[Pit] Chapter 12, 13, 14

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The 12th, 13th, 14th Pits: “Sheng’er… Welcome back!”

Holders of the mutated single lightning spirit vein were rare finds that would only appear once about a thousand years.

When looking at the recent cultivation realm, there were but three people that possessed the mutated single lightning spirit vein – Gong Changsheng, the former Third Elder of Mysterious Inscription Sect Lei Mingzhi, and Three Realms Devil Lord Gu Ziqi. As for past mutated lightning spirit vein possessors, there were now only a few people who still remembered their names, and all they left behind were a few fragmented cultivation records.

When Lei Mingzhi was born back then, it could be said to have shaken the entire cultivation realm. It had to be known that before her arrival, the only cultivator with the lightning spirit vein had fallen to his inner demons. The various huge sects that had faced him in combat could only how and scream in bitterness.

The Sect Master of Mysterious Inscription Sect back then personally arrived at the scene to receive the child, and then carefully protected and brought her up. Only after she reached the Azoth Core stage did he finally let her move on her own.

This lady Lei naturally bumped into Gu Ziqi just a few days after she left her home.

This was not strange. After all, the two of them both possessed the lightning spirit vein. When it came to cultivation records or treasures, the things that they needed were all completely the same. During their few “encounters”, as Gu Ziqi’s cultivation level was lower, he was completely abused in various ways. Thus this grudge was officially formed.

When Gu Ziqi fell into Devilhood, he was merely at the Essence stage. After falling into Devilhood, he reached the Paragon level of Foundation at godly speed. However, just like other devil practitioners, he was stuck at the Azoth Core forming stage. Devil practitioners indeed cultivate faster than regular cultivators, but because their spiritual energy was flowing in the reverse direction in their bodies, their cultivation required a huge supply of blood and vital essence. If they wanted to cultivate faster, then they would require even more blood and vital essence… in order words, slaughtering people. For devil practitioners who kill too many people, they would undoubtedly be quickly brought to justice. Thus, a large number of devil practitioners would be stuck at the Azoth Core stage.

If they did not want to raise their levels by killing people, then devil practitioners could only result in stealing. However, bodies of extreme yin that could be used as long-term furnaces were as rare as lightning spirit veins. After stealing one’s vital essence, they could only find another person to absorb. In the end, it was still killing. It was a different broth, but it’s the same old medicine.

Gu Ziqi was no exception either. He had the aptitude of possessing the lightning spirit vein, and was already the fastest among the devil practitioners when it came to raising his cultivation. Not to mention he could confidently kill a few Azoth Core stage cultivators of the just faction if he wanted to. However, when it came to facing Azoth Core stage Lei Meizhi who similarly possessed the lightning spirit vein, he could only suffer in silence.

This suffering lasted for more than a hundred years. Gu Ziqi who could not successfully get his hands on anything, naturally could not make any progress in his cultivation. Lei Meizhi on the other hand charged straight towards the Paragon level of Nascent Soul, and was just about to achieve Great Vehicle.

At that point, there was not even a point in fighting anymore. Whenever Gu Ziqi spotted Lei Mingzhi, he could only hurriedly make a detour and leave.

Just when everyone thought that the just faction no longer had any worries, the devil practitioners could not stand idly by any further. After all, bad people had to look like bad people. As people who had fallen into Devilhood, who wouldn’t have deep hatred or carry extreme pettiness? During Gu Ziqi’s glory years, they lived considerably comfortable lives. But after that, they were often beaten black and blue by the just faction, and the elders of the devil practitioner sects finally stood out and said, “No, this can’t do! We have to start a revolution!”

Thus, they picked out nine Devil Lords of the Three Realms.

Out of these nine Devil Lords, one eventually grew to become the first Great Vehicle stage devil practitioner, and a hundred years later, he ignited the Just-Devil Great War… Though all of these are talks for the future.

That year, as a rare holder of the lightning spirit vein, Gu Ziqi naturally had a place among the Devil Lords. After taking the position of a Devil Lord and possessing a bunch of men, wouldn’t he be mistreating himself if he didn’t make a ruckus of some sort?

Thus, he killed Lei Meizhi.  

You’re asking how he was able to kill her with his weak cultivation?

