[Pit] Chapter 17

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The 17th Pit – “…Melodramatic!”

“Sheng’er—— I want to eat the freshest fruits from the Spiritual Herb Garden!”

“Sheng’er—— I want to eat a dish from the newly opened store in the town at the foot of the mountain! I heard it’s called Donkey Burger!”

“Sheng’er—— Ten Thousand Refinement Clan just received spiritual tea from Heavenly Cloud Flow, help me get a portion of it!”



Gong Changsheng dropped a prepared tea set from Mysterious Inscription Sect, scaring Li Xiuhui who was standing at the side.

“The sky… is really beautiful today.”

“T-That’s right!”

“The clouds are… really beautiful as well.”

“T-That’s right! Junior martial brother!”

“It’s all because of senior martial brother that Sheng’er is able to see them again…”

“T-that’s right.”

“Sheng’er—— I heard the new uniform of Heavenly Cloud Flow is a cheongsam, and it looks extremely good. Can you wear it and show it to me?”

Gong Changsheng felt like something broke in his mind.

“Junior martial brother! Junior martial brother, calm down!! Put the sword down!! That’s your senior martial brother, after all——!!”

It was said that on the day Gong Changsheng stabbed his sword onto the bed, Dongfang Wuqiong’s injuries were finally healed.

While Dongfang Wuqiong was bedridden and recuperating from his injuries, Gong Changsheng could be called anytime and he did all of Dongfang Wuqiong’s biddings, all except stripping his clothes of course. However, because of the old ruffian’s previous offense, even if he was beaten to death, Gong Changsheng no longer dared to sleep in the same room as him.

The days after his injuries were healed were unexpectedly peaceful.

After Dongfang Wuqiong reported to the elders about the incident with the devil practitioners, he still continued to pinch Gong Changsheng’s buttocks every day for no reason. No longer having the need to tend to the injured, Gong Changsheng spent some time every day to roam around Mysterious Inscription Sect.

Endless Serenity Peak was actually this big.

The Sect Master is actually really bald.

Li Xiuhui’s hair is actually light purple.

“Senior martial brother.”

“Mn? What is it, Sheng’er?”

“I want to go into isolation training.”

Dongfang Wuqiong stopped stroking Gong Changsheng’s buttocks.

“Mn, go on then.”

On that night, the eldest disciple of Mount Shu’s Mysterious Inscription Sect carried a pot of spiritual wine sent over by Heavenly Cloud Flow and drank till he was drunk at Endless Serenity Peak.

“… Melodramatic!”

“What did you say!?”

“Nothing much. I just didn’t think that such a day would come for someone as distinguished as senior martial brother.”

“You don’t understand. This isn’t related to one’s experience in life at all…”

Dongfang Wuqiong poured another cup. As he looked at the moon in the sky, he said unhurriedly.

“Being unable to see… the person that you like… for a very long time. Who wouldn’t be unhappy…?”

“… If you down another few more pots, this junior might believe you.”


“You’re already this drunk after half a pot…”

“Shut up!”




“I shall go into isolation training as well then… It’s been so many years, it’s about time I break through into Nascent Soul…”

When Dongfang Wuqiong said this, it was rumoured that the moment the Sect Master of Mysterious Inscription Sect heard about it on the second day, he charged out of isolation cave residence, picked up his still-drunk and asleep eldest disciple from the bed, and dragged him towards the gates of the isolation cave residence. He was afraid that this little ancestor was going to change his mind.

In a blink of an eye, five years passed.

Unfortunately, Dongfang Wuqiong did not successfully make a breakthrough.

He was simply unbearably bored inside the cave residence. He even pleaded to his old man for a very long time, annoying the Sect Master to the point where he couldn’t cultivate in peace either. Thus, the old man kicked him out once more.

However, how would the people outside know? The moment they heard that Dongfang Wuqiong was about to come out of isolation training, the entire Mysterious Inscription Sect believed that they were about to welcome a Nascent Soul-stage elder, and had prepared an extremely huge welcome party. The various elders and disciples that were free all came. A large crowd of them squeezed at the entrance of the cave residence, waiting for Dongfang Wuqiong to make his exit from isolation training.

The moment Dongfang Wuqiong stepped out of the cave entrance, countless firework talismans pattered in the sky.

This reception naturally failed to shock Dongfang Wuqiong. As the eldest disciple of Mount Shu’s Mysterious Inscription Sect, he had seen all types of ceremonies across his long lifespan after all. This old ruffian leisurely informed everyone about the truth of how he hadn’t broken through at all, and then waved his hands, getting the crowd to return to their own homes and find their moms.

The crowd slowly began to scatter.

Li Xiuhui stumbled next to Dongfang Wuqiong’s side. Just as he was about to ask if his young master wanted a ride back to Endless Serenity Peak, Dongfang Wuqiong spoke up first.

“Where’s Sheng’er?”


Li Xiuhui’s face was filled with indifference and scorn.

“Hey, I’m asking you a question.”

“To reply senior martial brother, senior martial brother Gong is standing right there.”

His eyes followed the direction pointed out by Li Xiuhui, but all Dongfang Wuqiong could see was a huge thick crowd of people that were scattering slowly away. In the growingly sparse crowd, Dongfang Wuqiong finally saw a blinding gold through the gaps.

The seventeen-year-old Gong Changsheng was standing there. The matured male body emitted out a majestic and spirited aura, and the image of a child could no longer be found. With a disposition that felt as if he was a jade in the wind, it made every female disciple that passed him by turned their heads around and sneak a few glances. With his arm slightly raised to his waist, Gong Changsheng simply stood there, yet no one could even ignore his existence.

This was his Sheng’er.

Dongfang Wuqiong’s Gong Changsheng.

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