[RPG] Volume 8

Volume 8 – Academy, Shine!

Prologue: Change of Plans
Chapter 1: A Knight’s Honor and Strength
Chapter 2:【Eraser】
Chapter 3: Unexpected Surprise Attack
Chapter 4: Plot and Invitation
Chapter 5: False Injury
Chapter 6: Illusion
Chapter 7: Displaced World
Chapter 8: Illusionist Child
Chapter 9: Dispel
Chapter 10: Watchman
Chapter 11: Information Broker
Chapter 12: Snake’s Eye
Chapter 13: Medusa
Chapter 14: The Academy Which Fell into Darkness
Chapter 15: Underground Passage
Chapter 16: The Way Out
Chapter 17: Finding the Exit
Chapter 18: Idle Chatter Along the Way
Chapter 19: Blackgold Age
Chapter 20: Third Resting District
Chapter 21: The Girl who has no Sense of Anxiety
Chapter 22: Illusionist
Chapter 23: Passageway
Chapter 24: Dazzling Shine and Destruction

Prologue: Change of Plans


At the square in front of the library entrance, the fourteenth Team Battle of the Academy War was about to begin.

In the opposing party, the head of the team was Sryador Mir, the new Squad Leader of【Knight of the Blue Seas】. 23 Years Old, with a level of 28, he was a new entry into the Heavy Knight Squad which belonged to the Ouera Empire. In battles, he specialized in using defenses and counterattacks, and his defensive strength was higher than his attack strength.

Don’t ask me why I know all these. These idiots had already uploaded all these intel onto the magical internet. As long as we hack into their country’s database, we will be able to easily obtain all of their intel.

The person next to him was their Vice-Leader, Henrens Haste. He was also a knight of the Ouera Empire as well. With a level of 30, he was a Dual-swordsman. According to what was stated in the intel report, this bastard tend to coat his daggers with poison. However, this guy rely too much on the poison’s effects. The moment he saw that his opponents had took his hits, he would reduce his attack speed.

The remaining one was a Fire Magician, Sidor Martin. With a level of 27, he specialized in continuous harassment with small-scale fireballs, and then, he would cast large-scale magic spells to attack when his opponents stop moving.

These three people could be considered to have the best compatibility out of the many different teams. Although I don’t wish to admit it, these seemingly many weeks of battles had allowed the teamwork between the Knights and Magicians to improve, and their relationships had gotten better as well.


If their opponents are us, then there no way out left for them.

“Are you sure you’re going up on your own?”

The one who said this was Bai Yueguang, who was looking at the scenery at the side of the square.

“That’s of course. And isn’t your blade destroyed? In times like this, just leave it to me.”

“Alright then. Then I don’t need to cut in either, right?”

The person on the other side was Tai Shixi. Her weapon was not destroyed, however, I still wish to try if it’s possible to take on a group of enemies with our difference in levels.

“If I were to lose, then you two can tag in.”

“Alright, alright. Then I will be waiting at the side.”

After saying that, she immediately sat on the ground, and looked towards the square.

“You shall pay the price for being so conceited!”

Mir raised his broadsword as he looked at me. His broadsword revealed a red glow, in other words, in order to suppress my ice element, this guy especially looked for a fire-type broadsword. He sure thought this through.

“I will definitely have to pay the price or whatever, but it’s simply not now.”

I smiled. After wearing a magic badge which increased my magical attack, I pulled out Bloodmoon.


“Begin… Battle!”

Immediately after the teacher’s signal, their dual-swordsman took a step forward, and disappeared in front of my eyes. However, he did not reappear immediately, which meant that this guy had simply used a tool or skill to hide himself.

This guy’s level was not as high as mine. So, naturally, it’s impossible for him to escape my【Phad’s Eye】. In other words, he was using a tool of a higher grade to hide himself.

However, his goal was to simply poison me, so it didn’t matter.

While the Broadsword User came charging towards me while carrying his broadsword on his shoulder!

Broadswords had highly-efficient defense breaking characteristics, while I what I’m using was a tachi, so naturally, I would be unable to block against his heavy attack!

I leapt to the back in order to avoid his heavy slash, while a red shadow instantly smashed right in front of me. Following after a loud bang, a red airwave spewed out from the place he attacked!

“【Arcane – Searing Red Lotus】!”

It was actually an Arcane skill as well! I smiled, and then, an ice wall was built in front of me. The blazing waves struck onto the ice wall, and was blocked completely, while I took the opportunity to retreat with an Accelerate, hiding to the sides of the battlefield.

But what welcomed me was a sky filled with fire balls!

Like cannonballs, the fireballs which covered the heaven and earth flew towards me. Using【Light Steps】, I quickly circled around the sides of the battlefield, and sprinted towards their rear. Those fireballs were like droplets of rain, as they descended onto the ground. While I quickly pushed forward while making left and right turns, and charged out of the attack radius before it turned into a sea of flames.


Seeing my speedy approach, the Fire Magician shouted out as he hid towards the back. With a quick step, I charged right in front of him, and then, I smacked away the magic staff in his hands.

“With your staff gone, you’re unable to use large-scaled magic spells, because this magic staff allows you to reduce your casting time. And if you don’t use your staff, you require at least 50 seconds to release a large-scaled magic spell, anyone who sees you will be able to strike you down. So, you best remember this. In the future, carry a weapon that will not escape your hands.”


He responded with a stunned look. And then, with a smile, I threw him out of the battlefield.


But, in the next second, I felt a sword had cut across my thigh. Then, my body entered a poisoned state.

Even though that was the case, I detoxified myself in the next second, because I wore a detoxifying accessory in advance.

However, because of his attack, he evidently revealed his figure. I speedily aimed right at his dual swords, and unleashed the 【Iai Slash】. The blades of the swords instantly shattered!

“Oh my god, you…”

“Your poison is neurotoxic, which carries a paralysis effect. However, do not forget this. The more you use it, naturally, more people will be able to see through your tricks. So, in the future, if you wish to become stronger, there’s two ways. One, change to a different poison. Two, do not rely on the poison effects, and attack with your full strength!”

“Ah… Ou… Is that so….”

Just like that Magician earlier, he had a skeptical expression as well, while I immediately threw him out of the battlefield.

And correspondingly, an attack warning rang from behind me. I immediately left an Ice Bomb at where I was standing, and then, with a Shadow Sneak, I charged to the other side of the battlefield.

His broadsword struck directly onto the 【Ice Bomb】.

“This is… Oh, my god.”


The 【Ice Bomb】, as expected, exploded. The ice magical particles enveloped his entire vicinity, and he turned into a gigantic ice flower.

He tried to struggle out of the ice flower which was sealing him, however, no matter how much he moved, his body was unable to struggle out.

After a few minutes, he finally sighed and stopped struggling.

“Why aren’t you attacking me!? Are you trying to humiliate me!?”

He roared out angrily.

“No, I simply wish to have you deeply experience the advantages you should be exerting to the fullest potential. That’s your defenses and counterattacks, and not charge out recklessly just because your opponent is a Magician, or a user of weapons that’s lighter than yours. That’s very dangerous. Because the trajectories of broadsword attacks are too simplistic.”



I snapped my fingers, and he instantly fell out of the ice flower.

“Allow me to see your true abilities!”

With 【Quick Steps】, I charged right over, as I pulled out the tachi in my hands.

“【Arcane – Iai Slash】!”

With a flip, my opponent leapt up, his expression was stern. Turning the broadsword in his hands, he borrowed the momentum of the broadsword to instantly deflect the slash attack! Then, he pressed down his broadsword, and a slash attack came falling towards me.

【Iai Slash】 was an attack with only a single time use. If it did not hit its target, it would continue heading straight for a long period of time.

But, that rule only applied to Samurais, and not Magicians.

His slash attack heavily smashed onto my ice shield, causing me to take a few good consecutive steps back. However, I was able to successfully grabbed onto his broadsword.

“Alright then, this is the next lesson. When your broadsword is caught, how are you supposed to retaliate?”

“… This…”

“Remember, learn a couple of skills which allow you to retreat at high speed. And then, bring a few more broadswords.”

With a smile, I threw him out of the battlefield as well.

“… Victor, NEET Tea Party…”

The teacher who was in-charge of refereeing the match, announced as such.



Chapter 1: A Knight’s Honor and Strength


A week later, our NEET Tea Party’s score instantly reached a hundred points.

Of course, that wasn’t the result gained just by my own constant grinding for points, rather… it’s the result of our opponents sending their points to us, as though they were seeking death themselves!

Ting~ Ting~ Ting~

Knight of the Blue Seas challenges NEET Tea Party
Black Prince challenges NEET Tea Party
Sweeper challenges NEET Tea Party

Do these people know the time I wake up or something? I heard these challenge notifications the moment I got out of bed.

As I yawned, I walked down the stairs. I realized the hall was already fully seated, and all of them were currently having breakfast.

“Yo, good morning. Did you guys see the notifications?”

“We saw them. Those people are sure not stopping at all. Even though we have clearly reached 100 points yesterday, those people still keep sending challenges.”

Ms. Mari said while biting on her sandwich.

“Hey, hey, hey. You don’t seem to live here, right? Why are you eating your breakfast here!?”

“Don’t sweat the details. It’s just breakfast, isn’t it? I’m the one who set up protections for your airship for free, you know.”


I shook my head, and then, sat at the edge of the table.

“Speaking of which, why are those bastards still continuing to send out challenges? Even though we clearly won.”

“Aren’t all these because of your ‘teachings’?”

Bai Yueguang said while he drank his cup of orange juice.

“While you’re battling with them, you even instruct them on how they should be fighting. I heard that the strength of the group of three from【Knight of the Blue Seas】rose by more than just a single level after receiving your ‘teachings’. I don’t know how those Knights managed to find out that you were the one providing the battle instructions either. But, after finding out, those people began to send out the strongest battle potential from their own Squads, in hopes that you will personally engage them in a battle.”

“Then while you guys are fighting, give them some pointers as well. Won’t that solve everything?”

“Are you kidding me? You’re the only one here who uses all types of weapons, alright?”

I swept my gaze at the surrounding hall, and suddenly felt that what he said sounded very logical.

“Those people sure are idiots. Compared to giving me trouble by using this method, they can simply come to me and have a chat. If I can convince them to avoid starting wars while doing so, I think it can be considered to be something good as well.”

“You’re too idealistic. Don’t forget, the reason we needed to use this method was because we’re in opposing factions.”

“Ah, the things about pride and honor, right? I really can’t understand their thoughts at all.”

“No, you can.”

Bai Yueguang said with a very stern expression.

“Their honor is just like your girlfriend. You can’t always keep quiet when you see her being NTR’ed right in front of you, can you? Even though you didn’t suffer any physical damage…”

“Even though I kind of understand what you’re getting at, I think your comparison is a little too extreme.”

“Is that so? I think it’s the best comparison though.”

Alright, I can’t disagree that his explanation have allowed me to somehow understand those Knights’ way of thinking.

But I don’t really have any thoughts about them, at the very least, I definitely am not interested in their girlfriends or whatever.

“Alright, I somehow understand the gist of it, but I can’t bother to take care of those prideful individuals any longer. If any of you wish to take on the battles, go then. I have other matters to tend to today. Oh right, Dale, you’re here as well. Let me have a look at the new intel you said you found.”

“Un, you will definitely be interested.”

Dale finished three-fifths of his breakfast, and then, stood up.

“Let’s go, I guarantee that it’s something really interesting.”

“… Do you mind waiting while I finish my breakfast?”

I smiled bitterly.

“Academy War? Aren’t we supposed to wait for all the battles to conclude, and those academies in the Eastern Continent to decide on the date of the start of the war?”

After reading the details on the terminal, I looked towards Dale with a bitter smile.

“In theory, yes. However, these nobles really like to do things at their own pace, after all. Casually…”

“You’re right… This sure is irritating.”

According to the details on the terminal, the Inter-continental Academy War will be brought forward to next week. Although the name was like this, in actual fact, it’s simply a competition to see which of the two sides, the East and the West, has the stronger youths, ranging from 10 to 25 years old.

Another competition, huh. To tell the truth, this is merely a small-scale continental war, only the heavens will know what kind of ideas these noble can think of to save their own faces.

“But if we have to compete, the bit of battle power we have on our side will not cut it. After all, even if our Squad is strong, our numbers are less than 50. If our opponent comes to us with a Squad comprising more than a few hundred people, I think we will suffer a complete loss in a war of attrition.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“Isn’t this obvious? Are you saying that it might be a good thing?”

“That’s of course. Think about it. If only a few of us is capable of eliminating their group of a few hundred people, we will definitely become famous.”

“And then?”

“We will be able to initiate more quests, level up faster, acquire more godly equipment, get a fuller understanding of this world much earlier, and we might even be able to find a way to return home.”

“Un, if you put it that way, that’s indeed true.”

Dale sipped a cup of tea, and nodded.

“Regarding the way to return home, well, I plan to use the magical power of this world to try creating a wormhole. I wonder if it can succeed.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t try anything funny. You might accidentally turn into pudding.”

“Hahaha, with Spatial Magic as a base, that possibility should exist.”

“That’s true… Oh right, back then, I even gathered some diagrams of magic teleportation formations, and the methods to set the magic stones. You can have a look at them.”

As he said that, I passed Dale the screenshots I took back then.

“Oh, things like these exist as well, huh.”

“Un. The first one is the teleportation circle the people of the East used to escape back then, and the other is the teleportation formation located in Skyview Academy of Skybreak City.”

“… Strange. Why hasn’t anyone in the Western Continent made a teleportation formation?”

“How would I know? Though, I have my theories. Think about it. There’s definitely many places like the Church, which basically do not spread their knowledge in Light Magic. Most probably, there’s a organization which specialize in gathering Spatial Magic, and does not share it either.”

“Well… Since the inhabitants of this world are doing things this way, let them be then. However, if there’s a chance for me to obtain it, I will definitely allow them to spread far and wide.”

“Oh right, the Light Magic spell I passed to you people the other day, were you people really unable to use it?”

“Un. It seems like it’s due to class and type restrictions. I’m a Lightning Magician, but to have me use Light Magic… unless I have Priest as my sub-class.”

“Is that so…”

“Who knows what’s up with that strange class setting of yours. Well, let’s leave it at that then. We will talk about it again later if we get the chance.”


Squad Leader ofSweeperrequests a battle with Squad Leader ofNEET Tea Party. Both parties, please meet at the square outside of the library entrance at three in the afternoon.

The clear and crisp voice interrupted our conversation. After heaving a helpless sigh, I looked at the time.

“Alright, it seems like those people won’t forgive me if I don’t appear. I shall first head to the town outside to get something to eat. See you later.”

“Un, see you.”




Chapter 2:Eraser


I have already heard that【Sion’s Door】and the【Smuu】household had signed a contract through【Bluemoon】, and they had begun to create connect weapons through merging a few technologies, magic, and mystic arts. In other words, they’re upgraded versions of those weapons I bought before.

However, I never expected that the actual product would be released this quickly.

When I arrived at the library entrance, I was given a shock by the weapon in Merun’s hands. If the 【Dual Magic Chainsaws】 which Aliyah wield were small, then this 【Magic Chainsaw】, with the design of broadsword used as a base, must be extremely huge.

A meter and a half… no, this should be two meters in length, right? It was a large-sized magic chainsaw that was coated entirely in red. There was even a physical electrical chainsaw beneath the exterior of the magic chainsaw teeth, which should be used as a mean for physical attacks once the mana has been depleted, and the swap should be an automatic process as well.

The entire weapon was based off the structure of a broadsword, and the blade of the sword was simply replaced by the chainsaw teeth.

And at the hilt of the sword, a handguard and a reinforced casing had been as well. Most probably, they’re there to prevent others from removing the weapon off her hands.

It seemed like back then, the battle tactic I used, where I smashed my opponent’s weapon out of the battlefield, had made them add these functions. However, in this case, the flexibility in wielding their weapons would decrease.

And her armor was evidently a new set, as it seemed to have undergone reinforcements. There were more gaps, most likely, they’re there to increase nimbleness. However, wouldn’t the parts of the body that were not covered by the armor be exposed?

Could it be because I have never used my weapon to attack their joints?

This entire set of equipment couldn’t have been developed… just to defeat me, right?

That’s too luxurious!

“Yo, Merun, long time no see.”

“That’s indeed so, and I can feel that you have grown much stronger than before.”

Unexpectedly, this girl actually replied. Though, I really wished to say you have gotten stronger as well, since your level was now 35.

“Otherwise, the higher-ups wouldn’t have allowed me to use this set of equipment to defeat you, right? This【High-Grade Monster Annihilation Set】 would only be used when we raid high-grade monsters, and this weapon,【Monster Ripper – Type Zero】 can tear through the shells of high-grade monsters, excluding earth-type monsters. if used against humans, only the armor used by Heavy Knights or Saint Knights can barely resist against it.”

“I really have to thank you for your explanation. But you’re sure talkative today, it’s not your style at all.”

“Un, because I wish that you will use your full strength to defeat me, and only then will I be able to find out my limit. I don’t wish to admit it, but right now, all of the students in the school are able to understand that you’re the strongest person in this academy. Because, even if you don’t borrow the strength of any divine equipment, you’re able to defeat those people who do. Just by this point alone, we understand that we’re already completely outclassed.”

“If you put it that way, then I shouldn’t be using quite a lot of items~”

As I said that, I stabbed【Bloodmoon】and【Ghostbreak】into the ground.

“For example, these weapons.”

“… No, I’m not saying that you’re not allowed to use them. After all, my equipment are already the strongest one could find in our Knight Squad. So… Fight with all your strength!”

“Then tell you your weaknesses?”

“Something like that.”

“Alright then, but there’s two things I wish to clarify. One, I’m still not the strongest in this academy. There’s many experts that have basically not revealed themselves. Two, watch out for your joints!”

“Thank you for your warning. I, Merun Oryansi, the【Eraser】, Annihilation Brigade Commander of the Kingstand Knight Squad, seek your advice!”

“I, Lin Fir, State Magician of Ice Empire, accept your challenge!”

With a wave of my hand, I stored the two weapons that were stabbed in the ground. Then, after taking a step back, I entered the invisible state.


Merin’s expression changed.

As expected, she had already memorized all of my battle data obtained from my previous battles, and there should only be records of me using Ice Magic and sword techniques. In regards to【Bloodmoon】and【Ghostbreak】, I basically did not use them while I was using this identity, hence, in my battle data, there’s naturally not many records on them.


This was definitely my first time using Invisibility. Other than Dual-Swordsmen, Assassins and Rogues, the rest of the classes basically were unable to learn them.

And it’s basically illogical for Magicians to use Invisibility spells. Because when using magic, Magicians have to chant, and while chanting, magic particles will be concentrated together. In an one-on-one, unless the opponent is really too incapable, otherwise, how is it possible to not feel the concentration of energy?

Unfortunately… This doesn’t cause much trouble for me.

Because I don’t have to chant!

“【Bloom, Arcane – Ice Flower】【Multiply】”

Blue magic formations shone under Merun’s feet. However, she did not stop even for an instant, as she instantly charged right out, and the 【Ice Flowers】 simply blew apart at her earlier position! The thorns of the【Ice Flower】 came piercing towards her from the back!

“【Ice Magic Resistant State】, release!”

White steam began to emit out from Merun’s armor, and a red phoenix mark could be seen on the exterior layer of the armor. The armor she was wearing emitted out a layer of red hue at its exterior, and those ice thorns had already melted before they could even approach her!

“It can’t be…”

One Ice Flower after another bloomed in her vicinity, yet, the moment opened themselves, they instantly melted. In just a few dozen seconds, only pools of water were left on the ground.

This battle power… No, this can no longer be considered as battle power. What’s going on with this BUG-like armor!?

“【Ice Totem】 【Multiply】!”

