[Pit] Chapter 6

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The 6th Pit – “Scram”


“Senior martial brother, you’re the one who wanted me to send over a cup of spiritual tea, right!?”  

“Dongfang Wuqiong completely ignored the innocent complaint of this Outer Sect disciple who was in-charge of miscellaneous tasks. He simply grabbed the disciple by the collar and threw him out of the room.

“I don’t want to see anyone right now!”

Following after the Outer Sect disciple’s grunt, the door was closed shut with a bang.  

Dongfang Wuqiong was feeling extremely irritated lately, ever since that “fall”.

Back then, he embarrassingly used the excuse of “cultivation” and fled for his life. After that, he did not dare to face Gong Changsheng for three days straight.  

However, even if was avoiding him, Sheng’er was all he could see whenever he opened his eyes, and when his eyes were closed, Sheng’er was all he could see as well! In any case, it’s just Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er, Sheng’er!


The members of Mount Shu’s Mysterious Inscription Sect all said that… their senior martial brother had most likely gone insane.

Even the disciple that came to send spiritual tea over, would merely dare to place the tea set on the floor in front of the gates, afraid that his senior martial brother would pick him up and throw him again.

Just like that, he was in closed doors for twenty-seven more days.  

Dongfang Wuqiong decided to look for his Master – the Sect Master of Mysterious Inscription Sect.

The eldest direct disciple was surely the only person who would even dare to disturb the Sect Master of Mysterious Inscription Sect while he was still training in isolation. 

This time however, Dongfang Wuqiong heard his Master’s long-distance transmission when he had merely taken a few steps into his isolation cave residence.




Dongfang Wuqiong was unexpectedly abiding the rules this time, as he immediately knelt down and folded his hands.   

“Master, this disciple is confused about a matter, and I came here to especially seek Master’s guidance…”

“Mn… This Master has already long foreseen this…”


“My disciple… You seem to be facing a peach blossom tribulation recently…”



“It’s a blessing and not a misfortune, and you can’t escape even if it’s a misfortune. Don’t think too hard about it, just admit it.”



Three incenses of time later- 

“Senior martial brother!”  

At the bottom of the training cave residence, the Outer Sect disciple who was usually in-charge of the miscellaneous tasks in Endless Serenity Peak was waiting. As an Outer Sect disciple, the times he spent attending to Dongfang Wuqiong were the only opportunities he get to nourish himself in the rich spiritual energy found in the hinterlands of Mysterious Inscription Sect. Thus, even as a cultivator, a servant job like this where they had to run about and pour tea for the direct disciples, was still a job being fought strongly over by the Outer Sect disciples.   

Dongfang Wuqiong had a heavy expression as he slowly walked towards this man with purple hair and neat brows.

“I say, Gousheng…”

“Senior martial brother, I’m Li Xiuhui.”

“Oh, Gousheng is the from twenty years ago…”

“To reply senior martial brother, Zhou Gousheng was the one who broke your pellet plate last year, and he has already been transferred to the Ten Thousand Refinement Clan to refine artifacts. The senior twenty years ago is surnamed Li. His lifespan depleted when he was at the intermediate levels of Foundation, and is no longer here now.”

“Oh oh oh… With how long I’ve lived, it’s hard to remember when servants are always being changed so quickly…”

“No matter, as long as senior martial brother is happy…”

“I say, Xiuhui…”


“What kind of person… do you think I am?”

“To reply senior martial brother, seniormatial brother is the eldest direct disciple of the Sect Master of Mysterious Inscription Sect, so you’re naturally out of the ordinary, upright, refined, and a role model of the cultivation realm.”

“………… Speak the truth.”

“To reply senior martial brother, everyone thinks that you’re slovenly, shameless, glib, and a pervert that pinches people’s buttocks for no reason.”

“Mn… Since I’m already a pervert…”  

Dongfang Wuqiong patted on Li Xiuhui’s shoulder.  

“… Then I shouldn’t be afraid of being called a ‘pedophile’ too, right!?”

“Senior martial brother!? What are thinking of doing!? Senior martial brother—!? Please think this through—!!”

“I, Dongfang Wuqiong… isn’t someone that can’t get over such things!!”

“You clearly shut yourself in for an entire month, alright!?”

“I, Dongfang Wuqiong… likes Gong Changsheng!”

“Tell it to the actual person himself!”

“Don’t worry! I will wait for you to grow up!”

“I already told you to tell it to the actual person himself!!”


Gong Changsheng, who was still training while being shut inside the bedroom of Endless Serenity Peak, sneezed.

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