[RPG] Volume 7

Volume 7 – The Hero’s Choice

Chapter 1: It’s Sure Good to Use Money
Chapter 2: I Had Never Gone Along with a Quest
Chapter 3: The Strong-Willed Irlin
Chapter 4: Intel
Chapter 5: A Bloody Case Initiated from a Doll
Chapter 6: We’re All People With Big Brothers
Chapter 7: All of Us Are Weird People
Chapter 8: Can’t We Have a Nice and Peaceful Talk?
Chapter 9: The Upcoming Follow-Up Challenge
Chapter 10: Mission Impossible
Chapter 11: The Alliance of Vengeance
Chapter 12: Pitiful Mitchell Kingdom
Chapter 13: Interlude
Chapter 14: Out of the Plan
Chapter 15: Undead Atrium
Chapter 16: The Super Lazy Church
Chapter 17: Biomedical Silent Hill
Chapter 18: Tower of the Ancients
Chapter 19: Mana Depletion
Chapter 20: Learn Your Sciences Well…
Chapter 21: If I Can Raise My Levels, There’s Nothing I’m Afraid of
Chapter 22: I Have Bombs, And I’m Proud of That
Chapter 23: Tower Demolishing
Chapter 24: Open Sesame
Chapter 25: For Treasure Chests
Chapter 26: Bashing My Most Beloved Together
Chapter 27: Second Stage Undead Transformation
Chapter 28: Death Tribute
Chapter 29: Dungeon of Death VS Godsaint Lighthouse
Chapter 30: I Don’t Want Credit, Just Give me the Goods
Chapter 31: After the War
Chapter 32: Returning to the Academy



My head hurts.

The headache I’m experiencing from my stamina depletion causes my body to feel heavier and heavier, however, that notice is like a nightmare, constantly stimulating my body, allowing me to continue flying in the direction of Mitchell Kingdom.

Sorry, Irlin.

In the beginning, for the sake of the quest, you turned into my fiancee. However, after that, I had World-chan change your memories.

Because, a girl so naive and honest like you, should not have her happiness be controlled by quests, due to the arrival of us, otherworlders.

Your happiness, should be decided by you, yourself.

I always had this naive thought, that as long as you stay away from us, otherworlders, you will regain the life that you should have.


I had forgotten that, because of our appearance, the people that could protect you, were no longer here.

Hence, in place of them, I will be the one protecting you!

This is probably why World-chan changed my setting into your childhood friend, I guess?

This way, I’m able to protect her, right?

“Accelerate! Accelerate! Accelerate!”

The surrounding scenery sped towards the back, and unknown to how long it took, finally, the surrounding scenery began to look familiar. Looking from afar, that familiar walls of the Mitchell Kingdom’s capital was already faintly visible.

“Irlin, wait for me. I will definitely save you!”

Opening up my skill window, I scrolled down to the advanced-grade magic spell at the very bottom. At the same time, after confirming that Irlin could be taken as an ally that would not take any damage in my party window, as I flew, I raised my hands toward the sky.

“【Super Arcane – Legendary – Ice Dragon Summon】!”

In any case, there’s no need to control it this time, so just destroy all of it then! Fall into despair!

The price of casually taking my friend as a hostage, I must have you people understand it from the very depths of your souls!


As though to respond to my summoning, a dragon roar sounded from the sky, and immediately after, a magic formation that was incomparably large began to appear up above the capital of Mitchell Kingdom.


The center of the magic formation instantly shattered, and a gigantic dragon of unmeasurable length tore through the cracks as it stepped out of the void, appearing in the sky.

“Long time no see…”

I looked at that gigantic dragon with a smile. Suppressing the ever-increasing pressure of my headache, I sent the gigantic dragon the command to attack the capital of Mitchell Kingdom.

The ice dragon looked at me, let out a draconic roar, and then charged towards the capital with its wings spread out!

An incomparably blinding light began to gather within the ice dragon’s mouth, and naturally, it’s target was the Mitchell capital.

Die! You tiny, insignificant NPCs, pay the price for your stupidity!

“【Super Arcane – Thorns – Bitter Flower】”

Suddenly, countless black thorns began to appear wildly from not far away, completing enveloping the ice dragon from the side!

The ice dragon which did not get the opportunity to release it’s skill, constantly roared, however, with a pull to the back by the black thorns, the gigantic ice dragon was actually being thorn apart by black thorns in mid-air, turning into countless ice particles, as they descended from the sky!


A fishy smell suddenly rushed up my throat, and red, fresh blood splurged out of my mouth.

In an instant, the severe pain and the backlash from my spell being interrupted caused my body to go limp, and my entire body fell from the sky.


How could this happen…

I can’t… I can’t even save my own friend?

The ground was approaching closer and closer, and I began to feel my own consciousness beginning to slowly disappear to the distance as well.

“Geez, why are you forcing yourself?”

Suddenly, I felt my body being caught by someone in mid-air!

Taking a closer look, an elf with black skin, and a pair of white bone wings, caught me in the princess-carry position. After looking at me expressionlessly, carrying me, she slowly descended to the ground.

However, the armor she’s wearing was really too revealing. Other than the few important places and fatal parts of her body, what came contact with my body was basically bare skin.

And this girl is actually an elf. That expressionless yet refined facial appearance prevented me from moving my line of sight away for a moment.


After she descended on the ground, she threw me onto the ground the next moment, and then, stood at the side.

“Oh my god… Couldn’t you be a little gentler?”

With this throw, I managed to regain a bit of my consciousness. Downing a Consciousness Potion, and a MP Recovery Potion, and then, after healing a bit of my HP, the pain I was feeling from my body lightened up by a bit.

Looking towards the girl who caught me, only then did I realize this girl was actually sent by the Demon King.

Nicole Laila
LV 75 Swordsman (Rapier and Single-Handed Greatsword) | LV 70 Undead Elf
[Evil] [Genius] [Fallen] [Iron-Willed] [Non-ignorant Soul] [One Who Does Not Retreat] [Loyal] [Demon King’s Imperial Bodyguard] [Hermit] [Knight] [Slaughtering Machine]

“The one who stopped me just now… It couldn’t have been you, right?”

I looked at that Undead Elf and asked.

This girl seems to look like a human who is around 20 years old, with a height of 170cm… and a bit more, deep green pupils, and long brown hair.

She nodded.

You actually have the nerve to nod, you bitch! Don’t think that just because you’re beautiful, you can casually destroy someone else’s move!

“Then, why did you stop me?”

This time, she pondered for a moment, and then revealed an expression of sudden realization.

Immediately after, she took out something that looked like a cosmetic mirror from her chest.

Hey! You actually store things there!? Are you kidding me!?

However, she still opened that mirror very naturally, and with a flash of black light, a blurry black figure slowly agglomerated.





Laila suddenly said.

“Eh? It already started?”

That black figure shook for a moment, and the eyes and mouth revealed themselves.

It’s still that same voice… That’s right. This is that person who changed his name into Lucifer Piccolo.

“Kuh kuh, seems like you can hear me, right?”

“Yes, master.”

“That’s good. Umm… Yo, long time no see, Fir!”

“That’s right… Back then, you said that you would save me, in the end, I was killed. Now, when I want to save someone, you’re actually here to kill me a second time?”

“Hahaha, back then, clearly, you kicked the bucket too quickly, what does that have to do with me? When I rushed there, you were already dead.”

“Alright alright. So like I was saying, this time, you had your bodyguard to come over here… could it be that she’s here specially to prevent me from saving my friend?”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re able to save your friend or not…”

He said very casually.

“I simply do not wish that you slaughter the city, that’s all.”

The Demon King is actually persuading me not to slaughter the city?

Are you kidding me?


Chapter 1: It’s Sure Good to Use Money


“Hah? The Great Demon King Lucifer is telling me not to slaughter the city… Hahahahaha! Are you kidding me?”

As I laughed, I stood up.

However, my body was still a little unstable. It seemed like in the state where the stamina bar completely depleted, no matter how much force you use, it would still be hard to unleash your entire strength, huh…

But, no one can stop me!

“Kid, stop fooling around. If you don’t wish to become the same as me, you best not destroy the Mitchell Kingdom.”

The black figure warned me solemnly.

“The same as you? Becoming a Demon King?”

I smiled and shook my head.

“What’s so bad about becoming a Demon King? Aren’t there many Heroes who became Demon Kings in the end? Ah, I know, you’re worried that I will fight over your Demon King position, right?”

“I don’t have the leisure to do that…Do you really think it’s fun being a Demon King? I had no choice but to become the Demon King either.”

The Demon King sighed as he said.

“Seems like you don’t understand. If your title turns from【Kind】to【Evil】, then, you will no longer be able to recover it. And if you were to slaughter this entire city, you will definitely turn from【Kind】straight to【Evil】.”

“So what?”

“Then you will no longer be able to rise to the realm of a God and become a God. Rather, you will only be able to become a Demon King like me.”

“…… Is that a strategy guide in disguise? Alright, alright, I understand.”

And then, I once again drank a bottle of Consciousness Potion.

“Move away! Otherwise, no matter how strong you are, I will still eliminate you. And then, I will step pass your corpse and head over. I, will definitely save my friend, no matter the costs!”

Hearing me say as such, Laila suddenly gripped the sword in her hand tightly, her deep green eyes stared straight at me.

“Haah, I already told you not to be agitated. What’s so good about slaughtering a city? Think for a moment. When you played your games in the past, when you felt like it, you would slaughter the cities. After that, you would find that there’s not even a single NPC that could sell you items, as they had already turn into empty cities. What’s the point of an empty city? They were single-player games in the first place, if there’s not even a single person that can converse with you, there’s completely no point in playing at all.”


This guy’s words are actually really logical. I’m actually unable to rebut him at all.

“Haah… Alright then. Then forget it. Do you think slaughtering an entire city is easy? And here I’m thinking that it would be tiring for me to do so.”

“Un. Then that’s good. Are you calmed down now? Earlier, your pair of red glowing eyes were very scary, you know.”

“Red eyes?”

“Un. You Undead Angels, when in the state of extreme anger, your eyes will turn red. And then, using the stimulation from your anger, your battle strength will be increased.”

“Hah? There’s such a setting as well? I didn’t know of such a thing at all. But this also meant that I was never angry in the past, huh.”

“Probably because you don’t usually spread out your bone wing, I guess.”

“Bone wing?”

Only then did I realize that, my bone wing was actually spread out as well!

Crap. If this look of mine had been seen, I would definitely be tried for heresy.

“Alright. Then I will take your suggestion and not slaughter the city. However, I have other questions. Firstly, how did you know that I will be coming over to slaughter the city?”

The time I took to fly here were but a mere few hours, and the Demon King actually reacted so quickly and came to stop me.

“Well, about that… Just treat it as I have countless spies in the human world.”

“Spies? I see. Seems like you’re peeping on the human world as well.”

The messages your spies have are relayed really quickly, huh. I took but a mere few hours to fly here, and you actually instantly sent someone straight towards me. That sure is fast, huh.”

“Haha. I’m already bored from playing with the underground world, naturally, I have to find a new location. Also, I was initially a human, after all.”

The Demon King said with a happy smile.

“Alright, then, next question. No matter how it is, I still have to save my friend. However, since you appeared, at least, you should have some ways, right?”

“Oh, then why don’t you make a guess?”

“Stop fooling around! I’m rushing to save someone here! Don’t you have spies? Tell them to help me gather intel then.”

“Don’t worry, I have the intel, and the time you have is very sufficient as well. The companions of your friend heading to seek help was something that had happened only six hours ago, so it’s only been six hours since your friend has been captured. And, she’s someone that has been named as the Prince’s fiancee, so no one dares to do anything to her. I will tell you the location as well then. She’s at the top of tower at the western side of the castle.”

“Great. To put it simply, I just have to directly save her from the tower, and everything’s settled, right?”

“No, no, no. You haven’t understood one thing. I told you not to slaughter the city, but I did not prevent you from exacting your vengeance.”


I looked at the Demon King, and revealed a smile.

“I see, as expected of the Demon King. Alright then, then what other intel is there?”

“My spy is the owner of the【Beermore】 Tavern at the capital. You will naturally know once you get there.”

“Tavern huh… You really like to follow the settings of games, huh.”

Just how long ago were tavern owners stemmed as the sources of intel?

“Other than that…”

Just when I was about to continue asking, I realized he actually disappeared!

As though that Undead Elf was never here in the first place!

“Oh my god, don’t these people know to say their goodbyes before leaving?”

Complaints are just complaints, it’s still a must to go to work.

First off, I found a place out of human sight, and opened my inventory.


The equipment that I have never worn before should be that of a Rogue’s. Let’s change into that.

After tapping on it, the clothes on my body instantly turned into a grey windbreaker. However, inside them, I still have the equipment such as the Soundless Gloves equipped.

However, I did not wear my Eyepiece of Truth. After all, the King of this country was just LV 15, it doesn’t matter if I wear it or not.

And then, I took out a Connect Weapon from the stack of weapons, the weapon ‘Break’ which could swap between a longsword and a dagger.

After slightly changing my hair into orange, and my eyes into green, I walked towards the capital.

“Sol Feil?”

“Un, that’s right.”

Outside the city gate, I gave him my mercenary certificate to have him take a look.

Fortunately, it was not possible to see the mercenary’s level on the certificate, otherwise, it would have definitely frightened him to death. After finishing that mission back then, we actually became A-Rank mercenaries.

“Alright, you may enter.”

That guard returned me my mercenary certificate, and then, let me in.

“Thank you.”

I smiled. When I took back the certificate, from underneath, I gave him a silver coin.

His eyes suddenly shone, and his initial stern expression revealed a hint of a smile.

“Be careful inside the city. Recently, it’s a little chaotic. During the night’s curfew, you must definitely not come out.”

Hearing this guy’s reminder, I smiled.

“I understand, I will be careful. Speaking of which, are there any cases in the vicinity? If I don’t find some important mission, when the time comes, I won’t even have a single penny for food.”

“Un… About that…”

As expected, after receiving the tip, he became a good talker. The guard who gave a cold glare to others actually began to seriously ponder after I questioned him, and said.

“Speaking of which, the Princess seems to have issued out some sort of notice at your Mercenary Guild. After completing it, you will definitely have enough to be able to eat and sleep for at least ten years. You can head over to try it out.”

“Is that so? Then, thank you very much~”

I responded with a smile, and then, headed straight into the city.




Chapter 2: I Had Never Gone Along with a Quest


Back then, I had only simply passed through the capital, and this was the first time I had ever walked on these streets.

Looking at my vicinity, there were yellow-named guards, and there were a few sneaky yellow-named people around who were clearly unusually eye-catching amidst the mass of white names.

Seems like that King has once again brought back something recently. Otherwise, how could there be such a situation?

And he actually dared to lay his hands on Irlin. He’s really thinking that he had lived for far too long, huh?

Well, since the Demon King has came from far away just to stop me from making trouble, then I will just have to use an even more low-profile and harmonious way of dealing with this problem.

Let me see. According to the way how these stories usually work, first off, is the intel from the inn owner, and then, if I want to smuggle myself into the palace, then I have to do it by accepting the quest from the so-called princess.


In any case, for now, it’s best to link up all the quests, and then, gather intel after that. This way, I won’t need to gather intel a second time.

From afar, I could already see the Mercenary Guild’s insignia of a sword and a shield, hanging at the upper part of the building. With fast steps, I walked towards that place.

No matter which city it was, the sounds of bartering and selling were as unusually resounding as ever. The method to deal with those people who wished to promote their goods was to stare back at them when they were planning to approach.

Using this method, not even three minutes had past, and I had already crossed through the street which was bustling with people, arriving at the entrance of the Mercenary Guild.

“I never expected that I would still get the opportunity to come to this place, and to have opportunity to use this identity as well.”

I helplessly looked at my mercenary badge, and then, walked into the giuld hall.

Although this was a small kingdom, the scale of this Mercenary Guild was not as bad as the one before.

Sweeping my gaze at the hall, I walked towards the board which was filled with mission requests.

Find the Lost Kitten
Reward: 100 Silver

Find the Lost Ring
Reward: 70 Silver

Hey, hey, hey, a cat is actually worth more than a ring? Why does such a situation look so familiar? If it’s a catgirl, then it’s still considerable.

Eliminate the bizarre monster at the Western Forest.
Reward: 300 Silver

Hunt 30 Wind Wolves
Reward: 10 Gold

These two quests abide the rules quite well… Speaking of which, these were all low-ranked missions huh. If one were to level up by walking the path of a mercenary, he should begin here and grind the requests here.

Now that I think about it, the path we’re walking was completely that of depravity. Such a sad story.

It’s no wonder there’s not a single feeling of an RPG here. This can only be blamed on my great attachment to life, and have forgotten to take a large number of missions to raise my rank.


It’s only interesting when there are new ways to play. Otherwise, it will still be easy to get sick of them if one were to constantly grind quests.

All these are not really that important, and with that small sum of reward, why not just raid a treasury once… No, I would be able to make more money simply by being Robin Hood once.

After sweeping my gaze at the entire board, I finally found the mission announced by the so-called princess right at the top.

Are you kidding me? Placing it at such a high place, are you bullying me for my height?

Find the Play Doll Princess Syli Lost

Find the brown doll which has the words
‘Lin Deir Duchy’ on its back, and has a small
Fir Forest wooden tablet hanging in front of its chest.
Once found, please bring it over to the castle for identification.

Reward: 1,000 Gold





Dear princess, are you kidding me?

Is there something you need from me?

There’s actually such an old-fashioned way of finding people? Are you making fun of me, or are you making fun of the Mercenary Guild?

The column on the left, isn’t that referring to me?

But the problem is…

Just what kind of special affairs is she looking for me for? Or does she plan on capturing me?

If this is a ploy by the King, then wouldn’t I be at a disadvantage?

This is so troublesome. And there’s not even a single hint either. This is really making me worried.

However, if this problem lands on me alone, then it isn’t that big of a problem.

Smiling, after finding and signing up for a request for monster elimination at the forest in the vicinity, I left the Mercenary Guild.

After leaving the guild, I walked on a street heading towards the city gate, then, I turned and headed into the street at the side. And then, I used 【Shadow Sneak】 to cross through several streets in a single breath, charging towards the shadows at the corner of the walls outside the castle.

And then, my figure landed within the thick coverage of leaves of a large tree at the side.

“Un… Princess… Princess… What was the name of the princess again?”

Recalling the information on the request, I began to look for the person named【Syli】in the castle.

After a long while, I finally discovered, the place at the corner of the right wing of the castle, was where Syli Mitchell was.

Geez, why did she go to such a tall place in the middle of the day?

I shook my head helplessly. After confirming the positions of the guards in the vicinity, I once again used 【Shadow Sneak】, leapt from shadows to shadows, and headed for top of the castle.

And then, I ran onto a ledge, grabbed onto the edge of the roof and did a flip, landing at Princess Syli’s position.

The moment I landed, I could see Princess Syli currently writing something on the table. Her golden curly hair was tied at her back with a single ribbon, and she was wearing a red silk pajamas. Could it be that she just woke up?

Dear princess, are you a hikikomori? It’s already the afternoon, so why do you still have the look as though you had just woken up?


When she saw my appearance, the moment she thought of calling out, I had already charged over, and covered her mouth.

And then, I quickly lowered my body and told her.

“I’m Lin Fir. I heard you’re looking for me. Is there something you need?”

After hearing my words, her body which still had signs of struggling just earlier, instantly stopped. After staring at me for a good while, she slowly reached out her hands and pushed away mine.

“You… You’re that Lin Fir?”

“That’s right. But due to an unique reason, I have no choice but to enter with a disguise.”

“Un, you killed an official of the country or something, right? You’re the same as how big sis Irlin described, you’re a strange guy.”


“I know you have been framed. Big sis Irlin has already told me. However, that bastard King has always pursued limitless power, and even I can’t stand to watch it any longer.”

The princess unhappily said. And then, she pushed away the things on the table to a side. Then, she turned and walked to the door, and had the door locked.

“No matter the case, that bastard is your father, you know.”

“So what! He treats the pitiful big sis Irlin like this, he doesn’t care about the country affairs, he fiddles with those strange objects underground every single day, and all the country affairs have been handed over to me and my brother. How could there be such an irresponsible King?”

“… That’s true.”

Even his children despised him, just how bad is this guy’s morals?

“Actually, the request at the Mercenary Guild was issued just to find you. Big sis Irlin said, she believes that you will definitely have a way to arrive here. As long as we leave a clue in the city, you will definitely discover it. Because, you have always saved her since young. Though I completely don’t have any impression of you, you know? Clearly, big sis Irlin has always been together with me, so why would she constantly think about you?”

Bitch. World-chan, just what kind of memories did you implant into her mind!? Look, you did not even fix it nicely, now there’s an error, you know?

“Alright, since that’s the case, what’s the deal about the fiancee situation?”

“It’s that bastard King wanting to use the object in the ruins to obtain the ability to learn Ice Knight skills from big sis Irlin’s body. Hence, she forced big brother to marry big sis Irlin.”

“Is that so…”

Since he was forced, I will just let that prince live then.

“Seeing your relieved expression, it’s no wonder big sis Irlin trusts you so much.”

Princess Syli nodded, with a seemingly satisfied expression.

“Hey, hey, hey. Twerp, what are you saying!?”

“I’m not a twerp! I’m already 15 years old!”

“Alright, alright… Let’s not talk about this for now. Next up, we have to talk about our plan next. Do you have any good suggestions?”


This princess said very pridefully, confidently, and complacently.


“Can you not say such words so arrogantly?”

“Because big sis Irlin says that you will definitely be able to think of a very exaggerated, yet very efficient way of dealing with this issue. So there’s no problems.”

“Where did that confidence come from… Ah whatever, it doesn’t make any difference.”

I held onto my chin and pondered for a moment. Then, I looked towards the huge stack of official documents on the table.

An instant later, I looked towards Princess Syli.

“Do you and your brother, have the resolve to become a Queen or a King?”

Main Quest: Vengeance

Quest Objective: Bestow the punishment the King of Mitchell Kingdom deserves for framing you.
Additional Objectives:
Cold-blooded Vengeance. [Failed]
Revolution. [Failed]

[Main Quest: Vengeance] New possible ending unlocked.
Objective: Lead a country to release Mitchell Kingdom. [Incomplete]

Quest Objective Updated

Objective: Have Princess Syli or Prince Del become the King of Mitchell Kingdom.
Quest Reward: 10,000 EXP, 5,000 Gold, Unlock the Title [Advisor of Mitchell Kingdom], Increase in relationship level with citizens of Mitchell Kingdom.



Chapter 3: The Strong-Willed Irlin


Raising my relationship level with the citizens of Mitchell Kingdom huh… And I had even planned on slaughtering the entire city in the beginning, this sure feels subtle.

But originally, I already had the title【Advocate of Mitchell Kingdom Citizens】. If my relationship level is raised once again, won’t they treat me as their King then?

Forget about that, I don’t want that at all. I don’t like strategy games, otherwise, I wouldn’t have thrown the management of the middle street to someone else.

Looking at the notification in my quest window, I could not help but sigh.

The esteemed princess in front of me have already sank into deep thoughts, probably, she’s in a dilemma between ethics and righteousness. After all, the target was still her own father.

“I say.”

After a good while, Princess Syli raised her head and looked towards me.

“Are you sure… you’re confident in going against father’s【Purgatory Forbidden Guards】?”

“How strong are they?”

“Un, very strong. Back then, I had a spar with their captain, and he shattered me sword with a single slash.”


Esteemed princess, do you know that you’re only level 7? Most probably, I’m even able to shatter your sword with my bare hands?

“When compared to the other guards?”

“They’re still much stronger as well! They’re basically able to defeat those guards in three moves.”

The guards are only level 12, three moves… Un, I will just estimate that those Forbidden Guards are level 20 then.

“Alright, it’s not really a problem. Other than that, is there anything else to take note of?”

“You… Can you not reply so nonchalantly? Those people are really very frightening!”

“I think they’re alright. However, I will still need to see them face to face before knowing for sure.”

“I guess you’re right, alright then!”

after saying that, Princess Syli stood up, and walked over to a cabinet at the side. Pulling out a row of books at the very top, she retrieved a doll from behind them.

“Take this!”

And then, she threw it over to me.

“This is the play doll stated in that request. Take this and directly head over to the security guards, and tell them you found it. Then, I will be able to give you the right to officially enter the castle.”

“Good idea. But, if anything were to happen in the castle, wouldn’t I be the most suspicious person?”

“Hmhm~ You will know when the time comes. According to my plans, nothing will go wrong.”