Five pillars of ice came smashing towards Merun. Before they even approached her, the ice pillars began to turn into water. After flying onto the surface of the armor, they turned into white fumes.

While Merun simply turned around and looked towards my direction. Raising the 【Magic Chainsaw】 high up with her hands, her figure turned into a red blur as she charged towards me!

“【Arcane – Hell’s Hymn】!

Following after her slashes, red-colored sword waves, carrying a black glow, came sprouting out from the ground, like a black-colored fountain. Although I don’t know what kind of attack it was, my instincts told me that I would definitely not make it out with light injuries if I were to touch it!

And currently, with my advantages of【Phad’s Eye】and the difference in levels between me and Merun, who was level 35, I could clearly feel that her current speed was slower than the speed she should actually possess.

【Relative Speed】!

【Quick Steps】!

I charged to the right, and immediately left Merun’s attack range.

However, evidently, her skill could not be stopped, and it only ended right after slashing a total of eight times… While long stretches of black-colored marks were left on the ground, and some places had even cracked apart.

Extremely high temperatures? Or is it something else?

Unfortunately, I do not possess Ms. Mari’s or Dale’s analytical abilities, and it’s impossible for me to analyse it even if I want to.

And I’m unable to use my full strength. It’s already crazy enough that I’m capable of wielding both Ice Magic, Healing Magic and sword techniques at the same time. If I were to use spells or skills of any other elemental types, I think that many people in the academy will receive a heart attack, and will no longer love me anymore.

“Oh, you’re actually able to dodge this strike of mine!”

After saying that, she once again accelerated as she chased after me, the 【Magic Chainsaw】 in her hands began to screech as it spun!

Oh my god, she’s basically a chainsaw psycho!

Flipping to the back, I dodged her first slash. However, after she slashed, she swung the broadsword to the back, and once again came hacking towards me from the top.

I don’t dare to pull out【Ghostbreak】and compete with her in endurance at all. After all, Bai Yueguang’s weapon had shattered right in front of my eyes earlier, and my staff was destroyed in that battle as well. This meant that the weapons are not invincible, and I will definitely be courting death if I clash head-on with her!

“【Arcane – Ice Royal Garden】!”

At the same time, I summoned the【Ice Knight Armor】. After all, her chainsaw was currently carrying fire elemental effects…

The moment I cast it, her broadsword smashed onto my ice wall! Steam was produced, and then…


The entire ice wall was actually sliced apart!


I charged towards the back, however, I could see that my HP had decreased by a small amount!

I looked towards my chest, and realized the【Ice Knight Armor】 had been torn open from the center, and blood was flowing out from the crack.

If it was a little deeper… my chest would have been torn apart, right!?

“Hey, hey, hey! You’re too ruthless, don’t you think!?”

“Don’t worry, if you suffer from a state of apparent death, the battle barrier will automatically restrict me!”

This girl is still enjoying the moment, huh. Geez, looks like it won’t do unless I get serious.

Hence, I touched the switch in my pocket, and smiled.

“I wish you luck.”



Chapter 3: Unexpected Surprise Attack


“What’s that…”

Before she could finish her words, the floor under her feet exploded, as blue light instantly enveloped her!

A manually activated landmine which was filled with the water elemental crystal shards. After exploding, like ball bearings, the magic crystal shards shot upwards! Fire Magic can reduce the effectiveness of Ice Magic to a certain extent, but similarly, Water Magic has the same restricting usage towards Fire Magic as well.

Although not physically, there will still indeed be a corresponding effect due to the clash in elements.

Bluish smoke began to emit from her armor when the water crystal shards landed on it, and she took a few consecutive steps back.

Although the explosion does deal damage, so as to emphasize on the water crystal shards’ effects, I had reduced the amount of gunpowder. The element effects could only be emphasized this way.

“A bomb made of water crystals, is it…? I heard that you even used bombs to blast the castle of Mitchell Kingdom apart. Back then, I still couldn’t believe it, but now, I have confirmed it first-hand.”

“After all, your armor is already strong to this degree, so I have no choice but to give it my all.”

Of course, my ‘all’ with the abilities that can be exposed. Otherwise, with a single Water Arcane spell, I could have made you experience what’s ‘armor that cannot be randomly worn.’

“But, even with this, there’s no use, right? These water crystal shards aren’t able to deal any damage to me either, right?”

“Is that so? I see. It seems like you did not study your magic theoretical knowledge well.”

“Even if I don’t learn things like that, there won’t be a problem, right?”

“Alright then. I shall explain, it’s my responsibility after all. For a Magician to use spells, first of all, he must have sufficient mana, that’s the base, if I’m going to put it in your Knights’ words, a Knight’s base will be his stamina. And then, there’s the incantations. Incantations act as guides, to have the magic particles construct themselves according to the required magic leylines, and then, the spells will be released. That’s the second key condition for you Knights to use your Arcane skills as well, and it’s also a method to use your moves.”

“Mn… Like I said, how does knowing this benefit me?”

“Because the conditions have already been fulfilled. 【Arcane – Water Cannon】!”

I pointed upwards, and in the cracks on the floor, streams of water surged out, blasting the armored Merun directly into the air!


“That’s why I said you have to do well in your studies~”

I kept the 【Bloodmoon】in my hands, and then, with an 【Accelerate】, I charged towards Merun who was in the air.

While charging, I stretched out my right hand, and a red cross instantly grew in my hand.

“【Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross】!”

Swinging the red cross with all my might, the red cross clashed with Merun’s chainsaw!

“You’re actually able to block my attack while your body is unable to exert any strength?”

I smiled.

“【Ice Totem】!”

A gigantic ice totem appeared behind my back. Using it as a footing, and with a hard push, I pushed her towards the ground!

“Hmph, even though you’re a very incredible Magician, when comparing physical skills, I won’t lose!”

While still in the air, Merun instantly rotated her body, and then, borrowing my attack, she swung me towards the ground. Then, with a back elbow blow, she smashed into my waist!

I felt as though my body was struck by an accelerating roller-coaster as I crashed into the ground, and my HP instantly fell by a third.

However, I quickly flipped my body and leapt up. Quickly drinking down a HP Potion, my HP began to slowly recover.

But, I did not dare to stop moving, and swapped to【Ghostbreak】. After all, my opponent had already crashed down from the air while raising her large-scaled magic chainsaw in her hands.

The two weapons clashed against each other. The exterior of her magic chainsaw had already shattered, however, cracks had begun to form on the ground underneath my feet as well.

If my level wasn’t high enough, my bones might have already been broken, right?

“As I had explained, the exterior of the magic chainsaw teeth can be easily destroyed.”

“You have already smashed against it so many times, isn’t this normal?”

“Then, next!”

She pulled onto a belt, and the physical chainsaw underneath began to spin at high speed!

Strings of sparks began to fly between the chainsaw and 【Ghostbreak】! I heart-achingly looked at the weapon in my hands, and hurriedly used a skill!

“【Arcane – Ice Fall】!”

A gigantic iceberg descended from the sky. Even if her armor was able to melt Ice Magic spells, it’s still impossible to stop such a huge iceberg in a short time.

As expected, she gave up on confronting me, and retreated. She then swung the weapon in her hands upwards, and slashed at the iceberg!

【Ice Fall】’s large-scaled iceberg was instantly sliced into two, and then, making use of the momentum, she slashed downwards towards me.

“【Super Arcane – Crumbling Tremble – Collapse】!”

Her weapon struck the ground, and a huge blast of force came pushing towards me.

However… I have to say that the speed of this attack is slow to the extreme. Stepping to the side, the attack bypassed my side and blasted off.

“… Is it already at its limit?”

Merun who landed on the ground looked at something on her armor. And then, she helplessly patted on her chest. Right after, with a ‘poof’ sound, white smoke was emitted out from her armor, and then, it fell off piece by piece.

Hey, hey, hey, what’s this? Armor break?

However, there was still a layer of light armor underneath. Geez, don’t you feel hot for wearing so much?

And, she even pressed on the chainsaw she was holding onto. The exterior pieces on it began to fall off as well, revealing the weapon that was hidden underneath.

On one side, it was a chainsaw, while on the other, it was actually a large-calibre cannon!

“The fire magic crystals used to provide energy have already been depleted. I never expected that you will be this resilient. Initially, I even planned on finishing this battle as fast as possible.”

“If you wanted a quick battle, you shouldn’t have spoke.”

“I think so as well. But, to tell the truth, I feel that it won’t make much of a difference eto you.”

Right after, she raised her weapon, and pointed it straight at me.

“Well, it can be reimbursed anyway!”

As she said that, she pressed on the trigger.

“… Eh?”

After pressing it for a few times, there still wasn’t a single reaction. She looked at it strangely.

“This… Why…”

While at this moment, in a flash, my figure had already appeared right behind her.

“Because the water from the water-type attack earlier had already filled inside your weapon. Because it’s water that had once been cast with magic, it’s mana had already been depleted. While I was clashing my weapon with yours earlier, I added ice magic particles into it, and froze its inner parts. I can only say that my luck is pretty good. Your fire magic crystals had almost been depleted earlier, so the ice did not melt.”

After explaining all that, I pierced into her weapon with my sword, and then, leapt backwards.

With a loud bang, the gun instantly exploded! The chainsaw’s entire chain of teeth flew out, and smashed onto a wall, leaving a deep crater.

The other parts of the weapon were blasted out as well, and they landed everywhere.

“And another thing. If you’re a Broadsword User, then use a broadsword. You will simply be at a disadvantage if you use another weapon.”

However, Merun had dodged away from the explosion really well as well, as she flipped in the air and landed on the ground.

“Ah, indeed.”

After saying that, she suddenly pulled out another broadsword!

“Then let us carry on our second round!”

“Hey, hey, hey, aren’t you tired?”

“A degree like this… I’m still far from it. I’m someone who has been titled the【Eraser】, this basically doesn’t amount to much.”

After saying that, she actually raised the broadsword with a single hand and pointed it towards me.

Just what kind of arm strength is needed to do that…

“Alright, eat this! 【Super Arcane – Sword of Heavenly Punishment】!”

In an instant, golden light emitted out from her entire body, and in a flash, her body flew into the air!

She who had turned into light, continuously spiraled in mid air. Immediately after, she came thrusting towards me head-on!

Alright then, we shall have a competition on who’s stronger!

“【Arcane – Ice Warship】!”

The gigantic sword that descended from the heavens clashed head-on with the Ice Warship that just appeared. The gigantic sword instantly penetrated the Warship, and with a bang, the broken pieces of ice flew in all directions.

I used a 【Charge】 towards the back, and with a flip of my hand, a Ice Wall appeared before me. Then, I used 【Ghostbreak】to block my front.

And as expected of an existence known as the【Eraser】, she charged through my ice wall with a single slash, and then, she came hacking onto my【Ghostbreak】!

“When it’s a broadsword against a broadsword, you’re unable to beat me.”

Facing Merun’s words, I could only give a helpless smile, and then, I said.

“Do you know? When in close-combat, if a Warrior is unable to instantly eliminate a Magician, it would instead become very dangerous. After all, there are times when Magicians are unable to accurately hit their targets. But, if it’s a close-combat distance, then that will never happen~”


Just when she said that, a ray of blue light flashed between the two of us!

“【Arcane – Frozen Light】!”


I snapped my fingers, and the ice on Merun’s body slowly dissipated. her entire body instantly collapsed onto the ground.

“Ah… I lost.”

She said with a bitter smile.

“Fir, why don’t you join my Knight Squad? Of course, I’m referring to the Knight Squad at the borders’ punitive force, not the academy’s Knight Squad. If you join our border’s Knight Squad, with your strength, eliminating those bandits will be a simple feat, right?”

“Well… We can talk about this again when we have the time.”

I replied with a smile.


“Victor, Fir of NEET Tea Party!”

The teacher in-charge of refereeing announced.

“It seems like there’s already no one that’s capable of stopping your Squad from obtaining victory. Congratulations.”

Merun crawled up from the ground and said. But, from the looks of it, she doesn’t look the least bit sad at all.

“In any case, don’t you all now understand the things that need to be understood? Isn’t this enough?”

“I guess so…”

“Lin Fir!”

Princess Snow and Irlin came running over from afar.

“What’s wrong? You actually have the Princess come running here especially for you.”

“Haah, let’s not bring it up anymore.”

Princess Snow said while panting.

“All of you hurry to the academy’s entrance. Princess Anne is injured, and without Healing Magic, she will die!”


I hurriedly spread open my Angel’s Wing and flew towards the sky, and then, I sped towards the entrance.



Chapter 4: Plot and Invitation


“【Arcane – Divine Descent】!”

The moment those words fell, illusory forms of angels descended from the sky one after another. Surrounding Princess Anne, white light was released from their bodies, and they flowed onto Princess Anne’s body. The open wound on Princess Anne’s waist began to quickly close, and her HP slowly began to recover as well.

The illusory angels slowly dissipated, and Princess Anne opened her eyes as well.

“Princess, you’re awake? That’s really wonderful!”

The guard beside her said excitedly.

“Un? What happened earlier? Fir, why are you here?”

Princess Anne looked at us strangely, and then, she saw the bloodstains on her clothes around her waist area.

“Just now… Ah! Right, I was suddenly attacked by a black-clothed person, and then, he ran!”

“I’m really sorry, Princess. Earlier, this surbodinate had failed you. I completely did not notice that black-clothed man or whoever approaching you, and then, I don’t know when he left either. I only noticed when Princess collapsed…”

Oh my god, you still have the face to say that? Then what’s the use of you being a guard?

“Indeed, I never noticed that person either. That black shadow seemed to have appeared in front of me in an instant, and then, he disappeared immediately after his attack.”

Princess Anne pondered for a moment, and then continued.

“Un… My vision seemed to have shaken for a moment before he appeared. Well, I don’t really remember it that clearly.”

“Is that so…”

Her vision shook for a moment? Even if you tell me that, I still have completely no idea what that thing is… Or could it be considered as a quest hint in disguise?

Unique Quest – Unlimited Illusory Shadows
Find the unknown assassin.

The moment I finished that thought, the quest immediately popped out. However, the information regarding this quest was completely different compared to the quests before.

The most important thing is…Why aren’t there details of the quest objectives and quest rewards?

Are you trying to make me work for free?

However, this quest even carries such an epic-looking name, even though the quest itself doesn’t look that ridiculous?


Ah, if you attacked someone else, I won’t even care about it. However, since you dare to attack one of my friends, naturally, we have to settle this score. Even if there’s no EXP or rewards, I will still have to take you down.

And, the name of this quest is really weird.

Illusory Shadows?

Could it be a Wind skill? After all, in Wind Magic, there are spells which can produce clones.

But why did he want to attack Princess Anne? Although Princess Anne is the princess of Witt Empire, according to my understanding of her, there shouldn’t be anyone who has hostile intentions towards her.

Could it be that something had happened at Witt Empire? In a time like this… Could it be that the enemies in the Eastern Continent are thinking of attacking the important figures from the empires in the Western Continent in advance?

But I kind of feel that the Eastern Continent is in a big trouble itself. Although I can’t deny that we have a part to play in that incident in Skybreak City. But without a triggering condition, even if we try to intervene, we won’t be able to succeed in doing so.

For now, it’s still best to not frustrate about these problems. What I need to do now is to investigate just what the hell happened here.

“Alright, in any case, the Academy War has ended. For a short period of time, there shouldn’t be anything happening. I shall have the people of【Tea Party】investigate this, please be at ease.”

“Un… Un, thank you.”

“Oh right, take this, and apply it on your wound.”

I took out a medicine bottle from my pocket, and handed it to her.

“Although I have used a healing spell, it’s still possible to leave scars. So, if you don’t wish to leave any scars when you get back home, just apply this medicine on your scar and it will be fine.”

“Is that so, thanks.”

Princess Anne smiled as she took the medicine bottle.

“There’s actually such a mystical medicine? If it can be mass-produced, it will most probably sell for a good price, right?”

“Indeed, but we can talk about it again after a period of time. Also… I kind of feel that someone has already begun to sell it.”

Although it’s establishment was but a few weeks ago, according to the current situation, I believe that the services of【Bluemoon】Cooperation had already expanded to a very terrifying degree, right?

I just knew it by seeing that armor Merun was wearing. They have actually already sold quite a bit of them, right?

If they were to scout out someone that specializes in economics, then wouldn’t it be completely insane?

Ah whatever. In any case, I don’t specialize in that sort of thing.

“Alright, then I shall head back now. But I doubt the investigation will be completed in a short span of time.”

“No rush, no rush. I think the one that should be anxious should be that assassin, right? He actually alarmed the academy’s strongest【Azure White Wing】.”


I looked at her weirdly.

“What’s with that strange name?”

“It’s your title, don’t you know? Right now, the rumors of you saving people with your Light Magic in the Eastern Continent and eliminating the Necromancer in Mitchell Kingdom, have been going around. Right now, you’re probably considered as one of the more famous people in the continent.”

“Title… Are you referring to things like Merun’s【Eraser】?”


“Is that so… Well… But just who came up with this name? I kind of feel it sounds like a…”

It sounds like a name for a gundam. I hope that it’s just my imagination.

“Is it really strange? Probably because the people with titles you encountered are all very strange people. Don’t mind it. In any case, on my side, I will have my Empire’s intelligence unit gather intel. When the time comes, we can trade intel.”

Seeing how Princess Anne said these words, it felt as though the one who was attacked was me instead of her… But I still nodded.

And at this moment, Yybril and George had rushed into the scene as well. After seeing Princess Anne who was completely fine, and then, looking at me, they revealed an ‘I see’ expression.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I stole your work.”

“What do you mean! It’s our mistake for not being able to rush here in time. Speaking of which… Were you the one who cast that【Divine Descent】earlier?”

Uncle George asked as he looked at me with an earnest look.

I sensed a bone-piercing chill. This guy can’t be gay right?


Even my voice carried a questioning tone.

“It’s really as they say! The younger generation will really surpass the older generation, huh! In this day and age, not many people are able to use such a spell at your age! Kid, do you want to be youngest Saint Disciple?”

Oh my god, is this guy planning to spend his life savings to recruit me?



Chapter 5: False Injury


“Saint Disciple… Even if you put it this way, I recall that you’re a Saint Disciple as well. Can you appoint Saint Disciples?”

Although I said it as such, according to my understanding of this person, this person should not be someone that would make jokes… Since he dared to say it, this meant that he had a certain amount of confidence.

“Haha, although I’m unable to appoint you, I can recommend you. And, I won’t hide it from you, right now, among the Thirteen Saint Disciple appointments, incidentally, we’re lacking one! If it’s my recommendation, you have a ninety percent chance of obtaining this appointment!”

“Hearing you say this, you seem to be a really incredible figure, huh. But, even if you put it this way, it’s impossible for me to immediately agree to it.”

“I knew you would say that.”

I really feel irritated looking at George’s expression. But, I still looked at him with a curious look.

“Hmph, judging from the time we spent in Mitchell Kingdom, I knew you’re not the type to use benefits to make exchanges. Speak. What do we have to do to have you willingly join our Church?”


I pondered for a moment, and then, looked at George with a smile.

“I wish to ask, does your Church have a specialized intelligence department?”

“That’s of course. Our【Saint Hall】has a specialized intelligence department, called【Saint’s Eye】… Wait a minute, what do you want to do? I can’t help you collect intel of other Empires, you know.”

I gave a smirk in my heart. Geez, are you kidding me? Do I even need the intel of the rest of the Empires from you people? Right now, the intelligence unit of【Sion’s Door】had already been established. In a small 100TB hard-disk, all the intel that had been placed into terminals and the internet of this entire continent had already been stored in it. For example, things like the favourite underwear the queen of a certain Empire likes, were available as well. Though, it’s impossible to find out which daring subordinate had uploaded that piece information.

Though, truthfully speaking, even though the terminals were very formidable, because of many reasons, the intel gathered were not very complete.

