[Pit] Chapter 4

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Pit 4 – I Didn’t Do Anything Bad

When Dongfang Wuqiong rushed over, at that time, Gong Changsheng was facing the Disciplinary Committee, and the vicinity had already been surrounded by a crowd of Inner Sect disciples.

The Disciplinary Committee was an organization within Mount Shu’s Mysterious Inscription Sect which dealt with rectification. Rebellious disciples who go against the rules of the Sect had always been handled by them, including matters such as private duels which led to the loss of lives.

“Senior martial brother! I heard from rumors that this junior martial brother is currently under your care! Please head over to the Disciplinary Peak with me, so that this matter can be resolved!”

Gong Changsheng was the Sect Master’s closed-door disciple. In regards to status, he was comparable to the eldest disciple Dongfang Wuqiong. However, it had only been a while since he entered the Sect, and his level of cultivation was still low. Hence, he was still referred to as “little martial brother” among the Inner Sect disciples. After all, in the cultivation world, strength was what mattered.

Naturally, given his status, the Disciplinary Committee wouldn’t dare to rashly take away Gong Changsheng. After all, the former had failed the Sect Master only a few days before, and if this little fellow were to once again encounter trouble, wouldn’t the entire Disciplinary Committee be at stake? Seeing Dongfang Wuqiong leisurely walking over, the manager, who was the leading figure out of the three nearby Disciplinary Committee disciples, rushed towards him and pleaded.

Who knew that Dongfang Wuqiong would actually dig his ears, and not even care about him at all? When he walked past the Disciplinary Committee disciple, he even reached out his hand to fondle his buttocks. Disregarding the person’s screams, out of despise, he even said this. “The feeling is really poor.”

This manager of the Disciplinary Committee did not know how to react. His face could be considered red, while it might not be red. With an aggrieved look, he held back his frustration.

Right after, Dongfang Wuqiong slowly turned towards Gong Changsheng and asked.

“What happened, my little ancestor?”

“I didn’t do anything bad.”

Gong Changsheng’s answer was still the same. He stood there with empty eyes, and beside him was the aftermath of a battle. His Dao-robe was stained completely in blood, and below his feet was the corpse of an Inner Sect disciple who had already been fully covered.


“I didn’t.”

Dongfang Wuqiong’s leisurely expression slowly turned stern, as he walked towards Gong Changsheng. Sensing someone’s approach, Gong Changsheng unconsciously shrank himself. Just as the manager of the Disciplinary Committee thought that this senior martial brother was about to “teach” this junior martial brother a lesson, what he saw was instead Dongfang Wuqiong carrying Gong Changsheng with a relieved smile on his face.
“It’s great that you didn’t do it! Let’s go! Let us return home!!”

“Wait a minute! Senior martial brother!”

“What is it…?”

“Senior martial brother! Junior martial brother Gong had indeed participated in a private duel with the Inner Sect disciples! He injured three of them, and had even caused a single death! And you’re going to just bring him away like this…!?”

“Sheng’er said he didn’t do anything bad.”

“In regards to whether junior martial brother Gong actually did it, it will be judged by our Disciplinary Committee!”

“Then you guys can judge it based on your investigations! I’m going to bring him away!”

“Senior martial brother!!”

With an anxious look, the manager charged forward with quick steps, blocking his path.

“If you act like this, we really won’t be able to give the various Peak Elders an explanation! This matter is extremely serious! Even if Gong Changsheng is the Sect Master’s most cherished closed-door disciple, you can’t be this partial either, senior martial brother! If this matter were to spread, our Sect will be known as a place which can’t differentiate right from wrong, and takes favouritism over law! In the future, where will our Mysterious Inscription Sect’s reputation go to!?”

This speech could be said to be ingenious. Not only did he use the identities of the various Peak Elders to suppress Dongfang Wuqiong, he even brought in the Sect Master as well, in order to demonstrate their Disciplinary Committee’s commanding presence, that they were not even afraid of the heavens and earth. To conclude his speech, he had even brought in the problem of their entire Sect’s reputation. It was a completely thorough speech, which people could not help but submit to.