“Is that so…”

“Can’t you trust me, the princess!? Geez.”

I’m sorry. Even though I would really like to trust you, given your level, and from my experiences with those other princesses, the facts have told me that, princesses are very unreliable beings.

“Alright, alright, I trust you. However, first, I have to complete some other things. But, I should be able to find you in a few hours.”

“In just a few hours, the sky will turn dark, you know.”

The princess looked at the sky and said.

“So what?”

I shrugged.

“Geez… Are you planning to while away time with dinner?”

“That’s a good idea!”

“… Fine then.”

The esteemed princess gave a defeated expression, and then, returned to her own table.

“Then why aren’t you hurrying to do your own thing! Geez!”

“Alright, alright~ Then I will be leaving~”

After saying that, I once again activated【Shadow Sneak】, and in a flash, I disappeared from the observation deck.

However, not even ten seconds later, the position I appeared at was inside the tower at the western side of the castle.

There wasn’t a door in front of the tower’s entrance, but there was a metallic door which was held onto by a lock at the place leading towards the top.

Hence, I simply passed through the guards watching the door, and entered inside the tower.

As for the lock… To me, it was definitely not anything like a lock, but just a decorative object.

I did not even bother taking out the lock, and simply used an unlocking skill at the lock, then, the lock instantly opened with a ‘kacha’ sound.

I looked at the guards below who had yet to notice anything, and speedily entered the room at the top floor.

“You people…”

Before waiting for Irlin inside the room to say anything, I hurriedly closed the door, and flashed right beside her.

Currently, she was still wearing the armor she usually wore, her mouth was still covered by the mask, and her pair of eyes which carried fatigue looked at me in surprise.

“Irlin, to put it simply, I will immediately get you out of here soon, however, now isn’t the time. So as to ascertain your safety, I shall have you hold onto this magic resonating alarm equipment, and this【Ice Imperial Garden】magic defense scroll first. Once you encounter any danger, use it, and then, call for… me…”

Before I could even finish, Irlin suddenly hugged me!

“Fir! You’re Fir, right!?”

“Un… Un!”

“As I thought… I knew you would definitely come and save me!”

Irlin’s voice carried some weeping, from my clothes, I could feel her tears were already flowing down.

“Umm… Sorry, to have you trapped here.”


Irlin shook her head.

“As long you’re here, I’m already very satisfied.”


Damn it, was my decision back then really correct?

Or is it…

“Um, for your future safety, I’m going to eliminate the King.”


Irlin held onto my shoulders and said.

“We only have to flee! Killing a King isn’t something so easily done!”

“For others, yes, but for me, it’s not. And, I have already discussed this with Princess Syli, she’s willing to help as well.”

“Syli… she…”

Irlin rubbed off her tears, and then lowered her head, pondering.

“Since you two have already this much resolve, then I can’t stay depressed either! Alright, then what do I need to do?”

“Let me see…”

Sweeping my gaze at the room, I continued to say.

“After I leave, other than the bookshelf and the bed, use the rest of the furniture to block the door. Unless they were to force their way in, do not use the tools I gave you. When I return later on, I will come in from that small window over there, so don’t worry.”

I pointed to the small window over there and said.

“I will look for you later on, you have to be careful.”

“Un! I understand!”

Irlin seemed to have regained quite a bit of her spirits. I gave a comforting smile, and then, speedily left through the door, and locked it.

Flashing towards the streets outside, I once again looked at the tower, and then, I walked quickly towards the business district.

“Next up, is intel.”



Chapter 4: Intel


All the business districts in the Western Continent were pretty much the same, but due to the invasion of some of us, the freaking otherworlders, a portion of the middle age styled buildings were replaced by a few of what seemed to be very modern buildings.

For example, the three-storey building with snow-white walls not far from here, and adding that neon lamp that was hanged on its wall, it seemed as though a building from our world had directly been transported over!

Geez, could it be that these people do not know how to coordinate?

At the center of a bunch of ancient buildings, was a modern one. I can’t stand this sense of violation at all.

Ah whatever, let’s not mind about it. For now, it’s still best that I gather my intel.

With this thought in mind, I began to blindly stroll the entire business district, finding the bar called【Beermore】.




Demon King, are you kidding me?

I kind of feel that my lips had already twitched to the point of being disfigured, however, after strolling for an hour, I still have yet to find that bar called【Beermore】.

You can’t have opened it underground, right?

Just when I was thinking as such, the night had completely descended.

The streetlamps at the roadsides lighted up, and the neon lamp of that modern three-storey commercial building lighted up as well.


Oh my god!

Only then did I realize that, the neon lamp of that shop was actually shaped into Chinese characters! Chinese characters! Chinese! The Chinese words for【Beermore】!

Are you kidding me?

Just by hearing it, it sounds like a foreign name. And you actually turn it into Chinese?

Forget about the Chinese characters, it’s actually written in cursive as well. If you have me see that mess in broad daylight, how am I supposed to know that 【Beermore】is written there!?

Ah whatever, whatever. Even if I frustrate about this now, it’s no use. Let’s hurry up and gather intel, and then make my leave.

In this world, there’s no age restrictions for drinking, and naturally, there wouldn’t be anyone standing at the entrance to check your ID, so as to confirm your age.

Entering the bar, a heavy scent of wine poured towards me.

Although I did not really drink much in the past, in this world, I have yet to drink any.

It seemed like those things could raise one’s battle strength and critical damage, however, they decrease one’s accuracy, and the effects of HP potions would be reduced. Unless it’s some high-grade wine, otherwise, based on the effects of these things, it’s best to directly drink potions instead.

The lighting of the bar was very dim, and there were only a few small lamps lighting up the entire bar, so as to allow one to make their way around the bar.

There seemed to be music and sounds coming from the floor above, however, at the bar counter downstairs, there were already quite a few people seated.

LV 12 Bartender LV 45 Demon Swordsman
[Neutral] [Suspicious] [Demon King’s Spy] [Demon World’s Assassin] [Arcane Possessor] [Intel Gatherer] [Dreamy Bartender]

There wasn’t even a need to take a closer look, as in the titles of the bartender, who was dressed in a waiter uniform and was standing behind the bar counter, these information could be directly seen.

I’m really wiping off cold sweat for the Demon King here. Are you seriously not afraid that an otherworlder with a strong sense of justice will report you?

No, wait, that’s not the case. Would someone with a really strong sense of justice even come here?

Probably not!

I see, then it’s plausible this way. I’m really a genius!

Ah whatever, let’s not bother myself with this problem. Gather intel! Gather intel!

I slowly walked to the bar counter, and then, I looked for a seat with not much people around, and sat on it.


I pondered for a moment, and then said that.


He was a middle-aged man, and was even a human. However, his purple eyes actually gave off a very uncomfortable feeling.

After staring me for a long time, and he took out a black bottle from the cabinet with a smile, and then, poured a cup for me.

“Seems like you’re called here by boss.”

Hearing him say as such, the people at the side looked at me curiously, and then, left.

“Don’t mind. These people are still more curious as to why this store of mine is so unique. Alright, please follow me.”

After saying that, he walked out of the bar counter and headed inwards.

I hurriedly drank down the contents in the cup, and hurriedly followed.

Why did I drink it down unhesitatingly? Because the moment I took that cup, I instantly saw the attributes of the contents. It’s actually the【Deathbone Wine】which buffs an undead’s ability, and it’s even a rare product. Was it really alright to have me drink it?

I followed him towards the side of a flight of stairs, and when he reached a wall, he tapped on the painting that was being hanged on it. The space distorted, and that wall actually turned into a door.

Immediately after, he opened it.

After opening it, the space inside was so huge, it felt strange.

A room which have the size of a classroom actually appeared in front of me! This is completely different from how this place looks from the outside… Teleportation is too luxurious, could it be a compressed space?

The door slowly closed, and he turned to look towards me.

“Sir Demon King had said that, if there’s someone able to see through my real name with just a single glance, and even drink down the【Deathbone Wine】without his body turning ashen, then it’s him… A human of the undead race? That sure is rare. Ah, don’t misunderstand. I don’t have the intention to make inquiries. If you have any questions to ask me, then please go on.”

“Firstly, use the Mercenary ranking system to judge the strength of the King’s Forbidden Guards.”


“And then, the forces the Prince and Princess have in control.”

“The Prince has the control rights to half of the country’s Knight Squad, while the other half is in the hands of the King. The Princess has the war potential of half of the country’s Magician Squad, while the other half is in the hands of the King.”

“So it’s half and half, huh? That sure is troublesome.”

I nodded, and then continued to look at him.

“What’s hidden under Mitchell, and what is the King looking for?”

“Mitchell Kingdom is the nearest to the ruins of the Ancient Era, and just by heading straight down, one could reach a portion of the dungeon. However, due to the barrier restriction, only with the right medium, could one enter the place. Currently, the King has already obtained the medium, and is preparing to activate the power within the dungeon.”

“I see, so it’s the ruins of the Ancient Era, huh…”

Hopefully he doesn’t obtain some troublesome power.

“The King’s weakness?”

“His own strength isn’t that high.”

“Haha, that’s compared to yourself, right?”

“Aren’t you the same?”

“Alright, that’s enough. I don’t have anything else.”

“Please allow me to say a word. You seem to want to overturn the structure of this country. If that’s really the case, please raise the influential power of our bar in this district. After all, earlier, so as to obtain these information, we have spent quite a bit of money.”

“That… That naturally isn’t a problem.”

I said with a smile.

“And I promise that you will not be bored in the future.”



Chapter 5: A Bloody Case Initiated from a Doll


“Stop there! Who’s there!?”

The moment I approached the castle, the watchguard shouted loudly at me, and the long spear in his hands was even pointed at me.

Geez, do I really look that much like a bad guy?

Although currently I’m wearing black clothes, with a black cloak donned at my back, and even have two daggers hanging at my waist, can’t you guys see my pure eyes and upright facial appearance!?

Forget it, even if I explain to all of you, none of you will get it. Such a pure and innocent person like me will never do things like attacking the castle, abducting the Princess, or killing the King… Well, the last one is an exception.

“Good evening, everyone. My name is Sol Feil, a mercenary who comes from the Ice Empire. When I passed by here, I saw the request at the Mercenary Guild that was initiated by the esteemed Princess, and hence, I completed it.”

As I said that, I took out the doll the Princess gave me.

“So, I came here with the Princess’ doll to retrieve my reward.”

“Is… Is that so.”

That guard looked at the doll in my hands, and could not make a decision at the spot. He and the other guard looked at each other in the eye, and then, he said.

“I will report to this our commander!”

That guard said as such, before turning and entering into the castle walls.

So troublesome. Clearly, you could have just casually let me pass. This is so troublesome, yet, there’s not even a fast-forward button. This is really a waste of time, huh.

After a while, a man in armor, with a cape donned, came walking out with that guard. That’s probably their commander, I guess.

After taking a look at me, he took out a bag of something from his pocket and walked towards me, as he reached out his hands to grab the doll in my hand.

In a flash, I retreated, allowing his hands to catch empty air.

“One thousand gold, isn’t that what’s stated on the request?”

I looked at that bag and said.

“That’s only one thousand silver over there, right?”

“Hmph! What right does a lowly mercenary have to bargain!? Hurry and hand over that doll, and then, leave with the money! Otherwise, I will have you treated as someone who has stolen the princess’s doll, and have you arrested!”

That commander said very arrogantly.

Idiot, with your level of 10, I don’t even want to remember your name, and you actually dare to be so arrogant. I’m so scared~

Clearly, there’s two options in front of me~

One, hand over the doll, take the money, and leave. Next up, even if I don’t do anything, the princess will still help me accomplish it.
Two, kill this person, slaughter my way in with the doll, and then, hand the doll over to the princess.

Personally, I hate troublesome things, so usually, I will choose the first potion. And if it’s in a game, usually, I will still pick option one. Option two feels like it will become an endless slaughter of fodders.

But currently, this sure is provoking. This person who looks down on people, it won’t be good to not teach him a lesson or two.

“So you’re saying, you’re planning to take the doll and take all the credit for yourself, you human trash.”

“Hah! You actually dare to say such words in front of me! You…”

“Hmph, don’t forget. The doll is still in my hands.”

I shook the doll in my hand and said.

“… Then, how much do you want!?”

“One thousand gold is equivalent to one million silver, and you actually want to shoo me away with just a thousand silver. Isn’t that too big of a joke?”

“Alright, alright! I will give you ten thousand silver, that should be enough, right!”

“Seems like you don’t know how to count, bastard!”

I said very haughtily.

“If I were to give you this doll, you will obtain the rewards of both money and fame…”

“Kuh… Damn it! Two thousand! Two thousand should be enough, right!”


“Damn it! You people don’t understand the suffering of us, guards! Do you think it’s easy to earn money!?”

“Then just continue to do your guard duties well. Since you’re trying to take a shortcut, you have to pay the necessary price.”

“Fine, you win! Here’s fifty thousand. Anymore, and consider this deal off!”

He threw over what looked like a card to me. I took it and looked at it, the word ‘Bank’ was written on it.


Oh my god, they have really done it now! Even the bank has came out! And there’s even cards issued. If I were to accumulate enough money, is it possible to obtain a black card?

And when I looked at it, there was only a scan code on it, and there’s no name. Could it be that there’s no need to put down one’s name?

“Stop looking! This is a card that has been recently issued by the bank opened in the capital. It can be used with places of high consumption!”

Although I don’t know who this person, who had the capability to spread credit cards universally, was, it seems like his economics was pretty good. After all, the level of trust needed for cards to replace conventional money isn’t something that could be easily done.

“Hey! Will you accept it or not!?”

“Fine! Here.”

I threw over the doll to him.

“Then… If we’re fated, we will meet again~”

When the doll was still in mid-air, I had already used Shadow Sneak and flashed to the top of a building far away.

I had been paying attention to this spot since the beginning, as, on this building, it’s possible to view a large portion of the capital, and the entire castle.

And as to why I’m staying here, obviously, it’s to wait for a scenario to happen.

Earlier, when I handed over the doll, I had already hanged a crystal with the voice-recording ability on the doll’s neck.

Of course, I set it up in the way that it will activate when “in contact with a girl who is less than twenty years of age”.

And then, I silently took out a fruit that I had kept before, and slowly nibbled on it.

“Don’t blame me for being heartless~”

As I ate, I muttered to myself.

“I had already advised you to do your guard duties properly… Un?”

And at this moment, at the streets below, a few people with the【Evil】title were following behind a family, as though they were trailing them.


Since I’m able to see it… Why wouldn’t I help them out?

“Ah, let’s just treat it as to while away time.”




“Thank you, thank you very much.”

“You’re too courteous, it wasn’t that much of a deal.”

I looked at the thankful expressions of that family, and courteously replied.

And then, I handed over those people to the hands of the guards, and one of the guards suddenly asked me.

“May I ask, are you Sol Feil?”

“Un? That’s right. What is it?”

“Ah, as expected. See, I’m right, right!? This Feil is definitely a good person. Commander had basically sought his own death, and walked the path of demise by himself.”

“Ah, I never expected it though. Although the commander is indeed a little weird, usually, he’s not really a bad person. He’s just too greedy.”

Seeing the two guards chatting, I interrupted them.

“So, you people were looking me for…”

“Oh, right. The esteemed princess is looking for you! She says it’s regarding the doll incident. Please come with us.”

“Is that so, alright.”

I nodded.

“Then, let’s hurry.”



Chapter 6: We’re All People With Big Brothers


PoV: Princess Syli

Big sis Irlin’s luck sure is pretty good…

Seeing Fir’s figure disappearing from the window, I unconsciously thought of this in my heart.

I really don’t know what kind of person Fir is, however, big sis Irlin had only been captured a few hours ago, yet, he had already rushed over here, that’s really godspeed.

And from his expression… With just a glance, it could be seen that he’s very seriously worried for big sis Irlin’s well-being. That sure is great, and it sure is blissful for her.

Although I’m feeling happy for big sis Irlin’s sake, there’s an odd sensation in my heart.

Why isn’t there such a hardworking person like Fir among the people that came over from neighbouring countries to propose for my hand in marriage? Every single one of them with those pig-like figures, they simply look disgusting.

But, big sis Irlin said that this guy had played with her since young, and they grew up together. Then why haven’t I seen him before?

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given this opportunity over to her! Hmph!


No wait, what am I thinking!?

Work, work. If I start working now, I won’t be able to finish the documents today, and I will once again be laughed at by big brother in the evening.

I don’t wish to see that grinning face of his! Work hard!


Three Hours Later

“I’m finally… finally done…”

With a plop, I laid down on the table.

Fortunately, the table is big enough, otherwise, with just that action of mine, it would have definitely pushed that mountain of documents onto the ground.

But, all’s good. I’m finally finished with my work before dinner. If I have left them for after dinner, it will definitely feel even more terrible.

Dong, dong, dong.

Door knocks sounded from the door. She instantly raised her head, faced the mirror at the side, and slightly adjusted her wrinkled dress, before pressing the button on the table.

With a ‘hwaa’ sound, the door opened, and the attendant in-charge of taking care of me was standing at the door with my doll in her hand.

Arianha had taken care of me since I was young, and although she was a little bit older than I am, she was actually someone I could actually converse with in this castle.

“Princess, someone has found the doll you lost.”

“Oh? Is that so? What kind of person is he?”

“It’s Mosai, the commander of the castle guards.”

“Oh, Mosai, huh. Then call him… hah?”

The words that I had already prepared earlier was instantly swallowed back forcefully into my throat.

“Who did you say found it?”

“… Umm… The commander of the castle guards, Mosai.”

“Are you sure? Who said that?”

“He personally brought it over and told me.”


I rubbed my temple, and slowly walked towards Arianha.

But, the moment I took the doll from her, the crystal on the doll’s neck suddenly lit up, and even emitted sounds.

“Hello, esteemed Princess, my name is Sol Feil. Your doll has been found by me, but unfortunately, due to some reasons, I’m unable to personally hand it to you. I’m really sorry~ But, if you wish to know the reason, please listen to this recording.” “One thousand gold, isn’t that what’s stated on the request?” “That’s only one thousand silver over there, right?” “Hmph! What right does a lowly mercenary have to bargain!? Hurry and hand over that doll, and then, leave with the money! Otherwise, I will have you treated as someone who has stolen the princess’s doll, and have you arrested!” “So you’re saying, you’re planning to take the doll and take all the credit for yourself, you human trash.”

Fir, this guy…

He sure likes to give me trouble. Couldn’t he have dealt with this himself? Isn’t he just a guard… Geez.


“Yes, princess.”

“Throw Mosai into jail, and then, have the guards call that person called Sol Feil over.”

“Yes, I understand. But, if it’s just the name… It’s a little…”

“Don’t worry, if it’s that guy…”

I looked at the night scenery of the capital, and curled my lips.

“He definitely won’t be idling.”

PoV: Oyado

Big brother!

Big brother, big brother!

Big brother, big brother, big brother!!!!!!

“Ah! Big brother, where did you go!? You guys, hurry and hand big brother over!”

I held onto my daggers and constantly stabbed towards the table. Not even a moment later, another hole had been produced on the table.

Hence, I switched locations and continued stabbing.

Five hours ago, big brother suddenly broke through the ceiling and flew off somewhere. Although I’m able to faintly sense that big brother was in the western direction, why hasn’t he come back after so long!?

If you had wanted to leave this place, why didn’t you bring Oyado along!

Didn’t you promise that we would never separate!

“Oyado-chan, don’t be like that. The table will break like that.”

Lois looked at me with a very worried expression, however, probably because she was afraid of the daggers in my hand, she was still maintaining quite a distance from me.

“Leave me alone! In any case, I have been abandoned by big brother!”

I said as I continued to stab.

“No, that isn’t possible.”

Purewhite who was sitting at the other side of the table gently said.

“Master will definitely not abandon us. He will not abandon anyone.”

“Then… Then why didn’t he bring us along?”

“Master… must have encountered an emergency situation.”

“Is… Is that so, then he should have brought me along. Could it be that big brother still doesn’t understand my ability!?”

“I can sense… master’s emotions. Back then… he was very…”

Purewhite paused for a moment, and her brows furrowed.

“Anger, anxiousness, rage… and even a hint of despair.”

“Is that so…”

I never expected big brother to have such emotions as well.

Clearly, every day, big brother always had the free and easy expression, and no matter how big the incident was, he would still be able to go through them with a smile.

A big brother like that… actually has such negative emotions deep in his heart?



That’s really great~

So big brother is the same as me, and enjoys these indescribable emotions very much as well~

I see, so this is the fundamental source which had allowed big brother and I to connect with each other~

I’m so happy~ I feel so excited~

“You guys!”

Suddenly, the door to the room was forcefully opened.

The person who appeared was actually Aliyah! The girl who always had a look of scorn when facing big brother, yet, still kept pestering big brother!

“We have found Fir’s position. Do you guys want to come as well?”



Chapter 7: All of Us Are Weird People


PoV: Tai Shixi


So troublesome…

This Fir, the guy that doesn’t idle around at all, really gets on my nerves, huh…

Sitting in the airship, while playing a game of Gomoku by myself, I could not help but think of this in my heart.


Speaking of which, currently, is it the white piece’s turn, or is it the black piece’s? After thinking for so long, I have forgotten about it.

It’s definitely that Fir’s fault.

Why do we have to fly here and there just to do a quest? Clearly, Skybreak City can be considered as a relatively good mob grinding area.


Actually, I’m just more concerned if there’s really a God in that abyss under the Skybreak Academy. I might even be able to obtain some kind of secret martial arts scroll.

Although I might not be able to train in them now, after a period of time, I might be able to do it.

When the time comes, I will definitely be able to experience the thrill of carrying everyone!

Unfortunately, everyone’s battle abilities right now are very terrifying. Even though in the beginning, their levels were not as high as mine, now, any one or two of them could defeat bosses as though they were cutting vegetables for dinner. They’re simply too frightening, I absolutely can’t interact with them at all.

Haah, if only I’m able to trigger some sort of questline, in that case, I will definitely be able to surpass them.


So in the end, is it the white piece, or the black piece?

Ah forget it, let’s start a new round.

And just when I had just begun to collect the pieces, suddenly, I saw a weird phenomenon.

And that is, the name of a person I have never seen before was slowing moving forward below me.

I recall that… this should be lowest level of the airship, and below me should be outside the airship.

Could it be that there’s someone crawling underneath our airship?

That’s impossible. This airship is flying at a high speed of 800 kilometers per hour. If someone’s hanging outside, that person will definitely die.

But just when I was thinking as such, the HP of that person underneath me decreased by a little, before slowly refilling itself.


[Evil] [Cold] [Cold-blooded] [One-Hit Kill] [Special Jounin] [Inheritor of the Dragon Sword]

A ninja is hanging below our airship?

Are you kidding me?

Looking at Aliyah and the rest who were still fighting and arguing among each other in the airship, I pondered for a moment.

Could it be that this is some sort of an unique quest?

Has my opportunity finally come?

Calm down!

In times like this, I have to calm down!

Think, if Fir saw this situation, what would he do?

In usual cases, if there’s someone lying on our airship, either that person is following us, or that person is simply trying to hitch a free ride.

And this girl is even a ninja, so the possibility of him following us is much higher.

But why is she following us then?

And according to this situation, he had begun to follow us since Skybreak City. Could it be that he’s related to the incident earlier?

Then what should I do?

Why don’t I… try and stab down towards her?


Just when I decided to do that, suddenly, I realized the titles under the airship had disappeared!

I hurriedly swept my gaze at the entire airship, yet, I completely could not see any trace of those titles!

Oh my god…

My quest ran away!

“Tai Shixi… What happened to you?”

Suddenly, someone beside me asked. I turned to look, and it was actually Fir’s Shikigami, Purewhite.


I hurriedly said.

This is bad. Earlier, I was playing this board game alone, and then, was frustrating here all by myself. I must have looked very strange, right?

However, I really can’t think of any topic I can converse with them with.

They must have definitely taken me as a strange person, right?

“Is that so? Earlier… You looked very confused. Is there something… worrying you?”

“I… Umm…”

Why is she talking so gently? Clearly, she’s a shikigami, however, she feels no different than an ordinary girl.


The white kimono she’s wearing is completely exposing her collarbone. However, if I were to help her adjust it, I will definitely be tagged with a strange label, right?

Ah, why am I frustrating over this!?

“Un? Why do I feel there’s a subtle aura being emitted from here?”

That young girl called Lois actually ran over to join the crowd. This girl, why has she been following us this entire time? Clearly, Oyado only cares about Fir. Isn’t it about time for her to give up?