“I won’t have you do such a meaningless task. I simply want you to investigate the matter regarding Princess Anne’s assault.”

“… So it’s about that. Even if you don’t request it, we will investigate it anyway. Although our Church tries its best to not pull any connections with the political governments on the continent, if the opponent uses an ability that could put humans in danger, our Church will not simply look on from the sidelines.”

“Un, can I understand that as ‘if the opponent’s ability isn’t bad, we can take it for our own usage, but if our opponent has the ability to threaten us, then we shall exterminate him with full force’?”

“You, your words are simply too straightforward…”

“Ah, though I indeed can’t judge the Church as a whole, since there might really people in the Church who do their jobs, however, your methods are incorrect. And adding that there are too many people cheating the system placed in the Church, it resulted to the current state the Church is in.”

“… I can’t deny that.”

Since you guys are so clear about it, then why aren’t you guys making any change? But I don’t really have a huge interest for it anyway. After all, I have completely no interest in such troublesome matters.

Right now, it’s best to concentrate on solving the problem in front of me. Although I don’t know who made the assault, according to the information I can gather from the quest, the conclusion to this incident should still be far from reach.

I pondered for a moment, and then, looked towards George.

“In any case, after this, pass me the information from the investigations conducted by your people. I will consider the matter of joining the Church.”

Of course, I don’t really wish to join, it’s just… If the Church had really been eliminating the harmful elements towards themselves, and turning parts of their opponents’ abilities into their own strength, it might be possible to obtain those things by entering their headquarters.

And how could I allow something so useful like Light Magic be monopolized by the Church alone? If everyone is able to learn such a skill, only then can the Western Continent’s strength be able to resist against the extremely illogical battle strength the Eastern Continent possesses. Otherwise, if the two continents were to fight with each other, the Western Continent will definitely be in a disadvantage without Healing Magic.

Although there are indeed wound-curing spells among the Arcane spells under the Wind and Water Magic Trees, those spells are unable to restore HP at all, so their usefulness is limited.

“Alright, I will decide depending on the situation.”

George nodded, and then, looked towards Yybril.

“Leave the aid over at Mitchell Kingdom to me. You shall stay here and help Fir investigate the clues regarding that assassin.”


Yybril immediately agreed. Right now, I really don’t understand Yybril anymore. Although she have indeed helped me quite a bit, I kind of feel… She’s quickly becoming a spy that had been sent by the Church to stick by my side. Although I don’t wish to think this way, it’s just…

Ah whatever, there’s no need to worry about it anyway. After all, our strength isn’t weak to the point where such a small trick can grasp the overall situation.

“Since that’s the case, let’s leave it like this for today. I still have some other matters to settle on my side.”

But right now, I need to find an excuse to leave this place. Because, while I was conversing with them, I have received a message sent by Dale.

In the message, he seemed to have found a possible clue regarding the assassin, and had told me to head over to the laboratory.

What’s worth mentioning is, the moment Dale returned to the academy, he actually head over to apply for a lease to a laboratory. What’s even more unbelievable was, Wenger Empire, which had been relying on martial arts to expand its influence, had actually sponsored him the moment Dale’s laboratory was established.

At that time, we were even given quite a shock. We hurriedly analyzed the intel regarding Wenger Empire, as we wished to know just why Wenger Empire was sponsoring him.

In the end… Wenger Empire had actually spent 100 thousand gold to buy a【Weapon-Equipped Cargo Ship – Ultra Heavy Model Type I】from Dale. It seemed as though【Bluemoon】had been unwilling to sell it to them, so they decided to head straight for the back door instead.

Unfortunately, in my heart, I can only give those decision makers of Wenger Empire my condolences.

The reason why【Bluemoon】was unwilling to sell it to them, was because their experiments had yet to complete. Also… they actually planned on simply buying one with 50 thousand gold. After all, this model was being planned as a mass-produced model.

But since they were actually willing to give them money, why wouldn’t they want it?

“Since that’s the case, then I’m leaving first as well.”

George nodded, and then, he actually spread open his Angel’s Wings and flew into the sky.

This guy, even though he bought an airship from our side, he did not allow the airship to descend, instead, he flew up onto it on his own. He must be really bored, huh?

Giving up on the retorts for him, I buffed myself with 【Accelerate】, and after bidding farewell to Yybril and Princess Anne, I quickly sprinted to Dale’s laboratory.

Geez, Dale sure is a troublesome person. If he managed to find something, then just say it outright. The message he sent wasn’t even complete, just why…

And then, just when I was thinking of this, I suddenly felt a chill behind me!


Seeing the blade that penetrated my chest, I once again looked at my own HP.

“Eh? So did I receive an attack or did I not?”

Because… My HP did not fall…



Chapter 6: Illusion


This is… What kind of joke is this?

I looked at my HP with eyes of disbelief, and then, looked at the wound in my chest. That fresh blood that’s trickling down from my chest, and the pain that I was feeling from the blade penetrating into my chest definitely did not feel unreal. However, something like this HP bar which was independent of this world should not be something would provide false information.

And I even searched my surroundings, and there wasn’t a single person at all. And I didn’t feel nor see anything coming from the direction where the dagger flew from.

Could it be an illusion?

However, looking at the position where the statuses should be, it was indeed completely blank. In other words, right now, I really shouldn’t have any statuses in effect… Unless…

Unless the illusion I’m experiencing now isn’t a type of status.

I hurriedly opened my messaging system, and sent messages to everyone in the vicinity.

“Hurry to my location, I found a clue about the assassin.”

And then, I spread open my wing to recover my HP if necessary. At the same time, I summoned a piece of ice, and slowly pressed the blade out of my chest. After all, if I were to stretch out my hand to the back to pull the blade out, I might cause the wound to grow bigger, which will increase the speed of my HP loss… Wait a minute, I’m not even losing any HP right now, I really don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing.

With a hard knock, a ‘pata’ sound was heard, as the dagger fell onto the ground.

“Oh my god…”

I put the block of ice away and inspected the wound on my chest. The wound had already closed, which meant that the wound on my back should have a similar effect.

However, when I turned around, I saw something unbelievable.

There was absolutely nothing on the ground in my vicinity.

No blood, no dagger.

As though there was nothing there at all in the first place.

Damn it, just what the hell is this?

Could it be that the opponent’s speed was so quick, he retrieved his dagger in an instant?

Impossible, even if the opponent did something like that, there would be no point in it. It would have been a simple feat for him to kill me in an instant with such speed, and how would it be possible for him to wipe all the bloodstains dry?

Then, there’s only one possible answer.

And, everyone has confirmed my thoughts as well.

‘We have reached your position, but you’re standing here staring blankly into the air, completely ignoring us.’

The person who sent the message was Bai Yueguang. After that, was Tai Shixi, and Ms. Mari.

The messages they sent over had confirmed that I was staring dazed at the place I was assaulted.

What kind of joke is this? I have indeed been struck by an illusion-type skill!

But why am I here, and at a time like this…

‘All of you, watch out. There might be someone who possesses high-level illusion techniques in the vicinity. If you guys were to be struck by this technique, you will end up like me.’

‘What? Illusion?’

Everyone expressed their disbeliefs.

‘If those who get struck by the illusion will end up the way you are now, then this opponent is too frightening. We will be completely at his mercy.’

‘Not just that. The opponent will most probably make you believe that you’re injured. If I have not seen my HP bar, I would have believed that as well.”

‘Is that so… Then have you tried using magic to dispel it?’

‘I used a spell earlier, but there isn’t any trace of magic in your vicinity, right?’

‘Indeed, there isn’t.’

‘Then it’s a little troublesome… In any case, I will try something out for now.’

With this thought in mind, I used an Water Magic spell on myself.

【Arcane – Art of the Saint Spirit】!

Although I’m unable to see anyone else, after I used this spell, other than seeing the blue-colored halo descending upon me, I couldn’t feel anything else.

In other words… Magic was ineffective.

But that’s understandable, earlier, I was already unable to see my statuses, in other words, this thing isn’t considered as a type of status.

Damn it, then what should I do?

‘We might have made a wrong turn.’

Ms. Mari suddenly said.

‘What do you mean?’

‘In other words, it’s incorrect for you to try dispelling the illusion on your own. It might not be wrong if we change into another train of thought.’

‘For example?’

Just when I asked this, suddenly, my vision blackened, and the next moment it lighted up, I saw the blue sky in front of me.


What happened?

And then, I smashed entirely into a wall, and my HP fell by a small amount.

“Oh my god.”

I crawled up from the ground, and drank a HP potion while I’m at it.

Raising my head, I looked towards Ms. Mari and the rest, only to see Ms. Mari holding onto a hammer-looking staff in her hands. It seems like she was the one who sent me flying?

Oh my god, where’s the most basic level of trust between us? You used a weapon and sent me flying just like that?

This is so saddening.

And I’m even more concerned about which part of my body did you hit. Was it my face, or my chest? It couldn’t have been my lower half, right? Healing spells are ineffective over there, hey!

But when I went over, I still asked another question instead.

“Seems like the illusion has to be dispelled by someone else. In that case, just how can we dispel on our own? Design a ring that stabs ourselves every minute or something similar to that?”

“That… I will consider developing it!”

Ms. Mari looked as though she was enjoying herself.

“Then that’s great. Let’s deal with the next problem.”

I looked at my surroundings.

“How are we going to find that bastard who cast that illusion on me?”

“Could it be that there wasn’t an attacking warning or something similar?”

“Before receiving the attack, I totally did not see any attack warnings at all. Or maybe…”

“Or maybe, someone might have cast an illusion on you much early on, and you simply did not sense it.”

Ms. Mari said thoughtfully.

“That might be possible, but the problem is…”

I looked at them worriedly.

“Just when did that happen? And… are the present us, being controlled by an illusion?”


Fear suddenly surged within our hearts!



Chapter 7: Displaced World


“That’s impossible, right? If such a frightening ability does exist, those illusionists must have conquered the world a long time ago, right?”

Ms. Mari instantly waved her hands as she said.

“However, who knows? Most probably, those illusionists have indeed conquered the world, but, it’s simply not shown on the surface.”

“Fir, your way of thinking is too dark. Your conspiracy theories are really world-class, you know?”

“Well… We can’t exclude this possibility, right?”

“Indeed… I will properly investigate this. So, you don’t have to worry.”

Ms. Mari nodded.

“Speaking of which, I do know of a simple method to determine if we’re trapped in an illusion.”

Suddenly, Bai Yueguang said as such.

“Eh, you have one? The method to dispel illusions.”

“It’s not really a dispelling method, rather, it’s a method to determine if we’re trapped in an illusion.”

As he said that, he took out a small box.

“Think about it. Illusion spells cause people to see illusions, and the root of an illusion is the combination of the target’s memories, and the thing which the illusionist wish for the target to see. In other words, something that goes beyond the range of these two memories, should not appear.”

“I see. Then, in that case, what if an entire crowd is being controlled?”

“Then we have to use an unique method… Right now, stand against my back, and open it. Then, describe its shape to me.”

I suspiciously opened the box, and what’s inside was actually a dice.

“A dice?”

“Un, seems like we’re not controlled by an illusion.”

I pondered for a moment, and then nodded.

“In other words, only you will know what you placed inside, while I won’t know about it. Hence, when I open it, I shouldn’t know what you placed inside, so if the item you placed inside is the same as what I see, then it won’t be an illusion.”

“That’s right, that’s how it works.”

Bai Yueguang nodded.

“Alright, then we shall now split and investigate then. Earlier, you have already seen the effects of the illusion. If someone’s able to use this illusion technique, then it’s definitely a skill that’s instant-kill class! Even if it’s just a single strike, it’s still possible to instantly kill someone in this world when you’re struck somewhere fatal. In this case, as long as you stop for a moment, you can be killed instantly.”

“Un, you’re right.”

Ms. Mari nodded.

“In any case, I will first investigate the data on the terminal network. I believe that there should be some leaks somewhere.”

“Then we will look for those organizations of the Eastern Continent, and ask them of their situations.”

Bai Yueguang and Tai Shixi said.

“Un, then I will dig up some intel from the high-ranking nobles. And the people from the Church should be providing some help as well.”

I smiled, and then, looked towards Ms. Mari.

“Then, I will leave that self-inflicting ring to you.”

“Un, I will think of a way.”

Seeing Ms. Mari’s nod, I felt slightly at ease.

“Then, let us begin.”


Although that’s the case, I still have no direction to start investigating from at all.

While eating dinner in the restaurant, I thought of some corresponding countermeasures.

In the afternoon, I had went to the library to look for related books. However, I realized that among those that were recorded, the amount of details regarding Illusion techniques were extremely small.

However, it was different from the banning of Light Magic outside of the Church, the existence of Illusion techniques, was seemingly ethereal. Although there were records, there were no deinite records on any organizations that had once used illusions. And there wasn’t even a single famous Illusionist.

This doesn’t make sense…

Could it be that the illusionists exterminate all those people who possess possibilities of exposing their abilities? But, if that’s the case… Isn’t it a little too exaggerated? The world is so huge, if they really want to cover up all of the information, just to what terrifying lengths do they go to in order to cover up all related information?


Illusion techniques are able to directly alter one’s memories!

In that case, by using illusions to add memories after altering them, that way, it’s possible to cover up a large amount of intel in that particular area.

That’s too frightening. If that’s really the case, then… It’s possible that the knowledge we possess now are all false!

That’s too frightening!

“Eh? Isn’t this Fir? Why are you here eating dinner alone?”

Suddenly, a familiar voice actually came from the door.

Looking towards the direction where the voice came from, it was actually Princess Snow and Irlin.

Speaking of which, Irlin had once said that she had became Princess Snow’s bodyguard. Well, after this period of time, Irlin’s battle strength had indeed raised by quite a bit, and her strength was already very close to Princess Snow’s.

But, why were these two people here?

“Because everyone is investigating Princess Anne’s case.”

“Oh, that incident huh. Indeed, it can be considered to be a very serious incident since it happened on school grounds. Most probably, the people from Witt Empire will come as well, right? Although they do have an airship, it still requires time to arrange some hands.”

“Un, and there’s another thing… Irlin, how are you? Have you settled down since that incident?”

“Thanks to you, I’m already fine. And from this incident, I have realized that I’m stil lacking in many aspects. I hope to get stronger.”

“Is that so. Irlin, you have to use your【Ice Knight】Skills more often. This will definitely make you stronger.”

“Then, if you get the opportunity in the future, please teach me!”

“Of course, I have no problems with that…”

I replied with a smile.

“Oh right, Princess Snow.”

I pondered for a moment before asking.

“Do you know any details regarding Illusion techniques?”

“Illusion techniques…”

Princess Snow pondered for a moment, and then, looked at the people in the vicinity.

“If you wish to know, then follow me.”




Chapter 8: Illusionist Child


Although I have no idea what Princess Snow knows, seeing her expression when she said those words earlier, she should know quite a bit of information that we haven’t been able to gather.

And, looking at her expression, the information seems to be kept under wraps as well. It might really be intel that can’t be found on the network.

But… That’s really weird. Even the Church has sent a part of their information in the terminal network, so why is the amount of information related to Illusions so little?

However, I believe that I will be able to get an answer soon enough. Because we have already arrived next to Princess Snow’s personal airship – the【Ice Snow Princess】.

I really wonder who came up with the idea. Why do you like to give names to your airships? Especially that painting of the word【NEET】which Dale pulled off. It looks just like an advertisement!

“Umm… this is considered to be a hidden secret in every Empire. So, even if Fir knows about it later, at the very most, I will simply tell you the method to defend against my illusion. As to the way of how the illusion technique works…”

“Un, for now, I don’t have an interest in it. So don’t worry.”

“Then that’s good. Also, although the person I’m introducing to you is around our age, she’s one of the true experts in our Empire. So, please, be a little reserved.”

“Alright, alright. I know. I’m not bored to anger someone that’s capable of using Illusion techniques anyway. Won’t I simply be seeking trouble if I do so?”

However, I still silently opened up the voice-sharing function. This way, everyone is able to hear all our conversations as well.

Following Princess Snow and Irlin from behind, we entered the airship. The decorations inside simply looked as though they were from a different grade. Various artistic pieces that were shining with brilliant gold, those paintings which looked extremely valuable, and those exquisite-looking Ice Magic crystal sculptures that were placed everywhere, it looked as though the decorations inside the airship were more expensive than the airship itself.

There were two female attendants in the airship. One was currently sweeping, while the other was currently sitting on the airship’s control seat, tweaking with some things. Seeing us enter, the two attendants instantly bowed towards the princess.

“Is Yonar here?”

Princess Snow asked one of the female attendants.

“She’s here. She has been in her room for an entire day, and she has yet to come out till today.”

“Haah… She’s like that again. If she continues like this, it will be bad for her body.”

Princess Snow looked as though she was very worried.

Seeing this situation, I asked Irlin at the side, with a soft voice.

“Just how is this Yonar person like? Why do I feel that she’s… very mysterious?”

“This… I didn’t really meet her that many times either. Because, other than eating, she basically doesn’t leave her own room.”

Oh my god, then isn’t she a hikikomori? There’s actually someone like that in this world as well?

“Although I have heard that many incredible Magicians like to stay in their own territory and not come out at all… Ah, of course, I’m not referring to you, Fir. Because you’re completely a counter-example among the Magicians.”

“This… It doesn’t sound like a compliment at all…”

Wow, so I’m still considered to be a low-leveled player, huh.

“Fir, don’t mind about it. Because Fir is very strong physically, so there’s no need for you to act like those Magicians who stay in their own rooms to research.”

“Well, if you put it that way…”

“I can only use skills and spells, not create them myself. If I’m able to create them, then I will casually bring out some Ancient Magic spell from other games, and my battle power will definitely increase exponentially.

While I was having such crazy thoughts, Princess Snow had already climbed up to the second floor of the airship. After following after her, I coincidentally saw Princess Snow opening a door to a room and walked in.

“Yonar! Why aren’t you eating your meals properly!”

Hey, hey, hey, what happened to the promised ‘respect’!? How are you being respectful here!?

But, when I caught up, I indeed saw a few plates placed at the doorside. There were sandwiches, cakes, and tea. And they don’t looked like they have been touched at all.

From the door, I looked towards the room, and I saw Princess Snow currently hugging a blanket roll… That’s right, a blanket roll. Or should I say, she was hugging someone who was covered by a blanket. That person seemed to be holding something in her hands, and when I took a closer look, it was even connected to the mini-sized terminal at the side.

And on the screen, several blocks were dropping down.


The hell, you’re playing Tetris!?

“Yonar! How can you play your games and forget about your meals again!”

“Ah~ Stop bothering me. I will eat when I’m hungry~”

A very tender voice could be heard. I was startled for a moment, and then, I saw a bunch of amethyst-colored hair coming out from the blanket.

Could it be…

Before I could finish my imagination, Princess Snow had already been pushed away by the person under the blanket. A young girl holding a simple handle with one of her hands then rolled out from under the blanket.

“… Eh? A guest?”

When Yonar saw us, she instantly flipped her body and crawled up from the ground, as she threw the handle to the side.

However, she completely did not mind the fact that she was merely wearing pink underwear. Though, that flat-chested figure didn’t look that much different from a male’s.

While Princess Snow at the side had reflexively put over a magic cloak over her body.

“Eh? What is it?”

“At the very least, Fir’a guy, so, can’t you wear some proper clothes!?”

“What’s there to be flustered about? You people are really too mindful about such meaningless things.”

After saying that, she snapped her fingers, and a mist enveloped her body. Then, in the next instant, she turned into an adult figure similar to Ms. Mari’s. What even more frightening was, her body was actually only being wrapped with a towel!

“Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing!?”

Princess Snow looked even more agitated than me. In an instant, she pushed me out of the room, and then, slammed the door shut.

I helplessly looked at Irlin at the side, and she gave me a bitter smile as well.

