[Pit] Chapter 1

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The 1st Pit – “Senior martial brother! Senior martial brother! This is serious!”

Mount Shu
Mysterious Inscription Sect – Endless Serenity Peak

A beautiful purple-haired man shouted loudly as he broke into the courtyard. Wearing an Outer Sect disciple’s attire, he gasped for air as he ran.

“What’s with the ruckus? Can’t you see I’m busy!?”

The owner of the courtyard, however, was rather laidback. Sitting on the deckchair under the pergola, he was embracing a beauty who was half-dressed. Evidently, he was only halfway done.

“Senior martial brother…! Ha-hah… First, listen to me! The Sect Master’s closed-door disciple… He has been found!!”


Mysterious Inscription Sect, Main Mountain

Above the main hall, the Sect Master of Mysterious Inscription Sect was filled with rage.

The ten-year-old boy that was kneeling under the main hall, was exactly the person who had went missing for a year – the closed-door disciple whom the Mysterious Inscription Sect Master had handpicked!

On both his sides were the various Mountain Elders and Inner Sect disciples. Currently, all of them had heavy expressions, and none dared to utter a single sound.

The closed-door disciple of Mysterious Inscription Sect Master entered the Sect at the age of eight. At the age of nine, he went missing. Now, he was ten, and had finally been found. Yet, no one would have thought that his eyes would be blinded, and he could no longer see anything.

With a wooden expression, the eyes of this child were hollow, and his blue pupils reflected the stairs of the main hall.

“Sheng’er, rise.”

“Yes, Master.”

The child supported himself by pushing his hands against the floor, and slowly stood up. Evidently, he had yet to accustom himself to the darkness. After standing stably, he actually neatly straightened himself.

“After this, I will still be continuing with my isolation training… Which of you here is able to take care of Sheng’er for me?”

In an instant, the main hall was thrown into an uproar, however, none of them dared to stand out to respond to his request.

The disappearance of a closed-door disciple, no matter how one thought about it, was the work of an insider’s sabotage. After one unsuccessful attempt, there would naturally be a second time. For that person to actually dare make a move against the Sect Master’s closed-door disciple, his hatred would naturally be deep. If with a single misstep, and the child ended up unprotected, the assigned protector would be dragged into the mess as well.

After bustling for a long while, no one had yet to step forward.

During the bustling, the only Mysterious Inscription senior disciple who was late, quietly sneaked in, and was not found out at all.

Currently, the expression of the child, who was standing at the center of the main hall, became colder as time went by. What rose along with that, was naturally the anger of the Mysterious Inscription Sect Master.

“A bunch of useless trash! This great Mysterious Inscription Sect of mine! Can’t even protect a single child! If this spreads, won’t the people laugh till their teeth drop!?”

After a furious lecture, the main hall was instantly silent.

As though he could sense something through the choking silence, that child sighed, and spoke out.

“Mas… Eh!?”

The one who interrupted the child from speaking, was exactly the eldest disciple of Mysterious Inscription Sect. And the reason why he exclaimed out, was because this eldest disciple was raising the lower half of his robe.

If we were to convey this in modern words, basically… he’s skirt was flipped!

This strange action, naturally shocked every single person present in the main hall.

While this “culprit”, after carefully enjoying the view under the robe as though no one was watching, actually praised out with an excited look. “What great buttocks!”

After that, he carried the child right up!

“Master! This, let me have some fun with this child!”


“Oh? How could this be a boy?”

“Mas- Master! I don’t want to! Other than master, Sheng’er will not believe anyone else! Master!!!”

The child struggled as he shouted, and his voice had even begun to carry a tearful tone. Unfortunately, no matter how he struggled, he was unable to escape from the man’s embrace.

“Dongfang Wuqiong!”

As though to interrupt the child’s tearful screams, and as though it was for confirmation, with an angry voice, the Mysterious Inscription Sect Master once again exploded.

“This disciple is present!”

“Are you really going to protect the well-being of your junior martial disciple!?”

“If master do not believe me, naturally, you can hand him over to someone else. Though, in this main hall, all the Elders have their own miscellaneous Sect matters to attend to, so naturally, they do not have the time to take care of him. In regards to the disciples present, which one of them, is more incredible than I, the eldest disciple of Mysterious Inscription Sect?”


While the Sect Master was silent, the child’s voice once again rang. He was no longer struggling, instead, he raised his small and tender hands, to touch Dongfang Wuqiong’s face, in order to ascertain his appearance.

“Your surname… is Dongfang?”

“That’s right, what’s your name?”

“I’m… Gong Changsheng.”


With a crisp sound, the Sect Master slammed onto the table and stood up.

“Good, then this matter is settled. Dongfang Wuqiong, if anything happens to Sheng’er again… You will be questioned…! Everyone, you may leave!!”

That year –

Gong Changsheng, ten years old, first level of Essence, the closed-door disciple of Mount Shu’s Mysterious Inscription Sect Master.

Dongfang Wuqiong, seventy-seven years old, Azoth Paragon, the eldest direct disciple of Mount Shu’s Mysterious Inscription Sect Master.

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