He couldn’t beat her one-on-one, so he launched a human wave attack. Furthermore, Lei Meizhi was also an eyesore for the devil practitioners back then.

The number of Devil Lords who participated in Gu Ziqi’s plan amounted to six, and these powerful bunch came up with an elaborate plan to deal with Lei Meizhi. No one knew if it was due to Lei Meizhi’s own carelessness, all the just faction knew was that in just a single afternoon, Lei Meizhi passed away. When the disciples of Mysterious Inscription Sect came rushing over, all they saw was a devastated scene littered with the corpses of devil practitioners, and Gu Ziqi who had finally made a breakthrough into the Azoth Core stage.

Lei Meizhi’s corpse could not be found.

However, after that incident, no one saw Lei Meizhi again.

A hundred years later, the Just-Faction Great War happened. The devil practitioners suffered grave damage, and the nine Devil Lords changed several times in this period as well. Gu Ziqi was the only one who sat stably in his seat. If one was asked who had the biggest threat to the current just faction, the undoubtedly, the answer would be Gu Ziqi.

To fight a figure like this, even as a mere sacrifice, then he or she could die with honour.

However, Dongfang Wuqiong still did not want to die. 

But no matter how he pondered, there was no possibility of him winning this battle.

Dongfang Wuqiong possessed the wood spirit vein, and was weak against the lightning spirit vein in the first place. Though he was able to convert his wood element to the earth element, it would only do more harm to himself than to his enemy. If his cultivation level was higher than Gu Ziqi’s, he would stand a chance. However, Dongfang Wuqiong was at the Paragon level of the Azoth Core stage, while Gu Ziqi was already at the Azoth Core stage a hundred years ago. In these few years, though he did not hear any rumours that a Nascent Soul practitioner had appeared among the devil practitioners, one could not guarantee that they were just concealing their cultivation levels. Even if he took the safest bet that Gu Ziqi had yet to make a breakthrough into the Nascent Soul stage, then he would still at least possess the cultivation of Azoth Core Paragon as well. When taking suppression due to their spirit vein types into account, it would still be an impossible fight to win. Not to mention Dongfang Wuqiong was a pellet cultivator, and was much weaker than sword cultivators of the same level in combat abilities. He was able to kill all of the enemies in one fell swoop in the forest earlier, but it was all due to the suppression in levels in the first place.

Furthermore, behind Dongfang Wuqiong was the illusion formation that Lei Mingzhi left behind while she was still alive, and Gong Changsheng was in the illusion formation.

He couldn’t win the fight, but he couldn’t run either.

Was there anything worse than this?

There was.

Just when Dongfang Wuqiong was about to knock Gu Ziqu with a few more remarks to buy time and think of a plan, a few more people crawled out of the pond.

“Lord! If you want to let out your electricity, say so beforehand!”

“That’s right! These new disciples with low cultivation levels had all been electrocuted to death!”  

Alright, a one-on-one turned into a group battle?

Dongfang Wuqiong let out a long sigh as he began to throw out all of the mystic artifacts in his storage pouch.

“Alright… You guys can start now.”

After putting up his battle preparations, under the shocked expressions of Gu Ziqi and his subordinates, Dongfang Wuqiong continued with an air of calm.

“This junior has to trouble everyone to finish this battle quickly. This junior… still has to save his junior martial disciple!”

Sheng’er, if your senior martial brother dies here, I hope you won’t forget me.  



So hot.

Extremely hot.

Ever since Gong Changsheng dove into the river, he felt the surrounding temperature was constantly rising.  

Theoretically speaking, the deeper one dives into the water, the colder he should be. However, ever since he got out of the water, he discovered that he was still feeling unbearingly hot. Under this increasing heat, Gong Changsheng felt that his brain had already begun to fry, and he could not process another thought. Thus, when he heard someone calling, “hurry and get over here”, he unhesitantly rushed over.

After that, he began to think back. Ever since he since he dove into the river, he must had already been confused by an illusion formation.

Right now, when Gong Changsheng finally felt his body was cooling down, he realized his feet was not touching the ground, and he was frightened at the thought that he was floating in mid-air amidst the darkness. And it was because of this, when the voice that summoned him rang out once more, he honestly replied all of its questions. 