“As expected, among the incredible people, other than crazy perverts, there’s hikikomori’s as well, geez…”

“Well… Like I said, Fir, you shouldn’t mind it.”

“I don’t mind at all, I’m simply curious.”

And inside the room, they seemed to have settled the problem. The door opened with a swoosh, and a panting Princess Snow stood at the door, looking at us.


Princess Snow said while looking rather fatigued.

“You can enter now.”

I shrugged, and then entered.



Chapter 9: Dispel


After entering the room again, what remained in the room was a young girl wearing a long grey and shiny robe that extended all the way to the ground.

Although there was some slight differences to her former image, that shimmering purple hair had allowed me to confirm that the person in front of me, was indeed that young girl who lacked of common sense.

“Just what kind of eyes are you looking at me with?”

Yonar, who was sitting on the ground, stared at me, and said with a very irritated tone.

“Before you say that, why are you sitting on the ground in the first place? From this angle of mine, I have no choice but to look down at you with such eyes.”

“Tch, so troublesome. Can’t you people just sit down!”

“Even if that’s the case, we can still look down on you.”

As I said that, I immediately sat down, and continued to look down on her.

“Ah, in any case, we’re all about the same now. A great person like me won’t fuss with people below me, so I won’t trouble myself with this problem anymore. I heard that you have questions related to illusion techniques, that you wish to ask me. Hence, the reason you’re here, right?”

I looked at Princess Snow, and then, looked at Yonar, before nodding my head.

“To put it simply, that’s indeed correct. And, compared to that, I’m more curious as to why it’s so hard to find related materials regarding illusion techniques.”

“Oh, seems like you’re saying this after you have done a certain degree of investigation. But, I agree to what you have said. After all, other than us, it’s impossible for anyone else to leak out information regarding illusion techniques.”

“Is that so… Then should I recognize you as the main culprit for trying to assassinate Princess Anne?”


When she heard me say this, Yonar was evidently stunned for a moment, and her expression flustered in the next second.

“You… What are you saying!? I won’t do things like assassinations, ever! That’s completely impossible!”

“Is that so? Today, a total of two illusion assault incidents happened. One, Princess Anne was stabbed by someone who suddenly appeared. The thing about ‘sudden appearance’ is, unless that person’s speed had already reached the extreme level, it’s basically unachievable. However, Princess Anne has someone that’s even much stronger than me beside her, and speed-wise, her bodyguard should have reached the extreme level as well. But, the answer I received back then was ‘that person suddenly appeared’, in other words, our opponent didn’t use speed that had reached an extreme level, instead, he prevented anyone else from seeing him… This description is a little incorrect. I should say that our opponent had suddenly became from someone that wasn’t eye-catching, to an assassin, and then, once again turned into someone insignificant-looking, before disappearing within the crowd. So, this should be an aspect where illusionists are specialized in.”


“Fir! You…”

“Princess Snow, I know. I don’t mean to take Yonar responsible for the incident, I’m simply bringing up a possibility. After all, she herself said that only people in her organization are capable of using illusions, right?”

“Ah! About that, have you confirmed that your opponent has indeed used an illusion?”

Only now did she react and remember the most important aspect, huh… I helplessly looked at Ms. Yonar. Then, I stood up, and then sat down on a stool which I found from the side.

“That’s right, I have confirmed it. Because, not even an hour later, I was assaulted with an illusion nearby. Evidently, it was a illusory attack, and then, my consciousness was controlled. I only returned to normal after I received an attack by my companions from the outside.”

“Illusory attacks and consciousness control? I’m not sure if there’s any problems with your description, but if what you said was true, then they’re already feats that can only be achieved by illusionists that are above the fourth-rank! That person’s mental strength is at least double of mine…”

“Oh, is that so? In other words, you have yet to possess such an ability. I’m sorry for mistaking you.”


She revealed a pained expression, as though she wanted to agree to my words, yet, she was unwilling to admit the truth about being weak herself.

Although I don’t wish to do this, only by forcefully reeling in her interest, or should I say, have her stand at our side, will we not be suppressed by illusions even if we’re unable to obtain the methods to using them.

“Like I was saying, the thing that your organization have been holding onto might have been made known to someone else. Or, there might be a traitor among you, or maybe, your organization was the one who orchestrated this assassination?”

“Impossible! The existence of our organization is to ensure that all of the royal families in the various Empires will not suffer from illusory attacks! Most probably because it’s been too long since they have last suffered an illusory attack, Witt Empire had relaxed their regulations in that aspect, and did not bring along the dispatched member of our organization! However, usually, such incidents will definitely not happen!”

Hearing Yonar’s rebuttal, I smiled.

“I see. In other words, your organization can be seen as a guardian-like existence?”

“Un. The meaning of the existence of our【Many Fantasies】is to ensure that illusion techniques will not be leaked to places that should not know about them, and ensure the failure of those who wish to use them. So, things like assassinations are something we will definitely not do!”

“I see.【Many Fantasies】,huh.”

An organization that was not registered in the terminal network, huh. I see. was it because it’s not supposed to be exposed, so it wasn’t registered?

If it’s just an organization, using verbal records will definitely not expose it…

This is really the worst-case scenario, huh. If I wish to obtain the technique in the future, I doubt there’s a skillbook which I can learn it from. This is really…

“Putting it another way, because your organization might have leaked out a few secrets, someone else might have obtained the illusion techniques, and then, that person have turned them into his own weapons. The most serious outcome to this is that the royal families you’re supposed to be protecting, is being attacked instead. And also, the students of our academy are currently in danger as well, right?”

“Kuh… Indeed. Alright, I shall believe in the situation you described. I will now make a report regarding this situation to headquarters. After all, I’m unable to make a decision on my own.”

“Is that so? Then do you mind telling us the methods to avoid getting trapped in illusions?”


“Shouldn’t that be a matter of fact? Right now, all of the students in our academy are currently in danger. It will be bad if some disgusting incidents happen, what do you say?”

“This.. .That’s indeed true. However, even if it’s us, we’re only able to prevent being assaulted by illusions by carrying this【Illusion Collapse】accessory.”

As she said that, she pulled out the necklace around her neck.

It was a silver necklace with a shape similar to the letter ‘米’. However, evidently, there were other parts to this necklace. That thickness… There should magic inscriptions engraved in it.

“Then are you able to give me some? This way, I shall pass them to people that have the ability to protect the academy. We can protect everyone’s safety this way as well.”


She looked as though she was very troubled.

If she didn’t disagree to it immediately, it means that there’s a chance!

“Even if I seek opinions from the academy’s principal himself right now, it will still be the same. Currently, if there’s no guarantee of being able to keep everyone in the academy safe, there’s no point in conducting any form of action.”

“Aaaah, I know already!”

She was evidently in a slight fit, however, she still leapt up from the ground, and took out a new necklace from inside a drawer.

“Here! But there’s only one!”

“Un, I thank you very much for your help!”

I replied with a smile.

“Of course, we will do our best to find the murderer on our side as well, to clear your organization’s name.”

“That’s of course!”

“If you require any assistance, then it’s fine to look for me. I will do my best to help.”

“Is that so… But when that time comes, you best not dislike doing so because of how troublesome it is!”

Seems like she will indeed cause trouble for me in the future, huh.

Ah whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I smiled, and then, gave her my regards.

“That’s all the matters which I wish to know. I will leave the rest to you then. I will head over to arrange the helpers on my side.”

‘Did all of you hear the conversation?’

After heading down the airship, I instantly connected to the voice channel.

‘Ms. Mari, have you finished developing the analyzing equipment?’

‘That’s of course, come over to our base then!’



Chapter 10: Watchman


After leaving the accessory, that could guard against illusions, in【Sion’s Door】’s laboratory, I did not immediately leave. Instead, I went to use their toilet.

After entering, I immediately used【Instant Movement】, and arrived in the library. Then, I quickly disguised myself, changing my black hair into red, and then, changed into a Western European face.

There’s no particular reason to why I’m in such a rush, instead, I simply did not want to give that illusionist an opportunity. After all, since I moved away quickly and disguised myself, if our opponent doesn’t have a considerable amount of mental strength, it’s impossible for him to use illusions to simulate such an effect.

After leaving the toilet, I looked at the full set of 《Olisdine’s Magic Records》 that were arranged inorderly on the bookshelf near the toilet, and nodded satisfyingly.

If my opponent were to simply reinforce an illusion on me, it’s impossible for him to read all of my memories. Because, if he were to read all of my memories, his mind will definitely be in a mess, and I will be able to use this detail to defeat him.

Compared to frontal attacks and competing in strength, I rather observe from the dark, and find that person’s weakness. So, in times like this, it’s still more convenient to do things like disguises, because, in this way, the possibility of being a target is reduced, and it’s easier for me to find out the enemy’s weakness.

Although it could be said that it’s easier to act alone, because Oyado’s acute observation skills are seriously too frightening, and because of my spiritual connection with Purewhite, I allowed them to accompany me.

Oyado… Although I’m not really sure about her, Purewhite, no matter how I see it, she shouldn’t be affected by illusions, right?


Although I’m not really sure, the current set-up is the most effective, that is something I’m confident of.

“Ahem, does anyone know where the middle volume of 《Magic Chronicles》 is placed at?”


Purewhite slowly walked out of the back of the bookshelf, and then, Oyado popped out of the shadow behind Purewhite.

However, the current Purewhite had changed into a blue-colored Magician robe styled for females. And then, her head was tied at the back of her head, which was blocked by a hood as well. It was already impossible to see her former Eastern characteristics.

While Oyado’s features had also been heavily altered by my Disguise Technique. She had turned into a cute little western doll-like girl with golden hair.

“Un, everyone’s really cute today as well!”

I looked at them for a long time, and could only say as such in the end.

Well, I’m not someone who specializes in praising people anyway.

“Ou ou. Then Oyado shall maintain like this in the future!”

“No need, no need. Oyado simply have to be yourself. But, this time, because we have to investigate some other intel, there’s a need for us to disguise ourselves. Alright, currently, we’re completely unable to discern the enemy’s goals and movements. So we have to find out before they act.”

“Then, big brother, where do we begin our investigation?”

Oyado looked at me and said.

“For a while, let’s investigate what unique incidents had happened recently. After all, compared to investigating our target himself, why don’t we investigate his goals instead? If we know his goals, then his identity will be exposed as well.”

“Un, indeed. But isn’t this a school?”

“Exactly because it’s a school… that’s why it’s an embryonic form of an actual society.”


“Excuse me, where are your cards?”

Someone, who was wearing a mask, stood outside the door with a smile, and said to us.

This place was underneath a forest found between Doge Military School and Gray Magical Academy. Every day, the train heading to Doge Military School and Gray Magical Academy will pass by here.

But, in actual fact, when the tunnels for the train was being constructed, those nobles constructed another unique branch route, and they’re the only ones who know where to board that train.

But unfortunately, this route could be casually found on the terminal network, and even their design blueprints were uploaded as well. With so much details included, even if we don’t want to know about it, it’s impossible to not notice it.

And, an unique card is even needed to enter this place. Unfortunately, we do not have the original card, so we’re unable to copy them.

But, we have never solved our problems using regular methods, never!

“My household’s mistress do not wish to expose her identity, so, how about this?”

Naturally, it’s impossible with the academy’s magician robe. I had Purewhite wear the magician robe that I found in Mitchell Kingdom’s treasury, and then, I had her take out my identification as the State Magician of Ice Empire, and showed it to him.

Of course, our mistress was Oyado. A western doll with golden hair naturally had to be coupled with an exquisite one-piece dress and precious accessories. So currently, Oyado had been completely dressed by us into a look similar to Princess Michelle or Princess Anne.

I can only say it’s somewhat like theirs. Because, I don’t really specialize in it.

“Is that so…”

He did not stare at the girls for too long, instead, he looked towards me.

“Well… Then I wish to ask, why is a Magician wearing a Knight’s armor?”

“I see, so this is the power of【Absolute Eyes】?”

Instead, I looked at him with a smile.

Martin Ludor

LV 54 Appraiser
[Neutral] [Absolute] [Watchman] [Deceiver] [Absolute Eyes] [Extreme Eyesight]

“Oh, looks like you’re not any ordinary person either.”

Although he’s wearing a mask, I could feel that he was smiling, and he seemed to be very happy.

I don’t know what’s the ability of 【Absolute Eyes】, but, he said I was a 【Magician】, which meant that what he could see was not my class. Because, I don’t have a class.

What he saw was something else, something related to Magic.


Elemental Type?

Or is it something else?

“Alright then, I will let you guys enter then. But, for my sake, please do not make a mess.”

“That’s of course.”

I replied with a smile.



Chapter 11: Information Broker


Although it’s really troublesome for our first time entry, as long as I managed to come here once, in the future, I can simply use Instant Movement to enter. So it doesn’t really matter.

And, after entering, if you wish to disguise your identity or do anything else, no one would care. Because after entering, everyone would be first brought into a small room to change. Actually, it’s to simply wear a mask or something else. After all, this place is a place with absolute freedom.

But, you can choose to not do that as well, after all, it’s one’s freedom.

Although we have already disguised ourselves, so as to prevent ourselves from attracting unwanted attention, we still chose to wear masks.

“Big brother, the mask you chose is really strange.”

Oyado, who was wearing a smiling mask rimmed with gold, told me. Wearing a gorgeous garment, adding such a mask, she looks exactly like a doll now.

“Indeed, this look a little similar to an Eastern ghost.”

Purewhite commented as such from the side. However, she had chosen a pure black mask that only concealed half of her face. It’s completely the opposite of her name “Pure White”.

But whatever, it’s fine if she likes it.

While what I chose, was a grey-colored mask which carried a sinister smile. At the positions where my two eyes were, there was a pair of crescent-shapes. If I have to really use something to describe it… it’s the mask of Diablo, instead, it’s grey-colored, with fangs.

I feel that it’s rather ugly as well. However, only by wearing this will it be hard for my identity to be exposed. Otherwise, what’s the point in wearing a mask? Increase damage output?

After leaving the small room, we officially entered this underground entertainment ground with nobles as the main theme. However, this place doesn’t have a name, and the reason why this is so, is to naturally prevent this place from being exposed.

Although the luxurious life of nobles isn’t something that needs to be hidden, to nobles, exposing the position of this place will threaten their own safety. After all, many a times, desperate commoners are very strong forces as well.

But, privately, the nobles will simply refer to this place as “that place”. To the point where this had basically become the consensus between the nobles.

Alright, let’s first put aside the matters about nobles for now. Because, we’re not here to seek trouble with the nobles.

Instead, we should be thanking the nobles. Otherwise, a certain person wouldn’t stay here for a long period of time. And I wouldn’t be able to find her easily either.

That’s right, the reason why I’m here, is to find a certain person.

If we say that terminals had allowed information exchange to enter a new era, then she’s the Queen of information control of the old era.

It’s rumored that she has everything in her information network, and the price to exchange information is very expensive as well. However, her intel is always absolutely correct.

Of course, there might be some exaggerations in the rumors, but, in times like this, her intel is still very important.


This person even placed her own advertisement in the terminals, and even publicized it. She’s basically insane.

I saw her advertisement while I was blindly surfing through the terminal back then. It was an advertisement that was posted using someone else’s terminal, and there was only a single sentence.

The things you want to know, is at that place.

The hell. The advertisement was simply too easy to understand. No, I should say that it’s obscure to the extreme. People who don’t know about it might even think that it’s some random gibberish that was added in.

Except for one matter, and that is she even added her own name behind it.

‘Mind Succubus’

The strongest information broker in the old era, the title of the woman whom no one knows the real name of – Mind Succubus.

How should I put it? She feels very mysterious. But, she has already so clearly stated “that place”, then this should be the right place.

On the way here, I have already explained this point to Oyado and Purewhite as well. So right now, there’s only one thing left for us to settle, and that is…

Find that information broker!

Although we know that she’s here, and is a woman, however! There’s no photograph of her on the network, in other words, we can only find her on our own right now.

So saddening…

But with my【Phad’s Eye】, finding her…

should be…

quick, right.

Why didn’t I use a question mark?

Because I saw the name of the person at the side of the bar counter.

[Neutral] [Absolute Neutral] [Information Broker] [Mind Succubus]


Oh my god! Such a famous person only has four titles? And one of them is even reinforced by the system!

Is it because World-chan really doesn’t know what titles to give her, or do I simply have too many titles?

This really is a problem.

But, what I have to do isn’t to find answers, but to think of a way to buy intel.

WIth this thought in mind, I slowly walked over, and then, sat beside her at the counter.

“What do you wish to have?”

The bartender, who was wearing a mask with the【Crying】expression, asked me.

“Give me a glass of Vest Orchid Wine, and get a glass for this miss here as well. My treat.”

“Un, then, dear miss. Do you want to have a glass of【Windcrack】?”

Under the questioning from the bartender, ‘Succubus’ looked towards me, and said after a moment of silence.

“… Before that, I wish to ask this strange youth. Do you know of my name?”

“Of course, Miss Succubus.”

I immediately replied.


She looked at me for a long while, before saying.

“Give me another glass then.”

“Speaking of which, you’re my first customer after I sent that message.”

Entering a private room, Miss Succubus suddenly complained to me.

“If the boss here didn’t owe me a favor, I really would have to drink nothing but air.”

“Well… “ I looked at Oyado, and then, looked at Purewhite.

“The main problem is the location you advertised at. It’s so obscure, most probably, only people like us will be able to understand it.”

“Eh… Is that so? Even though everyone has recently begun to use terminals instead of buying intel from me? So, are terminals trending, or are they not?”

“This… Even if you ask me, there’s no way for me to answer that, right?”

“I guess you’re right.”

Speaking of which, why do I feel that this information broker… is very young?

Even though she’s a very famous figure, and here I thought she was the mature-type like Ms. Mari.

From the looks of it now, she’s completely different… However, her age is actually the same as Lanya’s, and is shown as ??. So scary!

Even though my【Phad’s Eye】is supposed to be able to forcefully reveal such information, just why…

“Alright, I will first state my rules. Actually, there’s only one. For the intel you request for, the price of the intel shall be fixed by me. Or, you can use a more useful intel to trade for the intel I have. Of course, as a trade, you have the obligation to tell me your intel in advance. Naturally, you can choose to not accept the terms, and immediately leave.”

Then, she paused for a moment.

“So, like I said, what do you want to know?”



Chapter 12: Snake’s Eye


“So, like I said, what do you want to know?”

Taking a sip of her wine, Ms. Succubus asked with a smile.

“A few things that’s related to what’s happening on this continent…”

“Your scope is really broad, you know. The things that happen in a single day can be penned down into several books that are as thick as dictionaries. However, such information are not as valuable as dictionaries.”

“I guess so. Then, in that case, are there any powers, and by powers I meant those organizations that hide within the darkness and under the influential powers of the surface, or… anyone who wish to conquer the world?”

“The answers to these questions are equally as many, hey. After all, there’s many powerful people who wish to conquer the world.”

Why can’t this woman simply pass me all the information I want like a regular NPC, without needing me to explain everything? Although I already understand they have already exceeded the standards a regular NPC should have…

Alright then, since that’s the case, then let’s deal with the problem bluntly.

“Alright, we will start from the beginning once again.”


“Likely half a year to a year ago, someone has told the matters about the presence of the Ancient Ruins under Mitchell Kingdom to the former King of Mitchell Kingdom. That bastard plans on digging out the Weapon of the Ancients from the ruins, and use it to conquer the world.”

“Oh, such a thing did happen. I have heard of this intel once. I see, Weapon of the Ancients, huh? I heard that the Church will be blocking this information, I never expected that you will tell me this. Very good, this intel is worth around 100,000 Gold. Don’t look at me like that. Although I wish to do business, business trust is still very important as well.”

Hearing those very innocent words of hers, I curled my lips, and continued.

“Following after, two druids were dispatched from Rosen Kingdom, also known as the【Middle Corridor】. They killed students in the academy’s competition was in progress, and this was also the source of rising tensions between the Eastern and Western Continents.”

