[Pit] Chapter 20

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The 20th Pit – “Sheng’er really dislikes me!? Does he really dislike me!?”

Three days later——

When Li Xiuhui saw the old ruffian Dongfang Wuqiong opening the door with a refreshed look, he knew that things were bad.

Gong Changsheng’s mystic robe could not removed, and the mystic robe automatically attacked anyone who behaved offensively towards Gong Changsheng.

Dongfang Wuqiong stole the Immortal Trapping Rope. A person wrapped by the Immortal Trapping Rope could not exert their mystic arts and even the mystic artifacts carried by the victim would be rendered ineffective. The Immortal Trapping Rope had always been used to restrain captured devil practitioners or evil demon cultivators, yet right now, it was actually being used by Dongfang Wuqiong for such dirty acts…

At that moment, Li Xiuhui felt like he could not bear to face the ancestors of Mysterious Inscription Sect.

If there was anything that could be worth being happy about…

That would only be… Dongfang Wuqiong’s breakthrough into the Nascent Soul stage from the Azoth Core stage.

The old ruffian passionately walked in and out of his bedroom several times. After taking care and settling down the person in the room, he then unwillingly returned to the isolation cave residence to stabilize his cultivation.

Half a day later.

Gong Changsheng walked out of the room with a dark expression. As he held onto his waist, he charged straight towards the main mountain of Mysterious Inscription Sect and sought an audience with the Sect Master.  

No matter how one looked at it, he had been completely eaten alright.  

As to how everything went after that… Li Xiuhui had no clue.

He only knew that Gong Changsheng ignored Dongfang Wuqiong for an entire year after that incident.

That’s right, an entire year.

This year, everyone was anxious——

“Didn’t senior martial brother Dongfang have a good relationship with the Sect Master’s closed-door disciple?”

“That’s right. According to rumours, that disciple was brought back while he was at a very young age, and was fed and raised well. Furthermore, senior martial brother Dongfang had even cured… his eyesight which even Second Elder claimed was impossible to heal.”

“From then on, senior martial brother Dongfang replaced Second Elder as the best doctor in the cultivation realm…”

“Junior martial brother Gong was then able to see the light of the world once more, becoming senior martial brother Gong…”

“As expected of the mutated lightning spirit vein, he was able to reach the Paragon level of Foundation at just the young age of seventeen.”

“These two clearly owed their achievements to each other, so how did they turn out like this now?”

“Haah, I don’t know which side I should fawn over now…”

“That’s right. The two of them were initially together… But now…”

“Speaking of which, it’s senior martial brother Gong’s birthday the day after tomorrow, right?”

“Yo! Now that you mention it! I should hurry and make preparations…”  

The gathered disciples murmured and then scattered off.

Li Xiuhui was standing nearby with medicinal herbs in his hands, and he naturally knew that they stopped their discussion because they spotted him. After all, officially, Gong Changsheng had yet to leave Endless Serenity Peak, and Li Xiuhui was still serving both Dongfang Wuqiong and Gong Changsheng. It wasn’t appropriate for the disciples to offend either party in their casual conversation in this kind of situation, so they naturally scattered.

Li Xiuhui’s face darkened.

During this entire year, he did not have any peace of mind at all. Putting aside the cold war between his two young masters, even outsiders began to fear for him. After all, the power dynamics in a large sect are very subtle. Gong Changsheng was protected by the Sect Master and his senior martial brother all this time, so he couldn’t feel it and was thus able to start a cold war as and when he liked. Though, Dongfang Wuqiong was indeed the one at fault…

Recalling the things that Dongfang Wuqiong did, a chill crept throughout Li Xiuhui’s body/   

Had he truly been eaten?

Then, why hadn’t been any news of a Dao-Companion ceremony?


“As I thought, senior martial brother Gong actually dislikes senior martial brother Dongfang, right?”

Li Xiuhui who accidentally let his thoughts slip as he stepped into the medicine room, watched as the pellet furnace in front of Dongfang Wuqiong explode.

This pellet cultivator, who had finally made a breakthrough into the Nascent Soul stage, stiffly turned his head around with a dark expression. Even the fan in his hand had dropped onto the ground.

“Y-You, what did you just say?”

“As I thought, senior martial brother Gong actually dislikes senior martial brother Dongfang, right?”  


“Don’t say such things out loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooud——!!!”

Dongfang Wuqiong hugged his head as he wailed and knelt down. The nerves that he had forcefully maintained for an entire year finally snapped. In this entire year, in order to stabilize his cultivation, he did not have the time to console Gong Changsheng. Furthermore, they had been avoiding each other the entire time, so naturally, they hadn’t been a single moment where they met proactively. The unease in Dongfang Wuqiong’s heart surged, and Li Xiuhui’s words became the final straw that crushed him.

“Is it my fault!? Is it my fault!?”

“Sheng’er was so obedient when he was young! He was so cute!!”

“He even clearly said that he wanted to become Dao-Companions with me, didn’t he!?”

“Whenever I groped his buttocks, I didn’t see him resist either!?”

“Not to mention, that night we clearly (censored——) (censored——) (censored——)”

“(censored——) (censored——) (censored——) (censored——)”

“(censored——) (censored——) (censored——) (censored——) (censored——) (censored——)”

While pummelling the exploded pellet furnace, the hysterical Dongfang Wuqiong completely revealed what he had done in those three days to Li Xiuhui. Li Xiuhui’s face reddened as he listened, and he finally understood why a cultivator at the Paragon level of the Foundation stage needed half a day to crawl out of the bed. Dongfang Wuqiong’s techniques could be said to be “passing through a field of ten thousand flowers without leaving a single one behind”.

“Senior martial brother…”

“Sheng’er really dislikes me!? Does he really dislike me!?”

“No… Senior martial brother, I’m trying to tell you… This pellet furnace… Isn’t it a high-grade mystic artifact that you borrowed from the treasury…”



“Aaaaaaaaahhh! I’m going to be nagged to death by the Sixth Elder again!!!”

Seeing his young master lose control of his emotions in such a manner for the first time, and not to mention him being the main cause as well, Li Xiuhui inwardly sighed.

“I heard that it’s senior martial brother Gong’s birthday the day after tomorrow.”

Dongfang Wuqiong instantly stopped crying.   

“Senior martial brother, why don’t you consider giving him something…”

A wind blew past him.  

When he looked at the room again, Dongfang Wuqiong’s figure had already disappeared.

This series has been left on hiatus for about 2 and a half years by the author, as he is currently focusing on the manhua. I will continue to keep a look out for updates, but the chances are slim. In the meantime, you should check out the manhua which has over 300+ chapters now if you haven’t! Here’s the link to the translator’s facebook page!

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  1. …… i really like how the manga version is going. Chenger is better with xiaoyun than this vile pedophillic creature. Disgusting.

    Sorry if im a disatisfied reader..i was hoping my OTP will happen since ive only known the manga and i hoped that i would see more xiaoyun-chenger interactions more here in the novel. But what i got was this…this….i regret reading. I really do.

    But thank you anyway for translating!

    1. Haha, I know right. I was expecting more fluff and more engagement with the main cast from the manhua. But it was a little too much for me nearing the end. I’m actually half-relieved that chapter 19 was locked. :3

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