I ruthlessly stared at Lois, and she shivered. Then, she ran back to her former position.

“Tai Shixi, if you’re like that… people will be unable to approach you, you know.”

Purewhite laughed.

“So what? It’s fine this way.”

In any case, in the past, I was a solo. However, now… because I wish to have people to rely on and have each other to take care of one another, I’m here with you guys.

“Umm… If you don’t mind me, let’s play a round.”


I looked at the young girl in front of me with a shocked expression.


“Because aren’t you playing it by yourself? I know a little about it. Want to play?”


Fir… Even your Shikigami is weird.



Chapter 8: Can’t We Have a Nice and Peaceful Talk?


“You, since you have the time to record, why didn’t you teach that city guard commander a lesson?”

While walking to the castle’s dining hall with the princess, Princess Syli asked this.

I chuckled.

“Princess, are you trying to have me directly wage a war against the castle?”

“Haha~ What’s bad about that? That way, can’t we deal with all the problems with a single breath?”

“It’s indeed convenient, however, other than those Forbidden Guards, I’m more concerned about the thing the King found in the ruins.”

“Is that so? Then you might be able to get along with my father, you know?”

“That’s definitely impossible. Currently, we’re existences that mutually wish to kill each other. But, speaking of which, this Ms. Arianha beside you won’t expose our conversation, right?”

I pointed to the girl who was wearing a maid uniform in front of me, and said.

“If she really does expose us, then don’t you think it’s a little too late for you to ask about it?”

“Are you sure? As long as you say that you don’t trust her, then she won’t remember whatever that had happened earlier.”

“Geez, those words of yours sure and bloody and violent.”

“What are you talking about? I will simply give her a punch that can cause her to lose her memories.”

“Oh, really?”

“Of course, losing her memories is just a bonus, usually, I will simply knock her out until the entire incident is over.”

“Is it really fine for you to say that right in front of her?”

“Look, personally, she isn’t saying anything about it.”

That’s right, this girl called Arianha did not say a single thing, as though she was unrelated to the things we were talking about.

“Hey, Arianha, do you really not have anything you wish to say?”

“Esteemed princess.”

The maid called Arianha said without even turning her head to her.

“If you really wish for me to say something, then, your actions of killing the King are simply no different from moths being drawn into flames. With only the strengths of both of you, you’re unable to achieve it.”

“Oh, do you have an understanding towards the King’s power?”

“Although it’s only a rumor…”

Arianha stopped, turned, and looked towards us.

“But rumors say that, the King had already obtained the power of the ruins. Although I don’t know what it is, I heard a portion of the power is capable of making an enemy out of any army squad from the Eastern Continent.”

“Oh, that strong?”

I nodded, and then asked.

“Then where’s the location of the cemetery in this capital of yours?”

“Cemetery? I believe it’s to the east of the city.”

Arianha pondered for a moment before answering.

“Then that’s good enough. There’s no problems.”

“Are you frustrating about your own future grave?”

“Of course not, I’m just more concerned about solving this issue from all angles.”

“Alright, if you people want to chat, let’s leave it for later. There are still many things we have to do right now.”

Princess Syli seemed to have gotten a little impatient. After interrupting our conversation, she continued walking forward.

I shrugged, and then, hurriedly caught up.

“Father, this is Feil, the one who helped me locate my doll, that I have brought up to you about.”

“Oh, really?”

I did not expect that, after half a year, I actually met with the King of Mitchell Kingdom once again.

And this time, killing him is the reason why I’m back in this Kingdom.

He sized me up for a moment, and smiled.

“So, it’s actually a Rogue Mercenary? Interesting. If I’m not mistaken, we haven’t had any Rogues entering our castle, right?”

“Papa, those words of yours are too rude.”

Princess Syli said.

“Hahaha, I’m sorry. But, speaking of which, my good daughter, why did you bring him into the castle?”

“Because I found out that he’s very strong, so I wish to have him become my knight.”

When these words came out, the surrounding people began to discuss among themselves in low voices.

“Knight? A Rogue? An Assassin might fit the bill, but a Rogue is…”

The King, however, did not reveal that much of a shocked expression, rather, he began to mutter to himself.”

“My King!”

Suddenly, a knight wearing heavy armor stood out and roared.

“Since the Princess has said that this person’s abilities are pretty good, this subordinate here is willing to test his abilities!”

“Oh, alright, I will agree to it.”

Hey, hey, hey, you really agreed to it unhesitatingly, huh. At least, say some words like it’s too dangerous or something.

Of course, I’m referring to the fact that it’s too dangerous for the other party.

“Alright, pull out your weapon! I shall have you understand how wide the distance is between us!”

“Ah, I guess you’re right.”

I nodded, and then, pulled out my dagger.



He looked at me very furiously.

“You bastard actually dare to provoke me! I shall give you a good beating.”

“Are you sure? In a place in this castle where people eat?”


He raised the sword in his hands, and his entire body moved, as he charged towards me!

“Ah, so slow…”

I leaned to the right, and the blade brushed past my side. Then, I stabbed my dagger forward, and twisted it.


The position where his armor parts were connected to one another, instantly shattered, and his armor separated into countless pieces.

Just as he was still in shock, I turned, and looked towards the King.

“Anyone else?”




Chapter 9: The Upcoming Follow-Up Challenge


The entire dining hall was instantly in a complete silence, everyone looked at the knight who was kneeling on the ground due to being stark naked.

Geez, what’s there to look at? It’s not that he will give good fortune.

If you people want to look, look at my handsome and cool finishing pose! What’s the use of looking at that idiot?

“Well done! Very well done!”

The King applauded as he said.

“You’re really young and promising! This country requires a talent like you!”

Immediately after, he looked towards Princess Syli.

“A knight, was it? Alright, I shall permit it. However, I permit those that wish to challenge for your position to engage a challenge with you as well. But, if there are too many of these challenges, you will be troubled as well. Then, I shall set a limit, three times! Whoever has any objections, please step forward and initiate a challenge! Let’s add on a reward as well then. If you’re able to obtain victory in all three battles, I shall reward you with a hundred thousand gold.”

I really feel sorry for winning cash from you every single time.

With this thought in mind, I bowed.

“Thank you, your majesty.”

Side Quest: Knight
Quest Objective: Complete the Knight’s challenges. [0/3]
Reward: 1,000 EXP

Seems like the quest requirement for this quest is a little low, the EXP is so little… But the reward money comes from outside the quest, so it can be considered as compensation, I guess.

If it’s a day, incidentally, I can stroll around the castle, and inspect all of the threatening aspects of the castle.

If possible, I can deal with the Forbidden Guards while I’m at it. After all, if there are many ants on an elephant, the elephant would be bitten to death. It’s best to be cautious.

The level of that Knight was 16. He was actually a level higher than the King, and there were no one else that had a higher level than him. And this was also the reason why, after I defeated this guy, no one else dared to utter a word.

“Alright, then this matter has been set. Everyone that wish to dine, please stay. It’s almost time for our dinner to be served.”

Although the King’s face carried a smile…

The matter was definitely not so simple.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect to cause such a big trouble for you.”

After dinner, following Arianha, Princess Syli and I was walking towards the northern tower, was the princess’s bedroom was.

Of course, my mission is to simply stay at a nearby room as a guard. Please spare me from the princess play or something.

“It’s nothing much. Coincidentally, I can understand their abilities… Of course, their hidden abilities as well.”

“Oh, you’re rather confident and easy-going, huh.”

The princess revealed an expression of admiration.

“I can’t be considered that way. After all, behind an able man there are always other able men. I might be a very strong existence in this country, but outside, I’m merely mediocre.”

“That’s true. When I went to play in those empires back then, I have seen them as well. I could even feel that those regular soldiers were even more than a hundred times stronger than our country’s soldiers. If they wish to destroy our country, it would be as easy as moving one’s hand.”

“And it’s exactly because it’s easy as moving their hands, they will not do such a thing. Firstly, taking over a new territory will require a new lord to be dispatched. This alone will waste a large amount of effort. And, if the stomachs of the population of a country can’t be filled, dissatisfaction will spread throughout the territory, and will not be something that can be easily managed. Another point is, think about it, if a country can casually take over someone else’s territory, the other countries will follow suit, and in the end, it will bring about a new round of continental wars. There’s completely no point to it at all.”

Princess Syli stopped, and turned to look at me. Her eyes were filled with surprise.

“I never expected that you would actually have such an opinion. You’re really not simple at all. To actually say such things on the fly, you’re much stronger than those instructors in the Empire Academies, huh.”

I’m sorry, this isn’t my opinion. It’s just a few thoughts I accumulated after playing games for a long time.

“It’s not really an unique opinion.”

“No, no, no. What you said makes a lot of sense, especially the situation in our continent… Alright, after this, you have to tell me about it. This should be very helpful in my political studies.”

“Alright, naturally, it isn’t a problem.”

“As for the rest of the way, I can walk over by myself. Arianha, bring Feil to his lodging.”

“Yes, my princess.”

Arianha nodded, and then, pointed to the side.

“Mr. Feil, this way please.”


But, when she said that, I had already saw that small square room not far away from the tower.

Although Arianha was currently walking towards it, I kept staring at that room.

“What is it? Mr. Feil?”

“Later, do not approach that room. It’s very dangerous.”


“Because, right now, there’s a couple of strange people staying there. They’re probably there to eliminate me.”

“Is that so… If you’re able to sense the people inside, then there’s indeed a possibility. Because it has been a long time since that room has been used.”

“I see.”

“Originally, because no one was staying there, I had always never bothered to clean that room. It’s really troublesome after all, to clean and whatever.”

“You actually said that out right in front of me. Couldn’t you have held in those words?”

“Is there a matter? In any case, you won’t mind either way, right?”

“Indeed. But, there’s no need for you to worry as well.”

“Un, why is that so?”


I thought for a long time, however, I was still unable to think of how I could explain it to her. Hence, I directly used a heating magic spell in the direction of the room.

A moment later…


With a loud bang, the entire room instantly turned into smithereens.

“Because they have set up a bomb, and it can be activated through heat.”

The hell, in that case, where am I going to sleep tonight?



Chapter 10: Mission Impossible


“Hahahahaha! As I thought, things have gotten interesting. Hahaha!”

An explosion sounding in the castle late in night is not something to joke about. Not even ten minutes have passed, and everyone in the castle was alerted. Even that joke King had rushed over.

Of course, the weight of my words was not heavy enough, hence, the task of explaining the situation was handed over to Arianha. After listening to Arianha’s explanation, the King began laugh madly out of extreme happiness.

“As expected, the suggestion that I proposed was very interesting. It’s only been a few hours, yet, such a thing actually happened in the castle. Great, very interesting. But, this is too dangerous as well. If this were to go on, how are we going to preserve the reputation of our imperial family? Henry! How goes the investigation?”

Henry who had been hiding in the dark corner slowly walked over. This guy was the person who gave me the gold reward back then. Fortunately, I had immediately cashed in the gift card for gold before I left back then, otherwise, after the incident, I would have definitely been unable to use it.

And, in the past, I was unable to see through the truth regarding his situation. However, currently, I’m even able to clearly see where he’s hiding.

Henry Falter
LV 13 Necromancer
[Evil] [Mad] [Necromancy Researcher] [Mass Murderer] [Fugitive] [State Intelligence Department Head]

Although I’m still unable to see his facial appearance, I’m currently able to see his situation very clearly.

Should I set up a magic grenade infused with a light magic spell in his room? I think it will have no problem in killing him instantly. However, this will trigger another problem at the same time. And that is, just how many books regarding Necromancy does this guy have?

Interesting, Although I’m able to use Necromancy, I completely do not have any related theoretical books. While this guy is a researcher. Could this also be a choice of Steins;Gate?

And currently, he was informing the King of his investigation results.

“To report to your majesty, it has already been clearly investigated. The person who set the bomb in the castle was Hulse, who had lost to Mr. Feil earlier…”

“Sentence him to death.”


“To actually dare to casually place bombs in my castle. Then you should have the resolve to be killed off, right?”


The knees of the knight Hulse, who had been standing at the side, turned weak and knelt onto the ground when he heard this.

“Your majesty, have mercy, I simply…”

“If you don’t wish for your entire family to be sentenced to death, then you had best shut up and die obediently!”

Following the King’s angry roar, a black figure leapt to the back of the knight Hulse, and with a stretch of his hand, he sliced onto his neck with a dagger. The knight Hulse let out groaning sounds as he used his hands to hold onto his neck which splurging out fresh blood, and fell to the ground.

What a pitiful guy, if you didn’t seek death, death wouldn’t have come to you…

“Alright, this is what happens if you dare to cause destruction in my royal castle. However, I think that it isn’t suitable for you continue living in this royal castle any longer, so, you shall head over to live in the royal hotel outside the castle then. Three days shouldn’t be that long to you, right?”

“Un, thank you, your majesty.”

After hearing that, I said and bowed. Of course, I naturally have another reason for immediately agreeing to his proposal. Firstly, I have already found out the truth of the Forbidden Guards. Secondly, it’s best for the relationship between me and these two things, finding out what the object is in ruins underneath the castle, and visiting Henry’s laboratory, to be as small as possible. If I’m outside the castle, it’s basically the best alibi I can have.

Hence, very timidly, I followed behind this Sir Henry, as we both walked towards the hotel near the castle…

I kind of feel that this expression is a little weird, but since this guy is about to die, I no longer minded about it.

Why do I have to kill him? Isn’t the reason simple? That’s obviously because he’s an evil Necromancer. To a just youth like me who specializes in light magic spells, why wouldn’t I kill him?

“Alright, please have a good rest in this hotel. When it’s the right time tomorrow, I shall dispatch someone to inform you.”

“Alright, Sir Henry.”

Although I don’t know if my actions were awkward, I felt that the bowing posture I imitated should be pretty good.

After taking the key from the attendant, I hurriedly stepped onto the highest floor of the hotel, and entered the room with the highest grade.

“As expected of the hotel designated by the imperial family, the style is completely different.”

The furniture in the room were like treasures found in the treasury, shining and sparkling. However, I understood that they were just special effects created by using magic crystals. In other words, they’re simply things without any value.


Since I’m already here, it’s not right to not enjoy it well~

I picked up the menu on the table, and then, pressed on the service notification button.

Not even a minute later, the attendant that gave me the key earlier appeared in my room.

“Sir, is there anything you need?”

I drew a circle on the menu.

“Please bring out… one of each of these dishes outside this circle.”

———The attendant cries in the toilet, and tells his boss that he wants a pay for overtime ———

I naturally have my own reasons for calling so many dishes. After all, each of the dishes I wanted all carried an unique buff, and the effects would appear right after eating a little of them.

。Of course, I did not waste the remainders as well, as, after calling out the frog and have him eat his fill, I threw him back into the ring. In any case, this guy is a dungeon, and back then, it did not eat anything at all, so, I allowed him to eat and feel the importance of good food.

But, the reason why I’m doing this was not because I’m trying to hide something, rather… there’s another guest tonight.

After eating the snacks on the table for a long time, I finally could not help but speak out, while facing outside the window.

“Arianha, if there’s something you need, say it then. You will catch a cold for standing outside for too long.”


Hearing my words, the body of Arianha outside the window trembled, and then, she flipped into the room.

“As I thought, you’re not an average person.”

“Aren’t you the same? Are you here to refrain me from interrupting you from exacting your vengeance, or are you here to join us, Arianha Li?”

“I see, it seems like my path of vengeance can only stop here.”

Arianha sighed, and unceremoniously sat down.

“You’re actually eating this much by yourself? Are you a monster?”

“Does it really matter? You wish to kill the entire Mitchell imperial family, you’re the real monster here, right?”



Chapter 11: The Alliance of Vengeance


After Arianha heard of my words, there was not a single change in the look on her face. As though it was like I was telling her a story, and this story seemed to be rather uninteresting as well.

And, after she sat down, she rudely grabbed the snacks on the table and began to eat. And, she even reached out her hand to grab a cup, and poured herself a cup of tea.

“You sure are rather conscious of what you’re doing!”

“In any case, you already know the secret. Either I’m eliminated by you, or, you will want me to join your camp, and kill off that King together. No matter which situation it is, I think that sitting down, having some snacks and a cup of tea is what I should be doing.”

I kind of feel that I have been exposed by this girl in an instant. It seems like she’s rather formidable in some aspects.

Arianha Li
Female | 23 Years Old
LV 24 Maid | LV 15 Assassin
[Neutral] [One who Carries Hatred] [One who has left her Home] [Assassin] [King’s Spy] [Prince’s Spy] [Princess’s Spy] [Three-Way Spy]

As a three-way spy among the three power holders in the imperial family, there’s only one possibility. And that she’s planning on exterminating every single member of the imperial family.

And since she had personally came here to monitor me, just by this point alone, the conclusion I can make out is that she’s exacting her vengeance alone. If a single person wish to exterminate the imperial family, without a certain standard, it’s definitely impossible.

“Alright, let’s just say you’re right. Although I don’t know what what kind of deep hatred you have with the imperial family, since you’re able to live while acting as a three-way spy, it means that you’re not that simple. But, are you planning on killing the Princess and Prince as well?”

“Strange. Clearly, you know of my name and identity so well, yet, you don’t know what kind of hatred binds between me and the imperial family. You sure are interesting.”

This girl said, as she sipped her tea and ate the snacks.

“Well, everyone has their own secrets.”

“I guess you’re right, but, it doesn’t matter. Since you know that I’m a three-way spy, then it isn’t much to let you know.”

As though this was developing into a story-telling scenario, she once again poured a cup of tea, and gulped it down.

“I’m the final possessor of an independent manor at the eastern side of Mitchell Kingdom. An independent manor… in other words, it’s a private land not bounded by any country. However, so as to take a portion of the key to the ruins that was hidden under home for himself, the King of Mitchell Kingdom had our manor completely wiped out of the map. Other than me, who had been hiding at the artificial secret chamber, everyone else were killed mercilessly.”

“Hence, you decided to kill this imperial family to exact your revenge?”


“This doesn’t have any form of relationship with the Princess and the rest at all. Why do you want to kill them?”

“Because her father had killed my entire family. So I want to kill his entire family as well.”

“That sure is a very straightforward logic, huh. But the problem is, if you were to kill them, it will only cause the entire country to fall into flames of war, due to those nobles trying to split up the lands of the country. Do you think it’s fine like that?”

“But aren’t you guys the same…”

“The Princess and Prince are inheritors of the royal lineage.”


I slightly paused for a moment, and Arianha nodded.

“Alright, what you said makes sense. Then, what do you people plan on doing? After killing the King, you will have either the Prince or Princess inherit the throne? Are you sure they won’t fight between each other?”

“Oh, then that doesn’t concern me at all.”

I said very irresponsibly.

“To tell you the truth, my only goal is to simply kill that King. When it comes to problems from another aspect, it’s not my problem.”

“It seems like a personal grudge. Looks like we’re really similar. According to what Princess had said, you’re childhood friends with that girl in the tower… Alright, it’s not something I can’t understand. But aren’t you going to end all the future implications that might surface after you kill the king?”

“You sure want to kill as much as you can, huh. We can talk about that later. If I find that there’s a need to kill him, he will follow to footsteps of his father. Alright, currently, we can be said to have mutually understood each other. Although I don’t know if the Princess knows that you’re here, when you return later, help me convey a message.”

“Oh, what message?”

“Those Forbidden Guards are not human, rather, they’re battle dolls that can be easily bought. I wonder if this is a piece of good news, or bad news.”

“It’s probably bad news.”

Arianha laughed, and then, finally, stood up from the table.

“Thank you for your snacks and tea. While I’m at it, let me tell you this. The people that are in-charge of monitoring you nearby will be unconscious for about another two hours. Because, the next shift will only arrive two hours later.”

“Then, I really have to thank you for that.”

“Then, good night.”

After saying that, Arianha flipped out of the window, and disappeared in the dark night.

I looked at the table, only a bit of the snacks were left, and the teapot had long been empty. I helplessly shook my head.

“Let’s find Henry for a drink then.”

—– Henry: I’m just a temporary worker who had only appeared twice in the story, please let me go —–

As a Necromancer, Henry was the most blatantly exposed one that I had seen so far. Look at Falan, she keeps to such a low profile when she does her job. However, look at Henry. Not only did he construct a magic tower, he had even placed a skull sculpture at the top of it.

Are you kidding me?

And the people from the Church actually did not send a crusade after him. Just how much money does he hand them every year?

However, this is also why I was able to find the magic tower so easily. And after finding it’s location, finding Henry has become a very simple task as well.

In the night, shadows were everyone. With a single flash, I had already arrived at the entrance of his tower. And, the lock on his door was even more simple. With just a single press on the lockpicking skill, the door opened itself.

“Oh, this guy… should become a collector.”

The moment I entered, I was frightened by that the dazzling amount of Necromancy Spell books and the necromancy tools that were emitting a black aura.

I silently nodded, and stroked my ring.

Time to start packing.

And at the in the forest at the other side of Mitchell Kingdom, a huge tree was suddenly pressed down. A moment later, a huge figure slowly revealed itself.

An airship which had a huge ‘NEET’ written on it, slowly opened its door, and a group of people walked out of it.

“This place sure is nostalgic. This time, let’s make a huge ruckus.”

Walking at the very front, was Dale who was filled with smiles.




Chapter 12: Pitiful Mitchell Kingdom


Although I can’t really say that I’m able to do them perfectly when it comes to other things, but, something like raiding a house, I think that I’m able to do it really proficiently.

Firstly, it’s a very basic skill for every RPG player, and adding that I have already emptied out a couple of places with Aliyah, raiding a place like this isn’t really that hard to me.

Leaving Henry, who seemed to be doing experiments upstairs, alone, I first plundered all of the Necromancy spell books, then, I began to put all of the tools in the magic tower into my ring one by one.

Although I don’t what they were, since I managed to see them, I would really feel sorry for myself if I don’t take them all.

In less than three minutes, the entire magic tower, excluding those things that are embedded in the walls and could not budge, the rest of the items had already been completely packed into my ring.

That’s about it, I guess. It’s best to not move everything away, otherwise, he will definitely go crazy, right?

Although that’s the case, I could no longer see anything valuable that was left in this room.

And just at this moment, I received a message from Dale as well.

‘Yo, this city has actually yet to be destroyed by you. This is really a miracle. And here I thought that after taking our time to casually get here, we could see Mitchell Kingdom in complete ruins. I didn’t expect nothing to happen… According to my understanding about you, I believe that something even more dangerous is happening right now, right?’

‘To actually be able to receive your message here, in other words, you guys have arrived, right?’

I used 【Shadow Sneak】 to quickly flash out of the magic tower, and then, returned to my own hotel room, and replied.

‘Everyone has been sent out because of you, you know. Of course, it’s to save our companion, Irlin, as well. How’s the situation?’

‘Irlin is currently kept at the tower at the western side of the castle. I have already given her a weapon to protect herself, so for now, she’s not in danger. Alright, let’s find a place to meet up then. We can discuss the next step of our plan there as well.’

‘Plan? Just what are you still plotting at when it’s a level 15 area?’

‘Hey, hey, hey. I kind of feel that you’re misunderstanding something. Firstly, I’m a honorable and upright man. I will never do such a lowly violent act of setting a city ablaze. I have always been someone who works with reasons. And, who was it that determined that a LV 15 area doesn’t have a quest that can be completed? Don’t you know that some areas are separated into Easy, Hard, Extremely Hard, and Abyss difficulty modes? … Hey? Are you listening?’

Before I even finished, I could no longer hear a voice at the other side of the call.

Only after a minute, did he finally speak up.

‘Alright, I have been defeated by you. Give us a location for us to head to.’

‘Then… the entrance of the Mercenary Guild.’

Henry: Oh my god! My collection! Fir: Do you want your money, your life, or your collection?

Before I reached the entrance of the Mercenary Guild, I had already turned into a magician wearing a blue magician robe.

Although those people who were monitoring me have yet to wake up, if anyone else were to see me leave any traces behind, it might caused the King to recall something. Hence, after meeting up with them, we entered a teahouse at the side, and found a private room. Finally, I did not forget to cast a sound isolation spell. This way, there’s indeed no leaks that could happen.

“Just what the hell are you planning? You’re making it all secretive and mysterious.”

The moment we sat down, Dale instantly asked.

“Obviously, revenge. Back then, he caused us to suffer so miserably. How can we not teach this King a lesson?”

“I didn’t expect that Fir, who is usually calm, would actually seek vengeance as well. I’m really curious as to how that person really is.”

Tai Shixi at the side said with a light laugh.