“I see… Are you interested in becoming my source of information? I find that your intel is really incredible. Though I know of these matters as well, hearing from how you describe them, you seem to be the first observer for these information.”

“These aren’t much, the matters have yet to conclude.”

I smiled bitterly, and then, continued.

“And they’re all related to me. First of all, do you know what happened at Skybreak City?”

“Un, it was a robbery that had never happened in history, and then, the mafia of the Eastern Continent used this excuse to initiate a war. Don’t tell me you were a part of this as well.”

Not only was I a part of it, I was the one who robbed as well. However, naturally, such a thing cannot be disclosed. Otherwise, I feel that my bounty will be raised to the highest amount in the Eastern Continent tomorrow.

“Naturally, that’s impossible. However, I was indeed present. But, at that time, it wasn’t simply a war between mafias, right?”

“That’s of course. Many Assassin Organizations took this opportunity to complete their missions. But what’s saddening is, there were several employers who had lost their lives first. In the end, many people were unable to find anyone for the payments of their services.”

“That really is saddening.”

I shrugged, and then continued.

“But, from the robbery to the start of the messy battle, there was less than six hours in between. In other words, those people might have already been stationed there long before, and were simply waiting for an excuse, so who do you think were their instigator?”

“Well… If you put it that way, it does sound logical.”

“And, a week after that, the King of Mitchell Kingdom dug out the Relics of the Ancients, and even began using them. Speaking of which, that King has a Necromancer by his side as well. Although he had already been eliminated, according to his collection, he’s definitely no ordinary Necromancer.”

“… Heavens. I kind of feel as though you’re someone sent by the Church to trade for intel. Matters concerning Necromancers… Only those people from the Church are very clear about them.”

“Sometimes, it’s not a bad thing to know a little bit more, isn’t that right, Ms. Information Broker?”

“That’s true… Very interesting. Necromancers, hmm?”

Seems like she’s thinking through the intel she just received from me. Although they weren’t complete, I have indeed given her a few details regarding these incidents.

If time is spent to investigate them, finding out more about these incidents shouldn’t be a difficult task for her. However, these matters had only happened recently. It’s not that easy of a task to find out the details of the incidents in such short span of time.

Also, other than me, who knows there might be more people acting behind the scenes?

“That Necromancer… It might have just been a coincidence that he participated. How did you confirm that he’s someone with a particular background?”

“Then I shall add in another detail. Before the King of Mitchell Kingdom wanted to activate the Relic of the Ancients, actually, the Prince and Princess had wanted to bring about a revolution.”

“Un, I heard about that. However, according to my intel, that matter should have happened a few weeks later.”

“Because of some reasons, they brought it forward… That’s not the main point. The main point is, the moment they decided on bringing the date of revolution forward, they were imprisoned at that moment. While their subordinates were lead by an unknown person to bring about a revolt, and they were completely destroyed.”

“There’s actually… still such an inside story?”

Ms. Succubus pondered for a moment, and then, looked towards me.

“Who the hell are you? Although you look to be the bodyguard of this young lady here, I kind of feel you’re… much scarier than her.”

“It’s just your imagination… And things like identities, basically aren’t important here, right?”

“That’s true… Fine. The price of the information I obtained from you… Even I’m unable to give an estimate. So, I will try my best to give you the information you want. This will be an exchange of intel.”

As she said that, she took out a purple-colored badge from her top pocket.

“Snake’s Eye.”

“Snake’s Eye?”

“That is… the name of our organization!”

In an instant, I felt a chill running down my entire body!

Oh my god…

I actually crashed straight towards the muzzle of the gun?

“Heheh. Look at how anxious you are. What’s there to be anxious about? I’m an information broker, and not one of those assassins of some organizations… Although I don’t know who you are, to be able to connect so many incidents and even give them shape… How should I put it? I’m beginning to admire your abilities. And, it seems like your abilities aren’t bad either, so… why don’t you consider joining us?”

Hey, hey, hey. You’re actually recruiting people in a time like this…?

“After all, look. These matters are all incidents concerning a huge number of lives. However, from your mouth, I feel as though you’re reading out a light novel. You… You never treated their lives as anything special, right?”

“If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be sitting here and asking you questions. It’s exactly because these incidents concern a friend of mine, that’s why I’m here to seek answers.”

“Oh… I see. In that case, we might be able to investigate your identity, you know? Are you fine with that?”

“In any case, if you people really want to know, you will still be able to find out. What’s the use in hiding it then?”

“As expected. Someone like you really fits our personality.”

“To hear you as such, I’m really honored.”

“Alright, I think, you still have questions you wish to ask, right?”

“I’ve been seen through?”

I bitterly smiled, and then, looked towards her.

“Then, I’m going to start. Were you people the ones who caused the incident of Princess Anne’s assassination?”


“Then, do you know who did it?”

“I know.”

“Can you tell me who did it?”

“… Initially, it’s not possible. However, as a present, this time, I will tell you as a special service… Princess Anne was not assaulted today. She had never gone to Gray Academy today either. That person who had disguised as Princess Anne, concocted a fake scene where she was assaulted at the entrance, in order to assault someone named “Fir’.


“Are you shocked?”

Suddenly, she actually took off her own mask!

“This should be something more shocking, right?”

The face under the mask… There was nothing there!

“Alright, we will meet again, Fir~”

After saying that, she transformed into a pile of white sand, along with her clothes!

“Earth-type Arcane Spell – 【Sand Clone】? Wasn’t this a lost spell?”

I gulped down my saliva, and then, looked towards Oyado and Purewhite. We can’t stay here any longer, she has… she actually seen through my identity!

“Go, let’s quickly leave from here!”



Chapter 13: Medusa


Although the place one would first enter was a spacious bar, in actual fact, ‘that place’ still had many facilities.

It could be seen from this tunnel, which seemingly looked like an endless stretch, that if one were to head inwards, he or she would then be involved in those disgusting hobbies that those nobles wouldn’t want others to know about, right?


Since I hold completely no interest about these matters, even if I know about them, I don’t want to intervene either.

Even though people like us, who did not need to worry about losing our lives, could straighten up the behaviours of those nobles, there wouldn’t be a huge point in doing so.

Rather than saying the people of this world lack something, we might as well say that, in actual fact, this is a world that’s completely different from ours.

Our worldview, morals, and views on life, are all constantly built up and accumulated from our world. While the worldview of this world is born from the surroundings they live in.

The act of forcing one’s justice onto someone else is a very meaningless action.

And I simply wish to quietly raise my levels and protect my companions. I hold no interest in changing this world or whatever.

I have completely no interest in something like conquering the world either.

Pushing the door and leaving ‘that place’, I didn’t forget to greet the Watchman when I left.

“You’re leaving so quickly? Are you people simply here to gather information?”

“Why do you think so?”

Hearing his words, I looked towards him interestingly and asked.

“Because there are only two matters one can do here, seeking entertainment, and gathering information. Looking at how short of a time you people spent inside… I can’t think of anything that could entertain you people.”

“Alright, alright. Even if you managed to get it right, there’s no prize for you.”

“That’s true. Mr. Fir, I hope that you will pay a visit again in the future.”


This is bad, this is bad. Seems like the backing behind this place is that organization called 【Snake’s Eye】. So, am I considered to have strolled around someone else’s base?

And they actually allowed me to leave so easily like this. I’m really being underestimated, huh…

No, it shouldn’t be related to being underestimated. There’s… a possibility that they know I’m not an inhabitant of this world. And, they have a very clear understanding of my abilities, so they do not wish to take me head on. Taking on someone who completely cannot die, no matter how one goes about thinking about it, it’s not a very smart move.

And, from the names and titles of Ms. Incubus and Watchman, it can be clearly seen that these two might have concealed their own titles, and even their names, to a certain extent. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to merely see a small fraction of them…

Just who are they? Could it be that they have cracked the entire system?

“Help me greet your boss in my stead, Mr. Martin.”

“Un, definitely.”

Pushing open the huge door of ‘that place’, what appeared before my eyes was the railway that connected to this place.

While the entrance to ‘that place’, looked like a gigantic treehouse from the exterior. After closing the door, it looks no different from the surrounding trees.

And this tree is actually still alive. Although it’s really hard to live after being altered to this extent, there’s several Wood-type magic crystals embedded inside this treehouse, in order to maintain this tree’s vitality.

However, I don’t plan on taking the train back. After all, right now, it’s not the best option.

“Hang on tight.”

Pulling onto Purewhite and Oyado’s hands, I tapped on the Instant Movement skill.

In the next second, we have already appeared in the academy’s library. Hurriedly removing our disguises, the few of us left the library and headed for the main base of【NEET Tea Party】.

“Big brother! Wait!”

Not long after leaving the library, Oyado suddenly grabbed onto my clothes.

“The academy looks very strange! Big brother, haven’t you sensed it!?”


Earlier, all I had in mind was to inform everyone else of the intel I received. In the end, I didn’t notice the scenes in front of me.

After Oyado’s reminder, I hurriedly swept my eyes across the academy. It would have been alright if I didn’t notice it, but once I noticed it, I immediately felt a chill running up my spine.

“Oh my god, just what the hell happened…”

We had only went away for a few hours, yet, as though it had turned into a dreamscape, the academy was covered by a light grey color.

And this wasn’t the most frightening part. What’s most frightening was the fact that several people wearing the student academy uniforms, as though they were statues, were standing motionless on the academy grounds. And, their postures were very strange.

Some of their postures looked as though they were trying their best to sprint away. Some looked as though they were planning to dodge some sort of attack. Some were simply lying on the ground.

Oh my god. Just what the hell happened here?


Impossible, even if it’s an illusion, it’s impossible to turn others into this sort of state. This was no longer a control of one’s mental state, it was already control of the physical plane. Just how the hell did something like this happen…

Who did this!?

I could feel the corner of my lips twitching.

Just what kind of enemy am I facing?

If it’s an inhabitant of this world, given a bit of time, I will still be able to manage after thinking of some ideas. However, if it’s someone who understands our abilities, and even understands them more than us, how am I supposed to fight?

And our enemy has already came knocking at our front doorstep. This…

Oh right, the messaging system!

I hurriedly opened the messaging system on the menu. After all, in a situation like this, confirming the status of party members is the most important thing to do.


“You’re kidding me, right?”

There’s actually not even a single person on the list!

That’s right. It’s not as though I’m unable to connect to them. They’re simply not on the list!

Could it be that I have been struck with an illusion?

Just when I was thinking as such, I suddenly heard a very strange sound!


It’s the sound of a snake’s slittering!

“Watch out!”

Purewhite fiercely pushed the two of us away! Immediately after, a yellow light shined downwards from the roof, enveloping Purewhite within it!

Immediately after, Purewhite’s body was instantly covered with a layer of grey, and her entire being turned into a statue!

And when I looked at the place where the light shined from, a demonic beast with a lower body of a snake was looking at us from the roof!




Chapter 14: The Academy Which Fell into Darkness



Purewhite’s posture was maintained how it looked when she had just pushed us away, however, she had turned into a statue.

So is this why those students aren’t moving? Oh my god! It’s actually a Petrification attack! Is this considered as an Earth-type magic spell?

However, the the closest Earth-type magic spell to this could only fix a person at his position for five seconds. More than five seconds have passed here, right?

However, why would a legendary-class demonic beast such as a Medusa appear in the academy? Is it because of 【Snake’s Eye】?

So, because you’re a snake, you’re able to control Medusa? Isn’t that too against the rules?

“Oyado, retreat for now!”


When I said this, I had already cloaked myself with【Shadow Sneak】. Making use of the shadow of the building behind me, I hurriedly circled around Medusa.

Oyado had disappeared from her spot in a flash as well. Although I don’t know what skill she used, I believe in Oyado’s abilities.

While what I have to do is to think of a plan to get rid of Medusa!

With several Accelerations, I circled towards Medusa’s back. At the instant when her line of sight was in a complete opposite direction from mine, I instantly tapped on all of my Speed Up buffs. With several leaps, I charged right towards Medusa’s back. At the same time, I held the gigantic【Ghostbreak】in my hands, and my target was Medusa’s neck!

It will be fine as long as her head is chopped off, right?

However, when I had yet to even close the distance of ten meters away from her, Medusa’s body suddenly did a strange rotation, and her face which was initially facing to the back, instantly turned to look towards me!

Oh my god…

Seeing the yellow light in her eyes which was already faintly glowing, I used all my might to swing【Ghostbreak】to another side. Then, I took the Ice Shield which I had formed while I was leaping about, and blocked it in front of me.

In merely less than a second worth of time, the Ice Shield which blocked in front of me turned into an earthen shield with a swoosh. While I had already summoned an ice Totem behind the shield, pushing me towards the opposite direction. On the other side, I saw the shield landing a direct strike on Medusa!

However, I have forgotten a point.

And that my enemy was a snake!

At the instant when the shield on the ice totem crashed towards her, her body suddenly leapt into the air. Then, as she twirled around the ice totem, she came crawling over!

She really is the bane of my existence, huh… Even my most commonly used spell is helpless against her…

Then, if I think about it, if she shines her petrification light on me, and if I don’t die from it… Doesn’t that mean I will turn into a statue forever?

I broke into extreme fear after thinking about it.

I must definitely not allow her to land an attack. I rather die, than turn into a statue.

Taking the opportunity when my Speed Buffs were still in effect, I grabbed on the ice totem and pushed myself, thus allowing my body to descend quickly onto the ground. Then, I entered the Shadow Sneak state.

I quickly entered a shadow, then, with a wave of my hand, countless Ice Arrows turned into a blue meteor shower as they flew haphazardly towards Medusa. At that moment, a faint smile actually surfaced on Medusa’s face. Shrinking her body downwards, she then leapt into the air!

Her strange eyes swept across the ice arrows. The blue ice arrows slowly lost their luster, and they turned into pieces of earth one after another, as they fell onto the ground, making pit-pat noises.

Something like that works as well? That sure is a multi-purpose skill.

No wait, I suddenly recalled that there was still another move.

“【Ice Fall】!”

A gigantic iceberg descended from the skies, and its target was exactly the ground where Medusa was at.

Even if you turn it into stone, there’s no use. It will still smash you into smithereens.
However, Medusa simply glanced at it, and then, slithered to the side. The gigantic iceberg simply landed by her side.

Although it’s a very powerful attack… It’s extremely slow as well.

Since she was even able to dodge arrows, there’s no need to talk about an attack like this, right?

She really is the bane of my existence. I’m really curious how Hercules and Kratos were able to defeat her. I don’t have their divine-like muscles, you know.


From that earlier attack, I realized something. Her petrification light seems to be limited as well.

The ice arrows had only turned into stone when they were twenty meters from her. While, as for those pieces of ice which fell quickly onto the ground due to the added speed, other than the signs of petrification appearing on parts of their exterior, the other parts were not petrified.

In other words…

If the distance is far enough, she won’t be able to properly petrify someone, is that it? That’s considered as a good find, right?


It’s not a simple matter to hit her accurately from thirty meters away. After all…

Other than huge moves, there’s no other spells that can hit that far!


I like huge moves, alright!

“【Secret Arcane – Unnatural Flames】!”

White flames quickly entangled onto Medusa’s body. She instantly leapt up and down, as though she had went crazy. Her yellow light was swept about randomly, and those surrounding trees and buildings, as though they had been coated by paint, were all turned into earthen-yellow color.

“Go to hell! You cold-blooded animal!”

After struggling for a moment, Medusa’s body was instantly frozen into a statue. I stretched my hand and pointed at her. An ice arrow instantly penetrated her body, and with a ‘pa’ sound, Medusa instantly shattered into pieces!

Right after, I sensed a presence behind me.

“Damn it, Oyado…”

When I turned my head, I managed to see the wide-open mouth of a snake, that was currently biting towards me, just in time.

Before I could even think, a figure had already leapt out from the side. The dagger in her hand pierced towards the neck of the Medusa, and then, she pulled it up! Green blood splurged out from Medusa’s neck. Before she could let out any sound from her mouth, that body which had its head drooping down, tumbled and fell onto the ground. Then, the corpse turned into stone.

“Big brother, are you alright!?”

With a swing of her hand, Oyado kept the dagger. Then, she ran over towards me.

“… I’m fine. Earlier, I was really frightened to death. Good job.”

I stroked Oyado’s head, and she happily smiled.

“But… This meant that the number of Medusa’s present isn’t limited to but a few… We have to first find a place to hide. Otherwise, we will definitely be the ones in a disadvantage.”

“That’s right, Fir! Hurry over!”

When I turned to look, the door to a small house was currently wide open, and Princess Michelle was currently waving us over.

Only then did I realize, that everyone I was looking at did not have their names and titles. I didn’t notice it earlier, but after realizing it now, I suddenly felt a strange sensation.

“Let’s go.”

I said to Oyado.

“We have to know what happened to the academy.”



Chapter 15: Underground Passage


“Hurry, over here.”

After entering the room, Princess Michelle hurriedly closed the door.

Inside the room, there was Irlin and Princess Michelle’s other bodyguard as well… Speaking of which, what was her name again?

I had always read their names out from the names and titles above their heads. Now that I’m unable to see them, I can’t remember their names at all now.

Well, even if that’s the case, I still politely nodded towards her. Evidently, she still remembered who I was, and similarly nodded towards me as a response.

“Princess Michelle! Just what the hell happened here? I have only went out for a few short hours, how did the academy turn out like this?”

“Even if you ask me, I don’t know either. It’s something that started about an hour and a half ago. Bai Yueguang and Hei Luoli suddenly ran back to the base anxiously to look for Ms. Mari. However, back then, Ms. Mari was not there, hence, they ran out again.”

They ran back to look for Ms. Mari?

Then, judging from the situation back then, the messaging system must have been unusable then. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for them to personally look for her at all.

An hour and a half ago, huh?

In other words, right after I left the academy, the people that were attacking the academy made their moves as well.

Just why… Was it just a coincidence that I missed it… Or did the enemies wait for me to leave before attacking?

Although I’m someone who had come from another world, I’m not the only one either. Bai Yueguang, Tai Shixi, Ms. Mari, and even the many members of【Sion’s Door】who were underground, were all otherworlders as well.

“Then? Where did they go next?”

“I don’t know. Irlin and I ran out of the door to look for them the instant they ran out, however, their figures were no longer in sight, and what we saw instead was an academy which had already been swallowed in grey.

“Then, you girls went to hide?”

“Un. Because beneath the academy, there’s basically hidden passages that were dug out a long time ago. Initially, it’s provided as a means for royalties that are studying in the academy to escape. However, clearly, the enemies seem to know of theses passages as well, hence, they sealed up the exits. However, these hidden passages did give us opportunities to avoid those demonic beasts. With the complexity of these passages, even if it’s us who know of the exits, we’re unable to remember all of the passageways.”

As she said that, she pointed to a small door at the corner of the room. Looking at that position, usually, it should be hidden behind the back of a shelf.

So our academy actually possess a complex passage system as well? The thoughts of nobles are really unfathomable, huh.

“Then, how many people are there below?”

“Princess Anne and her guard are downstairs as well.”

“Princess Anne!?”

Is she the real Princess Anne, or the fake Princess Anne? In a situation like that, Ms. Incubus shouldn’t have any reason to lie to me. If that’s really the case, then the Princess in this academy is most likely fake.

And as for the one below… Is she real, or fake?

“Then let us hurry down. After all, this isn’t a very safe place either.

I said to Princess Michelle with a smile.

Even if she’s fake, I will only know once I head down. And earlier, I have already kept Purewhite who had turned into stone, into my ring, so there’s no other reasons to head outside. And those Medusa’s are still waiting for me outside.

Fleeing into an underground passage, that sure is the best choice.

“Big brother! There’s something similar to that monster earlier approaching us!”

Suddenly, Oyado said.

“Let’s go!”

I told Princess Michelle.

