[Pit] Chapter 9

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The 9th Pit – “Senior martial brother, what are you doing?”

“Senior martial brother, what are you doing?”

“Preparing to head out.”  

Dongfang Wuqiong hummed to a little tune as he wrapped a roll of bandages around Gong Changsheng’s head.

“If we’re preparing to head out, why do you need to wrap Sheng’er’s eyes?”

“Because you can’t see with your eyes~”

“I haven’t been able to see for so many years, but I’ve never seen you wrap them…”  

Gong Changsheng softly muttered… He could smell a thick medicinal scent. If it was treatment for his eyes, it was a little too late as well. Back then, the Sect Master of Mysterious Inscription Sect had carried him all around the entire sect, but no one dared to nod and ascertain that he could be treated.   

However, this senior martial brother of his acted like a demon every single day, and thus decided to let it slide and let him do whatever he wanted.

As expected, Dongfang Wuqiong did it to disguise him.

After the two headed down the mountain, they both changed into peasant wear. Dongfang Wuqiong carried Gong Changsheng and played the role of an elder brother looking for a doctor to cure his little brother’s illness. Gong Changsheng could not muster himself to call his ridiculous senior martial brother his elder brother in front of others, and thus decided that he might as well stay silent. In the eyes of others, it was rather logical that the ill child was fearful of his life after being blinded. 

They could have made it to their destination in just two days if they flew on a sword, but the two had such a merry time that they walked for more than three months.

“Senior martial brother, are you sure your many years of stagnating cultivation isn’t because of your playfulness?”

“Sheng’er, what nonsense are you spouting? Your senior martial brother is just unable to comprehend the Dao, that’s all.”

“Are you wondering how you can get a harem of three thousand ladies just by lazing around?”

“Clearly, I’m thinking how I can take my junior martial brother as my marriage partner… Eh? Sheng’er, why are you hiding? Don’t be afraid. Didn’t I say that I will wait till you’re sixteen?”

My senior martial brother is a pervert, what should I do? I’m waiting online, please reply! Hurry!

“Senior martial brother, it’s a brothel.” Gong Changsheng said as he heard the flatterings of the ladies nearby.

“What? Sheng’er, you actually know what a brothel is act your age?”

“Of course I do. Rather, senior martial brother, aren’t you going over?”

“This… regular women? I’m afraid they can’t bear me…”  

My senior martial brother is a huge pervert, what should I do? I’m waiting online, please reply! Hurry!  

“Boss, two high-class rooms.”

“Dear customer, there’s only a single high-class room left…”

“Ou, then give me another room…”

“Dear customer, there’s only stables left…”

“Then Sheng’er, you have no choice but to stay in a single room with me… Eh? Sheng’er, where are you running off to again!”

“I don’t want to!”

“What are you afraid of? It’s not like I will eat you.”

“I don’t want to—! QAQ Save me—!”

“Don’t be afraid. At the very most, I will touch you once or twice.”

“Not even once!! QAQ”

Gong Changsheng’s resistance was futile. Just like that, he was noisily carried into the room by Dongfang Wuqiong. The inn’s boss sighed and could not help but chatter with the helper at the side.

“Is that really his little brother? Is he not a kidnappee?”

“Boss… Should we report to the officials?”

My senior martial brother is a super huge pervert, what should I do? I’m waiting online, please reply! Hurry!

“In the future… I must definitely become… a good and mature child… that won’t cause trouble for others QAQ!” 

Gong Changsheng who bitterly held on for these three months silently swore to himself. Finally, the two was approaching their destination. After leaving the town, they ventured into the mountains for about seven more days or so, and from afar, they could hear the noise of tumbling waters of a waterfall.   

The so-called “treasures” were actually valuables or inheritance left behind by past cultivators, and these seniors had either passed away or had already ascended. Putting aside wandering cultivators hiding their cave residents in the wild, a few elders of huge sects liked to establish “little treasure troves” in secret locations outside their sects as well. If the owners of the cave residences were gone, people could naturally take the things in these ownerless cave residents were, but on a first-come-first-serve basis. This was the most standard “treasure searching” activity in the cultivation realm.

According to the news this time, it was a “lightning spirit vein inheritance”. Lightning spirit veins were rarely seen even since the ancient era. They were the hardest mutated spirit vein to see among heavenly spirit veins, but it was also the spirit vein that could enable even faster cultivation. People that possessed lightning spirit veins could be said to be hard to witness in a thousand years. Coincidentally however, Gong Changsheng who was following behind Dongfang Wuqiong, possessed exactly the mutated spirit vein – lightning spirit vein.

“Senior martial brother, have we arrived?”  

Sensing Dongfang Wuqiong’s progress slowing down, Gong Changsheng spoke up and asked.   

“Mn~ We’re reaching soon.”

“Senior martial brother, just what are we looking for this time?”  

In order to give Gong Changsheng a surprise, Dongfang Wuqiong did not mention to him that the cave residence they were searching for this time was related to a “lightning spirit vein inheritance”.  

“Guess? What do you think we’re looking for this time?”

“I guess…”  

Before Gong Changsheng could finish, a humming noise suddenly rang out all around the two of them, as the glow of a formation lighted up. In an instant, ominous winds blew in all directions!  

“I guess we’ve found the the devil practitioners’ trap.”

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