Looking at her expression, I helplessly smiled.

“After all, he’s the master of a country. Even if our strength is much higher than theirs, we still have to act carefully.”

Hearing my words, everyone in the group instantly could not settle down. Especially those few who were inhabitants of this world. Although the reactions on Hei Luoli’s and Oyado’s faces were not that serious, Lois evidently became a little scared.

“Lois, if you think the pressure is too big for you to handle, you can drop out, you know. We won’t mind at all.”

“I… Umm… It’s fine. In any case, you guys are really calm about it, so I will trust in you people.”

“Really? Since you’re willing… But, speaking of which, just what’s the use of you following us all the time?”

“Of course, it’s to have all the girls understand the true essence of yuri!”

Hey, hey ,hey! Just what the hell did she tell everyone while I’m not here!? So, you will not feel shy and bashful only in times like this when you bring details like that up!? Are you really a mercenary!? The reason why you joined us is so that you can kidnap away all the girls in our group!?

“Don’t worry, big brother!”

Oyado slapped on her chest and said.

“I will definitely always follow big brother.”

“Un, master is definitely right!”

Only my sister and Purewhite will unhesitantly say these kinds of words… Wu… I really too moved!

“Alright, since everyone is so supportive of me, then, let’s make this ruckus even more interesting. I suddenly thought of a new scenario~”

“A new scenario? What was your initial scenario? Setting the city ablaze?”

Bai Yueguang who was at the side, retorted.

Naturally, I nodded.

“My original plan huh, is to support the Prince and Princess in exterminating the King, and then, take away the things inside the ruins.”

“Oh, so you’re actually such a kind person? The Princess and the Prince, is that right? Could those two actually be in a forbidden sibling love relationship?”

This time, it’s actually Hei Luoli who retorted! Bai Yueguang, look at what you have thought to an inhabitant of this world!

Ignoring Bai Yueguang’s innocent expression, I continued.

“I have yet to meet the Prince, and I’m making preparations to get an opportunity to make contact with that guy, so as to know what kind of person he really is. Furthermore, I only said I’m going to assist them in exterminating the King, and steal the things inside the ruins. I didn’t say I will help them with anything else.”


Everyone became silent, and then, they looked at me with terrified expressions.

“You’re trying to start an internal conflict?”

“Haha, what are you guys thinking about?”

I smiled.

“I simply wish to have their government sink into chaos, their decision to fight among themselves is out of my control. However, seeing that all of you have arrived, I suddenly thought of a new scenario. Before that, I wish to have a chat with the Prince.”

“Prince Deli, huh…”

Dale suddenly sank into deep thoughts.

“I know where he is.”

“Hah? You know?”

“Of course.”

Dale pushed up his glasses.

“Back then, I’m a teacher of the Magic Academy of Mitchell Kingdom. I have even taught the Prince then.”


All of us went silent again.

“What… Is there something wrong!?”

“A Prince of the country was actually taught by Dale… Gone. His future has been destroyed.”

Hei Luoli at the side, sighed.

“That’s right. Let’s just turn him into history then, before he brings harm to the world.”

“Hey, hey, hey. You guys seem to be a little too much!”

Dale could not help but refute.

“Alright, Dale. Bring me to the Prince, then. This way, the scenario will be complete.”



Chapter 13: Interlude


I looked at the person in front of me, and sank into deep thoughts.


Someone like this is the Prince? Are you sure he’s not the elder sister of the Princess or something?

This person, other than wearing male clothes and the ‘Male’ which was written on his status, he looked completely the same as the Princess! Could this guy be the same type of existence as Shir?

Impossible. That guy, Shir, can already be considered as a very strange person. If another one pops out, I will really start to suspect if this world has been invaded by Lucifer, so as to harvest souls.

No wait, Lucifer has indeed invaded this place. Just that, he doesn’t harvest souls.

I looked at Dale. This guy however, was pretty good, as he had instantly looked towards the ceiling. What’s the meaning of this? Even if you’re unable to converse properly, there no need to use ‘I have a special scenery watching’ skill to avoid eye contact with me, right?

Alright, let us return back to the main topic.

“Alright, Prince, I believe you’re already in the know of our goal. And I know that you people need something as well. So, before I move on to the next step of the plan, I wish to know if you have any other plans you wish to let us know of?”

“Un. Indeed, if our plans were to clash, there will be very serious consequences.”

The Prince nodded, and then, took up the cup of red tea on the table and sipped it.

“It’s very simple. Three days from now, a half of my Knight Squad will place those Knights that are under the King’s control on house arrest. Then, the other half will assemble with the Princess’s Court Magicians. After that, we will attack the castle, kill the King, and after hiding the corpse, we will announce that the King has suddenly died.”

“Is that so, alright. I understand now. I will act accordingly so as to avoid your plans.”

“Is that so, it’s fine as long as you do not affect our movements.”

After saying that, he continued to sip his tea.

Is it really fine for this guy to act so leisurely?

“Then, we will be leaving.”

Of course, we naturally did not come from the front door, which means, we have to leave from the window.

Very quickly, we returned to the teahouse.

“Alright, this is the plan.”

After returning to the teahouse, I saw that the time was about ripe, and hurriedly said.

“Tonight, you people will first find a place to settle down. Ms. Mari, find a way to inform Yybril, and tell her that there’s a Necromancer in Mitchell Kingdom, have her send someone over. Then, I will head to the hotel, and act as though nothing has happened. Tomorrow morning, Oyado and I will report to the King, and have him feel at ease around us.”

“Master! Why am I not included!?”

Purewhite hurriedly asked.

“Because back then, the team formed by you and Oyado has already been seen by others. If they were to connect the dots and think of us according to this, we will be in trouble.”

“Eh… This is unfortunate.”

Seeing Purewhite’s disappointed look, I stroked her head.

“Well~ After we save Irlin, there’s no need for us to do something so troublesome as hiding, so don’t be sad.”


Then, I looked towards the rest.

“Everyone, does anyone have anything they wish to add to the plan?”


Aliyah shrugged.

“Although I don’t know what you’re planning, in any case, I know this country is finished.”

“It’s only the King who will be finished, don’t mind it.”

I nodded with a clear conscience.

“Then, I will be returning now. Everything will move according to the plan.”

“Alright, then, we will head somewhere for supper.”

Aliyah happily said.

Geez, I’m hungry too, do you have to be like that!?



Chapter 14: Out of the Plan


PoV: Aliyah

Smile, smile, smile… I definitely must not allow anyone to look at me as though I’m like that idiot.

I won’t fuss about this Fir running here by himself to save big sis Irlin, and I can even ignore the warm relationship between him and the two girls, Oyado and Purewhite. However, ever since I came here, isn’t he a little too much for completely ignoring me?

Deciding on the plan by himself, deciding everyone’s actions himself, just what the hell is this guy thinking?

I feel that he’s too overly mindful of this world. However, at certain times, this guy is actually really casual about everything.

This guy can’t be figured out at all!

Eating the fried noodles I bought from the restaurant at the side, I blankly looked towards the sky and sank into deep thoughts.

Just why am I following behind that person? Is it because he gives me a very unique feeling?

Probably, I have always paid attention to him because he’s the first person I ever encountered in this world who was not an NPC.

If that’s really the case, then aren’t I like an idiot?

“Aliyah~ Your fried noodles had already fallen onto the table.”

“Really? I’m sorry.”

Hearing Lois’s reminder, I hurriedly put down the strands of fried noodles I was clasping on in mid-air.

“Aliyah-chan, what’s wrong? Clearly, you were the one who wanted supper. But, you don’t look like you have the appetite at all~”

Ms. Mari asked with a smile.

“Could it be that you’re jealous that Oyado and Purewhite have went with Fir to play?”

“Who would be jealous of them? That’s so stupid.”

“Hohoho~ Although that Fir is a dense blockhead, if he were to continuously suffer attacks by those two, probably, he might one day turn smooth and round, and then, he will roll away, you know?”

“If he rolls away, then he rolls away! What does that have to do with me!”

I slapped down the chopsticks heavily on the table, and then, stood up.

“I don’t have the mood to eat anymore! I’m going to stroll on the streets!”

“Wait a minute, Aliyah!”

Lois chased after me. But I ignored her, and quickly walked to distance myself away from them.

“Aliyah, wait for me!”

Hearing the constant shouting behind me, I stopped.

I turned to look over, and behind me, Lois was currently running to me while panting heavily. She wiped off her sweat while breathing heavily.

“Aliyah, your stamina is a little too good, huh…”

“As a mercenary, your stamina being so weak comes even more unexpected to me.”

“Hehehe, probably because I haven’t got much to do recently, and I have eaten a little too much.”

Lois stuck out her tongue very cutely.

Looking at her expression, I could not help but size her up from head to toe again.

Is she really a mercenary? Other than that slight amount of muscles on her arms and waist, all I can see are whiteness and slenderness. I really don’t know how this girl actually uses that huge sword behind her.

Forget it, even if it’s me, I’m able to use a greatsword as well. There’s too many illogical things in this world, it’s best that I don’t mind them.

“Why did you follow me? Stop promoting to me love between girls or whatever. I don’t understand, and I don’t wish to understand.”

“Hahaha… I guess you’re right, it’s not really something that easy to understand. However, Aliyah looks very lonely, you know. Although you’re always with everyone, Aliyah is very lonely.”

“Lonely… really?”

I pondered for a moment, and that indeed seems to be the case.

Tai Shixi, Bai Yueguang and Hei Luoli always stay together. Although Ms. Mari do not usually talk, she would often chat with Dale. Oyado and Purewhite have always pestered Fir tirelessly…

But, I’m tired…

Really, ever since I left the academy and arrived in the Eastern Continent, I, who did not have Princess Michelle and Pryn to talk to, really feel like a completely lonely existence.

Even Fir is ignoring me…

Ignoring me…

Always, ignoring me…

Just why am I being conflicted about this? Someone who completely doesn’t care about me, why do I have to care about him…?

“You’re right, this place has got actually nothing to do with me at all.”


Looking at Lois’s skeptical look, I smiled as I opened up my own menu.

I basically have yet to touch the Rogue Class’s main questline, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to progress the Dual-swordsman Class’s main questline ever since I left the academy.

Also, after drinking that Wolf Transformation Potion, I even gained an additional Wolfman side questline, and in the end, I didn’t get to touch it at all.

But now, I seem to somehow know the location of the beastmen, if possible…

“Lois, does your guild have any beastmen, elves or other people like that?”

“Beastmen and elves? Let me think. There might be some in the northern branch, but it’s only occasionally… Ehhhh~ What are thinking of doing?”

After hearing this, I nodded satisfyingly. Grabbing onto the Lois, I sprinted towards the direction of the station.

“Obviously, to play. It’s been a long time since you met the people of your mercenary guild, right?”

“That’s right… But, is this really alright? Leaving Fir and the rest behind?”

“Don’t worry.”

I turned my head and smiled. Then, I raised Lois’s chin.

“Rather, those group of people, without us, will be able to do things more easily~ Or are you saying you’re not willing to bring me there?”

“No, no, no! I’m obviously willing!”

Lois nodded like a little chick pecking on rice grains.

“Then… let us set off!”



Chapter 15: Undead Atrium


“What? You’re kidding me, right?”

Hearing Ms. Mari’s words, I was shocked to the point where I had almost spat out my breakfast.

“Aliyah said she’s heading to grind levels herself, while over at the Prince’s side, that clown had already started the war?”

“That’s right, even though Yybril said the priests in-charge of investigation are arriving soon.”

“No, no, no. I don’t care about that clown Prince at all. What’s going on with Aliyah running off by herself? What happened to the leveling together that we agreed on!?”

“I believe that I have never heard you say something like that before.”


Alright, it seems like I indeed did not say it before.

“But, why did she run off by herself without even a least bit of foreshadowing leading to it?”

I asked strangely.

“Wasn’t she still smiling and grinning yesterday?”

“Haah, you exteme blockhead, it’s exactly because she’s still smiling and grinning that’s strange. Usually, when she sees you, she will begin to throw retorts at you. She’s acting strange exactly because she did not say anything at all, alright?”


“There’s no saving you. Haah. I’m not going to talk to you regarding this matter anymore. Let’s first deal with the problem on this end. According to Yybril’s reply, the priests in-charge of investigation should be arriving in one or two hours. However, the Prince has already directly put the other half of the Knight Squad under house arrest with his own knights, and then, the Princess has been forced to move the Court Magicians she have under her control as well. Otherwise, they are basically unable to defeat the King’s soldiers.”

“Is it because of the Forbidden Guards? Impossible, they’re unable to beat them.”


“Because those Forbidden Guards are people who completely do not know the meaning of fear.”

As though to coordinate with my words, rays of gorgeous, multi-colored light, shone over from the direction of the castle. I hurriedly walked towards the window, and looked towards the direction of the castle.

In the skies above the castle, multi-colored magic formations were appearing one after another, completely enveloping the entire sky above the castle. And on the other side, sounds of door bashing could be heard from the direction of the castle’s front gate.

Just as Ms. Mari had said, the battle to seize the royal political power had begun!

“We’re in trouble. The initial plan of having the Church to appear and help us exterminate a portion of the King’s influence has been thrown down the drain. Did that clown Prince eat the wrong medicine? I clearly told him that those Forbidden Guards are not humans, yet he still…”

Suddenly, I understood the Prince’s actions.

“I see. Had he already treated me as someone who belongs to the Princess’s faction? Hence, he thought of taking the initiative, and thought that this way, he will be able to obtain a bigger authority? Haah. Really. Desire for authority harms people, huh.”

“When you don’t hold an office, you don’t consider the policies, after all.”

Ms. Mari said with a smile.

“Is that so? I think I’m actually just lazy to bother.”

I shrugged.

“Then we have no choice but to go head-on. Although I don’t know how much EXP those battle dolls will give, it’s better than nothing. Let’s go, everyone.”

“Let’s finish our breakfast first.”

Bai Yueguang said while eating his cold noodles.

“In any case, no matter if we head there earlier or later, those people will still have to fight, right? Since they didn’t listen to our warnings, they have to pay a certain amount of price.”

“That’s true…”

But, looking at those multi-colored magic formations blooming above the castle as though fireworks were being set off, I feel something was a little strange.

Even if that King is an idiot, he won’t initiate a direct battle against them, furthermore, that King is a very sly bastard. Although he’s very much a clown, someone who is capable of breaking into the ruins can’t be that simple.

“Ms. Mari, can you help me ask Aliyah when she will be coming back?”

“She said that if you leave now, you might still be able to find her.”

Ha? What is that supposed to mean?

“Which direction did she go?”

“She said that you should know because you are proficient in deduction.”

“What kind of joke is she making at a time like this……”

“Hehe, she said that she was just kidding. She will naturally return when she wants to.”


Before I could even finish worrying, I suddenly realised that the constant sounds of magic spells being cast and the knocking of the door had slowly faded away. Furthermore, the entire city had started to quiet down!

“Hey hey hey, I have a feeling that there is going to be a change in BGM!”

I quickly unsheathed my demonic blade 【Bloodmoon】, before walking towards the window.

“You’re still going to use that weapon? Are you able to control it?”

Bai Yueguang looked at the tachi in my hands and asked.

“Because I don’t have any other weapons I’m proficient in. Also, even if I go berserk, you still have that other blade with you, right?”

“Don’t place your hopes on others, damn it!”

“Let’s not talk about this for now. Our troubles aren’t just limited to this.”


When I reached the window, my brows began to furrow.

“Our enemy seems to have decided to take a gamble.”

The castle in front of us was currently slowly emitting out grey mist, and instantly, like a tidal wave, it began to spread throughout the entire city!”


“Save me!”

“What…. What is this!?”

Constant screams spread throughout the city, and not even a while later, the mist reached our side as well!

“Kuh! Could this be…”

I could sense my bone wing was having the impulse to be released!

At the same time, an extremely abnormal desire to destroy was released from the depths of my heart!

“【Undead Atrium】? That guy Henry, just what is he…”

Immediately after, the floor began to shake, and with a loud bang, in the direction of the castle, a tower that protruded above the clouds was erected!

“Did someone accidentally activate the Abyss difficulty?”

I turned to the few people behind me and asked.

Everyone began to shake their heads. This could only mean one thing. That bastard King has activated the ruins!



Chapter 16: The Super Lazy Church


Looking at the grey mist that filled the sky, I have a very bad premonition. Although I don’t know where this premonition comes from, I kind of feel that mist is very dangerous to people other than myself.

Back then, Falan had told me of a spell called【Undead Atrium】, however, she had only told me that it’s a spell which strengthens Undead, and corrodes life forms other than undeads. She did not explain any other of its details.

However, looking at the current situation, the effects brought about by that spell are not just limited to those.

Screams continued to echo out within the city which was entirely covered in mist, however, slowly, those screams began to die down.

In the room, all of us looked at one another.

“Who’s going out to investigate?”

Bai Yueguang said very irresponsibly.

“We will leave this extremely difficult mission to you.”

I patted on Bai Yueguang’s shoulder and said.

“Hey, hey, hey, why me? Shouldn’t it be you?”

“Anything goes, I don’t really care.”

After all, I’m an Undead Holy Angel, at such a degree, it shouldn’t really trouble me.

Not only does it not trouble me, I feel that this mist instead increases my strength.

“Big brother, I shall go with you then~”

“No, Oyado, it’s still safer for you to stay with the rest.”

I looked towards Ms. Mari.

“Help me look after Oyado, don’t allow her to follow me.”

“If she wishes to run, I’m basically unable to stop her…”


“Alright, I shall do my best to help you look after her.”

Ms. Mari seemed to have said it really helplessly, however, she actually embraced Oyado really happily.

Haah, geez. Clearly, she’s a lolicon as well.

“Purewhite, you shall wait here with Oyado as well. I’m going over to take a look first…”

However, just when I was about to push open the door and head out, the door was actually pushed open by someone outside!

I hurriedly took a few steps back, and looked at the people that came in.

There were two people dressed in white priest robes, their age seemed to be between forty to fifty, and their levels were not low either, as one of them was 47, while the other was 51. If they’re enemies… then the EXP should be pretty good.

“As expected, you people are still here.”

However, I can’t obtain their EXP, because the person following behind them is someone I’m familiar with.

“Yybril, long time no see.”

The person behind her was Yybril, the girl who taught me Light Magic. I have not seen her ever since we headed to the East. But yesterday, I had Ms. Mari inform Yybril who was at the school about there being an Necromancer in Mitchell Kingdom, and she said she would arrive a few days later.


They actually arrived now? Could it be that they have all learnt skills that could allow them to travel a thousand kilometers a single day?

“It’s indeed been a long time. It’s great that all of you are fine. Currently, we have seen the situation of the entire Mitchell Kingdom as well. That Henry actually dares to use Necromancy to harm the people of this city, he’s really extremely evil!”

“Indeed. But what kind of ability did that guy use? His Necromancy is actually capable of covering the entire kingdom city.”

“Actually, that spell isn’t really very strong.”

A priest at the side said as such.

“According to the situation we saw, the cause of this situation should be due to that strange tower. And, if I’m not wrong, that tower seemed to have came out from the ground. Could it be a checkpoint set up by the demonic beings of the Abyss?”

“No, that should be a portion of the 【Ruins of the Ancients】.”

I immediately said.

“However, I don’t really know the usage of it. But, ever since that tower was erected, his Necromancy had covered the entire kingdom city.”

“Is that so? If that really is a part of the 【Ruins of the Ancients】… as expected, it’s the correct decision for us to have called the Knight Squad. Otherwise, with just the few of us, it’s impossible to defeat the enemy.”

You’re kidding me? They’re all just people with an average level of 15, and had simply bought a few orange gears by topping up cash. And you guys are afraid to this extent? Are you kidding me?

“Then, what are we going to do next?”

I hurriedly asked.

“Naturally, it’s to wait for the arrival of the Knight Squad, and arrest that villain.”

Hey, hey, hey. You guys are really here just for a tour? Do you believe that I’m going to turn you guys into EXP right now?

“But there are still many civilians in the city. You guys said that the mist was very dangerous as well. Then we should be heading out to save them, shouldn’t we?”

“If they’re corroded by the undead aura, usually, people will immediately die, so…”

“So people of the Church are merely at this level as well. Things like saving all living beings were just nonsense, huh.”

“You brat, how dare you talk like that! Are you belittling our Church!?”

“Not just belittling. What? Do you want to fight?”

“You’re courting death!”

With a wave of his hand, the priest summoned a strong ray of light from hand, and then, shot it directly at me!


Before Yybril could stop him, his attack had already reached right in front of me.

Speaking of which, recently, it’s been a long time since I move my muscles, huh.

My white wing instantly spread open, and his attack instantly landed on my wing.

However, because of being of the same element, his attack simply caused my wing to warm up a little. Hovering my wing down to take a look, only one or two feathers rolled up.

“Go,【Ultimate Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flames】.”

Blue flames instantly enveloped the priest, and in the next second, he had already turned into an ice sculpture.


The other priest was just about to attack, when he saw my wing, he stopped.

“Yybril, why does this guy know Light Magic as well?”

“Because he has the talent as well. Don’t look at him like that, this guy’s Light Magic is much stronger than the both of us, you know.”

“This… This guy is clearly an Ice Magician though…”

I say, you people. Your little companion’s HP is constantly being depleted you know. Are you guys fine with that?

Or are you telling me that the people of your Church are all clowns?

I helplessly shook my head, and raised my hand. Ten balls of light instantly appeared in mid-air.

“Ten… This… Is this guy a monster?”

Hey hey hey, your levels are almost twice mine. Could it be that you people can’t even summon ten balls of light?

Oh right, you guys can’t instantly tap on the skill hotkey like me, huh. I’m really sorry about that.

“So, do you wish to save those civilians now?”

I snapped my fingers, and the ice block which the guy was sealed in by me, instantly shattered.

“……” Those two priests made eye contact, and then, nodded without pause.

I shrugged. These people are really too lazy, huh.



Chapter 17: Biomedical Silent Hill


After telling everyone to stay inside the hotel, Yybril’s gang of three and I went outside.

When we have just reached the stairs, I could see the grey mist had already spread upwards, just by looking at it, it caused me to feel uncomfortable.

Oh my god, why does this look a little similar to Shepherd’s Glen?
a/n: Silent Hill: Homecoming

“The mist had already spread till here, huh. A regular person should have already…”

“I say, does your Church like to idle all day long? Every single one of you are so lazy. What do you people usually do?”


The two Priests looked at each other, and then, they looked towards Yybril.

Yybril very embarrassingly sighed, and said.

“It’s regretful to say this, but recently, the number of people joining the Church is simply too many. There’s too many people in the Church with slack duties, hence, the duties people in the Church are in-charge on are divided very thinly, thus these two… Usually, they will simply look around, and after determining that there’s an abnormality with the target, they will return to report. They are not the ones in-charge of battling.”

“What… Actually…”

I helplessly looked at the two people whose levels were higher than mine… Just how did you guys grind your levels to such an extent? Mind telling me?

After these two were exposed, they began to laugh sillily. Oh my god, I kind of feel that the Church is raising a bunch of clowns!

“Then just what do you people know?”

“Umm… 【Recovery】 and 【Light Bullet】.”

As he said that, one of the Priests, named Hedo, pointed to the front, and a ball of white light was immediately shot out. After striking the mist in the air, it actually caused the mist in the vicinity to be dispersed.

“I say, you can’t do anything else, but you’re actually able to instantly cast a Light Bullet. You’re not simple at all, huh.”

The 【Light Bullet】 is the strongest Light elementary-grade offensive magic spell. Although it does not cause a lot of damage to existences other than undeads, its low MP consumption and high accuracy rate make it a very convenient spell.

And these two people… They actually did not properly train in advanced-grade magic spells, rather, they trained the spell with the weakest battle power to such a high proficiency level, are you two clowns?

“Ha, whatever. That’s fine as well, I guess. Then, can you guys spread open your Angel’s Wings?”

“This… Indeed we can. However, other than bringing about a certain degree of aura, there’s no other special use for it.”

After saying that, the two of them spread open their wings, and a layer of white light emitted out of their bodies.

“That’s enough. Let’s go, there will be no problems moving in the【Undead Atrium】 like this.”

I nodded, and then spread out my Angel’s Wing, before walking straight into the【Undead Atrium】.

However, I did not use the aura to prevent the assault of the【Undead Atrium】. After all,【Undead Atrium】is like an AoE ability-increasing buff, I won’t resist something like that.

“You sure look rather relaxed. As expected, it’s different when you have a good talent.”