“Alright, follow me.”

After saying that, Princess Michelle and Irlin walked into the passage, and I hurriedly followed after them inside as well.

However, at the moment I entered, I saw a Medusa peering through the window. I hurriedly closed the door, and then, used an Ice Magic spell completely seal the door.

Those Medusa’s who do not know Fire Magic shouldn’t be able to open it, right?

After looking back to look at my own piece of work, I hurriedly walked down the stairs, entering this passage which was faintly filled with the smell of mold.


“Eh? Where’s Princess Anne?”

Following after Princess Michelle, we arrived at a room that looked a little spacious. Yet, we did not see Princess Anne as expected.

However, there was someone I know inside the room.

“Ah, Fir! You’re fine as well.”

Seeing Shir who had immediately ran over to me, it’s only been a few days… but he seemed to have grown a little taller. I hope that it’s not a misconception of mine because I haven’t seen him for a long time.

And I seem to feel that he was breaking free from neutrality, and was slowly leaning towards a female. This point, however, shouldn’t be my imagination. Although she’s a modified living being, compared to dolls, she should be closer to a human.

Also, Purewhite’s a Shikigami as well. It’s very natural to have a distinction in gender.

“It’s great to see that you’re fine as well, Shir. Have you seen any others from our Squad?”

Shir shook his head, and then, she looked towards the few people that came with her.

“When the abnormality happened to the academy, we were still having lessons. Our teacher told us to flee, hence, we fled into this passage together.”

Behind Shir was a light-armored Swordsman and a Wind Magician.

Hanging by the Swordman’s waist was a thin and long Knight Sword, and he had blue eyes, with green hair. As for the Magician… his face looked rather youthful. However, he was not holding onto a staff. Looking at him closely, it’s possible to see green light being faintly emitted from his right arm. It should be a magic armband.

Seems like【Bluemoon】’s business is pretty good.

“Shir! Princess Michelle! They’re not even nobles, so why are you people being so polite to them!”

That Knight suddenly said as such.

“And who are you!?”

Princess Michelle instantly turned around and looked at him angrily.

“I’m… I’m the son of Duke Reim of Wenger Empire. Domisis Reim! Esteemed princess, compared to having this powerless commoner protect you, Duran and I will definitely be able to protect you better.”


I looked at him with pitiful eyes. Although I don’t know how strong he is, since he speaks so arrogantly, then he shouldn’t be someone powerful.

Otherwise, why would he be hiding here?

“Domisis! You…”

Just as Shir was about to say something, Domisis interrupted.

“Shir! I already told you many times, you can’t be this polite to commoners. Our esteemed bloodline cannot be tainted by these pitiful people!”

Oyado had already many impulses to charge right at him, however, all of her attempts were stopped by me.

“When a dog bites you, you can’t always bite back, right?”

I told Oyado with a smile.

“What did you say!?”

That Knight furiously charged right over, and threw a fist towards me.

However, I don’t even feel like moving at all… Because his speed… was simply too pitifully slow.

An 【Ice Shield】 instantly blocked his fist in front of me. And the expression he had when his feel smashed onto it, basically could be claimed as a piece of art.

“Ah… My hand… You…”

“I say, even if you’re from a Duke family, your abilities aren’t even comparable to a commoner’s.”

“You bastard!”

He was about to unsheathe his sword. However, with a kick, I pushed the hilt of the sword back. Then, I flashed right behind him, grabbed him, and threw him into the corner of the wall.

“Ah! You… You actually did this… You’re dead meat! Duran! Why aren’t you helping me?”

“He’s the number one of the Annual Tournament, I’m not so stupid to offend him.”

The Magician was however, very calm. After glancing at me, he said.

“Duran, Wenger Empire Court Magician Trainee, son of Baron Richmond.”

After saying that, he walked over to where Domisis was and pulled him up.

“I already told you this before, if you’re too arrogant in the way you do things, you will be the landing in unfavourable situations. Do you believe me now?”

“… Hmph!”

Domisis swung his hand away, and then, looked towards me.

“Just you wait! I will make sure you look like shit sooner or later!”

“You’re too courteous, I’m the shit, I know.”


“So, in the end, are you planning to leave or join us?”

“Kuh… Ah?”

“What do you mean by ‘Ah’!? Are you planning to go together with all of us, or are you and your little companion heading outside to fight those demonic beasts?”

“No, no, no. If he’s heading out, I won’t follow him.”

Duran at the side immediately said.

“Hey… You guys…”

He ruthlessly stared at me, and said unwillingly.

“Fine, I will go with you guys then!”

“Very good, couldn’t you have done that from the beginning? Let’s go. We have to find the rest, otherwise, we might all die here.”



Chapter 16: The Way Out


“Big brother, why are you bringing those nobles along?”

While we were passing through this era’s longest underground tunnel, Oyado suddenly turned her head towards me and asked.

“Their combat abilities aren’t even half of either big brother’s or mine, right?”

However, Oyado’s voice was a little loud, I guess the two people behind had heard it as well.

“What are you two talking about!? Weren’t you people the ones who wanted us to go together!?”

“I did indeed say that, because this isn’t the time for an argument. Let me ask you this, compared to your life, is your honor as a noble more important than surviving?”

Since this guy takes the problem of the difference between nobles and commoners so seriously, then I shall clearly tell him this now, so as to prevent complications from surfacing later.

“This… Both of them are…”

His expression was very hesitant, and I could not help but heave a sigh.

“So, in other words, in your opinion, between putting down your rejection towards working together with a commoner to escape this place, and dying here, it’s hard for you to decide between the two?”

“That’s… not it either… If you put it that way, it seems…”

He thought for a moment, and seemed to start agreeing to my words.

“So I have been thinking, just what’s going on with all of your heads all day? You people sound as though your lives as nobles will be shortened when you have to stick together with regular people. Look at Princess Michelle, she’s a royal princess, yet, she stays with us, and we have formed the strongest team in the academy as well. This is the difference. That’s all the logic I’m going to tell you, you figure out the rest by yourself.”

After pausing for a moment, I pulled out the statue of Purewhite.

“But this time, the enemies aren’t just your average foes. If you’re struck by the light in their eyes, you will end up like my companion, Purewhite, and turn instantly into stone. And, those monsters have a certain degree of resistance against long-distance attacks. Right now, unless we work together, we will…”

I stepped closer to him, and said while giving him a glare.

“Otherwise, we might possibly die here together. When that time comes, the so-called noble bloodline running through your veins, will completely turn into stone as well. If your family members aren’t able to recognize you… You might even be dealt with as a corpse of a regular person as well. Do you understand now? The problem we’re facing right now, is even more troublesome than you think!”

“Un… Un, alright, I understand now. However, I will not give an apology, because…”

“I know, I know. I don’t want you to give us an apology or anything either. After all, it’s not like I can’t understand your thoughts at all.”

I turned to face the depths of the passageway, and turned back to look at him.

“After all, the identity of a noble could be said to be a type of privilege. Even if a regular person were to obtain it, he might casually give it up instead. After all, that way, it will be much more convenient for him. While, the higher your status, the less reasons you will have to give it up. However… That will still depends on the time, right? Right now, if your life is gone, even if you can still maintain your title as a noble, you won’t be alive to enjoy it, right?”

“I… I understand already! Then, in this period of time, let’s properly work together to escape this place.”

“Un, you’re actually able to move the stubborn Domisis with your words. As expected, Fir, you’re not an average person.”

Duran at the side silently retorted.

“Domisis’ unrelenting stubbornness is famous, you know.”

“Duran, what are you saying…”

“Domisis, you have to at least be self-aware of it as well, you know. Your stubbornness is already famous. This was also the reason why you were expelled from the【Sweepers】. Your personality, worsens the separation of the Knights the inner circle of the Knight Squad. This was initially said by the Captain.”

“Enough, I know already. Stop talking about it.”

Domisis seemed to really mind about his past doings. And after he was pointed out like that, he felt even more embarrassed.

“I will no longer bring up this topic, so… you people stop talking about that as well. Alright, then why don’t you tell us, how are we going to escape from this place?”


I nodded, and then, spoke to Oyado.

“Keep a look out. If those demonic beasts come chasing us, remind me. I’m relying on you.”

“Leave it to me, big brother!”

Seeing Oyado’s confident smile, I stroked her head.

I have completely no other choice but to send Oyado to help out at the exit. In the past, I would completely rely on my mini-map, titles, and attack warnings. However, right now, all of these functions are completely lost. Forget about titles, nothing is even being shown on the mini-map. Even by relying on Oyado’s abilities, it might be very tough for us to leave this place.

I smiled bitterly, and then, looked towards the rest.

I found out from Princess Michelle earlier, that the exit of this passageway has already been walled up by someone. Although I don’t know the reason, very clearly, our enemy doesn’t want the students of the academy to leave.”

I looked towards Princess Michelle.

“Regarding this tunnel, other than being used to escape the academy… are there any other uses?”

Right now, in this room, the only one who comes from an imperial family is her. So, asking her is my best choice.


Princess Michelle pondered for a moment, before nodding her head.

“I heard that the basis this passageway was built under was to use it as an escaping lifeline. But, when they were digging this out, they dug out the initial Ruins of the Ancients that were built under the academy. However, no one knows where’s the exact location of the entrance…”

“Un, seems like that place is our destination. Although my initial plan is to gather all of the remaining students in the academy and break out from the top, after pondering for a moment, even with a big or small number of people, it most likely won’t work. If we have few people, we might be heavily drained and destroyed by the monsters outside, while, if there’s a huge number of people, the target itself will be too big. THe enemy just had to shine at a large number of people for them to fossilize, that would instead be even worse. Since this passageway leads to the underground ruins… Then we should just think of a way to find the entrance and flee inside. However, before that, we best find the rest of the students who have similarly hid inside the passageway as well. After all, the more people we have, the less pressured we will feel.”

“Un, I agree. However, even I don’t know the entirety of this underground passage. If we want to find the entrance, I don’t know how long we will need to take.”

“This is also why we have to find as many people as possible, Princess Michelle. The more people we have, the faster the search will go.

“You’re right.”

“You guys don’t have any opinions, right?”

I looked towards the rest of them, and all of them silently shook their heads.

“Then, if no one has any opinions, let us be off. After all, we’re tight on time here. If those Medusa’s were to enter this passageway, then this place will become our grave.”


Probably, they had imagined the scenario I said earlier, most of them began to shake uncontrollably.

I silently kept the statue of Purewhite in my ring, and then, looked towards everyone.

“Let’s go! If you guys don’t want to become a statue, that is.”

“Big brother!”

Suddenly, Oyado did a ‘hush’ signal.

After pausing for a moment, she softly said.

“Three people are walking towards this place!”


I looked at everyone, and then, pointed to the crack by the wall at the side.

“Hide inside!”

And then, I hurriedly extinguished the lights on the wall. Oyado and I then split into different positions near the entrance.

And the sounds of those footsteps… became even closer…



Chapter 17: Finding the Exit


Suddenly, the sound of the footsteps stopped.

I looked towards Oyado, and she looked my way as well. Her expression was filled with doubt. It seemed like she did not why the sound of the footsteps had stopped as well.

Oyado waved her hand about, telling me that she would be going alone to investigate through hand signals.

I shook my head. Silently, I summoned an Ice Shield, and then, stretched it outside.


Seemingly in an instant, an arrow instantly pierced through the shield in my hands. Although the arrow was stuck in the shield after penetrating it, for an arrow to be able to penetrate my ice shield, it showed that the one who shot the arrow was definitely an Archer who was above level 20.

I suddenly thought of something. Instantly raising a thick ice wall to block the passageway, I then grabbed Oyado, and accelerated to the back by five meters.

As I have expected, with a flash of a blade-light, the wall in front of us was sliced into half from the middle. Then, the person behind the wall kicked away the blocks of ice which he had sliced, and walked over.

“I say, Bai Yueguang, is it really alright to throw your attacks around without looking at who’s your opponent?”

“Tch, I knew it was you. I simply wanted to test your abilities.”

“Test your sister! Mine has lost its functions as well, are you trying to kill me?”

“Is that so… But from the looks of it, your personal capability is pretty good. It’s already pretty amazing to be capable of dodging that.”

The person who walked over was, as expected, Bai Yueguang. The person behind him was naturally Hei Luoli.

Acting as though I was taking out some sort of fire-lighting equipment, I then immediately used a Fire Magic spell to once again light up the candlelight.

“Tch, after seeing that arrow, I had already guessed your identities. Hei Luoli’s the only one who uses a bow in this academy, right? Of course, there’s still some archers in this academy, but all of them use crossbows instead.”

“I see. Hence, you quickly judged the next possible attack, and instantly dodged? Alright. Let’s put this aside for now. This place… Are you and Oyado the only ones here?”

“Of course not… You guys can come out now. They’re one of us.”

After hearing my words, an instant later, Princess Michelle and the rest walked out from the back of the blind spots.

“So it’s little Bai. Then we’re much safer now.”


“Because according to what you said earlier, our opponents are capable of petrifying magic spells, but slash waves should be impossible, right?

“Oh! You’re right!”

Suddenly, I felt as though Princess Michelle was very logical!

“Even if that’s the case, it’s very hard for me to slash those things. With a distance of about twenty meters, even if my slashes are quick, the nimble bodies those things have had dodged my attacks several times.”

“So you have battled them?”

“Un, in the beginning, we planned on finding the others before fleeing. However, near the library, we encountered a Medusa. The reason why I was able to defeat one, was because she tried to petrify my slash wave. However, after confirming that she was unable to petrify it, the rest immediately changed their plan and dodged everything instead.”

Hearing Bai Yueguang words, I could not help but sink into deep thoughts.

I see. The Medusa possesses resistance to status debuff spells, and the ability to dodge at high speed. So, in that case, doesn’t that mean they have reached the stage where they’re capable of defending themselves against us Magicians, Bai Yueguang’s slash waves, and Hei Luoli’s arrows?

Hmph. Although I don’t wish to admit it… The Medusa’s used by our opponents are monsters which are able to completely restrain us… According to my information, in history, there’s only a single type of class which is capable of exterminating them. And that’s, the Berserker.

Blitzing to where they are, and then, give them a fatal blow!

But, problem is… It seems like our Berserker Aliyah is incidentally not around… Could it be our opponents have incidentally grasped this opportunity to attack us?

However, even if our opponents were to do such a thing, what’s the point? Is he planning to turn us all into statues and then, collect us?

Indeed, usually, Medusa’s won’t destroy their enemies who have turned into stones… No, if that’s really the case, our opponents’ goal may not be just us, rather…

All of the students in the academy!

Although we have many regular students in our academy, the number of students with noble backgrounds… are equally as many as well! If all of them were to be captured, then, the entire Western Continent will sink into a hostage crisis!

Ah, I see. Based on this point, our opponents came assaulting the academy!? So they’re trying to kill two birds with one stone!

And, we, who are the only ones capable of going against them, are basically restrained. Bai Yueguang’s katana skills and Tai Shixi’s halberd are basically unable to forcefully breakthrough a huge group of them. If it’s only a single one, it will still be fine. However, if many Medusa’s were to come at us all at once, we will have no chance of victory at all.

Ms. Mari’s Magic Gun… Although it has a Sniper Rifle Form, it’s not the type of weapon used for battling a huge group of enemies.

Dale’s tools… Hopefully, he still has something incredible up his sleeve, otherwise, we will definitely be doomed!

But right now, we have to first locate them. Ms. Mari and Dale are the only ones remaining, but right now, there’s no way to contact them.

In any case, without an insurance in our hands, it’s best to first flee from this place.

“Alright. We will then first leave this place before thinking of anything else. Princess Michelle, you say that there’s a passageway here that leads to the Ruins of the Ancients, but you’re unsure of the location of the entrance. In that case, do you know if there’s any part of this passageway that’s been labelled extremely dangerous, and you’re not allowed to enter?”

“Eh? Hearing you put it that way, there’s really such a place!”

Princess Michelle replied seemingly without thinking about it at all.

“Because, when we obtained the rights to use this passageway, the person who was in-charge of guiding the way has clearly stated that there’s a route we’re not allowed to take.”

“Now, that’s really convenient. If it’s only it’s really that simple, then it would be great.”

I nodded.

“But that dangerous route seems to be our exit. If we want to leave this place, we have no choice but to take that route.”

I looked towards everyone.

“No one should have any objections, right?”


“Of course not.”

“Anything is fine.”

“Although I know that you guys do not wish to bring too much trouble upon yourselves, it will be more dangerous to stay here. After all, those monsters may enter here at any time. Sitting and waiting for our deaths is definitely not the right choice.”

“Naturally, I understand that.”

Princess Michelle’s other bodyguard nodded and said.

“Indeed, we can’t hope to head outside in this situation. Although on a certain degree, it’s really dangerous, according to your performance earlier, I believe that you can still be trusted.”

“It’s really great to receive your confirmation.”

I smiled.

“Then, let’s go. Let’s head to that passageway…”



Chapter 18: Idle Chatter Along the Way


Walking right at the very front was Bai Yueguang and Princess Michelle’s guard… I recall now, he’s calleld Dan. And behind them were Hei Luoli and Princess Michelle herself. After all, we require Princess Michelle to guide us.

While I, Oyado and Irlin were in-charge of securing the back. After all, although I’m unable to see levels right now, the remaining students of this academy are… I can make an approximate guess their levels based on their standards. Hence, I determined that the current line-up was the safest.

Although it’s said to be a tunnel used for escaping, looking at the degree of work done to the walls, it could be seen that a lot of thought had still been put into this tunnel.

If it’s just a simple escape tunnel, there’s no need to smoothen the walls to this extent, right?

But what’s worth to mention is that this tunnel had already existed for a very long time. Other than the royalties, do other people really not know about it…? Wait a minute, according to what Domisis and Duran had said earlier, they shouldn’t be related to the royalties in any way. Then, how did they know about the entrance?

I kind of feel that this isn’t a good topic to bring up, so it’s best that I don’t ask.

I tried to put this question in the back of mind, and continued to looked at the walls of the tunnel.

Other than candlelights, magic crystal lights were also light sources in this tunnel. And, the number of magic crystal lights make up a larger portion of them. It’s most probably because they’re able to last longer.

However, no matter if it’s the candlelights or the magic crystal lights, there’s seemingly no dust on them. It looks as though they were being regularly cleaned by someone.

Seems like there’s people maintaining this tunnel, huh. Is it from the academy’s side? Or is it…

I don’t care anymore. In any case, the existence of this tunnel is really strange. In a situation when Country A wish to assault Country B, and wish to take the sons and daughters of Country B hostage, if all of the royalties know about this tunnel, then how they going to run?

Only in a scenario when the Eastern Continent attacks the Western Continent will hiding here serves any purpose.

Could it be that the construction of this tunnel was initially set-up in advance, assuming that an internal conflict will never occur in the Western Continent? I really don’t know how those people think at all.

Very quickly, we reached a fork in the road. Princess Michelle stretched out her finger to one of the direction.

“This play is the convergence point. All of the escapees in the academy will meet up here, and then, head to another place.”

After Princess Michelle said this, she continued walking forward.

“Several groups of people had already walked past here…”

Hei Luoli lowered her head, looked at the ground, and said.

Although she was a Spirit Archer, having keen observation skills should be something common with all Archers, huh.

“Three groups, making up a total of nine people. Among them, there wasn’t that type of snake demon we saw earlier.”

Oyado added.

“Because there’s no traces of those snake demons crawling about. Unless they have been here from the very start, which is an entirely separate matter.”

“That shouldn’t be exactly possible. Because we have already walked past here once, and we didn’t seen a single person along the way.”

Princess Michelle replied.

Looking at Princess Michelle, Oyado nodded.

“Indeed. There’s traces of you people walking back here. But it’s very strange, there no traces of others walking back… Could it be that they have went to that passage as well?”