Unfortunately, Dongfang Wuqiong was not the type to buy such words, as he smiled.

“That’s right. I’m protecting him. Not satisfied? Then hit me.”


And then, under the gaze of everyone whose jaws had already dropped from shock, he added.

“Also, could I trouble someone to change the manager of the Disciplinary Committee to someone whose buttocks have a good feel in them? This one’s feels like pumpkin skin.”


Right after, in the midst of the silence, he carried Gong Changsheng away.

Endless Serenity Peak

After returning to the residence, Gong Changsheng looked slightly relieved.

Dongfang Wuqiong carefully placed the child onto the bedside, and then, even turned around to pour some warm tea for him. Seeing Gong Changsheng taking small sips, and slowly revealed an eased expression, he then spoke.

“Tell me, what happened.”

“I didn’t do anything bad.”

“Sheng’er, tell me the truth.”


“There’s no one else around, don’t be afraid…”


Gong Changsheng held the cup tightly, as though he was straining his ears to make sure that there really wasn’t anyone else around.

Dongfang Wuqiong as well, was waiting quietly just like that. After a while, his voiced out.

“Those few people, are devil practitioners. They were the ones who threw me into the nest of beggars…”

So, the reason why Gong Changsheng was unwilling to disclose the details of his disappearance, was because the people who sabotaged him were devil practitioners… And they were even devil practitioners who had infiltrated into the Mysterious Inscription Sect. Including the matters of today, this was already the second time the devil practitioners had laid their hands on him. If Gong Changsheng had not been prepared for it, the person who died might not have been that corpse on the ground, but this closed-door disciple of the Mysterious Inscription Sect Master.

“Why didn’t you say this earlier?”

“Sheng’er doesn’t know… how deep their roots are… The Disciplinary Committee… they are in there as well…”

As expected, this little one was smart.

In his heart, Dongfang Wuqiong could not help but sigh in praise.

To actually dare to lay their hands on the Sect Master’s closed-door disciple, they sure required capabilities to a certain degree. Those devil practitioners who were in charge of spying were mostly just cannon fodder, while it’s unknown how deep the roots behind them were. If this truth was casually spoken out, the enemy would go on alert. Forget about the difficulty of the investigation then, it would be hard for Gong Changsheng to escape death as well. Even if that was the case, this time, they had made thorough preparations as well. Even if the assassin failed to kill Gong Changsheng, they could just frame him for harming his martial brothers in a private duel, bring him into the Disciplinary Committee, and kill him before any questions asked. When that time comes, even if the Sect Master of Mysterious Inscription Sect himself rushed over, it would be useless.

This time, Dongfang Wuqiong could be considered to have truly saved Gong Changsheng’s life.

When Gong Changsheng recalled that close call earlier, he could not help but start to tremble a little.

“Alright, there’s no longer a need to be afraid.” Dongfang Wuqiong bent down his waist, and patted on the child’s shoulder. “The Endless Serenity Peak is your home. No one should even think about touching even a strand of your hair here.”

“Mn… Thank you, senior martial brother…”

“Just a single ‘thank you’? Isn’t that a little too insincere of you?”

When Gong Changsheng heard this, he raised his confused face, and looked at Dongfang Wuqiong, even though he could not actually see him. After all, this child wasn’t born blind, so he still kept the habitual actions which regular people had. Even if all he saw was darkness when he raised his head, he would still do the same.

Gong Changsheng realized that he had already stopped trembling.

Hence, he smiled. Raising his hand, following along the hand that was on his shoulder, his hand moved upwards, passed by the collarbone, and stopped at his cheek. And then, with a bent waist, before Dongfang Wuqiong could even react, a warm feeling brushed past his cheek.


“Thank you, senior martial brother.”

Short. It merely lasted an instant.

However, Dongfang Wuqiong realized that this child was really extremely beautiful when he smiled.

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