red cross out, and then, fiercely stabbed it in again.

“This is something that I will only say to a soul that’s about to disappear. I hope that, in your next life, you will not provoke someone who wore a smile the entire time he was conversing with you.”

After saying that, I pushed the red cross in my hands, and with a roar, the Bloodmoon in this world instantly turned into countless shattered pieces!
“Arcane – Dark Swallow.”
A black hole appeared in my hand. I stretched it to the front, and Bloodmoon’s shattered fragments were instantly absorbed into the black hole.
Swallowed: Bloodmoon
Obtained [Blood Spirit – Altered] Ability.
Enables user to enter a berserk state. All physical stats increase by 50%, all magic resistances decrease by 50%.
Passive Ability: When using sword-related weapons, absorb 2% of the damage dealt to the targets as HP.
“It looks pretty good~ Don’t you think so, Bloodmoon?”

After saying that, the entire space instantly shattered, and the surrounding scenery began to spiral at high speed.

The heavy sense of dizziness instantly caused me to kneel on the ground. When I regained my senses, I actually saw someone wearing a complete set of red armor currently heading towards me!

Geez, the feeling of just getting off a roller coaster is extremely terrible. What’s with the ruckus at this moment…

I quickly leaped to the side to dodge her attack. Twisting the Bloodmoon in my hands, I struck the back of her neck heavily with the back of my blade.

Then, with a Restrictor of the Frozen Earth, I enveloped her in ice. Like this, she should be able to calm down, right?


But, an attacking warning suddenly flashed on my right. When I turned to look, Bai Yueguang, who actually grew a pair of wings on his back, was currently flying towards us with a white katana in his hands!

What is he doing?

Twisting my body to the side, I dodged his attack, and asked. “Hey, what are you doing?”

“Eh? Eeeehhh?”

Bai Yueguang looked at me weirdly. “Weren’t you being controlled?”

“Seems so… Probably because I was too handsome.”


Bai Yueguang suddenly fell onto the ground, and began vomiting, without any signs of stopping.

Geez, why don’t you have a sense of humor?

Chapter 41: Finishing Touches

“In other words, it hasn’t even been five minutes since my battle with Merun began?”

“I was already able to see that strange scene of you guys battling from afar. But… Since you guys began too quickly, and ended too quickly, so…”

Bai Yueguang answered helplessly, and then, looked towards Merun who was already frozen in ice.

That’s right, after the battle ended, after thinking it through, I made an agreement with Merun’s subordinates, and brought the frozen Merun away from the scene.

Of course, the teacher who was initially in-charged of overseeing the battle, was currently moved to the infirmary by one of Merun’s subordinates, and he should have gotten Uncle Gabriel to alter his memories by now.

In other words, other than the debris and the noise from the battle earlier, basically, currently no one else is able to pinpoint us out as the people who caused the ruckus in the school grounds.

Of course, we easily conviced Merun’s subordinates as well.

I just had to inform them that if a third party were to know that Merun randomly destroyed public property in the school grounds, it would taint their knight’s name. Hence, in less than ten seconds, they accepted my proposal.

Of course, moving her away on foot, no matter how it looked, it would be really dangerous to do so. Hence, I placed some things that looked extremely professional onto the ground, and then, after using a simple Flash magic spell… I

usedFlash Movementto move everyone, as well as the block of ice, to their

“Dispel Freeze!”
The block of ice enveloping Merun began to quickly disintegrate, and in less than a minute, the entire block of ice melted, and Merun fell out of the ice.

Currently, the redness on her body had already disappeared.

But, a large half of her armor was already destroyed from the battle. And with the scars created from going berserk earlier…

“Aren’t you guys going to bring a towel to cover her body?”

I turned and asked her companions. “Ah, right, right! Where’s the towel!?”

“How would I know? I never used this place.”

“This is also my first time here as well. How would I know?” “Me too…”

Staring at these five people, I helplessly entered the room, took the blanket off

the bed, came out, and covered it over her.

“Geez, this shouldn’t be the first time such an situation happened, right? She went berserk on several occasions on the battlefield, right? Back then, how did she deal with the situation?”

“Usually, after a few hours, we will see her walking to us with a tired expression. She will also be wearing a new set of armor she got from someone’s body.”

“This girl, she really does as she pleases, huh.”

I sighed helplessly. Wrapping her around with the blanket, I then carried her up. “She sure is light…”

I did not expect that, she, who had about the same height as Tai Shixi, was actually this light… Without her armor, she’s probably… not more than fifty kilos, right? Or it might be even less than that.

After placing her on the bed in the room, I turned and looked towards her companions.

“Today’s battle never happened, and take it as nothing happened today, alright? Including the thing about me bringing her back here, and the method I used.”

“No problem! We have seen your duel today, your battle techniques are simply too amazing! You’re actually able to go head to head with our big sis! You’re basically incredible!”

“Haha… Is that so…”

“Of course, we will keep this battle a secret. After all, it concerns our big sis’ reputation.”

“Un, then that’s good. Help me convey my apologies, after all, I did suddenly knock her out.”

“Of course, we will.”

After saying that, Bai Yueguang and I left the apartment. Then, after reuniting with Hei Luoli outside a small shop, we began to return to our base.

“In other words, currently, you have completely merged with Bloodmoon?” “That’s right. I don’t know why, but it just happened.”

After saying that, I stretched my hand out. Fragments of the red Bloodmoon

appeared in the air, and they instantly merged together above my hand.

A red katana was completely formed, and the only difference it had compared to back then was the complete disappearance of the talismans wrapped around it.

“As I thought… Haah, this is fine as well. If you were the one being swallowed by Bloodmoon instead, that it would have been big trouble.”

“Hahaha, that won’t ever happen.” I replied with a laugh.

How could something like that swallow me?

“Speaking of which, how’s the evidence removal coming along?”

“Just now, Tai Shixi sent me a message, and she told me Gabriel had already altered the memories of those onlookers. Not just the teacher’s, but the

memories of those people who were hiding near the office entrances were also removed.”

“He sure is efficient.”

I laughed and nodded.

“Oh right, is Oyado back yet?”

“Big brother, is there anything you need from me!” In a flash, Oyado appeared beside us.

“Did the principal and the rest appear?”

Obviously, I was referring to the place we dueled at earlier.

“Un, un. The principal and the rest came, and they even brought someone people to investigate the scene.”

“And their conclusion?”

“Destruction caused by external personnel.” “Very good~”

I stroked Oyado’s head.

“As I thought, the disguise was perfect.”

Earlier, I threw a couple of magic grenades onto the scene, fabricating the various traces of magic.

I even had Oyado leave some sword scars on the battle scene.

“Geez, since it would turn out to be such a big mess, why did you guys even begin fighting in the first place?”

“If someone were to challenge me, I can’t just reject the challenge, right?” “What about the Battle Barrier?”

“Because she said she wanted a more realistic battle, so I accepted.”


Bai Yueguang helplessly shook his head.

“Well~ If it’s Little Bai, you will definitely head straight into the battle, right?” “Well… If there’s a fight, I will fight.”

Bai Yueguang admitted it really directly. “Then what are we going to do next?”

“We will wait for the academy’s notification. I think the notification of our journey will be coming really soon.”

– Vol. 5 End –