“That’s highly likely. After all, right now, one of the exits have been sealed, while there’s monsters on the other. More people will naturally be willing to bet on that so-called dangerous place. After all, they are all people who has possibilities of becoming royalties in the future, they should at least have judgment skills of this degree.”

Princess Michelle said, and looked forward.

“Let’s hurry then. We’re almost there. We have to make haste as well. It will be much safer if we have a little more people. You said that yourself, didn’t you, Fir?”

“Un… Right.”

If it’s nine people, it’s still manageable. So it should be fine.

But compared to those royalties, I wish that Ms. Mari and them were the ones who came down instead.

As they were walking, I looked towards Oyado.

“Earlier, when you were inspecting it. Are the footprints of Ms. Mari and the rest among them?”

“No, there’s only Tai Shixi’s footprints. Ms. Mari and the rest aren’t among them.”

“That’s great! Big sis Tai Shixi is very strong as well. If she joins us, we will have a bigger guarantee against the enemies.”

Irlin at the side suddenly said.

“Un, that’s true. Speaking of which, Irlin, how do you know that Tai Shixi is really strong? I don’t think… you two have fought together at all, right?”


“Back then, when I came back to the academy from Mitchell Kingdom, it was big sis Tai Shixi who accompanied me. I had consulted her on how to become stronger once, hence, she taught me a set of sword techniques. I never expected that, other than a halberd, she was able to use a sword as well.”

… I’m able to use a sword too. Are you scared?

“Un, isn’t that great?”

“That’s right. But truthfully speaking, I rather train to be capable of using【Ice Magic Knight Arcane Spells】, however… I kind of feel that I have reached a bottleneck, and I’m unable to progress any further. It’s most probably because my bloodline isn’t pure enough.”

“No, no, no. That has nothing to do with bloodline at all. Although I’m not very clear about Magic personally… Don’t look at me like that. I know, although I’m a Magician, the details, usage, and accomplishments of magic spells… Just spare me from those already.”

Seeing Irlin’s narrowed eyes, I hurriedly diverted my line of sight.

“In any case, there isn’t a big relation to your bloodline at all. Rather, your control over Magic isn’t as straightforward as your control over sword techniques. If you don’t believe me, look!”

After saying that, I summoned an Ice Armor, and then, an Ice Sword.

“A complete Ice Knight Armor set… Oh my god. I’m only able to summon a sword and a shield.”

Seeing Irlin’s shocked expression, I wiped off my cold sweat.

I’m even able to summon an Ice Wolf and an Ice Dragon. But for now, I shouldn’t stimulate you too much.

“So, you should find Ms. Mari and learn some tricks regarding Magic. This way, your improvement will be much faster than before.”

“I see, I understand now!”

Seeing her happy expression, I smiled, and asked.

“Speaking of which, what sword techniques did Tai Shixi teach you?”

“Oh, that…? It’s called 【Tai Chi Sword】.”

“Tai Chi…?”

“That’s right, she said it was a type of sword technique in the East. It’s different from the sturdy and rough sword techniques in the West. Eastern sword techniques seem to be lighter and more elegant… And what was it? Softness is superior to hardness? That’s probably the phrase.”

“Yes, that’s right, that’s the phrase.”

Oh my god… Tai Shixi, you actually taught someone from the Western Continent a set of Eastern sword techniques.

This is really…

Too compatible!

Although I don’t know how it’s like for the rest of the people of the Western Continent, truthfully, I feel that Irlin isn’t that compatible with those hard and sturdy sword techniques. However, among the Western sword techniques, the lighter and gentler ones only belonged to the royalties.

Something like that… Although I don’t know where I picked these skills up, in usual situations, only royalties can learn them.

To Irlin… it’s indeed something she won’t be able to obtain.

However, it’s different if it’s Eastern sword techniques!

Although in our former world, Tai Chi has mostly turned into a set of moves learnt by the elderly for keeping their bodies healthy and calming their minds, if traced back to the ancient times, there’s indeed many martial experts who use them, right?

I really wish to see the application of these martial arts. I have a couple of Eastern abilities in my hands as well, I should try them out one by one another day.

“It’s here.”

Suddenly, Princess Michelle at the front said.

I raised my head and looked forward. On the right of the tunnel, a large six-pointed star mark was shown on a tightly closed stone door. A seal was even pasted there, however, it had already been torn off.

“There’s traces of it being opened, and it’s not too long ago either. It seems like people have indeed went in.”

Hearing Hei Luoli’s words, I nodded.

“Then, without further ado, let’s head in.”



Chapter 19: Blackgold Age


Princess Michelle held onto the lever that was found on the side of the stone door, and then, pulled it. Immediately after, with a ‘ka’ sound, the mechanisms in the walls began to continuously make circulating noises. Right after that, the entire stone wall began to slowly open from the middle.

“Such an old mechanism still exists, huh.”

Taking the moment when the door was opening, I approached the entrance and took a careful look inside.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see anything from the gap, mainly because it was too dark, and it was basically impossible to see anything clearly.

“The structure of these mechanisms… I kind of that they aren’t things the Magic Age should have.”

“Could it be that it came from a time before Magic appeared? Just how long ago is that then?”

Hearing Bai Yueguang’s words, I shook my head.

“Impossible. The existence of the Magic Age recorded in historic records stretches to more than ten thousand years, and if there’s the existence of the Ruins of the Ancients… The Magic Age has lasted for approximately around a hundred thousand years.”

“That long…? Then this thing…”

“Of course, the situation you described is not impossible either. If, everything is really according to how you described it, the existence of the mechanism of this entrance, could be traced back to a hundred thousand years, or even more, in the past.”

“It might even be…”

Suddenly, Shir muttered to herself.

“What’s wrong, Shir?”

Speaking of which, the reason why Shir’s creator made her, was to have her use her seemingly limitless lifespan to record everything that has or will happen… Most probably, there might even be some very important intel that she had already recorded.

“Although it’s supposed to be a secret matter, right now, it might be useful for us to escape this place, so I will just tell you people. According to the incomplete records, the Magic Age began exactly hundred and thirteen thousand, eight hundred and thirty four years ago. Although magic particles have long been around in this world, the first inhabitants of this world did not know of it. In the beginning, they used the simplest of natural energy to slowly take control of nature, and develop their own abilities. Back then, the inhabitants mainly used machinery and alchemy, this two types of power. The Age back then is known as the【Blackgold Age】.”

“Blackgold… Most probably, it’s used to represent the various metals used in the machineries… Wait a minute!”

I suddenly recalled something, as I hurriedly turned to the side of the door, took out my dagger, and pierced into it!


The sound that came out was, as I expected, the sound of metal clashing!

“This isn’t stone, it’s metal that had been oxidised!”

I had almost been fooled by its rough exterior. So this thing was actually metal!

In other words… The ruins under the academy are actually things made out of metal!?

But, back then, when we entered the Ruins of the Ancients, the things there were indeed made of Magic… In other words… there’s two types of ruins in this continent, which represent two different lost Ages?

And, they seem to be even overlapping each other. According to history, it’s very possible that this place had been built on the foundation of either the Ruins of the Ancients, or the Blackgold Ruins. Compared to the Ruins of the Ancients where their entrances could be found everywhere, the entrance to the Blackgold Ruins could only be found under the academy…

Right now, I really wish to see just how far in history is the Gray Academy dated back to… Seems like the person who founded this academy isn’t ordinary either.


I kind of feel that Blackgold Age seems to be… a little similar to our former world.

I looked at Bai Yueguang, and the expression of his face had tensed up as well. Realizing that I was looking at him, he walked over and whispered.

“Hey, you realized it right? That 【Blackgold Age】, something about it feels a little off.”

“It’s very similar to our own world, right?”

“That’s right, it might even…”

“No, this place is definitely not our world. Because, we have went on a different path.”

“Different path?”

“The Information Age. According to the philosophy of this so-called 【Blackgold Age】, I think it’s more similar to Steampunk, which is different from ours…”


“For now, let’s first deal with the problem at hand. It’s best we don’t think about this world-class problem for now.”

“You’re right.”

Although I put it this way, the worry in my heart had increased by a fold.

Because, according to this situation, our appearance in this world… No, it can’t be right? That will be too terrifying.

Ah whatever, it’s best to first think of a way to escape. After all, this isn’t the time to work blindly.

“What are you two whispering about?”

Princess Michelle at the side said unhappily.

“We’re making guesses that there might be another exit in these ruins, after all, these ruins are very old.”

“Un, then, what do you people think?”

“I think… there’s a very big possibility that it’s linked to territories belonging to the elves, beastmen, or even dwarves.”


Everyone revealed flustered expressions on their faces.

“Why… do you say that?”

“Look, no matter how I see it, these types of ruins contain warehouses of jewelries of the old Age. Those materials and items that those elves love to do research on or those dwarves craft out, most probably, they’re found from the various ruins. Although beastmen do not specialize in either fields, a portion of the beastmen do like to dig holes.”

“That… might be possible.”

Shir closed her eyes for a moment, and then, said unhesitantly.

“But, on our humans’ side, there’s actually several other exits as well.”


“According to the distribution of locations, Wenger Empire, Ice Empire, Mitchell Kingdom, Witts Empire, and several other countries have already found entrances to underground ruins as well. And most likely, they’re all linked to this place.”

So, the entrances to the underground ruins have already been controlled by several people? However…

“The underground entrance to the Ruins of the Ancients belonging to the Magic Age which the Mitchell Kingdom had found, isn’t the entrance to this place, you know?”

“Is that so?”

“Un, I have circled around there once, after all.”

“Then, we should be able to leave these ruins very quickly as well, right!?”

“I already said they’re ruins of different Ages… However, it’s something similar to venturing into dungeons, right? Alright, we’re not able to find answers just by standing here anyway. Why don’t we continue on? Probably, after we had said this much, the exit might even be very close to us.”
Everyone nodded.


I pointed to the front, and a ball of light appeared in mid-air. Then, it slowly floated towards the interior.

“Let’s go. I think that the candlelights here… shouldn’t be maintained by anyone.”



Chapter 20: Third Resting District


In the beginning, the walls were as rough as stones. However, when we opened the door, a violating feeling crept into our hearts.

This is no longer a sort of ruins… but some kind of base, right?

Under the light shone by my several balls of light, the surrounding walls reflected a luster which only metals could have. And when I used my hands to touch the walls, they gave me the chill which only metals could have as well.

And this walkway with a seamless design, gave us the feeling as though we were walking on a space battleship found in sci-fi.


These ruins can’t be a space fortress which fell from god-knows-where, right?

This is too scary. Let us just treat this as some typical ruins and wander around. I keep getting a terrifying vibe from this.

In other words, we have to head over to another entrance to this base, from this entrance? Dear god, how long do we have to walk then?

I suddenly recalled that place that looked like a hospital when we entered the underground ruins a long time ago… Could it be that place was a hospital of the【Blackgold Age】?

A chill suddenly ran down my spine, because I recalled the word I saw back then at that hospital.

That word was completely from our former world…

I rubbed away my cold sweat. Alright, let’s calm down. For now, let’s first leave this place.

If this place is really some sort of a base, then, it should be possible to find something that looks like a map here. As long as we find that, we will be able to leave this place much sooner.

“This metallic structure looks indeed like a product of the 【Blackgold Age】. Let’s follow along this walkway then. One of the methods to walk through a dungeon is to constantly walk along a side of the wall. That way, we will definitely find the exit sooner or later.”

“Then what if the walkway here… changes from its original position?”

I looked towards Bai Yueguang who brought this up, and frowned. Just what kind of games do you usually play? Or did you watch some horror movie? Why was the scenario actually that frightening?

“You don’t have to worry about things like that. I have everything prepared.”

As I said that, I took out a paint spray, and sprayed towards the wall. The part of the wall that was sprayed on slowly emitted out a faint light.

“Ooooh, could that be… fluorescent spray?”

Bai Yueguang took a few steps closer and stared at the wall.

“Not entirely. It’s also made of light-type and plant-type magic crystal powder. By mixing them accordingly in a certain ratio, a glow like this can be emitted.”

“So you’re saying, we will use this spray to mark a route, so even if a change were to occur to the passageway, we will be able to realize it in an instant?”

“That’s right.”

“Then, why aren’t we getting a move on?”

“But there’s a point I wish to bring up. According to the tests, a bottle of spray can only last a kilometer. And, this spray doesn’t last forever, rather, it will only last for five hours.”

“In other words, we’re only able to walk a single kilometer?”

“No, we can walk a good distance, because we only have to mark the turns we make when we walk, however…”

“We have to leave this place within five hours, otherwise, the markings will disappear, right?”

“That’s right.”

I nodded.

“Right now, here are our options. One, no matter how dangerous the route we take may be, we do all we can to leave within five hours. Two, we carefully inspect our route, when we encounter a branch, we will first confirm a direction. We will use all we can in five hours to finish scouting that branch route, before coming back to supplement the spray.”

“Then… We will start from the extreme left?”

I looked at everyone.

“Majority wins, how about it?”

“It’s decided then!”

“One, two, three… Push!”

At the same time, Bai Yueguang and I exerted our strength to push the metallic door in front of us. An ear-piercing metal grinding sound came from the door, while the metallic door moved inward a little.

“Great, everyone, push it away!”

As I said that, I walked over to the wall on the other side, and then, reached out my hand to press on it. Immediately after, a gigantic ice pillar grew from the wall, and sturdily struck onto the metallic door. The metallic door opened resoundingly, and at the same time, what looked like dust particles flew about.

This was inside a building, and they were all metallic, so there shouldn’t be dust… Then what are these particles?

Ah whatever, I don’t want to research about it either.

Two balls of light floated over to the room, and circled within it. This place seemed like a rest lounge, as there were sofas, tables, and many stools.

I immediately took out a torch to light up the place, and then, took the lead forward.

“Seems like a rest lounge for guests. I really don’t know they arrange the rooms.”

Earlier, we have already inspected three branch routes in the previous hour, and most of the rooms we found were guestrooms like this. Of course, there were also infirmaries and warehouses. But, the things inside were all very old and tattered, and basically, there’s nothing that could still be used.

“Could it be that we have arrived at a residential district? But, if that’s the case, why isn’t there a clear exit marker?”

Princess Michelle at the side could not help but speak out.

Speaking of which, the most bitter person right now should be this princess, right? Usually, she shouldn’t have many opportunities to walk such a long distance. Yet, currently, at such a short notice, she had to walk in this dungeon for so long. She must be suffering a lot right now.

“Nothing we can do about it. There’s a possibility that the marker used to mark positions is something we’re unable to see. Or, they basically did not need to walk on their own.”

“A teleportation gate?”

“They did not even possess magic, things like teleportation gate… Actually, it might be possible!”

Although they did not have Spatial Magic, a wormhole transfer gate or something was still possible!

If we think it this way, their technology wasn’t something we mock at, huh. If this was really true, then it would definitely be more advanced that this current age!

“But, a scooter would be more possible instead.”

Bai Yueguang pulled out a two-wheeled scooter from a corner, and it looked rather similar to the scooters of the modern era.

“It looks pretty decent. Let’s bring it back and have Ms. Mari and the rest research on it.”

“There’s no use. The parts inside are all gone. This is an empty shell.”

Bai Yueguang said as he threw it onto the ground. What was heard was the empty ringing of metal.

“How’s… that possible… This…”

“Most probably, they took away the things that are more valuable. But why did they leave an empty shell?”

“… I think I know the reason now.”

Suddenly, Shir said as such.


“Look at this…”

As he said that, he passed over a metallic board.

“We have to hurry now…”

Emergency Notice
The Third Resting District will soon enter a state of long period high-temperature sterilization, destroying all of the mechanics within range. The cycle is once per two hours. Please leave further away from the Third Resting District.

The words on it included the human language, the elf’s language, and many other languages… Just what in the world…

But this wasn’t the most important. What’s more important was…

“How long… have we been here?”



Chapter 21: The Girl who has no Sense of Anxiety


“It can’t be, right? This place had already been abandoned for such a long time, yet it still sterilizes every two hours?  Like hell it still has that much energy in reserve, right?”

Although he said as such, Bai Yueguang’s expression told me that he was very unconfident of his words.

“It’s exactly because we’re not sure, we’re not going to take own lives as our joke, alright? You’re doubting this as well. A large number of these machines are only left with empty shells. The things inside this scooter had already been turned into ashes due to high temperatures, and those dusts we have been seeing are most probably these ashes. And this sofa, is only left with its base part as well. In the past, it should have been a high-class good as well.”

“We have… been here for an hour and a half, right?”

Irlin at the side reminded.

“We can’t simply assume that this place had been incidentally sterilized just before we came in…”

“Hence, it’s best that we leave this place as fast as possible. Most probably, the separating point is the cross junction we saw when we first entered this place not too long ago. Our destination is that place over there. Let’s make haste!”


Everyone nodded, and after gathering our stuffs for a moment, we immediately charged out.

Because we have already completed our search on this branch route, our current position is not really far from that cross junction. After running through a section of the passageway at high speed, we arrived at the entrance of the cross junction.

“What do we do now?”

Princess Michelle asked.

“Do we choose another route, or do we first return to the previous one…”

Before she could finish, suddenly, a voice that sounded out helped us make a decision.

Warning, everyone present in the sterilizing districts, please take note.
Sterilization will begin in a minute, please enter the place indicated by the green light, and wait for the sterilization to complete.

“Green light?”

Bai Yueguang looked around.

“What green light?”

“Just what was that voice talking about? What green light are you two speaking of?”

However, Irlin at the side, asked with a expression filled with suspicion.

“Didn’t the voice say… Wait a minute, could it be that you guys don’t understand those words?”

“We have never heard of them, so how would we understand them?”

“But that’s human language…”

And the words were exactly the same, so why…

“There’s no time to think about this. Everyone, look around for a green light! Otherwise, we will all turn into ashes!”

“Green light… Are you talking about that?”

Shir pointed to the depths of a passageway.

I raised my head to look, and at a place very deep into the passageway, a faint green light was flashing!

“It’s that place alright! Run!”

After saying that, a green light flashed in my hands. A gigantic green-colored ring landed on everyone’s bodies.

“【Arcane – Elven Extreme Shadow】!”

Everyone’s speed was immediately increased by 30%, and at high speed, we charged towards the green light.

At the same time, I could heard the rumbling noise made by moving objects from around us. After taking a closer look, gates were slowly protruding out from the walls surrounding the passageway where the green light was!

Damn it!

Gritting my teeth, with the skill Shadow Sneak enveloping my body, I charged straight forward!

“【Arcane – Form Shape – Ice Seal – Ice Totem】!”

I first froze the nearby gates, before using 【Ice Totem】 to hold the gates!


I turned my head to the back and shouted to the rest.

Everyone came charging over at high speed, yet, I could see cracks were already beginning to form on the 【Ice Totem】!

“Hurry! Ice isn’t as sturdy as metal!”

What I said was true. This thing was about to shatter my shaped ice, yet, not a single dent could be seen on the metal.

“Damn it, hurry up already!”

Just as I said that, with 【Quick Steps】, Bai Yueguang charged through the gates!

“You’re the only one who’s especially fast.”

“You’re much faster than me, alright!? And you’re still telling me that!”

“Stop fooling around! Do you have anything sturdy? Block the gates!”

“Why would I have something like that! Let me try if I can slice the gates apart!”

As he said that, Bai Yueguang placed his hand on the hilt of his katana.

“【Arcane – Iai】!”

A ray of white light instantly sliced onto the wall, yet, very frighteningly, other than a small line mark, nothing else happened!

Oh my god, just what kind of metal is this thing made of?

This guy’s Iai Slash can slice spells apart, you know…

“Alright, we’re here!”

Hei Luoli, Shir, Domisis, and Duran had all charged in. The remaining ones left was Princess Michelle, who were brought along by Dan and Irlin.

Seems like Princess Michelle’s stamina can’t really make it at all…

I instantly charged out, carried Princess Michelle right up, and with an Accelerate, I charged right through the gates.