—— Who are you?

“Gong Changsheng.”

—— How old are you?

“Twelve years old.”

—— Are you a cultivator?


—— What is your cultivation level?

“Ninth level of the Essence stage.”

—— Are you a disciple of Mysterious Inscription Sect?


A series of questions came raining down, completely exposing Gong Changsheng’s background. The questions even included how many pigs he had at home, and how many brothers and sisters did he have. At the end of the questions, the voice finally disappeared. After a short while, the voice rang out once more. 

—— Who are you?  

Gong Changsheng was stunned.

“Gong Changsheng.”  

—— How old are you?

Gong Changsheng understood that he had already fallen into an illusion formation. He no longer answered the questions, because the cycle would simply continue in the illusion formation. If he could not find a way to break through it, he would simply be trapped forever in this cycle of questions.

He tried to move, but his feet could not touch the ground. Even if he moved about his four limbs, he could not find any point of contact.  

The voice simply continued to ask without end.  

—— How old are you?  

—— How old are you?

—— How old are you? 

So hot.

Gong Changsheng felt hot once again. As the question continued to repeat, he would feel even hotter. At the end, it felt as if he was being burnt in a pit of blazing flames. 

—— How old are you?

“Twelve years old! Twelve years old!!”  

The temperature fell back to normal. However, the following question still did not change.  

—— Are you a cultivator?

So scary.

Gong Changsheng began to feel anxious.

He could not see anything in the first place, and usually, illusion formations were formations that could confuse cultivators by showing them illusory sceneries. This illusion formation however was confusing him from a perspective other than sight. Was it because he couldn’t see anything?

Gong Changsheng began to remove the bandages on his face. He did not know if it had any effect, but he had to at least try. The illusion formation might possibly change if he open his eyes?

He opened his eyes, but still, all he could see was complete darkness.

The voice did not change either. 

—— Are you a cultivator?

—— Are you a cultivator?

—— Are you a cultivator? 


Before his body begin to suffer from the unbearable heat, Gong Changsheng once again replied to the question.

—— What is your cultivation level?

“Middle levels of the Foundation stage.”

Gong Changsheng lied. He wanted to try making a change, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to break through the formation.

—— You lied, what is your cultivation level?

—— You lied, what is your cultivation level? 

—— You lied, what is your cultivation level?

It was useless. The illusion formed by the illusion formation originated from the self-questioning of the cultivator’s heart. It was impossible for one to lie to oneself.

Gong Changsheng ignored the questioning voice, and began to recall the things that Dongfang Wuqiong taught him.

“The difference between an illusion formation and the heart demon tribulation is the goal behind them. The goal behind an illusion formation is usually to obstruct the cultivator from progressing forward, and thus it would constantly cycle through the self-doubts that originate from one’s heart. If these doubts are not erased, then the formation cannot be broken through. The cultivator would not be able to progress forward, and thus die within the formation. The goal of the inner heart tribulation, on the other hand, is to obstruct the cultivator from progressing into another cultivation stage. The illusions formed originate from one’s desires. If the cultivator is unable to abandon their desires and purify their six senses, they would easily fall to their inner demons. Suffering a spiritual energy rebound… and directly passing away is the heaviest consequence.”

Targetting my self-doubts?  

—— You lied. What is your cultivation level?

“Ninth level of the Essence stage.”  

The surrounding temperature once again returned to normal.  

—— Are you a disciple of Mysterious Inscription Sect?


Gong Changsheng did not reply. If this was an Q&A targetting his self-doubts, then why it ask all of the questions again after he had answered all of them?

“The heart demon tribulation is a perfect illusion. Unless one abandons his desires, it is impossible to break through it. On the other hand, an illusion formation is, in the end, a formation. There might not be a need to pass through it by dealing with one’s doubts. The illusions of an illusion formation are not perfect. There will definitely be a flaw, and the formation can be broken through by finding it.”

Dongfang Wuqiong’s voice once again resounded in his mind.


That’s right, voice. Because he couldn’t see, his hearing was his main sense. If this was this an Q&A of his own self-doubts… Why did the questioning voice belong to a woman?