Currently, Yybril had her Angel’s Wings spread open as well. However, it seemed like it was a little hard on her. It looks like spreading open their Angel’s Wings is not considered as something easy to do.

However, Yybril’s whose Angel’s Wings had been spread open, was really more than just beautiful. Yybril’s wings gently spread open at her back, and her entire body emitted out a faint white light. The white light enveloped her white hair, and looked as though her hair was glowing… Like that of an angel.

“Un? Why are you looking at me?”

“Nothing, I simply feel that you look like an angel with the way you look when your wings are spread open.”

“Angel… You really like to make jokes. How can I be compared to an angel?”

“Who knows~?”

“Really? Then, have you seen an actual angel before?”

“About that…”

I have never seen an angel, but I did encounter a Demon God before.

“You haven’t seen one, right? Well, alright, it’s best that we properly complete our mission. Look, the surrounding situation doesn’t look very optimistic at all.”

She pointed to the surroundings, and then, did an action like she was carefully hearing the surroundings.

All of us quietened down, and even after hearing for a long time… not even a single sound could be heard.

“There’s no sound at all?”

“It’s strange exactly because that there’s no sound at all. This means that the people in vicinity have already…”


I looked at the surroundings, and said.

“A large portion of the civilians are still alive. They simply could not withstand the undead aura, and had fainted… Of course, that’s just the large portion of them. There’s a few civilians whose… conditions are a little strange.”

“They… might have underwent undead transformation.”

“Undead Transformation? What’s that?”

“You’re actually able to determine which civilians have fainted, and which civilians’ conditions are strange, yet, you actually do not know what’s Undead Transformation. Just where do you learn all your knowledge from?”

Looking at Yybril’s disappointed expression, I said with a smile.

“Didn’t I learn my Light Magic from you?”


Yybril was stunned for a moment, and then, shifted her line of sight away.

“Ahem, let’s not discuss about this anymore. Let’s first deal with the problem at hand.”

“That’s right, we’re simply wasting time.”

I directly walked over to a room at the side. The moment I pushed open the door, the civilian who was lying on the ground suddenly leapt up, and the condition on his body suddenly changed into a strange green marker as well. And then, he suddenly charged over!

The hell! He actually changed into a zombie!?



Chapter 18: Tower of the Ancients


“【Arcane – Ultimate Flash】!”

I stretched out my finger towards the sky, and a gigantic light bullet was directly shot out towards it. After a flash, several halos of light appeared and they revolved around the light bullet, then, they scattered towards the surroundings!

The halos which were glowing with white light, like cleavers, sliced apart the surrounding mist. As though it had suffered damage, the mist slowly retreated from the vicinity, while those civilians who walked out from the mist, after the mist had retreated, the conditions on their bodies were instantly removed as well, and their bodies turned limp as they fell onto the ground.

“Alright, now, don’t tell me you guys don’t even know to apply 【Recovery】 spells.”

“Ou, ou…”

The four of us hurriedly ran to the sides of those civilians, carried them, and then, moved them to a nearby square. At the center of the square, we used a Light Magic Crystal to construct a barrier which prevented the mist from entering, and placed them all inside the barrier.

I kind of feel that… this situation has developed in a completely different way from the initial scenario. It’s all because of the Demon King’s suggestion, I took on the role of protecting the citizens of this city, instead of wanting to destroy all of them.

“It’s not a good idea for this to keep up. Currently, it’s best that we directly head over to that Necromancer and eliminate him, otherwise, moving all these people back and forth will tire us to death.”

“I agree to this completely!”

“Me too!”

The two people replied almost instantly. But, I kind of feel that the reason why they agreed to this was because they felt irritated moving the citizens.

“But, speaking of which, just where’s that Necromancer?”

I looked towards the three of them and asked.

“Umm… We’re not from the Knight Squad, nor are we from the Department of Trials, so, we’re not specialized in locating heretics.”

“You guys, other than being posers, what else do you guys specialize in?”

“Posers? What does that mean?”


I sighed.

“Nevermind. Don’t mind it. Let’s think of another way then. Firstly, let’s move towards the direction of that tower. Most probably, our target is borrowing that tower to create a magic-controlling domain. He should be there as well.”

“Then what are we still waiting for? Let’s hurry and move!”

“But, staying in this【Undead Atrium】is indeed troublesome, so…”

I pointed towards the direction of the tower, and pressed on the skill hotkey. Instantly, as though the sky had showered down spots of light, holy light descended from the sky, forcefully pushing away the mist that was blocking our path towards the royal castle.

“This is…【Praise of Light】?”

Yybril looked at me with an expression of disbelief.

“This… This is a magic spell that can only be used by people at the Bishop-class, which can be used to deal with a huge army of undeads, how are you…”

“I learnt it after practicing often, don’t ask me why.”

I replied very casually, however, in actuality, I’m constantly dripping with cold sweat. Because, I can’t remember if this spell was something I awakened by myself, it’s something I read from a spell book either.

“Really? Just as I have said, as expected, you’re very talented. If you join the Church, you can definitely become the Pope in the future!”

“I think I still like to be free.”

Are you kidding me? If I join your Church, I will definitely be involved in various battles for authority. After all, you guys have so many idlers, and it sounds troublesome just by hearing about it.

“But we will always welcome you.”

I smiled.

“Alright, let’s push this issue aside, and hurry over to eliminate our enemy. Otherwise, if this situation is to continue, even if we’re able to take it, those civilians won’t be able to.”

“You’re right, let us hurry and depart then.”


Before the mist could fill up the area once again, we had already reached beneath the tower.

The appearance of the tower was completely different from the style of the royal castle. Compared to the royal castle, the tower looked like those monster towers which need to be crusaded in RPGs. Brown and grey stones were stacked and connected to each other, and moss-like plants surrounded the vicinity of the tower.

And because of this building, which had a completely different style, directly popping out from the top of the royal castle, it looked as though a sky-piercing pillar had penetrated the royal castle.

“Ah, so this is the 【Ruins of the Ancients】? As expected, anything that has something to do with legends is really exaggerated. The height of this tower, feels as though it can reach the skies.”

Yybril raised her head to look at the tower, and sighed.

Indeed, the previous dungeon was already rather exaggerated, I didn’t expect that the tower hell would be so troublesome as well.

I guess it’s pretty understandable. The underground ruins was already as large as half of the entire continent, a building at such a degree… really makes people want to revere it, huh.

I looked towards the building at the side. The tower which Irlin was at, was currently lighted up with a blue glow, countless of ice blocks were floating in the air around the tower, as though they were like shields slowly floating about.

Seems like the moment【Undead Atrium】was activated, Irlin activated the defensive magic spell as well, huh. It should be effective, right?

“Watch out!”

Yybril’s voice rang out, and an attack warning came flashing from the side! I accelerated to the front, and the shadow of a blade instantly flashed past my back. With a bang, it landed on the building to my right.

The little building was instantly slashed into two, and at the place where the cut was, it was emitting out a black miasma.

So frightening… What kind of attack is that?

Iai Slash?

I looked to my left, and understood. A skeleton wearing a black long robe was floating in the air to my left, in its hands was a gigantic sickle, and black miasma constantly poured out from his body!

“Oh my god… Is that… a Death God?”

“【Mador】 – The Guide to the Abyss.”

Yybril said as she pulled out her long sword.

“Be careful!”



Chapter 19: Mana Depletion


Mador’s figure was about seven meters in height. With a bang, it immediately landed at the square in front of the royal castle, its body caused the firm stone floor of the square to shatter, and a small crater was formed.

Its mouth opened, although, clearly, it was a skull head, black miasma constantly poured out from inside, and the parts of the floor which was spat on by the black miasma actually collapsed instantly.

A black miasma that contains a corrosive ability? This guy is a hybrid of Necromancy and Dark Magic, huh.

Mador – Guide of the Abyss
LV 45

Currently, a monster no longer showed its HP in numbers, but an entire HP bar. However, it’s already pretty good to be able to see the percentage of HP a monster has left. It’s always better compared to games like Monster Hunter, where, even after you have hacked on the monster for so long, you will still not know how much HP your target has left.


I suspiciously looked at the two Priests behind me. The levels of these two people are so high, however…

It would have been good if I had not seen them for myself, but after seeing them, I became depressed. These two people were actually hiding behind Yybril, and they were constantly chanting out the incantations to restore HP.

Several rays of white light freely landed on Yybril’s body, and the brightness of these rays of light were much radiant than the ones earlier.

And the MP consumption of elementary-grade recovery magic spells are considered rather small to them. Before they could even finish their incantations, their MP would have been restored by quite a bit.

Ah whatever, let’s have them cheer us on then.

“Fir! Are you planning to use your katana, or magic?”

Yybril looked at the Bloodmoon in my hands and asked.

“That really has to depend on the situation.”

I replied very seriously.

The Mador in front of us seemed to be observing us as well, it simply watched us, and seemed as though it did not dare to make any rash moves. I wonder if it was due to its fear of the white light that was constantly pouring out of Yybril’s body.

Then, allow me to take the initiative this time!

Lightly pushing out the katana slightly from its sheath, with a Shadow Sneak, I flashed to Mador’s back, and in the instant before it could even react, I tapped on the skill hotkey.

“【Arcane – Iai Slash】!”

A red blade flashed, the red slash strike instantly landed on the cape behind Mador.

However, the attack did not even have the slightest of effect.

The red trajectory from the slash strike simply passed through, while Mador’s figure slowly distorted, and then, it disappeared in mid-air.


Before I could even finish being shocked, an attack warning appeared behind me.

How’s that possible! This thing’s speed…

“Watch out!”

A white figure flashed passed my side, and the white knight sword in her hands clashed with Mador’s sickle!

The sound of metal clashing explosively rang in my ears. I reflexively used a Charge to the side, and right after, I sent an Ice Totem to smash towards Mador!

Mador simply borrowed its large figure to jump up and dodge my attack, then, it landed on my ice totem.

However, my attack did not end there.

“【Arcane – Praise of the Ice Prison】!”

In an instant, dozens of arm-sized ice pillars criss-crossed around each other as they binded Mador entirely. It wanted to try breaking out, however, it was only able to shatter one or two pillars.

“Die! 【Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross】!”

“【Arcane – Radiant Finishing Sword】!”

Two rays of light, one red, and one white, pierced through Mador’s body. A roar was emitted out of Mador’s body, and immediately after, a black figure instantly flew up into the high skies!

“What is he…”

“He’s not dead yet! Watch out! 【Arcane – Empiric – Ice Royal Garden】!”

I roared out loudly as I pressed the ground, a gigantic ice wall instantly blocked our front!

Right after, a penetrating sound could be heard, the center of the ice wall was currently pierced into by a sickle!

This guy’s level is much higher than mine, and he’s the real deal. This destructive power is really frightening. He actually broke through my strongest defensive magic spell instantly!

And, the entire ice wall began to tremble, and the vicinity of the piercing sickle, cracks were constantly spreading, and it looked as though it was about to shatter!

Yybril and I hurriedly retreated to the back. The moment we landed, the entire ice wall instantly shattered into pieces, and the flying pieces of ice, as though they were cannonballs, smashed towards the surrounding buildings, leaving several holes in the walls of those buildings.

There were even some houses that collapsed instantly!

“Hey, hey, hey. Is this guy from the demolition office as well…?”

With less than a third of its HP left, the black cloak on Mador’s body turned into a huge amount of black miasma, and like wings, the black miasma floated behind Mador’s white skeletal body.

What’s this? A second form? A monster that appeared on the road actually carries such an ability? Could it be that this is a mini-boss?


The skull let out a huge roar, summoning out a gust of dark wind which carried countless of wind blades, and they flew straight towards us.

Crap! My MP bar is completely empty!

I hurriedly spread out my Angel’s Wing, and with the strongest Light Magic spell I had, I shot head-on towards the target!

“【Super Arcane – Praise of Light】!”

The strong light and grey wind collided head-on, an explosion that was several times stronger than earlier occurred right in front of me, and the force from impact caused me to feel as though I had been smashed by a large vehicle!

Immediately after, I felt as though my body was like a kite which had its string broken, as I was sent flying to the back. I did not know what I had smashed into, and I constantly tumbled in mid-air, and then, with a loud bang, I crashed into a wall!

“【Arcane – Angel’s Halo】!”

A ray of white light descended on me, allowing my HP to fully recover, at the same time, my Angel’s Wing had automatically retracted as well.

The usage time ended, is it…? Damn it…

I struggled out and leapt down from the wall. Looking towards Mador which was still flying in the faraway sky, I bitterly smiled.

“Things have gotten troublesome…”



Chapter 20: Learn Your Sciences Well…


Dusting off the dirt off my body, I then looked at that blue bar which was recovering at an extremely slow speed, and my blood froze.

Hurriedly, I tapped on the best MP recovery potion in my inventory. After retracting my blade, I hurriedly charged towards the direction I flew from earlier.

“Are you alright!?”

Yybril from afar leapt up, and then, landed beside me.

“I’m still alright, for now, at least. However, I won’t be able to ascertain it after this.”

According to the efficiency of this potion, at the very least, I can only use a 【Recovery】 spell after 10 seconds, and I will only be able to use 【Ice Arrow】 after 30 seconds. If that enemy were to attack now…

Just when I thought as such, a charging force grazed past me. I hurriedly retreated to the back with an Accelerate, in the end, my MP bar was once again emptied.

Smiling bitterly, I kept the tachi, and then, I took out the bow Pryn gave to me.

Magic War Elf Bow. It’s a bow that is capable of turning any form of energy into a bow’s arrow. However, currently, I can only consume arrows to attack, because my MP is already completely insufficient.

After all, as an item collecting freak, the number of arrows in my inventory is in the high tens of thousands, do you really think that my arrows can only be shot out from magic formations?

Although I really wish to use close-combat weapons, if I, who do not have any MP, use a close-combat weapon… I can only be a little better at chopping trees than woodchoppers.

However, bows and firearms are different. In the past, I can still be considered to be a hobbyist, and I still feel more comfortable with a weapon like this.

In times like this, I did not bother using any other skills either. Using the final bit of MP, I tapped on 【Accelerate】, and as I retreated to the back, I pulled the bowstring of the bow in my hands all the way to the back!

Even if I don’t use any skills, there’s still some offensive power, and also…

To someone like me, a gamer who loved shooting games, something like this basically isn’t much.

After trying out two shots, the arrow instantly struck onto the enemy’s bones, however, they were directly deflected. Even if that was the case, I still smiled. Because I, who was able to see HP bars, was able to find out that its HP still retreated by a small amount.

In other words, my attacks is still able to harm it to a small extent, it’s only that it cannot be seen from the exterior looks.

However, compared to as a whole, these small drops of HP were really too little, to the point where they were basically like itches.

Hopefully, this guy doesn’t know how to heal its HP, otherwise, my attacks will not be able to compared to its recovery ability.


Naturally, the reason why I’m shooting arrows is not because for the sake of harming it with arrows, rather, it’s to ascertain my accuracy while I’m not using any skills.

And currently, it’s time for it to pay the price!

I tied a small sack on the tip of the arrow, and then, I pulled the bowstring all the way to the back. The moment I released it, the arrow directly struck Mador, which was facing Yybril.

The instant the arrow struck Mador, colorless liquid was released out from the small sack, splattering onto the bones, which emitted out sizzling sounds.


Hearing the scream coming out from the skeleton’s mouth, I smile satisfyingly. After all, following after it’s wail, its HP dropped by a huge amount.

As expected, the fact that the rate of corrosion of bones increases when hydrochloric acid or whatever falls on them, has not changed in this world. Although this skeleton has been exposed in the air for a very long time and its exterior should have been covered with calcium oxide, since it had constantly battled, there would still be uncovered spots.

And these are enough!

Dozens of arrows constantly landed on its body. It furiously turned to look at me, however, behind it, it was slashed by Yybril’s sword, and its arm was instantly struck off!

Immediately after, three arrows instantly landed on its spine. The colorless liquid splashed on its spine, streams of white fog floated out, and with another arrow shot out, its spine instantly broke into two at that very spot.

Mador’s lower half shook for a moment, and then, it fell off. Its HP instantly turned to zero, and the black fog that was covering the upper half of its body began to slowly disperse, disappearing into thin air.

After that, the bones of its body turned into fragments and powder, slowly floating down.

Battle Concluded.
Eliminated: Abyssal Guide – Mador
EXP Rewarded: 10,000
You leveled up!
Current LV: 37

Battle concluded? That means, for now, there should not be any other enemies.

“Yybril, are you alright?”

I looked towards Yybril and asked.

“I’m quite alright. But from the looks of it, you’re in a worse state… You actually even began to use a bow. It’s rare to see you in such an embarrassing state.”

Not just that. Earlier, if I had not used that one recovery spell in time, I might have died right there and then…

“I don’t have enough mana… And since I have been using spells that’s beyond my level, naturally, I will become like this.”

“Makes sense. You have only been in the magic academy for about half a year, right? Yet, you’re currently able to fight and obtain victory against a legendary-class monster such as this Abyssal Guide. This basically can already be taken as a legend.”

If I were to crazily grind and raise my levels, I might be able to be seen as a legend myself, right?

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. Since this guy was so strong… Most probably, there shouldn’t be any other enemies nearby, right?”

I scanned my vicinity.

“Where’s the other two Priests?”

“I told them to call people over immediately. Although we have already sent a message, it’s best to have some bit of insurance. After all, the periphery of this【Undead Atrium】has the ability to lure strong foes away. Although I feel that Necromancer does not have that strong of an ability, that tower over there…”

As she said that, Yybril glanced towards that tower.

“As for that thing, I can’t say for sure. In any case, the people from the Knight Squad should be arriving very soon.”

“But, before that, we can’t idle like this, right?”

If the people from the Knight Squad were to arrive, won’t that mean my EXP will be gone? I still have to exact my revenge, you know!

Speaking of which, this is the best time to exact my revenge!

“That’s of course, let us go!”

Yybril looked very excited as well, and she actually walked towards the direction of the tower before me.

“Hey, wait a minute…”

I hurriedly followed after her, at the same time, I once again used another bottle of potion.

Hopefully, my MP bar can be filled to the brim before encountering the next enemy.



Chapter 21: If I Can Raise My Levels, There’s Nothing I’m Afraid of


‘Un? Your katana is able to disperse the miasma?’

After the battle, I saw the message Bai Yueguang left me. What written on it was, using the katana Whitemoon, which he uses to seal my Bloodmoon, he’s actually able to cause the【Undead Atrium】to disperse.

After pondering for a moment, I replied.

‘Then, first bring those people who are not able to adapt to the miasma out of the city. After that, head over to the place where the castle is and help us out.’

‘Although I wish to do that… ‘

After pausing for a moment, Ms. Mari was the first one to reply.

‘We want to grind some EXP as well!’

‘Hey, hey, hey, do you people actually want EXP over your lives? Well… Naturally, I won’t stop you. However, at the very least, have the inhabitants of this world leave first. Otherwise, it would be bad if they’re corroded by the【Undead Atrium】.’

Obviously, I’m referring to Hei Luoli and Oyado.

‘About that… Do you think that they will actually leave?’


That’s true… If it’s those two…

‘Speaking of which, Purewhite and Oyado had already excitedly ran over to your location just a moment ago. Did you see them?’


It can’t be? How long has it been since they left?

And just when I was questioning this, a heavy object descended beside me, racking up a large cloud of dust.

When the dust cloud completely dispersed, Purewhite leapt out of the small crater formed on the floor, placed Oyado down from her shoulders, and then, dusted her clothes.

“Master, Purewhite is here to help~”

“And there’s Oyado too! Aren’t you going to praise us!?”


Originally, I had wanted to lecture them. However, after looking at the look in their eyes, I sighed and said.

“Geez, thanks a lot. However, don’t you two know how dangerous it is to run here like that!? What happens if you two are harmed by the【Undead Atrium】? Geez…”

I opened my inventory, and scrolled down the list one by one.

Geez, I hope that I brought along a light-attribute tool.

Come here, Purewhite. Wear this【Maria’s Smile】on your wrist for now. It has an effect of preventing any abnormal status.”

I pulled out a bracelet, that was linked up by a series of small crosses, from my ring, and handed it to Purewhite. Purewhite carefully took it from me, and then, wore it on her wrist. Instantly, a white glow enveloped her entire being.

“And then, this【Betrayer of the Heavenly Realm】is rather suitable for Oyado. Take it and use it well. After wearing it, it’s light attribute should be able to resist against the harm done by the【Undead Atrium】to a certain extent.”

I gave Oyado a dagger that was half white, and half black in color. Although it possessed both the light-type healing ability, and the darkness-type corrosive damage effect, because it’s strength is not as high as my hidden blade’s, I basically never used it.

“Thank you, big brother~ I will definitely use it well!”

Oyado happily took the dagger from me. Swinging it in the air, two specks of light, one black and one white, drew two trails of light in the air.

“Fir… Where did you find these items?”

Yybril’s face was filled with shock. After looking at Purewhite’s bracelet, she then looked at Oyado’s dagger as well.

“These items… are all registered 【Legendary Weapons】. However, all of them went missing. Why were they in your hands?”

“I can’t remember where I got them either. You know, occasionally, there are some people who wish to rob and kill me, and I will always strip them off cleanly. Or, occasionally, I will even see if the bases of these people have anything good.”

Of course, there’s robberies of royal treasuries and auctions, but all these can be put aside.

“Is that so… I see. Probably, those lost items are in the hands of some unknown people.”

In the end, Yybril actually nodded thoughtfully.

Oh my god, don’t believe it so easily…

“Alright, let’s not think about this for now. Currently, let’s hurry and deal with this guy first. He actually threw the entire kingdom city into such huge crisis. Water must have really entered the king’s brain, huh?”

Let me think. Since the beginning, my affinity with the citizens of Mitchell Kingdom have been rather high. And then, just earlier, my affinity rose by a bit again… If they were to all turn into undeads, I will still feel bad about it.

“Speaking of which, why is that Necromancer using such a large-scale necromancy spell so openly? Could it be that he doesn’t know that it’s a proclamation of war with the entire Church?”

“Then that only means one possibility. He believes that he has already obtained enough power to wage a war with you people.”

I shrugged, and then, turned and spoke with Oyado and Purewhite.

“We shall split up our duties. After all, we’re still unable to completely estimate the battle strength over there.”

There’s nothing I can do about this as well. Although I’m able to see an enemy’s titles and names from afar, I don’t know why, but the names in the castle are constantly disappearing and reappearing. I’m completely unable to discern their positions.

That castle has completely turned into an unknown space. If we were to proceed hastily, it might be very dangerous instead.

“Damn it, these undead scum.”

Looking at Yybril’s furious expression, I could only helplessly curl my lips. It really is sad that the innocents are swept into this, huh.

If she were to know that I’m half an undead, I wonder, if Yybril knows about it, what kind of expression will she make?

“Alright. Let’s do it this way. Oyado, you shall sneak into the castle. Your main objective is to investigate the situation. If you encounter anything that’s weaker than you, it’s fine for you to defeat them, however, do not force yourself. After you discover the king or that necromancer, come back and report to me.”

“Acknowledged, big brother~”

“Purewhite, among the Onmyouji spells that you know, are there any ones with a tracking ability?”

“Un, there is. However, there’s a need for a medium.”

“A medium…”

I scanned my surroundings, and then, walked over to the side of that Mador’s corpse. Then, I scooped up the bone meal on the ground.

“Will this do?”

“Un… It should be fine.”

Purewhite drew a rune similar to a tic-tac-toe diagram, and then, she took the bone meal from my hands and sprinkled onto it.

The white rune flashed, and swallowed the bone meal into it. Then, it slowly turned grey.

After that, Purewhite took out a stack of talismans from her pocket, and then, released them from her hand.

Those talismans, with a “shuaaa” sound, flew off, and then, flew towards the castle.

“That sure is convenient. Good job, Purewhite.”

“Thank you, Master, for your praise.”

At that moment when those talismans flew into the castle, a series of red names were fixed down. The trails of red, though, really looked a little terrifying.

I gulped down my saliva.

“Yybril, the enemies this time, cannot be described as just ‘many’.”

“Ah, I know.”

Yybril replied with a smile, however, her expression looked really nervous.

“Don’t worry~”

I laughed.

“Let us go! Move according to the plan!”

Nervous? Like I will feel something like that!

What I’m seeing in front of me are all EXP!



Chapter 22: I Have Bombs, And I’m Proud of That


With a swirl of the katana in my hands, and then, with a pierce into the wall, the sharp blade instantly pierced into the wall in front of my eyes, piercing straight into the skeleton soldier that was still approaching slowly behind the wall. ‘Ka.’ The spine of the level 30 skeleton soldier was pierced right through. The body of the skeleton soldier shook, and its HP bar instantly emptied.