“Isn’t this much faster? Geez…”

I turned around and looked at Irlin and Dan who charged right through the gates. I then heave a sigh of relief.

“Alright, we’re all here now. So we should…”


The ice on the gates was instantly shattered, and the gates slammed shut with a bang. The shattered pieces of ice scattered across the floor.

“Geez… A mechanism like this…”

Warning, unidentified trespassers have been spotted. Defense System activated.


We looked at each other.

“Did one of us say that?”

“I have no clue…”

“I kind of feel that…”

Before I could finish, the ceiling above us suddenly shone. Immediately after, two doors opened up from both sides of the walls. Eight dog-like robots charged in!

“Oh my god…”


Suddenly, Princess Michelle spoke out.

“I know you’re about to start fighting, but first, can you put me down?”


Do you not have the slightest sense of anxiety at all?



Chapter 22: Illusionist


After placing Princess Michelle down by Dan’s side, I turned towards the direction of the robot dogs. However, currently, it’s impossible to view their names and HP, so I can’t really ascertain if that’s what they’re called.

Wouldn’t it be great if there’s something like the battle analysis tool found in the Trails of the Sky… Unfortunately, the worldview here is different.

In any case, we can simply dismantle them first, and then bring them out later.

Right after I finished with my preparations, and have collected my thoughts, Bai Yueguang had already charged right out with Quick Steps!

“【Arcane – Iai】!”

His figure suddenly stopped right before a robot dog. After unsheathing and sheathing his katana with extreme speed, the robot dog in front of him had already been sliced into half.

As expected. This guy’s skill is simply a bug-like existence. But, haven’t he forgotten about something?

The delay of Iai Slash is very long, you know… He actually charged towards a crowd of crazy dogs. Is he crazy?

Just when the robot dogs had already began to pounce towards him, several white arrows of light accurately struck down those robot dogs which had leapt into the air. And under the cover, Bai Yueguang had already retreated with a Charge.

Naturally, the one who shot the arrows were Hei Luoli. It seems like they have used their own fields of specialization to make up for each other’s deficiencies. Not a bad strategy.

However, I’m more fond of simpler skills.

“【Arcane – Crazed Flow – Forty Nine Ice Arrows】!”

The height and width of the passageway was approximately two meters by two meters, and the magic circle that opened up could cover a range like this.

Once Bai Yueguang has retreated behind the magic circle, as long as I launch the Ice Arrows indiscriminately to the front… The result will be the same as it was now. The rain of ice arrows turned into a screen, and those ice arrows would restrict their movements, and at this moment, as long as I add on…

“【Ice Totem – Multiply】”

Ice Totems, from various directions, shot towards them. Like heavy maces, they smashed towards the bodies of the robot dogs. Adding that they were no longer able to move in the first place, they were instantly smashed into discs.

“… You’re too violent.”

Bai Yueguang at the side, paused for a few moments, before speaking out.

“Do you want to kill mobs, or do you want to discuss artistry with me?”

“A half of each, I guess?”

“Even you’re carrying a doubtful tone yourself, you know…”

I helplessly shook my head, after that, I snapped my fingers. The ice that were enveloping those robot dogs shattered into pieces at the same time, and the robot dogs fell onto the ground with rattling noises. Their original shapes were basically no longer discernible.

Well, even though I want to bring them back to analyze there, with their current states, let’s just forget it then.

Initially, I had wanted to use 【Ice River】 to freeze all of them up. However, that way, the passageway would have been blocked as well. Compared to that, directly destroying them could be considered as a pretty good option.

“But this place sure is incredible. It’s already been so long, yet, the defensive system is still active. And, they even helped us turn on the lights. Their quality sure is incredible.”

Shir, as an Observer, began to bear her responsibility, as she inspected the surrounding scenes and muttered to herself.

“Just by those metals that have such a low oxidation rate are strange enough. While these set-ups are even…”

Warning, gate to the Weapon Storage has been breached. Mass evacuation of all members will be executed in three seconds.

After hearing this unclear broadcast, we looked at each other for a second.

After looking at everyone’s blank expressions, just when I was about to say something, suddenly, I felt as though I have lost all sense of my own weight in an instant. When I turned down to look, the floor beneath our feet had actually disappeared in an instant!

“Oh my god!”

My hidden blade instantly stabbed towards the wall, however, I simply heard a ‘ting’, and it did not seem to have penetrated into the wall at all.

Bai Yueguang, Oyado, and Dan who had acted the same way as I did, were in the same situation as I was. After struggling on the slippery walls for a few moments, we fell right down!

“【Arcane – Wind’s Whistle】!”

After sliding through the pipeline, we were instantly thrown into a gigantic room.

And right at the same time, Shir’s treatment spell cushioned us, allowing our descending speed to slow down for a moment, which provided us a slow landing onto the ground.

“Thank you, Shir.”

I stood up from the ground, and then, looked at the people around us.

“… Eh? Ms. Mari? Tai Shixi?”

Currently, in the room, there were three groups of people. On one side, there were Ms. Mari, Princess Anne, and Kechjen. On the other side, there were Tai Shixi, Yybril, and an unknown student. But looking from her clothes, she should be from the Plant-type department.

In other words, she’s someone with the Druid bloodline flowing in her veins. Just when I unnaturally recalled a certain battle I had back then…

“Ah, seems like someone had triggered something interesting, a weapon storage or whatever, which caused us to be instantly thrown here.”

Ms Mari said as she crawled up from the ground. After straightening the creases on her Magician Robe, she looked towards us.

“… I see. So you guys came with Princess Michelle, huh. We came down here because of Princess Anne.”

However, currently, I was staring right at Princess Anne. Because, I was unable to discern if she was the real one or not.

There’s simply too many things that happened today, to the point where I can’t even guess if the person in front of me was real or fake. This is really worrying.

“You don’t have to stare any longer. I’m the Illusionist that had tossed all of you people around today. The real Princess Anne has already been kidnapped by us. After we’re done with our mission, we will naturally release her. Don’t worry.”

The sense of discomfort from looking at someone, who looked like Princess Anne, say such words, is really intense. However, I’m not really that shocked either. After all, it’s according to my range of predictions.

Though, I looked towards Ms. Mari.

“You knew?”

“Well… A little, I guess. This person’s tone of speech actually has a big difference when compared to the real Princess Anne.”

Ms. Mari shrugged.

Though, the rest seemed to be in great shock.

“What!? Who the hell are you!?”

“What does this mean? You’re not Princess Anne? Just what the hell happened?”

Princess Michelle and Kechjen stared at the fake Princess Anne, while Domisis and Duran at the side did not dare to say anything. After all, the nobles still had to understand their own place among the royalties, while the rest of us did not really have any sort of misgivings, since we were all too familiar with each other.

“Alright then…”

That person spun around, and she, who had been wearing a refined dress… turned into a red-haired girl with long twin tails, wearing a black-colored, short-sleeved T-shirt and hotpants.

… Were you just transported here?

“What, do you have opinions on my attire?”

Looking at the shocked Princess Michelle and Kechjen, she said disdainfully. Then, she looked towards us.

“Do you guys want to know the way to leave this place? I can bring you guys out of here, however, the condition is that you guys do not investigate this matter. In any case, after you guys leave this place, the academy will return to its former look. You guys are unable to do anything at all. So, why don’t you guys accept it obediently?”

Suddenly, she suggested as such.



Chapter 23: Passageway


“Looks like, other than us, there’s an even more incredible organization in the lurks, huh. You guys sure ain’t simple.”

Ms. Mari, who was behind me earlier, stepped out. Staring at the fake Princess Anne, she asked.

Speaking of which, Ms. Mari was a member of【Sion’s Door】as well. Although I don’t know what her position is, 【Sion’s Door】is indeed an organization made out of otherworlders.

And the【Snake’s Eye】 here as well. That’s probably what Ms. Mari meant by ‘other than us’, I guess.

“Speaking of which, we have forgotten to greet you people from the【Sion’s Door】as well. After all, this place here is your territory.”

“It’s good that you know that! Geez, just what the hell are you guys planning!? Doing things like this that recklessly interfere with the forces here… Are you guys crazy?”

“We have no choice either. After all, it’s a mission passed down by the higher-ups. We have no idea what we’re doing it for either.”

She shrugged.

“Oh right, you guys don’t have an anti-interference system in place. Then, I will introduce myself.”

She pressed her right hand onto left arm, stretched out three fingers with her left hand, and said with a smile.

“My name is Ari Christina, Crime Enforcer No. 47. Pleased to meet you.”

“How should I put it? As someone who comes from a terrorist organization, you still designed a Jojo-like pose. You guys sure go all out, huh.”

“Ah, you feel the same way as well? I have already retorted to this the higher-ups several times, yet, their reply was that this way, we can distinguish ourselves from the rest. Haah.”

Is it really fine for you to retort your own organization?

“Alright, we understand. In any case, take us out of here first.”


“Is that fine?”

Bai Yueguang walked over and said.

“She had caused a lot of trouble, you know.”

“Think about this yourself. We know that even if we kill her off, she will simply resurrect somewhere else. And right now, she has already raised the proposal of taking us out of here. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“That makes a lot of sense!”

Bai Yueguang said after a sudden realization.

“You guys… Just what the hell are you guys talking about?”

When we turned to look, Princess Michelle and the others were looking at us very strangely. However, when we were saying those keywords earlier, we had said them as soft as possible as well. Even if they managed to hear them, they shouldn’t have been able to hear them clearly.

“In other words, this Ms. Christina disguised herself as Princess Anne and entered our academy. Right now, we’re all trapped in this dungeon, however, she said that she will bring us out of here.”

“Hah? Why did she have to disguise herself as Princess Anne?”

“Because this abnormal situation that occurred in the academy is caused by her and her companions.”


Shockingly, Kechjen looked towards Christina, who was smiling towards us.

“Then why didn’t we…”

“No kidding. This person is an Illusionist, you know? An Illusionist. About their capabilities, I believe Princess Michelle over there understands them the most, right?”

“Un… Illusionist, right? I see. I can understand now. If it’s them…”

Looking at Princess Michelle’s pondering look, Domisis who had wanted to speak out earlier, refrained from doing so after thinking for a few moments. Most probably, he understood that his question had no constructive meaning in it.

But I’m more interested in the girl who came along with Tai Shixi. Wearing a Plant-type Magician Robe, because her face was hidden, it was impossible to discern what kind of person she was.

And Tai Shixi doesn’t seem to plan on introducing her… For some reasons, I’m getting this hidden character vibes.

“In any case, no one has any objections, right?”

I looked at everyone, and everyone silently shook their heads.

“Then, alright. Ms. Christina, we will be leaving it to you.”

“Ok, ok~ There still many things that we have to ask of you guys after we leave this place, so, let’s have a good time working together.”

She casually turned around, and walked towards a wall.

“Un, un. It should be here.”

After saying that, she took out what looked like a pen, and drew a circle onto the wall.

Then, we heard a noise that sounded as though something was being corroded. A hole had been corroded out of the position of the wall that had been drawn on.

“What kind of… mystical item is that…”

I looked at her shockingly.

“It’s just a normal corrosive reagent. There’s no need to be shocked.”

Her expression was very natural.

“As long we clarify the composition of these metals, making a corrosive reagent shouldn’t be something difficult, right?”

“I guess you make a point there…”

“Alright, hurry and come in.”

After saying that, she took the lead and entered the hole.

I bitterly smiled, and followed after her.

However, after entering the hole, I realized that what’s on the other side was not another passage or room, but, a mezzanine.

In other words, it’s that type of mezzanine which is used to place electrical wires and things like that.

“The passage here is rather spacious. Most probably, it’s to provide convenience for people that are being protected when they pass through here.”

Christina muttered to herself.

“I see. Then it’s much safer than walking outside.”

“Not entirely true. After all, those monsters that you fought with back then go through passages like these.”

“That’s really bad on various different types of meaning, huh.”

Unfortunately, it is not the time to bitterly laugh or retort, after all, we still have to first leave this terrible place.

“Un, then we will be climbing up from here.”


Suddenly, she stopped and patted on a lattice by the side.

And then, with a ‘shuaaa’, a ladder slid down from above. Raising my head up to look, above us…

The end was nowhere in sight at all!

“Are you kidding me!?”

“No, we will reach the top in about half an hour. I have personally climbed it myself.”

… Can you fly me up?



Chapter 24: Dazzling Shine and Destruction


“Oooh, now this is a really convenient skill!”

A strong wind pressure brushed past us, and what appeared before us was a metallic door which was tightly locked by chains.

Seems like the technology used by their side isn’t really that high-tech, huh. But, I guess that make sense. Usually, in places like this, they won’t use automatic doors that are too high-tech. Otherwise, why would those main characters in infiltration games like to take the ventilation pipe?

But, why did we skip a big ladder-climbing scenario?

Usually, in times like that, it would have been a scenario where one would enjoy the view of a big lump by raising his head. It should have been a scenario that was a matter of fact, when it comes to clearing maps.

But, at that moment, Tai Shixi’s quick-witted words wrecked everything.

“Fir, how big can your 【Ice Totem】 go? Wouldn’t it be fine as long as we go all the way up while using it as an elevator?”

She was making so much sense, I couldn’t object at all!

Silently glaring at the quick-witted Tai Shixi, I could only have everyone stand together, before pushing us up with the 【Ice Totem】.

At this moment, all I can do is console myself as well. Even if we were to climb the ladder, most probably, it’s impossible to see anything. After all, everyone was either wearing armor or Magician Robes. The only regularly-clothed person was wearing hotpants as well… And with so many people present, the chances of me climbing up the ladder just right under her are considerably low. In times like this, it’s best to stay as a gentleman.

“A task of this degree isn’t much at all~”

Christina smiled slightly, as she took out something, that looked like a lipstick, from her pouch. Holding onto that thing, she aimed straight at a button near the rear end.

A noise as though something was burning, suddenly sounded. Then, at the place where the key socket of the chains was, it slowly turned black, and turned into ash as it slowly fluttered down onto the ground.

The lock slid open with a ‘ka’ sound as well… Most probably, the contents that filled it are all gone as well.

Throwing the lock to a side, Christina smiled as she pulled open the door, and then did a ‘please’ posture.

“Alright, this is the exit.”

Outside the door, it looked as though we’re in a forest. It seems like we have arrived outside.

But I have really never seen this place before, just what is… Even if I think about it now, there isn’t any use to it, right?

I looked at everyone, and then, walked over in front of them.


The moment I stepped outside, I felt a very strange sensation. And just when I was about to turn around, a strong impact suddenly came from behind me, and I was smashed away!


In my mind, countless of curses floated about, yet, unfortunately, before I could even say them out loud, the blurred scenery in front of me caused me to grit my teeth, so as to prevent myself from biting my tongue.

My body felt as though it was a kite with a broken string, as I flew and tumbled about in the air. Even if I had rode roller coasters, such an intense sensation had never happened before.

At the very least, roller coasters wouldn’t smash you everywhere like a pinball. And, if not for the considerably high defense I had, most probably, I would have already been smashed to death and be resurrected, right?

However, within my blurry vision, I could see that my HP had been constantly decreasing as well. It seems like I’m not that far off from being resurrected.


In the end, my body strongly crashed onto something, and stopped.

I wanted to open my eyes, but the scenery in front of me was dyed completely in blood. Most probably, my eyes have already been covered by blood, right?

Stretching out my hand, I rubbed away the bloodstains on my face, then, I looked towards the direction where I impacted from.

My eyes were opened extremely wide. The view in front of me was something I basically didn’t dare to believe at all. In the sky faraway, a mushroom cloud was currently slowly rising, and the things, that stretched from that direction all the way here, had all turned into unidentifiable objects.

Oh my god… This…

They’re actually experimenting on nuclear bombs?

But why did they have to detonate it here? Are they crazy?

Is it related to the matters before?

I simply felt as though my mind was messed up by the huge amount of information being loaded in, and they couldn’t be digested at all.

However, my instincts told me, staying here was definitely not a good option in the slightest. Speedily adding a few healing spells onto myself, I confirmed the direction on the mini-map, and hurriedly sprinted towards the nearest village.

——————————————Scenario Loading——————————————
Above the clouds, World-chan, who had been sitting in the transparent room, suddenly stood up, and looked downwards.

After staring silently for a long while, World-chan sighed.

“It… failed again, huh? If this doesn’t work as well, then there’s no other way left… This place will be abandoned really soon, right…”

Annoyed, she shook her head. Holding onto her head, World-chan once again sat back at her original position.

“Well~ That’s fine as well. In any case, it’s been so long, and I’m already used to it… Isn’t that right, big brother?”

World-chan looked towards the sky and asked. Then, she faintly smiled.

“Just allow me… to continue watching then~”

—————————————It’s been almost 6 hours—————————————

White Devil Era, Year 2448

Gray Magical Academy and Doge Military School, the two schools which had thousand years worth of histories, completely disappeared from the Western Continent.

Other than a small portion of students who were still alive, the rest had all went into eternal sleep under the ruins.

And this was the piece of news which I only managed to hear after arriving at this town two hours later. Currently, I was wearing the mercenary leather armor that I had worn before, and with a sword being carried on my back, I disguised as a regular Mercenary.

Even if I’m unable to fool those people from【Snake’s Eye】, at the very least, I’m able to fool the eyes of the rest.

After all… with so many things happened, adding that meaningless action they did at the very end…

They definitely wouldn’t have sent me out of the blast radius without a particular reason. They’re definitely planning something.

After all, I’m an undying existence. Something like this was pointless.

Hence, there’s definitely something else.

However, although I don’t know if there’s any relation to this or not, just earlier, a very alarming news for the entire continent came from the outside.

The Eastern and Western Continents had officially called for war.

Actually, to me, this isn’t something worth being alarmed about.

With the things【Snake’s Eye】have been doing in the shadows, their goal must have actually been this, right?

Adding that we only realized their goal after a long time, there’s completely no chance of stopping them at all.

“Boss, give me another glass of【Sharpfrost Nightmare】 .”

As I took out and placed a silver coin onto the table, I pushed the empty glass over.

“Coming! Lad, when you told me that my secret recipe isn’t bad, you’re not lying right?”

“Of course. This taste is simply too heavenly, it’s definitely royal class!”

“Hahaha, lad, you’re thinking too highly of me.”

The owner of this store was actually a 65-year old uncle. His white beard made him look rather cheerful.

However, looking from his disciples, I found out that he was a mercenary swordsman in the past, with a level of 20.


No matter how I see it, this title feels very uncomfortable.

“But, lad. This isn’t the time for you to continue drinking, right?”

Most probably he had received too much for a 70-copper drink, when he placed down the glass, he kindly reminded me.

“With the news of the upcoming war, aren’t you planning to join the military or take this opportunity to join a large-scaled mercenary guild to create a name for yourself?”

“A name?”

I bitterly smiled. I recalled the wanted poster of myself that I saw in the terminal earlier.

“Something like that… is pointless.”

“Is that so? Lad, seems like you have recently encountered many terrible things. I guess that’s true. Many strange things have happened here recently, even the people from the Eastern Continent had came over to blast our academies apart. This is simply the most terrifying thing I have heard ever since I was born.”

“That’s right… You’re right as well. Probably, I should really find something to do.”

Drinking down the remaining contents of the glass with a single gulp, I stood up.

“I feel as though, I suddenly lacked quite a bit of the sense of responsibility that I do not really need.”


“Nothing, I’m just muttering to myself…”

With a slight smile, I walked out of the bar.

The moment I got out, I saw several groups of soldiers rushing past me. Immediately after, was a group of Wolf Knights and Heavy Knights.

That military badge seemed to be from Ice Empire. Speaking of which, I really wonder how’s Princess Michelle and the rest are doing.


Looks like there’s no choice. Right now, there’s only a single place I can think of heading to.

The Momiji Society!

– Vol. 8 End –