—— Are you a disciple of Mysterious Inscription Sect?  

—— Are you a disciple of Mysterious Inscription Sect?

—— Are you a disciple of Mysterious Inscription Sect? 

“Who are you?” 

The voice disappeared.

A moment later, it once again rang. 

—— I am Lei Mingzhi.

“Are you the one who designed this illusion formation!?”

“Where are you? Come out here!”

“Lei Mingzhi——!?”

There wasn’t a reply. However, there weren’t any questions either.  

Gong Changsheng floated in the darkness, and did not hear any noise. Though it wasn’t warm, his head was covered in sweat. He found a breakthrough, but if he were to make a mistake after this, he didn’t know what the consequence was. After a long while, he mustered up the courage and spoke out once more.

“How old are you?”

—— I have already passed away.  

Gong Chang instantly felt as if all the blood in his body was flowing in reverse. He found the way to break through the formation!

According to the questions the voice raised to him earlier, he threw every single one of them back at her. Though occasionally, he would make a mistake, and the voice wouldn’t reply when the wrong question was raised. Fortunately, Gong Changsheng had incredibly great memory when it came to sounds. After all, he couldn’t see anything, so his hearing abilities continued to grow even more powerful in these few years. After fumbling about with the questions till the end, Gong Changsheng finally understood all of Lei Mingzhi’s background and history.

From Lei Mingzhi being received into Mysterious Inscription Sect for care and protection, to forming a grudge with Gu Ziqi. The moment they began fighting, their fight lasted for a lifetime.

Gong Changsheng grew fascinated as he listened to this old senior’s experiences. The final question had finally been answered. After a short moment of silence, the voice once again resounded…

—— Have you ever liked someone?


Gong Changsheng was stunne by the question. 

Even now, he still could not understand what ‘like’ was.

Dongfang Wuqiong said he liked him, but what did he like about him?

The person he was the most concerned about was Dongfang Xianyun, but, was that ‘like’?

“I don’t know…”

Gong Changsheng replied honestly to this question.  

—— I do not know either.  

At the same time her voice rang, light began to gather in the darkness before Gong Changsheng’s eyes.

He could not believe the thing he was seeing. After all, he had been blind for so many years. In the time he was blind, he still habitually opened his eyes and habitually turned his head towards the sources of people’s voices. However, he had always been seeing complete darkness.   

Spots of light slowly gathered, forming the figure of a woman.

Was this an illusion inserted into his mind, made by the illusion formation?

—— In my entire life, I have tangled feelings only for a single person, and that person is Gu Ziqi.

—— I do not know what’s ‘like’ either. I simply felt that if I were to truly kill him one day, then I would be left alone in this world.

—— That is why I’d always secretly let him escape.

—— I initially thought that if he finds his way here, then I must really like him after all…

—— You’re not Gu Ziqi.  

The hands of the light figure held onto Gong Changsheng’s cheeks.

—— However, at the very least, I will no longer be alone.  

—— This illusion formation will only have effects on people with the lightning spirit veins.

—— You shall accept my inheritance then.  

After that was a ray of blinding light.


Gong Changsheng unbearingly covered his eyes. The light was too blinding, and all he could see was still white. The searing heat once again appeared around his body, and something was enveloping his body, layer by layer.  

After that, it was complete darkness again. Gong Changsheng felt as if he was beginning to fall downwards.

As expected, I’m still blind, aren’t I?  

Just when Gong Changsheng thought this way, at the end of the darkness, he saw colours.

The black mist slowly scattered, and at the very end was a single person.

It was the first time Gong Changsheng saw that person’s face, but he was certain that he knew that person.

He was wearing a tattered Mysterious Inscription Sect uniform, and his tender green hair was tied into a ponytail behind a crown. A tear streak could be seen right below his right eye, while there was a large amount of blood stains at his abdomen. There were several cuts on his face as well… This person was carrying a very bad smile as he reached out his arms for Gong Changsheng.

“Welcome back, Sheng’er!”  

This was the very first image that Gong Changsheng saw when he regained his sight.  

On the ground littered with corpses and spashes of blood, stood his senior martial brother – Dongfang Wuqiong.  

“I actually wanted to give you a surprise, why did you take down the bandage on your own?”

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