The weakness of a regular skeleton soldier is its spine which is exposed by the gap in the armor. Usually, when it goes into combat, the skeleton soldier will hide this weakness.

Hence, one must directly strike it before the target enters the state of combat. In other words, one must pierce into the position about 0.4 meters below its name, from behind a wall.

Fortunately, the shapes and figures of these skeleton soldiers are about the same. The only difference are their levels, and this fact made it rather convenient for me.

What’s unfortunate is, the highest level of these skeleton soldiers is only 35, which to me, is only worth 5,000 to 7,000 EXP.

“I never expected you to be this incredible. You’re actually able to manage such precise estimations.”

Yybril, by the side, said with admiration.

“So-so, I guess. It’s all thanks to Purewhite for letting me know their positions.”

That’s right, with Purewhite’s markers, all of the undeads in the castle had already been marked.

Of course, other than the overly large number of enemies which really irritates people with agoraphobia, there’s no other problems.”

“Oyado, have you not found their positions yet?”

“I’m sorry…”

Oyado slowly revealed herself beside me.

“I can’t seem to sense anyone’s presence in the castle, it’s feels like… those guards have all turned into undeads.”

“Oh my god… if the Prince and Princess have both turned into undeads as well, then we might as well directly blast the castle apart, killing all these undeads in one go.”

I helplessly said.

“We can’t do that. Didn’t Oyado say it? ‘Seem’. In other words, there’s still living people here.”

“I know, I know…”


I was only saying what’s on my mind… If I were to really blast apart a dungeon while venturing it, how boring would it be then…

Actually it might be a really good idea! Let’s try it out next time!

“Purewhite, how long does your Onmyouji spell last?”

“As long as I don’t take any damage, I’m able to continue maintaining it.”

Purewhite, who was raising a formation in her hands, replied with a smile.

“Then that’s good… Let’s go. Let us continue walking to the great hall.”

Fortunately, I have been here once before, so I’m rather familiar with the structure of this place. However, with Yybril by my side, I can’t directly sweep away all of the items in every room. But, I’m a little disappointed that there’s not a single treasure chest.

“Big brother!”

“I know…”

At the corner right in front, a skeleton knight was currently walking over slowly.

I slightly smiled, and then, with a swing of my hand, an ice flower instantly exploded beneath its feet!

Taking the opportunity of the instant when the skeletal horse was being frozen by the released ice flower, I charged right over with an Accelerate. After swapping the weapon【Bloodmoon】that was in my hands for the greatsword 【Ghostbreak】, using the speed to charge right up into the high skies, with a twist of my body, I swung the blade directly towards its neck! A tearing sound came, and the greatsword instantly stabbed into the wall. Its head flew off, and its body paused in mid-air, before descending downwards.


Stepping on the wall, I pulled out the greatsword, and then, I kept it.

“Your battle style… sure is weird. However, only you can do something like this, I guess. Because, regular people isn’t able to simultaneously wield Magic and Arcane skills.”

“Well… Since I’m able to use them, I should use them well.”

I laughed.

“Let’s go over here. I remember that the direction of the great hall is this way.”

The place was completely different from how it looked when I came yesterday. From its initial magnificent and sparkling look, the entire castle changed into a morgue filled with the deep aura of death.

Other than the constant roars coming from the monsters, there’s nothing else that could be heard.

‘Fir, we have already evacuated all of the citizens in the city. And, we have already saved Irlin from the tower at the castle as well.’

‘Is that so?’

After receiving the message Bai Yueguang sent, I smiled.

Originally, I should have brought Irlin out of the tower first. However, when I recalled that I have already given her items to protect herself, I felt that it’s still best that I exterminate the hidden danger first.’

‘However, there’s a very serious problem.’

‘Un? Is Irlin injured?’

‘That’s not it. The problem is… The princess and her guard were wrapped into dumplings, and were thrown to where Irlin was.’


They were captured and thrown there?

‘Are you sure that’s the princess? The Prince and Princess, other than their clothes and ornaments, basically look the same, you know.’

‘Hey hey hey… You’re asking me to confirm it?’

‘You idiot! Call Hei Luoli and Tai Shixi over!’

‘Oh, you’re right!’

‘ ‘Oh, you’re right’, my ass! Hurry up, if it’s the Princess, then that’s one matter. However, if it’s the Prince, then that’s another matter altogether!’

‘What and what?’

After waiting for about half a minute, Bai Yueguang’s message came.

‘It’s indeed… the Princess.’

‘Oh, thanks for the hard work.’

I looked at my own MP bar, and then, stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that I have stopped, Yybril asked strangely.

“Because a little problem has surfaced.”

I instantly took out the bunch of black boxes that I have prepared earlier in my ring, and then, threw all of them onto the ground.

“What problem?”

“Ah, because one of our allies is facing a little problem, so, we have to slightly change our plan. Alright, all of you, come here.”

After saying that, I grabbed onto Purewhite and Yybril, and then, allowed Oyado to jump onto Purewhite.

“I shall give this a name then. Ultimate Time Arcane – Flash Movement!”

In a flash, we arrived outside Mitchell Kingdom city, the place where we first entered the city.

“Eh, you people…”

Bai Yueguang nearby looked at us shockingly.

“Why are you people out here?”

“Thanks to your intel, I thought of a much simpler method of dealing with the problem.”

“And… What’s that?”

I smiled, and then, pressed on the button on the mechanism in my hands.


A ray of red light surged into the skies, immediately after, a mushroom cloud rose!

“【Arcane – Ice Castle】!”

With a wave of Ms. Mari’s hand, an ice wall appeared in front of all the members, blocking the incoming force blast.

“You… What the hell did you do!”


I shrugged.

“I bombed the dungeon, to grind some EXP.”

Battle Concluded

11x Abyssal Guide – Mador
25x Weaponized Skeleton Soldier
15x Crazed Dark Knight
29x Spirits
Total EXP Gained: 247,000
You leveled up!
Current LV: 48

Your party members leveled up!
Dale’s LV: 39
Tai Shuxi’s LV: 44
Bai Yueguang’s LV: 45
Oyado’s LV: 32
Hei Luoli’s LV: 37
Yybril’s LV: 41
Mari’s LV: 47

Title [Terrorist] leveled up!
Current LV: 4

And at this moment, everyone silently looked towards me. Bai Yueguang silently walked over, and patted on my shoulders.

“May I ask, how did you make those C4 of yours?”



Chapter 23: Tower Demolishing


“You sure are ruthless. You actually blast apart the entire castle in an instant. I doubt anyone had ever done something this huge, even ever since ancient times.”

Yybril was the one whose expression was the most composed out of the ones who leveled up. After all, she was unable to see the raise in her own levels. While, in Oyado’s case, her power in the technical department was stronger than her level’s.

“After all, only enemies are left inside.”

And there’s even a need to fight those troublesome battle dolls. It’s more convenient to simply blast them all apart in one go. I’m really too resourceful.

“Enemies? Aren’t there still the Prince and the Princess…”

“Look over there.”

I pointed towards the direction where Bai Yueguang was.

The Princess and her attendant Arianha who were still unconscious, were lying over there.

“This… I see, so they were saved by your friends? However, there’s still the Prince…”

“The Prince, huh…”

I walked over to Arianha with quick steps, and then, poked her a bit.

“Ms. Arianha, I know you’re not unconscious. Come, tell us how you did it. About the matter of you disguising as the Prince.”

She was silent for a long time, without reacting even for a moment. I pondered for a moment, and then, took out a dagger.

“Since you’re not awake, then I will use another method to wake you up. In any case, I’m able to heal you.”

“Alright, alright!”

She suddenly leapt up from the ground, a dagger was still in her hands.

“You’re really… How should I put it, you’re unexpectedly strong, huh.”

“Many thanks for the praise. As someone who is able to fool the entire country, you’re not simple either… Speaking of which, does the Princess know about it?”

“Well… Although I didn’t tell her, I feel that she knows about it.”

Arianha smiled, and then, took out a mask and wore it.

In an instant, Arianha’s body flashed, and the Prince I met last night appeared in front of us.

“I see. This country basically doesn’t have a Prince. The Prince is the Princess’s attendant, is that it?”

Yybril said thoughtfully.

“No, the real Prince was simply killed, that’s all.”

I walked over to the fake Prince, and said with a smile.

“Although I don’t know how this mask came about, it’s indeed a very strong tool.”

That’s right, not only does the mask change one’s figure, it even changes the name and titles as well. The disguises I saw before could at least be exposed from the names, now, however…

“Who gave you this mask?”

“I incidentally stole this from an ancient ruin. Hence, I brought forward my plan, and killed the Prince.”

“Because he’s actually a hypocritical pervert?”

I replied with a smile, and then, looked towards Dale.

“Yesterday, Dale told me that he had met the Prince a long time ago. However, there were a few differences, especially in his behaviour.”

Of course, and there’s the titles.

This was also a key factor. Although the mask disguised the titles, none of the titles were the same as the ones Dale told me.

Something like changing all of one’s own titles in just half a year, even I can’t do it, let alone a Prince who can’t even see his own titles.

However, naturally, I can’t tell her about titles. Hence, I can only say her behaviour was off.

“Is that so? It seems like the Prince back then was rather familiar with Dale. Otherwise, he should have usually used that kind of expression to converse with others.”

“Well… Dale was the Prince’s instructor back then.”

“I see, then that makes everything plausible.”

Arianha laughed, and then, took the mask down.

“Then, what are you guys planning to do? Arrest me?”

“Hah? Why? We’re not that bored. Continue battling with us. The goal you want to accomplish is far from over.”

I replied with a smile.


Looking at Arianha’s expression, I pointed to the faraway castle which was still in huge cloud of dust.

“That King isn’t dead yet. Our revenge is still far from over… Actually, saying it this way isn’t correct. I should say that King and that Necromancer Henry are long dead, what remains… are only undeads.”

“Indeed. According to my scan, there’s completely no readings from lifeforms inside.”

Ms. Mari fiddled with the palm-sized terminal in her hands and said.

This woman has actually already pioneered a handphone? Hey, hey, hey. This is an era-leaping improvement, you know!

“Stop looking already. This is just a controller. It only allows me to use a few of the airship’s functions from afar.”

Hearing Ms. Mari’s reply, I could only sigh.

“But the energy reading coming from inside is very strong though. However, the strongest reading is still coming from that tower.”

Dale’s voice came out from the airship’s broadcast.

“I have the data of scan earlier as well. Before you guys entered the castle, the total energy reading of those undeads was around 80,000 points. While currently, the reading has became 340,000 points, and it’s still rising.”

“Oh my god…”

Is that guy trying to use a gamma ray cannon or GENESIS?

“Wait a minute… Oh my god, this is… Defensive Magic Spell, Activate!”

Six small-scaled flying machines flew out from the top of the airship at the same time, enveloping us and the citizens who escaped.

And in the next second, an attack warning came from the direction of the castle!

“【Arcane – Empiric – Royal Garden】!”

“【Arcane – Curtain of Light】!”

“【Arcane – Ice Castle】!”

Yybril, Ms. Mari and I cast defensive magic spells at the same time, and three types of defensive magic spells instantly formed outside the airship.

However, in an instant, our defensive magic spells were bombarded into fragments by a ray of black light! The ray of black light penetrated our spells, and instantly bombarded on the airship’s defensive barrier. Crack lines began to spread from the place it struck!

“What… What is that thing?”

Just when I asked that, my ring flashed, and a ball suddenly ran out by itself!

Only to see that round ball rolling ‘gurururu’ a couple of rounds on the ground, before leaping several times up onto Purewhite’s body.

“Yo, hello everyone. I know what that thing is.”

“It’s great that you know! But why are you taking my spot!”

Oyado, who was at the side, said very unhappily.

What appeared… was the toad that I brought out from the dungeon within the ancient ruins back then. Currently, it was sitting on Purewhite’s shoulder with a mystical aura surrounding it.

Well… If you’re coming out, that’s fine. But why did you take Oyado’s spot? Are you courting death?

However, I don’t have the time to complicate things with it either.

“Frog from the Dungeon of Death, come and tell us what that is already.”

“That is the lighthouse of the ancient Godsaint Empire. After the War of the Ancients, because it was the only lighthouse which survived, it was absorbed into part of the ancient ruins.”

“… Wait a minute, then what about this Godsaint Empire?”

“Gone. It was annihilated.”

This guy sure is saying this very casually, huh?

“That’s not the main point! Is there any way to stop it?”

Bai Yueguang asked loudly.

“There is, aren’t you guys defending quite well? Then that’s enough. Because each of the lighthouse’s shot can only be used for 30 seconds.”

After it said that, the target’s attack ended, and the ray of black light was retracted.

“But, it can fire again every 10 minutes.”

“Oh my god!”

All of us looked terrifyingly at each other, and then, all of us said in unison.

“Let’s go! Demolish it!”



Chapter 24: Open Sesame


Although all of us rushed hastily towards the bottom of the tower, that damn tower was more troublesome than we expected.

Although it’s said that this thing could fire off every ten minutes, that’s just the cooldown for it’s unique skill. Other than that, this thing can still relentlessly shoot out small rays of grey light.

Even though it’s attack power isn’t that great, if we don’t defend against it, the damage dealt to us will still be considerable.

Using the ice shield on my right hand to block one of the rays, I accelerated to the front, and then, charged to the back of one of the half-collapsed buildings.

Bai Yueguang, who was beside me, used Quick Steps, and wildly charged out from the top of a small alley. And then, he ran to the bottom of the tower, swinging the tachi in his hands.

A white slash instantly sliced at the bottom of the tower, blowing up a cloud of dust.

However, after the cloud of dust dispersed, there wasn’t even a single scar on the tower’s surface, nor was there even a trace of the attack landing on it.

Oh my god. Even Iai Slash isn’t able to cause damage to it. Isn’t this a little too frightening?

While, at the same time, a ray of light descended straight from above. Bai Yueguang tumbled to the back, and that ray of light struck the floor. A giant half-meter depth crater appeared at the position where Bai Yueguang was standing at earlier.

“Are you kidding me!? Being hit by that is no joke at all!”

Bai Yueguang roared out, as he charged towards the nearest cover.

“If not for the attack warning, I would have been disintegrated by now!”

“Thank the attack warnings then.”

I chuckled at the side.

“【Arcane – Ice Magic Cannon】!”

Ms. Mari charged out from the roof of a building at the other side, after leaping high up in the air, two blue balls of light were shot out from the tips of the two guns in her hands!

The two balls of light directly shot at the ray emission ports at the lowest level, however, a moment later, the sealing ice blocks instantly shattered into pieces. A ray of grey light, in turn, shot back at Ms. Mari.

However, Ms. Mari used the momentum from her shots to avoid the incoming ray of light, and then, she once again landed on the ground.

“This sure is troublesome. If that doesn’t stop it either, I really can’t think of any other way.”

“Big brother!”

Oyado’s figure appeared at the same time her voice sounded.

Other than the brick-sized opening near the place where the tower is shooting from, there’s no other openings.

“Is that so…”

I frustratingly scratched my head.

“What about you guys? Have you guys thought of any plans to bring this thing down?”

As I said that, I pointed to the sky, and then, an ice wall tilted 45 degrees appeared above my head. At the same time, a ray of light flashed, and the grey-colored beam directly struck onto the ice wall above me. Then, it brushed past the ice wall, and was deflected away.

Ice itself is smooth, just like a mirror. And if the angle is right, light-ray attacks can be deflected out.

And, even if it’s not a light ray, as long as the angle is right, it can still be deflected out.

“Even if we’re able to slightly stop a part of its attacks, in another less than three minutes, it’s large attack will come again. Our individual defenses aren’t able to block that at all!”

Tai Shixi roared out, the halberd in her hands continued to dance, striking continuously at the body of the tower.

However, the tower did not suffer even the slightest bit of damage.

“Just what material is this thing made of? Even if it’s a high-grade alchemic material, at the very least, it should have still suffered some damage! If this thing can’t be damaged, how are we going to break through?”

I suddenly felt my head aching.

“Could it be that this thing is an indestructible object?”

“That’s impossible, right? We have fought for such a long time, yet, we have never encountered anything that’s indestructible…”

“No, no, no. You guys are too naive!”

Suddenly, the toad of the Dungeon of Death leapt out.

“That’s not indestructible at all! It’s just that its recovery speed is faster than the speed your naked eyes can follow!”


All of us looked at it with very terrifying expressions.

“You idiot! Why didn’t you tell us earlier!?”

Ms. Mari instantly grabbed it, and then, smashed it onto the ground.

“Since you knew about it, then you should have said it! And, how are we supposed to disable it? There must be a way to disable it, right?”

“The way to disable it… Umm…”

“Could it be that you’re still thinking of talking terms with us?”

Tai Shixi’s halberd instantly landed on the frog’s body.

“I didn’t have a proper animal experimentation lesson in my secondary school days. I never managed to see things like a frog’s egg at all. Seems like I will get a chance to see one today.”

“Aaaaah, I’m a toad, not a frog! Don’t kill me! Because the tower is receiving energy from the underground ruins, if you want to attack it, you have to at least disconnect the link between the tower and the underground ruins. However, if you want to do that, you have to enter the underground ruins… It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Don’t poke me! I’m not the one who designed the way to disable it, I’m only answering your questions… Don’t be agitated! I know! There’s another way to attack it, and that’s from its interior. However, the switch to enter the place randomly relocates itself in the bottom part of the tower! I don’t know its exact location either!”

Seeing the toad’s pitiful look, I grabbed it, and then placed it in Oyado’s hands.

“Is that so… In other words, there’s still a back door in this tower…”

After pondering for a moment, I looked towards the surrounding people.

“Then we can only take a gamble. I have a way to find the switch, however, before that, I need to spend about ten seconds right under the tower. You guys have to slightly attract its attention nearby, can you guys do it?”

“No problem. I can hardly resist pulling that bastard out of there any longer.”

Tai Shixi laughed.

“Ok, let’s go!”

Right at this moment, a very intense attack warning rang. We turned to look in the direction of the tower. At the center of the tower, a gigantic cannon protruded out, and then, a grey light flashed, a huge light beam shot out towards the far distance.

‘Dale! Retreat!’

‘I don’t need you to tell me that. It’s just a small matter.’

Dale replied confidently.

‘I love to play bullet-hell games, you know.’

‘Alright, then that’s fine.’

I nodded satisfyingly.

“Alright, let’s deal with the problem on our end then!”

I looked towards the direction of the tower.

“Move out!”

“Let’s go!”

We moved out as a group, and we sprinted towards the direction of the tower from different angles.

While the cannons on the tower began to fire at the same time as well, as rays of light were shot out one after another!

I charged to the bottom of the tower in one go, and then, began to circle around the bottom of the tower.

In a few seconds, the rays of light will still fire at me. However, but something of this level isn’t considered much.

Time flowed too slowly. After an unknown length of time, a button that could be pressed into appeared in the cracks on the left wall!

【Famous Detective】 【Insightful Person】

Dual Activation!

Seeing this hint, I looked at it with a satisfied smile. Then, I pressed on the button on the wall!


The bricks on the tower sank in, and then, a large door immediately opened!

“Aah! Charge!”

The few shadows beside me were faster than me, as they charged right in, leaving clouds of dust behind them.

I helplessly looked at them, and then, silently followed after them as well. However, I placed a block of ice at the entrance to jam it.

Come, it’s time to settle our scores.



Chapter 25: For Treasure Chests


When i entered the tower, the scenery in front of me suddenly flashed.

When I recovered my sight, what appeared in front of me was actually…cosmos?

“Oh my god…”

I wiped off the cold sweat on my face, and then, took another closer look.

“As expected of something from the Era of the Ancients. It’s really on a different scale.”

After looking around, we seemed to have directly entered a cosmic space. The boundless cosmos, the countless stars, and we’re even able to see a planet that looked similar to a sun.

It felt as though we’re currently walking in outer space. However, if we were to take a closer look, we will find out that actually, we’re simply standing on a glass bridge.

After pondering for a moment, I took out the Eyepiece of Truth and wore it.

The translucent glass bridge became clearer, and after taking a look around, I realized this was actually even a dungeon with stretched-out corridors!

Oh my god, are you serious?

I helplessly looked at the cooldown timer of my wing, and it seemed as though I have no choice but to walk over for now.

Let’s hope that there’s treasures in this dungeon. Otherwise, who would want to walk in this exhausting dungeon? I might as well blast it apart… However, clearly, this dungeon is the road leading to the enemy’s lair. If we were to blast it apart, we might not have any other ways to get there.

The person who designed this power must be someone who was extremely bored to death, otherwise, who would have thought of such a perverse idea?

And that person even used a material that looked almost no different from glass. What state of mind did that person have? Was his heart broken?


However, something like this did not block the rest from moving forward. They crazily ran along a single route in the dungeon, and then, when they encountered an intersection, they split up into two groups and continued running. Only when they reached a dead end, did they turn back.

This efficiency is simply too terrifying. It’s a pity that in the games back then, everyone had to form a small party. Otherwise, according to the total number of people in some RPGs, I believe that clearing this dungeon shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s really a pity…

However, looking from this angle, it’s possible to analyze the routes from the glass bridge to a certain extent. It can be seen that it’s a dead end over there, why are they running over there?

Just when I was thinking as such, suddenly, rays of light came descending from the sky! And those are not the only things shocking me. Because at the places where the rays of light descended, monsters actually appeared!

And what’s even more frightening was, at the ends of a few dead ends, treasure chests appeared!

Me and my little companions were dumbfounded.

“Big brother, what are those? Why did chests appear at those places?”

Hearing Oyado’s question, I could feel my face darken.

How am I supposed to answer that? Rewards for venturing in a dungeon?

“Oyado, now, let me tell you the essential rule of venturing dungeons.”

“The essential rule of venturing dungeons?”

Oyado curiously tilted her head.

“And that is, no matter what they are, if they can be opened, open them all.”

“Why is that?”

“Because there will be good items inside.”


Oyado thoughtfully held her chin.

“I understand, big brother!”

“In other words, we have to gather up the items in all those chests, right!? Leave it to me, master!”

Purewhite and Oyado rushed out at the same time. However, in the places where I can see with my naked eyes, Bai Yueguang and the rest had already opened quite a few chests!

Damn it, how can these bastards be so shameless!? At least leave some for me!

As I thought as such in my heart, with a Shadow Sneak, I rushed to the furthest chest that I could see, and then, opened it up.

You’re rewarded with 1,000 Gold!

The hell!

You actually gave me gold!

Skills and gold are things I do not lack the most. Although since it’s free, obviously, I will take it without any reservations. However, what’s the use of giving me gold in a time like this?

I can’t use them as bullets like Mikoto, you know.

Sighing, I silently kept the gold, and then, sprinted to the next treasure chest.

“Forbidden access…”

A level 30 monster that looked like a robot rushed towards me. Raising the large sword in its hands, it was trying to block my path.

I slowed down for a slight moment, and an ice totem blasted it flying.

With that measly amount of EXP of yours, I had rather have the 1,000 gold. Instead of wasting my MP on you, I rather spend my time opening chests.

Hence, with the hard work of the entire group, this entire dungeon was swept clean by us in less than ten minutes.

Panting hard, the bunch of us rushed to the door that led to the next stage. Bai Yueguang, who was at the very front, slashed at the door, however, it did not budge in the slightest.

“I already told you it can’t be destroyed…”

I smiled helplessly, and then, pressed on the button next to the door.

“Shuaaa.” The door opened, however, the dungeon behind us released a crackling sound, as it fell into the endless cosmos, along with those monsters which had yet to be killed.

I could not help but gulp down my saliva.


“It’s fortunate that we’re all here.”

Ms. Mari nodded to herself, and then, looked towards everyone.

“Alright, next stage!”

After entering the door, we were once again stunned.

This time, it was actually an endless open space. The floor was completely covered with stone tiles, and the end could not be seen from the surroundings at all.

While the door behind us disappeared after all of us passed through it.


The moment a black figure appeared, all of us charged over like the wind!

“Hey, hey ,hey! You guys…”

That black figure look at us alarmingly, as he began to prepare a spell in his hands.

“Usually, bosses have tons of things to say. However, I hate useless chit-chat. 【Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross】!”

With a flash of red light, all of our skills were shot towards the enemy at the same time!



Chapter 26: Bashing My Most Beloved Together


Lights of various colors from every direction flew towards Henry. With just a wave of his hand, a grey and gloomy wall appeared before him, and the various skills struck that wall at the same time. After a loud-sounding bang, his figure once again revealed itself from within the smoke.

