[Pit] Chapter 2

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The 2nd Pit: “You’re lost?”

Within the darkness, he heard a voice.

“Do you want me to send you home?”

That was the one and only speck of light.

“You can’t see?”

Only then did he understand, that this person was the only person who was truly worried about him.

“ Me?”

Who was this person?

“I’m Dongfang Xianyun.”

At the age of nine, Gong Changsheng was sabotaged by someone from the same Sect. First, he lost his eyes, and right after, he was thrown into an unknown beggar’s den far away.

With merely the first level of Essence, he was unable to bring out any proof or strength, hence, not a single person believed that this little dirty-looking blind beggar would be a disciple of Mount Shu’s Mysterious Inscription Sect, the largest Sect in the cultivation realm.

He fled the beggar’s den, and wanted to find the way back to the Sect on his own, only to find himself walking further and further away.

Gong Changsheng was initially respected and beloved by everyone, but in merely a single year, he had tasted the harsh reality of the mortal realm.

Being captured, being humiliated, and being sold to a brothel.

After escaping through countless difficulties, he leaned against the roadside, and no longer had any strength left in him.

“It matters no longer. Nothing matters anymore. With my current state, rather than saying I want to return to the Sect and look for master, being able to survive itself is already very difficult task.”

He did not know how far he had ran, and he did not know when those bad people from the brothel would come chasing after him. At this moment, the person who found him, who believed him, and protected him – was only Dongfang Xianyun.

To Gong Changsheng, Dongfang Xianyun was his faith.

The eldest direct disciple of Carefree Sect – Dongfang Xianyun.

Upright, striking, and gentle. At the mere age of thirteen, he was already at the fifth level of Essence. He could basically be called the role model of all senior martial brothers in the cultivation realm.

Mount Shu’s Mysterious Inscription Sect’s eldest direct disciple – Dongfang Wuqiong.

Slovenly, shameless, and glib-tongued. At the age of seventy-seven, he was a pervert.

This person was extremely romantic, and often tainted tender flowers. Simply by relying on his talent alone, at his age, he easily formed his Azoth pellet. With a single glance, he looked nothing more than twenty years old. And by relying on exactly this face of his, he had seemingly flirted with every single girl in the Mysterious Inscription Sect!

After that, he got bored with flirting, and actually slowly began to nurture a hobby of lust. Though this was not really a concerning point in the cultivation realm, after all, finding a Dao-Companion was extremely difficult, that did not stop him from having XXX with the disciples one after another! Every year, the complaints in regards to the senior martial brother of Mysterious Inscription Sect, basically flooded the Sect Master’s table.

How much of a playboy was Dongfang Wuqiong?

Let’s put it this way.

Head over to that Mysterious Inscription Sect, have a simple stroll around the place, and you would be able to encounter nine people who had once slept with him!

Of course, that’s only if you have met about ten people.

After Gong Changsheng had completed his investigation, his face completely darkened.

Simply because he had the same surname with the person he admired, out of a moment’s impulse, he agreed to the person’s protection. Right now, he was regretting it to the point his lungs were going green. Yet, it was already too late.

When a lamb had entered a tiger’s den, it could only hope for the best.

“Senior martial brother, what are you doing?”

“Mn? I’m fondling buttocks.”

“Why do you have to fondle my buttocks?”

“Well, because your buttocks are very tender.”


Just how thick must one’s skin be, to talk about such shameless wretched behaviour so extravagantly!?

The moment he thought that he had to live with this person after this…

Gong Changsheng, who was merely at the age of ten, could not help but carry a dark expression…

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