That’s really saddening, huh. Even after so many skills struck him, not even 10% of his HP was taken away. Were all the attacks blocked by his defensive magic spell?

“You people are not bad, to actually be able to deal damage to this body of mine, which is filled with the divine power of the Ancients.”

He stretched out his hand and waved it, causing the surrounding smoke to disperse.

After taking a closer look, this guy’s structure is actually really similar to a death god, huh. White and sinister-looking mask, black cloak, and a figure of three meters in height… Is this guy trying to imitate the Abyssal Guide?

And if I remember correctly, you should only be a meter and sixty centimeters tall, right? To actually double your height in an instant, are you kidding me?

But your name and titles are all very clearly revealed above your head, you know. Even if you don’t admit it, the truth is placed right there, Henry.

“The Ancient Godsaint Empire’s lighthouse is actually being used as a source for necromancy by you, those Ancient ones will definitely be sad.”

“Oh? You actually know the origin of this tower? Interesting, work with me then! With all of your strength combined with this tower, we will be able to take control of the world!”

“I see, you and that old bastard are the same. Both of you dream of taking control of the world, huh…”

I helplessly shook my head.

Why take over the world? Won’t the management of it be very tiring?

In any case, I have completely no interest in this sort of matters. But, since there’s someone here trying to destroy this new world where I can casually play around in, I can’t just sit around and do nothing…


They even kidnapped my friend, all to obtain her power or something. I have enough of these sorts of scenarios!

“Hahaha, as long as I have this power, taking control of the world basically isn’t a dream at all.”

“Is that so? I don’t think that way though. After all, this tower is fixed here, and you people are basically unable to bring it out.”

“Then that shows your idiocy. Obviously, we have ways to allow it to leave. As long as we need it to leave, it will be able to fly! There’s nothing it can’t take control of!”

“Is that so? Could it be that there’s a control room as well?”

“That’s of course. We have spent a couple of months on solving the puzzles of these ruins, after all!”

“Then that’s good… But now, since we barged all the way here, if we don’t eliminate you, we will feel really sorry for ourselves.”

“Did this guy really hear what I said…”

“Fir! Why are you still blabbering with this bastard for? Let’s just kill him already!”

Bai Yueguang at the side was already getting impatient, as he consecutively slashed about in the air with the tachi in his hands.

“That’s right. This guy is nothing more than… just experience.”

Ms. Mari agreed as well.

“And he complies with the rule of bosses spouting a huge amount of nonsense.”

Tai Shixi swung the long halberd in her hands.

“So, I will be going up first!”

After saying that, with her feet pushing the ground, she charged right towards him!

“Geez, wait for me~”

With a pull of the bowstring in her Hei Luoli’s hands, three green specks of light flew towards Henry.

“Alright, then as the first step to taking control of the world, I shall exterminate you people!”

With a wave of his hand, the three green specks of light were slapped away.

“I really want to see what kind of capabilities you ants possess!”

“Then you better open up your eyes wide!”

In a flash, Bai Yueguang’s figure appeared behind him.

“I want to see if your recovery speed is the same as those walls outside! 【Arcane – One Character – Disorder】!”

Several distorted slashes came flying towards Henry from different directions. He once again raised out his hands, however, the several slashes simply circled past his hands from different angles, and then, instantly slashed towards his neck!

Although it’s not really clear by looking at it from far away, when the slashes went through his neck, they did indeed cause his HP to move a little.

This defensive strength and HP can never be fake. Although he has a core of a level 15, he has a shell of a level 50, is that it?

But we have only depleted about 10% of his HP, this sure is terrible…

“But, if a boss’s HP were to deplete so quickly, then it won’t be fun at all! 【Arcane – Ice Totem – Expand】!”

Before he could even comprehend what my words meant, his body had already been smashed into the sky.

“What are you people…”

“We like it better when you’re suspended in air!”

I slightly smiled, and then, I cast out my next magic spell with all of my remaining MP!

“【Arcane – Legendary – Ice Dragon Summon】!”

This time, the ice dragon no longer flew about wildly in the air. It simply charged out of the magic formation, and then, tightly locked Henry with its body!

“You… This… is impossible! How are you able to use super advanced spells!? This isn’t something you can…”

“It’s something I can use?”

“No, this spell is basically unable to be learnt from just anywhere… Just which great mage did you learn this spell from!?”

“That’s not something you should be concerned with… And, don’t you think it’s best that you pay more attention to yourself?”


Just when he paused for a moment, a blue light had already enveloped him.

“【Arcane – Ice Coffin】!”

Ms. Mari was standing thirty meters to his left, and the two guns in her hands were like flash lights, as they shot out blue rays of light.

This caused my ice dragon and Henry to completely turn into a huge ice pole!

“【Arcane – Iai – Skybreak】!”

“【Arcane – Lightning Halberd – Rhythm – Mark】!”

Two lights instantly struck onto the ice pole from two sides. The ice pole leaked out a crackling sound, and two to three pieces of ice block instantly descended, falling down onto the ground. At the same time, Henry’s HP was reduced!

“【Penetration Arrow】! Fire!”

Immediately after, a ray of blue light instantly pierced the center of one of the ice blocks. The light slowly dissipated, and hidden within the glow of light, was an arrow.

But this arrow… was connected by a silver thread behind it.

“Alright, alright. Everyone, stand further back. It’s Physics class now~”

At the other end of the silver thread, was a metal box which height was close to Dale himself, while Dale was standing beside the box, and in his hand, was a lever.

“Alright, please enjoy, the output of 100 lightning magic crystals at the same time!”

After saying that, he pulled the lever.

Lightning sparks and blue light, instantly brightened up the entire space…



Chapter 27: Second Stage Undead Transformation


The blue electrical sparks and blinding light exploded between Dale and Henry. My chest felt as though it had been struck something, and I was instantly sent flying away!

I rolled on the ground for a couple of times before I finally stopped, yet, my HP did not drop at all. It seemed like the blast from Dale’s earlier attack sent my flying.

Crawling up from the ground, I inspected the wounds on my chest, and realized there’s a burnt mark on my chest.

The hell, I couldn’t have been struck by the electricity, right? Even though I rather liked this set of clothes too.

I bitterly smiled as I changed into a new set of clothes. Then, I looked towards the direction of the enemy.

However, what I saw was a gigantic hand of bones reaching out to me at high speed!

Although the attack warning flashed at the same time, I could not help but bitterly smile as my MP bar was completely empty.

I felt as though my body was suddenly gripped, and I could not breathe for a moment. Also, my HP was instantly reduced by half!

“Damn it…”

“Hahaha! This time, you people are doomed!”

My body was being gripped tightly, and then, I was carried into the air.

Only in the air did I realize that his other hand had grabbed onto Bai Yueguang.

“Hahahaha… Die!!!”

Grey fog concentrated in his hands, in other words, it was gathering at our bodies!


Bai Yueguang emitted out a painful scream. Seems like this the fog is dealing a huge amount of damage to him…

However, other than the pain I felt from falling earlier, why don’t I feel anything else?

“Oh, seems like your resistance isn’t bad!”

Henry looked at me, and then, threw Bai Yueguang at Tai Shixi who was charging towards him.

Tai Shixi turned her body to a halt. Stabbing her halberd into the ground, she hurriedly stretched out her hands to catch Bai Yueguang who was flying towards her.

“Hey! You should go on a diet!”

Tai Shixi threw Bai Yueguang to a side, and then pulled out her own halberd.

“I find that my weight is pretty alright, but, many thanks.”

Bai Yueguang crawled up from the ground. Looking at the broken tachi beside him, he waved his hand and collected the broken pieces, then, he looked towards my direction.

While I could only constantly click on the potions. Unfortunately, that recovery speed that was as slow as hell caused me to feel as though it was hopeless.

I require at least a minute to use a single Shadow Sneak. Damn it, I shouldn’t have saved money and bought only a few Quick MP Recovery Potions back then.

The remaining people could only use long-ranged skills and attacks, however, this guy’s defensive strength is abnormally high. Even that electrical attack earlier, had only reduced his HP by just 30%!

That’s too frightening. Although this guy’s attacks don’t deal that much damage to me, it’s the same for the damage we deal to him as well… Furthermore, this guy has the entire ruins as his resources to recover himself. This is really bad.

“Now, try this then!”

Henry used his two hands to clasp onto me tightly. Currently, I’m still able to see the pieces of hanging ice blocks on the outer parts of his body, but unfortunately, they are no longer able to stop this guy.

Damn it…

He applied force to both of his hands at the same time, and a fog that was much denser than before enveloped me!

“Die! 【Arcane – Necro Hymn】!”

The grey fog prevented me from seeing the situation around me clearly. However, there’s one thing I do know, and that this fog does not deal even the slightest bit of damage to me.

This is truly a shame. Is this used as a joke?

I showed a helpless face, and simply allowed layers after layers of fog to envelop me.

“You bastard… How is this possible… Why isn’t the fog doing any damage to you!”

Henry roared out as he increased his strength. However, no matter how much strength he put into it, I still did not see myself suffering any damage.

Instead… I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but it seems my MP is slowly recovering…

Could it be… because of my Undead Holy Angel characteristic? Thus this guy’s magic attacks are ineffective against me?

Un… If that’s really the case, then as long as I do not allow him to use physical attacks, won’t that mean I will be invincible?

“Hey, hey ,hey. Is this the best your magic attacks can go? Do you dare to raise the stakes a little?”

“You… As you wish, as you wish!”

After saying those words, a pair of grey bone wings spread out behind him!

This guy has a skill like this as well, huh. I say, when you guys want to use your skills, why is there a need to spread open your wings? It’s so inconvenient…

Within his pair of eyes, a black light flashed, and it shone directly on my body!

“【Super Arcane – Apocalypse – Necro Valley】!”

This time, the grey fog instantly drilled into my seven apertures! Before I could even react, I had already begun to feel as though my consciousness had flown into another space!

“Oh my god, is this… an illusion?”

I looked at my surroundings. Earlier, I was still grasped in Henry’s hands, but now, I have apparently arrived at a deep valley filled with yellow sand.

Looking at my two sides, in the yellow soil, countless of bones were moving hideously, and they looked as they were stretching out their hands to grab me from both sides.

“Mn, the physical effects are pretty good. This background is pretty well done as well. Is it rendered by a Nvidia graphic card, or an AMD graphic card?”

I helplessly retorted, and at the same time, I wanted to try using my skills.

“【Ice Arrow】!”

I casually used any one of my low-grade spells, however, no ice arrows flew out.

“【Ice Totem】! 【Ice Pillar】!”

I casually used several skills, however, nothing with the shape of an ice appeared.

Seems like in this illusion, I’m unable to use my magic abilities, and my mental strength is unable to interfere in this illusion.

I pinched my own face, and I could still feel something…

This is bad…

This means that in this illusion, I will be able to feel myself being attacked, or even being killed.

Sometimes, feeling one’s death is actually more frightening than actually dying.


From afar, I could already hear a few groan-like sounds. Needless to say, it was a large wave of undeads, and they seem to be very nearby.

And these sounds did not come from a single direction, rather, they were coming from both sides of the valley.

Sandwiching me, huh…

I looked towards the two sides of the valley, and those monsters that were set in the soil began to move.

This is too scary! Is this Dead Rising? Nick, I need your combo weapons!

It hurts!

Suddenly, I felt a little pain behind me!

When I turned to look, several bones pierced out from my back, and I didn’t do anything to cause this, they just came out of nowhere.

What’s this? Why…

Immediately after, these bones began to form a new big piece of bone wing very quickly, and then, it split into two Undead Wings!

“Oh my god… I… I evolved?”

Undead Holy Angel – Undead Second Stage Activated
Ability Released – Apocalypse Summon

Seeing this notification, I smiled.

“Alright then, I don’t care about the consequences any longer… 【Arcane – Apocalypse Summon】!”

In an instant… The sky split apart…



Chapter 28: Death Tribute


The surrounding scenery shattered into pieces like glass. In a few seconds, the entire valley had completely disappeared, reverting to its former scenery.

But… The situation was not as terrible as I expected. The surrounding people were lying disorderly on the ground, their HPs were still maintained at about half of their maximum amount. It seemed like, they did not fall due to an attack, but because of the illusion.

This guy’s mental strength is really strong huh, he’s actually able to simultaneously hold up so many illusions at the same time.

“Yo, bastard!”

I faced Henry as I said this, a spear of light had already been grabbed in my hands.


Henry who turned his head after hearing my call, was pierced by the spear of light upfront!

“Aaaaaah! This is…”

“Your favourite Light Magic. It’s really unfortunate. If it was Yybril who had given you a few upfront blows, most probably, you won’t be able to be this arrogant, right? It’s really a pity. At Yybril’s current level, it’s still rather difficult for her to break through your Necro Barrier. But I’m different.”

Looking at Yybril who was lying on the ground, I stretched out my left hand, and a sword of light extended in my hand.

“My current level is about the same as yours~”

“You bastard… How is this possible? Clearly, you have grown two bone wings, yet, you’re still able to wield our most hated Light Magic!”

“Oh, you’re talking about these?”

I waved my hands at the two bone wings behind me, and then, my Angel’s wing was spread open on the other side as well.

The three wings simultaneously flapped for a moment, and in front of me, I don’t know what kind of Henry was making as he was seeing this.

That’s really natural. After all, he’s currently wearing a mask. Even though I want to know what’s his current expression, I’m unable to do it.

“You… Just what kind of thing are you?”

“That’s really rude. How can you ask someone if he’s a thing or not? I’m not a thing.”


“Don’t mind it. It’s just some chatter from my homeland.”

I helplessly shrugged.

“Alright. Let us talk then. Do you wish for the problem to be solved by a single Light Magic spell of mine, or do you wish to surrender?”

“You… Don’t forget! I still have the power from this entire tower supporting me! Do you really think you’re able to beat me just like that!?”

“Alright, then you can try. 【Super Arcane – Light Tribute】!”

A strong ray of light descended. Henry’s gigantic body took two consecutive steps back, and his HP fell by a big amount.

“You’re indeed pretty strong… But, watch closely!”

A strong light was emitted out from Henry’s body. Slowly, his HP actually began to slowly increase!

The hell, this boss can use potions. This is illogical! Director, this is different from the script!

And, this guy actually flapped his wings and flew up, then, his entire body made a dive, and he came charging straight for me.

Damn it!

With an 【Accelerate】, I flew towards the sky to dodge his attack. A spear of light once again gathered in my hand, and I threw it towards his body!

However, Henry actually spun 360 degrees in the air, and the spear of light instantly bypassed his waist!

And then, after turning around, with his body facing mine, he let out an angry roar. Countless of skeletons flew out from the grey fog in his mouth, as they flew towards me one after another like cannonballs!

Damn it. Did this guy realize that necromancy was effective, and immediately went for the physical attack approach?

And this density… It’s too frightening. The skeletons can literally be said to have filled the entire sky!

Are you bullying me because I have never played bullet-hell games before?

After dodging dozens of skeletons consecutively, I was forced to pull out Bloodmoon.

“【Arcane – Wild Dance】!”

Right after I tapped on the skill, my hands quickly began to dance.

Countless of sword waves revolved around me, slicing all of the incoming skeletons into bits and pieces!

【Ice Totem】!

A gigantic ice pillar instantly appeared behind me, and at the same time, a ball of light flashed from behind the ice totem!

I have no choice, because the light source in this space comes from the top. In other words, our shadows are only these small bits below our bodies.

But my 【Shadow Sneak】 cannot be used without any shadows, hence I can only create a shadow by myself!

When the light flashed, the shadow of the ice totem enveloped me, and it even extended to Henry who was in front of me!

【Shadow Sneak】!

My figure flashed, and I immediately landed at Henry’s back.

“You bastard…”

Grey fog gathered in the palm of his hand at high speed, and a short blade appeared in his hand. Then, he hacked it towards me.

“【Arcane – Godsaint Halo】!”

White rings of light enveloped me, and when his sword came slashing down, it instantly broke into two!

And, his body was emitting out white smoke under my halo as well.

“Then take a look at this!”

As he roared out, he flew towards a much higher place, and as he flew, his body began to constantly spiral.

Is he trying to use centrifugal force to throw me off?

Are you kidding me? I’m not here to especially become a parasite on your body.

I’m simply here to stick a present onto you~

I opened up my wings with a smile and flew away from his body. Then, with a charge, I immediately descended towards the ground.

“Die~ You bastard!”

As I said that, I pressed on the button in my hand.

Such a waste. Even though I didn’t make that many bombs, I won’t feel at ease if I don’t set all of them down.

Using the Space Separation Hidden Weapon Set-Up Ability, I threw the bombs directly into his body.


Should be enough, right?

Colorful fireworks were unleashed in the sky, and the brilliance of various colors turned into strips of light as they descended from the sky.

I smiled as I looked at this beautiful scene, and nodded my head satisfyingly.

Henry’s body was finally unable to withstand this attack of mine, and his entire body emitted out black smoke as he fell.

The sound of a heavy object crashing on the ground followed after, and the bones and scraps of his body scattered everywhere on the ground.

“You… You’re unable… to defeat me, I still have…”

Henry struggled to stretch out his hand, however, nothing happened at all.

“Wh… Why…”

He looked at himself in disbelief.

“Why… am I… unable to absorb any energy?”

“Because you spoke too much. Look at your surroundings, my companions have already disappeared quite a while ago.”

That’s right, earlier, before I attacked Henry, I had already used an Illusion Dispel Potion on everyone except Yybril.

The reason why I didn’t use it on Yybril, was because I didn’t want her to see my bone wings.

And mainly, I only wanted to wake Dale and Ms. Mari up. Because they are the only ones who have knowledge on magic leylines.

And the task they had to settle was… forcefully interfere from a long-distance with the lighthouse of Godsaint Empire, and set it to detach from the Ruins of the Ancients.

And now, they, who have already lost the power of the ruins, are unable to restore their energy.

“I’m sorry. If you wish to conquer a world in your next lifetime, at the very least, find a companion with a right mind, see you~”

I looked at Henry, and then, stretched out my hand towards the sky.

“【Arcane – Light Tribute】!”

A strong ray of light descended, and Henry, whose body was still emitting out black smoke, was instantly vaporized within the white light.

“Alright, King. You’re the only one left!”



Chapter 29: Dungeon of Death VS Godsaint Lighthouse


Henry’s body slowly disintegrated in the light, and the entire space slowly quietened down.

After waiting for long time, Bai Yueguang spoke up.

“Hey, what are we waiting for?”

“Obviously, for their boss to appear.”

“Is that so… But the problem is, currently, not even his shadow could be seen. And, there’s no exit in this place. We can’t have been trapped here, right?”


“That might be possible.”

Ms. Mari spoke up as well.

“Earlier, because we knew of the specific information we needed, we were able to detach this lighthouse from the Ruins of the Ancients. However, the problem is, I don’t know our current position in this lighthouse, so, I’m unable to insert the passage to the King’s position after taking control of the lighthouse.”

“Is that so? Could it be that we will be stuck here for quite a while?”

“Looking at our present situation, yes.”

“It can’t be, right…? Right now, the only place we can attack is the floor… Could it be that we will have to dig a hole downwards?”

I looked at that solid and firm floor, and I could feel the corner of my lips twitching.

Let’s put aside how hard the floor is for now, this space itself is an irregular space to begin with, whether there’s a bottom floor to this space is another problem.

Once again, I looked closely at the traces that were left behind from our battle earlier. Other than the traces from spells scratching the floor, there were no other broken parts.

I pondered for a moment. Then, I pulled out Ghostbreak, and stabbed it strongly into the ground.

“Oh my god.”

Seems like my hunch has been verified. Ghostbreak could only pierce one to two centimeters into the ground. This is simply…

“Seems like digging our way down will be very difficult as well. So, as I was saying, what are we going to do now?”

Tai Shixi took out her own halberd and stabbed it into the ground. Other than a few small holes, there were no other scars.

However, she evidently looked very disappointed. It seems like she was rather confident with her own halberd, but the reality made her very unhappy.

“Either we wait for that bastard to look for us, or we use a few special methods to get out.”

Ms. Mari pondered for a moment, and then continued.

“I think that it’s definitely not a good idea to wait for that bastard to come to us. Do you guys agree?”

“That’s of course, but…”

“Why aren’t we asking that mysterious little toad?”


Suddenly, I thought of that person… no, not a person, but a toad, which was rather familiar with this lighthouse. That’s right, it’s that toad of the Dungeon of Death.

I looked towards Purewhite, only to realize that toad was actually lying on Purewhite’s shoulder… sleeping.

I immediately walked over, grabbed it, and threw it onto the ground.

“Hey, hey ,hey! What are you doing!?”

“Was it really comfortable sleeping on Purewhite’s shoulder?”

“That’s right, that’s right~”

Just when it was smiling sillily, I stabbed the Ghostbreak in my hands into the floor beside it.

“Since you were so sleeping so soundly, then why don’t you tell us the methods to leave this place?”


“What is it…?”

“The place I manage is the Dungeon of Death, and not the Godsaint Lighthouse. For the concrete details…”

“Then can I understand that you’re already useless?”

“No, no, no. I simply meant that I do not understand it, I didn’t exactly say…”

“Hey, hey, hey. Even if you scare it, there’s no use, right? Isn’t it best that we think of some other ways to solve this problem?”

Ms. Mari sighed.

“For example, we can head over to the resurrection point. You know what I mean.”

Have one of us leave the party and then, kill all of us so that we can resurrect outside?

We did discuss of several methods earlier, if we had to leave the dungeon due to an emergency. Heading over to the resurrection point is one of those methods.

But dying isn’t something fun at all. Although we have correspondingly engineered a painless poison…

It kind of feels illegal, you know?

“We’re not hard pressed to the extent that we have to use that method, right? After all, it doesn’t feel comfortable doing that.”

I can’t say things like dying once or something similar. After all, Oyado, Yybril and Hei Luoli were still around.

“Then what other methods are there? Dale and I have tried contacting the airship outside to attack the lighthouse, but we’re not receiving any response at all. We have no clue whether if the attacks were ineffective, or our signals were unable to be sent over.”


“Umm… Actually, if you guys were able to reach this place, it’s not completely impossible to break through it.”

All of our gazes were drawn to the little toad when it said those words.

“Then why didn’t you say so earlier!?”

“Umm… Actually, initially, this method wouldn’t work. However, you guys had cut off the connection between the Godsaint Lighthouse and the Ruins of the Ancients, thus, this method can finally work. In truth, there’s a limit to the size of this space, but when taking into account of your current abilities, if you people wish to reach the end of this space, it will indeed be a little difficult. However, this space that had already been constructed can no longer change its size. After all, its energy source is gone. So…”

“So, we can now try to fly towards the edge of this space?”

“No, no, no. Even if you do that, you guys will still be unable to break through the surrounding walls.”

“What do you mean?”

“Back then, I still have the Dungeon of Death which I can casually control the size of!”


I pondered for a moment while looking at the little toad, then, I revealed a satisfied smile.

Breaking the lighthouse from the inside, eh?

“Little thing, seems like you’re still rather clever!”

“That’s of course, I’m a genius, after all!”

After saying that, it raised its small little webbed feet, a disc-like object then appeared in the air above us.

“Dungeon of Death – Unlimited!”

The disc was expanding at a very quick rate. In an instant, that disc had already covered the entire sky. The cracks on the dungeon’s passages could already be clearly seen, and yet, it was still expanding.


A large bang resounded in the surroundings, and the expansion of that dungeon stopped. The entire dungeon began to tremble as well.

A moment later, the dungeon once again expanded by a little bit, and then, a loud collapsing sound could be heard. Looking from afar, the sky had actually split apart!

“What will happen when a constructed space makes contact with reality?”

“A magic rebound?”

And it’s only at a time like this did Ms. Mari answer especially quickly.

“Oh, 【Arcane – Ice Empiric Garden】!”

Ice walls instantly enveloped all of us, and at the same time, a strange blast of force came assaulting us from all directions!



Chapter 30: I Don’t Want Credit, Just Give me the Goods


Even if we were surrounded by ice walls, we were still having a hard time inside.

But, other than Ms. Mari who could reinforce with new ice walls, none of us at the center could use defensive magic spells which produce physical barriers. Hence, we could try our best to keep ourselves together, and then, constantly use defensive buffs to resist.

After about a minute, the trembling finally stopped.

All of us looked at each other. After waiting for about half a minute, we were finally able to feel at ease, and released the defensive magic spells.

Everything outside had already turned into ruins. Not just the Divinesaint Lighthouse, the entire Mitchell Kingdom had gone into history, to the point where, we were unable to distinguish what kind of buildings should be located here and there.

“Great Saint! They’re over there!”

From afar, a soldier wearing white armor shouted loudly. After looking closely at his titles, I realized he was actually someone who belonged to the Church’s【Light Elemental Knight Squad】.

The rescue squad which we called for earlier has finally arrived? This is a little too late, isn’t it? We have already completely topped the enemy’s base here.

“Saint? It’s actually not someone from the Judgment Department? Did something happen within the Church?”

Yybril at the side, began to mutter to herself.

“What’s wrong, Yybril?”

“Ah, it’s nothing much. It’s just that, usually, when such a serious case appears, the【Divinesaint Judgment Department】will lead the【Light Elemental Knight Squad】to lay a siege. While【Saints】, who belonged to the【Sanctuary】, are usually executives who act alone. Very rarely will they appear in person, unless… it’s that person.”

Hearing my query, Yybril turned to explain to me.

“That person?”

“Un, you should have seen him before as well. Uncle Baer, a nonsensical person who is a resident of a broken-down church near Gray Magical Academy.”

“Yo, you actually call me a nonsensical person. I’m so upset now.”

Unclear of when it happened, he had already appeared at the wreckage in front of us, and then, he slowly walked over to us.

I say, what’s with your stage appearance? Your name and titles clearly came charging here from far away, did you think I wouldn’t notice? Did you think that if you’re not panting, I wouldn’t know that you ran all the way over here?

“I’m merely a part-time priest at that church, because there hasn’t been anyone there for a long time, after all.”

“Tch, clearly, the moment that position was opened, you did not wait to snatch it for yourself. Then, you kept insisting that you wanted to stay there and not leave.”

“That’s obviously not the case, I’m simply trying to do my best…”

“Alright, alright. I don’t want to know about the problems within your Church, but the both of you, stop arguing.”

I hurriedly interrupted the conversation between Yybril and this white-bearded old man, then, I looked towards George.

“Mr. George Baer, long time no see.”

“Un, around half a year, I guess?”

George said with a smile as he stroked his white beard. Then, he patted on his white robe which was filled with creases.

“How is it? Have you not considered it yet? You’re already someone who can spread open his Angel’s Wing. Once you join the Church, I will definitely recommend you for the position of 【Saint Disciple】, how about it?”

“Although I don’t know what’s that, it sounds very low-class, so, forget it.”

“What!? Low-class!? Although it’s the lowest position in the【Sanctuary】, you will be paid the wage of a captain of【Light Elemental Knight Squad】, and you will possess the authority of a commander of the【Judgment Department】 as well. It’s a position which many people can only dream of getting… Wait a minute, could it be that Yybril has never told you about the matters regarding our Church?”

After saying that, he looked at Yybril with a helpless expression, while Yybril simply turned her head, shifting her line of sight.

“I told her not to talk about it. In any case, I’m not really interested.”

“Aaaaah, what a pity! Why!? As long as you continue to study Light Magic well, you will definitely be a new star in the future!”

“Alright, alright, stop advertising already, for now, deal with the situation at hand. Look, that Necromancer had already been completely eliminated by us. Isn’t the Church going to reward us?”

As I said that, I stretched out three fingers and waved them about.


George bitterly smiled.

“That’s of course, that’s of course. I will definitely help you people explain to the Pope…”

“No, no, no. That’s too troublesome.”

After seeing that the number of people of the Knight Squad had increased, I continued.

“Look, just give us the rewards in private, for example, things like gold, treasures, or maybe secret magic records, and then, you people will be able to claim the credit for the incident this time. How about it? In any case, the ones writing the report will be you people, right?”

In any case, World-chan will naturally give us the credit for this incident, so as to how they wish to report this incident, it will be up to them to decide.

Also, the credit will be on them, along with the accountability of losses, and they will be in-charged of the repairs as well.

Seeing that a few of the eyes of the knights in the surroundings had been moved a little, I said with a soft voice.

“If you people claim such a huge credit, I bet promotions and wage increases will be matters that are set in stone.”

“Great Saint! This is a great idea!”

“That’s right. Just promise them. They were the ones who suggested it, after all. So there shouldn’t be a problem.”

This time, all of the surrounding members of the Knight Squad had their spirits raised. You can’t disagree to it now, right?

George looked at me with a bitter smile.

“Alright, alright. I will consider this matter. And this place has already turned out like this, there’s no way to solve this problem in just a short time…”

“Don’t worry, we’re not in a rush anyway.”

While just as we finished talking, a few members of the Knight Squad ran over.

“Reporting to the Great Saint, in an abandoned building at the outskirts of the city, we captured someone whose body carries the aura of an undead!”

As expected, behind them, there was a group of men and horses, bringing an unkempt man over.

And this person was even someone we’re familiar with!

“Ara, isn’t this your majesty, Silesveir Mitchell? What is it? You wanted to experience the life of your citizens, so you decided to become a beggar?”

With quick steps, I charged right in front of him, and held him up!

“Didn’t you want to conquer the world!? Look at you, forget about conquering the world, you even abandoned the entire Mitchell Kingdom, haven’t you!?”

“So you were the one causing trouble? I say, according to Henry’s intel, that two trashes of mine would have taken at least another few weeks before they decide to act. So they changed their plans after your appearance!? Hahaha!”


“Great! Great! Great! No matter which country you come from, don’t forget, you were the one who destroyed Mitchell Kingdom!”


“Why are you laughing!?”

“I’m laughing at how you basically know nothing at all!”

I bitterly held my face, and then, restored my former hair color and eye color. At the same time, fixed the small characteristic of westerners which I added in before.


After I released my hand, the King looked at my face for a good few moments, and then, his expression turned pale.

“You… Why… Didn’t you die in the ruins…”

“That’s right, but, I came back!”

“I see… It’s because of Irlin, isn’t it? It was actually because of a woman…My great ambition was destroyed because of a single woman! Hahahaha! Heavens, why must you do this to me!?”

“Hmph, the moment you dared to lay your hands on my friend, you no longer have any future!”

I threw him strongly onto the ground, and then, I stepped right on his thigh.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard, and then, following after, was his painful scream.

“Aaaaaah! Ahahahaha… Kill me! I lost! I lost everything! Kill me then!”

“George, can I deal with this guy by myself?”

“Un. Seems like the problem between the two of you is really complicated, huh. Look, I can’t write a good report with him still lying around here with us, so I hand him to you then.”

“Thank you.”

And then, I continued to stare at the screaming King.

“Look, if I were to kill you immediately, how am I going to help you daughter re-establish the Mitchell Kingdom in the future? Although she really wants to kill you as well, I think it’s not really good for the future if it goes down like that. Also, it’s a little too boring to simply kill you just like that. So, I made a very interesting decision.”


The King was already in a spasm, and was completely in a state where he could barely say anything clearly.

“Just wait and you will see…”

I smiled, and then, grabbed the little toad.”

“Throw and lock him in the Dungeon of Death!”

“Oh, master, as I thought, you’re a bad person!”

“Enough with the chit-chat!”

I glared at the little toad, and then, looked towards the King.

“Alright then, farewell~”

Right after, with a flash of light, the King’s figure flashed into the disc that was in the little toad’s hands.

The surroundings were quiet for a few good moments, and then, George spoke up.

“Seems like you have encountered quite a good number of things recently. Alright, leave the rest to us, you and your companions can go ahead and have a good rest. The nearest city is most probably…”

“Don’t worry.”

I pointed to the airship far away.

“We naturally have a place to rest.”

“What? That airship actually belongs to you people? This… This feels even more advanced than the【Warship of Light】our【Sanctuary】possesses!”


I shrugged.

“Because we have a lot of money.”

And at this moment, the battle results appeared.

Battle Concluded
Eliminated: Necromancer Henry
EXP Rewarded: 10,000
Title Unlocked: [Judge]

[Judge]: Mark unique enemies with the Judgment Imprint,Heresy. User and party members are unable to harm unmarked enemies. User and party members are able to deal 120% damage to marked enemies. (Note: Ineffective towardsNeutralandKind)

Conquered: Lighthouse of the Divinesaint Empire
Ability Unlocked:
Secret Skill: Lighthouse of the Divinesaint Empire
Summon the ancient empire’s lighthouse to attack. The lighthouse has a height of 10m.
With the lighthouse as the center, HP and MP will be restored over time in a radius of 15m. (Including the air)
The lighthouse fires off a fan-shaped wide-range Divine Light for a continuous 5 seconds to the front.
When skill is activated in the state of Max MP, the lighthouse can be maintained for 1 minute.
Divine Light Cooldown: 50s.


After looking at the results, I could not calm down for a long time.

Should I smash the Dungeon of Death and turn it into a skill as well?



Chapter 31: After the War


Although it wasn’t exactly complete, the nightmare that happened in Mitchell this time had finally ended due to our hard work and efforts.

The entire process simply escalated to a nonsensical scale, and thinking back, I really could not help but feel a lingering fear in my heart.

Fortunately, we managed to hold on throughout the entire ordeal, otherwise, it would have been very difficult for us to obtain victory.

Really, I wonder if it’s our fortune or misfortune.

However, the matter has already been resolved. The only thing we can do now is to help the former residents of the kingdom city of Mitchell to rebuild the city.

Of course, a large portion of the residents had already been placed temporarily at the nearby city by us. Only those who had stronger bodies stayed to help rebuild the city.

The entire reconstruction process was carried out very swiftly as well. Of course, Irlin and the Princess, these two actual Mitchell citizens, were overseeing the process as well.

While what I had to do was to simply assign their reconstruction plans to the builders. After all, with my frighteningly high friendship level with the Mitchell citizens, every day, those citizens would always look at me with very friendly eyes, which caused me to feel very guilty instead.

And everyone was very eager about the plans I assign to them as well, it was as though they were rushing to a bargain sale. And of course, I felt extremely guilty for it.

After all, I could be considered to be one of the culprits who caused the complete destruction of Mitchell kingdom city. If you people behave this way instead, I will feel terrible, you know?

Hence, I was very eager to participate in the reconstruction as well.

Of course, I have completely no idea in regards to things like construction. Hence, the only thing I could do was to use Shaping Magic to create a large amount of ice cabinets to help move the construction materials over.

And then, I would use Ice Totems to move the materials to high places.

Fortunately, the members of【Light Elemental Knight Squad】participated in the reconstruction efforts as well. Naturally, one of the reasons was due to our coordination. Because, one of the conditions for them to help with the reconstruction was to have our reconstruction efforts be credited under their name, hence, they were then very willing to help.

They’re really lazy to the bone huh.

Naturally, that’s not the only condition. The reconstruction conditions include the license to create a high-class church in the Mitchell kingdom city, as well as having the Mitchell Kingdom officially express her thanks to the Church. However, naturally, we will not be forking out money for the conditions above, so we don’t really care.

And if I were to use Princess Syli’s words, ‘Mitchell Kingdom is currently very chaotic. If we have the Church’s help to rebuild and pacify the citizens, it will stabilize the situation in the country.’

Although I have suggested to have Mitchell Kingdom and Ice Empire form an alliance as well, after all, I’m the State Magician of Ice Empire, Princess Syli seems to feel that if she were to casually build good relationships with other countries in their present state, it will give other countries the opportunities to take over them, and it’s best to stay cautious.

I don’t really understand things like politics, but since Princess Syli, an expert in politics, had said as such, there’s nothing else I can say about the subject.

Of course, the main point is still the reconstruction.

Initially, the progress was extremely slow. However, on the second day, after Ms. Mari brought over the large-scale machines constructed by【Sion’s Door】, the reconstruction speed increased by more than ten times.

On the third day, the construction of a three-floored hotel was complete, solving everyone’s tent-pitching problems.

Although the walls used were made of quick-splice reinforced places, the residents were already satisfied since they were able to once again lie on beds after a few days of outdoor life.

And currently, in the entire continent, only【Bluemoon】Corporation, which was jointly created by Lanya and Xiao Zhe, was able to send various of construction supplies to them in a single day.

Of course, the bill was all left to the Church.

Just like this, for two weeks, we stayed in the old location of Mitchell kingdom city. In the middle of it, Mitchell citizens of other cities had constantly rushed over to help, which thus increased our progress quite a bit as well.

And now, the kingdom city finally had a small part of its former look. Most of the residents had also returned to the Mitchell kingdom city to start their new life.

“Ah, I can’t do it anymore. There’s too many residents, and the demand for various products are just as much as well! I can’t catch up to this speed at all.”

Lanya laid on the table, as she said with a very anxious look.

“Hahaha, I already told you to let it go and have the subordinates do the work. Since you’re doing it alone, it’s obviously tiring for you.”

Xiao Zhe laughed as he took up the document Lanya threw onto the table earlier. Then, he passed it to someone who seemed to be a subordinate.

“That way, I will feel as though I have nothing to do at all…”

“Then, you can just head to the academy to pioneer some new tools. Regarding the matters about those merchants outside, just leave it to us professionals.”

“Professionals?” You guys are just a triad… Well, the sales are indeed looking good, and I don’t really want to bother asking what methods you guys deployed. Of course, you guys best not go overboard. My reputation in the academy have already been completely destroyed by those nobles, so you guys best not destroy my reputation outside as well. If that time were to come, there’s really no else for me to conduct my business.”

“Don’t you still have Fir, that big patron of yours? Hahaha.”

After saying that, these two swindlers looked towards me.

“Oh, speaking of which, you’re right.”

I nodded, and then, took out a 700,000 Gold exchange card. After that, I handed it to Lanya.

“100 Quick MP Recovery Potions, when can you hand the goods over?”


Xiao Zhe immediately spit out the tea he drank.

“Oh Great Lanya! Let’s mass-produce the things you’re selling! 700,000 Gold for just 100 bottles? This is simply too crazy!”

“Do you think the materials are cheap? This potion that costs 7,000 Gold has to be made using 6,500 Gold worth of materials, and it takes a long time to process as well.”

Lanya still kept to her lazy posture, however, she still accepted my card.

“There’s 15 bottles here which you can hold onto for now. I will slowly make the remaining ones.”

“That’s fine.”

I smiled as I stuffed the potions into my ring.

“Then you guys can continue with your discussion. I will head to the city to take a look.”

“Have a safe trip~”

The two of them waved at me. I bitterly smiled, and then, left the airship.

Of course, this was the airship owned by 【Bluemoon】Corporation, and it was even a cargo airship that they bought directly from 【Sion’s Door】. Although it did not possess as many weapons as our airship, it has a huge cargo capacity, with no decrease in speed as its main selling point.

It was entirely blue in color, and there was even a silver moon printed on it. This guy sure has a pretty good artistic sense.

Of course, I don’t wish to comment on Dale’s taste. That guy directly painted our airship entirely in silver, with【neet】written on it. And it was even named as the【Second Element】.

But I think it’s alright like this. If he had a reference diagram, he might have spent more time on the airship, and the painting wouldn’t have been so simple by then.

Well… I don’t really mind anyway.

“Isn’t this Mr. Fir? Do you want to have some fried potato?”

“Eh~ Look at Mr. Fir, do you think he really has the time to eat your steaming hot potato? It’s still best for you to come over and have our fried chicken fillet.”

“I have fresh orange juice over here, do you want to have some as well?”

When I passed by the commercial district, the store owners at both sides of the street, which had their businesses recovered, came to greet me one after another.

I don’t know if it’s because my friendship level with them was too high, or if it’s because the Princess had introduced as someone who had helped solve the kingdom city’s crisis during her reconstruction speech before, basically none of the people currently living in Mitchell kingdom city do not know me…

I really don’t know if this is a good or bad thing…

“You people are too courteous, I have already ate my lunch… But I will accept the orange juice then… I don’t need that much, just a cup will do. Even if you people were to give me ten cups, I can’t carry them all… Hey, hey ,hey. I’m not telling you people to store them in bottles!”

If they were to know that I will become their State Minister in the future, I wonder what kind of expressions they will have. Although I’m not officially posted yet, when the earlier quest was completed, this notification came.

Main Quest: Vengeance [Completed]
Have either Princess Syli or Prince Deli become the King of Mitchell Kingdom. [Completed]
Quest Reward: 10,000 EXP, 5,000 Gold
Received: Name of State Minister of Mitchell Kingdom
Title Unlocked: [State Minister of Mitchell Kingdom]
Friendship level with the citizens of Mitchell Kingdom increased.

And finally, after carrying a huge amount of dishes and beverages, I arrived at the royal family’s temporary castle – the Mitchell’s Dream.

Different from our airship, this had already exceeded the understanding of a mere airship. Using Ms. Mari’s terms, this was not an airship, but a【Fortress Battleship】.

【Empire Styled Fortress Battleship – Attempted Model】, this was the name Ms. Mari gave it, and it was also a prototype made by【Sion’s Door】. The Mitchell royal family, which had lost everything other than the Gold stored in【Bell’s Bank】, they had nothing
Hence, Princess Syli bought this Fortress Battleship for 10 million Gold. To a royal family, a place to stay in was much useful than a huge pile of money.

Speaking of which, the name Bell’s Bank was something I heard from Xiao Zhe. In the past, I still did not know which organization created these credit cards. Now that I know, I became very interested in it.

Because the one who made this organization was evidently someone like us, who had came from another world.

But as for the concrete details, I have to think about them in the future. Currently, I have to head over to Princess Syli and find out the reconstruction progress. If the reconstruction can be completed earlier, then we will be able to leave earlier too.

I recall that we’re supposed to be still on a vacation at the Eastern Continent, and looking at the time, our vacation should be ending pretty soon.

Although there’s a couple of problems at Skybreak City as well, currently, I’m more worried about the Academy War.

I don’t really have the desire to obtain victory in the Academy War, however… currently, we have no battle potential in the academy at all. Our points should be completely depleted by now, right?

Just when I was daydreaming, I had already arrived at the entrance of 【Mitchell’s Dream】. I greeted the guards at the entrance, and then, stepped into the battleship.



Chapter 32: Returning to the Academy


“Morning, Fir.”

The moment I entered the door, Princess Syli, who was behind the office table, greeted me.

Speaking of which, she actually placed a wooden table inside a warship, just what is she thinking…

“Good morning. Speaking of which, how’s the progress of the reconstruction?”

“It’s about done. In the afternoon, the people of【Bluemoon】Corporation shall send over the last batch of metallic materials, and we will then be done after fixing them up, I guess?”

“Metallic materials…?”

Why do you people need metallic materials for your reconstruction? The houses in this era should be using stone materials, right…?

“Un, that’s right. As long as we create a castle with metallic materials as its base, there won’t be a need to worry about people exploding it up.”


So she was worried about this, huh… Looks like when Lanya and the rest were selling them metal, they did not mention that metal isn’t actually capable of blocking explosive attacks.

Well, if they were to really use metal to build their castle, then that’s indeed a lot sturdier. Even if explosives are used, most of its former look will still be left intact. And if they wish to fix the damaged parts, they will only require to reinforce those parts.

They can’t be starting up a blacksmithery as well, right? Wait a minute, could Ms. Mari be the one who sold this metallurgy technology to Lanya and the rest?

That’s too frightening. I feel that they will be re-innovating the technology of this world very soon.

“What’s wrong? Fir?”

“Nothing, nothing at all. Since the reconstruction mission has been completed, we should be taking our leave soon as well. After all, we still have many other issues to deal with.”

“That’s true. Irlin had told me that your Academy War has yet to finish. Don’t worry, there’s Arianha here to help me.”

Princess Syli smiled as she looked behind me. When I turned to look, I realized there was another table placed at the other end of the room, and Arianha was currently at the back, constantly looking through the documents.

“After all, she’s my ‘big brother’~”

“Princess, stop teasing me already. I will complete my job well…”

Arianha bitterly smiled as she continued to reading through the documents.

“Alright, then when are you guys going to leave?”

“Since you said that we’re pretty much done, then we will leave in the afternoon then. We might be able to reach the academy before school ends, and we can take the time to settle the battles today as well.”

“In any case, if you people are taking the airship, you people will be able to return to the academy in about an hour, right? In that case, when I’m free, I might visit your academy as well~”

“Princess, if you’re that free, why don’t you hurry and finish your work. Otherwise, something will go wrong with the country’s operations.”

“Alright, alright! I’m saying when I get the chance!”

The princess waved her hands, and then, returned to her table.

“When we’re having our celebrations after the end of the reconstruction, remember to come over, alright? Otherwise, if the country’s great benefactor is missing, the citizens will express their dissatisfaction after all.”

“Un… It’s fine, as long as you don’t get me to give a speech.”

I shrugged, and then, walked to the door. The automatic door opened, and I said this while leaving.

“See you then. Remember to become an apt Queen, otherwise, you will be the next one I will take on.”

“Haha, I won’t give you the chance to do so.”

“Oh, that’s a very scary reply~”

And then, the room’s door closed.

———————— Map Loading: Gray Magic Academy —————————

How many weeks has it only been? An aircraft landing platform had already been built outside Lanya’s laboratory.

However, I have already noticed it while we were still in the air. We’re not the only ones who opened an aircraft landing platform. A large-scale aircraft landing platform had been built on every residential district, and even on every roof of the academic buildings. When we descended, a black airship had just risen and flew off from a residential district.

It seemed like, as though the academy had aircraft landing platforms, there’s no corresponding spaces for aircrafts to station at, hence, every one of the airships would leave right after their transactions.

However, the place nearby Lanya’s laboratory was somewhere people do not visit at all, thus we completely occupied it.

“Ah~ We’re finally back to our old home~”

The moment we got down the airship, Lanya stretched her waist and said.

“That’s right. I will be heading back to the dorm to have a shower and a nap. You guys, just go and wreck havoc however you want. In any case, in all of your current states, there shouldn’t be anyone in the academy capable of stopping all of you, right?”

Ms. Mari nodded, and then, she headed straight for the academy’s exit.

“Don’t treat us as though we’re the bad guys.”

Although I said it this way, I actually agreed with Ms. Mari’s words.

“But I wonder if the battles today have ended yet? We didn’t leave anyone here in the academy that’s able to send messages to us, so we have completely no clue at all.”

“Today is a team battle day, I told them to leave the fights till the night, because Shir’s injured and incapable of participating in the fights.”

From afar, Ms. Mari said while tilting her head to the back.

“What? Injured?”

“For the exact details, you can head over and take a look for yourself.”

Is it really alright for this teacher to be this lazy?

I smiled bitterly, and then, looked at everyone.

“Who here wish to come with me and bully the little ones?”

Everyone looked at each other, and then, laughed.

“We will gladly come with you!”

Why do I feel as though everyone’s very eager to do so? It’s definitely my imagination. My companions are all good people, after all.


——————— Map Loading: NEET Tea Party Headquarters ———————

“I see, we’re in a disadvantage in terms of scores, huh.”

After returning to the headquarters, we could be said to have understood our present situation.

Sweeper: 70 Points
Black Prince: 80 Points
Knight of the Blue Seas: 65 Points
NEET Tea Party: 50 Points

But, it’s just as they had said it, our points were indeed at a disadvantage.

“We can’t do it at all!”

Masha crossed her legs on the table, and said with a painful expression.

“After you guys left, all of them basically attacked us ruthlessly. Although we did work hard to gain some points, the difference in our points still grew larger and larger.”

“Un, after they suppressed our points, they began to gain points by fighting with each other, hence, we’re only left with this small amount of points.”

Princess Anne, who was on the other side, added in as well.

“Currently, the only ones left capable of fighting are me, Masha, and big sis Falan. A couple of days ago, Shir was still capable of fighting. However, three days ago, his leg was injured by someone, and he’s still waiting to be healed right now. Princess Michelle and Pryn had returned to Ice Empire to deal with some matters, so for the time being, they’re unable to return anytime either.”

When Anne said this, she looked towards Shir at the side. A support frame was even wrapped on his leg.

Oh my god, why didn’t you buy recovery potions? Is a few hundred Gold really that expensive?

Alright, my concept of money is indeed a little different from average people.

I smiled bitterly at Shir, and then, I cast a Recovery spell on his leg.

In an instant, I saw his ‘bone fracture’ status disappearing.

“As expected… Fir, you’re the academy’s most unbelievable creature.”

At this moment, Falan smiled as she entered through the door.

“Let’s stop calling ourselves the Academy’s Strongest Three, and call ourselves the Four Great Heavenly Kings.”

“No, no, no. You’re too naive. Four people are too little, currently, we’re the actual… strongest Squad! Everyone’s the strongest!”

I waved my hands, and then, changed into my uniform.

“Let us have our first match in a long time then.”


– Vol. 7 End –